Climate Psychology Handbook: Promote Renewables to Cure Debilitating Climate Angst

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t JoNova – a psychology handbook produced by the Australian Psychological Society recommends people suffering debilitating distress and helplessness about impending climate doom can recover their ability to function in society by becoming climate activists.

It is common for people to have very strong feelings about climate change. The reality is actually very frightening. It is not just the phenomenon and threat per se, but the implications of climate change for individuals, human society, all other species, and the planet, that make this such a frightening, confronting and
existential threat and concern. People can feel anxious, distressed, helpless, pessimistic, guilty, angry and stressed, amongst other feelings (Clayton et al., 2017a). How people respond to these feelings is very important. People can react in many unhelpful ways – e.g., by trying to minimise the threat, distract themselves and blame others, or by becoming helpless and resigned to the disaster. A more useful response is to anticipate, identify and manage these feelings so that we can properly accept the reality of climate change and not avoid it. Psychologists call this a skill of emotional self-regulation and it’s an important part of climate adaptation and coping.

Learning to cope with the feelings we have about climate change ensures that:

  • We don’t try to avoid the problem in order to avoid the feelings
  • We don’t become overwhelmed by these feelings or burn-out
  • We can keep functioning well in our everyday lives.

Model the pro-environmental behaviours that you would like other people to take up

What we see people doing matters. Our brains are highly tuned to noticing others’ behaviours and copying them. This happens automatically and often unconsciously.

  • Make your pro-environmental behaviour very visible so others can notice it.
  • Leave behind as many ‘behavioural traces’ as you can. These are physical signs of the behaviour you engage in, like your bike helmet sitting on your desk signaling that you ride your bike to work.
  • Transmit the meaning of your pro-environmental behaviour as well. People are always
    seeking the meaning of behaviour and actively interpreting what they see. By explaining the reason for your actions, you give other people another reason to copy them (Harré, 2011).

  • Attach stickers to cars and letterboxes and other places that communicate your pro- environmental behaviours, like using solar power or a greywater system.
  • People are more likely to copy models they see are rewarded (Bandura & Walters, 1977). Highlighting the satisfaction of engaging in a sustainable behaviour is one way of making the reward (in this case, the satisfied feeling) more visible, and therefore more likely to be copied. Also, research evidence very powerfully tells us that internal, self-motivating, reasons for doing things are much more influential and sustainable than external rewards and benefits (Deci & Ryan, 2013). And again, we can see that there are multiple benefits of action, both in reducing our footprint and giving us a sense of inner satisfaction.

Promote norms that ‘everybody’s doing it’ and ‘it’s normal to be green’

  • Provide explicit statements about the pro-environmental behaviours that people are already doing.
  • The most useful norms are descriptive norms that say ‘everyone’s doing this’ and ‘It’s normal to do this’.

Challenge climate change denial when you hear it

Psychological research on science denial provides a model, based on inoculation theory, for how to debunk myths about climate change (often spread by misinformation) which cause confusion and uncertainty in the community (Cook & Lewandowsky, 2012).

  • Take care not to repeat the myth up front when you are debunking it. This can often reinforce it! Instead, start with the facts.
  • Familiarise yourself with the five different
    techniques deniers often use to distort facts:
    Fake experts, logical fallacies, impossible
    expectations, cherry-picking evidence, and conspiracy theories (Diethelm & McKee, 2009).
  • Use the Fact-Myth-Fallacy approach to correct misinformation (see box below)


I’m personally horrified that people who are suffering genuine distress because of their climate delusions are being encouraged to engage more fully with the source of their distress. I’m not a psychologist but that doesn’t seem a sensible route to a cure.

166 thoughts on “Climate Psychology Handbook: Promote Renewables to Cure Debilitating Climate Angst

  1. I think I will complain to the Health Care Commissioner in my local area. I have always been skeptical of psychology and this is real evidence of what could actually be abuse of their patients. No health care practitioner of any kind should be exhorting the people they are supposedly taking care of to undertake such actions.

    • Instructing people who are already obsessed with climate change to continue with this obsession and how to increase it is the WORST, most harmful thing anyone working in mental health can do.

      • Sara

        Encouraging them to actually research the data might be a better route.

        But then the objective of sending everyone utterly insane over the concept of dangerous climate change is an accepted means of persuasion by the green socialists.

  2. ” People can feel anxious, distressed, helpless, pessimistic, guilty, angry and stressed…”

    Good sex will cure those feelings very quickly.

    • Probably not in this case – sex might lead to pregnancy and the creation of a new carbon emitting resource consuming human – an intolerable additional burden for our already overburdened planet.

