Bill Nye: “We Want to Engage Everybody” – by Declaring Economic War on Climate Skeptics

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Willie Soon & Breitbart – Bill Nye wants to “engage everybody”, get everyone on board his global warming action bandwagon by punishing “hillbillies” and imposing economic sanctions on red states which don’t comply with his climate demands.

Bill Nye: Blue States Will ‘Impose Economic Sanctions’ Against Climate Change-Denying States

… Nye said, “Only 40 percent of people in the U.S. think that Congress should be addressing this and that’s because certain conservative groups, especially from the fossil fuel industry, have been very successful in introducing the idea that scientific uncertainty, plus or minus two percent, is the same as plus or minus 100 percent.”

He continued, “There’s a lot of emphasis from conservatives on what are writ-large states rights. Just watch out, conservatives, if states rights include California, Illinois, New York — these places that, where people voted in a progressive fashion — watch out if all those places start to address climate change and then impose economic sanctions, either overtly or by default, on places that have not embraced the work that needs to be done. Then you’ll end up with this states rights working the other way.”

He added, “We’ve got to remind people that we’re all in this together. The people I think about all the time are what are eloquently stated as the hillbillies. We want to engage everybody. Not working to address climate change is in no one’s best interest. It is not in the best interest, especially of your children and grandchildren. …

Read more (includes a video):

In the video Bill Nye also said “we’ve got to get everybody working together, the same way people were working together in world war 2“. Bill Nye’s plan for getting people to work together, for achieving unity, is to call people names and threaten economic war against states which don’t embrace his policy recommendations.

My question – if Bill Nye really believes renewables are cheaper and more reliable than fossil fuels, why does he feel the need to make economic threats and call people names?


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That sounds like a class action dare.


Yes, and from a man who’s proven to be a verifiable idiot. If Nye really understood the true uncertainties involved in climate modeling, he’d jump in front of a Mack truck at freeway speeds.

On the other hand, at least level-headed people know who the self-proclaimed enemy is.

Bryan A

Mr Nye had Better be careful or his suggestion could backfire having Red States impose sanctions on blue states.


Until Bill Nye, the science lie, admits he had to forge the Al Gore video because he was too incompetent to design an experiment to demonstrate the effect he needs to STFU.

He is a TV children’s clown, who has minimal understanding of science and NO INTEGRITY.

Unfortunately, Nye has credibility with many of the under-informed. I really don’t understand why. The few times I’ve seen him up against a “skeptic,” though, he seems such a clown and buffoon.

Carbon BIgfoot

Send him to FROST BITE FALLS Minnesota and have BULLWINKLE pull a rabbit out of his hat—-out comes a POLAR BEAR that bites his head off.

Carbon BIgfoot

Bill Nye’s comments violate significant ethics and civil law violations. If he is a Mechanical Engineer, as he claims, perhaps he applied/holds a Professional Engineer’s License in some jurisdiction. If so, he can be brought up on these comments and stripped of his PE. Does anyone know his professional status ( if any ) in any of the jurisdictions he has a residence in?

I see no evidence that the Big Lie Guy is a PE or that he even took the EIT.

Joe Crawford

Carbon Bigfoot, He may have majored in Mechanical Engineering but, from what I can tell reading his out-bursts, he took the TV job teaching his version of science to school kids because no one would hire him as an ME.


Bryan A: Considering many blue states get power and oil and gas from red states, it’s probably a foolish thing to do. Since blue states oppose fracking, they have to buy from outside their states. How cold can their citizens stand and can they walk to work every day, assuming there’s work to walk to.


Sheri, they oppose fracking, as well as drilling and mining of any kind.

Bryan A

By this definition from WIKI the great and powerful

Fascism is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and control of industry and commerce

By this very definition, Bill Nye is preaching Fascism


Jeezers!…there’s sure a lot of negative comments about Bill Nye, here–undoubtedly derived from a bunch of “Republican brain”, ignorant, gun-nut hillbillies, “triggered” by Bill’s tastefully understated, WASP-snappy, goofy-dork, “dog-whistle” bow-tie! So what else is new, right?

And let me just say straight out in Bill’s defense that, unlike everyone he knows, Bill does not regard pushin’ the Gaia-hustle into the end-zone for a win, as the key to achieving the hive’s ever-green, green-washed, dystopian dreams–a divided world in which us expendable, coolie-trash, herdling-nobodies are cast into a cull-crazy, gulag-normative, Darwinian hell-hole, over which our newly installed Philosopher-Kings, perched on a higher-plane of existence, can behold our desperate, grinding, daily death-struggles, even as they stuff their ravenous pie-holes with pop-corn, and where our “Golden Betters” are further free to strut about on the world stage, in their spit-shined, Cheka-chic jack-boots and boss everyone around and stomp on human faces forever. No!–Bill may run with the wrong crowd, but that’s just not him!

And is it just moi, or does anybody else think that Bill looks like a low-bid, whiteboy-model E. B. E., designed by a committee of alien-invader, priviliged-pale-face, mutant geekballs, currently failin’ his beta-test?


If he has read the Constitution, which I doubt, he would understand that one state cannot impose economic sanctions on another state. Full stop. This guy deserves to be sent to Venezuela where he can be happy.

Reed Coray

mike December 31, 2017 at 9:48 am

And is it just moi, or does anybody else think that Bill looks like a low-bid, whiteboy-model E. B. E., designed by a committee of alien-invader, priviliged-pale-face, mutant geekballs, currently failin’ his beta-test?

I thought that with a wig and a broom, he looks like the wicked witch of the west.

Phil R

Carbon BIgfoot,

I don’t know abot a PE, but according to Wikipedia, he…

received an honorary doctor of pedagogy degree from Lehigh University

Phil R

Carbon BIgfoot,

Also according to Wikipedia,

Nye applied to become a NASA astronaut every few years, but was always rejected.

Maybe that’s why he spends so much time seeking attention.


I think someone should send him a copy of the new tax legislation approved by the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President Trump. I think the Red States representatives and senators did a pretty good job of screwing the high tax blue states.


