Steve McIntyre discovers another hockey stick

Steve McIntyre the Canadian mining engineer and math wizard who discovered why Michael E. Mann’s original hockey stick of global temperature data was made of bunkum wood, has now discovered yet another one, and it appears not to use adjusted data, but raw data. This one also indicates temperature, but of a different kind.

It indicates political temperature.

McIntyre writes on Twitter:

a remarkable new Hockey Stick. I’m waiting to see how long it will be until @MichaelEMann cult proclaim this as independent verification of Mann reconstruction of world temperature for past 1000 years.

Robert Barnes @Barnes_Law As Trump has come to realize his inside-the-system lawyers’ initial take on #Mueller (play nice & he will go away when he realizes no collusion) was completely wrong.

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  1. Hockey sticks everywhere! Willis posted one the other day, too! But considering the weather in the Northern Hemisphere, I figure they must be ice hockey sticks! : ]

    • Arctic temps have plunged 20K during the past month and now sit below the 44- year- mean temperature for this date (for the first time in years.) The kids may not be so quick to put on their skates for a little after school hockey, down at the frozen ponds, eh?

      • It is officially Spring right now in northern Spain and it is snowing. So, yes, our kids know what snow is.

      • Urederra – it’s climate change whether you think it’s a result of human activities or you think the Sun has been that variable. The energy buildup has been enough to push the cold farther south than during most years.

  2. Two Tweets!
    One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do.
    Two can be as bad as one. It’s the loneliest number since the number one.

    Harry Nilsson/Three Dog Night.

  3. Doesn’t it need a change of data source at the precise point of slope change to be a ‘hockey stick’?

  4. The only hockey sticks that matter are in the NHL playoffs, coming soon to an arena near you. Go Bolts!!

    • I’m right at 45 degrees N, the sign that says “Halfway Between the Equator and North Pole” was just down the road until a drunk driver wiped it out a couple weeks ago. We had a lot of fairly damp snow early in the season and our snow-pack is so deep and dense that the locals are taking bets of snow on the ground until first week of May.

    • It’s not just snow. We had little snow this winter (so far) in Manitoba, but some very cold weather. I talked to a city guy yesterday who was back-hoeing a new sewer line for a house. The frost was down 8 1/2′! Will take a while for that to come out.

      • I spent 40 years in Manitoba. The mandate for foundations or piles was 7 feet for permafrost. I have heard the 8 to 9 foot depths of permafrost penetration from my contractor friends there for a couple of years now. This flies in the face of what alarmists claim is happening.

    • I’m at 45.7N, five miles north of White Salmon, WA, at 1,800 feet. Mild winter, only 20 inches of snow. Makes up for last year’s 100 inches, the worst in several decades. It was 61 degrees today. Spring is definitely here.

      • goldminor
        March 20, 2018 at 2:52 pm: Brave, but I understand the basis of your courage/foolhardiness, and it is observation and research not whisky. Well, maybe a little…’s cold enough up in the NH. About to start here in NZ too.

        • Here is the basic reason why I stated that. It has to be more than just a coincidence that every solar minimum aligns with a fairly strong La Nina as can be seen when looking at the MEI. So, being that the next solar minimum is now close at hand, I expect to see La Nina drop below 1 C later this year. …

  5. An investigation
    (by Mueller and his team of Democrat hacks)
    of everything
    is better known as a witch hunt,
    and is a terrible precedent
    for our nation.
    I said in writing, at my politics blog,
    that Mueller should have been fired immediately.
    If the FBI was good enough to investigate Shrillary,
    — a fake investigation with pre-determined results —
    then they were good enough to investigate Trump,
    with Trump appointees running the FBI.
    Comey and all other Democrat political
    appointees in the government should have been
    fired in Trump’s first week as president.
    No special council was needed,
    because there was, and still is,
    no evidence of any crime by the
    Trump campaign.
    Meanwhile, since May 2017 for Mueller,
    and summer 2016 for the FBI,
    we still have no idea what specific crime
    is being investigated.
    Collusion is not a crime.
    That means the investigation
    was a witch hunt
    from the beginning.
    Trump should not cooperate
    in any way with Mueller
    — that would be another
    bad precedent for the nation.
    A president can not be charged with a crime
    while in office — he must be impeached first.
    Liberals are both vicious,
    annoying and hypocritical —
    they consistently forgive law breaking
    by fellow liberals … but smear Trump with
    unproven charges, and innuendo, every day.
    If it was up to me, I’d lock liberals in prison
    for a year, so I could enjoy the wonderful climate,
    and avoid their nasty charges against Trump
    and everyone who voted for him.
    I’m sure it would be the best year of my life.
    My politics blog:
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    • So why do you think Trump is so terrified of Mueller? If he has nothing to hide he should just speak his mind and let us all move on. If Mueller has found nothing, this should be a walk in the park. But that’s the thing… we don’t know what Mueller has found, because he is the consummate professional, respected by large numbers of people from both parties. If he is as sharp as everyone says and Trump is innocent, then Donald has nothing to worry about.

      • So why do you think Mueller is so terrified of Trump? If he (Mueller) has found something it should be a walk in the park to finish up so we can all move on. If Mueller has found nothing, AND he is the consummate professional, respected by large numbers of people from both parties he won’t be trying to leverage others into providing dirt on Trump (if he is not the consummate professional that he is touted to be, then he will continue on trying to leverage others, using whatever means and unrelated issues, he can). If Mueller is as sharp as everyone says he, and he tries to use threats of actions on unrelated issues & potential political embarrassment to get information then I would say Trump should answer one question only:
        Did you illegally collude with the Russians?
        Answer: Based on my understanding of “illegal”, “collude”, and “Russians”, NO.

