Lies and Manipulation: The Sorry State of Global Climate Alarmism

Guest opinion by Vijay Jayaraj

As a citizen of a third-world country, I bring a different perspective about climate change from that held by most people in wealthy countries. While they fret about possible tenth-of-a-degree changes in global average temperature, I think about how a billion of my fellow Indians and I will obtain the food, water, health care, and other things we need that our richer neighbors take for granted.

So we puzzle when we observe climate alarmists on a scaremongering crusade following the recent hurricanes in the Atlantic. They saw hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria as providing another opportunity to blame climate change. Indeed, they tend to hold human-driven climate change guilty for the occurrence of any natural disaster.

But this is common only in the mainstream media. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a leading authority on climate-change science and policy, admits in its assessment reports that there is no significant increase in the frequency of natural disasters.

Climatologists too were quick to point out that hurricane frequency in the past four decades has no increasing trend, contrary to claims by the climate alarmism propagandists.

In addition, anyone who respects data will agree that there were major hurricanes before the climate change narrative even began.

Nevertheless, weirder claims have been made about the negative impact of anthropogenic global warming on the food security of third-world countries.

But the state of the climate in some developing countries like India paints a very contrasting, indeed a promising, picture.

With its large and rapidly growing economy, India plays a key role in the global economy. Climatic effects can have a huge impact on the country’s large agricultural sector and eventually on the lives of a billion people.

Monsoon rains are the lifeline for crops in India. The monsoons have remained stable over the past 15 years and have shown no adverse changes in pattern.

Most recent research shows that monsoon rains in the past 15 years have ended a 50-year dry spell that was prevalent over North-Central India. Since 2002, rainfall has increased by 1.34 mm per decade since 2002.

Strongly sustained by these rains, and buoyed by the inventions in agricultural science and technology, the country’s agricultural production increased dramatically. For example, cereal yield increased 58 percent from 1990 to 2014, rising from 1687 to about 2662 pounds/acre.

The food production index (changes in the production of food crops in a given year relative to a base year) more than doubled, from 69.81 in 1990 to 145.1 in 2014. India’s total food grain production in the year 2015–16 recorded a massive 252.23 million tonnes, marginally higher than the previous year.

This should not surprise anyone who has a remote interest in the state of climate affairs. The global temperature levels showed no significant increase in the past 16 years.

Even the strongest climate alarmists acknowledged that the computer models used for prediction failed to reflect observational data, in what scientists call the ‘global warming hiatus’.

The models’ error can be attributed predominantly to the false assumption that carbon dioxide drives temperatures. Instead, in both long and short terms, temperature changes first, and carbon dioxide follows.

This not only exposes the influence of a bias in climate change sciences but also counterfeits the false imagery of a deteriorating environment.

Weather always holds risks—storms large and small, droughts, floods, heat waves, and cold snaps have been with us throughout human history. But the climate itself has been anything but dangerous over the last 150 years, and the evidence is there for everyone to see from the polar ice caps to the paddy fields of India.

It is impossible to save a planet that is not dying, and it is a disgrace to lead people into false fears concerning climate change.

Vijay Jayaraj (M.Sc., Environmental Science, University of East Anglia, England), Research Associate for Developing Countries for the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, lives in New Delhi, India.

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  1. It is a crime to deny Third World Countries the right to cheap energy, thus denying them the right to prosper and become a First World Country !! It really is sickening……IMHO

    • India’s government is a signatory to the Paris accords, and they believe that AGW is a serious issue.

      • Chris

        You have not shown what India’s government believes. I will. They are massively increasing their consumption of coal for power generation. That is what they believe.

        Developing Country signatories to the Paris Accord were promised billions in cash if they signed. Not long afterwards, they asked for the money to start flowing so they could get their energy production systems up and running. No money came. It is not going to come.

        They were cheated,. They should sue whoever organised the Paris Accord. Breach of contract.