“received an honorary doctor of pedagogy degree from Lehigh University”

… and then only as a replacement for Neil deGrasse Tyson

Ian Macdonald

“Until Bill Nye, the science lie, admits he had to forge the Al Gore video because he was too incompetent to design an experiment to demonstrate the effect he needs to STFU. ”

Incidentally, if you feed 100% CO2 into MODTRAN it shows you that the infrared spectrum is very different from that of a few percent or less. Thus, the result would not have been representative of the atmosphere even if the experiment had been properly conducted.

Bill is long overdue for a lengthy tout of The Pit Of Misery.


Well Bill, you go right ahead and declare war on Climate Skeptics – that’s your right. Just don’t think it is your right to try and persuade everyone else to follow you.




Why is it not his “right to try and persuade everyone else to follow” him? It’s a free country and he clearly has that right.

I don’t think he’ll be successful but he, and everyone else, has the right to try to persuade.


As long as he’s not trying to convince people to over throw the government, he can try to persuade people to do anything he wants.


Sounds like treason to me , calling for a “War between the States”.

The last time your country had a civil war was in the 1860’s about another emotive issue; slavery. If this idiot Nye, thinks that causing division between individual States is going to make his fiction become fact he is mistaken. As for “economic sanctions” against those States that continue to frack and use oil products, he is equally deluded, because those States have reliable and cheap energy and consequently cheaper products and services.


From an economic standpoint, the countries (or states) that impose tariffs are always hurt worse than the countries (or states) that have the tariffs imposed on them.


It’s a myth that is continually perpetuated that the American Civil War was fought over slavery. While people in the north mostly thought it was wrong to enslave another, they had no love of the Africans that were brought here. They held them in only slightly higher regard than the Native Americans. If you want to know what the war was about, it was about what all wars are about… Money and power.


The War Between the States(Civil War) was a war about whether or not a state had a right to secede. Pres. Lincoln said or implied that many time. Slavery was side issue. The Emancipation Proclamation didn’t even include the Union states, it was a weapon against the South. Lincoln was a deep thinker and a very smart politician and tactician. It was all mainly about maintaining the Union.


As I said “money and POWER”
The “Union” was an excuse. It would have made little to no difference if the south split off except in who had control.


There is nothing in the constitution that denies states the right to secede.
Most people at the time thought that states had the right to secede.
The losers in the civil war were forced to reapply to reapply for admission to the union. If secession were illegal, there would have been no need to re-admit the southern states.


Or possibly sedition.


Sedition is trying to overthrow the current government, something the southern states were not trying to do.


That’s not sedition it’s treason.


Last time I looked these weather worriers have been waging economic war on their own people. High energy prices create poverty. People who live in poverty invariably vote for handouts.


Which is why liberals favor policies that create poverty.


Well, state-to-state tariffs don’t exist in the US due to fair commerce laws. If the government degrades to the point where those laws are rolled back, the US will no longer be united, and not worth living in.

george e. smith

Well I happened to be in Barnes & Noble book store a couple of hours ago, looking for a book which has not yet been written; but will be, and in the ” Science ” section at B&N they mostly have rubbish books as far as Physics goes; more like Science Fiction, but it was near the Camera books that already are written, and lo and behold, there prominently displayed in the “Science ” section was this book ” The War on Science ” by some unknown author, with a front cover endorsement by none other than Ultra- High Temperature CO2 expert extra-ordinaire, Bill Nye !

I dropped it like a 2800 K light bulb, before my skin got contaminated, so I didn’t even get to see the front page with maybe the Library of Congress number in there.

If your fake news book gets a Library of Congress number, does that qualify as l=ye eng to Congress ??



why does he sound like Neville Chamberline?


Why are Bill’s favorite states the same states that can not pay their bills?

george e. smith

For the generally agreed on approximate global mean surface temperature of 288K, the corresponding black body radiation spectrum would have 98% of its energy in the 5 micron to 80 micron spectral range, peaking around 10 microns wavelength, and with a total emittance of about 390Wm^-2. which is about 30% of the mean TOA TSI fro the sun.

Does anybody know if that rather powerful earth surface emitted radiant energy has any biological or chemical or physical effect on ANY living organism, such that the organism can detect such radiation with its natural senses; or be directly affected by that radiation in ANY direct way ??

I’m fairly sure it has NO interaction with human bodies; but what about other organisms, which might be affected by or able to sense such radiation ??


Does anybody know

Michael 2

“such that the organism can detect such radiation with its natural senses;”

Trivially easy; the problem is recognizing that the warmth you feel on your face was indeed emitted from nearby surfaces. One demonstration of this is opening your freezer door (but stand a few feet away so the cold air does not immediately impinge upon you); you immediately feel the cold on your face; but cold does not radiate! Only heat radiates. What happens is that the cold surface is radiating much less than the surrounding area, and you sense this *absence* of heat as cold.

A visual metaphor is that everything in the room is “glowing” at room temperature, but there’s one spot that is dark. Even with your eyes closed you can easily locate that cold spot just by facing it.

Certain snakes have considerably enhanced heat sensing organs.


Did you know that both Al Gore and Bill Nye were born in Washington, D, C? I think that gives a very strong indication that there is something that’s just a bit scary both in the air and in the water in that strange little foreign country.

Ill Tempered Klavier

Infected with beltway fever at birth. OMG


Both, also it seems have concluded that they couldn’t make a go at doing science fiction so they made it a religion and are now attempting to foist that upon us in attempt to further their fortunes.
They are merely following in the footsteps of other well known charlatans.

Larsen B

Billy Nye like Al Gore is special
He can talk about Climate Change all he wants and then turnaround and maintain 3 residences.
“Since 2014, Nye has divided his time between the Encino neighborhood of Los Angeles and the Chelsea district of Manhattan,[80] though he has also owned a house on Mercer Island near Seattle”
We do not have to do a thing. Bill Nye will make such an utter buffoon of himself that no one will listen to him in 10 or 15 years. He’ll be alone.


Mercer Island is exclusively for the very well-heeled. The snake oil business ain’t what it used to be.


“…no one will listen to him in 10 or 15 years.”

That’s the problem.

bill nye. carbon footprint huge. wants the rest of us to shrink our. carbon footprint.

climate glutton. wants us to take less so he can take more. like the preacher preaching against sex. while secretly having it off with the congregation. or wait. was that al gore.

tom s

And likely dead.

