Record Breaking Winter Cold? Don’t Worry, the Climate Explainers Have it Covered

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Does record breaking winter cold cast doubt on climate predictions of milder winters? Could ANY weather or climate shift cast doubt on the dominance of that wicked little trace molecule? Apparently not, according to leading climate explainers.

It’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean climate change isn’t real

Sammy Roth, USA TODAY Published 5:13 p.m. ET Dec. 28, 2017

This week’s cold snap has brought record-low temperatures, freezing rain and heavy snow to much of the United States. But 2017 is still on track to be the second- or third-hottest year ever recorded globally — and scientists say climate change is to blame.

Even this week’s cold weather is probably being caused at least in part by global warming, said Jonathan Overpeck, a climate scientist at the University of Michigan.

The Arctic is warming much faster than most of the planet, leading to a dramatic decline in the amount of sea ice that covers the region each winter. That loss of ice has allowed more heat to transfer from the ocean to the atmosphere, causing a weakening of the polar vortex winds over the Arctic. Those winds usually “insulate the rest of the Northern Hemisphere” from freezing Arctic temperatures, Overpeck said. But as the winds have weakened, it’s gotten easier for freezing Arctic air to swoop further south, he said.

“That is due to the warming of the Arctic, which in turn is due to human emissions of greenhouse gases and primarily burning of fossil fuels,” Overpeck said in an interview.

Arctic warming may also be contributing to the long-term drying of the U.S. Southwest, although the science on that front is less certain, Overpeck said. Unlike most of the rest of North America, the Southwest is warmer than usual right now, and 2017 will “without a doubt” go down as one of the region’s hottest years ever measured, Overpeck said.

“This is contributing to our record wildfires in California, and the drying out of vegetation that’s leading to those wildfires, and the drying out of the Southwest’s water,” he said.

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So what happens if global temperatures take a real plunge for a sustained period? Don’t worry, the explainers have that one covered as well – James Hansen, former NASA GISS Director, published a paper which suggests global warming will trigger a short ice age in the near future (see the graph at the top of the page).

Global temperature becomes an unreliable diagnostic of planetary condition as the ice melt rate increases. Global energy imbalance (Fig. 15b) is a more meaningful measure of planetary status as well as an estimate of the climate forcing change required to stabilize climate. Our calculated present energy imbalance of ∼ 0.8 W m−2 (Fig. 15b) is larger than the observed 0.58 ± 0.15 W m−2 during 2005–2010 (Hansen et al., 2011). The discrepancy is likely accounted for by excessive ocean heat uptake at low latitudes in our model, a problem related to the model’s slow surface response time (Fig. 4) that may be caused by excessive small-scale ocean mixing.

Large scale regional cooling occurs in the North Atlantic and Southern oceans by mid-century (Fig. 16) for 10-year doubling of freshwater injection. A 20-year doubling places similar cooling near the end of this century, 40 years ear- lier than in our prior simulations (Fig. 7), as the factor of 4 increase in current freshwater from Antarctica is a 40-year advance.

Cumulative North Atlantic freshwater forcing in sverdrup years (Sv years) is 0.2 Sv years in 2014, 2.4 Sv years in 2050, and 3.4Sv years (its maximum) prior to 2060 (Fig. S14). The critical issue is whether human-spurred ice sheet mass loss can be approximated as an exponential process during the next few decades. Such nonlinear behavior depends upon amplifying feedbacks, which, indeed, our climate simulations reveal in the Southern Ocean. …

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Global warming is an infinitely flexible, unscientific, unfalsifiable theory which can be stretched to accommodate any observation. Some Climate Scientists even shamelessly reject the very concept of scientific falsification with regard to the conduct of climate science.

1. Methods aren’t always necessarily falsifiable

Falsifiability is the idea that an assertion can be shown to be false by an experiment or an observation, and is critical to distinctions between “true science” and “pseudoscience”.

Climate models are important and complex tools for understanding the climate system. Are climate models falsifiable? Are they science? A test of falsifiability requires a model test or climate observation that shows global warming caused by increased human-produced greenhouse gases is untrue. It is difficult to propose a test of climate models in advance that is falsifiable.

Science is complicated – and doesn’t always fit the simplified version we learn as children.

This difficulty doesn’t mean that climate models or climate science are invalid or untrustworthy. Climate models are carefully developed and evaluatedbased on their ability to accurately reproduce observed climate trends and processes. This is why climatologists have confidence in them as scientific tools, not because of ideas around falsifiability.

The Conversation: Climate change has changed the way I think about science. Here’s why

No matter what happens to the weather, the climate explainers shamelessly cobble together an explanation which blames bad weather on your sinful lifestyle.

Whatever the observation, the climate explainers have their theory – their infinitely adaptable theory, which they claim is science. Warm weather confirms their worst fears. Cold weather is waved away. Whatever the observation, the explainers shamelessly adapt their theory to provide an explanation, based on their “scientific” theory which cannot be falsified by any conceivable observations, event an abrupt plunge into a new ice age.

616 thoughts on “Record Breaking Winter Cold? Don’t Worry, the Climate Explainers Have it Covered

      • Or it could be the falsification of temperatures recorded and even manipulated by zealous global warming enthusiasts which has been documented.

      • Exactly. The part that is never explained in detail is the “what, when, where and how” temperature data is gathered to make the determination that the “Climate” is indeed changing substantially enough to warrant the hysteria.. or the lack of indisputable proof that “warming” is caused by human actions… or the acknowledgement that IF there is actual “warming”, that it may be caused by some much larger unknown cyclical planetary phenomenon that would take a millennia to track and research.

        In other words, they are just so certain that they are right that any reasonable questioning of their so-called findings is ridiculed.

      • It’s proof of climate change. Climate change is observed by more extreme weather over a period of time in different regions. Cold weather becomes colder, heat becomes more extreme, hurricanes become more common & extreme. For example, the mid west has become increasingly warmer since the industrial revolution, experiencing more extreme heat and drought. While in the east, cold weather has become even colder.

        Don’t let a misrepresentation of the facts fool you, this is fake news at it’s best. Pointing to one trend of climate change that is global warming, as the whole phenomenon that is Climate Change. Global warming is an effect of Climate change, as is more extreme weather during each season.

      • Food for thought : Climate advocates cite temperature change of three hundreds of a degree as proof of upcoming catastrophe but no one ever mentions how accurate were measuring devices 50, 100, 200 years ago ?

      • There is no context in which “hide the decline” can be construed to mean anything except “falsify the data.”

      • Wrong, Matthew Cools. In fact, observational data shows no change whatsoever in the number or intensity of tropical storm activity, period. Same for wildfires, etc., etc. The extreme weather events of which your ilk constantly fear-monger in fact is not occurring. That recent fire in California was due to a weather anomaly and nothing more. In fact, the Global Warming alarmists largely have been debunked. You just aren’t educated enough to know it. There is a lot of garbage science behind the global warming scare. You aren’t educated enough to know better, period.

      • I’ll just take it as yet more proof that many climate scientists, like Overpeck, simply aren’t that intelligent or are purposely misleading people. Either way, when one side of the argument keeps preaching falsehoods while ignoring that it is well known that the polar vortex often breaks down during La Nina conditions, you don’t need all the answers to know which side is more likely to be correct.

      • Global warming (Al Gore – “Miami will be underwater by 2014”) – Climate Change caused by burning fossil fuels – Either concept is not scientific – here is why this “settled science” is political, not science – They only cite the supply side, not the demand side of CO2 (Plant food), They only talk about the affects on temperature from CO2 raise, never the affects on agriculture (Every greenhouse operator knows increased CO2 = increased crop yield.) Most importantly, the Earth can only sustain 2 billion people without burning fossil fuel, so what are they going to do with the 5 – 6 billion corps ? John Deer doesn’t run on batteries. Now, they have discovered 91 NEW volcanos under the ice in Antartica melting the ice. Sorry, when you ignore the scientific method, get caught manipulating data, jump up and down about the tax structure of the Paris Accord, we see this is all political wealth redistribution.

      • Mike Heuer I live in California and there wasn’t “that one wildfire” but multiple large fires north of LA & in southern California, Apparently you’re not paying attention. This wasn’t a “weather anomaly” but a result of increasingly hot weather. You must live elsewhere to be so ignorant.

      • Its ‘Climate Change’ in the winter and ‘Global Warming’ in the summer. Very convenient that way.

      • Indeed the East Anglia University email dump proved that there is a conspiracy to falsify data and named all the players behind it and why. The names Micheal Mann and Barack Obama figure prominently. A smear campaign was funded by Obama to attack scientists who disagreed…..academic administrators like Man arranged to pull funding, peer review and academic publishing from dissenting scientists. They tried to destroy the careers of any dissenting voice. Obamas funding approved the work of the worst manipulators at universities and EPA, NOAA. Why? Obama is the front man for green carpet baggers who bled billions from taxpayers in subsidies. Billions more went to buy votes in the UN as those small countries profit from the sustainable development funding misnamed as climate funding…..ergo….scam and hush money. What is the inconvieniant truth Bout Al Gore? He’s a hedge fund speculator who bet on companies that were going to receive government subsidies. Belief in the current climate science only proves you have been duped and brainwashed by a massive fraud.

      • Matthew Cools – how exactly do you distinguish cold weather that is cold weather from cold weather that is part of a trend of weather getting colder? Scientists in every discipline would like to know how identical data and observations can be so easily distinguished from each other.

        Fake news indeed.

      • @Matthew Cools……..You are in error. California’s record wildfires can be blamed 100% on environmental wackos! You had a deadly combination of a long drought which dried everything to a perfect kind of kindling, coupled with the abject stupidity of not allowing any preventative measures like controlled burns to rid the underbrush, or other various clearing measures.

      • Warming is caused by humans because Hansen himself changed the temperature records, and he is a human. Or is he?

        Anyone can claim to be a prophet, if I understand the Bible correctly, but then his or her prophesy must be “tested.” If it turns out they were incorrect they are not allowed to make a revised prophesy. Instead they are taken to the edge of town and stoned.

        As I said elsewhere, the Bible is not clear what to do if the false prophet was stoned to begin with. However I do think Climate Scientists should be grateful they are not living 3000 years ago.

      • All the words in all the comments can simply be replaced with…
        “Climate change/global warming is FAKE science.”

    • ‘Trump Pokes Fun At Global Warming Critics, Tells People To Bundle Up’
      “IN the East, it could be the COLDEST New Year’s Eve on record. Perhaps we could use a little bit of that good old Global Warming that our Country, but not other countries, was going to pay TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS to protect against. Bundle up!
      — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 29, 2017”

      • I simply love President Trump.

        Never in the history of mankind has a US president been so scathingly honest (and politically incorrect, I might add).

      • Rocky road

        I was a scoffer. I had been sold the lie that the man is a fool, predator, buffoon, dangerous etc.

        Then I watched in slack jawed amazement as he actually began to fulfill his manifesto promises within days of taking office, or at least, is trying to. In my 60 years, I can’t recall a political leader of a Western democracy get on with business like he has.

        I have since learned of the American Democrats historic, and I suspect lingering racism, and the Republicans reason for existence, to free everyone, not just African Americans.

        I’m now a strident British (Scottish actually) fan of DT and suspect he will go down in history with Lincoln as one of the greatest presidents of the USA and campaigner for a better, more honest world. And I believe Lincoln was also elected with only 40% of the vote but won because of the College system.

        Go on America. Show the world what fighting spirit is like again!

      • Well said. I remember when the lead scientist was interviewed years ago about fudging the figures. Him and his 3 confreres. He cried as he walked away and said, “I am not a spin doctor”. He committed suicide shortly after. The other 2 scientists have never been interviewed.

      • I have learned that you never trust what a politician says but you watch what they do. Donald Trump if you do the same ignore what he says, you will love what he does. Sometimes he deliberately throws verbal bombs at the press to keep them busy while he gets done Making America Great Again!

      • “I simply love President Trump.

        Never in the history of mankind has a US president been so scathingly honest (and politically incorrect, I might add).”

        Yes, you have to love Trump! I do, especially, because he takes the lying Leftwing MSM head on, and he does so by speaking the truth. For all the distortion of his words by the MSM, if you actually listen to what Trump says, you will see that he speaks the truth. Sometimes, especially those on the Left, don’t like to hear the truth (that’s why it is not politically correct, because it doesn’t agree with the Left’s viewpoint). They prefer to live in their insulated self-created bubbles, and they hate it when someone like Trump comes along and bursts their bubble with the truth. They lash out violently when this happens. It must be really exhausting for them now that Trump is on the scene.

        I heard about a Rasmussen poll this morning which showed Trump with a 46 percent approval rating after his first year in Office. That compares with a 47 percent approval rating for Barrack Obama after his first year.

        So after about two years of relentless lying attacks by the Leftwing MSM on Trump, he is only one point lower than Obama at the same time in Office. Trump would be at 90 percent if the MSM told people the truth about him.

        The Leftwing MSM fawned over Obama and attack Trump at every opportunity, yet they are practically tied in the approval ratings. That must be pretty frustrating for the members of the Leftwing MSM.

        The Democrats are thinking they are going to do every well in the 2018 midterm elections, but I think that is just wishful thinking on their part. I think the House Republicans will hold onto enough seats to be the majority, and I think there is a possibility that the Republicans will have 60 seats in the U.S. Senate after the 2018 elections.

        You can bet Trump is going to be out promoting every Republican Senate candidate, especially those in Democrat States that he carried in the election. These campaign rallies are going to be fun!

        Trump’s election has upset the New World Order, and we are delighted about that! 🙂

      • The information in President Trump’s tweet clearly has a greater social value than the entire output of the U.S. CAGW industry over the last thirty years. Since we pay the POTUS $1/year, and he probably spent one minute writing it, (.017 hours) the cost to the taxpayer (at a standard 2000 hour work year) is less than .001 cents. In contrast, the U.S. CAGW industry has consumed hundreds of billions of dollars in the past thirty years. These sorts of savings are the reason the American people elected DJT last November.

      • “and I suspect lingering racism”..libs have overplayed the racism thing…to the point they have about run out of things to call racist
        I can’t wait until they figure out that evolution is racist

      • He is right to ridicule these climate change fanatics. How preposterous it is that we mere humans think that we can change weather patterns on this earth, given that it has been around for some 3.5 billion years, a span which has seen innumerable weather extremes come and go, yet the old girl is still here. The arrogance and stupidity are astounding and quite sad. How many ice ages have come and gone and how many ‘extinctions’ have occurred?
        The truth is that no one knows what tomorrow will bring and the know it alls know nothing more than the rest of us do.

      • Let’s first judge the source here—like professional journalists used to do. A quick Google of Johnathan Overpeck shows that he and a fellow “scientist” were caught, one might say, cooking the global warming books when at the University of Arizona. I guess you can also say that things got so hot in Arizona that he “overpecked” his professor bags for a quick getaway one-way trip to freezing Michigan to escape what has been called Climategate.

        The story goes that The University of Arizona has been, “…ordered (by the Arizona Supreme Court no less) to surrender emails by two UA scientists that a group claims will help prove that theories about human-caused climate change are false and part of a conspiracy.” (Arizona Daily Star) The professors involved are Malcolm Hughes and one Jonathan Overpeck. (

        If Overpeck is a real scientist, then why is he and the UA working so hard to hide his real scientific data/findings? And, why is he literally running away from some major “Inconvenient Truths”? Looks like the only proven global warming data Overpeck has today is in his pants! Read more here:

        By the way, can anyone find Overpeck’s detailed academic credentials online?

    • What’s really needed is to have an objective definition of what is “weather” and what is a “climate”. Too often it’s claimed that “weather isn’t climate” without any clarity about what either mean in practice.

      • Exactly, it does not change the facts. The average temperatures globally have been steadily increasing. The ice caps are melting. I’m not sure why this is even an issue, please explain. Everyone should be concerned with rising sea levels as you will pay one way or another.

      • Jeff, not the antarctic ice cap, that one is growing in size and thickness. Average global temperature is a controversial metric. But even if the world is warming (which may or may not be attributable to human activity), that is not necessarily catastrophic by any means. That opens up more land for agriculture, reduces the economic impacts of long winters, etc. Global cooling would be a disaster, on the other hand.

      • This is a fallacy that has been proposed and repeated, kind of like the 98% consensus. You will be told that weather and climate are two different things because the climate system evolves and changes over hundreds or thousands of years and weather changes every minute/hour/day. An example to explain why this is a fallacy: if one were able to measure the temperature at a single point on the Earth’s surface (say sea level) for a million years consecutively you would have a time series data set. The short term (daily/weekly) variations are what the climate scientists would call weather and the repeating long term (months/year/decades/millennia) would be climate. They are both examinations of the same system at different time steps and therefore they are in fact the same thing. The misstatement that they are not is evidence that somebody did not pay attention in the time series analysis cours they should have taken prior to being called an expert in climate science

      • Jeff, we are coming out of the Little Ice Age (LIA), of course the temperatures have increased and the Sea level is rising, you should be very glad that is so.
        Just to put your mind at rest the Arctic ice has not melted any faster for the last 10 years and the Antarctic during those years was at some of it’s highest levels ever seen.
        As to rising sea levels, the current sea level rise is not acceleratingand is nothing compared to the sea level rise after the last Ice Age. See this chart

      • DR, Hotscot doesn’t need to immigrate to America, he can simply “Identify” himself as an American Dreamer who is 1/32 part Cherokee and meet some sort of quota and he will be all set. Hey, it worked with sex “genetics”. Then, he can just claim “Sanctuary” status and get to ignore the American laws he wishes not to comply with. Isn’t that the Progressive way of doing things? You just have to know how to game, er, work within the system!

      • Perhaps weather is what you see; climate is the result in seconds, minutes, days, years, decades,centuries, or milliniums.

      • One has to laugh out loud at these “warmers”…….17,000 years ago, Seattle was covered by 3000 feet of ice! Then…… melted! Where was the “man caused global warming” then?

      • @Jeff – No the global temperatures are not rising, you little chicken little lamb. Your beloved “climate scientists” have been caught putting their thermometers next to air conditioner exhaust vents, on black tar rooves and in other locations that give skewed readings. How is it that you alarmists never seem to read stories of Big Corporate Climate Science fudging data in order to keep those Big Corporate Government “grants” rolling in?

      • I love when old records get tied especially when there a hundred years old when there was less of e everything that the moonbemer scientist claim..

