With Schneiderman's resignation, will the climate litigation racket weaken?

By Marlo Lewis, Jr.  CEI

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigned on May 8th within hours of The New Yorkerpublishing an exposé in which four former girlfriends accuse him of beating, choking, man-handling, demeaning, and threatening them. In all cases, the alleged abuse was not occasional or exceptional but continual over periods of months to years. All the while Schneiderman posed as a champion of women’s rights, recently winning the “Champions of Choice” award from the New York-based abortion rights group National Institute for Reproductive Health.

According to the New Yorker investigative report, when one girlfriend objected to Schneiderman yanking her across the street, and reminded him that jaywalking is illegal, he reportedly replied: “I am the law.”

Well, yes, that about sums it up. If the women’s accounts are true, and at this point nobody is contesting their veracity, Schneiderman is a self-righteous thug. Of course, that’s what many of us already concluded based on his official behavior.

Schneiderman spearheaded the investigations of ExxonMobil, Peabody Energy, and free-market organizations with intent to silence dissenting views on climate change. In a two-part blog post back in November 2015, I described Schneiderman’s antics as “climate thuggery”—a strategy to bleed fossil fuel company shareholders under the fraudulent guise of “protecting shareholder value.”

My colleague Christopher Horner has had several go-rounds with Schneiderman, including a recent win in the New York State Supreme Court (appellate division). The court upheld CEI’s request, under the state’s freedom of information law, to produce internal documents on Schneiderman’s multi-state coalition to shut down debate on climate change.

The coalition, known as AGs United for Clean Power, burst on the scene with great fanfare in March 2016. Their ranks included the attorneys general of 15 states, the Virgin Islands, and the District of Columbia, all hot to investigate fossil fuel companies and free-market groups. Until earlier this week, only two attorneys general, Schneiderman and Maura Healey of Massachusetts, were still active partners in the campaign. Now it’s down to Healey.

Will Schneiderman’s downfall weaken the climate litigation racket? “He [Schneiderman] was the lightning rod. He was the instigator. It definitely limits the movement when you take out the lead guy,” opines Marc Morano, who runs Climate Depot. One can hope so. Unfortunately, eco-litigators eager to shakedown fossil fuel companies and trample civil liberties are a dime a dozen.

James Delingpole has a colorful commentary titled “Why is it that so many prominent campaigners turn out to be such scumbags, sleazebags, hypocrites or frauds?” He speculates that “unpleasant people are attracted to environmental causes in order to greenwash their image.”

I incline to a more systemic explanation. Thugs are attracted to politics because they like to plunder and push other people around. To succeed in politics, however, thugs need ideological cover. Thus, as the great 19th century French economist Frédéric Bastiat observed, “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”

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  1. Yes the case will weaken. It may even be an “out” excuse for the remaining litigants once discovery starts and they understand what they’ve got themselves into.

  2. “over periods of months to years”..I can’t help but wonder why in this world did all those women stay with him for more than 1 second……but they did
    Thugs are attracted to politics because….the swamp

    • “. . . why in this world did all those women stay with him . . .”
      Political power is a great attractant, an exceedingly strong aphrodisiac. Wealth works, too. As my daughter once explained to me, “A rich dude is the male equivalent of a big-chested blonde.”

      • “Power is the great aphrodisiac.” Henry Kissinger
        Quoted in The New York Times (19 January 1971)
        DJT made the same point less politely.
        Reactions; Kissinger knowing smiles, DJT mass hysteria.

    • I’ve read that a couple of the women worried that if they talked, they would damage him politically and he was doing such great things for the causes they (the women) supported.

    • What the woman report as the reason it went on so long is much more direct: He threatened to kill them if they left him.

      • One at least was apparently from Sri Lanka (his “little brown slave” – which description, to me, makes him eligible for a rope from the nearest lamppost). Quite likely that she was not a citizen, but here on a resident visa at best. Schneiderman could have had his fellow thugs deport her very easily. There are several of those still in the DHS Deep State ranks, I’m sure – was she the first one to dare speak out? I find it unlikely.

      • Why would you assume someone from Sri Lanka is not a citizen? Most Sri Lankan immigrants came here in the 80s (when the Tamels were being persecuted) and have been citizens for decades.

  3. Much as the French Revolution and the guillotine soltution did, they created the very system that executed them.

    • James Douglas, 4th Earl of Morton, imported the ‘Maiden’ (an early form of guillotine) into Scotland when he was Regent for the boy king James VI. When King James attained his majority, the first person to receive the kiss of the Maiden was…James Douglas, 4th Earl of Morton.

  4. If history is any indication, the green mob will double down. Remember, these people are “scumbags, sleazebags, hypocrites and frauds”.