      Avoiding pregnancy either requires the use of a disposable plastic product which could contribute to the floating island of junk in the Pacific, or the use of ecosystem damaging hormones which will eventually be excreted into wastewater, poisoning the seas and hurting the dolphins.

      • Seriously, the pill is THE major source of unwanted exposure to hormone mimicking molecules in the environnement.

        • One day while walking on the heath
          I spotted a molecule
          that had strayed into the environment.
          With a tap and a grind I adhered it to my shoe,
          and hopped home where with careful eye and tweezers,
          I beheld it again, pressed it between pages of a book.
          But a precocious child picked up the book
          and thumbed the pages, releasing the molecule
          and the wishes and hopes I had placed there also.
          They may have been gathered up
          by a roving roomba vacuum cleaner
          upon which sits
          a cat

    • I expect just getting a date would be a Herculean task for these folks, nevermind even getting to first base.

  3. Climate alarmists have a specific term for promoting renewables: ‘climate optimism‘. They hype renewables because, otherwise, their climate pessimism turns them to inaction. With all this bad climate news they keep inventing, pessimism would be the norm.

  4. Pure psychological warfare, meant to control, and motivate Believers to act. The desperation is becoming palpable.

  5. Telling someone with a phobia that their dreaded obsession is a real threat seems a bit counterproductive, if not sadistic quackery.
    If someone has a dread fear of spiders, learning to identify common, and uncommon species, and learning that very few species, and rare ones at that, are actually poisonous, is the more usual means of dealing with a phobia. For a bit more vigorous program, being in the same room with, and eventually handling spiders such as some varieties of tarantula, is a treatment for spider phobia.

    • i happily whack spider with bare hands if theyre on me or on clothes bedding etc
      we have redbacks and funnelwebs and a few others that make you sore and sorry, no with em. huntmans are fine till they start to cross the cieling above the bed;-0 them its vacuum time, sayonara!
      but no fn way would i handle a tarantula

      • If you are in Oz, you have a good many more poisonous spiders than in Texas or California. There are only two that are dangerous and reasonably common, the brown recluse and the black widow. Australia has a well deserved reputation for poisonous beasties.

      • Oz, don’t whack them, they are our friends. I live in the Aussie bush (literally) and have received many bites, but I leave them alone. The giant huntsman is scary if you have a phobia, but if they’re in the house, I just put them in a plastic container and evict them. Never seen a tarantula.

    • Yes, learning as much as possible about what scares you is always a good idea. I was terrified of spiders for no good reason until I started reading up on them. I still do NOT want one as a pet, however, and I will NOT pick one up, period. But there are several that winter over under my house, feeding on Little Black Ants and moths and other obnoxious critters, so I’m good with that.

      Still not going to pick them up.

      • I always picked up daddy longlegged spiders. Used to let them crawl on my arms, etc. I owned a tarantula but did not handle it. She was a timid spider and frightened easily. I love wolf spiders but relocate them outside if I find one in the middle of my floor at 2 am. They need to know their boundaries! I’m about to relocate an orbweaver that hangs down outside my kitchen window a lot—I need to paint that part of my house. Jumping spiders do get smashed if on the ceiling. I draw the line at spiders landing in my hair! I might add that at 6 years of age, I threw a fit and cried because my mom would not let me take on the tarantula we found in the middle of the road while vacationing in Texas. I started early.

        This is also an example of teaching people to overcome their fears. I did not fear snakes or bugs because my brothers liked to throw them at me when we were young. Learning to like the bugs and snakes took all the fun out of their activities. Had I indulged the fear, life as a child would have been miserable.

        • There’s a paper wasp nest at eye-level on my front porch this summer. These guys aren’t at all aggressive, I walk within 2 feet of it almost daily and they don’t even react. As long as you don’t disturb their nest, they’ll almost always leave you be. And they’re good to have around the yard, especially if you garden. They catch the juvenile grasshoppers and caterpillars before they grow up and start chewing big holes in your plants.

        • I am a fan of wolfies, they prowl around the edges of the rooms in my home and eat other insects and web spiders. When they get too large, we simply put them outside where they then enjoy a long and happy life.
          I have no fear of snakes, as long as I can see them. I do have a lot of brush near a large drainage ditch at the rear of my property and when I am working in that area I always carry my K-Bar just in case. I don’t want my wife to come home to see a very large python with extended belly laying next to a pair of my shoes.

          • Tom in Florida

            Like I said, join us in the UK where creepie crawlies are not a threat. Err….other than politicians but I’m going to mount a campaign to have them shot on sight as vermin.

            We all know they’re vermin, we just don’t have a law allowing us to shoot them, yet.


