Climate skeptic professor Peter Ridd fired for his views by James Cook University @jcu

GOAL MET! THANKS TO EVERYONE, see the update from Peter Ridd here. See UPDATE below: JCU, feeling some blowback, issues a press release on a Sunday.

WUWT readers may recall that WUWT spearheaded an effort to help Ridd’s legal fund, earning nearly $100,000 in donations in two days. According to Ridd, in an email to me:

They gave me a set of new allegations a few days after the successful gofundme campaign in February and we have been fighting them ever since. They really hated that gofundme campaign as one would expect.

Ridd wrote then:

I am astonished, very relieved and most importantly incredibly grateful for the support. I would also particularly like to thank Anthony, Jennifer Marohasy, Jo Nova, Willie Soon, Benny Peiser and many others for getting the issue up on blogs and spreading the word.

Here are the latest details, Ridd says in an email:

With the assistance from the Institute of Public Affairs we have appointed a Queens Counsel lawyer (absolute top gun lawyer in the British/Australian system) and we are still confident that we will win the case. Firing me has merely doubled the bet.

He posted this on his GoFundMe page early this morning:

Just an update of my battle

On 2 May, 2018, I received a letter from James Cook University (JCU) terminating my employment. JCU have sacked me because I dared to fight the university and speak the truth about science and the Great Barrier Reef.

Shortly after I went public with the GoFundMe campaign to which you donated in February the university presented me with a further set of misconduct allegations, which alleged that I acted inappropriately by talking about the case and have now ended my employment.

I will be fighting their employment termination, alongside the original 25 charges behind JCU’s ‘final censure’ last year.

As a consequence of the sacking, and the new misconduct allegations, my legal costs have substantially increased. JCU appears to be willing to spend their near unlimited legal resources fighting me. In the name of honesty and truth in science, we must fight back. We have an excellent legal team and are confident that we can win the legal case.

I feel extremely indebted to all those who have given so generously. I was blown away by the number of people who supported me, and I had hoped that more funding would not be necessary. Sadly, however circumstances have changed. 

I have contributed another $15000 of my own money, in addition to the $24000k I have already spent. However, based on the growing complexity of the case, we will need to raise an additional $159000. It is a bit frightening, but we have reopened the GoFundMe site to receive more donations. 

You have already contributed generously so all I ask of you is to help spread the word to expand the number of people who are helping.

I know there were many who were unable to donate the first time – including my own Mum – due to the speed we reached the original target of $95K.

For additional background on all the new allegations from JCU, I have uploaded all the documentation so that you can judge JCU’s allegations for yourself if you wish.

In summary, JCU (1) objects to my criticism of the earlier allegations; (2) criticised my involvement with the Institute of Public Affairs; and (3) objects to me not remaining silent. The facts of the matter are simple: (1) the earlier allegations were an unreasonable infringement on my academic freedom, I was well within my rights to criticise JCU; (2) I have never been paid by the IPA, other than some initial support for my legal case and reimbursement for flights and hotels related to speaking arrangements which is normal academic practice; and (3) I am well within my rights, as stated by my employment agreement, to speak publicly about disciplinary proceedings. 

Thanks, Peter

Jennifer Marohasy says on her web page:

Peter Ridd and Jennifer Marohasy speaking about the need for quality assurance in science last November in Sydney.

BACK in 2016, when I asked Peter Ridd if he would write a chapter for the book I was editing I could not possibly have envisaged it would contribute to the end of his thirty-year career as a university professor.

Since Peter was fired on 2 May 2018, James Cook University has attempted to remove all trace of this association: scrubbing him completely from their website.

But facts don’t cease to exist because they are removed from a website. The university has never challenged the veracity of Peter’s legitimate claims about the quality of much of the reef science: science on which billions of dollars of taxpayer-funded research is being squandered. These issues are not going away.

Just yesterday (Friday 18 May), Peter lodged papers in the Australian Federal Court. He is going to fight for his job back! 

If you care about the truth, science and academic freedom, please donate to help bring this important case to court.

It doesn’t matter how little or how much you donate. Just make sure you are a part of this important effort by donating to Peter’s GoFundMe campaign.

There is more information at my blog, and a chart showing how much some reef researchers have fudged the figures.

Thanks for caring.


Dr Jennifer Marohasy

This action is seriously wrong, and the mark of a collection of cowards engaged in group-think. It sets precedent for the death of free speech, free ideas, and freedom to interpret science where the data leads you.

Because they are in the wrong, JCU will, in the end, be forced to capitulate. Let’s make them miserable using every legal method available. – Anthony

UPDATE: Feeling the Streisand effect in full force, JCU issues a rare Sunday press release:



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Peter Campion

JCU is doing to Peter Ridd what it did to Bob Carter – but Cairns and Townsville newspapers don’t want to know about it. The original James Cook would be spinning in his grave about now.

I have a special loathing for JCU for what they did to Bob. And now this. All of us need to attack this crowd of revolting specimens without cease. I’d like to see pieces explaining to the World what is going on at extreme left wing gulag JCU punned at the top of all the major climate realist blogs.


That was a great university and a great geology dept until the CAGW BS-artists decided it just had to be infiltrated, ther was too much actual earth science being taught, and not nearly enough UN IPCC propaganda pamphlets being circulated.
Look at it now, a reviled husk of what it once was when people like Bob Henderson, Mike Rubenach, Bob Carter, P J Stephenson and Chris Cuff made it the place for actual Earth science learning, then one of the top three geological sciences schools in Australia.
Now JCU promotes anti-science and blattant repression.
Where is the support from the actual scientists working at JCU? Why are they not standing up and putting and end to this anti-science nonsense, coming from JCU administration offices?
You, the scientists of the other JCU sciences can end this—just close down the science faculty in protest for a week. Keep it up until this JCU Admin nonsense ends.
Or are you too afraid of brain-washed students and media? You think you’re defeated already? If so you’ve already left it too late to do the right things.

Bryan A

just over a day since reactivating the fund me site and only $63,000 to go

Another Ian
Joe Adams

Bob Carter was the greatest and I was unaware that JCU screwed him. He’ s a man of even greater courage and conviction for truth then.
Australia is the most completely media controlled and indoctrinated country on the planet. The reality of that is, we can bet no one hears about it, and either the Beak will judge against Ridd, or it will be settled out of court, or something, or Ridd will win and the whole thing hushed, not a word mentioned of it anywhere and it just won’t exist.
The media in Oz has total control over silence, the power to make things non existent.
This is a country where people all stand around silent on railway platforms because conversation is banned and fined by active police. To quote a recent shocked visitor, “The only thing free on the train was the WiFi.”

