Arnold Schwarzenegger to sue big oil companies for “first-degree murder.”

From the “you can’t make this stuff up” department, comes this pronouncement from the guy who popularized the gas-guzzling CO2 belching Hummer military vehicle for his own LA commutes. His self-awareness must be zero.

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Sunday he is going to sue big oil companies for “first-degree murder.”

During a live recording of a Politico podcast, Schwarzenegger said he was talking to several private law firms about taking on oil companies in court.

The Hollywood actor compared oil to the tobacco industry, and said both are “knowingly killing people all over the world.” Schwarzenegger said the tobacco industry had to pay millions of dollars in court for hiding the fact that tobacco had adverse side effects, and said he hopes oil companies will have to do the same.

Big Tobacco forcing Schwarzenegger to smoke.

“The oil companies knew from 1959 on, they did their own study that there would be global warming happening because of fossil fuels, and on top of it that it would be risky for people’s lives, that it would kill,” Schwarzenegger said Sunday.

Schwarzenegger suggested oil companies have warning labels on its products that are “killing people,” just like tobacco products.

Schwarzenegger being forced to drive a gas guzzling Hummer by “big oil”. Does this make him an accessory to first degree murder?

“I don’t think there’s any difference: If you walk into a room and you know you’re going to kill someone, it’s first-degree murder; I think it’s the same thing with the oil companies,” Schwarzenegger said.

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215 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger to sue big oil companies for “first-degree murder.”

  1. Yeah, what is the saying about a fool and his money are easily separated?
    Granted, I doubt he’ll Terminate his own money in this venture…

      • Especially during the years when he was playing the Governator role, he would fly from Santa Monica airport to Sacramento nearly every single working day so that he could be home at night to play the role of good father. It wasn’t a piston engined propeller plane…

      • Can we sue on behalf of funeral homes that have NOT had to bury the many more that have not frozen to death?

      • Well, part of the time he was home at night to play the good father, he was also screwing his maid.

      • Yes that is the problem with his stupidity, unless he has stopped using oil he is complicit in any murder. The leftist lunatic media reporting this sort of rant won’t push him about that because it doesn’t fit the agenda or they aren’t smart enough to see the issue.

  2. What do ambulances, medical helicopters……. and so on run on saving millions of lives. Can’t see this one being take too seriously.

  3. “…from the guy who popularized the gas-guzzling CO2 belching Hummer military vehicle for his own LA commutes.”
    Well, he’s really sorry, he won’t do it again, and neither will you.

  4. Can you GET any more hypocritical and unaware, Arnold ?
    THE PREDATOR is still one of my favorite movies, though. I wonder what the “carbon footprint” of that movie was. Someone should do a table on this — carbon footprints of motion pictures.

  5. Was this before or after his latest film dumped MILLIONS of tons of CO2 into the air? Is he hoping time travel is real like in the Terminator, or what? Sue Arnie—he’s the one killing the planet.

    • Most people get to movies in cars. Those cars add to the CO2. Since Arnie already knows this, he must be knowingly committing murder as well. Also takes energy to process a court case. By suing Arnie is murdering even more people.

  6. 1. Defendants are innocent until proven guilty.
    2. This is an inherently unprovable case.
    Any judge who doesn’t immediately throw this suit out should be removed for incompetence.

    • Arnie fails to realize that he used their products for many years and still does NOW, thus he already has no standing.

      • This is so ridiculous that it’s hardly worth wasting logic on it – BUT – if you’re going to say that a murder was committed, then you have to show WHO, WHEN, and HOW that person was killed. Not some vague “a lot of people”, but a specific person, with a name, with a place.
        And once you have that, you have to show HOW the person you blame was the “Proximate Cause” of that person’s death. I don’t think “oh my god it was 1/10 of one degree hotter than I thought it should have been last June 19th, and that’s why he died!!!” is gonna cut it.
        oh by the way if this supposed death happened somewhere else in the world then you need to go to THOSE countries and play with their legal systems, US Courts probably do not have jurisdiction.