      • Jeff, the problem with your question is that it doesn’t exist. The icecaps are NOT melting as we are told, but actually melt and expand naturally over time and that has been happening. Also, the sea rising nonsense is just exactly that. New York was predicted to be underwater by 2015 has that happened?
        As for the temperatures rising every year? Not just nonsense but outright lies. The land based stations have had their temps ‘adjusted’ to make it appear so, yet weather balloon and satelitte data show there has been no rise in temperatures for approximately the last 20 years.
        Sorry dude, but ANYONE who would totally destroy their economy based on false and rigged data would be eligible for fool of the decade award.
        Last questioh to you, IF your side is so correct, why are they afraid of debating it? Science has NEVER, EVER been decided on consensus and is ALWAYS to be questioned. My guess is that your nonsense would never stand up under scrutiny.

      • To Jeff who seems to be one of those who have been taken in by the climate theory and I apologize in advance if you are not actually one of them…You say that it’s a fact that average global temperatures are steadily increasing, that ice caps are melting. You ask why this is even an issue, that everyone should be concerned with rising sea levels. The answer is simple…the Climate theorists seem to have forgotten that as a species we adapt and evolve. If we don’t we will become extinct. Climate change is the least of our worries for we can no more change the climate than we can stop continental drift. Climate and the way we live cannot be separated and controlled. Both are dynamic and intertwined in our very essence of being. Change cannot happen quickly if at all. This IS who we are along with this planet and every living organism that walks, crawls or swims and if we don’t learn to live with and adapt to our environment then we don’t belong here. So to answer you regarding your concern for rising sea levels, you will not ease your concerns by throwing money at this perceived problem, nor will brainwashing and propagandizing change the intellectually stalwart who understand the futility and politics involved. And don’t let the ad hominin attacks against those who will not be coerced into this lie deflect your concern. No Jeff the answer is very simple…when the water rises above your ankles, maybe it’s time to head to higher ground.

      • Climate is any short or long term trends that supports the agw hypothesis.
        Weather is any short or long term trends that doesn’t support the agw hypothesis.

      • Climate is the average of (or the sum of) weather at a given location for a stated time period. Change any one of the three and you get a different climate result.
        Global climate is therefore impossible to determine to any degree of accuracy or agreement.
        The location is not specific enough, a slight change in the time period can give a large variation in the result and weather is so varied that compiling data is extremely difficult over any but an extremely short time period and a small locality.
        What do you think of the chances for an accurate global prediction for one day, much less for decades or more?

    • Yep, ‘Climate Change’ means anything bad in climate religion circles. If an alarmist burnt the Christmas dinner they’d probably blame ‘Climate Change’!

    • A record cold is just climate. A record heat is weather.

      You have to have weather change starting today and last 30 years before its called a climate change. When the forests return to the Sahara, Montreal has weather like Miami and Los Angeles looks like Blade Runner, that’s climate change. Average temp of Arctic in winter is -27 F, ice melts at 32 F. So no ice in Arctic would mean a 59 degree temp change in winter ?

    • All this from some imaginary, un-named climate scientist ??? You folks may want to contact Joe Bastardi. The only issue with him is, he knows what he’s talking about and tells the truth. Your mortal enemy, Knowledge and Truth…

    • All this from some imaginary, un-named climate scientist ??? You folks may want to contact Joe Bastardi. The only issue with him is, he knows what he’s talking about and tells the truth. Your mortal enemy, Knowledge and Truth…

    • Funny, after reading the bible it also says that in the end times there will be wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, famines. However when you ask what will fix it from Liberals, the money usually has to come from the United States tax payers and usually goes to some liberal cause like the UN another Liberal or global government. They will try anything to bypass the US constitution. Most carbon comes from the Sun and Volcanoes. Unless they say we need to block the Sun or fill up all the Volcanoes then its just another money grab for liberal causes.

    • Anthropogenic global warming….if only it were so. Global warming would move the limit of the grain belt way up into Canada and Siberia. Greater CO2 would dramatically increase crop yields. Hunger would cease globally. CO2 levels were many times greater in ancient times, yet no Armageddon occurred. Read the scientific papers of Dr. Heinz Hug to understand how CO2 functions in the atmosphere. It has very narrow bands of absorption, 1, 2.7, 4.3, 15 micrometers are the generalized spectral peaks. These are ALL absorbed to extinction within 30 feet of the ground. ADDING MORE CO2 DOES NOT INCREASE ENERGY ABSORPTION, but only reduces the distance needed for full absorption by a foot or two. In fact, high CO2 levels caused higher O2 levels (photosynthesis) that allowed the dinosaurs to exist (Commercial green houses inject CO2 to increase plant yields). As an example, during the Cretaceous period, there was NO ice at all at the poles, much higher CO2, and the Earth was full of vegetation and dinosaurs. They could not live today as the O2 levels are too low for such large animals. The oceans are rising today because the Wisconsinin ice age has not yet finished, there is still ice at the poles. The ice age ends when all the ice has melted, so technically were are still in the last ice age, but the next ice age will begin before the last has ended. The climate changes we have seen in the geologic record are entirely disconnected from the CO2 levels. CO2 is a VERY minor gas in the atmosphere of Earth (.04%). Note that water vapor is a vastly greater greenhouse gas than CO2. The reason for climate change is entirely due to the output of the sun and the amount of cosmic rays striking the atmosphere. Watch the You Tube video “Svensmark: the cloud mystery” and maybe read his book “The chilling stars” to understand the reasons for climate change, it has NOTHING to do with CO2. After doing these things, look on the US Geologic Survey website and find the graphs of Earth temperatures over the last 2 million years. This time period includes all the recent ice ages. You will see that this data proves we are leaving the current interglacial warm period and are entering the next ice age. In our lifetimes we will be within the next ice age. The fraud of anthropogenic global warming exists because the globalists are subsidizing it to convince us to accept a global carbon tax, that is to get western nations to accept it. There is no call for China, the greatest producer of CO2 in history, to pay such a tax. ONLY the west. This tax will in effect take money from poor people in rich countries and give it to rich people in poor countries. These globalists know of the coming ice age. Who is paying to build their subterranean survival cities so they and their families and allies can re populate the Earth after the coming ice age ends? Why, YOU and ME are of course! If the climate could be changed with just the control of the CO2 levels in the atmosphere, we could easily control the climate at will to get the temperatures we want. If only we could. Don’t fall for this fraud. AGW is the greatest fraud ever thrust upon the people of the world in all of history. Don’t buy it, educate yourself instead. As a final note, read about the Vladivostok ice core samples, and other following sample sets to see that ice ages are preceded by a brief warming period. We are in that stage now.

      • Absolutely correct! The ice cores show that periods of atmospheric cooling and warming correspond to declines and increases in solar activity. Since it is hard to imagine how humans can control solar activity, nothing that we do will change the cooling and warming cycles, even if it was desirable to do so. The “global warming” fraud was concocted with the collaboration of grant-seeking phony “scientists” in order to cause a massive transfer of wealth from productive nations to countries enslaved by corrupt dictators. We have it and they want it!

      • Dale Greengo, your explanation is easily the clearest, most concise and most rational rebuttal I have ever read regarding AGW. Thanks so much; you’ve given me information I can use when debunking the hysterical charges of climate change/global warming. Really good stuff, and greatly appreciated!!

    • The future wrought by Klimate Krishna will be warmer, or perhaps colder, except if it stays the same, unless we say so…

    • So true, on the other side of the science equation which has been politically quashed is the data that show that the temperatures peaked about 5-7 thousand years ago and that we are now seeing the associated spike in CO2 that has followed these historically documented temperature variations that the climate change prophets have completely blocked from our eyes. The climate changers have set science back to the middle ages!

    • The lies the democrats spread is unbelievable, the climate is made up of millions of weather events put in a same d-base and they are un-dividable. The problem began when the phony scientists were paid not to put the low temperatures in the d-base, only the high temps were inputed. If you do not believe that, ask the Australian BOM what they did with the reporting of the low temps, your head will spin endlessly.

      Furthermore, the climate is controlled by the sun and not the humans, we are just mere observers of the temps changes and not contributors. Wake up and learn for yourselves people and stop allowing to be brainwashed endlessly by the democrats. Question anything you are served via the media, their objective is to make you dumb.

    • If one looks as carefully as possible at the history of our planet, one sees that there is a continuous change in climate. There was no one epoch which represents the climate as a state of perfection or that represents a static climate without change. Climate changes gradually most of the time, but suddenly and drastically during periods of extraterrestrial impacts and dust clouds. There is a REAL climate scientist, most haven’t heard of. His name is Randall Carlson. He teaches lectures on the internet and one of his best on climate change, causes, and effects, is at this link:

      But he has many other videos, and to hear him speak is like a revelation. I encourage everyone to learn about what is really going on with climate over the millenia.

    • Evidently climate changers have never been in a greenhouse. It’s pretty nice in there and the plants love it. Plenty of co2 plant food.

    • I’m enjoying the cold weather as we make a living getting ice off roofs. Generally we need record cold weather to mobilize and travel the country. The record cold and snow fall in Erie Pe has got us working shoveling snow off roofs. Might as well get one more season of snow removal in, before Global warning drives us out of business.

    • The Artic was once warm we know because of fossils and peat moss.
      Is the Artic going to warm as it once was?
      No one knows and most of us will not live long enough to find out.
      My take is the Warmers are worried that the weather will become an inconvenience.
      We would never want to cause the liberal Warmers any inconvenience.
      You are right, cold is weather.
      But heat is an inconvenience that must be made a political issue.

    • Look you STUPID PEOPLE…WE know what is going on and you don’t. We have plugged in OUR FALSE data into the weather program and it came out ‘The World is Heating up’. So shut up and sit down….WE ARE IN CONTROL…….and do what we tell you to do and believe what we tell you to believe or we will make you. GOT IT !

    • When I was in school they taught global cooling and the coming ice age. Now I guess all the global cooling experts taught the global warming experts. So I have a simple question; which group warming or cooling are the geniuses and which group are the morons?

    • True Science admits when a theory has been disproven. Pseudo Religions counter the falseness of their prophecies with even more dire prophecies.

    • We’re entering a Maunder Minimum and as such are likely to see declining temperatures for at least 20-40 years. The religious zealot global warming folks don’t understand that the climate is always changing and that government control and taxation makes no differences. Perhaps they should all take their carbon footprints to zero?

      • Mike, You are spot on with your comment. I made the same observation a year ago. So, to the “Warmists” I say, it’s -20c here right now and will be for the next week or so. I was planning to go down to our beach for a swim, but, “Global Warming” caused the Bay to freeze over. This will be our norm up here for a long while yet. Cheers! 🙂

    • Anything that makes climate change theory look bad is called weather….. anything they can use to promote it is called climate change……

      We are told a large snow storm is ‘just weather’, but any hurricane they use to sell climate change, well that is not ‘just weather’…… that’s climate change!

    • More gibberish from PROVEN frauds that count on the people being far too lazy to invest an hour or two to see what a fraud AGW is. Some of the same people who claim the end is near, relative to AGW are part of this group that will invest no time. Sad.

      • Except there is no truth in this post or the USA Today article. Hansen, Mann, Gore et al, all see the writing on the wall now, and are trying in vain to cover their behinds as northern North America (and previously this fall such as Siberia) experiences one of the coldest outbreaks across the northern hemisphere since the 1960’s and 1970’s. The warming records that article talks about are one offs, and beat by a slim temporary margin, whereas things like the California droughts are historical and mostly in a desert area already, which was charged up by heavy rainfall this spring, which led to so many ladder fuels to burn when it inevitably dries out by mid summer to late fall. Nothing new there, except a bunch of nut job arsonists with Bic lighters now. Or very poor power line maintenance by PG&E.

        The current natural 40 year warming trend we have have been having the last 40 years is just ending and turning over into a new 40 year cooling trend, which explains the long pause as things plateau the last 18-19 years and go south for a spell. Warming does not cause long term cooling. Doesn’t even make any sense. I repeat: Their explanation does not even make any sense if the Arctic has been warming the last 40 years, that this somehow leads to near record low temps now in 2017/18 in the northern hemisphere. I had no idea what they were talking about or what they were trying to explain, except maybe a movie plot out of The Day After Tomorrow. Total fiction.

        The real interesting part now is that we should be able to partially test the sensitivity of CO2 to long term radiative forcing that is presently baked into the background temps over the next 40 years. UHI and the minimal 1/3 – 1/2 degree C CO2 forcing the last 150 years since the LIA will hopefully make the cooling trend that less severe than it would have been. Of course, there is no way to definitively test this now compared to a natural Earth that would have perhaps gone in a slightly different direction 150 years ago had we humans not developed the planet with significant land use change and fossil fuel use. Most skeptics don’t deny the radiative properties of the GHG’s, only that they are fairly minimal compared to the elephant in the room; water vapour, which is the largest GHG. The argument now, is what are the long term feedbacks, which only time will tell. Stay tuned, and pray that the cold trend does not coincide with severe vulcanism which cools the earth catastrophically for 1-3 years, and we lose a significant part of the global harvest when we will soon have 8 billion people to feed. That is the only possible Catastrophic scenario that is remotely possible.

      • E2,

        Regional wars (possibly even nuclear exchanges) and intense localized conflicts are the more likely Black Swans. A black swan like that induces global economic-trade freezes.
        The outcome of that is likely indistinguishable in effect from any hypothesized global harvest collapse.

      • I agree Joel, and as Murphy’s Law generally goes, one Black Swan event is usually coincident, or even more precise, a synchronicity of events that lead to a pitfall. Like WW1 when all the seeds were planted from generations previous, but took some event to trigger it all and unleash a global conflict, that leads to another global conflict. History is ripe with examples of both natural and man made environmental collapse, as well as outright devastating total war that is not forgotten.

        The most immediate of catastrophes would indeed be a ‘hot’ war that spirals out of control within days or weeks which would indeed be quicker than a partial global crop failure that would take a year or more to unfold, but would also lead to further conflict and collapse on so many levels. Which would only exacerbate the difficulty with the harvest and the distribution of the resources and food while we recovered from the consequences of such but were also embroiled in all out total war. We can only hope these times are short and we can return to normal, whatever that may look like. Nobody wins in either scenario.

        It is probably the oldest story in the book(s), since it seems to be ingrained into our collective (un)conscious in most of the worlds ancient religions, literature and art. We are no different now, and in fact much more fragile in many ways, that many of us now neither farm, or hunt and gather and are reliant on everything working to perfection, everyday.

      • The central postulation in that article is that North America is warmer than usual. I ask this question: how was usual defined? 150 years of data out of 4.5 billion does not allow for one to make definitive statements about what is and is not usual. Therefore the USAToday artIcle and the ‘scientists’ that provided the material are suspect st best and purposely lying at worst.

      • Earthling2, prior to the event who would have imagined that the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand would precipitate two world wars? World politics was then (and is now) insane.

        Going back a couple of decades, continuing to the present, who would think that a nuclear North Korea with ICBMs would precipitate WWIII? Who among you will predict reactions by China, Russia, India, Pakistan, etc. to a nuclear exchange anywhere on the planet?

        The feckless historical world reaction to North Korea’s militarization has led us to the brink of war.

        Given Chinese and Russian intransigence, President Trump is left with no options other than the military removal of the Kim regime. Our non-nuclear military might and acumen, hopefully, will minimize the human fallout.

      • Obviously they don’t see the point of a model that make predictions before it happens. Why bother with that silliness when they are so good at “explaining” events after it happens!

      • Yes, I love that quote. It shows what depths these people have descended to.
        The linked article shows a graph comparing past climate and the climate model prediction. Miraculously, there is an almost perfect fit.
        So, what does this prove? It proves that climate models are amazingly good at predicting what has already happened. And nothing else.

        As I understand it, the models are full of arbitrary constants that they can tweak as much as they like. As Willis pointed out some time ago, very likely after each hindcast, parameter changes that make the match better are kept, changes that make the match worse are rejected. So you end up with perfect Darwinian evolution – the models evolve to make the match with historical data better and better.
        Of course, this is just a sophisticated version of curve matching. It has absolutely nothing to do with any understanding of how the climate works.

        If this is the case, then it’s possible to make a prediction: climate models will do well at predicting the past but will fail completely when it comes to predicting the climate 30 years in the future (the standard period that defines cllimate). We can now compare 30 year predictions with what actually happened. Of course, they weren’t even close, they predicted far more warming than actually happened. The models are worthless for climate forecasting. Even the IPCC has admitted that it’s impossible because of the chaotic nature of weather and climate.
        In my opinion, the claim that the models have been proven and that they can predict the climate up to the end of the century is not just absurd, it’s fraudulent. Bearing in mind the trillions of dollars that will be wasted on the basis of these models, it’s also financial fraud.

      • In my studies of Naval Architecture, I often needed to make equations that would map the hull lines. I got really good at it as long as I kept the line between certain constraints (such as bulkhead 3 and 9). Outside of those parameters my lines would do the exact same things that the climate models do, which is move away from the actual line at an obscene pace in either direction. I believe that’s why the temperature proxies are often used far into times that actual data exists.

        Simply put, after the model is created and “fits” the known data, a time period must follow where it continues to follow the data. If it doesn’t, or rather a decent percent confidence level doesn’t, then the model is garbage, and the “theories” remain suspect. At least that’s the way the scientific method used to work.

  1. I watched “The Day After Tomorrow’ last night on cable. Had a laugh at a couple of bits. Apparently the massive storms and cold air was being caused by fresh water from melting poles draining into the ocean, thus cooling the ocean rapidly. Another comment by a character in the movie – “I thought the Sun was responsible for climate change?” Hollywood just can’t help themselves. Full of liberal progressives (aka socialists) global warming believers.

    • When and how does dogma get dogmatized to become a part of the belief system of the true believers of the dogma? Is there a subset of human beings for whom dogma is necessary if they are to have the ability for “independent” “thinking?” (Memorize, recall and recite?)

      • There will always be people like that. They were a lot less dangerous when they’d just send money to televangelists or play with their rosary beads. Now their Pope demands that First World countries take in limitless numbers of Third Worlders who have already fouled their own nest in addition to supporting the AGW fraud.

  2. “…this week’s cold weather is probably being caused at least in part by global warming…”
    NOW I get it – the cold part is caused by the cold part of global warming! The warm part of global warming goes somewhere else. It is so obvious now, I don’t know why I didn’t see that all along!

      • I was a career US Navy Submariner. Even though there are temperature layers in the ocean, which we used to hide from sonar, the deeper we went, the colder the water got. At no time did we EVER get so deep that the water temperature was warmer than the surface.

    • Not long ago the eco climate nazis were calling it ‘ Global Warming’ . after far too many record low temps across the northern hemisphere they looked foolish and went with ‘ climate change’ .

