'Mt. Trumpmore': Eco group seeks money to carve Trump's face into glacier

A Finnish climate action group is raising $500,000 to carve President Trump’s face into an arctic iceberg according to a press release I received.

In an attempt to prove global warming exists, the Finnish group called Melting Ice wants to carve a 115-foot ice sculpture of Trump’s face into a glacier for an effort they call “Project Trumpmore” and seeks to raise $500,000 to do pull it off.

Read on, video follows. h/t to Dr. Willie Soon

Press release 26.4.2018

Will the carving of Donald Trump’s face on an arctic iceberg melt or last for a thousand years?

Artist rendition of an iceberg with President Trump’s image carved into it.

Project Trumpmore is aiming to demonstrate climate change in a monumental way. A Finnish NGO wants to commission a 115-foot tall ice sculpture of Donald Trump’s face in the arctic region to demonstrate that climate change is happening. Like the former US presidents on Mount Rushmore, Donald Trump will have his face carved onto an arctic glacier, in order for it to melt.

  • Global warming is one of the most important issues and topics of today. There are still people who ponder whether it’s a real issue. We want to build the monument for all of us, so we can see how long the sculpture lasts before melting. Often people only believe something when they see it with their own eyes, says Nicolas Prieto, the chairman of the association Melting Ice, which is behind Project Trumpmore.

One person can make a difference

The project started when three young men working in the creative field got enough of talking and wanted to act instead. Instead of filling the world with fake news and alternative facts, this project aims to actually show climate change taking place.

  • Our starting point was to create something concrete, something people can see and something that makes climate change visual. In general, we believe that a DIY-attitude appeals to people, and it’s certainly the same thing which got us started, Prieto sums up.

Project Trumpmore’s goal is to generate conversation and hopefully catch the eye of anyone who is willing to fund our project.

  • This project is a huge challenge and we can’t do this without help. We are now asking everybody to join this movement. It can be made by talking, liking, sharing, funding etc. All possible help is more than welcome.


For more information:

Web site: www.projecttrumpmore.com

Project Trumpmore is a science/art project by Melting Ice Association, whose intention is to provide a concrete test that shows whether global warming is true or false. The objective is to sculpt president Donald Trump’s bust into the Arctic glacier and install a camera to the site of the sculpture to live stream its fate. If you want to be involved in sending a message about the hottest topic in the world, come along! Visit www.projecttrumpmore.com and see what you can do to help. Let’s make this happen – together.


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I love it!!!
This bodes both ways, of course. IF you like the guy (and I do), then its not an effigy, but a temporary monstrance. If you don’t like him, it goes the way of the DoDo fast enough.

Roger Dewhurst

It will last far longer than that of Obozo.


While we can disparage Obama, American politics is complicated, did Bush Jr. do a better job, he left the economy in a shambles with multiple war fronts….just saying?
If we can stay on topic, my takeaway, the green/left/socialists (pick a name du jour) having a meltdown (pun intended) carving up icebergs with their diesel fired ships, gas driven inflatable boats, Jet-A fired helicopters and oil/gas mixed (for 2-stroke lubrication of course) chain saws to carve ice would be SO entertaining I would also pay money to see that…just saying? In the end, Trump would love it!!!
Point being, don’t stop’m, encourage’m….

Gary Pearse

Duncan, good point. It should be video taped just to preserve those hypocritical activities!


Bush’s economy was not in shambles.


Well, of course. There’s that whole albedo thing….

David John Charles

‘Our starting point was to create something concrete’. Really? Out of ice????
Are these beings aliens from another galaxy?

Caligula Jones

Where have I heard this before? Oh, yeah, “Animal House”:
Otter: Bluto’s right. Psychotic… but absolutely right. We gotta take these bastards. Now we could do it with conventional weapons, but that could take years and cost millions of lives. No, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part!
Bluto: We’re just the guys to do it.
D-Day: [stands up]
Boon: [stands up] Let’s do it.
Bluto: [shouting] “Let’s do it”!
[all of the Deltas stand up and run out with Bluto]

Y. Knott

– And hopefully they don’t know how dangerous icebergs are, and how foolish it’d be to try walking-around on one, carving bits off and altering its centre of buoyancy…
We may rid ourselves of them all – another victory for Trump!

Bryan A

Far more likely what will happen is, they will raise the $500,000 then realize that it is far too dangerous a stunt to pull off and say they will instead put the money to good use (lining their pockets)
Last time I checked, Ice Bergs tend to do things like this

Javert Chip

Why not actually do something socially meaningful, like put the faces of the Flint, MI city counsel (responsible for the city water) on the iceberg?
What?…Oh, ok…Got it.
What happens if all those artist sculpture weenies are on the iceberg when it rolls over?

