Another #fakenews video @CNN Anderson Cooper hypes Hurricane flooding – meanwhile firefighters spoof TV news

Yesterday we reported on the hilarious antics of Mike Seidel of The Weather Channel in his performance trying to stand up in wind while others strolled casually by in the background. That video has gone viral. Here’s another example of how media tries to make the storm look worse than it actually was.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper was reporting live on the scene on a flooded road. And for effect, he stands in a ditch at the side of the road, about 3 feet lower.

Fortunately, somebody else was there to capture the CNN #fakenews event.

Yes the flooding was bad, but there’s no reason for antics like this. It just makes CNN looks even more untrustworthy than it already is.

No wonder trust in the news media is dropping.

(Update: It’s been said in comments this is from Hurricane Katrina in 2005 or Ike in 2008, rather than Florence in 2018. No matter what year it was taken, the point is the same – [Anderson] Cooper made the event look worse than it is by standing in the ditch [where] the water is deeper only due to the ditch. Headline updated to remove Florence reference.)

Meanwhile, some firefighters had some fun spoofing “live on the scene reports”:

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  1. The vanity of TV (w)anchors never ceases to entertain. When out in the field or the slums they are often a bit too eager to try and prove that they are roughing it and getting their hands dirty. I suspect that for many of them this stems from a deep sense of insecurity because they are afraid that a senior executive might suddenly realize that they are paying a lot of money for somebody who’s main skill is just reading an autocue.

    • I was listening to some kids kibitz in line at the local Starbucks. It was much better than most of the stand-up comedy in the downtown clubs. Those kids had amazing control of their voices. They looked intelligent and the right age, so I asked them if they were students. They were in the Radio, TV Broadcast program at the local community college. The skills they had learned went way beyond just parroting off a prompter.

    • I’m ashamed to admit, well not really, that I did laugh when I saw him referred to as Anderson Poopchute recently. Well, he does talk out of it.

  2. This is one of the reasons I cut the cord. Now I wake up every morning happy that I don’t send one penny to CNN, MSNBC, ESPN

  3. The left lives by the lie in every way possible. Many times it is not what they say but what they don’t say. Like, by the way, I’m standing in a ditch.

    • This site published a still shot from a show, making it look like that. In the show he said 2 steps more he’d be in deeper, and showed 2 steps forward was not as deep. So much for the left and lies.

      • Karen, Why do you folk have to always defend the fakery by citing what you think is someone elses fakery. I guess you at least acknowledge it was a “show”. Here’s the thing. If gentle Anderson Cooper became an axe murderer, could you not express shock, or would you dig up a story of a right wing axe nurderer to make it okay. Trust me, exploiting other’s disasters to create an enhanced disaster 8f it is not okay, even if the guy is left of Mao or right of Ivan the Terrible. Okay?

  4. Like so many others in society who really don’t contribute very much, when you get a chance to “enhance” what little trivial stuff you do (telling people it rains & wind blows during hurricanes being a good example), you fluff it up as much as you can.

    How the cameramen are able to film this crap without falling down laughing is the mystery.

  5. Anderson Cooper should have squatted down in the water so it came up to his neck and then he would have an even more dramatic lie to broadcast.

    I saw an article today saying CNN’s ratings had dropped 43 percent. CNN is going to run itself out of business telling all those lies. It can’t happen too soon, as far as I’m concerned.

    • Tom,

      What could sink CNN would be losing its stranglehold on airport news. It’s also common in other countries, but I don’t know what share of revenues and profits, if any, comes from outside the US.

      • It also supplies “news” to many other “news” channels, such as radio, etc. It’s amazing how a single theme is widespread so quickly on the morning commute each day.

      • John.
        CNN PAYS airports to carry them. They don’t profit from airports, it costs them. I suspect it is useful to them for ratings. Imagine how low they would be if they were not paying airports to carry only their channel?

      • You can download free apps to make a smartphone into a tv remote. CNN does not last long on the TVs at my health club.

      • CNN pays the airports to run their content. It’s called CNN Airport Network. CNN makes back the money they pay the airports in ad revenue.

        We need to start defunding the leftists… Ad Blocker works for YouTube. Use it all you want with Ad Blocker, and YouTube is paying, not getting paid. I haven’t seen an ad on YouTube in years.

