Josh says COP24 is a “huge success”

As many of you know, the past two weeks have seen the 24th “Conference of Parties” aka COP24 where a bunch of folks get together to “save” the climate of planet Earth. Apparently, they have some sort of agreement as outlined in the press release here, but I’ll be darned if I can figure out what it is from the language.

Josh writes:

Cop out 24 has been a huge success. They now have rules to save the climate. Marvellous!

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    • I’m starting to think that using this term is an insult to Barbie, since at least she brings happiness to girls around the world. YMMV.

    • The Barbie Doll has a higher IQ than Climate Barbie….. as demonstrated by the fact Barbie Doll refuses to offer neither an opinion about ‘Climate Change’ nor hateful comments about those who disagree with her.

    • Climate Barbie took 156 delegates to this conference on the Canadian taxpayers dime. This is down quite a bit from the last two conferences which were 235 and 256 delegates respectively. It is amazing how big the conference goers carbon foot prints are for these hypocritical government drones. Trudeau own carbon foot print is larger than some small countries with all of the jetting around he and his entourage do for political and selfie opportunities. Trudeau and his band of Liebel idiots are desperate to hold power in Canada as long as they can and have declared that the next federal election will be held in Oct. 2019 on the LAST possible day of the election cycle. As it stands this winter my heating bill includes a 16% additional Carbon levee (TAX) just to heat my house. Trudeau and his virtual signaling Climate Barbie have told us low life Canadian tax payers that the Carbon tax is going to increase by 200% by 2020. The yellow vest movement is gathering steam in Canada and we the people are trying to make these unfair carbon taxes part of the next election. If the Ontario provincial election is any indication the Liebels there went from a majority government to unable to properly fill a mini van after the voters spoke at the polls. This was due mainly to the Ontario Liebel climate action plan that made energy expensive for consumers and drove out manufacturing company’s due to unfair market conditions. The provincial Liebls do not even have an official party status any more. We can only hope that this is the same fate for Trudeau and the Federal Liebels come Oct 2019.

      • G’Day Boris,
        Good luck with it all, but if Canadian voters are as apathetic and suffer the same short term memory loss as your Commonwealth cousins down under, you could be unpleasantly surprised by how quickly the liebels will bounce back.
        Juliar Gillard went to the Australian polls in 2010 claiming ‘there will be no carbon (dioxide) tax under the government I lead’ and then promptly introduced what was at the time the world’s most regressive thin air tax to appease the single Green’s MP who was an essential part of the (hard) Labor minority government’s grip on power. The result at the following election was an entirely predictable shift, but despite rumours of the Labor party maybe losing it’s official party status (or at least it’s government income) due to the loss of seats, their lowest primary vote since 1931 failed to be quite so spectacular. As inexplicable as it may seem, there are enough urban voters who happily vote for higher taxes – mainly because the crumbs of OPM they are offered is enough of a supplement to their dole and under-the-table income to pay for a few extra packets of fags each week. Living the dream.
        Next year will be the third election since ‘we the people’ gave Labor and their UN friendly carbon (dioxide) tax the big two fingered salute, and Labor come to the 2019 rockshow with a deeply unpopular little union shop-steward gobshite as the figure-head and promise the electorate more extensive (expensive) action on gullible warming and more of party’s lamentable precedent on border control; two campaign promises that should be election losers if anyone voting could remember further back than their last handjob, but they are a certainty to form the next government.
        And inner city Melbourne still has a Green’s MP, despite the inner city being about as far removed from ‘the environment’ and as ‘carbon intensive’ as you can get.
        I guess we really do get the governments we deserve.

    • Sorry commieBob … but calling Catherine McKenna names like the ‘climate Barbie’ moniker puts you in the same category as the ‘denier’ callers whose arguments are too weak to stand alone. We really do need to take the climate alarmist situation seriously as it has gathered a lot of steam and money in the last decade and it is hell bent on reengineering society without our consent.

      McKenna is a ‘true believer’ and has my prime minister’s ear. She’s no Barbie.. she’s a threat to my freedom.

