Scottish high temperature record denied – biased by auto exhaust from a car park

From Mike Bastasch at The Daily caller and the “told you so, again, and again” department.

Somewhere in this carpark (Strathclyde Park Aquasports Center) near Motherwell/Glasgow is a Stevenson Screen with a thermometer used to measure climate, so far after hours of looking, I’m unable to locate it. The Lat/Lon is provided by the Met Office.

U.K. meteorologists won’t be declaring a June 28 temperature reading as the hottest recorded in Scotland since the early 20th century after discovering a car parked near the weather station may have contaminated the data.

The city of Motherwell, southeast of Glasgow, recorded a record-high temperature of 91.8 degrees on June 28, according to Met Office figures, breaking the previous record of 91.2 degrees set in Greycrook in August 2003.

The record temperature reading even found its way into the Washington Post. The Post’s Capital Weather Gang included Motherwell’s heat in a round-up of record-high temperatures around the world.

“No single record, in isolation, can be attributed to global warming,” the Post reported, trying to link summer weather to global warming. “But collectively, these heat records are consistent with the kind of extremes we expect to see an increase in a warming world.”

However, the Met Office posted a blog post on Thursday noting “subsequent information has cast some doubt on the Motherwell measurement for that day, meaning that we will not be able to accept it as an official new record for Scotland.”

So what happened? It turns out exhaust from a nearby vehicle may have heated up the weather station that reported the record-breaking heat.

“At first review the Motherwell record appeared plausible given the wider conditions on the day and was therefore reported as such. However for all new records we undertake further careful investigation to ensure that the measurement is robust. This investigation includes statistical analysis of the station data, evaluation against neighbouring sites, and in some cases an additional site visit to check for unexpected issues with the instrument enclosure or equipment to ensure the measurement meets our required standards.”

“Unfortunately in this particular instance we have evidence that a stationary vehicle with its engine running was parked too close to the observing enclosure and the Stevenson screen housing the thermometers during the afternoon of 28th June,” the Met Office explained.

“Although the measurement appears plausible given the weather conditions that day we cannot rule out the potential for contamination of the measurement by this non-weather-related factor,” officials wrote.

This is a common problem for weather stations. Many are located in urban areas, especially airports, where they’re susceptible to urban heat islands (UHI) — anomalous warmth present in cities.

In fact, a major study released in 2015 found the majority of weather stations National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) relied on for temperature readings were poorly sited, meaning they were contaminated by artificial heat sources.

“The majority of weather stations used by NOAA to detect climate change temperature signal have been compromised by encroachment of artificial surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and heat sources like air conditioner exhausts,” said Anthony Watts, a seasoned meteorologist and lead author of the study.

Read more at Daily Caller

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to locate the Stevenson Screen, to no avail. It’s somewhere in this complex if the lat/lon is accurate.

Anyone want to have a go?

Paul Homewood suuplied the Lat/Lon which he dug out of the Met Office page.

It’s 55.786, -4.022, which also corresponds with their site:


Nick stokes tries to minimize the importance of this station in comments.

Motherwell is not in any set of stations likely to be homogenised or used for homogenisation. Or used for any major temperature index.

But, the Met Office lists it as a “Manual” climate station:


221 thoughts on “Scottish high temperature record denied – biased by auto exhaust from a car park

    • If at first you don’t succeed you are obviously not fiddling with enough data or deliberately falsifying eadings at enough locations.

      The utter absurdity of using ground located thermometers that are not confined to a secure, grade AAA location as part of a proper ‘global’ system is beyond me especially with the massive increase in the amount of surface bitumen and concrete in likely proximity. GForget about increased CO2 in the atmosphere, just try heat island materials on the surface. It will be orders of magnitude greater.

      • “as part of a proper ‘global’ system is beyond me “
        This site was not part of any ‘global’ system. There are many sites around the world, run by Met Offices or not, whose purpose is to tell the locals about their weather. They aren’t all AAA.

        • So what? You know full well that the MSM, and various and sundry NGOs would pounce on that “record” to help push their Climatist agendas. It’s straight out of the “Climate Communication” handbook.

          • Bruce, what is that wonderful quote about arguing with fools? Ought we to know better by now?
            although in this case the term LIAR is much more appropriate. And Oh By The Way, a person can be a self-deceiver and still be a liar, in fact, that is the worst type.

        • Nick, basically ALL the land based surface thermometers were set up for that purpose and all they are doing when used for the ‘globsl temperature’ confection is indicating the UHI trend over time. Sweet FA to do with CO2 in a direct sense. That some are now only used locally is as it should be for most of them, except the AAA ones. Unfortunately AAA sites don’t produce HOTTEST EVAH !!! headlines.’

        • Washington Post sees it fit to make this go “global” for propogands purposes.

