‘I lose sleep over climate change’ – Warmist Meteorologist Eric Holthaus admits to ‘soul-crushing despair’ – ‘I confess: I need help’



I lose sleep over climate change almost every single night. I can’t remember how long this has been happening, but it’s been quite a while, and it’s only getting worse. I confess: I need help.

A few years ago, I shared my climate change depression on Twitter, and the response was overwhelming. One of my tweets rose up the alt-truth ranks all the way to Fox News, where one host called me a “kook” for publicly expressing my feelings about the environment. Other responses were more empathic. Hundreds of people wrote to me admitting their own personal struggles under the weight of an unraveling world. This was a consolation of sorts. I realized that I am not alone in experiencing a kind of environmental dread.

Like many people who care about the fate of the planet, I’ve spent most of the past year alternating between soul-crushing despair and headstrong hope. My personal situation, however, is a bit unusual in that I get paid to be a climate-science communicator.

I’m a meteorologist by training and a journalist by profession. For the past 12 years, I’ve focused every working day on understanding, explaining, and trying to alleviate the effects of climate change. Yet global carbon emissions are more than 20 percent higher now than when I started work as a climate journalist. It’s difficult not to internalize some of this as a personal failure. “I should be telling that story better,” I’ll tell myself, as the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere continues to climb. The regret is catching up to me.

For now at least, the good days are enough to keep me going. But there are also days when I’m paralyzed. Case in point: This very essay. It sat open in a window on my computer for nearly 11 months, begging to be completed. Yet I resisted. Confronting the existential dread that climate change infuses into nearly every aspect of my life just isn’t something I want to spend my time doing.

About a year ago, I went to see a counselor for anxiety. He seemed unprepared for my emotional crisis. His simple advice was, “Do what you can.” Easier said than done, of course, but the advice helped me to realize something important: We are all in this together.

But for some reason, I still have a hard time talking about these emotional challenges in person. Climate change and mental health are still fairly taboo subjects in polite company (even if these aren’t days in which being polite gets one very far). Over the past several months, I’ve stopped talking about climate change with my parents, my wife, and my sister in order to avoid heated dialogue about what I think is the most important issue in the world. Instead, I’ve privately sought out personal advice from other scientists and journalists, and often commiserated with strangers. My support network has become those who are going through the same emotional crisis.

I know that cutting out my family is a defensive strategy. I know it can’t last forever. In ordinary times, I would welcome any chance to include my loved ones in my life’s work. But right now, I feel like I have to restrain myself from opening up about how I really feel to protect whatever seeds of hope I have left. I don’t know if it’s the right decision, but I know that I need to preserve my own well-being to continue to fight for the planet.

Via: https://www.sierraclub.org/sierra/2018-2-march-april/last-words/eric-holthaus-got-those-climate-change-blues

This article appeared in the March/April 2018 edition with the headline “Climate Change Blues.”

436 thoughts on “‘I lose sleep over climate change’ – Warmist Meteorologist Eric Holthaus admits to ‘soul-crushing despair’ – ‘I confess: I need help’

    • Someone near to me has struggled with PTSD. It sounds as if Holthaus has something in common with that condition, ie. unwanted thoughts.
      There’s no magic bullet treatment. Everyone responds differently. In the case of my friend, a decade of martial arts training and meditation did the trick (or maybe it was just time).

      • Perhaps … Preconceived Traumatic Stress Dysfunction.
        Though I do feel for you Eric, self induced pressure can be a real bugger.
        Ask yourself a some important questions.
        Has anything you’ve done had any effect on cooling the climate?
        Is there anything you can do (short of eliminating 90% of the populace) that will have an affect?
        Are you doing all you personally believe you need to?
        Other than take the energy production share of solar\wind from 1.5% to around 3% over the last couple of years, has the multiple $Trillions spent on subsidizing that industry achieved any reduction in CO2?
        Since human life emerged some +/- 250,000 years ago, has the varied climate ever been warmer than now? Colder than now? Did humans survive it?
        Which temperature direction is more conducive to human mortality (occasional heatwave, increased growing seasons, slowly rising oceans, cold snaps destroying crops, decreased growing seasons, slowly receding oceans, needing to cut down forests to heat and cook, ice sheets forming in population zones?
        Can you do anything about that?
        Has the climate ever been Stable? (Within 2C, 3C, 4C, 6C, 10C, 12C, 15C)
        Will, by necessity, fossil fuels eventually be replaced by other energy sources due to cost/availability alone?
        Does CO2 enrichment increase plant productivity?
        Is CO2 necessary for ALL Carbon based life (all life on earth)?
        Would decreasing atmospheric concentration of CO2 be detrimental or beneficial to all life?
        Despite what the MSM says, has storm frequency and intensity truly increased?
        Was it increased storm intensity that caused Harvey to flood Huston in 2017 or a storm stalling on the coast for several days?
        Which is costlier…Mitigation or Adaptation?
        Breath easy Eric not only do plants adore you for the 40,000 ppm CO2 you produce with every exhalation but the entire biosphere thanks you. We evolved to produce CO2 the the biosphere has evolved to make use of it and return the O2 the human animals need to survive.

      • It sounds as if Holthaus has something in common with ……
        Yup, something in common with ……. whatever it takes to preserve one’s money source.
        Quoting Eric Holthaus

        I’m a meteorologist by training and a journalist by profession.

        Well … ta de dah, ….. a free-lance journalist whose income is dependent upon “readership approval” of his published commentary.
        I’m sure that 80%-90% of subscribers to the Sierra Club Magazine will voice 100% approval of Holthaus’s public testifying of his debilitating “mindset”.
        Kinda like the 100% approval a wayward “sinner” receives after “testifying” at a church sponsored “Prayer Meeting”.

      • The guy was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. There’s no telling what kind of meds he’s on. That stuff will eff up a person’s mind.

    • Suggestive hypnosis is the condition brought on by indoctrination in this case by a creative centralized government and given official status by government funded bureaucrats and subsequently administered through group hypnosis by the propaganda ministry for the intention of manipulating the masses. Overly suggestible citizens are prone to nightmares. These overly suggestible have come to be know as snowflakes for their low tolerance for stress brought on by the things people say. They believe, not only sticks and stone but words can also break their bones.

      • Well, let us see now…….?. Could there be a clue as to the kind of -itisitis that may be afflicting Mr. Holthaus in this sentence? This article appeared in the MARCH/APRIL 2018 edition with the headline “Climate Change Blues.”
        Could it be that Mr. Holthaus is being afflicted by an un-reasoning fear of the imagined potential negative consequences of April Fool’s day?

      • I think that if Mr. Holthaus could Anglify his name to Hothouse, he would be more at peace with the climate.

      • climate-phobia : an illogical fear of a changing climate.
        This little recognised condition needs to be faced head on. It seems to affect a large number of people.
        The first step to treatment is recognising that you are member of a cult.
        Certainly seems to fit some of the description of his symptoms.

        I’ve stopped talking about climate change with my parents, my wife, and my sister in order to avoid heated dialogue about what I think is the most important issue in the world. Instead, I’ve privately sought out personal advice from other scientists and journalists, and often commiserated with strangers.

        Sadly it seems Eric Hothaus [sic] managed to find a “therapist” who was also a cult member. Hardly likely to identify the problem and suggest deprogramming therapy.
        Surrounding himself with equally psychotic sufferers is not going to help him find a therapeutic solution.

    • Where’s the button to vote “kook” ?
      There are meds available for free floating anxiety… get some.

      • Not conflating the climate fraud with “environment” could possibly help. I won’t charge you for that advice.
        (Given that I know you won’t take it)

      • That’s a cool idea. A button for +1 and a button for kook. I like it. A couple show up here from time to time.

      • Oh that’s Trump’s fault. He should have doubled down Obama’s talks and promised to double American efforts before 2022 (or somewhere in future where he ain’t a president). The left wing would have hailed him. And not HH’d as now.
        He could also have said the ocean levels are now about to heal, though of course, the irony would be lost at the left.

    • Someone needs to start a 12-step program to help those addicted to obsessing about something over which they have no control – the inexorable rise of CO2.
      Has Eric taken the first step in at least feeling his powerlessness to do anything about it?

      • 12 step program be damned, how about giving them a real education in the philosophy of science, chemistry, physics and biology instead.
        What are his qualifications anyway? I mean what did he study that left him so ignorant and yet so outspoken?
        I looked up one Eric Holthaus and came up with this bio – is this him?
        Correct me if I’m wrong (please!) but I heard one can qualify in a subject as a major at US universities through a multidisciplinary study pathway, If I understand this system correctly I can see how it could lead to big problems with gaps in learning. – in Australian universities to study sciences you study in first year say physics, chemistry, maths and botany. Second year you may decide in a direction of say chemistry so you’d do physics, chemistry and maths. Third year would be chemistry and physics and there’s your basic degree – a major or double major in physics.
        You can’t flit from subject to subject across 3 years, you have to do 3 full years in a subject to major in it. It’s a continuation and refinement across 3 years with no shortcuts. There’s too much to learn to jump from medicine to geography to maths across 3 years..
        Note that I’m not saying Oz education is great, I’ve been on both ends of it across the years and I’ve seen abysmal failures creeping into the curricula. Some from laziness, some from the less-adept who would fail in the real world who remained within the system going from student to teacher.. and then there’s those with agendas – empire building at any cost.

      • Touchy-feely warmists are snowflakes. When confronted with rational facts, formulas, and data that contradict what they believe, they run to safe places (both mentally & physically) to escape any damascene experience.

      • He just needs to accept that he is a fallen creature. May be get together with other like minded zealots and chant:
        “I confess to almighty Government, and to you, my brothers and sisters, that I have sinned through my own fault, in my thoughts and in my words, in what I have done, and in what I have failed to do; and I ask blessed Gaia, ever virgin, all the journalists and Climate Scientists, and you, my brothers and sisters, to pray for me to the Lord, our Government”

      • Fishing. I would prescribe the patient take an extensive and exhaustive foray into the piscatorial pursuits. This has been known to clear the mind and rejuvenate the soul.

      • “I looked up one Eric Holthaus and came up with this bio – is this him?”
        No, it is he.
        Holthaus says: “No one really has wrong ideas about sustainability because it’s so new, there’s so much to learn and do.”
        Consider for a few seconds that statement. Basically he says (or is quoted as saying) sustainabiliy thoughts must all be true because they’re so new. Did 2009 see the birth of a new logical fallacy, argumentum ad novitas?
        If Holthaus wants to sleep at night, he must spend a day with a true skeptic scientist.

    • I think Eric could be cured by reading the USAF doc “OWNING THE WEATHER IN 2025” and reading the Mann vs Ball lawsuit where climate warming died due to lack of evidence. Mann would appear to be short for ConMann. Global warming has turned out to be in fact, a global IDIOT competition.

    • He sure does – need to stop blaming the enemy within on imaginary external justifications.
      That would be the first step to recovery.
      First he needs to take responsibility for his own mental disarray.
      Meditation retreats can help in this regard, inasmuch as he would get to see that the intruding thought patterns and associated discomfort are running a program that is independent of external cause.
      I read a book when I was younger which described a couple who were always worrying.
      It then explained that when there was nothing to worry about – then they worried about having nothing to worry about.
      Eric has latched onto the planet and climate, as a form of escapism and projection.
      Until he realizes this, then he’s going to delay his own recovery, through imagining that it is the responsibility of others.
      Which is sad for him, but of no consequence for any of us, or for the planet.
      The planet is doing fine.

      • The anxiety accompanying guilt trip is part of the employee benefit package. Travel expenses are paid with correct documentation and receipts. How expensive is the monthly premium for the medical insurance policy coverage provided by his employer? Does it cover self inflicted injury and conscience stricken flagellation?

    • exactly….. a meteorologist…you would think after all this time he would have noticed that absolutely nothing has changed

    • His mental problem is he knowingly painted himself into a corner, he saw that he was doing it, doubled down and kept doing it, refused to listen to sense, so now wonders why things not look so good. He had such high hopes for being a meta-hero of the calamity, but now he just shovels snow and wonders how it got this way.
      I pity his family, but they are his only hope to get to a better mental state and put the torch of global CO2 warrior aside.
      Good luck Eric, we all screw up, but stupid gets punished, and so it should be, don’t screw up your kids with your own miserable mental situation, you have a greater responsibility there, you just totally forgot it. The CO2 BS us stealing your life way, get over it and focus on what actually matters to a real man.

  1. Australia has the most climate scare psychologists per capita. I suggest clinical help down under. They can rub it in even deeper.

    • I can fully understand it. I mean, c’mon, if gravity ever stopped our friends from down under would fall right off the planet. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t be scared about that?!

    • Let me get this straight – you’re saying in Australia, they rub it in deeper down under?

      • well, the East coast was a convict settlement.. who knows what they get up to on that side of the country
        (West Oz was settled by ‘The Capitalists’ as our families were known in the day)

      • No wonder … he’s one of the ‘captured’ generation. Really incapable of opening their minds to other opinions and facts that don’t align with the propaganda they’ve grown up with … I use “grown up” loosely.

    • Hello Mr. Holthaus,
      Might I suggest that your subconscious is trying to tell you that you have devoted your working life to an effort to give credence to a lie?
      The truth will set you free.

      • He has an acute case of reality … his cognitive dissonance is rightfully tormenting him for his wasted opportunity in life.

      • …. and that streetcred is their punishment. Let’s not allow them to forget that. I’m going to bear the grudge for the next 20 years, and make them eat excrement.

    • Jeff, religious people do not talk about end times like this. Are you just trying to smear alarmists by the comparison to dreaded religious people? One of those religious people was Sir Issac Newton. He wrote about the book of Daniel and end times.