    • Josh is brilliant!

      I hope everybody here has bought his calendar, in order to keep supporting his work.

    • Although, when they stated “COP24 where a bunch of ‘folks’ get together”. I believe someone spelt fools incorrectly.

  1. The main agenda of COP24 is to push the collection of 5 x $100 billion dollars and then how to share that greenfund.

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

    • Dr. Reddy, you’ve got the crux of the issue by the short hairs.

      Let’s all remember the UN’s total commitment to altruistic good exemplified by the oil for food program.

      Corrupt to the core.

      Calling Kofi Annan. The high-minded and altruists of COP24 need your sage advice on how to most beneficially distribute all those green billions.

      I recall reading about Communism in Poland and how all those high functionaries had their vacation homes and luxury spas off on islands in the Baltic Sea. ‘We deserve them because we work so hard for the people,’ was their apparent excuse when found out.

      One imagines similar excuse-mongering floating through the minds of all those salivating green redistributionists at COP24, as they contemplate the anticipated billions.

      • Pat said….

        “I recall reading about Communism in Poland and how all those high functionaries had their vacation homes and luxury spas off on islands in the Baltic Sea. ‘We deserve them because we work so hard for the people,’ was their apparent excuse when found out.”

        Remember, in a Worker’s Paradise YOU are still just a Worker.

        Marx talked up the class struggle between those who work and those who own. What he casually ignores is that he belonged to neither group, casting himself instead as a bright shining light of wisdom who was going to step in and sort out the injustice of the existing system.

        Marx and his followers NEVER cast themselves in the role of the Worker. They are the community organisers who are going to run the new fairer system. The workers however still have to work, because someone has to.

        Capitalism in many ways exploits the worker in attempting to get the maximum work for the minimum expenses, but also has the escape clause where the worker can expand up and out of their role and own their own business. The competitive nature of capitalist society rewards those who are successful. Better workers get better pay because they are better. The system promotes growth – sometimes at the expense of the less successful – but growth never the less.

        The Left oppresses the worker. Someone needs to stay and run the factories and that role is never going to be taken by the organising class. They need workers to organise because the moment the actual workers realise they would be better off running themselves the organisers would be out of a job.

        • Workers also have the option of quitting and going to work for some other employer.
          As a result companies have to compete for workers. Of course companies want to keep employee costs low, just as they want to keep all other costs low. However they need workers and they have to pay those workers whatever it takes to attract those from other employers. Just as they have to pay the market rate for all the other factors of production.

          • The law of supply and demand always applies. After the plague wiped out a sizeable proportion of Europe’s peasants, the survivors were treated very well until their numbers increased sufficiently as to re-create surplus peasants. Then their lot returned to normal.

            From the perspective of many of the survivors, however, the effect of the plague may have been ultimately favorable, as the massive reduction of the workforce meant their labor was suddenly in higher demand. R.H. Hilton has argued that those English peasants who survived found their situation to be much improved. For many Europeans, the 15th century was a golden age of prosperity and new opportunities. The land was plentiful, wages high, and serfdom had all but disappeared. A century later, as population growth resumed, the lower classes again faced deprivation and famine. link

            Workers’/employers’ options depend on circumstances.

        • THEY pretend to pay us, we pretend to work. link

          Somebody had to do the work and, sadly, the workers were hip to the scam.

          … the freedom to pilfer and dawdle made up, to some extent, for empty shelves and wretched wages.

          Marxism failed but folks who love theory more than reality still believe in it. What they’re doing is sneaking it into our colleges disguised as postmodernism. link Our kids are thoroughly indoctrinated and desperately want to try the Marxist experiment again. It’s also why so many people support using CAGW to destroy capitalism.

