President Trump Appoints New NASA Chief

Jim Bridenstine and President Trump, Public Domain Photos

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

All the right people are complaining about President Trump’s new NASA chief Jim Bridenstine, who once demanded an apology from Obama for squandering money on climate research.

NASA Statement on Nomination for Agency Administrator

Sept. 2, 2017

RELEASE 17-071

The following is a statement from acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot on Friday’s announcement of the intended nomination by President Donald Trump of U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine to serve as the 13th NASA administrator:

“I am pleased to have Rep. Bridenstine nominated to lead our team. Of course, the nomination must go through the Senate confirmation process, but I look forward to ensuring a smooth transition and sharing the great work the NASA team is doing.

“I look forward to working with a new leadership team, and the administration, on NASA’s ongoing mission of exploration and discovery. Our history is amazing, and our future is even brighter, as we continue to build on this nation’s incredible global leadership in human exploration, science, aeronautics and technology.”

Bridenstine, a pilot in the U.S. Navy Reserve and former executive director of the Tulsa Air and Space Museum and Planetarium, was elected to the U.S. Congress in 2012 to represent Oklahoma’s First Congressional District. He currently serves on the House Armed Services Committee and the Science, Space and Technology Committee.

For information about NASA’s missions, discoveries and activities, visit:


The new NASA appointment has been greeted with horror by climate activists;

Trump names climate science denier to run NASA

Republican Congressman had demanded Obama apologize for funding climate change research


SEP 2, 2017, 3:58 PM

In a Friday night news dump, the White House announced that President Donald Trump Plans to nominate Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK), a climate science denier to be administrator of NASA.

Bridenstine is a politician without any scientific credentials, unlike previous NASA chiefs, and for that reason his nomination has already been criticized by both Florida’s senators Marco Rubio (R) and Bill Nelson (D), Politico reports. Rubio said, “I just think [his nomination] could be devastating for the space program.”

NASA scientists have led the way in documenting the scientific reality of climate change. But in 2013, Bridenstine not only gave a speech on the House floor filled with standard denier talking points, he actually ended his remarks with a demand that President Obama apologize for funding research into climate science.

Read more:

In the video Bridenstine mentions the global warming pause, and criticises then President Obama for squandering money on global warming, instead of focussing on saving lives with better weather forecasting.

Break out the popcorn.

148 thoughts on “President Trump Appoints New NASA Chief

  1. Are there any thoughts on, or knowledge of, this man aside from his stance on AGW?
    I understand the primary purpose of this site, still, there must be more to him than just this.

      • Well, the MBA is a good sign. NASA could do with some real managers as opposed to politician-wannabes.

      • “Steven Mosher September 3, 2017 at 7:47 pm
        MBAs.. SMH”

        Just another nebulous air dropped Mosher comment with substance, veracity or knowledge.

      • Decrypting Mosh: the Urban Dictionary says SMH is an acronym for ‘shake my head’ or ‘shaking my head.’ Usually used when someone finds something so stupid, no words can do it justice.

      • Steven Mosher September 3, 2017 at 7:47 pm
        Surely an MBA, which requires courses in statistics, is better preparation for science than an undergrad degree in English.
        Not to mention his career flying a variety of land- and carrier-based prop and jet aircraft.
        Pilots know a lot about WX and the atmosphere, you know. Or maybe you didn’t know that. My dad was a Marine fighter pilot in WWII. He was the first person I ever heard use the phrase, “adiabatic lapse rate”.

      • Most NASA astronauts were pilots too. If Trump wants NASA to rediscover what its acronym stands for choosing ex-pilots with business qualification seems sound.
        hint: it is not National Alarmist Science Administration.

      • Gloaty:

        an undergrad degree in English.

        Once you have been awarded a degree you are a graduate. So what is an “undergrad degree” supposed to be ? does it make you and undergraduate graduate ?

      • An MBA guarantees nothing in relation to good quality management. It helps improve the chances, however, of good management.

      • No doubt it will not be long before the alarmist Wikipedia re-writers will soon be falsifying his Wiki profile!