        • Tip – most locals don’t live at the parking lot in their cars.

          Although that number may be increasing, as people are run out of their homes by the exorbitant expense of trying to pay for “renewable” energy.

    • Confuscious say: he who runs in front of car gets tired, he who runs behind car gets exhausted.

  1. So, if a vehicle exhaust is close enough to cause a change in temperature measurement, this means that there is a parking lot associated with the measurement site which has caused additional warming over ambient conditions for some time. And knowing how temperatures are “smoothed” over different stations, any rural station within, what, 1000 KM, has been homogenized with this station next to a parking lot.
    And the Warmist’s discount the satellite record as not be representative of terrestrial temperatures. Go figure.

    • Actually, the report says it was influenced by a car. So it may be just opposite what looks like the jetty as there is a road there and a car may have been standing there while offloading.
      Also it is interesting, Nick, that it was important enough to claim a record but not important if it wasn’t a record?

      • 55.786345, -4.023465
        That looks as good as any other guess. Yes, it looks like there’s a turnout where a car could wait for passengers or for a technician to take a measurement.

        • Looks more like a historical plaque. The planted trees in the arc around it suggest the same. If it *is* a measurement station, being that close to pavement and having a windbreak are a big no no.

          • Hah! There is indeed a plaque there to “The Piper Alpha Disaster” — a photo panorama someone did.

      • “that it was important enough to claim a record “
        Anyone can measure temperatures for any reason, and claim a record, if they think right. It’s then up to the Met Office to investigate the claim before accepting it, as here.

          • “Also it is interesting, Nick, that it was important enough to claim a record but not important if it wasn’t a record?”

            and there is the rub, right there, for all to see! When I first visited this site, I was still on the fence because I hadn’t researched much of the nitty gritty. So, I read through the comments section, as I do now because it is both fun and enlightening. After a few years what I have come to notice is that Mr. Stokes is a Prime 1 Grade A obfuscator. I just call them liars, but, maybe that is too harsh for the mods.

            Nick, you are the most cherry-pickeninist, instransigent, obfuscator I’ve seen and it is unfortunate because it appears you have enough intellect to know better

          • “And of course we all know how honest the Met O is”

            Well, the only basis for this whole kerfuffle is that the MO, on their own initiative, investigated the reported reading, and discovered and reported the issue about the car exhaust. That doesn’t come from anyone else. Do you think they are lying about that?

          • Too little to late Nick. The story is out there in the WaPo. Do you think they bothered to print a retraction?

          • this is my frustration with Nick, because he refuses to admit his errors or the real world working mechanisms of corruption and collusion (only because it fits his agenda). It is frustrating because I know he’s smart, and I see many smart people stuck in the cave, trying to kill the one free slave that got out and came back to try to free them.
            the allegory is real

          • “Do you think they bothered to print a retraction?”

            Yes. The WaPo story : now reads
            “Previously, it was reported that Scotland set its hottest temperature on record of 91.8 degrees (33.2 Celsius) on June 28 in Motherwell, about 12 miles southeast of Glasgow. However, upon further evaluation, the U.K. Met Office determined the record was invalid due to an artificial heating source near the temperature sensor.”

          • Thanks for point that out Nick. Always worth taking these rhetorical questions literally and checking them out.

    • Heck, the “official” weather station for Boston is located right next to a runway at Logan airport! Talking 30 or 40 feet from the edge of the runway.
      When I say “official”, I mean what the “city” TV stations report. It’s quite laughable.

      • Probably bad form to reply to my own post, but…
        Checked a few things to make sure my post above was accurate as it’s been a few years since I checked this out. At first I could not find it on google map aerial view. It used to stick out like a sore thumb between 2 runways (4L and 4R as I recall)
        There’s been a lot of taxi way work and other temporary structures in the area so it might be easy to miss in all this clutter.
        So I went to WUNDERGOUND to get the Lat/Lon of “Logan International”. Sure enough when I checked my charts (used to race sailboats in this area) it was right where I remembered it.
        But and this is interesting (at least to me) WUNDERGROUND typically shows the weather station you are monitoring on a map of sorts. Not true in this case. Now way could I see it. I got the data and history from that site no problem. But no map visual location. Rather odd?
        Will also add, that as expected Logan International appeared to be 3 to 4 degrees (F) warmer that all the surrounding stations.

  2. There aren’t any obviously valid locations for a temperature monitoring site there – the only good spot seems to be out in the middle of that big, empty field.

    If a car could be parked next to it, the thermometer’s probably either by a road or next to that big, hot parking lot.

    • I keep looking out on the piers. That’s where I noticed them when visiting lock and dam sites on the Ohio River.

