Canadian PM Compares Climate "Denial" to Supporting Female Genital Mutilation

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his wife Sophie Gregoire, and daughter Ella-Grace wave as they board a government plane in Ottawa, Monday August 29, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld
No kids,

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t James Delingpole / Breitbart – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just gave a speech in New York about the need to respect and listen to others and bring everyone together, unless those others are climate “deniers” or supporters of female genital mutilation.

Trudeau uses NYU graduation speech to criticize growth in identity politics

Trudeau uses NYU graduation speech to criticize growth in identity politics

‘The leadership we need most today, and in the years to come, is leadership that brings people together’

Mia Rabson · The Canadian Press ·

Posted: May 16, 2018 8:06 PM ET

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first order of business after descending on Donald Trump’s hometown Wednesday was to enlist thousands of newly minted American university graduates in the fight against a rising tide of intolerance and nationalism around the world.

Officials had billed Trudeau’s three-day trip to New York and Boston as focused on trade and the economic relationship between Canada and the U.S., with looming NAFTA deadlines as a backdrop.

Respect people who don’t look or think like you do, Trudeau said. Engage those with whom you may not agree. And take up a leadership role against the aggressive nationalism and identity politics that are making the world a far more complex place to live.

The leadership we need most today, and in the years to come, is leadership that brings people together,” he said, clad in a graduation gown of his own after receiving an honorary degree — the first world leader to get one from NYU while in office.

“That brings diversity to a common cause. This is the antithesis of the polarization, the aggressive nationalism, the identity politics that have grown so common of late.”

Seeking out people with different viewpoints and respecting those who hold different political opinions does not mean those perspectives all have merit, he noted.

He mentioned advocates of female genital mutilation in the same breath as deniers of climate change — people who hold viewpoints that will never be valid, no matter how long they have been expressing those views or how loudly they do so.

He urged graduates to do more than just tolerate other points of view, but to respect and hear what others say in service of a better understanding the world, rather than simply striving to win an argument.

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What a brilliant summation of Liberal thinking on climate science. Listen to and respect the scientific views of others, unless those others express views which contradict your prejudices, in which case you are free to compare those others to misogynist child abusers.

Trudeau’s full speech:

Update (EW): Reference to FGM and Climate “Denial” around 24:10 in the video, if you don’t want to watch the entire speech

264 thoughts on “Canadian PM Compares Climate "Denial" to Supporting Female Genital Mutilation

  1. I now have proof that my Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada is the stupidest person ever to walk on the face of the earth. Even if you believe in AGW here are the stark facts of trying to do anything about it.
    Canada puts out 1.5 % of world total of CO2 and has not had any increases for 11 years.. China puts out 30% of the world total and increased their output 4.1% in 2017.
    Canda has committed to reduce per Paris agreement by 2030 of reduction of 33%. 33% of 1.5 % = 0.5%
    Trudeau in the 1st phase of reductions which will culminate by 2022 will reduce by 3/4
    3/4 = 0.75 and 0.5% = .005
    The said reduction of temperature goal is 1.5 C by end of century
    So you have 0.75 * .005 * = 0.00375 Don’t forget that carbon trading and a carbon price dont actually guarantee that any reductions will ever occur.
    But if the promised reductions do occur then you multiply by goal of 1.5C so that you have 0.00375 * 1.5 = 0.005625 C
    That is a reduction of a little over 5 thousandths of a degree C at the end of the next 82 years.
    Since China’s increase last year as per the above is .3 * .041 = 0.0123 or 1.23% of world total
    Canada’s reduction will be .75 * .005 = 0.00375
    That means China’s increase for 1 year is 0.0123/ 0.00375 = 3.28 times the amount of Canada’s reduction for each year. Dont forget that Canada’s reduction is only at a maximum by 2022. In the 1st year 2019 the reduction will be 20 % of that. China has refused to decrease its output and only promised to try to limit their increases by 2030. China is not a developing country. China has 45% of the world’s skscrapers.
    What will all of this cost Canada?
    Price of carbon by 20222 will be $50 per ton by 2022 and at 700 million tons = 35 billion $ Can
    This will still leave Canada short 66 million tons of its Paris commitment to cut by 2030 and Trudeau has said that Cnada will meet its commitment by 2030.
    What will this cost each household in Canada?
    Minimum of $1100 Can and maximum of $2500 Can depending on rebates given back by each province. Some provinces have promised to give all of it back.

    • Sound maths Alan T.
      Only problem – how the hell does anyone even begin to calculate what “carbon emissions” actually are for any country, leave alone one the size of Canada? Surely, it must simply be fairy tales to suit your narrative? Further, even if the likes of Canada or the UK can have a reasonable stab at this (which I seriously doubt), does anybody believe for one moment that the likes of China are going to be honest about this, especially as they have no intention of reducing their make-believe “carbon emissions” in the first place?

      • We use data on fossil fuel consumption, cement manufacture, etc. it’s easy to estimate. Many large companies have a small bureaucracy estimating CO2 emissions. This is kept handy just in case the government decides to impose a CO2 emissions tax.

      • Thanks Fern,
        All fine in theory but, realistically, to what degree of accuracy are these figures calculated? Plus or minus 50% perhaps for a country like the UK where we have a developed economy and plenty of paid virtue signallers? But in cases like China or India? And, even in the UK, what about instances like Drax where supposedly “sustainable” power generation is allocated big fat zero “carbon emissions” even though, in reality, total process emissions are as least as “bad” as for the coal powered units they replaced?
        I’m sorry but, overall, I simply don’t trust any of these whole-country emissions estimates as far as I could throw Al Gore.

      • If you burn an exact amount of carbon based fuel, you make an exact amount of carbon dioxide, really not hard to figure out.

      • Garbage in garbage out. Exact calculations based on easily manipulated raw data collected by fanatics who see what they want to see. Maths is not the problem, the people who decide what is or isn’t within the field of measurement are. National boundaries are rarely exact for a start, China (colluding with Pakistan) and India have been fighting over theirs since 1962. India used to dominate the Himalayas but are being slowly pushed out by China, such a situation is ripe for bureaucratic fudging of figures among other problems.

      • And isn’t the transgender agenda also an example of ‘identity politics’ ?
        When exactly did this become a term of disapprobation for liberals ?

      • The entire western world opposes female genital mutilation but turns a blind eye to male infant genital mutilation(circumcision). Circumcision in N. America was popularized by a Dr. Kellogg, of cornflakes fame. He believed it would discourage masturbation, which at the time was viewed as a cause of insanity. Dr. Kellogg knew a great deal about insanity, he also believed in daily yogurt enemas. Make no mistake, apart from emergencies, male circumcision has no medical value, the foreskins from infant boys are used to make women’s facial beauty products among other things.

      • Trudeau has been the biggest generator and enabler of identity politics the country has ever seen. He’s a clown. His cabinet are clowns. I could take that but the smug hypocrisy really gets under my skin.

    • Being a competitor of Canadian raw materials I can only hope that Trudeau remains in charge for ever. We have a lot of barking mad pollies in Australia but your PM is going too help our Chinese exports for a very long time. Every time he opens his mouth we will ship more coal. I do hope he speaks Mandarin? He could work for Austrade. The barby with no steak, no prawns, no sizzle and no heat…….
      I have never tried to cook a prawn with bull but it must work. There are lots of them in Canada.

      • There doesn’t seem to be any specific qualifications to be prime minister other than you gave a good eulogy at your dads funeral which is when he was noticed in politics, and he graduated as a drama teacher. Justin and Barbie are so offensive. The NDP party is even worse. In BC where we just recently had the president of the NDP/Green Party arrested and charged for blocking the Kinder Morgan pipe line expansion, caused Alberta to make legislation to restrict flow of oil products to B.C., and our fuel prices soar (est. $6/gallon). At the same time, BC pension fund has invested money in Kinder Morgan. Politicians are running wild.