      • “This is also a case that cannot be brought by a private citizen.”
        Exactly. Murder is a criminal charge. Arnie suing is a civil action.
        He’s not a lawyer, but a term as governator should have taught him such basics. I take his stated action as a declaration of stupidity.

    • He’ll probably bring the case in the Ninth Circuit, so it will not be thrown out, and we the taxpayers will spend a fair amount of money on this foolishness.

      • All of California (and Oregon and Washington, two other looney tunes states) is in the 9th Circuit federal court of appeals. So if this money waste doesn’t get thrown out at the district level, it will go to SCOTUS. 9th is Most overturned Circuit in US: 80 % per the ABA. Only the DC based Federal appeals court is worse:84% (based in DC, mostly patent and trademark disputes, high reversal rate due to low number of cases, but with BIG impact).

      • Back in Dante’s day, they only had seven circles.
        That shows how much Arnold has contributed to the human race.

      • 9th has the highest number of cases overturned, but not the highest percentage. Rates are pretty close most years. Highest number probably due mostly to size, but SCOTUS doesn’t take cases randomly; 9th decides a lot of controversial issues and makes a lot of decisions just begging to be overturned.

  7. Just goes to show that the people of California have a long record of electing whackos to governor. Moonbeam wasn’t the first.

    • We didn’t have much choice when Arnold was running. California politicians are an extraordinary kind of stupid. Just look at who we have in the Senate, House, and State legislature. It’s amusing that they attacked Trump’s mental fitness, when most of these politicians are just plain psychotic. (From the definition: Neurotic people make up fantasy worlds; Psychotic people live in them.)

      • (From the definition: Neurotic people make up fantasy worlds; Psychotic people live in them.)

        And psychiatrists charge the rent.
        That was before the vegetarian poodle-clippers arrived….
        California here I come.

    • There was a time when I was sorry Ahnold couldn’t run for POTUS – you know, back when he was making nice speeches at the RNC. The second he started blathering about global warming/climate change, I was extraordinarily happy he couldn’t even “try it.”

  8. “The oil companies knew from 1959 on, they did their own study that there would be global warming happening because of fossil fuels, and on top of it that it would be risky for people’s lives, that it would kill,” Schwarzenegger said Sunday.
    The entertainment industry knew, prior to 1959, through marketing studies, that there would be audience reaction to their product that could be harmful or beneficial. That it could be risky to people’s lives to inundate them with depictions of violence to such an extent that it could be then considered a normal part of daily life, that doing so would end up getting some people killed.
    “I don’t think there’s any difference: If you walk into a room and you know you’re going to kill someone, it’s first-degree murder; I think it’s the same thing with the entertainment companies and the driving actors” Schwarzenegger should have said.
    Again, a form of projection associated with his (their) type of mental/emotional problems.

  9. You can tell who the left are ling up for their next shakedown by who they start their campaign to demonize.

  10. Elective abortion, huh. Perhaps environmentalism through regulatory arbitrage… over there, or through mass obfuscation of local effects. Neither human rights nor conservation, respectively. Certainly only a semblance of science practiced at the twilight fringe (“penumbra”).

  11. Elective a-bortion, huh. Perhaps environmentalism through regulatory arbitrage… over there, or through mass obfuscation of local effects. Neither human rights nor conservation, respectively. Certainly only a semblance of science practiced at the twilight fringe (“penumbra”).

  12. “Schwarzenegger suggested oil companies have warning labels on its products that are “killing people,” just like tobacco products.”
    Fossil fuels are also saving many peoples lives .

    • LMAO. First, the ridiculous notion that fossil fuels are “killing people” is like saying a doctor who has saved thousands of lives, but lost a couple “on the table,” is a “murderer.” Second, hypocritical much?! The defense’s Exhibit A (should this ever make trial, which should NEVER happen, but then again there’s California) should be Ahnold smoking one of his big cigars at the wheel of his Hummer. Somebody’s got to have that shot.