No one listens to him now.

John Harmsworth

Why 10 or 15 years? We’ve had 60? years of “disastrous” global warming and I can’t tell the difference. It’s -31C where Iive today. -22F . The 60’s were definitely a bit colder, but just marginally. And this is better! Much, much better!

Pop Piasa

Aphan, I agree. My first thoughts when I saw the headline were “why do any of us care what Nye says?”.
He’s a totally loose cannon who damages their reasonable credibility with every escapade.

Komrade Kuma

That movie ” A Civil Action” was on our loval TV last night and Bill Nye’s mental capacity being adversely by polluted water is not as unreasonable as Mr Nye might suggest.

That said a bloke named Bill Nye eally should not go around calling climate skeptics “hillbillies” because the natural response is that only a “NyeBilly” would say that. Sounds a bit dumb to me, almost like there are a few biochemical screws loose or missing somewhere.

We are not Hillbillies. Hillary said we were Deplorables from flyover country.

David Ball

Funny that he keeps losing debates to “hillbillies”.

You mad, Bill ? As a hatter, I would say.

John Harmsworth

His comment about “Progressive voters” betrays his whle Socialist-activist world view. Typical of the non-working class.


Are you saying that Bill Nye is a mad hatter?

george e. smith

I used to be in Fly-over country, and in fact learned to fly over it, and as I recall it s flat as a pancake, and if you drive through the Ozarks before they cur the grass on the freeway, you won’t see any mountains.

I think there is a place called Taum Sauk or something akin to that, which is the highest point in Harry Truman country. I believe it even has a pumped storage power plant on top of it, and is at least one hundred meters above mean sea level. I’m sure I never ever went there. As I recall, Lake of The Ozarks is actually a very nice place to recreate. although I never ever got to fish there. One of the things I stupidly missed doing in MO.



george, you are thinking of Kansas and Oklahoma. The Ozarks have hills that go up to 5 and 6 thousand feet above sea level.

Komrade Kuma

Ristvan, I assume what you call ‘flyover country’ is the same as the “Rust Belt”. That Hillary doubled down on that sneering dismissal of that part of the USA (that was for a century or so its very engine room) by referring to its inhabitants as ‘deplorables’ explains completely to this observer from the other side of the planet just why she lost the election and how an outsider like Donald Trum won it.

Over a year down the track, the sanctimonious, leftard msm still just do not seem to get it that they are the reason Mr Trump is POTUS and that they are the Harvey Weinsteins of the public discourse.


There is a difference. Al Gore doesn’t believe in climate change any more than he believes in unicorns. He makes money from climate change as other charlatans have made money peddling snake oil. He puts on a big show, because it draws the suckers.

Gore and the olther climate change profiteers are trying to engineer a new kind of economy in which they can create profits via government mandate. This isn’t new, the current tax and federal codes, and the countless pages they contain are the result of limiting competition; cementing the positions of the big players, and preventing new players from rising up. But Gore and his players hope to shift control of the energy market from the current team over to his team. They can’t hope to do this by competing directly in the open market, so they do it through legislation and regulation.

But Nye is not a businessman like Gore, Bill Nye is a believer. I can’t fault Gore with his attampts to enrich himself and his friends, that’s what business people do. But Bill Nye is a tool. The Islamic fundamentalists responsible for terror attacks are businessmen like Gore, they benefit economically from what they do. But the poor fools who pull the triggers or blow themselves up are tools like Nye.


This was actually very insightful and enlightening. Never thought Gores motives would be to shift control from companies to his team, but now it seems obvious. Thanks.


JPGuthrie’s post sounds just like 97 hammers striking 97 nails right on the head.


Building a wall comes to ihd



Pierre DM

Deplorable hillbillies: you know how them people are! Roll eyes. Way to go to get folks working together. The green slime must be really feeling behind the 8 ball

Deplorable hillbillies is a widespread idea in the MSM, academia and the left-leaning “intelligentsia”, but they tend not to say it directly, but a programme this morning on the BBC World Service was discussing this very issue. They won’t say so directly but are clearly very frustrated that these hillbillies get to vote.

This deplorable redneck is also familiar with the history and practice of democracy, from Aristotle’s Politics IV (Bekker No.) 1294be to the post-modern Tyranny of the Minority.


It’s funny because the “hillbillies” were to a large extent the hard-working, independent & moral people that built the US & kept it going for so long. Cultural marxists find them natural enemies and hence the derision.

Pop Piasa

It looks like Jerry Brown is trying to coax the hillbillies out of CA (and the beef/dairy industry) by unfairly taxing their agricultural livelihoods. They can buy land cheaper in the midwest, so if things get expensive to get in CA they can blame it on the hill folk he drove east.

Pop Piasa

Here is some hillbilly humor and a song for y’all that gives a fitting review of Bill’s show.

Heee Hawww

Quinn the Eskimo

Bill Nye the Not Very Bright Guy. The Commerce Clause of the US Constitution prohibits one state imposing economic “sanctions” on another. But it doesn’t prohibit them from doing it to themselves, which they are with the RGGI and mad-hatter renewables mandates.

We are blessed to have enemies such as this.


Exactly right.

Paul Penrose

It’s these same people that want to get rid of the Electoral College system too. Seems they are not really fans of the US Constitution, unless of course someone disagrees with them; then they scream “Free speech!”


I’ve lost track of the number of liberals, when someone criticizes something they have said, start to scream about how the constitution gives them the right to speak their minds.
Of course the first amendment is only a restriction on government. Your employer has every right to fire you if you say something that embarrasses the company.

george e. smith

If you want to get rid of the electoral college system for electing a president, where the sovereign States choose a President, instead of a one man one vote democracy vote (USA is a Republic, and the Constitution says it guarantees to EVERY State a Republican form of Government, then you would also have to get rid of the US Senate, where once again you don’t have a one man one vote choice. The smallest State (izzat Alaska or Montana) gets exactly the same number of Senators as the largest States, New York, Califonia, Texas, etc.

Alaskans would prefer to not be told how to run their place by the people in Rhode Island, that will fit into 30 different non overlapping places in one single park in Alaska (ANWR).

I can accept a Bill Nye for simply being just plain ignorant about EM Radiation Physics, but the alternative explanation for his famous experiment, would seem to be flat out lying to the American People and Media.