Wallaby Geoff

Joe, I’m not sure what part of Australia you been to but I find that comment utter nonsense. Please see the Australia newspaper today headline “Marine science rebel Peter Ridd sacked by James Cook University”

Wallaby Geoff

Australian newspaper, sorry.


Joe Adams “This is a country where people all stand around silent on railway platforms because conversation is banned and fined by active police. To quote a recent shocked visitor, “The only thing free on the train was the WiFi.””
In 67 years in Australia, mainly Sydney, I’ve NEVER encountered anything like the situation in your final paragraph. Until now I’ve never even heard of it. What’s your evidence Joe?

Gordon Pratt

Joe Adams said “Australia is the most completely media controlled and indoctrinated country on the planet.”
Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, Canada, is worse. The government of British Columbia just raised the global warming ‘carbon’ tax again and the local rag did not report it.


I’m prepared to admit and lament the degree of political correctness in this country but show me a country where railway platforms are brimming with conversation, for heaven’s sake (and I’ve seen many). What a ridiculous comment.


Joe we have the Murdocracy and Rupert allows his editors free reign.
The ABC, SBS and Fairfax media all avoid informing the masses that global warming is on its last legs.

Latus Dextro

“Australia is the most completely media controlled and indoctrinated country on the planet.”
Off the cuff, the Ministry of Truth in North Korea, MSM UK and EU, MSM New Zealand, MSM USA, MSM Canada give Australia more than a very good run for its money.

Clive Bond

The Australian newspaper is owned by Rupert Murdoch and is vilified by the Left for printing the truth.


In terms of free speech limitations, Australia has a long way to go to catch up with the likes of Sweden and the UK. If you haven’t been following the UK recently, we have seen people banned from entering for wrong think, detained before being deported for the audacity of wanting to talk about free speech at Speaker’s Corner, tried and convicted over jokes and tweets, and there is legislation afoot to incarcerate people for propagating harmful tweets. One can only imagine how much worse it will become if Corbyn ever seizes power, which is possible given how ridiculously weak the Conservatives are right now.
Australia is streets ahead in these areas, but expect the local regressives to try and close the gap.

“Gerard May 19, 2018 at 2:25 pm
I’m prepared to admit and lament the degree of political correctness in this country but show me a country where railway platforms are brimming with conversation, for heaven’s sake (and I’ve seen many). What a ridiculous comment.”

During my youth, I commuted to college every day, by train.
People traveling by train adhere to regular schedules. People that see each other every day, day after day; end up talking to each other and cliques form. Cliques that did allow new members to join.
* We met at bars after school.
* We met for dinners.
* We got together for sports events, especially shared sports.
* One day I was surprised when my train mates discussed working on their birthdays. Three out of four of us shared the same day. Later we added a fourth when the conductor, who often sat with us during his quiet moments, turned out to share the same day. All of us were treating our birthday as a normal day and either working or attending school.
During the latter part of my career, I commuted to work via train every day for over ten years.
Occasionally, I’d join a carpool, but usually dropped the carpool for one reason or another.
One of the major reasons was failure to have 3 commuters, out of six members with two maybes; HOV lanes required 3 riders in a vehicle.
Those days, I took the train, anyway.
I joined and became friends with many train riders. We’d meet at the station, talk to each other and look out for each other.
* We often met outside of work schedules sharing dinners, picnics, sports events, weddings and even auctions.
* Talking about work was a no-no, unless the topic was major news. One day, traveling to Omaha, Nebraska from Washington DC, I ran into another member of our train family at the luggage claim. We laughed about the travel schedule coincidence and even managed to have dinner together one time, at the hotel.
* Several times, I joined loud and boisterous groups, fun is contagious; laughter attracts other riders.
For several years, our group filled half of a train car, with half of those folks boarding the train at it’s first platform; the rest joined us as the train stopped at other stations.
* Grumpy people would get angry and very overbearing about our activity, and we’d laugh, loudly. Those folks tended to be nasty at all times of the day, not just mornings.
* When the train had problems or got stuck along the way, we’d share solutions to our group problem of getting to work. Just as friends help each other out, whether at work, home, church/temple, sports competitions and activities, etc. etc.
When work sent me to Europe, I noticed that the Paris stations had groups of people laughing and talking.
Train platforms are often lively places with friends greeting and talking to friends. Loners are loners wherever they are.
People who despise strangers intruding, playful banter, discussion, jokes and other people sharing the train ride often fail to notice the many small groups in close discussion, or they hate those others who enjoy friends and friendship; no matter where they are.
It’s all about one’s own personality.

“Latus Dextro May 19, 2018 at 8:20 pm
“Australia is the most completely media controlled and indoctrinated country on the planet.”
Off the cuff, the Ministry of Truth in North Korea, MSM UK and EU, MSM New Zealand, MSM USA, MSM Canada give Australia more than a very good run for its money.”

“MSM USA” is not able to censure or silence the American people.
Outside of facebook and twitter being anti-conservative, or SJWs or wacky antis’ clogging comments or flooding certain MSM news stories; there is no restriction on free speech in America.
That a newspaper is blind to positive conservative news or blind, deaf and dumb regarding liberal progressive bad news is driven by that particular news source ownership; not government.
Bad actors are bad actors. Violent and/or overtly aggressive anti-Trumpers are the ones getting disciplined, fired, incarcerated for thuggish acts anti_Trumpers perform.
There are plenty of honest news outlets and sanity driven comment threads. Leaving only the lazy, gullible and wilfully blind people, in thrall to liberal progressive news outlets.
Ratings for many if not most partisan liberal progressive news outlets keep plummeting. Eventually, simple economics will force a correction; even when when despotic billionaires try to control the news.


Betcha JCU have their hands out bigtime for a slab of the 500MIL our stupid PM announced the other week for Reef reserach.



Here is a good link to news at JCU: (rid the campus for snakes….)


Perhaps anyone out there who is a hiring manager could let them know that you will not be giving consideration to any job applicant with a JCU degree from the last ten years until such time as they show themselves to actually be a university rather than an indoctrination center. Make it known that their students will be unemployable anywhere except at the government and environmental NGOs.
Alums should send a letter letting them know that no further donations will occur until such time as the current administration is sacked!


Academia will one day be seen as a bad point in a resume. People will lie about it, claiming they went to a univ only for the booze and party and girls (or guys) and never went to a single class, when they actually went to all classes and got excellent grades.


There was booze and parties and girls? Why wasn’t I told?


People will lie about it, (s)he said.


