The Conversation: Private Home Ownership May Not Be Viable Because Climate

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Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Western Sydney University Researcher Louise Crabtree, writing for The Conversation, thinks in a world torn by climate disasters ownership of private property may have to be sacrificed, to be replaced by a system of housing cooperatives or a roaming right to reside.

Can property survive the great climate transition?

Property is under threat, physically and conceptually, from climate change.

July 13, 2017 6.06am AEST


Louise Crabtree

Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University

As we become an increasingly urban species, urban resilience is emerging as a big deal. The idea is generating a lot of noise about how to develop or retrofit cities that can deal with the many challenges before us, or consume less energy in the transition to post-carbon economies.

If our cities are to become more resilient and sustainable, our systems of property need to come along for the ride.

Models that allow for change

These are live questions. There are no easy answers, but there are places where we might start.

Models such as rolling easements offer one way to handle property that is in flux. Rolling easements are a form of property that recognises that the coast is a dynamic landscape and allows for the coastline of wetlands to migrate inland as sea levels rise.

These sound promising in their capacity to balance private and public interests in property, but their potential has not yet been tested in areas of urban development, such as housing.

Echoing the potential mobility and flexibility of rolling easements are diverse housing tenures that can dislocate the right to reside in place from exclusionary, proprietary title to an individual, speculative housing “asset”.

Examples include housing co-operatives and community land trusts. So far, these have proven effective in delivering a range of affordable and flexible housing options, but still ultimately rely on an understanding that property is static.

We might also need to start thinking about our claims not being static but dependent on the web of relationships we are entwined in, including with non-humans. Some say that First Peoples might have a grasp of property dynamics that is more suited to the times we are entering.

Read more:

I would have thought the current system of paying more insurance if you want to live somewhere desirable but vulnerable, like low lying beachfront property, works pretty well. But apparently this solution is not good enough. People who believe they own their own house can’t easily be relocated if some rare species of slime mould is discovered lurking in their back garden.

If you assume the author is an inconsequential fringe academic, think again. According to her university bibliography, in 2009, the author of the article Louise Crabtree received the following recognition from then Federal Minister for Housing Tanya Pilbersek.

… Louise’s work on resilience and governance in community housing was the basis for her receipt of the inaugural Housing Minister’s Award for Early Career Researchers in 2009; in announcing the award, the Hon. Tanya Plibersek described the work as ‘crucial’.

Read more:

Louise’s reference to the wisdom of the first peoples being “more suited” to surviving the future is also worth a read. The following quote from that referenced Guardian article caught my eye.

The western idea of private property is flawed. Indigenous peoples have it right

Our capitalist property regime and economic system have succeeded at producing remarkable surplus. But the benefits of this system too often flow to a small fraction of the population, while land, water, air and people pay the long-term price.

Prior generations responded to similar crises by turning to communism. But today, Marx, Lenin and Mao no longer offer a scythe sharp enough to fell the stalks of capitalism.

Another, more cutting-edge possibility is to heed the diverse indigenous voices displaced and drowned out by imperialism. From Standing Rock to Queensland, colonized and indigenous people are demanding new relationships to water that sustains the life and land which provides for the people.

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Can these academics become any more sick? Analysis about imaginary fantasies requires a sick mind.

Santa Baby

They are just making up problems to promote their neomarxism?

It is no coincidence that climate alarmism was embraced by Marxists from the very beginning.

Walter Sobchak

Warmunism is what they came up with when the Soviet Union collapsed. They are watermellons. Never forget that they are red on the inside.


This is straight out of Agenda 21. It’s their goal to force everyone out of small communities and then squeeze them into crowded communist-style blocks. It literally spells this out and how they are going to go about doing it, climastrology is the catalyst.

Carbon BIgfoot

One of the biggest lobbies in the US–the Real Estate Marketplace including the Home Builders might have something to say about this—if it is ever postulated as a societal option.

Old England

This is simply an example of green marxism inventing a problem to which the required solution is the socio-economic ‘solution’ that they want to see.

Exactly. And if I may add, I notice a significant change in the educational curriculum and the political inclination of high school and university professors in USA and Europe. One reason why Latinamerica has an overall lousy society (poverty, corruption, and crime) is the teaching of communism in their educational systems. Many of those nations apply a flawed form of capitalism, but the “solution” seems to be hyper corrupt tyrannical socialism. This is why Lula da Silva is going to jail, Venezuela allowed itself to be invaded by communist Cubans, and Colombia may fall in the hands of narco communists.

