Sunday silliness: AOC is too dumb to even come up with her own disaster scenario

Last week we covered the announcement during an interview from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that the “…the world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change”.

Augusta Chronicle Cartoonist and friend of WUWT Rick McKee encapsulated that inanity in an editorial cartoon he placed on Facebook Saturday.

Of course, there’s just one small problem; this isn’t an original thought from AOC, it is from the UN, and of course that purveyor of “everything about climate change is bad”, and favorite of leftists everywhere, the Guardian:

We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, warns UN

Urgent changes needed to cut risk of extreme heat, drought, floods and poverty, says IPCC

The world’s leading climate scientists have warned there is only a dozen years for global warming to be kept to a maximum of 1.5C, beyond which even half a degree will significantly worsen the risks of drought, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people.

The authors of the landmark report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released on Monday say urgent and unprecedented changes are needed to reach the target, which they say is affordable and feasible although it lies at the most ambitious end of the Paris agreement pledge to keep temperatures between 1.5C and 2C.

The half-degree difference could also prevent corals from being completely eradicated and ease pressure on the Arctic, according to the 1.5C study, which was launched after approval at a final plenary of all 195 countries in Incheon in South Korea that saw delegates hugging one another, with some in tears.


We’ve been told for years that there’s a deadline to solve climate change before it kills us all, and those deadlines come and go, then get pushed ahead. Here’s another cartoon from McKee:

It all reminds me of the religious cult inspired by Harold Camping:

Camping predicted that Jesus Christ would return to Earth on May 21, 2011, whereupon the saved would be taken up to heaven in the rapture, and that there would follow five months of fire, brimstone and plagues on Earth, with millions of people dying each day, culminating on October 21, 2011, with the final destruction of the world. He had previously predicted that Judgment Day would occur on or about September 6, 1994.

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135 thoughts on “Sunday silliness: AOC is too dumb to even come up with her own disaster scenario

  1. When the IPCC says it, it is settled science. When AOC repeats it, does it become silly? Let’s direct our ridicule where it belongs.

  2. Yes, AGW is preached with a religious fervor. Nay, a CULTISH religious fervor. Nay, an Eschatological CULTISH fervor. Alright … with an INSANE, UNHINGED, MENTALLY UNSTABLE fervor.

    And AOC is the PERFECT preacher for this traveling tent revival. Please give generously in the collection plate … and YOU will be SAVED!

    • Since she is a graduate in international relations I think that president Trump should appointment AOC as the USA climate change ambassador to the UN.

      • She really has no reported real-world experience other than bartending. How long did she actually have this bartending job? Was it her only job?

        She went to Boston U – does she talk like she’s educated at that level?

        A look through the first 250 or so links in a search for her work history since 2011 resulted in this hard data from ‘starsinformer’, that she had “started a publishing firm, Brook Avenue Press”.

        A web search for Brook Avenue Press shows no phone number or address for it, and a twitter account with one tweet from 2012, and less than a dozen followers. Big accomplishment for the phony Bronx girl. The voters from the 14th district must’ve been easily impressed by that one.

        The story of her winning a second place award in high school from the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, with a microbiology research project on the effect of antioxidants on C. elegans’ lifespan sounds mighty suspicious in retrospect. Has the media ever asked her the details of the science? How did she get lab access at that age? What happened to all that science potential?

        How can someone supposedly so smart, according to recent youtube video titles uploaded by her fans, she’s a ‘genius’, spend her first years after college with a prestigious degree, just bartending?

        The whole media sensation craze started because she was selected out to run by Justice Democrats, who are now targeting other 2020 election races similarly.

        This individual is a cult of personality figure groomed to use manipulative illogical rhetoric – she’s a scold and a narcissistic abuser hiding behind lipstick – perfect for the Democrats, she fits right in
        with her religious ferver to impose her economic and feminist ‘morality’ through law.

        Can someone please ask her why her 12 year climate change prediction is any different or better than prior failed climate predictions from both wrong-headed scientists and politicians?

  3. After decades of more of the same when do the people start calling out these outrageous proclamations as pure fantasy and scaremongering? Or are they already and the MSM is suppressing it?

  4. I’m willing to give odds that the world will not end in 10 years. Big odds!

    If I’m on the wrong side, you won’t collect anyway – If I’m right, I and my colleagues will live like Kings!

  5. I thought the last post on the diminishing climate/weather induced death rate would assuage Alexandria Occasionally Coherent’s climate-troubled mind. Perhaps the root cause runs deeper.

  6. The half-degree difference could also prevent corals from being completely eradicated and ease pressure on the Arctic, according to the 1.5C study, which was launched after approval at a final plenary of all 195 countries in Incheon in South Korea that saw delegates hugging one another, with some in tears.