+1 We should be doing this with any University that promotes politics or punishes for scientific beliefs. As well, we should get businesses to support these efforts and make a stand. A list is appropriate and should be circulated. Time to take the offensive.

Yup. My three time alma mater is just beginning after three years of them flying down to solicit a major gift from me to understand that Some years, more than from one of the three schools. For the third year in a row (always treating them to lunch or dinner) , I have asked whether they had yet fired Naomi Oreskes? I gave them always the same specifics as to why. Just like JCU, it is now their problem, not mine. My money votes with my feet.


If rationalism is removed from science is that which is left worth having?

Patrick MJD

“OweninGA May 18, 2018 at 2:20 pm
Perhaps anyone out there who is a hiring manager could let them know that you will not be giving consideration to any job applicant with a JCU degree…”
That could be considered discrimination in Australian employment law if the applicant ever found out there was an unofficial policy against candidates with degrees from JCU.
Either way it’s a disgusting way to be treated by an organisation, supposedly a place of learning. This is very common in Australia.
Unfortunately, I am in no position to donate. I wish you all the best. Please keep WUWT up to date with progress because I know we won’t hear anything approaching the truth in the Aussie MSM.


we will hear NOTHING at all about this from msm or aunty abc
it will be utterly ignored


Really an odd law as the evaluation of credentials is part of the hiring process. If the credentials don’t meet the job requirements, and JCUs public behavior indicates their degrees aren’t worth the paper they are printed on, then one does not evaluate the candidate as qualified. Seems pretty evident that if you hire a JCU credentialed researcher you are getting someone who “settles science” by silencing any opposition. That would not be conducive to long term profitability of a company and thus would be something to “discriminate” against.
But you are probably correct, the practice of English common law everywhere except the USA has drifted far from its roots. Even in the US, the unions have managed to override the common sense features of common law with socialist blather. In the rest of the former British Empire, socialism has so contaminated the common sense of the common law as to make it unrecognizable to an 18th century practitioner of the law. The case could be made that the degradation of common law is the proximate cause of the collapse of the British Empire (not saying it is the strongest case). The lack of anything like English common law is a large part of what has held back the development of the rest of the world.


I would have thought that discriminating on the basis of the credentials and reputation, or lack of reputation or credentials of the issuer of a degree is perfectly legal. There are plenty of pay for a degree institutions all around the world, that sell use less degrees!

Bryan A

Just gave another hundred.
Hopefully Peter might consider a Countersuit for damages

David Chappell

As he is making the claim, he can’t file a countersuit against himself – that would be JCU’s option. However, he can, and presumably has, made a claim for damages as an integral part of the case.


I hope he’s named individuals too, as this seems to be a catalyst for waking people up to reality.
Are Court documents public in Oz, as they are here, even if you have to use a service like PACER? If so, it would hardly be a strong case against for releasing public documents to the public.
Based on lost salary (ten years?) this wrongful termination could have some big additional damages.

mitch novin

i just did the same. this cannot stand !

The up/down/”back” radiation greenhouse gas energy loop of the radiative greenhouse effect theory is pencil on paper, a spreadsheet cell, a “what if” scenario and NOT a physical reality.
Without this GHG energy loop, radiative greenhouse theory collapses.
Without RGHE theory, man-caused climate change does not exist.
And with a snap of the fingers and “Presto!!” the bazillion dollar global climate change fantasy is suddenly unemployed.
Must be why nobody is allowed to talk about this possibility. Not newsworthy enough? Or too far outside the fake news narrative?

Bill Illis

Doesn’t the CO2 below intercept the back-radiation from above as well. Sorry, not included in the theory.
Radiation flow and collisional energy exchange flow in a gaseous atmosphere should only be thought of as a big giant mystery.
The molecules are colliding with each other and the surface 7 billion times per second. Now multiply 7 billion by the number of atmospheric molecules (1.1 X 10^44) and then make that happen every second (86,400 seconds in a day) and then make that happen with the number of photons coming in from the Sun each day (1.6 X 10^40) and the number of photons leaving the Earth every day (8 X 10^40).
There is Zero chance of understanding that system or making a model of it.

So, we agree then that RGHE theory is nonsense as is CO2s influence over the climate.

its modelled all the time.


Anything can be modeled. Even things that can’t exist. You just need enough parameters.

Ben of Houston

Bill, we make models of that sort of thing all the time. The trick is that you don’t try to model the base physics. We don’t have a Matrix that can run it.
You model the system as a flow using bulk calculations. You can’t possibly calculate how all the water molecules in a river will behave, but you can trivially calculate how fast it’s flowing. This does have limitations, as you need to have a model for each interaction. And the formula must be derived from observation of how the bulk behaves. However, it can be done.

Joe Adams

I agree with the numbers. And add to that all the different weights at different elevations and temperatures of the air acting upon itself,and where on the globe under what thickness of atmosphere and which solar inclination it all is, all causing different pressures and changing the frequency of collisions, of molecules of different sizes and mass.
Then add water. . and spin.

Alan Tomalty

Here is the difference between Stephen Hawking and Richard Feynman.. Stephen Hawking believed in global warming. Richard Feynman would have destroyed global warming in a 2 page treatise. Richard Feynman not only did his physics as thought processes; He actually worked at Los Alamos on the Manhattan Project, the making of the atomic bomb. He was a giant. I believe that the date was no coincidence that James Hansen went before Congress in the summer of 1988 to “warn” of global warming. He had to wait until Richard Feynman died of cancer in February 1988. He knew who Richard Feynman was and he knew that Feynman would have destroyed him if he was still alive when Hansen gave his talk to Congress. Unfortunately today there is no great physicist of Feynman.s stature to stand against the group think of global warming.

Alan Tomalty

Further to my post. I looked at a website list of the top 49 scientists living today. It was top 50 but Stephen Hawking died. On that list there are 4 who are expertise either in quantum physics quantum chemistry or theoretical physics. I emailed them all to get their thoughts on global warming. I will report the results.


“its modelled all the time.
Always amusing to see Mosher make dumb comments. What “success”? What does that mean in this context? Which models, run once, have any skill in forecasting? I can run my three line climate model, with its two assumptions (sensitivity to increased CO2 and feedback effect) and be “successful” – I just have to run all the possible permutations of my two assumptions. One of them will produce a “successful” forecast. So what?
An example: CO2 goes up x. Sensitivity is 0.01 degrees increase in global average temperature per x. Feedback is +5%.
Global average temperature if CO2 goes up by x = 0.01 x (1+0.05)
To get my two assumptions your massive models do maths to loads of assumptions, but that doesn’t make your models any more accurate than mine.