      • We seem to be missing a few points here. India may or may not take AGW seriously. But they are a developing country and the Paris Agreement places no obligations on them with regard to GHG emissions. So, no Indians are not denied cheap energy. And no, they are not obligated to fight AGW until they get their standard of living up to a decent level. At which point, I would anticipate that US and EU GHG emissions will be a distant third to those of China and India with their huge populations.

        Working this out is not rocket science. Why it appears to be beyond the capabilities of AGW alarmists, the news media, world “leaders”, and their advisors eludes me.

      • Maybe not too serious….

        NEW DELHI (Reuters) – India’s state-run power utility plans to invest $10 billion in new coal-fired power stations over the next five years despite the electricity regulator’s assessment that thermal plants now under construction will be able to meet demand until 2027.

        More at:

      • You are correct, India’s government hopes that by being a part of the Paris Accords, rich countries will send lots of money to the rich people in India.

      • Good grief,Chris you still hot about that dumb Paris agreement,that quickly falls apart when a SINGLE nation refuses to sign in on it. The many nations that gets angry for not getting the hoped for flow of money from the nation smart enough to pass on that crap.


      • India’s government certainly believes the Paris accord is a serious issue, with it’s potential to generate a large flow of money in their direction.

      • They think that Europe has lost its marbles, but “if they wanna throw away their cash, where do I sign-up” . Did you read the article? India has rain that ended 50yrs of drought conditions and their crop output has doubled in a few decades, 58% more on the same land area! Tailor made talking points allow the useful witless to play the game, but you have to read the article, and oh? You missed talking point #1: read the article first, it’s by a UEA climate scientist.

      • So multiple posters that India signed the Paris accords strictly for the money, but zero supporting evidence supplied.

      • “Chris October 24, 2017 at 7:37 pm
        So multiple posters that India signed the Paris accords strictly for the money, but zero supporting evidence supplied”

        “Chris” invents a falsehood that India “believes” CAGW.
        Evidence is presented that India is investing massively in fossil fuel generating facilities. Ergo, India does not truly believe CO2 is dangerous or that it is directly responsible for CAGW.

        “Chris” then false claim no one presented evidence.

        Chis is not legitimate and fails to actually read people’s comments. Making up stuff is typical alarmist nonsense. as is whining about “others” not presenting evidence while Chis presents zero “evidence” for Chris’s falsehoods.

        AKA classic shell game of misdirection.

      • Chris, I continue to meet senior officials from the Indian government who repeatedly announce in public lectures that ‘CO2 is not a Pollutant’. The Indian government is recommending the corporates to move away from CO2 related chaos and concentrate more on local environmental problems like – recycling, reuse, pollution, etc. Moreover, I would recommend you to study India’s INDC (Commitment made at Paris). The country is gonna double its Coal dependence. The country’s chief economic adviser has asked for the end of ‘Carbon Imperialism’ and called for a ‘Coal Alliance’. Mind you, He is the chief adviser to the Prime Minister of India.

    • ” ..denying them the right to prosper and become a First World Country ”

      But but … the elite left just want to be loved, they thirst to “take care of” a dependent underclass to satisfy their unending desire to always feel good when they look in the mirror.

      Shikwati: Such intentions have been damaging our continent for the past 40 years. If the industrial nations really want to help the Africans, they should finally terminate this awful aid. The countries that have collected the most development aid are also the ones that are in the worst shape. Despite the billions that have poured in to Africa, the continent remains poor.

      • Absolutely correct. Most aid goes to corrupt officials and politicians and rich in these countries.

    • The Australian government has approved a large Indian-owned coal mine in Queensland. The mine would supply India with a significant amount of the cheap energy that it so desperately needs. A certain community within Australia is trying very hard to stop the mine.
      7 October 2017
      Thousands of people gathered across Australia to protest a coal mine in North Queensland on Saturday.
      Protesters in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and the Gold Coast rallied against Indian company Adani’s plans for the mine in the Galilee Basin.
      The protests were part of Stop Adani group’s ‘big day of protest’, with 45 rallies across the nation.
      The $16 billion coal mine was given the green light earlier this year, with pre-planning construction set to begin next month
      Of course, there are multiple issues, but it seems to me that the protesters are driven predominantly by one issue only – CAGW – and use other issues for motivation and publicity. Methinks this is a concrete example of the crime to deny Third World Countries the right to cheap energy, thus denying them the right to prosper and become a First World Country (Butch2’s comment above).