Greg Woods

@ Fernando L: As a longtime resident of Colombia I can testify that, to be polite, your assessment of Colombia is pure BS.


. . . and if you don’t agree with their solution, then you will “re-educated” until you do. Further resistance will end with a bullet to the back of your head. It doesn’t matter if it’s green marxism, red marxism, or socialism, the only difference between them is the time taken to put the bullet in your head.


Colombia is teetering on the edge (once again) of enabling FARC to continue its violent Cuban/Venezuelan/Narco fueled assault. You may be living there but you are not seeing the forest for the trees in front of your face.

Robert Sproule

Right on!


Seriously, make her live in a flapping tent with holes in the fabric for about 3 months. Winter or summer, no bathroom, no access to clean water, store-bought food, any modern conveniences. She can bail out someone’s basement and fill sandbags during flooding, like the nasty floods we have in my area right now from a massive serious of training thunderstorms, one right after another.
The people who propose these things should be the first to live that way. I can just picture this cow in a muddy, miserable tent city like that of the War Bond veterans (USA) in the 1920s, asking for what they were promised by the US Government after WWI.
What a marooone!


You realize, of course, that when she visualizes Our Glorious Communitarian Future, she always sees herself as one of the Commissars appointed to oversee the masses of proles who need Discipline from a Stern Hand. In order to Save the World, of course.

john harmsworth

Let’s see what she thinks when she contracts some godawful disease and tries the local witch doctor’s remedies for something that’s going to kill her. These people have never experienced any real hardship and have no understanding where we came from.


You realize, of course, that when she visualizes Our Glorious Communitarian Future, she always sees herself as one of the Commissars appointed to oversee the masses of proles who need Discipline from a Stern Hand. In order to Save the World, of course.

She should consider what happened to Trotsky and anyone else who falls out of favor with communists.


Why wouldn’t that be lovely? Everyone lives in a rolling series of homeless shelters, and carries one’s personal property on one’s back (or probably, it’s confined to an Iphone). Yep, that’s just the future I’m looking forward to . . .


Eliminating private property has been a goal of the left for a long time.

Tom in Florida

They realize they will have to take our guns first because we will defend our property.

Rhoda R

Tom: She’s British – they are already disarmed.


Sydney. A banksters paradise. Money is created, constantly. From nothing. When more is required squeeze in some more immigrants or when they run out refugees.
Unfortunately, this is a ponzi scheme. There are losers. The less well off or those that do not want to work too hard can no longer afford to buy a home.
In the end the whole bankster fraud will blow up. So hang in there you would be watermelons. Save some cash. The prices will suddenly drop. At that point cash is king. Be patient.


She belongs to a long list of radicals who infest the loony left but her ideas and grand desires all too often become the rule of the land. She would be comfortable in Stalin’s, Chairman Moe’s, Poll pots and 100’s of other evil elitist regimes who have risen to to top of the socialist dictator refuse pile, destroying country’s, caused unending suffering and misery. Many of these inhabit the likes of the UN with it’s Agenda 21!

Carbon BIgfoot



This has been tried in Cambodia by the Pol Pot regieme, and look at what happened there with an estimated one to three million dead out of a population of eight millions, about 25%. And this happened in only four years of Pol Pot’s premiership.

Iain Russell

Grade A gibberish. These people are insane.


That could be literally true. Their love of theory leaves them disconnected from reality in a way that mimics schizophrenia. link

Alan Robertson

The defining characteristic seems to be their inability to be wrong about anything.
They picked up a thought from somewhere and now it’s their thought and must be defended.
One can try to get them to actually examine that thought, but only at personal risk.

Pat Frank

You’ve got the essential necrotic factor commieBob: critical theory. The humanities academy has been completely conquered and corrupted by it.
The method is, invent an internally coherent set of axioms that suits your most cherished cultural prejudices, e.g., Critical Race Theory. Dignify it as “theory.”
Collect selected data on your targets and foes. Tendentiously interpret the data to confirm your most damning extrapolations. Publish. Repeat.
It’s not even pseudo-scholarship. It’s plain character assassination.
The best examination of this corrupted practice by far was Paul Gross’ and Norman Levitt’s “Higher Superstition: the academic left and its quarrel with science.