  3. Official Lat/Long are often given for the HOST of the site — the one for Santo Domingo was set in the middle of the mouth of the Ozama River — it took me almost a week to find the official site with the actual equipment actually in use. One site, in front of the National Weather Service was obvious — but not in use for fifty years. Out behind the building, in the middle of of a corn field, was the current site — with a mix of failure equipment and newer AWS. The AWS was out of service but the old Stevenson screens was there, thermoters and all, plus a concrete block for the shorter weather records to stand on to read the thermometer at eye level……

    • “the shorter weather records to stand on to read”

      Only teasing you, Kip. You obviously mean ‘recorders’
      Great comment.

    • So what happens to the readings when the corn is harvested and the sun shines on the bare ground? All fall, through the winter and whenever the ground is left fallow.

  4. I looked around the carpark in map and street view. I can’t find any plausible location for it.

    We know that the coordinates aren’t always accurate. So with that in mind I looked further afield. I can’t find anything that looks like it might be a weather station.

    • Yes, met office lists it as a manual station, and they allude to a Stevenson Screen in their report.

      • When you are in the business of homogenization, it doesn’t matter what the measuring device is, nor where it is located.

        • There is no evidence that this station is involved in homogenization. It is not likely to come to the attention of the NOAA. They do not list it in GHCN, either monthly or daily.

          • Nick apparently believes that repetition of the same irrelevant argument will do the trick. The issue is not whether this bad sample will come to the attention of the networks, but that it was reported and has influenced those who read the reports. These people don’t even know who the official temp network orgs are.

          • Nick’s argument is not irrelevant in the slightest. Yours is – projecting influence on unnamed individuals who will read “the reports” – whatever that means – and then take action based on reading “the reports”.

      • BBC Radio Scotland discussed it live this morning and whoever the expert was, confirmed the use of a Stevenson Screen. The interviewer had never heard of a Stevenson Screen.

    • All this froth and gnashing over a possible rubbish bin. It would be truly hilarious if not for the fact there are so many high records being set and so few lows. But we don’t mention that here, it doen’t fit the narrative.

      Meantime a whole continent had a record warm 12 months. Meh.

      Biggest anomalies were daytime in an already searing hot part of a hot continent.

      The good burgers of Birdsville must be really happy about all this. (Jan avg. 40.5C)

      • “Meantime a whole continent had a record warm 12 months”
        The highest daytime temperature recorded in Melbourne occurred in February of 1851.

        Snow, wind and rain whip eastern Australia
        – ABC News October, 2010
        Unseasonal chill brings snow to Dandenongs
        – ABC News, September, 2010
        Summer snow storm at Falls Creek
        – ABC News December, 2012
        Severe frosts will be more frequent due to man-made greenhouse gas: scientists
        – ABC News, October, 2014

        If it’s so damned hot, why did our ski resorts abandoned the “Keep Winter Cool” campaign?
        And why do I still have a winter heating bill?

        • Not in Western Australia. We had a “record” cool summer for the second year, with cool humid air from the southern oceans instead of hot dry air from the desert interior. The BOM actually reported this, rather grudgingly.

        • Zazove
          The earth IS warming. Most people accept that. The earth has been warming since the late 1800’s. It would therefore be strange not se see the odd record high. It’s just that they don’t happen very often. No news here.

          • Zazove :
            I think it’s MORE like the last 20,000 years or so……..but I can’t
            personally vouch for MOST of that time !

        • Zazzy’s nonsensical distractions, repeated ad nauseum.

          Australia’s BOM, such a trustworthy group…

          Dr. Jennifer Marohasy’s excellent website and research documents BOM misrepresentation of Australia temperatures.
          An excerpt:
          3. Summary, Warming Trend Created by Cooling the Past

          Even though all temperatures were recorded in a Stevenson screen, there are no documented site moves (Figure 4), and no discontinuities (Figure 3), the Bureau nevertheless makes changes to the minimum temperature series as recorded at the Rutherglen Research Station.
          The extent of the changes depends on which Bureau document is consulted. The Bureau does not publish important methodological information in the peer-reviewed literature, and so it can make changes at whim, apparently without consequence.

          The official summary as published in August 2014 (Figure 1) indicates that three ‘adjustments’ are made to the minimum temperature series for Rutherglen cooling the
          past by a total of 1.69 degree Celsius. This has the effect of changing a slight cooling trend of 0.35 degree Celsius per century in the raw data for Rutherglen, into dramatic global warming of 1.73 degree Celsius per century in the official record.

          The adjustments for Rutherglen as now published at the Bureau website* omit the drop-down in all temperatures prior to 1928, which had the effect of artificially cooling all temperatures prior to 1928 by 0.49 degrees. Net cooling based on the adjustments as now published online indicate statistically significant (p<0.5) warming of 1.59°C per century for Rutherglen.