      • Well, a very large number of comments on many stories on this site compare CAGW to religion. So how is this different? Yes I’ve heard people talk about the end times like this, did they do everything right, are they going to heaven, etc, worrying over nothing.

      • And Dan, not all religious people view their religion the same way. You should know that. Saying “religious people don’t…” Is implying they all behave the same way. They don’t, not by a long shot.

      • The problem with savimg people and spotted owls is that they die of old age anyway, and all species go extinct regardless. And if a tiny number of individuals get really lucky, they get compacted in dirt, and turned into a rock, for a few hundred million years, until eroded away, ending up as mud in some estury—oh the humanity!
        Life is not save-able, it is fungible, infinitely adapable, like the climate it adjusts and your body itself cares not for your politics, ideals or mental weakness. Your body has its own agenda, and purposes, it just carries you, the ‘mind’ around as ab evolutionary tool, that is occasionally useful to a body’s agenda.
        Adapt your mind to the reality—or don’t, whatever, no one will care much. The planet isn’t in danger, nor is life, but people sure are. Accept it, because you can’t do anything about it, except make it worse via trying to stuff, looking for control that is ultimately entirely imaginary.
        Funny to watch though.

    • Depends on the religion/sect I guess. Matt 6:24 – drives door to door religion salesmen nuts.

      • Matt 6:34:”Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Patrick, I am not following you, please help.

      • Dan, this Eric guy, much like the religion salesmen (men per species, not necessarily sex) that ring the doorbell at naptime, they pin the end at a certain time, never considering that they might die in a traffic accident that very day. As such, they tackle uncertain worries years from now while the business of today remains untouched.

    • Almost, Jeff. This nutter IS a religious person talking about the end times.

      • There are many people that feel theirs is a religion, all others are cults.
        This is doubly true for atheists.

      • @ MarkW
        If you equate non-belief to a-theist you’d be misunderstanding the broader situation. A-theism is as pointless as theism, and most people assumed to be a-theists or agjostics actually just don’t give enough of a rats’ kyber pass to be passionate about a religion or a favorite god—pro, or con. They mosty just laugh at theism and tollerate it.
        i.e. Secular
        “Secular (adjective form secular, from Latin saeculum meaning “worldly”, “of a generation”, “temporal”, or a span of about 100 years)
        Secularity is the state of being separate from religion, or of not being exclusively allied with or against any particular religion. Historically, the word “secular” was not related or linked to religion, but was a freestanding term in Latin which would relate to any mundane endeavor. The idea of a dichotomy between religion and the secular originated in the 18th century European Enlightenment. Furthermore, since “religion” and “secular” are both Western concepts that were formed under the influence of Christian theology, other cultures do not necessarily have words or concepts that resemble or are equivalent to them. In many cultures, little conceptual or practical distinction is made between “natural” and “supernatural” phenomena and the very notions of “religious” and “nonreligious” dissolve into unimportance or nonexistence, … ”

    • Cheap smear of religion, Jeff. There are religions (like Christianity) and then there are cults (like CAGW).

      • “Cheap smear of religion, Jeff. There are religions (like Christianity) and then there are cults (like CAGW).”
        I was making an observation based on my experience. Plain and simple.
        The only difference between a “religion” and a “cult” is scale. I’ve encountered many christians who act like they’re in a cult.

  2. “I lose sleep over climate change almost every single night. I can’t remember how long this has been happening, but it’s been quite a while, and it’s only getting worse. I confess: I need help.“

    • Be fair. If I had spent my entire career pushing the global warming religion I’d be losing sleep too. Imagine how bad it would be if he had a conscience as well as a sense of looming unemployability.

      • gnome,
        The belief that global warming is mainly-man-made and is likely to cause major problems is a secular belief. It’s not a religion. Marxists had strange beliefs but nobody calls Marxism a religion. Or do they? Over the years there have been many secular beliefs that others find strange but they remain secular. Some strange people think you can decide whether you are male or female. Weird. But it’s not a religion.

  3. One of my concerns for the people in the future is that if a real world crisis did occur few will believe because of the present distortion of science and news media.

    • Whether climate change, Trump, GMOs, assault rifles, or pain of Hillary losing, these idiots need to get a grip. I’ve often said that a genuine invasion of real Martians with real death rays would help these delicate and gullible fools have something really worth worrying about.

      • A bit OT but the Martian thing reminded me of this.

        Here’s a prime example of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, offered by an English professor from the University of Colorado for an actual class assignment:
        The professor told his class one day: “Today we will experiment with a new form called the tandem story. The process is simple. Each person will pair off with the person sitting to his or her immediate right. As homework tonight, one of you will write the first paragraph of a short story. You will email your partner that paragraph and send another copy to me. The partner will read the first paragraph and then add another paragraph to the story and send it back, also sending another copy to me. The first person will then add a third paragraph, and so on… back and forth. Remember to re-read what has been written each time in order to keep the story coherent. There is to be absolutely NO talking outside of the emails and anything you wish to say must be written in the email. The story is over when both agree a conclusion has been reached.”
        The following was actually turned in by two of his English students, Rebecca and Gary.
        THE STORY (first paragraph by Rebecca).
        At first, Laurie couldn’t decide which kind of tea she wanted. The chamomile, which used to be her favorite for lazy evenings at home, now reminded her of Carl. who once said, in happier times, that he liked chamomile. But she felt she must now, at all costs, keep her mind off Carl. His possessiveness was suffocating, and if she thought about him too much her asthma started acting up again. So chamomile was out of the question.
        (Second paragraph by Gary)
        Meanwhile, Advance Sergeant Carl Harris, leader of the attack squadron now in orbit over Skylon 4, had more important things to think about than the neuroses of an air-headed, asthmatic bimbo named Laurie with whom he had spent one sweaty night over a year ago. “A.S. Harris to Geost Station 17,” he said into his transgalactic communicator. “Polar orbit established. No sign of resistance so far…” But before he could sign off, a bluish particle beam flashed out of nowhere and blasted a hole through his ship’s cargo bay. The jolt from the direct hit sent him flying out of his seat and across the cockpit.
        He bumped his had and died almost immediately, but not before he felt one last pang of regret for completely ruining things with the one woman who had ever had feelings for him. Soon afterwards, Earth stopped its pointless hostilities towards the peaceful farmers of Skylon 4. “Congress Passes Law Permanently Abolishing War and Space Travel,” Laurie read in her newspaper one morning. The news simultaneously excited her and bored her. She stared out the window, dreaming of her youth, when the days had passed unhurriedly and carefree, with no newspaper to read, no television to diestract her from her sense of innocent wonder at all the beautiful things around her.
        Little did she know, but she had less than 10 seconds to live. Thousands of miles above the city, the Anu’udrian mothership had launched the first of its lithium fusion missiles. The dimwitted wimpy peaceniks who pushed the unilateral Aerospace Disarmament Treaty through the congress had left the Earth a defenseless target for the hostile alien emipires who were determined to destroy the human race. Within two hours after the passage of the treaty, the Anu’udrian ships were on course for Earth, carrying enough firepower to pulverise the entire planet. With no one to stop them, they swiftly initiated their diabolical plan. The lithium fusion missile entered the atmosphere unimpeded. The President, in his top-secret mobile submarine headquarters on the ocean floor off the coast of Guam, felt the inconceivably massive explosion, which vaporized poor, stupid Laurie.
        This is absurd. I refuse to continue this mockery of literature. My writing partner is a violent, chauvinistic, semi-literate adolescent.
        Yeah? Well, my writing partner is a self-centered, tedious, neurotic, whose attempts at writing are the literary equivalent of Valium. “Oh, shall I have chamomile tea? Or shall I have some other sort of F–KING TEA??? Oh no, what am I to do? I am such an air headed bimbo who reads too many Danielle Steele novels!”
        In your dreams, HO. Go drink some tea!
        A+ – I really liked this one!

    • real world crisis did occur

      If a real world crisis occurs we’ll have good evidence for it. Because it will be real, a crisis, and have happened. You know?, as opposed to being something which is fake, a non-event, and not happening.

  4. I lose sleep also….
    I like to open the window at the head of my bed a bit and enjoy fresh air while I sleep. In the spring, as the sun rises earlier, happily chirping, really loud little birds show up and get me awake at 5 am!
    Because…. climate change!

    • Seasonal change of the time of sunrise is NOT climate change (But you know that, right?). Climate is defined as weather averaged over 30 years.

      • Climate defined as weather averaged over 30 years? Less than a half cycle of the PDO! And in 1979, Arctic ice extent was the perfect value, departure from which was an anathema. But if you are from Venus, what do you know of earth?

      • Mayor, “Climate is defined as weather averaged over 30 years.” Only because the WMO said that was all the good data they had at the time.;)

    • You need some wind turbines installed around your house, that will deal with the birds.

    • Yes, and those little twits are probably an invasive species (because of… Climate Change) that eco-nazis think should be eradicated for having the audacity to move into their neighborhood!

  5. OMG Eric, as a fellow meteorologist, get over yourself and wake up to what isn’t happening. Your schooling hasn’t carried you far in life so far. I’ve followed your chain of drivel for years now, via WUWT and others, and it is clearly evident that you have issues that need addressing through a professional physiatrist, not a “counselor” or social media. I loose no sleep at all over your imagined planetary problems as there are none that we can change or control.

      • either a good hard slap upside the head..or a boot in the butt would be my options
        self obsessed pathetic snowflake nutter.
        theres real crap happening in the world and dipsh*ts like him drivel on about sfa and expect sympathy?
        not a scrap from me

  6. I recommend triple strength objectivity 2 times a day and a strong dose of intellectual honesty. Sweet dreams Eric

    • A very large tumbler of a good single malt every few hours would probably help the most. Actually, with his problems, the cheapest booze would work just as well. He’s simply one of the most pitiful greenies I’ve ever heard of.

  7. ‘I lose sleep over climate change’
    Recommend a warm glass of milk and a cookie . . . maybe a few beers . . . or couple shots of whisky . . . trip to Bangkok with the climateers? If none of these work take two aspirin and repost.

  8. Soooo, he left his computer running with this essay in an open window for 11 months wasting energy and worsening CO2 emmission / climate change, but didn’t care? That speaks volumes to the false narrative he speaks of and actually giving a crap about it. He needs much more than counseling and the medications he is obviously abusing. Scary stuff!

    • Does that mean that he has had that window open with that item in the window since last April Fool’s day or just after?

      • A good soaking with a heavy rain through the open window to short out and destroy his computer would have been the best possible thing that could happen to help solve his serious mental problem.

    • ossqss
      No, he doesn’t care cos’ he’s a middle class, selfish liberal concerned about nothing but himself and his wealth.
      Whilst he’s fretting and wringing his hands about what to do, there are people in developing nations dying because of his interference, 200,000,000 predicted by 2050 if we continue on our current path of climate control delusion.
      Yes Eric. Two Hundred Million people, dead because of you and your insane cronies!
      Try counting them when you try to sleep. I’m sure you’l quickly drift off into a sound slumber, safe in the knowledge that someone else is suffering, just not you.

      • For too many “greens” two hundred million dead is considered a good start, they’d love for that number to be much higher.

      • John
        They are too stupid/selfish to realise the consequences of their actions.
        However, whilst sceptics are struggling to engage with the overwhelming alarmists political and media domination, this is our ‘97%’.
        We should be promoting it as our political message to the man in the street. It’s a real and verifiable number because the numbers are there right now.
        Millions in the developing world are dying every year from toxic fume inhalation, from burning biomass (wood and animal dung) over open fires, in enclosed spaces, for cooking and heating. Nor is it outlying villages, there are cities reliant on ‘illegal’ loggers to provide timber so these people can live.
        The west brands them ‘illegal loggers’ because they earn a living by responding to local demand for firewood, but the West has made it a bureaucratic and PR industry in itself, with the ‘sustainable’ brand stamped on everything wooden so we don’t import illegally felled timber. But these guys don’t have the supply chain nor the wherewithal to do anything but provide timber to locals who burn the damn stuff.
        Sorry, off on one mate.

    • Must be a Mac user. You could never run a windows system that long without a reboot.

      • certainly not if that windows system was connected to the internet. The auto updates would have forced a reboot long ago.

  9. Dear Eric, consider the possibility that you might be brainwashed. There are millions like you.
    And, the lies we are told go much, much deeper than cagw. If you delve deeply enough into them, then you will be at risk of truly going mad. (Insert insane laughter here.)

  10. Here I was hoping he’d actually asked to post an article here…… NAAHHHHHH! He doesn’t have that kind of courage.

  11. ‘The revolver is in the library, sir. Next to the bottle of whisky’
    ‘Thank you, Jeeves. That will be all’

      • Latimer isn’t the one bleating about his poor life as a middle class liberal whilst 200,000,000 people in the developing world are predicted to die by 2050 thanks to the lack of clean, cheap, fossil fuel derived electricity.

      • If i were as mentally disturbed as our climate alarmist chum, I might do so,
        But happily I am very well adjusted and can distinguish between minor changes likely to be beneficial overall and the witterings of the Climate Doomsday Cult to which he belongs.

      • Dave Fair
        What’s worse, making a comment on a blog, or actually supporting homicide?
        I too have seen lots of violent deaths.
        Why would anyone give a monkeys about Eric Holthaus’ feelings when he is so self absorbed he can’t see the suffering his actions promote?

      • “What’s worse, making a comment on a blog, or actually supporting homicide?”
        why should it be a race to the bottom? two wrongs don’t make a right.

