Democrats Debating Ocasio-Cortez Plan to Switch to a Climate Change Command Economy

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to E&E News, Democrats are arguing over whether to use their new congressional majority to resurrect the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, or to push forward Ocasio-Cortez’s plan to take Federal control of the economy, to save the world from global warming.

Divides harden in clash over global warming committee

Nick Sobczyk, George Cahlink and Kellie Lunney, E&E News reporters
E&E Daily: Friday, November 16, 2018

Many House Democrats remain skeptical of a push by leadership and progressives to revive the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, underscoring divisions about how to address climate change in the new Congress.

The caucus clashed in closed-door meetings this week about whether the select panel is even necessary and how much power it should have, with incoming committee chairmen looking to stake out territory on the issue.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has proposed bringing back the select panel to spotlight the issue with Democrats in control of the House, but progressives — led by Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) — are aggressively pushing for a stronger version of the climate committee that would craft a “Green New Deal” to combat climate change.

Ocasio-Cortez has a resolution in-hand that would establish a Select Committee for a Green New Deal, with the goal of crafting a comprehensive policy by 2020.

But the incoming leaders of the committees of jurisdiction on climate — namely, the Energy and Commerce; Natural Resources; and Science, Space and Technology panels — are not pleased with potentially creating a committee that could leach away their power.

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In my opinion it is no exaggeration to call Ocasio-Cortez’s plan a blueprint for a “Climate Change Command Economy”. From Alexandria’s website;


  1. The Plan for a Green New Deal (and the draft legislation) shall be developed in order to achieve the following goals, in each case in no longer than 10 years from the start of execution of the Plan:
    1. 100% of national power generation from renewable sources;
    2. building a national, energy-efficient, “smart” grid;
    3. upgrading every residential and industrial building for state-of-the-art energy efficiency, comfort and safety;
    4. decarbonizing the manufacturing, agricultural and other industries;
    5. decarbonizing, repairing and improving transportation and other infrastructure;
    6. funding massive investment in the drawdown and capture of greenhouse gases;
    7. making “green” technology, industry, expertise, products and services a major export of the United States, with the aim of becoming the undisputed international leader in helping other countries transition to completely carbon neutral economies and bringing about a global Green New Deal.
  2. The Plan for a Green New Deal (and the draft legislation) shall recognize that a national, industrial, economic mobilization of this scope and scale is a historic opportunity to virtually eliminate poverty in the United States and to make prosperity, wealth and economic security available to everyone participating in the transformation. In furtherance of the foregoing, the Plan (and the draft legislation) shall:
    1. provide all members of our society, across all regions and all communities, the opportunity, training and education to be a full and equal participant in the transition, including through a job guarantee program to assure a living wage job to every person who wants one;
    2. take into account and be responsive to the historical and present-day experiences of low-income communities, communities of color, indigenous communities, rural and urban communities and the front-line communities most affected by climate change, pollution and other environmental harm;
    3. mitigate deeply entrenched racial, regional and gender-based inequalities in income and wealth (including, without limitation, ensuring that federal and other investment will be equitably distributed to historically impoverished, low income, deindustrialized or other marginalized communities);
    4. include additional measures such as basic income programs, universal health care programs and any others as the select committee may deem appropriate to promote economic security, labor market flexibility and entrepreneurism; and>
    5. deeply involve national and local labor unions to take a leadership role in the process of job training and worker deployment.
  3. The Plan for a Green New Deal (and the draft legislation) shall recognize that innovative public and other financing structures are a crucial component in achieving and furthering the goals and guidelines relating to social, economic, racial, regional and gender-based justice and equality and cooperative and public ownership set forth in paragraphs (2)(A)(i) and (6)(B). The Plan (and the draft legislation) shall, accordingly, ensure that the majority of financing of the Plan shall be accomplished by the federal government, using a combination of the Federal Reserve, a new public bank or system of regional and specialized public banks, public venture funds and such other vehicles or structures that the select committee deems appropriate, in order to ensure that interest and other investment returns generated from public investments made in connection with the Plan will be returned to the treasury, reduce taxpayer burden and allow for more investment.

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To her credit Ocasio-Cortez is not trying to hide what she is attempting to do – she is very open about her intentions. However I do find it rather disturbing that there seems to be serious support for her ideas in the newly elected house.

306 thoughts on “Democrats Debating Ocasio-Cortez Plan to Switch to a Climate Change Command Economy

  1. Well might you say, god bless America … he/she/it will need to if the 100% renewables get their way

    • “provide all members of our society, across all regions and all communities, the opportunity, training and education to be a full and equal participant in the transition, including through a job guarantee program to assure a living wage job to every person who wants one;”

      Notice there is no mention of skills or education etc in her manifesto. 🙁

      Sounds like a slow death for everyone to me.



      • You have to love the part about jobs for everybody that WANTS one. The problem with our socialist friends is they don’t want to work, so no jobs necessary, just get control of government and then go get other peoples money and pass it around so they can fiddle away their day marching with signs demanding more government to go get them what they want. Marching is easy and fun. filled with music and poems, and the best part is that it can be postponed for sunny days.

        • Bill
          The way I read it, they propose making new money. It’s easy, they have been doing it for year’s.

          You gotta love it. Welcome to the future comrade, bring your own bean bag, it’s gonna be great, Gore must be laughing so hard he won’t be able to use his calculator to add up how much money he is going to make.

      • Everyone who wants it already has access to opportunity, training and education.
        The idea that everyone deserves a living wage, regardless of what efforts they put in to earn one, is death to a society.
        What always happens is that over time, people realize that working hard so that others can benefit is a fool’s errand, and within a couple of generations nobody is working.

        • It’s a perfect plan to guarantee the refrain known from formerly (and presently) Communist/Socialist countries will come true:
          “We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.”

          • Ocasio-Cortez’s plan is free misery for all, and prison or murder for those who disagree.

            That’s been the socialist program from day one, it was the socialist program in operation everywhere all across the 20th century, and it’s the socialist program now.

            Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, and all the others planning for that socialist future are conspiring in mass murder while posing as moral paragons. They should be called out for it.

            Criminally delusional or just plain criminal. There are no other possibilities.

          • That the select committee deems appropriate


            Of course this is not her idea. She like Obama is just a puppet. Who is organising her behind the curtains ? Who is Big Brother ? Who has unlimited funding?

      • Since windmills and solar can barely replace themselves, it will not be slow. The new Eddy Grand Solar Minimum will usher in a major cooling event over the next 30-50 years and half the population will be dead in 10 from famine. See massive crop losses in Alberta Canada from early snow. Also millions of acres of wheat and grapes wiped out in SW Australia due to late frost. It is already -40 in Siberia months ahead of schedule. Also see Fukushima windmill decommishend due to only producing 3 percent of rated capacity. 15000000 million dollars down the drain. New wind farm off Virginia to produce 78 cent a kilowatt electricity. Not designed to handle a Cat 3 hurricane or 50 foot waves.

        • Only if idiots like her have their way decarbonizing the world. As long as fossil fuels rule shortages of food in one area provide an opportunity for wealth in another. No one need starve. The percentage of those in extreme poverty in the world i.e. always on the verge of starving to death, has dropped from 50% when I was in grade school to less than 20% today, thanks to fossil fuels.

        • Since windmills and solar can barely replace themselves,…”

          They can’t replace themselves. The latest number I was able to find (not that it was easy to find, asking DuckDuckGo on Safari using the search term “study solar uses more energy than it produces” returned 100s of sites that just pop-pooed, “that’s nonsense” before I found one that gave a number) indicated that it take 20.5 MWhrs to produce each kW(peak) of solar cells. Simple arithmetic, turn it into 20,500 kWhrs, divide by 0.11 for actual capacity factor, then divide by 8,760 hrs/year, and you get 21.27438771274388. Allow for significant digits, that’s 21 years. Now some of the trough feeders looking for subsidies claim 20-25 year life, but the last 3 solar installations I encountered had been decommissioned before they reached the 10 year point, and had been demolished and disposed of by the time I stood on the same real estate. So what I’m getting at is, they can’t replace themselves.

      • Yup, she is not hiding the AGW-socialism link.

        “mitigate deeply entrenched racial, regional and gender-based inequalities in income and wealth (including, without limitation, ensuring that federal and other investment will be equitably distributed to historically impoverished, low income, deindustrialized or other marginalized communities);”

        This is the goal all along, per Ottmar Edenhofer of the UNIPCC To institute socialist redistribution under the guise of climate change mitigation.

        “That does not sound anymore like the climate policy that we know.
        Basically it’s a big mistake to discuss climate policy separately from the major themes of globalization. The climate summit in Cancun at the end of the month is not a climate conference, but one of the largest economic conferences since the Second World War. …But one must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy. Obviously, the owners of coal and oil will not be enthusiastic about this. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore, with problems such as deforestation or the ozone hole.”

        • Cue the likes of Nick/Kristi/Mosh to tell us to take off our tin foil hats.

          I’d kindly ask them to remove their blinders.

          • They’re usually too busy talking about the science. Kristi gets into some politics, but she isn’t obsessed like you are.

        • This is the scariest part of her communist manifesto in my opinion. Racism and sexism are ok in the lefty world as long as it’s the right type. Ie. Whitey and men.