Pat Frank

By the way, consensus climatology has abandoned science in favor of critical theory. Assume demonized CO2 and elaborate all the negative consequences.
The assumption is never abandoned or disproved. Every study is confirmatory.
Climatology has become “AGW Studies,” composed to be categorized with Departments of Sociology, Louise Crabtree’s “Human Geography,” or Gender Studies.
Places where flabby thinking and fake scholarship have found a home.


When Reagan closed the lunatic asylums, the lunatics found a new home in academia.


The asylums were closed back in the 60’s and 70’s.

C. Paul Barreira

She seems about average for an Australian academic. Her colleagues, self-described as historians, writing on Australia and the Great War are no less imaginative—and false.

You can bet she’ll be happy to wield a “scythe sharp enough to fell the stalks of capitalism.”


We also need a shove, or better, a number of large backhoes to dig out the roots of communism, communitarianism, and totalitarian ideals.

That’s for the little people of course, no? Surely that would not apply to jetset movie stars and UN bureaucrats flying around the world selflessly preaching climate action.


Once you realize that environmentalism is mostly just an excuse to feed the left’s totalitarian impulses to control other people’s lives, what seems to be gibberish starts making sense.

Santa Baby

Neomarxism showing ITS true face in policy basen climate “science” and “solutions”?


What is new?
Believe me the United Nations are leading the way with their “sustainability” and “Agenda 21 – 2030” programs.
Check out this website!
Check out the Agenda 21 and “sustainable” links and much more.
Socialism and population control policies are well under way.
Check out this document from one of the UN’s many “initiatives”
Check Page 8. The high lights are mine.
Even my city is promoting “stack and pack” with their “sustainable earthquake recovery plan”
Search for the word “density”.
Dont be fooled by their “medium density” housing, what they really mean are modest stack and packs, not private homes. Modest because high rises are banned because of the earthquake risk.
Here is their interpretation of agenda 21 for the gullible.
Think Global warming foolishess is on the decline? Well maybe, but we have another wolf getting ready to take over.

Right on Roger…
It’s time again to listen to Rosa Koire, who early on had an epiphany about this eventuality:
And her best presentation as far as I can see explaining UN Agenda 21 and ICLEI (or the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives):


Right on Roger. These Bolsheviks’ thoughts extend into education as well.

Just another way to use “global warming” to sneak communism in the back door.
And it is “global warming” that they mean, because they’re always trying for the “hottest evvaar” day, week, month, year – not the coldest, regardless of what weather they’re blaming on CAGW, be it rain, hail, snow, flood, cyclone, drought. If it’s weather and a tad uncomfortable outside of their air-conditioned academic castle, then it has to be “extreme” weather and therefore the fault of the dreaded “global warming” and that awful “carbon”.
Just because a large portion of the population have decided they don’t feel like working for their living, they feel entitled to try and take what others have worked hard for. They’re in for a rude shock.


The right to bear arms ensures all the other natural rights, including the right to property.