          4. In Conclusion
          The Bureau’s treatment of the data from Rutherglen is an example of what Ansley Kellow, Professor and Head, School of Government, University of Tasmania, would label ‘noble cause corruption’. The phenomena is detailed in his book entitled Science and Public Policy: The Virtuous Corruption of Virtual Environmental Science (Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK, 2007). In particular, Professor Kellow shows how a reliance on mathematical models, and the infusion of values, have produced a preference for virtual over observational data in many scientific disciplines including climate science.
          Many of the specific issues raised here were documented in the series of article by Graham Lloyd published in The Australian newspaper last year. Yet Environment Minister Greg Hunt was able to “kill” the idea of a proper review of methods used by the Bureau, apparently in order to protect the reputation of this institution."

          • Haven’t ye learned that facts are of no consequence to the “woke”, such as zazove and mosh?
            Don’t you know corruption only occurs with Koch funded denialist Republicans? Hillary is a saint and up is down, 2+2=5, oh and there are currently 17+ genders micro aggressing each other in competition to see who is most victimized and therefore going to go to atheist heaven?

      • It’s a bummer that the warmunists can’t claim this one as the record stays at August 2003. That’s 15 years ago which is half of a climatic research time frame of 30 years.

  5. I recently did an energy audit of a large high rise building. I was examining the building HVAC (heating, air-conditioning, ventilation) system and noticed it was cycling heavily, with the airside economizer energizing/de-energizing. This would then cause the chillers to cycle.
    Tracked down the reference outside air sensor, which was on the roof. It was 10’ away from the cooling tower exhaust, at the same elevation. DOWNWIND!

    The sensor is being relocated.
    One example of many.

  6. A climate alarmist always want to shove a thermometer up his/her butt and tell us how hot the house is

      • “People like you” claim some high moral ground yet ignore the substantive elephant in the room: the disproportionate number of high records.

        • the disproportionate number of high records

          Supposes facts not in evidence. Last time I checked, if I focus on rural stations only (to try to attempt to minimize UHI, though even rural stations’ population’s increase) the average age of record high temperatures is older than the average age of record cold temperatures. If record temps is all you’re going to use, kinda takes the wind out of your sails doesn’t it.

        • “zazove
          “People like you” claim some high moral ground yet ignore the substantive elephant in the room: the disproportionate number of high records.
          -13 ”

          You got any direct evidence for your libellous specious falsehood there zazzy?

          Nope, just more zazzy hand and butt waving, that zazzy uses to try to distract from real science.

          • would you argue with a 19 year old? I’m fairly certain that is the age of zazove. It makes us look silly and we’re better than that

    • Anecdotally we can see the world has been warming as it comes out of the Little Ice Age. But the instrumental surface temperature record has been so badly recorded or post hoc altered, we just don’t know for sure.

      • Yeah, “we just don’t know for sure.” However, last year after I died and went to heaven, I asked God about the REAL average global temperature, and whether or not it had actually been increasing over the past few decades. He just smiled at me and said, “Just wait. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

  7. I’m sorta suprised that the Met Office actually withdrew the purported record high, as it fit the narrative.

  8. Never attribute a conspiracy to what might be just incompetence but I find it suspicious that a car parked with its exhaust facing a weather station with its engine running a little suspicious. Surely it was a no standing zone.

  9. I thought it might be at: 55.786343, -4.023458

    After 20 minutes of looking for maps, photos, and dancing unicorns, I could find nothing of interest.
    I went on to a different project.

  10. I found it. The marina is on the South shore of the lake so the posted pictures are turned around. In the back parking area, west end, you will see a path running west. Follow that path until it intersects a North – South path and stop. The screen is right at the intersection on the North West side. You can clearly see the shadow from the wind vane.

  11. If the Stevenson Screen is close enough to the asphalt for a car to be parked close the the screen, then the parking lot alone is enough to disqualify this sensor.

      • The question remains, disqualify from what?

        There is no likelihood that this station will be used by NOAA, or ever has been. You mentioned above that it is listed as a manual station; that is not high praise. The Met blog post listed says:
        “At the Met Office we manage a network of weather observing sites across the UK. This network is comprised of approximately 259 automatic weather stations managed by Met Office and a further 160 manual climate stations maintained in collaboration with partner organisations and volunteer observers. “

        Here is the WOW page for Motherwell Strathclyde Park. It has a one (out of five) start rating. Under Site details, it says
        Reason for running the site: Education.

        • It seems like this station was a candidate to produce a record temp for Scotland had they not found the car parked there.

          Thus disqualify it from being a station that can define record temps in Scotland.

          • No they didn’t disqualify it Nick. They announced a record and then changed the announcement. Nobody has declared there will never be claims of records from this station again.

