Global Warming Policy Foundation To Launch State of the Polar Bear Report 2017

Coinciding with International Polar Bear Day (27 February), the GWPF’s State of the Polar Bear Report summarizes clear, reliable and concise information on the current state of polar bears in the Arctic since 2014, relative to historical records. It highlights up-to-date data and research findings in a balanced and factual format that avoids hype and exaggeration. It is intended for a wide audience, including scientists, teachers, students, decision-makers and the general public interested in polar bears and Arctic ecology.

The launch will be held on Tuesday 27 February at 11:00am at the Toronto Public Library, Founders’ Room, 789 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W 2G8.


* Welcome (Dr Benny Peiser, Director of the GWPF)

* Introduction: Prof Chris Essex (Chairman of the GWPF’s Academic Advisory Council)

* Short video screening

* Presentation: Dr Susan Crockford (author of the report)

For further information, please contact Harry Wilkinson (

36 thoughts on “Global Warming Policy Foundation To Launch State of the Polar Bear Report 2017

  1. lets send lots of AGW alarmist to polar bear habits to make an up close assessment of their status. If hungry polar bears are found, they can be fed too.

  2. The polar bear in the article’s image could be muttering the old Pepe Le Pew refrain:
    “I am looking somewhere to find you”
    Of course the Polar Bear is looking for organic Carbon to consume. During long months of little or no food, the polar bear continuously breathes, inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. The carbon it is exhaling comes from the bear’s own body mass, and now it must replenish this carbon. Ice isn’t a source of carbon. The polar bears turn to the sea to find a sufficient carbonic food chain. And, the carbon in that carbonic food chain is sourced directly from atmospheric CO2. Phytoplankton consume CO2 to create organic carbon.
    Polar Bears’ depend on Carbon Dioxide.

      • So what you’re saying is that the only way to save the polar bear is for the polar bear to go extinct?

    • What do you mean by “organic” carbon? Carbon is the basis for all vegetable and animal life on this Earth.
      Are you joining the increasing masses who use organic as to mean almost anything?

      • Organic carbon as opposed to inorganic carbon. Inorganic carbon is stuff like graphite and diamond. You can eat inorganic carbon if you want, but it will not do you much good, and chewing on diamonds will probably hurt your teeth.

    • All life on Earth depends on carbon dioxide… with the rare exception of sulfate reducing bacteria and the like. Carbon dioxide is the Gas of Life.

      • Absolutely.
        Carbon dioxide isn’t a greenhouse gas (literally – greenhouses don’t work by trapping radiation).
        It’s a green gas (literally – it’s what makes the planet green, and the planet is getting greener due to increased CO2).
        It shows how utterly mad the whole thing is: people who claim to be green are the very ones who demonise the very thing that makes the planet green.

  3. This report will upset a lot of people, especially Roger Harrabin at the BBC. That’s good. However I don’t expect Sir David Attenborough to publicise this good news any time soon.

    • You think that’s bad, what do you think it’s done to Griff?
      The poor little guy is coming out from under his rock less and less often. Maybe he got snowed in…

      • Yea. Some of them have been quite sharp & nasty (not to be confused with substantive). On the troll-scale, Griff was rather gentle and funny (when he wasn’t attacking the academic credentials of Dr’s Curry & Crockford).
        I suppose he’s gone to troll heaven, standing guard by some garden path….a miniature terra-cotta warrior.

  4. I expect the MSM reaction, if they take notice, to be “just a bunch of deniers putting out fake news”. However, I’m sure the report will be an excellent example of real (pre post-modern) science.

  5. Jeopardy recently had an answer saying that the 25000 polar bears would be extinct by 2100 because global warming was causing less sea ice so they would starve.
    Even Jeopardy is getting caught up in the foolishness.

  6. Green heads are going to popping all over the place at this. How dare Susan look at facts and data to compile this report all you need is a heart that feels the (imagined) suffering.
    James Bull

  7. If this is presented by Dr. Susan Crockford, it should be full of facts about real trends in polar bear populations and average body weight, which might contradict some of the preconceived fact-free ideas of the global-warming alarmists.
    Where did AGW alarmists get the idea that sea ice is good for polar bears? When the entire Arctic is covered in sea ice in winter, and the nearby land is snow-covered, polar bears are cut off from their food supply, and they hibernate.
    Polar bears need some melting of the sea ice near the coast, so that their prey (such as seals in the spring) come out of the water to breed, and are hunted by the polar bears. They might hitch a ride on an ice floe in early spring, since riding an ice floe during a hunt uses less energy than swimming in cold water, but the polar bears need some open water for access to fish.
    During the summer, when the edge of the sea ice is many miles from the coast, the polar bears live on land and hunt small land mammals and fish in freshwater rivers. An unusually mild year (which could result from global warming) allows the polar bears access to their food supply for a longer hunting season, which would enable them to “fatten up” more before hibernating. An unusually cold year, when the Arctic is ice-bound for a longer time, shortens the polar bears’ hunting season and is more difficult for them to survive.
    Polar bears are well-adapted to survive a cold environment where few other animals can survive. But they probably prosper more in warmer years than in colder years, and need open water more than they need sea ice.

    • A few degrees warmer also means they don’t need to spend as much energy staying warm.
      Warm is also good for the animals that polar bears eat, which also means more food for the polar bears.

  8. I hope a copy will be sent to the WWF, who contiunue to advertise for (gullible) people to ‘sponsor a polar bear’, with the emotion-laden claim that vanishing ice is preventing mummy bears from feeding their cubs.

    • Oh! You should not be feeding them tourists, they are filled with harmful fats, cholesterol and nicotine! Bad dawg, no biscuit!

  9. February 16 was International Tim Tam Day. Pity you have missed it, but there is still a chance for you to buy a packet of Tim Tams and feed them to the Polar Bears on Feb 27 – International Polar Bear Day. Intrepid Souls and Warmunists may like to venture up close to the bears and feed them the Tim Tams one at a time.
    Then on March 8 you have International Women’s Day, so if you can find an International Woman you can feed her Tim Tams. If you cannot find an International Woman, you will just have to do with the Local Woman. I am told that they can be just as appreciative of Tim Tams.

  10. Dr. Crockford,
    I certainly enjoy reading your web site and have learned much from it.
    I look forward to reading this report as I am confident it will tell us the facts, and not the fiction, of polar bears.
    They are amazing animals and deserve better than being a harbinger of climate doom.
    Please keep up your good work. It is appreciated by many!

    • Thanks Rick and all others above sending best wishes.
      This report will have the straight goods, all in one place. It will be a very useful resource.
      I was born in Toronto and it feels great to launch this important summary in my home town.

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