UN Schedules a Week in Bangkok, After Climate Talks Stall in Germany

Soi Cowboy, a red light district in Bangkok.

Soi Cowboy, a red light district in Bangkok. Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/moomoobloo/93523102/ Picture taken by flickr user moomoobloo in December 2005.

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The United Nations has announced a long anticipated extended session in Bangkok, to help climate delegates overcome their differences.

Extra climate talks scheduled amid Bonn stalemate

Published on 08/05/2018, 7:51pm

UN climate officials add a week-long session in Bangkok in September to the diary, as Bonn talks make insufficient progress on the Paris Agreement rulebook

By Karl Mathiesen

The UN will hold an extra round of climate talks in Bangkok in September after lacklustre progress this fortnight.

Long-rumoured talks in the Thai capital were confirmed by UN officials on Tuesday night, according to several sources, including Poland’s climate envoy Tomasz Chruszczow.

Countries have spent the past nine days in Bonn, Germany, negotiating the rules that will govern the Paris Agreement, with a decision due in December in Katowice. But dealmakers have become bogged down in technical detail.

“We’ve seen some progress here on several issues on a technical level. Other discussions are really stuck because of sharp political differences,” said Meyer [Union of Concerned Scientists].

Read more: http://www.climatechangenews.com/2018/05/08/extra-climate-talks-scheduled-amid-bonn-stalemate/

Perhaps expert delegates attending the September Bangkok conference will take the opportunity to advise Thai authorities about their city’s ongoing soapy massage eco-disaster. The Thai capital is rapidly sinking into the swamp, due in part to excess groundwater drawn illegally by megabrothels seeking to avoid large utility bills.

76 thoughts on “UN Schedules a Week in Bangkok, After Climate Talks Stall in Germany

  1. Again, after the high-level, propaganda, they got mired in the details called real life and who pays and who monitors, and who reviews, and who levies fines, in essence, who gets to be king. For this question of the first world global king, there are lots of details, maybe tens of millions of them.

      • I’m sure that the UN will give delegates enough from the slush funds for them to “unwind” in the evenings. After all, any UN official is immune from prosecution by any jurisdiction, so they have no one to account to.
        Seriously, if these guys can not get business done in boring Bonn , how the hell are they going to get on with the job rather than being on the job in the worlds sex capital.

        They don’t even bother pretending any more: it’s global party at the publics expense.

      • The proper name for the Thai capital is Krung Thep, which means “city of angels” . I guess Bang-cock works better in sales literature than the euphemistic talk of “angels”.
        I suggest next year they go to the Thai resort island of Phucket , since that seems to sum up their attitude.
        Another meeting ? Aw Phucket , let’s go for a relaxing massage instead.

    • All those starry-eyed western representatives who promised endess flow of guilt-money, are now facing a brick wall. And the recipients are not happy, will spanking be a new item on future COP agendas?

    • I think the food is better in Bangkok than in Bonn…how much shnitzel can a guy eat?

      • Er – apparently the freely available (at a cost) of shall we say “ladies of negotiable affection”, is one of the reasons that Thailand is one of the greatest sources of HIV infections outside of Africa.
        And thanks to the late Sir Terry Pratchett for the description..

      • Sheri not necessarily, you could bring back something real nasty, that’s not your friend!
        PS. On radio this week the subject was raised about the Liberal Party of Canada – (Climate change fanatics) when they have out of town conventions, that are famous for sexual indiscretions/romps and party’s? just wondering if they apple falls far from the tree with the green uber liberal crowd? One night or many in Bangkok!!!

  2. The following information is strictly for UN climate officials and delegates.
    Five best Bangkok brothels . . .
    1.Mona Lisa is considered to be one of the top massage parlours, or if not, then it is the most popular.
    2. Peppermint is a bar located in Patpong 1 with plenty of women from the hinterlands.
    3. Thermae is actually a pick up joint where there are plenty of ‘farangs’.
    4. The Grace Hotel has a coffee shop that has plenty of pickup women, a pseudo-brothel.
    5. The SOI Cowboy is for the gay segment.

    • Last time I was there Soi Cowboy was definitely not gay. Patpong 3 is more suited to those of a homoerotic bent…

    • Why are there not more rewarding , in all senses, careers for women in Bangkok?
      Any decent organisation would surely pass it by, but then Greens and decency are rarely bedfellows from my observations of the characters involved in Green politics.