          What is it with batshit crazy women in politics? Warren, waters, pelosi, clinton, this nutjob…maybe they go crazy when they catch leftism 🤔

      • Her manifesto relies on the Marxist view of value: “Every worker adds value to the process and therefore every worker is valuable.”
        Surely this cannot be so. Given the same list of ingredients an unskilled worker will ruin the soup, while a marginally skilled cook will make a good soup, and a skilled chef will make an excellent soup.
        The value added must be relative to the skill employed.
        One should strive for equal opportunity, but it is utterly stupid to believe that providing every worker with equal opportunity will result in equal outcomes.

        • Have we learned nothing from the past? Haven’t we heard similar utopian promises many times before?
          Lenin in a rare speech in Moscow in 1917 prior to the Communist Revolution promised the Russian people 3 things: Land, Bread, and Peace. He appealed to the rural Peasant class by promising them free Land seized from the Czarist Aristocracy; to the unemployed urban working class by promising them bread to feed their their families; and to the returning soldiers of the Russian Army who had mutinied and left the battle field after losing to the German Army by promising them a Peace Treaty to end Russian involvement in WWI. With the exception of the peace treaty, each of Lenin’s promises was so much vapor ware with consequent outcomes that were their polar opposites. Revolution to over throw the Czar turned into a murderous Civil War and Terror, a war of the Bolshevik Red Army against remnants of Czarist White Army and every other segment of Russian society who resisted Marxist-Leninism including the Menesheviks who wanted a Democratic form of Communism; Civil War led to the Mass Slaughter and forced deportation of the Kulak farming communities who resisted collectivization of land and forced requisition of agricultural produce, seized to feed the Urban working class leaving them to starve in place or in exile, and collectization of farms led to widespread society hunger and starvation because there were few people left with the know how to produce the food on the farm collectives. Lenin died of Kidney Failure and strokes in 1924 but lived long enough to be the one primarily responsible for the theory of Communist Party as a Revolutioary Vanguard, the use of Mass Terror and Mass Action (Extermination of Political Dissent), as well as the social catastrophe and inhumane horror that followed the Communist Revolution of Nov 1918. Stalin justified his criminal acts and paranoid cruelty by appealing to Lenin’s papers, orders, and public statements to perfect Socialism in a One Country. See: Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler. The Age of Social Catastrophe. By Robert Gellately. 2007.

      • key words: (job) for everyone who WANTS one.

        Seems to me deep in inner city and other welfare subsidized areas, across 5 generations of this subsidy, that people simply do not WANT a job, nor will they take it even if forced. Thousands will be raising their kids- and need to be fully supported by government. Many will say they can’t work due to some disability or mental health problem. Others will simply reveal they ‘can’t learn’, and need to be fed and housed until they can learn- with extra financial support for years of ‘training’…read: a place to hang out with pals during cold weather.

        In the book Wheels-about Detroit auto manufacture a main character buys a basic alarm clock for several of the new untrained workers so they can learn to wake up, get up, and get their butt to the factory job. I imagine the green jobs system will be the same. She does not mention ‘green food’–after all one must be well nourished- no more Micky D’s for you- no high fructose & high carb ‘shakes’ -no deep fried potatoes in overheated hydrogenated oils…bring on the quinoa and kale cold breakfast…yum.

    • 2Jan2015”At a news conference [22Jan2015] in Brussels, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework be adopted Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism. “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 ye2ars, since the Industrial Revolution,” she said . Referring to a new international treaty environmentalists hope will at the Paris climate change conference later this year, she added: “This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first time in human history.”
      Investor’s Business Daily: http://news.investors DOTcom/ibd-editorials/021015-738779-climate-change-scare-tool-to-destroy-capitalism.htm#ixzz3RXh5Tujn

      Does this quote now make sense?


        Here is how modern politics works:

        The far-left is winning, especially in the developing world, where over 100 countries are pseudo-Marxist dictatorships, based on their leftist phony rhetoric, but are actually just military dictatorships, run for the ruling elite and their armed thugs – see Zimbabwe and Venezuela… and North Korea, Cuba, the Soviet Union countries and many more..

        The left gains political power by promising imbeciles lots of free stuff. Then they destroy the economy, create widespread poverty and live like kings atop a ruined state – because you can’t be kings without lots of peasants.

        It is really no different in the developed world. Get elected by lazy greedy imbeciles, destroy the economy with fake green energy and other crazy policies, and live like kings on top of a ruined economy, looking down on all the peasants.

        • This has already been achieved in San Francisco where tech millionaires live in high rises looking down on homeless bums urinating in the street.

          If you take away carbon based fuels you take away the ability to produce the things necessary for life. It would be mass murder on a scale unequaled by all the wars and slaughters of the last thousand years combined.

          When the NY Times published the Unibomber manifesto it called for complete de-industrialization of the world. Some supposed intellectuals thought that his ideas should be taken seriously. They were the same kind of people who take Ocasio-Cortez seriously, only now these idiots are in congress.

    • Perhaps someone could forward this rant to Ms. Ocasio-Cortez – the latest Marxist fraudster – another (probable) sociopath who wants to control everyone else’s life :

      I had a large energy project in the Former Soviet Union, and have also travelled into Honecker’s East Germany and Fidel Castro’s Cuba. I have never seen such horrific pollution and gross waste of resources as I saw in the SU and the FSU. This is what happens when you allow sociopathic thugs to run a country. old

      In July of 1989 I entered East Berlin and East Germany through Checkpoint Charlie. The dreaded communist Honecker regime was still in power then; it was just four months before the Wall fell.

      I wrote the following long ago and I didn’t keep track of dates then – probably about 2010.


      I had the privilege and misfortune of travelling into East Germany in July of 1989, just before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

      We were on a business mission to West Germany, and somehow our bosses had committed us at the last minute to a brief detour into the East.

      One of our group refused to go, saying it was a despicable totalitarian sh!thole, so we agreed to meet him in Cologne.

      We flew to Tegel airport in West Berlin, and were escorted by a Stasi driver though West Berlin. It was Friday night, and West Berlin looked exciting, electric.

      We travelled though the Berlin Wall at Checkpoint Charlie, and the world changed. I had been sitting in the front seat beside the driver snapping photos, but when I tried to take one of the East German checkpoint, I felt resistance as I tried to lift my camera. The Stasi driver’s hand was on my camera holding it down, even as he looked the other way, talking through his window to the East German border guard.

      We took a sharp left and then a sharp right onto the main street, called Unter den Linden. The majestic Brandenburg Gate was visible just behind us. As we passed the Reichstag, I lifted my camera to snap a picture. The driver stopped quickly to assist my photo, and it was suddenly obvious that there were no other vehicles on the street, and no pedestrians either.

      We stayed at the Metropol Hotel that first night, and went for a walk after dinner. I had asked my dinner hosts if I could go for a jog in the morning, and was cautioned that “We do not jog in East Berlin” I then asked if I could go for a long walk, and was assured, with a telling look, “You can walk anywhere in East Berlin – you will be perfectly safe, not like your London and New York”.

      We soon found out what he meant – every block had eight small kiosks staffed with police, two on each side of the street. At any time we were within easy view of perhaps ten such police posts. Again, we were the only people on the street. The police talked quietly with each other on their telephones, and seemed to know that we were no cause for alarm. Their primary job to prevent any attempts by East Germans to defect to the Western embassies located on Unter den Linden.

      In our brief stay, we visited a mine to view some equipment, had interminable meetings in a very hot room, learned that the local cola beverage was called Prik Cola, and found that our business colleagues in East Germany were pretty human, much like ourselves.

      I also had sufficient liberty to get away from our group, and was able to observe that East German infrastructure was crumbling, the roads, buildings, sewage systems, cars, trains, heavy equipment, electrics, electronics, etc. etc. etc. were fifty years out-of-date and falling apart. Environmental degradation by industry was severe and disgusting.

      More significantly, the East German people were a fearful lot – frightened to death of me, lest someone think they were communicating with me and report them to the dreaded Stasi. Those condemned to the Stasi, and there were many, would lose their jobs and could wind up in prison – their lives would be ruined.

      My friend was right – East Germany was a vicious totalitarian state, and worse. We all decided that we had seen enough, and agreed to leave a day early.

      We took a taxi to the Wall, and negotiated our way through Checkpoint Charlie again, this time without the assistance of our Stasi driver, and spent the extra day walking around West Berlin.

      We saw a memorial to those who had been killed trying to escape through the Wall. The last death took place a few months earlier in February 1989, when Chris Gueffroy died trying to escape into West Berlin. Gueffroy was hit in the chest by ten shots and died in the border strip. He was 20 years old.

      Several months later the Wall fell, and I stayed up all night watching the celebrations on CNN.

      Now that was a good day!


      I recall our Canadian NDP leaders extolling the virtues of East Germany to the Canadian public, and their stories being dutifully reported by the Canadian press – how East Germany was the “Economic Engine of the Soviet Union”, “The Workers’ Paradise”, and all that other BS. I shall never forgive the Canadian left for these self-serving lies, and I will never believe a word they say.

      A few years later, I was back in Berlin on another business trip. Although I no longer jogged, I walked to the Brandenburg Gate. Then, I broke into a slow jog, and ambled my way through the Brandenburg Gate and down Unter den Linden.

      You see, now, we do jog in East Berlin.

    • Yes. A 5 years plan. Comrade.

      ps: Half of my life was under a commie rule. I know when I see one. POTUS Trump is our last hope.