    • Well who is denying them?

      India is investing billions in wind and solar power, to create 175GW of renewable capacity by 2022.

      fossil fuel and a fossil fuel grid have not reached millions who are now getting power from renewables.

      and, by the way, Third World is generally considered an offensive term… developing countries is the polit alternative.

  2. AGW is the presumption that the climate is much simpler than actual evidence shows, and the model is embraced by the green blob and the IPCC bureaucrats, which overlap in membership and motivations.
    Keeping the third world in their place is something of a default goal for both elements of AGW devotees in government, and reflects their shared misanthropy.

  3. Nicely written and Vijay Jayaraj will be branded
    as a “D****r” if he gets any attention at all.

    • I expect the media will ignore it. It would be interesting to be at that university and watching what comes next.

  4. The greater mystery is – how did this guy manage to come away from UEA with a degree in Environmental Studies when he has views like this?

    • That was my take-away also. How did this clearly unindoctrinated perspective of the reality which exists beneath the ‘consensus’ opinions and ‘settled science’ ever avoid censorship at East Anglia?

      • I did not have a difference of opinion when I studied at East Anglia. After graduating, I had enough time to understand and research upon what I was taught at UEA.

      • Yes, but it takes incredible self-control to avoid exposing heretical thinking at what has become somewhat of a religious institution (for the Church of Omnipotent Greenhouse in Carbon). I never would have kept from arguing openly for what I thought in my college years.
        I salute you, Vijay Jayaraj. Please don’t be daunted in your quest.

      • Nope, I had no clue about CRU’s internal politics or functioning. I had no access. Just a regular grad student enjoying English hospitality.

    • Not everyone goes through their studies with blind acceptance of teachings of their masters. The world would still be flat were it not for the few.

    • Could it just possibly be that the climate crowd at the School of Environmental Science at UEA still do not speak for everyone there and that it is possible for independent-minded students to avoid the bulls##t? Perhaps we should invite the author to speak to this point.

    • My thoughts exactly. It’s good to see one of UEA’s own questioning the global warming religion. I imagine he kept quiet during his studies for fear of being accused of heresy.

  5. “In addition, anyone who respects data will agree that there were major hurricanes before the climate change narrative even began.”

    A sober analysis of the state of climate science. To think we even need to remember to remind people that we had severe storm weather in the past is telling. I suspect this will become more prevalent where it will be said that just 30-40 years ago, the climate balance was in some sort of bliss, but this is what is being implied with every new storm or weather calamity is now due to AGW and CO2 = Catastrophe Witnesses the recent hyperbole over this years hurricane season in the Atlantic after a multi year absence.

  6. Vijay Jayaraj (M.Sc., Environmental Science, University of East Anglia, England),

    Good article. Shocking that it is coming from somebody at the U of East Anglia.

    How close are you Environmental Science guys to the CRU crew? Do you have access to the HadCRU raw data?

    • Never had any access. I graduated from UEA in 2011 and happened to be there when the ClimateGate broke out.

  7. The models’ error can be attributed predominantly to the false assumption that carbon dioxide drives temperatures. Instead, in both long and short terms, temperature changes first, and carbon dioxide follows.

    As long as alarmists and sceptici alike continue to believe that the thin atmosphere around our Earth is responsible for our over 90K higher average surface temperatures compared to those on the moon, we will continue to see nonsense models and their forecasts and have clueless politici spending enormous amounts to solve a non-existing problem.

      • joelobryan October 24, 2017 at 8:36 am

        If not an atmosphere laden with precipitable water vapor, then what?

