Furious Greens Protest California Governor’s Climate Change Hypocrisy

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Green protestors have gathered at Governor Jerry Brown‘s Californian climate conference, to demand Brown end his big oil climate hypocrisy.

Protesters call for greater action outside California climate change summit

By Daniel Uria
Sept. 13, 2018 at 5:02 PM

Sept. 13 (UPI) — Hundreds of protesters gathered outside a climate change summit in California Thursday, calling for elected officials to do more to combat climate change and pollution.

Gov. Jerry Brown, who organized the Global Climate Action Summit, was the target of some of the criticism brought by the demonstrators as some held signs warning this was his last chance to choose between “fossil fuel or our future,The Los Angeles Times reported.

“We have a plan to phase out oil, to bring in total clean technology,” Brown said. “If they have a better one, let me know.”

Protesters called for Brown to create new protection zones around oil and gas production sites and questioned his decisions to approve new oil drilling permits.

Read more: https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2018/09/13/Protesters-call-for-greater-action-outside-California-climate-change-summit/6111536868649/

Governor Jerry Brown’s growing trouble with his former green allies may date from when Jerry Brown allegedly misused state resources to have a frackable oil survey done of his private property.

Since then nothing has gone right for him. Brown has been attacked by renewable energy activists, who accuse him of secretly undermining their mission. He has been attacked by pro-nuclear greens, for forcing California’s emissions up by closing zero emissions nuclear plants. Both sets of greens are furious at Brown’s continued encouragement of oil exploration in wilderness areas he controls.

Brown wants to finish his governorship with a legacy of climate policy milestones and green achievements. But looking at the increasingly angry public statements of his former green friends, Brown’s climate legacy is in tatters.

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75 thoughts on “Furious Greens Protest California Governor’s Climate Change Hypocrisy

  1. Schadenfreude to the max. It’s interesting that even Moonbeam can’t assuage the Greens’ lust for total control.

      • You can please some of the people most of the time and Most of the people some of the time, but you can never please a Green Activist/Marxist any time

        • The way I look at it, the “greens” goal of zero emissions power, or zero emissions anything shows their absence of sense. Considering the whole picture, from finding and obtaining raw materials, all the way through to installation and operation (which includes maintenance), there are emissions. Even sandals and flip-flops are not emission free.

    • misusing state funds to a oil survey of his own land

      Illegal and immoral.
      Democrats are trained to believe that the law doesn’t apply to them.

  2. The poisoned chalice that is Slimery. Never Green enough, I’m afraid. Memories of Mao-ism and its ‘redder than thou’-ism.

    • Wow you hit nail on head.
      Obama/ Clinton/ corrupt academia/ media have unleashed the American Cultural Revolution.
      This could get so bad.
      Read a history of the cultural revolution and buckle your seatbelt.

      • Unfortunately there is no such animal as a ‘former’ Catholic. Certainly corrupt, but once a Catholic always one of my faith. He may pray to Gaia, but then so does my pope.

        • That is a distinction without a difference.
          Brown is a corrupt politician and an apostate.
          His increasingly dark bitter vision reflects his coming communion with the Vision Horrorific.
          Ditto for this squalid parody of a Pope.
          Jesus was thinking of Francis specifically when he spoke about the white sepulchers with filth and corruption within.

  3. I can’t wait for the true environmentalists who want to really protect the environment coming out against the hideously ugly wind and solar projects. The number of issues these technologies raise is staggering, yet the Greens won’t speak the truth of their environmental performance, which is deadly to so many species.

    • Yeah, and the true environmentalists who give up air travel and electricity. I’d give THEM a hearing.

      • Probably still disagree with near everything they’d say, but would have to give them props for consistency.

          • Most definitely not a castle in the clouds, but more akin to a hovel in the woods, or a cardboard box in the alley.
            They may be consistent, but still a bit unhinged.

            I’ll listen to them from a distance fleas can’t jump.

  4. What a colorful conflagration of the climate corrupt! Gov. Brown is attacked by the Greens for not being Red enough. Apparently, the Greens are intolerant of his personal greed but more than happy to accept any other deceit or science corruption that advances the socialist agenda. Their useful tool is finding out an alternate meaning of the phrase “If it’s Brown, flush it down.”

  5. Instead of greens protesting against CO2, why not fight against social media, which has no meaning, and wasting time and money as well power. Why not fight against IT based institutions that use power maximum all around the globe. Warmist waste computer time/power for running models, which consumes major share in this sector. What I mean finally, why not fight against wastful use of electricity. If it is achieved automatically electricity production will come down drastically.

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

  6. Governor Brown understands that in order to fund his other projects he must have the income from the oil and gas leases.
    His problem is that once he has the uninformed and uneducated masses willing to back his crazy ideas they often become totally uncomfortable. This is a lesson several politicians have discovered just prior to their deaths. Unless he is willing to simply ride the wave as Mao did with the Cultural Revolution he is in danger of being drowned by the wave. He has the option of simply leaving office and leaving someone else to deal with the problem. I expect that Governor Brown may be a difficult person to find once he does leave office.

  7. It should come as no surprise that Brown can’t tell his arse from a teakettle, and therefore his work from his private life. Recipe for disaster, because most greens can’t make the separation either. Therefore they start to eat each other’s young.

