More Scared Climate Scientists Share Their "Feelings"

Dr Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick

Dr Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick sharing her feelings at a protest. Source Flickr, author Takver, Creative Commons Attribution License, modified – original image cropped

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

What do you do when your feeble climate evidence fails to convince?

Climate scientists reveal their fears for the future

Cradling her newborn baby girl, heatwave expert Sarah Perkins Kirkpatrick admits to feeling torn between the joy of motherhood and anxiety over her first-born child’s future.

I always wanted a big family and I’m thrilled. But my happiness is altered by what I know is coming with climate change,” she said.

“I don’t like to scare people but the future’s not looking very good.

“Having a baby makes it personal. Will this child suffer heatstroke just walking to school?”

‘I wouldn’t want to live in Brisbane or further north’

How hot could it get?

All of Australia is vulnerable to climate change but Dr Perkins Kirkpatrick said as the decades progress, some regions will be better off than others in terms of heatwaves.

“We’ve already seen changes in heatwaves, particularly their frequency, and these heatwaves are only going to get worse, particularly in the tropics, where the number of heatwave days will be much greater than now,” she said.

Read more:

There are plenty of reasons to live North of Brisbane, such as the balmy 73F winter day I’m currently enjoying.

Up here on the edge of the tropics, we have discovered a simple solution to heatwaves, a solution which obviously hasn’t filtered down to our cousins in more temperate regions.

Our solution to heatwaves – stay indoors, crank up the air conditioning. Or wear a hat and drink lots of water, if you have to be outside.


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So sad,.. delusions for life will infect the newborn. Regardless of the argument,… raising a new sprout on negativity, misandry and perspective of misery might be considered ‘child abuse’ in some corner. Hope they brighten-up and learn to be more positive and constructive in their lives. Karma {way of thinking founded on hubris of control} is the path to 181,00 rebirths of suffering and misery. Seek enlightenment! Forget the nonsense,..


Who lets their kid “walk to school” any more? Most places, you get busted for “risk of injury to a minor” if they’re out of your sight until they’re 26 years old . . . /sarc!


Sparky, very good points.
I wonder if this woman is fit to raise a child. The poor child could be exposed to such irrational thinking on global warming and who knows what else. Are the college professors pumping such nonsense into their students. Hopefully some will take your advice as they grow up. Hopefully she is just acting to get attention since that seems to be popular today with the anti Trump folks.


Is it too much to hope that she does no more breeding?
As the judge said to the dentist, “Take the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth>”


The climate “scientists” should worry about employability after being involved in the greatest academic fraud of the 20th century, spilled for almost a generation into the 21st century.

M Seward

I watched parts of this sideshow alley bit on ABC’s Lateline program and was just appalled at the antics of these so called scientists. That sort of narcissistic grandstanding says all you need to know about the substance of their science…there is none imo.
As for the snivelling & sobbing 0f Dr Hyphenated-Name with lots of makeup, it was the trigger for me to switch off and hit the sack for a good night’s sleep, safe in the knowledge that climate scientists are truly just a silly joke.

M Seward

Going on about her fears for her baby girl in the future, Dr Hyphenated-Name struck me not so much as a bit of a ‘helicopter parent’ ( that is so 20th century anyway) but rather as the latest iteration, the ‘drone parent’.
The poor kid. The poor, poor kid. Parents who think they are saving the world and their kids but have really just developed anew form of child neglect if not abuse.

george e. smith

So why did she have a baby if it is only going to contribute to CAGW ??
What people say they “feel” and what they do, in response to other feelings, are two different things.
What someone “feels” and 0.92 cents will get you a senior coffee at McDonalds.


Obviously on paid parental leave from some university/government dept. Now worried about funding of her department (its that time of the year again) so makes utterance about child’s future to get fellow travelers worried that without windmills and panels there is no future. Not worried about aircon because there will be not enough power to run same from windmill.
I know several mothers like this. What they are really worried about is their future in a world that no longer needs them. Pushing an idea without any result is now unraveling. Big government is running out of money.