        We live on a planet that consists mostly of molten rock and molten metal.
        Just a few 10s of meters below our feet the temperature is already higher than the surface temperature and increases ~25K/km when going deeper. The sun just warms the upper 10-15 m of the soil, and is perfectly capable of creating our observed surface temperatures.
        Same story for the oceans. The deep oceans are ~270K, already 15K above the nonsensical 255k of the GHE (I’m unaware of any mechanism that can explain how the atmosphere can increase the temperature of 4km deep oceans). The sun is perfectly capable of increasing the upper 100-200m of the oceans to the observed surface temperatures.
        The atmosphere just reduces the energy loss to space, no backradiation increasing the surface temperature required. But yes, after removing the atmosphere the temperatures will be (much) lower. This does NOT mean that the atmosphere INCREASES the surface temperatures.

        • Ben, I guess the argument involves the impact of changing the amount of a minor atmospheric gas. Studies of the transient and steady state temperatures related to a doubling of CO2 (and other gases) keep lowering the “guesstimates” of the IPCC.

          Everybody, keep a sharp eye on the development of AR6. If the IPCC doesn’t back off from its AR5 conclusion of wildly inappropriate “certainty,” they should be held to account based on independent work indicating lower TCR and ECS.

      • Dave Fair October 25, 2017 at 12:38 pm

        Ben, I guess the argument involves the impact of changing the amount of a minor atmospheric gas.

        Dave, my point is that this whole discussion is nonsense, since the atmosphere is not INCREASING the surface temperatures. The atmosphere is mostly warmed by the solar heated surface, and also directly by solar radiation (WV, ozone etc.)
        Given the hydrostatic equilibrium against gravity the atmosphere is in, every molecule of the atmosphere MUST be involved in the reduction of the energy flow to space. So trace gasses like CO2 play a negligible role in this process.

      • I think he’s alluding to it being the oceans plus atmosphere, not the atmosphere (who’s heat capacity is a pittance compared with the oceans) alone.

      • Yet the atmosphere can deprive the ocean of heat through clouds and drive the ocean cycles with winds. The .04% of the atmosphere that they anxiously dwell upon gets lost in the cycles of water and wind.

        • Hey, Pop! [I’ve been dying to say that.]

          Since cyclones cool the oceans, wouldn’t that be a legitimate negative feedback?

      • “Pop Piasa October 24, 2017 at 12:29 pm

        .04% of the atmosphere that they anxiously dwell upon…”

        It’s not that much. It’s only ~4% of that.

      • Thanks for adding that cooling action too, Dave. Interesting that cyclones also occurred in the 1970’s when SSTs cooler and arctic ice was very high.

  8. Remember the Left in the USA and in the EU is according to them trying to defeat racism but only in the West. The environmental left, now very much a major part of the overall political left, believes that besides CAGW the most significant environmental threat is population growth with that population growth generally taking place in countries with people of color. They clearly do not want third or second world nations to rise to the same economic level as North America or the EU. They do not understand what drives population growth and what conditions slow population growth. They refuse to accept that a subsistence farmer needs a large family to produce enough both for the family and to trade for other necessary goods. If that farmer is faced with diseases like malaria or intestinal parasites then they need an even larger family since members are not functioning at full level. I was told by an Indian friend that the first thing an Indian villager buys when the finally earn enough is a refrigerator. Sure you can run a refrigerator on solar and wind, but it is nice if it stays cold all 24/7.

  9. Thank you for speaking up and telling it like it is. Developing nations have the most to loose in a policy environment that thinks imagined future harms from a failing theory of climate are more concerning than the nutrition, health and development of billions of deserving humans.

  10. How fantastic to read a positive spin on the inevitable changes in our climate. Especially when supported by observations (for which I take you at your word). I have no doubt that this century will belong to India and China – and Africa if they can overcome overt corruption. ‘Western’ democracy has become fat, lazy and risk averse. Moreover we do not realise (many of us) how truly fortunate we are from birth. I just hope that your ascendancy can be managed peacefully.