          • “They announced a record”
            Are you sure? Seems to me that other people announced it, and the Met Office checked it, as is their process. The MO can’t stop people claiming records.

          • BBC Radio 4 forecast on July 3 at 17.57: staff forecaster, Nick Miller, announced it. Miller will have got his info from the MO.

            I heard it live and it’s on iPlayer Radio in the U.K. or elsewhere possibly via VPN.

          • thus the sophists trick: make an adjacent claim knowing full well the implications.
            blame it on other people even though they had to get the information from said source, but pretend relaying the information isn’t “announcing” it. Those are sophist tactics.

            Or they provided the information in a form that was accessible, which, yes, would mean the MO didn’t announce it over the radio, but they provided the fake data to someone whom they knew would.
            It is for all intents and purposes the same thing.

            I’m sure you believe 2 planes brought down three buildings, and the one that wasn’t hit; global collapse by fire. But wait, NIST never released their computer model data to explain how they made that magical building 7 fall, because “national security”. That’s the type of cognitive dissonance you live in bud. If it’s models you trust that more than reality smacking you across the face.

          • No, Miller will have been watching the max temps from Scotland whilst on duty that day, because the air-mass resident “could” have given rise to a new Scottish record max (as was signalled by the MetO the day before). He saw it reported as being higher than the existing record and said so on his b/c. I would have done the same back in the day. Then came the verification process. There is a difference between being reported as being the highest max record seen just after it’s recording and the verification of it, which obviously takes investigation after the fact. Which the MetO duly did.

          • Ah, I see.

            Back in the days when we had meteorologists, it was “verify, THEN report.”

            Apparently not the case today, when we have “weather journalists.” They fit right in with all of the other kinds of “journalists” – report what sounds good for their agenda. Occasionally, they do verify – but make sure that the correction is on page 34 along with the obituaries and lost dog ads.

          • “Apparently not the case today, when we have “weather journalists.”

            Nick Miller is a trained meteorologist, as am I.

          • Oh come on Nick: “Scotland has recorded its hottest ever temperature, according to provisional figures from the Met Office.”

            Then they didn’t immediately disqualify it because of the quality of the station, but instead of a single incident of car parked nearby.


          • The Met office runs, according to that blog, a “network comprised of approximately 259 automatic weather stations managed by Met Office and a further 160 manual climate stations maintained in collaboration with partner organisations and volunteer observers”. They post temperatures for them every day. They would have posted the temperature for Motherwell in the usual way. Anyone could have noticed that this exceeded the previous record, attributing the actual number to the MO. It could even have been a MO employee. But the MO has a policy about declared records, and they followed it.

        • Nick Stokes says;

          ” Under Site details, it says
          Reason for running the site: Education.”

          They should have added “to show where not to site a weather station”

          • the modern left have devolved into Neanderthal like world vision. There is nothing else to it. History repeats and the real fascists have exposed themselves. Sadly, many good, intelligent leftists aren’t standing up to these types of extremists.

  12. I once checked the outside air temperature (OAT) gages on four helicopters in a hangar hoping to find the one with a slightly low engine power problem, reading lower than the other three. All four read four different numbers some different by 4 degrees C. No hangar heaters were running and the aircraft were about 50 ft apart. An error in the OAT will cause an error in the engine power available calculation and could result in an unnecessary engine change.

    These temp sensors are designed for aircraft and nothing designed for aircraft is done on the cheap. I just can’t get excited over a few tenths of degrees.

    • Modern temperature sensors are digital and we associate them with electronics, computers and greater accuracy. Their location, quality of manufacture, calibration, power input, length of wiring and other issues make them no more inherently accurate than glass thermometers. Working in the HVAC industry I have seen many, many problems- some major, from trusting digital temperature readings that weren’t accurate.

      • John. I was going to add a thought I had at the time which was if I had asked two maintenance guys to record the Temps then I would have had eight different numbers because the temp gage was an analog dial type with five degrees between graduation marks. Most tech people today don’t know about parallax error.

      • They are all analogue actually. They may output digital data but all sensing elements pt100, thermocouple, thermometer and semiconductor are all analogue.

    • You are describing what has occasionally been a discussion here on WUWT, and a frequent reference during discussion.

      A) the failure of NASA/NOAA to track and quantify error bounds,
      B) NASA/NOAA’s frequent abuse of alleged precision,

      What’s in that MMTS Beehive Anyway?
      By Michael McAllister OPL, NWS Jacksonville, FL
      If you’re not involved with cleaning a Maximum/Minimum Temperature Sensor (MMTS) sensor unit, you probably have not seen inside it.
      The white louvered “beehive” contains a thermistor in its center with two white wires. The wires connect it to the plug on the base of the unit. It’s really a very basic instrument.
      So what else is there to be discovered in the disassembly of the unit?
      I cannot vouch for the rest of the country, but here in northeast Florida and southeast Georgia, we regularly find various critters making their home inside the beehive.