      • Anne Ominous,
        The “MBA types” (aka “real managers”) are the ones directly responsible for the Challenger disaster because they didn’t listen to the people who actually knew something about the negative effects of cold temperatures on material properties. They placed costs, a delayed schedule, and public perception ahead of human life by ignoring their technical experts and decided to launch against the advice of their engineering team. We all know how that turned out.
        Placing a politician, someone without any formal scientific education/background who has no experience whatsoever in the US space program, in charge of the US space program is nothing but a political ploy to drive a political agenda. (And no, 1900 flight hours does not qualify someone to lead NASA – in the same way that being a paramedic for 10 years doesn’t qualify someone for being a hospital administrator – nor does being a marketing executive / business owner in the hospitality sector, with some questionable ethical practices, qualify someone for being the POTUS, but I guess that doesn’t matter these days either.) It actually sickens me at the obvious political gamesmanship occurring in multiple areas of this administration at the expense of sound science. Managers without the right technical background can be disastrous for any organization that relies on science to deliver its vision and mission. This will be no different.

    • Delightful info regarding Bridenstine’s ethics:
      “In 2016 it was revealed he was one of 9 members of Congress who took a trip secretly funded by the government of Azerbaijan. Bridenstine openly declared this trip, in accordance with House rules. The other eight were forced to turn over gifts the country gave them to the House Clerk after an ethics investigation.”
      Or maybe this is a comment on the ethics of many House members?

      • No, but it probably means he has a good shot of at least understanding organizations and management. Some of the best managers are not technical wizards, but process wizards. They run the organization that finds, attracts, and equips those who do the work.

    • A first comment?
      Why did you not read the article first?

      Bridenstine, a pilot in the U.S. Navy Reserve and former executive director of the Tulsa Air and Space Museum and Planetarium, was elected to the U.S. Congress in 2012 to represent Oklahoma’s First Congressional District. He currently serves on the House Armed Services Committee and the Science, Space and Technology Committee.”

      Which includes a link to Bridenstine’s bio.; where one easily reads that:

      “Bridenstine began his Naval aviation career flying the E-2C Hawkeye off the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier. It was there that he flew combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan and gathered most of his 1,900 flight hours and 333 carrier-arrested landings. While on active duty, he transitioned to the F-18 Hornet and flew at the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center, the parent command to TOPGUN.
      After leaving active duty, Bridenstine returned to Tulsa to be the Executive Director of the Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium. Bridenstine’s background includes a triple major at Rice University, a MBA from Cornell University, 9 years active duty in the United States Navy, and business experience in real estate, ranching, aerospace, and defense contracting.
      Bridenstine was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserve in 2012 while flying missions in Central and South America in support of America’s war on drugs. Most recently he transitioned to the 137th Air Refueling Wing of the Oklahoma Air National Guard, where he will fly with an MC-12 squadron stationed at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City.”

      1,900 flight hours, all observing weather around the word while flying missions.
      Direct atmosphere experience and observations.
      An apparently keen intellect.
      Yet, anne ominous whines about the “primary purpose of this site” while insinuating that the man is an empty suit.
      Leaving deep questions regarding what anne ominous believes is the “primary mission of this site” and anne’s purpose is in dropping insidious questions when she could easily follow and read the same links.
      A) Rep, now NASA Administrator nominee, Bridenstine is not an alarmist activist; and that is a very good thing!
      B) Bridenstine is a Navy pilot. I doubt that Bridenstine will tolerate any concept of “adjusted” and “homogenized” weather data; especially data that warps trends.
      C) Bridenstine’s direct air and space experience coupled with his career of utter dependence upon accurate satellite information gives Bridenstine darn good reasons for restoring NASA’s space mission and re-establishing a NASA rigorous science policy, program and perception.
      All very good markers for a NASA Administrator.
      Former Administrator Charles F. Bolden had similar experience and career; but failed to steer NASA back to a rigorous science path.