    • The stupidity of it all is reflected here in Canada with Junior Trudeau pushing a carbon tax while pushing the construction of an oil pipeline to increase carbon emissions. You can’t make this stuff up.

      • The construction of an oil pipeline will not increase carbon dioxide emissions. If the potential customers don’t get it from Canada, they’ll get it elsewhere and emissions will be the same.

        • Of course it will. If the oil is more readily available it will be used.
          However, none of that really matters at all. It will merely make selling Alberta’s oil that much harder and thereby reduce “carbon tax revenues”.
          The cognitive defect is manifested by Greentards who pass ‘sin taxes’ as a method of social regulation. They then become dependent on the revenue from these ‘punishment taxes’ and are dismayed when people change their habits (to avoid the taxes) and the revenues decline.
          Now they have to create some new transgression on which to promulgate a new slew of punishment revenues.

        • Art, while the pipeline, in and of itself, does not increase carbon dioxide, the construction equipment used to build it certain does emit CO2. Of course if they weren’t being used to build a pipeline, they’d be used to build something else, so realistically it’s not an increase unless one claims the construction equipment would have sat unused if the pipeline wasn’t being built.

          rocketscientist, unless Alberta leaves the oil in the ground, the pipeline will not increase the oil use, it’ll just shift how the oil is transported (tankers, for example, will be used instead) if anything those alternative transportation methods are like to produce more CO2 than sending the oil through a pipeline would.

    • I’d like to see some unbiased photos of these “hundreds”. I have a feeling that it’s closer to dozens than hundreds. 😉

  8. The Greens think there is a big Frankenstien switch somewhere that you can throw to switch from reliables to intermittents. They get frustrated when others cant see this self evident truth,

  9. I would suggest that the last person out of California turn out the lights but that won’t be necessary because there won’t be any electrical power to conserve.

      • Aren’t those plants too? or do tree hugger only hug the tall ones.
        Sort of like PETA who is only concerned with cute furry animals and to hell with the micro-fauna.

    • And are the protestors wearing any synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon, spandex, etc? Do they carry around electronic devices like smart phone, fitbits, etc?

  10. Gov. Brown sounds and looks more and more like Venezuela’s Maduro: obsessed with paranoid bs that he uses to distract the fools into keeping his loser policies and party in power.

  11. I imagine that even Governors of California could get bored of the unending supply of “last chances”.

  12. Brown doesn’t need to worry. In another 20 years or so the next generation of air head greenies will elect him again.

  13. Let’s help him. Cut off ALL oil, gas and coal produced electricity to California NOW. Help preserve his legacy. Stop the fossil fuels today.

    • Don’t forget about the Oil being refined into Gasoline. All Gasoline shipments to the state must stop as well as all Oil Shipments to local refineries (Unfortunately I live too deep within the state to be able to travel and fill up my Durango out of state so…Never Mind)

  14. Having tried to make reasonable compromises with environmental organizations we learned it was all but impossible. We would walk out of a meeting believing we had hard worked out compromise. Meanwhile they called the news media, in which they called us names, claimed we were not willing to compromise and demanded ever more.

    One new, relatively intelligent but naive boss just couldn’t understand. After working out a deal with dramatic compromise the environmentalists left the meeting and demanded more. He called another meeting where he agree to even more compromise on our part, only to be nailed personally in the news media by the environmental group before he got home from work that day.

    Bottomline, until their leaders, all of whom are not environmentalists, are in total control they will not be happy and will not be satisfied.

    • Record the meetings so when they try it again, you can go “no u lyin” and publicize the evidence. And if they refuse to attend a recorded meeting, great. Show ’em the door and let ’em cry.

  15. I’d like somebody to create a new data set that shows the decline in average California sanity, where the general public there is concerned.

    I dare say that a graph illustrating a trend would show decreasing sanity, as CO2 increases.

    Another good data set would be the number of news reports coming into existence. Again the trend graph would show that, as the number of news reports increases, the level of sanity decreases.

    New people coming into existence (i.e., being born), never having experienced wild fires or hurricanes, are very impressed when they see these phenomena — terrified by them, worried by them (as they should be) — but this is NOT a new terror — it’s just more newly existing humans EXPERIENCING this sort of terror for the first time, and more news media than ever before reporting this neophyte terror. And then it gets warped into something unnatural and conflated with issues of global responsibilities, and, well, it becomes the mess we longer-living folks now see.

    What a mess !

    • Perhaps a look at the a percentage of students who actually graduate high school and SAT or ACT scores of hopeful high school graduates might be some indication as to intelligence.

      Don’t know exactly how sanity might be measured. Where do they test critical thinking other than real life?

  16. This headline made me think of the claim I found on a conservative website this week (the kind suppressed by Google, Twitter, Apple, etc.) to the effect that a lot of the money for these greens comes from Russia. Russia knows better than to believe all this hysteria, but finds the greens useful. Russia’s entire economy is heavily based in oil and natural gas. They don’t want American competition. California is a major oil producer AND a major seaport state.

    • Whether Russia (or China) directly fund the green blob (wouldn’t surprise me if they did) it’s undeniable that they stand to benefit from us screwing up our economy trying to fight a non-existent problem.

  17. Shutting down Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant is a huge mistake. If greenies are really worried about CO2, nuclear energy is their best bet. These people want us back in the stone age so any reasonable solution is DOA.

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