Javert Chip

I think we’ve missed the big picture thingy here:
I feel very fortunate to have seen this between the lines of this anguished young woman’s concerns for her (only) child, apparently an undernourished vegan, who will have to walk at least 5 miles to/from school (uphill both ways), without a proper hat. Oh, the humanity!


The mad fools!
Apparently they actually take this garbage seriously, and aren’t just in it for the money, career enhancement and virtue signalling.
Never underestimate the intense stupidity of educated idiots.


Gabro, look at the bright side… She may end up deciding not to have any more kids, thus saving the gene pool! (i would add, too, that maybe her child will die of heat stroke walking to school, but i’m not that mean… ☺)


(i am mean, i’m just not THAT mean)…


“I always wanted a big family and I’m thrilled.

As usual these hypocrites think other should do all the save the planet stuff and they can go on with their lives as long as they pay lip service.
If you look at all the shit in the world right now, climate change is 100y time is the least of the problems her newly born will have to face.


“Apparently they actually take this garbage seriously, and aren’t just in it for the money, career enhancement and virtue signalling.”
Perhaps . . but it’s all a big IF they are speaking of . . beware false prophets, eh ; )


there is a type of lonely person who enjoys confession and joins various 12 step programs for the drama and camaraderie.
she just must have got herself kicked out by the drunks…


The only heatwave this lass experienced was during coitus.


One can only hope she’s had that experience.


Don’t go there being misogynic.

george e. smith

Termites like big families too. I have no idea if it thrills them or not.
I always thought that it was all about the thrill, not about the big family.
Howcum J.S. Bach had such a big family ??

The Reverend Badger

Good work, Watson. Holmes would be impressed.


These people are like dolphins. When trapped in a trawler’s net, although they are intelligent, it never occurs to the dolphin to simply jump up, over and out of the net, an ability that they demonstrably have. Like the dolphins, it never seems to occur to climate scientists that man is an adaptive species. Many of our ancestors came out of Africa to populate the cold, harsh northern regions of Europe. We are the consummate adapters. We developed ways to keep warm while our bodies gradually adapted to the cold. I’m pretty sure we can go in the opposite direction just as easily.
So I would say to the good Doctor, don’t worry, be happy! Buy a nice window A/C, down a pint and enjoy yourself! Our descendants will probably be just as adaptive as our ancestors (and we) are.
By the way. Dr Perkins-Fitzpatrick is very concerned about the future, but in the end, she did have a baby, so I would go with what she does, not what she says.


To be fair dolphins most likely don’t see the net coming until too late. Picture driving down a road in light fog at night, with a dark wall *moving* towards you at the same time…


Yes! The whole climate crisis meme ignores the dynamic adaptability of life and humanity. This is like sitting on the sofa fretting about starvation, while ignoring the fact that you have legs and could walk into the kitchen and get something to eat! Once you realize that you can actually do something to relieve your hunger (go get food), the whole idea of worrying about starving to death becomes pretty crazy.

john harmsworth

Never mind the bollocks! It isn’t even getting warmer!!


Reminded me of lines from an old-school Chicago (the band) song,
“I haven’t been there lately. [the city]
The country is so fine.
People there don’t act hungry,
’cause they haven’t got the time.”

george e. smith

Actually I think most of our ancestors came out of Africa and headed east. Then people from the East came back and tried to make a go of it in those cold northern places.

Patrick MJD

And I am sure they have no idea what a net is…


No children ever born in the 300,000 year history of H. sapiens has ever faced fewer challenges than those lucky enough to enter the world in this century.

LOL in Oregon

Remember: your warranty expires at 25 years as the “young sprouts” take you “out”.


We may have extended the human warranty, thanks to the scientific revolution since AD 1543, but in many fields of science and math, you’re right. Your best work will be done in your 20s.
But the world couldn’t function with only people under 30.
Somehow the Founding Fathers knew, without benefit of brain, skeletal and psycho-socio research, that humans aren’t fully mature until age 35.