        For CNN, it’ll take some other method to get them removed from airports, because everyone but the advertisers (and the flying public) benefit. Perhaps a mass campaign of contacting CNN advertisers, letting them know they’re being boycotted until they drop advertising at the fake-news outlet CNN, and letting them know that their advertising numbers are being falsely inflated by CNN’s essentially buying traffic.

    • The ‘tards are so vocal about disparaging Fox (Faux) News but if they had half a brain between them, they’d realize that CNN is more likely than Fox to be the main contributor to Trump being re-elected in 2020. Doubling down while losing, naaah, not such a great idea.

      • Does Fox news have to lie in order to make it’s reporters relevant?

        This is so typical of liberals. They know that they can’t defend the behavior of those on their team, so they make up attacks on everyone else in order to muddy the water.

    • He looks like he’s wearing chest waders. If he he went up to his neck in them he’d go under completely as they filled with water. From expereince, one shouldnot go much past the waistline wearing them with water, because if wading in them & one stumbles, that’s pretty much it unless one has back ofat least two people to lift one out!

      • Hi Allen. 60yrs ago I used to shoot ducks and geese in the huge Nettly Marsh where the Red River (of the N) delta enters Lake Winnipeg. A north wind ciuld pile water up in the marsh about a metre. There were mishas of that kind. My pals and I wore running shoes for wading into the distributary chanels in the centre where we has the best shooting

    • It would be great if someday The Guardian were to report they received a tip from WaPo that CNN has exposed the BBC’s fake news about climate.

    • Not even CNN has dared to stage a broadcast like the Russian network’s Skripal poisoning team one where the 2 ‘tourists’ admit to being in Salisbury on the day in question to see ‘the world famous 120m (+ I’m British and don’t know how tall it is!) spire’! Probably only one step to go to be at the same level of fakery…

      • Were the Skripals actually poisoned? I’m not saying they weren’t, but if they were, how would we know?

        Should we expect HM Government and the ladies and gentlemen of the press to tell us the unvarnished truth about the incident? Do we consider Boris Johnson’s or Teresa May’s outrage to be genuine or fake? Or should we give the folks peddling the story the benefit of the doubt on the basis that they are representing a consensus of authoritative opinion?

          • You bet I do! And I’ve raised some of them above. Perceptive of you to have noticed.

            My issues with the lack of veracity and the outright duplicity on display in government and mass media narratives are the result of long experience in being caught up in and in seeing through them. For example, I once accepted the consensus, very naively as it turns out, that eating margarine was better for health than butter!

            But please, let’s not make this about me. My comment was about the people who are telling the story. Not about those of us in the audience who are fed up to the teeth with being treated as credulous, gullible and naive by these manipulators of the public mind.


            Why aren’t the mainstream media asking these questions? That is their job. After all, journalism is supposed to be “investigative,” isn’t it? It just goes to show that the corporate media are little more than propaganda mouthpieces. Despite extensive reading on this subject, so far I haven’t seen a shred of evidence showing that the Russian state or individual Russians had anything to do with the Skripal affair. As far as I can see based on the “evidence” presented publicly so far, the British government has no case at all.

            Perhaps they should consider hiring Bill Nye to present a convincing case on TV? I can imaging him doing a fun experiment painting Novichok agent on a door handle and warning the viewers, “Don’t try this at home kids!”.

          • Well Tim, the State, Police and just about everyone else is lying… I, too, have been involved in many MSM stories and, yes, they get it laughingly wrong most of the time, even with their journalism ‘degrees’ (ONC at best in my day). But you really do take it to a certifiable level! Time for the hard hat and tin foil then?

  6. So Florence was basically a tropical storm, some wind, few Anabellum era trees fell over, a foot of flood water down by the creeks. This was touted as proof of global warming from a hurricane on an unprecedented scale. We lost a couple people which is extremely sad, but nothing close to what was predicted came about. The rain bands coming in now are wide and diffuse.

    • I wonder if the S.C. farmers who harvested corn with high moisture content before the storm, thinking they were saving it from certain destruction will get any breaks on the gas to dry it.
      Also, what does this fizzled disaster do to peanut futures?