    • I’m surprised that so far I’ve not seen any claims from the greens that this is all part of a dirty tricks campaign by big-oil to discredit them.

      • That would imply that the women involved were lying: a concept not available to the liberal mindset.

  5. Trillions of dollars in green, annually, Global climate control. No, the racket is sustainable, with renewable players.

    • It has massive momentum and will continue for many years yet. Principally because the msm refuse to accept that most of it is a fraud. One day there will come a reckoning and the media will wake up, but I fear that is a long way off yet.

      • The mainstream media has already woken up – they know it is a scam and they know what they are doing. They are part of the problem.

      • It will take a new generation of journalists who do not have incompetence, total scientific ignorance or political bias to cover up before the MSM comes around. But I am sure it will happen.

  6. What is “will Manhattan have a shortage of sewer rats”. Thank you Alex I’ll take deception of scale for 500

  7. Had Eric Schneiderman gone to prison for civil rights law violations, due to his violating the rights of those he used his office to oppress, it would have definitely been a deterrent on others to follow his actions. As he was forced to resign under accusations of sexually related violence, the resignation will probably have no effect on those who follow his politics about supporting the green blob.

    • The state of NY should be privatized, incorporated, then sued and bankrupted (with no way to make anyone else pay as it would be a random private Inc.)
      Of course investors in bonds would lose everything, but at that point they kind of looked for it!

  8. With Schneiderman’s resignation, will the climate litigation racket weaken?

    The thing seems to have developed momentum. We have the California cities and we have the Colorado communities. link The children’s lawsuit continues. link
    There’s some opinion that the Supreme Court will squash the children’s lawsuit. link If and when that happens it will deflate all the other lawsuits. Until then it looks like game on.
    Apparently President Trump will be able to stack the Supreme Court and set its course for decades. link In that light, it seems that Exxon will eventually prevail … sometime in the future.

    • Wrt Colorado communities link: Suncor is a serious groundwater polluter in the middle of greater metro Denver. They have multiple citations for creating a toxic plume of benzene that’s flowing into local Sand Creek and Platte River. But leave it to the greens to find something irrelevant to prosecute, for “…directly emitted one million tonnes of greenhouse gases in Colorado in 2016.” Once again, it’s “Ready, Fire! Aim…”

      • Ready, fire, aim….
        Love it, very funny – I’m sure you won’t mind if I use that sometime.

      • Didn’t the greens of deep state EPA also break open a sealed mine in Colorado and fill a wilderness river with arsenic, lead, tailings silt in the Obama era? WUWT?

      • Actually the “Ready, Fire, Aim” metaphor is inaccurate and I’ll correct myself. The Greens know exactly what they are doing when they shift the target of people’s scorn skyward instead of harping on the real menace of groundwater pollution which is right under their noses. One has public “currency”, while the other is so “last year”. I don’t know if Pruitt still has his eyes on the ball or not. Not every polluter needs to be exonerated.

      • @Bill Parsons;
        The link is about the climate change suit. Try not to change the subject in order to bolster stupidity.

    • Perhaps the entertainment moguls can flood the airwaves with eco-thug rap…
      I’m Albert the original ecoG grand mason of eco gangsters, got big pockets to hold my billions, sold my daughter to the Schiffs now I’m playing with trillions, dumb ass plebes smoking what I’m sellin,

      • @Jacob – “buggers” is a gender-free description. There is a higher percentage among male homosexuals, but a larger absolute number among the “straight” population.
        But perhaps we should refer to these people a bit more precisely – they are “man-buggers,” “woman-buggers,” and “child-buggers.” They want to do it to everyone that is not of their “class.”

  9. The problem of Schneiderman is worse than that he abused women. Although battery is a crime, and he should not be above the law.
    Larger is the fact that he used his political position to escape punishment, or even trial. Women were very frightened that his powers could ruin their lives.
    Larger is that it smells like his behavior was an open secret, with none that knew lifting a finger.
    Especially, that his usefulness to the Democratic machine was viewed as enough to render his crimes unworthy of investigation or punishment.
    I think even larger is that, once his evils were known to anyone else in power, he was (and is) open to blackmail. His actions might not be based on his judgement, but on the demands of others that can ruin HIS life. His transgressions were overlooked while he was useful, and each sick act added weight to the anchor. As disgraced as he is, likely he is still on a very short leash
    So, it is likely that his actions are on behalf of a person or group that do not wish to act directly. What goals might they have that are well served by his public pronouncements and acts? Who might they be? What can we learn about them and their goals from him, his words, and his acts?

    • What’s funny…the lib media is trying to spin it that Trump knew…and did nothing about it

      • As a private citizen, without evidence, his remarks on social media were as much as he could do.

