Pope Francis: “we will leave future generations only rubble, deserts and refuse”

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Pope Francis seems upset that nations have not heeded his climate advice. But I am concerned the Pope’s increasingly pessimistic climate message may be doing greater harm to society than his holiness realises.

Pope warns climate change turning Earth into desert, garbage

Francis made the appeal at a Vatican conference marking the third anniversary of his landmark environmental encyclical “Praise Be.” The document, meant to spur action at the 2015 Paris climate conference, called for a paradigm shift in humanity’s relationship with Mother Nature.

In his remarks, Francis urged governments to honor their Paris commitments and said institutions like the IMF and World Bank had important roles to play in encouraging reforms promoting sustainable development.

“There is a real danger that we will leave future generations only rubble, deserts and refuse,” he warned.

Read more: https://apnews.com/2dc33645a7e140ffa63e9f5f3b8d2504

There is zero risk any imaginable release of anthropogenic CO2 will ruin the world. My evidence is the past geological ages of the Earth, like the age of the dinosaurs, the Cretaceous – 4C warmer than today, 1700ppm CO2. During the Cretaceous the Earth was bursting with an abundance of life.

But the Pope’s ridiculous statements on a subject he obviously doesn’t understand still have the potential to do great harm.

Consider the following:

… The tall, sharply dressed man said humans were a cancer on the Earth. He said that he resented his parents for raising him to be “super hedonistic, just monstrously gaining things.” He said he had grown nihilistic, that he wanted to take up chain smoking and die a slow death. When Schapira asked if he was angry at his family, the young man replied, “I love my family. It’s so hard to know that you only have five years left to love people.” …

Read more: https://nexusmedianews.com/uncovering-the-mental-health-crisis-of-climate-change-88cd35a1293c

People who think they are about to die don’t plan for the future. They don’t believe they have a future. Problems remain unsolved. Health issues which young people are particularly at risk from, such as sexual health or drug abuse, avoiding HIV and other deadly STDs, becomes a bad joke. Why worry about something which could kill you in ten years, when climate change will kill you in five?

Pope Francis to his credit has championed sexual health, including use of condoms. But telling people the world is about to end is in my opinion a bit of a mixed message.

The USA, like many countries, is currently facing a serious opioid abuse epidemic. I’m not saying that this is Pope Francis’ fault, overprescription of painkillers leading to vicious cycles of addiction seems a far more likely culprit.

But people who defeat opioid addiction or overcome their temptation towards other harmful patterns of behaviour have to believe in the possibility of a better future, otherwise why bother? One of the world’s leading religious figures going around telling everyone the future is “rubble, deserts and refuse” does not help people feel more positive about their future.

The Pope has the potential to do great good, his views are important to a large number of people. But a scientifically unsound message of climate pessimism is not a realisation of that potential for good.

Let us hope that the Pope broadens the range of advice he receives about climate science.


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Islam will turn the world to rubble and garbage before Climate Change ever will.


That’s just sad.

John from the EU

No, he’s right.


only rubble, deserts and refuse,” he warned.

Sounds more like the “liberated” cities in Iraq and Syria than globull warming.


It’s 1.8 billion human beings you are throwing in the trash.

holly elizabeth Birtwistle

No. Ordinary Muslims are victims too, of the tyrannical form of Islam being forced on them since it’s inception in the 1920’s in Saudi Arabia. No one blames all Muslims. It was a return to ‘fundamental Islam’ that follows the Koran to the letter, and was tyrannical even in the 7th century. Muslims aren’t allowed to leave the religion, in the Koran the punishment is death. either you convert to Islam, worldwide, or you are an infidel, also punishable by death in the Koran. Any wise person knows belief in God is a personal decision, and cannot be ‘forced’. A religion and a political system cannot be combined, as in Islam, or it simply becomes a tyranny. What Stan meant was that if the small but deadly number of Muslims who will carry out the violent dictates of the Koran aren’t stopped, they would do great harm to the world. Ordinary Muslims are caught between a rock and a hard-place, and it’s going to be a violent reform. That’s what is sad.


Stan said what he said. Your sanitized version would have been welcomed then, not after it failed under scrutiny.


Laura, but that is exactly what he was talking about, you just chose to be offended on behalf of all muslims because it suits you


The current “catholic” leadership is in bed with them, so, two prong attack on humanity.

Carbon Bigfoot

Two prongs don’t make a right—-sorry I can’t help myself!!


Depends on which way those prongs are going!


Oh just go fork yourself. (Sorry, I could not pass up the chance at a pun.)


A good friend kept trying to get the DMV to give him a vanity plate that said, “4Q2”. They never would let him have it.

Pop Piasa

Probably already was issued to a politician for display on a Tesla.

Alternatively, depends on which way that antelope is heading.

Alan Tomalty

Even more people have died because of religion than communism. Those are the 2 scourges of mankind. BTW, another top Vatican official just got charged over child porn. Another, in a long list of pedophiles employed by the Catholic Church. Since 2004, there have been 3520 Catholic priests around the world who have either been convicted or have been defrocked or have had lesser penalties from either child molestation, child abuse, or child porn.

Patrick MJD

I went to a Christian Brothers (Catholic) school in Ireland in the late 70’s. Brother Kelly is now in prison for messing with little boys. He is just the tip of the iceberg.


Of those 3520 Catholic priests did even ONE of them do time in jail ( I mean a real one , not a protection, expensed payed holiday in the Vatican “prison” with velvet lined armchairs. ).

Patrick MJD

I know Brother Kelly did go to jail. My Grandmother on my father’s side was furious that he was caught and put in jail. She simply could not believe it and rejected it outright. Maybe when she had to have an arm and a leg removed before her death that she found out there really is no God! Who knows! She, and recently my father, are dead. Buried in the family grave in Mooncoin, Waterford, Ireland.

Good riddance to bad people.

Some of my family in Ireland were Chritisan Brothers and Priests too.