    • I still don’t undeerstand why he wants to make Canada colder. Madness indeed.

    • Given that the vast majority of Canada’s land area, not counting permafrost, is covered with trees and muskeg, shouldn’t Canada be making a fortune selling “carbon credits” to the gullible folks around the world?

    • Canada is the second coldest country in the world. So we need a lot of heat.
      It is the second largest with a relatively small population. So a lot of travel is necessary.
      We grow a lot of food for export. Tractors and combines burn diesel and people do like to eat.
      We produce a lot of coal, oil and gas for export. Apparently to places that need those products. If they stop buying, we will stop producing.
      We produce a lot of environmentalists who produce copious amounts of CO2 flying around to conferences. We’ll try to cut back.

    • And you didn’t even factor in the part about how the world’s biosphere NEEDS this CO2. Not only isn’t it dangerous, it’s a godsend. China is helping the world more than Canada on the CO2 front, because it’s emitting more. Of course, they’re notorious polluters in other ways, so I hope they will really focus on reducing coal smokestack emissions and soot. But the Chinese people deserve modern electricity generation to raise up their economy. They deserve a decent standard of living. It would be better if the Communists would start to allow more freedoms, but at least they appear to be mostly embracing Capitalism, if not other forms of individual freedom.

    • What, a guy with such an impressive resume (i.e., high school drama teacher) is an idiot?
      But…that hair! Those socks!
      I couldn’t stand his father, but like most Jesuit-educated folks, he wasn’t an idiot.
      As the joke goes, Justin got his dad’s looks and his mom’s brains.

    • He’s not that stupid.
      Let’s be fair, Justin inherited a boatload of contradictory “policies” from his dad, who was a master of hypocrisy, and from his party, for which he is little more than a figurehead. It’s simply impossible to avoid looking stupid when you need to publicly endorse completely contradictory social policies, such as selling armoured pensonnel carriers to the Saudis while calling for peace on earth.
      And it’s hard to blame Canadian voters for choosing the party that offered pie in the sky and justice for all as opposed to the one that allowed innocent Canadians to be tortured for years in Syria or Guantanamo.
      If we had the leadership to offer the Canadian voters a government responsive to them instead of Washington and New York, the full might of American media, commerce, and intelligence services would immediately move to crush it, as some of us remember from the “FLQ Crisis”. Canada is a sovereign country in name only, because it has a seat in the UN. Its real status is just a bit North of Puerto Rico’s. You can hardly expect people with any integrity and strength of character to line up for the “leadership” position, if you remember what happened to John Diefenbaker and Tommy Douglas.
      Besides, Donald Trump actually makes Justin Trudeau seem bright by comparison. Makes one wonder who’s actually pulling his strings.

      • While Trump is loud and obnoxious at times, he’s light years ahead of the sissy in Canada.

    • Trudeau is not stupid. He is a leftist tool, a true believer, if you will. He will spout the left’s Marxist rhetoric and daily marching orders like a robot. He is the ultimate useful idiot because he is the prime minister !! Trudeau’s belief system has been formed over his entire lifetime into a quasi “liberal” but in reality, a Marxist secular religion. The murderous righteousness of Marxists is what makes them incredibly dangerous.

    • Is this an autobot reply? Does it mean anything. Are the Russians using WUWT to test AI trolls? My cheeks burn with shame for our Canadian Prime Minister. Peoplekind indeed.

      • Why is he insulting climate skeptics that way? I would NEVER insult him by saying that he was a failed drama coach who fluked into his job because his father happened to be prime minister at one time. I would NEVER say such a thing about a guy who specializes in virtue signalling or talks climate change out of one side of his mouth while promoting oil pipeline construction with the other. No sir. I don’t go around insulting our glorious leader like that. Never.

      • Treble
        Nor would I ever refer to him as an odious little scrote just because he considers climate scepticism as bad as FGM .
        Mind you, I daresay President Trump might have a choice term or two for him, for that comparison.

      • Robust nationalism results in nations that differ in meaningful ways, which means real diversity, as opposed to progressive diversity, which means ideological conformity. The Canadian PM is an ideological conformist, as his vile summer jobs program makes abundantly clear.

      • Trebla, I understand the sarc\ but I think at the end of it you hit on something important: we’ve been referring to these people as “leaders” for quite some time now when they are nothing but. They are representatives whom we (as a whole) have turned into leaders because being involved is too hard.

      • Not to worry – Trudeau now has an honorary degree from NYU. A Nobel Prize is no longer necessary for him to achieve the rank of TOTAL PERFECTION.

    • Robust? Are you aware that imam Trudeau’s liberal party supports FGM – officially?
      One Canadian man who wrote F- islam on a public bench – jailed for months as a hate crime.
      One moslem (new Canadian) man beat his wife with a hockey stick for a half an hour- he got off fully and completely because – it’s this moslem’s culture.
      There is NO criminal charges for moslem parents who do FGM to their daughters – UNLESS, get this, an infection happens!
      Many islamic ‘honor’ killings here now – they count them as domestic and use to promote gun control.
      Diversity my azz.

      • I could say that the guy got off because it’s ok to beat somebody with a hockey stick in Canada. But that would be in bad taste so I won’t.

      • hocky stick … ok
        polo mallet … kicked out of country
        cricket bat … probation
        baseball bat … go to jail

  2. Uhh… So now I am… the same as a person who mutilates females… because I… disagree with your view on global warming?
    And this guy is a leader of a nation? Canada? REALLY???
    Did this guy finish 6th grade?

    • I am a Canadian who is counting the days to the next election in the hope that sanity will return. He is more worried about legalizing pot and what the temperature might be in 100 years than he is about jobs and the economy. His views are not mine. Oh, and despite denying that humans are the main cause of climate change, I am not guilty of female genital mutilation. (Just for the record.)

      • Ditto. Trudeau has pissed-off pretty much everyone in Canada, except a few special ‘victim’ groups.
        Can’t wait to see him tossed out next year.

      • legalising pot will be fantastic.That way all the liberal activists will get stoned, and miss the demos.

      • ‘Not guilty of female genital mutilation’. Yeah right, that’s what all climate deniers say. (sarc on)

    • I honestly doubt that PM-uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh … uh,uh,uh … passed 6th grade. I assume all his teachers passed his substandard, incomplete, work, in exchange for … well … the ONLY thing he has to offer. No, not his intellect. No, not his sexuality. No … in exchange for a glimpse of his famous daddy (and mommy). Sock Boy is so far, far, far, out of his depth, it is painful to consider that Canadians are even DUMBER than Sock Boy … because they actually ELECTED this sad excuse of a sock puppet.

    • justine castro doesn’t have a problem with genital mutilation when he’s frolicking with a tranny…lol

    • He never did seem to learn to think.
      His speaks in a series of platitudes.
      They only address his own shallow morality.
      This, however, may be true of the average voter or the average commenter here.

    • Robert, Let it be a warning to you. You guys came within a couple whiskers of getting Bernie! Like a senile Justin!

    • Trudeau makes Trump look like a genius.
      Don’t the liberals love Islam (but what about FGM that comes with it) ?
      Greening of Canada, and warmer winter nights from greenhouse gasses,
      but stupid-head Trudeau has no idea what a greenhouse gas allegedly does
      I suppose he is a good parrot for progressive propaganda!

    • Jones…..In 1997, Canada’s Criminal Code was amended to include female genital mutilation as a form of aggravated assault. There has never been a criminal prosecution or conviction for female genital mutilation in Canada. From The Star. July 18. 2017. and The Global Citizen. Feb 2018.
      Trudeau is just a toad!