      [So what you’re telling us is that you’re one of the ones spreading all that fake news and colluding with Trump? /sarc 🙂 -mod]

      • Walt D

        Yeah, and they forgot the plank in the old Social Credit Party platform in Alberta that said, “Municipalities should be able to have money for the cost of printing it.” If they are going to devalue the humans to the point of being passive recipients of the fat of the land, they might as well devalue the currency at the same time.

      • peterh wrote:
        “The US dollar is backed by the economy using it, by virtue of sellers accepting it. Increasing the supply of dollars relative to the economy devalues them.”

        See this plot – the USA has ~quadrupled its monetary base since 2008.

        It took 232 years to reach ~$830 billion, and then only six months to double, and a few more years to quadruple. So far, the value of the currency has apparently not declined.

        • I think there is massive reflation coming to account for the quadrupling of the monetary base since 2008. It really defies gravity what has been done, effectively by Obama, but by policies of the previous decade(s). Long term future growth may be tempered by this. Including paying back the debt…although the debt is really never paid back, since it too is just eroded away by inflation.

          I do think a basic economic law does exist:

          The Correction is equal and opposite to the Deception that preceded it.

    • Yes, and that plan has already been tried and it failed.

      Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’ already failed in Australia and the UK. Washington Times

      “The very idea itself is an import from Europe. more specifically, from my native Britain. It’s an idea that doesn’t travel well. U.S. building standards and practices are entirely different from Britain’s, yet the same demands are being made in both places. That’s not quite how it works, is it?

      But much more than theory or haggling over technical details, we have excellent empirical evidence that a Green New Deal just does not work. It’s been tried, twice, on different sides of the world and it didn’t work either time.” Time Worstall

      • Klem @ 1:33 am
        Don’t laugh, the MSM will make her the President someday. Just watch.

        That the MSM will likely begin to do until they discover that they will be amongst the first in line to fall under the full weight of the command economy as the principle propaganda mechanism for the new “Peoples Democratic Union of the United American States”.
        And if the odd MSM organisation fails or refuses to fall into line then “Ve haf vays and means mi frend”!

        Or maybe by then under “Presidente de por vida”. Senora Ocasio-Cortez it will be called the

        “Unión Democrática Popular de los Estados Unidos de América “.

        I already weep for Australia!
        I don’t want to weep for America and its peoples as well!

        The British in the true gritty British tradition with their apparently inherent historical characteristic of taking on the most powerful local political bullies and eventually winning after much travail now have their Brexit against all odds and might therefore be the saviour of us all as they pull out of the increasingly Command Economy driven “Brussels Caliphate” trending dictatorial political entity that today goes under the guise of the “European Union.”

        • The British deep state are trying their hardest to bollecks up Brexit. The UK has a ways to go before Brexit is a done deal. And considering their recent record in regards to freedom of speech and authoritarianism, I wouldn’t be looking to the UK as a savior of the free world.

        • ‘until they discover that they will be amongst the first in line to fall under the full weight of the command economy as the principle propaganda mechanism for the new “Peoples Democratic Union of the United American States”.’

          They already _are_ the propoganda arm of the Democratic Socialists, and more will be needed to bury the truth and promote the lies of the Party and State.

    • yeah the eyes spin me out
      zealotry to the max!
      I would be very very concerned if she had any say in my parliament.

      • I thought it was just the eyes of the naive and uneducated. A kind of ‘deer in the headlights’ look.

        Yes, I know she has a degree. We all know that has little to do with having been educated. Pick the right field, and there are millions of examples of “anyone can get a degree” without effort or even average intelligence.

  2. What is so striking is that if implemented, this would have no, zero, effect on net global emissions or on warming.

    Because all it would do is reduce the 12% of emissions coming from the US, while doing nothing about the 88% which the rest of the world is doing. The US is doing about 5 billion tons out of 37 and falling. China is doing 10 billion and rising. India is rising rapidly also.

    All she is proposing is to reduce the 5 billion from the US while leaving everyone else to carry on and raise. Even were the US eliminated totally it would make no difference to global warming. Even if the theory were correct.

    So, tell us again, what is the real purpose of this? It is once again, de-industrialization of the US or the West generally, and continued industrialization and growth for the rest of the world.

    Why? Not because of any effect it will have on the climate, even if the theory is right.

    So why?

    • A serious CO2 drawdown effort might affect global CO2 levels, so the USA would be picking up the tab for everyone elses emissions…

      • Eric

        Find yourself a copy of Peter Sellars et al on “How to win an election or a least not lose by much”

        The plan of the Labour potential Minister for Transport might have been the model for this IIRC

      • also happens to be the fairest skinned…
        and here we have a nations millenials feeling guilty about the greatness their ancestors built

  3. “provide all members of our society, across all regions and all communities, the opportunity, training and education to be a full and equal participant in the transition,”
    Ah, there are the “self improvement” concentration camps. Are all you College Professors ready for you new job in carbon free plowing? How did that work in Cambodia?

    “take into account and be responsive to the historical and present-day experiences of low-income communities, communities of color,”
    And there is the new upper class. How did that work out in Rhodesia?

    BTW; Miss Cortez is WHITE. Spaniards are Caucasians.

    • RLu

      Latter day Rhodesia was the successful and peaceful face of Colonialism. Run on that basis it was a profitable, successful country indeed, the ‘Bread Basket of Africa’. Then the self proclaimed Marxist Mugabe rocked up and destroyed the entire country.

      No country or system of government is perfect. There will always be inequality and yet somehow it’s the fault of governments that ‘people of colour’ and women are ‘marginalised’. Except people of colour are wildly successful in India, China, Saudi etc. and there are many wealthy African Americans, indeed, one was President of the United States not so long ago. Did he make the plight of the coloured community any better than it was?

      I daresay Obama would have waved the magic wand of equality and sprinkled the fairy dust of prosperity over the coloured community were there a demarcation between whites and coloureds, but there’s not. Obama didn’t do it because it’s not possible in the US, or in any civilised western country I can think of.

      And yet, even as a well connected, powerful socialist, Obama didn’t propose the radical changes these nutters are tabling as their answer to everything that’s wrong in the US.

      The fact that no system of government is perfect, including theirs, doesn’t seem to occur to them. They simply don’t recognise that governments and cultures evolve and that revolution means a worse system, imposed by violence and bloodshed, which would take hundreds of years to iron out the major wrinkles. It means the destruction of communities and businesses, the flight of money from the country and, amongst many others including Venezuela, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe stands out like a boil on a baby’s buttock.

      • People aren’t equal. There are great variations in intelligence, strength and determination.
        As long as people aren’t equal, the results of their labor will never be equal.
        The idea that all should have equal amounts of stuff means that some people must be enslaved in order to provide for the rest.

        • Indeed the left confuses equality of opportunity with equality of outcomes. They’re not the same thing. Ideally, everyone, regardless of where they start in life, should be afforded the opportunity to better themselves. It’s up to them what they make of the opportunities they are afforded. Not everyone will avail themselves of the opportunities they receive whereas others will make the most of those opportunities.

          • Thank you, John. Salute!

            You have outlined one of the most important aspects of what the U.S. founders envisioned.
            Countless legal “immigrants”, and folks from lowly financial and social beginnings, have exploited the opportunity here and been successful and enjoyed freedom.

            The core of the problem with these “progressives” is they develop their visions based upon on the existing financial and legal conditions we now have/enjoy. They cannot imagine a society (state) and government (more state) that assigns them their apartment, determines their job, provides their education according to the needs of the state and requires duty to the state. Complain? Ha! Off to the re-education camp or worse. And then,

            They cannot imagine that eventually they will not be the ones making all the decisions, directing the economy and having their own auto/dacha/three bedroom house, etc.

            I borrow from that famous skit with Akroyd and Curtin – ” Alexandria? You ignorant slut!”

            Old warrior Gums sends…

  4. Yes she’s up front (for now).
    She’s no worse than what we’ve had under the swamp & vested interest system that dominates US politics and commerce particularly where it interfaces with Gov/semi Gov.
    Actually she’s a necessary evil for conservatives to survive.
    Trump is not exactly on track so she may well save him from himself.
    She is so idealistically insane that at least half the population will run a mile back to Trump.

    • If you think that she’s no worse than the mess we have now, you have never actually studied any communist country.
      Everything that you complain about will be 10 times worse when government begins to control everything.

  5. economic mobilization of this scope and scale is a historic opportunity to virtually eliminate poverty in the United States

    Let’s take some really cheap stuff and replace it with some really expensive stuff and then no one will be poor.

    The naivete, it burns.

  6. It has been said that the Carbon Tax was ‘the longest political suicide note in Australian history’.
    This ‘Plan’is the quickest one.

  7. Right. Because of people like her, I’ve decided the welfare state of Finland will not have my tax money to waste in the future. Criminal career, here I come…

  8. include additional measures such as basic income programs, universal health care programs and any others as the select committee may deem appropriate to promote economic security, labor market flexibility and entrepreneurism

    This is not controversial in Europe.
    In fact, it’s just Blairism. He is considered to be on the right-wing of the UK Labour Party.

    • Too right, and the idiots in the Socialist Conservative Party are just following what Blair did. We may, however, loose all our lights more quickly than the US thanks to the interference of the EUSSR.

    • M Courtney

      I’d like to understand the bizarre concept of a select committee managing ‘entrepreneurism’.

      It is, almost by definition, the domain of the maverick, the risk taker, the opportunist who doesn’t care much for authority, indeed, a sociopath as many successful businessmen and politicians are identified as.