    • Sorry to be pedantic, but spiders are ‘venomous’ not necessarily ‘poisonous’.
      ‘Venom’ is ‘poisonous’, but poison is not venomous.
      And, as with any poison, envenomated or ingested, dosage is important.
      Every spider is venomous (its how they catch prey). Its simply that most are not dangerous to large animals like us.

      • I was using “poisonous” in the Paracelsus sense of “a risk to people at that dose”, barring an allergy.

      • While it may be pedantic, I agree. That’s a pet peeve of mine, having done reptile shows for schools. It’s an important distinction. ( A very general rule of thumb with animals is venom is injected, poison ingested or absorbed through the skin.)

      • Chiefly because most spiders’ “fangs” are too small to pierce human skin deep enough to reach the bloodstream. They can still cause inflammation and a nasty sore for a few days, but can’t fully envenomate.

  6. How irresponsible can you get. This is probably the most effective way to feed the anxiety and confirm the fears. This is like someone with a fear of Ghosts, taking advice from a Ghost hunter.
    When it comes to ”fake experts” these guys have them in abundance.

    • “How irresponsible can you get. This is probably the most effective way to feed the anxiety and confirm the fears.”

      I think that’s the idea. They think getting you scared will motivate you.

    • Well, just what IS the difference between the Fires of Hell and Runaway Global Warming?

      I see absolutely zero difference between the threat of eternal damnation for not converting to monotheism, and the threat of existing on a planet where the alleged forecast will have the daily temperature range somewhere near that of the Great Nefud Desert on the Saudi peninsula – and equally barren, too.

  7. ref the Bike Helmet signal.
    Most of the Greenies are hypocrites. They would drive a smokey old banger to work and still place a bike helmet on their desk.

  8. How about ‘suck it up’ or the very helpful ‘get a life’? If that doesn’t work use your socialized medicine benefits and relax with some benzodiazepines.

  9. …People can feel anxious, distressed, helpless, pessimistic, guilty, angry and stressed, …

    What do I do if I feel anxious, distressed, helpless, pessimistic, guilty, angry and stressed about the collapse of science into a fraudulent scam which is damaging the lives of everyone on the planet?

    • Have some chocolate ice cream or a pizza with everything, after a bout of throwing darts at a dartboard with Mikey Mann’s mug shot on it.

      • Oh, sorry – I forgot to include watch George Carlin’s “save the planet” video several times.

        Laughter is always the best medicine for anxiety, stress, helplessness, pessimism, guilt, anger and recognizing that legitimate science has been corrupted into a false religion that screws its adherents three ways past Sunday.

    • dodgy geezer

      Join me in the pub. There are many, many more threats to civilisation discussed there than climate change.

      Some of them are actually reasonable.

    • dodgy,
      I can’t speak for all of science, but the Physics has been through much worse. It’s sad for the present generation of climate scientists that will be buried in the detritus of internet-enabled, click-bait, headline-grubbing , alarmist, misdirected bloggers, but so it goes. Perhaps in a hundred years, climate science will be installed to a respectable status.

  10. The simplest solution to this media driven phobia is to provide the client with a list of the respectable sceptic web sites and urge the doing of the homework. The downside to this is that a course in anger management may be required.

    For my part, when I meet people with the phobia I tell them that so long as their kettle boils at 100C they have nothing to worry about as the Earth sweats to keep cool just like they do and has done that for millions of years to an accuracy of roughly around +/- 3% on the Kelvin scale.

    • If the CAGWers and Warmians and Greenbeans were required to live through the cold season from start (September) to finish (April, but it was June this year) with no external source of heat, no wood-based fire in a fireplace, no electricity, how long does anyone think they’d last?
      The Phobics need a harsh lesson in reality. They take all modern stuff for granted, with no thought to the source of it or how reliable it is when generated by carbon-based fuels. Take that away from them, and watch them flounder.

  11. “Familiarise yourself with the five different
    techniques deniers often use to distort facts:
    Fake experts, logical fallacies, impossible
    expectations, cherry-picking evidence, and conspiracy theories”

    These are favorites of those who believe in CAGW. A classic case of projection. “Fake experts” like Lewandowsky and Al Gore, just to name two out of many. “Logical fallacies” like the ad hominem ‘denier’ used in their very press release and ad populum used by saying there is a consensus. “Impossible expectations” like ‘we can be 100% renewable’. “Cherry-picking evidence” like starting arctic sea ice charts when the sea ice at a peak in the 1970’s and not when the data actually started. “Conspiracy theories” like ‘Big Oil is funding denial’.

    “Take care not to repeat the myth up front when you are debunking it. This can often reinforce it! Instead, start with the facts.”