(Apologies for rant Anthony/Mods)

Alan Tomalty

My figures were as of 2014, 4 years ago. And those figures are what the Catholic Church itself has admitted to. There are plenty other active cases where the church has not admitted any wrong doing. And just imagine how often it occurred before 2004. Imagine 500 years of sexual predators within the Church and everything covered up. The first cases only started showing up in the 70’s but at first the Catholic Church resisted every attempt to get to the truth. The church even relocated priests to other jurisdictions where the suspected priest had access to other children.


Careful that you don’t impugn the integrity of the Pachamama Popey.


You left out the ranks of the conquered and colonized populations as well.

“Even more people have died because of religion than communism.”

Conclusory statement: “made in an argument that states a conclusion, without any foundation, underlying logic, or reasoning.” So let’s see your numbers and their sources, Alan.

Actually communism is a lot worse because it destroyed existing functioning economies and killed off or marginalized the more competent providers of goods and services.

I am definitely not a fan of Pope Francis. However bashing religion is not a good strategy for getting more people to understand the problems with the CAGW narrative. I suggest you do some missionary work on behalf of climate realism among people who share your beliefs about religion. See https://ffrf.org/news/news-releases/item/29062-why-climate-change-is-a-state-church-issue


Alan’s statement might be defensible, if and only if one attributes all the deaths in the conquest of the New World, the European wars of religion and the Taiping Rebellions strictly to religion.

Also, are all the deaths in World War II attributable to Communism, against which Nazism was a reaction, or does the similar ideology of Fascism also bear some blame on its own for the horrors of that global conflict?

I’d say that ideologies and religions promising certainty, regardless of the specifics of the doctrine, can lead to mass murder on industrial scales.

Mussolini and Franco obviously were less mass murderous than Stalin, Mao, Ho, the Kims, Castro and Pol Pot, but then there’s Hitler. However they were all different flavors of socialist, some bloodier than the others.

Absolute numbers might not be a “fair” comparison of mass murder. Totalitarian tyrants in the 20th century had the advantage of far larger populations whom to starve, imprison, gas, gun and otherwise kill.

“When it comes to people’s beliefs about climate change, it is the religiously unaffiliated, not those who identify with a religious tradition, who are particularly likely to say the Earth is warming due to human activity.”

How about you, Felix? Perhaps you could do some missionary work regarding CAGW among those opposed to religion.

Pop Piasa

Felix, don’t forget Idi Amin.

Alan Tomalty

I shudder to think of how many Catholics and Protestants have killed each other over the years. Add in Shiites against Sunnis, witches burned at the stake, Matthew White’s The Great Big Book of Horrible Things gives religion as the cause of 13 of the world’s 100 deadliest atrocities. Since the time of the Crusades, religion has been the cause of many conflicts. 123 wars in history had religion as the cause with over 1/2 because of Islam.

The Crusades: 6,000,000

Thirty Years War: 11,500,000

French Wars of Religion: 4,000,000

Second Sudanese Civil War: 2,000,000

Lebanese Civil War: 250,000

Muslim Conquests of India: 80,000,000

Congolese Genocide (King Leopold II): 13,000,000

Armenian Genocide: 1,500,000

Rwandan Genocide: 800,000

Eighty Years’ War: 1,000,000

Nigerian Civil War: 1,000,000

Great Peasants’ Revolt: 250,000

First Sudanese Civil War: 1,000,000

Jewish Diaspora (Not Including the Holocaust): 1,000,000

The Holocaust (Jewish and Homosexual Deaths): 6,500,000

Islamic Terrorism Since 2000: 150,000

Iraq War: 500,000

US Western Expansion (Justified by “Manifest Destiny”):20,000,000

Atlantic Slave Trade (Justified by Christianity): 14,000,000

Aztec Human Sacrifice: 80,000

AIDS deaths in Africa largely due to opposition to condoms: 30,000,000

Spanish Inquisition: 5,000

TOTAL: 195,035,000 deaths in the name of religion.


On your alternate planet, US westward expansion killed 20 million people, and all in the name of religion? You honestly have convinced yourself that 20 million people died from 1776 until the closing of the frontier, c. 1899, on US soil, and that all those deaths were because of American settlers intent on spreading their religion, rather than homesteading, mining or logging?

The best estimate for North American population in 1776 is 9.86 million people. The most highly populated North American country at the time was Mexico, with some 5.43 million, followed by Central America and the Caribbean. The USA had around 2.5 million people. Thus all the Indians in what became the US and Canada numbered at most a million.

Had there been 20 million American Indians west of the Appalachians in 1776-1890, do your really think it would have been possible for isolated bands of settlers in wagons to have taken their land?

What color is the sky on your planet? Please take your meds.

The Crusades were an attempt to recapture Christian lands from Muslims. What’s wrong with that? Obviously, the Normans and other “Franks” could have done a better job of it, compared to the Mongol destruction of Baghdad, the Crusades weren’t even a drop in the bucket.

Your mostly fact-free screed left out Australian Aborigines. And of course the millions of American Indians killed by other American Indians in religious sacrifice, then eaten.

Alan Tomalty

This wasn’t my list btw. Okay take off 15 million off the total. That still leaves 180 million dead. I agree with your additions. However the Crusades were a religious war. Land was involved because it always is involved in any war.


Try taking off 19 million, plus. Probably not even close to a million American Indians died during westward expansion, from settlers. More were killed by Indians fighting each other, as had occurred for millennia. Horses and firearms allowed tribes in contact with whites to slaughter their traditional enemies.

Yes, the Crusades can be seen as a religious war, but its death toll was insignificant compared the what hit Islam from the East, ie the Mongols, Tamarlane, etc.

And reconquering lost land is totally justifiable. Islam was able to grab the Levant, Mesopotamia and Persia because the Byzantines and Persians had battered each other to pieces, which Arabs were able to pick up.