      Then this: “The Plan (and the draft legislation) shall, accordingly, ensure that the majority of financing of the Plan shall be accomplished by the federal government, using a combination of the Federal Reserve, a new public bank or system of regional and specialized public banks, public venture funds and such other vehicles or structures that the select committee deems appropriate,……”

      And they expect the worlds banking system, as flawed as it is, established over many hundreds of years, to just roll over and hand over all its money.

      And whilst their ideology explains what they want to do, they don’t touch on dealing with the US National Debt which, if paid off overnight, would have staggering implications across the globe. But then how would they even address paying that off, because they don’t seem to explain any of that. So a great part all this easy money they see floating before their eyes must go to servicing that debt. Indeed, debt is the currency of humanity, if it weren’t so profitable there would be no such thing.

      And this bit’s a cracker: “……using a combination of the Federal Reserve, a new public bank or system of regional and specialized public banks, public venture funds and such other vehicles or structures that the select committee deems appropriate.

      In other words, they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about so just chuck out some cosy sounding ideas.

      I can’t think of a transformation this big being accomplished without bloody conflict. Even to a layman like me these people are the epitome of the most reckless and ambitious entrepreneur, in other words, dangerous sociopaths.

      There, I knew I could join the dots. 🙂

      • Hotscot
        Under this program, you will become coldscot.
        Russia won’t need guns anymore, just a petrol powered wind blower to blow the candles out.

      • It’s very easy. You introduce ‘Freedom Coins’ to pay the slaves. Freedom Coins can only be used in State owned shops in combination with your rationing card.
        Mothers and minorities get an allowance, but white males and other privileged need to work for any ‘luxury items’. The Central Committee can then assign the work force as they see fit.

        The external debt is still there, and more Dollars are still printed to pay interest. But holders of Dollars can only use them to buy from Lockheed and Raytheon. Just like the Petrodollars today.

      • Proper entrepreneurs need must temper their ambitions with the practical limitations of reality, if only the realities of the market.

        When you can get the authority of government to shield you from the consequences of your bad market decisions, in my estimation you’re not an entrepreneur. You’re a patroner and the big-S State is your patron.

    • Once you get used to the idea that it’s OK to steal from others to provide for the things that you want, all kinds of stuff quickly becomes acceptable.

      • Bad thieves only know how to run. Good thieves also know how to hide. Great thieves know how to hide in plain sight. The very best thieves get the State to steal for them.

      • Quotes.
        Hard to beat Ric’s guide.
        Basically, you enter a beginning formatting “code” and a closing formatting “code”.
        The greater than, less than signs bracket the formatting command, with a “/” added to the closing command.
        I’ll give a example but with greater than, less than signs reversed so you can see it. (I hope!)
        Switch them, and you see this. (Unless I screwed up.)

        I’ll give a example but with greater than, less than signs reversed so you can see it.

        I know it feels odd to be typing stuff that is not part of your comment. But “comment box” is an entry into a computer program. The “odd stuff” won’t show if done right. If done right, you see what you want the reader to see.

    • “… include additional measures such as basic income programs, universal health care programs AND ANY OTHERS as the select committee may deem appropriate to promote economic security, labor market flexibility and entrepreneurism”

      Who is the “Select Committe” (in Europe) that makes the non-controversial decisions for you?

  9. I presume it you ‘drawdown and capture greenhouse gases’ too much you will be back where you started in the Little Ice Age.

  10. Aww, that’s nice. She wants to eradicate poverty by spending an absolutely gigantic pile of cash that we don’t have on something that won’t work to fix a problem we don’t have.

    I find it hard to believe she is 29. This is economic illiteracy on stilts, suitable to teenager’s concept of economics developed in mom’s basement while sucking on a bong.

    The new face of the Democratic Party indeed.

    • Keitho, if you were my age and had kids her age you wouldn’t say ‘I find it hard to believe she is 29’. Kids of that generation didn’t start to have mature thoughts until they turned 30 or so. Hell if I know why, but that’s the way it is (although judging by the education system, that is probably the main reason). So don’t expect any better, just hope it doesn’t get worse!

      • That’s what happens when kids aren’t challenged. When everyone gets a trophy no one needs to put in effort to be better.

    • illiteracy in general. She said that the three branches of government was the president, the house, and the senate.

      “Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “If we work our butts off to make sure that we take back all three chambers of Congress — Uh, rather, all three chambers of government: the presidency, the Senate, and the House.””

      • While I agree her ideas are foolish and naive, I do not think she was referring to the three “branches” of the US federal government. She referred to the three “chambers”. In the context of the election, She seems to mean the three bodies of elected people: the House, the Senate and the President & VP.


    • Keitho

      I think this is not exemplary of a particular political party. It is exemplary of a totally urban existence, where milk comes from stores and electricity comes from a plug. If one or another political party has as members a lot of similar thinkers for whom “the world just works” and some benefit, especially urbanites, then you will see the air of unreality permeating the brains and manifested in such childish, simplistic “solutions”.

      She is not illiterate, she is unread. She is unaware of the Great Failures of materialism: the philosophy that holds life is about things and objects, with people and “nature” being two of them and sometimes expendable. She is seeking material balance, and equality of outcomes because we are, after all, equal, right? If we are equal, the outcome should be equal, right?

      To create equality of outcome requires an enormous overhead of coercive political control which serves the elite and the ideological (and the lazy, quite frankly). Exemplary of this thinking is the high frequency trader who owns a faster computer that pours out money by exploiting access to trading information, while contributing exactly nothing at all to society as a whole. How “clevah”.

      Don’t be surprised if the dependent class rush to support her uber-Scandanavian social management proposals. To avoid imminent catastrophe and achieve imminent Nirvana is always a popular way to approach the world. Pol Pot and Ceaușescu tried really hard but Nirvana proved elusive – probably a capitalist plot.

      I want an equal tan.

      • She is not illiterate, she is unread

        I’d say she’s both, with a great bit helping of just plain stupid.

        • John, I think there is a saying along the lines that, uneducated is just not knowing; ignorance is just not knowing that you are uneducated.

          • I think a large part of the problem is that she is actually educated – by our liberal arts education system.

      • The day trader provides liquidity which companies need in order to adjust to a rapidly changing economy.

        To proclaim that stock traders provide nothing of value indicates you are as “unread” as Ocasio-Cortez.

        • Tell me how a trader provides liquidity to a company. You own a share of stock in company ABC and I want to purchase it. I go to a trader and say buy me a share of ABC stock. He arranges to purchase a share and it happens to be yours. So how did ABC receive any liquidity from our deal?

          The only time liquidity to a company occurs is when they issue a NEW share of stock and somebody buys it from that company.

          • Without traders, shares would be worth a lot less.
            Who would buy shares in a company if they couldn’t get rid of those shares when they needed to.
            That’s the service that traders provide.

          • Damn! That’s the first time I’ve heard someone get the liquidity concept so screwed up!

            Your comment about how a company is affected by liquidity – and higher stock values – completely overlooks how banks determine loan rates to that company. Maybe I only know about that because I worked for a Dow 30 company – although any company with a stock market capitalization over a few hundred million should be sharing this with their management. Companies do not make money only when they issue or buy back stocks. They make money by getting more favorable loans. That helps explain when their stock is soaring, they renegotiate loans. It is not good to try to get loans when your stock value is in the toilet.

            And that is only one example.

    • She graduated third in her program of…economics. At Boston College. And yes, this means Boston College’s economics program is abject garbage.

  11. The photo suggests strongly that Ocasio-Cortez is a deranged enthusiast for economic suicide in the interests of imaginary climate dangers and the text of the Plan for a Green New Deal and Draft Legislation backs the impression up.

  12. Once again, America has found an ugly enemy to march on. It will once again save the world, whether you want it or not !
    Ms Ocasio lives in leftist la-la-land. All over the world leftist ideas are losing and Climate Action seems to be their last refuge.
    But this bandwagon is a train wreck
    The program is as junk as the science it’s based on.

    • “Ms Ocasio lives in leftist la-la-land”

      Yes, she does. She has a totally unrealistic/delusional view of just about everything. Typical of a radical socialist. They don’t live in the same world we live in.

  13. Crazy, but that’s how it goes…

    She is a tool for the Trumpsters’ re-election campaign. Long may she voice her 5 year plans.

    • Personally I’m hoping that they decide on complete honesty and openly admit that what they want is complete government control of everything.

      • Well de Blasio, the mayor of NYC, is honest. He said the other day,

        Our legal system is structured to favor private property, people would like to have the city government be able to determine which building goes where, how high it will be, who gets to live in it, what the rent will be.

  14. I presume this is the wing of the Democrat party which meets in a room with soft mattress walls and furniture made of foam blocks?

    With policies like that even your economy would be finished in twelve months.

    Here in the U.K. we already have plenty of loonies advocating this sort of eco nonsense, the trouble is that’s the party in power. Send help.

  15. …Venezuela here we come.
    (Only this time it is going to be different).

    Time to stock up on toilet paper. Will be the new currency in this economy – forget bitcoin – now we will have $hitcoin!

  16. The Socialist Princess should have the two main parts of her Green Deal Manifesto be A and B, not 1 and 2, as the numbers are reserved for sub-headings. Funding? This type of nonsense will crash the economy and there will not be any funding for anything.