    • That analogy truly fits. These ‘explanations’ reveal that this has fully morphed into a religion.

    • 2 Chronicles 18:19 And the LORD said, Who shall entice Ahab king of Israel, that he may go up and fall at Ramothgilead? And one spake saying after this manner, and another saying after that manner.
      20 Then there came out a spirit, and stood before the LORD, and said, I will entice him. And the LORD said unto him, Wherewith?
      21 And he said, I will go out, and be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And the LORD said, Thou shalt entice him, and thou shalt also prevail: go out, and do even so.
      22 Now therefore, behold, the LORD hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of these thy prophets, and the LORD hath spoken evil against thee.

      Those lying prophets are to fool the modern Empire into ending itself, and dragging down with them the unrepentant enablers (gullibles) who let it happen, while feeding on Swamp Entertainment.


      The ones that make war are these who cover themselves with the madness. Those who make war, build the war machines, the ones that destroyed the Aral Sea and now want to use the environment to control the economy until they consolidate power. Then, they will quit worrying about the environment or Global Warming or any of that….

    • note the date. which is based on GMT.
      So…. Hot off the Press!!
      That popping noise you hear outside your house/apt/flat is NOT fireworks.
      It is your Liberal nieghbor’s heads exploding as they read DJT’s latest tweet on the Climate scam.

      • In my neck of the woods (the northeast, just past the middle of nowhere) that sound is the popping of frozen trees.

    • Trump’s tweet is up to almost 31K retweets and almost 100K “Likes” as of 11 pm EST (US East coast).

      Those with Twitter accts, go retweet and Like to help make more Lib heads explode.

      • The left and their press just hates his tweets. And when the left hates something, 9 times out of 10 I’m for it.
        The Presidents most often tweets to make a point or news that he knows will not be presented in the media which hates him. Other times it’s just to needle his opposition and by doing so change the direction of the lefts talking points. And other times his tweets are meant as a diversion. The pattern of his tweets reveal there really is a lot more going on between his ears than the press will ever give him credit for. He is playing them like a fiddle and they don’t realize it.

      • 11:30 pm EST update:
        The Twitter-verse, even by Twitter-verse standards, is now going bat-shit crazy trying to respond and digest this President of the US Trump tweet swipe at the Left’s climate religion.

        Popcorn Futures exploding! Gonna be a fun 2018.

      • It forces the media to talk about it; they can’t help themselves. But even attacking the president’s tweets still forces them to address topics they’d rather ignore.

  3. “Some Climate Scientists even shamelessly reject the very concept of scientific falsification with regard to the conduct of climate science.” Best I can figure out because the end results of climate change is still 100 years out there, you can suggest in the near term things can happen that appear to be a falsification. But that supposedly do not negate the theory that mankind will be reponsible for the warming of the earth a 100 years from now. How convenient. Only our kds or grandkids will be around to know how that works out. And don[t you know by then some new potential disaster will come along that will make climate change look like a cake walk.

    • The only public policy relevant question is what is climate sensitivity to increasing CO2. A CO2 amount which is largely due to man’s burning fossil fuels for economic development. The convenient number/acronym adopted is Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity (ECS).

      For the better part of 25 years, the climate science community used ECS > +2 deg C as the threshold for alarm that required policy action by humanity to avert catastrophe. Over the years now, the data is rolling that clearly shows ECS is likely < 2 deg C. Probably closer to 1.5 deg C, and maybe even 1 deg or less. +2 C is becoming more unlikely each year.

      So what have the Alarmist majority of climate scientists done? Did they declare "no Problem.? No, they move the alarm threshold now down to 1.5 deg C to keep the Alarmist rhetoric going.

      But there is aclear cost-benefit analysis that must be done. Climate change may be costly, but De-carbonization is likely even more costly. IOW, the "fix" kills the patient (humanity). De-carbonization makes us less able to handle future natural disasters as man continues to build civilizations into harm's way.

      Poor countries degrade their environment because they do not have the energy resources to lessen impacts, to keep water and ecosystems clean. To provide infrastructure to lessen weather disasters. Imagine if they were wealthy enough to provide pre-disaster infrastructure hardening, during disaster evacuations, and after disaster recoveries just like the West rich countries. Then the impacts to their ecosystems would be much less.
      Invoking the Precautionary Principle is self-contradictory where climate change is concerned. There is always going to be natural disaster that mankind must deal with. Population is growing, and unless you are an Ehrlich-Holdren doomsday-Malthusian who relishes a population calamity, then Billions of people must be cared for. And economic wealth and development are intimately tied to fossil fuel use until something better comes along.

      • @joelobryan
        “Population is growing, and unless you are an Ehrlich-Holdren doomsday-Malthusian who relishes a population calamity, then Billions of people must be cared for. And economic wealth and development are intimately tied to fossil fuel use until something better comes along. “

        The replacement for fossil fuels is available, nuclear energy. And it produces no CO2. Naturally the Greens are opposed to it.

      • The fires in CA have added more carbon to the atmosphere than every car in the country combined. No solar panel or wind turbine will offset the wild fires.

        Thank you President Trump for not spending billions on this hoax .

    • Yea but they our right LIE now. For example Arctic Sea Ice volume and extent has not dramatically declined this year as compared to the last few more recent years.

      And as I have said elsewhere, this winter is reminding me of the 1970’s. You know that time when many scientists were blaming the cold weather on Global Cooling! Exact same pattern happening now as occurred in 1977.

      They make their claims above without a bit of real science to back them up.

      • Precisely! This Strong La Nina event almost perfectly matches the one that produced the Winter of 1977-1978. Even the unusual snowfalls so far match the Winter of 1977 events. Better bundle up from the Canadian Border down to North Florida! Climate Cycles repeat, but Climate Alarmists barely remember their claims of yesterday in the slippery slope of CAGW Imbecility.

      • Show me the old “Arctic Ice Death Spiral” graph!

        Ice extent bottomed out years ago. Is it actually recovering?

    • Can’t cut off those grants, special guest lecturer fees and acclaim, endowed chairs, fawning undergrads,… hummm…… life is good!,.. let’s not let a few little facts get in the way of my tenure and prestige.

    • …..Something such as the depletion of economically accessible fossil fuels, perhaps? They are finite, you know? And the end of fossil fuel usage will be dictated by their lack of availability, you know? And their depletion to a level where they are no longer available will bring on hell-to-pay, don’t you know?

      Will institutionalized slavery remain a historical fact without being revived and reinstated when fossil fuels are depleted? Hah! Not a chance.

      • We all remember how the Stone Age ended when we ran out of rocks.

        Nuclear energy will replace fossil fuels long before fossil fuels are exhausted, if they are ever exhausted.

        As for the return of slavery, that is more related to the trajectory of Islam than the depletion of fossil fuels.

      • Your calculation of the “growing’ atmospheric “warming” reminds me of when I was 10 years old, and read in one of my astronomy books about how our planet might end one day. Distraught, I ran to my father, sobbing about the end of the world taking place in about 2 billion years, as the earth was consumed by a super-nova sun.

        My dad said, “how many years?”, and I replied “2 billion!”

        He wiped his forehead and said, “Oh, thank God! I thought you said 2 million!”

        I’ve never been overly upset with predictions that stretch out longer than 10 digits since that day…

    • Any idea what the margin of error may be for the temperature readings that were recorded 150 years ago? And does it really matter as long as the temperatures that were recorded provide support for the global warming dogma?

      • Never mind margin of error back then, our current ground network is abysmal. In the US, only like 10% of the stations are accurate to less than 1 degree. I wont even get into the stations that are sighted on airport tarmacs or next to air conditioner vents, etc. Imagine also if ours are this bad how accurate the third world’s stations are.

      • Because of homogenization and other “secret sauce” processing tricks, we don’t even know what the error bars are on the current numbers!!!!

      • It is far worse than that. Most (not some, but most) of the Southern Hemisphere during the 19th Century no records exist. But that doesn’t stop climate scientists from making up global temp values back to 1855.

    • There are way too many events we don’t know the effect of, both in our local system and in our galaxy, to say that our planet will continue warming ad infinitum.

  4. “Arctic warming may also be contributing to the long-term drying of the U.S. Southwest, although the science on that front is less certain, Overpeck said.”

    … although the science on that front is LESS CERTAIN …

    less certain than what? his very very uncertain & unlikely rationalization led guess about the current cold?

    When does Vegas start giving odds on specific climate(weather) guesses?

      • Oh and that smell you smell, it is NOT what you might think. (despite just coming out of Overpeck’s arse.)

        It is that special IPCC-approved fragrance, directly from Paris called, “Eau de Climate Science.”

  5. “Arctic warming may also be contributing to the long-term drying of the U.S. Southwest”

    What long term drying in the Southwest? The warm AMO phase drives Arctic warming and drying of the Great Plains, which is where U.S. drought is now shifting to, but a warm AMO phase has nothing to do with AGW.

    • SW US boom-bust cycles of drought-wet years are driven by ENSO and PDO phasing.

      Blaming the Arctic (or the Arctic Oscillation) for something the Pacific Ocean and solar activity are doing is like a flea on a dog’s tail watching the dog wag back and forth.

  6. So if it was record-breaking warmth occurring, the Alarmists would of course be blaming Climate Change.
    Now with near (or actual) record-breaking cold it is of course being blamed on Climate Change.

    As I told Grif in an different thread earlier today, when a hypothesis explains all possible outcomes/observations, it is not science, it is pseudoscience.

    Take home message:
    – When a “hypothesis” explains all possible observations, then from a science standpoint, it explains nothing. It is worthless.

    – From a broader, epistemological view, any hypothesis that explains everything is what we call a religion.

    The only logical conclusion (based on climate “experts” own assertions):
    Climate Change is a religion. A pagan religion to be more precise, but a religion in every sense none the less.

    • In my opinion, a religious belief is a belief in something that isn’t true. Climate change meets this need very well, in that it claims that CO2 causes global warming, but the evidence shows that CO2 hasn’t caused global warming, either for the last 17 years, nor the 4.3 billion years before that.

      However, a true religion requires more:
      – a system of doctrine, or orthodoxy which directs what followers must believe
      – an organisation (usually led as a heirarchy) to disseminate that doctrine and administer rewards and punishments.

      I think climate change meets these requirements perfectly.

      • You have an agnostic position or an outright atheist view on whether religious beliefs are true or merely inventions of the human mind. But to many people on this planet (4 Billion of at least 7+ Billion and counting) to them there is more truth in their religion and anything right in front of their eyes. They have opinions just like you Hivemind.

        I agree with you though (for a different reason) that today’s Climate Change belief fits every definition of a religion.

    • Dr. Richard Lindzen, Atmospheric Physicist, MIT Professor Emeritus said it best:
      “Believing that CO2 controls the climate is like believing in magic.”

      • To be precise (and fair) when quoting, I think Lindzen used the words “close to believing…” or something similar. Quoting should be precise. Paraphrasing without quotes can be a bit sloppier.

      • Ivan,
        borrower, change, post…. I don’t care. No attribution needed.

        None of my thoughts are original on this subject. My thoughts here are merely a re-distillation and re-packaging of what others have already recognized about the hustle called “Climate Science.”

    • Joel-san:

      Yes, CAGW climatology is the Leftists’ religion for those who are “too smart & enlightened” to believe in God…

      CAGW has all the trappings of a formalized religion: a Pope, high priests, penance, utopian “heaven”, sinners, heretics, purgatory, devine punishment, prophesy, Hell, an ecclesiastical hierarchy, a bible, misssionaries, fanatical acolytes, religious dogma, etc…

      Too bad the religion of CAGW never adhered to the whole separation of church and state thing….

      It’s also sad the CAGW god is dead…

  7. Yikes please define “Climate Change” when ever it is used. It has become a term of Rhetorical Art that has no clarity.

    • Climate Change per IPCC def is changing climate (> 30 years averages) due to effects of anthropogneic CO2 and other human influences/activities such as land use changes.

      Of course the Watermelons adopted Climate Change to obfuscate the issue for the ignorant. They switch between ontological meanings of Climate Change, climate change, and changing climate with ease to disguise their deceptions.

      • R2Dtoo: Agreed. Plus, the theory is based on CO2 reradiating energy and causing warming. The “energy budget” is to the warm side. It IS about warming, no matter what they call it. It’s their problem that snow and cold increased and they had to scramble to somehow try and convince people that warming causes snow and cold.

  8. Every time I hear that explanation that less sea ice means arctic air can move south I think “Damn, it must have been cold in the Medieval Warm Period”.

  9. JohninRedding. “But that supposedly do not negate the theory that mankind will be responsible for the warming of the earth a 100 years from now.” John, it is just a theory, not backed up my scientific evidence. Climate change happens, but it’s natural and overshadows anything man does. Here’s the history of climate change last 420,000 years. I hardly think your kids & grandkids will need to worry about what humans do. Don’t fall for the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming fraud/con.

  10. This is interesting….I’ve read that declining ice levels in the Arctic means more dark surface area so more heat energy is absorbed resulting in warmer temps….now it also results less ice coverage which means greater heat loss and cooler temperatures….

    • Which should also mean that the oceans are now slowly cooling, with their heat slowly escaping to space, and having less heat to pump out El Nino’s in the future. Takes a long time to build a trend (minimum 30 years) but it is usually going one way or the other, and it sits still, or pauses for a period of time before heading the other direction. Not by much, as evidenced by .8 degrees C the last 150 years, but now maybe a net cooling for 40 years of maybe a 1/2 degree C. Maybe erases most of the gains we just made the last 150 years, and by the middle of this century, we are back in LIA territory.

    • When the sun is shining at low angles, like it does in the arctic, the difference in reflectance between water and ice is small.

  11. Morality is complicated – and it doesn’t always fit the simplified version we learn as children. If we say morality is good, it’s good, if we say morality is bad, it’s bad!

  12. It is difficult to propose a test of climate models in advance that is falsifiable. … Science is complicated – and doesn’t always fit the simplified version we learn as children.

    She hasn’t understood Popper’s principle of falsifiability even as an adult (and probably never tried to). We are not required to come up with a test that will definitely show the model or hypothesis in question to be wrong. If we were certain of such a test, this would make our hypothesis not only falsifiable, but already patently false. Instead, we must state a logically possible observation that our hypothesis rules out, and which therefore, should it indeed occur, would prove our hypothesis wrong.

    The hypothesis “All swans are white” is falsifiable, because a single black swan, if indeed found in the wild, will disprove it. It is sufficient that this black swan is logically possible, even if we don’t know exactly where and when it might be observed in reality.

    • There is irony and sarcasm being involved with this story. That must be what you don’t get.

      Cold weather only proves it is not warm today or this week. Nothing more.
      This cold in North America is not a new phenomenon.
      Regarding POTUS: Folks ought not to take his statements literally. They should take him seriously.

    • Ok, I don’t get it:
      Hot weather proves global warming but cold weather does not?

      Atlantic Hurricanes proves global warming but a Global ACE well below average does not does not?

      Bleached corals prove “ocean acidification” but corals regenerating does not disprove “ocean acidification”?

      A lack of snow proves global warming but increasing snow cover in the northern hemisphere does not disprove it?

      “Permanent” droughts in Texas and California prove global warming but the drought busting rains which ended each does not disprove it?”


      • RAH No, No, No…

        Hot weather proves global warming and so does cold weather.
        Atlantic hurricanes prove global warming and global ACE above and below average proves global warming.
        Bleached corals prove ocean acidification and global warming and, regenerating corals prove ocean acidification and global warming.
        A lack of snow proves global warming and increasing snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere proves global warming.
        Permanent droughts in Texas and California prove global warming and drought busting rains prove global warming.

        There, fixed it for you. 🙂

  13. Sounds like Overpeck should be singing ;”Oh Sussanna”.
    I love this speculation that it is colder because of less arctic sea ice, so that is why the medieval warm period was not?
    Not much thought went into that excuse.
    Better one would have been walrus farts.
    The desperation of Team IPCC is delicious.

  14. Why do drones like Overpeck remain cluelessly ignorant of the fact that Arctic sea ice is still way above the extent of the MWP and basically all of the first 8000+ years of the Holocene ?

    Or are they actually aware of the fact and are LYING their a***s off. !!

    • AndyG55,
      Overpeck if anything, he is NOT clueless. He is a willing participant in the hustle. Overpeck is a key player from the earliest days (see the Climate Gate emails for instance) of the Climate Hustle.

      His recent move to UMich is as things always are dictated by money. UMich must have made a lucrative offer on stat-up funding, resource allocation for his first few years. Expecting the grants to come down the Pike. Ann Arbor is a very Liberal city.

      I live in Tucson, where Overpeck emigrated from. It is a backwater to some degree (not astronomy). Tucosn is Not very eclectic or trend setting here though for a Liberal who wants to be someone. Ann Arbor is closer to the East Coast where the climate hustle has political muscle and money. Overpeck if anything is a true follow the money kinda guy. His participation in past IPCCs and now his clandestine association with an anti-Trump Resist movement is how he is positioning himself to (what he hpes) is bigger things in post-2020 WH regime with D POTUS.

  15. I sometimes wonder how it works: Does Sammy Roth at USA TODAY phone up the University of Michigan press office asking for a global-warming comment on this week’s weather, and get put through to Jonathan Overpeck’s extension number? Presumably he could record a voicemail greeting says “You have reached the voicemail of Jonathan Overpeck. He is not available right now, but he can let you know that this week’s weather is due to man-made global warming.”

    Or does Jonathan Overpeck maybe announce a weekly global-warming press release somewhere on social media and Sammy Roth at USA TODAY follows Overpeck on Twitter or something. Whatever, it must be boring for all sides knowing that the same thing is going to said every time.

    • Jonathan Overpeck is lying in his bed, sleeping soundly. We see by the dim, pre-dawn light, a nightstand bedside the bed, on which is seen a clock radio with a large, digital display that reads 05:59. Suddenly, the clock display rolls over to 6:00, at which point the sound of Sonny and Cher loudly singing I’ve got you Babe can be heard. Transition: Overpeck is now up and out of bed, dressed for the day. The phone rings, and we hear “Hey Jon, it’s Sam from USA Today. Damn it’s cold out there, and did you see the snowfall totals from Erie? INSANE, right? Anyway, you know what I’m going to ask. I’m sure you’re hearing as muchclimate apathy as I’ve been hearing. Can you give me a little pick-me-up for attribution?

      • And Overpeck responds: “Even this week’s cold weather is probably being caused at least in part by global warming…”

        probably, at least, in part

        That’s one of those “climate scientist”, highly definitive, 95% accuracy, 97% consensus, in a way, maybe, just possible, sometimes responses.