Your tally is largely a pack of lies. You’re naive and gullible, uncritically, ie cluelessly, swallowing whatever mendacities confirm your bias.

Alan Tomalty

It wasn’t my list but subtract off another 50 million and it is still higher than the number of deaths by Communism. If you want , post another corrected list and total it


How about the 30 million Africans, mostly children, who died because DDT, which essentially wiped out malaria in the 1950s, was outlawed by the “civilized” countries, due to an error-filled book about songbirds. Call it death due to political correctness.

Pop Piasa

“How about the 30 million Africans…”

They were the first humans to experience a Silent Spring because of Rachel Carson.


Western Europeans never owned the holy land. If they really cared about honorable “recapturing” they should have just given the land to Byzantines. And at that point the islamic conquests happened hundreds of years ago. It’s not like they asked the populace which ruler they wanted to serve. Though I suspect most people just wanted to be left alone. And the whole history is of course full of conquests and reconquests. Byzantines/Romans and Persians were themselves conquerors, just like the crusaders in their own home countries.

Reconquest in itself is not justifiable. It’s only justifiable if it’s worth the cost. Or are you advocating that Indian americans should take up arms against US government? Europe was a battleground and a huge mess. I’m sure we would find plenty of casus belli for war there. Send thousands of young men and women to their deaths, destroy economy, just because wrong person owned this land hundreds of years ago? Greece vs Turkey. UK vs France. Germany vs France. Finland vs Russia. It would just never end. And what does it matter what Mongols did? That’s completely separate topic.

Besides judging events that happened thousands or hundreds of years ago by today’s moral standards is a bit silly anyway. But today it has been weaponized by politicians to advance their agendas. Left thinks the crusaders prove how evil and morally corrupt Europeans were/are. Right thinks the crusaders were just and honorable war waged against evil and darkness. Both views are just stupid imo…

Sam C Cogar

This wasn’t my list btw. Okay take off 15 million off the total.

But, but, but, Alan, …… ya gotta add in all the millions of deaths that the Bible lists as being necessary “in the name of religion”.


That’s a cop out Alan. If you don’t agree with the list, then don’t post it.
Felix just pointed out one of the many problems with your list.
If you didn’t hate religion so fervently you would be able to see just how stupid you sound.


Alan : The sort of figures are vague BUT LARGE and if ONE took
the effort to add all the half-millions here and there throughout
occupied Balkan and Eastern European Countries ONE
could make this horrendous total even much larger :
“In 2005, R. J. Rummel revised his estimate of total Communist democide between 1900 and 1999 upward by 38 million to “about 148,000,000″, due to recent publications about Mao’s role in China’s Great Famine.”
In any event……far too many……….and that makes
Nothing to be proud of either way !

“AIDS deaths in Africa largely due to opposition to condoms: 30,000,000”

Really, Alan? Since Christianity and Islam clearly oppose sex with prostitutes, it’s hard to see how religion could be responsible for all those AIDS deaths.

AIDS death in Africa – NOTHING to do with religion.


Hatred of religion makes people stupid.
If two countries who aren’t both atheist fight, obviously the war was caused by religion.

Pat Frank

The Crusades followed 200 years of relentless Muslim slave raiding throughout the entire Mediterranean coast of Europe, effectively depopulating the entire southern coast of Europe. Muslims slave-raided as far West as Ireland, and northeast into the Caucasus Mts.

The Crusades were not the result of some European imperialistic impulse. They were a response to continuous military and predatory attacks of an implacable foe.

By about the 15th century, Muslims had also exterminated the Christian population of North Africa, by slave-taking, forced conversion, and murder. They nearly obliterated the North African Jewish population as well.

Muslims raided most of Sub-Saharan Africa for slaves, too, by the way. That included raiding along the entire Eastern coast and of course, the 1000-year trans-Saharan slave trade.


I’m not a fan of Francis either, and I’m one of his flock!

Prelates of all stripes should keep well clear of things they don’t understand. I realise that their approach to mankind’s welfare needs to be holistic — the care of both body and soul — but when they stray into territory that is outside their expertise it behoves them to get advice from all sides, not just the too plausible green blob!

Francis could do with a touch more faith in the God that created this earth and left mankind both to care for and to exploit it (Those of you who don’t believe had better look away now!) Someone ought to explain to him the benefits to mankind that have accrued from proper use of coal, oil, and gas, and also show him that earth was a few degrees warmer 2000 years ago when God’s Son was here dying to redeem mankind from its sinfulness.

(I don’t really care whether any of you believe that or not so please don’t start a religious argument with me. The point is that Francis does and his approach to climate doesn’t sit well with that belief for the reason I’ve just given. Looked at squarely from that angle every Christian should be sceptical of at least the more extreme predictions!)

Pop Piasa

You can blame Herr Schellnhuber for much of His Grace’s indoctrination on climate, from what I’ve seen. That fellow must have only read the beatitudes as an excuse to keep the masses humble and poor, the book of James and the accounts of Tyre and Sidon.
Yet, God told Adam to multiply and subdue the earth.

The Holy Father should consider the prophets of Baal when viewing the predictions of computers and eminent mortals…


You cannot tar all with the same brush. I was brought up as a catholic and never encountered any such abuse from clergy. However, I did meet a nasty visiting film person who I deeply distrusted. Some of the nuns were just bossy and unpleasant if they didn’t like a particular child. I am now an anglican but I hope that people realise there are baddies in all walks of society. The church certainly should not ever countenance or hide evil- doing.
I cannot refer to the present incumbent as ‘his holiness’. Anything that goes against the common good is evil, by definition.



Had you been an altar boy, odds are good that you would have been abused.

But you’re right, there are pervs in the public schools as well as the parochial, Prods and Catholics.

The difference is that, in Catholic parishes, offending priests were simply transferred, and covered for by their bishops, rather than fired and prosecuted, as in the public and Prod schools.