    • Bill, maybe he could be cured if he moved to Alaska or Canada. On second thought how about North Korea. He wouldn’t have to worry about the future of mankind, just his own future.

      • No, no, he needs to move to Colorado, then he can get legally stoned every night. He would find himself to be a much, much happier person.
        (I wouldn’t advise this for a person who is actually productive with their life, but he’s an admitted climate scaremongering writer, so the world will actually be better off if he turns on and drops out of the game. He’ll be better off than he is now, too.)

    • “Tuscon” ??
      I visited Tucson once. June. 117°F.
      Hottest I’ve ever experienced when not in front of a pizza oven

  12. I’ve stopped talking about climate change with my parents, my wife, and my sister

    Climate change is not just the most important thing in his life, it is the only thing.
    He won’t have to worry about cutting out his wife permanently.
    I can see the divorce on the way.
    {Five years from now}
    Eric Holthaus: Climate change wrecked my marriage.
    Climate change causes divorce rates to rise.

      • “”
        Eric Holthaus
        ‏Verified account @EricHolthaus
        May 9
        having a day job focused on climate change while going through a divorce is a special kind of grief process””

      • Stop savaging this man. . .it was the sun . . . the Arizona heat I tell you . . . humor him . . .

      • He can’t talk about climate change with his wife, sister or parents. Obsessive personality? Ya’ think? He does need professional help. A qualified therapist could take him outside on progressively warmer days until eventually he could go to the water park on a scorching hot day and play with the other meteorologists who don’t seem to think the world is ending.
        He is unwell!

  13. Don’t worry; be happy.
    Tucson has been hotter and colder in the past. It will be again. Although all that pavement and those air conditioners don’t help.

  14. The most depressing and worrisome part is that his reaction, as a professional “climate communicator” is to stop talking with people who disagree with him.
    There are no words.

    • …and as a Pro “Climate Communicator”, his stated worry is “rising CO2”.
      Is he concerned about how much greener the earth is in the last 50 or so years?
      He can’t be worried about rising temperatures, or more extreme weather since he is also a meteorologist by training so he should know better, despite MSM claims..

      • I’ve been taught to think in terms of 1,000 years and more. So I see it as just the Earth warming up back to normal, or just a part of an erratic sine wave.

  15. I’m prepared to accept whatever result they produce, even if it proves my premise wrong. I’m taking this bold step because the method has promise. So let’s not pay attention to the little yippers who want to tear it down before they even see the results.
    — Watts, who quickly changed his mind when he saw the results
    Come on, Watts. Get some help, science or otherwise.

    • Scotty, Tony just banned you from ‘Real Climate Science’ for this type of trolling. Take a hint! Get a clue! Then get a life!
      Your attempts at thread bombing won’t work here.

      • That is a Watts quote, so glass house and all.
        Why would Watts stoop so low as to mock someone with a concern? Seems like a non-science and rude thing to do.

  16. Don’t worry, be happy. The entire edifice of ‘global warming disasters’ relies on the anticipated high feedback factor relating to the water vapour increase that should be driven by a CO2-based temperature rise.
    The feedback is in fact very small. There is nothing to worry about. The CO2 used to be much higher than it is now. The temperatures used to be much higher than they are now. In both cases, nothing happened. What we know is that when temperatures are up, and the CO2 is up, everything is better. When temperatures are down, and CO2 is down, everything is worse.
    Nothing in your lifetime will change enough to step outside the bounds of recent, recorded history, save in social organization. While there are those who would love you to be distressed, perhaps to the point of giving them money, there is simply no need for it.
    Relax. Chill. You are going to be fine, and so will be everyone else. The global population will soon peak. Food production is only a fraction of what it could be. Over the next few centuries we will move a little higher inland, just as we always have. Have a look at the book “Waterworlds”. It is about drowned cities under the oceans, lots of them. It shows that there is nothing unusual about what is happening to our pretty little globe.
    We already know how to recycle, how to remediate mines, how to turn garbage into power, products and life-saving chemicals. The missing ingredient at the moment is global, representative, elected management of trans-border affairs. We have patches of coordination like for ships, telephones, and control of substances, but not proper planet-wide justice. As we build a planetary society capable of literally reaching for the stars, we are going to have a lot of fun, dispensing forever with the aches and pains of past behaviours. Rejoice that you live in this day, not rue it as a burden. Future generations will honour in perpetuity those who established justice and fairness for all. Yes, growing up is hard to do. It’s OK. You’ll get through it. So will we all.

    • Ha-ha-ha. So funny. The Chinese played the West for the brainwashed saps and suckers they are. But as with the trade war, don’t blame the Chinese. They were perfectly transparent about building hundreds of coal plants (while shutting a few cola plants in dense urban areas)… They SAID their emissions would rise until at least 2030. But most of the saps chose to ignore the reality while Xi proclaimed he was a Climate leader simply to encourage the West to euthanize themselves. And they are! (Especially in California).
      However it seems the Germans have learned their lesson and and climbing down from the Energiewende fiasco… though they will be really screwed if they continue closing their nuke power plants (We can all have a good laugh when the merde hits the fan and the German Greens and their enablers like Merkel get what’s coming to them)

    • Unfortunately Mr. Holthaus exhibits symptoms very similar to those who experience Electromagnetic hypersensitivity. He is, shall we say, Climate hypersensitive. These types of individuals respond very well to cognitive behavioral therapy.
      See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_hypersensitivity

      Complaints of electromagnetic hypersensitivity may mask organic or psychiatric illness. Diagnosis of those underlying conditions involves investigating and identifying possible known medical causes of any symptoms observed. It may require both a thorough medical evaluation to identify and treat any specific conditions that may be responsible for the symptoms, and a psychological evaluation to identify alternative psychiatric/psychological conditions that may be responsible or contribute to the symptoms.
      Symptoms may also be brought on by imagining that exposure is causing harm, an example of the nocebo effect. Studies have shown that reports of symptoms are more closely associated with belief that one is being exposed than with any actual exposure.

  17. Cheer up matey “global carbon emissions are more than 20 percent higher now than when I started work as a climate journalist” yet the Planet is fine. Cleave to the fact that our species is incredibly adaptable and compared to the horrendous things we do to each other in the name of Faith, any change in climate will be like a walk in the park for us.

    • MM emissions are only a small percentage of global emissions. To be up by 20% is not possible.

      • Don’t harsh the man’s guilt complex, dude! It’s all he’s got left. Evenhis dog is going with his wife!

  18. Here’s John Reilly, MIT climate scientist, actually breaking down live on air because Trump supposedly cited his department’s research out of context (he didn’t). His breakdown comes only seconds after saying the Paris Agreement will furnish 1°C reduction in 2100 temperatures when the department he leads consistently puts out reports showing its 0.65°C. He adds 0.35°C by adding spurious, hoped for, vaguely outlined emission reductions after 2030 i.e. not agreed at Paris or at any other time.

    • +1 scute.
      “1°C reduction in 2100”
      Why do we want a 1°C reduction in 2100 again? Does anyone know? ….. and, since no one knows a real number for climate sensitivity, how would one calculate this bogus number? I’ve lost track. Is this bogus squared or bogus cubed or are we entering new orders of magnitude?

  19. Eric confesses that he needs help. As my mother used to say: ‘..help yourself little man, help yourself do — don’t wait for others to wait upon you…’
    Eric’s a little short on scientific knowledge, which make life a little difficult for a ‘science communicator’. He’s got the gun but no ammo.

  20. The propensity of the human mind for self-delusion is rampant and demonstrated by so many ‘save the world from (fill in the blank) type activists. People listen to their negative thoughts and irrational fears…. and begin to believe them. Soon they are making really bad choices, based on the self-delusion. This guys delusion is driving his cognitive dissonance, as illustrated by his own statements in this story that concludes so perfectly with the delusional paean “I know that I need to preserve my own well-being to continue to fight for the planet.”

    • The cup of poison he sips from daily is, in the words of James Joyce, the chalice he bears through a throng of foes.

  21. Dear Eric,
    Console yourself with the realization that climate sensitivity to CO2 is less than half of that predicted by climate models. So, move 100 miles away from the equator every five years and you’ll never even notice its gettin’ warmer out there.

    • But I noticed he is already “based in Minnesota”, so he should meet some of his fellow Minnesotans who are FOR global warming, who could explain to him the many benefits they expect global warming could bring to their state.

      • Also, to add – Eric, you way overestimate your importance in the grand scheme of things, as in you have none at all. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen no matter what you do, no matter what choices you make, because you really aren’t even a flew on an elephants backside when it comes to your ability to affect the earth. So stop luxuriating in the fantasy that “you can make a difference” because you can’t, you big loser.

  22. From a Ph.D., not in meteorology
    “This (eclipse) path was described long in advance in precise detail by experts on our solar system, using the same kind of expertise required to predict the impacts of global warming.”
    Corrected by someone who noted that the equations were known to Newton and-–“..the science and technology of weather and climate forecasting are maturing – somewhere about junior high level. It all remains very uncertain”
    Maybe a good physics and history class would help.

    • HDHoese is on to something. How about more education in the sciences. A few good university engineering courses would help to straighten his thinking and understanding.

  23. I know what he is going through as I’ve suffered the same condition, it’s called GAD:
    Don’t be too hard on him, he really can’t help himself. If he wouldn’t worry about CAGW, something else would fill his head with terrible horrors. I found help, SSRIs and therapy helped me. However, his CAGW fears are equally irrational as my own health worries were. I feel for him.

    • I think you have the best take on this of anyone here – what’s going on with Eric is actually a serious form of mental illness, and “climate change” is just the name he’s using to focus it on. If it wasn’t that, he would be losing sleep and losing his family over something else.

      • wws
        Exactly. He is going through hell, believe me. I hope he gets better. There really are scumbags in this trade, but I believe he is a victim. He really might be a decent guy, haunted by CAGW obsession.

      • The trip back to reality can be painful and traumatizing. Are certain people exploiting others’ misfortune to further the ClimateChange™ agenda?

      • @Piper Paul
        A big part of the economic catastrophe that is global warming policies is the chronic abuse of societal problems by politicians to give them moral authority and freedom from responsibility for things they failed at.
        They used to create nationalist fervour for these purposes, but electorates started to see body bags coming home so they’ve moved on to something more nebulous and noble. ”
        “Vote for me and I’ll save the world”(from the fake problem I invented)

    • ……Could it be that annually on or near April first there are generalized outbreaks of Generalized Anxiety Disorder??

    • Timo V
      I feel certain you didn’t turn to the media to wash your laundry and use your condition to emotionally blackmail others.

      • Hell no! In my darkest days, I slept two hours a night and was so burned out, there was no way I could think anything else but certainty I was going to die. I have not ruled out possibility him being an acehole, but generally narcissists/psychopaths are unable to create GAD, life’s not fair;)

  24. I have a good friend who is experiencing the same thing with Donald Trump. I told her to turn off the damn TV and stay away from the Internet. Go for long walks.
    But she can’t so she started medicating. I’m not sure how many she is currently on but she has gotten to the point where she is taking one drug just to counter the side effects of another.
    It really is a sad situation that is not letting up. It is a mental illness, though not sure she is deficient in something or her brain is misfiring.

    • rbabcock
      It’s the pessimist in all of us.
      Most of us just use optimism to control it.

  25. Going to college to learn about meteorology does not make one a meteorologist. It’s certainly no coincidence that this kook became a pseudo-journalist instead of putting their schooling to use and actually becoming what they spent 4-6 years of their life training to do.
    This is the typical type of person that takes a few college tests and then has the audacity to call themself a scientist. Just like all the rest of their ilk, displaying delusional behavior and virtue signaling —

    Case in point: This very essay. It sat open in a window on my computer for nearly 11 months, begging to be completed. Yet I resisted. Confronting the existential dread that climate change infuses into nearly every aspect of my life just isn’t something I want to spend my time doing.

    I can’t wait to see how this kook can lecture us on the climate-boogeyman from an essay typed over the course of a few months on a machine using a 500W power supply that is apparently never turned off — not.

  26. If it wasn’t climate change he would just find something else to fear. Hope he isn’t Katagelophobic.

  27. So. This guy appears to not have paid much attention in his meteorology classes and instead was asleep having night-terrors. I don’t remember the basics of the water cycle to be that frightening.

    • nah, the thing to truly fear is the misguided climate policies that believers of CAGW foist upon the rest of us. useless solutions to a non-problem.

  28. Eric, to quote Bob Newhart in his role of a therapist on SNL, stop it! You’re clearly valuing the wrong things in your life. The planet is not your responsibility. Society and politics are only in tiny part, your responsibility. Everyone else bears their own share of the “damage” which, to my way of thinking, is no concern at all in terms of the CO2, which plants love and which, in turn animals love to eat.
    More practically, stop reading the internet. Get a new job. Fixing old cars is very satisfying. If you really want to help people, learn how to be a great plumber. And don’t whine to your new co-workers about anything. If that level of change is too much, do something smaller, like rescue an abused animal from a shelter or grow a garden with tomatoes and herbs that you eat yourself. Dance with your daughter or have a game of catch with your son (or vis-a-versa). Read Princess Bride to your child. Life is for living.
    I’m not a Christian, but I find the message in Switchfoot’s “I Dare You to Move” to be inspirational when life and depression start getting a hold on my psyche. Listen to it. Take it to heart. Then pull your head out.

