Turkey Demands Cash to Ratify Paris Agreement

President Erdogan. By US Department of State – This file has been extracted from another file: Secretary Tillerson Meets with Turkish President Erdogan in Ankara (32921677663).jpg, Public Domain, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t climatereason – Turkey’s authoritarian President Erdogan, who has a track record of demanding cash for Turkey in exchange for cooperation with Western policy objectives, is worried that the US pullout from the Paris Agreement means he won’t get paid.

Erdogan says U.S. stance stalls Turkish ratification of Paris climate deal

Erdogan said that when Turkey signed the accord France had promised that Turkey would be eligible for compensation for some of the financial costs of compliance.

“So we said if this would happen, the agreement would pass through parliament. But otherwise it won’t pass,” Erdogan told a news conference, adding that parliament had not yet approved it.

“Therefore, after this step taken by the United States, our position steers a course towards not passing this from the parliament,” he said.

Read more: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-g20-climatechange-turkey-idUSKBN19T11R

Erdogan’s ultimatum re-inforces my view that the global climate movement always was a mirage created by tsunamis of US cash. Now the cash is drying up, leaders of countries who joined the Paris Agreement because they were hoping for a payout will move on to other opportunities. Of course, many countries will still claim to be adhering to the terms of the Paris Agreement, there is always a possibility of a few buckets of EU aid money. But nobody will take it seriously.

99 thoughts on “Turkey Demands Cash to Ratify Paris Agreement

  1. Redistribution was always what Paris was about. A bunch of politicians singing Janis Joplins’ song “Mercedes Benz”, with the Paris accord playing God.

      • It’s about time that the people of the Congo started getting paid for all the mineral weath that is being ripped out of the country.

        • Well, the first step for the people of the Congo to start getting paid is to round up all the socialists stealing that money and take it back, then through their a$$es in prison. Oh, the socialists have lots of soldiers and guns and are willing to kill off the people of the Congo in order to keep stealing all their money. Never mind.

      • tack, tack, tack …. is that the sound of falling dominoes I hear?
        As the handouts become less certain the support of the majority of countries ( is the one’s who have been promised money ) will start pulling support.
        Expect a rush of claims for money up front as they claw each others eyes out saying “me first” .

      • Erdogan is probably one of the only ones who’s belligerent enough to actually make a public show of quitting, and he’s doing it to embarrass the Euros, who are aggravating him more and more daily.
        What will happen with the others is nothing, literally – they will continue to mouth their support for it, when called upon, and they will do absolutely nothing at home, make no steps at all to change business as usual. If called to explain (although they won’t be, there’s a tacit agreement that they’ll never be challenged as long as they provide public support) then they will universally claim it’s all the fault of the US sabotaging them somehow and the press will faithfully parrot every word, running headlines such as “US Sabotages Climate Again!”
        Nothing will ever happen in the real world because nothing was ever MEANT to happen, except for the US to be parted from a big pile of cash. So there’s no cost to anyone to keep the mealy mouthed blather going.
        It’s easy to keep thinking that there’s some shreds of integrity or honesty left in those supporting this scheme, but there isn’t. Everything the EU says, everything the smaller nations say, everything the climatistas say, everything the MSM prints, are all detestable, intentional, lies. On that score, even though I don’t care much for Erdogan, at least I have to give him credit for being one of the last men on Earth willing to speak the truth about this. (even if for him, the Truth is simply “Where’s my money??? I want my money!!!)

    • The redistribution of wealth from the developed world to the developing world was the prime driver for the creation of the IPCC. Based on this economically destructive conflict of interest, that the IPCC was allowed to become the arbiter of what is and what is not climate science by virtue of what they published in their reports will turn out to be the most expensive crime against humanity ever made in the name of science.
      If the goal of the UN/IPCC was to dictate the science in order to support their preordained conclusions, somebody better be going to jail to discourage this kind of malfeasance in the future.

    • It is only redistribution if redistribution is a synonym for kleptocrats stealing aid money and putting it in offshore bank accounts.

  2. As a commenter at Reason mused, taking money from poor people in rich countries and giving it to rich people in poor countries. Sums it up nicely….

    • That’s a paraphrase of something I first read here at WUWT and, more correctly, should say. “Stealing money from poor people in a “rich” country and depositing it into the Swiss bank accounts of the tyrants, despots, and warlords that rule third world countries is supposed to save the planet? How?”

  3. If Erdogan wants to sit at the G20 table then he can pay for his own “getting rid of fossil fuel” actions. It means he is now part of the “rich” club.