  11. One is not going to worry about the more esoteric when clear and present challenges to survival are the daily reality. If life were tougher for those of us in the more developed world the claim of catastrophic climate change would be even less accepted than it is. Even then climate and environment is always near or at the very bottom of a list of concerns of the masses in about every poll I’ve ever seen.

    • +1
      Getting news from places like twitter makes it worse because 3000 tweets sounds like a big number. 3000 out of 8 billion. Not so much.

  12. If “climate crisis” was about the climate, Vijay, I can understand your position. But “climate crisis” is about world government and population control and the means to acquire both. This isn’t about “the west” denying 3rd world countries the opportunity to become 1st world countries, it is about those that control governments, industries, banks, etc., gaining the ultimate opportunity to control the quality and quantity of human life. Looking at it from any other prospective will eventually allow them to win, especially when the trend towards the end of the interglacial restarts.

    • What a deluded f-ing idiot. Explain the plunge of planet Earth into a full blown glaciation 450 million years ago when the CO2 level was TEN TIMES what it is today, and RISING, Mr. Odumba.

  13. A nice sober contribution to sanity on this topic. Regions such as your home country are often portrayed as the type of place where people are beginning to suffer most from the rigors of climate change. It is an outrage what has happened to science over the past 30yrs. As a climate scientist I hope you can continue to educate the fearful and deluded.

    From my perspective living in a well to do country, we have the added injury of paying hundreds of billions of dollars (trillions actually including the renewables disgrace ) for this illusory problem that really is a smokescreen for a global governance scheme run by Champagne sосi@lisтs. We have been de-developing for over a decade and its our poorer citizens and the middle class that provides employment that is being sacrificed.

    I’m most certainly not comparing our plight with India’s, but at least you are going in the right direction and we seem bent on erasing what we have.

    • Thank you. The Indian Government and Prime Minister are vehemently against Climate Alarmism. Now their position is strengthened by Trump administration

  14. +100. Vijay Jayaraj, know that many on this site are from first-world countries and agree w/your perspective.

    • Ah, but some of our first world countries, like Australia, are pushing hard to join the undeveloped third world status.

      If the politicians looked at views such as those from Vijay, this would not be possible.

      • “AndyG55 October 24, 2017 at 11:28 am”

        If you consider the debate about the NBN (Internet speed) we already are third world.

  15. Looking at the new website for Indian Space Research Organisation I could not find all the commentary about global warming and the IPCC, which was there last week.
    The aim is simple
    ‘Our vision is to harness space technology for national development, while pursuing space science research and planetary exploration.’
    Their space program is run on a budget of about a billion $us.
    Its put an orbiter around Mars.
    Australia could do this, set up its own satellite system for remote sensing, using its own technology, particularly for agriculture, while starting its own communications satellites, placed in orbit by our own rockets.
    Rather than waste money on green energy, this would be a worthwhile cause.
    Having been born in East Anglia it is my shame that East Anglians have contributed so much noise to the climate debate, contrary to true scientific pursuit.
    It is refreshing to see a graduate that can think outside their box.
    The big need in climate science is the attribute of critical thinking.
    When experiment does not support hypotheses then review hypotheses.
    Don’t try to bend data to hypotheses.

    • Neither can their campaign to save the planet fail, as long as the balloon is full enough with hot air.

      “It is much easier to solve an imaginary problem than a real one.” Sir Humphrey on Yes Minister.

  16. Great article Vijay! Fight the good fight.
    Here’s an example of biased reporting in the BBC today.
    They report that global wine production will hit a 50 year low this year.
    The reason given is “extreme weather” but they don’t say what kind.
    That’s because the reason is spring cold and late frosts this year.
    They are downplaying that politically incorrect weather story.

  17. It would appear the people of India are more able to speak their mind about AGW without fear of being taken down by the climate ‘establishment’. I always appreciate the level headed and accurate comments of Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy here as well who I believe is also a climate scientist in India.

    With a M.Sc. degree in Environmental Science, University of East Anglia, England, you are at the other end of the spectrum regarding having to support some preconceived notion of climate ‘truth’ as so many seemed to have become at UEA, which will be forever remembered as one of the forces of darkness in the climate wars. More power to you, and good luck to India as well in the 21st century.