      • Pop wrote:
        “Also, what does this fizzled disaster do to peanut futures?”

        Tragically, peanuts have no future! They were wiped out!

        A caring nation mobilizes and aid rushes in.

        Pray for peanuts, America, pray for peanuts!

        Anderson Cooper does a gripping news story waist-deep in peanut butter…

    • I think the death toll is now eleven. In the Philippines it is rather higher but I don’t suppose CNN are reporting from there.

    • Hmm. yes, but when it was a Cat 4/5 it was Donald’s fault but now it was a mere storm who gets the credit?

      Didn’t somebody say in the past that the seas would now begin to recede or similar?.

      Can’t remember who….

    • You might want to watch or read the news. DOT- “To avoid North Carolina if traveling south on I-95 drivers should use I-64 West in Virginia to I-81 south, to I-75 south in Tennessee to I-16 East in Georgia back to I-95. This is an extremely long detour, but it is the detour that offers the lowest risk of flooding at this time.” (I-95, 40, and others closed). The Cape Fear river in Fayetteville (not the coast) flood level is 35 feet, they expect it will hit 62 feet tomorrow. Grateful the huge Category 4 Hurricane which did exist lost it’s power as it reached land.

  7. It’s obvious that the homes and businesses behind Mr. Cooper are flooded. Maybe it is just a foot of water, but they are flooded and they have sustained damage. The people who live there will have a lot of work to do when the water recedes, costing them time and money.

    That’s the story, Mr. Cooper. It’s a good story. It is enough. If you want to embellish the story in the hopes that you will get more viewers, you will get less. Oops! Too late!

  8. Love the firefighters’ spoof.
    Sad thing is, what they communicated about those who are supposed to be reporting about the news and weather is spot on.
    Maybe instead of “Fake News” we should call it “Hyped News”?

    • I don’t have a cell phone so I’m not familiar with all this hash tag stuff.
      Make that:
      “Maybe instead of ‘(pound sign)Fakenews’ we should call it ‘(pound sign)Hyperdnews’”?

  9. Awww! Give him a little credit. At least he was prepared to get his undies wet!

    I suppose it gives more meaning to the phrase, “in depth reporting.”

  10. Is your article fake news or just bad reporting? This was filmed during Hurricane Ike. I still say shame on CNN & Cooper, but c’mon, man. Fix your title so it’s accurate.

  11. Dan Rather started the fake news about hurricanes back in 1962 with his coverage of Hurricane Carla. He was standing on the seawall in Galveston pretending he was right in the path of the hurricane. The only problem was that Carl came ashore down by Corpus a distance of well over a hundred miles. (Yes it was a big powerful storm, my high school was over 75 miles inland and we lost our anemometer at 135 mph) With that stunt he sold is presence to CBS national for a big jump in money and fame. He continued to present fake news during the Vietnam War by staging reporting in front of one of the planes that was lost supplying the troops. He just added smoke from a burning barrel of diesel to simulate how America was losing the war.

    • Earl, Wow! Thanks.
      From a fake Hurricane to Fake but True Nat’l Guard papers, quite a career and it ended the way it started with Fake News. Pride goeth before the fall and did he ever have a lot of pride in himself. Few have so deserved their fate as he did.

      • Dan Rather has spent a career undermining Republican presidents, and this effort is more important to him than the truth. He’s a dangerous, deluded Leftist. But he is much less dangerous now than back before his credibility was destroyed with the exposure of the lies he was telling.

        Unfortunately, we have hundreds of new dan rathers working for the Leftwing News Media today, and distorting the truth and telling outright lies is standard operating procedure for current leftwing reporters, just like for Dan. But, like Dan Rather, their lies and distortions are starting to take a toll on their credibility.

  12. I was actually told by a news person that just the mundane facts will almost always be superseded by the need to create a dramatic story. Catastrophe sells, even if it has to be embellished.

    • ‘Drop The Dead Doney’ on (UK) Channel 4 in the 90s satirized this approach. One of the reporters carried his own teddy bear to enhance warzone stories. It’s on YouTube, recommended.