  4. So, the US says it will not cough up around 30% of the total $100 billion-odd needed to fund compensation for certain signatories to the Paris Agreement. Then a would-be signatory to the Agreement says that unless it is paid $$ as compensation for (part of) the costs of compliance (to an Agreement with no penalties for non-compliance), it’s parliament will not pass the enabling legislation. Sounds to me like Erdogan is being refreshingly honest, and Trump knocked over the first domino, and others soon started to fall, thereby revealing the hidden truth that the Paris agreement was not about ‘climate Change’ at all, just the $$. Ain’t politics fun?

    • One has to suspect when you blow through pricing, carbon credits and other smoke and mirror scams, 80%-100% of the actual cash would come from the US.

    • Just remember that the $100 billion is per annum.
      Donald Trump has called them for what they are. A pack of socialist free loaders.
      Erdogan has just issued his first invoice to the EU to pay its Jizya.

      • “Erdogan has just issued his first invoice to the EU to pay its Jizya.”
        Yeah, I think that is what Erdogan is doing, trying to blackmail Germany into paying them the money, since the U.S. won’t be paying.

  5. The USA does not have any money. We are a debetor nation. We have a huge federal debt and are still running the federal government at huge loses each years which makes the huge feceral debt even larger. We also have a huge annual trade deficit and huge accumulated trade debt. Before the USA can provide any international aid we need to completely payoff our debts and start accumulating capitol via trade surpluses. Considering the size of our national debt, I estimate that it will take us 180 years to pay it all off.

    • We do not wish to pay off all our debts. Our debt comprises all the bonds and treasury notes our govt has issued. We need a safer place than stocks to put our savings, and that’s why you have some in your 401K or IRA (you do, somewhere inside those mutual funds).
      Paying off the debt would mean the govt buys back your bonds for cash, which you then have to find a place to put. Maybe Tesla stock or Solyndra? You can’t put it in the bank because the banks used to have bonds, and now they too have tons of cash and no easy means to invest it to pay you interest. Govt debt provides lubrication to the economy, so we need to have some.
      But you are definitely right, we don’t need anywhere near the debt we’ve piled up in the past eight years.

      • No country “needs” debt. Debt soaks up money that would be far better employed as investment capital either in the private sector or for public projects. And the payments to that debt these days mostly goes to foreigners, not Americans, since Americans don’t have anywhere near enough money to fund the U.S. debt. And payments to service the debt have been very low during this period of low interest rates, but any increase in those rates increases the cost of the debt. Money spent servicing the debt provise investment capital to our competitors, an incredibly negative action.

      • Government debt is theoretically safer. All depends on the dependability of those in charge of government.

      • MarkW
        July 12, 2017 at 6:32 am
        “Government debt is theoretically safer. All depends on the dependability of those in charge of government.”
        Plus shedloads.
        I am old-ish.
        Your comment – “All depends on the dependability of those in charge of government.” really strikes home.
        Goodness, yes, it does.
        Will those in charge of government do the right thing for their nation – Afghanistan, Zimbabwe – whatever – or will they do a short-term, hopefully populist fix, designed to see them through the next election – with a working majority, at least?
        My memory suggests, mostly, the latter.
        Ps – if Theresa May reads this blog [I suggest there is no significant evidence that she does, but stand to be corrected] perhaps she would review the post so far.
        Auto – not holding my breath. At all!

    • No need for concern, the USA has a very efficient $ semi-automatic operating factory better known as the ‘Quantitative easing’. It consists of a keyboard, data file and a bit of simple software for generating electronic money. Europeans are just as efficient at it.

      • Yeah, but where did that money go to? I thought it might cause general inflation, but instead it only seemed to cause inflation in the housing market.

      • Quantitative easing (counterfeiting?) allowed the FED bank to print money to lend to the government by buying bonds. They are now holding a huge pile of government bonds the they will need to eventually sell. Janet Yellen is a bit concerned on how she is going to accomplish that without causing undesired inflation.

      • The concept of “money” is purely a social construct, just like gender, sexuality, and morality in general.
        In this Brave New World, we are free to define these things in whatever way we choose, so of course it can never run out. By Definition, right?

  6. The article as written has it that France promised Turkey that the United States would pay them money. Turkey is being very foolish by withdrawing. Turkey should instead demand that France keep their commit. If France’s supplier has dried up, that should be France’s problem, not Turkey’s. France can just get the money elsewhere. Turkey should send a strongly worded letter to France demanding to be paid, or else. Well, maybe remove the “or else” part as France might take that as a serious threat and surrender.

  7. Erdogan is just in a snit about the EU running roughshod over the G-20
    agenda…or almost anything else the EU wants to do.

      • Not true.
        Many people want “in” in California (CA).
        CA’s homeless population is growing hand over fist as the rest of the country comes sniffling about for more hand-outs.
        Illegal immigration in CA is the largest of all the US.
        The only ones ho want out are the ones who are being asked to foot the bill for all the freeloaders.
        But we do have really nice beaches.