      • Alan, if that is the case, then the Muslim parents ought to be prosecuted for child abuse to the fullest extent related to such barbaric practices. If they are not prosecuted then it is the Prime Minister who is guilty, not those who believe climate change is a natural part of a highly variable planet.

      • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand exactly how are you going to carry out the investigation in each case? How much government money would you have to spend having to send an investigator to the foreign clinic where the operation was done? Especially since these foreign clinics would probably not keep any records. Are you going to have compulsory examinations of every 12 year old muslim school girl? I could ask you 20 more embarassing questions on your proposed Muslim genital mutilation prosecution project but I am sure you want me to stop now.

      • “Are you going to have compulsory examinations of every 12 year old muslim school girl?”
        Why not? It would put an end to the practise and save many future generations of 12 year old muslim girls.
        As I understand it, Britain has never prosecuted anyone for mutilating their daughters, either. So the practise will continue.

      • You only have to document, catch and successfully prosecute 1 father to see the beginning of the end of this brutality

        • My preferred punishment for FGM would be to put the practitioner in the general prison population, and tell the other prisoners what the person was in prison for.

      • Western countries have no problem putting parents in jails for “shaken baby syndrome”, even though nobody knows whether there is such thing.

      • You guys should go educate yourselves before blaming the practice on Muslims. From what I know, there are far more boys getting their genitals mutilated than girls. An now Hollywoodizens are putting it (extract) on their faces to look young and beautiful (sick!)
        Here’s an easy starter:
        Penis facial:
        Full disclosure: I am not Muslim. I am a practicing Catholic.

      • “There has never been a criminal prosecution or conviction for female genital mutilation in Canada.”
        Yes, indeed, it’s the current system treading oh-so-softly in not unsettling Islamic sentiments.
        Chamberlain had a similar approach towards Hitler.

      • Bryan,
        “You only have to document, catch and successfully prosecute 1 father to see the beginning of the end of this brutality”.
        I’m sure the misandrist groups will be out in force imminently to get this ball rolling.

      • There is no harm done from circumcision.
        FGM is designed to ensure that women can’t enjoy sex.

      • FGM is to a Female what Glans removal would be to a Male. Circumcision isn’t even in the same league.

      • The only adverse effects of circumcision are climaxing faster (because the nerve clusters responsible for arousal are more exposed) and being more susceptible to bruising and chafing should one, ahem, over-indulge.
        A far cry from full amputation of the prepubescent clitoris.

    • FGM could be stopped instantaneously in Western countries if there was political will. You just make it illegal regardless of where and when it took place and mandate compulsory yearly examinations or when entering the country, and jail and condemn any parent of a girl that has suffered FGM. Parents are responsible because of their duty to protect their daughters. End of the story.
      The Kirira Foundation in Spain works in Kenya, and has saved thousands of girls from FGM through collaboration with local education and health centers, and providing safe homes, for a modest investment.
      A politician talking about a problem and not doing anything to solve it is a hypocrite.

      • And sanction any country that chooses not to arrest and convict parents who send their daughter elsewhere for the mutilation.

  3. I am not much for violence, but some faces just demand to be punched. Arrogant virtue signaling little twit.

  4. As a Canadian I really fear for Trudeau’s mental state – and the contradiction above just proves the point. He, like other left wing nuts, plead for ‘peoplekind’ to understand different points of view and then compares people like me, who do not agree with him on global warming, to someone who would condone genital mutilation.

    • I became a committed skeptic when I saw a Nobel Prize Winner, a microbiologist, who, while giving a presentation put up a slide which listed vaccination opponents, tobacco companies (denying that smoking causes lung cancer), Holocaust Deniers and climate change ‘skeptics’ to the end that all were equal “DENIERS”. It was so blatant, so unscientific, so National Socialist inspired and very, very ugly. I saw him for what he was, an utter coward, a sleazebag and never to be trusted again in the same sense that no one with half a brain would ever trust anything Michael Mann ever said or wrote.
      By comparison Trudeau is just a vacuous airhead, going with the flow so that he gets eco cuddles from all the rest of the eco imbeciles out there. What a pathetic little person.

      • I started out accepting that Global warming was scientifically determined fact. I decided to research it a little so I could discuss it intelligently with others. I had done the same with evolution ( read “On The Origin of Species” ).
        The more I read the more puzzled I became. I couldn’t seem to find the reasonable evidence I was looking for. So I read more and more. I became somewhat alarmed at the powerful affirmative statements I read that had no supporting evidence, or evidence that was obviously inadequate and sometimes entirely contrived.
        As a long time science buff, I was disappointed and concerned as I gradually determined that an important field of inquiry was utterly corrupted.
        I now accept that cynicism and disbelief are the protective tools to wield in the modern world. Sad.

      • Nobel Prizers in biomed are known to utter preposterous statement, as if they were just Big Biomed shills. They are overrated. Sad!

    • John D,
      They (he) aren’t suggesting an understanding of differing points of view. They are telling their side to engage with differing points of view.
      (Like griff did. Like kristi stifler, chris, and the new guy scott try to do).
      The practice is not intended to win over anyone. It is not intended that they learn anything. It is not intended that they build bridges.
      It is intended that the useful idiots (like those listed above) are kept active in the “off season”. So that their enthusiasm won’t fade and they will be ready/willing/able when they are really needed … for protests and important votes and campaign contributions.

  5. It will be so interesting to see what happens when the SHTF about climate lies. There will be a lot of egg on faces and a lot of explaining to do. This is why the warmists will NEVER admit they have lied all along about it. They will continue the lie on and on. WHEN the great cooling comes, they will just change the narrative(again.)

    • When the cooling comes, they’ll say: “All those nasty man made industrial particulates in the air are shielding us from the Sun, despite our heroic efforts to cut the nasty pollutant plant food.”
      I can just see it now. & there will be a raft of second & third rate “scientists” to write papers to prove it.
      John Doran.

  6. Such statements are a notch on the political suicide ladder. When do Canadians get to cast a vote on this guy?

    • Women, dopeheads and moochers will vote for him again. Especially once he makes a few expensive election promises. That’s probably enough to get him re-elected. God help us!

  7. This stupid bastard is likely to get himself banned from entering the USA, just like his daddy (not his biological daddy) did.

  8. Our PM is a national embarrassment. He makes me cringe every time he leaves the country. At least while he is in Canada no one in the rest of the world pays any attention to him, but let him speak on an international stage and this is what we get. Our next federal election in 2019 cannot come soon enough.

    • I could say the same thing about Trump except he understands Americans come first. I’ll trade that for any social faux pas. Who cares if he doesn’t understand the “political process” if he gets the job done.

      • Trump understands the political bs process quite well. That is why he stays away from it to get the job done.

    • We careful what you wish for as I understand “Mr. Wonderful”, Kevin O’Leary, hedge fund manager, who is intelligent and has a war chest is considering a run for PM.
      Statements he’s made on CNBC indicates he is a big Climate Change Supporter. Obviously his fund must be heavily invested in alternative energy schemes???
      Any comments you hozers?

    • Floods, hurricanes, typhoons, drought, too little snow, too much snow, warm winters, cold winters, coral bleaching, increasing deserts, shrinking deserts, melting snow on the twin peaks of Kilamanjaro, record high and record low Antarctic ice, starving polar bears, fat polar bears and now female genital mutilation. Oh, the humanity!

  9. Have I got this right: If I want to become a leftist eco-nut: all I need to do is to turn logic on its head, lie, eschew decency, and embrace Fascism. Well, no thank-you.

  10. I knew many Universities were degrading…….but not that low: give Trudeau an honorary degree!!!
    How much did he pay for it? It’s worst than Obama getting the Nobel.