      • Yes, Steven.
        David Duke, the last bastion of the old southern democrat sponsored Klu Klux Klan, offends the political right (conservatives and libertarians) in the USA.
        John Pickens,
        Spot On!

      • Mosh, would you like to point out where duke is going wrong philosophically? (assuming that you actually know a damn thing about the guy)…

      • “So does david duke” offend the right people??? …er, all 5,000 in the USA (according to ADL and SPLC, +- a few thousand) – a tiny and truly insignificant number out of 323 million.

      • “J Mac September 3, 2017 at 10:04 pm
        Yes, Steven.
        David Duke, the last bastion of the old southern democrat sponsored Klu Klux Klan, offends the political right (conservatives and libertarians) in the USA.
        John Pickens,
        Spot On!”

        Seconded, J Mac!

      • OK, Mr. Mosher, this latest attempt at leaving your Weed Patch is very ugly. Race bating?
        This further damages your tawdry reputation.

      • Mosher, that was a PUTRID comment. That is at best a pathetic attempt at humor and at worst a purposeful attempt to compare a decent man to a racist. Blech!!!!!!!
        I say again. Blech.
        I say again. PUTRID.
        People like you should be called out for BLECH!!!!

      • Maybe there’s a good reason why the concept of “left” is synonymous with “evil” or “sinister” in many languages 🙂 (even as far back as the Romans and Greeks)

  2. Long since time to consolidate weather forecasting and climate research at NOAA, and let NASA focus on getting instrumentation aloft. As a longtime pilot this guy certainly knows something about aeronautics, and based in the legislation he’s sponsored, he’s certainly got the right ideas – drain the swamp!

  3. So, I guess that means that NASA’s main missions are no longer to combat “climate change” and to extol the accomplishments of Musl!m science.

  4. Job One should be shutting down NASA GISS on Manhattan and sending Gavin to the North Pole to collect data.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I spent several years working on a Ph.D. in Astrophysics at NASA GISS, which at that time had some very fine scientists. (However, someone else was also working on his Ph.D. in Astrophysics at the same time and place–a fella named Hansen.)

    • +1000 Gloateus!
      Though, I do think Schmidt should be sent to Antarctica to collect data.
      That or deep in Malaysia jungles to directly observe effects of climate change finagling.
      • Physically centered in the palm oil plantations.
      • Off the grid; with solar panels for his electronics.
      • A straw and banana leaf hut.
      • Direct typhoon observations.
      • Ample time to observe CO₂
      • His very own thermometer to watch.
      • Friendly reptiles and insects to keep him company

      • Also, IMO should be the Arctic, cuz that’s where he made up so much in-filled “data”. Now he can rectify those errors by making real observations, from his hut on the ice floes, with hungry sled dogs for company. His days of blogging on the taxpayers’ dime would be over.

      • My worry exactly Gloateus.
        No permanent station requires and Arctic ship and frequent returns to port.
        If it’s in-filled data benefits; send gavin to Central Africa. Gavin not only in-filled overly warm data, but he did it to a non existent temperature station from far distant badly sited, badly maintained stations.
        I once worked with a guy nicknamed “Penguin” from his Naval assignment stay in Antarctica. Penguin’s favorite off duty exercise was fishing through seal holes. i.e. when Penguin could find an open seal hole.
        Those long winters without recourse to supply visits apparently really get to some people.

  5. “The new NASA appointment has been greeted with horror by climate activists”
    “Activists” is right. They’re politically motivated leftists NOT impartial scientists by any means. And btw, we’ve had 2 decades of the highest level of CO2 emissions ever, and according to their models that meant that temperatures should have been going through the roof. It’s the opposite, people. No matter how elegant their doomsday theory is .. it doesn’t pass observation muster:
    “We have to offer up scary scenarios… each of us has to decide the right balance between being effective and being honest.” -Stephen Schneider, lead IPCC author, 1989
    “Unless we announce disasters no one will listen.” -Sir John Houghton, first ipcc chair, 1994
    Their climate models done in the early were nothing more than “scary scenarios” as Schneider had instructed his the climate scare leaders to create. The models, and ALL their science, is pure fabricated scare-mongering bs. Period.

