Friday Funny: Colorado Snowflakes Fume Over Starbucks Mug Featuring Oil Pump Rig

From the “visual intolerance” department comes this hilarious bit of whining…

starbucks colorado mugFrom the Washington Times:

Less than two weeks after putting the kibosh on plastic straws, Starbucks has run afoul of the environmental movement with a newly released mug showcasing Colorado’s oil-and-gas industry.

The blue Colorado mug, part of the coffee giant’s “Been There” series touting the distinctive features of U.S. states and cities, included drawings of bighorn sheep, pine trees, mountains, skiers — and a drilling rig. [oil pump aka “pump jack” -ed.]

Fracking foe Heidi Henkel of Broomfield called it “super insensitive,” while the anti-fracking group North Range Concerned Citizens launched the hashtag #oilandgasisnotcolorado.

“An oil rig doesn’t represent Colorado. Colorado is colorful; Colorado is scenic,” North Range co-founder Susan Noble told Denver7 News. “An oil rig represents the dangers to our children’s health; it represents the dangers to our air; it represents the dangers to our landscape.”


No response @Starbucks ? It is time to remove these from the shelves. 

Starbucks’ Colorado ‘Been There’ coffee mug sparks controversy

Starbucks’ latest Colorado coffee mug captures the mountain essentials, but one element included on the cup is brewing up, what some might call, a venti sized controversy.

North Range Concerned Citizens@NRConcerned

Wtf, @Starbucks? Who paid you?

Dan Haley, president of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association, said the inclusion of the oil-and-gas industry was appropriate, given its 150-year history and impact on the state.

“With over 100,000 workers and an annual economic impact of more than $31 billion, we are a central pillar of our state’s economy,” Mr. Haley said. “Like Palisade peaches, Coors beer, and the Denver Broncos, local energy production is about as Colorado as it gets.”

Fans of the industry countered on Twitter with their own hashtag: #oilandgasIScolorado.

Jake Taylor@jp_taylor88

Hey @Starbucks I think this mug perfectly represents ! Everything on here is something that makes CO great!

Starbucks did not immediately return a request for comment.

Starbucks drew cheers from environmentalists after announcing July 9 that it will phase out its plastic straws and replace them with strawless lids and “alternative material” straws, a move aimed at reducing ocean waste.

Critics have countered that it takes more energy to produce paper straws and that plastic straws represent a minute percentage of the waste, pointing to a recent study showing that 93 percent of ocean plastic pours in from 10 rivers in Asia and Africa.

Advocates for the disabled have also slammed the company’s move, pointing out that many customers with disabilities cannot drink their beverages without plastic straws.

Read more at The Washington Times

Gosh, what a bunch of whiners. I suppose this image done by a professional photographer to showcase the beauty and productivity of Colorado won’t help.

Enviros need to learn to pick their battles. This one makes them look petty and intolerant.

I need to learn to resist the urge to tell them to STFU when I see stuff like this. 😉

130 thoughts on “Friday Funny: Colorado Snowflakes Fume Over Starbucks Mug Featuring Oil Pump Rig

      • Besides, whoever “designed” this mug should be sacked immediately. It’s looks like sh*t. The most awful random collection of junk images I’ve ever seen. It looks like a 5 year old drew it using MS Paint.

        You would think Starbucks would want something people would want to see and use, so that it acts as brand advertising. The best anyone will do with this is put it in the shed to store nails in.

        • Well obviously you do not understand how it looks when you are stoned out of your mind.

        • You would think Starbucks would want something people would want to see and use
          Why would you ?, who actually gives a toss about the cup, only the size matters surely.
          Its the drink not the cup people pay for,, all cups are equal

          • Actually it is a good example of modern art, plus it reflects current life. Fracking is a God-send to make life better for everyone. Only the far-left is blind to reality.

      • Amazing no one complained that the mug was made in China by child slave labor and fired using electricity from coal fired power plants, transported by a bunker oil Chinese tramp steamer and delivered to the Starbucks locations by diesel powered trucks. Along with their favorite fair trade organic chai soy lattes of course.

        • Shoshin :
          Ssshhhh ! Next thing you know you will be accused of UPSETTING
          someone ! Can’t have that !
          Talk about living in a bubble with your own alternative reality !
          Who needs VIRTUAL REALITY GLASSES…’s already here !

