Samoan PM Demands “Mental Confinement” for Climate Deniers

Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Aiono Sailele Malielegaoi

Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Aiono Sailele Malielegaoi. By Foreign and Commonwealth OfficeCommonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, CC BY 2.0, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele of Samoa lashed out at leaders of the United States, China, India and Australia for not doing their bit to prevent climate change.

Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele hits out at climate change sceptics during fiery speech

By Pacific affairs reporter Stephen Dziedzic

Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele has lashed out at climate sceptics and urged Australia to make deeper cuts to carbon emissions to help save Pacific Island nations from the “disaster” of climate change.

Key points:

  • Mr Sailele says “greater ambition” is needed to stop impact of climate change
  • He warns geostrategic competition is creating uncertainty for small Pacific countries
  • Australia, New Zealand and the US have been scrambling to reassert influence in the Pacific

Mr Sailele told the Lowy Institute in Sydney that climate change posed an “existential challenge” to low lying islands in the Pacific, and developed countries needed to reduce pollution in order to curb rising temperatures and sea levels.

“We all know the problem, we all know the solutions, and all that is left would be some political courage, some political guts, to tell people of your country there is a certainty of disaster,” Mr Sailele said.

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Prime Minister Sailele also criticised loans from China which he believes are burdening Pacific nations with unsustainable debt.

“Some might say there is a patronising nuance, believing Pacific nations did not know what they were doing, or were incapable of reaping benefits of close relationships with countries that will be in the region for some time to come.

“One has the tendency to be bemused by the fact that the reaction is an attempt to hide what we see as strategic neglect.”

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From a video of his comments;

… We all know the problems, we all know the costs, we all know the solutions, and all that is left would be some political courage, some political guts, to get out tell the people of your country do this, do this, the certainty of disaster. So when any political leader in Australia or in Samoa or in China or in the free countries that are responsible for all this disaster, China, India and also the United States, and any leader of this country who believes there is no climate change he ought be taken to a mental confinement, he is utter stupid, and I same the same thing for any leader here [Australia] who say there is no climate change …

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Tuilaepa Sailele seems one of the more competent and honest Pacific leaders, so its a shame to see him get the climate issue so wrong. Perhaps he should do some more research before demanding mental confinement for people who disagree with him.

169 thoughts on “Samoan PM Demands “Mental Confinement” for Climate Deniers

  1. With Google, Facebook, Twitter, Lamestream news censoring us, it is equivalent to “Mental Confinement”

  2. RE: “Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele of Samoa lashed out at leaders of the United States, China, India and Australia for not doing their bit to prevent climate change.”

    Perhaps ‘His Corpulence’ should refuse all products and tourists from the USA, China, India, and Australia, to show his determined support for the continuing climate change fraud! As for me, I’ll be taking my vacation and winter retreat dollars to Belize and Panama, so as to not offend the poi hoi polloi any further.

    • We have a lot of Samoan climate refugees in Australia and New Zealand. They are called rugby players.

    • Considering the carbon footprint of US tourists flying to Samoa, he would be a first-class hypocrite not to ban the flights. Come on, Sailele. Don’t you have the political guts to do it?

      • And about to be banned in NZ. All other “single use plastic bags”, about 90% of the total in my shopping, are fine though.

        • Surprised they’ve not banned re-usable recycled bags since they shed and decay far more toxic materials and have approximately the same lifespan as a good plastic bag.

    • Don’t forget they must be in used, unmarked,currencies of my choosing, that cannot be traced. Please arrange for anumbered Swiss bank account tobe opened in my name just before receipt of the funds! Thank you!

      • Swiss bank accounts are so last century. Nowadays the preferred, modern laundering operators are the Clinton and Obama Foundations & similar.

      • unmarked currencies are also last century. Bitcoin or other cyber currencies are all the rage among todays crooks and conmen.

    • I’ll say this for him, he didn’t actually mention the wests ‘commitment’ to hand over Billions in Climate Cash. It was all about cutting ‘pollution’. So maybe he’s a true believer and not just a rent-seekers.


    • The western media and the slathering lefties got this guy all revved up, they ought to be the ones to calm him down, not rational folk who’ve been ignored and sidelined all this time.

      I hope he continues to rant at them, I hope he badgers and harasses them, demands his coin, takes them to court – anything at all really. They promised him a lolly and he wants his lolly, let them deal with the tantrum.. It might prove a learning experience for the clod media / lefties/politicians

  3. maybe he should confine his eating habits to vegetables and fruit, rather than the copious amounts of small island children he is obviously eating.