    Oh, how I wish they would do that! If they did, they wouldn’t believe in CAGW much longer. I always find it interesting that the side that is asking, in fact begging, for debate is considered unscientific but the side that works overtime not to debate is considered scientific. CAGW skeptics — deniers in their ad hominem lingo — would love to start with facts. Facts are why I don’t believe in CAGW, not some Big Oil conspiracy theory.

    • I did mention sadistic quackery a bit earlier. Raising a fear, and then making a living off exploiting that fear. It is more than a bit unethical, but damn common.

      • It’s effective.
        The unscrupulous will create then exploit fears. This is how the elderly get suckered out of huge sums of money; these things hit the news every couple years.

        This psychologist needs to have her license revoked.

      • Theologians have been practicing this art for millennia.
        Search for lost sheep / Gather a flock / Fleece the flock

        …probably all began with some wily Mesopotamian goatherd who realized it was easier and more lucrative to herd goatherds.

        • rocketscientist

          Shot his goats, created a shortage of goat milk and meat, raised the price, and he didn’t have as many goats to look after.

          Easy life. If you’re a socialist goat herder.

        • Only to a religion hating atheist would think the words “fleece the flock” be added. I suppose you hate huge groups based on the bad behavior of a few a lot, since it’s a 100% emotional response.

    • “He gazed up at the enormous face. Forty years it had taken him to learn what kind of smile was hidden beneath the dark moustache. O cruel, needless misunderstanding! O stubborn, self-willed exile from the loving breast! Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself.”
      “He loved Big Brother.”

      Orwell 1984

      some of the most depressing lines in literature

      • rocketscientist

        Introduced to it by a wacky 70’s English teacher. I though the guy was a nutter, other than he was a decent bloke.

        But it’s all come flooding back to me over the past few years. I just wish I hadn’t been such a lazy good for nothing student.

        • I think we all missed so many opportunities when we were young.
          Kids naturally have no knowledge and no experience; so we don’t know what mess we are making of our future.

          Good parents and good teachers make a huge difference to one’s life and self-worth. Those who try to corrupt the mind of the young are a pox on society, the worst of the worst.

          • Yep I know. My point was that few of us have been given the best opportunity for our lives. The majority of us are playing catch up, and simply doing the best we can with where we find ourselves.

            I had so much more potential than what I ended up doing. My dad was a soldier, my mum completed grade 9 then went to work in retail. So they couldn’t help me with my homework.

            I was lazy at school and dropped out of Math2 and physics because it was difficult, and I figured I wouldn’t need either of them. I was of course wrong.

            I did do civil engineering by correspondence. Work all day and then study all night. You can be sure that was hard, having no other students to talk to. I just had to read the books and try to figure it all out on my own.

  12. The folks they are aiming at are (not the best word but the best we have) Paranoid.
    They are over-reacting to small external stimuli and excitations. They are entirely focussed on something, it dominates every thought, they resist all attempts to change that thinking and it is a vicious circle of self reinforcement.
    Classic Chronic Depression.

    Brought on and exacerbated by something they are eating/drinking and NOT doing.
    They are eating/drinking something that is inherently bad because it is used to relieve stress and shouldn’t be so used. sugar.
    This stress sources are manifold: marriage issues, finance, work etc or simply, they are lonely.
    Comfort Food. yes/no

    In a way, the advice is good – it’s telling them to get out and meet people.
    That’s all it takes

    Stress and living at a remote location nearly killed me and DID kill my kid-brother.
    DO NOT take it lightly or laugh.

    I ‘do’ loud music and bounce around like a loon.
    It helps my weight, blood pressure, blood sugar levels and brings people to come join me = self confidence and is NOT chemically enhanced.
    win win win win

    here’s two songs (oh you lucky people) Somewhat cross threaded and both dedicated to folks stuck in the ice
    When you see the song title you will rush to kiss me…you will.
    Lyric slightly battered=
    ‘Cause the Arctic is cold
    And your ship runs dry
    You’ll never see or hear the crashing of the sea
    The temper(atures) rise, that stops all time
    — You have a strange perception of the truth

    You’ll understand – and from Australia.
    haha. There IS something out there with an EPIC sense of humour.
    mwah xx

    play them both big……….

    and the next track in the playlist off the second track is a beaut
    ‘You’re never gonna reach me”
    there *is* Magic in this world – keep a clear head and go look for some.
    Don’t let me steal it all.

  13. This appears to me to be a form of proselytizing for a religious order. Convince yourself that you are following the True Path by repeating all the mantras or commandments. Convert or die, something like that. Do NOT think for yourself. Follow the True Path and You Will Be Saved!

    This is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in a long time. My question for these shrinks, whom I would not trust with discussing a bout of sadness over the loss of a beloved pet (normal!!) is “Who died and made you God, bozo?”