      At the Jacksonville, FL, NWS office, we usually replace the beehive on our annual visits.
      After getting the dirty beehive back to the office, and before carefully taking it apart for cleaning, we leave it in a secure outside area for a day to let any “residents” inside vacate, then we dunk it in a bucket of water to flush out any reluctant squatters.

      Red Wasps
      Our most common uninvited guest is the red wasp. These wasps enjoy the shelter, security and height of the beehive.
      They usually build their nest toward the top of the unit. We have found all size nests, from small ones with only four or five holes/cells to large nests that cover an entire louver.

      From personal experience, I have learned to be careful in transporting the dirty beehives.
      At a rural site about 2 hours away from Jacksonville, I removed a beehive from its post and set it on the ground while I put a clean beehive in its place.
      I rolled the dirty beehive on the grass, then shook it. Nothing came out or buzzed, so I placed it in the back of the Coop van.
      About 10 minutes after leaving the Coop site, I noticed a couple of wasps on the back window. A few minutes later there were about 5 to 10 wasps on the back window.
      A few more minutes and there were more wasps–and they were making their way forward!
      Driving with the windows down, I finally found a good place to pull over so I could remove the beehive and air out the van.
      I wasn’t stung but now our standard operating procedure is to place the dirty beehive in a plastic bag before putting it in the van.

      At another site, the wasps were not so docile. As I approached the dirty beehive, I noticed a couple of wasps flying nearby. I carefully removed the beehive and gently placed it on the ground.
      After finishing my Coop duties, I placed the beehive on its side and rolled it on the lawn. About 10 angry wasps came flying out. I did a little flying of my own away from the beehive. When things calmed down, I rolled the beehive again – and another 10 to 15 wasps flew out. A little while later I tried again, and more wasps came flying out. Finally, when nothing else came out in reaction to rolling the beehive, I bagged it.

      And then I noticed a wasp flying around the clean beehive I had just installed. Sigh…

      Mud Daubers Another frequent guest found in the beehive is the mud dauber/dirt dauber…
      We find spiders in the beehives at times,…

      The most unusual MMTS inhabitant I have found is the Cuban tree frog. The Cuban tree frog is an invasive species that grows to about 5 inches in length, 3 to 4 times the size of the native green tree frogs. It is a voracious eater of other frogs and lizards.
      What are they doing in a temperature shelter? I’m not sure, but they are NOT welcome!…”

      * 1) Contaminated temperature stations, without identifying temperature bias. Increasing temperature bias over time is ignored
      * 2) Annual equipment replacement, without before/after or side by side instrument checks.. Responsible agencies assume factory accuracy specifications without verifying or certifying. N.B. Area, regional, state, national temperatures are sums of many individual instruments that get this basic treatment.
      * 3) Anthony’s excellent research has identified temperature station installation bias and contamination.

      Anthony includes a link to the Daily Caller article above.

      Technically, the list of temperature process/equipment error ranges is quite long. Government’s wilful blindness and litany of failures to track and properly aggregate process/equipment error ranges is simply astonishing.

      * 4) Government’s near constant manipulation of recorded temperatures, most are adjusted for vague reasons/rationales.
      * 5) Government infilling temperature records; some are missing, some are places without temperature measurement stations, others are temperature records that the agencies dislike. Government freely uses temperatures from stations up to 1,200 Km away for infilled estimates.
      Government ignores that adjustments are error ranges admissions. Error ranges that are not decreased through using estimated temperatures.

      • To reduce the problems handling/escaping from wasp nest inside the “beehives”, can you not try reversing the order?

        Open the door, inspect the inside for other insects or damage. If a nest is inside, immediately put the plastic bag over the entire enclosure and tie-wrap it tight below the enclosure at the post. Then remove the wrapped enclosure (this might require a slight mod to the mounting bolts on the bottom of the beehive to the post to make unbolting the beehive from the post faster with a bag over the box.) and put it in the truck.

        Or, just squirt bug killer into the bag and wait a few minutes for the interior trapped insects to die.

  13. My mother, a Glasgow girl, was shipped off to live with her grandmother in Motherwell at the outbreak of WW2.

    side note

    We have photos of my uncle aboard HMS Curacoa not long before he was killed.

  14. Either way, the station is poorly sited if it’s at the slightest risk of being influenced by a parked car. Seems like it much be located adjacent to a significant area of concrete and/or tarmac.