      • If he has nothing to hide he should just speak his mind and let us all move on.
        That is not how the justice system works. Don’t expect that the justice system is seeking justice. Police get rewarded for arrests. Prosecutors get rewarded for convictions. No one gets rewarded for letting someone go free.
        We live in an imperfect world. Innocent information you give investigators may well convict you because of a lie or mistakes made by other people. The investigators are under no obligation to tell you the truth.
        The true question to be asked is this. If someone has committed a crime, why are they not charged with that crime. Instead all too often the only crime they are charged with is lying to the investigators.
        Look at the Mueller investigation. People are being charged with lying, not with having committed a crime. But this begs the question, if someone was lying to cover up a crime, why were they not charged with the crime?
        And if they didn’t commit a crime, what was their motive for lying. Isn’t it more likely they simply have a faulty memory and can’t recall exactly what happened months and years ago? Haven’t you ever been surprised to read a document you wrote a year or two ago, how much it differs from what you remember?
        The system itself is rigged. The presumption of innocence no longer exists because there is no way for you to prove that your faulty memory was not a lie.

      • “So why do you think Trump is so terrified of Mueller?”
        Ha ha. Trump terrified of Mueller. Ha ha. Thanks for the good laugh, clown.

        The above is a link to the Special Counsel Order. It essentially says Mueller can investigate a Russian Connection, or anything else that comes up during the investigation.
        So, if during the investigation, Mueller finds out that Trump (or anyone else) did ANYTHING AT ANY TIME he can follow it up. It doesn’t say he has to follow it up. He may investigate the Hillary connection if he wants to.
        Will he?
        It seems he did/does have the power, through the Order, to investigate Sanders and Aussie Labor Party, if such cheating had come up during the investigation & Mueller deemed it a viable issue.
        Such Special Counsel Orders are nuts, and at minimum should carry a funding limit that would need to be approved/extended by 60% house margin (or some other oversight means).

      • Frederic March 20, 2018 at 3:33 pm
        “Ha ha. Trump terrified of Mueller. Ha ha. Thanks for the good laugh, clown.”
        He certainly is behaving like he is. You know Trump is worried when he starts tweeting.
        Aren’t you curious to know what Mueller has found/will find? I trust him to be discrete about what is worth divulging to the public. After all he is a life long republican. But first and foremost he is a patriotic American. He will want what is best for the country not for Trump. Quite the opposite to what Donny wants.
        I know I can’t wait to know the truth. Last thing I want is for it all to close down without knowing what has come of all his digging.

      • Simon March 20, 2018 at 6:05 pm says;
        “You know Trump is worried when he starts tweeting”
        Really? Trumps tweets have the mainstream media pulling their own pants down. What planet do you live on?

      • “What planet do you live on?”
        I live on the planet that has his lawyers pulling their hair out every time he tweets anything about the Mueller investigation.

      • “Don’t expect that the justice system is seeking justice.”
        Then don’t expect that the “science” system (the publication industry) is seeking truth.
        “Police get rewarded for arrests. Prosecutors get rewarded for convictions.”
        Researchers get rewarded for publication in prestigious journals. Universities get rewarded by attention gained from headlines.

  6. How much has Mueller earned from the US taxpayer for his never ending investigation ?
    Does he have to submit a monthly progress report or time sheet to Congress to get his monthly paycheck , like the rest of the employed population in virtually every other part of the world?

    • “How much has Mueller earned from the US taxpayer”
      Worth every cent if it sorts out the truth from fiction….

  7. Where is the best place to read up on the proposition that we might be heading into a new Little Ice Age?
    Is anyone writing about the possibility that we might be heading into a new Ice Age, plain and simple?

  8. Trump referred to the “Mueller Investigation” not to Mueller himself.
    Then the Left and the MSM, as usual, distort what Trump wrote and claim this means Trump is going to fire Mueller, and then a firestorm ensues on cable tv as reporters run to all the wimpy Republicans and ask them what they think about Trump firing Mueller and of course, they are all against it, but Trump has never said anything about firing Mueller.
    This is the game that is played in Washington DC and it is a game that undermines our nation because it creates a false reality that undermines the president (which is the left’s purpose).
    The Leftwing Media scares the hell out of Republcian congresscritters. The Repubicans do everything they can to be good “yes men for the MSM, which means giving leftwing propaganda legitimacy.

  9. There are as many invertebrates in the American Congress and Senate as we have now been proven to have in the British Administration. Quivering lips, tugged forelocks, shuffling out of the room backwards on their knees…… Only Trump, and oddly enough Putin, seem to have the moral courage to stand up for their own citizens, though Putin does have a nasty habit of doing them in when he fancies it.

  10. The key to the whole Russian narrative is the John Podesta wiki leaks which have hardly been acknowledged let alone explained. Truth is the so called ‘deep state’ have been engaging in sordid practices for decades and the Podesta wiki leaks was like Steve’s exposure of the ‘hockey Stick’.
    ” On Thu, Oct 8, 2015 at 9:26 AM, Tamera Luzzatto >> wrote: >> >> With enormous gratitude to Advance Man Extraordinaire Haber, I am popping >> up again to share our excitement about the Reprise of Our Gang’s visit to >> the farm in Lovettsville. And I thought I’d share a couple more notes: >> We plan to heat the pool, so a swim is a possibility. Bonnie will be >> Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and >> almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in >> that pool for sure. And with the forecast showing prospects of some sun, >> and a cooler temp of lower 60s, I suggest you bring sweaters of whatever >> attire will enable us to use our outdoor table with a pergola overhead so >> we dine al fresco (and ideally not al-CHILLo). >> >>”

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