    • nope, just let the greenies know that they are misinterpreting the artistic representation/depiction of that specific cutting edge windmill design.

    • Another look at the mug “obviously” shows that the derrick has been decommissioned.

      “This is a good thing,” says the starbucks PR folks, “it can show how Colorado is moving into the future and away from fossil fuels. We think our artist has done a fantastic job”

    • It’s a Seesaw for children, counter weighted for one fat child, we are so inclusive and tolerant, fat kids will get invited by the skinny kids just to make it work. Social engineering at its best.

  1. The greenies in Boulder (a couple of miles from Broomfield) are unhinged over oil drilling near the surrounding cities. They are trying to shut down all drilling in the area. Of course they refer to it as “Fracking” which is just one portion of the drilling process, showing their ignorance. The City Council of Boulder has hired an attorney to sue Exxon Mobile similar to the suites in California and New York that have recently been shut down. I wish they would outlaw petroleum products in their (our) county so the greenies would have their dream come true. (sarc)

    • Boulder is also the one that passed a law saying that airplanes couldn’t fly lower than (something like) 10,000 feet over the city. It seems that an airplane towed an advertising flag over CU stadium during one home coming football game and some old lady complained that it interfered with her quality of life. Of course they had to resend it when the FAA threatened to shut down the Boulder Airport.

      Boulder became the eastern province of the ‘Land of Fruits and Nuts’ a long time ago, which actually helped me since I made enough money selling my mountain house to buy a 44 ft. sailboat and spend 6-7 years sailing the Gulf, Florida, East Coast and N.W. Caribbean before returning to consulting. That made up for the 30-35 years of 60 to 80 hour work weeks.

    • These folks have a perfect way to object: simply refuse to accept money, and refuse the benefits of oil, or the use of oil products.

  2. I suppose it could be airbrushed into a marijuana joint by the end of the weekend along with extensive mandatory training of the employees on correctness.

    • and here I thought the government was our savior.

      Did anyone ever get punished for this nonsense? That was a real environmental disaster, unlike the magical CO2 nutrient.

    • Just shows how little they know about a subject they claim to be so important to them and the future of the air, the children , the world, life on Earth …..

      Calling that image a drilling rig is the final proof they don’t know jack.

    • I guess that is the idea, but the drawing is so cartoonish that one is hard pressed to explain how that thing could bring oil out of the ground.

    • However, you have to have a drilling rig to drill the hole for the pumping jack. So…

      • And you have to have an extending crane to build a large building but a building is not as crane and the crane is removed before the building is finished. SO!

    • Want to? It’s been done…and continues apace. (Sigh.)

      I wonder if a modern Diogenes could find a single environmental wacko honest enough to actually NOT be routinely using hosts of petroleum-based products each and every living moment of their lives?

    • Exactly … I have been SHOCKED at the gawd AWWWWWFUL wind “farms” (sorry, farms sounds too bucolic) littering pristine landscapes across our great and beautiful country. They are abhorrent monuments to stupidity. Don’t call them farms … call them blights. Wind blights. View blights. Vista blights. Eco blights. Landscape blights and insults.

      I still recall Santa Barbara students protesting the visual blight of offshore drilling platforms in So Cal. After they had finally learned that tar on the local beaches was from NATURAL seepage (not oil “spills”) … they attacked the “visibility” of the platforms as UNacceptable. Yet now, take it up the visual arse for wind blight. Smh

    • In actuality, most of the state is not well suited for wind power, despite subsidies. There are some good spots on the Eastern and Northeastern plains of Colorado, however, from the generation perspective, ignoring negative impacts (high cost, bird slicing, etc.).

  3. I’ve never seen a bigger group of unhinged lunatics in my life & I lived through the 60’s.

  4. Fracking foe Heidi Henkel of Broomfield called it “super insensitive,”

    I was going to say something along the lines that she should be the poster child for “super-hyper-sensitivity” but there are so many others that would also qualify on a variety of subjects.

    But I do wonder about her genealogy. Can she see herself when she looks in a mirror? Is she related to Dracula?

  5. it strikes me there is great potential there for graffiti – ‘drill rigs’ with the letters MAGA underneath. How about Drill Baby Drill – MAGA or even Frack Baby Frack – MAGA

  6. It’s super insensitive to pick on people trying to make a living providing a much needed resource!

  7. Just for the record, that is not a “drilling rig” nor a “oil rig”. That is a pump jack. These are installed after the well is drilled. The pump jack simply pumps oil out of the previously drilled well.