  15. Another possible site – though surely a poor one – might be the white smudge to the NE of the bandstand here:,-4.0346404,52a,35y,45.06t/data=!3m1!1e3

    You can’t get a good ground level view – but the ones that you can get show a screen-sized object on 4 legs. Doesn’t look very white, though, and I can’t see why a car should be close to it. Best view I can get is:,-4.0346686,3a,15y,179.43h,85.58t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s3CfmA2J-sizQexszThIzwQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    • Given the location, it looks more like a light pole for pedestrians. It’s too tall and skinny for a weather station too.

  16. My guess on the location of the Stevenson screen is that it is located right at the entrance of the building as what appears to be a white roughly screen sized square object [ by comparison with the vehicles ] seen slightly to the left of centre. This white object also appears to be throwing a tiny but hard shadow towards the left as do the buildings.
    There is certainly room to park alongside of the screen if that is what it appears to be, probably whilst loading something out of the main entrance or waiting with the engine running to run the A/C on a warm to hot day.
    I would almost place money that the screen finished up in that location to get it out of the way when the car park was surfaced but nobody got around to shifting it back to its orginal spot where ever that might have been.

  17. Irrespective of its exact location all the car parking spaces at that facility are tarmac.
    Ever walked across a carpark on a hot day with bare feet?

      • We did this year. It used to happen quite regularly in the beautiful summers we had in the 70’s and early 80’s. Not so often since then.

  18. Why not gather underwriters and plan an expedition to the area? The marina is probably watered-over for the Summer but a dog team could navigate an overland route through the hostile urban terrain. Perhaps the locals have built a wooden church for whalers, which would make for quick escape from the area once the weather station had been located, they could construct an ice boat and wait for the onset of Winter. It is suspected that automobiles gather in large breeding groups but a sighting of a large colony would be of great scientific import.

  19. I don’t know about your neck of the world but now our local weather reports give the “heat index”. So when the weather station reports it’s 90 degrees but it feel like 100 degrees. The alarmist my want to stop this practice. It proves water vapor has a net negative feed back.

  20. Anthony. Despite all that we Brits have to say about the Met Office and their failings, I would like to commend the way their staff are prepared to join in conversation with members of the public on weather and climate issues. I tweeted to Mark McCarthy of the MO about this problem at Strathclyde and he informed me that the stevenson screen is not in the car park. As to how high it would rate on the WMO classification I’ve yet to determine.

  21. In the advocate anthropogenic climate change community when frigid, record-breaking temperatures of winter are cited they always state that this is simply weather and not climate; yet during periods of blistering heat in summer, that same admonishment conveniently and opportunistically disappears.

    • Those 33 deaths were due to being poor, and unable to afford AC. Likely other factors as well related to being poor, such as less-than-robust health, poor eating habits, smoking, drinking, etc. etc.

  22. I wonder if the Met Office still use the station located in Gravesend to get their ‘record high’ temperatures for the South of England?

    This has also been noted to be a dubious site.

    • if they haven’t been outed as fraudulent and had to admit it, just ask Nick he will defend it because it fits the narrative.
      If they have, and they can’t, he will claim it isn’t part of the network because then it can’t.

      funny how that works. what is that called? A loaded deck?

    • My error for copying the coordinates from Strathclyde Park.
      Reverse those coordinates: 55.7854202, -4.0150744

  23. Can’t they just create a proxy record temperature by combining a temp from Death Valley 🙂

  24. You don’t suppose all that asphalt might’ve affected the readings at all, do you? Who are these idiots?

  25. Try 55.786023, -4.023091? In the NW corner of the complex, there is a small yard with a number of rowing shells up against the fence plus a bunch of other stuff just south. There is a small building bordering the yard on the east. (Note: In some of the links that have been posted upthread, this area is all grass. So I’m not sure which is today’s reality.) On the west side of the building is a small green patch that seems out of place, with what looks somewhat like a “kiddie swimming pool” just to the west a few feet. Unfortunately, the timing of this view does not have many shadows that help out, but with the best 3D view I could get, which isn’t very good, it looks like it may be elevated but it’s really hard to tell.

  26. Is it possible that the station has been camouflaged or put off the map completely by Google?
    They are doing such things with military installations, for example, as well.
    Or are the satellite photos outdated? When has that station been built, before or after the pics were taken?
    Satellite photos don’t necessarily have to be up to date and same applies to Google Street Maps.
    The Stevenson screen should be found on a grass patch roughly the size of a car, and as it is operated manually, there must be at least one, supposedly paved, footpath running towards it, clearly visible from the air.

  27. It wasn’t too far a detour this morning to drive past Strathclyde Country Park, so I stopped off and went hunting for a Stevenson screen. It is located at 55.786021, -4.023076. That is between a tarmac parking area and an unpaved fenced storage area. The screen is approximately three feet away from the tarmac. On google maps the storage area is quite empty, it is not at present.

    • Thanks!