      • Whenever I have had an operation, the surgeon always tells me of the risks, including death, that could occur when one is under a general anaesthetic.
        The choice is mine as to whether to go ahead or not.
        Similarly with driving. Can we sue the auto industry for selling a product that is known to cause injury and death?
        The fool that calls Arnie an idiot is no drongo.

  13. Ha ha ha, the dude got his millions working in an industry that uses a lot of energy sources in large amounts. Recall the heavy use of explosives and multiple car chases in some of his movies and the secondary cottage of support behind the movie making.
    He smoked one too many cigars…….

  14. Arnold was at one point reasonable. He called the legislators in Sacramento “Girly Boys”, which was in fact the most accurate description that could be used. But too much time in that cesspool rotted his brain and he became one of them.
    The real sad part was that his failed terms in office paved the way for an even greater “Girly Boy”, Governor Moonbeam. Too much can be said about his follies, so that will wait for another post.
    I left CA in 1999 for a number of reasons, and the politics there was definitely one of them.

  15. I expect Ahnold will be calling for an end to violent films and video games that endorse MURDER, violence, mayhem, and mass shootings. The industry KNOWS that multiple psychological studies demonstrate a connection between violent films and games and mass murderers. Ahnold should be charged and jailed as an accessory to murder … mass murder.

    • From here we get the auto makers guilty of mass murder for knowingly selling vehicles that cause thousands of deaths per year. How about those who banned DDT resulting in millions of deaths from malaria. Electric companies that knowingly run hazardous and deadly power lines down our streets. Candy companies and fast food franchises that knowingly peddle death. Soon the only ones employed will be the lawyers.

    • This is a great point. It doesn’t only apply to Big Oil. Whenever “Greedy Corporations” are targeted with hate, it should be pointed out that the corporations are publicly owned. The beneficiaries of this “greed” is the American public.

    • And just think where all the unions’ pension funds, including those of government employees, invest their money? So the leftist of the Lefties are bankrupting the country by getting richer and richer off the oil companies! Andy they scream about AGW?

  16. From the link: ‘Schwarzenegger said he’s still working on a timeline for filing, but the news comes as he prepares to help host a major environmental conference in May in Vienna.
    ‘“We’re going to go after them, and we’re going to be in there like an Alabama tick. …”‘
    In response to the first paragraph: I wonder if they’re gonna’ find a law firm to take this on commission?
    In response to the second paragraph allow me to tell you a story: Many years ago I went on a family camping trip. My brother’s son found himself with a tick attached to his little eight year old penis. Everybody, but everybody was very very careful about what they said to this boy about that because we all knew what would ensue if we said what we were thinking. Everybody, that is, except for my brother-in-law who left caution to the wind and told my nephew;
    “Well, you’ve got a tick on your dick!”
    I don’t know how many suns rose and set, how many seasons changed, before my nephew finally grew tired of telling everyone (near and far, old and young, he and she, and transgendered) that he once had a tick on his dick. It was thigh slapping poetry.
    Let this be a warning to anyone who starts talking about ticks.

    • you remind of the old story about 2 aggies out hunting in the woods, when one of them was relieving himself and got bitten by a snake in the same place. So he yelled and asked his friend to help, so his buddy said “I don’t know what to do, I’ll call a doctor!” (and this was in the old days, nowadays this advice is no good anymore) BUT at the time, he called the coc and asked what first aid he could us for a snakebite, and the doc said “cut and suck, cut and suck!” So, he went back to his buddy, and buddy asked “What did the doc say? What did the doc say??”
      “He said, you gonna die.”

  17. Last time I checked, only government can charge for criminal offenses.
    Arnold has no standing to “sue” someone for first degree murder.

    • It would have to be wrongful death. But then I suppose he would have to name individuals who actually died from climate change.

    • Bingo!
      I was wondering where in this thread it would be recognized that a private person cannot sue another for committing a criminal offense. One can only sue for personal damages or injury resulting from such an act.
      Even uttering such a comment places him in shamefully ignorant company with our POTUS. I’m no lawyer nor a politician attempting to control the law, yet I know these things.
      Arnold may sue for damages caused by committing such an act, but he can only sue for damages on his personal behalf, and not for others. They may try a “class action” case, but those are going nowhere either.