    No, I do not think they mean well at all. You don’t encourage people to continue down the road to self-destruction. You try to steer them off that course. This “handbook” is promoting denial of reality and self-destruction.

    Who came up with this heinous trash? What will these clowns tell their anxiety-ridden patrons (no, not patients) when the “pending doom of climate change” does NOT happen and the expected End Date gets pushed further and further out, ad nauseum? Are they going to claim any responsibility when/if people start jumping off cliffs** in droves because they were betrayed/lied to by their shrinks?

    This is just disgusting.

    **If you can’t tell that ‘jumping off cliffs’ is a metaphor, you have a problem, compadre.

    • My ex was a former member/victim of a rather large “religion” that starts with S. She still rather held to some of the beliefs of the group, even with the realization it was a means of extracting as much from the adherents as possible.
      Some of the green blob act in a similar way.

    • Not only that, if they follow that “mental health advice” of trying to save the world by reducing their “carbon footprint”, they will inevitably read more and more “green” propaganda (to be sure to do the right thing) and they will inevitably be informed at some point that their meaningless gestures are, well, meaningless. They don’t even have a small impact on the world’s “carbon pollution”. They have an uber-minuscule impact, like zero impact.

      • Like most forms of recycling, it’s ritual penance for alleged eco-sins, but with no possibility of absolution.

  14. reckon there mightbe a few sticker placing greenloons getting some abuse in short order;-)
    and these fwits quote lewpapers work as a guide?
    used to be the ‘ciatrists were the nutters and the ‘cologists the good guys
    now theyr all stark raving barmy
    the worried gullible dont need their delusions reinforced they need a dose of reality, turn OFF msm and the agw meme and get a life in the real world

    • When my old TV went dead, I did not replace it. I may never replace it.

      I can think of nothing worse right now than a constant barrage of info or news specifically aimed at stirring the anxieties of people who are already stressed by everyday demands. What the author of that booklet says and does is inexcusable by itself. That a psych association would endorse it makes worse.

      • Many years ago, one of my children accidentally put the TV out with a badly aimed water bomb. I calmly put it out in the garage and they waited for me to replace it…and waited. The country school asked students to watch some program or other and write an essay on it. This, the kids thought would force me to get a TV. I assigned them essays and sent notes to their teachers (6 kids). They got excellent mark’s on their essays and I never bothered to buy one.

      • Mine has an off knob. It functions well for playing DVDs of programs that are worth watching and provides background noise that improves my ……..oh, shiny….what was I saying? (Maybe not as well as I think!!)

  15. A lot of the things that is described under the Model the pro-environmental behaviours that you would like other people to take up is nothing but virtue signalling. You put your helmet on my desk so people can see how concerned I am about the environment and by the way I am really healthy. Attaching stickers is also another way to virtue signal.

    • You -may- be somewhat fit from bike riding, but “health” and “fitness” are not the same thing at all and their intersection is limited to poorly designed observational studies that amount to data massaging. Ditto “health” attained from kale, non-GMO’s, gluten-free, veganism, etc.
      The bottom line here is virtue-signaling and attempting to “normalize” the Left’s anointed behaviors. IOW, recruitment of people suffering from generalized anxiety disorder.

      • “poorly designed observational studies”
        gave us:
        “the ‘flu’ vaccine protects as much from influenza and non influenza flu syndromes”

  16. I love this one:

    Take care not to repeat the myth up front when you are debunking it. This can often reinforce it! Instead, start with the facts.

    The “facts” include accepting as Gospel, climate forecasts that have not yet happened and in most cases, won’t happen for many years. Not only are future predictions elevated to “fact” status, even predictions generated by unfalsifiable virtual modeling computer programs have the presumption of fact-hood for CAGW alarmists. Watch almost any Potholer54 YouTube video for examples.

  17. If they really want to sell the product, they should come up with a good, catchy song, like The Greenican Rag”.
    “First you get down
    On your knees”…
    etc. It would be awesome, especially the part that goes “virtue signal, virtue signal virtue signal!”

  18. The advice is laughable, but predictable, engage in virtue signalling and you will feel better (the bike helmet on the desk).

  19. Reduce, reuse, recycle, repair …

    So, there are people who don’t throw stuff out because they think they can reuse it or repair it. Those people are called hoarders.

    What if, in the name of green ecology, society becomes a collective hoarder? We’ve arrived at the place where there is no market for recycled stuff. link The greenies won’t let us burn our garbage. We will soon be building ski hills out of recyclables. Eventually we won’t be able to move around. Our highways will run through tunnels in the garbage. 🙂 (maybe I got a bit carried away there.)