  3. The Thai capital is rapidly sinking into the swamp, due in part to excess groundwater drawn illegally by megabrothels seeking to avoid large utility bills.

    Hmm. Eric, I believe you have found something that might convince them to gather empirical data, rather than model the situation. Only question is whether a week will be long enough for a thorough study.

  4. Heh. Always amusing when the filter freaks on a direct quote from the article. Obviously the short term for “large economy size house of ill repute” is what triggered its poor snowflake algorithm…

    • That is incredibly common and incredibly annoying. I see it all over the net. If the article can use a term, why can’t we lowly commenters, especially as a quote?
      Moderation algorithms are like search engines—if anyone made one that functioned properly, they could retire in a week. The world might even make them the first king.

      • Well, Sheri, as a developer myself, it is only amusing. The filters are only as good as the terms that are entered into their databases (and I doubt that Anthony’s team actually put this particular one in manually – most likely it came with the filter app they use).
        The complexity of a filter that would handle block quoting is quite a bit more than you would think. It would, on encountering a block quote, have to scan not only the original article – but also all of the already accepted comments on it. Actually, it would have to, if doing a real bang-up job, also have to scan the entire website; think of how many time commenters here quote some other article on WUWT or a commenter elsewhere. For even better functionality, it would have to scan many other “trusted” websites. (And it would have to be an actual scan – there is nothing about the block quote tags that provides verification that it is an actual quote, it only indicates a different formatting.) A rather massive and time-consuming job.
        Much faster, more reliable, and far cheaper to just hire a human moderator (or convince them to perform a virtuous public service). Anthony’s moderation team is a fantastic one, so I don’t complain, just twit once in a while. (Note that the referenced comment has already shown up in less than a day – and this is a very busy site.)

  5. The United States is out, China and India already have a pass for years and years, the third world doesn’t have to do anything at all except wait to be paid in cash to not do anything, which leaves the EU and a few other countries trying to figure out how to look like they;re doing something while not actually doing something because if they do something it will sewer their economies and that is THE fastest way to lose an election. So what details are they trying to work out?
    Oh I know. Where to hold the next conference.

    • They need a week, six days for sight seeing and one day to discuss where and when to hold the next conference. They really do care for us all so do try to take them seriously!

    • davidmhoffer
      “which leaves the EU and a few other countries trying to figure out how to look like they;re doing something while not actually doing something”
      The EU are very, very good at that.

      • … and the executive floors are studded with morons, not even knowing how tho exactly spell their names.

    • davidmhoffer
      BTW, visited your blog, really good explanation of the logarithmic nature of CO2. I’m a layman and even I got most of it, after a few reads and a bit of head scratching I’ll figure it all out, I think. 🙂

  6. This is actually quite a good development for the climate change skeptic message to the world.
    (because to a person, upon hearing this they will say, “Bangkok?!, Bangkok!! Really? A “meeting” in Bangkok?!! Yeah, we know what Bang-kok really means!)
    And the best part… the Hustlers don’t even seem to be aware (or care) that their behavior in scheduling junkets to places like Bangkok with profligate spending at luxury destinations is their own un-doing.
    When your enemy is destroying himself, don’t stop him.

    • IMO St Kilda Scotland is the ideal place for a UN conference. It has a helipad (close to the landing craft slipway) and an ‘International Sea & Airport Lounge’ for visitor receptions.

  7. Let me get this straight. When they cannot reach an agreement, they get to hold an extra round of climate talks at some exotic location on their government’s dime. So what incentive is there to ever reach an agreement?

      • Conferences are cheaper than agreements, I guess. Plus, the local economies where the conferences are get a boost. I think we probably should be grateful.

  8. “some progress here on several issues on a technical level.” Like where to meet next. Good choice btw, Bankok beats Bonn both on food and climate.

    • …and nightlife.
      I wonder how many delegates will be availing themselves of it?

      • I went to the Bonn conference. Most of the delegates from the developing countries lined up to get their stipends in the morning and were not seen until the conference ended. Most of the attendees were from the developed economies or were representing NGOs who had been provided credentials by the missing representatives from the third world. If I had to guess, OXFAM and Greenpeace had the most representatives.