      • If you deem our POTUS shamefully ignorant may I respectfully request that you present a better way to have brought North Korea to the negotiating table than he did.
        And, let us not forget that the last three (apparently less shamefully ignorant) POTUS’s were quite content to kick that rather explosive can down the road.
        Of course it’s not yet over. But nothing can finish till its at least been started. And, started, it has been.

      • Tom, Dennis Rodman is buddy buddy with the leader of North Korea. Doesn’t take intelligence to talk to people. There isn’t much difference between a NBA star and a TV reality star. Also note that for the past 50+ years the leadership of North Korea has been seeking recognition. They’ve conned the POTUS on that.

      • Well, South Korea’s spokemans said at the White House that Kim Jung-un “was committed to denuclearization”. That means he is committed to laying down his nuclear weapons, if we are to believe him.
        That’s a very significant statement (again, if he is serious) and is just what we are seeking from Kim Jung-un, and Kim also said he would not object to the United States and South Korea continuing their military exercises (North Korea *always* objected to our military exercises in the past).
        So Kim looks like he is ready to make a deal for one reason or another. It could be a ploy to meet with Trump, but it is still unknown whether Trump has been conned by Kim Jung-un.
        But if Kim is not sincere and will not agree to denuclearize then we are right back in the same situation we were before: just a short time from a very destructive war if Kim pushes any farther than he has gone to date.
        Trump is not going to allow Kim Jung-un to directly threaten the United States and its allies with nuclear weapons. If Kim goes that route, at some point Trump is going to eliminate him as a problem.
        Let’s hope that Kim Jung-un has seen the light and believes that Trump will take him out without a deal. Kim can make a very good deal for himself and North Korea if he plays his cards right.
        No agreement means hundreds of thousands of dead. That’s what’s at stake.
        We got a miracle with Trump’s election. Maybe we can get another miracle with North Korea.
        Although I must say I’m skeptical about Kim’s motives, but I don’t see how he benefits by meeting and then not agreeing. It will make his situation worse and will kill him eventually.

      • ” Trump is not going to allow Kim Jung-un to directly threaten the United States and its allies with nuclear weapons. ”
        Wow, so it’s OK if Putin threatens the US, but not Kim?
        ” If Kim goes that route, at some point Trump is going to eliminate him as a problem.”
        So, tell me TA, why isn’t Trump going to eliminate Putin?

      • “So, tell me TA, why isn’t Trump going to eliminate Putin?”
        Trump probably thinks Putin is a more rational player who values self-preservation. Although Putin is starting to look a lot like the homocidal maniac Kim Jung-un now. Kim poisons people who annoy him and it looks like Putin does, too.
        I think Trump would eliminate Putin if he felt Putin was a direct threat. But just because we have two nuclear powers that are threatening us, Russia and China, doesn’t mean we should allow another state, one with a mad dictator at the helm, to threaten us, too.
        We did not stop Russia and China from becoming a big nuclear threat to us, but we can stop North Korea from getting there. The U.S. can eliminate the Kim regime without it ending up being World War III. That’s all up to Russia and China, and I think they will stay out of it because I don’t think either one of them is going to sacrifice their nations on behalf of North Korea.

      • From some of the stuff I’ve read, if we don’t take out Kim, China may decide that they need to.
        As it is, they would rather we do it, so that they can sit back and take the high moral ground.

  18. This is the guy Republicans were falling all over themselves, going as far as to wonder if it was time to get rid of that antiquated law preventing immigrants from becoming president!

  19. I used to work for big oil. I still have nightmares of the blood, the guts, the wailing and screaming….and that was just in the coffee room!

  20. If you walk into a room and you know you’re going to kill someone, it’s first-degree murder

    On the other hand, how many lives does oil save? From fuel for ambulances to heating oil, to name but two. So would Schwarzenegger be happy to walk everywhere?