  16. “based on their ability to accurately reproduce observed climate trends and processes”

    So UTTER FAILURE gives them Confidence in their models..

    OK. !!

  17. NSIDC: ice extent Dec.28, 2000 = 13.065 km2, Dec. 28, 2017 = 12.421 km2, about 5% < ice extent, this is supposed to be a big climate changing condition?

    • “The more it Melts, the more it Freezes”. Must be some significant cause and effect to saltier brine water melting and re-freezing every year and sinking into the thermocline that affects ocean currents over long term time scales.

  18. Say what you will but I’m completely sure that Global Warming is increasing the number of hairballs my cat hacks up!

  19. A test of falsifiability requires a model test or climate observation that shows global warming caused by increased human-produced greenhouse gases is untrue.

    This is the perfect lie. Nothing can possibly or impossibly disprove what has been deemed absolute truth.

    As a degreed man of science, I have both used and ascribe to the scientific method on a frequent if not daily basis. Knowing what I know about climate “science” and this sort of assertion by the gatekeepers of the discipline, it churns my stomach to think that actual science—and the importance of falsifiability—is seen with such disregard as to be prevented from even being discussed.

  20. I am terribly confused here. They say that the Arctic is warming at an unprecedented rate, but the cold now being experienced by the Northern US is from freezing Arctic winds. Warm or Cold, which is it?? Are they suggesting there are warm parts of the Arctic and cold parts. Where are they, specifically?


    • There are warmer and colder areas in the arctic. At present, there is a large cold air mass covering parts of eastern Canada and the U.S., with warmer areas to the west.

      This whole conglomeration will slowly rotate from west to east around the Northern Hemisphere. A big glob of cold air moves slowly.

    • Well, you see, all of the heat hiding in the ocean forces the cold to pool in the water around the North Pole. If there were more Arctic ice, that would trap the cold under it and the Northern Hemisphere would have mild, Spring-like Winters, thanks to AGW-er-AGCCC. However, since the ice isn’t there, all that cold jumps out of the ocean and rushes Southward, cackling and crackling, finally free of the oppressive heat that’s hiding in the oceans.

      Or, something.

    • It really is like a Hydra beast… a many-headed beast. Cut-off one head, another pops-up somewhere else. The funding cut-off must happen at the source. The NSF. Our tax dollars being thrown away for bad science.

      Climate is however (IMO) worthy of scientific study, and thus some public funding. But much, much less than current. The current state encourages alarmists claims to garner ever more funding. This must stop.

      • We aren’t getting climate studies. We’re getting rationalization masquerading as science as an excuse to keep the money train rolling.

      • Sadly, like Marvel’s Hydra, they have agents, infiltrators and True Believers in every organiztion that should be opposing and stopping them. I’m beginning to think that the only way to stop the Climastrologists is with US DOJ RICO charges.

  21. The Santa Ana winds are caused by cold dry high pressure / very dense air in the interior of the US getting funnelled out the valleys in California as it loses elevation and like a chinook it warms up and gets insanely dry that dries out everything very very fast causing the wildfire problems, it’s air that travels from the interior to the ocean. So the wildfire problem is because of the cold dense air in the interior.

    It’s hard to think this person shouldn’t understand this.

  22. The presumed sensitivity of 0.8C +/- 0.4C per W/m^2 is indeed falsifiable as both data and theory tell us that the last average W/m^2 of forcing from the Sun increased the average temperature by no more than 0.3C. The presumed linearity between temperature and forcing gets in the way of seeing why this falsifies the consensus sensitivity as it obscures the theoretical and measured linear relationship between forcing and incremental W/m^2 of surface emissions.

    Given that all Joules are equivalent and all 240 W/m^2 of accumulated forcing from the Sun must on average contribute equally to the emissions of the surface, each W/m^2 contributes about 1.6 W/m^2 to the surface emissions where the next 1.6 W/m^2 of emissions from another W/m^2 of forcing would arise from a surface temperature increase from 288K to 288.3K. The prediction of the IPCC sensitivity that the last W/m^2 of forcing from the Sun increased the surface temperature by 0.8C +/- 0.4C is clearly falsified. Moreover; a sensitivity metric expressed as degrees per W/m^2 has a non linear 1/T^3 dependence as T (the temperature) increases.

    If as the IPCC suggests, the last W/m^2 of forcing increased the average temperature from 287.2K to 288K, the average surface emissions must have increased by about 4.3 W/m^2. If all Joules contribute equally, then each of the 240 W/m^2 of accumulated forcing must also contributes 4.3 W/m^2 to surface emissions adding up to over 1000 W/m^2 corresponding to an average surface temperature close to the boiling point of water. The prediction of the IPCC sensitivity that the surface temperature should be close to the boiling point of water is clearly falsified by the causal observer.

  23. Interestingly enough, I had a discussion tonight with someone on ECS. Their counter question was on EBCS. Equilibrium Biological Climate Sensitivity. Quite the question in the end.

    Where is Mosher on this item anyhow? Steven?

    • Humanity’s greatest advancements have largely come from the times of necessity for adaptation and invention to counter extreme adversity and change.

      We will make advances on nuclear power (and other energy sources not envisioned) and energy efficiencies when the pressing need comes again.

      Currently we are in the Age of Abundance. The pressing needs of necessity are not here right now. So we squabble rather than invent.

      • The “Age of Abundance” applies only to a small percentage of the world’s population. There is always and everywhere “pressing needs of necessity” in the human experience, Joel.

      • @Dave Fair

        The “Age of Abundance” applies only to a small percentage of the world’s population

        And why is that Dave? Couldn’t be due to greed and corruption now, could it?
        Inventing goes hand in hand with revolution.
        Think about it.

        • Greed and corruption are facts of human existence, Yirgach. It is only where individual freedoms and the rule of law prevail that they are minimized.

          Massive society-wide corruption is a hallmark of socialist systems. Name me any exceptions.

        • Additionally, over time invention goes hand in hand with individual possession of property, not some undefined “revolution.”

  24. A down home person might reasonably ask, “If the Arctic has warmed so much, where is the cold air coming from?”

    Of course, it is just small anomaly justifying all that red coloring up there, and it is still bloody cold. That doesn’t play well down home either. If you are going to make like palm trees will be growing in the Yukon soon, don’t tell country folks climate change is why they are freezing their butts.

    Nobody really knows why the amplitude of the Rossby waves sloshing out of the Arctic changes. The Russians have kept an Arctic Oscillation Index since the fifties. It gauges zonal vs meridional flow. Zonal flow (the kind the missionaries would have you believe keeps the cold corralled) actually corresponds with warmer arctic temperatures.

    • “Nobody really knows why the amplitude of the Rossby waves sloshing out of the Arctic changes. The Russians have kept an Arctic Oscillation Index since the fifties. It gauges zonal vs meridional flow. Zonal flow (the kind the missionaries would have you believe keeps the cold corralled) actually corresponds with warmer arctic temperatures.”

      They do know but the causes/effects are complex with chaos coming to play.
      ENSO state (even where coldest waters are exactly re the current LaNina).
      QBO: an easterly quasi-tropical oscillation, as now, favours more reflction of Planetary (Rossby) waves into the Arctic in the first part of winter. An El Nino, the second half.
      Low solar – yes reduced UV does reduce the strengnth of the Stratospheric PV, and can tip the balance re formation of a -ve AO.
      The speed of formation of the Eurasian snowfield is correlated with a stronger winter Siberian high and migration into the Arctic.

      Sorry but your – zonal flow “actually corresponds with warmer arctic temperatures.” is an oxymoron as by definition if cold air moves south then warm air must move north replace it. Basic meteorology has it that easterly winds surrounding an area of HP (a -ve AO) develop if wamer air is at it’s core (in the NH the thermal flow aloft is from warm to cold and deflected to the right) and thus decends/warms as a result of convergence aloft and subsidence (leading to divergence at the surface).

      Cold plunges into the USA are neither unusual, nor are they likely to become so any decade soon.
      It is simply a meander that the PJS takes as to meteorology of the N Pacific and the Rockies favours. Look at where the last ice sheet limit was FI.

      Meanwhile the 96% of the NH that is not the good ol’ US of A (excluding the west) is overwhelmingly warmer than average.

  25. It’s no wonder proper scientists are worried about the damage that so-called “climate scientists” are doing to the field of science. These charlatans should all be put to work shoveling snow.

  26. This global warming scam has to last at least for another 15 to 20 years until the last “climate scientist” has retired. Until then there has at least enough money for the salary. So if temperature rises or falls, nothing can be a sign of cooling – its only a temporary event.

  27. This ‘heads you lose, tails I win approach’ is a sign of many things. One of which is how climate ‘science’ offers a happy and comfortable home to third rate academics that otherwise would find it hard to get work in an high school.
    For has you can never be ‘wrong’ you never have to worry about being right beyond keeping to the dogma.

  28. I would love to be able to ask these guys some follow-up questions. Global warming induced cooling would be a negative feedback. Then the “settled science” theory of runaway global warming is no longer considered valid? If temperatures cooled back to the 1970s (or whatever the ‘golden age of climate’ was), wouldn’t all effects of warming end, since there would no longer be any warming, and everyone be happy? And if that is the case, is there any reason to keep funding climate research? You are implying that global warming is a self-correcting problem.

    • Wow, it is as if they make this shit up as needed. Notice how their model did not predict deeper, longer and more frequent blasts of arctic air? But a model must be able to predict events and not merely “explain” them away when they occur. This is exactly what intelligent skeptics point out. These models HAVE NO PREDICTION VALUE. Ad hoc jargon-choked SCIENCEY speculations replace predictability.

  29. Since you are all going to be driving electric vehicles soon , I wondered what effect these temperatures would have on such a vehicle which is charging outside on the street at night.
    I doubt if just a quick Google will provide the complete answer , but this might give some indication:

    Battery type Charge temperature Discharge temperature Charge advisory

    Lead acid –20°C to 50°C –20°C to 50°C Charge at 0.3C or lessbelow freezing.

    NiCd, NiMH 0°C to 45°C –20°C to 65°C Charge at 0.1C between –18°C and 0°C.

    Li-ion 0°C to 45°C –20°C to 60°C No charge permitted below freezing.

    Table 1: Permissible temperature limits for various batteries. Batteries can be discharged over a large temperature range, but the charge temperature is limited. For best results, charge between 10°C and 30°C (50°F and 86°F). Lower the charge current when cold.
    I have left out the F temperatures and simplified the text format slightly in the (probably forlorn ) hope that the posted comment does not mangle it up.
    “no charge permitted below freezing” for Li ion batteries ? Is that correct ? Surely not . For what then is the future for the multitude of rapid charging TESLA outlets being installed along all the motorways in the UK in conditions such as we are currently experiencing?

    • Entirely true. Lithium-ion batteries cannot be charged below freezing. For applications where the battery is required to be charged in below-freezing temperatures, a battery heater is employed.

  30. Climate science is based on hypothetical data aets hence why it is a hypothetical exercise. Pure science. It is not actionable. Hence all arguments are valid and invalid as they are all hypothetical. This is logic 101.

    Hypothesis is only consistent within its argument frame. Climate science is only consistent if you ignore reality.

  31. “The Arctic is warming much faster than most of the planet, leading to a dramatic decline in the amount of sea ice that covers the region each winter. ”

    Here is data from the only actual measurements (as opposed to models) of the amount of sea ice (from Cryosat):

    Do you see any “dramatic decline”? Note that measurements are not possible during the melting season since there is no way to distinguish melt pools on the ice from open sea.

  32. I just looked at the NSIDC page and there’s an historical graph for the extent of arctic ice but not one for Antarctica ice extent? I’m sure they used to show both on the same page. Apologies if I’ve missed something.
    To Anthony et al Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

  33. Is it too hot, asks Goldilocks? Global Warming (GW). Is it too cold? GW. Is it just right? GW. The answer to any weather related question is: GW. The sheer nonsense of it escapes the AGW adherents.

  34. What the real big news is , is the overall cooling of the oceanic surface waters now down to +.155c from summer readings around +.34c.

    If the oceans continue to cool so will the global temperatures and this should put an end to the global warming hype.

    One of my big plays is very low solar would cause oceanic temperatures to cool. So far so good.

  35. The winner of the 2017 Double Speak Award goes to ‘climate scientist’ Jonathan Overpeck. My guess is Ol’ john is in line for an IPCC fellowship grant…

  36. To see every blip and snip as proof of one theory or another is the opposite of science. Glib sayings and personal attacks are not science either. There is no unifying theory. Man does effect the climate. Think of the billions of trees that have been cut down and replaced with sprawling cities. Think of the 2 billion people who heat and cook with wood, , coal, dung and peat. The world’s climate would be better off if they used natural gas and oil, even electricity from clean burning coal. Think of the sun. Scientists now say it is quiet with few sunspots. They think it is dimming. You don’t think that has a great effect?
    I was recently in Gallop, NM. It was 70 degrees (F) during the day and 15 degrees (F) the next morning. The reason is that there is little in the way of the most significant greenhouse gas, water vapor. Very low humidity.
    Not much we can do about water vapor or should.

  37. It’s the sun. We are going into a Maunder Minimum. Ask any amateur radio operator how propagation has been for the last several years.

  38. Time Magazine…1979…climate experts predict ice age doom for earth by 2003…
    Flash forward….climate experts and Al Gore predict global warming for earth by 3377…4477…6677…
    Flash forward…climate experts predict…

  39. 20 degrees above average is catastrophic warming. 20 degrees below average is winter weather.

    Most read book of 2050: The Man-Made Global Warming Hoax: “The remarkable story of how a run-of-the-mill 30-year warm spell led to mass hysteria.”

  40. Time Magazine…1979…climate experts predict ice age doom for earth by 2003…
    Flash forward….climate experts and Al Gore predict global warming for earth by 3377…4477…6677…
    Flash forward…climate experts predict…

  41. Of course, you climate deniers (including myself), why are we so stupid as to know that the exception proves the rule. The colder it gets just proves that it is going to get hotter to make up for it. However, this thermodynamic effect of the interactions of the sun’s rays, our oceans, our land masses and our atmosphere can be moderated simply by raising taxes on our fossil fuel consumption and on American citizens.

  42. Climate phobia and leftism go hand in hand.
    In the words of Ram Emanuel ” Never let a crisis go to waste. What I mean by that is during a crisis ,you can get away with things that can’t under normal circumstances “.

    The left needs a manufactured crisis to be able have government take away more freedom. The left backed away from global warming and replaced it with the more general climate change to try to cope with the 18 year period of no warming and steady temps.

    Just curious, what temp should the earth be?

  43. “This is contributing to our record wildfires in California, and the drying out of vegetation that’s leading to those wildfires, and the drying out of the Southwest’s water,”

    Or those fires could have been exacerbated by vegetation, that grew much more than normal, due to healthy amounts of rainfall last Spring and was never mitigated, due to lax fire mitigation strategies or kooky “environmental concerns.”

  44. Two historical “ice ages” have come and gone. How did they end without global warming? Climate change is normal based on our planets history. Since climate change is a historical fact then it cannot be offered as proof of man’s culpability. The science that links modern man’s activities to this current change does not exist.

  45. Two historical “ice ages” have come and gone. How did they end without global warming? Climate change is normal based on our planets history. Since climate change is a historical fact then it cannot be offered as proof of man’s culpability. The science that links modern man’s activities to this current change does not exist.

  46. Two historical “ice ages” have come and gone. How did they end without global warming? Climate change is normal based on our planets history. Since climate change is a historical fact then it cannot be offered as proof of man’s culpability. The science that links modern man’s activities to this current change does not exist.

  47. Remember, if it’s a record breaking cold snap it’s “weather”. But if it’s a little warmer than normal, it’s “global warming”. Just like if a democrat intentionaly violates our secrecy laws it’s “carelessness” but if someone else accidentally does, it’s “grosss neglegence”!

  48. If all these climate scientist, politicians, governments, and so called experts put as much effort and moneys into solving poverty and health issues around the world, the world would be a better place for all, not just for guys like Al Gore the multi millionaire global warming expert; or Tom Steyer the billionaire environmentalist who made all his money legally under laws he now says are unfair.

  49. All this from some imaginary, un-named climate scientist ??? You folks may want to contact Joe Bastardi. The only issue with him is, he knows what he’s talking about and tells the truth. Your mortal enemy, Knowledge and Truth…

  50. The cold wave is obviously due to Russian collusion with Trump to make the global warming, climate change
    religious leaders look bad. We need another special prosecutor to investigate this.

  51. The ice started melting long before the industrial revolution.
    So what started the melting? It is not caused by human activity.
    And CO2 trails temperature so another lie that is told is that CO2 causes temperature to rise.
    The climate changes constantly and humans have very little to do with it.

  52. Please don’t let your lying eyes fool you into thinking that climate disaster is right around the corner

  53. ‘Climate Change’ is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated. It was intended to justify a global tax-with the American taxpayer getting soaked the most-to create a giant slush fund for the world political elite, the result of which would make those elitists richer and everyone else poorer. Thank God Trump isn’t allowing the American taxpayer to serve as a punching bag.

  54. I don’t even argue with the Global Warming clowns anymore. They’re so obviously delusional it’s easier to just let them believe whatever absurdity they like.

  55. It is very convient to have a theory that explaines climate science regardless of the facts!!!! Jim Mueller

  56. In the warmistas’ book, this is like a “tails I win, heads you lose” game. No amount of evidence will ever shake their faith in the fairy tale of AGW. It doesn’t matter because the common sense of the average person tells them that their global warming theory is “frozen over.”

  57. There is exactly one test of science. It is the ability to provide useful predictions. Time and again we find no useful predictions from the current group of self-identified climate scientists.

  58. “based on their ability to accurately reproduce observed climate trends and processes”

    Um, that’s not science. That’s retroactively saying your model fits the data.

    In contrast, Newtonian and Einsteinian physics are PREDICTIVE to an exceptional degree of accuracy within their physical regimes. In fact. real scientists didn’t buy into the relativity theories until experimentslists verified those predictions (of the deflection of starlight by the sun’s gravity).

    The ability to retroactive curve fit the data is computer programming, not science. That the last little bit of ice in the arctic is melting, an ice sheet that once covered huge swaths of North America as far south as the US Rockies, upper Midwest and all of New England, is hardly proof that humans are changing the climate. After all, that ice melted long before fossil fuels were developed…long before humans arrived on the scene at all.

    Sad what gets called “science” these days. If your science predicts every eventuality from cold weather to hot from no snow to snow from more hurricanes to less…you don’t have a science any more.

    You have a religion.

