Great moments in doomsday countdowns

With Al Gore’s recent re-emergence from the dead with An Inconvenient Truth, Version 2.0, I find myself noting his website, The Climate Reality Project (formerly The Alliance for Climate Protection) countdown clock has a familiar look to it.

It has a simple 3 step plan, for those that have trouble with the more complex steps of choosing reality. I wonder though, if the folks at are going to file a copyright lawsuit? But reality aside, compare Al’s new web page to these great moments in failure prediction :

The “Doomsday Clock”by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists – hasn’t been right yet.

End of the world, May 21st, 2011, now scheduled for Oct 21st due to “technical difficulties”

Not the end of the world, but just as relevant as Al Gore’s countdown

Get the app, just in case you can’t keep track:

No wonder we are starting to see stories like this one:

Warmers Go Harold Camping On Us

I gotta wonder about his ability to carry a tune though, when Al puts up stuff like this in the “About Us” page of his new project.

If it isn’t our fault, but our problem, then who’s fault is it? Oh, and that “And with your help” is code for “donate”.

And when you visit the donate page you get an address:

Want to donate by mail?

Write a check to “The Climate Reality Project” and send it to:

The Climate Reality Project

901 E Street NW, Suite 610

Washington, DC 20004, USA

Guess who else shares this address:

Al Gore 2.0 – just as credible as any other pollster donations solicitor doomsayer.


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John Marshall

You didn’t mention Prince Charles. His regular doomsday pronouncements never come true either.

Malthusians have long since given up on natural resource depletion doing the culling they are sure is necessary and desirable, and are prepared to take a direct hand. Hm, energy starvation, yeah, that should get rid of a few billion! Then, with reproductive permits issued only to carefully selected Alphas, Betas, and Gammas …

Add the Climate Reality web page to the “Climate Fail Pages”

Why can’t these people get real jobs and do something productive rather than beg for a living?
Here’s a tax increase for you, anyone that begs for a living…..(Al Gore, pan handlers, Jerry Lewis, …) should pay an additional %10 income tax. There, send that up to the repubs and Barry, maybe that could be their compromise!!!


The PEW Charitable Trusts (PCT) is the largest contributor to the Tides Foundation, set up by Drummond Pike and with Wade Rathke (founder of ACORN) on the board. If one studies all the tentacles of the movement, the emerging image is of Progressive Collectivism, Social Justice, and extreme Leftists agendas. But we knew that, right?

No one over the age of 12 admitted …

Stephen Wilde

It’s annoying that the AGW proponents have hijacked climate realism which has heretofore been a sceptical nomenclature as here:
Perhaps that is a sign of AGW failure ?

Of course it’s Orwellian NewSpeak. “Choose Reality” means rejecting reality and choosing the models’ doomsday forecast. Anyone who chooses the reality of actual measurements of the actual planet has no choice but to be highly skeptical of the AGW hypothesis.


I think it is a good move for Gore to become the Harold Camping of Climate Change. Camping’s followers have proven to be much more resilient to reality than the general public and even some of his former alarmist groupies, he’ll now have a base to work from.

Vince Causey

And don’t forget Homer Simpson’s doomsday – next Wednesday at 3:15 pm. Oh wait, Al used the same method:
Add the number of degrees in the Russian heatwave to the current CO2 levels and subtract Multiply this number by the difference between the number of rings in Mann’s hockey stick, and the number of hairs remaining on his head. Adjust for the difference between the rise in sea level since 2003 and add the sine of the angle at the top of the 1998 El Nino peak. The answer: 12151272012. Translated to 12:15 on the 127th day of the year 2012. Don’t forget your raincoat – or suncream, or something.

Stephen Wilde

I’ve put a couple of comments on their blog.
Wonder if they will get through moderation ?


My response (and donation level, too, I suppose) is a deep gutteral laugh. That’s it. That’s all they’re worth.


“Why can’t these people get real jobs and do something productive rather than beg for a living?”
because, thanks to the taxpayers’ generous donations, it is far more lucrative to be a parasite than a producer, and no taxpayer ever has or ever will take any responsibility for the damage he pays for. not only that, but they contort themselves absurdly in attempts to argue that any nickel of their tax dollar that they get something out of is worth it all. they won’t ever stop paying or complaining about the obvious harm and waste because they are self-trained – autodidactic sheep. they are in denial about how predation is made possible, sustainable – rewarded and encouraged (taxpayer financing) or where the buck stops (with the taxpayer who finances the damages).
‘taxpayer’ should be regarded as an epithet – an incredible calumny. payers of taxes should feel nothing but shame for what their hirelings have done. taxpayers should be blamed for these problems. it won’t stop until they stop or are bankrupted. we’re almost there. at that point, taxpayer’s job is done- we’ll have 5 year plans for recovery every year thereafter – and never will recover.
thanks, taxpayers – you’ve farked the whole world.