  11. “I know Justin. He doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. This guy is an empty trust-fund millionaire who has the political depth of a finger bowl” … Jason Kenney

    • Thank you commieBob!
      Ouch! More WUWT followers should read about Jason Kenney’s comments on Trudeau Jr.
      Jason Kenney called Justin Trudeau an ’empty trust-fund millionaire’ and he’s not taking it back
      Alberta United Conservative Leader Kenney says, from his experience, Trudeau ‘has difficulty with complex files’ such as the Trans Mountain pipeline

      • In the unlikely event that Trudeau wins again, Alberta will have little choice but to secede or die. Pretty much every one of Trudeau’s policies is a direct attack on Alberta, which is the very province that’s keeping Canada’s economy bumbling along.

  12. A grossly offensive remark which reveals the double- think that is typical of left wing thinking.
    The next thing he will be saying is that we sceptics deny the existence of the Holocaust. (sarc.

  13. Many in Canada refer to him as “Shiny Pony”, a spin-off of the “My Little Pony” cartoon characters.
    Enough said.

    • Since his dress displays in India I, and most people I talk with, agree that the best descriptive name for ‘Sunny Ways’ Trudeau is, Mr Dressup – the old children’s TV show. With apologies to the actual Mr Dressup

  14. You have to understand that Justin Trudeau is PM solely because of his dad’s famous surname, not because he had any previous skills or personal resume that would warrant such a position. The Liberals pretend to be the party of science yet are legalizing marijuana in spite of the abundance of real science that overwhelmingly points to the drug as addictive poison, especially for kids. Liberal science is all about the money, power, highs, and easy votes.

    • No. marijuana is not addictive and its not a poison.
      Its main downsides are lung damage and a tendency to precipitate people with schizophrenia into serious episodes.

      • There are overblown claims on both sides. As far as I can tell, its bad effects are less bad than the bad effects of alcohol. The apparent benefits are much better than what alcohol can offer.
        In places where there is medical marijuana, there are fewer prescriptions for pain killers including opioids. As well:

        They also saw a link between legalized medical marijuana laws and a drop in prescriptions for antidepressants, seizure medication, sleeping pills, anxiety medication and anti-nausea drugs. link

        On the other hand … one of my chemist friends had been using (the much weaker then) marijuana in the 1970s. He quit using when he found that it was affecting his short term memory. “Did I add chemical ‘A’ yet?”

      • I’m sort of neutral on this argument as far as the effects of marijuana. However, I think one of the primary arguments was to take it away from organized crime by legalizing it. I am about as sure as I can be that this won’t work out the way it’s intended. The criminals aren’t going to start legal jobs because they can’t sell weed anymore. They will just become more industrious in other areas of criminal activity. These will probably be worse than weed.
        Then again, I favour execution for dealers in hard drugs, so maybe I’m not representative.

      • You’ll have to define addictive Leo.
        I’ve numerous friends/acquaintances that tried to stop and repeatedly gave up. In the process of abstaining they were very grumpy shitheads … it was way better when they gave up and started smoking again.
        Marijuana has a very wide range of effect on different users. Some can benefit, some can handle it, some can handle it (but shouldn’t), some can’t handle it, some just go to sleep. Different for everyone.

      • Just like how you have different types of drunks, you also have different types of stoners.
        And legalization won’t stop the smuggling or backwoods cultivation. It will just change the directions of travel. The original motivation for smuggling is to increase your profit margin by avoiding the paying of trade duties. That will not have changed. Your cargo will still be contraband, just for a different reason.

      • Based on stories I’ve heard from those who actually move in such circles, yes, Leftwing Luckies and Progressive Pall Malls are addictive.

      • One in every six 16 year-olds (and one in every eleven adults) who try marijuana will become addicted to it. Jones-Webb R, McKee P, Hannan P, Wall M, Pham L, Erickson et al.
        More young people are in treatment for marijuana abuse or dependence than for the use of alcohol and all other drugs. SAMHSA Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality (2010)

    • Many things are “addictive”, whatever that means.
      Why would “conservative” who are pretend “small government” people would allow the government to regulated “addictive” substances? “Conservative” is another empty word, like “liberal”.

  15. What a sick twisted freak!
    This needs to be viral!
    Nick Stokes, Steven Mosher, even Appell and Cotton and other protagonists who have moved on to new handles, do you agree with this comparison? Are you onboard with the new rhetoric of your peers/advocates?
    Canada, stand up and do the right thing!
    No matter who you are, if you do not condemn this type of behavior, you are no better that the comparison itself.
    Absolutely disgusting….. in fact I think it liable!

  16. Canada is not the nation it was, progressive ideology spread by the unionized public school system and the deeply Marxist CBC, (Canada’s publicly funded broadcaster) has dangerously poisoned the voting pool and in the short term there is little hope, there will be much suffering before the brainwashed begin to grasp the realities of conservative governance. It is possible that Canada will founder in this storm, the situation will get much worse before it improves, the Liberals identity politics are destroying the nation.

  17. I’m no fan of genital mutilation for either gender.
    It seems unfortunate, though, the Justin’s father didn’t undergo a medically supervised and properly anaesthetised vasectomy.

    • Pierre Elliot Trudeau was Canadian PM in the 1960’s and a sensible politician in a era when the French Canadians were all for a free Quebec, separated from the rest of Canada. His son is probably the product of Quebecois trends in education since then.

      • If only Quebec had left back then, so many of Canada’s problems would not exist today.
        Every time I see the referendum results, I wish just a few thousand more people had turned out to vote ‘Leave’.

  18. Trudeau is certainly an embarrassment. I don’t know why anyone would want to invite a climate clown like Trudeau to their event in the first place.

  19. I think that was a very reasoned and nuanced observation from a world leader of uncommon insight and wisdom. If only more of our leaders were so eloquent.

  20. The irony burns, when the Liberals removed references to FGM being bad, from the new citizenship guide, when they circulated the first draft ……and had to add it back in because removing it caused huge backlash. This was after months of failing to committ to adding it back in….things are a joke up here, He is more likely to be condemned for negatively labeling these other cultures, by equating them to sceptics.

  21. …Canadian PM Compares Climate “Den*al” to Supporting Female Genital Mutilation…
    Ah… So…in the UK we have had a law against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) for many years. And many examples of it amongst the immigrant population. But there has NEVER been a conviction under it.
    So, if the UK government are tacitly and secretly supporting FGM, does that mean that they are also secret Climate Change Deni*rs?

    • why did UK need a law again female genital mutilation? Aren’t mutilation, whether male or female, whether genital or not, forbidden by common law, and all the more so when done on children?

      • then again, all mutilation are illegal, AFAIK.
        Now, all biological matter removal are not considered mutilation, for some reason. So you can legally shave, scratch, use soap and shampoo, practice circumcision, liposuction, or breast reduction, extract extra teeth, and even blood and bone marrow (including from children, in some case!)

    • Unfortunately, there is a perverse form of racism in the UK. A white woman who genitally mutilated her daughter would be instantly prosecuted (rightly) and sentenced to years in prison.

      • But as a woman she would get a suspended sentence. A man would never see the light of day. Unless he were a minority of some sort. Complicated justice system.

    • Australia has a number of convictions for FGM so clearly that means we aren’t deni*rs then.

  22. We know that the US once had the Spruce Goose for a fleeting moment (one flight) but what has Canada and the rest of the world done to deserve the Canada Goose?

  23. Trudope would know about such things – HE is a supporter of all things Muslim and so I think he just told us all he’s a closet AGW denier… 😀
    Funny how the loudest mouths in the Church of AGW say the stupidest things.

  24. Since the quintessential Canadian trait is to be apologetic, may I please apologise for Justins
    lack of mental acuity, his vapid puerile way of expressing himself, and his perfectly coifed hair.
    Thank you. And I apologize for taking up your time. Thank you.