Total BS Alan.
Hatred of religion makes people stupid.


Nonsense. If you take the casualty figures from every religious war and persecution in history, and compare them with (only!) the twentieth century wars and persecutions by atheist Communism, you will find that Communism’s big century beats everybody else in history by about 250 million to 300 million. (Depending on which estimates you choose.)

But I’m sure that making up statistics keeps you warm and happy.


You can’t talk about the Pope’s mates like that.


comment image


Yes… Just like silly climate change predictions, I’m still waiting for that claim to come true.

Jimmy Haigh

Speak for yourself you pontificating old fool.


Yep, then ask him about the end game.


Start taxing volcanos big guy


Brilliant, volcanos aren’t the problem. And you would now that if you had done any reading on the topic at all.

Patrick MJD

I think those on Hawaii might have something different to say about that.


How so… significant eruptions cool the planet.


So massive amounts of CO2 cool the planet?

Good to know.


CO2 of course not, but with an injection of tons of SO2, as that forms drops (aerosols) if the eruption is strong enough to reach the stratosphere. With the 1991 Pinatubo that happened, but the cooling effect was only a few years until most of the drops were falling out of the stratosphere.


Why do you say of course not?

Under various conditions, CO2 can and does cool the air and surface.

Alan Tomalty

The thousands of volcanos underneath the sea bed must have some play in the climate. No one has any numbers on the amount of CO2 they spew.

At the high pressure in the deep oceans, the ocean waters are undersaturated for CO2, thus most of CO2 – and other gases like SO2 – simply dissolve in the huge mass of water with lots of (bi)carbonates already present there, that doesn’t make much difference. Only if there are massive eruptions not far from the surface, CO2 can reach the atmosphere. Bermuda Triangle anyone?

Sam C Cogar

So sayith: Ferdinand Engelbeen

At the high pressure in the deep oceans, the ocean waters are undersaturated for CO2, thus most of CO2 – and other gases like SO2 – simply dissolve in the huge mass of water with lots of (bi)carbonates already present there, that doesn’t make much difference.

Such silliness.

Iffen those “CO2 undersaturated” deep ocean waters would only remain in the deep ocean then their dissolved CO2/SO2 ……. “wouldn’t make much difference”.

But their chances of “remaining in the deep ocean” is highly unlikely because of, to wit:

comment image

John Robertson

It is apparent this Pope,head of a Christian Order has no faith in God.
All the things he lists,as bad, are natural aspects of life cycles.
Every building every artifact will become rubble.Ditto every mountain
Deserts come and go with the climate cycles/changes.
And refuse is the midden from which new growth springs.
These are the works of God

Indeed this lazy pessimism is dangerous,I grew to adulthood during the MAD years.
Why plan ahead,why abide by customs of a culture that brought us to this brink.
Fine reasoning but totally wrong in hindsight.

Back to the will of God.
What kind of high priest is this old fool?
Does he seek to destroy the latest religion of man,by his support?
The Cult of Climatism or Doom By CAGW is getting pretty boring,they really need some new material.

I know,when atmospheric CO2,the magic gas, reaches 700 ppm then the trees shall be energized,able to break out of their stagnant starved immobility, to go forth and tear down the cities walls…erasing man from history.
Doom,Doom ,Doom.
I guess there are no adults or conniving Jesuits left in Vatican City.
No one to whisper into this Popes ear.


John, Pope Francis IS a conniving Jesuit. That’s the problem.


Not just a Jesuit, but a Communist, an enemy of freedom, peace, prosperity and humanity. And a friend of pederasts.


The Ents are coming. Repent now.

Alan Tomalty

I agree. We need more CO2 in the atmosphere NOT less

Brian Liebman

This Pope is nothing but a South American Socialist, bordering on Communist. It colors almost everything he says. Central control of the masses is his biggest goal.


“This Pope is nothing but a South American Socialist, bordering on Communist. ”
You say it like it’s a bad thing.

R. Shearer

You forget your /sarc tag.

Alan Tomalty

I hope you werent serious.


He is. Deadly.

Anti-human birds of a feather flock together.


Control of the masses was ALWAYS the biggest goal.

After the fall of Jerusalem, a few banished Rabbi re-wrote their holy book. Their goal was to gather the forces needed to overthrow the Roman Empire from within. They succeeded in only 250 years.

It has been the goal of Priests, Druids and Shamans ever since we lived in caves. No King can sit on the throne for very long if the clergy opposes him. The climate is ALWAYS changing, and it is the Kings fault because he does not provide enough “sacrifices” to the “Gods”. (the Gods only ask for the blood, so the Priests get to eat the rest)

In evolutionary terms, the clergy might be a “good thing”. In the Rock-Paper-Speer kind of way. The biggest and strongest hunter might have a rock for brains. So the elders need a way to overthrow him if he becomes a liability to the welfare of the tribe.


Catholic version of a Manchurian candidate — Buenos Airian candidate? Even the Vatican is now infiltrated by the marxism.

Pop Piasa

From what I remember of new testament religious training, Jesus Christ was like the biggest socialist that ever lived. The difference to me is that he was apparently not driven by mortal desires, but instead was instilled with the spirit of agape. There will be no perfect leader to administer socialist utopia until his return, at least says the bible.


When men of faith, purportedly following in the footsteps of Jesus, divest themselves of their worldly goods, and practise what he preached, then maybe I’ll listen to them.

As it is, they preach from the very temples of wealth Jesus detested.

Detestable elitists, all of them.


He’s doing exactly what the democrats do in this country..he’s playing to the lowest common denominator


So which churches are doing what you say HS?


The Catholic Church, for starters. On the grandest scale. The others are pikers by comparison.

When my dad was in the North during the ’30s, priests would come around to all the Indian and Eskimo camps in the NWT, Yukon and Alaska to demand Arctic fox hides from the indigenous peoples, because they, the priests, had spent all winter praying for the Indians and Eskimos.