    • It’s not oil per se, but the fact that cheap, efficient energy has been the cornerstone of an economy that has saved hundreds of millions, maybe billions, by creating wealth. We would never have created the wealth that ha allowed us to have hospitals, schools, vaccines, antibiotics, clean, safe water and so on without cheap energy.,

      • Yes,as I said above – attempting to “blame” fossil fuels for deaths is pretty laughable when they are the very foundation of modern society. It’s like calling a doctor who has saved thousands of lives a “murderer” for the two he/she couldn’t save.

  21. Arnold is simply demonstrating once again the First Principle of US Law: only sue those who have money. Don’t waste your time suing people who don’t have oodles of money, such as the gas station owners who actually sell oil-based products, go for the people with really big bank accounts, in this case the oil companies. Anyone who has attended a US law school will have had this drummed into them.

    • Roger he is also displaying another common trait: Ignorance and misinformation regarding the legal system.

  22. He knows tobacco kills people but he still smokes cigars. He converted his Hummer to LNG maybe he thinks LNG isn’t a fossil fuel because he never asked what the abbreviation means? Thought provoking I think?

  23. Arnold must be aware that removing fossil fuels from energy provisions will result in millions of lives lost. – Grounds for a suitable counter claim?
    Guns and lawsuits are american obsessions and, of course, Arnold epitomises both.

  24. This would explain how he became Governor of Kalifornia. It was mutually assured dementia.

  25. These types of news stories need to be plastered everywhere because voters can see how insane these mooks are.

    • It’s bee shown not to always work. The voters are equally ignorant and misinformed. Orr current POTUS has amply demonstrated this. He’s made several ignorant blunders, but keeps on bloviating.

  26. Methinks he should start by suing the folks who effectively terminated construction of new nuclear plants, and work his way back in time from there. Maybe he can sue all the way back to Rockefeller for making petroleum a more commercially viable alternative than whale oil…and keep going back to Dr. Abraham Gesner who pioneered the process. (sarc)
    Celebrities out of the limelight seem to have a propensity for exhibiting delusional narcissism.

  27. I think that for anyone to say that Fossil Fuels are evil ,death delivering products, ought to be brought up on charges of !st Degree Murder, with conspiracy charges along side. THEY are responsible for using these death causing chemicals, and are are just as guilty as someone taking a gun and using it against someone. They knew the gun was potentially deadly. Count all the air miles, gas miles, electrical bills, gas bills, movies production charges, gun fired, etc. add them up, and charge Arnold for his % of participation in the “killing” process. THEN, do what any Law enforcement person would do, and remove the offending weapon from the criminal. So, Arnold, no flying, no driving, no heat, no air conditioning, no ice cubes or refrigeration, clothes made by automation, on and on, and the same for your former housekeeper lover and her/your bambino..

  28. Well i’d like to see the body.
    Who has been “murdered” exactly? It is pretty easy to point at tens of millions who are living and healthy because of fossil fuel companies but I don’t believe even Arnie can find a single person who has unequivocally died from Climate Change.
    And as we all know, slightly warmer winters save lives.

    • Indeed. A comparison of the Little Ice Age mortality statistics with today’s ought to provide a good start to examining the relative benefits vs. detriments of “global warming” (assuming, of course, that fossil fuels have anything to do with it, which is unproven nonsense) and fossil fuel use in general.

  29. “The oil companies knew from 1959 on, they did their own study that there would be global warming happening because of fossil fuels, and on top of it that it would be risky for people’s lives, that it would kill,” Schwarzenegger said Sunday.
    Is there a source for this information or did he just confuse reality with a script he once read?

  30. What about all those moviegoers who blew their brains out after seeing a Schwarzenegger ?
    Now where is the corpus dilicti, Arnold ? Where are the dead people from global warming?

  31. Perfect example of a virtue signaling useful idiot. People are getting wise to, and tired of, the plethora of Hollywood and political elites with their hypocritical virtue signaling on any subject.