  59. I’m sick and tired of hearing the term climate change. Everyone knows that climates change. No one can prove we can change climates. No one has proved we changed our climate. As long as so-called researchers feel compelled to alter data and use tax dollars we should reject their scare tactics.

  60. Global warming enthusiasts need to realize that if they are ever put on the witness stand about anything, their credibility is going to be shattered like a hailstone hitting concrete if the opposing attorneys get wind of their position on climate.

  61. Let me see if I can think like a lunatic global warming liberal. How about this: The deep freeze is the warmest on record. It’s the warmest ice ever recorded.

    • That actually sounds more like a Trump post, “We’re gonna make Ice Warm again!” (Sorry not against Trump, not a huge fan or anything but that’s what I heard when I read this. Don’t read too much into it beyond me giggling at my desk)

  62. Liberals are being chimp slapped, contradicted and confronted at every angle. It’s a beautiful thing. Climate liars will have many years to reconsider their junk science while the sun takes a vacation in it’s quiet period.

  63. I am finally starting to understand.

    California on fire – global warming.
    Chicago freezing – global warming.
    Donald John Trump elected – global warming.
    Boy gets beaten up by bully on the playground – global warming.
    Rosie O’Donnell an idiot – global warming.

    FINALLY! It’s clear.

  64. Neither alarmist or denier am I, just follow the money & you can see more greed than Ali Baba & the 40 thieves!

  65. Got a question for these Climate Researchers. How the hell can you predict world temperatures 200 years in the future, when you cant tell me accurately if I need a jacket or raincoat next week?

  66. Global warming alarmists…scientists…shamans, are the “anti-science” flat-earthers of the modern era. NO science, only an endless trough of Soros money for supporters.

  67. All the pundits are in error: The climate change problem is caused by GRAVITY. When gravity is understood we will have understood climate change!!!

  68. How does the climate engineering that even “rocket man” says he has using decades old technology come into play? Weather wars much.

  69. “While scientists routinely find themselves explaining that day-to-day weather patterns are not the same as long-term climate trends, they also widely agree that human-caused climate change is exacerbating extreme weather.
    Along the New England coast, the cold appeared to be at least partially the culprit in the deaths of three thresher sharks found washed up on the shores of Wellfleet and Orleans on Cape Cod over the past several days, according to scientists.”

    Well it looks like our toothy friends haven’t found the missing heat in the oceans just yet and it’s a travesty that they can’t I guess.

  70. So, there’s long term drying of the southwest because of man made climate change? I’m sure it was a lush tropical paradise before the industrial revolution, and it’s only become desert in the last 100 years. Give me a break.

  71. Do you notice how these “scientists” (they are more akin to grant money “gold diggers”) fail to mention the affect the wobbling tilt of the earth has on climate?

    The earth’s procession is beginning to enter a phase where sun light will be less direct on earth’s surface causing cooling for next 100 years.

  72. Just what makes these fools believe that the present climate is the true and correct one just because it happened to be this way during their pitiful few years on earth. And why do they think that they should make it stay thus way, if they could?

  73. Dear Global Anthropogentic Climate Change Alarmist;

    Do not confuse…
    What you wish to be true,
    What is actually true.

    ⬇️⬇️ Videos ⬇️⬇️

    (This 1st one is hilarious!)

    U.S. Senate Hearing:
    Judiciary Subcommittee
    Dr. Aaron Mair
    [9 min.]

    U.S. Senate Hearing:
    Energy, Environment & Telecom Committee
    Dr. Don Easterbrook
    [1 hr. 29 min.]

    Britain Channel 4 Documentary:
    [1 hr. 15 min.]

    Ninth International Conference
    On Climate Change:
    Dr. Patrick Moore / Greenpeace Co-Founder
    [00:00 min. > 24:00 min.]

    The Origin Of The Global Warming Alarm:
    Dr. John Coleman / Weather Channel Founder
    [36 min.]

    Global Warming & Climate Change:
    Dr. Roy Spencer
    [22 min.]

    ⬇️⬇️ Text Articles ⬇️⬇️

    Who & What Is The IPCC:

    IPCC Report Of 4,000 Scientists
    Is Actually Not 4,000 Scientists:

    NIPCC Report:
    Why Scientists Disagree On
    Global Anthropogenic Climate Change

    Climate Change Physical Science:
    Summary For Policy Makers
    [text] 25 pages
    Complete Report
    [text] 1,004 pages

    News Articles From The 1970’s:
    “The Coming Ice Age”

    The Sky Is Falling… Tomorrow!

  74. crock of hooey. Last winter was very mild until late February early March. It seemed last winter was much more milder than this one. It’s cyclic, always has been, always will be. I remember Christmas, 1970 or 1971. It was warm and sunny outside and my brothers and I were running our new STP’s (race cars) on the street without our jackets on. Them the Christmas of 1972 we were out sledding in a foot of snow. Its all cylic. Climate Change is bull hockey, it’s a scam!!

  75. About 10 years ago, during a cold winter, a co-worker of mine, who was a PhD, tried to explain to me that global cold was caused by global warming. I l listened to his logic then ask “what if global warming is caused by global cold?” He went off mumbling to himself very confused.

  76. The narrow ranges of enthalpy of water molecules, from solid, liquid, gas account for weather patterns.

    This basic thermodynamics explains the steam and water cycle, and also applies to the three phases found in the oceans, lakes, rivers…

    But, becsuse it’s explanation is beyond the intellect of the average “thinker”, NEVER do the climate philosophers use the basic science to explain the obvious.

    This allows the warming scam to go on snd on. Most are simply too lazy to learn the facts, which are not really so difficult to comprehend.

  77. do you realize these same such “experts” on climate science have no reasoning on why we even had an Ice Age. Then, they offer zero tangible opinion on how the Ice Age collapsed. In fact, they can’t explain how the North American continent covered in a mile thick crust of glacial ice could melt so fast and NO EXPLANATION as to where the Heat came from to melt thousands and thousands of miles of one mile thick ice.
    Yet, these same such blowhards can spew off all this double talk we are all gunna die “if” we don’t do what they tell us.
    really folks believing on the liberal side. You are committing all of us, to follow along with Global Warming when clear evidence shows they manipulated their so called science to fit their ill fitting story.
    What is clear in the historical records of the past 100,000 years plus, we are overdue for a hardline Ice Age. A BIG ONE at that… So how do you explain, where Quebec Canada is, turning into a massive frozen one mile deep thick crust of ice. Siberia being seasonally cold with wholly Mammoths grazing on the grasslands. But Canada from coast to coast, and a good portion of the USA covered in a mile of ice.
    A new Ice Age is going to be here long before we all burn up according to the Climate Change goofballs predictions happen.
    Please liberal climate change scientists, how do you melt tens of thousands of miles of mile thick glacial ice with 144 BTU’s per cubic foot of ice. Where did the heat come from?

  78. after much research I have found the formula that explains globull warming: X times Y = Z (X being the number of dollars received in grants that “experts” need to survive, Y being the message they are told to find by said givers of monies, and Y being the “adjusted” results)

  79. If you recall George Orwell’s book, “1984” he discussed the Three Paradoxes. War is Peace. Ignorance is Strength. Freedom is Slavery. The Socialist AGW Zealots who worship in the Church of AGW believe in a Fourth Paradox. Cold is Warm.

    • Good one! “Cold is Warm”. Sort of makes you think that cold is warm sort fits all of the Three Paradoxes.

  80. Remember boys & girls Extreme Heating caused Ice Ages – Hahahaha! These “Scientists” are All Prostitutes saying whatever their told by Governments to stay on the Funding Gravy train. Look at the Sun throughout History – when it’s Solar Maximum – it’s Hot, when it’s Solar Minimum we get Ice Ages & there have been several Before Humans – Hello?

  81. “Does record breaking winter cold cast doubt on climate predictions of milder winters?”

    Of course not, indeed it’s just further PROOF of global warming.

    After all, they saw the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”!

  82. If a theory is not subject to proof or falsification, then not only does falsification not apply, but its veracity is cannot be shown either. We can view these global warming/climate change emanations as just the thoughts of these individuals or organizations as sometimes interesting speculation, but by no means a basis to determine the expenditure of government monies or for passing of restrictive laws.

  83. Climate Hypers MUST explain fraud.

    Why is it necessary to lie about data and deliberately change results which reveal their models and predictions to be inaccurate?

    The canal is guilty of scientific misrepresentation of facts. This is a criminal act who h needs to be prosecuted.

  84. Climate change believers are largely socialist, partly communist, certainly globalist, and dislike traditional religions. That’s all you need to know about climate change.

  85. Will carbon tax funds now be used for snow removal assistance and warming centers for the homeless? The Waxman-Markey carbon tax bill would have handled that and many more discretionary uses of funds with the pot-o-money it would have bestowed into Party hands.

  86. “Science is complicated – and doesn’t always fit the simplified version we learn as children.”
    Sophie Lewis

    “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself”
    Albert Einstein

  87. Crazy climate change screamers have done more damage to their political cause, acting crazy, screaming at doubters and behaving like communists has the opposite effect by turning people off. Acting stupid makes you look and sound stupid and people just stop listening.

  88. The Weather Gussers can’t event get the forecast for the next day right, yet they can tell you how the weather will be and was for hundreds, thousands of years. I guess they all go to Hogwarts and take their classes from Professor Trelawney to get their degree.

  89. 25 years of collecting unreliable (at best) and ‘noisy’ temperature data from all over the face of the world, computer modeling over an even smaller span of years by people working on government grants and there you have it folks, predictions of gloom and doom for our planet with ‘information’ extrapolated from 1850 to 2300 with all sorts of ‘modeled’ graphs and pretty ‘manufactured’ pictures offered as proof.

    In the High Tech, Space Industry Engineering Departments I worked in over a lifetime (you know, the people who designed and built the temperature sensors used around the world today) this technique or ‘argument’ is called ‘magic with numbers’ or more commonly ‘dry lab-ing the data’. The point is we still do not have the instantaneous ability to resolve the global temperature instantaneously at any point in time to one degree of repeatable accuracy much less .1, .01. or .001 that would be able to substantiate a mean rise or fall of the global temperature of .1 degrees over any meaningful span of time.

    ‘Magic with numbers’ is always accomplished by either inventing your data or massaging what data you have, unreliable at best given the time spans involved the equipment available, the precision, repeatable accuracy and calibration of the equipment used to collect the data along with the number of people doing the measurements, all of which are accomplished somewhat differently. Then the ‘meta data’ gathered is used to arrive at a very questionable conclusion using formulas that these charlatans passing themselves off as scientists have created, to produce the calculations that give them the numbers that they are looking for to prove their totally unsubstantiated theory as fact. This isn’t science nor even a small piece of the scientific method. What it is is junk science and done for the worst of reasons, namely money.

    The fact is, all of the theories they have are based on observations of 25 years or so using technologies that were invented during that period of time. In the computer based technologies of today it’s wise to remember the old saying, ‘garbage in, garbage out.’

    Sorry for the compound and run-on sentences but I just can’t spend much time writing something like this before becoming nauseous caused by my brain flipping around inside of my head.

  90. Here’s my glowbull theory… the earth is a giant heat refrigerator. The sun heats one end and the other end gets cold… simple!

  91. In an additional development, below freezing temperatures knock out temperature monitoring stations throughout the regions affected by the arctic blast. Thus the warming trend will be sustained as data is lost.

  92. All these well thought out and literate responses to this guy’s take on how cold is related to man warning up the climate is a very nice effort but you are wasting your time trying to use common sense with liberals. Let’s just call it what it is, consumate leftist bullshit!

    • It’s because you’re too stupid to understand science and the difference between weather and climate. Stop trying to politicize every thing and letting other people tell you what to think.

      • Sorry, have I trampled on your religion? I know this about climate…at one time or another the earth was a. a ball of fire; b. a ball of ice; c. a vast desert; d. totally enveloped in water; and in all those cases completely uninhabited by humans. How do I know this? Your science tells me this. Stop with the demagoguery and find a real religion to follow.

    • “your science”– scary stuff. “You” have your science, I have my god. Im not sure if this is more scary or moronic

  93. The Climate quacks will never admit their wrong. As long as the billionaire globalist keep funding them, they will keep quacking.

  94. Honest scientists have already confirmed we are heading into a 100-120 year cooling period based on decreased Sun spot activity and the variable orbit of the Earth. The dishonesty of the climate change religion is breathtaking to behold!!

  95. The only constant in the weather is the constant naggers evangelizing the New Orthodoxy. I ain’t buying. In all things, I worship the Creator, not the creation.

  96. I think it would be difficult to find a theory so vociferously touted that failed the rules of theory offered by Karl Popper more than does the CAGW meme.

    “It is easy to obtain confirmations or verifications for nearly every theory- if we look for confirmations.

    Confirmations should only count if the are the result of risky predictions. That is to say if, unenlightened by the theory in question, we should have expected an event which was incompatible with the theory, an event which would have refuted the theory.

    Every ‘good’ scientific theory is a prohibition: the more it forbids the better it is.

    A theory which is not refutable by any conceivable event is nonscientific. Irrefutability is not a virtue but of any theory but is a vice.

    Every genuine test of a theory is an attempt to falsify it or refute it. Testability is falsifiability; but there are degrees of testability: some theories are more testable, more exposed to greater risks.

    Confirming evidence should not count except when it is the result of a genuine test of the theory and this means that it can be presented as a serious but unsuccessful attempt to falsify the theory. (I now speak in such cases of ‘corroborating evidence’)

    Some genuinely testable theories when found to be false are still upheld by their admirers, for example by introducing ad hoc some ancillary assumption or by re interpreting the theory ad hoc in such a way that it escapes refutation. Such a procedure is always possible, but it rescues the theory from refutation only at the price of destroying or at least lowering its scientific status. (I later described such a rescuing operation as a ‘conventionalist twist’ or a ‘conventialist stratagem.”

    By these standards the alarmist hypothesis must be of the lowest scientific status in recent history.

  97. If global warming gets any worse we’ll all freeze to death. When will this cult of people who refuse to admit they are wrong? All the best science proves that our sun, the earth’s magnetic field and the oceans are the real drivers of our climate. The disgusting left wing physcobabble that promotes this junk science is wasting billions, how many billions is it in the hundreds? Billions that could go to desalination plants for fresh water, irrigation projects, fusion power research, food for children, medical research and exotic propulsion systems to begin exploring our solar system and beyond.
    Actually junk science like this is harming people by robbing us of needed resources.

  98. Don’t worry all you global warming believers. When the global warming “scientists” get through manipulating the data, this record cold will be recorded as record heat.

  99. Global warming/climate change is so discredited and bogus. NASA, NOAA, Penn State, East Anglia, all caught fudging data and Al Gore becoming a billionaire by lying to the people while his palacial mansion uses 40x the average home’s energy. What a joke! The great majority of Americans want these totalitarian hoaxers to STFU.

  100. Early in the third millennium AD, Dr. Robert Gagosian of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution postulated the possibility of a new mini ice age within two decades. The “global warming” crowd pooh-poohed the notion and insisted that it could not happen and that global warming was the certain fate of the planet. Now, it would appear, the warming bunch has acknowledged that a mini ice age is not only possible but probable. But to cover their behinds, as this article points out, they are saying that it will be caused by “global warming.” What’s wrong with this picture? Or, more precisely, what’s wrong with their thinking?

  101. There’s a difference between weather (weekly) and climate (yearly). Just because it’s cold for a few days doesn’t mean the earth isn’t warming. Warming the earth changes weather systems across the planet. Nice try attempting to politicize science though.

    [and just because there’s a heat-wave for a few doesn’t mean the earth is warming -mod]

  102. Global cooling is followed by global warming, followed by global cooling and global warming, and then global cooling with global warming following. Why is it so hard to believe that the earth has these cycles, has always had these cycles and is expected to forever continue these cycles? Is eco history fake?

  103. “Global warming” was never about the temperature. Those two words are the red herring that hides catastrophic global POLLUTION. We humans can do something about pollution, but we can’t do anything about the temperature. Of course, we’ve chosen to NOT do anything about pollution, indeed, the US of A is investing 180 billion dollars to increase the production of single-use plastic, and Monsanto and ilk aren’t about to stop drowning our food in endocrine-disrupting pesticides that are causing infertility and a myriad of health problems for every species on the planet. As long as humanity’s highest values are Financial Profit and Personal Gain, the destruction of our environment will continue unabated. Got kids? Oh well. so sad too bad – they have no future. We’ve destroyed it. But no worries. The stock market and housing are at record highs: Party on folks.

    • Bs. Global warming was all about temperature, in the beginning they said the world would only last 10 years. False prophets! They have preyed n people’s fears acknowledging that we could stop now all emissions and it wouldn’t affect the temperature at all. Though. Agree that pollution is a major problem, but people are dying everyday in china due to it, but do you think they turn off their factories?

    • Pro tip #1: Captain Planet was a cartoon.
      Pro tip #2: Real-life corporate executives are not cartoon villains ala Luthen Plunder.
      Pro tip #3: Wanton pollution is not a sound long-term business strategy.
      Pro tip #4: The wealthiest societies are the least polluting.

  104. The scientific models are obtained by collecting yearly average temperatures all around the globe and plugging that data into the computer models. This gives scientists an idea of the average global temperature. When cold weather is excused as a cold snap weather pattern and hot weather is touted as the globe warming due to climate change and these two temperature differences are plugged into models differently, then the scam is on. When all temperatures are averaged, the results are a global cooling. This just cannot be revealed, so temperature data manipulation is what has occurred to get the needed warming results. The proof is the observation by everyone including Scientists who are not part of the scam of the earth cooling.

  105. Forget that Nobel prize winners have stated the data on warming has been doctored, even he average liberal idiot admits its global climate change now. Obviously with India china and the user polluting at the highest levels in history, we should all be underwater in a global hot tub. The next thing will be global freezing caused by excess co2 ice. Fools

  106. This was predicted in 1848 by Stephen Foster when he wrote Oh! Susanna.

    “It rained all night the day I left, the weather it was dry;
    The sun so hot I froze to death—Susanna, don’t you cry.”

  107. You all should have your science degrees rescinded. You embarrass the progress of real science by your hand waving claims. You continue to justify your hypotheses as new data streams in, rather than the obvious conclusion that you have bad hypotheses. A real scientist would ‘man up’ and confess the hypotheses are flawed. CO2 has very little to do with any of these climate events and you know it.

  108. Don’t worry! They can still make this the warmest year on record. Just manipulate a little little more historical data.