      • The reason the homeless population is growing in CA is because even those with good jobs can’t afford one.

    • California can’t “sign” the Paris deal. However, it can and has “virtue signaled” its intent to reduce emissions in parallel with it. I have seen nothing about its intent to contribute to the Green Climate Fund.

    • California and a gaggle of cities on the east coast promised to comply with the Paris accords even after President Trump cancelled the deal. He should call their bluff and tell them to put up or shut up. They can pony up the megabucks Erdogan wants to sign the Paris agreement out of their own pockets.

  8. Doesn’t surprise me at all. Everyone is in this climate change rack for the money, particularly third world countries. Not to mention western governments with their ridiculous carbon tax schemes!

  9. You can’t blame Erdogan for doing what’s best for his country. The problem is the fools such as UK politicians who continue to pour good money into the EU, only to be handed money back in the form of subsidies for crackpot schemes. They then claim the EU is our beneficiary. What they can’t seem to see is that if we kept the money in the first place..

  10. Makes perfect sense..
    Mr Eredrogan needs cash to pay the workmen who’ll be going round disconnecting every Turkish persons gas, electricity and coal supply.
    Isn’t that how one meets the Paris Rattication? So simple – do pay attention at the back!
    And think how popular he’ll be. National Hero. Gore might make a film. Mann might will make a snarky twitt. Hansen could get arrested. Griff may become polar bear lunch
    What’s not to like. Bung him a bob or two.

  11. Perhaps we might suggest we give ZERO money to Turkey until it has an acceptable truly democratic system and a sensible degree of Human Rights, or “It’s on its own”. A country “Not fit for purpose” IMO.
    Baffled me why we (Europe) wanted to jump into bed with the skanky thing so early anyway. A backward shithole in so many respects.

    • “Perhaps we might suggest we give ZERO money to Turkey until it has an acceptable truly democratic system and a sensible degree of Human Rights, or “It’s on its own”.”
      Erdogan looks like trouble to me, on many fronts.
      I notice there have been some anit-Erdogan demonstrations in Turkey in the last few days.

  12. It’s quite easy to care about the climate when it doesn’t damage your economy and someone else pays the bill. As we see, not so easy when one needs to find a way to pay for it oneself.
    I’m constantly amazed by the good light countries like China and India are held in, when they have a free pass for 15 years….
    Oh, poor western nations. Conditioned to think that doing good means you must do harm to oneself.

    • Self-flagellation is not new. It;s not fun either.
      I think President Trump has crashed the futures market for hair shirts. 😉

  13. Turkey isn’t real rich. On the other hand, it seems to out perform Russia. Both countries have a GDP per capita of around nine or ten thousand dollars. link Depending on whose figures you use, it looks like Turks live around 4 years longer than Russians (75 years vs. 71 years link)
    Nobody would think of giving foreign aid to Russia. On that basis, why would anyone think that Turkey needs it.
    For years, people have been arguing about letting Turkey into the EU. Maybe the Europeans think that handing Turkey bags of cash will make it more European or something. It’s beyond my pay grade.

    • Turkey is warmer than Russia. Cold kills more than heat. It is also a Muslim majority country, which means less alcohol consumption. Russian men especially love their vodka. Those factors contribute to a shorter lifespan.
      Also, Russia is a nation of whites and Christians. They won’t get any aid from leftists. But Turkey is a nation of Muslims. They will be pandered to by the leftists.

    • That`s only the half true. Your graph shows a color between 8.000- 16.000 per capita for Russia and Turkey. In addition, there are people living in the Siberian regions, which still live as 1000 years ago, ie self-producers and nomads. Only ca. 80 per cent inhibitants of Russia are Russians. Exactly in the case of Russia is only the area to the Urals to evaluate and even there live nomads . 8,000 or 16,000 per capita is, in addition, too much difference and inaccurate. Russia has apparently overcome a severe economic crisis and is on the rise: on an annualized basis, an increase of nearly 2,000 US dollars per inhabitant from 2016 to 2017.
      Turkey is on the other way round. A decrease of nearly 1.000 US Dollar between 2016 and 2017. https://de.statista.com/statistik/daten/studie/14452/umfrage/bruttoinlandsprodukt-pro-kopf-in-der-tuerkei/

      • You have to go down the page to the tables to get more precise numbers.
        I speak, read, and write no German so your links are Greek to me. 🙂
        If it weren’t for energy exports Russians would be a lot worse off.