    • Way out of date attitude. Samoa has many Christian Churches which are well attended.
      He is after monetary compensation for rising sea levels . New Zealand governments are convinced there are rising sea levels so can’t get out of being bound to “help” with donations. Drat !

      • Rising sea levels in NZ? It’s ironic that the Beehive sits of land that rose in an earthquake in the mid 1800’s.

        • The Kaikoura coast has just risen 10 to 12 metres in the earthquake (which wasn’t a very big one). So they are protected from rising sea levels for a few hundred years or so.

  4. I note the complete lack of any evidence of looming disasters for Pacific island nations. You’d think he would look to see what climate change hath wroght before mouthing off.

    • The looming disaster is the potential destruction of wealth transfer to Samoa from ‘Climate Change’ cash.

    • “One has the tendency to be bemused by the fact that the reaction is an attempt to hide what we see as strategic neglect.”
      The behavior of a petulant adolescent throwing a tantrum over not being ‘loved’ enough.

      Strategic neglect? As if our purpose is to nurture these states who have existed longer, in some form of mismanagement or another, than the United States. If Mr Sailele wishes to see the problem he only need look into a mirror.

      • Very confusing chart! Still if something is subsiding, especially near a coastline, then geological common sense would imply adjacent sea-level rise correspondingly!

      • Forget looking at tide gauges, Samoan islands are all volcanic and rise up to almost 2000m asl. If SLR was a real issue, Samoa would be a save haven.

    • Samoan islands are volcanic mountainous, like Hawaiian and Fijian, and NOT low lying coral islets. So there can’t even be any pretending that the Samoan islands are in danger from rising sea levels. (And also not in danger of tipping over.)

  5. There is certainly a lack of sanity on this earth. The global warming cadre has much to answer for.

      • The business of Samoa appears to be aid. For 2018/19 they will receive $35.5 million Australian dollars and $22.9 million NZ dollars. China contributes a much larger but more secretive amount.

        • Our aid are in the form of grants. China’s are loans; loans that they can never pay back.
          Many low lying Pacific islands became inundated 1000 years ago. I doubt t if lowering carbon dioxide emissions will achieve much.

          • In my expereince (not personally), loans that cannot be paid back often end up in repossession! Could this be China’s intent, although I hardly think they need the land?

          • “In my expereince (not personally), loans that cannot be paid back often end up in repossession! Could this be China’s intent, although I hardly think they need the land?”

            They could re-po NZ, then build a string of artificial islands all the way down there to greatly extend their borders. Then charge tolls for shipping traffic.

  6. Satellite images show large expansion of the confinement units in NW China for re-education of ethnic Muslims there. I’m sure Dear Leaders can work a deal for low cost detention for Deniers too. “Room for one more honey”

  7. “Prime Minister Sailele also criticised loans from China which he believes are burdening Pacific nations with unsustainable debt.”

    Here’s a tip: Don’t borrow the money if the rates are too high. Stay away from pay-day lenders.

    Sadly it seems they are practicing the: “Live within your means even if you have to sink into debt to do it.” philosophy.

    “Life is hard. Its even harder when you’re stupid.”

    • Yes.
      You all know how dumb the average person is.

      Half of them are dumber still.
      Hence the proliferation of pay-day lenders. Seriously.
      You haven’t the money to pay for a decent date/new washing machine/work clothes/new tyre/dental treatment – and yet you borrow at astonishing, outrageous, almost incredible interest rates.
      Do use your social network.

      Here in the UK, ‘Wonga’, tonight into administration, was (yes, past tense, thank my Gods) a leader.
      Some loans were charged at an APR of OVER 5,000% – my comment
      “astonishing, outrageous, almost incredible”
      refers. In spades.

      The trouble is, if quasi-semi-legitimate [though legal, I gather] lenders like Wonga disappear, many in the sixth and subsequent deciles will be strongly tempted to visit loan-sharks.
      And they are certainly less scrupulous than the former managers of Wonga! By far!!

      My granny said, ‘never a borrower nor a lender be’ – but I like to get interest on my savings . . . .

      • They are also warriors! So are Tongans. They are tall and become portly . It’s genetic.

        “Tuilaepa was born in Lepa, Aleipata and educated at Marist Brothers School, Apia; St Joseph’s College, Lotopa before continuing his education at St Paul’s College in Auckland New Zealand. He attended the University of Auckland where he gained his Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Commerce”
        It seems that U S contributors have not had much Geographical Education through no fault of their own ,no doubt.