Doug Proctor

Call to Mark Morano:
In anticipation of Al Gore’s Semi-Live Aid (for the Planet), perhaps Morano, through Fox News or something like that, could put a public call for a debate with the Gore a week before his 24-Semi. The concept that afterwards Gore will be able to ship the video as “Al Gore Destroys His Foe and Prepares To Save Earth”. Gore, with slides, is asked to set up to destroy every line of reasoning Morano has in his slides. And nobody does anything but keep “Morano” from fighting, crying or having a heart attack under the relentless purity of The Great Leader, Al.
Give Gore all the benefit possible. And if Gore is too busy, then Gore nominates a “second” to stand in his place. Same then with Morano. The assumption is, of course, that Morano is an idiot and Gore, brilliant. Let the warmists have that starting point. The fall is greatest for those who choose the highest ground.
Each night Fox reports on the response from Gore. Starting now.
It is not a stretch to call the CAGW debate a type of war. There are large numbers of “troops” well paid by taxpayers to fight, with a great amount of probable harm economically and lifestyle-wise. to more. Personal freedoms of movement are at stake – already the freedom to express yourself has been compromised by mainstream powers in lockstep with the meme. Global societies are in a war, civil and national (look to Britain’s attempts to force American airlines to buy carbon credits prior to using their airspace/airports).
The greatest problem in warfare can be to get the enemy to face you in open combat. Time to force Gore to step from behind the trees into the open meadow and find out what sort of (semi-) man he is. Call it “Last Man Standing: the Gore-Morano Climate Change Debate”, have Gore positioned as the Clarence Darrow of his time. Personally, I see him more as the Joe McCarthy, Morano, the Edward Murrow of his day.
Speaking of which, this clip from Murrow’s summing up of McCarthy in Murrow’s March, 1954, program, is appropriate to what is happening today with Gore:
“We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. We must remember always that accusation is not proof and that conviction depends upon evidence and due process of law. We will not walk in fear, one of another. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine, and remember that we are not descended from fearful men. […]
We proclaim ourselves, as indeed we are, the defenders of freedom, wherever it continues to exist in the world, but we cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home.” (Wikepedia quote on Joe McCarthy)


Larry Summers White House Memo
NOTE: The Renewable Energy Loan Guarantees and Grants are set to expire (sunset) on Sept. 30, 2011


James Sexton says:
July 13, 2011 at 7:11 am
“Why can’t these people get real jobs and do something productive rather than beg for a living?”
Because people like Big “G” Al make some SERIOUS bank off of the gullible.
There’s one born every minute ya know.

Latimer Alder

When it gets to zero will Al Gore explode?

Tom T

No doomsday list would be complete without Y2K .
Didn’t Al Gore say about 5 years ago that humanity had 10 years to do something about global warming or it would be too late? When the date comes shouldn’t he go way? There won’t be anything left that he can do, since it will be too late.


Well here’s one thing for sure – with all the doom & gloom people making predictions every day of the year for whatever future dates they calculate, at least one person is bound to “get it right” by pure coincidence.

Douglas DC

Brian H you should add only ”Light Skinned” “Alphas Betas and Gammas”..
Having Native American and Barbadian ancestry. In amongst the Scots-Irish and Swiss..


i think its spelled “Climate ReAlity Project”….


Semi-OT but still relevant: Can folks please go weigh in on The author argues that “we non-experts” should not question the “global warming experts”.
I do not presume to suggest what people should say, but a lot of people appear to be reading that blog, and comments seem to indicate a fundamental lack of understanding of the scientific method. Perhaps some of the scientists/engineers who post here would care to comment….

Guess who else haunts the halls at that address?
Corporation For Public Broadcasting
901 E St NW Washington, DC 20004-2037
(202) 879-9600

Neil Jones

I think that should be “Al Gore 2.0 – just as credible as any other pollster donations solicitor beggar doomsayer.


Politics aside, I find it humorous, as well as fitting, that Rush Limbaugh posted the “Al Gore Doomsday Clock” on his home page – . This was established following Gore’s doomsday prediction at an NYU Law School speech in January 2006:
“Many scientists are now warning that we are moving closer to several ‘tipping points’ that could – within as little as 10 years – make it impossible for us to avoid irretrievable damage to the planet’s habitability for human civilization.” – .
Unfortunately for Gore, his prophecy fails to align with the more alleged yet wildly popular Mayan one about 2012. Now THAT would have been a marketing and merchandizing coup!