With his usual expression of doctrinaire falsehood in place of veracity and reality, Steven Mosher says of the radiative greenhouse effect (RGHE),
“its modelled all the time.
The absence of the ‘tropospheric hot spot’.demonstrates that the models are complete failures as scientific emulations of physical reality. Their only “success” is in generation of computer games that promote a political ideology.
The ‘tropospheric hot spot’ is warming at altitude that is between two-times and three-times the warming at the surface in the tropics. It is clearly explained by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in Chapter 9 of IPCC WG1 AR4 and specifically Figure 9.1.
The IPCC Chapter can be read at
and its Figure 9.1 is on page 675.
Importantly, the text says,
“The major features shown in Figure 9.1 are robust to using different climate models.”
The Figure caption says;
“Figure 9.1. Zonal mean atmospheric temperature change from 1890 to 1999 (°C per century) as simulated by the PCM model from
(a) solar forcing,
(b) volcanoes,
(c) well mixed greenhouse gases,
(d) tropospheric and stratospheric ozone changes,
(e) direct sulphate aerosol forcing and
(f) the sum of all forcings.
Plot is from 1,000 hPa to 10 hPa (shown on left scale) and from 0 km to 30 km (shown on right). See Appendix 9.C for additional information. Based on Santer et al. (2003a).”
The tropospheric ‘hot spot’ is the big, red blob that is only seen in Panels (c) and (f) of Figure 9.1.
In other words, the ‘hot spot’ is a unique effect of “well mixed greenhouse gases” predicted by the PCM models the IPCC approves. And that effect is so great that the models predict it has overwhelmed all the other significant forcings.
But the ‘hot spot’ has not occurred, and this is indicated by independent measurements obtained by radiosondes mounted on balloons (since 1958) and by MSUs mounted on satellites (since 1979).
The ‘hot spot’ is so large an effect that it should be clearly seen if the models “successfully” model climate change and the warming from “well mixed greenhouses gases” has been greatest most recently in the modelled period so should be very obvious in the radiosonde and MSU data. Simply, the ‘tropospheric hot spot’ is absent from the real-world observations.
In other words,
However, the reason for the ‘hot spot’ is not unique to anthropogenic (i.e. human-made) warming or “well mixed greenhouse gases” and is as follows.
Water vapour is the major greenhouse gas. And the climate models constructed to promote assertions of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) assume that as temperature increases so will the amount of water vapour held in the atmosphere.
CO2 is also a greenhouse gas so increased CO2 in the air increases radiative forcing to increase temperature.
The models assume increased temperature induced by increased atmospheric CO2 increases the amount of water held in the atmosphere (because of point 1).
But water vapour is the main greenhouse gas so radiative forcing is increased a lot by the increased amount of water the models assume is held in the atmosphere as a result of increased atmospheric CO2.
The large increase to radiative forcing from the increased amount of water held in the atmosphere increases the temperature a lot.
Points 1 to 5 are are known as the Water Vapour Feedback (WVF).
The direct effect on global temperature from a doubling of CO2 in the air would b about 1 deg.C. And (according to e.g. the IPCC) the effect of the WVF is to increase this warming to between 3 and 6.5 deg.C.
Clearly, there are large assumptions in calculation of the WVF: this is undeniable because the range of its calculated effect is so large (i.e. to increase warming of ~1 deg.C to a warming in the range 3 to 6.5 deg.C).
One of the assumptions is how much water vapour is held in the atmosphere and where it is distributed. Large effects of the WVF are induced by assumption of large increase to water vapour at altitude.
The major radiative forcing effect is at altitude in the tropics because
(a) long wave radiation is from the Earth’s surface,
(b) emission of the radiation is proportional to the fourth power of the surface temperature,
(c) the surface temperature is hottest in the tropics, and
(d) cold air holds little water vapour.
Temperature decreases with altitude and, therefore, the ability of the atmosphere to hold water vapour decreases with altitude. So, small increase to temperature with altitude permits the air at altitude to hold more water. And, therefore, enables WVF at altitude.
The increase to WVF with altitude causes largest increase to radiative forcing (so largest increase to temperature) at altitude. And the radiative forcing effect is strongest in the tropics so the largest increase to temperature at altitude is in the tropics.
This ‘largest increase to temperature at altitude is in the tropics’ is the ‘hot spot’. But the ‘hot spot’ is missing.
This could be because
(i) the assumption of WVF is wrong,
(ii) the calculated increase to radiative forcing of CO2 and/or water vapour is wrong,
(iii) the calculated ability of air to hold water vapour is wrong,
(iv) something else as yet unknown.
Whichever of these is true, it is certain that the absence of the ‘tropospheric hot spot’ is conclusive evidence that
Climate models fail to represent observed climate changes.
There has been no global warming from “well mixed greenhouse gases”.
There has been no global warming from any cause including “well mixed greenhouse gases”.
In other words, climate models are complete failures as scientific emulations of physical reality, and their only “success” is in generation of computer games that are used to promote a political ideology.


Alan, it’s interesting that Hawking studied at Cambridge whilst noted atheist Fred Hoyle was championing the Steady state universe as the consensus theory.
How times change

The Reverend Badger

Would people PLEASE stop talking about “photons” as if they were real elementary particles. They are not.
They are an invention of the human mind to try to help explain certain “lumpy” observations in experiments with electromagnetic radiation. Get back to talking about e-m waves and it will help enormously.

When an N2 atmospheric molecule absorbs energy (which it most definitely does through collisional energy exchange), it NEVER emits that energy.
How’s that for a greenhouse effect. 78% of the atmosphere NEVER emit energy away from the Earth after they have absorbed it. And throw liquid N2 onto the floor and watch how fast it absorbs the energy from the floor, rest of the air. Within seconds, the entire liquid N2 pail will be at room temperature within 2 seconds.
Now explain how N2 is treated in a climate model. They assume it plays no role whatsoever. Completely wrong. N2 dominates the greenhouse effect but it is built in as Zero.