Ignorance is not a disease; we were all born with it, but deliberately concocting a fake experiment that purports to show how CO2 absorbs long wave EM radiation as emitted by the condensed Earth, but doing it with an EM radiation source that simply is nowhere to be found anywhere in the earth’s climate system, that is ten times the Temperature of any real earth average Temperature, and 10,000 times the radiant emittance of a real earth source, is a bit much to simply gloss over, as a simple mistake.



Nye is useful socialist/Marxist idiot.

Doug in Calgary

Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.
– William F. Buckley

Tom in Florida

george e. smith December 30, 2017 at 9:52 pm

“… then you would also have to get rid of the US Senate, where once again you don’t have a one man one vote choice. The smallest State (izzat Alaska or Montana) gets exactly the same number of Senators as the largest States, New York, Califonia, Texas, etc”

Invalid argument as originally Senators were appointed by state legislatures to represent their State in the federal government not individuals. Individual representation is reserved to the House of Reps. This was changed by the 17th Amendment to a direct election of Senators, which now allows one man two votes, one for the Congressperson and one for the Senator.

But this is off topic so I won’t go further.

Bob boder


“I won’t go further”

Good you embarrassed yourself enough already, read what George wrote.

Tom in Florida

Bob boder December 31, 2017 at 8:47 am

“I won’t go further”
Good you embarrassed yourself enough already, read what George wrote.
Perhaps we simply interpret things we read differently. You would you so kind as to identify what you think I misread in George’s comments and how it applies to what I posted.


Awesome! No more domestic oil or natural gas for CA … from those pesky RED States. Uh, yeah … Bill Nye the not so bright guy. I am certain that Silicon Valley can operate 100% on solar … yep. Not too bright


They could throw in some of those wind turbines too. Then they might be able to operate a couple of days a month.


Ha! The price of an iPhone would crack the $20k threshold. But the Marketing Dept. will make you feeeeeel really kewwwl for spending “3 months salary” on a phone that lets you “look like” your favorite emoji.


Well, it seems as though the laws of physics aren’t the only laws he’s ignorant of.

Pop Piasa

He’s a true progressive, blazing a new trail for the party.
If his trail should lead over a cliff then trust the government to break the fall.

Eric Simpson

Nye’s not even a scientist. He just plays one on TV.

If you ever see him in a debate you can tell right away that he’s not even very bright. Basically he’s one notch above a dunce, and to make that clear he really should be wearing a dunce cap when he debates skeptics.


The thing is……. people with a mental age of 12 or under, actually “believe” him.


This is strange to me, since I’ve known hundreds of mechanical engineers and they are almost all very bright individuals.


I suspect that the mechanical engineers that you know, are the ones who actually managed to find jobs in their specialty.


comment image

Go figure!

Gunga Din

I didn’t know that about Dolph. (Never heard of Dexter.)
But I did know about the dolt.


Dexter … BS, MS, PhD … at USC. High School Valedictorian and brightest mathematics student … Pacifica HS, Garden Grove


Dexter is a LEGIT intellect! … the guy on the left is just a creepy old man that I wouldn’t let anywhere NEAR small children


Ditto to that, if I found him anywhere near my grañdsons he wouldn’t walk away.


I had no idea about dolph, go figure. He played the right hand and went where the money was, acting.


Bill Nye, the pencil-necked geek, reminds me of Beaky Buzzard.
comment image



Pop Piasa

Can any of the graphics wizbangs here put a bowtie on that buz?

John Harmsworth

Not wanting to nit pick, but a scientist is someone who “does science”, not just studies it. I would also say that Michael Mann, for instance, is not a scientist, because what he does is not science. In fact, it is anti-science!

Gunga Din

I don’t take that as a “nitpick”.
Of the three, the one with the least background to understand “Science” is the one called “The Science Guy”.
Dolph’s chosen profession is to pretend, on camera, that he is a kick-ass army guy or boxer. But he’s not a “science” dummy.
(Again, I don’t know anything about Dexter other than the credentials presented here.)
Bill Nye? His chosen profession was to pretend the “Science Guy” on camera. He never was a “Mr. Wizard”.
Now his chosen profession is to use the “Science Guy” TV rep to promote his political “progressive” agenda.

(Kinda reminds me of those old commercials where someone says, “I’m not a Doctor, but I play one on TV.”

Matt Bergin

I always liked Beakman’s World much better than Bills show. He seemed more honest sincere and way funnier. It is the show my kids watched.

Javert Chip

Gee, Nazis did this kind of stuff in WWII. Just saying…

F. Leghorn

Yeah. But our socialists are different. Right?


Yes. This time it is not national socialism, but international socialism. It makes a big difference on whom you gas.


From the behavior of the European socialists, I’m pretty sure that the Jews will be the first ones into the gas chambers again.

F. Leghorn

I doubt that. They may be running them


The European fascists have been welcoming the Muslims with open arms. Even finding unique and inventive ways to excuse their tendency to rape unescorted young women.

Cliff Hilton

Resource Guy, it sounds like a threat. I feel threatened. Should I call my governor to prepare the Texas National Guard for such? This is over the top. This will not stand. Economic war is war, indeed.

I call upon Bill Nye to retract this threat. No good will come of this.


Um, “eloquently stated”????

Someone needs a dictionary. And tutoring on how to be a decent person. What a nasty thing to say.

John F. Hultquist

As a hillbilly, I resent Bill Nye.

Bill looks a lot like Harold Camping. Harold wore regular ties and was more likable.

Pop Piasa

If Harold wore ties while camping he dressed better than most.

Pop Piasa

Actually Bill Nye dresses more like someone in a group home who insists that Jesus is coming really soon.

Bill Nye, this former ‘Blue State’ Deplorable (ya, you could never guess from my credentials) will willingly take you on. In court, my expense until you lose. Bring it, bubba. You got nothing.


as the hillbillies………..I’m triggered


ristvan pwns Bill “Beaky Buzzard” Nye.

Earl Smith

I thought that taking punitive economic war on other states was one of the faults that the Constitution was designed to prevent. Sounds like the Left is trying to bring back ancient wars.

Commerce Clause should prevent this nonsense.