        Between 2000 and 2012 Russia’s energy exports fueled a rapid growth in living standards, with real disposable income rising by 160%. link

        I think that if we are going to compare the Russian and Turkish economies we will have to do it with a sharp pencil. Anyway, my original contention still stands. We wouldn’t think of giving foreign aid to Russia and we shouldn’t consider it for Turkey.
        People have accused Russia of funding environmental groups to bork the American and European energy industries. link The above quote makes it clear that they have the motivation to do so.

  14. Why does it matter? Countries can withdraw for motivations of payment, or for motivations of principle.
    If they help to bring down this monstrous hoax, good on them. The more the merrier.

  15. Thanks for the h/t Eric.
    Erdogan is a mercurial character who is at loggerheads with the EU and especially Germany, about a number of grievances, mostly to do with him being restrained from giving political speeches in Germany to his countryman during the recent Turkish election (which resulted in him calling Merkel a Nazi) . Also Erdogan’s trashing of the democratic elements in Turkey, (including the closure of many media, the Syrian refugee/immigration issue and the German withdrawal of part of their forces from the Nato contingent in Turkey as a tit for tat all give him reasons in his mind to lash out.
    Its coming up to Election time in Germany. There are a lot of refugees in Turkey that the EU has bribed Erdogan to keep there. Merkel wouldn’t want prime time photos of them flooding back into Europe to appear on German TV.
    Genuine withdrawal from the Paris accord? Or pressure on Germany and France to step up to the plate and ensure he gets the money he thought was coming to him? Who knows what goes through his mind. He realises though that his bread can now only be buttered with EU money and not American cash
    There is more mileage in all this as no doubt there are frantic behind the scenes diplomatic activity as the EU tries to keep Erdogan on board the Paris Accord. Its also very important to the prestige of new French President Macron, he wouldn’t want the Paris accord to unravel.

  16. Trump trumps moral narcissism.
    Who says he did not have a great G20!!
    Will there be more? The strong men will all want their baksheesh just to wave it around and spend on support buying photo ops. No cash no splashy projects.
    Au revoir Paris, au revoir. Auf widersehn! Adios! See ya!

  17. “So we said if this would happen, the agreement would pass through parliament.”
    What kind of a backward, dictatorial country has parliament approve treaties?

    • haha, point taken, but at the same time, he seems to be saying “It would pass through”, which implies the result is known before the vote, which does sound a little dictatorial 😉

  18. Turkey only ever works for money. They are in NATO, because they are paid to be there. They have the huge US airbase, because the US pays handsomely.
    Erdogan used that money to build a 1,000 room palace, so he can be the Caliph of the new Ottoman Empire. And he supports ISIS, apart from them being mostly Arabs. Erdogan may be a Sunni fundamentalist, but will draw the line at admiting that an Arab is the equal of a Turk. (And the feeling is mutual.).
    Erdogan is not a democrat either. He said: “democracy is like a train, you can get off it whenever you like”. Why the US and the EU deal with this Janus (two faced) is beyond comprehension.

  19. Given that for many ALL they required to do was to bring buckets in which to put other people’s money. Of course they will stay in, nothing to lose and regular free lunches.

  20. Never appease the Nazi’s, they’re always Nazi’s no matter what country they’re in.

  21. climatereason July 12, 2017 at 1:20 am
    Its coming up to Election time in Germany. There are a lot of refugees in Turkey that the EU has bribed Erdogan to keep there. Merkel wouldn’t want prime time photos of them flooding back into Europe to appear on German TV.
    EU keeps throwing money at the serious refugee issue.
    Said issue that may be terrorist driven…..and funded by…many Middle East countries creating the confusion.
    Tooo many refugees under age 30, military age, not staying and fighting to protect their own countries.
    ‘You Are the Future of Europe,’ Erdogan Tells Turks
    MARCH 17, 2017
    …”””Calling Turks the “future of Europe,” Turkey’s president on Friday implored his compatriots living on the Continent to have multiple children as an act of revenge against the West’s “injustices.”
    “Go live in better neighborhoods. Drive the best cars. Live in the best houses,” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Friday in the city of Eskisehir, while campaigning for a referendum that would solidify his power. “Make not three, but five children. Because you are the future of Europe. That will be the best response to the injustices against you.”
    The remarks come at a time of increasingly fraught relations between Europe and Turkey in the wake of the migrant crisis, the concurrent rise of Islamic terrorism and right-wing nationalism in Europe, and a crackdown on civil liberties in Turkey….”””
    Beware of Trojan Horses!!!

    • to late for the West Europe, it has passed the tipping point, however the East Europe, has no attraction for the late 20th & early 21st centuries migratory masses.

  22. Doesn’t Erdogan look an awful lot like Bruno Tattaglia? And we all know “Tattaglia’s a pimp.” So …

  23. Tell Erdogan to quit complaining.
    Since ISIS is now in disarray he can save all the money he was sending them.
    Zero sum game.

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