          • There’s a Groucho, Harpo & Chico et al Marx Brothers School? Does this establishment offer a master’s degree in comedy?

        • It seems that U S contributors have not had much Geographical Education through no fault of their own ,no doubt.

          M E — triggered, eh? Grow a pair and then a sense of humor.

  8. His Excellency is trying to make a lot of friends. He is almost as important as a mayor of Oakland, California.

  9. Let’s face it money was a bad invention in the first place—including those large stones as currency on those Pacific islands.

  10. “…any leader of this country who believes there is no climate change he ought be taken to a mental confinement…”

    Since I don’t know of any political leader who says the climate doesn’t change, I don’t think any of them are in imminent danger of being confined.

  11. “Prime Minister Sailele also criticised loans from China which he believes are burdening Pacific nations with unsustainable debt.”

    China is discovering what the US learned a couple of decades ago.

    Deadbeats will use any excuse to not pay back their debts.

    Nobody forced them to take those loans. The fact that they went to enriching cabinet ministers instead of economic development is not the fault of the lending country.

    PS: The irony is rich here. China was one of the countries who in the past defended the deadbeat nations.

    • “that climate change posed an “existential challenge” to low lying islands in the Pacific”

      Remind him how many new low lying islands China just built…and put military bases on them…
      …then ask him if he thinks they are smarter than China

    • The difference is that China will send the bailiffs in, even if that means throwing out the current inhabitants and keeping the island because it’s the only thing those inhabitants have of any value.

    • “The fact that they went to enriching cabinet ministers instead of economic development is not the fault of the lending country.”

      I think it is in part at least. As we all know Globul Warming is all about creating & establishing a Globul (Socialist) Guvment to redistribute the Western democracies (or whats’s left of them) wealth globully!!!!

  12. This all boils down to a really good shoe in December, at the upcoming “climate” talks. Popcorn futures are up. Buy now, before they become astronomical. I can hear the drum beats now, saying We want Yourmoney Now! We want Yourmoney Now! Here’s what I predict: It all falls apart in December. The demands for money, the hypocrisy, and the lies, lies, lies all self-deconstruct. Now popcorn futures, that’s a tricky thing. But buy now. Better than to be sorry later, no?

  13. Oh I see. How stupid I am. Pollution is the problem…….. what kind of exotic gases do you have to inhale to comeup with this money based garbage? He wants free lunch. I alsi want free lunch but don’t lie to try and get it. Who filled his head with such magic? Is there ONE person on Samoa with a credible geological education? Seems not.

    • Being locked in a mindset where everyone is an enemy if they deviate from the climate cathecism by a hair’s breadth. It’s a very narrow space.

    • It’s like those nightmares where you are tying to escape, but are running through chest high water, and then realizing its not water, but stupid people…and you’re not asleep.

    • Mental Confinement = the Magic Thought Bubble (MTB)

      Brought on by long term use/consumption/ingestion of chemicals that depress/slow physical and *especially* mental activity in humans

      Such things include cannabis, alcohol and all forms of sugar (cooked starch, sucrose, dextrose and fructose)
      The chronic mental slowing leads to what is classically called Depression or constant feelings of sadness and the state of being ‘morose’ Also easily triggered feelings of guilt, a slowing of thinking process and the destruction of self-confidence.
      Supposedly treatable with Prozac but since it has no active ingredient, you need to be inside an MTB for it to work. (Placebo Effect)

      All those depressant chemicals also promote Dopamine release, creating fast-acting yet very short-term feelings of wellness & happiness.
      BUT due to a process called Homeostasis, the users require ever increasing amounts of the chemical.

      Contrary to (previous) popular opinion but now being recognised, it is the consumption of sugar that makes people obese, NOT saturated fat.
      When was the last time this guy saw his own feet or his willy apart from reflected in a mirror?

      *He* is in the mental confinement and as so nicely demonstrated here, the prisoners don’t even know what happened. The bubble works to protect & reinforce itself at all times and will quickly become physically & verbally violent when threatened.

      Look at his photo.
      Without thinking what are your First Impressions, as used by womenfolk to assess/rate potential mates since forever.
      (You only get one shot at that, you CAN NOT have time to think)

      Now, where *did* all the babies go?
      What *has* happened to birth rates in Western societies?
      Why do girls at dating agencies *always* ask for a GSOH?
      Actually = an actual demonstration of self confidence & quick wittedness, because, if your humorous comment or joke falls flat, without self confidence you wont go there again *and* The Girl will use those ‘Boots were made for walking’ as the song goes.
      Skyrocketing divorce rates anyone?