It will. That AND the clause that requires Congress to approve compacts between states.

Which is why communists Progressives hate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It so interferes with their Big Brother schemes.

Mickey Reno

Great, another 10:10 style Malthusian misanthrope floats to the top of the cesspool.

Bill, it is far more likely that in the near future, broke-ass blue states, especially California and Illinois will be begging money from the rest of the states to bail them out for their debts, public pensions and unfunded promises they’ve made over the years to buy the votes of their Democratic voters. Won’t that be a kick in the ass? To borrow a phrase from Captain Kirk, Bill Nye, double dumb ass on you.

Paul r

You know you’re losing an argument when you have to start using threats to make people come aboard. If the science was settled and there was unequivocal proof of cagw then we as a species would do whatever it takes to save the human race and the planet. But since there’s not nor likely ever will be they will just keep name calling bullying and threatening. Every year that passes erodes into their timeline of doom.


And B-nye has been doing this schtick for years now … threatening all us “science illiterates”. Ad hominem attacks are THE last refuge, er, first refuge for leftists.


” If the science was settled and there was unequivocal proof of cagw then ….”

They could just point at it.

The cost of anything depends on what you measure in and what you leave out of the calculation. This applies especially to constant assertions that solar and wind powered electricity are cheaper than nuclear and gas/coal fired power. Electricity prices in Germany and Denmark are more than 65% higher than those in nuclear powered France and are the highest in Europe. This policy is shifting industry out of Germany under “energiewende”.and has resulted in rising levels of energy poverty in this once rich country. This same problem is found in South Australia, where industry is fleeing costly CAGW induced reliance on solar and wind and curtailment of coal/gas powered electricity. The price of electricity in South Australia has increased significantly as ‘renewables’ ballooned and coal/gas was reduced. Electricity in South Australia is about 50% higher than in coal-dependent Queensland. South Australia now hangs off its cable to Victoria’s coal fired plants which themselves are under attack.
There is a clear price pattern evident here and it seems to involve a figure of 50%. THere is ceaseless propaganda supporting the idea that Solar and Wind is cheap, and cheaper in particulat than nuclear or coal/gas. It can be made to appear so when measured in a particular way, but alongside that is the experience of the local electricity consumer who sees their account rapidly and acceleratingly drained by power Company bills. Things that are really cheap, sell themselves and do not need government subsidies.


As Griff keeps telling us, it doesn’t matter how high electricity prices get in Germany, because the people can’t afford to use it anyhow.


So much better in the US: I get my power from a socialist non-profit organization, the Lee County Electrical Cooperative, didn’t drop out for a second during Hurricane Irma and at very good prices too!

John F. Hultquist

Public utility districts are not-for-profit, community-owned utilities.
28 PUDs serve customers across the State of Washington.
Fast Facts about PUDs [ ]
The map at the site shows all the different flavors — We are yellow, so just electricity.


That government can own and operate power stations is not evidence that government owned power stations are the best way to provide power.



Not government, but extremely local administration, you know like the guy living next door. And who said best way? Very few things in the world is best way.
I can settle with pretty good, as long as their intention is to improve!


Without competition, nothing improve for long.
Government regulated monopolies always bloat, there’s no reason for them not to.

Pop Piasa

The man who farms most of the neighboring tracts to mine is on the board of our rural electric coop. I have a direct contact and 14 cents per KW. The county water system is coop also. We have more say in those utilities than city folks. My LP supplier fills my tank when prices are down and also stores it for me so it stays at that price as long as possible. He is a neighbor also. Around here if you are within 2 miles you are a closely located neighbor and we know who lives on what tracts of property and what livestock and pets they own. Rural counties are the fabric of what made this country thrive.


ceaseless propaganda supporting the idea that Solar and Wind is cheap

Yes it is. If you ignore all kinds of important details and believe one-sided marketing hype funded by government money, solar and wind are cheap.


Ntesdorf…. That is the intent, cripple industry with energy shortage then control the economy. This may work in most countries but can only be successful in the US if the Federal government controls. Nye’s stupid attempt/suggestion would cause industries to relocate to industry favorable states and ultimately the people will follow along with the balance of power.

Gunga Din

Bill Nye: Blue States Will ‘Impose Economic Sanctions’ Against Climate Change-Denying States

I seem to recall there’s something in the Constitution about “interstate commerce”.
But Bill is a “progressive”. What does he care about the Law of The Land?

PS Did “The Science Guy” ever mention anything other than politics and money?

He should be careful what he wishes for, especially since he’s on the wrong side of the true science …

David E Long

The states Nye mentions are standouts at imposing sanctions against their own citizens:

Retired Kit P

Interesting way of looking at things.

“California, Illinois, New York”

Places I have lived and worked but avoid in retirement. Good goverment means low crime, good schools, good roads, and low taxes.

While this sounds like a contradiction, efficiently spending tax dollars improves the quality of life. When public safety is about confiscating drug money and not protecting children something is wrong.

California and New York import power. An elected official in California suggested sanctions against Arizona. Fine, start with the power and water you import.

Gunga Din

And New York gets much of its power from hydro via Niagara Falls. Not imported, but mot “renewable” by many or the Enviros’ definition of “renewable”.


Gunga Din, also from Hydro-Quebec I think.

Gary Pearse

Gunga din most of their power from Quebec .

Extreme Hiatus

Go Billy go! This dork is a perfect representative of all that is phony and ridiculous about CAGW and this recent comment just emphasizes that. I hope he keeps babbling as often as possible!


States can’t impose tariffs against each other. Completely against the constitution.


Even if they could….no blue state is self supporting


Didn’t Trump’s tax bill include the elimination of the deduction for state and local taxes?
If so, the Blue states are going to be even further from self supporting.

Michael Jankowski

“…Just watch out, conservatives, if states rights include California, Illinois, New York — these places that, where people voted in a progressive fashion — …”

Illinois’ is blue when it comes to voting for president, and the state legislature has a Democrat majority, but the current governor (and 4 of the past 6) is Republican. That’s not quite “voting in a progressive fashion” for Illinois’ leadership.

Jim Heath

Will this stupidity never end?


Not while the money holds out.


Not while OUR money holds out.


Personally I do not want it to end.