Us old farts are still needed to cuff the young dolts across the ear hole as needed.


best work starts around 20’s but ends when you end up actually getting laid regularly.
quit on a win, i guess….


As I’ll be turning 35 this year, ’tis good to know my maturity is complete. And I’ll be able to say, “I’m not old. I’m presidential!”
(So far my requests for campaign contributions have all been met with blank stares. :] )


I manage ships.
One oil major said, quite openly, your senior officers need experience.
They need to have seen – experienced – problems. Trouble, if you like.
Dealing with the sea – entirely right.
Also exposure to “make do and mend” stories from older seafarers.
How I gained most of my respect for the sea, until I had a green wave break over my bridge – about 75-85 feet above the water [23-26 metres]. Three wave trains from different directions, and we fell into the ‘hole’ ahead of the wall of water.
If in trouble, they may not be specifically analog – but might give guidance to how a solution [temporary/until something better is devised/enough to get you to a safe port] is derived.
Do our young people appreciate this hierarchy?

Tim Hammond

I would challenge that only slightly – because of antibiotic resistance.
We have perhaps 20-30 years to solve that problem, or we will go backwards healthwise.

Russ Wood

Reading about the growth in numbers of the “anti-vaxxers”, maybe the human species is ALREADY going backwards!


You know how anti-bacterial cleaners always say they kill “99.9%” of germs? I’d say it’s the 0.1% they DON’T kill that you need to worry about.
Perhaps in 20-30 years we’ll be pioneering stuff like nanobodies–microscopic robots that can kill harmful bacteria at the cellular level–and won’t be using so many antibiotics.


Emphasize that!

The “antibiotic crisis” is mostly an economical one. Regulation and litigation have driven the cost of drug development so high that pharmaceutical companies have little incentive to come up with new antibiotics. Consider that a course of treatment typically lasts some two weeks – after which the patient is either cured or dead (or switched to another drug because the first one failed). The drug companies find it far more attractive to develop drugs that people will take for the rest of their lives – whether those drugs will solve an unsolved problem or not. Antibiotic research in industry continues to decline even now.
Scientifically, selectively killing bacteria remains a much simpler problem than selectively killing tumor cells, not to mention pipe dreams such as “curing Alzheimer’s”. There are many promising early-stage lead compounds, but again, getting anyone to sponsor the costly and risky clinical trials is the problem.

george e. smith

Well they never had to try texting while driving, without walking off a cliff or on to a railroad track in front of the train.
I believe that Charles Darwin wrote a book about texting while driving.


There WILL come a day when (real) scientists rely on hard data that has been verified, validated, and cross-validated.
I’m “feeling” we may have to wait a bit for that to happen!!!


Plus lots.
Not actually holding my breath!

What are the qualifications of a “Heat Wave Expert”?
Reading a thermometer and hand waving perhaps.

Steve Lohr

Oh, how amusing. New born, right. Lady, I know from experience, while you might not know it, your worries about heat waves are leaving your world at escape velocity and your priorities are about to change big time.


Sleep and caca disposal are about to surge to the forefront. But, then, she should be well versed in CACA.


I don’t know about the baby, but she obviously came down with the last shower.


It’s called ‘baby brain’ and it lasts for up to 10 years. After 10 years they then become entitled to tell everyone what to do. The excuse is that the ‘mother gene’ kicks in.

Tom Halla

But is Australia even getting significantly warmer? Perkins-Kilpatrick looks no more than thirty something, so if Oz is anything like the US, there probably has not been real warming during her lifetime.


No place on Earth is getting significantly warmer.

Jay Hope

The stupid fool should be worrying about her sprog freezing its butt off from frost bite.


I don’t see the make-up on her face melting.