  8. Enviros need to learn to pick their battles. This one makes them look petty and intolerant.

    … and stupid, and ignorant. I don’t see a drilling rig. I do see a pump jack.

  9. As has been pointed out, the image is not a drilling rig but a pump to bring up oil.

    Makes me wonder what they would say if the pump was driven by a windmill like the plains’ farms water pumps used to be?

  10. No one ever said “People’s Republics”, like Boulder, had populations able to apply their brains to any but narrow subjects. Boulder depends on taxes—federal and state—much derived from oil. And, of course, without cheap energy and the many things oil makes possible many of these same screaming people would probably starve.

    • ” probably starve ” or freeze.
      Winter temperature in Boulder often goes below -20° F.

  11. “I need to learn to resist the urge to tell them to STFU when I see stuff like this.”
    For the sake of us all, PLEASE DON’T. There is a limit, we cannot allow the lunatics to completely take over the asylum.

  12. Anthony, your STFU is better heard than mine! Say it again. Say it again louder!

    About pump jacks; the pump is at the end of the bridle at the head, and sucker rods all the way down at the bearing zone.

          • For your further edification:

            * LOL = Laugh Out Loud

            * WTF = What The F___ [not to be confused with WUWT = Watts Up With That]

            * ROTFLMAO = Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A__ Off [sometimes shortened to just LMAO = Laughing My A__ Off]

            * IMO = In My Opinion

            … and there’s surely a bunch more, but the above are probably the most popular and frequently used.

            Now let’s use them in sentences, as an exercise:

            WTF is up with the IPCC and the Green Climate Fund ?
            IMO the greenhouse effect is not well established.
            Whenever someone cites Dr. Mann as a supporting reference, I LOL.

  13. Antifa will probably step in and handle this in their own diplomatic way. Shame on Starbucks. … and nobody noticed they used a blue colored goat image too? As a proud Capricorn I am OUTRAGED!!
    Not to mention the kayak, a representation of rotational molding of oil-based plastics.

    • looks like an automated laxative insertion device to help the unicorns produce their magical farts. I don’t see what the fuss is about.

  14. Why not change the pumping jack drawing on the mug with one of a scene of mountains covered with windmills and solar panels. This would shows how the greenies would like colorful and scenic Colorado to look.
    Also don’t allow them access to any fossil fuel based products.

    • Don’t production of mugs and printing images on mugs require fossil fuel products and procedures ?

      No fossil fuels = No mugs to worry about. Problem solved.

  15. My new Illinois license plates, which they apparent furnish when your car is ~16 years old, features an old style windmill on the plate.
    Talk about rubbing salt into a wound.

  16. It’s Starbucks… who give a flying @#$?

    They can’t even understand the concept of small, medium and large. I had their coffee… ONCE. Never again. I’ve had better coffee tainted with DFM and salt.

    If you want your coffee made by arrogant unhygienic booger eating morons, more power to you.

  17. Note that none of the trees on the mug have beetle kill. Why isn’t that represented on the mug. It is as much a signature of Colorado as any other thing represented on the mug, and it is a sure sign of gorebull warming as anything else in the natural environment.

  18. “An oil rig represents the dangers to our children’s health; it represents the dangers to our air; it represents the dangers to our landscape.”

    Such total crap !

    A person could also say that an oil rig represents the comfort level that humans in developed countries have achieved; it represents the ability NOT to freeze to death; it represents all the conveniences of modern civilization.

    A water faucet represents the drownings of young people every year; it represents water-board torture; it represents the horrible damage to our cities due to flooding.

    A car represents the large number of young people killed on the highways every year; it represents the high cost of mechanics; it represents running out of gas on a lonely, country backroad at night.

    The sun represents burning from UVA and UVB; it represents skin cancer; it represents crop failure from lack of rain-bearing clouds.