Living sustainably includes the stupid idea that future people can have the same resources as we have now. That is simply wrong and sustainability as they define it is wrong.
You can protect the environment, the plants and animals, and the people by being careful and thoughtful, but “sustainable” means freezing things the way they are. The UN includes the suppression of technological advancements as part of sustainability. They even say modern pharmaceuticals, all agriculture, transportation, and indoor plumbing are unsustainable. Awesomely stupid, anti-human, and evil, but those are their goals.
The Indigenous People idea is interesting if they would be honest about it. Many American Indians were farmers and lived in essentially permanent settlements until we stole their lands and forced them into becoming migrants. The Incans and Aztecs built large cities and developed the land.
The idea of ingenious people living off the the land as homeless, “green,” migratory groups or individuals has the subtext of there being very, very few people.
Kim said, “There’s nothing wrong with conserving and trying to live sustainably. But the goal should be to live sustainably at the maximum possible standard of living.”
Do not forget that the UN thinks that North Koreans are living the good life, using hoe and rake to scratch out survival. They want equal subsistence poverty for all. That means, no machinery (all hand tools and they would be communally owned), no livestock (we are all vegan by force and perforce malnourished and weak), and no guns (banned from hunting completely and also unable to self-defend). With the sequestered human settlements that they plan, each small settlement would be cut off from the others and completely dependent on the Capitol for key supplies. Rebel and they cut off everything, Think Hunger Games—each District was specialized such that no one district could survive on its own—rebellion was easily put down by simply cutting off supplies and then there were the mandatory mass killings to make the point of the Capitol’s power.
KTM said, “They either need to let other smarter people devise how to improve our standards of living across the globe while we achieve sustainability, or they simply need to step aside and allow capitalism to bring the world out of poverty while we continue thinking how to make things more sustainable.”
You have to stop using the word “sustainability.” It was adopted by the UN as a goal because it cannot be defined. Yes, even they cannot define it, such that it can be whatever they want it to be at the time. As we do not know the developments of the future it is impossible to make cogent, logical decisions based on “sustainability.”
The fact is that the environment gets cleaned up and future mistakes avoided as countries become wealthy and their standard of living rises. People then have the time, the resources, and the interest to clean up their land. The interest is there in all countries, but when you are simply trying to survive, the environment is low on your priority list.
Unfortunately, the UN’s goal is to bleed the Developed countries, de-industrialize the Western world, and send huge amounts of wealth to Undeveloped countries to keep them from ever developing. There is absolutely no reason for a government to clean up its country when its needs are being satisfied for free by the UN. There is no need to worry about the health and education and productivity of the people until the funds are cut off and the government is forced depend on taxes from its people. With foreign aid, a weak and uneducated people are unlikely to be able to revolt effectively. Foreign aid is an evil thing and should be cancelled in toto. Funds for disasters, sure, but nothing regular in any way.


There’s nothing wrong with conserving and trying to live sustainably. But the goal should be to live sustainably at the maximum possible standard of living.
The so called academics who think the only way to live sustainably is to regress to an aboriginal standard of living aren’t very smart, and they are very closed minded. If they are allowed to have their way, regressive living will be a self fulfilling prophecy.
They either need to let other smarter people devise how to improve our standards of living across the globe while we achieve sustainability, or they simply need to step aside and allow capitalism to bring the world out of poverty while we continue thinking how to make things more sustainable.
People improve the world, more people improve the world more. How egotistical do these people have to be to think they alone make a meaningful contribution to the world while the masses are all dead weight?

Leonard Lane

Good points Ktm. Notice that tyrants, especially the socialist kind (Socialist, Communists, Fascists are all of the same kind, always led by tyrants only the names are different) always want to reduce population but are never ready to lead by example. They want to outlaw private property, but the tyrants and their sycophants always live in huge mansions or palaces with first class security systems, while the common people (poor people under socialists) live in danger and hardship. Tyrants always to take away peoples guns but arm their lackeys and security people to the teeth.
Sounds like there is way too much contract and grant money floating around for worthless and hateful ideas. I think these grants and contracts to universities cut be cut by 60-80% and produce a lot better real science and engineering.

If they feel so strongly about their beliefs, then they should band together in one area/region of Australia with those who are willing to follow their dictates. Leave the rest of the people to live life on their own terms, and in freedom.
Here in the US, the states should revert back to a strong states rights system. Then those of like mind can decide their future according to their own precepts. For me that would mean moving out of California more than likely, given the number of liberals who control the state. .Although, I could hold out hope that Northern California would be allowed to break away as a separate state.


Yet another example of how far Australia has gone down the tube.


There is nothing wrong with living “sustainably” so long as it’s voluntary.
When you seek the right to force others to live by your standards, you are entering the realm of totalitarianism.


Those theoretical-minded leftists should spend a year living “aboriginal” style in, let’s say, The Congo and then come back and report about how “sustainable” and pastoral and desirable that-all is. Cooking on a dung fire with dysentery eating your guts is SOOOOO “green,” y’know.

John F. Hultquist

… in a world torn by climate disasters …
If the spinning Earth suddenly changed tilt by 3° we can expect climate shifts that some will call disastrous. She must be speaking about weather.
Like atoms, these folks make up everything.

Radical Rodent

I say, Mr Hultquist, that is rather clever; brief, accurate, and powerful. What I especially would like to nick is your last sentence – that is diamond!

Gunga Din



Let us all live in dormatories or barraks. wear uniforms, and do what we are told and let government look our for us. Has not that worked out best in the past?