  13. That’s pretty low….figuratively and literally – to stand in a ditch to make the situation look more dire than it is.

  14. That firemen’s spoof is the funniest thing I’ve seen in years, in spite of it taking 10mins to download onto my desktop. Well worth the wait.

  15. Do you laugh, cry or simply mark it down as ‘Climate Science’

    What is nice, I do *really* mean that, is that the water in those pics isn’t brown & muddy

  16. Yet another example of outlandish theatrics used to sell a false narrative. When will the CAGW crowd learn….

  17. Most of this coverage in oz has had the word “Catastrophic ” in it somewhere , I’m just not sure which video was the spoof and which one was supposed to be serious ?

  18. Whilst it is humorous to see these people caught out it is important not to miss the main point. It is not just CNN that does this, the reality is the entirety of the media do it, all around the world, even the supposed ‘gold standard’ names. And it is not just when covering weather events, it is literally every item of ‘news’ that is exaggerated, twisted or otherwise manipulated to be more eye-catching or provoking or emotional. That is the reality of the media, nothing we see or hear hasn’t been ‘adjusted’ in some way. I first learned this lesson in school when our teacher distributed two national newspapers, one supporting the Labour Party, the other the Conservative party and asked us to compare and contrast the stories regarding the same events. It was reinforced when I used to listen to the BBC of a night time in the 1980s and the World Service would be broadcast. Again the same news as reported for domestic consumption was completely different for foreign consumption. It was particularly edifying that it was often the World Service that turned out to be the most accurate.

    • You ought to see ABC (Aust) make a ‘science’ program, for TV (it’s like watching Lucifer at his day job). Literally everyone involved agrees to quietly make up a lie and to invent a polished staged visual and audio narrative or myth, that has zero to do with ‘science’, it’s all faked.

      Then TPTB wonder why what they imagine to be ‘science’ is so unattractive to most students, as a profession and career. If I’d known then what I know now I also would not have bothered studying science. In the end I realized my mistake and started up a business instead soon after graduating and realized that was what I should have been studying. Science research soon became a hobbie interest rather than a career interest.

      If you like sausage best not watch sausage being made. The media wag-the-tail ‘science’ will definitely turn you off science as a career. Scientists I knew just went along with making the fake media sausage because it was all money in the bank for them. So it remains a piece of cake for ABC to co-opt any scientist into make any variety or flavor of sausage.

      As with the necessary separation of Church and State in prior centuries, I think we need two essential things to end the worst aspects of this process of corruption:

      1) Separation of science and media.

      2) Separation of politics and media.

      Without that there will be no end to the fakes and the wagging of the dog syndrome. The media are a systemically corrupting pest that needs to be put in its proper place.

  19. Mike Seidel and Anderson Cooper’s fakes are just the tip of the iceberg, although they claim to be the eye of the hurricane.
    When DJT again and again made statements against the journo-fakists, I thought he was exaggerating. He was not.

    • This is a very good example for how trustworthy WUWT is considered to be. What is on display here is almost always taken as fact. What is considered MSM on TV or in print media has to be taken not with a grain, but with a lorryload of salt. I love WUWT facts better than MSM fiction.

  20. I recognized that photo, and did a reverse Google image search. It was tweeted on Sept. 2017. Someone responded to the tweet that it was “10 years old”, but I couldn’t find and earlier account of it in Google. But I’m sure it wasn’t from Florence.

    • You are correct it. It is from 2008 during Hurricane Ike. During a portion of the report where Anderson Cooper was reporting on, in part the dangers of going thru flood waters and the dangers of hidden low spots.

  21. I watch CNN a lot and it has some good political debate and usually a well rounded guest list from both sides of the divide – of course some is biased but you get that from all networks (look at the BBC!) . As a viewer you need to consider information from different sources – this is why WUWT is so important to me. What is obvious, from CNN and other networks, is a temptation for the dramatic and to make things look a lot worse than they are – especially for weather related stories. But let’s remember, Florence was always going to be a long slow flooding event, similar to Harvey. I guess they just couldn’t wait for the dramatic footage that they will unfortunately find next week when rivers crest and cause the devastation that was predicted.

  22. On the subject of fake reporters, the classic is the reporter who got the fly in his mouth on live TV. He went from perfect English with a reporters voice to his normal voice in 2 seconds. His excessive use of the F word prevents me from posting it here but just Google “reporter gets fly in his mouth” for a great laugh.