  25. Hang in there, Canada! America values and appreciates the hard working folks to our north!
    Yes – Trudeau is a feral, virtue signaling socialist without any other redeeming capabilities. So was Obama. Like Obama was, Trudeau is such a poor national and international leader he is convincing your electorate of the imperative need to boot his smirking brand of politics to the curb.
    Get to work now, organizing at the grassroots levels in advance of your 2019 election, so you don’t have to put up with him in 2020!

  26. “Did this guy finish 6th grade?”
    He was a school teacher. It shows. No offence to the good ones.
    He was on the right track though even if he bungled it.
    “He urged graduates to do more than just tolerate other points of view, but to respect and hear what others say in service of a better understanding the world, rather than simply striving to win an argument.”
    More listening to skeptics and less calling them names would be a good change.

    • I once met a guy who had no problem with the concept of slavery. As long as he himself was not at the receiving end, of course. Do I have to respect his point of view? Or him for having it?
      Those who ‘respect’ other people’s ‘values’ by default, irrespective of what they are, respect no values at all. They live in a moral vacuum.

      • ‘respect’ is a strange word. Some guy told that you must show some respect (that is, take very seriously) to guys willing to die and kill for a cause, however how nutty or wrong the cause seems to you (this was about terrorists). And he was right, but triggered a lot of people by telling this simple truth. Because people tend to link respect to morality or approuval, while they are totally unrelated
        ‘respect’ is a most used word in gangster stories, for some reason.
        So you better ‘respect’ the value of the slaver. That is, prepare to kick is ass very hard, for this is the only way for him to respect your value of freedom.

      • ‘respect’ is indeed a strange word, and it means different things to different people, unfortunately, and I don’t have an easy way to clear this up. Buddhists would understand. Respect a person does not mean you have to agree with his ideas or values, only that you treat him as a person, decently.
        The quote again, without the dangerous word:
        “He urged graduates to do more than just tolerate other points of view, but to [listen and] hear what others say in service of a better understanding the world, rather than simply striving to win an argument.”

      • The civilisation of the western world was built up on slavery. To the ancient Romans and Greeks it was the normal state of affairs. Socrates and Plato didn’t lose sleep over it, nor, for that matter, did St Paul. I still respect their views and values on other points, if not on that one.

  27. An interesting (and somewhat ironic) comparison in a world where states assert their right to change the sex of children despite parents’ objections.

    • I think people who talk about “changing the sex” are totally wrong. That’s what you don’t change. What you can change to some extent is the appearance.
      My cousin-in-law has “changed her/his sex”. That means she/he has a new social security number, new name, new passport, different hairs and bumps in the body. She/he (why do you need to distinguish in English?) can’t change how tall she/he is, or how wide a jaw she/he has. I think she/he might have been happier with hormal treatment before she was 18, but I’m not sure when you are able to determine the sex of the brain? You know, people are not fully men or women in their heads, so how would we know when to let children start treatment?
      And remember, you can’t change the sex. You can just hide some features of your body.
      For me, this is a puzzle. For many people, it is not a puzzle but something to be sure about.

    • In todays liberal gender-fluid world, if the girl who undergoes FGM identifies as a boy would it then count as a male circumcision and thus be perfectly ok legally? what if the girl identifies as one of the other 57 gender identities, would it still be considered FGM seeing as she/xi isn’t “female”? trying to understand liberalism just gives one a headache (unless one identifies as headless, I guess).

      • Dear PM Trudeau,
        Most children subject to the practice (FGM) are, by the liberal side discussion, too young to know if they are indeed female or male. (or something else).
        SO, using the term FGM should be banned in Canada, as it may push an impressionable young child to pick the wrong gender. Not that there is a “wrong gender” (or really any gender at all … I mean, isn’t gender really just a social construct), it’s just that the gender may not be appropriate for the child’s specific timeline mindset. My point being that using the language of FGM is potentially just as harmful as FGM itself.
        In closing, if my suggestion sparks any kind of logical recognition on your part, then you are indeed the brainless twit that people say that you are.

      • No place for SCUM in the brave new progressive alphabet.
        (Straight Conservative Uncolored Males)

    • A complete idiot just cannot become Premier. Although it helps a lot that your enemies think you are, and underestimate you accordingly. The swamp is full of crocodiles who know their business, and shows no mercy for idiots.
      Quite the opposite, he calculated (or asserted with political instinct) that ‘believing'(*) in CAGW and using it as a scapegoat served him and his political schemes more than any other.
      And it does, obviously.
      (*)Whether CAGW is really true or not just doesn’t matter, and he didn’t check at all.

      • “A complete idiot just cannot become Premier.”
        He can if he has the right name and enough money behind him.
        Trudeau won a majority in the last election, mostly by convincing his supporters that Harper was Literally Hitler. The polls show that he’s now running the Womyn’s Party, as the vast majority of men have abandoned the Liberals, and only women’s support remains high.
        Taking a majority and turning it around in only three years so the Conservatives would win a majority if there was an election today seems idiotic to me. In the next couple of years, there’s a good chance that Conservatives will take back Alberta (almost certain), win Ontario (highly likely) and win Canada (likely).

      • A name helps a lot, but is not enough to attract enough money, and neither will help you from being eaten alive by mates at the slightest mistake.
        Being elected and running the office are to very different business, unfortunately with bad correlation. Countless politicians were very good at one and just as bad at the other, that doesn’t make any of them an idiot.
        Very stupid politics, hurting the country, sometime makes perfect political sense, so much so that advocating good politics can be a sure way to NOT be elected, or to be kicked out of office.

  28. doesn’t this one come from a guy who refuse to condemn genital mutilation of girls practinioners, because, you know, that would be white cultural supremacism?

  29. And yet I read today that Canada is the leading country for heli-skiing. If ever there was an activity that could be banned because of CO2 emissions surely this would qualify.

    • Just an example of the major difference between we skeptic and you believer.
      When the Guardian tells you to laugh, you laugh, as a viewer of a sitcom with recorded laugh.
      I personally asked myself: “OK, how much matter erosion brings from land into the seas?”, then proceeded to check some source, which was not so easy (apparently this simple question doesn’t have a simple answer),
      The fact is, it looks like the beach nourishment from sediment from the land is more or less equal to sea rise, according to people concerned by sea level rise
      “Results from geological investigations in south-east Australia and sediment transport modelling from the Netherlands coast indicates that sand supply from the lower shore face fully compensates for the effects of significant relative sea level rise.”–sea-level-rise.aspx
      Is that “moronic” to think that, since matter form the land and sea level rise are equal, the first is cause of the second? No it’s not. Just like early (XIX) estimates of “greenhouse effect”, it may be wrong, but not “moronic”.

      • A drop in the ocean it surely is, but so is a ~1/1,000,000 of ocean depth per year level rise.
        Australian parliament MAY BE a whacky source, but the Guardian is for sure.
        Then again, I looked for a source and thought about it, as a skeptic do. You didn’t, as a CAGW believer do. You just let your prejudice and bandwagoning with whacky Gardian drive you into parroting retweet without any thinking. You acted like a pathetic bully, “my friend”.

    • Arrogant climate change reactionary just about sums you up hunter – just substitute reactionary with sceptic
      [I hope you two have had fun but the rest of us find this boring . . . mod]

    • Quoting the Guardian is not a good indicator of membership of the reality based community. This comment from CIF about dear Polly is quite old but gives the flavour of the place pretty well (a make work scheme for posh entitled arts graduates, close bosom friend of the BBC). Polly didn’t graduate of course although her one ‘A’ level and Tonybee connections got her in on a scholarship.
      ‘On Tuesday last,
      A falcon, towering in her pride of place,
      Was by a mousing owl hawk’d at and kill’d.
      And then, ev’n in that unholy rain,
      That fell and fell and made winter of lost summer,
      Mad Polly was heard to talk some sense…
      We are seriously doomed.’