    • Not to worry. Large enough garbage dumps become sources of methane. There are at least two in my county that are being mined for methane.

      There is a recycling center that I take cat food cans to, and get a dollar per pound for the aluminum, and another that recycles paper, including newspapers. Organic garbage can be composted (it is around here) and sold as garden soil, earthworms included.

      However, midden kitchens are garbage dumps from old societies that allow archaeologists to get an idea of what people used and ate back in Them There Olden Times, so don’t despair. Some future archaeologists will ponder our ski hills made of empty bleach bottles and used toothbrushes, and wonder how we managed to survive without being swamped by an avalanche of it.

      • The landfill in Sarasota County captures the methane and uses it to power the trucks that pick up the trash.

    • In that vein, is “graywater” what I think it is? As in recycling and drinking your own PEE? If virtue-signaling has extended this far, time for a comfortable chair, a 12-pack and popcorn!

      • Greywater is usually water from washing and bathing, not usually sewage per se. However, if you are downstream from a city and draw your drinking water from the same river, your scenario is correct.

        • RVs deal with this, rule is always dump gray with sewer, but depending on what is put in is not usually bad and rule is sometimes necessarily, and not so necessarily, ignored. Houses could do much better job, even putting air conditioner condensation into sewer, but more easily diverted. There are better solutions to save water than we got with commodes.

          How much recycling is actually cosmetic, therefore counter-productive? Like ethanol.

  20. Honestly, to all those distressed by the gloomy climate prospects you are being fed: Go outside. Watch the clouds. Feel the wind. Get soaked by the rain. Sit on the porch and listen to the thunder and see how the lightning flashes brightly when convective weather passes through. And as you grasp what is happening to heat, as the weather is being driven by the atmosphere’s intensively coupled interaction with the surface, you can lose your fear of greenhouse gases.

  21. Eric, I, too, am appalled. To exploit and recruit The the ill into the breach of climate activist hysteria is immoral, nevermind the professional misconduct on display. Did you note the
    synonyms of a type of suffering they listed with stressed at the end which is part and parcel of the others?

    The science (art) of psych is now fully corrupted. USSR used their psychologists also to sociopolitically manipulate people. Recall the epidemic of Cimate Blues that ended the careers of a number climate scientists and how the cause was egregiously rationalized by psychologists treating them? The patients “explained” that it was because they were working away at revealing that we were heading toward a planetary disaster and they couldn’t get anyone to listen to them.

    Staring them in the face was a powerful vector. Temperatures had stopped rising for over a decade during which CO2 had risen ~30% and each year forward added another flat to modestly declining data point. It was here that sceptics began to be a force in the hitherto runaway, almost one-sided climate debate. All of CAGW climatdom was in shock. Trenberth famously said in the climategate chronicles that it was a travesty they couldnt account for the stoppage in global warming. Over 50 reasons why it was a temporary stoppage arose from panicked cliscientists.

    “Karlization”(I was pleased to coin the term) of temperatures to erase the Dreaded Pause by a prominent scientist on the eve of his retirement was hastily cobbled together (I would love to see these emails), provides a measure of the effect the Pause was having on the consensus. Clearly the right diagnosis for the Climate Blues was shock and then D’nile. These honest scientists couldnt face the possibility that their own minds were trying to put to them, that all of their climate education and careers’ work were phlogiston and epicycles. For psychologists to enable their straw clutching rationalizations was negligence of the highest order.

    • Psychology was pretty much corrupt from day one. When you create a field of unprovable, completely subjective “diseases and conditions”, corruption occurs the minute after you start the field.

  22. Of course, the “debilitating climate angst” problem was created by the very people pushing the renewables “solution”. A bit circular, no?

  23. Mental health issues are major contributors to loss of life enjoyment and are a very real threat to overall health and longevity. Suggesting that those with delusions of catastrophe and helplessness should reinforce those delusions and try to spread them to others is like deliberately trying to spread cancer.

  24. I drove my truck to the nursery a few miles from my house a truck-load of trees had just arrived, I bought one, drove home and planted it.
    Now I feel better.

  25. This is EXACTLY the same thing as telling those who are terrified of eternal damnation that the “cure” is for them to become Missionaries to the Heathen. Same old game.

      • I was raised, or rather brainwashed, as a Catholic. I cannot tell you how hard it was for me to break loose from the mental fear they instilled in me. It was well into my 20’s. So yes it is the same.

        • Hard to break away does not make it the same thing. It’s hard to break away from peer pressure in high school but that’s not the same. It’s hard to believe in things others around you don’t, but that’s not the same thing. You blame others because you were imprisoned by your own fears. There are hundreds of things that demand loyalty and use fear and guilt to enforce it. It’s part of life.