  18. Do the math. Follow the money. Look up the politics. The human-caused climate change emergency zealots amount to a 21st Century Doomsday Cult raising kool-aid stands on every street corner.

  19. Vijay Jayaraj, it’s refreshing to see someone emerge from the from one of the institutions of indoctrination with his intellect unclouded by their propaganda. The best description of the “global warming” or “climate change” BS you will ever hear was penned long before the concept was ever given a thought, by one H.L. Mencken, as follows:

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

    “Global warming,” er, I mean “Climate Change,” is merely the latest imaginary hobgoblin.

    • AGW,

      The end to Mencken’s quote is also relevant: “The urge to save the world is almost always an urge to rule.”

    • Most modern universities recommend enslavement. Follow the grad funding and do what we say if you have want to have a successful career. I refrained from doing so.

  20. Also wonderful is that Vijay knows how to write for the web. One to two sentences per paragraph. Rare to see.

    He knows how to get people under the age of 40 to read. Remarkable.

    • “One to two sentences per paragraph.” has been my rule since the 1980’s. Having been schooled by bureaucrats spewing words like the proverbial fan.

      My influential studies, reports, economic analyses, etc. were guided by that rule.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I had a lot of inputs from my colleagues regarding op ed writing. The Millennials don’t have time to read – so we have to grab their attention with short sentences.

  21. Vijay: What you need to understand is the primary concern held by the so called environmentalists in Europe and North America is that there world has too many brown babies. Their solution to all of the world’s problems is to starve you to death. Resist them. Make India prosperous

  22. This essay seems to harken to what P.J O’Rourke has opined on climate change:

    “There’s not a ***damn thing you can do about it. Maybe climate change is a threat, and maybe climate change has been tarted up by climatologists trolling for research grant cash. It doesn’t matter. There are 1.3 billion people in China, and they all want a Buick. Actually, if you go more than a mile of two outside China’s big cities, the wants are more basic. People want a hot plate and a piece of methane-emitting cow to cook on it. They want a carbon-belching moped, and some CO2-disgorging heat in their houses in the winter. And air-conditioning wouldn’t be considered an imposition, if you’ve ever been to China in the summer.

    Now, I want you to dress yourself in sturdy clothing and arm yourself however you like – a stiff shot of gin would be my recommendation – and I want you to go tell 1.3 billion Chinese they can never have a Buick.

    Then, assuming the Sierra Club helicopter has rescued you in time, I want you to go tell a billion people in India the same thing.”

  23. . . . the climate itself has been anything but dangerous over the last 150 years . . .
    Exactly. Which means that, given the historical fact of climate change, dangerous climate is inevitable. The more wealth squandered – and, worse, never developed – on account of the utterly delusional notion that that dangerous climate is caused and can be averted by human activity, the less will be available for coping with it when it arrives. What is truly appalling is that the delusion is being perpetrated by the richest societies, but the consequent economic degradation will result in the most climate harm being suffered by the poorest ones.

  24. Thank you Mr Jayaraj for your perspective on the climate issue.

    I’ve long thought that India has been very sceptical of CAGW because Prof. Udupi Rao was an astrophysicist and a galactic cosmic ray expert. As head of the Indian Space Program for many years he was one of the most prestigious scientists in the world. In 2011 he published a paper on the indirect solar effect on global temperature which demonstrates that nearly half the temperature rise last century was due to the Sun.

    It’s a pity that western countries do not have scientists of such stature to advise their governments. Sadly Prof. Rao passed away in July of this year.

    • Indian government is against Climate Alarmism. But the Media is still sold out to global mainstream narrative. and a common man in India reads these newspapers which inform them that Climate Change is causing havoc. So most in India believe that we are in climate crisis. But they seldom think. My hometown, Madras for example, recorded its highest temperature in 2003. Since then the temperatures have not risen. A very real and practical way to refute global warming at local scales.