  6. I found Joe Romm’s use of the term “talking points” illuminating. He described Bridenstines’s speech as “filled with standard denier talking points.” This is NewSpeak for what used to be known as validated facts, the scientific method and the truth. We are living in the world that George Orwell described in “1984,” it just took a little longer to get there. And you have to believe what the MSM, corrupt politicians and Hollywood actors tell you.

    • The term “talking points”, used to disparage the opponent’s list of facts, is low hanging fruit in debate tactics and earns low scores in contested events, especially if the list is not explored. To skewer your opponent, you should use their facts against them by exploring those facts using their own evidence and then dismissing them on the weakness of their theory. If you can’t, then you have to lower your standards to disparagement.

  7. And Trump is just getting started. Only eight months and all the right people are freaking out everywhere.
    Thought for the Day:
    Antifa = vegan ISIS

    • Gavin Schmidt, having crashed on take off, appears perplexed.
      After reconstructing the flight data he finds there was, in fact, an extra 400 meters of runway previously unaccounted for.
      He now declares the take off a success and ignores the pile of twisted aluminium in the woods at the end of the runway.

  8. In my opinion, you don’t need a scientist to head the administration of NASA, but you do need a visionary who believes in science.
    Any evidence Jim Bridenstine does not do that?

    • Yes. Bridenstine clearly believes that ‘science’ means Empiricism using the Scientific Method (a concept now considered, ‘Politically Incorrect’ by the neo-Lysenkoists) and not as a word which means ‘camouflage for Rule By Unelected Globalists’.

  9. NASA is an agency of the White House!
    Until NASA is re-organized within the Department of Commerce the President will nominate “Used Car Salesman” to be NASA Administrator.
    Very simple.

  10. Questions from an ignorant (of US policies and procedures) Aussie:
    How is it that a sitting politician can head NASA?
    How does he perform both roles at once and without conflict of interest as “He currently serves on the House Armed Services Committee and the Science, Space and Technology Committee”?

    • He resigns from the one he has, in order to take the new job. In the US, its not possible to have positions in 2 branches of the fed government at rhe same time.

      • This is the advantage of the USA. In Germany, a politician may sit in several boards of directors, but may still retain his office. Germany is also (geographically) still below Denmark and already the saying goes: There is something lazy in the state of Denmark. Just like in Germany. Only here in Germany still something lazier and smellier.

      • Much that is illegal for US members of Congress is legal for German legislators, and those of other European countries.

    • After confirmation by the Senate and just before taking the oath of office as head of NASA he will resign from the House of Representatives. There will then be an election to fill his unexpired term in the House.

    • Several (three?) representatives and one senator (Sessions) have already taken jobs with the administration; their seats were filled by special elections. (Which the Republicans won.)

    • As Steve Fraser said.
      He has been (or will be) nominated to head NASA. He doesn’t have the job yet. Once approved by the Senate, where the Democrats are sure to drag their knuckles, he would need to resign his House seat.

  11. I am reminded of the Dr. Seuss character, Horton the elephant, who said, “I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. An elephant’s faithful one-hundred percent.”
    Indeed Donald Trump said he was going to drain the swamp. The appointment of Jim Bridenstine is proof that he meant what he said and is faithful to his campaign promise.

  12. “All the right people are complaining about President Trump’s new NASA chief Jim Bridenstine,”
    Yes. Here’s Sen Marco Rubio

    Rubio said he and [Senator] Nelson “share the same concerns” and worry Bridenstine’s “political baggage” would weigh him down in a GOP-led Senate that has grown increasingly resistant to Trump. NASA can’t afford that, Rubio said.
    “I just think it could be devastating for the space program. Obviously, being from Florida, I’m very sensitive to anything that slows up NASA and its mission,” Rubio told POLITICO.
    “It’s the one federal mission which has largely been free of politics and it’s at a critical juncture in its history,” Rubio said. “I would hate to see an administrator held up — on [grounds of] partisanship, political arguments, past votes, or statements made in the past — because the agency can’t afford it and it can’t afford the controversy.”
    Noting NASA’s mission to Mars, Rubio said the agency is at critical moment in its history and he would prefer an administrator who has the “respect of the people who work there from a leadership and even a scientific perspective.”
    Rubio said he relayed his thoughts to the White House.