  32. Schwarzenegger is threatening to sue big oil for a crime that is impossible to commit, withholding the truth about climate change, a crime he declares to be “first-degree murder.” The truth about climate change is still unknown, in spite of the misguided claims of alarmists that the science is settled. After more than 30 years of study, scientists have proven themselves unable to successfully predict long-term climate. A growing body of climate scientists worldwide now predicts that the global temperature over the next several decades will likely decline, in which case, current environmental policies would be diametrically opposite from the right policies. Arnold is living in a fantasy land.

  33. Arnold Schwarzenegger never was the sharpest knife in the drawer…a bit of clueless dunce. Perhaps the steroids did permanent brain damage. I always thought he was sort of a B Grade actor as well, most of his movies not worth watching, but for a few. And a horrible Governor, really sinking California in a sea of further red ink by the time he exited office.

    • i was still in California when Arnold was governor. He tried hi first year, and the Democrats basically blocked whatever he tried to do. Then he apparently decided to be an Uncle Teddy clone politically. A total disappointment after we recalled Grey Davis.

  34. In 50 years there will be a movement in the psychiatric profession to retroactively declare an entire class of people as psychotic. But how many will have responded to treatment by then? For the sake of future generations, hopefully many.

  35. Arnold has reached that point in one’s life where people begin to worry about what will happen to their money and properties after they pass on…
    Obviously, Arnold doesn’t want his money or goods to go to family members, so why not spend it all on lawyers?
    That way, when Arnold passes on, he knows that he was not the cause of any corruption to family members; well, at least through bequeaths.
    All of Arnie’s money and properties will go to already fully corrupt lawyers that Arnie can check on when they arrive at their, (and Arnold’s), eternal rewards.
    Any riches Arnie bequeaths to innocent family members, he might never get future word about since those family members may get different, more pleasant, eternal rewards.

  36. I used to think he was smart. Roids kill…brain cell at least. Too bad the makers of his performance enhancing substances didn’t put that warning label on their packages back in the 70s & 80s when Arnie was conspicuously consuming. It might have saved him from this jaw-dropping public disay of grotesque idiocy.

  37. ‘“The oil companies knew from 1959 on, they did their own study that there would be global warming happening because of fossil fuels, and on top of it that it would be risky for people’s lives, that it would kill,” Schwarzenegger said Sunday.’
    Where are those studies? Or did Arnie just make it up?

  38. I challenge anyone to find one person who has died because of oil induced global warming!, there are 7 billion plus people on this plants whose live are dramatically better because our use of oil to create energy. WAFing moron.

  39. Isn’t this the same guy who got both his wife and maid pregnant at the same time in the same house (smart wife found out afterwards and got a divorce) while acting as the California Governor driving around in his Hummer while smoking cigars? Not the smartest guy!

  40. Arnold is purely a loser who’s trying to brownnose his way back into good favor among his elitist friends – totally (and justifiably) destroying his career in the process. His former fan-base wouldn’t walk across the street to spit on him, and he sure isn’t making any new ones.

  41. All these lawsuits against the oil industry boil down to one thing.
    Due to the financial mismanagement of Democrat governments they are broke and they are looking for a sucker to get they out of trouble.
    Shut down the wells in these states and refuse to sell the petroleum products.
    See how long they last.

  42. Unlike him, we would never suggest that he strap his mouth to the the tailpipe of his Hummer, thereby reducing his dino-sized “carbon-footprint” to zero. No, never.

  43. Idiots like Schwarzenergerersereesee (sorry, I had a hate spasm on my keyboard) should be charged with murder for pushing CO2 reduction which would absolutely curtail foodstuff production and cause the death of millions from famine.

  44. From the time the Industrial Revolution began humans started first to become wealthier and then healthier. Child mortality has decreased, food production has increased, heating, energy and clean water has become available to more and more people. Was this due to people smoking cigarettes or burning coal?

  45. Excellent. He is a true leader in changing attitudes on climate change. Keep up the choir work Arnie – you are the role model to follow and setting a good example in comparison to the AGW-denying fossil fuel advocate Trump.