  25. It is impossible to save a planet that is not dying, and it is a disgrace to lead people into false fears concerning climate change.

    Leading people into false fears is a means used to achieve the goal of leading people.
    The fewer the people, the easier to lead.

  26. Good article and interesting perspective.

    It would only take one country to declare that they have properly investigated the science around AGW and concluded that there is no threat. They can then declare that they will be happy to buy the coal and oil others don’t want and will not be moving to “renewable” generation or EVs. A large country like India is in a great position to do this. There will be a lot of howling from certain other countries but they will just have to be polite and say “Sorry, but with respect, the atmosphere does not work like that. We are going down the correct route as determined by the science. You are in error”. They may have to repeat it a few hundred times but as long as they stay firm with their decision this will be a useful catalyst.

    It won’t take more than a month to get a few qualified scientists to write up all the true science and expose the faulty stuff. You don’t need more than half a dozen experts of the right flavour and about 20 pages of text should be enough. Pretty low cost.

    • If only this would happen.
      The problem is that the rest of the politicians on the planet would then look silly at being conned and would talk them, or bribe them, out of publishing.

  27. “Vijay Jayaraj … lives in New Delhi, India.”

    And not in one of the other New Delhis in Bolivia, Vietnam, and Norway.

  28. Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:
    Truth and commonsense.
    Scientific evidence vs propaganda.
    ” The food production index (changes in the production of food crops in a given year relative to a base year) more than doubled, from 69.81 in 1990 to 145.1 in 2014. India’s total food grain production in the year 2015–16 recorded a massive 252.23 million tonnes, marginally higher than the previous year.

    This should not surprise anyone who has a remote interest in the state of climate affairs. The global temperature levels showed no significant increase in the past 16 years. ”
    Which newspapers or TV stations report this to the public? And why not???

  29. Please see my observations on climate change in my letter to PM of India:

    Open Letter to the Prime Minister of India:
    Hypocrisy Thy Name!!!

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy
    Hyderabad, 4rd October 2017

    Respected Prime Minister,

    1. Demonetization, GST & FM:

    Sir, sometime back I brought to your kind notice some facts on demonetization and GST and as well on present FM. What I observed in those mails appear to be 100% correct from the views expressed by Yaswant Sinha, the former FM [he presented budget 7 times] from BJP and former FMs/PM of UPA Governments. Also joined in this BJP stalwart Arun Sourie Hon’ble Finance Minister [FM] Arun Jaitley without a scant respect for the former FM and BJP leader Yaswant Sinha, used very poor quality words “Job Applicant at 80s” instead of telling to public how he is going to correct the negative economy that India is facing currently. FM is in a hurry with little or no homework. Take the case of FM announcing at a public meeting that he is going to slash the GST slabs. They announce with demonetization unearthed three lakh crores black money to cover up poor actions!!!

    The common talk of the town is, Sir, you are acting like an “Event Manager” rather than like a “Prime Minister of the Country with 125 crores population, which constitute more than 17% of global population. This is abundantly clear from the way your senior minister talk at national and international level — Also, it appears that FM is running the administration, which is dangerous to the nation in general and people in specific. There is an urgent need, Sir, to look in to this to save India from negative economy. Sir, your words are not reflecting in “action”.

    2. Climate Change

    Hon’ble External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj talk on Climate Change at UN meet as if no other issue is important to India, though the former MoEF&CC Minister after returning to India from Paris meet on Climate Change informed the parliament in December 2015 that out of 2181 Himalayan Glaciers around 86.6% presented no change. In fact, Sir, with our objections and rejections, IPCC withdrew and expressed apology for its recommendation that Himalayan Glaciers will melt by 2035 that too after receiving Noble Prize for such type of inaccurate report. In fact the co-recipient of Noble Prize Al Gore also withdrew his conclusion that Greenland ice will melt in five years – after 2012 the minimum level of Greenland ice each year is showing above the 2012 line only. From the satellite temperature data it is abundantly clear that no change in temperature – pause — before the two El Nino events [1997-98 and 2014-16]: (a) 1980-1997 and 2001-2015. The major ups and downs clearly reflect the influence of Southern Oscillation – El Nino (warm phase) and La Nina (cold phase) — and Volcano eruptions (cold phase). Natural variability, Sir, in the precipitation is the major player in Indian rainfall. Unfortunately, Sir, scientists with vested interests is misguiding the government on this vital issue that has major role in agriculture and water resources availability – floods and droughts.