I think Bill Nye is suffering from self grandiose similar to Al Gore. They are both great educated men in their own minds. I was just told in a blog since I do not have a climate science degree I am not qualified to have an opinion on man-made climate change. Wonder why that only works only one way?

Dems B. Dcvrs

“since I do not have a climate science degree I am not qualified to have an opinion on man-made climate change”

Perhaps it does work both ways. It would explain why all those GW Climatologist’s computer models have been wrong. They don’t have Computer Science degrees.

F. Leghorn

And “computer science” degrees actually exist. You could get one. Where would you get a “climate science” degree? The internet maybe? Hey, I know!

Anyone want to help me start the Online Climate Science University? We will make a fortune! Unless of course we teach actual science, but why would we do that?


And “computer science” degrees actually exist.

And “computer science” competence can actually be measured.

Retired Kit P

“And “computer science” degrees actually exist.”

My son has one from George Mason U. He takes the metro to close to the White House.

Where did we go wrong?


The Online Climate Science University may already exist. There is a university where you can get a degree in climate science, among other professional subjects. It’s called the Velvet Jones School of Technology:
comment image


His only purpose in this is to draw attention to himself. In that he is 100% successful. Got WUWT and who knows what else to print this.


Bill Nye is just a “Timmy Cook” without money.

Ha hahahahahah

Mark McD

I noticed something as I got older. I am now of the firm view that, by the time a person is 40, they have the face they deserve.

Now go back to the top and take a look at that face and then wonder how could a decent human being have that face.

When you’re younger, the body can change remarkably so a change in personal views can alter the overall appearance. But by 40 the long term habitual moods, expressions and reactions have created a permanent impression of the person inside.

Now go back to the top again, take another look at Nye and be aware of what feelings you get about him just by looking… 😀

Jeff L

This needs to be done in reverse – “red areas” (look at demographics by county) produce most of what we need to live – food, energy etc. How about the “red areas” declare war on the “blue areas” (i.e. cities) so they may actually understand where everything they consume comes from. By that , I mean withhold products from red areas to blue areas.


Comifornia would be begging for mercy inside of a week if electricity imports were cut off. Cutting off water would have a similar but slower impact on LA. The Blue regimes need to consider what they import before declaring war.

Patrick MJD

I am sure there are legally binding contracts that will prevent that. CA is full of liars…sorry, I mean lawyers.


Of course, there are always supply problems and who’s to say why those suddenly increased? Maybe the equipment is just old.

John Robertson

Bill Deny is great,I could not hope for a better enemy than this poor fool.
This is almost as heartwarming as Utubes of Liberal tears on President Trumps election

Goodness Billy Boy! Sounds like you want another civil war. Blue states are going to impose things on red states? Well, first let’s clear up the little matter of just what red and blue states really are. Which political party is mare aligned with socialism/communism? That would be the Democrats, right? And what color flags to communist states normally have? Would that be red? Remember when we called the Chinese the “Blue Chinese”? Or was that the “Red Chinese”? So just how did red turn to blue on its way across the oceans? Now that we have un-reversed the color spectrum, let’s think about hillbillies for a moment. They do tend to have the most firearms and ammunition. Which is a worry, isn’t it?


Liberals see themselves as the new Blue Bloods.


I’ve often wondered about that color thing as well. In Canada, red is the color for the Liberals while Blue is for the Conservatives. Orange is for the Endy Pee, the most socialist mainstream party.


In canaduh, they are ALL socialist parties. Conservatives even use the moniker “progressive” to draw in more liberal leaning voters. Anyone to the right of j.trudeau is considered a nazi.
Canaduh is finished.

Terry Harnden

And the Global PharmaMafia by hook or by crook support them all. Follow the money.


Bill Nye, the Faux Science Guy, seems to have gone completely Senile with his rants now. Apparently his stand on CAGW is falling on so many deaf ears that he has taken to Shouting in a Vacuum, a Vacuum that mainly fills his cranium. For someone so dependent on CO2 (he releases more than the average human) it would have worked out better if he had been able to run that CO2 experiment properly instead of having to fake the results because he not only couldn’t perform the experiment properly, but his entire premise was flawed to begin with.


At least us hillbillies aren’t in it alone. Our neighbors to the north have their own goofy science guy:

“I think this is a real warning to us that we need something deeper that can protect us against the fluctuations that come with political change,” Suzuki said Monday in an interview with The Canadian Press.

“That’s why we’re saying we need a change in our charter of rights and freedoms.”


I’m guessing Suzuki wants that change made now while his party is in power, not later when someone else is in power.


“…[W]e’re saying we need a change in our charter of rights and freedoms.” –David Suzuki

Got a mouse in ‘is pocket, does ‘e?


Shocking news:
Bill Nye proposes economic sanctions against non complying States, such as Sanctuary States.


He ruined his argument straight away by calling anyone who doesn’t agree with him a Hillbilly.
This guy really needs to be put out of his misery.


Libalism is a mental illness as often noted here in comments. Now it is intersecting with Trump reality to create the modern phenomenon of Trump Derangement Syndrome. TDS is now claiming many so-called celebrities, comedians, and media personalities. Bill Nye is undoubtedly suffering from TDS. This statement is just one such manifestation.

Unless he gets professional help and a steady diet of Xanax, it is likely to worsen. This is afterall just year 1 finishing from President Trump. TDS is just getting going in Progressives. Expect the rhetoric to worsen in 2018.


Liberalism ( not Libalsm). errr.

Reed Coray

Joelobryan: Are you sure you made the right correction? The left likes to sue opponents into science. So instead of changing “libalism” to “liberalism”, maybe it should be changed to “libelism.”


In my experience, liberals use law suits to counter science, not force people into it.



Reed Coray

“science” should have bee “silence”


Bees aren’t silent, they buzz.


Maybe he’s already on some kind of psychotropic drugs that enable his delusions. Supposedly MANY people are on some sort of prescription meds.


Seen in a lab at Texas Intruments: “In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.”

Jeff Wilson

As an engineer I worked with idiots like Bill Nye all of the time. Theoretically smart, but practically stupid. If the theory makes sense, they are in 1000% even if it can be clearly shown that in the real world the theory breaks down. They also typically couldn’t install a ceiling fan on their own to save their ass.

