For Halloween – “The Climate Mash’

For years, climate crusaders have trying to scare humanity, and the scare tactics have mostly fallen flat. Few listen anymore because doom and gloom just doesn’t sell, unless you are selling Halloween costumes. This video is from 2005, after Hurricane Katrina hit. The description says:

“Bobby Boris Pickett takes a political stance against global warming, and sticks it to the Bush administration.”

For your amusement, I present the “Climate Mash” as parody, from the original “Monster Mash”


Here is the original, From American Bandstand. October 13, 1964. Bobby “Boris” Pickett.

13 thoughts on “For Halloween – “The Climate Mash’

  1. It could easily be done as one to ridicule Antifa-it is on the list for Antifa-the Musical. The Racist Bash. We have George Soros cash. This is why I like commuting by train-it is prime creativity time for such songs. Luckily, Monster Mash suits my voice
    This particular one is quite limp, especially as it is supposedly creative people that are in Hollywood/the arts/ leftist liberal causes.

  2. Do not relax your vigilance. In a recent social conversation, I raised several points regarding the upcoming carbon price to be assigned here in Canada. I asked my 3 friends: I the atmosphere was a deck of cards, bow many would represent the amount of GHG present? The answers were 4, 2 and 3. When I told them it was the torn corner of one card, torn in 2, twice, they were flabbergasted. When I gold them that the human-generated part was only 4% of that, they agreed that we are always being lied to, by the government. Complacency should be a vrime against humanity…

  3. It’s been years since I’ve been subjected to the monster mash.

    I had kinda been hoping no one would ever remember it and resurrect it.


  4. The Monster Mash was great. The only thing that scares me is, I remember the lyrics. They don’t make ‘em like that anymore.

    • Agreed.

      When I saw “Halloween” and “climate mash”, I was reminded of the album “The original Monster Mash”.

      I used to play the album a lot. Mostly to irritate my older sister who was into Beetlemania at the time.

  5. To be fair, as a piece of propaganda, they did a fairly good job. It always was one of the great tunes, IMO, with many very good covers.

    But most of the global-warming propaganda is a lot worse: the screeching and caterwauling is what most people will see and hear. The whole global warming ensemble usually sounds less like the Vienna Philharmonic and more like the farmyard. That is why they devour their own and victimize people like Bjørn Lomborg and Roger Pielke Jr.

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