    3. Swachh Bharat Mission

    We talk day in day out, Sir, the menace of stray dogs but we rarely talk on “silent killer”, the pollution from the garbage, leave other issues aside. More than 80% of the garbage generated in India is the major source of pollution-unhygienic conditions; and in addition causing flooding in urban areas by clogging the drains-nalas-tanks. We talk of, Sir, food production but we rarely look in to adulteration of food and wastage of food or for that matter polluted food. These are the major health hazard components. We talk of fund crunch but the governments spend lavishly to create vote bank politics. We waste public money on 100 smart cities without correcting existing cities. Take the recent example of Telangana Government’s “Dasara bonanza with public money for Singareni staff to wrest trade union elections in a day”. No state or central body questioned this un-ethical act of the Telangana State Government just before elections. Open defecation is common all over India, more particularly in urban areas, even though government claims the other way. Stray dogs act as cleaning act of such defecation. On the contrary the pet dogs became a menace to neighbourhood in terms of pee and creating loud noise – USA has a law to punish the owners of pet dogs but in India we don’t have law to control this menace.

    With the urban floods, Swachh Bharat Mission comes to zero level. Governments are more interested in spending public money on festivals and thus creating environmental destruction but rarely bothered on disaster management except presenting show after the disaster. On the occasion of Gandhi [Sastry] Jayanthi, Sir, you advocated that “even a 1000 Gandhis and a lakh Modis and all the CMs will not succeed unless the mission is adopted by India’s 125 crore population”. This is not so, Sir, as more than 85% of population have no time for such missions as they have to earn their daily bread. Governments have created systems to carry out such missions but they failed to their services except collecting their salaries and other perks. CMs and PMs are doing little in this direction. This shows the type of governance we have. India needs good governance at both state and central levels. Unless that is achieved, such missions provide a means to waste public money. There are people with vested interests to create hype on one day and get fame through media, there it ends. Anna Hazare now – after three long years of rest – starts talking on a bill instead of doing something in that direction to stop corruption. May be he is looking for something else – may be for Bharat Ratna!!! Like several others-corrupt to core (late) politicians.

    Let us do something and not waste time on preaching.

    With kind regards,

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy
    Formerly Chief Technical Advisor of WMO & Expert of FAO of United Nations
    Fellow, Telangana Academy of Sciences
    Convenor, Forum for a Sustainable Environment

    Though this was published in the below given site, not responding now:

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

    • Anybody ever having worked in retail knows every “use by” date is artificially shortened. Regulators use it for “sell by” date.

  30. “Since 2002, rainfall has increased by 1.34 mm per decade since 2002.”

    I’m sure you’ll find it’s the wrong sort of rain. I bet it has too much, or not enough, CO2 dissolved in it. Or it falls in the wrong direction.

    • That’s 1.5 decades. As rainfall typically averages over 1000mm per year (and, sometimes, much more) in most places on the sub-continent, it seems a bit small to be a meaningful trend. I’ll keep the champagne on ice for another couple of decades.

      • What ice? Surely it will all be gone in a couple of decades… maybe you should drink that champagne now while it’s still cold. Brrrrr…..

  31. I totally agree and have always felt this way. The world has gone mad. The whole thing has cost us a great deal of money. We. We’d sanity in government. We also need to develop alternative power for the future but it’s not viable financially yet.

    • Technologies of the future are unknown today, hoskingmusic. Current wind and solar electric generation technologies will not be among that mix. Technological dead ends.

  32. Thank you Everyone for your positive remarks and encouraging comments. Apologize for the delay in my response. India is against Climate Alarmism and our government will continue to be so.

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