It made North Korea the place it is today. Now let’s roll it out worldwide.

Several years ago, I came across a story which stated that North Korea is a big manufacturer of methamphetamine. It stated that meth was freely available for North Koreans to use in order to stave off hunger pains. I don’t know what could possibly be crazier or sicker than that policy.
Here is one link to a story on that. There are many more, …


Kind of gives the phrase “opiate of the masses” a whole new meaning,

There is a new documentary on Netflix that shows that the German army and people were fueled by meth during WWII. Everybody was taking it especially soldiers during battles.


Typical waste of space academic who is probably waking up to the fact that academia is fun if you’re lazy and don’t really want to work for a living but doesn’t pay much especially if you continue to seek grants of other peoples’ money and they don’t give it. . Wants to have “rolling property rights” presumably so she can move into someone else’s place without paying for it. where I live that is called theft.


One reason why so many academics gravitate towards socialism is that they view capitalism as being defective. How do they know it’s defective? Because they aren’t being paid what they are convinced they are worth.
They’ve spent years honing their academic chops, but some guy who never even went to college works his way up from the cash register to regional manager, and is now earning more than the academic.
In their minds, that is wrong and any system that would allow such a travesty is by definition broken and must be replaced.


Probably living in her mum’s basement, actually.


These are the people who run our lives, incapable of learning from history… The violence of Stalin and Mao isn’t enough for her, she wants a better “Scythe” to cut down the Capitalists….. These people are completely mad. But they control our politics, universities and media…. Now I’m really depressed.


Oh, don’t be depressed, JH. These nitwits need to be exposed to the light of day for what they really are: lazy, self-centered jerks who think they’re ten evolutionary steps above us while we’re down here, just rolling around in the mud. They forget that we can use the mud to build nice, cozy brick houses with doors that can be locked to keep them out in cold weather.
The more they rattle on, the more ridiculous they look to realists. I’d guess they don’t know where their food comes from. Oh! That’s right! It comes from the store.

Tom Halla

Khmer Rouge economic model?


They also forget One Big Thing: “We” control the capital. 😉

john harmsworth

Where exactly in the world beyond this website are people regularly hearing the counter arguments to this Socialist anti-human drivel?
Socialism/ Communism is just like AGW. It is based on a theoretical model that has no relationship to reality. The pull of it’s message is so strong for the weak minded Utopians that they disregard ALL the evidence!
Socialism/ Communism has been tried in many places. It has failed in every single case! It makes no allowance for the differing wants and needs of different people, nor the good that comes from human desire to better their lot!
AGW is tried repeatedly in models. It fails in every single case! It makes no allowance for negative feedbacks that negate any warming from CO2. It ignores the known benefits of cheap energy and the known benefits of global warming ( that isn’t occurring beyond natural variation, anyway).
The reality of these hypothesized systems is that they can only be maintained by coercion. As people react with anger and disappointment and refuse to comply with the resultant enforced poverty, more oppressive and finally violent enforcement is required. Along the way, Democracy is sacrificed for the false ideals of a ruling clique.
Human society cannot move forward with politicians leading the way by force. The elites are marching us off a cliff!

Gunga Din

They don’t run my life. Don’t let them run yours.
“It riles them to believe
That you perceive
The web they weave
And keep on thinking free.”
Moody Blues.


But that indigenous nomadic lifestyle would play Larry Dooley with getting to work in Academia. And roaming recharge points for the computer.


I told ya they were commies


Hey, let’s all go and live in caves, or yurts. We’ll have to get state permission to pitch the yurt, of course, giving full consideration to local indigenous peoples/animals/insects/fungi. Sounds like a winner. .

Non Nomen

In Russia, such form of housing is called “kommunalka”, where several individuals share a flat, usually one kitchen and one toilet only, if any. Thanks, Louise, but NO, thanks.

Paul r 13.7.2017

More proof that cagw is just a vehicle to turn the world socialist.


Again, Christiana Figueres.

If we built most new houses with wood then it would sequester vast amounts of CO2, I heard if they did it in the UK alone it would store 3.8 million tonnes annually.

john harmsworth

Canada here! We got wood! Lol!