  29. Help?
    * understand that your depression is from within you. meaning…
    * it has just nothing to do with any event in the world. Could had been New World Order, Aliens, Radiowavs, vaccines, cancer, poverty, war, or whatever. You choose “climate change”.
    * this was bad choice. Because, not only you can do nothing about it, but your way of life conflict with your belief. An anti-vaxer CAN live without vaccine (this may kill him, but, everyone has to die anyway, so…). You cannot. So you live in cognitive dissonance
    * Cognitive dissonance is very bad trip. But part of you is happy to make you miserable, and pushing hard to have you continue. And make others miserable, too. Ancients called this “demons”. Call this as you want.
    * but you can fight back. Very simple.
    1) Either put your act were your word are, namely, turn to some sort of Amish-like life (full renewable, with zero computer, internet and the like), or revel in the delight of fossil fuel life, stopping all this CAGW nonsense
    2) cope with your real psy issue, now you know they are unrelated to CAGW

    • Well, of all the things I’ve read here, this offering by paqyfelyc seems to be pretty close. Eric has an obssessive compulsive anxiety disorder that doesn’t need chemicals to fix it.
      He feels frozen, that he can’t do anything to stop what he perceives as a threat, and furthermore, no one is listening to him. He’s cried “WOLF!!” so much and nothing has happened, so why would anyone listen to him? He can’t have HIS way, either. His wife is ditching him. Can’t say as I blame her, since he doesn’t seem to have an ounce of common sense.
      If he’s in Minnesota, I just checked the temperature up in Minneapolis, which is a balmy 59F, so how is that warming, again, Eric?
      Do you EVER GO OUTSIDE???? Do you ever get OUT of the city and into the open countryside? EVER??? I don’t think you do, and that is 95% of your problem, sport.
      Like I said, his issues don’t need a chemical fix, because that doesn’t solve his problem. He’s unwilling to accept that other people have a different point of view. He can’t control what they think or say. Tough bananas!!!
      If he’s really as concerned as he says, which I doubt – lots of virtue signaling going on there – he’d go put his money where his mouth is. I do not think he’s willing to give up the comfort of his citified environment and life to abandon civilization. He hasn’t offered even one thing he does to “SAVE THE PLANET!” because as the late, great George Carlin said, he doesn’t give a S–T about the planet in the abstract. It is ALL show and NO GO with him.
      Do I feel sorry for him? Nope. He hasn’t offered anything that says he’s willing to do his share. I think spending a year with the Amish as a farmhand, in their environment with basic 19th century stuff would be a splendid way for him to start his Pilgrim’s Progress, don’t you? I’d love to spend a summer with an Amish housewife who knows the ins and outs of baking really good bread with a wood-fired oven.
      Until then, Eric – dry up, will you? Put up or shut up.

      • Rocky,
        They’re doing it to sell add space.
        The content used to sell the add space only needs to attract eyes. i.e. talking and linking to it was exactly what they wanted you to do.
        This message was bought to you by, “Don’t Be Evil”. 😉

      • Sara
        A feeble attempt to emotionally blackmail others to conform to the CAGW rhetoric, to save him.
        Selfishness exhibits no bounds.

      • “Please validate the purpose and meaning of my life with long passages of carefully crafted fellation and commiseration.”
        How about no.

    • If his livelihood depends on believing in something (CAGW) that’s not real I can see where this could cause issues.

  30. Yet global carbon emissions are more than 20 percent higher now than when I started work as a climate journalist.
    Every story has an ending.
    The assumed “forcing” goes up but the temperature change can hardly be distinguished from zero, and there are multiple other reasons why temperature can fluctuate.
    [ Ref; Donald Rumsfeld: But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know. ]
    My advice is to move on to writing about something that needs attention, say, the care needed for elderly. It is an important issue.

  31. Sleep is overrated, I mostly just have little nightmares (the ones I remember) involving my previous career, jobs that you know are going to go over budget.
    Thank goodness I never went to war.

  32. Just start reading WUWT to find out just how misled you have been all these years. There actually isn’t anything to be worried about at all, more CO2 and warmer have always been better for life on this planet – it is just a fact! Given you are a communicator you been subjected to the worst of the propaganda that isn’t actually intended to inform people about climate science at all – it is intended to scare people into believing our CO2 emissions are bad in order to advance a masked political agenda (globalization) spearheaded by political organizations not scientific ones. For example the United Nations, US federal government, EU, etc. plus a gaggle of non government organizations are stuffing their pockets with money from scared people like you giving all of them an incentive to just keep doing that. As with ANY political organization, the ultimate aim is POWER because that’s the fuel they all run on. Their power to control people’s minds is what brings in the cash and this Climate Change thing has been one heck of a cash cow to all of them for a long time. Many of them have made careers out of it so they are not going to go away quietly. Dwight Eisenhower foresaw this very thing when he was president and warned us about it.
    The first step to fixing any problem is recognizing that one exists so I congratulate you on that milestone alone! In your case the next step is rather simple on paper but might be difficult for you in practice – stop blindly accepting what the alarmists are claiming and instead start requiring them to supply proof of their claims. All real scientists are skeptics not sheep. The more scientifically you look at the climate change propaganda – the sooner you’ll conclude that they been lying to you all along and stop worrying over nothing.

  33. I’m so tired of this pathetic self-loathing snowflake nonsense, if these people think the human race is so bad why don’t they put themselves out of their own misery.
    Environmental policy in western countries has ended the excesses of the industrial revolution, air is cleaner than it’s been for 150 years, forests are being planted faster than ever before, species aren’t being hunted to extinction, cars are cleaner and more economical and gas from fracking is cleaner than the fuels it replaces. The west is a pretty civilised place it is much friendlier to the environment than it was even when Holthaus was born and it’s improving as technology progresses.
    Our civilisation & relative eco-frientlyness is built on cheap abundant energy which the likes of Holthaus would deny to those who are still in an exploitative stage of development. As always it seems eco-zealots are standing in the way of a better world.
    Do us all a favour Eric – you know what to do.

    • I think my idea – spend a year with an Amish farm family doing things THEIR way, and learn about the REAL world. Far more practical and he might appreciate the world much more.
      It might change his perspective substantially.

    • Jaffa68 >> You are an evil bas!ard. Crawl back into your hole in the ground.
      I suffered as Eric described: Nightmares, depression, alienation, etc. My PTSD symptoms included fearsome flashbacks, violent nightmares, alienation, hyper-mania alternating with depression, etc.
      Luckily, years later I got help from the VA. They do an overall great job for a huge bureaucracy.
      Now, my problem is mainly ahedonism.
      Good luck, Erick! But you really do need to get off your CAGW fixation; as noted, the world will continue to develop with fossil fuels. Idealists tend to ignore facts on the ground: the poor of the world will advance.

  34. It’s an illness. Try Buddhism as an Rx— all the world (reality) is impermanent/always changing. Man’s attempt to grasp upon it,…to hold it,.. to fixate and his inability to control causes his unhappiness. Happiness is achieved by letting go,.. stop trying to grasp,.. to control. It’s our Hubris and folly that makes us vein and suffer.

  35. Other than the echo chamber sceptic community on WUWT, many people who understand the environment and live in the countryside share very similar feelings sometimes.
    Urbanites – who I think make strong sceptics – have very little understanding of how AGW is affecting climate patterns.
    because it isn’t important to them. On the other hand, homesteaders for example are daily working with and in nature and so for them this issue has far more relevance. Sceptics can carry on living in their comfortable
    a/c city apartments but let’s see them whining and bleating for help when the shit really hits the fan.

    • LOL…isn’t that convenient…….when people who “live in the countryside” vote republican….they are ignorant backward clingers

      • Agreed Latitude!
        It appears that nokinsman has a weak rural speech understanding.
        nokey, conveniently ignores the many WUWT commenters, who identified themselves as farmers. Just as it has ignored the many weather professionals who visit and comment here.
        Appears to be a case of rampant projection and delusion.

      • “ivankinsman May 12, 2018 at 10:40 pm
        Say’s who? Say’s you my friend. Don’t do yourself down and don’t get bogged down in petty politics when it comes to big issues.”

        “Says you”, nokey!”
        All projection, specious claims and falsehoods.
        You should drop back a week and read some research that you obviously skipped: “Study: Climate skeptics engage in more eco-friendly behavior than climate alarmists
        Then, you should head out to the rural country and talk to some farmers, lumberjacks, orchardists, apiarists and husbandry focused organizations.
        All those people who live away from urbs, work hard outside, depend upon nature for their living have long noticed that temperatures are not unusual. These are the people who conversed with their parents and grandparents and learned hearing about the 1930s through 1980s.
        These people, with strong relations to the natural world, listened to thirty years of CAGW alarmism and notice the accompnaying thirty years of failed dooms.

    • Yeah, you know, Ivan, when you make generalized statements like that, it is obvious that you are completely uninformed about your subject matter.
      Why would I say that? Because I grew up in the country, in farmland in the Corn Belt. I know NO ONE in the countryside who has the attitude you describe. People in the country are a lot more self-sufficient than you.
      I don’t know where you get your incorrect information. Obviously, you never spend any time in the country and you’ve never homesteaded or farmed. But that incorrect description of attitudes – well, that comes from people like you who live in cities where everything is concrete and steel and the only open green spaces have ‘Do Not Walk Here’ signs posted.
      The only whining and bleating for help will come from you and people like you.

      • Sara….Ivonk is a liberal…..they don’t see people as individuals…no heart or soul involved

      • Wrong there Sara. I lived in a capital city for 17 years and pretty much hated it. Have been living in a homestead for the last 16 years so know what I am talking about. And don’t kid yourself that people like Trump have the interests of rural communities or environmental concerns at heart. We all know where he comes from. I watched the guy trying to use a spade on the WH lawn and he looked ridiculous.

      • ivankinsman : So you are 33 years old and now live in a homestead (or on a homestead?). Do you farm? Work outside 8 to12 hours a day? I think you should have a heart to heart talk with some old farmers about weather they have lived though.

      • Ivan, don’t change the subject. Trump has nothing to do with any of this YOU brought that up. No one else did. Bad idea.

      • “Sara May 12, 2018 at 2:55 pm
        Yeah, you know, Ivan…”

        Spot on, Sara!
        17 years solid urbanite living. Now, lives in a homestead, whatever that means.
        Instead, nokey frequently posts odd comments full of deceit, fabrication, baseless claims, sophistry, etc.; most displaying unimaginable levels of ignorance.
        Now, nokey flings out a specious claim regarding America’s midterms. Demonstrating that nokey ignored your suggestion that it should review who voted for Trump.
        Which is another clear indication that nokey is incapable of honesty and does not intend to view inconvenient facts. It’s so much easier to bleat nonsense.
        Such people rarely function working with others outdoors, all day.
        FYI nokey; http://www.wsj.com/graphics/elections/2016/where-they-won/
        Urbs voted for HRC.
        Rural people voted for Trump.
        The vast majority of America’s rural counties voted for Trump, giving Trump the electoral college majority and the Presidency.
        Making nokey’s specious claims, just more made-up fantasy nonsense.

    • Ivan, as a country boy who has worked and lived in the country and worked in agriculture and forestry for decades I can state unequivocally that you have NO CLUE what you are talking about. You are 180° out of phase with reality. As a hint, look up the election county maps for 2016 and notice where the red and blue counties are in the US. You strike me as the type who would call a steer a cow, even though morally, ethically and intellectually you resemble a steer. Some important parts are missing.

      • Well let’s see what happens in the mid-terms in November. I support Trump on his anti-immigration stance but that’s as far as it goes … all the rest is a sham.
        Hillary Clinton was the worst candidate the Dems could have put forward. Let’s see some Dem candidates who do not buy into all the pc liberal BS, and who do not have the interests of the 1% at heart (e.g Koch Brothers) and then we will see.

      • “AGW exacerbates wild fires, flooding, desertification and other extreme weather events.”
        No it doesn’t, look at the science, not the Guardian!
        The deserts are greening according to NASA, but you know this as I have pointed it out to you before.
        Sea level rise has simply plodded along as it has done for thousands of years, there is no acceleration!
        The North American continent went 12 years without a major hurricane until 2017, how can that possibly be described as exacerbated extreme weather. And most wildfires are caused by human stupidity, not Gaia.
        Stop reading the media Ivan, their purpose is to sell papers and they will use any ruse to do so, like scaring the pants off gullible people like you.

    • Ivan – that comment was pathetically uninformed. As an old and unrepentant country boy, let me assure you there are no signs of man made global warming or impending climate catastrophe evident in my years of life’s experience.
      As for your whingeing, profoundly wrong comments, they made me think of this song, an ‘anthem’ of mine, if you will. Listen and learn…..
      Hank Williams Jr. – A Country Boy Can Survive

      • J Mac – I too live in the country and the signs are there. Our winters have much less snow, the transition from winter to spring is much faster, we have to do a lot more watering and composting in the summer. Look at the global picture and the signs are also evident – AGW exacerbates wild fires, flooding, desertification and other extreme weather events. You think all the man-made carbon just disappears into thin air or is soaked up be the vegetation and planetary oceans? That’s an ‘urbanite’ sceptic theory which is pathetic it is so absurd.

        • Ivan.
          Quote *AGW exacerbates wild fires, flooding, desertification and other extreme weather events.*
          You are being totally dishonest there.
          I don’t know why you come here and spout crap like that. Are you a narcissist?

        • Ivan, you are either an absolute liar or woefully ignorant: “AGW exacerbates wild fires, flooding, desertification and other extreme weather events.”
          Even the politicized UN IPCC, in its various reports admits that there are no trend in wildfires, flooding, desertification, hurricanes, tornadoes or any other significant climate variable. They note a mild upward trend in temperatures since 1950, with a concommitment minor increase in precipitation.
          Whatever ‘A’ there has been in the minor, beneficial ‘GW’ since the end of the Little Ice Age has yet to be determined. CO2 theory does not explain pre-1950 multi-decadal temperature swings.
          I don’t know where you live, but Northern Hemisphere snow levels are increasing. Why don’t you just relax and enjoy your benign rural climate?