      From Bloke down the pub: “Mark McCarthy of the MO about this problem at Strathclyde and he informed me that the stevenson screen is not in the car park. ”

      Seems like the MO was not being entirely forthcoming, technically not in the cark park, but completely surrounded by tarmac.

    • It’s worse than we thought! There are quite a few construction vehicles, including a JCB Digger and a trailer parked very close. With that sort of vehicle movement next to the weather station, perhaps the engine of one of the machines or the exhaust was running close by – making the reading literally hot air!

      • No matter if it is claimed to be the “hottest”, or the “coldest” day in Scotland, ALL data collected at this site are worthless because of the uncalculable influence of parked machinery of any kind, running or not, in direct vicinity. This affects temperature, shading, wind speed and -direction, precipitation etc etc. I’d love to see how many other stations collect flawed data. Garbage in – garbage out.

        • Right, that’s Anthony’s point for many years now.

          And it’s not helped by the Met office implying (by omission) this site is suitable for setting a long term temperature record.

          • I’ve read about it and learned that it has been in a controversial dicussion, but it is hard to realize again and again what stupid mistakes these MO public servants make. There are so many sound (more or less) WMO guidelines about best practices, how far to stay away from buildings, the size and surface of the premises etc. and nobody really cares. Instead, they keep themselves busy fiddling data. What a shame. Or a disgrace.

    • It looks like this site was previously a grassy lot. I wonder when they paved everything except the few square meters around the station? Is there a step change in the data?

      • The data site Nick Stokes provided just said it was producing data since 2012, so not much of a record.

          • I meant the site’s historical record (number of data points) was not that long, so unlikely to see a step up due to an environment change.

            Nick, is there a link for the Met office meta data for a station, I’ve been unable to find one on their site, while equivalent meta-data records are easy to find on NOAA?

    • Is the metal pole for the wind sensor actually going through the Stevenson screen?
      Wouldn’t that conduct heat directly inside the screen?

  28. ‘The majority of weather stations used by NOAA to detect climate change temperature signal”

    Whoever wrote the above added 5 pounds of editorial comment.

    It is irksome. Propaganda. Weather stations exist to measure atmospheric conditions: the weather. Including making temperature readings. Period.

    BTW . . . ‘climate change temperature signal’ is gibberish, having no actual meaning.

    • No editorial comment in the statement at all. The study was based on well-documented research; the problems were found, and they even violated NOAA’s own guidelines. Those sites were not measuring actual atmospheric conditions, but heat from asphalt, AC units, tarmac, etc. Facts are facts, not opinions.

      That you think ‘climate change temperature signal’ is gibberish, however, is an opinion, but it does reveal the fact that you have low reading comprehension skills.

  29. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

    S’pose you want pictures huh…
    I hope they work.

    Up close and personal…

    Same angle but steeped back, now we see the ‘parked vehicle’
    Oh the ironing, its an ice cream van.

    From the exact opposite side..
    The piers/water are off to the left and we’re looking into the gym (those S shaped things are treadmills) in the top left corner of the big white roof building in the top photo..
    Yes, that is a diesel generator attached to the back of the ice cream van

    It is one very large water park, set below the town and driving into there is like walking into a fridge. The water really does cool it – or is the a carbon dioxide hole above the park?

    The ice cream girl (that’s her in the drivers seat with her back to us) was ever so ever so sweet – from Poland I guess, not Scottish at all. Hope that cow May doesn’t send her home.
    It made her soooo happy to be a World Record Breaker, just the smile on her face made the trip worthwhile.

    Otherwise what a Complete Mess of a weather station

    The ‘gallery’ should be here:

  30. Dog parks are becoming very popular in the U.S., are “car parks” the next big thing ?
    We’ve already got demolition derby’s, is this something different ?

  31. First (re my visitation) comment still in mod.
    PS Held the sat-nav up against the fence of the offending station and it told me:
    N55 47 163
    W4 01 396

    As best I can convert, it comes to:
    55.78605, -4.02327 (decimal degrees)
    Putting that straight into Google places you about 12 metres almost directly West of where the thing is.
    Does it need a clean or some fresh paint, or what!

  32. At least the MetO are being honest about it. It’s an almost daily occurence for AccuWeather to inflate my local temps by a degree or so here even when you can observe their daily high in real time. Not once have I seen them adjust downwards.

  33. …“Unfortunately in this particular instance we have evidence that a stationary vehicle with its engine running was parked too close to the observing enclosure and the Stevenson screen housing the thermometers during the afternoon of 28th June,” the Met Office explained….
    Just the car part with no vehicle on it would cause a very significant error. I have just measured the temperature on my drive in the sun at 53.8 degrees. It is not till near the boundary at forty feet that the temperature settles to the actual reading of 26.3 degrees.

  34. Anthony,

    concentrate on the left side of the

    Strathclyde Park Aquasports Center


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