With or without the climate scare, they were always going to lay this on. By “they” I mean the intellectual descendants of the potty theorists and control freaks who buggered the last century. Now they have a new century to wreck with their globalist goo.
The Conversation, independently funded by slavishly tax-funded intermediaries, is an ideal echo chamber for their one way conversations. Not a single concurring grunt, bleat or moo from the Great Herd of Independent Minds will be lost.

One way conversations is a perfect description of what takes place there. I held out for several months before I left in disgust. The only good that came of the time spent there was that I was so peeved when I left that it sparked my thoughts, which led to a bit of inspiration regarding climate interactions. It was shortly after that when I pieced together enough of the puzzle to make my first prediction regarding the winter of 2016/17 having a strong probability for bringing heavy rains and flooding to the Pacific Northwest and California. That was in early March of 2014. I made several comments using Disqus, and more than likely I made comments here at WUWT, but WordPress does not allow me to look back through my comments.

You can google e.g. “goldminor pacific” to look for your comments.

@ Michael Palmer…thanks, but what a lousy system. I could spend weeks trying to find the related comment. Disqus let’s a person scroll back through all of their comments. I wish that WordPress did similar.

Mark - Helsinki

Communism rears its head, only recently Corbyn talked of seizing private property in the UK

john harmsworth

This isn’t going to be much of a civil war when the other side won’t look up from their stupid “smart” phones!


And climate obsessed extremists project that skeptics are motivated by their political views. The climate social mania, with its spreading corruption of every aspect of society, combined with its high infection rate of the allegedly “best and brightest”, is one if the biggest risks to the progress of humanity in quite a while.


and theyve been IN our schools from the unis for 20yrs unchecked and gaining control
going to be damned hard to remove the infestation

Typical conceited, western intellectual fantasist.
Does this idiot imagine the Chinese and Russians will give up their newly found capitalist derived freedom just to revert to her communist idyll? Not to mention India which is only now emerging from generations of poverty.
And with sea levels rising at around 2mm a year (global average, I believe) just how fast does this clown believe the land will be swamped by the sea, 1 year, 10 years, 100 years?…….Nah! Nearer 10,000 years, assuming something doesn’t happen in the interim, like another ice age or a meteor strike.
All these morons are resisting the very movement that brings prosperity; physical, social and intellectual change. Without it, the world, and humanity stagnates. Far from resisting climate change, we should be embracing it because it offers new opportunities.
And whilst they continue on their insane campaigns they utterly ignore the fact that the only meaningful manifestation of increased atmospheric CO2 is that the planet has greened by 14% over the last 30 years. Nothing like that has ever happened in our lifetimes.
And whilst the planets temperature gradually equalises, in my (over simplistic) belief, extreme weather events will continue to decline as there is a reduced violent reaction between cold and warm weather fronts, which contribute to weather events, because the cold air will be warmer.
The coming 100 years or so may well be the calm before the storm, so it’s high time these people started investigating how to maximise the opportunities available instead of running around with their hair on fire.

john harmsworth

Except it isn’t warming!!!


“Except it isn’t warming!!!”
The answer to every one of these doom and gloom predictions/solutions concerning an extreme present/future world.
It’s not warming. There is no evidence the climate is doing anything unusual. There is no problem to solve concerning the Earth’s climate.

No need to force anyone against their will. Western Sydney University researchers can test their community paradise small-scale with a likeminded group first. Renouncing their monetary possessions, privileges and privacy is the first step and their second nature, right?

Alarmists seems to be arriving to their destinationcomment image


The putrid stench of the Ministry of We Know Best for Your Own Good remains as vile at ever. The faux intellectuals ideologues over at The Conversation in their echoing microverse are hard at this stuff, all the time. They’re UN anointed clones. The tedious, sanctimonious ‘output’ is expected of them.

Ed Zuiderwijk

Let’s ask Al Gore’s opinion on this one.

Mark - Helsinki

better still, lets ask his shore front property’s opinion 😉

Mark - Helsinki

The generation that grew up watching start trek next generation, they are confused, no one told them it’s just a TV show


“We are the Borg, resistance is futile” ?? LOL


all your base belong to us

Ed Zuiderwijk

A historical document you mean?

Gunga Din
Tim Crome

In Aus they have grown up watching the Mad Max films, which have many of the elements she predicts: mobile populations, wheeled homes, ….