“There is Zero chance of understanding that system or making a model of it.”
Accurately modeling the fluid dynamics of the atmosphere is next to impossible. But you can model ideal gases by statistical mechanics. Maxwell and Boltzmann did it in the 19th century without solving the Navier-Stokes equations.
“Now explain how N2 is treated in a climate model.”
It’s treated as an ideal gas. N2 molecular collisions largely determine air pressure.
“N2 dominates the greenhouse effect but it is built in as Zero.”
N2 is not a GHG

“Unfortunately today there is no great physicist of Feynman.s stature to stand against the group think of global warming.”
While not of Feynman’s stature, these reputable physicists are against CAGW:
Freeman Dyson
Iver Giaever – Nobel Prize laureate in physics
Will Happer – Professor of physics at Princeton U
Fred Singer – atmospheric physicist
Richard Lindzen – atmospheric physicist
Chris Essex – theoretical physicist
Steve Koonin – theoretical physicist
Sallie Baliunas – astrophysicist
Nir Shaviv – astrophysicist
Henrik Svensmark – astrophysicist


What an Idiotic answer – Of course it can be modelled, I can model Time Travel too, or teleportation, or existing in two places at the same time but that doesn’t make them reality. Climate models are no more reality than time-travel is. Indeed climate models break energy conservation at almost every interface except TOA and that alone makes them impossible.

Jeff Alberts

Off topic.


“Steven Mosher May 18, 2018 at 6:37 pm
its modelled all the time.
….if this is what you call success


Yes like most things in Climate Science you just play with the definitions, success could well mean it runs to completion without a program fault or it gives the answer 42 … it’s Climate Science and anything goes.

Latus Dextro

It strikes me that IPCC model “success” is defined by IPCC “confidence,” which if I recall correctly for the important bits, runs strong at a notional 95% “confidence.” Inadvertent conflation with a statistically significant 95% CI is entirely intentional. It is the UN MO, seen elsewhere with UNFCCC defined “Climate change” and “climate variability” and UN ECOSOC defined “civil society” … the latter begging the question, if you don’t happen to be an accredited member how are you described … “UNcivil?” There’s an irony in their somewhere.

The Reverend Badger

Nick, you are mistaken. Everybody CAN talk about it, it is just that you have to choose carefully WHERE to talk about it.
There is some really amusing nonsense all over the internet apparently from people with PhDs (or better) who talk about back radiation, black bodies, photons,GHG, etc, etc.
I’m starting a scrap book of cuttings of this SH1T for the benefit of my grandchildren. Also collecting books on both sides of the argument. This is monumental history in the making and we are only at the start of it.
But DO keep mentioning the points (i.e. No such thing as GHGs, etc) on WUWT, there is a good sized group on here who do KNOW and it is growing despite the “squeaking” from certain quarters.

John harmsworth

Can’t Peter Ridd up the stakes by suing the University for slandering his good academic name? The President or chancellor’s job should be on the line and they should be inviting serious financial penalties. Also, the alumni should be asked if they approve of this behaviour.

Dunno Aus law, but if like the US (where I am a licensed attorney) that generally follos UK common law with some unique evolutionary tweak since independence, then YES. Big time.

a happy little debunker

Defamation laws in Australia are very tricksy – the truth does not set you free.


Yes, note that one requirement is that the defamer publish the defamation. I am not sure that happened – However publish does not mean to the world, if the Dean sent an e-mail to staff about the dismissal impugning Peter’s character or reputation then that is sufficient to establish defamation.

Steve Ta

bobl – the press release at the end of the head post seems to cover publishing the defamation.


You don’t defame someone just for firing them, you are guilty of wrongful dismissal. The remedies for a successful case is Reinstatement or Monetary compensation. Compensation is always higher if the employer won’t reinstate because it carries a penalty component.

If your heart beats, strengthen it with a donation to a freedom-loving brother. Fight for freedom now before it’s gone.


done & done.
Fight the goons.
Fight to win.

Go get’em Peter


Correct me if I am wrong but still plenty of references to Peter Ridd on the Uni website?

The JCU desperation is palpable. Lets all contribute and make this legal battle part of the climate endgame. Steyn is hung up in DC against Mann, this is not.

Forgot to add, so incensed contributed $500 with an admonition to take JCU down and recover big damages.

And perhaps let James Chook University know what you think:

Hell, yes.

Ted Middleton

I love your final sentence Anthony. “Because they are in the wrong, JCU will, in the end, be forced to capitulate. Let’s make them miserable using every legal method available”.
And might I add, hope that all costs are awarded against JCU.


In unfair dismissal proceedings parties have to pay their own legal costs, regardless of the outcome.
The exception is under the Fair Work Act 2009 a successful party can seek costs against the other party if that party caused costs to be incurred because of an unreasonable act or omission in conducting the matter.
In other words so long as the JCU and it’s lawyers act in a reasonable manner there is no basis to be able to claim costs regardless of the outcome.


I thought the whole point was that they were/are acting in an unreasonable manner.


However, if JCU have defamed Mr Ridd and that claim forms part of the legal suit then substantial damages and costs can be awarded


“In other words so long as the JCU and it’s lawyers act in a reasonable manner there is no basis to be able to claim costs regardless of the outcome.”
The reasonableness of the dispute appears evident, and it would be shame if Peter Ridd were not rewarded. This is not only about unlawful dismissal, there is some email snooping, blackmail-like censure, and finally, a huge amount of claims that necessarily increase the amount of costs in court.


**** being UNreasonable can not be disputed ***


A real university is supposed to encourage diverse ideas, not suppress the ones they disagree with. Sadly, instead of being of Institutions of Learning the world’s Universities are degenerating into Instruments of Propaganda.


That was before the advent of post modern science.
Now the experts declare what the truth is and persecute anyone who doesn’t genuflect quickly enough.

In a fight between Jennifer Marohasy and James Cook University, I would give Jennifer Marohasy a huge edge because of her intelligence and persistence. The effort by WUWT and the crowd-funding for this fight are inspiring. I would love to see JCU severely mauled in Court.

Me too. I want to see these Marxist goons made an example of. Time for the academic thugs to be taken down in a manner which will demonstrate to all that the people are coming to take their Universities back.


Gave again.
Yes stay with it.


The documentation link doesn’t seem to work.


Go to the bottom, below the picture.
The word CLICK is there. Click on it to contribute.
Yes, it could be better advertised than just the word CLICK.

May 18, 2018 at 3:21 pm
Yes, I agree that maybe Anthony could have a more visible donate button. Anyway, another donation made towards this noble cause. Hasn’t JCU got better things to do with their funds?


To Alastair.
Yes, the word DONATE has now been added after CLICK.
Hard to say why JCU would do such without being in Australia.
Nevertheless no university should do this.

Edward Patterson

My first gofundme is a $100 to Peter Ridd


So free speech has died in Australia just as it has in Canada.

a happy little debunker

Free speech died in Australia when they redefined it to include any ‘Offense’ taken.


There is NO APPEAL……………automatically GUILTY !
We don’t YET have “hate-speech” defined as such
BUT here we have a RELIGION that is regarded as a RACE
so you can be accused of “Racial Vilification” ( which is defined in some Act ! )
if you DARE to mention any REALITY……sorry……..NEGATIVELY MENTION……
…..sorry………any PARTICULAR religion !