Most engineers are bight and can follow complex material, employ challenging cook book approaches and can build upon experience. Some are thinkers, and see more deeply better understanding the complexity of interactions. The former have lot of faith, so much it can create blind spots. The later more humble and thorough.


I know an electrical engineer that I wouldn’t trust to install a lightbulb.
He actually called me from a Job once to ask me what Kelvin is.

Retired Kit P

At my first commercial nuke plant after the navy, I had a mechanical engineer from my alma mater ask me what NPSH was. It is a practical concept that they do not spend much time in college but a critical design parameter for pumps. He was becoming a good engineer because of the willingness to ask questions.

A second ME took his new defective lawn mower back to Sears. Sears gave him a new mower and oil to in it. On several other occasions I learned he had no aptitude for engineering.

A third ME from my company was working with me at the pant on a pump problem. I suggested that he go for lunch. I had his badge pulled. He was dangerous and my responsibility. He belonged at a desk in an office building.

Aptitude is a big factor. I joined the navy to be an electronics tech. The navy needed machinist mates. Testing shows I have strong mechanical aptitude compared to electrical. Really good at chemistry too.

There was a time when many electrical control devices were mechanical. Then came solid state. How does the voltage regulator work on my generator? PFM! Pure effin magic!

Real world engineering. You are assigned a task and then figure it out. I have tried saying I am not an EE. Then I do it and send it to a EE for review. It is funny to get schooled by an expert.


Bill Nye the science lie. He is his own worst enemy. I am so tired of these rich people who live lavish lifestyles telling others to suffer and cut back. They are all hypocrites and then they mystified that the public dismiss them and their phony messages.

Gary Pearse

I’m amazed they haven’t huddled up to think through what really went wrong. They’ve just gotten mad! Hill’s book “What Happened” would have maybe been a useful start if it had a question mark or or exclamation mark in the title. She had a few dozen different people and countries that she blamed for her demise, not even suspecting for a moment that it could just be her fault and what she represents.

Nye is behaving exactly the same. The folks and their party will be out for a generation or two at this rate. Apparently millennial are coming over to Trump! I think they like the iconoclastic aspect elites were too phoney and boring.

F. Leghorn

Lefties DO huddle up, but when they put their arms around each other they get sidetracked and forget why they came. And the next morning’s embarrassment turns into anger. Does that help?


F.Leghorn: There are now guidelines to avoid that kind of thing. NBC issued them. (Guess they can’t afford to lose any more people.)


“WTF Happened”

Gary Pearse

Piper Paul, exactly! That’s what the book should have been called if she had an honest thought in her head!!


Scratch a shiny green progressive and underneath you will find a dark totalitarian. ALWAYS.


Nye makes the AGW crowd look bad. He is not an expert on climate or anything scientific. He would make an okay high school science teacher, that’s it.


“He would make an okay high school science teacher, that’s it.”

He would get eaten alive (figuratively of course).

F. Leghorn

Why “of course”?


Wouldn’t want students with food poisoning.


That’s why cow with “mad cow disease” are not eaten but disposed of.


How odd that not one of the normal AGW stalwarts has come out to defend Silly Billy. 😉

Gary Pearse

Imposing defacto economic sanctions on red states for a generation or more is exactly what led to the vote for Trump. If you “progressives” (sic indeed) don’t get more introspective about why you were turfed out on your a55e5 in the election and make some huge changes, you guys will out be of office for a couple of generations and then you’ll have to learn how to work for a living instead of thatching your nests without taxpayers money. Maybe the red states will put a huge tax on fossil fuels that you need by the tankerloads in your global travel, destructive agendas, multiple homes and big cars.

What in heck do you think you have in the blue coastal fringe that you can hold back from the red states to punish them? That’s the trouble with you out of touch ugly, mean folks, you’ve dumbed yourselves down with your own policies. Talking points and Alinsky rules arent going to cut it in the newly changed world. I think things are so out of whack with “progressives” that new thinking blood in your party will have to rise one funeral at a time, if I can borrow from Max Planck’s view on how science advances.


The Democrat party consoles itself with the idea that all the bitter old white guys who support the Republicans will die off. The thing is that we have an upcoming generation who don’t get solid permanent jobs. Their lives are permanently precarious. They get no support from the Democrat elite who view them as unworthy. The Republicans have the opportunity to pick up those people, make their lives better, and govern for decades. It really is the economy stupid.

Tom in Florida

And they fail to see their own leadership of recent years, Al Gore, Harry Reid, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton as the rich old white men that they are.

Mark T

The irony, of course, is that he is admitting that the solution to his problem (no matter how imaginary) is capitalism.


Sorry Bill, couldn’t find the right colour. But here’s a new bow tie for you.
comment image

John Law

Andy, how many megawatts is that?

Terry Harnden

Minus 50% at least.

Gary Pearse

Oh and Bill? Take off that cheery bow tie if your going to walk around with your face two feet long and steam coming out of your ears. I think you’re still mad about finding out you werent the right demographic to lead the March for Pseudo Science Matters parade last summer.

Patrick MJD

“In the video Bill Nye also said “we’ve got to get everybody working together, the same way people were working together in world war 2“.”

Well, because of course, WW2 was an ACTUAL serious problem otherwise he would be speaking a language other than English.


If you don’t defeat the AGW ‘one-world government’, anti-capitalist Agenda,…

…. who knows what language you will be speaking !!

Patrick MJD

Cantonese, Mandarin or both? I know I can configure a IBM PS/2 with Kanji BIOS. Does that count?


Mugabe may be UN secretary general by then !

Patrick MJD

“AndyG55 December 31, 2017 at 4:00 am”

Mugabe is gone, with his estimated US$90bil fortune, shame about his army and “mates”. Most Zimbabeweans are jubilant Mugabe is “gone”, however his “legacy”, and his “bullyboy-i-got-an-ak47-so-do-as-i-say” mates, will be around for a long long time to come IMO.

Patrick MJD

“AndyG55 December 31, 2017 at 4:00 am”

Helen Clarke of NZ and Rudd of Aus trashed both countries to secure a position at the UN. Not heard about either suggests they were successful.


Don’t be concerned….. There are plenty of despots looking for the job !!


Despots truly are a renewable resource.

