Cartoons by Josh Calendar 2018

The best way to remember how entertaining (or horrifying) climate science, energy policy etc, has been in 2017 is to buy a Cartoons by Josh Calendar 2018.

The calendar is a new size this year and while the cartoons are the same size the space for the diary dates is reduced. This cuts the printing and posting costs by nearly half to £10 (+P&P) per calendar – which means less fossil fuel money and every calendar saving the planet just a little bit more! Also this year, USA readers of WUWT can order direct from me in the UK – just choose the international postage option on the order page.

You can pre-order here. The calendar artwork will be with the printers this week and ready to post in around three weeks time. Buy two and send one to your favourite alarmist for Christmas – you know they will love it!

Cartoons by Josh

16 thoughts on “Cartoons by Josh Calendar 2018

  1. It’s both horrifying and entertaining all at the same time. If you didn’t laugh at it you would inevitably go stark raving mad contemplating the bottomless abyss of climate insanity, in the same way that 19th century mathematicians lost their minds gazing at mathematical infinity.

  2. It would probably help your potential buyers, if you described the specifications of the calendar more extensively. Is it a double-page calendar with a double page for each month?, … where each month has a picture on top and a calendar grid on bottom?, … is it spiral-wire bound?, … does it have a hole for hanging?

    I have a bunch of calendars for sale — it’s one of my “things” that I do, to have an excuse to use all my art crap. Mine are double-page per month, twelve months, each month has pic up top and calendar grid below — full page each, big numbers, clean grid lines, space to write things in the grid boxes, hole to hang, spiral-wire bound, sturdy calendar stock, semi-gloss.

    No links here, because I’m not trying to shamelessly promote or steal your spotlight. … just trying to share some insight on what might spark more folks to buy.

    Good luck.

    • @Robert Kernodle
      There is a link above. Or go to
      From Josh’s site —
      “The Cartoons by Josh Calendar 2018 has cartoons from the past year, mostly on Energy, Environment and Climate Change topics but also some political cartoons and caricatures.

      The calendar is 29.7 x 22 cms (approximately A4) in size, spiral bound with a hanger, and beautifully printed on 170gsm silk paper. The calendar is now £10 per copy (£12 with UK P&P) nearly half the cost of previous years’. It’s a smaller print size but the cartoons are the same size as before – only the monthly diary space has been reduced.”

  3. No, I’m afraid it’s a bad move to reduce the space for the date boxes. In our household we demand large spaces to write legibly what we are going to be up to. I won’t be buying it, even though I love the cartoons.


    • With much regret I agree with the previous contribution.

      In years gone past, I have used Josh’s superb offering as our main household diary planning tool. With no space for this task, I fear my desire to have one, – and space to display it – are much reduced.

      Sorry Josh!

      • Sorry about that. I decided a change would be fun and halving the costs seemed like a good thing. It can go in the smallest room as a distraction yet still remind you what day it is 😉

      • I agree, I also need space to write appointments/events. Although I am getting on age-wise, luckily I don’t spend enough time in the smallest room to forget what day it is.


    • Maybe you can buy a full sized calendar during the post Christmas sales, and hang it with Josh’s calendar from the same hook. Get the right size and Josh’s will cover the kitten photos of the gridded calendar. 🙂

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