It’s a legal protection racket, since the threat from which the suckers are protected is in purgatory and the after life, not the risk of having your kneecaps shot by 9mm or your house or business burnt down.


Now you are demonstrating your profound ignorance. Amongst many other factual events was the transportation of 10,000 children from the UK to Australia. They were entrusted to the Catholic church where they were enslaved, beaten and sexually abused by the priests.



There isn’t a lot in the way of evidence in that link to support your statement, HotScot, merely the (for the Indy obligatory) sideswipe at the Christian Brothers who have been notorious for decades for their — to put it politely — robust approach to discipline.

The children were entrusted to all sorts of organisations and individuals amd many of them were abused in a variety of ways. To make a point of singling out Catholic priests and accusing them of sexual abuse says something about you, I fear. You have, sadly, gone down several notches in my estimation.



If you care to follow the link in the article, to the book written on the event, and read it, as I have, you’ll find mountains of evidence from child victims who were featured in the book as adults.

The testimony is almost exclusively directed at the Catholic Church and predatory Priests detailing rape, torture, neglect, slavery, imprisonment etc.

Then: All Chilean bishops offer their resignation over sexual abuse cover-up

Our current Pope said of the man his colleagues sheltered from justice: “The day they bring me proof against Bishop Barros, I’ll speak. There is not one shred of proof against him. It’s all calumny. Is that clear?”

And: London priest who fled to Kosovo found guilty of abusing schoolboys

And: London Catholic school abuse survivor speaks of ‘constant violence’

The Catholic Church is riddled with paedophiles. The evidence is unambiguous. Furthermore, there is evidence to suggest that the IRA sheltered and assisted paedophile Priests. And priests not merely sheltered IRA members, Father James Chesney, masterminded the bombing of Claudy which killed 9 people. Look it all up yourself.

Clearly, if I have gone down in your estimation, you are blinded to the facts, perhaps deliberately, by your own religious zeal.

Alan Tomalty

I dont care if they drive a Mercedes or whatever. The scam is asking for money from the poor to perpetuate the belief in something that isnt real. They are promising everlasting life. Just keep donating to the collection plate and ye shall have it. This scam has been going on for 2000 years. .


It’s the same as the Mafia’s schtick.

A protection racket.


Prove it.
If you can’t, then you are as much a believer as those you hate.


Personally, I feel blessed that I will escape the ravages of CO2 induced destructive climate change. I will leave to my children a small sum of money to deal with the consequences of my profligate use of fossil fuels as I am comfortable in my life style. I can only hope that lessons learned in my time have carry over to their lives, namely: Change is inevitable. Adaptation is essential. Enjoy the journey.

Unfortunately, the Pope is totally ignorant about Climate and about Islam. His pronouncements on both rival each other for gross recklessness and blind stupidity.


I don’t think he is ignorant of those things. It’s all part of the plan.

Rich Davis

If you need evidence that the election of popes is not directed by divine guidance, look at this old fool. Unless you figure he’s God’s intended instrument for destroying the Catholic church.

Tom in Florida

Perhaps God wants the Catholic church destroyed as they have wandered away from the true teachings.

Sam C Cogar

they have wandered away from the true teachings.

Martin Luther thought the same ……… and thus was birthed the Reformationn.

Komrade Kuma

My thesis is that Satan having failed to turn the mind of Christ himself and having got caught out fiddling certain Koranic verses but being timelessly patient simply waited and waited for the right idiot to come along (or did a lot of excellent lobbying so that the idiot duly came along) and voila! here he is. In the mean time good old Satan has amused himself setting up the KKK, The Taliban, Al Quaeda and IS not to mention various goat bothering despots around the place and has been a creative consultant in growing the Great Green Blob. Polemic nonsense that resonates with peoples fears, phobias or just sense of disafdvantage ( real or confected) is his main tool and it seems to work well.

Anyhow thats my theory…

UK Sceptic

Garbage is as garbage speaks. More ordure to be shovelled onto the alarmist dump.

DJ Meredith

I wish the Pope would stick to lecturing about things he really doesn’t know anything about, like God. He knows less about science.

John F. Hultquist

“… urged governments to honor their Paris commitments …

Translation: The USA needs to cough up more money to tyrants, dictators, and socialists.

Tom in Florida

The U.S. government did not commit to anything.

John F. Hultquist

Did you think he was talking about CO2?

Clearly, you do not understand the thinking of his holiness.
The U. S. tax payers have already contributed to the Green Climate Fund (about 1 B $). A U. S. President pledged more.

Consider the other mis-information in Francis’ mind. It is a short step to his wanting USA to pay more. He knows nothing and cares nothing about CO2.

Tom in Florida

A President “pledging money” does not commit the U.S. to that idea. Unless it becomes a treaty with the advise and consent of the Senate it is worthless. Now, a certain former President went ahead and did that but there is no further requirement to continue with those payments especially with a new sheriff in town.


Wait, so there are, what, twenty, maybe thirty Catholics in the whole world that:
1. Completely believe everything Pope Francis says, especially on matters that he is definitively and dogmatically NOT infallible in,
2. Frequently listen to him.
3. Aren’t Leftist twits who already believed in CAGW anyways.

Bruce Cobb

In the words of the Bugster; what a maroon.

Tom Halla

Bergoglio grew up under Peron, a kitsch Fascist, so he had not reflexive distaste for Liberation Theology, an nearly oxymoronic attempt to reconcile Marxism and Christianity. So Pope Francis has no education, and is unwilling to get any education, that would dissuade him from another leftie endeavour, Climate Change.


The Chicago School talks. Wonder what you say of Macri or Temer in Brazil?

Terry Harnden

Have you not verified the arrest of pope Francis and his assistant and the Irish discovery. Too horrendous for the mainstream media to report.

Alan Tomalty

This is too funny. Pell wasn’t the Vatican official arrested, that I was referring to above. The other official in the Vatican was arrested for child porn at about the same time.