  23. Anderson has mastered the use art of wearing chest waders as I see no suspenders, every wader I used required suspenders otherwise, due to the loosened and weight of the waders, the waders would constantly be falling down to my feet after each step.

  24. Ok, this might be a good place for my question: wtf is going on at Accuweather? When TS Gordon hit the Gulf Coast, I went to their site to check out the conditions in Bay St Louis, where I have a house. They showed HURRICANE Gordon was causing 72 mph winds (current conditions) in that city. Gordon NEVER reached hurricane status, and never had wind speeds that high. The storm hit about thirty miles to the east. was showing 14 mph winds. The next day, Accuweather was reporting 42 mph winds;, 6 mph.

    Today I checked out accuweather to see how much rain has fallen in Charleston, SC. Under their ‘extended forecast’ for that city, they are showing it has received over 50 inches of rain so far in September, with more to come. Florence has missed the city (got a quarter of an inch, yesterday). The city might have gotten a couple of inches of rain so far this month.

    How can they sell subscriptions for this garbage? Joe A and Joe B made the right decision to leave that mess.

    • I knew Accuweather had become useless and co-opted by the Eco-Nazis when every post I entered in their “climate” blog began to be rejected (for calling Eco Nazis what they are), while the “moderators” routinely let the repeated “denier” labeling to continue unfettered.

    • I was surprised to see an Accuweather headline about CATEGORY 4 HURRICANE hitting North Carolina, with a picture of half or more of the state colored in red, making it look like the whole area was in for the Cat 4. It turns out the red was to indicate a lot of rain in those areas. Misleading. I guess clickbait to get you to pay more attention to them? But so many just read headlines, or rely just on pictures like above 😉

  25. I’ll bet that there are plenty of genuine stories, well worth reporting, about this rather nasty storm. Why does CNN (and others) resort to such nonsense?

  26. It’s fake news to use photos from 2008 and send them around the internet saying they are from 2018. This is Katrina and the water is that deep behind him.

    • Katrina was in 2005, although you are correct in saying the photos were from 2008. As many other comments say, the year was 2008 and the storm was Ike. Given what I saw in the comments after searching for Katrina and 2005 and looking for Ike and 2008, I wonder why Anthony Watts brought up both years and both storms. It’s easy to check what year each of these storms happened in.

  27. The firemen have the video of the year. Hope it headlines on Drudge Report!

    Maybe they can release a longer clip including the kitchen sink, a large screen TV, some cows, stuffed animals, a big tree dragging by, a few tires rolling by, maybe a VW bug, and a cat in the wind. An old granny in a wheel chair rolling by upwind would do the final trick!


  28. A little historical perspective on Anderson Cooper and the “give him a little credit” theme.

    The summer of 2005, I was writing a book that caused me many sleepless nights: brain would just not shut down. I got in the habit of switching on CNN for a bit. Then came August and the hurricanes. I found the hype for all of them very amusing and somehow relaxing: all the build up with only a fallen tree or ripped awning to show for it. I believe there were two (maybe three) of those that I watched before Katrina hit.

    Katrina looked to be unfolding just like the others, until Anderson Cooper showed that it wasn’t. I forgot the book and watched it all unfold, for three days straight.

    He did his job that hurricane, I’ll always give him credit for that. But their coverage was never the same again.

  29. Looking heroic without the risk. It is called deception, something expected in a magic show except the magician looks smart, not heroic. Although the magician may exaggerate, a little.

  30. I understood what sort of person Anderson Cooper is a long time ago. I was using a satellite receiver to monitor raw news feeds on some weather related topic, and came across a CNN feed. It was Anderson Cooper prepping the mayor of some small town for an interview.

    The interview took place, and as soon as they were off-air, the mayor tried to tell Cooper that a few of the questions were misleading, and he had missed some important positive items. Cooper ignored him, just turned and walked away. One of the most rude and dismissive attitudes I have ever seen.

    Never watched anything of his since.