        • I lived and worked in Russia just after the party went down. I saw first hand how it all played out. You can not believe how being “fair” to everyone takes its toll on intelligence–what looks good on paper paper is horrible in real life–try going to restaurant for lunch–its 1 in the afternoon, restaurant is closed–“why?”I asked my companions. They are nonfluxed. “Oh,” they answer. It’s lunch time for the staff. I couldn’t believe it–“Why don’t they rotate to take lunch breaks and leave restaurant open?”
          “That wouldn’t be fair to the other workers, ” was the honest to God answer!
          Try whole sections of town that go without hot water for a whole month every single year. Why? Because it’s vacation time for all the workers in the factory that produces that sections hot water. (they have huge broiler factory’s that produce hot water for everyone–no such thing as a hot water tank–and it wouldn’t be fair for Olga to go in July and Demetri to go the next month–to be “fair” they all have to have the same month. So when each boiler factory has their vacation, blocks and blocks of apartments and businesses go without hot water because you have to be fair to the worker! I HATE collectivism and what it does to the human mind and spirit (not to mention the economics of it)–and our kids are not taught how poisonous it is to their minds any more–they think its a good idea! It’s so hard not to hate the people in our country who are propagating this evil. But I know they “think” its a good way to help people–it comes from a loving place..they just don’t know and are too indoctrinated to get their heads out of their hearts–

          • This attitude was prevalent among certain Scottish local authorities in the 1970s where local facilities like play parks or swumming pools would regularly close on local holidays.

            Why? “‘Cos it’s a holiday!”

          • Not long ago Marks and Spencer, a well known UK high street retailer, decided to close at 5pm, just when many people left work and wanted to do some shopping. The reason? – because the staff wanted to get home early, or wanted to do some shopping.

        • I think that it was the author Simon Montefiori who, in a biography of Stalin, points out that the communist slogan “dictatorship of the proletariat” meant , for Lenin and Stalin exactly that.
          Not “BY the proletariat”, but “OF the proletariat”.

        • A BIG problem with any system Man devises whether political or economic is that there are people involved.
          Greed, envy, lust for power, are all human traits. They can screw up any system that looks good (maybe even IS good) on paper.
          Greed isn’t limited to “the rich” and envy isn’t limited to “the poor”.
          Those who lust for power exploit both.

    • Hivemind
      December 16, 2018 at 4:34 pm

      Yes, another brilliant summation by Josh of the two weeks work by the 30,000 experts.

  2. The whole idea was to ship American manufacturing jobs to other countries – especially China. That was largely successful. That would level the economic playing field. That endeavor has largely run its course, and now the UN is resorting to trying to shame us into just shipping pallets of cash to other countries. Hopefully, that stopped when Obama left office.

  3. Canada’s proud climate leadership role – But did they bring horses?

    We often hear about Canada’s strategic goal to occupy a leadership role in fighting climate change. We certainly achieve this at international climate conferences. As an example, let’s look at Canada’s ‘tour de force’ at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21) in Paris.

    How did we do in the number of delegates? We were proudly right up there in bronze medal contention! If you properly discount the substantial delegation of host country France we were only nosed out by climate change powerhouses Morocco and Guinea. In the top twenty attendee count we trounced renowned ecological leaders such as Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Senegal and Cameroon. Way to go Canucks!
    Our attendee headcount was more than twice that of the U.S., Germany or Denmark. Talk about punching above your weight!

    Our delegation included 44 representatives from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. (This does not include Ontario Provincial Police or Securite du Quebec folks!) Our proud boys and girls in scarlet tunics alone outnumbered the total delegations from environmentally laggard two-bit countries such as the Netherlands, Greece, New Zealand, Mexico and Greece and more than half of the two hundred nations represented!

    Top twenty attendees:
    Party No. of Delegates
    Morocco 439
    Guinea 398
    France 395
    Canada 382
    Republic of Korea 351
    Côte d’Ivoire 338
    China 326
    Peru 322
    Brazil 319
    Russian Federation 315
    Democratic Republic of the Congo 304
    Congo 279
    Burkina Faso 256
    Senegal 252
    Indonesia 223
    Cameroon 216
    Chile 195
    Viet Nam 187

    • An impressing list. I recognized many very poor countries in the list of countries that have send most people to Paris. The CIA World Factbook has a list of 228 countries ranked to their income per capita.