Just about any “zombie apocalypse” setting is a socialist wet dream. Modern capitalist society goes belly up, 95% of the population become undead cannibals, the survivors band together in communal enclaves, the best-and-brightest become the new lords of the manor, the commoners’ rights and needs take an eternal backseat to The Greater Good (not getting et by zombies).


Hmmm, is she the next Jim Jones….

Jim Jones on steroids, nice analogy.

Mark - Helsinki

If these lunatic socialists ever got their way, the first thing they would do is purge all of the non conformists.
That’s the bit about the socialist utopia they never mention. It might even lead to mass murder. Socialism has form for this

Tom Halla

Watermelon is an appropriate insult for the hard greens. She is apparently of the New Urbanism sect of Marxists, very much into urban “planning”. Most people regard that sort of lifestyle to be like the scene setting first chapter of “1984”, very much a dystopia. A situation like New York City in the early 1900’s is just what most people escaped when they had a chance.
What I think is particularly repulsive about anyone advocating either an aristocracy or the very similar Leninist elite is that they always place themselves in the ruling class.


They get the Gold mine and we get the shaft ?

Robert from oz

I weep for my country .


..I weep for the world..until we destroy all these parasites, no one will be safe !

Sioned Lang

Let’s go be indigenous at her house.


That was my thought. I bet it is nice and I am sure she will understand. We will give her a ‘voucher’ for another place…somewhere.

john harmsworth

I would go be indigent at her house. See how she likes that!

john harmsworth

Maybe even indignant!

Ewin Barnett

When climate change converges to socialism, it is far more about how to impose ideology than it is about how hot it gets in the summer.


CTM, not sure why but my ISP seems to be stuck trying to load from all your pages ? Should I block it ? Tanx in advance…


Some say that First Peoples might have a grasp of property dynamics that is more suited to the times we are entering.

So Dr Crabtree, do you say so? Why didn’t you say that right away?

Some say we are reaching a tipping point, after which the rules we have constructed will no longer apply or be of use.

{{According to who?}} Again, do you say we are reaching a tipping point? If you do, why don’t you just say it, if you don’t, why don’t you say it? If you don’t know, why don’t you say that you don’t have idea?
This kind of “some say” has a taste of untruth. As if the author writes something she does not really believe in, of believes in, but does not have the courage to say so, lacking evidence. Either way, this is crap. FUD, as some say.


I think it is called “covering your @ss” ??


Who is ‘we’? Does she have a mouse in her pocket?

john harmsworth

She doesn’t have the guts to say the stupid things she believes so she hides behind B.S. lines like that. This thought string and it’s musing are complete trash! The ramblings of an undisciplined and confused mind, lost in emotion.


Not viable? Choice? Sounds ominous.

California should lead the way, by opening all beach-side property with a new ownership and sharing model that creates just access to water. All previously private beaches should become open camps, with indigenous peoples and refuges given first priority. The first beachhead should be Malibu, using eminent domain and marshal law as required. Water to the people!



Old Ranga

Been there, done that. Stalin and Mao Tse Tung couldn’t make it work. Human beings are individuals, not compliant pieces in a collectivist jigsaw.


Hey, don’t forget that genius of pastoralist communism, Pol Pot!

john harmsworth

Yeah! Self regulating! The more people they kill, the greater the surplus of food, but then the fewer agricultural workers you have, and so on, and so on until the only people left to work are the elites- and then they turn on each other cause they ain’t doing that!

James Bull

She seems to use a lot of words to mean not a lot, as for First people having the right model OK if you don’t want a very high standard of living, long life, good health and many more benefits that come with a more fixed style of living.
We are still waiting for all the promised climate disasters to turn up in greater numbers but I think I might be long gone before they do, if then!
James Bull


yeah;-) damned with faint praise indeed!
as to their claims of the first nations/etc doing ok?
err yeah?
per capita spend BY whitey to supply the happy natives who insist on living outback BUT want as many modcons as urban far far above sanity!
single non native person needs a hand..go find a charity and they dont tend to do much unless kids are involved r housing or oher help
if you happen to be an illegal with kids or dark complected?
they can suddenly find emergency or rentals or even hotels and all the furniture etc handed over.
white privelege?
ive yet to see that.
and as for roaming accomodations etc
just who???is going to pay the rates and keep maintenance up?