  109. It’s funny that the global warming advocates constantly get caught alteeing their findings to match their claims, yet the deniers have never had to manipulate data to prove their point.
    You would fail grade school science class if you did what many of these climate scientists have done.

    Follow the money, these scientists will say anything in order to secure their grant money.

  110. The key to dispensing with the Climate Change scam is to insist that government go first. When government gives up extremely polluting war and preparations for war, then, and only then, can they approach us with this nonsense. Until then, they can f* off!

    Government first!

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  111. BULLSH_T!!!!!!!! If meteorological predictions (based on “science”) are largely unpredictable, (as evidenced by the fallible caprice and imperfect “prediction” of the weather), then surely the hypothesis that postulates and assumes “warming,” may be based on a false premise as well. When observable phenomena seem to contradict a hypothesis, we must leave room for the possibility that a phenomenon such as “warming”, may be a long-term cyclical effect. If so, then the larger picture (in terms of epochs) may be imperfectly reflected in our narrow frame of observation (that has existed for less than 200 years), leading to a false conclusion. As was famously said, “check your premises, you’ll find they’re wrong!” – Atlas Shrugged. Why? Because your “premise” will always be the major flaw, the one thing that cannot be checked by scientific observation. Every “premise “holds evidence in thrall to its presumption. As an example of this, consider the Brahe/Kepler proposition of epicycles of the planets based on an earth-centered model of the solar system.

  112. Do these people hear themselves? They actually sound insane. So it is warmer than ever that is why it is colder than ever…. really the insanity. Completely disregard solar activity in all their models and blame it all on human activity. Insanity. The sun is completely void of sun spot activity. That is why it is getting colder. Much in the same way as when glaciers covered the continent…..when there was NO human activity. And why did the glaciers melt? Not because of human activity because there was none. It was because of long periods of increased solar activity, i.e., sun spots. When are we going to tell the insane inmates to shut up and stop allowing their insanity to control the narrative and extort us for money and power. Enough is enough. These people are simply power and money crazed and we allow it to control us. All that is required here is common sense and a little backbone to stand up the the lies.

  113. The whole “climate change”/”global warming” scam isn’t going to be solved with scholarly rebuttals in journals and at symposia. Based on the deranged logic that is being proffered as an explanation for the record-breaking, bitter cold experienced this week, the solution will be when the lunatics who persist in this fantasy are hauled off to rubber-roomed sanatoriums by net-wielding attendants.

    This is decidedly NOT science any more…it is sheer, unmitigated LUNACY.

  114. My open letter to President Trump: “Mr. President, whatever the climate will be, I want you to know that as a 100 year old WW II Vet and a Pearl Harbor Survivor, for the rest of my natural life I know that my country will be in the good warm hands of Donald J. Trump!”

  115. These Global Warmers have a “scientific” explanation to counter every disputed fact or argument.

    There are others who have that same ability to use ‘science’ in such an amazing manner.
    They are known as the ‘Flat Earthers’ and ‘Hollow Earthers’.

    Another thing all of these groups have in common, is they suffer from delusional insanity.

  116. From the article: “That loss of ice has allowed more heat to transfer from the ocean to the atmosphere, causing a weakening of the polar vortex winds over the Arctic. Those winds usually “insulate the rest of the Northern Hemisphere” from freezing Arctic temperatures, Overpeck said.”

    I don’t recall any year where an arctic cold front has not come down into the U.S. at some time during the winter. Whatever mechanism there is that causes arctic air to come south, happens every year.

    • Practically speaking -30Cis not a lot different from -35C.
      Unless you’re expecting supersonic progress in warming.
      And why would you do that considering that atmospheric accumulation is only 2ppm/year.
      Also at this time of year Arctic air advection south over snowfield will only get colder, not warmer.

  117. Con men have an answer for everything to defend their scams. Real Scientists never do. Caveat Emptor.

  118. I also find it entertaining how we can have entire continents with record-breaking cold winters, summer heat is isn’t even as high as the 1930s, yet somehow, each year is almost the “hottest year ever”.

    If they do their taxes the way they analyze temperature data, the IRS would jail them.

  119. Maybe these same nerds had it correct in 1973 when they told us the eath was getting colder. Maybe they used the eeny meeny miny moe method and it came out hotter in the late 1980’s.

  120. This started out in the 70s as global cooling…we’ll be in an ice age by 1985 they said…when that that didn’t happen it was global warming, they’ll be no ice left in the artic by 2000 they said….when that didn’t happen it became Climate change!! Who could argue with that they probably thought!
    What a scam!!

  121. Voodoo science of most baseless type, the ends of wealth redistribution justify any means including spreading the Big Lie in such a widespread manner that the common herd becomes believers of this drivel.

  122. The only people leftists call “climate scientists” are their fellow leftists feeding at the taxpayer trough. The only “solution” leftists ever propose to “solve” every “crisis” they fabricate is larger organized crime government to steal and redistribute more individual rights (e.g. wealth). Each “crisis” is but a means to a socialist end.

  123. CO2 tax = breath tax.
    The weather retards can’t even predict today’s weather accurately (with trillions of dollars of satellites) and we’re supposed to believe them about something 10 years, 20, 30, 100 years out?!? Wild guesses @ best. We have goldfish memory…they’re counting on it…just saying 😉

  124. Climate change is observable, but cannot be attributed to and single contributor cause or combination of contributor causes, so it cannot be called a theory. Carbon dioxide’s contribution to it is equally not possible of forming a theory … hypothesis at best.

  125. Quite simply it was not in the model before and to put it in now would mean someone changed the model. Anyone who has read ‘A world without Ice’ and the other publications would realize they are changing the story.

  126. I like to ask the climate change wackos this question: In the hypothetical event that a global cooling trend emerged (and likely much worse for humans than warming), would you advocate for MORE fossil fuel use? Would you encourage people to buy gas guzzling vehicles and get out on the road and drive to save the planet? Would you kill all the emission standards you have promoted to fight “climate change?”

    It’s fun. It’s not a question they enjoy answering.

  127. I AM WAITING for the climate change girls to cover this quote about their climate change. —–
    PROOF QUOTE > “One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. Instead, climate change policy is about how we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth.” – Ottmar Edenhofer, lead author of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), speaking in 2010, IPCC meeting. OHHH YEA. The “climate change” certainly is man-made … by the regressive socialist Nazi democRATS.

  128. Lol….lefties are so deranged. They severely lack any logic skills….let alone honest scientific rigor. To them the weather/climate is just an extension of loony lefty politics.

  129. they will keep telling us global warming until the last of the feeders have frozen to death and global human populations are cut back 80 percent, then they will say oops, and, well they deserved to freeze and starve to death for believing us.

  130. You notice these frauds have changed their narrative from Man Made Global Warming, the Global Warming, and now Climate Change. And I believe science proves that climate is in never ending change. This is all about Globalism and the greedy scum behind it. Bottom line!

  131. Some of the main reasons why so many people seem to want the global warming theory to be true is that they both don’t want the poorer countries and people of the world to have abundant access to cheap energy in the form of coal, and oil etc.. (these obviously being energy resources which have and can continue to lift many millions out of poverty) and is because they wish to pretend that they have control over the weather which does not involve their moral actions.

    The Bible plainly states that those who are morally upright will be blessed with good rains and those who are evil will be punished with poorer climatic outcomes to their detriment. Jesus Christ, also, says that at the time of the end there will be natural disasters, and I think that that is obviously another reason why some want to blame poor weather events on the global warming theory instead of on their poor moral character and the judgements of God.

    I would add that many in the West may also want to weaken the power of non-western countries which have a lot of oil resources compared to the West, and they may hope that having more of the world shunning the use of oil resources and the development of oil extraction in the name of fighting “Global Warming” could be used to gain the economic upper hand over their competitors.

  132. The earth’s climate has shifted between ice ages and waterworld many times over. So why is this instance of warming proof that man is the culprit when he clearly wasn’t in every prior case? Probably, warming gradually desalinates the ocean causing an eventual disruption to the Gulf Stream and other conveyors of warmth from lower to upper latitudes triggering an ice age. Then resalinization starts the conveyor up again and the ice starts to melt and the process starts anew. It’s just a coincidence that the steps necessary to counter man-caused warming dovetails so nicely with leftist statist economics.

  133. I have been reviewing Chesapeake Bay water levels for 22 years. The ocean is not rising. Do the research yourself. My co-worker has been keeping record of Bay water levels for 48 years. His conclusion is the same. Tangier Island levels have actually gone down. Trump saved the USA trillions. Now it’s time to cut back on billions of wasted foreign aid. Happy New Year!

  134. To say that there is a greater chance that Arctic blasts are due to “global warming” than the drying of the American Southwest is both rather mind boggling and Orwellian. The environmental movement has put almost all of its eggs in the global warming or climate change basket. As a result, it has become a faith of theirs, they get even more absurd with their predictions, and they cannot tolerate any skepticism. We’ve seen some wild predictions – over 30 years ago I was told in science class that the ocean would have risen a foot by now – but they are going to get even wilder. Perhaps they will start to use this to explain plate techtonics as well as extraterrestrial changes in temperature.

  135. Wow, it is as if they make this shit up as needed. Notice how their model did not predict deeper, longer and more frequent blasts of arctic air? But a model must be able to predict events and not merely “explain” them away when they occur. This is exactly what intelligent skeptics point out. These models HAVE NO PREDICTION VALUE. Ad hoc jargon-choked SCIENCEY speculations replace predictability.

  136. It appears that the sophists (click here for an article on sophists in ancient Greece) in “Anthropological Global Warming” camp have a handy fallacy on every occasion. What they mostly do is that they construct various “possible” scenarios, virtually none of which has been verified as actual or even possible.

    But the most serious flaw in their “theory” is that they have switched the burden of proof. First, they failed to prove that their “theory” is valid, providing extensive sophistry that masqueraded as “proof”. Then they self-proclaimed their “theory” as “settled science” (which is neither settled nor science). Now, they reject all the evidence that their “theory” is contradictory with the reality by insisting that the observed facts do not disprove global warming.

    The shortest fallacious inference of this kind I have seen was “The existence of winter does not disprove the global warming.” It tacitly assumes that the global warming has been proved and anyone who questions it must prove it is not happening. And that is the real scientific fraud.

  137. It is always something horrible with these purveyors of negativity.No matter what it is doom and gloom.If It were warm we would melt .wWhrn it is cold and does not mesh with previous predictions — they will create new farces. There is s method underlying this approach.It is their hatred of capitalism and freedom.Objective ultimately collectivism a one world Marxist style totalitarianism.Just listen carefully to the rhetoric and their philosophical bent.

  138. It is always something horrible with these purveyors of negativity.No matter what it is doom and gloom.If It were warm we would melt .When it is cold and does not mesh with previous predictions — they will create new farces. There is s method underlying this approach.It is their hatred of capitalism and freedom.Objective ultimately collectivism a one world Marxist style totalitarianism.Just listen carefully to the rhetoric and their philosophical bent.

  139. The AGW loons and luddites are only searching for a pry-bar with which to force their statist cult on the rest of society. They care not for the costs, financial or in human lives, for ham-stringing economies or technological advancement. They only care about virtue signaling to other smug liberals while driving their Teslas.

  140. All I can say is mini ice age is coming and you global warming fools will be sitting in prison for stealing billions in funding on lies

  141. So… wonder how much in government grants Jonathan Overpeck, climate scientist at the University of Michigan, get paid / year? UofM has become a real next of idiots… Coach Bo would be spinning in his grave!

  142. Falsifiability is the idea that an assertion can be shown to be false by an experiment or an observation, and is critical to distinctions between “true science” and “pseudoscience”.

    Science is complicated – and doesn’t always fit the simplified version we learn as children.

    So “Conjectures and Refutations” by Karl Popper – about science needing to be falsifiable – is reading for children? I don’t think so.

    Moving from childhood to adulthood the biggest new learned behaviour is dishonesty, and the sophistication thereof.

    We change from being curious about the atmospheres, ocean and climate history, to being drones cynically obedient to a climate AGW doctrine that deep down we know to be false. And call the “childlike” ones who disagree “denyers”.

  143. Fact, we’ve had the Farenhieght thermometer for approx. 500 years. Assuming the MILLIONS of years that the earth has existed how can anyone reasonably assume they have a clue about what is “normal” for the climate? It’s pure hubris. A wiser man would recognize that that it’s the equivalent of a mayfly complaining it was too hot on the day it was born & died.

  144. Dear WattsUp, you’re blog is awesome! Two questions: Wouldn’t warmer climate self-regulate by additional evaporation forming more clouds increasing earth’s albedo reflecting more heat back into space? And, doesn’t minimal atmospheric co2 absorb all the light at its own bandwidth anyway, so that increasing it won’t hold in more heat anyway? -Bob E., Real Science Radio, Denver, Colo.

  145. And yet, if we turn our economy and freedom over to climate alarmists to “do the right thing” you will never see another article about its dangers. Even if the earth actually does get warmer. All this is is a scheme to get and retain power, privilege and celebrity. Nothing else.

  146. Once again the Man Made Climate change goofs prove that Man Made Climate change is not a science but a religion! You must believe!!!!!

    Man Made Climate change has failed and continues to fail the scientific method.

  147. I read through every one of the so-called “explanations” as to why in spite of the weather becoming more artic, the planet was still “warming”. Not one of these “scientists” mentioned solar activity. Excuse me, but as a scientist, or even a meteorologist, would not the single major factor in the earth’s temperatures have something to do with any model? Apparently not if you wish to maintain a falsehood that you know is false.

  148. Yup. The Church Of Man Made Global Warming is a cult with an explanation for everything. Presumably they’ll be able to even take credit for an ice age if were to happen to stumble into one.

  149. Human CO2 is a tiny % of CO2 emissions
    “The oceans contain 37,400 billion tons (GT) of suspended carbon, land biomass has 2000-3000 GT. The atpmosphere contains 720 billion tons of CO2 and humans contribute only 6 GT additional load on this balance. The oceans, land and atpmosphere exchange CO2 continuously so the additional load by humans is incredibly small. A small shift in the balance between oceans and air would cause a CO2 much more severe rise than anything we could produce.

  150. “Climate models are important and complex tools for understanding the climate system. Are climate models falsifiable? Are they science? A test of falsifiability requires a model test or climate observation that shows global warming caused by increased human-produced greenhouse gases is untrue. It is difficult to propose a test of climate models in advance that is falsifiable.”

    As a layman who is fascinated by this subject, I look at that reasoning as complete obfuscation. From my perspective, models are tools built to attempt to mimic behavior, in this case a model of a system that it likely too complex to model with acceptable accuracy. The model output should have no bearing on, say, the falsifiability of CAGW theory — if it’s a poor model, it’s junk. If it’s a good model, it’s showing you that it runs correctly according to the parameters for which it was designed, nothing more. The author admits that models are simply tools for understanding, then sets models up as a straw man that shouldn’t be falsified — as if that was a skeptic’s agenda — then making the requisite leap to refuting falsification as passé.

    • And what is so difficult about proposing a test of climate models that are falsifiable?

      If one’s hypothesis is correct about man-made global warming, then X amount of CO2 over time period Y should result in temperature Z. If reality does not produce the predicted temperature, then the hypothesis has been falsified. Nothing difficult about it.

      • I say it’s great to poke holes in CAGW hypotheses, which might lead to falsification over a long period of observation. Meanwhile, crackpots will push model after model to proclaim impending disaster. Focus on the observed measurements in our natural world and less on trying to “falsify” someone’s faulty rendition of how they expect climate to behave.

  151. Seven or 8 years ago I remember reading that scientists were predicting warmer Pacific Ocean temperaures caused by Global Warming would lead to record El Ninjo’s occurring year after year. This in turn would lead to much more rainfall in California. Instead, California has experienced the worst draught in a century. Now scientists say the record draught is caused by Global Warming. Now they are sayibg record cold temperatures are caused by Global Warming. No wonder the public is so skeptical about it.

  152. From the article, on the issue of falsifiability: “Science is complicated – and doesn’t always fit the simplified version we learn as children.”

    She’s saying that Karl Popper, one of the worlds greatest philosophers of science ever, advocated ideas which were childish since her notion of “science” doesn’t meet the standards that he so rationally identified for the realm of science. She’s indulging in name-calling, smearing, and looking down her nose at anyone who questions lesser standards as idiots adhering to a simplified version designed for children.

    Such condescension is not much of a substitute for real science.

  153. Notice they have changed from Global Warming, to Climate Change and now to Global Energy Imbalance. It’ll be the new sexy term to get more funding because it sounds impressive.

  154. The science behind this is a disaster. It fails to take into account of our solar systems Traverse around our own Galaxy. This is not a stagnant Force, but a robust system that exerts tremendous pressures on all that travel before it. For the last 60 millennium our solar system has been scrambling to get in front of the Milky Way galaxy while it hurdles through the universe. This caused an ever-increasing amount of energy to enter our system which produced higher wind speeds, more violent earthquakes, and even more frequent volcanic eruptions. It can even explain more drastic periods of drought, and more violent periods of tornadoes. These occurred continually until we reach the Apex in 2012, as evidenced by are having centered on the Milky Way galaxy. Since then we have reached a state of equilibrium, until now. Now we begin the decline. What happens when you start pulling energy out of a system? Not the least of which you can expect rapid cooling. We can expect this highly fluctuating weather until we reach an equilibrium as we Cruise along side the Galaxy. For now, our temperatures will continue to slowly decline until we reach the back end of the Galaxy, which will result in massive amounts of energy being drawn from our system and we enter another Ice Age. The rest of this reminds me of the rainmakers of old. This is simply about trying to get your money and gather power unto themselves. Such a sad use of science.

  155. Blah, blah, blah, because ice, because (Insert technobabble to confuse and divert from truth). It’s the same story year after year after year. It’s always The Hottest Yeah On Record, “they” say. The seas are rising, “they” say.
    Funny, but I haven’t noticed any change in the overall heat index, nor is the ocean anywhere near encroaching on my property—and I literally live within 1000 yards (914 meters for the Eurotrash) of the San Francisco Bay.

    This article is nothing more than another desperate attempt to perpetuate the Big Lie; to perpetuate the money pouring in to prove the Big Lie; to perpetuate their Church of the Big Lie.

    I’m not fooled.

    • Climate change is real; manmade global warming is a fraud. The three primary drivers of our climate are: 1. The sun (insolation); 2. Volcanism,; and 3. Ocean currents. Man’s impact on climate is miniscule compared to these three. The climate has been changing since creation and will continue to do so, driven primarily by solar maximums and minimums. Climate scientists who are not part of the global warming fraud say we are at the beginning of a 30 to 100 year global cooling cycle. The oceans have not risen significantly and the polar ice is growing, not receding. You have it right, Bay Area Bob – Believe your own eyes, not the propaganda!