UAH Australia, 20 yearscomment image


nb.. I just looked up the up to date chart. trend in 20 years is now 0.0019Cº/yr, down from 0.0022Cº/yr

ron long

AndyG55, now look at what you have done. You have gone all sciency on us and the poor (new) mother was talking about feelings. For instance, when I say “I feel it is time for a beer”, there is no need for science to get involved.

John Michelmore

Well, there you go, you’ve just removed the reason for only having one child!

john harmsworth

It’s definitely time for a beer! As soon as it warms up here in Canada, anyway.

Ah, but it’s all definitely going to happen, Tom. Definitely. Absolutely definitely.
And when it does it’ll be terrible. Definitely terrible. And unbearable. Absolutely unbearable.
Believe it.

The Expulsive

My father would tell me stories of the area around Balarat, how hot it would be in the late 20s and early 30s, the fires that ran through the Eucalyptus groves, jumping over roads, the fire breaks they had to build, the way they built houses with thick walls, etc. He maintained that the decades after the war were no where near as hot as the 30s Irrespective or whether it is actually hotter or not, they persisted and lived through it without air conditioning (just a lot of beer it seems).

This shows just how easy it is to obtain a Doctorate nowadays. Such a simpleton cannot understand even the most well-known facts about CO2, as taught to most teenagers at school!

Old Woman of the North

Have a look at ‘The Carbon Cycle’ for school children. If you search for just that I was directed to a site that started out as normal but ended with a diatribe about the ‘pollutant CO2’ and how much warming it was causing. Everything has been tampered with.


Facts about CO2 are no longer taught in schools.
Only AGW Anti-Facts.


No CO2, only “earth scorching CO2” in schools

george e. smith

I just had lunch at a restaurant that had a big CO2 warning sign on a door leading to the kitchen. The sign said you could get asphyxiated if you went through that door, without paying attention to the high CO2 concentration in there.
No ! I am not making this up.

Javert Chip

I am not an academic (retired CFO), so I can’t make heads or tails out of Dr Perkins-Kirkpatrick’s education ( Her BS,MS and PhD were all in “Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology”, which kinda sounds “science-y”, but there is nothing obvious in her work that looks like real hard-core physics (and all the rigor that implies), although she did win the “Tall Poppy” award(?).
Can someone decode her educational background to tell me if she’s an atmospheric physicist or a political scientist disguising herself as a physicist?


Her PhD evaluated models. No doubt she found that they underestimated the dread horror of what is to come.


She probably constructed a model to evaluate the models too…

george e. smith

How does one evaluate a model. They change so often it is hard to judge. They don’t seem to care who is around, while they are changing. I guess they just get used to changing.

@george – winner for today. And it’s time for another beer (can we get a consensus on that?)


Her BS,MS and PhD… We all know what BS is, therefore MS must be more of the same and PhD means it’s piled higher and deeper.

Ha ha ha! Love that, thank you.

The Deplorable Vlad the Impaler

A Ph. D. is someone who has learned more and more about less and less, until they finally know everything there is to know about absolutely nothing at all.

george e. smith

Well in many cases they are also the world’s leading expert on the subject of their PhD.
In severe cases they are actually the only person who ever had any interest at all in the subject of their thesis. That can mean absolutely nobody will ever pay them for what they know.

Her qualifications and experience shouldn’t be the point of contention. What is more pertinent is why people take science at its word.
It’s the lack of education about the differences between raw science and verified actionable data that’s the problem. It’s a very bitter pill to swallow for some when you realise how hard it is to get reliable measurements.
If someone is paying you in suitcases of cash you’re most likely going to swim in it at some point.

Javert Chip

No. Absolutely wrong.
Most (95%+) citizens do not have the education to understand and self-diagnose complex scientific claims – respect is easily given to ethical & properly the educated specialists (like the cardiovascular surgeon who gave me a new heart valve).
Charlatans deliberately cloak themselves in “science-y” degrees exactly so unsophisticated readers do not question them. My question is legitimate: exactly what the hell is the “virtue signaling”, fertile young woman educated in?
The answers, so far, is “who the hell knows”.