      • Arbie is a humungously successful wright lifter, a humungously successful actor and a very popular and effective Governor. Now he is campaigning against AGW as it is a cause he is prepared to put his talents and efforts into. No sarc tag needed my friend…

      • Arnie (or as you say Arbie) WAS as successful weight lifter, WAS a successful actor, WAS a popular Governor. He WAS these things and now his ego is looking for some additional adoration so what better way than to play the mindless drones that follow people like him.

      • Ivan, hugely successful steroid abuser, then Hollywood fantasy actor, then Unsuccessful Governator. You forgot a sarc tag, or else aint from the US and the TDS enjoyed by us Deplorables, or both.

      • One day Mark you will see it differently. It is always difficult to give up an entrenched position but in the light of increasing scientific evidence (not warmer missionary zeal which is how sceptics see it because they choose to ignore this overwhelming body of evidence), you will see why AGW needs to be faced up to.

      • Back at you oh clueless one.
        Regardless, where exactly is this scientific evidence of which you brag?
        If you want to talk about the increasing warming over the last 150 years, most of the warming occurred prior to the big run up in CO2. Besides, the average over the last 10,000 years has been as much as 3 to 5C warmer than it is today. So any warming is not only not unusual, it is returning us a return to average.

  46. Unlike tobaco, there is no real evidence that CO2 has any effect on climate and plenty of scientific rational that the climate sensivity of CO2 is zero. If CO2 were really a problem it is not the fossil fuel companies that are responsible but the peope that make use of goods and services that involve the burning of fossil fuels. It is their money that keep the fossil fuel companies in business. Just think if, in response to such litigation, all the fossil fuel providers of the world stopped providing fossil fuels. Most of the people where I live would starve to death in short order because so much of our food is transported by truck.
    From the paleoclimate record and the work done with models, one can conclude that the climate change we are experiencing today is caused by the sun and the oceans over which mankind has no control even the fossil fuel companies. The extreme weather events and sea level rise that has been happening is part of the current climate and has nothing to do with climate change. If there are damages, the real culprit is Mother Nature and that is the entity they should sue. Lots of luck collecting on a judgement against Mother Nature.

  47. More RINO virtue signalling. It appears Trump Derangement Syndrome must become an actual psychiatric diagnosis soon. Unfortunately, modern medicine offers no known hope of a cure because Trump just keeps on winning. Very tough on Terminated Arnie and pals like Crumbs Pelosi, Shutdown Shumer, Lil Leaking Schiff, Sleepy Todd, Low IQ Waters, …

    • “Trump just keeps on winning”….correct, for example Devos is a real winner. See her on 60 minutes? Oppps, forgot about Roy Moore winning in Alabama.

      • DD, try tax reform, steel and aluminum tariffs, deregulation, jobs. Plinking dinky targets just explains why you are losing bigly.

      • Tariffs are a “win?” You ever study history? Ever heard of Smoot Hawley? Your conception of “winning” is predicated on ignoring the bad and emphasizing the good. It’s more like “treading water” where you’re not making any progress. He’s not “winning” and he’s not “losing”, but running like mad on a treadmill, and getting nowhere.
        Watch Pensylvania 18 tomorrow night.

      • It’s funny how having a highly partisan Justice Dept can tilt those numbers.
        Hillary should have been in jail years ago.

      • It looks like the Intelligence Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives has closed their investigation into Trump/Russia collusion during the 2016 election and has found no evidence that Trump ever colluded with the Russians.

      • David, are you really as ignorant as you pretend to be?
        The previous FBI head gave immunity to pretty much everybody, with no requirements that they actually turn states evidence.

      • TA, the committee is partisan, and it is protecting the leader of their political party. You seriously expect a different outcome?
        MarkW, I’m not talking about the previous director, I’m talking about the current one, with Sessions at the helm. Oh, and for your information, Hilary was not granted immunity. Again I ask you MarkW, why haven’t they locked her up?