Take note that ABC and SBS banned open honest debate, first, and did all they possibly could to stymie, degrade and poison public, political and scientific debates ever since.
That’s the odious public-funded media muck who’ve enabled and emboldened JCU to try and get away with this.


they didnt take enough funding OR remove enough of the top staffers who keep pushing the warmist pc and touchyfeely pap theyr drowning us all in!!
as a longtime listener of 30yrs or so I am more often disgusted and angry that informed or entertained
the only reason its still on is its advert and crap music free, and every now n then a decent program manages to get by the censors.


The well known Dunning Kruger effect is,– If you’re really stupid , you’re too stupid to know how stupid you are . Could this be the real problem with the ABC/ SBS ?

Alan Tomalty

Yes Trudeau gave a speech 2 days ago in New York lumping us AGW skeptics in with genital mutilation practitioners. The reality is that even though genital mutilation is a horrid practice it cant be stopped. I would close down any mosque in Canada that doesn’t have at least 1 speech per month condemning the practice.
As to us skeptics, Trudeau’s speech means that he is scared of the polls. Governments use polls hundreds of times a month on various topics. So of course Trudeau has been polling on global warming skeptics probably every month. The polls show that every month the number of skeptics have grown, The latest polls show 33% are skeptics of global warming.


Alan, Would you not agree that “rationalists” and “rationalism” provide a more accurate depiction of those who have doubts about the validity of much of the CAGW dogma than do “skeptics” and “scepticism”?
noun (definition)1. a belief or theory that opinions and actions should be based on reason and knowledge rather than on religious belief or emotional response:


Yes. I found the self-contradiction in the speech outright scary. Trudeau asks everyone to be tolerant on what he believes in and then turns around and rants about man-made climate change as being case closed “real”.
It simply doesn’t get more Orwellian than that. Trudeau and his totalitarian bullies get to decide what is fact and what isn’t. Facts are incontestable and dissent will not be tolerated. They aren’t viewpoints that require tolerance. What clever doublespeak to have your cake and eat it!
That academics and the media are blind to this inconsistent behaviour (say one thing and do something opposite) in our leaders means that “critical thinking” is in very short supply these days. The Sheeple simply get the leaders they deserve.

Alan Tomalty

Of course but that doesn’t matter to alarmists. Us rational observers are infidels to alarmists. My own sister who has a post doc degree in biochemistry wont even talk aboutt it.

The Australian University system could be downsized to 10% of its current size and we wouldn’t see any ill effects. Even then it may still be too large.

NW sage

I believe that there is sufficient data – if we look in the right places – to show there is a correlation between the growth of JCU and global warming. Perhaps it isn’t anthropogenic after all just James Cook ..agenic.


I , with my classmates were given a tour of Adelaide and Flinders Unis in the early 70s, the idea was to get us wanting to sign up i guess, after highschool
for me at least it put me off higher ed entirely and i quit n got a job.
even Hindley street back then didnt have that many weirdos n druggies hanging around

Friedman18, biggest liberty event in Australia opens May 25-27th this year. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend, but I hope someone raises this issue at the event – this issue should be of huge interest to Australian libertarians.

Peter is lucky in one way, I suspect JCU would burn him at the stake if they could.

bit chilly

i think they better be careful, might not be peter getting burned at the stake.


When Tim stated the documentation link doesn’t work I think he was referring to the first link listing the additional JCU allegations. It doesn’t work for me either. Can anybody get that repaired?

bill young

Donated again – hats off to Peter for standing up to these b*******s

M Courtney

There are too many universities chasing too few elite students for too little money in these times of economic prudence.
Without a diversity of opinion within the university there is no economic case for its funding.
Perhaps Australia should (fairly) sack Peter Ridd by sacking all the rest as well.
James Cook University has failed.
Close it down.


As an Australian I am appalled that our universities should come to this and JCU is by no means the only one. My son has just started at uni as a mature age student after several years in the workforce. He has already figured out that he must not express certain ideas because that will automatically have him marked down. thankfully he is not at JCU which would be too much to take. Public money is used to fund these universities. They have an absolute responsibility to encourage academic freedom. How pathetic are the academics at JCU that they cannot construct an argument if they disagree with PEter Ridd. Instead they have to sack him. Losers!


The thought police are also out in force at American universities and colleges. And in state and federal government. Skeptical state meteorologists have been purged.

high treason

We all have to be hearing the alarm bells ringing when speaking the truth has dire consequences. The ability to derive an income is a person’s most valuable asset. To have it taken away for speaking the truth is disturbing.
At the Sydney Institute event with Dr Jennifer Marohasy and Professor Peter Ridd, a question was asked – which is more insidious-discrimination based on race or discrimination based on exercising freedom of scientific thought? Interesting that the question was not allowed-shot down, even though the questions were headed in this direction.
Bottom line- Australians MUST stop voting for political parties that allow this sort of VIOLATION of free speech. They must be punished for taking our freedom of speech.
As the CINO s (conservative in name only) have become effectively the same as the socialists in a 2 pp system where we are compelled to vote for one of 2 parties that are the same, we must become part of the poloitical process by joining the parties that have been infiltrated by traitors.


high treason
Take cold comfort, in that you are not alone. The UK is exactly the same these days.
Government policies are based on minority pressure group activities, undermining the premise of democracy.
We were told by our ‘conservative’ (Republican) party that new cars will all be EV’s in 2040 to appease the green minority pressure groups.
Fixed odds betting machines in bookies shops are to be reduced from a £100 maximum bet, to a £2 maximum bet. Many shops will close and many people made unemployed. This to appease a small group of liberal anti gambling campaigners, do-gooders by any other name. I will add that I don’t like gambling, but I’m not prepared to condemn anyone who does.
Smoking was deemed unacceptable, so it was dubbed anti social and priced beyond reach of many, namely, the poor. Again, liberal do-gooder pressure groups operating under the banner of ‘prevention is better than cure’ and the NHS. Consequence? The only thing that caused a mass change in smoking habits was vaping, guess what they’re going after now?
Booze is next, with a minimum pricing regime introduced in Scotland by the insane SNP, again, hurting no one but the poor. It”s coming to the rest of the UK soon, supported by minority groups who maintain the majority must be controlled, because of the drinking habits of a small minority.
Road safety campaigners had sleeping policemen (road humps) installed all over the country. They contribute nothing to road safety, but increase car damage, increase fuel consumption, restrict traffic flow and hinder emergency services. Thankfully, at least one London Borough has started ripping them up, but only because they increase atmospheric CO2 from cars slowing, and speeding up between them, another minority group influence.
Government funded charities, who wouldn’t exist without our taxes, are the new unelected QUANGO’s (quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation), acting as pressure groups and lobbyist’s for the various initiatives governments want to see enacted……….for our own good!
By definition, I am a member of the far right, I support the UK Libertarian Party. It has nothing to do with violence nor liberal fascism often dubbed far right. It’s a small, but serious political party devoted to freedom of speech, the freedom to work, and the observance of criminal law.