      • Scepics seem to really detest The Guardian because it is the leading broadsheet on environmental initiatives and has some fantastic in-depth articles on climate change, which enrages the US sceptic community because they do not have a similar source to support their views. So if the sceptics keep on trashing it, you know it’s environmental coverage is hitting the nail on the head!

      • Sane people hate the Gardian because of it “fantastic” (indeed!) articles. Too much fantasy, science-fiction, propaganda and the like reported as news. No other reason needed.
        Here is a joke:
        At a zoo, a child fall of his mother arms into the pit of the tiger. A squad of soldiers happens to be there, too, and one of them jump in, distract the tiger with a burger, save the child, and, with the help of his comrades, escape out before the tiger do any harm. While the child still cry and his mother in shock from the fear, the crowd is elated, and a journalist of the guardian, who appears to be there, interview the man, and promise it will make the headline. And it does: “a fascist robs the meal of an immigrant from India unlawfully held in slavery, poison him, then mock him and revel in joy with accomplices while a mother is in shock, her child in cry from the action”
        But you have a point: There certainly IS high correlation between hating lies, being skeptic, and holding the guardian in contempt.
        Not that the Guardian hold any monopoly on the matter. Unfortunately.

    • Ivan the Russian troll.
      “The Kremlin has masterminded an elaborate scheme to undermine American fossil-fuel production and distribution, concludes a report by the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.
      Released March 1, the report, “Russian Attempts to Influence U.S. Domestic Energy Markets by Exploiting Social Media,” reveals how Russia has teamed up with U.S. and European environmental groups to use such popular outlets as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to turn American public opinion against the domestic oil and natural gas industry”.

      • The only thing the Kremlin is doing is colluding with the real estate salesman from New York after pumping in illicit money into his – and his grifter son in law’s – failing real estate companies to influence the 2016 election.
        It is a very well known fact that Putin hated Clinton’s guts, for supporting anti-Putin sentiment and was determined to prevent her by any means possible from getting into the Presidential office.
        Who else hates her so much – the Donald. So his and Putin’s interests were very much aligned.
        To say there is a Russian – green alliance conspiracy on fossil fuels is complete B.S. Good attempt to spread fake news my friend.

      • In Ivan black and white, good versus evil, world, it cannot be possible that Putin both did his best to defeat Clinton AND hinder US and European oil industry
        so the well proven fact that Putin’s KGB helped the anti-nuke AKA “better red than dead” pacifists AKA no fracking AKA greens in Germany, UK, Canada and USA (because admitted communists had zero hold there), and the fact that Putin’s Russia had and still has no reason to stop, he mocks “conspiracy theory”…
        Likewise, in his fantasy world, there is no way Clinton could had been beaten just because she was just awfully awful (just ask her “friend” Bernie). Must be a conspiracy from Russia.

  30. “Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”
    Charles Darwin
    Strange, he didn’t even meet Trudeau.

  31. Step back – try see The Big Picture..
    How did an (obviously) unthinking, sensation-seeking, adversarial and rabble-rousing little muppet like this rise to the top of the tank?
    How did it get to be Prime Minister?
    If that is The Prime = The First = The Best, what is going on below that?
    How did it happen?
    What Went Wrong?
    Avid readers will know my thoughts – one word. Sugar
    Ehrlich and Malthus were correct. A mass starvation is happening, now and in real time.
    But its not like how Hollywood and how everyone therefore expects it to play out.
    How on Earth could all these fat and obese people possibly be starving? Look at all the calories they;re getting – never had so many or had it so good.
    Peta, you’re off your head!!
    Its a starvation of the brain and the mind which affects its thinking and subsequent actions.
    We see it everywhere and at least once very day on here. Not only in the stories themselves but the over-reaction to them.
    That Oxford professor (Dorkling or whatever his name) was a lovely example. He was only really a priest giving a sermon to his flock, inflicting guilt upon his flock. Exactly as the “Mighty King Canute” learned to do centuries ago -yet the vitriol poured onto the prof was just gobsmacking. Horrible.
    Rampant paranoia – over reaction to trivial stimuli
    One of these days, someone of Trudeau’s position will say or do something so monumentally dumb, billions of similarly afflicted, zombified & paranoid minds will follow.
    It’ll make the proverbial lemmings-off-a-cliff look like a teddy bears picnic

  32. I think it is wonderful that Trudeau has come into power at this time.
    Why? Because there is every chance that his absurd utterances will shake Canada to it’s core.
    It is very likely that he will utter such obviously provably incorrect information that the voters will revolt.
    It happened here in Australia with a bizarre figure called Kevin Rudd. His Party sold their backsides as he just had that whimsy that appealed to the voters.
    You know this guy is just so unusual for a Politician, he understands us.
    Well unusual was right and I reckon the “peoplekind ” of Canada will do what they did to Mr Rudd and Trudeau will end up a detested wastrel and fool.
    I never thought that Rudd could be outdone but Here we have a contender

  33. The situation is very simple and confusing. Trudeau is right about climate change and is totally wrong about the issue of excess liberalism.

    • Mihaly wrote:
      “The situation is very simple and confusing. Trudeau is right about climate change and is totally wrong about the issue of excess liberalism.”
      I agree that your statement IS very confusing. In fact, young Justin is utterly wrong about CO2-driven global warming being dangerous, and his so-called “excess liberalism” exists alongside his open admiration for brutal dictatorships in Cuba and China.
      Hmmm… … Cuba, … China, and … Canada?
      Actually, destroying the economy is one of the classic tactics of dictators when they want to consolidate control. Then they institute martial law and often execute those who oppose them, blaming them for the terrible economic mess; then they live like kings on top of the disaster that once was a prosperous country.
      Examples abound:
      Stalin in the Former Soviet Union (FSU), all the FSU vassal states, Mao in China, Pol Pot in Cambodia, the Kim’s in North Korea, Castro in Cuba, many countries in South America, many countries in in sub-Saharan Africa – it’s a long and tragic list.
      Based on his actions and his inactions, young Justin is quite far down this destructive road. He is destroying through inaction our vital energy industry, the basis of our economy. In the past ~60 years, Alberta’s energy industry has financed the entire country. Through federal tax transfer payments to the Rest-of-Canada, each Alberta family has donated about one million current dollars (when nominal interest is included) to other provinces and territories. The only precedent for this sort of wanton economic destruction was Justin’s father, Pierre, when he instituted the catastrophic National Energy Program in 1980. Like father, like son.

  34. Doesn’t this twit understand that some people still actually listen to his utterances.
    What an embarassment.

    • Robert – don’t you think he has speechwriters?
      Somewhere in a backroom there are people screaming with laughter:
      “You mean he actually said what we wrote? What an idiot! I got it! Next let’s have him compare female genital mutilation to climate deniers – he’ll never fall for that! Nobody is that stupid, not even Justin! What??? He already said it?? OMG!!!!!”

  35. I’d bet $100 that Justin would be unable to articulate the mainstream “denier” position. And I’d bet another $50 that he’ll never be challenged to do so.
    [?? US or Canadian 50.00? .mod]

  36. Justin Trudeau is the darling of the NWO globalist elite. He was groomed by his Jesuit NWO father to become the leader of the 2nd largest country in the world and was just biding his time until his moment to ascend, though that’s not admitted for obvious reasons. And AGW is the foundation of the NWO world government, so it’s at the top of his ‘to do’ list.
    SEPTEMBER 19: Justin Trudeau Hailed At UN in New York As ‘Example’ To The World

    SEPTEMBER 19: Arch of Baal” erected in New York City
    Creepy “World Government Summit” Targets America, Freedom

  37. Coming from the Leader who tried to get FGM taken out of our citizenship guid for new immigrants and refugees!

  38. I thought most liberals already supported FGM because if one does not, it’s anti-Muslim. I have read US people defend the practice. So I’m confused—liberals support FGM so they are climate de niers?