    • Rubio is only a single “Right Person”. Few other “Right People” complain, most of the complaining is done by the “Left People”, activists and anarchists.

    • Nick, thank you for your refreshingly polite and reasoned comment. (especially as compared with that dingbat mosher)…

    • Being from the other side of the pond, I know little of US politics but I know enough to know that there are question marks surrounding whether Rubio is a RINO.

    • Rubio has nothing to mention. He lost the Republican primacy against Trump and now Trump is the President of the United States and not Rubio. Who knows whether Rubio with his infinite wisdom would have achieved this. I do not think so. And if he is in the House against Bridenstein, he is to pass to the Democrats. I do not think, however, that something will happen. Rubio barks a bunch as a hit (from the pre-election result) dog.
      From the wikipedia: “In April 2015, Rubio announced that he would forgo seeking reelection to the Senate to run for President. He suspended his campaign for President on March 15, 2016, after losing the Republican primary in his home state of Florida to Donald Trump.[1] On June 22, 2016, he reversed his decision not to seek reelection to the Senate and announced a campaign for reelection citing the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting.[2] Rubio was reelected after defeating Democrat Patrick Murphy in the 2016 general election.”
      As you can see a politician through and through.

      • Trump and Bridenstein needs not the voice of Rubio. If there is a 50:50 in the senate ( if Rubio and the incredible McCain vows again Bridenstein) then there is vice president Pence, who is per se a member of the senate in such cases. From wikipedia: “On 23 November 2016, US President-elect Donald Trump nominated her ( de Vos) as Minister of Education for his Cabinet. [4] On February 7, 2017, the US Senate confirmed their nomination with 51:50 votes. [5] Since the Republican senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski had voted against DeVos, it had come to a pattenituation. In such a case, the vote of the Vice-President of the US, at this time Mike Pence, who is also chairman of the Senate, decides. It was the first time in the history of the United States that a cabinet member was elected to the post by the voice of the vice president. [6]”
        It was the first time, but in the case of Bridenstein it would be not.

      • This didn’t post before. Please excuse possible double posting.
        I expect McCain and Rubio to vote yea, but if either should defect, then there is the Veep.
        Unlikely IMO that McCain would vote against a fellow naval aviator, but the depths of his perfidy and mendacity have yet to be plumbed.

      • Rubio wants NASA money in Florida, not it Bank accounts belonging to climate researchers. Not in the form of grants going to various inane “risk management” studies.

    • “It’s the one federal mission which has largely been free of politics ”
      Rubio clearly has not been paying attention.

    • You got it, nicky-boi! All the ‘right’ people, meaning everyone who waddles up to the AGW trough.

    • Rubio lost his bid to become President. Trump didn’t.

      Noting NASA’s mission to Mars, Rubio said the agency is at critical moment in its history and he would prefer an administrator who has the “respect of the people who work there from a leadership and even a scientific perspective.”

      It’s many of “the people that work there” that require an overhaul at NASA.
      Those people would respect the scientific acumen of an Al Gore or a Bill Nye.

    • Nelson is a DNC hack and will oppose anyone that Pres Trump nominates. Rubio has, paraphrasing the song goes, “Never though a thinking for himself at all” getting his marching orders from his adored role model, McCain. Once McCain dies I’m convinced that he’ll get his marching orders from Schumer. They are both my Senators and to I am – to say the least – not represented by either of them.

  13. “Devastating for the space program”? What space program? No manned lifter. Unmanned exploration is top-notch, but I can’t remember any launches of new missions for a while.
    NASA is supposed to be “Aeronautics and Space” stuff. NOAA is supposed to handle the “Oceanic and “Atmospheric” stuff. No reason to duplicate missions — you don’t see NOAA sending unmanned missions out into the solar system, why should NASA be doing climate science?