Googling pope and arrest seems to turn up headlines from every year.


This pope seems to be dancing around the obvious…..pick something to preach about….that he can’t possibly fix….his safe place
That’s a much safer bet than going after the things he is responsible for and can fix



Like child abuse.

A nest of the privileged elite handed children to abuse and murder, because they convinced the world they were godly men.

A pox on the Catholic church. A disgusting organisation that should have been condemned long ago.

J Mac

Pope Francis: “we will leave future generations only rubble, deserts and refuse”

No – The Vatican will still be there. It has a wall around it and an army to protect its ‘sovereignty’ and massive wealth.


That Vatican wall did precious little to help Pacelli fight the Fascists, relegating him to back-corridor diplomacy while Hitler carried out his Final Solution.

J Mac

True. But today, the Fascists are AGW socialism supporters, as is the pope. He will aid and abet the modern socialist Final Solution.


The CoE saying they should divest in companies that cause ManBearPig. I am sure they are plenty more people who will take up the slack.



Yes, I heard that on the BBC today.

No doubt they can entice the children of the greens to be sexually molested with their holier than thou pronouncements.

They never stop.

Komrade Kuma

“There is a real danger that we will leave future generations only rubble, deserts and refuse” if we pay any attention to so called CAGW.

Where does this arrogant so and so get off? A man elected/appointed to an office with the attribution of infallibillity? LOL. You empty headed galoot, that comes not from its association with The Almighty but from the position’s association with Roman Emperors. Pontifex Maximus is a priesthood held by Roman Emperors since the time of Augustus.

BTW, if Satan snuck into Paradise iteslef and whispered in the ear of Adam and Eve then on what basis is he not whispering in the ear of this self important buffoon? He seems to be having monstrous success with the ISIS imbeciles and the Green Glob would seem to have his slimy paw prints all over it.

I’ll stick with my God given intelligence thanks.


..wanted to take up chain smoking and die a slow death

Conception is literally the same thing. Why does everyone want to try and die healthy? It can’t be done. We’re not immortal.

The Vatican has vast interests in anything monetary, which is why it’s probably the richest institution in the world and all based on selling fear.

If the pope’s so holy, maybe he can explain why the age of consent in Vatican City is “legal” at 12..?

(I use quotes around “legal” because many things that are “legal” are also immoral, criminal and therefore unlawful. It’s just words on paper written by someone you’ve never met).



The age of consent means nothing to the catholic church.

Any age of child is fair game for molestation and sexually oriented murder. Despite all the proven past, and ongoing crimes against children, this reprehensible organisation is allowed to continue.


Not forgetting that Islam allows marriage and sexual contact from birth, just not penetration until age 9. Bestiality is also allowed. All religions appear to have their sexual perversions.


Sounds like its time for another schism.


…said the Argentinian Communist.


“future generations only rubble, deserts and refuse” Yes. Under a socialist a$$hole that is precisely what the “catholic church” will do,f*ck the entire planet.


“….we will leave future generations only rubble, deserts and refuse….” What, is he planning another Crusade?

Eve Stevens

It sounds like the Pope does not believe in God.

This guy is as close to being the Anti-pope as one can get, imo.


When the horses are locked in the gate, waiting for the starter to push the “go” button, things get rather primitive. Or so I would imagine.
I believe in oats.


He’s a Jesuit.
They believe in Earthly treasures.
He sees himself as the Roman Caesar of the Holy Roman Empire.

“Jesus said to them, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” And they marveled at him.”
– Mark 12:17

The Bishop of Rome wants what is Caesar’s. The Climate Aid Fund is a start.

Trevor in Ontari-owe

I think the reasons behind the Pope’s thinking and statements have nothing whatsoever to do with AGW per se, but rather with the “need” for massive transfers of wealth from developed to undeveloped countries.


With the Roman Catholic Church as one of several middlemen in the transfer. Skimming their take of course.

Greg Cavanagh

Has the Catholic Church ever transferred money to the poor?
They build churches, and run missions, but those are not charity as such.

Duncan Smith

Love your handle, as a fellow owe.

Roger Knights

I’m sure the Vatican has been lobbied hard by the cardinals from the developing world to make a stink about the failure of the UN’s Climate Fund to send money to their countries. The cardinals also likely believe in catastrofic capitalistic climate change—all the world’s scientific societies have said it’s a threat, so that’s good enough for them. Because of that, they, and the pope, figure they needn’t listen to what skeptics say—the science is settled, and the skeptics are just mouthpieces for special interests, or unthinking, dull-witted dinosaurs.

In the future, the world’s scientific societies need to reform the way they select members on the committees that evaluate ideologically fraught issues like climate change, so they don’t mislead the world again.

Alan Tomalty

China is not an undeveloped country. They have 45% of the world’s skyscrapers.

Joe - the non climate scientist

“we will leave future generations only rubble, deserts and refuse”

Just anothr version of “the planet of the apes”


This pope is an outright communist who believes in global communist government. Just listen to what he says, and who he surrounds himself with. Other communists like Naomi-klein, an author of the leap manifesto. A document to destroy the capitalist system and replace it with communism.

Pope Francis recruits Naomi Klein in climate change battle


Tom Gelsthorpe

Naomi Klein is a spoiled rich kid who got bored hanging around shopping malls during her early years, and needed a cause to make her life interesting. There are oodles of rich commies with a similar pedigree: Friedrich Engels, Che Guevara, the Castro Bros., Chairman Mao, and many others. It runs, sort of, “Gee, my life is a drag, but now I’ve got a swell idea: stick my nose in everyone else’s business and run their lives instead.” Another version of Hillary’s “politics of meaning.”

The crocodile tears for “the working people” is just a sales pitch. They couldn’t care less about bricklayers and nurses than any garden-variety kleptocrat. Commies’ driving motive is the will to power, and a craving to feel important. Trying to take away the peasants’ carbon is a such a massive and unfulfillable assignment, it’ll keep power mongers busy for centuries, unless the peasants get wise.