You mean after they all cimb up with their tools?
I suspect that Trump’s image will be 10″ across (.25 meter).
With luck, the iceberg will float into a harbor near the artists, where Trump can watch over them for years.

Johnny P.

Just before you all go crazy about this with your comments. They are talking about carving in a glacier not sn iceberg. Quite a difference. Of course there are risks carving in a glacier too. There is a danger of creating an avalance.


“far too dangerous a stunt to pull off”
Maybe they just hope someone dies during the event, so they can claim that “Iceberg Trump killed someone”.

R. Shearer

Good thing Guam didn’t do that.

Mike McMillan



Looks like the last cat, the white one, had glaucoma. That’s why it’s not happy.


‘(lining their pockets)’
The Finnish Gambling Administration is notorious for crucifying people who line their pockets. This is a socialism. Fundraising is so tightly regulated that only some large organizations afford to do it.

John in NZ

Are they saying icebergs didn’t melt until recently?

Yeah I was wondering the same thing – have they heard the story from long ago about a ship called the Titanic?

Larry D

Either they are really ignorant, or this is a scam designed to fleece gullible Greens.


The Titanic’s use of coal melted icebergs. Duh!


Larry, who says it can’t be both? 😉


It will melt.

Russell Cook (@QuestionAGW)

Yes. But is it also plausible that this TrumpMore website & video is instead some kind of really subtle satire performance art project? Any of you remember the “Dom Tullipso” guy who was a guest on Tucker Carlson’s show who was so looney that he turned out to be hilariously funny in the end of it all? This TrumpMore thing might just be headed in that direction, but they are perhaps holding back on the punchline for a while.

This surely wins the Prize for most pointless and stupid idea and effort in support of CAGW theory in 2018.


No, it wouldn’t do any actual damage to the environment or the economy.


These are the same people…if you asked….they would all say people are starving in Africa
…this white trash will pocket the money in a heartbeat


So now it has come to the point where just raising the money is enough. You don’t really need to accomplish anything other than maybe “raising the awareness’ of like minded doofuses.

Gary Pearse

There aren’t that many neurons to go around among activist clones like these. They don’t have an ordinary persons knowledge about ice, Global warming and the subject at hand, nor do they think or really care about science or economics.
They can be and want to be led. The same people come to protest over anything and paid handlers round them up for political fertilizer. It’s known as a cattle call. They come from the do-nothing faculties at university. Engineering, medical and other hardworking students never join these ‘exciting’ weekly events. Irony, hypocrisy and silliness abound.

John F. Hultquist

wins the Prize for most </em?"
. . . beer consumed in the short span of time before making a bathroom run.
I'll give a dollar if they send a self-addressed stamped envelope.

David John Charles

Hey, come on! It’s barely early May!


What’s the overhead cost of this group? 50 percent?

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.


Lol. There are fundraisers that take 90 percent. I claim it’s a frawd to do that, but of course no Gambling Administration,not even the Finnish one, can protect some stupid people from finding the greedy people.

Ed Zuiderwijk

He looks good on it.

Moderately Cross of East Anglia

I suggest they donate the 500,000 to something useful like research into ending Malaria or providing electricity to people who don’t have it.


Or research into dealing with antibiotic resistance, which actually represents a greater potential existential threat than “climate change”.




Seriously. All the need in this world, and they want to blow half a million on melting an iceberg because they are concerned about icebergs melting.
Logic is apparently as familiar as concern for their fellow man.

Johnny P.

Glacier not iceberg. Big difference.


Doing it to the terminus is pretty much the same, though possibly far more a dangerous stunt.


Moderately Cross of East Anglia
Or me. 🙂


I happen to live here in Finland, and haven’t heard nothing about this locally. But we have these groups that raise money for nothing so that some people can virtue signal. Usually us tax payers pay most of these. Most of the scams are nowadays related to asylum seekers, climate is loosing traction.

Henning Nielsen

Yes, they do look like johnny-come-latelys. Should have shifted to the plastic scare, that’s the fashion these days, at least here in Norway.


What about cleaning up plastic, melt it and make a giant hockey stick?


Oh that’s why there is no longer any plastic torsk in fish fingers.


And have a taste of cardboard instead.

Ed Zuiderwijk

On my next crossing of the Atlantic I will be on the lookout for the iceberg that sunk the Titanic. As it hasn’t melted it must be hanging around somewhere. That at least appears to be what these geezers are saying.


“The project started when three young men”

Most geezers have figured out that ice melts. These are millenials and snowflakes proposing silliness.


I think it melted in one of the super El Niños, which were caused by AGW.

Burks A Smith

All icebergs melt eventually


with any luck it will calf or tip over with them on it…..I so sick and tired of all this pink hat trash…when did libs become the trailer hillbilly trash of the world


The snow cones will only cost you $100 each. lap it up in the name of a green con


Gear up for the next rescue at sea.