Warren Blair

Happy to donate again!
The reef salvation industry is predominantly a corrupt alliance of politicians, academics and Government ‘contractors’.
THE ability of governments to exhibit breathtaking brain-deadedness is only matched by their ability to pluck money from nowhere – and only for projects that suit them.
The most recent virtue signalling attempts to appease activists are the $30 million Palm Island compensation payouts and the $500 million slush fund for the Great Barrier Reef.
At least with the Palm Island compo, the recipients have expressed begrudging gratitude and there is hope we can all move on.
But with the reef funding, the very people the Federal Government tried to appease have come out en masse in a display of ungrateful petulance worthy of a spoilt two-year-old.
World Wildlife Fund, Australian Marine Conservation Society, Stop Adani, and the Climate Council all turned up their noses.
They’ve trotted out completely unproven claims of human-caused climate change as the reason for their sulking.
They say the $500 million is nothing because it doesn’t address Australia’s paltry 1.3 per cent contribution to global emissions, which are causing climate change which caused recent bad coral bleaching.
It has already been shown that the bleaching occurred in two of the most severe El Nino weather patterns on record, and now that La Nina conditions are here, there hasn’t been another bleaching event.
This $500 million is a positive but some non-green sectors have also raised an eyebrow because the bulk of it will be used to address water quality issues, which is code for more vilifying, costs and restrictions on farmers.
“Brain-deadedness” – a word I picked up from my first editor – comes from politicians’ acting contrary to their own reports.
I’ve written multiple times about the 2015 Managing Water Quality in Great Barrier Reef Catchmentsreport by the Queensland Audit Office.
Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg said the $500m will partly be used to kill crown of thorns starfish and address fertiliser run-off which causes COTS outbreaks.
But the 2015 report states there is no proof farm run-off causes this, it’s just a theory – a theory which doesn’t stack up when COTS outbreaks also occur off parts of Western Australia where there is no agriculture.
The report also admits that water quality targets imposed on farmers can’t be achieved, no matter how closely managed they are. Don’t politicians read their own reports? If they did, they’d realise this money could be put to far more practical ends.
North Queensland marine biologist Walter Starck has written extensively on the “reef grievance industry” and the need for scientists to constantly find threats to the Reef that, of course, need more funding to address.
On COTS, he writes: “Erratic population booms are inherent to the reproductive strategy of starfish and are well-known in various species all over the world. In the recovery process (after severe weather) the fast-growing branching and plate-like corals tend to overgrow the slower-growing more massive species. The preference of COTS for these faster-growing forms is probably important in the maintenance of coral diversity.”
The other way to look at it is that we’re spending millions to interfere with nature by killing predators of coral, but doing absolutely nothing to remove predators of people – ie crocodiles. Where are the animal activists protesting for COTS protection?
As for farms polluting the Reef, marine scientist Professor Peter Ridd says more water flushes the Reef from the Pacific every eight hours, than what reaches it from land in a year.
But scientists such as these who don’t jump on the gravy train, barely get a look-in for government funding and media attention, and they will be threatened with losing their jobs.
It should also be noted that the $500m is on top of the feds’ $2 billion “Reef 2050” plan. These are huge sums based on questionable science, and which aren’t appreciated by protesters. This is even more proof that activist groups simply cannot be paid off, because to stop protesting means they have no reason to exist.
It’s time governments adopted a “take it or leave it” attitude to activists rather than doubling down with more taxpayer money and hare-brained vegetation management schemes that penalise farmers, banning plastic bags, and renewable energy crusades that cost us a fortune.


“The reef salvation industry is predominantly a corrupt alliance”….it is 100% corrupt


Warren Blair
” … But with the reef funding, the very people the Federal Government tried to appease have come out en masse in a display of ungrateful petulance worthy of a spoilt two-year-old. World Wildlife Fund, Australian Marine Conservation Society, Stop Adani, and the Climate Council all turned up their noses. …”
They are playing politics in a bidding war, i.e. they have this much in the bag, but they believe Labor will win next year at the Federal level, and they can lever much more money out of this yet, by playing off the Libs (who are just cynically pork-barrelling here anyway) against Labor.
There can be no doubt Bill Shorten will buy them off with over a billion $$$, if that’s what it takes. It’s not his money, who cares, if he becomes PM.
And the filthy suppuricating greenie.orgs know that.
The reef is just their prop for an endless misappropriation of public funding. Australia’s systen is rotten to the core, we are getting scammed for billions by these international organised criminal-gangs, parading around (in front of complicit sycophantic TV media) as those who caaaare, soooo much.
About how much money they can scam via BS about a perfectly healthy dynamic great barrier reef.
(and boneheads like Obunmer played into it too)


Done. Second donation.


More of the same, especially in the USRA (United Socialist Republic of Australia).
Best of luck to Professor Peter Ridd. But he will need more than an expensive legal team if, like James Cook university and Macquarie university, Australian courts make up the rules as they go.
At least Salby beat them where it counts – in the pocket.

Warren Blair

Do you know what Salby is doing these days?


Another step down the road to ignorance by our universities. Unfortunately, this one is not as funny as the ANU (Australian National University) climate science brigade, claiming death threats which disappeared when officials went to look!


Maybe they were inverse Quantum death threats?


Be aware that it appears the GoFundMe is in $AUS which means for every $.75 US you get $1AUS so it’s a good deal 🙂 to boot!

J Mac

$100 flung from the Great NorthWet. (It’s a long throw from here to AU!)
Here’s hoping Dr. Ridd can apply some legal ‘waddy wallops’ to the anti-science numbskulls at James Cook University!


Not only does Ridd need to get his job back but all those responsible for him losing it need to be dishonorably discharged from theirs and be publicly shamed.


This behaviour is par for the course. Another smaller issue running at the moment is that another staff member from JCU is fighting the organisation. He volunteered to assist in a reef mapping exercise and while doing so was severely bitten by a shark on the arm. He is up for some rather large medical bills, but as per JCU’s tender mercies, they have not assisted him because due to an internal review they decided he was a volunteer. They also have threatened legal action against him for him trying to get a freedom of information request on the original investigation.