  31. Google it. It’s not even Hurricane Florence, but Ike, 2008. He waded around in the water to show various depths, even commented he could take 2 more steps and be neck deep, stepped forward, which showed more shallow water, in the show. So much for THIS fake news and those jumping on board, lol.

    • So Anderson Cooper’s CNN viewers are so dumb they don’t know that in some places in a flood, the water can be deeper than other places because of the terrain? And he was just explaining that to them?

      • Lol ‘Not Chicken Little’. Yeah, just like people need to be shown, or told to not drive on flooded roads, or like everyone needs to see the reporters standing out in the wind driven rain, hurricanes or other dangerous conditions, by any network. What I find really amusing on this thread is that it seems CNN haters are all worked up over this alleged fake news, yet have been in support of DJT, who I saw during his campaign say 3 different things to attract 3 different groups of people,on various topics, and so many only heard the one they wanted to hear, oblivious to the others. 😮 There was some newspaper article pages long quoting (could be seen on video too) the contradictions. Yet there’s some angry finger pointing at “CNN lies”. Projection. Diversion. Attempts anyway.

        • You’re right Karen, the amusing thing is that during the clip Anderson was continually pointing out that the water on the road was only shallow, that’s where the film crew was. So the bogus suggestion that he was faking to make it appear worse than it was it is ridiculous.

        • Karen, in the 2016 Presidential election we had two New York politicians running against each other. That’s who the two parties nominated. Yet you think we’re supposed to be shocked that New York politicians lie?

          Unfortunately, that’s what they do.

          But journalists are supposed to be honest. That’ssupposed to be part of their job description!

          Don’t get me wrong: I hate that politicians lie. But I’ve come to expect it, and a politician can be successful even if he or she is not trustworthy.

          That is not true of a journalist. An untrustworthy journalist is a bad journalist. Always.

          The highest goal for a politician would be to accomplish something important; e.g., in DJT’s case it is could be that he straightened out the awful mess that BHO made in Iraq.

          The highest goal for a journalist should be to be likened to Walter Cronkite, a/k/a “The Most Trusted Man In America.”

          Unlike a politician, a journalist cannot be both good at his job and untrustworthy.

          Unfortunately, Anderson Cooper and CNN are not trustworthy.

          For example, in the CNN/Cooper rebuttal to Don Jr, they claimed that one of the reasons he was standing in deep water in the ditch was to avoid getting in the way of evacuees and rescue vehicles. That was a lie, proved by the fact that his camera crew (tethered to him with cables) were on higher ground, so that their equipment wouldn’t get wet.

          If Cooper had been standing on higher ground, like his camera crew, he obviously would not have been in the way of rescue vehicles and evacuees. He wouldn’t have been blocking anyone who wasn’t already blocked by his camera crew, who were on that higher ground.

          So when Cooper claimed that one of the reasons he was standing in deep water in the ditch was to stay out of the way of rescue vehicles, he obviously lied.

          In fact, I’d be willing to bet that CNN’s vehicle was also parked there, on the edge of the road, just outside the camera shot, a far bigger obstruction than the people on Cooper’s camera crew. I very much doubt that Cooper and his crew hiked down that road on foot, with all their equipment, and a great big battery to power it, to do that shoot.

          The real reason Cooper was standing in that deep water was for dramatic effect, to hype the severity of the emergency, which is the same reason he pointed out that the flood water had recently been even higher.

          Anderson Cooper and CNN are untrustworthy. And that makes them bad journalists.

  32. Hilarious! But maybe the deep state doesn’t appreciate ridicule, because there appears to be another spelling hack attack… “Anerson Cooper…standing in the ditch wheer the water is deeper…”

  33. In the 1933 Atlantic storm a great many tropical land birds were apparently trapped within the eye and carried to Newfoundland–Mayhew, D. F. 1949. Atmospheric pressure and bird flight. Science. 109:403.

    The 1916 storm stranded fish at Rockport* from offshore winds and killed an unknown number of coastal seabirds. Sell, R. A.. 1917. Some notes on the effects upon the bird life after Corpus Christi storm of August 18, 1916. Condor. 19:43-46.

    *Harvey strike point, currently exceeding 20 inches rain, fish in street, drainage plan, if you can call it that, didn’t work. Pleistocene barrier island, Carolina Bay type ponds, some now flooding places built when drier. Texas history full of really dry and really wet periods. History, what’s that?