    • Come the day when the gas stations have attendants checking cars for obvious signs of GangGreen which when detected prompts the attendants to deny the drivers access to the fuel. ‘Sorry sir/madam, You seem to have found your way to a fuel station – our products produce CO2 and we’re here to assist you in adhering to your principles by not selling you any fuel”

      But we don’t want to upset them – can’t be discriminatory, that’s bad! ..”So we have throat-ropes which can be applied by your good selves to minimize or even halt your own personal emissions of CO2 if applied correctly, these are a courtesy item and free. Please, take as many as you wish and have a lovely CO2 free day”

      • “throat-ropes ”

        A suaver term was used by a Ring Lardner character: “hemp collars”

  19. This is nothing more than a continuation of the Leftist strategy to attack any and everything, no matter how minor that is American whether it is the founding fathers and apparently the founding documents or whether it is any representations of the real world today that someone might think make the USA look good. Their ultimate goal is to push and push until they ultimately get a violent reaction from those that have had enough. The best counter is to vote come November. Elections are won or lost by turn out. And yes, if the Left doesn’t get their way they will push even harder after the election than now but at least we have a better chance of moving farther way from the path to international socialism.

  20. To show my support for Colorado drilling, I got my mug. I was worried that Starbucks, which is 100% dependent on oil for its drive-through business, would pull the mug off the shelfs and replace it with one containing only flowers as that would offend no one and everyone (well, almost everyone that knew what happened to the other mug). I give it a week before Starbucks quietly removes this eyesore from their shelves.
    When I was on a motorcycle drive through Craig, CO, I stopped in a restaurant that proudly displayed a sign “Friends of Coal!”
    Another organization I can support having worked on a large scale Coal-to-Liquids project for 7 years in Denver. Coal powers a 1,283 MW power plant just outside of Craig, and they are proud of it. Got to love them.

  21. I don’t have ANY idea what the environuts are whining about – the pump-jacks are definitely NOT made of plastic and therefore CANNOT fill the ocean with plastic bits!

  22. They should commission a coffee mug showing the Animas River after the EPA released 3 million gallons of toxic waste into it.

  23. Gee, they should have put a pic of a coal mine on the mug…
    ‘Most of the coal used in Colorado is its own, although the state also imports coal from Wyoming. About 70 percent of the coal produced in Colorado is a high-grade bituminous coal with low ash and sulfur contents. Coal-fired power plants produce about 70% of the electricity generated in Colorado.’
    Colorado and coal – SourceWatch

  24. The mug is about the only thing I would buy at Starbucks. I don’t drink coffee and pass on their silly crunchy biscuits, but I’d support them with the cup.

  25. “I need to learn to resist the urge to tell them to STFU when I see stuff like this.”

    No you don’t! Call it like you see it.

  26. Have never bought any coffee from any of these large chain coffee shops. But where can I order one of these mugs,might be a bit expensive with international shipping (more CO2 for the plants) but I’d like one.

    James Bull

  27. ..“An oil rig doesn’t represent Colorado. Colorado is colorful; Colorado is scenic,” North Range co-founder Susan Noble told Denver7 News….

    Perhaps, to better represent modern Colorado, they could keep the oil pump but surround it with a crowd of protesters…?

    • Susan Noble: “I am shocked to find drilling going on here”
      Gas station attendant: “Your car is fueled and ready to drive”
      Susan Noble: “Oh, thank you very much”.

  28. An oil rig doesn’t represent Colorado. Colorado is colorful; Colorado is scenic,” North Range co-founder Susan Noble told Denver7 News.

    If Colorado is colorful and scenic despite the oil and gas industry, then fossil fuels can’t be having much impact.

  29. I lived in Colorado for then years. I gave my house to the bank and left when the price of oil dropped and wiped out all the jobs.

  30. This reaction by radical environmentalists is entirely consistent with the pattern of worrying more about image than substance. This rigidly enforced conformism is no different from a cult or a pseudo-religious movement that tries to coerce everyone to adopt a sacred dogma and change thier whole pattern of existence based on a belief system with no factual foundation. It is what you do to have your way when facts and reality are not on your side.

  31. Where can I get one of those cups? I’m trapped in Ohio.

    I guess Susan Noble has never driven outside of the city. These pumps are all over the place in the plains of Colorado.

  32. That is a good cup to have. Oil and gas production grows the economy…as does coal. The added plus is it drives the far-left morons crazy.

  33. I think the mug is Perfect for Starbucks. Cartoon images for cartoon coffee. Nearly 70 cartoon food items, mostly high calorie pastries. A bunch of canned drinks, mostly near a pint with lots of calories. Cartoon food items great for any fast food place.
    I like coffee with a teaspoon of sugar and some milk or cream. Dunkin’ Donuts is usually good.

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