Warren Blair

Small but done.
What a disgraceful organisation.

Voltron, not sure if I can contribute to the bitten by shark thing, but can you get a message to them? As a member of the academic staff at JCU some years ago, I was well aware of their arrogant disregard for WHS (Workplace Health and Safety) laws. Students working in the metallurgy laboratory, carrying crucibles of molten metal, no proper overalls, aprons, footwear. condensation dripping off the walls and ceiling. One drop in a crucible and someone could have been killed. They claimed they were not a workplace. If they threatened legal action over an FOI action then they haven’t changed, just got worse. I did an FOI against them for a mess they got one of my sons into. One document they produced was obviously forged , eg correction fluid marks all over it, unreadable signatures etc. The clerk at the magistrates court said it looked like something a five-year old would try. This might get picked up by moderators so I’ll save it elsewhere. You can contact me by clicking on my name above, or via my website

DC Cowboy

So JCU has taken a page from Stalin and ‘disappeared’ Dr Ridd? Seems to be a message there somewhere. So much for treasuring diversity of thought.

J Mac

Seems odd…. apparently none of the social justice warrior, champions of scientific transparency, have donated funds??!
Kristi? Nick? ivanskinsman? benben? bellman? ???

John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia

Front page story at the online The Australian newspaper this morning (paywalled) written by Graham Lloyd (Environmental Editor often writing on resource and climate issues).
“Peter Ridd has been sacked by James Cook University for speaking to The Australian and breaking a gag order to ­expose disciplinary action being taken against him after he criticised the quality of Great Barrier Reef ­science.
He was also found to have broken an order that he “not directly or indirectly trivialise, satirise or parody the university” after he sent an email to a former student with the subject line “for your amusement”.
Suspending him from duty last month, JCU deputy vice-chancellor Tricia Brand said Professor Ridd had engaged in serious misconduct, including denigrating the university and its employees.
Terminating his employment, Vice-Chancellor Sandra Harding said he had “engaged in a pattern of conduct that misrepresents the nature and conduct of the disciplinary process through publi­cations online and in the media”.
“You have repeatedly and knowingly breached your obli­gations to maintain the confidentiality of disciplinary processes,” Professor Harding wrote in a letter to Professor Ridd. “You have repeatedly and wilfully denigrated the university and your colleagues, and in doing so damaged the reputation of the university.”
In taking the decision to sack him, Professor Harding said she had not been influenced by Federal Court proceedings taken by Professor Ridd against JCU.
Professor Ridd responded by lodging new legal documents with the Federal Court. He said he would fight the sacking alongside 25 charges behind JCU’s “final censure” of him last year.
After already raising $100,000 from international donors in one day, Professor Ridd has turned again to the public for support.
“JCU appears to be willing to spend their near unlimited legal resources fighting me,” he said.
Professor Ridd claims he had been censured because he had “questioned the reliability of science coming from some of our most prestigious organisations who are claiming that the GBR is badly damaged”.
“All I am saying is we need to check this ‘science’,” he said.
JCU told Professor Ridd the allegations against him did not relate to academic freedom or free speech. “The university has made it clear to you that it is not concerned that you have expressed a scientific view that is different to the view of the university or its stakeholders.
“The allegations relate to your alleged conduct which appears to demonstrate disregard and disrespect for the university, for its ­employees, your co-workers and appears to be contrary to lawful and reasonable directions provided to you by the university.””

The Grand Inquisitors at James Cook Inquisition:comment image
Deputy Vice Chancellor of Inquisitioncomment image


I wouldn’t give two bob for a lot of so-called professors in Australian universities these days. Recently I was attempting to communicate with an alleged professor of education. Her abject inability to read and respond to what I’d written (rather than what I hadn’t written) led me to the sorry conclusion that she was functionally illiterate.


$50 here.

Glad to donate. Academic totalitarianism is a travesty that must be fought!

CD in Wisconsin

Gladly donated…again. The Thought Police must be fought while we still can…
“From The Age of Big Brother”
From the Age of the Thought Police
From a Dead Man………Greetings.”


I don’t think he got fired for his views. He got fired for his lack of collegiality towards people in his own dept, critiquing them with hearsay rather than proper scientistic data, and doing it in newspapers rather than the literature and meetings where this stuff is usually fought out. Sounds like a real jerk.


scientistic? ha ha


Doh! How did we miss it? The lack of proper scientistic data, that’s what was missing! It explains EVERYTHING!
/sarc <= for the humor impaired.

John F. Hultquist

Universities usually do not fire people for being jerks. That would leave them with such a diminished staff that half the classes would have to be cancelled.


Not so. When your activities diminishes your academic duties and those of your colleagues you will get fired.


Sounds more like the university received both political and economic pressure to fire him.


I’m sorry, mate, but collegiality runs a distant second to truth and justice.

Curious George

Not in politics.



Ed Zuiderwijk

Would John Forbes Nash ever had his Nobel Prize (a real one) if he had been judged on ‘collegiality’?

Luc Ozade

I’m in again too. Let’s hope that this time JCU have bitten off more than they can chew.


“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.!!! ” – Mark Twain
Unfortunately all I can offer is encouragement, and a bit of experience.
Do your homework, lawyers know the law, not the technical details that might win the case.


However, based on the growing complexity of the case..

It’s what the endless bucket of funds allows JCU to do and is primarily the modus operandi of all warmist organisations these days – unfounded and unproven shotgun allegations to wear down one’s opponent.

Colin Harivel

In for $50. For academic freedom and integrity.


Just sent another $20.00 to the cause. Good luck!


I raise to $100 and challenge you.


Hugs, I am sure people are donating as much as they can afford.


I’m sure they are! And they’re doing it! Absolutely great!


Well, I can’t speak for “the people”, but certainly I could have donated more. I didn’t because there was no need. It was crystal clear to me that the goal would be reached with or without my contribution. I just wanted to be part of it.


I wish Professor Ridd godspeed and a quick and successful resolution to his case.


I know that crocodile Dundee is revered in Oz – but this is going a bit too far…First Bob Carter and now…comment image?w=640


Kleinefeldmaus on May 18, 2018 at 10:09 pm
“I know that crocodile Dundee is revered in Oz”
No so much, it was a real stinker, I was hoping Hogan would do a reprise to, “The Adventures of Barry McKenzie”, with the opportunity, but in LA. No such luck, it was as lame as can be—so parody away.


It’s one of those “so bad it’s good” flicks for a lot of us in the States.

Chris Norman

The new fascists in full flight. I will contribute.