  17. In accordance with her near-universal ignorance,Ocasio apparently is also ignorant that the original New Deal was an abject failure. Throwing in a boatload of claims that installing solar panels and windmills will somehow provide everyone with jobs and health care and remove racial inequalities is nothing more than a demonstaration of just how ignorant this Hispanic fool really is. She has already demonstrated that she doesn’t even understand this country’s basic govt structure. Why in the world anyone would believe that spending untold billions to replace a system that is already paid for will somehow magically enrichen this country defies any logic. We can assume with near certainty that this pea brain has no knowledge of the obvious future energy technology of molten salt nuclear power. The rest of the world that has govt driven by logic certainly do. Why she believes that there is an advanced renewable technology that the U.S. can somehow master and export is another issue that makes her seem like nothing more than a purveyor of rather silly political propaganda. China and other nations are the only ones making money building windmills and solar panels. Even massive Obama subsides could not prevent U.S solar panel companies from going bankrupt. Those labor unions which she stupidly believes will train workers will, for the most part, guarantee that the U.S. will not be able to compete. Ocasio is the most igorant Congressman
    of our age. It is up to the GOP to show this to be true and let the public know about what future low carbon energy systems will consist of.

    • problem is your media wil fawn over her and nOT ask her anything hard or substantive that she cant answer
      she needs to be seen to be the fool she is…and msm wont go there cos of the female /minorty/rayciss memes..pick any or all of em

      • problem is your media wil fawn over her and nOT ask her anything hard or substantive that she cant answer

        well, that will extremely limit what they can ask. As she can’t even answer the softball questions coherently. 3 chambers of congress? really?

  18. The latest bs from the left is their taking the butt hurt of their 2016 loss and increasing the whining by an order of magnitude.
    Reality check:
    Obama and the dims lost both Houses by large margins and Obama was told to ignore the outcome and double down.
    The psycho-extremists taking over the democrat party are going to make their losses in 2012 look like kud stuff.
    Reality is hitting France right now, and the dims are going to ignore this true Grass Roots uprising at their peril.

  19. This from a person who can’t even name the 3 branches of US government and whose demonstrable skills are bar tending and being eye candy.

    • During the Biden-Palin debate, ol’ Joe said that the first article of the Constitution refers to the Presidency. I thought, “Wow, after umpteen years in the Senate, Biden doesn’t know that the first article of the Constitution describes the Congress? I guess Palin can earn brownie points on that mistake.” Unfortunately, she didn’t know the Constitution well enough to take advantage.

      Knowing the Constitution isn’t a requirement for running for high office, or being in the Senate–obviously.


    • As dictator Lord Vetinari was wont to say, “I believe in democracy; one man, one vote. I’m the man, and it’s my vote!”

      Cortez obviously plans on being the dictator.

  20. I too admire this lunatic’s upfront statement of what she wants to do. However, she is being coy about one thing – putting a ballpark figure on the cost. It will be staggering.

  21. Maybe it is a blueprint for a “Climate Change Command Economy”, but, if implemented, they would then find they no longer had an economy left to command. It’s the stuff of comics. Complete fantasy.

    • Ocasio is a front for a sophisticated group whose goal is gaining power by devouring the Democratic party from the inside, and installing a marxist regime. They arent interested in democracy, justice, individual freedom, or obeying the law or the US constitution. I would not underestimate them.

      • Absolutely Fernando,
        I don’t believe for one moment that Ocasio wrote that document.

        Based on this section referenced, the “sheep’s clothing” is climate change and the “wolf” is far left authoritarian socialism.

        I’ve come to suspect that the main focus today of the intellectual Progressives is not to put forward serious proposals but rather their agenda is a form of nihilism designed to crash the system (Clowen and Piven strategy), counting on the useful idiots like Cortez to march in front carrying their flag.
        Saul Alinsky also warned against bomb throwing; he advised revolutionaries to bring the system down with the system’s own rules and values. Once the current system is in chaos, the theory is that the population would welcome an authoritarian regime.

        Other current examples include overloading the immigration system, and in the last election, making a mockery of what were sane and rational early voting and provisional ballot systems.

        • You are right … she didn’t have anything to do with compiling the wish list.

          It is a little scary that most people don’t see the possibility that she is but a cog; they just critique her as an air head.

          (Once the current system is in chaos, the the population may welcome back a previous leader as an authoritarian regime.)

  22. Mr Worrall: I have been researching Alexandria Ocasio and I’ve concluded she lacks the education and drive to write the material presented in her webpages. She seems to have been picked by others to be the front for a marxist network which functions with several layers, like an onion.

    This outfit is very professional, works social media with bots, and combines a command structure with ad-hoc add ons (meaning there are people backing and helping her who aren’t aware there’s an underlying marxist organization).

    My interest in Ocasio originated when I was studying the German communist party “Die Linke”, and it’s subsidiary institute, “Rosa Luxemburg”, to see how they cooperated with Spain’s rebranded communists (Podemos), which in turn are closely tied to the Maduro regime, and of course the Castro dictatorship. Rosa Luxemburg has an office in New York, and they have met with the “Democratic Socialists of America” (DSA) to craft joint strategies.

    As you probably know the DSA includes people from the Bernie Sanders campaign, and Ocasio has declared she is a DSA member. I suspect the proposals she’s making are written by DSA, possibly with mentoring or input from the Rosa Luxemburg New York office, or even from the Die Linke leadership in Berlin.

    Anybody who’s interested in this subject should read both the webpages and literature published by Die Linke, Rosa Luxemburg, and the DSA. A thorough search will take you to the principals in these organizations, some of which appear to be Stasi agents or informants (Stasi was East Germany’s KGB, they went into Cuba in the early 60’s to train Castro’s DSE in modern torture methods). You will also see Ocasio is linked to a group called “Justice Democrats” and other groups, some of which appear to be picking up young volunteers who are unaware they are being used by a sophisticated organization whose ultimate goal isn’t publicized.

    • “She seems to have been picked by others to be the front for a marxist network which functions with several layers, like an onion.”

      Yes, just like O’bummer….

    • Thanks for that. Interesting indeed. I think it is time for everyone to reread The Gulag Archipelago too.

    • Sorry Fernando; I didn’t read this 2nd post before posting my own @ 10:04.
      Great minds….and all that.

    • The green movement frequently includes recycled apparatchiks from nasty defunct regimes. The last leader of the Soviet Union got into green politics in a big way.

      I often wonder if the influx of ex Soviets into the green movement is why we are having so many problems today. Those guys were (and in some cases are) master manipulators, they learned their skill in a place where the penalty for failure was considerably worse than simply receiving a pink slip.

  23. Usual loony left fantasy:

    If you are stupid enough to believe that man made CO2 is causing CAGW and that nuclear power is unworkable, then the first part could be seen as an unfortunate necessity; however, nobody could be stupid enough to think it will make everybody rich.

    • As I read Richard Lindzen quote recently,
      “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.”
      ― George Orwell

    • Nobody SHOULD be stupid enough to buy in to this nonsense, but far too many do, not because they are necessarily stupid, just gullible.

      I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, misleading the public about partisan issues is a consequence of the MSM choosing sides of the politics. Unfortunately, science was excised from climate science with the formation of the IPCC and replaced with conformance to a far left political narrative.

      The danger comes from the mindset of those on the left who resolve conflict between logic and emotion by ignoring the logic. While the right is often accused of ignoring emotional arguments, science is the practice of logic which must not be biased by emotion.

  24. Those are crazy eyes. Seriously dangerous to your wealth. I wouldn’t want my wallet to meet her in a dark alley.

  25. A first reaction is that stupidicy has reached new levels, with the low-IQ junior college dropouts arising to high levels in government. But a more sober reading tells me that this is inevitable.

    Liberals largely control education from K-12, through college and university, and conservatives aren’t even really fighting all that hard on that front. It’s really the only battlefront that matters, because whoever controls education controls the future of the country.

  26. You don’t have to worry where the money is coming from or if the banks, insurance companies, finance outfits will give it to you.

    All you have to do is print what you want, and you could easily create several quadrillions, or even a quintillion of dollars if you need to. Then the money the banks, etc, have will be worthless and you can do what you wish with the ‘economy’.

    Standard procedure as followed by Germany (Weimar Gov’t), Hungary, France and Italy (several times) and at a rather lesser rate by the USA, UK, Australia, and pretty well every other country.

  27. At what point does this become a First Amendment Issue?
    [i]Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion[/i]

    This is a religion, and they are establishing it as a national religion.

  28. I am going to disparage this women…she is dumb. I have listened to unedited clips of her speaking. Yikes.

    She did not write this on her website.

  29. ….. to achieve the following goals, in each case in no longer than 10 years from the start of execution of the Plan:

    1. 100% of national power generation from renewable sources;
    2. building a national, energy-efficient, “smart” grid;
    3. upgrading every residential and industrial building for state-of-the-art energy efficiency, comfort and safety;
    4. decarbonizing the manufacturing, agricultural and other industries;
    5. decarbonizing, repairing and improving transportation and other infrastructure;
    6, funding massive investment in the drawdown and capture of greenhouse gases;

    HA, it would take the US Treasury longer than 30 years to print enough money to fund those “blue sky” dreams, but the lefty liberal socialist daydreaming “troughfeeders” will avidly support anyone who promises him/her everything they want.

      • I think that means that we will only be allowed to drink sugar free water.
        Once she puts this plan into effect, the ensuing mass extinction of the human race will allow for the implementation of all the other crazy plans she has in store for us. Of course no one will be left to enjoy her utopia.