    • There’s little logic & all kinds of self-contradictions in the liberal/neo-marxist mind. Impossible to make sense of it and useless to try.

      • Not really. The one thing liberals care about is power: if you assume the ‘will to power’ drives all their decisions, you can predict them pretty well.
        Except now liberals like Trudeau have become so disconnected from reality that they’re doing things that will ensure they won’t have power for long. Maybe he’s getting bored of playing dress-up around the world and doesn’t want to win another election.

      • They consider ideas more important than people, and value intent over integrity.

  39. This clown and his environment minister get mad when we refer to her as Climate Barbie, because of her recorded pull string on the issue and lack of any substance of facts on the issue.
    But referring to AGW skeptics to people who engage in the barbaric practice of FGM, is reprehensible!

  40. As painful as it may be, listen to the whole speech. He contradicts himself when he says that you should entertain others views whom you might disagree with, the opposite of his “deniers= FGM” statement.
    The stupid, it burns. Deep.
    It must also be stated that Trudeau is promoting sharia law, which includes, you guessed it, FGM.
    He blatantly lies. Over and over.
    People above are saying they cannot wait until the next election, but who do we vote for? The leader of the Conservative party has stated that he is in favour of UN global governance (yikes) and he “believes” in climate change (double yikes). Meet the new boss, same as the old boss?
    Canada is in deep doodoo.

    • True, the Conservatives have many of the same failings. But they held back many of the liberal insanities that Trudeau has pushed through since he was elected. Their biggest failing is their globalism. But all major parties across the West were globalists until Brexit.
      Canada desperately needs a Trump to clean up the mess Canada’s Obama is making.

  41. “antithesis of the polarization, the aggressive nationalism, the identity politics that have grown so common of late.”
    He’s got a real mixed bag of incompatible ideas here. This is the trouble with the new left. They dont recognize that identity politics is their ugly invention. They dont recognize that proper stewardship of the economy for its citizens is one of the main purposes of a government and this they call aggressive nationalism. They get elected at home and their ‘constituents’ are abroad.

  42. It is ironic that the Canadian PM would use genital mutilation as an example while at the same time talking about the need for leaders that bring people together. If I remember correctly Canada allows for Sharia Law in Muslim communities. Those countries that use genital mutilation are primarily Islamic. The radical Islamists really want to bring the world together under the banner of conservative Islam. They support genital mutilation while at the same time they really don’t give a rat’s back end for AGW.

  43. Why is my comment being held in moderation? I did not use any terminology different from any other commenter. What the hell.

  44. Trudeau’s demonstration is masterful: he spends tens of minutes extolling the virtue of respect of others’ opinion just to smash his well constructed image in a few seconds… As if he carefully built the argument that all colors of the rainbow are equally beautiful , deserve respect and consideration, that one might even like a different color than their favorite by looking at it, understanding how it works on various surfaces… but those of course who prefer blue, then those do not deserve any respect and should be dealt with swiftly.

  45. The Obama Syndrome of attacking non-believer citizenry on advocacy-driven policy from the podium using advocacy supplied speeches continues.

  46. Was Linda Sarsour available for comment, she’s the leading exponent of force FGM these days

  47. I recall Justin saying that Conservatives were wrong and offensive to call FGM “barbaric”, which seems to indicate he supports it!
    Ben Shapiro calls him a teenage girl in a mans body. Jordan Peterson says he never had to grow up, so he didn’t. Both analyses seem accurate.
    “these values at the blind forefront of his politics.
    But please, please spare us the reign of Trudeau the intellectual scold. Open-mindedness would have to search pretty hard to find a less credible champion.”
    Poor verbal skills are a major deficit in a leader. In the absence of the ability to speak forcefully and articulately, certain defenses must be called up. In Mr. Trudeau’s case he seeks protection in a handful of stock phrases and tag lines, monotonous strings of platitudes endlessly iterated. On any of his progressive fixations – male feminism, inclusivity, gender, the indigenous file – we have all grown familiar with the litany of pat formulas and ready truisms.
    “The budget will balance itself” is one of Trudeau’s classics. So is the charming fillet of fluff when he pledged “to grow the economy from the heart outwards.” Coutts-Hallmark meets Adam Smith. And then on any awkward or fraught social moment – there’s the sturdy standby “that’s not who we are as Canadians.” Very early on he set the pattern with the “because it’s 2015” which became some sort of an answer-all for every progressive urge visited upon the unenlightened.

  48. Funny, I’d compare warmism to an attempt to reenact the Holocaust – except do it right this time and target the entire human race – that whole 90% population reduction thing.
    It’s written right there in the gospel.

  49. Rex Murphy has a few things to say about Justin Trudeau, and Canada’s global warming policies.
    Trudeau’s desire for global praise comes at the price of Canadian jobs, and Canadian unity
    The Trudeau government vastly overestimates and overpraises the power of ‘our example to the world.’ This is quite natural. Every author is the ideal reviewer of his own book

  50. Until th Canadian people’s rise up and rid themselves of the destructive forces that got this wimp into office, little will change.
    How to galvanise the public is a problem when the MSM is fraudulent, i.e. Bending information to unbalanced information to a public that are unsure of what is going on and are too busy with their lives – until the proverbial hits the fan!
    Bloody corrupt politicians, please excuse my frustration.

  51. I would like to point out that you leftists must not value the Guardian particularly as, with this one and other editions I’ve noticed that they are begging for even a CDN dollar donation to help it survive. Please, please donate Invankinsman – we’re all in need of a good laugh once in a while.

  52. I would say it’s proof of his ignorance of the whole issue rather than proof of insanity or evilness or anything like that. I mean it’s a silly statement, but not surprising. He believes that “climate denial” (whatever that means) is a bad thing and only evil people do it, because that’s what media and mainstream scientists keep telling him.

  53. Let’s be more specific:
    Climate denial is like a Holocaust denier who advocates female genital mutilation in young trans-sexuals-of color from a foreign country who believe in God. … Oh, I almost forgot, … /sarc)

  54. Trudeau claims budgets balance themselves . He promised an annual deficit of $ 10 billion of new debt
    that has already ballooned to over $18 billion . What he is doing is child abuse .

  55. Can’t argue with his point. Some things are just not true, or right, so no point in supporting them. But you should try to understand the views of others.

  56. The only reason that Trudeau and his Liberal government support the climate change theory is to justify imposing a carbon tax on Canadians. They know full well that in order to meet their Paris climate agreement targets they’d have to close down about half of Canada’s oil&gas, transportation, agriculture and waste disposal sectors. Such a move would not only wreck the economy but result in reducing Canada’s emissions from a mere 1.6% of the global total to 1.12%. Regardless, He’s not going to pass up a chance to generate revenue from taxpayers under the guise of helping to save the planet. So whatever he says the whole issue has to be taken not with just a grain of salt, but a heaping tablespoon.

  57. Update (EW): Reference to FGM and Climate “Denial” around 24:10 in the video, if you don’t want to watch the entire speech

    Boy, am I glad you added that.
    I am curious as to where in the ‘Western’ world Mr Trudeau thinks he has seen people arguing strongly for female genital mutilation. I dunno, I’m not privy to the discussions of the Canadian government cabinet.
    What he says is certainly one of the worst things I have yet heard a global-warming politician say in this specific debate when attempting to soil critics of his stance. What is more disappointing still is that the audience seemed to cheer more and applaud louder when he mentioned anthropogenic climate change than they did when he mentioned female genital mutilation, as he was disgracefully conflating the two. Shameful. I would genuinely like to be convinced by other listeners that I heard wrong.