      Some very poor countries from the ‘Paris’ list above and their rank number by income (1 is richest, 228 is poorest):
      Guinea (205)
      Côte d’Ivoire (179)
      Democratic Republic of the Congo (226)
      Burkina Faso (211)
      Senegal (188)
      Cameroon (182)

      • Exactly.

        This I believe explains a good part of the dynamics of the never ending climate negotiations.

        Since each country in the UN process gets an equal vote, why would the people in poor countries who get to party on the taxpayers dime ever want the party to end?

        The same applies to wealthy countries such as Canada. Our large delegation has many representatives of aboriginal and other minority groups with assorted grievances, but no specific scientific or policy development credentials.

        They get to protest stuff at sexy locations at the taxpayers expense. How good is that?

        • And there is another point why the poorest countries are interested. There are not too many opportunities in those countries for earning money, if only for the small market (poor people) and the bad infrastructure. Than the possible influx of ‘Big Money’ for ‘Big Projects’ from ‘other parties’ looks promising.

          I am not against aid for development. I wish everyone a decent life. But investment in useless ‘climate projects’ is not what I call development.

    • You can see a simple fact reflected in this list. Paris is a wonderful shopping opportunity especially when you come with someone else’s money.

  4. ‘Nothing succeeds like excess.’ – GC

    Just looked out the front door; the planet is still here. So COP24 WAS a success.

  5. Send a personal letter (cc’d to the news-media) to every participant you plausibly might be connected to. Ask but one question:

    How much CO₂ did your plane-share, your hotel-share and your food-prep and human-waste share emit whilst you were away on your Ecologically (IR)responsible vacation?

    That’d do it for me.

    Because ‘way I hear it, each participant was responsible for hundreds, if not thousands of kilograms of CO₂ emissions along with all nature of other unsavory biologically reactive drek.

    Just saying,

  6. You sass off China, they boycott your country from all imports until you apologize. No one screws with China, so everyone looks the other way.

  7. I have refined my breakdown of the COp24 agreement

    COP24 parties agreed to agree, except for the parts yet to be agreed in a future meeting and agreement. Each country made non binding Paris targets which all but a handful of countries failed to meet but are now encourage to make more ambitious targets because they didn’t fail their moderate targets by enough.

    Developed countries are encouraged to make outrageous claims of assistance packages they have no intention of honouring to imaginary developing countries and those with imaginary climate damages based on exagerated predictions over ridiculously long time frames.

    The basis of all assistance packages will be human rights which could not be agreed upon because of China. None the less, China has finally agreed to stop tampering with it’s emissions data which in our framework of no independent checks and non binding tragets we can truely rely on.

    China as a poor devolping nation with only the second largest economy expects agreement on payments from developed countries for imaginary damages from past CO2 emissions for long since dead Chineese people and the enviroment that no longer exists because of the recent rapid development.

    Small pacific island nations expect agreement on buckets of cash to be delivered in unmarked bills to help protect against imaginary accelerating sea level rise. Even as China has become the largest emitter and will drive future emissions it is exempt from payments because the historic emissions on developed nations is far worse than future emissions of China.

    The important part is we have made these fantastic agreements and all striking school children will be able to go back to class, safe in the knowledge we saved the planet.

    • To misquote Marshal Mcluhan, “The meeting is the message”. There is a certain phenotype that is favoured by our era of equal outcome, no fault, group think and that is a person without skills, experience or tangible accomplishments. They like to think of themselves as “idea people”. Any meeting, however pointless or unproductive, is a success as long as the participants agree it was a success. The meeting is the message and a desire for tangible product is so passé.

      • My father used to point out that there’s a world of difference between “activity” and “results.” Sounds like COP24 was rich in the former and totally lacking in the latter. Come to think of it, in this particular case that’s a good thing.

      • To raise awareness of ….
        Participation award.
        No worsening.
        Equality for all.
        Equal opportunity.
        Feel good measures.