      • Agriculture will go back to what was used before petroleum burning tractors.
        Sure, you also use horses. But horses need a lot of food and care.

    • She believes that the entire power grid can be rebuilt in just 10 years?
      Rebuild most of the buildings in this country to include state-of-the-art anything in just 10 years?

      Just how many unicorns will all this require?

      By the way, wouldn’t rebuilding everything to state of the art require that state of the art be frozen.
      After all, by the time you get the last house rebuilt, the first house you worked on would already be 10 years out of date.

  30. Well, bless her heart!!! She Has Arrived!!! No, She is Not The One who will save us from whatever imaginary doom awaits around the corner.

    Ocasio-Cortez is, first and foremost, a juggernaut engaging in a roller coaster ride to have Her Way and lord it over everyone . I’ll be she has just LOADS of plans and thinks she can do whatever she wants to because CONGRESS CRITTER!

    You guys are all missing the point. Go back and read the headline of that story:
    “Divides harden in clash over global warming committee”

    Then reread the first two paragraphs of the story. While you’re all going off half-cocked in agony over this, she’s running herself right off the rails. She’s going to seize the American economy? And how, pray tell, would she do that?

    This hyperactive junior Congress Critter has already begun to run roughshod over the very people – senior Congress Critters – who might assist her rise to fame. If you think they’ll take that lightly, you’re not paying attention. You’re also forgetting that if there are cracks in a political party, it is weakening. This helium-buoyant Bronx bird is doing exactly that. Let us hope that her arc when she flies off the rails is long and the impact painful. She’s already halfway there.

    Finally, there is someone who can and is creating a split on the Democrats’ side of the fence! I wondered when it would happen. I hoped it would happen. And it is happening right before my very eyes. Let us hope that this wedge moves further in and creates a schism that will take decades – nay, maybe a century and a half – to repair.

    The quarreling and egocentric fights should be awesome.

    • You’re of course correct, Sara. I suspect she’s genuinely mentally ill, delusions of grandeur, disproportionately high on life, overactive, intense, radical, unbalanced, all classic symptoms of club fruitcake. It’s likely to involve anger, tears and gnashing of teeth. The media will milk it for all the ad-space air-time they can sell. Capitalism at its finest. 😉

      • I suspect she’s genuinely mentally ill, delusions of grandeur, disproportionately high on life, overactive, intense, radical, unbalanced, all classic symptoms of club fruitcake.

        You got the “mentally ill” part wrong. 😊 😊

        The literal fact is that she is “product” (graduate) of our present day public school curriculum.

    • Yes, you are correct. The Romper Room is in for some tough times and it will probably take a while before the kids stop throwing their toys.

    • Well, who would of thought that an almost equally radical leftist by the name of Obama could have been elected president? True BO and his handlers were more deceptive and cunning.

  31. I weep for the United States. Here in the United Kingdom we have had to put up with this degenerate command and control ideology for 100 years. Until recently it was a breath of fresh air to travel to the US where individualism thrived and almost everyone in society accepted that there was no freedom without economic freedom. Over the years in Europe, various left wingers, euro-communists and greens have been elected in considerable numbers and helped turn the continent into a pacifist, low growth, welfare-addled basket-case.

    European Army, anyone – hahaha. A de-industrialised green Europe defending porous borders with electric tanks (only when the wind blows of course), unable to define an outside “enemy” and marching in step to a selection of John Lennon songs.

    Most Americans might be laughing at the antics of activists like Ocasio-Cortez. But the experience in Europe is that they often end up in Government. Here in the UK the seeming inability to leave the European Union trade protection cartel could have an unintended consequence of allowing our Marxist Prime Minister- in-waiting Jeremy Corbyn to seize control. To a committed communist like Corbyn, green politics offers a useful way to seize the commanding heights of the economy.

    He is currently three points ahead of the Conservative Government in the latest opinion polls.

    • Another leftist who feels free to insult anyone who disagrees with her, but cries whenever someone dares to mock her.

    • No-one voted for her, they voted for the D after her name. That stupidity is the source of America’s problems.

      • she won the prelim … beat the other D.

        A good portion of New York likes her … D or no D.

        There are different levels of stupid.

  32. Beware of simple ideas and simple solutions. History is full of visionaries who used simple utopian visions to justify terrible actions.

    -from the book “Factfulness”

  33. She won the primary in June with just approx 12,000 votes , because only 16% of registered Dems bothered voting. So in November the Dems had to vote for her, she got 100,000 votes out of just under 250,000 registered Dems voters.
    Now those 12,000 voters are able to promote such ‘policies’ in the House.
    This is how a ‘progressive’ agenda is formed and enacted in power. Its clever and with enough backing can and is being repeated in many locations throughout the world.

  34. What AOC has listed in her Green New Deal is nothing more that the basic tenets of the “Sustainability” movement that has been kicking around college campuses for the last decade. The Eco warriors on campus decided to expand the notion of “sustainability” about 10 years ago to include “social justice” components. In other words, the Eco warriors joined forces with the SJWs.

    As others have asserted, she didin’t write that. She didn’t need to. Just pick out a random college website, do a search for “sustainability” and I guarantee that you will find basically that same proposal as she published.

  35. What really scares me is “…The Plan…” will do all these great and wonderful miraculous things, apparently with no further Voter input? I suppose in her scary mind, that’s a feature, not a bug.

    • Redistribution of other people’s wealth. The leaders never give up their wealth.
      Indeed, they often get quite a bit richer in the process.

      • MarkW
        It is – I am assured – absolutely untrue that Putin the Poisoner is the richest human being (sensu latu) on the planet.


  36. Two things need to happen:
    IQ test for congressmen along with a problem solving test
    Drug testing, randomly, once a month

  37. [the green deal] to virtually eliminate poverty in the United States and to make prosperity, wealth and economic security available to everyone participating in the transformation”

    For those taking part – especially the ones at the top of the tree, like Gore. They shall indeed enjoy wealth and prosperity. You just have to feel sorry for those that won’t take part in the ‘transformation’. And there’s me thinking that socialism was all about equality and everybody being treated as equal.

  38. mitigate deeply entrenched racial, regional and gender-based inequalities in income and wealth (including, without limitation, ensuring that federal and other investment will be equitably distributed to historically impoverished, low income, deindustrialized or other marginalized communities);

    If there was ever a need to prove that Global Warming is nothing but a political tool for the left, one need not go any further than the quote above.

    Just what the heck does race, religion and gender have to do with atmospheric processes?

    God … this nation is toast if the likes of this leech get the power they desire.

  39. One other point I meant to make.

    If someone is proposing the virtual bankrupting of the USA and the impoverishment of its citizens then one would expect that they would have absolute, solid, unimpeachable, dyed in the wool, indisputable proof that the reason for it (CO2) is well made and accepted. Even science – or the effects of it – should be accountable to the people in a democratic world.

  40. This would be great timing ahead of the next election to show as much anarchy as possible. Bravo!

    Overconfidence and over the top is great for push back when it counts.

  41. I love the photo of Cortez in the head post. She looks like a kid looking through the shop window of a candy store waiting for someone to give her money so she can buy some.

  42. Perhaps now you can start to understand why I keep saying it is useless to argue the facts with these types of people. It is all about emotions with them. Sales 101. To win a way must be found to hit them in their emotional weak spot. Suggestions?

    • Whose supplying the money? That’s one way of cutting communists off. Comparing communists to thunderstorms: Communists are big and scary, can do a lot of damage. Eventually they run out of Other Peoples Money and then die. Thunderstorms are big and scary, can do a lot of damage. Eventually they run out of water vapor and then die.

  43. Putin and Xi are going to need new 5-year plans just for their next phase of expansionism to take advantage of Obama Part 2 weakness. Their country neighbors should be worried about now. That means you Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Ukraine, Baltics, and former Soviet states.

  44. It’s the Ex-Bartender Plan for your wallet. I suggest bonds in a collapsing world of smiling delusion.

  45. and such other vehicles or structures that the select committee deems appropriate

    In other words you have to give us power in order to know what we plan to do with that power.

  46. When they’ve been allowed to vote, the people from Mexico down to Argentina in the past century have always voted either Socialist or Marxist. It’s no surprise that someone from that cultural heritage would think this way.

  47. Ever read a translation of one of the Soviet 5-year Plans? If you read the above, you now have.

    Not only are most of the steps simply physically and socially impossible, any such attempt would require giving up our democratic government and substituting a tyrannical single federal power.

    This woman must be channeling the believed-defunct COMINTERN.

  48. She is amazingly clueless. Where does she estimate the costs and meabs to pay for thaf?

    I like how health care and basic income are included in there as well. So “greeen.”

  49. For someone with an economics degree, she is amazingly ignorant. Command economies don’t work. They never have…except for those in power. I think her idea is that she and her cronies will work to impoverish most Americans and then she’ll still be able to live in the style to which she is accustomed.

    Of course, knowing just how crazy folks like Occasional-Cortex can get, maybe she’ll go beyond impoverishing Americans and move directly to eliminating them. That’ll help “Save the Earth”.

    • For someone with an economics degree, she is amazingly ignorant

      A testament to the poor state of education at certain universities.

      I think her idea is that she and her cronies will work to impoverish most Americans and then she’ll still be able to live in the style to which she is accustomed.