As I write this we are getting severe snow in both the South and the lower North Island of New Zealand .25 years ago some woman came to New Zealand from the UN and stated that our children would never see snow again except on the mountain tops .Then we have the news that a very large chunk of ice shelf has cracked off in the Weddel Sea in Antarctica and a university woman scientist tried to make the case for global warming and the ice was melting .This Ice shelf is mostly north of the Antarctic circle at about the same latitude as Iceland .As for this Crabtree woman if she thinks that the aborigines have the right life style she should join them for a year or two living on grubs and lizards and sheltering under a bark hut .We have the same nuts here in the universities making up absolute drivel and it can only get worse when we legalize marijuana .
Bring on global warming its freezing here.

john harmsworth

I suspect the lifestyle of the aborigines is more like regular white poverty with the monthly welfare check sitting in for the grubs and lizards. Even the aborigines don’t want to live like she thunks aborigines do!

john harmsworth

Thunks was a mistype but I liked it in this application. So, I left it!


Ooooh! Official nomadism?!? Government-sponsored, of course! Is someone going to move my Steinway for me? Not leaving that behind, not my books, either.
What’s next? Lysenkoism? I did my best the other day to squash the nonsense about genetics by an ignoramus who wanted to toss Mendelian genetics out the window and didn’t understand the difference between hybridizing and GMOs, and believed that grafting produces a new plant species.
I’m convinced more and more that these academics are completely disconnected from reality.
Here, hold my marshmallows, willya? I have to go stir the pot some more. Keep the campfires burning. This may take a while!

john harmsworth

They could start by firing all the tax collectors, I mean….setting them FREE!


“Official nomadism”
The perfect way to put it. You boiled this article’s argument down to two words.

a happy little debunber

I suspect she can’t afford to buy in her preferred Sydney suburb & would rather just nationalize other peoples homes to suit her sense of privilege.


An absurdly obvious plan to eliminate the concept of private property – raw Marxism…

Bruce Cobb

She has Ivory Tower’s Disease (ITD). Nothing but a pin-head who lives in a fantasy world of humanity-hating, gaia-worshipping neo-marxism.

tom s

Come to my door ACADEMIC and see who greets you, you blithering marxist fool!


the great climate transition

What in heck is this person talking about?


She is trial ballooning a replacement for the failing “climate change”.

john harmsworth

I think it’s about yesterday being a warm day.


Silly me. I thought communism was beat. I thank God that I’m too old to see this come to fruition, and that I did not have kids to put up with this nonsense.

“rolling easements”
Say what?
Western Sydney University Researcher Louise Crabtree is asking people to drink the “Kool-Aid”; because she is sold on the climate disaster alarms.
Then again, she does not explain in detail how such changes actually work. Said rolling easements are supposed to alleviate sea level impacts; yet those impacts are all focused on habitation in identified flood zones.
Meaning, rolling easements is fiction meant to confuse “real estate” illiterates.
Ms. Crabtree is apparently a confirmed communist and wants the communist life for all persons and property.
Of course, all of the people will live in sustainable cities; not that she has any understanding of “sustainable”.
Another climate religion groupie seeking climate glory and fame.

Ben of Houston

The “changing easement” isn’t actually that mad, though her description of it is off kilter.
The current Texas law states that all ocean shorelines are public property for 50 ft or so from the shore. This caused some drama after hurricane Ike after people found that their yards, or even where their homes one stood, were now considered public property as the shore was reshaped by the storm. The government’s response was simple. “You knew about this law when you bought the land, you paid increased insurance because of it, and the land price was reduced because this might happen”.
Her problem is expanding this to the entirety of the city through idiotic ideas about how much the sea level will rise.

Gary Pearse

It’s the cominтеrм professors who have to be rooted out before these ugly folk destroy free enterprise and democracy. This female student has likely been loaded up without argument or protest. Unlike no nonsense, self confident women we see on this site, a high proportion of young female students are malleable and easily recruitable. They have a lot more ‘caring, nurture and community instincts’ than young men and they fill up certain disciplines that stimulate this propensity and of course there are a number of women-only disciplines where Victimhood 101 is the chief subject. It is why most campus protest fotos feature women in the majority. Manipulation of these young women ideologically is akin to sexual harassment.
I supported women’s lib from the beginning, but I wish their emancipation had been completed before half of them were co-opted by opportunist iдеоlоgues, male and female.


And then the cow jumped over the moon