These people have simply been channeling one of the infinite number of alternate realities that current theory addresses. All of these dire predictions have happened or will happen in one or more of these “sister” universes. Just not in this one. 😉


Ah, the irony – it burns.
Give this to Fat Albert, tho’: it’s a brilliant tactic of rhetorical ju-jitsu – co-option of your opponent’s terminology.
I suggest that we realists not use our standard tactic of patiently pointing up the errors of fact & logic. The AGW/Environmental crowd doesn’t just spin, it churns. They are the undisputed masters of this. We genuine realists can’t compete in that arena, nor would we want to, but just this once we should try to come up with a neat ju-jitsu volley of our own and put this back in their court.
I would do it myself, except that I have neither talent nor taste for it, and besides it will probably flop.


UnfrozenCavemanMD says: “Of course it’s Orwellian NewSpeak. ‘Choose Reality’ means rejecting reality and choosing the models’ doomsday forecast. Anyone who chooses the reality of actual measurements of the actual planet has no choice but to be highly skeptical of the AGW hypothesis.”
Well said. Al’s “choose reality” begs the question as to whether AGW is real or not, merely ordering the uninformed reader to “choose” to believe in it. Typical Gore proctoganda.

Ed Dahlgren

If it isn’t our fault, but our problem, then who’s fault is it?

From the video, it looks like Big Oil and Big Coal.
This kinda worries me:

The Climate Reality Project … is guided by one simple truth: The climate crisis is real and we know how to solve it.
{emphasis mine}


mrdarcy_pemberley says:
July 13, 2011 at 8:30 am

“Many scientists are now warning that we are moving closer to several ‘tipping points’ that could – within as little as 10 years – make it impossible for us to avoid irretrievable damage to the planet’s habitability for human civilization.” – .

As a geologist, one thing I’m absolutely sure is that Earth will experience another Ice Age in the not so distant future–and it will happen with devastating consequences–a true “tipping point” if ever there was one. To counter the above AlGorian pronouncement, it is likely that abundant anthropogenic CO2 is forestalling the next Ice Age, so their “irretrievable damage” meme is unjustifiable; indeed, it is possible that they’re trying to destroy the one thing that will delay, nay, might even save the world from the next 100,000-yr deep freeze.


During Gore’s 24 hr live event, Anthony should set up a panel of skeptical experts who could do some live blogging to refute the specious attribution claims that will undoubtedly be made (Russian droughts, Australian floods etc) . With a little publicity and some big names it could be quite a battle of minds. Just a thought.

Elizabeth (not the Queen)

Oh, I get it. If they have 24 presenters in 24 different time zones presenting on the same day, they can’t possibly experience the Gore effect in every place.
Or can they?

Cal Smith

Since P.T. Barnum was right re. suckers born every minute, they are probably going to make another billion for Fat Albert.

Elizabeth (not the Queen)

I also notice that of the 24 locations chosen, all are at special risk from the “effects of climate change.” Places where they say “extreme weather is already happening.” For example, most are islands or coastal cities.
I don’t blame them for not choosing a place like northern Alberta. It wouldn’t look too good to come to a place where the weather is boringly predictable year after year. No extreme anything, except for the -40 we endure for a good portion of our winters every year. Nope… nothing to see here… move along please.

James Evans

I just went over to Mr Gore’s web site, and found the following comment on the blog:
“Roz Rogoff July 13th
I’d like to see an experiment on Mythbusters. The guys have access to a very large warehouse. I’d like to see them take the temperature inside the warehouse on a cool night, one where the outside temperature is going down. The warehouse should not be heated.
Then bring in one car, maybe a Model T Ford, and start it running and take the temperature again. Then bring in a Model A Ford (OK I like old Fords), and start it running (this should probably be done by remote control so the guys won’t be asphyxiated).
They gradually fill up the warehouse with cars and generators and coal barbecues (pseudo power plants), and see if the temperature inside goes up. Wanna bet it will. Ask the question, where would the heat go? It doesn’t. It’s captive inside the Earth’s atmosphere. It’s everywhere.
Then they turn all the cars off. How long would it take for the temperature to drop if the building is sealed. I don’t know but probably hours maybe days.
Would that convince doubters that running enough carbon powered engines in a closed environment causes heat buildup? Do ya think?”
This is what we’re up against.