Can’t we leave them for the poor starving polar bears? They are all stranded on those melting icebergs anyway…

David Chappell

Anyone know what happened to the guy who proposed to live on an iceberg?

J Mac

Three slacker millennial guys conjured up a ‘creative’ way to get other people to pay them to move out of their parents basements. I’m sure there are some slacker millennial girls that will think this latest con job is ‘cool’ also so these guys might achieve their second goal: Getting a girl friend.
You go, slacker dudes!

Girls? Let’s not get carried away …

Joe Shaw

Maybe just the “frigid” ones …

Gary Pearse

Didn’t he leave out a whole bunch of genders. One has so much more choice these days.

Henning Nielsen

Ice Maidens?
“Babette decides she wants to go to a small island with just enough room for the two of them to dance. As they sit and talk together, Babette notices the boat is slipping away. Rudy dives into the water after it but the Ice Maiden kisses him one last time and he drowns. Babette is left alone on the island crying over the death of her loved one, but nobody can hear her over the storm.”

You mean before these characters discover how cold it is to live on a chunk of ice?
Bet they use incredible amounts of fossil fuel to stay warm and produce their tools and clothes.
We should insist that these characters only use renewable energy and hand tools.

Randy Westcott

And the tools are made only of wood, bone, and stone.


No clothing, gear, or supply made with evil synthetics. No fossil-fuel powered transport. No fur, because that is murder. No shivering, that will warm things up even more!
This trip is going to awesome.


yup! let them do it using hemp rope to hang off(or from later;-) and only hand tools like axes n maybe saws..reminding them fossil fuel was used to make that of course;-)
and bare minimum for food n a rowboat until the jobs completed.
curious to see how the managed to cost it at 500k too..
betcha the chinese? japanese? ice carvers that make the touristy things dont run up such a bill either.

Bruce Ploetz

“Mount Trumpmore”, good one.
For how many billions of years have icebergs been melting? How is the melting of icebergs attributed to human causes? It takes a special kind of hubris to come up with this stuff, a sort of reverse hubris.
Instead of overweening pride in your ability, that tempts the gods to cut you down to size, it is an overweening caterwauling shame to be a human. Somehow able to melt icebergs by refusing to commit national suicide at the altar of a bunch of anti-capitalist fakers.
If the iceberg doesn’t melt we are really in trouble. When the icebergs don’t melt and the glaciers keep growing everywhere we are heading for a new Laurentide Ice Sheet. That would cause a few issues. Hope it melts!comment image


Yes, I would actually be extremely worried if the Trump iceberg didn’t melt. As you point out, that would mean we are deep within an ice age and are in deep trouble.


Lets do Mann in Greenland. Would bury in dnow.

Mann — in his nighttime heroic fantasies — imagines that there is no more noble cause than fighting to preserve the planet.
Dying fighting is more noble still. (Sorry MM.)
Just make sure the cameras are ON.

For you Hendrix fans …
(totally cool version)

R. Shearer

I miss Jimi.

Hocus Locus

Very Experienced choice. Here is the next one for the mix tape. Overlay at low level and bring up so Knopfler’s first guitar sounds a few seconds after Hendrix’s last.

Jim Masterson

Well, that’s $500,000 they won’t have to waste on (other) stupid stuff.

I never realized icebergs were Jewish.


Has anyone ever tried to carve such a large feature on a floating iceberg?
I’m guessing if is truly floating, there are tons of hazards to contend with during carving: storms, winds, hidden ice fractures/faults, shifting sea currents.
All of those things would make doing anything on a large scale on a floating berg very difficult and dangerous for the carvers.

John F. Hultquist



Depending on the environment they pick for the Iceberg/Glacier-waiting-to-calve, they could be putting more people than just themselves at risk.
The headline:
Treacherous Rescue Underway for Ice Sculptors Adrift on Iceberg.


“Project Trumpmore is” … a comedy.
Definitely comedy.
Might also come out as tragedy.
So it’s a thriller!


I guess it’s not as bad as this little green stunt:comment image


Well, they have a fifty-fifty chance it melts sooner rather than later, and a 100 percent chance that it offers no evidence that human activity caused it to melt

Joel Snider

Well, the symbolist crap is better than letting them have any say in energy policy.

I think Josh could memorialize these characters, extremely well!
Perhaps a polar bear or two watching the artists at work? Wearing dinner napkins?

This is really funny. This proves that Finland, Suomi has a great sense if humor…


There hasn’t been any global warming for the last ten thousand years. Just a slight cooling. Part way down the page in the link I provided is an interesting temperature graph of the last 16,000 years.
Climate change: Conflict of observational science, theory, and politics
Lee C. Gerhard

+1,000,001 for Lee Gerhard reference.comment image


Carve Obama’s bust in the ice instead. This way we can watch his legacy melt along with his face.