          • The trend is increased intensication of such events when they do occur – this is accepted scientific fact now no matter how much the ‘sceptics choose to ignore it. You keep enjoying your rural idyll Dave but that is not really going to help your children and grandchildren. I prefer to publicise the AGW facts to ensure action is taken and the pressure kept up on governments to ensure mine enjoy theirs.

          • Ivan, you’re going to have to show us the published governmental data that shows “increased intensication (sic)” trends for all the climatic metrics, including for tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, etc. Minor warming (heatwaves!) and associated slight increases in precipitation (falling faster!) don’t count.
            Wild speculation and misleading statements by Trenberth and his ilk are not “accepted scientific fact.” Quote the specific IPCC report. [The ones you cited earlier do not support your statements.] Use published data, not alarmist fear-mongering.

        • Your referenced Carbon Brief article on IPCC’s 2012 extreme weather report states: “With other types of extreme events [hot spells, mainly], changes in past trends and any human contribution are harder to spot. Take hurricanes for example – there’s no clear pattern suggesting how they’ve changed the world over. But scientists have identified certain parts of the ocean, like the North Atlantic, where the number of intense hurricanes has increased since the 1970s. [Associated with a warming AMO.] Drought trends also differ from region to region, with a global picture unclear.”
          One extreme missing from this picture is flooding. At the moment scientists don’t have enough data to make conclusive statements about changes in the last few decades, or make predictions about the future.”
          Your citation contradicts your alarmist statements.
          And did you even read your referenced IPCC WGII report that speculates about future climate impacts and gives examples of recent disasters that are based on population and GDP growth, not a changed climate? Dr. Roger Pielke, Jr. has conclusively shown that “increased climate disasters” are entirely based on increased populations and GDP, not climate metrics.
          Your second citation also contradicts your alarmist statements. Give up yet?

      • “mikebartnz May 12, 2018 at 11:14 pm
        Quote *AGW exacerbates wild fires, flooding, desertification and other extreme weather events.*
        You are being totally dishonest there.
        I don’t know why you come here and spout crap like that. Are you a narcissist?”

        Excellent question, mikebartnz!
        nokey has spouted these and similar falsehoods here, many times; and has been fully rebutted many times.

      • “ivankinsman May 13, 2018 at 8:49 am
        And straight from the horse’s mouth. Again, show me your counter evidence please:

        Again, nokey demonstrates an inability to read or understand the links nokey supplies.
        From nokey’s link:

        “9.5. Extreme Events and Weather Disasters
        Major impacts of climate change on human health are likely to occur via changes in the magnitude and frequency of extreme events (see Table 3-10)”

        “Likely” is fantasy, not reality.
        And that “Table 3-10”

        “Table 3-10: Examples of impacts resulting from projected changes in extreme climate events.
        Projected Changes during the 21 st Century in Extreme Climate Phenomena and their Likelihood, representative Examples of Projected Impacts

        Not proof of any sort.
        More of the thoroughly busted climate models and baseless predictions.

        “9.5.1. Floods
        Floods are associated with particular dangers to human populations (Menne et al., 1999). Climate change may increase the risk of river and coastal flooding”

        Again, no proof at all, just alarmist assumptions.
        Notice that nokey never uses any reports that directly track “extreme” weather.

    • All those problems those poor folks had on Green Acres! Climate Change! Who knew?!
      Sure makes the pigs smart though.

    • hmm curiously i find its the citytwits who believe the most in warmist ideology
      rural folks who actually get out in the real weather without aircon/heating all day are pretty in touch and are aware that seasons vary hugely from yr to yr so does rainfall pests and what weeds appear. there arent many farmers who actually deeply believe in warming
      the few who do seem to are also pretty damned hot on knowing all the shonky deals on offer for “remediation” of the non issue and getting handouts from gov depts.

      • If I was a farmer I would start reading up on AGW and giving it my individual support. Those in cities are pretty much uninterested in its impacts – and the exacerbated hurricane over Houston soon brought it home to them. Farmers of the next generation – not yours – are going to have to put mitigating effects in place. Let’s take a dairy barn as an example. The yield of milk cows drops when cows are too hot. Rising temperatures mean dairy farmers will have to cough up more on ventilation systems etc which hits their bottom line. Crops require a huge amount of water. Rising planetary temperatures will mean farmers have to be smarter with water utilisation. Kerp on believing it is a Chinese conspiracy my friend. And I wouldn’t rely on rich city billionaires types like the current arsehole in chief to bale you out.

      • “nokey May 13, 2018 at 8:10 pm
        Strange. These scientists seem to disagree with you and Roger Pilke{sic} Jr. – the one sceptic scientist who is always quoted by sceptics because he is the only one they can use to support their viewpiunt{sic}.”

        Wrong, as usual, on every claim.
        A) Pielke is not a skeptic. Ask him, he will tell you.
        Or you can read Roger Pielke, Jr’s own words in an article he posted here at WUWT!

        “I believe climate change is real and that human emissions of greenhouse gases risk justifying action, including a carbon tax.”

        Skeptics’ quote R. Pielke Jr., because Roger performs good science and adheres to the scientific method.

        1) “Roger’s research focuses on science, innovation and politics. In 2011 he began to write and research on the governance of sports organizations, including FIFA and the NCAA. Roger holds degrees in mathematics, public policy and political science, all from the University of Colorado. In 2012 Roger was awarded an honorary doctorate from Linköping University in Sweden and was also awarded the Public Service Award of the Geological Society of America. Roger also received the Eduard Brückner Prize in Munich, Germany in 2006 for outstanding achievement in interdisciplinary climate research.”

        are just a few of Pielke’s experience and education.
        B) “One skeptic scientist”?
        What an absurd statement!
        There are the tens of thousands of scientists who signed the Oregon “Global Warming Petition Project;

        “31,487 American scientists have signed this petition,
        including 9,029 with PhDs”.

        Or the NASA astronauts, physicists and engineers who signed a letter: “Former Astronauts & NASA Employees Letter on Global Warming”?
        Or the multitude of professional atmospheric scientists and meteorologists, just starting off with Richard Lindzen, Joe Bastardi, Judith Curry, William Happer, Freeman Dyson, Roy Spencer, Fred Singer, Willie Soon, etc. etc.?
        again, just more delusional bleating from nokey.

    • We had winter last to late April this year. And so did pretty much the entire eastern 2/3 of the nation. Then a few years back we had summer begin in March and a year after that, snow in May. The weather/climate fluctuate BIGLY….always has…always will. Go to your safe room now, it’ll be ok. (good grief you alarmists are a naive bunch).

      • Sceptics always fail to distinguish between weather and climate. Weather is a series of unique individual events and climate is a long-term narrative. In the south west of the US there is far less snow but more rainfall. So forget about unique weather events and focus on what the long-term trends that are occurring around the globe…

        • Uh, Ivan >> Long term, the climate has not changed. Minor warming from the Little Ice Age and associated slight precipitation increases is not climate change. Unless you can give specific examples, your assertions are just that – unsupported assertions.
          I’ve been off doing real life for the past few days. I won’t deal with your intervening postings here. However, I’ll just say that you have avoided all of my direct questions. Continue on your current course and I’ll put you in my “Twit” file.

          • And what about the unprecedented speed of increase in CO2 ppm and what about the current high levels of CO2 ppm that have not been as high for 800,000 years. Is this par for the course? Is this normal? Believe that and you are definitely going into my twit file as living in Alice in Wonderland.

          • Well Dave that really is something no-one seems to have given any thought to. But I have heard there us an outfit called the IPCC that is 97% certain there is a causal relationship. Perhaps you should check out their website – you might learn a thing or two…

  36. “A few years ago, I shared my climate change depression on Twitter,”

    Yes, as a participant in a whiny pathetic concerted media storm focusing on allegedly depressed climate scientists and activists.
    Many of who claimed that the depression was caused by lack of government and popular effort.
    Claims that ignore trillions of dollars spent on climate science, without progress.
    The glitzy glamorous international travel, conventions and meetings consisting of alarmists and shills flying virtue flags while announcing their noble cause corruptions; all without accomplishing or advancing science.
    Not to overlook how this mental afflictions caused massive damage to science, scientific method, scientific credibility and respect for science.
    Nor have these delusional activists learned anything over the decades. Instead they worship bad people who publish and support the worst research, imaginable.
    You can save and restore yourself, Eric.
    Divest and rid yourself of everything derived from or constructed using fossil fuels.
    Rely solely on the foods you personally harvest.
    Spend your days working for farmers. I recommend you start with a dairy farmer; their mornings start before dawn every day. Every day, rain, shine, drought, snow, windy, stormy, flooding, whatever! Maybe you learn about growing plants for food along the way?
    Your internal moral compass should reset withing a year or two.
    The fact that you, personally will be utterly unable to discern CO₂ warming, should help.
    I suggest you read, by daylight, books following the industrial revolution history, coupled with selected books about Jonas Salk, Louis Pasteur, Madame Curie and any books about advances in science, food and medicine that brought average human lifespan to it’s current heights.
    Watching a number of Richard Feynman lectures would help.
    I can almost guarantee that by the end of your first week working hard at a dairy farm, you’ll be sleeping through the night.

  37. Yes I worry all the time about the coming “Rapture” or a meteorite hitting me. Thank goodness for alcohol!

  38. Mods:
    Please help?
    It appears another of my posts went to wordpress’s spam bucket. Could you help with another of your miracle interventions?

  39. Worry about that unknown asteroid that’s going to end the world or was it the over due super volcano…oh well which ever. There that should get you over your climate concern.

  40. Yes, Anthony, I would probaby run a “test” every once in a while if I had a blog with lots of followers.
    Here in the UK we usually call them Greenhauses.
    Quite amusing though.
    I sincerely hope it was indeed a “test” otherwise it indicates you might be bored. Which would be a shame.

  41. Eric Holthaus needs to get him some Geico-style psychotherapy.
    (warning: not the original version)

  42. What a thing to worry about. Too bad AGW isn’t true. A more serious concern is how many ants are there in that nest. Memory has no place in thinking like an AGWer. Which prediction came true????
    I worry about the greens getting so crazy that we loose refrigeration or packaging that keeps our food safe. Or hospitals, business, or a host of other industries that keep us from living like savages.
    Making a mountain out of a mole hill, or his worry doesn’t amount to a pile of beans.

  43. Yet global carbon emissions are more than 20 percent higher now than when I started work as a climate journalist.
    Perhaps he ought to go and work in China then!

  44. The prophecy of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Cooling… Warming… Climate Change is a first-order forcing of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Soul-crushing Despair which is a first-order forcing of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Sleepless Nights. Lose your faith in the prophecy and you free yourself from despair and insomnia. Win-win.

  45. Most people need a couple of years worth of Resilience Training to counter all the Fragility they’ve been taught.
    Also, take the darned long view. Look over millions of years and the gradual sequestration of carbon over that time and where that leads. Not only am I not panicked about CO2 in the atmosphere increasing, I’m HUGELY relieved. FAR FAR FAR better than the reverse.

    • About the most logical response to CO2 enrichment of the atmosphere that I have seen. The ice ages in the more recent history of the earth and the disappearance of CO2 may have been a symptom of a dying planet. Human beings may have been injected to cure the problem for a while. A rejuvenation treatment if you will.

  46. “soul-crushing despair”
    Aaaaand …. letmeguess … he’s anti-religion and doesn’t believe in the soul. (But he’s …*ahem* …”spiritual”.)
    How can these loons not see that they are members of Doomsday Cult #1,327,698?

  47. Dear Eric,
    I once read an article about a person who suddenly stopped worrying about global warming, after viewing the difference between rural an urban temperatures. Because he then realized that most of the warming is caused by urban heat. I cannot find the article, but I found a same kind of comparison, here on WUWT:
    Hope this helps!
    Take it easy. It’s all in your mind. There is no catastrophe.
    Wish you a good night of sleep and many more to come.
    Life’s good!
    Best regards,

  48. Also, if I had to pick one thing to worry about, that thing would be poverty. The root of all misery. Good thing is that global poverty has declined dramatically in the last few decades (although our objective media rarely if ever mentions this), although we still have work to do. And there are always forces trying to harm that progress by instituting expensive energy or restricting trade and people’s freedoms.

  49. Eric; I suspect your problem is that you only talk, and listen, to people who are just as fanatical as you are. This creates a positive feedback loop where the situation seems to become ever more extreme and catastropic. Your need to realise however its not necessarily realistic. Think about the Orson Wells broadcast of War of the Worlds early in the 20th century and the intense panic that ensued.
    I believe there is a very real and tangible solution to your problem. You need to break the positive feedback loop; there is a way to do it, one that sounds simple but in reality is anything but. Go talk to some serious knowledgeable skeptics and really listen to their point of view. Look honestly and with an open mind at their data and analysis. Daebate with them, explain the basis of your concerns and see what their take is.
    At worst you will come away with a better understanding of both point of view. But I strongly suspect, the process if not indeed the outcome will rationalise your concerns to the point where you can be objective and unemotional enough to have a happy normal life.
    Please understand, I am not taking the micky, I mean the above very sincerely both for your well being and maybe even the planet’s.

  50. The last sentence does not so much sound like depression to me but more like that other affliction of many activists: megalomania.

  51. Yet global carbon emissions are more than 20 percent higher now than when I started work as a climate journalist.
    …and nothing noteworthy has happened. What does this tell you?