      You give her too much credit. Having listened to her speak, I doubt there is much thinking involved on her part. Her green handlers thought up and wrote that, she’s just the front woman whose job it is to sell the ideas that others have provided for her.

  50. Well, the plan proves that renewables are not about reducing CO2 but are for “social, economic, racial, regional and gender-based justice and equality”. Nothing wrong with those but they can’t be achieved with government spending or the leftification of education and media. As I think Jordan Peterson said in, you can have equality of opportunity or equality of outcome, you can’t have both. The best part of “the plan” is about how returns on public investments will produce more public investments and reduce tax burdens; the best fairy tale ever.

    • Just a couple of days ago several of our trolls were declaring that any attempt to connect the climate control movement with socialist politics was just conspiracy thinking.

  51. Be sure and wipe out the sane Dems first before the next election and policy push against the public.

  52. You don’t need to be smart. You don’t need to make sense. You just need to look good on TV and have people like you.

    We need to sharpen and simplify our arguments, and quick, or “She Guevara” is going to garner a lot of support.

  53. “a historic opportunity to virtually eliminate poverty”

    Over the last 80 years, 10’s of trillions of dollars (inflation adjusted) have been spent trying to eliminate poverty.
    If you listen to these nimrods, you would get the impression that they are the first people to ever want to use government to eliminate poverty.

    • adverb:
      1. nearly; almost.
      2. by means of virtual reality techniques.

      They must be hanging their hats on defn #2.

      (with respect to poverty, governments grade on a curve, so it is impossible to get rid of poverty except through make believe; or by changing the definition of poverty)

      • The official definition of poverty is a fixed percentage of the median income.
        So no matter how wealthy the poor get, the number of “poor” never drops by much.

        The leftists then use this fact to claim that we aren’t doing enough to eliminate poverty.

  54. She says so many idiotic things her handlers had to ban the Press from her Town Hall meetings.

    She claimed in an interview (before the ban) that the reason the unemployment rate is down is because people are working two jobs.

  55. I find it odd that all these command and control plans are coming from the same 29 year old who could not figure out how to rent an apartment in DC.

  56. 1. 100% of national power generation from renewable sources;
    2. building a national, energy-efficient, “smart” grid;

    That’s it! As you were South Australians, switch off now.

  57. A society’s wealth is based on what it produces.

    Under this ‘Green New Deal’ the U.S. will produce nothing.

    A recipe for mass poverty!

  58. Well, looks like the Dems will be just as dysfunctional (or more so) than the Republicans were. It’s probably a good thing as they seem to be wasting no time starting discussions about how to F-up the economy.

  59. Democrats seriously considering whether to take Federal control of the economy because Climate Change©… bringing Soviet-style Central Planning stagnant economy to empty store shelves everywhere.

    This – THIS – is why we should not elect crazy to Congress.

    • “THIS – is why we should not elect crazy to Congress.” WE know that, but other’s haven’t gotten that memo yet. I’d suggest the Republicans lay low and keep their trap shut about this. Let the Dems run wild with it for a few months, or until the plan solidifies around the most extreme ideas. THEN start hammering on the clowns that support it.

      • The problem with that idea is what if they manage to bamboozle enough of the populace into supporting their nonsense while the Republicans are sitting back with their traps shut?

        • Do you think Republicans shouting “it won’t work” before any details of the plan are in place yet would sway anyone that could be bamboozled? Pointing out the bad stuff right away just allows them to craft a better narrative, it happens every time.

  60. Andrew, why give this woman any serious consideration whatsoever. She is a moron. I don’t mean that in a derogatory or ad hominem manner. I am serious. she does not deserve to be discussed.

    • Unfortunately she’s moron who was elected to the House of Representatives as a member of the majority party in that chamber. And for some reason that escapes me, she is seen as an up and coming power player in that party. As such, she (and the idiotic things she says and believes) will be a subject of discussion for as long as that remains the case.

  61. Living in the Great Lakes region of the US we see many (way to many) run down, abandoned, and delapidated houses, farms and towns that resulted from various economic and enviromental events and poiicies.  A lot of folk live in substandard houses and apartments.

    I see these being torn down (eliminated) because there is no way to revive them for energy efficiency-they won’t pass the audit that will be a requirement to qualify for the New Deal. Even 100+ yr old houses that could be renovated will disappear as the left lacks a respect for history. A new mobile home would barely pass muster and there are tens of thousands I would not step foot in. The owners are too poor, or too stupid, druggies, hillbillies and some or all of the above.

    Fortunately the area has a thriving prefab home (and RV) industry providing precisely the skill level they (Progs) seek. So, while my 127 yr old 4500 sq ft Victorian is in great shape, it isn’t efficient enough and would have to be replaced by a 1200 sq ft double wide.

    These clowns need to take a road trip thru middle America and witness the immense quantity of goods traveling by truck on or highways.  How can that be replaced by green plans?  I’d like to hear a legitimate answer to that one.

    • They don’t do middle America, that’s flyover country (as in they fly over it. Yep, greenies do love their air travel, the hypocrites)

  62. How idiotic is the title “Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming” when the pinwheels and solar panel-toys aren’t even made in the US?

    • Great point. Solar panels and wind turbines need to come from the U.S. as well as all of the control systems and ancillary equipment.

      • Hey, that’s a thought… in committee mark-up, propose the amendment that all of this “New Green Deal” can come only from made-in-America products. The D’s will jump on that cuz it sounds good and they can’t be bothered to do research ever, so then if the thing gets passed all the silly renewable projects come to a screeching halt cuz none of those products are made-in-America. Problem solved.

  63. Ms. Ocasio is one of 435 members of the House. The right is trying to make her a scary symbol of some leftist dream. Please, she is a young representative who has to find her way around the Capitol. If she doesn’t represent her district well she will have to find another job in two years. Because she is young and won by surprise the media has focused on her. Don’t bye into the hype. Her constituents are lower middle class Bronx people who want to have a decent life and raise their kids well. They don’t give a damn about socialism or climate change for that matter.

    • If you believe the “truth” will come back and bite these left wing political demagogues who actually accomplish nothing in Congress; how do you explain Mad Maxine (the name her colleagues gave her), Clyburn (who wants a congressional investigation into why the administration wants to include citizenship again on the census) or “Guam is going to tip over” Hank Johnson?

      • Indeed. It’s very difficult to vote incumbents out. No matter how stupid, how ineffective or how bad they are. Chappaquidick didn’t end Ted Kennedy’s career after all. Bob Menendez managed to get re-elected despite having been indicted on federal corruption changes. Now that Occasional-Cortex has gotten into office, don’t assume it will only be for two-years no matter how abysmal she performs in the job. She’s safe in a deep blue district, she’s not likely to be voted out of office anytime soon, like it or not.

  64. What a gift Ocasio-Cortez is for Trump and the Republicans. But Trump especially has to get out in front of this and make the 2020 election a choice between all these absurd ideas she is promoting and the economic policies that Trump has ushered in the last 2 years. And very important I think, is to crush the ideas she is promoting, not her personally with ad hominem attacks. The ideas themselves are eligible for ad hominem.

    I doubt many people are going to vote for her platform of carbon taxes and Gov’t control of the economy. It is a good thing she is so naive about how she expresses all this. I bet Bernie Sanders is even blushing, she is so absurd. Yes, they will win the inner city vote, but will lose the Electoral College again. The Republicans should be thrilled with having so much material to work with.

    • A gift? I think not. I’m sure you’ve read her proposal:

      “a job guarantee program…a living wage job to every person…basic income programs, universal health care programs…low-income communities, communities of color, indigenous communities, rural and urban communities…deeply involve national and local labor unions…in the process of job training and worker deployment.”

      Those massive give-aways benefit a very large portion of people. I’m betting both legal and not. We all know what happens when you can vote yourself free stuff. 🙁

      • Most certainly a gift. A real stupid one. Probably the best thing that could have happened for the Republicans. Which is why she will get no real traction with all this except for places like the Queens and the Bronx were she was elected. She will be a lite/medium weight in the Democratic Party because of her popularity of being the youngest woman to ever win a seat in the House but I doubt the senior rank and file are going to let a rookie hijack their agenda. And if she ever manages to wrestle long term control of the Dems someday, it probably means more votes for Republicans.

        I think she brings more negativity in general as a radical socialist. The richer Democrats on either coast don’t reflect her politics. No experience, a political neophyte and an ideologue that represents the kind of radical socialism of Noam Chomsky. Most Democrats aren’t comfortable with that approach, although Bernie Sanders tapped into that but only because so many Dems hated Hillary. And most Americans hate the word socialism anyway, unless they are of the poor political class wanting the freebies.

        She will only get the inner city ethnic vote to support that kind of dumbed down Marxist socialism that would sell there. And the inner city doesn’t vote in high numbers. She got elected in that kind of neighbourhood, but that isn’t reflective of the entire country. How many people are going to vote for that across the nation? If the Republicans run on a fiscal platform of real economic growth, vs. a carbon tax and ludicrous marxist schemes, Trump and the Republicans will win an even higher share of the Electoral College. IMHO.

  65. “7. making “green” technology, industry, expertise, products and services a major export of the United States, with the aim of becoming the undisputed international leader in helping other countries transition to completely carbon neutral economies and bringing about a global Green New Deal.”