        BCBill, you’re post is just the tip of the iceborg, sorry iceberg. They are an unproductive group that is good with the talk, but slack on the skills.

    • China was actually the first country to mine coal on a large scale (about 1,000 years ago) after running out of firewood. But of course this doesn’t count as historical emissions.

  8. To misquote Marshal Mcluhan, “The meeting is the message”. There is a certain phenotype that is favoured by our era of equal outcome, no fault, group think and that is a person without skills, experience or tangible accomplishments. They like to think of themselves as “idea people”. Any meeting, however pointless or unproductive, is a success as long as the participants agree it was a success. The meeting is the message and an obsession with tangible product is so passé.

    • In today’s progressive left wing educational system, conflict and strife are eliminated along with any competition, and everyone gets full Marx.

      Equal opportunities insist that morons get to govern,

      What other job are they suited for?

  9. brilliant…except Josh needs to swap Brazil for any other country (other than USA, of course). Bolsonaro (Trump of the Tropics) is about to be inaugurated and the CAGW mob have been gunning for him forever…and will never top.

    • I heard Jonathan Porritt giving Germany and Japan a free pass for their new coal power, in order to keep the baying mob aimed at the right targets, all of which just happen to have supposedly right-wing govts.

  10. Does anyone have a text any place of what exactly they have agreed?

    The press release gives no information on the subject, it just claims that the conference was a success, without saying what it succeeded in doing.


        Links to a host of “non-official” documents as well as some “draft” decisions. Perhaps they’re still polishing THE final document.

        The administration of this perpetual congress to purportedly save the climate must be a nightmare. The final list of participants is 298 pages long. No wonder they need a “Green Clinate Fund” with pledges of billions to hundreds of billions to keep the party going!

        • Delving into Kurt in Switzerland’s internet reference we find this gem referring the stated main reason for the conference- to make rules for reporting each counties progress:

          “2. Also notes that draft decision texts on these matters in the proposal by the President were considered, but that Parties could not reach consensus thereon;”

          Apparently not reaching a consensus is considered a success.

          • The entire affair is a modern reboot of Hans-Christian Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

  11. The “developing countries” want mony for their signature. And these developing cuontries are among others China, Brazil, South-Africa and India. And poor Turkey was not allowed into the poor group, even if they tried. The reciept is to build coal plants all over, and then to demand money to reduce it. I thought that was called blackmailing.

  12. Yes its all a very sick joke, but the largely left wing Media love it. Hopefully Australia’s usual an d normal Hot Summer will result in brown and black outs, especially in the States of Victoria and South Australia. Then and only then will we see some demonstrations taking place.

    Paris down under may start the movement world wide.


  13. Here in the UK the BBC’s Matt McGarth agrees with Josh about COP24 being an “outstanding success”. Only McGarth was being serious when he incorrectly stated:-

    The Katowice agreement aims to deliver the Paris goals of limiting global temperature rises to well below 2C.

    If this had been the result it would have been sensational. I give four reasons why this is not the case.

  14. Climate Scientists history book
    (Only two entries for simplicity)

    1850 There were not any accurate temperature proxies or records before this year
    1980 There were not any reliable records of Arctic sea ice extent before this year


    No prizes for guessing why those particular dates were selected by these scammers!

  15. It was a complete success, 22,771 crooks got to enjoy a holiday at taxpayers expense.

    That is the only aim for conferences like this.

  16. Perhaps I’ve been slumbering all these years, but it comes as a surprise to me that COP24 is a 2 week conference. I was always under the impression these affairs were only 1 week long. How much money is wasted on a fortnight of nonsense?

  17. I think we should continue to encourage these people to attend and study the problem, and make targets, and signs, and whatever else they do.

    That way, the countries they are all from can have a break plus something to laugh at.

    • Your sentiments are in the right direction; but how about we sack the lot of them, put dunce caps on them and set them up in the town square. A lot cheaper and we still get to laugh at them.

  18. I think the AGW community’s acronym “COP” for their get togethers is right on the money. But only if you apply the correct meaning to the word “Parties.”

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