      Is an MTB telling *you* that there are no babies because *you* are sooooo clever, intelligent, rich and humorous/good-natured- because those are exactly the attributes that would attract fertile women (witness Mr Trump) and promote baby production.
      And all your friends and acquaintances agree with you as *they* are inside MTBs also and haven’t the self confidence to say otherwise?
      Is an MTB telling *you* that *you* understand the GHGE or will you need something to eat and/or a glass of whiskey to help you relax while you think about it.
      Case is proven methinks…..

      • and you want the really bad news?

        Tough, I’m telling you anyway.

        If you are male in the UK and your waist is greater than 37 inches, you are classed as potentially obese, you have eaten too much sugar and with 97%+ certainty you are inside an MTB.

        Does anyone think it ‘strange’ that the figure in the US is 40 inches?

        And you thought only Warmists were want to ‘move the goalposts’
        Oooof, not *another* sign of MTB confinement – see how it reinforces and protects itself.
        No, it is NOT normal.

        And very quickly (First Impressions – no thinking), what is going through your head right now?
        If you paused to think, you were working out how to lie, call-a-friend, which authority to appeal to, how pass the buck and/or insult me without being sent into moderation…….
        i.e. Protect the bubble..

      • “Such things include cannabis, alcohol and all forms of sugar (cooked starch, sucrose, dextrose and fructose)”

        Wow, usually these show up near the ends of your diatribes.

  14. Maybe he should realize his ancestors only came there some 3,500 years ago. Long after the Interglacial Holocene Climate Optimum had sea levels higher than now. Only idiots and fools live in places where the high water marks of the past are obvious. Because they think that will never happen again.

  15. I actually agree with him that anyone who denies that climate changes is material for the looney bin…

    • I was thinking the same, but he didn’t name any names. As always, people who like to bandy the D-word around never actually take the time and trouble to be precise about what is being denied and who is denying it.

  16. … any leader of this country who believes there is no climate change he ought be taken to a mental confinement …

    Practicing medicine without a license.

  17. Prime Minister Tuilaepa Aiono Sailele Malielegao. He speaks like a fat, deluded person, who wants his money NOW.

  18. Hasn’t he noticed that islands such as Tuvalu have survived CAGW and Super Moons despite the past hype?
    Tuvaluians aren’t treading water despite the hype.
    I don’t think he’s concerned so much about more “blue” but le$$ “green”.

  19. So why aren’t they aiming these shrill demands at those who promised them this recompense in the first place? This is like the child who didn’t get any ice cream from his mother holding her responsible after someone else told them she would give it to them.

  20. The climate is always changing, always has, always will. There is no such thing as a stable climate. Do you deny that? if you do you are a climate change denier and you deny the climate sceptic position.

  21. If the nation-islanders had any serious concern about being inundated you would think they might have come up with a few simple concrete (literally and figuratively) plans other than just building more airports to accommodate increased tourism. Before demanding money they ought to have a costed construction plan (other than construction of a new des-res for each lucky bureaucrat), but it usually seems to be “give us the money first and then we’ll decide how to spend it”.

    • That Mr Hart is precisely why the Climate deals all fail. These recipients of free dosh are required to do certain things with as part of the cash for free arrangement! Unfortunately, said recipients don’t want to spend it on things like equality of life, rights, opportunities, the education of women & girls, etc! Prime example in the UK, India is planning to put a man on the moon in the next few years, & we all know how expensive that task is, monetarily & in Human terms. So good old Tony Blair arranged for £2 Billion to be paid to India for the Woman & girls education programme, because the Indians didn’t want to “waste” the money!

  22. Sounds like the guy is stressed from overwork.
    He should take a walk along one of Samoa’s golden sand beaches, and see for himself just how far the sea level has risen in his lifetime.

  23. The Alarmists have managed to scare Prime Minister Sailele to death with their CAGW lies.

    He’s *really* going to be angry when he finds out CAGW was all a hoax.

    • Nah, they didn’t scare him. They promised him a bill of goods (free climate ca$h) that never materialized. He’s not scared, he’s angry he’s not getting the green stuff ($$$$) he was promised.

  24. In one of the Pacific Islands, possibly Samoa or maybe Fiji, human cannibalism continued until quite recently. At a restaurant if you ordered a delicacy called “long pig”, you could taste for yourself the product of this activity.