    And how exactly does Ms. Ocasio-Cortez plan on having the U.S. compete with China on the labor and manufacturing costs of so-called ‘green’ energy like solar panels? From what I’ve found out in past research, the vast majority of solar panels here in the U.S. are made overseas, especially in China. In addition, does she have any idea how many solar panels would be required to meaningfully displace a significant amount of fossil fuels?

    The eco-radicalism coupled with the scientific and engineering illiteracy that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is displaying with her grand “Green New Deal” is (sadly) highly reflective of the voter base that put her in the U.S.
    Congress. Without even thinking about how she plans on getting her “Green New Deal” past President Trump, one can only hope that there are not enough Democrats in the new Congress in January to support this potential disaster in the making.

    • Fortunately, even if her (handlers) grand “Green New Deal” finds sufficient backing in the house, it’ll never make it to the Senate floor. And even if by some miracle it managed to both get on the floor and pass the Senate, Trump will veto it in a heartbeat and it will never get the votes needed to override his veto. It’s DOA as long a the Dems don’t control the Senate and the Presidency. The 2020 election is extremely important.

  66. Ocasio-Cortez,
    Is this girl dumb, crazy, or just plain stupid? (Forest Gump?)
    Has she even looked at the actual data?
    Someone should make her look at actual climate data…!!!
    Just sayin…

    • Is this girl dumb, crazy, or just plain stupid?

      all of the above.

      Someone should make her look at actual climate data…!!!

      Even if you could make her look at the data, you can make her comprehend it.

  67. Perhaps she could led by example ie horse and buggy to get to WAshington. Clothing made only from flax, wool Cotten, linen none of those nice easy wear fabrics. Certainly no cars etc much to non-green !.

  68. From Ben Shapiro’s excellent article over at the Daily Wire, he notes one of the first things AOC did upon her arrival in D.C. was send out a tweet starting with this sentence:

    If you’re a strong progressive leader in your community and committed to getting money out of politics, I want you to join me in Congress.“

    Yep. I knew that’s why she ran for office. “…getting money…”

  69. There are two things keeping any of these “ideas?” from happening:

    (1) The U.S. Senate
    (2) President Trump

    Which makes the 2020 election very important.

  70. Recently I’ve seen a few documentaries about Jonestown–probably because its fortieth anniversary was 18 November. In one of those documentaries there was a clip of Jim Jones advocating that socialism is the only viable and fair form of government. He was proud to be a socialist. We all know how well that worked out. I’ve got to believer that Ocasio-Cortez had an ancestor at Jonestown. It’s just too bad that her ancestor passed on his/her genes before drinking the Flavor-Aid.

  71. I knew there must a reason of that sort as to why the BBC were so enthusiastic about Ocasio-Cortez being elected. Every time there’s an election in another country they run airbrushed reportage of the most left-wing candidates they can find, then describe them as though they represent a significant and credible body of mainstream opinion.

    They let John McDonnell – the would-be Chancellor / finance minister and the “brains” of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party – trot (pun intended) out policies like a 3% annual tax on 55% of the value of all private property, without even challenging him on its consequences. They didn’t even report his article for an influential left-wing magazine where he called for the collectivisation of land. That’s always worked a treat every time that’s been carried out. I guess everyone can have their own 400ft-high subsidy machine wind turbine and we can all sing Kumbaya to the background hum.

    This is the same guy, our transatlantic cousins may recall from a few years back, who, in his most important Parliament speech of each year, the Opposition response to the Budget, pulled out his well-worn copy of Mao’s Little Red Book for a few quotes. Unlike Corbyn, he has the wherewithal to put his policies into action, if not into useful effect.

    While we’ve been commemorating one particular sequence of events from a century, it seems that on both sides of the pond there are Marxists – for this is what McDonnell declares himself to be – who have other events from the period that are at the front of their messed-up minds.

  72. decarbonizing the manufacturing, agricultural and other industries;

    What!? No more Iron and Steel, no more plastic, no more rubber? Well, she should follow her own advice and decarbon her life. That will eliminate her cell phone, computer, iPad (if she has one), every mode of transportation except her feet. It also will, incidentally, starve her to death because there will be no food on the shelves of the grocery stores, and then we won’t have to listen to her stupidly. But unfortunately that wouldn’t happen, she is now part of the ‘elite’ and only us ‘deplorables’ will die.

  73. “… and any others as the select committee may deem appropriate …”

    Setup your own government while you’re at it

  74. I sure hope that someone has already mentioned that she thinks the three branches of Government in the US are The Presidency, The Senate and The House of Representatives.
    (I wonder if she knows what “branch” to which she was elected?)

    PS I thought the name of the movie was “Sleepless in Seattle”, not “Clueless from New York.

    • One thing I’ve noticed about people her age is that they use words very loosely. Us older folks have difficulty realizing what they mean.
      I do not think she was referring to the three “branches” of the US federal government. She referred to the three “chambers”. In the context of elections, she seems to mean the three bodies of elected people: the House, the Senate and the President & VP. (Calling the presidency a “chamber” is particularly lame.)
      I still have no idea what her point was, though.
      “If we work our butts off to make sure that we take back all three chambers of Congress — uh, rather, all three chambers of government: the presidency, the Senate, and the House in 2020, we can’t start working in 2020,”
      What does she mean by “if …we take back …the presidency, the Senate, and the House in 2020, we can’t start working in 2020”?

      Since she has such a poor command of English, I do not think she could have authored the Green New Deal Plan.


      • No it is not “that they use words very loosely”. She and her ilk are just plain stupid and have an immense lack of knowledge. The Dunning-Kruger effect is rampant amongst these people.

        • indeed. Everytime she speaks, her ignorance shows. She doesn’t know the first thing about most of the subjects she attempts to discuss and it’s blatantly obvious to anyone that does know the slightest bit about the subject.

        • Indeed, notice my line:
          “I still have no idea what her point was, though”

          I was not saying she makes sense once you decipher her incorrect use of words. I am saying that poor usage is an additional layer of confusion.


          • What happens if any law she authors is actually passed?
            “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”?

      • One thing I’ve noticed about people her age is that they use words very loosely

        loosely is an understatement. Never mind the definition of individual words, she has trouble making coherent sentences.

          • Yeah. Except for the numerous Uhms, and Ahhs, he could at least string together half-way coherent sentences without his teleprompter. And when he got caught out on mistakes (like the 57 states) I don’t recall him doubling and tripling down like AOC does (now apparently Joe Liberman was a GOP VP candidate)

  75. Regarding the jobs for everyone, in 1988 my wife and I visited the old USSR,, Moscow. W e saw how this jobs for everyone actually worked. In the “Westerners only”shops one would queue up to get the goods, then one would again queue to pay for them, then queue yet again to puck up the goods. Lots of jobs for everyone of course, but to us Westerners a terrible way to go shopping.


  76. What about decarbonizing the Congress? I am sure OC will love the idea. No lights, no cars, no air conditioning, no refrigerators, no heat, etc…. Or what about the 230+ carbon dioxide emitting point sources in the third branch (her term, not mine)? Can we vote on eliminating those sources of carbon dioxide

  77. Octavio -Cortez’s bold, new climate plan will be presented under the name of Democrat Initiatives Toward ClimateZ, or DITZ for short. Octavio has been expected to present herself, if not as the sole intellectual behind the DITZ plan, at least as one of the originators of the DITZ. She has been heard to say that if someone associates her name with DITZ she’ll wear that label proudly.

  78. She isn’t President already?? Someone should tell her. She seems to think she is Presidente OC.
    She has no power to do anything, but make headlines, based on her clueless proclamations.
    She doesn’t even understand the separation of powers and limited government.

    People with that level of IQ are always promoting free stuff, because their options to earn are limited by their lack of understanding of the reality of supply and demand. Supply of people more capable of productive work, than she is, and demand for people that can produce valuable work, that employers and customers are willing to pay for. She is a representative of people that like her rhetoric. But that is all they will get. Her policies are based on an endless supply of people that are willing to see the benefits of their efforts go to others. She is selling a defective product.

  79. Well, we struggled for 8 long years being led by the nose by a Hawaiian street hustler, so why shouldn’t we follow a bar maid around for awhile?

  80. Well on the bright side this will solve our illegal immigration problem. Not so many people trying to get into Venezuela.

  81. Thank God we have a Senate that is unlikely to pass such idiocy and a president who will relentlessly veto anything that gets past the wishy-washy senate.

  82. She is a 27yo bartender, elected by a few thousand voters who bothered to show up in NY14 elections. Vapid as they come and trying to dictate policies on complex issues for decades to come? Her interviews have shown that she is absolutely clueless about pretty much everything she attempts to talk about, in one of them she did not even know the structure of US government she is proposing to revamp…in another interview, she attempted to talk about the Israeli-Palestinian issues (has a uni degree in International Relations) and quickly backpedalled out of it claiming “I am not an expert on geopolitics” when asked by the host to elaborate on her positions. Only good at spewing pre-packaged ideological mantras the Left holds so sacred…Senior Dems will neutralize this mouthy know-it-all before long…

    • Forgot to add her best idea to date – free healthcare for all – experts confronted her with calculated price tag of 40 trillion dollars over 10 years, she was unable to explain where the money would come from. I am certain she would not care…

      Media gives her headlines but she has no power at all and it is unlikely she ever will…but being a congresswoman with the good pay and benefits surely beats going back to bartending…

  83. On global warming, the Democrats have come down on the side of pseudoscience. The Republicans should make the Democrats pay for their mistake but seem to lack the wit for doing so.

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