Dennis Stayer

We truly live in Orwellian times, engage means accept our dictatorial terms – no debate allowed. Segregation is now safe spaces, and bigotry, via white privilege classes and the like, is acceptable. Do we live in the 21st century or are we back to the mid to early 20th? In Orwellian double speak progressivism is merely another word for totalitarianism and Bill Nye seems to enjoy his jack boots!


Reply to Patrick MJD,
Helen Clarke of New Zealand lost an an election to John Key of the National party ( right of center ) nine years ago and immediately resigned and took up a top job at the UN.
She stood for the Secretary General of the UN but was unsuccessful even though Keys govervment supported her .
After nine years of strong government lead by Key the National party was defeated in last years election when a few weeks out the Labour party (Democrats ) changed their leader to a 37 year old women Jacinda Ardern .
Although the Labour party recived less votes than National, through a quirk in our MMP voting system they are our new government in a coalition .
I will stick my neck out and predict that when Jacinda loses an election she to will head to the UN .
It is well known that Helen Clarke still has a great deal of influence in the New Zealand Labour party


Yes – very likely but not before she stuffs the country- already appointed James Shaw (Green Party) as Climate Change minister.


agreed She is on pretty shaky ground leading a mish mash bunch of lefty green and right leaning politicans – so as a Helen acolyte she will likely follow in her footstepscomment image?w=640

Patrick MJD

What’s a real worry, esp in schools here in Australia, he is shown to students as a genuine science guy. The number of times my daughter comes home telling me about one of his videos she say that day. One thing I am glad about, she, usually, can’t recall the actual subject of the video. That demonstrates to me that either she isn’t too smart (She is smart, she speaks 4 languages and she is only 10) or that the subject matter is so boring to the extreme, she completely ignores it.


The man is a fool. I dont read or view anything he originates, and encourage others to do likewise.

Ha ha. The eco-commie states are going to lay the big stick on the states that believe in economic growth and energy abundance by hobbling their own eco-state economies into utter non-competitiveness. “If you don’t do what I say I’m going to shoot myself in the knee!”


Like a kid holding his breath during a temper tantrum. In both cases, they’ll just end up gasping for air.


The child passes out if you wait long enough and the child is persistent enough. Do you think Bill might actually pass out?


What is he really saying? What he is saying is,He is saying he will impose the violent, military tactic of blockade.What he is saying is, “if you do not allow us to control everything you do (which is what control of power and what you may do with it is), we will HURT YOUR CHILDREN”.

(Snipped out the obvious libel statement made against Bill N) MOD

Does this sound extreme? Well, if he has his way, you will be out of a job, then homeless and starving, how will that effect your family, your children? How is what he is saying any different in effect than a military blockade?

Meanwhile, if it is war they want…the red states should cut off their power, see how long they can last with “green power” (which is neither green (see birdchoppers, sometimes known as windmills, which should be named deathmills) nor power, see S. Australia.

And, since he is calling for blockade, war, can he be picked up right now for treason? And he has now put himself right in the path of the interstate commerce clause.


The AGW conjecture depends on the existance of a radiant greenhouse effect provided by trace gases in the Earth’s atmosphere with LWIR absorption bands. A radiant greenhouse effect has not been observed in a real greenhouse, on Earth, or anywhere else in the solar system. The radiant greenhouse effect is sceince finction. Hence the AGW conjecture is sceince fiction. It is a matter of sceince. Bile Nye his hence a science deneier.


I think it is very revealing that Nye mentions conservative groups that aren’t falling for the scam that are continuing to use science and logic to determine the truth.

This is because much of the hoax is useful to leftists who virtue signal off the back of it, whilst the more radical marxists need global warming to be a reality to further western civilisation failure.

Science aside, this is a big part of what we are looking at here.


What do you do when all the propaganda that your all quadrillion$ can buy is failing, and conservative groups and an awakening general public work out that it’s all a giant hoax?

The good old fall-back position – in a word –”Mandatory”.
Way to go, Bill

Nye mentions New York, California and Illinois as the places where “progressive” voters are taking climate action. Let’s see…

Texas has had one of the fastest decarbonizations among US states since 2000; only four economically-small states (plus DC) have done better. New York is a little bit behind Texas, California is way behind (in line with the national average), and Illinois just barely avoids dead-last place. The fact that Texas has *also* had faster economic growth than any of these places is the cherry on top.

The conclusion is obvious: climate leader Texas should impose economic sanctions on climate laggards like California and Illinois.

Gary Pearse

Mind you Texas is using Carbon capture from coal to enhance oil recovery and making a huge profit out of it. New York and California won’t allow production of fossil fuels. I’m a mining man and even I could produce oil like crazy in California. These idiots are just letting these resources ooze out on the seafloor.

I predict a Republican government will soon get elected there when they see the economies of other states growing under Trump policies. They’ll make CA a huge oil producer and they’ll never look back. The economic benefits Cali gets from Trump will be sucked by the Looney state government and thats when they will knock themselves out! They’ll be a new kind of red. Maybe Hollywood will shut up, too. Why is it know-nothings are so attracted to policy making?

Coeur de Lion

The Left is always very shouty. Deep down they know the facts are against them and this produces enormous pain.

michael hart

Same old same old complaining about fossil-fuel funding of skeptical views without ever naming names, when there are so many skeptics lining up to say they’ve never received any such monies but would love to get some.

He is also one of those apparently in denial about why Trump won and not realising why doubling down on insulting the voters and making threats is possibly the best way to lose the next election too.

Having said that, he did make an interesting remark about not particularly blaming Trump directly, but blaming his advisers instead. That seems like a new tack. Might it possibly be the beginning of an admission that the previous tactics weren’t working?

Leo Smith

In the 50s we thought McCarthy was an idiot….


Only the liberals thought he was an idiot.
They still do.


All of them? The vote was 65 to 22, as I said, the liberals hated him.


I’m guessing that English isn’t your first language, “enough” in that sentence modifies the noun idiot.
You wrote “All of McCarthy’s fellow Senators”, that’s a declaration that opposition to McCarthy was 100%, it was not.


Rob, you are making the common mistake in believing that Republican equals conservative.
Especially back then, many Republicans were to the left of many Democrats. Especially the northeastern ones.