      • Failure to tape her testimony. ( by a demoted fan of hers in the fbi) Failure to question her obvious lies, like her feigned ignorance on what is classified and her signature on security where she signs her understanding and acceptance that ignorance is not an excuse, immunity to the chain of criminals beneath her, for exactly zero justice reasons, despite blatant destruction of evidence from bleach kit to hammering several phones, to deleting 30k emails, FBI members admitting she got a HQ special, the list goes on…

      • Do you have any evidence that the current director is corrupt? Or do you just assume he must be since he hasn’t arrested Trump yet?

      • David, your hatred of all things Trump has caused your reading comprehension to crash again.
        I never said that Hillary herself got immunity. It would be unusual for the actual target of an investigation to get such.
        And while offers of immunity for lower level players isn’t unusual, standard procedure is to predicate that immunity on the person actually providing usable evidence.
        This was not done in this case.

    • Every morning when I wake up, I check the news first just to make sure, and then I thank God Trump is still president. The alternative was just plain unthinkable.

      • The alternative would have been a disaster for the whole world. The U.S. would have continued its march to socialism and authoritarianism and no telling where it would stop.
        At least with Trump we have a chance to get things back on track. And Trump is doing it despite the tremedous resistance he has to deal with. It’s pretty amazing to watch him just keep chugging right along, not distracted by the attacks from those who oppose him.

  48. Stop burning fossil fuels Arny. The CO2 that you produce might be the bit that takes us past the tipping point and then you will be responsible for millions of murders. What a freak show Arny is.

  49. Oil Companies should sue Arnold for Stupidity; Oil has Saved Countless Lives
    Schwarzenegger to Sue Big Oil for ‘First Degree Murder’ The oil companies have saved infinitely more lives than their CO2 has killed. CO2 has boosted crop yields, lifting billions of people out of starvation. CO2 allowed oxen to be replaced by tractors, greatly reducing the workload on humans. Nothing has improved the standard of livings … Continue reading

  50. Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Sunday he is going to sue big oil companies for “first-degree murder.”

    I don’t claim to expert on anything. Even those things I’m most expert on, I know there are others who know more.
    This guy was a governor of California. He doesn’t know that a private citizen can’t sue anybody for “first-degree murder.”?!
    Murder is a criminal, not a civil offence.
    (Mod alert! Snip this OT “PS” if you see fit.)
    PS Here in the US there has been a recent upsurge in the “gun control” movement. A lot of support coming from Hollywood-types. Yet, their prop departments have had the “real things” for decades. Why hasn’t California confiscated it’s arsenal?

  51. When will Hollywood do gooders like Arnold demand that all of the airports be closed.
    That would really reduce unnecessary emissions.

    • And planes flying into buildings.
      PEOPLE! Stop making decisions based on the emotions “they” would have you feel!
      Look at the facts, including the facts “they” would hide from you.
      “They” want to push your buttons, but they are your buttons. Forget that, and “they” are in control. You have become a puppet.
      PS Who are “they”? Those who seek control. The Elite.

  52. Warning: Use of this product may dramatically improve quality of life, reduce toil, and increase standard of living for you and those you care most about.
    If use causes feelings of gnawing guilt, cosmic helplessness, or loss of desire to procreate, discontinue use immediately and seek professional help from a board certified and licensed psychiatrist.

  53. Arnie put California in top gear in the race to the bottom – and it’s stuck in top gear.

  54. I am going to sue Arnold for :
    a) murdering the English language,
    b) taking money under false pretenses that he can act .
    I am trying to think of a way I can sue Californians for electing this guy in the first place so that he believes he has relevance.
    I’m a victim, there must be money in it somewhere (Sarc.)

  55. Technically these companies sell oil. They do not produce CO2. That happens at the customer side. It is the customer who polutes with CO2.

  56. If you live in a 1000 sq ft townhouse, own a single small car which you rarely drive, and rarely travel anywhere, then you can lecture me on global warming.

  57. “Wants to” and doing so are two different things, especially in Hollywood and Sacramento.

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