For the psychology behind fanaticism, read Eric Hoffer’s, “The True Believer.”


It is the Papacy that is suicidal because of its espousal of Socialism and the latter’s false pretense of social justice. The hubris evident when the Church declared itself infallible (even in the narrowest sense), is now resurfacing in its death throes. There can never be a healthy accord between Catholicism and the quasi-religious, Socialist superstate. Hitler played Pius XII and the German church for fools. Francis has, in essence, sold out to a competing creed, the Fifth Horseman, and this will end badly.


… more like the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse …


Part of the reason I started researching AGW was the anxiety I was feeling about the ‘problem’, primarily because I’m a parent. My children were saying really cynical things about their future, courtesy of the messages they receive from the media and school. I now believe it is a nihilist cult. No wonder there is so much depression and anxiety. I was alarmed to see commenters on the Guardian (who generally seem to be misanthropes anyway) saying ugly and violent things such as ‘deniers’ should be executed! Discovering the reality of the magical thinking involved in the AGW theory, its ideological basis, and the scandalous corruption, was life-changing. Shocking but freeing. I am really angry at the way they are still scaremongering and frightening everybody, particularly the young. It’s nothing short of evil, and particularly galling given that the most vocal usually do the least in terms of their own lifestyles. What is truly depressing is the money and brain power that could have been used to solve REAL environmental and social problems.

Alan Tomalty

Sylvia, As you can see, anybody can comment on this site. Glad to see you did a little research. We skeptics are outnumbered but the polls of the general population are starting to inch past 1/3 who do not believe in AGW. For sure CAGW is impossible. Even if AGW is real, the effects are so small that no one needs to worry. We are all against pollution but CO2 is NOT a pollutant.


It’s the opposite of a pollutant. It’s plant food in the air, a vital trace gas, essential to the photosynthesis which supports most life on land.

J Mac

Welcome! Facts and logic have a way of dispelling fears and fear mongering. There are many on this site with extensive educations and experiences in an amazing number of technical fields. Ask questions and chime in!


Thank you, I will! The key point that is always made is that the temperature has risen 1 degree C in 140 years, and the rate of temperature increase is unprecedented. I am unclear whether that is not true, because the rise is due to data fiddling. Or it is true, but one can’t conclude that a) it will continue at that rate b) that it would be bad if it did continue at that rate or c) that humans caused it. Logic makes me think about time scales and what references we have to compare rates of change. Is it possible to get down to 140 year time scales when trying to determine rises and falls of temperature during longer upward and downward trajectories? Surely not…


“What is truly depressing is the money and brain power that could have been used to solve REAL environmental and social problems.”

A sentiment I have expressed here many times. The world will reflect on this time, eventually, and wonder what went wrong.

An excerpt from the above “…The Haitian government on Saturday halted a planned fuel price hike after tension and fighting escalated late last week. Haiti Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant had previously declared that fuel prices needed to be raised to balance the budget and announced a 38 percent increase for gasoline, diesel and kerosene. ..”.

Alan Tomalty

The government shouldnt be setting the prices. Fuel should be a commodity bought and sold in the marketplace. If Haiti continues to ignore Economics 101, they will never get out of the mess they are in.


“we will leave future generations only rubble, deserts and refuse”

And abused children. Many murdered and dumped into mass graves.

Who knows how many kids were/are subject to this disgusting regime?


I think you will find he is the first pope to actually do something about that issue.


You’re sorely mistaken. Frank defended the Chilean bishop who covered for the worst pedophile in the Southern Hemisphere, until forced, dragged kicking and screaming, to remove the offending prelate.

Only mass public outrage, to include from among the most prominent devout Catholics in Chile and Argentina, among them acquaintances of Frank, forced the pedophile-harboring scumbag to relent.



You persist in presenting yourself as a gullible, idealistic fool.


This pope is become increasingly irrevelant to Catholics and believers. How about delivering messages about hope, faith, family and hardwork? We need to hear more of those than peddling global warming propaganda

Patrick MJD

He’s worried about this from his position of extreme wealth and tight protection from the masses? He should be more worried about the possible effects of being promised something and the not having it delivered. Example; Govn’t raises petrol/gas in Haiti to $7 per litre.


I’ve done a site survey of church property with thunderstorms nearby.
I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little concerned about the irioning of a lightning strike.
Must have been the angels.


“The Pope has the potential to do great good, his views are important to a large number of people. But a scientifically unsound message of climate pessimism is not a realisation of that potential for good.”
Except his view is backed by the scientific community… where as yours… is not.


If you believe voting for scientific truth is the way to go and that scientists are all saints that never lie, cheat or alter data, sure.

John F. Hultquist

backed by the scientific community
Are you a believer in the 97%?

Total bs. See Richard Lindzen and many others.

See: Ice-free Arctic in two years (or 3, or, 4, …) Professor Peter Wadhams


Seems that some people have never spent much time around some universities where cheating, stealing others work and lying does occur.

Have been asked by professors to watch their work while they were away.

Alan Tomalty

A scientific community that developed computer climate models that pedalled a CAGW meme and that never had any accurate predictions.
A scientific community that took over all the atmospheric science faculties the world over and turned them into faculties of global warming.
A scientific community that predicted we would all be drowned by now or all burned from forest fires started by global warming.
A scientific community that was caught through their own emails of trying to hide the decline in temperatures.
A scientific community that was caught through their own emails of fudging data with tricks.
A scientific community that refused to release their data so that others could try to replicate it.
A scientific community that took over all the major journals in relation to any topic remotely associated with climate change and refused to publish contrary studies to global warming.
A scientific community that kept on spouting a fake 97% consensus.
A scientific community that turned peer review into pal review and thus is corrupting all of science.
A scientific community that refuses to debate the issue because they say the science is settled but on NASA’s own web site it says the IRIS effect has not been proven or disproven. That one effect if true could destroy any capability of CO2 affecting the climate at all.
A scientific community that rallies around any study that purports to debunk any contrarian study on global warming making sure that the skeptic scientists are drowned out.
A scientific community that has as yet to publish any definitive physics on how the greenhouse effect actually happens.
A scientific community that supports a scientist like Michael Mann who has tried to erase history vis a vis the mediaeval warming period and who even Dr Richard Muller of Berkeley a famed alarmist has said he will never read another paper by Michael Mann again nor read the journal that published Mann’s paper ever again.