      • No astonerii, Trump did all he could legally do. Trump even put himself at risk of litigation by pointing out that Schneiderman was immoral and corrupt. Once again Donald Trump is right, and the Political and Media class are wrong…

    • “Larger is the fact that he used his political position to escape punishment, or even trial. Women were very frightened that his powers could ruin their lives.”
      The whole point of the modern legal system is to ensure the right can be punished for the smallest infringement, while the left can’t be punished for… well, anything, really.

    • JT – May 12, 2018 at 6:42 pm

      Larger is the fact that he used his political position to escape punishment, or even trial. Women were very frightened that his powers could ruin their lives.

      Schneiderman’s live “sex toys” had a divine right …. to be frightened.
      Bill and Hillary’s treatment of Bills “political mistresses” surely put the “fear of god” in them that there was no legal recourse that would protect them.

    • The backers of the Schneidermans a. Colleagues are found quickly. It’s the liberal billionaires of the US like Soros, Bezos, richest man in the world and “Bilderberger”, Al Gore, Ambani, H. Clinton friend Alice Walton, the richest woman in the world, Robson Walton, sponsor of Columbia University, New York Sergeyi Brin and Larry Page, Bloomberg, Gates, Buffet, Helu (anti-Trump sheet NYT), as well as young billionaires like Kalanick, Koum, etc. It is not without reason that support for Democrat Clinton in the presidential election campaign was like a who’s who of the richest Americans , From an article in the German magazine “Zeit” about Soros, a US-American billionaire: “A representative of this ministry (US State Department) once remarked only half in joke to the magazine The New Yorker, one agrees with the policy against the former East Bloc countries with Germany, France and Great Britain – and with George Soros”. https://www.zeit.de/wirtschaft/2017-10/george-soros-ungarn-usa/seite-2

  10. “James Delingpole has a colorful commentary titled “Why is it that so many prominent campaigners turn out to be such scumbags, sleazebags, hypocrites or frauds?”
    I must say I do admire James’ reserved, subtle approach.

  11. How can badness of beating, choking, man-handling, demeaning, and threatening compare to the great goodness of trying to save the world. It is okay to be bad in the little things as long as one supports the great good causes. (yes i’m being sarcastic)

  12. And they speak of woman liberation?
    How many progressive, liberated girlfriend did he kept, and for how long? Why would they keep that for themselves for so long? Because “liberation” is another empty buzzword?

  13. The Black Pot Is Getting … Blacker!
    “Applicants for attorney general had until 5 p.m. this past Friday to submit a resume and cover letter to the speaker’s legislative counsel. A committee of legislators will review the materials, and then public interviews will be held in Albany on Tuesday and Wednesday.”
    This suggest strongly that Gov Coumo will Appoint A “Hero” … A “Saint” … A “Transgender” to fill the shoes of “Der Schneiderman Der Schneiderman … Does Vat Eber A Schneiderman Can” … And Vanquish The Earth!` Sig Heil Sig Heil Sig Heil!

  14. Remember we have been told in the past that this is just about sex and a private matter. Well, at least if you’re a Democrat. Republicans on the other hand… /sarc

  15. From above:
    Thus, as the great 19th century French economist Frédéric Bastiat observed,
    That pretty much sums up modern politics AND our corrupted legal system.
    Scumbags have always tried to steal other people’s wealth, rather than earn their own. Today is it is part of mainstream politics and the law business… …probably always was.

      • Yes Grant:
        It’s the Law Business, comprising dirty cops, prosecutors, lawyers and judges.
        And the Climate Change Business – dirty scientists, academics, NGO’s, civil servants, politicians, etc.
        Also the Politics Business – dirty politicians, civil servants, NGO’s, lobbyists, fundraisers, etc.

  16. Delingpole’s observation has a solid basis. An investigative journalism project to ‘vet’ the birds of a feather co-conspirators in this angry group would very likely turn up ugly revelations on some of them. Ditto the most aggressive prime time clime mechanics.

  17. “Why is it that so many prominent campaigners turn out to be such scumbags, sleazebags, hypocrites or frauds?”
    the quality of their science is reflected in their character?

  18. In the reference above to the hearing, look up the case on which the court has requested a briefing. Very interesting request in its implications.

  19. Schneiderman will simply go to ground and return at some point as a commentator on MSNBC. He will pay less for his various transgressions, than many lesser people do for admitting, under what is in effect torture, to non-crimes. Depressing, but true.

  20. Mr. Schneiderman is not the only above the law. So is Senator Kamala Harris, and Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom.

  21. Schneiderman is a delusional women beater and a coward .
    Only a sociopath would think he is never going to get caught
    while trying to cover his tracks publically . Such an upstanding righteous weasel .
    I am surprised one of these women just didn’t kick the crap out of this little drunk mouse .

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