  14. I met Bridenstine in 2006 when the Rocket Racing League was spooling up. He put up his own money to buy into the racing league and was very eager to be a rocket pilot himself. With my experience as flight test engineer on the XCOR X-racer I briefed him on the practical aspects of the propulsion system (I was the most hands-on of the XCOR design team and was the onboard FTE for all the taxi tests and the first four flights). He struck me as intelligent, focused, and a good manager for his team. His significant sponsorship earned him his name on the Xracer when we flew it at Oshkosh in July 2008. When RRL went to Armadillo Aerospace for two more vehicles, Bridenstine did his best to bring the struggling organization back to life and pushed them to the demonstration of two rocket aircraft flying at the same time, a feat not accomplished since WWII.
    RRL is long gone, I’m no longer with XCOR, but we did some great things.

    • Great insight, Doug.
      Which puts the lie to Rubio’s negative comment about Bridenstine.
      Steadily, Rubio erases his chances for a future presidential run.

      • If Rubio was really concerned about NASA impact on Florida, he’d be in favor of this guy, vs previous administration who put NASA money into New York to do climate research.
        Want to understand the NASA loss of momentum? Watch ‘2001’ – when it came out, nobody thought “PanAm to the moon” was anything other than a logical progression from the NASA work in the 60’s

    • As Captain Obvious, I noticed Bridenstine’s name on both the wings and fuselage of the rocket.
      Critics need to explain why a rocket scientist and jet pilot with a MBA is unqualified to head the Aeronautics and Space Agency, while a Social Anthropology major (with a Masters in Environmental Policy – i.e. NOT a technical degree) Gina McCarthy was a great fit for EPA.
      (The “Right People” touted Gina’s appointment because she had voiced opposition to the Keystone Pipeline. No bias there.)

  15. This sounds like excellent news!
    I lost my respect for NASA ywears ago. I hope Bridenstine will be able to restore it.
    NASA should concentrate on exploration and technology development, and leave the junk science to the NOAA.

  16. It will be a matter of moving funds to more hard science while looking more carefully at the data gathering.
    The learning curve of BOM could be a touchstone of what is going on in the US.
    Co operation with data gathering in other countries would be a must.
    India now has its own geostationary weather satellite
    China has hacked BOM ,
    so has all the raw data, although this was probably used in strategic model and decision making for the purchase of large tracts of agricultural land.
    They don’t listen to the claims of some in Australia that the dams will dry permanently with global warming.
    Such claims are vague in that they are not verifiable.
    A closer relationship with China on regional climate forecasting would be a way to build bridges,one may as well, as China will get the information anyway.
    Australians have adapted a method of looking at data and using it to forecast events.
    They use neural networks that learn.
    I look forward to the day when the ugly hubris of some is not paraded on the world stage as a call to save the planet.
    Putting someone in NASA to show a less adversarial tone and method will be most refreshing.

  17. “I just think it could be devastating for the space program. Obviously, being from Florida, I’m very sensitive to anything that slows up NASA and its mission,” Rubio told POLITICO.

    Clue to the clueless, Marco. NASA’s mission is to probe Uranus for gas, not do muslim outreach and climate science.
    What the h.ell is wrong with Florida that they send this poser to the US senate? An empty suit.

  18. “NASA scientists have led the way in documenting the scientific reality of climate change.”
    If NASA had any ‘scientific reality’ to apply, they would already have an answer for how much heat the Mars” atmosphere ‘traps’ and for how long. Can land a craft on an asteroid, but can’t measure a ‘scientific reality’?

    • Yes, Mars with its nearly 100% (albeit thin) CO2 atmosphere. I wonder if the amount of Martian CO2 is similar to Earth’s? Could be, but without water vapor, it’s a pretty cold place. Anybody have the data on that?