A scientific community that took over all the government agencies that had anything to do with climate and that have produced fake graphs and altered temperature data.
A scientific community that punishes any scientist by demotion,firing, …etc who dares to object to any aspect of global warming.
A scientific community that frightens little kids around the world with predictions of disaster that are impossible.
A scientific community that sees almost every retired scientist come out against the global warming meme, because at last they have nothing to lose.
A scientific community that threatens and hurls insults including words such as harlot at scientists who go over to the skeptic side.
A scientific community that publishes fake debunk studies.
A scientific community that defends the computer models which are actually junk science.

A scientific community that admires its own and despises anybody who disagrees.



Alan Tomalty

A scientific community which sought to pervert the RICO principles to have sceptics prosecuted and imprisoned.

Alan Tomalty

Did any actual climate scientists say that?

Bob Burban

An expert (an old drip under pressure).

Raymond Belanger

He is not wrong about garbage. Go anywhere else than a handful of Northern Europe countries, Canada and USA and it is garbage everywhere, especially in developing countries. With consumerism, no instructions are provided on garbage disposal, recycling or just plain old decency to put your bloody garbage in a garbage can. The ground there is as good.

John F. Hultquist

It took USA folks a long time to learn to take care of waste.
Do you remember outhouses over streams, potato peelings dumped into waterways?
What about Chicago wallowing in its own waste.

“He” wants the US and Europe to pay for the rest of the world to clean up.

Patrick MJD

Hang on a second, much of the waste originates in developed countries. E-waste for instance, from US and EU, ends up in Africa. China has recently stopped importing plastic waste.


The Pope refers to Brazil’ Sao Paolo slums – beyond belief. He does not refer to any creative human way to change that.


For some reason this Pope is very worldly. He rarely mentions God, I don’t recall seeing him praying, he rides around in his little “popemobile”, etc and preaches politics. Somehow, I miss the last Pope who actually acted like what a Pope is expected to. All of this politicking and negativity is just harming the Catholic church. You would think he would care.


I really don’t care one way or the other, but ya gotta choose a side.
Sounds like you are on a fence ?


Sheri, the only pope I have ever liked or respected was Benedict.


And Chambers of Planned Lives sacrificed in the Aztec tradition of social progress.


This degenerate pope-dope-should-be-on-a-rope is desperate to leave the world in famine, despair and death. This is a priest of absolute evil.

michael hart

Too many of the environmentalist persuasion are stuck with the mindset that the world was some kind of Garden of Eden before man came along with his technology.

The truth is that we all constantly rely on this technology to protect us from the natural environment. Mother nature will kill you pretty rapidly without the technology we have spent so long developing.
Who remembers that Star Trek episode “The Way to Eden”? Hippies haven’t changed.

Peter Kenny

When, a few years ago, I read his encyclical “Laudate Si” I became embarrassed for my church– when he talked about some unwelcome weather events, probably due to climate change– then said, well, we can’t prove it’s all climate change– then went on about climate change. It hasn’t improved since then!


Written by Dr. John Schellnhuber awarded a CBE personally by the Queen at the Berlin Embassy in 2004 for his radical depopulation agenda. The very same Johnny boy who nudged Merkel to go green.

R Hall

The Pope is an idiot.
Please don’t waste my time.


Who will rid the world of this disgusting cleric?

Frank seized power in a Communist palace coup. The only way to free the world from his baleful influence will be by a counter-coup, to restore Christianity.

The pope is not Catholic, but Communist.

There is opposition, but it’s ruthlessly suppressed:



Gotta put the fear of GOD into people, or who knows what we’d get up to.


The Galileo fiasco never really taught popes to keep their noses out of science. They should stick to concepts from “the other world” where they perhaps can claim some expertise.


Do works of alleged magic count as expertise?

To his credit, Pope John Paul II did formally apologize to Galileo in 1992.

Fat lot of good it did the great scientist, but I guess better late than never.


The apology did not make Galileo a scientist – he never was. The entire theater was a farce.


Pretty much the way he will leave the Catholic Church.


This revolting hypocrite wants to deprive ordinary humans of air conditioning, but enjoys it himself.

He wants to tear down walls on all borders, but hides behind walls and Swiss guards armed not just with halberds but MP-5 submachine guns.

The shameless charlatan trots the globe by jet, yet denounced fossil fuel use.


Don’t hold back, man.
There is only one person in the world I’m that mad at, he took his best shot at a dear friend.
He’s keeping his head down for now…..


My first full time job was killing Communists. My place of work was a muddy hole in the ground in SE Asia.

Then, for the next 20 years, my part time job was helping to keep them from taking over Western Europe, Africa and Latin America.

So, yeah, it rankles me to see the Vatican taken over by Communist enemies of humanity.


Good Heavens, rose tinted glasses! – Charlie is everywhere….
Still the Vatican has huge problem with Confucian Beijing bishop appointments – and they do have major environmental problems. Not rocket science to see the motive.


Francis urged governments to honor their Paris commitments
His holiness is not talking about CO2. It is clear his concern is the $100 billion a year climate fund. He immediately goes on to mention the IMF and World Bank.

The Church wants it cut. From the Green Fund to the collection plate. The holy huckster is carrying on the proud tradition of global extortion. Give us your money or burn in hell.