          • PEAR PRESSURE IN HIGH SCHOOL? Not even in the ball park. When you take innocent children at a very young age and instill a fear in their very impressionable minds it is not a prison of their own choosing. Screwing up children’s minds is child abuse and it is done to ensure the future of the church.

    • Sheri, it IS the same thing. It recruiting people who are vulnerable to the deceit to proselytize for The Cause, just as proselytizing for religious groups is aimed at people who seem to be at loose ends. It doesn’t even have to be ‘to the Heathen’.

      The disastrous events at David Koresh’s compound in Texas could have been avoided if he had not intimidated his followers the way he did. Ditto the Jonestown, Guyana, massacre in the 1970s.

      My concern here is that those at loose ends who find themselves getting “support” from climate groups like the CAGWers will be persuaded to do things that they would not otherwise think of doing, and I will not speculate on what that may be.

      It IS the same methodology. The only difference is the venue: instead of religion, it is science that is being corrupted.

      • It’s the same methodology used in ALL of life. Advertisers play on the fear of looking different to sell skin disease cures. They instill guilt because you go to the bathroom too much. Sororities in colleges use this. Clubs use it. Parents use this. Heck, Santa Claus uses this.

        If we are going to do comparisons, then it should be accurate. It’s NOT just religion and singling out religion is attacking something the person dislikes. Religion is an easy and incorrect scapegoat for how humans behave in many, many areas.

  26. Eric, you are correct. The authors are not trying to help those poor distraught people but to actually get them more involved and more distraught. Their idea is to drive such folks to join more radical movements.

    My family was raised to recycle, conserve when and wherever possible. I was brought up in the Conservation movement which began in and around the end of the 19th Century. I use to ride my bike to work. Didn’t own a car that got less than 20 mpg. Living in the SE USA we didn’t use air-conditioning until I was over fifty. I stressed to those that claimed to be environmentalists and my staff that you had to lead by doing; you needed to set an example. It earned me no “brownie points” with those in modern environmental movement. I was still considered Darth Vader, from the dark side and my favorite, probably paid off by somebody. Why? because I expected government agencies, especially mine, to function within the statutory mandates and not to make it up as they went along. When I questioned the making up and misuse of scientific data I became persona non grata in my organization except by our agency leadership. I had long suspected but came to realize that many, if not most, in the environmental movement cared little about the environment and a lot about power. Debating many in my time most didn’t have a clue what they were talking about only parroting back information that some anointed one had fed them.

    • Of course their real aim is to get people all worked up and then knowing most do not know how or have the time to participate, they simply ask them to donate to the cause instead.

  27. It’s been my experience that psychologists become psychologists because they personally have psychological issues and are try to selfmedicate to understand their own psychological problems. Whilham whatyamacallit (I forgot his last name) the father of psychology and Sigmund Freud were both German basketcases and friitcases full of nutty ideas.

    It just dawned on me how much influence we have in our lives that come from old German philosophy and medical ideologies. All from Socialist point of views during their world domination era’s. The majority of our schools have transformed from being church based and community based, to anti-religion and public control indoctrination institutions since WWII. When you take John Dewey and the Frankfurt School that came to the ISA are communist influence of socialism ingrained into our schools…it’s been like an uncontrolled cancer.

    • There is a physical part of the brain that gives you a rush called an epiphany, when something happens that supports your belief system. Some psychologist in Chicago has been studying converts to extreme Islam and has found that it is a physical, NOT emotional, occurrence. It creates something similar to a physical ecstasy (not the drug, no), like a drug-induced high or a rush, which allows the conversion to be complete.

      From what I”m seeing, this is what these people are looking for – a need to “believe in Other”, some invisible something that they can’t see. But they aren’t getting the “rush” that they’re expecting, which in my view is why they are having these mental issues.

      There is a need in humans to believe in the Unseen. Charlatans take advantage of this all the time, frequently causing a great deal of harm. Unfortunately, since most of the people who are teetering on the edge of this climate belief system**, they have nothing else to fall back on including a family history of religion, and are gullible enough to listen to quacks like Gore and Lewandosky. The result is this anxiety about something, some amorphous, insubstantial thing, over which they have no control.

      Any shrink at any level who thinks it is even vaguely ethical to encourage this betrayal of trust should be exposed and brought to bear for it. It is completely despicable to take advantage of anyone this way.

      **By ‘climate belief system’, I am including the proselytizing and recruiting, presenting quacks as trustworthy, and demanding a belief in both questionable and fraudulent statements. If you think it is not a belief system, then try observing people who were NOT believers and later became ‘believers’ in both an evangelical religion and this climate belief system. They’ve gone from being uncertain and morose, to grinning ear to ear and ecstatically happy.