      • Certainly.
        Mars has much less carbon dioxide than Venus, but much more than Earth. Surface pressure of Earth’s atmosphere about 1000 mbar, and 0.04% carbon dioxide, so 0.4 mbar partial pressure of carbon dioxide. Mars surface pressure about 6 mbar, almost totally carbon dioxide. So Mars has about 15 times more carbon dioxide than Earth per unit surface area. Earth is bigger, of course, so Mar’s total amount is about 6 times Earth’s.
        Venus has about 200,000 times more carbon dioxide than Earth’s atmosphere. We’re not counting our carbon dioxide dissolved in the oceans.

    • LOL. do we talk about the “scientific reality” of the ideal gas laws, the “scientific reality” of magnetic fields; the “scientific reality” evaporation?
      No, because when something is a the “scientific reality” you do not need to keep calling it one. By calling it “scientific reality” of climate change Romm is pleading. He is trying to assert it as a reality because he knows it is NOT a reality but an unproven hypothesis.

  19. Having worked we every federal scientific program, including NASA and most of the states on the East Coast, scientists and engineers do not necessarily make greatest of administrators. A NASA Administrator must know the programs, policies, personnel management and budget he doesn’t necessarily need to know the details of the science. Nor do they need to be a scientists to understand the scientific policies of NASA. In fact I would argue that what is needed is an objective look from outside the various scientific fields included in NASA. If someone claims NASA administrator must be a scientists or engineer, in what field of study? Some in NASA have certainly demonstrated in recent years that “good science” was not their primary goal.

  20. Mars atmospheric pressure=0.6% of earth pressure. Venus=9000+% earth pressure. Both atmospheres are mostly co2. Mars atmosphere very cold. Venus very hot. Guess which one the warmists like to use as the proof that co2 causes catastrophic warming? Guess they don’t understand temperature pressure relationships or the effect of proximity to the sun.

    • Did a quick look up. Martian atmosphere is reported to be 1/206 of Earth’s by weight. Given that Martian atmosphere is roughly 95% CO2, that worked out to the equivalent of 465 ppm of CO2 if that same amount was on earth. Where’s the Martian warming? BTW, water vapor on Mars reported as about 100ppm.
      Net, net, “it’s the sun, stupid!” (And of course, the pressure gradient).

  21. This new guy looks just fine to me. Better qualified than Obama was to be president, or anything else other than a trouble making neighborhood organizer. Rubio needs to put a sock in it. McCain is just trying to get back at Trump for some of his stupider remarks about him and is starting to, as a result, look petty and possibly a little senile or perhaps suffering from his very unfortunate brain tumor. In any event, McCain gave much for his country and it is sad to see him now being a negative factor.

  22. Joe Romm is a long-time far left political operative who will argue the climate alarmists’ cases regardless of merit . “Rubio said, “I just think [his nomination] could be devastating for the space program.” but really meant devastating for Florida’s cash flow. Where are the the statesmen when the country needs them?

    • Actually Romm only argues one usually tangential point to any honest disagreement that appears in his comment section, and wrongly at that, then immediately bans whomever posted it and declares himself the winner.

      • I am beginning to doubt the veracity of Joe Romm’s credentials. Anyone who has a knee-jerk far left response to every challenge of the climate alarmists’ narrative is flat out not credible. I suspect Romm’s contributions to citations in his Wikipedia biography are grossly overblown, but who has time to waste to check them. His only exposure to science appears to have been at MIT where he was awarded a PhD. in physics. Since Romm graduated, I could not find a single significant scientific publication on climate science in which he was the primary author.
        Romm’s experience is not easy to characterize. He has been an organizer, a coordinator, a compiler, a reporter, an author, a speaker, an advocate, a commentator, a green blogger, a green energy lobbyist, a policy advisor but never a serious scientist who would be comfortable “getting into the “weeds” of climate science. His career has been archetypal of how to move through a series of government staff jobs and then migrate to private organizations that are funded by governments grant and need a former insider’s contacts. Nothing I see would qualify Romm as an I suggest that he is simply an opportunist.

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