    I’m feeling kinda choked up inside too. I think I’m going to be sick.

  7. It will take civilization the better part of 100 years from now to switch from fossil fuels to whatever we discover to replace then.

    This isn’t due to lack of will. It is simply the reality of the capital expenditures required. The only exception that we see in human history is during times of warfare, when massive sacrifice is forced upon the population.

    The risk of climate change is not that the climate will change. Rather that in trying to do good we will accomplish great evil. Good and evil, yin and yang, light and darkness. These cannot exist in isolation.

    When you take break to feed a hungry child, where did the bread come from? You can be sure it did not come from the kings table. He has an army to protect his treasure.

    Rather the bread came from someone with no army and no protection. From the hand of another hungry child.

    • “Rather the bread came from someone with no army and no protection. From the hand of another hungry child.”

      I made the bread myself and gave the other half of the bread to the hungry child.

    • Some interesting thoughts, but I would take exception to the thought “This isn’t due to lack of will. It is simply the reality of the capital expenditures required. ” Having consulted extensively on replacement liquid biofuel mostly for transportation over the last 19 years I have witnessed huge investments that all failed to provide any useful replacement for crude oil. The rise and demise has been in less than 2 decades with little or zero contribution, except more mandated ethanol which was widely used in the very early days for vehicle transport. The limits and time frame for development of renewable, affordable replacement fuels is not money, but the laws of physics, chemistry, materials limitations, etc. None of the current alternatives on the table are capable of providing sufficient affordable energy and we are just wasting time and money. There is no gurantee that an affordable replacement will even be available in 100 years.

  8. If you’re AOC, the only thing that really matters is that your millions of Twitter followers are dumber than you are.

  9. Millions will be affected by the polar vortex, but AOC appears to be afflicted with a polar cortex whereby no actual intellectual thought can escape from the inside and no knowledge can penetrate from the outside due to the frozen conditon.

    • I agree, the earth is flat. It is not a rotating ball. If it was, we’d all fly off. I think it’s called the law of conservation of angular momentum or something. In any case, I’m 85 years old. My life expectancy is 5 1/2 years so I’m good with 12 years. In the words of Alfred E. Newman, “What, me worry?“

  10. Would a reporter be kind to ask her, it’s 12 years plus / minus what error margin ? I mean it’s science after all or isn’t it ?

  11. The Climate Catastrophe is just like controlled fusion power. It’s 15 years away…. always has been… always will be.

  12. As mentioned we now need to have names attached to this latest nonsense. So we should ask all of our leaders and persons such as the experts” if they too say that the world will end because of just a .5 C increase.

    Some of the replies will be amusing., lots of running for cover, with ifs and buts. ”

    Walk across a room and you will get a .5 C increase or decrease, its tiny, but sufficient to end the world ? But who can say that all the giant sized computers have got it wrong.


  13. All of the commotion surrounding O crazy-Cortex is due to her young sexy appeal. Imagine if she looked like Amy Shumer, Lena Dunham or Meghacow McCain how much attention she’d get.

  14. Cute cartoon, but I think portraying OAC as dump/silly/stupid simply sets a low bar for AOC to reach. Remember, she has plenty of power and authority regardless of when her critics say. That low bar means that as long as she shows up without tripping over her own feet, her supporters can say she’s exceeding expectations. The fight must be against her ideas, not her delivery.

  15. Never the less, AOC, Appellation Origine Controlée, Nah not really it’s the wine again. AOC might be stupid and she does appear that way BUT she has a massive following in her constuency. That makes a dangerously stupid woman. BEWARE

  16. As I posted on the Fox News comments about her, I think the career Democrats are encouraging her to make these announcements so that when the next election roles around they won’t look so scary liberal compared to her and be more acceptable to the average person. So we can all have a good laugh for now and enjoy the show. Of course unless this backfires in the face of those Democrats. (but that will be fun too)

  17. Those saved by their faith will be reincarnated on the planet Zog and become Avatars.

    How’s that not attractive?

      • you forget some of them are 89 years old, that there is a reason that they died virgins….

        (as an aside, recent study has come to light that suggests that due to misinterpretation/translation, you don’t actually get virgins … you get grapes. Where do I sign up?)

  18. oh dear, it worse than I thought

    the stupid. it never ends, does it

    does this UN warning come with a footnote? “we really,really mean it this time!”

  19. Canada has a complete nitwit in the Prime Ministers office and the US is madly trying to follow suit? How do these dimwits gain such popularity? Clearly all you need is vacuous charm to get a lot of votes which is an extremely sad comment on the populace. I find it very sad for us as a group that this continues.