James Evans

Sorry, but here’s another one:
“Roz Rogoff July 13th
Snow in Atlanta. Tons of snow in New York City. Obviously that disproves Global Warming, right? Well any third grader can explain this by describing the water cycle.
The ocean is full of water. The sun evaporates the water which rises as vapor and gathers into clouds. The clouds are pushed by the wind until they are too heavy and the rain (or snow if the air temperature is below 38 degrees) starts to fall. Simple, huh.
If the sun is hotter, move water would be evaporated and clouds would be heavier and drop more precipitation. But even that doesn’t go far enough. The quantity of water on Earth has been fix for millions of years. The form of it changes. So sometimes there is more ice and other times there is more liquid water.
Right now the ice is melting. Even Greenland is turning green. This is increasing the amount of liquid water in the ocean. More liquid water with increased evaporation of the surface water means more precipitation. Any third grader should be able to present this to the doubting public.”
Those science communicators are doing a fine job. A fine job.


An old saying from George Carlin regarding Doomsday.
The planet isn’t going anywhere, it’s not going to vaporize and disappear.
The people living on it is a different story.

John W. Garrett

Pew, again! The old man would have an absolute fit if he knew what uses his dough had been put to by the nutjobs who’ve hijacked the foundations.


RE: Roz Rogoff July 13th
“It’s captive inside the Earth’s atmosphere. It’s everywhere.”
Wow… And CO2 somehow releases this “everywhere” heat Roz is describing? I hate to tell him, but a fair battle of the wits this won’t be–they’re complely unarmed. (At least he indicates he’s not going to stay inside the warehose as he runs the experiment until the CO level kills him.)


The return of Gore: He’s back from a Camping trip.
New & improved, version 2.0 (had a software update).
For anyone looking to blue-screen his speech, just holler “What about Elenin?”


You don’t get to choose reality. Reality has already chosen you.


These doomsday clocks make perfect sense to the inmates of an insane asylum on medication and to politicians seeking to increase taxes, regulate our lives and restrict the economy.

Craig S

James Evans . . .
you just made my head hurt and wish I hadn’t ever passed 3rd grade. Some things I really don’t want to know about people.


The judgement day billboard looks like someone is sitting on the powerline…lol.

John Marshall (06:59): You say that Prince Charles’s predictions fail.
Ha! He said we had 100 months to save the world (in June 2009).
In November 2017 you may have to eat your words, John.

Have a look at the real doomsday clock.

Nigel S

These guys know about warming too…..(Pugh pronounced Pew) some parallels with Al’s shambolic efforts
The Fire Brigade is perhaps Trumpton’s most-recognised feature. Captain Flack’s roll-call was recited in every episode: “Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub.”[1] with the exception of “Cuthbert’s Morning Off”[2] in which Cuthbert is omitted. They are continually being called out to attend some emergency or other (in many cases to resolve fairly trivial matters); but to Captain Flack’s annoyance, never an actual fire. (One reason for this may be that both fire and water would have been too difficult to animate.) However after “Right men Action Stations”, this doesn’t stop the Fire Brigade absent-mindedly getting out the fire hose and receiving a rebuke from Captain Flack (“No no! Not the hose!”).

Andrew Harding

As well as Doomsday predictions we have been subjected to the following “predictions”
Upto 60,000 deaths from Swine Flu last winter in UK
AIDS will kill millions
Mad Cow Disease will kill thousands
We also have various health scares as well; so if you smoke or live with a smoker, are a few pounds overweight, enjoy more than 21 units (whatever that is) of alcohol, or eat more than 200 grams of red meat per week, sunbathe, eat sausages or processed meat or any saturated fat or salt, don’t worry about the fate of the planet, you’ll be dead by 2012 anyway!!
The fact some people actually believe this drivel makes me wonder about the collective mentality of the human race
There is an excellent book which should be placed on the national curriculum as required reading, it is called “Panic Nation” by Christopher Booker and Richard North and discusses these scenarios in great detail.

David Schofield

never buy [into] anything til it reaches version 3.0


RE: Roz Rogoff July 13th mythbusters
The Mythbusters example is bogus because no one claims The HEAT from burning gasoline is enough to affect the temperature of the earth. [It certainly isn’t]
The warming supposedly comes from CO2 interfering with the heat radiation into space.
Arrhenius proved long ago that CO2 is a greenhouse gas. There is no debate about that. The debate is if 380/1,000,000 would have a measurable effect on planet earth’s temperature.
So Let’s get Jamie and Adam to put 380/1,000,000 Parts of CO2 in the [glass] warehouse and let sunshine in and see how hot it gets. Then remove the CO2 and measure the difference. I’ll bet it isn’t measurable.