      • Mohatdebos
        Your observations are by now generic: I have attended similar ‘sessions’ which are often shopping trips with Yes Votes tossed in at the end; text be damned.
        People funding these shindigs often have created the final document before the doors open. The shoppers can all be assumed to be pliant, beholden, or both. The ideologues are in the sessions to protect their turf and if possible, their point of view to the exclusion of all others. That is where words matter.
        My analysis is that there is a failure of consultation, mainly a lack of knowledge and experience of what good consultation looks like. In terms of unyielding and fanatical argumentation, it is rather academic in format, which is not a big surprise as many are in fact academics. It is interesting how seriously academics take other academics (declaration of bias: I am a part time academic so I know).
        When the recipient countries are less beholden to the donor countries, this will change because the power dynamics will evolve in the right direction.

    • Was thinking more along the lines of Juarez Mexico . . . Airport nearby. . . Plenty of cabs . . . Limos can just drive across . . . park anywhere . . . lovely place . . .

  9. Like so many people with their snouts in government troughs, it is in their interest to maintain the problem they claim to be addressing.

  10. This Bangkok meeting will, like the Copenhagen meeting a decade ago, be a big success …. for taxi drivers and prostitutes.

  11. It is not “who pays” that is the issue, it is “who pays for what”. If that can’t agree just take em to the phuk factory and pick up the bill. Phuket, it’s better than fracing…

  12. My first thought (a naughty one) was that they will be able to find out about the illegal water use in the soap massage parlours for themselves?
    James Bull

  13. Not far from the Hilton there are a couple of streets where these lovely girls dance to light music in these clubs .I’m told they will COME ACROSS given the right incentives. Perhaps I shd go out and help

  14. Again, I have to point out that if these jokers really believed the claptrap that they spew, they’d do this by video conference. However, I propose an alternate location…the ‘super warm’ arctic!

  15. If only someone would invent something like video-conferencing, or even email and telephone communication devices to allow remote discussion/debate and difference resolution, so that these apparently passionately principled people could actually make a real contribution and set a persuasive example by agreeing to stop flying about the world to fix a problem they perceive to be due in part to people flying about the world . . . .

    • Eh, don’t take the seediest part of any place as the whole place.
      In the very small Arizona town that I grew up in, there were about a half-dozen houses on one street where you could, essentially, get anything you wanted to pay enough for. Almost every place, from rural villages to megacities, has a district like that – just larger or smaller depending on demand.
      By and large, these are the result of tacit “deals” between the shady characters and law enforcement – “You keep the shenanigans in your own territory, and we won’t bother you for the small things.” LEOs know that they cannot stamp out that part of the economy, only control it so that it doesn’t disturb the “upright” citizens.

  16. NOT finding a resolution is incentivized. Don’t finalize it and get a free trip to Thailand.
    Maybe they can go to Istanbul in November. So many cities; so little time.

  17. A virtual meeting, powered by prevailing winds or solar energy, in order to reduce their carbon footprint, right?

    • Indeed. With VR, there’s no need to travel to meet up. Just do it over the Internet.
      If the Warmists are so, so worried about CO2 emissions, they should be having VR meetings to show the rest of the world the way of the future.
      Since they’re instead taking jollies all around the world, it’s clearly completely bogus.

  18. To sum up, the US isn’t paying. Will AGW need to knit more blankets for the baby elephants like this past winter? Where ever AGW goes, cold follows…. ( I’m sure nobody in AGW thought there’d be snow in Morocco. ) … Also known as the ” Gore Effect “.

  19. Once again the conference will end and the press will herald a “New World Commitment” (except for USA 🙂 ) to stopping Climate Change but there will be nothing, nothing new or different about any ‘agreements’. The same intimidation and name calling will be leveled against Western industrialized countries and all the recipients of AGW largess will jump up clapping their hands at once while hoping this time, please let it be this time, money actually starts flowing into their coffers. Meanwhile the UN bureaucrats will retreat to their palace in New York for more planning/scheming on how to change their approach to squeeze more money out of the West and relocate their economies to China and India. Do we have to put up with this merry go round every year from now on? How long will the people of the world put up with it?

  20. With luck nature will show them what real atmospheric pollution looks like when one or two in the “Pacific Ring of Fire” give them an unforgettable welcome.

  21. Bangkok has better more interesting hookers than Germany. That is the real reason for the move.
    These UN guys are on permanent vacation.

    • That’s what I think, Marque. What is the logic in packing up and going thousands of miles away when everyone was already co-located? Very expensive. And think of all the VDs they’ll be bringing home. Makes no sense to me.

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