  52. Could his stress be caused by guilt?
    He has been pushing the catastrophic man-made climate change scam and realises how much harm that has done.

    • “caused by guilt ..realises how much harm that has done.”
      Yes but I don’t blame those who have been fooled – I blame those who intentionally did the fooling while knowing there is no truth to the climate propaganda they’ve been thriving on; it is they who have blood on their hands.
      There could be tens or even hundreds of thousands of delicate/impressionable people, especially young ones, out there who are truly frightened by this hoax. Even if they don’t resort to David Buckel’s decision, their lives are still being adversely affected in ways probably most of us cannot relate to, living in constant fear because of a relatively small cabal of despicable thugs both in science and in media profiteering from their efforts to keep this hoax alive.

      • You have put your finger on it. Nobody is having significant adverse effects from AGW but millions are feeling adverse effects mentally, emotionally, financially and healthwise from the constant exaggeration of danger and government policies meant to fight Climate change.
        Consider the character assassinations prevalent on most warmist sites that are used as a substitute for hard science.
        The media and governments that use the hype are murderers but justify themselves by calling it a war (on climate change, capitalism big business or overpopulation.) Somehow they feel a morality in war. It is beyond all reason.

  53. I have some sympathy. I know intelligent people who are convinced that the whole AGW scenario is true. Once they get committed, they argue that converse data is fabricated, that 97% can’t be wrong and that the world’s press would not all lie. etc. etc.
    If I loose sleep, which I do occasionally, it is because of the problems that will arise when the fraud becomes public knowledge, and public trust in science disintegrates.

  54. As all men know, the major problem facing any man is, well, … ‘shrinkage.’ There, I said it. And, if assuming one is daf enough not to trust me on this, they only need ask George Costanza.
    And, every man knows the major cause of … ‘shrinkage’ (it’s even hard to repeat) is the cold. Cold air, cold water, can turn any proud, red-blooded male into an itsy, flaccid, micro worm.
    What’s the antidote? You know it, and I know it. And Eric knows it too.
    It’s warmth. Glorious warmth. Warmth causes expansion. Glorious expansion.

  55. Change Doctors-quick!
    It appears that the one you ‘saw’ did not take you or your mental health seriously. Find one who does.
    P.S. “people’ on the internet (Twitter etc) are not your friends. They are spectators. Use discretion.
    Good Luck

    • LOL! Basicly yeah. His story sounds a lot like mine (Generalized Anxiety Disorder). Still, it’s no laughing matter, he’s having terrible time.

  56. They’re only models Eric. UN climate models to be exact – designed to frighten you. And it seems that they have proven a roaring success on you and many others.
    Take solace that in reality, none of the doomsday predictions that you and your alarmist comrades have been spreading have come true. …. yet! Ha.
    Just kidding. Hope you find yourself well soon. Real depression in whatever form is very, very painful. Exercise helps. And a strict ban on progressive media would do you a world of good. Really.

  57. I fully support physician-assisted suicide for this “suffering” man. Nobody should have to live with such “pain” and “hopeless” future. And the good news is that Obamakkare will PAY for the procedure!! Win-win.

    • shame you lose by stooping so low as to wish another human being dead. Better to leave such death fantasies to the greens (such as the infamous 10:10 video)

  58. What a whinny bitch! This guy needs a pin slip! I can’t even begin to express myself except that I wouldn’t even piss in his ear!

  59. Kook? Kook? That is pretty mild for his state of mind. He is way beyond ‘kook’ and beyond ‘snowflake’ status. In the lingo of my days working in the mental hospital, that guy suffers from a state of chronic, undifferentiated bananas!

  60. He sounds less like a meteorologist and more like just a weather reader on a local TV channel. One would hope that a trained professional would be a tad more rational.

  61. And now I feel I have ‘preclinical virtually acquired post pre-traumatic stress anxiety’.

  62. You let this sit in an open window on your laptop for 11 months? Just think, you could have persuaded President Trump from withdrawing from the almighty climate….statement. You could have talked China and India from increasing their carbon footprint. Your procrastination will now doom us all!! Thanks, thanks alot!…

  63. Since there is little chance of extraction from your mental prison I can only recommend alcoholism and womanizing. It might keep you from hanging your self until your subconscious finds a way to escape.

  64. All this extra CO2 in the atmosphere is causing me too have to cut the lawn more often. Grass is growing like crazy down here in Mississippi. Might have to go out and buy a new lawn mower soon. I lose sleep worrying about lots of stuff but not global warming.

    • My lawn is growing like crazy, too. I have to do a little mowing just about every day to keep up with it.

  65. Have a friend who is permanently alarmed about a whole raft of things. Supervolcanism, coronal mass ejections, gamma-ray bursters etc etc. I tell him that if you aren’t in control of it then there really isn’t any point in worrying about it. In terms of climate the modern mountebanks assert sans evidence that we are in control of it.

  66. Some are a bit cruel.
    One of my neighbours has swallowed the CAGW bilge just as this poor “science communicator” has.
    A nice fellow and a damn fine carpenter, but he fears for the future of his children, believes they will inherit a damaged earth.
    He trusts authority.Our authorities have promoted Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming as a certainty, citing the UN IPCC yet claiming far more certitude than even those bureaucrats dare.
    Yet he has never considered the past.
    He knew not of past warmer periods, never considered that the laurentian ice sheets melted at an inordinate rate by todays standards, climate change means global warming in his world.
    Every weather channel boogie man is real, biblical floods, extreme weather,unprecedented warmth…
    The dread this man lives in is sad.
    I wonder what his reaction will be when /if he finally thinks the government propaganda through.
    Or savage anger?
    Our institutions are setting themselves up for a pretty nasty prat fall.
    Seems most of those inside the government bureaus of fearmongering, all assume they will be retired on a generous pension before the backlash hits.
    Of course given their performance to date,why should we pay them a pension?
    Is it cheaper than jailing them for their career choices?
    On the fright and dread front,it appears scepticism is necessary for ones mental health.
    BS and Mass Hysteria should always be taken with a grain of salt.

  67. Belittling people with whom you have differences (political, economic, social, or even scientific) is not ever going to help solve the problem. You people are just stroking your own sense of intellectual superiority, similar to the way some people engage in virtue signalling and moral preening.

  68. A rather sad situation. Reminds me of the documentary featuring Michael Ruppert discussing Peak Oil and imminent global collapse. He was emotionally distraught over the situation. If sitting in a room together, one wonders what Michael and Eric would discuss. Each fears a consequence that they cannot definitively prove. Their discussion followed to its logical conclusion is a planet without man. No reasoned thought.

  69. Most of you assume this guy is telling the truth – that he is suffering from some form of depression due to his false belief in global warming alarmism. But consider his education as a meteorologist – he really should know better.
    I suggest there is another possibility – that he is simply writing false propaganda, intended to raise anxieties of others who are habitually fearful – a large segment of humanity.
    Global warming alarmists (aka warmists) and extreme leftists are one-in-the-same, and they are typically dishonest – “any lie is OK, if it supports The Cause”.
    Global warming alarmism is the new “false front” for economic Marxists, who were discredited after the fall of the Soviet Union circa 1990. Read Dr. Patrick Moore’s essay, “Hard Choices for the Environmental Movement”, written in 1994, especially “The Rise of Eco-Extremism”. I corresponded with Patrick on this essay and I think he “nailed it”. So did he.
    Radical Greens and warmists are typically dishonest fanatics – nobody should believe or trust them.
    Regards, Allan

      • Too true Latitude – this guy is a shrill professional climate alarmist – and maybe a paid shill for some extremist group.
        See from http://www.slate.com/authors.eric_holthaus.html
        to http://www.slate.com/authors.eric_holthaus.16.html inclusive.
        An Amazon Estuary of Climate Drivel !
        Anyone stupid enough to believe this guy deserves to have anxiety issues.

        “By having a vague theory, it’s possible to get either result.” – Richard Feynman.
        “A theory that is not refutable by any conceivable event is non-scientific.” – Karl Popper.
        The “Climate Change” hypothesis is so vague, and changes so often, that it is not falsifiable and not scientific. It should be rejected as unscientific nonsense – the prattling of imbeciles.
        The “Runaway Global Warming” hypothesis is at least falsifiable, and IT HAS BEEN ADEQUATELY FALSIFIED:
        1. By the ~37-year global cooling period from ~1940 to 1977;
        2. By “the Pause”, when temperature have not increased significantly since the mid-1990’s, despite major increases in atmospheric CO2;
        3. By the fact that Nino 34 area sea surface temperatures have not increased significantly since ~1982, and corresponding air temperatures increased largely due to the dissipation of the cooling impact of two century-scale volcanoes – in 1982 (El Chichon) and 1991+ (Pinatubo);
        4. By the fact that CO2 lags temperature by ~9 months in the modern data record, and the future cannot cause the past (in this space-time continuum).
        Regards, Allan
        Charles Mackay (1841)
        “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”
        “Of all the offspring of Time, Error is the most ancient, and is so old and familiar an acquaintance, that Truth, when discovered, comes upon most of us like an intruder, and meets the intruder’s welcome.”

  70. Don’t worry brother, you will most likely be dead within 50 years, but the planet will still be here.

  71. I remember the twitter meltdown, it was accompanied by an idea of begging for money from people.
    I told you he was depressed, and it’s not climate change that causes it, it is his addiction to doom porn

  72. When people like Eric Holthaus root for the villain Thanos when they watch the Marvel movie, “Avengers:Infinity War”.

    • sorry, one , ‘when” should be deleted . When people like Eric Holthaus watch the Marvel movie, “Avengers:Infinity War”., they root for the villain Thanos.

    • I don’t know enough about Mr Holthaus to say one way or the other if he would root for Thanos, but I do agree that a number of the green “malthusan” types must wonder why all the Avengers are trying to stop Thanos from executing his obviously sensible (to them) solution to the overcrowding “problem”.

      • I can sympathize with Mr. Holthaus. It’s no fun being anxious and depressed, but on the bright side, it usually means that you don’t have anything more serious to worry about. For example, just suppose (heaven forbid) that he went to the doctor because he had a nagging pain somewhere, and after a careful diagnosis, it was discovered that he had a fatal illness and only had one month to live. Do you think he could put that fact out of his mind and continue worrying about the planet? Not likely! The planet worrying would quickly take second place at best and the entire worrying apparatus would be requisitioned to deal with the TRULY existential threat posed by the illness.
        So I say to Mr. Holthaus with all due respect, don’t worry, be happy. Your beloved planet has withstood far greater threats to its existence than a little CO2. The occasional collision with a massive meteorite comes to mind. And don’t forget that said planet has a rather unpleasant rendez vous at some future date with its dying parent star which will result in a tad more heat than that generated by a little increase in CO2 levels.

      • yeah, Dave, there seems to be a few of them on this thread. fortunately they are a fringe minority.

  73. Church folks who read nothing but St. James from their bibles can end up in the same state of guilt and despair. Same as those who only see the alarmist view, there’s missing information because they’ve chosen to look through a crack in the fence instead of opening the gate. For them it’s all about religious belief in modern prophecy, based on authority, consensus and supercomputer modeling, all passed off as “evidence”.
    They can’t nail down climate sensitivity or CO2’s actual persistence in the atmosphere, but you need to believe and cower to the odious scenarios of worse-than-we-thought predictions.

  74. The curious thing to me is the paucity of facts in his great meltdown. The only thing that he points to is that the CO2 concentration has gone from 0.03% to 0.04% …

    • Willis, I think he is calling to the circular thinking that goes with “the belief”.

    • Those facts include absolutely no detrimental change in tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, floods, droughts, etc. in the last 100-plus years, Willis. The minor warming from the Little Ice Age and some associated puny increases in rainfall are no reason for panic.
      There is no argument that some features of the global biosphere have shown some minor changes associated with the benevolent increase in temperatures. Additionally, CO2 fertilization is an undisputed fact.
      Combine IPCC AR5 CMIP5 hot climate models with the wildly fanciful RCP8.5, throw in activist speculation and you get CAGW. Until he realizes that, Eric will continue to have problems.

  75. Ha-ha-ha. So funny. The Chinese played the West for the brainwashed saps and suckers they are. But as with the trade war, don’t blame the Chinese. They were perfectly transparent about building hundreds of coal plants (while shutting a few cola plants in dense urban areas)… They SAID their emissions would rise until at least 2030. But most of the saps chose to ignore the reality while Xi proclaimed he was a Climate leader simply to encourage the West to euthanize themselves. And they are! (Especially in California).
    However it seems the Germans have learned their lesson and and climbing down from the Energiewende fiasco… though they will be really screwed if they continue closing their nuke power plants (We can all have a good laugh when the merde hits the fan and the German Greens and their enablers like Merkel get what’s coming to them)

    • The Aussies were done in by shutting down a bunch of effective plants too, in favor of wind and solar. Now they’re screwed. Unreal.

  76. Sorry Eric…your deep despair isn’t about climate. There is something else in your life that you don’t want to confront that is driving you down a black hole. Man up and deal with the other things and then you won’t feel like it is the end times.

  77. If you are a left-wing person, you will jump on the global warming band-wagon as an expression of how left you are. It is a statement.
    Maybe you need to express this so fully, that the climate change religion overwhelms your normal logical self.
    Eric is just expressing to everyone that he is such a virtuous left-wing person. I mean “he really cares”. He cares so much that he has put himself into clinical depression.
    You know, there are some people that you can help and there are people who you don’t waste your time on. Holthaus is fully committed to being one of those that can’t be helped.
    Cry on the phone from an airport to your wife. Sorry, she eventually figured this out as well.