Mike McMillan

Or maybe Hillary’s bust.


They’ll cherry-pick a glacier that’s actually shrinking, not one of the many that are growing.


Icebergs melt? Are they telling us that prior to Trumps election, they didn’t?


Yeah, like the one the Titanic ran into in 1912.

Maybe “lsvalgaard” carved face should be next to ‘Mt. Trumpmore’

Michael Jankowski

Why not Michael Mann’s rear? Eco-tourists can go kiss it.

Louis Hooffstetter

Well thanks a lot Micheal Jankowski!
How am I going to sleep tonight with that mental image in my head!?

Nigel S

“You’re gonna need a bigger (iceberg)!”


I have to admit … the Left is really good at political theatre. And they recognize that most people just want to be entertained as a diversion from their dull lives. I would LOVE to see such an ice sculpture … and then watch the braying leftists whoop it up when Trump (naturally, and normally) “calves” into the sea. That would be quite a spectacle to watch. However, something tells me that the ice sculptors will be forced to suspend their work due to EXTREME freezing conditions.
Please! WASTE as much of Tom Steyer’s billions on this as possible. Spend the Tides Foundation $$ … just flush as much of it down this spectacle as possible. Let their TDS freak flag fly!


As much as I’d love to see this. I’d imagine this would be extremely dangerous. Dear ol’ dad died making a Trump ice sculpture.

JLC of Perth

It’s a daft waste of money but harmless. Trump would probably love it. However it would be very dangerous so I recommend they not do it for their own safety.

JLC of Perth

It’s a daft waste of money but harmless to other people. Trump would probably love it. However it would be very dangerous so I recommend they not do it for their own safety.

Joz Jonlin

These people have obviously never heard of sublimation.


Ahh the CAGW crowd and their symbols.

Bill Murphy

Any bets that these snowflakes melt before the ice? Say, about when they figure out how much work is involved in carving that berg. Without chainsaws or other power tools? I suppose they could use dynamite like they did at Rushmore. Alfred Nobel would be pleased about that.

John F. Hultquist

Elon Musk has a company that will sell them the tool they need: The Boring Company Flamethrower

I am honestly amazed that not a single person here has yet noted that “glacier” =/= “iceberg.” That the press release uses the words interchangeably is just another proof that the there is no science involved (or wanted) in the climate industrial complex.

Henning Nielsen

Agree, I noticed the same thing. A melting glacier is something very different from a melting (and drifting) iceberg. But then, glaziers in the Antarctic are also very different when it comes to melting, from glaziers in, say, the Alps. But how could one demand that a journalist fathoms such subtlelties?


Maybe a future expedition to witness the horrors of global warming will collide with it.


And just think. Trump could continue to get under their skin centuries after he’s gone.

Henning Nielsen

There’s always a new “Ship of Fools” waiting to be launched.


Ice sculpture is hyuuuge in Scandinavian culture.


Yes, but we use stable, solid lake ice

John in Oz

This scheme must fail according to their own description of what they are attempting:

Our starting point was to create something concrete

Would we like to see Mt Trumpmore for the next several centuries? Opinions will vary.

Alan Watt, Climate Denialist Level 7

To minimize the carbon footprint of carving Trump’s image into an iceberg, they should avoid using motorized boats to get there with all their equipment. I suggest getting together with the Old Pulteney rowers. Probably includes a supply of Old Pulteney whisky, for which I cannot personally vouch.

charles nelson

Are they the Seven Deadly Finns?


They can do my face for US$50,000 plus expenses.

J Mac

These virtue signalling environMentalist stunts really expose the cold, uncaring cruelty at the core of the Green movement. Consider that the $500,000 they will throw away in this crass political stunt could provide cleft lip and cleft palate corrective surgeries to 2000 children. That’s 2000 little children that have difficulty swallowing their food and are ostracized because of their facial deformities. I’d love to drag these 3 virtue signalling enviro-slackers into a third world surgery being run by Operation Smile for 5 days of volunteer work, observing and helping the doctors as they decide which children will get surgeries… and which ones will be rejected because there just wasn’t enough money to help them all.
I wonder if that would have even a slight melting effect on their cold, uncaring hearts???



Jeff Labute

If you love Trump you’ll contribute. If you hate Trump you’ll contribute, If you’re on the fence, you’ll contribute for the sheer entertainment value. Maybe these guys are thinking the $$$ will go into the millions.
After the deed is done, adventurists will travel to the idol and attempt to pee on top of the berg for added color correction.

John Endicott

If those adventurists pee is orange, they need to go see a doctor. Just saying.


What a great movie this would make.