  58. Turdeau cares only for virtue-signalling. Turdeau has a mental age of somewhere in the early teens. Turdeau is a dressing-up village idiot’s goto simpleton. Turdeau is an international laughing stock – even amongst insane globalists. I know people who actually voted for that. It simply beggars belief.

  59. Justin Trudeau had better watch his back if he’s going to ridicule the Clintons on their pro-genital-mutilation beliefs. Chelsea recently claimed that “genital cutting” has many health benefits. She probably learned that from her mother and her mother’s BFF. Here is her tweet from April 26, 2017:
    Chelsea Clinton @ClintonChelsea
    Genital mutilation is a culturally loaded, racist term. The correct term is genital cutting, and has many health benefits.

    — Chelsea Clinton

      • It appears that you’re correct. I never thought to check it against Snopes. (I guess you just can’t trust everything you read on Twitter or Facebook.) But who has the time to fact check everything they read, other than Nick?
        The funny thing is, I tried to find out if Muslims in general agree with female circumcision, but gave up when I found contradictory statements all over the place. Here are just two:
        [Female genital mutilation] is not required by Islam—indeed, Muslim scholars have declared it unIslamic… Senior Muslim religious authorities appear to agree that FGM is not required by Islam or is prohibited by it.”
        “Circumcision is not an inherited custom as some people claim, rather it is prescribed in Islam and the scholars are unanimously agreed that it is prescribed. Not a single Muslim scholar – as far as we know – has said that circumcision is not prescribed. Their evidence is to be found in the saheeh ahaadeeth of the Prophet… This hadeeth includes circumcision of both males and females.”

  60. Canada’s Prime Minister is a virtue signaler who will sign off on a new NAFTA as long as it’s gender neutral
    and gets the USA to by pass Congress again to sign the Paris pledge .
    This California north crème puff will be gone next election . Back to snow board instructing .

    • Our western culture abhors genital mutilation, unless you want to change your gender. Then a chopadictomy or an add-a-dick-to-me procedure is perfectly acceptable. In some places, the government will even pay for you to severely mutilate your genitals by chopping them off or completely reconstructing them. But then western cultures are civilized, so that kind of genital mutilation is perfectly acceptable. Removing a bit of foreskin; however, is unacceptable. If you don’t know which forms of genital mutilation are politically correct and which are not, you are in danger of having people like Justin Trudeau call you an uncivilized bigot.

      • Louis
        I think FGM is so unacceptable because it’s done without anaesthetic, on non consenting participants, more often than not in unhygienic conditions.
        I’m not sure where that leaves removal of a male child’s foreskin in the scheme of things. I don’t know much about it, but I understand it’s conducted, usually, on a non consenting child participant, without anaesthetic.
        Chopadictomy or an add-a-dick-to-me procedures are usually conducted on adults, with their full consent, indeed, elective participation.
        Personally, I consider the mutilation of any non consenting participant, child or otherwise, abhorrent.

  61. The truth is the reason Trudeau could be re-elected is because there is no serious opposition .
    The train wreck Trudeau is leaving behind will eventually be just to big to ignore although the CBC
    will do their best . Keep funding the CBC and Trudeau could stick around for years .

  62. “…anthropogenic climate change is real, no matter how much some folks want to deny it”
    At least he got the climate change lie right this time. I most certainly DO deny anthropogenic climate change. Our puny contribution to atmospheric CO2 is not the climate control knob. And a minor change in average temperatures does not equate to climate change.

  63. I forgot to mention the obvious: he will never have a conversation with people he considers deniers because he just equated our opinion with FGM and thus, he considers it just as wrong as FGM.

    • I love this film (For those who don’t know: being there ). And the short novel by J. Kosinsky, the film being as faithfoul as possible to the novel.

  64. So Prime Minister Trudeau SAID:
    “Respect people who don’t look or think like you do.”
    He urged graduates to do more than just tolerate other points of view, but to respect and hear what others say in service of a better understanding the world, rather than simply striving to win an argument.
    This is a classic case of do what I say, not what I do.
    This is the man who leads a government that has told voluntary organisations that they must support the Canadian Government’s pro-abortion policy – OR ELSE. Or else they won’t be getting money from the Federal government.

    • I find that respect and tolerance are a one-way street with these leftists. You are to respect and tolerate their points of view or they will label you a bigot. However, they have absolutely no desire to reciprocate and show you respect and tolerance if you do not belong to one of their preferred groups or your thinking differs from theirs in the slightest.

  65. Trudeau got all soapy talking about his deceased father and claiming he learned to take the high road .
    He must have meant stoned .
    Kenney is absolutely right but Mr. Dress up is a hit with the chicks and that’s enough .

  66. …and probably the explanation is that he simply does not have a clue what he is talking about when mentioning ‘climate change’.
    I believe he does not even know nor understand what skeptics say, does not understand that the warming from CO2 is so trivial it could probably not even be measured.
    I like how Claes Johnson makes the distinction between skeptics and deniers:
    Alarmists: There is a greenhouse effect and it threatens to overheat the globe.
    Skeptics: There is a greenhouse effect, but it is so small that it cannot be detected.
    Deniers: As long as no greenhouse effect has been identified, one can act as if there is no greenhouse effect.”

    I understand that radiation thermodynamics would put the effect at 1°C per doubling, but the atmosphere has much more then radiation. Those same ‘scientists’ have not yet been able to properly model the lapse rate in the atmosphere, not to speak of proper thermodynamics…
    CO2 doubling? We will not be at 800 ppm before 2200 or maybe never as our plants absorb more and more CO2 with higher efficiency.
    Explain this to a moron who was spoon fed liberal global warming theories and who has no capacity or intention to listen to arguments.
    It is enough that ’97 percent of scientists say so’ (what is not true, but is another of the many global warming lies repeated ad nauseam).
    He does not know nor understand that CO2 is good for plants. It is an observable fact becoming more and more prevalent in the world, a truly inconvenient truth.
    I like nature and use and used to walk often through mostly european forests. I saw and see the differences between 50-40-30 years ago, 20 years ago and now. Oh boy, the change in the density of leaves is impressing. It is there, visible.
    I would not have thought that I would be able to spot the difference in my lifetime, but one has to look the other way not to see it.
    Even the BBC had to admit it:
    So again a politician says what he is told to say. Bashing deniers is always good isn’t it?

  67. Personally I don’t think wiping out FGM will have any more effect on changing the global climate than what’s been dished up by our movers and shakers so far but I surmise it’s a case of any port in a storm there Trudes baby. I certainly can’t criticise this new ‘do no harm’ approach to changing the climate and I’m sure many here can come up with equally innocuous tips and suggestions to help out.

  68. This is how the classic marxist indoctrinated “wiberwal” behaves. Gush! gush! embrace all, everyone is wonderful, we love multiculturalism and hate the colour of our own skin and that dangley collection of objects between our legs and we detest the twisted version of our history which we invented but believe to be an absolute truth. We pretend to ignore that the theory of multiculturalism has no foundation as a practice and has been found to fail in practice everywhere it has been tried but we are achieving chaos so “more please”. We embrace everyone but if we do not agree with your point of view we revert to zealot speak!

  69. To wipe out female genital mutilation he will have to take his and the wimin and the Left’s favourite murderous religion on head to head. Do you think this lily livered pretty boy has the balls to do that, no me neither….so virtue signal yourself away into oblivion pretty boy and do not dare ruin Canada anymore than you already have!

  70. That’s funny because a lot of extreme liberals have become uncomfortable speaking out against FGM since it’s “culturally insensitive”, or something.

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