  25. QUESTION: What the hell is a “climate skeptic”?

    I cannot think of a single human being in all of my life so far that has doubts that climate exists. There are NO climate skeptics.

    Again, is there a secret meaning to this word that some people are trying to force onto the mass understanding of this word’s dictionary meaning?


    the weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period.
    “our cold, wet climate” ·
    synonyms: weather pattern · weather conditions · weather · atmospheric conditions
    a region with particular prevailing weather conditions.
    “vacationing in a warm climate”
    synonyms: region · area · zone · country · place · clime

    A “climate skeptic”, then, would be somebody who is doubtful of prevailing weather conditions over a long period.

    Shall we now discuss “solar skeptics”, “species skeptics”, or any other word of choice to which we can attach the word, “skeptic”, to mean any damn thing a group of piers might want it to mean, but it does NOT ?

      • Hey, now that’s a step too far! Next you’ll being saying Santa Claus doesn’t exist, or even the Tooth Fairy!!!!!

        • The tooth fairy definitely exists. A couple of weeks ago I gave her a dollar to put under our daughter’s pillow.

    • With that definition I am quite doubtful about whether ‘climate’ exists in the British isles.

      All we ever get is weather. We can have warm winters and cool summers. We can have heat waves followed by frost the next day. You really can’t tell what we’re going to get next….

      • Donald Trump said about climate change that it’s only weather, and that’s probably the most intelligent, insightful, brillant statement on climate change by a politician.

    • A scientist is, by definition, a skeptic. Let’s start with that. And end with it. (Thank you Richard Feynman.)

  26. You can threaten to fine us, send us to re-education camps, jail us, kill us, and now send us to the loony bin, but you can’t silence science. It’s been tried many times throughout history, and every time those who have tried are the eventual losers.

  27. I guess he did not read the report that since the end of WW2 his islands have become slightly larger.

  28. Never seen chemtrails this bad – 8 days straight of brown nano metal spray in SoCal. The drought is man made alright.

  29. Mencken wrote, “the progress of knowledge is less a matter of accumulating facts than a matter of destroying “facts.” … the more ignorant a man is the more he knows, positively and indignantly.

  30. “Tuilaepa Sailele seems one of the more competent and honest Pacific leaders, so its a shame to see him get the climate issue so wrong.”

    Wow. Seems he is right on track. Good for him, and the people he speaks for.

    • Bad for him and very bad for the people rules over. He is convinced he has no control over his life and his people are helpless, at the mercy of other countries. That’s a very poor life philosophy that always leads to failure.

  31. Mental confinement? So he wants skeptics to suffer the same prison the believers throw themselves into?

  32. Ah well, so much for not believing in real science. Would he care to explain what the people of about 7,000-9,000 years could have done to stop the submergence of the monolith they set south of Sicily, that is now about 130 feet below sea level?

  33. Nobody make the Samoans borrow from China, and the rising water issue is caused by the over pumping of ground water causing the ground level to sink.

    • Don’t their fishermen use dynamite or somesuch to blow up the local coral to get at more fish? That also contributes to a sinking island!

    • It’s like pron. He can’t define it, but knows it when he sees it. He’ll let you know when he sees enough of it. Which will probably be never.

  34. In France, being Trump-like, speaking like Trump, is the considered an abomination. Our politicians are so nuanced, intellectual, refined. Speaking frankly is a sign of going “extreme right” or “populist” whatever that is.

    French politician “NKM” (Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet), formerly (*) in the French “conservative” party(**) is a moderate, the icon of progress, the woman with French woman mythical qualities (***). Also, NKM probably doesn’t eat much (or at all).

    (*) NKM left politics very recently
    (**) French conservative = the equivalent of the UK New Labor according to an involuntary moment of clarity of then-current French President Nicolas Sarkozy (that was before the Corbynization of the Labor obviously)
    (***) qualities that US women magazines would like readers to believe are typical of French women (grace, distinction… think Sarah Palin, then think opposite)

    NKM studied at “X” (Ecole polytechnique), the most prestigious French engineering school (it’s a military school, they open the military parade every July 14th). So NKM is considered an elite inside politics where most high level politicians are non scientists and from Science Po/ENA (Ecole nationale d’administration) cursus (where they are brainwashed with pro state leftist nonsense).

