LiveStream Rebuttal to Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco

Via Press release:

Heartland Institute to Livestream Rebuttals of Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco 

The Heartland Institute will be live-streaming two panel discussions of scientists and climate policy experts as “counter programming” of the Global Climate Action Summit this week in San Francisco.

View the live-stream at this link on our YouTube page Thursday, September 13 starting at noon PT (3 pm ET; 2 pm CT). Or, watch below when it goes live.

Our event is hosted by our friends at The Independent Institute in Oakland, across the Bay.


  • James Taylor, senior fellow, The Heartland Institute
  • Jay Lehr, Ph.D., science director, The Heartland Institute
  • Terry L. Gannon, Ph.D., research fellow, The Independent Institute
  • Richard Keen, Ph.D., meteorology instructor (emeritus), University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Stanley Goldenberg, hurricane meteorologist
  • Tom Harris, president, International Climate Science Coalition.

ABOUT THE EVENT (NOTE: We’re live-streaming again Friday at this link):

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) is hosting the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, featuring liberal activists, entertainment celebrities, government officials, and very few scientists. Prominent participants include Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Van Jones, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore, Dave Matthews, Jay Inslee, Bill de Blasio, John Kerry, and George Schultz.

While Global Climate Action Summit speakers attempt to make the case for heavy-handed government action to restrict carbon dioxide, The Heartland Institute’s program will feature interactive panel discussions fact-checking the summit presentations and pointing out the scientific and economic data supporting climate realism.

The Heartland Institute’s Thursday panel discussion will coincide with Global Climate Action Summit lunch break. Heartland’s Friday panel discussion will coincide with a planned break and subsequent political calls to action at the summit.

“The Global Climate Action Summit perfectly illustrates the hollow nature of calls for government restrictions on carbon dioxide,” said Heartland Institute Senior Fellow James Taylor. “An extensive lineup of leftist activists will be making yet another attempt to grow government and restriction human liberty, this time in the name of saving the planet. We look forward to presenting the facts and logic that expose the foolishness and harmfulness of this leftist agenda.”

21 thoughts on “LiveStream Rebuttal to Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco

  1. There will be no further discussion of the facts as the Hollywood Intellectuals are here to explain the situation to us.

    • Among Hollywood society, if you express doubts about global warming hysteria, you won’t get invited to the “best” parties. This is very important to some sheeple.

  2. The only person on Jerry Brown’s ‘prominent participants’ list I have any respect for is Harrison Ford. I’m a bit surprised to see him involved there. He is a strong supporter of general aviation (Private Pilots/Sport Pilots) as well as the Experimental Aircraft Association

    • That doesn’t stop the need to be accepted by one’s peers. He doesn’t want to be an outcast like James Woods. Or…he may actually believe the hype.

    • Harrison Ford has long been insulting toward skeptics.
      He’s a ‘true believer’ .. in spite of his gas guzzling hobbies.
      Which makes him a Hollywood Hypocrite.
      Not quite as heroic as the characters he portrays on screen.
      Yes, he is heavily involved in AGW activism.

    • John Denver was a strong supporter of aviation and EAA but he was also a an enviro-wacko. Helluva singer though and probably a nice guy. RIP.

      • …John Denver was a strong supporter of aviation and EAA but he was also a an enviro-wacko. Helluva singer though and probably a nice guy. RIP….

        and fatally short on piloting skill..

  3. I doubt I could take listening to any of the nonsense being spewed over at the grandiosely-named “Global Climate Action Summit”, but I have no doubt that the folks at the Heartland event are like the adults in the room, while the other guys are toddlers shooting spitballs. No comparison.

  4. I was skimming through some of the video footage of the Global Climate Action Summit, and I am sickened by the high-production-low-intelligence factor on display there. It is the equivalent of a carefully assembled dessert, eaten in place of a nutritious meal, but even worse, it is a low-calorie dessert with fake ingredients, designed to trick the taste buds and steer people away from learning how to make intelligent decisions about what they ingest.

    Yeah, that’s an extended metaphor there.

    The video that I was watching seems typical for a culture fed by superficial visual displays — that’s what it is — a bunch of glitz with no guts.

    The Heartland video, on the other hand, has every appearance of being a bit more intellectually nutritious. Less glitz, more guts , or maybe I should phrase it more in tune with the times — less production bling, more factual appeal.

    The Global Climate Action Summit has a similar feel to the Oscars. They should be handing out awards for best performances of stupidity.

  5. The BBC have a surprisingly even-handed discussion of Florence and hurricanes, even showing in a graph that hurricane energy has not increased in the last century.

    It’s a long piece, the general gist seems to be, “yes there’s no data showing increasing hurricanes [deductive] but increasing sea surface temperatures should be causing more hurricanes [inductive] – and we’re still inclined to favour model predictions over observations. It’s Karl Popper’s inductive versus deductive.

    •James Taylor, senior fellow, The Heartland Institute”

    Ain’t it good to know, you’ve got a friend?

    • Jim
      Do you have any viewing statistics for your program and the GCAS. I wouldn’t be surprised if your palal got more views

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