  20. Her parents couldn’t even settle on a single name, what did you expect?

    She’s a very ignorant twit. I bet Henry Ford knew more about weather and reality than she does.

  21. There was a funny/ironical poem I heard n the sixties in Britain. One of it’s lines, the chorus I believe, was “The world will end at noon today” but instead of having sex with the girl next to him in the bus going to work the narrator waxes philoshical or something. I cannot find a reference to this darkly humous poem.

  22. Listen to the loud cheers and clapping that erupt when AOC announces that the world is going to end in 12 years. Who cheers their own demise? Are Democrats that suicidal? Or is it that they’re not worried because they know it is a lie, but they’re thrilled that AOC is willing to lie for the cause? I have yet to meet a Democrat who gets upset when their leaders lie to promote their agenda.

    • Conservatives get mad when you lie to them. Liberals get mad when you tell them the truth.

      It’s a very simple ploy the liberals use… they take reality, flip it on its head, and state with utter feigned sincerity that this upside-down world is actually rightside-up.

      The gullible yokels out there who have trouble discerning reality in the first place have more trouble distinguishing the liberal ‘upside-down’ world from reality, so they buy into the liberal lie. That’s why the liberals attract and retain the stupid. They cater to the lowest common denominator, those who are so brain-damaged that they can’t live without Mother Government telling them what to think, say and do.

      That’s why you have to discount what liberals *say*, and rely exclusively upon what they *do*.

      One would think this sort of unctuous duplicity would be self-limiting, but the stupidity seems to be plumbless.

      • At the risk of posting it too often, one Mr. Einstein is reputed to have said,

        “Only two things are infinite: the Universe, and human stupidity.

        And, I am not certain of the former.”

  23. Headline: “N.A.S.A., Hot Air From A.O.C’s Head Tied to Catastrophic Global Warming”.

    • I put it through my Calamity Climate Code Calculator Model™ and found that A.O.C.’s hot air contributed 0.0009℉ to Climate Change in the Bronx. I know that is correct because it came out to 4 decimal places.

  24. If AOC and her friends are all so sure the world will end why are they paying in a pension plan?

  25. It is funny/tragic that all these doom sayers only tell us that we have to “address and act” on climate change. They don’t say anything of eventual real actions to prevent it.
    With the urgent need to do something, i would have expected some clues on what to do first and most.

  26. I suggest that all futurists/energy predictors/environmental activists, should have to disclose the following material information:

    1. Disclose if, where, how much and from whom they received funds if it relates to their predictions;
    2. Disclose the general and specific sources of information used to formulate their prediction;
    3. Disclose an accounting of their previous predictions much like Wall Streeters do: 1-5-10 year’s results of their prediction;
    4. Disclose their new prediction(s) with a future timeframe.

      • Oh! Oh! Can I go first?

        1. I don’t receive a cent related to my predictions. You get what you pay for.

        2. The little known facts of science I use in my predictions are so little known because I make them up.

        3. All but one of my previous predictions have not panned out, but I’m bound to hit on one of the others sooner or later just by blind luck. You can write that one down.

        4. My prediction is that there will be free beer tomorrow. That prediction has stood the test of time, as many here can confirm.

        Move over AOC. There’s a new idiot sheriff in town.

    • Ed Davey and Tim Yeo, former UK energy ministers, have both had financial involvement in the wind and solar sector. Somehow this was allowed, even though it typically would not be in similar cases of business interests likely to affect policies.

  27. As I started to pay attention to this whole global warming scare, being at first quite convinced of its reality, I became increasingly amazed at how very many publicly proclaimed predictions of the end of the world were being been made – and how many were failing — to whit, every single one of them.

    During the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s I lived through a number of end-of-the-world predictions both religious (Hal Lindsey was quite popular at the time) and political in nature (many treated the Doomsday Clock as an actual, objective measurement of how close we were to nuclear catastrophe because – well, SCIENTISTS!). And of course, there was the growing belief that the human population was outpacing the ability of the Earth to sustain it, mixed also with the growing belief that we had polluted the planet so badly that we were wiping out species by the hundreds every day (take a bow Paul Ehrlich and Rachel Carson).

    And yet, throughout these decades I could probably count actual predictive dates on the fingers of one hand – that is, predictions that such-and-such disaster would happen in this-many-years. Yes, there was Erlich’s spectacular failure made in 1968 of mass starvation in the ’70s and ’80s. But by and large we seemed content to have one or two failed predictions per decade, and those coming from different sources concerning variously different causes.