I think we are agreeing on the same thing. It doesn’t matter what she is educated in, what matters is the quality of the output of her work. If the work is repeatible and verifiable then that’s good. If it’s just speculative science, that’s also good for the field but not for taking action.
The public needs to be educated on the difference. Sadly they believe peer review means things are correct.

Samuel C Cogar

Javert Chip June 27, 2017 at 9:25 pm

Can someone decode her educational background to tell me if she’s an atmospheric physicist or a political scientist disguising herself as a physicist?

No decoding necessary because she is neither an atmospheric physicist or a political scientist.
Her claim-to-fame expertise is that of being a ……. heatwave expert, ….. whatever that is I wouldn’t have a clue. To wit:
Excerpted from above quoted commentary:
Cradling her newborn baby girl, heatwave expert Sarah Perkins Kirkpatrick admits to …


Yes, a heat wave expert foresees more and more heat waves in the future.


If it gets really hot, stay in the bathtub until it cools off.

john harmsworth

She could always move to Canada. We know what to do when it gets hot. Take your clothes off and go to the beach!


Most of the electricity generated for your air conditioner is from coal. What about poor people (e.g. post-grads) who can’t afford an air conditioner?

george e. smith

Some people can’t even afford coal.


Anything to get your name in the press, I suppose.
This reminds me of a family that went on a hiking expedition in the summer around Alice Springs (in the dead centre of Australia) about 40 years ago. They had a newborn baby (about 1 week old) with them. It coped with the heat fine. The only time it complained about the temperature was when it’s mother took it into an airconditioned chemist; it started crying and would only stop when they took it outside again.
So you can see just how ignorant this specious article makes this woman look. A friend should tell her not to have any more children, in the interests of increasing the average intelligence of humankind.


Ahh… a twist on Margret Sanger… Good show ol’ chap.

Alan McIntire

That reminds me of an old Will Rogers joke.
When the Oakies headed for California, the average IQs of both states went up.

The Deplorable Vlad the Impaler

“Oakies”? Ummm, “Okies”?


I thought this was going to be the story that ended with this line:

Javert Chip

Didn’t WUWT mull over a similar “virtue signaling” situation (young scientist mother agonizing over her new child’s future in a hellishly hot world) about 6 months ago?


So… we see ANOTHER true believer hypocrite. Scared of AGW but hey, WTH, “I’ll have a baby anyway and then use it to tell the world how scared I am to bring a baby into the world.”
Do ANY of these lefty lot live up to their beliefs? They all demand that we non-believers must but I’ve yet to see any of them act ethically.
Although, maybe there ARE some and they’ve given up computers? 😀


Just being leftist is to embrace hypocrisy. “Do as I say. Not as I do.” another one… “Socialism is for the people, not for the Socialist.” The Liberal Mind has a multitude of psychological disorders as Lyle H Rossiter Jr. MD. in his book “The Liberal Mind, The Psychological Causes of Political Madness” explains.


I think the root of their mania is over-abstraction — thinking that ideas are more important than people. It makes a lot of their rank hypocrisies make more sense.
The Conservative Mind generally believes the opposite, that people are more important than ideas.

Scott alexander

I never heard scientists expressing how they felt about Ebola, typhoid, cancer or any of the other real, immediate and widespread threats to human life. That they now feel the need to do so about climate change signals a daftness that does their credibility no good at all.

Had to look up the author of the photo – to be sure that this wasn’t a “conveniently selected” one. Nope, by the guy’s politics, he probably used the best shot he had.
So this woman always looks like she’s drugged to the gills? I’ve only seen those eyes on people just about to tank from too much Prozac.


I always associated talking through nearly closed eyelids with lying. But I’m no expert.


I was told that eyes whose pupils float upwards and are half-mast under the upper eyelids indicate a predilection for the occult.

I Came I Saw I Left

That look… she’s been smoking too much hopium.

Alan McIntire

To be fair, having a newborn baby, maybe she hasn’t had much sleep lately.