  156. Climate change is real; manmade global warming is a fraud. The three primary drivers of our climate are: 1. The sun (insolation); 2. Volcanism,; and 3. Ocean currents. Man’s impact on climate is miniscule compared to these three. The climate has been changing since creation and will continue to do so, driven primarily by solar maximums and minimums. Climate scientists who are not part of the global warming fraud say we are at the beginning of a 30 to 100 year global cooling cycle. The oceans have not risen significantly and the polar ice is growing, not receding. Believe your own eyes, not the propaganda!

    • Actually, ksfirth, even the IPCC admits the current climate is ‘berrie, berrie good’ for us. [See old SNL episodes for a reference.] Current weather event statistics are not different from 100 years ago, even with increased anthropogenic CO2.

      A postulated 3.7 W/m^2 increase in CO2-related ‘forcings’ pales in comparison to documented changes in cloud, humidity, etc. net forcings. Hell, it’s less than 1%, even by Trenberth estimates.

      Looking back from 2100, our distant children will marvel at our antiquated science. ‘Cause they will.

      I marvel at how ignorant Sir Newton was, reading Einstein. How ignorant was Einstein?

      Clowns that project 100+ years in the future are just that, clowns.

  157. Whether the climate is changing or not isn’t really the important question — it’s whether there is anything the population can to do to manipulate climate change — given the extraordary complexities of influences on climate, some man-made, many not, the latter is highly unlikely — only the very arrogant and very ignorant would conclude differently.

  158. Can someone please tell me who is paying these “scientists” and why?
    Nothing they have predicted for the last 20 has come true.
    Where is Al Gore? Did he fly his private jet to the Bahamas?

  159. I think all this talk of global warming just is to run us snow removal guys out of business. How are we suppose to work in the winter if there is no more snow.
    There was record breaking snow in Erie Pa last week and now we are working there getting ice off roofs, I guess we should enjoy the cold while it last

    • Don’t worry, it’s starting to come down here in N. Central Indiana. Winter storm warnings for parts of Wyoming and Idaho. And next week it’s supposed to snow in N. Florida though I doubt there are any snow removal contractors down there.

  160. As a former religious zealot, Climate Believers seem over zealous. Just sayin’.
    One other thing: The Science is SETTLED!!!!…except for Gravity…. yeah, that cannot be explained.

  161. So you have a frozen solid, 32 degree, turkey. You leave it out and over 26 years you warm it up, slowly. At the end of the 26 years of “warming” the turkey cant have a record temperature of 31 degrees. You can’t “warm” something and it comes out with a “record cold” can’t happen. EVER, never. Global warming fruitcakes.

  162. Historical climate change included global warming and cooling but now it has been politicaly hijacked by the left and envirowackos to only mean global warming! Global warming is now disguised as climate change because it totally failed to hoodwink the gullible. If we had an ice age tomorrow the left would say it was due to global warming.

  163. There was an article from a bunch of years ago which no longer exists but I luckily I copied a significant snippet from it. Here it is:

    “Karl Popper, the late, great philosopher of science, noted that for something to be called scientific, it must be, as he put it, “falsifiable.” That is, for something to be scientifically true, you must be able to test it to see if it’s false. That’s what scientific experimentation and observation do. That’s the essence of the scientific method.

    Unfortunately, the prophets of climate doom violate this idea. No matter what happens, it always confirms their basic premise that the world is getting hotter. The weather turns cold and wet? It’s global warming, they say. Weather turns hot? Global warming. No change? Global warming. More hurricanes? Global warming. No hurricanes? You guessed it.

    Nothing can disprove their thesis.”

    Here’s my comment: Man induced climate change is junk science!

  164. Here is an idea, if you guys think you can fix weather…why don’t you save lives and stop this cold snap…THEN I’ll be a believer. So, put up or shut up.

  165. The Ice Age cometh!
    Climate change history is cyclic and the continuing downward trend of the Solar sunspot cycle follows previous patterns foretelling a cooling trend similar to a Dalton or Maunder Minimum. The severity could worsen if there are large volcanic eruptions.
    Humankind may have overestimated the effect of our CO2 emissions. We may be able to seed clouds, make desert bloom, change the course of rivers, and pollute the air, but natural forces are of a greater magnitude. Humbling thoughts. Throw another log on that fire and prepare for colder years ahead.

  166. This is precisely how groupthink and politically correct tyranny triumph by literally frightening people into not saying anything that doesn’t already comport with the progressive left wisdom – and it doesn’t seem to matter what the topic is.

    This is how it now works. If you don’t get with the groupthink, if you don’t adopt immediately the cultural and liberal wisdom, if you don’t loudly and publicly let everybody know that you think like everybody else does and you agree with what everybody else is agreeing with, then you are identifying yourself and you’re painting bull’s-eye on your back.

  167. Climate change is a given and any fool would try and deny that. MAN MADE Climate Change however is a false belief and many have been so radically indoctrinated into that belief that they will disavow or isolate any potential detractors including firings and disqualifying of anyone that denies Man creates the change in climate. If man could so easily affect the climate then man could affect it for the good as well as the bad but that isn’t the case. Most Man Made global warming advocates rest their faith upon computer models and not actual data. It’s time for all to allow some sanity to come back into the argument and not be so divisive and dogmatic when their faith is not only based upon computer models but has been disproven with factual data ever since they started sounding the alarm bells of rising seas and shrinking California and Florida coastlines.

  168. Climate is the sum of the historical record. It is the past. “Future” climate is an attempt to predict what the historical record will show someday, by people who purport to know and understand the implications of trends in the record as it now stands.

    In other words, it is at best a fantasy, at worst a lie.

    Weather? It’s the present. That is the only difference.

  169. Climate change is real. What’s not real is the evidence man is responsible. The sun…you know, that massive ball of hydrogen fusion in the sky? We’ll kids, it has a thing called cycles in which it makes us hotter and colder. snit science neat? We don’t even know how many undersea volcanoes there are. They produce enormous amounts of methane, which is a far worse greenhouse gas than Co2. China used more concrete in the last three years than the US did in the last one hundred years. If you want to make a difference, stop buying cheap disposable Chinese made garbage at the dollar store. Grow your own food instead of relying on produce trucked in from five states away.

  170. Man’s determination of ‘forcings’ cannot drive global climate. The ‘forcing’ numbers involved are subsumed by dynamic forces on scales beyond mere computation.

    Get over it. The real world doesn’t care about your theories. CO2 is a minor gas.

  171. “Climate models are carefully developed and evaluated”

    This is (not science) and it might or might not work. Only for climate models there are no users who tell if it works for them. In software engineering you will run off track after a few years (or sooner) if you do it like this, w/o user verification. And the teams involved hardly ever see this by themselves.
    It would be a miracle if they can develop fit for purpose climate models this way, over the timespan of decades.

  172. The cold snap we are having now is called weather not climate; however the three hurricanes we had this year were also just weather and the lefties tried to make it into climate. Every weather event that furthers their agenda is a climate event, and every weather event that doesn’t they call a weather event. People just need to be honest.

  173. Record Breaking Winter Cold? Don’t Worry, the Climate Explainers Have it Covered

    Nothing is happening that we haven’t predicted and that we can’t control.
    Don’t believe us?
    We have a Hockey Stick.

  174. Shifting from ‘global warming’ to the undefined, undimensioned ‘climate change’ allows them to ascribe EVERYTHING to climate change.

    • I would put a priority on what kind of response we should have to changes in the climate, which are inevitable, rather than what causes it. We were taught in the 5th grade that human beings are an “adaptive species,” and yet we spend all this time arguing about the causes of climate change, rather than how to adapt to it. I think it’s more important to start thinking about shelter, food, and protecting large segments of the populace from extreme temperature swings, and climate-related phenomena.

  175. A very enlightening explanation … but I have a better one:

    Santa’s elves got fed up freezing their asses off in slavish servitude to the jolly elf, and so they all went out and bought heaters, fired ’em up, and started the polar ice melting, … which scared the crap out of the reindeer — LITERALLY, more crap, which caused more greenhouse gases to enter the atmosphere, which caused more polar warming, which caused more ice to melt, which caused wind patterns to change, thus, driving the wee cloud-warming fairies out of their warm clouds, creating colder temperatures, transferred by the changing wind patterns, intercepted by all Northern Hemisphere unicorns that inhaled it and exhaled it about the continent to produce record cold temperatures.

    Hey, if you’re gonna write climythology, then at least give it some color.

  176. Whether it’s global warming, cooling, the ozone hole, acid rain, or any of the other myriad climate doomsday predictions (which NEVER come true) the proposed “solution” is always the same: More money and more power for politicians, and higher taxes and less freedom for ordinary people.

    • Ozone – – – – if you think about this for a minute – – – – Ozone is O3 and is not stable – – – – it reacts with anything – – iron and causes rust – – – it also kills bacteria – – –

      because of this O3 has a life time – – it degrades with time – –
      as we know UV radiation breaks O2 apart and the free O atom wants to grab something – – and this forms O3 – – – –

      a keep point to think about – – – in winter over the Arctic – – there is no sunshine – – 24 hours a day of darkness – – – so what happens the Ozone it dissipates during the time period of no sun shine – – – does the lack of Ozone to harm us – – as it is not blocking the UV radiation – – there is no sun shine so all is fine – – when spring comes and the sun is shining and UV radiation is present – – – guess what – – the Ozone is created – – and blocks the UV radiation – – – – this has been going on for millions of years – – this yearly cycle

  177. Climate Change hasn’t slowed the liberal Nazis from flying in personal jets or Stopped Al Gore from lightinh up his 28,000 sq foot home has it???

      • Thank you, thank you, thank you, Gamecock.

        Calculated global average temperature may be slightly higher over the past 100 years (coming out of the Little Ice Age a few hundred years ago), but all other climatic variables have remained basically constant.

        Climate realist need to keep shouting that fact to an uncaring media.

      • Thank you Mr Fair, but I’m afraid you miss my point.
        Global mean temperature is NOT CLIMATE.
        The world does not have a climate. THE WORLD DOES NOT HAVE A CLIMATE. It has many climates. With the possible exception of the Sahel, NO PLACE ON EARTH has had a climate change in a hundred years.
        The assertion that “the climate has always changed” is absurdly false, within the time frame of modern man.

  178. James Hansen, former NASA GISS Director, published a paper which suggests global warming will trigger a short ice age in the near future

    … a fact that completely escaped his mind, until recently. He just found the calculation napkin under the couch cushions.

    • Not so far-fetched, if the phenomenon of hot water freezing faster than cold water, known as the Mpemba effect, applies to hot, humid air rising into the much colder troposphere (-60 F).

  179. If there’s a cold batch of years during a mass melt of the Greenland ice cap, the same denialists who insisted that the Greenland ice cap would never retreat will be boasting that warmists got it wrong.

  180. I love this article because it echos my sentiments on climate change and the infinite BS it’s so called science is

  181. It is called weather. It changes. Greedheads trying to create some doomsday *snip* to take money from sheeple will always be there. Simply humiliate them into irrelevance. Now, there is a problem and that is the poisoning of our atmosphere by fossil fuels and poisonous chemicals used in manufacturing etc. That should be the focus.

  182. ever notice that your biggest global warmists want to drain all the dirt hutters that breed like rabbits from the most oil rich countries to westernify them & make sure they all get licenses to drive exxon dependent cars? GET DOWN LIKE JERRY BROWN!

  183. “Climate explainers”is too kind a term for these people. I call them climare scammers or hoaxers. They are ruining legitimate science, which is supposed to be based on objectively-collected data, facts, and experiments. All they have is fake data, wild theories, and a religious zealotry against anyone who dares to disagree.

  184. Why arent you askin the automobile companies to unshelf the fuel efficient carburetors and/or the fuel injection systems. Or could it be that we are bought and paid by petrol? Since the dollar is backed by petrol. So my ears are deaf on useless taxation of the people for our government to make dumb decisions. Plastic is in everything cause of the petro dollar.

  185. The best description of the global warming religion that I have read in a long tine. It reminds me of the theories that evolution pushes, and then protects by moving the bar over and over again and explaining away all its problems, to the exclusioin of other theories, reason and logic…..

  186. Weather is not climate…. right? On the other hand, all this year’s hurricanes are absolute proof of global warming. For the era of politicized left-wing science it’s always “head I win, tails you lose.”.

  187. Warm weather grows more plants thus supports more animal life.
    Cold weather kills more plants and animals starve to death.

    Out tomato hothouses routinely reach 120 degrees with 100% humidity and the tomatoes love it.

    Climate Change is an anti-tomato conspiracy.

  188. If you’re at all observant, you will have noticed that every night, it gets dark. And over the last 150 years (more or less), the amount of man-made lighting has increased exponentially.
    Coincidence? Of course not!
    In order to prevent darkness from becoming permanent because of man-made light, send your contributions to me. Send lots.
    Elect me to a national office where I can impose controls that are so reasonable that they have to be mandatory or no one will do them. And, if I and my cronies get filthy rich because of these controls, well, stuff happens. Don’t ask questions.
    Do it now. Do it for the children!
    Don’t ask questions. Don’t!
    I’m gonna make up a bunch of numbers to “prove” my hypothesis, and a bunch of statistics (BTW, over 114% of all scientists agree with me). If you question my numbers or statistics, you’re racist, sexist, fascist, ageist, smelly, and quite possibly a cannibal. Or worse, a (shudder!) conservative!!

  189. Al Gore’s plan to make millions was thwarted by all you skeptics. You better hope he or his party of elitist Know it alls never get control again. There will be scores to settle if he gets his way.

  190. If big fat Al Gore really cared about “global warming” why doesn’t he stop flying around the same globe he is so worried about and move himself and his not so skinny wife into a tee-pee ? The world would be a better place if fat Al would just shut his pie hole.

  191. Record Breaking Winter Cold? Don’t Worry, the Climate Explainers Have it Covered


    Freezing, balls, brass monkey …… gotta get it covered

  192. “Don’t look at that man behind the curtain”.
    In other words, facts do not matter. However the facts shift, we should always believe mankind can control the climate via taxation and intimidation.
    We can’t even get to the streets cleared well enough after a bad blizzard.
    But we can reverse natural climate change via a bunch of bureaucrats?

  193. It’s just “weather”, folks. Just weather. Warming … Cooling … Warming … Cooling … Billions of years…. cycle of life on this planet. Time to dispense with the silliness. Ok? Thank you.

  194. Due to humans releasing climate altering gases we will now have cold Winters and hot Summers with medium to mild Spring and Autumn seasons. We are doomed I tell ya, doomed!

  195. Even this week’s cold weather is probably being caused at least in part by global warming, said Jonathan Overpeck, a climate scientist at the University of Michigan.

    Crossing the phase boundary requires extreme amounts of energy to be added to the process or removed from the process. More water vapor in the air will modulate the temperatures. That is why Houston is “cooler” than Dallas in the summer and warmer in the winter.

    There is more water vapor in the air as the temperature rises, sure. That is just a function of the water vapor pressure curve that rises with temperature.

    I maintain that our climate is mostly affected by that enormous fusion reactor at the center of the Solar System. I think that it is a lot more variable than we think it is but, I have no proof of this.

  196. The con stops when people start going hungry because of crop failure from cold. The excuses will not convince the angry crowds from legally stringing up the con artists.

    • I think it will end before that. Thankfully we in the US are already starting to back away from the edge of the abyss. Others will be forced to follow eventually because they will have to in order to remain competitive.

  197. Winter is cold and bitter: must be global warming. Winter is too warm: must be global warming. Summer is too cold: must be global warming. Summer is too hot: must be global warming. There’s a hurricane: must be global warming. There’s a forest fire: must be global warming. There’s a tornado: must be global warming. There’s an earthquake: must be global warming. The ocean levels rise .01cm: must be global warming. The ocean levels fall .01cm: must be global warming. Al Gore buys a new luxury home: must be global warming.

  198. It is so good to have a president who understands these fraudsters. Otherwise we would be paying trillions to their fantasy.

  199. as an engineer – – and scientist with patents to my name- – – in Electronics and for Mechanical Designs – – – one point in this whole series of comments – – – is that the Sun varies slightly in its output – – – note the 11 year sun spot cycle – – and we all know the effect of the sun on our bodies on a nice hot summer day – –

    the problems the global warming models are have the sun’s output fixed and this is deep down as a constant in all models – – – why did they do this because – – they could not predict what the sun’s output would be over the years – – –

    C02 concentration has not matched the models predictions – – means that another factor must be in play – – tweeting data to get the results you want – – – I saw years ago a chart from NASA that was sun spots vs average temperature – – – close to 100% matching – – –

    and we are having a solar min. low sunspots – – I sure that has been in the news – – low number of sunspots relates to lower solar output – – – –

    as a side note during out peak temp a few years ago – – – I saw a NASA report that Mars was 1 Degree hotter – – – and guess when – – comments were made – – “how did we cause this?” right how did we – – and Neptune an Ice planted – – reflective increased a couple of % during this same time period – – – – this just backs up that the sun varies in its output – – a bit – – not a lot but enough to cause a couple of degrees changed – – this is not man made – – – – –

    the British Navy has traveled the world from the 1400’s on – – – and had strict rules – – – each day at the same time they recorded the air and water temperature – – – with ships all around the world – – – this has formed a good historical records – – –

    the Chines monks – – – have recorded sun spots for over 2000 years – – – comparing these records – – is what needs to be done – – – –

    also modify the climate modules to allow for actual variations in the Sun’s output – – – and the run the models — – – you will then see that CO2 is not a major factor in the variations – – – but the sun is

    now how did this Climate change – – Global Warming start – – – – Bush is an oil man – – – making environment issues an easy target for him – – – to keep him from being re-elected – – – –

    this has evolved into major research – – – as in many people have their fingers into the pie – — a huge pie – – billions – – and all of these will be out of work if the truth was to come out – – many are blind to the truth and do not want to hear it – – – for it will mean they are out of a job – – – Note the Climate change people do not want to use Satellite data – – – it is not corrected – – but want to use the ground based monitors – – which are corrected for location caused errors – – by humans – – – with their lively hood at risk this adjusted Data is then feed to other researches – – who take this data as fact – – – –

    do not get me wrong – – – I do believe that we should care for out planet – – – as it is the only one that we have – – but at the same time – – keep things in balance – – – we have come a long ways from the 60’s were a river in Chicago caught on fire – – how do you put out a fire with water when it is the river that is burning – – – major industries have upgraded their processes – – control their waste output – – – America has done lots to improve our planet – – now we have to look at other countries and work to help them – – – guide them – – – as they are starting to realize that damage that they are doing to them selves and the world – – –

    if we look at what we are doing – – – – all of the fake media news – – – fake dossier that the Hillary Campaign and DNC paid over $6 million for all of the fake news that is put out – – – – how things are being twisted – – is it strange that Climate Change would not have the same thing happening – – – – and put forth to cause hype and reaction – – – – and it has been working – – – very good – – – – we as people need to stop and think about what were are hearing and reading – – go is there more to this – – – what are the real facts – – – and as we always say – – look at who is telling this to you – – and what are motives – – – –

  200. Sophie Lewis says ‘methods are not always necessarily falsifiable’. Nonsense, if you are doing science, falsifiability is a requirement. Why is it that warmists and those in a few other sciences, seem to think that they are excempt from the rules? Is it that their ideas are so noble that they are exempt from the rules that nearly all other scientists follow?