  78. Eric,
    I strongly recommend that you try the following exercise:
    * Seat yourself in a comfortable position on the floor or on a grassy lawn or other flat surface.
    * Sit up straight and tall, close your eyes, and slowly, consistently breath in deeply for twenty seconds.
    * Now hold that breath for twenty seconds.
    * With lips pressed together, slowly blow out the breath for twenty seconds, pushing out every last bit of it at the end with a coughing-like maneuver.
    * Repeat this sequence at least three times.
    * Now reflect on this process — how the holding of your breath retains a bit more CO2 than the body usually does in normal breathing, and yet the alkalizing effect of breath-holding resulting in the CO2 build up is actually a healthy thing, enabling you to regulate your breathing and metabolism better.
    * Continue your mental reflection by asking yourself, “Can Nature really be so contradictory as to allow the process of retaining CO2 in the body to be healthy, while allowing a relatively small build up of CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere to be catastrophic for the body of Earth ?”
    * Continue by asking yourself, “Can Nature be so cruel as to allow plants and all life as we know it to benefit from CO2, and yet, when humans produce CO2 with fossil-fuel civilization, it punishes the very life that is dependent on this molecule by making our own human additions catastrophic for climate ?”
    * Each morning that you awaken, go through the above exercise, … religiously. Never skip a day.
    If you are performing the exercise correctly and consistently, then you should eventually feel your anxiety subside. You will awaken to a new you, … a new outlook, … a new view of CO2 and climate change that will provide you with many years of enhanced life.

  79. Ok. Read a lot if comments, but I think there may be more depth to this guy’s illness than many may suspect.
    His mission is to be the Paul Revere of climate change, alerting every middlesex, village, and farm. That is his reason for getting out of bed each morning. Problem is, he is being ignored. That gives rise to his fear of failure, but it could be overcome if he were more effective – and a little supporting help from the weather would greatly help.
    But the lack of seeing any real climate change gives rise to a deeper threat: what if climate change isn’t happening? His whole reason for living, his whole life up to this point, has been one, huge, waste of time and emotion. Not only are the villagers ignoring him, the British aren’t even coming.
    If (when) AGW turns out not to be a real threat, he won’t be depressed, he’ll be suicidal.

    • Worse still, the British don’t even exist! (Which at this current time, is nearly correct).

  80. Yeah that dude needs a lot of help. To go batshit crazy over a few parts per million is…..batshit crazy.

  81. If what he says about himself is true, he is a clear danger to himself and others. I hope he doesn’t own any guns.
    In the past we tended to think that people with crazy thoughts were otherwise normal people thinking crazy stuff. Now we think they are biochemically imbalanced. So, maybe drugs might help him.
    For example, he is worried about the climate future and his children. How about worrying about the inevitable physical decay of his body and the bodies of his children in just a few decades before they all are reduced to clay. I guess that’s OK because its normal. The fact that he ignores that danger and obsesses about a hypothetical danger is evidence of a mental disorder, IMHO.

  82. I can’t sleep at night worrying that we will never return to the warmth and plenty experienced during the Holocene Climatic Optimum.

  83. At least he recognizes he has a problem. Perhaps he’ll also recognize that his problem isn’t climate change or its effects.

  84. Hell, I made a comment a couple of days ago about hurricanes getting ‘confused’ and I never lost a minute of sleep. A hurricane may now need treatment due to my comment. Clowns and hurricanes in a rubber room? Imagine that!

  85. If he wasn’t fixated on this it’d be something different. It’s ok Eric that your life may have no impact, or meaning. You are fortunate, I suppose, in that you won’t have to switch up your bogie man the rest of your life because CO2 marches on. It come out of your mouth, cars all around you spew it and it seeps under your doors.
    CO2 never sleeps.

  86. I have a cure, Switch to being a “climate skeptic” by looking at the actual data. He has been reaching out to the wrong scientists…then join the discussions here on WUWT.
    Maybe there are a few converts on here that could give him some sound advice.

    • I see that this was published on “Greenpeace”. Perhaps he should talk to Dr. Patrick Moore, one of the founders of Greenpeace, and is now a CO2 enthusiast/promoter…

    • I am such a convert, and I did give my advice.
      Now ponder this: Healing stones that a lot of health-mined, Earth-loving people use to “connect” with the Earth are mined, aren’t they?, … using fossil-fuel-powered machinery?, … transported to facilities, packaged, boxed, and sold, using the energy of fossil-fuel-powered civilization?
      In fact, the comfort level that enables a person to be worried about a minute fraction of a minute fraction of gas molecules is itself based on fossil-fuel-powered civilization !
      So, Eric, in addition to the daily breathing exercises and mental exercises that I previously described, meditate, NOT on chakra diagrams. but on THIS diagram:
      … and chant as follows:
      C Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 2ooooooooooooooooo

  87. But..but.. you’re just a meteorologist, not a real climate scientist. Isn’t that the stock answer? Hope you feel better now.

  88. It seems his family who are not meteorologists are more intelligent than he is if they get into arguments about global warming. He has the meterologist training but cant see the forest because of the trees. He needs to to reevaluate his whole understanding of climate and start all over again by looking at the data, BUT not the fake data coming out of NASA and NOAA. .

    • I’d love to see him debate a meteorologist of, say, Joe Bastardi’s ilk. I strongly suspect that he could not hold Joe’s borometer.

  89. I think the only stress and anguish this guy feels is the fear that his Funding will be stripped when the Climate Scam gravy train comes shuddering to a halt…. I’m pretty sure that’s what his Nightmares are about.

  90. If it were not CO2 greenhouse warming it would have been some other religion, or some other messianic doom obsession, with him playing persecuted martyr, who ‘saves’ the planet, because he’s more of everything, especially brains, and just cares soooo much …

  91. @ E Holthaus …try some marijuana tea. It is the greatest sleep aid on the market. No high to it, it just relaxes you, and you wake up fresh as compared to the garbage medications off of the shelf.. Also a great muscle pain tonic, and aching back cure.

  92. If climate change really is the most important issue in the world to this guy, above his wife and family, he has a severely twisted sense of priorities. I guess if you have spent your adult life trying to convince the world that CO2 is a boogieman that is going to kill us all, it might become hard not to internalize your own propaganda.
    It could be that Holthaus had a traumatic experience with CO2 when he was a child. Perhaps he froze his fingers playing with a chunk of dry ice. Or maybe a bully at school shook his soda when he wasn’t looking and he sprayed himself. Having gone through such trauma, it’s easy to see why he can’t sleep knowing there’s a dangerous CO2 boogieman hiding in his closet, under his bed, or in the deep oceans just waiting to pounce. And to top it off, that boogieman is now 20% bigger than he was when you first imagined him years ago.

  93. ‘an unraveling world’, ‘environmental dread’, ‘soul-crushing despair’, ‘days when I’m paralyzed’, ‘existential dread’, ’emotional crisis’, …

    It’s some small consolation to know guys who’ve been trying to scare us into poverty over, much ado about nothing, are living in hell. There is some justice after all.

  94. Besides global warming, the other discipline of science that fascinates me is diet and its effect on our health, both physical and mental. I feel bad for Eric, his experience can’t be any picnic. My suggestion to him would be to ditch the carbs (in particular wheat) and load up on protein and fat instead. I can’t tell you how many people report improved wellbeing with this protocol.

  95. I bet he is not the only one! Fighting ‘the wind’ is very tiresome. Maybe, just maybe this might be his road to Damascus experience. If he’ll just open his eyes. He is tired, and needs a break! Maybe, just maybe, deep down, he knows the truth? And its eating him up? I dunno, but to me, his cry of despair, is a cry for help! But is he going to get it? The truth? Time will tell, of course.

  96. The solution to Eric Holthaus’s problem is simple. He needs to sign in on a basic engineering course and concentrate on the thermodynamics and behaviour of water. If he is honest with himself in his endeavours all his worries will depart.
    Meanwhile, however, he is a danger to society peddling his neurosis to the world.

  97. His family must be relieved that he has stopped bending their ears about climate change.

  98. Ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!
    Do I feel sorry for this deluded charlatan?
    Not in the least.
    My heart pumps p1ss for him.

  99. “I lose sleep over climate change almost every single night. I can’t remember how long this has been happening, but it’s been quite a while, and it’s only getting worse. I confess: I need help.”
    That’s what happens when you pretend you do science but have zero knowledge of how it is meant to be done. Those symptoms are always experienced by the incompetent when they are in over their heads.

  100. He needs to be neurotic over many other thing besides the global warming that is going to fry his butt. Some of these will help him along:
    The Russians will steal his vote.
    Aliens are gonna eat him for lunch.
    The “Lizard People” are already in control of the world’s governments.
    An asteroid is going to hit him in the head.
    Trump doesn’t take him seriously.
    Everyone else thinks he’s a nut case.
    Sharks are gonna eat him and his family due to rapid ocean rise.
    Hillary will never be president.
    C02 causes his psychotic behavior.
    He can’t wipe away the tears in a strait jacket.
    Now he has his 15 minutes of fame and it’s not like he thought it would be.
    Lots of people are laughing and pointing their finger at him.
    It’s already raining on his parade.
    Hillary wants to spend a weekend with him. She understands.

    • There is always another windmill to tilt at.
      Besides that, fear of the unknown is a common human trait that probably has an evolutionary advantage for survival. It might be wise to take a wide detour around that rock in case there is a tiger behind it. Taking other action such as knocking yourself on the head so you won’t feel pain as the tiger eats you may not be such a good response.
      The alarmists are trying to knock us all on the head but it seems it is only themselves they are concerned with.

  101. Reminds me of the lyrics of Green Day’s song:
    Do you have the time
    To listen to me whine
    About anything and everything
    All at once
    I am one of those melodramatic fools
    Neurotic to the bones
    No doubt about it
    Sometimes I give myself the creeps
    My mind plays tricks on me
    It all keeps adding up
    I think I’m cracking up
    Am I just paranoid
    Or am I just stoned?
    I went to a shrink
    To analyze my dreams
    He said my lack of sex
    Is bringing me down
    I went to a whore
    She said my life’s a bore
    Should quit my whining
    Coz it’s bringing her down

  102. Eric is depressed.
    Almost everyone within Western society is depressed.
    It’s caused by their diet and how they abuse sugar & alcohol to obtain the reward/feelgood chemical Dopamine
    Dopamine can be had from other sources.
    (Babies and young children are a very good source – now you ‘get’ why there are so few babies and sooooooo many fat women around? Rocket science it ain’t)
    Dopamine also can be had here
    Its from Utube, usual rules – make space, give the amp at least 9.5 tending to 11, let it roll and just ‘do’ whatever.
    Let the machine carry you. Synchronise with it.
    Learn empathy. Get Dopamine (without a chemical cheat)

    Burn, burn, burn, burn
    You lied, You faked
    You cheated, You changed the stakes
    Magnet toss that pie in the sky
    Unrehearsed, let the bubbles burst
    All in all, a dreaming circus
    A fuel in the tea with parody
    Tragedy or comedy
    Probably publicity
    Open up, make room for me
    Now open up, make room for me
    You lissnin Eric……it’ll help with your sleep problem.
    Much better than any Carbon Tax will, that’s fo’sure

  103. @Eric Holthaus: Go to the doctor! Your problems do not come from climate change, you have an anxiety disorder. You can treat them in a therapy or take medication. The concern for the climate will not help you!

  104. This song is dedicated to Eric. I tried to post the lyrics of the song but it was censored. C’mon it’s a favorite song of young girls but older men find it scandalous 🙂

  105. “…where one host called me a “kook” for publicly expressing my feelings about the environment.”
    I believe he was called a “kook” not for expressing his opinions publicly but for what those opinions were. Typical of the left – they can’t get anything right.

  106. Here’s my solution: study coral reefs from different viewpoints. For example, you might start with this excellent essay by Jim Steele: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/04/05/falling-sea-level-the-critical-factor-in-2016-great-barrier-reef-bleaching/. Make sure that you look up the references and read them. A good book on corals, but shot-through with the alarmist viewpoint, is https://www.amazon.com/Coral-Reefs-Microbial-Forest-Rohwer/dp/0982701209. But, this easy-to-read book you give you a very good idea of coral life-cycles and environments.
    There’s a lot of interesting material on reefs and if you search WUWT you’ll find references to published science that contradicts that mainstream view that reefs are dying because of global warming. Long story short: they are not.
    This research into reefs should teach you that one of the major problems with the “science” of warming is that it conflates causality: it appropriates other causes for its own use. Reefs, I think, are a good example of this because accurate information is readily available. In short, reefs are dying due to overfishing, which removes needed algae-grazing fish from reefs, and from pollution, which changes the microbial balance of the reef environment. Are we destroying reefs? Yes. Is it because of global warming? No. Why do we constantly hear that warming is destroying reefs? Because that furthers “the cause.” I suppose some people feel this fear-mongering is justified to get people to act, but the “real” science, the science that does not confuse cause and effect, tells us that “global warming” has virtually nothing to do with reef declines.
    Unfortunately, climate science is filled with conflated causality. That’s why, all-in-all, it’s a junk science. Climate science isn’t a rigorous science yet it parades around as if it’s indisputable and beyond question. Find this out for yourself by doing an in-depth study of coral reefs. Keep your eye on the ball: conflated causality. You might then do the same for sea-level rise, and although this is a little trickier to sort through (requires diligence! and maybe a decent understanding of stormwater engineering) the same conflated causality is used to “prove” grave danger.
    Ocean acidification? Same thing: https://academic.oup.com/icesjms/article/73/3/529/2459146 Causes are either inflated or else are transferred in order to justify fear. Good science does one thing very well: it does not confuse causes. This is basic! Climate science fails miserably at this test.