      • A few years ago I had an online argument with a devout atheist – that has an establishment and a following of other atheist – that her belief system and trying to convert people to be atheist and anti-religion, is the definition of a religion. The argument started over an article about tax exemptions, when the IRS was targeting conservative groups in the 2011 campaigning for the 2012 election.

        Every “socialist” ideology is based upon Marxism that is anti-religion, because it conflicts with the State being the religion the population is to have all faith and fealty with it. This is where the Leftist hate the Constitution of the United States of America that protects religious freedom and the freedom of speech. It’s also why these leftist don’t have any problems with Islamic Fascism that their religion is also their form of government and see them as allies against capitalism and for greater government control over the population.

        The Environmentalist organizations are like a religion in the same ways. And they have their radicals and/or zealots that will terrorize those that they feel are not living to their standards. They hold their beliefs so strongly that it’s a 24/7/365 obsession that mankind is destroying the planet and have to be stopped. No amount of proof to prove them wrong will enter into their minds and you’re a heretic if you even suggest they’re wrong.

  28. Why would anyone expect (1) rational thought from a bunch of psychologists and (2) actual useful treatment of mental problems. In the USA, kids are encourage to undergo hormone therapy and surgery so they can be “in the right body”, not the one they were born with. That’s encouraging mental illness. So is the gender garbage. However, if you want to control people, leaving them mentally ill and not able to function is a great way to go. Encouraging useless behavior that may make things worse makes sense. All of this makes sense if it’s not about helping humanity.

  29. Filling my Silverado crew cab with gas and going for a drive makes me feel great. Put over 700 km on one day just driving in the rural areas around Winnipeg, my wife and I had an absolutely great time that day, out exploring.

  30. Or maybe these imbeciles could read up on the Scientific Method, or actually take a science course.

    Cancel – On second thought, these twits are far too stupid to understand basic science.



    Richard Feynman on The Scientific Method (1964)

    at 0:39/9:58: ”If it disagrees with experiment, it’s wrong.”
    At 4:01/9:58: “You can always prove any definite theory wrong.”
    At 6:09/9:58: “By having a vague theory, it’s possible to get either result.”


    “By having a vague theory, it’s possible to get either result.” – Richard Feynman

    “A theory that is not refutable by any conceivable event is non-scientific.” – Karl Popper.

    The “Climate Change” hypothesis is so vague, and changes so often, that it is not falsifiable and not scientific. It should be rejected as unscientific nonsense.

    The “Runaway Global Warming” hypothesis is at least falsifiable, and IT HAS BEEN ADEQUATELY FALSIFIED:

    1. By the ~37-year global cooling period from ~1940 to 1977;

    2. By “the Pause”, when temperature did not significantly increase for almost two decades, despite increasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations;

    3. By the absence of runaway global warming over geologic time, despite much higher CO2 concentrations;

    4. By the fact that equatorial Pacific sea surface temperatures have not increased significantly since ~1982, and corresponding air temperatures increased largely due to the dissipation of the cooling impact of two century-scale volcanoes – El Chichon in 1982 and Pinatubo in 1991+;

    5. By the fact that CO2 trends lags temperature trends by ~9 months in the modern data record, and by ~~800 years in the ice core record, and the undeniable reality that the future cannot cause the past.

    In summary, there is no real dangerous global warming or wilder weather crisis. In fact, increasing atmospheric CO2 certainly improves plant and crop yields, and may cause some mild global warming, which will be net-beneficial to humanity and the environment.

    Regards, Allan

    Global warming and climate change alarmism, in a few decades at most, will be regarded as a mass delusion, and its leaders and its followers will be widely regarded as scoundrels and imbeciles.

    Quotations from the following text, written in 1841, will be cited in their epitaphs.

    Charles Mackay (1841)


    “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”

    “Of all the offspring of Time, Error is the most ancient, and is so old and familiar an acquaintance, that Truth, when discovered, comes upon most of us like an intruder, and meets the intruder’s welcome.”

  31. Global Warming Derangement Syndrome.

    Now apparently in California, “Trump Derangement Syndrome” qualifies as a diagnosis for long term disability. How long before “Global Warming Derangement Syndrome” also qualifies?

  32. But shrinks can’t recommend that their clients “wake up and smell the ruses”—i.e., shed warmist doctrine. That would scandalize their peers and superiors, and bring down a twitter storm on them.

  33. Once you see Cook or Lewandowsky referenced, or as authors, it should immediately go in the garbage where it belongs.

  34. Alfred Hitchcock material. Now they’re planning to declare people insane if they question the science. The inmates are in charge of the asylum.

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