    Since starting to pay attention in 2008, however, I’ve lost count of the number of “we only have X years before disaster” or “we will be extinct in X years” all of which times have been anywhere from 10 months to a decade, and all of which have been hilariously incorrect. And all of these from one cause – increasing CO2. It’s like all of a sudden there was a a crying need for doomsday predictions and every scientist and his lab assistant were doing their level best to meet it.

    Astonishing. But not half so astonishing as the fact that despite this outpouring of failed predictions, the public reacts to each one as though it were the Word of God (or Neil deGrasse Tyson – same thing).

    • You just told my story, Christopher Simpson and it was also about 2008 when I started paying attention. The solution was to tax our way to salvation and that had the effect of taking the bloom off the ruse.

    • “It’s like all of a sudden there was a a crying need for doomsday predictions and every scientist and his lab assistant were doing their level best to meet it.”

      Yeah, well the limitless need for funding and the intense competition for funding tends to drive such behavior.

      “Never underestimate the power of incentives.” – Charlie Munger

    • Fortunately I never bought into CAGW. I remembered the 70s and the “coming ice age” too well when GW started to be hyped. The “cause” was the same (It’s all man’s fault) and the solutions were the same (curb population growth, reduce western industry, ignore democracy) even some of the players were the same (Stephen Schneider for example) the only thing that changed was the direction temperatures were said to be going.

    • +100
      The apocalyptic claptrap being confused with science and statesmanship is pathetic, wrong, and destructive.
      Look how it destroys weak minded gullibles like Macron, HRH Prince of Wales, AOC, Merkel, Obama, Kerry, Hansen, Gore, etc.

  28. This is to be sung to the tune of “If I Only Had a Brain” from “The Wizard of OZ”

    I could while away the hours,
    With my congressional powers,
    Oh, the things I could attain.
    I could make the world better,
    I could be a real go-getter,
    If I only had a brain.

    Could be a leader among the Young,
    If I could just control my tongue,
    Oh, the things I could explain.
    Like socialism is not the answer,
    That it works just like a cancer,
    If I Only Had a Brain.

    And that Progressive ideology,
    Is nothing but mythology,
    I could tell it to ’em plain.
    It’s just a way to control the masses,
    And divide them into classes,
    If I Only Had a Brain.

    And that a higher tax upon the rich,
    Is just a liberal pitch,
    We could never sustain.
    And that tax cuts really work,
    And that my party’s gone berserk.
    If I Only Had a Brain.

    I would tell them socialism,
    Is a kin to Communism,
    And the source of so much pain.
    Hear the voices of those that cried,
    From the millions that have died,
    Oh, If I Only Had a Brain.

    All the things that I could do,
    If I only had a clue,
    But alas it’s all in vain.
    Cuz it’s just as I have said,
    There is nothing in my head,
    Cuz I haven’t got a brain!

    Ocasio Scarecrow Cortez

    • +42

      “Back where I come from, we have universities, seats of great learning, where men (and women) go to become great thinkers. And when they come out, they think deep thoughts and with no more brains than you have. But they have one thing you haven’t got: a diploma.”

      Ocasio Scarecrow Cortez has a diploma which just goes to prove a diploma is no guarantee that the person holding it has any brains.

  29. In the great global game of Rugby football ecopolitics, Cortez is just a thick forward whose job is simple: when passed the ball to make any yards she can before being brought down by the opposition. Why this ball at this time is not her problem. Just carrying it forward is what she has to do.

  30. I have to say that the reaction of the regular citizens with whom I engage on the topic of repeated 10 to 12 year warnings and deadlines is truly mind blowing for me. They usually tell me that I am fabricating these warnings or they demand that I cite the exact document and provide them with a link. On the ones I am able to meet their demands I can always count on them to either change the subject or they believe that I have somehow altered them. They can never be provided with evidence to change their minds. I just cannot not abide such dishonesty. So many of these people seem so rational and reasonable when discussing other topics.

  31. True to her moniker, Occasional-Cortex is only half paying attention. She heard “12 years” someplace, and she heard about catastrophic outcomes somewhere. She’s just connecting the dots.

  32. Maybe she should be assigned as the ambassador to Venezuela.

    She could have eye witness accounts of what she’s asking for.

  33. Her every word is directly out of the playbook.

    If she had an original thought in her life, it would be beaten to death by all the fascist/conformist thoughts that dominate her tiny little mind.

  34. Thing is, I actually went and read the report, and that isn’t even what it says. That is just what the reporters say it says. The report says “12-30 years to limit warming to 1.5 degrees by 2100” and “that if it overshoots shortly it might be okay, that 1.5 is a sort of guardrail. even 2 degrees C would probably be okay, but past that they aren’t sure what the effects might be.
    There is no “12 years till doom”.

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