    In 2015, NKM said on national TV that those skeptical of “climate” (can you even “doubt” climate?) are “des connards”. I don’t know the equivalent in strength of that insult, I think @ss h0les is close enough; “connard” is often used, and not very strong in everyday language, but for insults the context matters. In an interview it’s extremely strong: nobody respectable says that on TV. Ever. Not a chance. Not even a vulgar man. You can say it in private, but not on TV.

    It’s just unthinkable that anyone would qualify a whole group of French people that way on TV.

    It’s just unthinkable^2 that a politician who still tries to be electable (that is, not a bitter loser who is leaving politics anyway) would say that.

    It’s just unthinkable^3 that a polite, “progressiste”, nice, cause-friendly (for any progressive cause), womanly woman would say that.

    It there was one politician the average French citizen would not believe is capable of saying “connards” in public, it would have been NKM.

    But then the context is extravagant: on leftist channel Canal+, they were apparently talking about… Philippe Verdier who used to work in French state channel weather service and his book “Climat Investigation” which was discussed on WUWT: Philippe Verdier does NOT deny climate change; Philippe Verdier says that climate change IS a problem.

    NKM just needed that affirm her ineptness in that moment of hate against someone who is NOT a so-called “skeptic” of “climate”.

    • French sheep bucking the climate change Final Solution is like expecting Vichy France to have opposed the Nazis and the SS. (They were all on the same page.)

  35. How far the mentality of communist thought has spread. It’s settled science that the UN demands an end to capitalism. It’s settled in their minds as that was the agenda to end democracy in the first place. With the promise of a redistribution of wealth, like welfare, it’s not wealth at all except for the ability to produce, once spent, they are still broke. It lines the pockets of corrupt officials in foreign countries, who should be careful of what they are saying.
    Since in my view, I see them as agents that are trying to extort money and/or destroy the basis of American society, the consequences may not be to their liking. The irony is that if America ever does go Communist, that government will give lip service to climate change and go after the people demanding money. They will be silenced very quickly. I’ll be lauded as a working class hero and they will be lined up against a wall somewhere. Not that life will be any better for me. Just not as bad.

  36. “Prime Minister Sailele also criticised loans from China which he believes are burdening Pacific nations with unsustainable debt.”

    Simple solution, stop taking out loans and only spend within your means. Don’t blame the one loaning to you because you are too stupid to live within your means.

  37. The guy is a shmo(an). By urban dictionary definition, having the parents of a Smurf and a Snork.

  38. ‘Mr Sailele told the Lowy Institute in Sydney that climate change posed an “existential challenge” to low lying islands in the Pacific’

    Uhh . . . you know, Samoa is MOUNTAINOUS. The Lowy Institute must be weak on geography.

  39. I have a “mental confinement” to reality and not the pipe dreams and fantasies of the left-wing fanatics.

  40. The Samoans are a great people. Just so distinctive in the World’s passing parade. It is a real pity, therefore, that they have elected this bludging, rent-seeker to speak for them.

  41. I would instead suggest compulsory engineering training for politicians who would then realise that no matter how academically able scientists are they are more ignorant than an average man in the pub when it comes to practical ability.
    To fail to grasp that the instrumentation and the environment aspects, like how built the area is and how close the measurement is to buildings or tarmac, when it is part of the site specification shows a dismal lack of training and practical good sense. A lack of sense not displayed in the majority of children over ten years old of engineers.

    Peer review is not a satisfactory test as it allows the failings of a group to be perpetuated where an outside examiner has different skills that would highlight the deficiencies.

    Also why are we expected to accept the views of ignorants politicians with no expertise in anything but spouting lies and platitudes?

  42. Eric,
    I agree entirely with your view that the Samoan Prime Minister is a compétent and honest leader.
    His views on Climate Change are, I believe,misguided.
    The statements he makes are sad.
    However, I would counsel people here against sneering at him on the ground that he is only in it for the money.
    While it is true that the Pacific Island Leaders are naturally driven by the money available to developing countries under the UN FCCC, it should be appreciated that they believe in Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming.
    Many have been led to believe that their Island States are at genuine risk this Century.
    It is hard to be critical of these leaders when one reads the views of former President Obama and the majority of the US Supreme Court who have been convinced that Massachusetts is at serious risk of inundation this century.

  43. Just agree with him, and tell him the first thing on the agenda is to ban all unnecessary air travel, i. e., tourism. And since we are correcting the ‘problem’, there is no reason to distribute money for abatement.

  44. It is always an easy way out to find a scapegoat and demand its punishment rather than doing its own, political, job. Righteous.

    Not a really new phenomenon.

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