  107. Over the past several months, I’ve stopped talking about climate change with my parents, my wife, and my sister in order to avoid heated dialogue about what I think is the most important issue in the world.

    I have some advice. But it’s for his long suffering wife.

  108. We’re all dooomed, Eric Hothouse. And now It’s time for you to go. Be brave, step out into the searing sun and face Gaia, arms uplifted and …wait a moment, why not a little carbonated accelerant in the local park, it’s all the rage these days, no crowdfunding to Switzerland needed when tight-as*ed rellies won’t cough up, and it’s very tidy, the garbos do a great job.

  109. The poor guy needs to have any guns he owns taken into temporary custody until he gets the help he needs.

  110. The solution to Eric’s problem is that he needs to take a red pill every day, rather than the blue pill he’s been consuming for who knows how long.
    (And for any of you not familiar with this analogy, “red pill” generally means the Free Thought movement while “blue pill” is the Woke movement; or, Right vs Left; Republican vs Democrat; Conservative vs Progressive/Communist; Capitalist vs Socialist; Classical Liberalism (the ideology advocating private property, an unhampered market economy, civil liberties under the rule of law, and constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion) vs Modern Liberalism (no rights to private property, a centralized controlled market economy, government intervention and restrictions on the individual, and abolition of religion in the public square.)
    A red pill will make you happy; a blue pill will make you unhappy. It’s as simple as that.
    Eric is obviously taking the blue pill, which makes him so unhappy. (He’s also overdosing on the “green pill”, that unsubstantiated belief that CO2 is somehow going to destroy our planet.)

  111. Face it Mr. Hothouse or umm Holthaus. You have failed, and indeed wastes your life so far. Time to find another gig. Perhaps playing the native flute or some type of interpretive dance.

    • it’s not easy to be sympathetic to someone’s self-inflicted problems. If (being paid for) communicating lies about the climate is causing you to lose sleep, then it’s time to stop being (a paid for) liar.

  112. If you’re losing sleep, think of the effect you’re having on kids. Time to stop. Time to grow up.

  113. I worry a little bit about the conditions my great great-grandchildren will be living under. Methane bombs going off?
    My great great grandparents didn’t give a second thought to whether my living conditions would be harsh and scary due to how they were depleting resources and changing the landscape and beginning to release stored carbon.
    Things change, and hopefully technology will be able to keep up and rescue them.

    • Honestly, the worries I have about my children is neocons warmongers and green indoctrinated proselytes : They are an immediate threat to their immediate future and mine.

    • How about worrying about the conditions children in poverty stricken countries live under today? Right now. Talk about a first world perspective on life. Wow. Your great grandchildren? Methane bombs? Stop. Grow up.

  114. I feel sorry for Holthaus, but I believe he hasn’t had the professional help he needs. One of the classic and common forms of depression arises from (really, the word banned here on this site is from psychogical nomenclature!) dеиiаl. The hope-crushing Pause following upon Climategate and the dismal failure of the Copenhagen climate klatch caused self doubt to appear and rejection of these doubts created what came to be called the “Climate Blues”, which ended the careers of a number of climate scientists.
    The patients rationalized a different more noble reason for being smitten, but that’s precisely the type of self deception that engendered the illness. If that wasn’t bad enough, Trump backed out of the Paris Agreement, temperature projections had to be slashed at least in half to be believable, the planet was noted to be greening healthily and lead countries fell to half-hearted in their support. I believe we are seeing the next wave of “Climate Blues”.
    A surprising revelation from this disorder is that when the brain discerns something not quite right about your thinking on a matter, it creates doubt and insists you correct your perception of reality. I say ‘insists’ because if you resist it, it makes you sick! I’m truly amazed and happy to say that we have a mind that insists truth so forcefully. I should add, that their are other forms and causes of depression. But we should start with this garden variety one first to eliminate it on the way to a diagnosis.

    • I disagree. If he can’t sleep, he’s doing that to himself. He’s obsessed with trying to “convert” people to his point of view. His ego demands it. His self-importance is being depleted.
      It would be far more constructive if all his technojunk were removed from his possession, and he was sent to dig potatoes using a spade, because hard labor will wear you out enough to make you pass out in the middle of dinner. After that, a long, solo hike through woodlands where there are trails, birds, trees, undergrowth and critters.
      I doubt that he can find his way around a city block without a GPS locator. He probably doesn’t know which was is north or south, up or down. Dump ALL the technojunk , because it feeds the addictive part of the brain, and spend a full week hiking solo – not a 15 minute saunter along a bicycle path – and then spend some time splitting about 10 cords of firewood on a tree stump.
      If that doesn’t get him back to “normal:”, not much else will.

      • No Sara. We’ve already had the first wave of climate blues that was caused by the pause, Climategate etc. When you have devoted decades of your life to this cause and doubts loom, you don’t want to face the waste of a career. This internal conflict , not fully realized makes you sick. Eric has clearly bludgeoned family and friends with his hysteria and changing his mind looks to be too big a swallow for him. Why do you think Karl adjusted the temperature record out of the Pause as a last act before retirement. It was a huge issue.

      • Ah! The ‘waste of a career’ aspect! Yes, that did occur to me, and while this self-centered whining individual is devastated that he can’t make “Other” think as he does or follow his lead, he fails to realize that cults have a history of failing. At some point, they implode. They may do great harm along the way toward implosion, but we can only get out of their path of destruction.
        He’s built his own path toward failure, you see, and is unable and unwilling to accept he couldn’t drag “Others” along with him. He Is Not Jesus, after all, so what does he do now? He is unlikely to take any responsibility for his own failure, which stems from being unwilling to see or even consider someone else’s view. The Cult of Climate has become ragged around the edges, frayed an worn, and not moving ahead.
        It’s a cult. It has failed. Now does he do? He tells us he can’t sleep? Hard physical work will bring Hypnos, the God of Sleep, to your side very quickly. His brain is deprived of oxygen because the imagined horrors of Carbon, the Nemesis, have overloaded it.
        Now he flounders, which is of his own doing. This is where I’d tell him to go split some wood so that I can cook. Calvados and an overload of cheese will have the same effect.

      • Brilliant, Sara. You’re absolutely right. Eric’s problem is a form of adrenaline addiction best treated by doing something that doesn’t involve getting stirred up by constant doses of propaganda. No TV, no Internerd, no radio, no newspapers, no magazines. No talking to Warmists. Camp out in the deep woods for two weeks.

      • “When you have devoted decades of your life to this cause and doubts loom, you don’t want to face the waste of a career. This internal conflict , not fully realized makes you sick.”
        I think that sums it up nicely. The truth is starting to dawn on Eric Holthaus: human-caused atmospheric CO2 is increasing but the temperatures are not. It’s upsetting to realize you have been living in a false reality and that your whole worldview is wrong.

  115. What a pathetic dolt. I wonder if it occurred to the therapist whom he sought out that his anxiety may stem from adeep-seated understanding in his own dishonesty (and)or competence) and the means by which he’s painted himself into an unescapable corner of b.s. After all, if he want to continue “getting paid to be a climate science communicator.” I realize I could be imagining, but does anyone see a sort of quiet admission in that sentence?

    • Indeed.
      He certainly needs to ask himself what is the definition of success in the field of “climate science communication”. He also might want to do that before his benefactors ask him the same question.

  116. Climate change is going to happen – it always has and it always will. Losing sleep over it is like losing sleep over breathing. This man is deeply disturbed.

  117. This represents psychological abuse by AGW alarmists. They deliberately turn up catastropist hyperbole for political ends. Whether they believe it themselves is a moot point – however their followers and believers can be made to endure serious anxiety and depression, and neurotic stress. For the movement’s political goals this just represents acceptable collateral damage. But it’s real people suffering real hurt for the sake of a political movement.
    As a teenager I was told about CO2 global warming by some street activists in the UK and for a while believed the narrative. I remember at that time feeling anxiety and apprehension about global warming. I would look at the exhaust coming out of a line of cars on the road with a sense is of mild panic as to the harm being done to the planet.
    It is already becoming clear in the scientific mainstream, not only the skeptic margins, that the most lurid doom prophecies about melting Himalayas, disappearing ice caps and coastal flooding are scientifically flawed gross exaggerations. Not to mention Paul Erlich-esqe comically erroneous predictions of eco-catastrophe. Equally pernicious is the energetic concealment and denyal of the incontrovertible benefits to plants and the biosphere of rising CO2. All of this together amounts to a campaign of dystopian misinformation and psychological abuse, for political gain.

  118. Yikes! Look in the mirror and tell us if you see any similarities to Ted Kaczynski.

  119. I read some of these out to the missus – she says “you guys are just mean…” 😀

    • We are not “mean”, MarkMcD, we are just sick and tired of overblown ignorance, which means using kindness to forgive, empathize, or nurture further ignorance would be really “mean” to the world.

  120. How come not one person has pointed out the obvious here?
    Plants cannot exist without CO2. ALL LIFE FORMS ARE CARBON-BASED. (DEAL WITH IT, ERIC!) If there is not enough CO2 in the atmosphere to support plant life, then plant life, which absorbs CO2 and H20 and releases water vapor and O2 (which animals – that’s US – need) will die off. The Atmosphere will cease to be viable and all lifeforms will die off.
    Plants and animals are in a symbiotic relationship with each other. Have been for gazillions of years.
    How hard is that to figure out? That’s basic biology.
    Someone go explain this to Eric. I’d bet the only plants he has are the kind you buy at the hobby stores, with silk-screensd leaves and wires embedded to make them curve just so.

  121. Eric, you sound like me about six years ago. I was always worried about carbon dioxide and what it could do to us, so, being a scientist (Earth systems science), I finally took the obvious step and delved deeply into the matter. As a result, from thinking that carbon “pollution” was the ultimate threat facing mankind, I’ve come to realize that the ultimate threat facing mankind is really irrational fear. My impartial studies over the last five years have reassured me that carbon dioxide does not, and can not, cause global warming. Now I realize that the ultimate challenge is getting people to realize this in the face of the barrage of fear-driven propaganda that appears to be coming from reputable sources, in many cases from credible climate scientists who have committed the unforgivable sin of believing a scientific conclusion without checking out the actual evidence.
    Rising atmospheric CO2 is a non-problem, and I’ve written extensively about why this is so, but getting anything published that has this contrarian message is like herding cats. The best I can offer you, therefore, is a careful reading of my book, “In Praise Of Carbon” on amazon.com, which encapsulates my research and conclusions as to why carbon dioxide can not and does not function as a greenhouse gas in the Earth environment. I could go into detail here, but it’s really best to get the book (which has an inexpensive electronic version as well as a softcover), in which I carefully explain everything.

    • “I finally took the obvious step and delved deeply into the matter.”
      I think all skeptics have because they have enquiring scientific minds and when you do start looking at the evidence you can’t help delving into it more and more expecting to come across the definitive hard evidence you’re expecting. But the harder you look you don’t find any but rather keep bumping into more and more contrarian evidence that CO2 can’t be the big bogey so many have been claiming it to be. At some stage there’s a light bulb moment that you’ve been had with political séance and not real science at all and you’re gobsmacked that so many supposedly intelligent people have swallowed it all.
      When you try and elaborate what you’ve found to others in your circle you quickly work out most of them don’t have a clue about any of the evidence for or against. They just believe the meme they’ve been told over and over again and with many of them you can tell it’s an emotional response and no further correspondence will be entered into. The only saving grace is although they pay lip service to the mantra they’re not going to put themselves out or make scarifices doing anything about it as that’s for all the experts to take care of somehow. That’s the bit that’s got the likes of Eric in a complete spin.

  122. In his old age, if he realizes that he’s been alarmed for no reason, and that all the mental anguish was wasted imagination, he’ll feel a lot worse. But I suspect that internal rationalization mechanisms will prevent that. No matter what evidence over the next 30 years, he’ll never give up his views. He’s too much all-in.

  123. I pity this poor fellow. Sadly he’s going down the same path as the Heavens Gate bunch, except he wants the rest of us to commit suicide (via elimination of reliable power sources) to satisfy his warped perception of reality. This man belongs in a mental asylum.

  124. He started his career in “Climate Journalism” in 1973? (328ppm, 20% lower than today) He wasn’t even born until 1981. WTF?

    • Global carbon emissions being 20% higher, not CO2 concentration.
      No idea if that makes it any better.

  125. I lose sleep when the effing winter won’t end like it did earlier this year. What an idiot this dude is. I am glad he is in despair. An illogical pseudo scientist like him deserve it.

  126. “Yet global carbon emissions are more than 20 percent higher now than when I started work as a climate journalist”
    and all the bad things predicted back than have failed to come to pass, that right there should be your wakeup call, Eric

  127. Are there still people who do not think the earth is warming? Or are you just pretending that the additional CO2 will not warm the earth?
    Just trying to get a fix on what people will believe based on bad science.

    • I know I shouldn’t feed the trolls….
      Scott, The Earth has been warming (quite naturally) since the little ice age ended. CO2 is a very minor part of the atmospheric equation, and man’s contribution a minor part of the CO2. Sorry to break it to you but CAGW is bunk, this is seen with every failed prediction (and every contradictory prediction). How’s that ice free arctic going for you? You don’t know what snow is, right?

  128. Step back and look at the big picture for a moment. You want somehow to change how the the solar system operates to mitigate the effects of climate change on earth? Do you really believe that mere mortals can change the solar system? Life has been evolving on earth for 3.8 million years quite successfully and will continue most likely for a few more million years, at least. Take a break and enjoy life.

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