    If this is consensus science at work and given that consensus science is certain, I am surprized that they have not come up with ‘A Law of Global Warming’ by now.

  201. Progs changed “Global warming” to “climate change” a few years so that they could then say “Record wildfires in California! Climate change!” as well as “Record 60 inches of snow in Pennsylvania! and cold records broken going back a hundred years! Climate change!” See how convenient that is?

  202. I am tired of all this hot air or is it cold air being blown up my ass. Liars figure and figures lie.
    In the end, we are all going to die.

  203. Uhmmmm……..well the Evo-Wackos had better hope it gets warmer rather than cooler….Warmer things grow and there is stuff to eat…..colder and things die and everyone starves to death starting in ALL the cities first……..

  204. 2015 Death Toll:

    Global Warming: 0

    ISIS: Guestimates: between 28,000 and 170,000…who knows?

    Also, during this time period, there were 2865 Islamic attacks in 53 countries, in which 27625 people were killed and 26148 injured.

  205. Every Earth Day prediction has failed spectacularly.
    • None of the ‘Climate Change Environmental Predictions’ of the last 47 years have come true…

    Dang! I hate it when the world ends and I miss it.
    • Happens every time, too. EVERY…SINGLE…TIME!

    • Has anyone compiled the various Earth Day scientific predictions?

      We know the green activists and NGOs have consistently gone off the deep end. But what about practicing scientists? Hansen, et al.

      • scientist are humans also – – – and like all of us – – can pick and choose what they want to believe – – – – just look at the how people can be – – – IS and their warped sense of religion – – – racism – – and what it is based upon – — – need I go on

          • look at the Dictionary – – – Racism is making decisions without full knowledge – – – as in hot knowing someone and saying that they are this way – – – – it has evolved recently to mean anyone that does not agree with you. – – – – and has become a catch word that is used for anything – – – and as a means to attack someone – – – else – – – – just like the black senator who acts like a queen – – better than anyone else on a United Flight – – – attacked the white person over – – – – – uses the word to justify her actions and get support of people that do not know the whole facts – – – –

            I am white, and have had people want to accuse me of being Rasist – – – my second wife’s 20 year old son who was having some troubles – – – he wanted to just accuse me of being Rasist – – – while I am married to his black mother – – – he had troubles – – – wanting but could not say – – – – – my first was Indian, girl friends have been Asian and East European along with others – – – – –

            also the N word that is better not to be said – – – – dictionary states it means “Low Life” and these come in any race – – – and has evolved to a slang meaning – – – what we all know

  206. Drudge sluge. This article isn’t right about anything. 1 day of warming isn’t about changing the complete environment. Does anyone believe this (Snip) MOD

  207. Whatever. Nobody believes these idiots anymore. Except other useful idiots. And fortunately we outnumber those now.

  208. Global warming??
    Cold snap??
    This earthly plane is and always will be ever evolving.
    No one can stop it.
    No one can change it.
    The plane of the earth has been healing its self for a long time now.
    Humans are not the cause.
    And please, don’t let this world order convince you that you are to blame.
    I love the fact that I don’t have to say, wake up.
    We are awake, and this grows hour by hour.
    Why isn’t anyone talking about Antarctica, the ice wall that surrounds the circumference of our flat plane earth??.
    Oh I know, because all modern religion will be debunked by the the mathematical facts that the region that we all knew as earth is not a spinning ball.
    Gravity does not exist.
    It’s still only a theory.

    • Who will challenge facts?
      Not feelings, not wallflowers, but pure unadulterated true facts.
      That’s what I thought.
      Now Santa Claus only exists cause Christmas is a pagan reincarnation of lies.
      Ask me and I will tell you that I know Santa is real.
      If the earth is round, then how the hell (f word not allowed. Mod) is all the water glued to the earth?
      When the scientists say that we are spinning at 1000 miles on our axis.
      And hurdling at more than 46000 an hour recklessly through space.
      Around the sun it’s more than 60000 miles an hour.
      You are being deceived and lies to by the very people that swore to protect you.

      • Flat worlder – – – you have heard of gravity – – – it is what keeps us on the ground – – along with many other aspects – – – – it is what would pull the earth into a ball – – – gravity keeps us on the ground – – and the water on the planet – – –

  209. “Record wildfires” came after record precip and snowpack the preceding two winters which ended the California drought and caused heavy ground vegetation blooms. That drought was the previous leading “example” of AGW, but then it ended, so the heavy growth of California’s native brush, much of which requires burnoff as part of it’s lifecycle, lead to wildfires which are the new “example” of AGW.

    • Some of the frauds were claiming that the flooding rains and heavy snows in the mountains that ended their “permanent drought” was a manifestation of “climate change”. It must be tough on the cretins who buy into this fraud, shivering in bed at night having nightmares about what’s the next disaster that “climate change” will bring.

    • Lets get real! No matter what the ice extent this same weather pattern has occurred many times in the past. Back in the 1970s the same thing happened when a bunch of “climate scientists” were predicting a coming ice age and extent was extremely high. If what this guy claims were true the during MWP when the Noresmen were living in southern Greenland and extents were very low then N. America and Europe would have had severe winters. They didn’t. Climate history is enemy of all alarmists, that is why they conspired to change it and are trying to change it now for the more recent past.

  210. Let’s be real here, the vast majority of climate lemmings are no more educated in climate science than anyone else, they’re just a whole lot more gullible.

  211. The main point is not what the author called the “sinful lifestyle” of individual people. The point is fossil fuel business impacts the environment we depend on. Many christian people darkly welcome catastrophy as a sign their deity is coming to take them to heaven as described in the book of revelations. They easily follow fossil fuel business propaganda.

  212. The quickest way to get scientists to decide global warming isn’t occurring is to incentivize that viewpoint with research grants.

    • “Anything you subsidize, you get more of;” and Obama and his leftist administration consistently subsidized climate “research” and climate “researchers” that cherry-picked and even falsified data that supported the theory of AGW/man-made climate change/disruption (i.e., unadulterated “Bravo Sierra!”)

  213. If a boat sinks in the ocean, it is because the sea level rose over its deck due to ice cap melting due to the internal combustion engine.

  214. In crimes, one should always “follow the money.” Climate change is only about redistribution of wealth from developed countries to poor countries, through penalties, which sounds like Obamacare penalties to take money away from young people and healthy people to pay for sick people and old people.

  215. 150 new gig tons of ice in Greenland per the Danish meteorologists, 50 to 75 gigatons of new ice in Antarctica about 1/4 of lowering to sea level.

    This year the sun will put out about 1% less radiance and temps will fall even further. The 30 year ocean cold osilation will occur in 2021 and drop ocean temps further.

    A lot besides CO2 effects the global temperatures.

    Btw the 1% less energy from the sun is more than all the power sources on earth

  216. Now THAT’s science….”may be”, “could be”, “possible but, not clear”……did anyone writing this garbage take science class in the 7th grade?

    • When climate “scientists” stop receiving government and private subsidies to only generate data and models that support man-made global warming/climate change/climate disruption, then you’ll start getting some objective research that adheres to the scientific method that questions everything and every variable in a theory.

  217. As I sit on the beach here in Fort Myers I wonder….will I drown today with all that ice melting in the Arctic?…hummmm or will I be suddenly mauled by a hungry Polar Bear?
    Like the 70’s when we were all going to freeze to death and over population would have us eating Soylent Green, this too will pass.

  218. I know a snowflake whom i deem worthy of the effort of salvation. They were going on about hurricanes and 70 dead in Houston, laying the blame on Trump and global fill in the blank.
    I casually mentioned the Galveston hurricane of 1900. Thousands dead, long before Trump, at a time which is considered the statistical starting point for climate alarmists, the time when meaningful data might arguably have been collected.
    Crickets, and on to the next topic to blame Trump for. You people are simply not honest.

  219. Climate scientists have clearly never taken physical chemistry. Not a single mention of their graph showing a simple limit equation as x approaches a number. While earth is an open system, it will still push to equilibrium. It’s simple science, the kind you learn as a chemist, not a half baked climate scientist. Those papers, many should not have passed peer review. The reason? Money and funding as well as our scientists having low IQs and not understanding how to go into data with an open mind and a theory, but not a expectation. Fudging data is incredibly easy, which is why all data raw is supposed to be accessible. A theory is a theory and the basis of science and discovery is to challenge it. I mean people still argue over relativity and basic Newtonian physics… why is climate change infallible? Money and pride.

    Does this mean we should pollute air and water all Willy nilly? Of course not. Nobody wants dirty water or air. Republicans/conservatives and even libertarians need to rebrand their complaints though. Move it to conservationism as a buzz word and focus less on my ice caps and more on planet majesty being ruined by greed.

  220. Dark Winter: How the Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell, author John L. Casey, a former White House national space policy advisor, NASA headquarters consultant, and space shuttle engineer tells the truth about ominous changes taking place in the climate and the Sun.

  221. There will always be some scientific idiot saying we’re going to die from this or that… so just remember these are the same people who can’t predict the weather accurately two weeks in advance… much less two or twenty years from now. I think I’ll go sharpen my chain saw and cut some firewood!

  222. No need to worry all you global warming believers. After your “scientists” get finished “correcting” the data, this record cold will be recorded as record warmth caused by non other than, you guessed it, global warming.

  223. The problem for global warmists is that they have rejected science for belief. “Global warming” is a religion; those who deny the faith are infidels; god help the apostates and heretics. As President Trump would say, “sad.”

  224. Much of the changing trends in weather is due to changes in the magnetic North Pole steering weather in different ways. Until the poles stabilize, we will continue to experience shifts globally.

  225. These are the same people that organize home owners associations , or religions , they just have a sick need to try and control others rights to live their lives the way they want to.

  226. Ocean levels actually dropped this year and the NASA explanation is, and you can look it up, most fresh water rain fell on land this year so the oceans didn’t rise but slightly receded. So all those hurricanes, typhoons, summer storms, winter snow all that precipitation fell on land and didn’t go into rivers that flow to the seas and all those hurricanes we tracked over oceans didn’t drop any water on the oceans???
    What schools did these scientists go to? P. T. Barnum U.?

  227. Due to the failure of the education system these self-described climate experts never could have become real scientists. None of them would ever be able to explain why the fundamental building blocks of matter occupy no space but still exist or why a double slit wave pattern is changed to a particle pattern just by looking at it. True science strives to unlock these greatest mysteries of the universe and find the answers that will save humanity when the next six mile wide asteroid says “Time’s up, pencils down. The test is over.”

  228. “This difficulty doesn’t mean that climate models or climate science are invalid or untrustworthy. Climate models are carefully developed and evaluated based on their ability to accurately reproduce observed climate trends and processes. This is why climatologists have confidence in them as scientific tools, not because of ideas around falsifiability.”

    In other news, storms and other natural disasters are caused by the actions of powerful, capricious gods. This theory accurately reproduces observed climate trends and processes, so we’re done here.

    • are the models really carefully developed and evaluated – – – – in modeling there are constants for many factors that are not known and adjusted to match reality – – – some such as the H2O evaporating from the ocean is one of these – – – they actually adjust this factor to show the results that they ant – – – add in 100’s more of these correction factors – – – –

      and guess what – – the Sun’w output that does vary is figured in as a constant – – – – we all have heard about the 11 year sun spot cycle and its related sun’s output variations – – – that is not included in any model for it would prove that C02 is that the driving factor – – – but the sun’s output – – – – note the warmth of the sun on a hot summer day – – – – if the sun varies 0.1 % it will effect the temperature on earth, and also Mars – – –

    • Correct, the climate is not a constant temperature at all times ;D
      The only disagreement, is the notion that humans had ANYTHING to do with it.
      By isolating a particular time-period, anyone can show that it got warmer, or colder, unless they use the entire history of the Earth. So far, AGW has only argued correlation as an argument, while not even including SEQUENCE since CO2-increases clearly LAG temperature-hikes– which would be like saying that one BURPS after drinking cold soda, because the CO2 made their body-temperature higher, causing gas-bubbles.. rather than the obvious fact that their body-temperature was ALREADY higher than the soda, causing the CO2-bubbles to OUTGAS in their stomach.
      And this is pretty much what happens: i.e. the earth is BELCHING CO2 bubbles from higher temperatures that are caused by something else.
      Meanwhile, they IGNORE other factors, like the proximity of Jupiter being closer in 2010 than in the prior 50 years, leading to greater temperature-extremes by increasing the Earth’s axial-tilt.
      But of course, AGW attributes increased COLD as well as heat as “proof” of their hypothesis not FACT… that’s not science, it’s psychosis.

    • Also no mention in the 2009 National Climate Assessment of cold winters due to Arctic warming, just that winters would become warmer.

      The concept of cold spells due to Arctic warming seems to be of recent origin, though maybe someone can find predictions before such cold spells occurred?

  229. A few months ago I read on the NOAA web site that this winter was predicted to be colder than average in most of the northern US.

  230. I’m not surprised they have found ways to explain things to fit their view. It’s the way people are today.

      • If the climate DIDN’T change, I’d consider that evidence of intelligent design… i.e. “God’s thermostat…” as well as a lot of questions regarding what killed the dinosaurs.
        However most AGW’ers also seem to be ID’ers, i.e. they seem to deny the notion that the Earth is ball of rock and molten iron out in the cold of space, revolving around a large nuclear fireball with another smaller rock revolving round the Earth itself, always at difference distances….and all working together to form a crude electric motor that deflects charged particles from the sun, which also deflect charged particles from space– while also pulling on the molten core to divert its heat to different parts of the Earth’s surface at different rates… while other rocks orbiting the sun, also affect the Earth’s axial tilt, particularly Jupiter, thereby changing temperature-extremes.
        So this notion that climate-change is some sort of ill-omen of divine wrath for human sins, comes right out of medieval ignorance and fearmongering. Even Pliny knew that Mt. Vesuvius was a volcanic eruption, not Vulcan getting pissed off about the Pompeiian orgies.

        However I think this AGW-panic shows that the same politicized nature of scientific community, also creates the overall scientific ignorance and illiteracy in the world at large, which allows such irrational outbursts to take place– like when the plagues were blamed on cats, rather than the rats they HUNTED, resulting in mass-epidemics.
        Similarly, today natural climate-change is being blamed on human activity by politicians, rather than the scientific illiteracy that’s CAUSED by the politicization of the scientific process as a tool for power rather than knowledge.
        And so we’re experiencing a modern epidemic of overall global stupidity, and AGW is just a symptom.

        [? .mod]

  231. The world’s climate is way too complex…with way too many significant global and regional variables (e.g., solar, volcanic and geologic activity, variations in the strength and path of the jet stream and major ocean currents, the seasons created by the tilt of the earth, and the concentration of water vapor in the atmosphere, which by the way is many times more effective at holding heat near the surface of the earth than is carbon dioxide, a non-toxic, trace gas that all plant life must have to survive, and that produce the oxygen that WE need to survive) to consider for any so-called climate model to generate a reliable and reproducible predictive model. Hence, climate science, like science in general, is never “settled.” Compared to these major variables, man’s burning of fossil fuels is pretty insignificant in the big picture.
    Bottom line: The AGW movement has NEVER been about “saving the planet;” it’s “ALL about the Benjamins,” and how they would be redistributed.

    • The world’s climate is not so complex, that a hypothesis cannot be scientifically tested, and proved as a theory.
      The AGW hypothesis simply never HAS been.
      And it’s not just about the Benjamins, so much as the political nature of science and academia, with both being funded, regulated and accredited by by the state; but if you mention any influence whatsoever, they call you a “conspiracy theorist” as if there’s no conflict. And this shows the corrupt nature of all science, if politics can so easily lead it to produce whatever conclusion it desires in the mainstream scientific community; as the saying goes, “if you torture logic, it’ll confess whatever answer you want.”
      In order to be accurate, science must objective and neutral, and therefore, FREE from outside influences like politics and fear-mongering, since otherwise emotion and ignorance are simply validated under the scientific label– leading to disaster and mass-waste, as well as overall stupidity.

  232. From the article:
    “Global warming is an infinitely flexible, unscientific, unfalsifiable theory which can be stretched to accommodate any observation. ”

    Here’s the “Elephant in the room” that nobody mentions: GLOBAL WARMING IS NOT EVEN A THEORY!
    Under the scientific method, a “theory” requires that proponents of a HYPOTHESIS first statistically demonstrate it against NULL-hypothesis beyond an established error-margin– typically from 90-99%.
    And this requires a DOUBLE-BLIND STUDY under peer-review.
    However AGW-proponents HAVE NEVER DONE THIS!
    So it’s NOT A THEORY!
    And AGW-hypothesizers have NOT scientifically refuted it in the scientific manner.
    So it is JUNK-science– nothing more.
    Even using the term “denial,” PROVES it is junk-science; since science NEVER “denies” a proposed hypothesis; it simply REJECTS it in favor of the Null Hypothesis if not scientifically demonstrated.

    So clearly AGW is not a scientific theory, but a junk-science PAC.

    • Excellent comments Brian. As a scientist myself (Chemistry, Physics and Microbiology) by training, I understand and appreciate the explanation of the scientific method. I was merely trying to present the underlying nature of our complex climate and the many substantive factors that affect it — in simplistic terms that even the “Gruberized” could understand. (Everyone gets “follow the money!”)

      I agree, AGW is NOT really a theory…and I love the quote about torturing logic! So true! In this case, the government “tortured” logic by bribery — throwing money at pseudo-scientists so long as they produced results (fabricated and cherry-picked data inserted in “wag” climate models) that supported their AGW hypothesis.

      BTW, do you know why I got 5 e-mails of your latest comment yesterday, all in only 6 minutes?

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