  34. A collection of these fake news videos widely seen would put an end to it. Also, these guys go in when its a tropical depression and stand in the rain. You know its over when firemen can stand around joking about the news guys. On CNN, an eye witness stunt reporter “had a ‘communications’ problem when rain had stopped so they switched him off and they ‘fixed’ the problem and he was brought back when a rain shower returned. You know when the rain quits, even temporarily with such a storm, the thing is in its final gasp at that location. I think it a good idea to enlist volunteer citizen reporters as with the surface stations’ investigation to defrock these grifters regularly. They would be doing a solemn duty to answer the question of the First Amendment: “Freedom of the press to do what?”

  35. You do not need hurricanes to recognize the fake news of the world press-
    The true picture of the Charlie Hebdo “World Leader” demonstration: ? W968

    And this fake picture appeared in the NYT:

    Actually, in the second picture, that looks like the lost little group of the first picture is the vanguard of a huge crowd of people. which in fact demonstrated on the parallel running avenue off the screened politician.
    You do not have to wonder why Trump won the US presidential election. Why are not these idiots too bad for such actions? Nobody knows, but it does not testify to high intelligence.

  36. How many power cables hanging down in to the water? I think they were in more danger from stoopidity than any weather!

  37. I remember years ago when a news anchor was in a kayak, and while she was on the air someone walked through the ankle-deep water behind her.

  38. You’re a LIAR, and Anderson just schooled all like you in the last segment of his program. Stop spreading FAKE news.

    [?? .mod]

  39. For all of you please see the reply from Anderson Cooper to get the truth of the matter. Some of you will be hopefully a little humbled after some of the comments you have written. We know that some weather related stories are exaggerated but at least try and understand the background to this story before letting your imagination run riot.

  40. So the photo is from Ike a decade ago and not from Florence. I thought Cooper looked awfully young when I first saw the photo. I will admit. I was wrong. Anderson Cooper has been faking the news for longer than I gave him credit for faking news.

    Still, I believe a correction is in order. We were all doped into thinking the photo was from last week, and apparently it wasn’t. We were wrong. Sorry Mr. Cooper. Our bad!

    Now…will you kindly condemn Time magazine for their photoshopped picture of the crying child and President Trump? Will you please acknowledge that the photos of children sleeping in chain link cages were taken when Obama was president, and launch an equally scathing attack at the former President for his horrible human rights violations, and apologize to President Trump? Will you finally admit that the 89, 682 stories on Trump and Russian collusion that you incessantly talked about forever where baseless, fabricated news stories, and call yourself an idiot for ever bringing it up?

    No. I am sure you won’t. When it comes to ‘getting the story right’ , you apparently hold a much higher standard for the President’s son than you do yourself and the mainstream media. Your repuke to those of us who mistakenly thought you were faking news in Hurricane Florence when you were actually faking news in Hurricane Ike, is truly disgusting! You see…we made a mistake. You on the other hand, have a long history of intentionally lying about the news to fit your emotional ideology. If we are idiots, it is not because we mistakenly dated a photo. We are idiots for listening to you at all for all of these years!

  41. Yup, I live on the coast in North Carolina and I never saw a drop of rain in the past week! Calm and sunny every single day! Fake MSM weather news to get us to leave home so our houses can be looted!

  42. I disagree that this is a problem. Sure, Cooper is dramatisizing the flooding but on the other hand, isn’t the eye always drawn to the worst flooding? Like, “My God Earl, look it over here- it’s up to my waist!” I think anyone would look for the deepest spot. That’s where the most curiosity is. As long as CNN is being clear about their reporting, as long as they’re saying, “floodwaters have risen UP TO 3 FEET.” And NOT “the town is COVERED IN 3 FEET of WATER” I’m ok with it. I think we can all agree that we want accurate, but exciting news coverage.

  43. How many of you actually listened to the report? It was all about Cooper talking about the fact that waters were receding and they had been higher. Why on earth would he do that if he was trying to make it seem deeper than it was? Are some of you insane or just stupid? And if you watched him walk in the water you’d know he couldn’t have been on his knees — how stupid was that comment?

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