Or still hasn’t completely come off whatever pain killers they administered during labor.

“I Came I Saw I Left June 28, 2017 at 5:19 am
That look… she’s been smoking too much hopium.”

Can’t be, she’d be hopeful then.
Must be the other stuff, despairium downers with hot flashes.

john harmsworth

I don’t think she’s used to gong out in the scary, sunny outdoors.

Get an air conditioner, and when there is a brown/black out, have an ice box ready to help out. Or move north (I mean south in that upside-down world of OZ)… Maybe to NZ…

John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia

Australia had very little air conditioning when I grew up, in the fifties and sixties. I certainly remember the heat waves during those times. No wonder Clint Eastwood calls Little Miss climate scientist and her mates, the Pussy Generation. Now it makes you think, how did those pioneer women cope during the western expansion of the USA? They certainly didn’t curl up and die. Unlike this brainless twit.


My great-great-grandmother crossed the cholera-infested plains and mountains on the Oregon Trail in 1852 at the age of 18, while pregnant. When writing her memoirs in 1905, she recommended that all young couples should have to traverse the continent in an ox cart, since there would then be so much less divorce. Any want of enterprise, ambition or resilience in the spouse would soon become evident.
Today’s coddled academics are indeed the pussies to end all pussies. Their cluelessness is vast as all outdoors, indeed of the universe.

John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia

Love your story, Gabro. Wish my great grandparents had written their memoirs. What I know about my ancestors is through my dear mum. Interestingly, she was born in May, 1910, when there was global panic and predictions that life on Earth would be extinguished by Halley’s Comet.


I’ll second you on that. I just educated some youngsters on another site. I’m an Arizona native, born to parents from Arkansas and Mississippi. Dad worked in the heat of the day wearing cotton long johns under long sleeved tight knit shirts and cotton pants of light colors and straw hats. While my siblings and I wore tee shirts and shorts and labored under the heat complaining. As a teenager I learned why dad was smart, for someone that went to the 4th grade six years in a row. The way he dressed kept him cool like a evaporator cooler and protected him from the Sun. Where we got Sun Burned and blistered being exposed to the Sun. My younger co-workers last week in the 115 – 119 F were suffering wearing dark clothes of mixed synthetics and short sleeves, as I dressed like dad did and a wide brimmed straw hat kept cool. They would go running to the AC set at 60 F and drink ice cold water, then return to the heatwave and get blasted again. I just found a shady area and drank cool water. And like my parents did, I live in comfort in the 80 to 90 F house with an evaporator cooler in summer. By living like this, I don’t shock my body going from one extreme to another. Where my younger co-workers cannot handle being outside very long.

I Came I Saw I Left

What’s sad is that they don’t realize what is responsible for allowing them the privileged life they now live: hydrocarbons.

I take it the young couples should undertake this trek before getting married, not after? Otherwise, it would seem like a recipe for more divorce.


Drinking ice cold water can actually make you feel warmer, because the capillaries will shrink in response as it goes through your system, restricting circulation. Kind of like squeezing the water lines in a radiator. Tepid water is best for drinking in hot weather.

If she believes what she says she believes she would not have had a baby. Therefore …..

It’s unfortunate she shares her feelings of joy about her newborn with the climate inanity.


Taking a new-born into a room full of people? Why? Part of an appeal-to-pity argument? Or mere virtue signalling?


This is part of what Jung called “psychic epidemics:”
“I am convinced that exploration of the psyche is the science of the future… This is the science we need most of all, for it is gradually becoming more and more obvious that neither famine nor earthquakes nor microbes nor carcinoma, but man himself is the greatest peril to man, just because there is no adequate defense against psychic epidemics, which cause infinitely more devastation than the greatest natural catastrophes. – (Jung 1944)

Group think trumps intelligence/critical thinking with these people


Yes, I saw this on the ABC website yesterday and just about threw the monitor out in disgust. I cannot believe the utter tripe the ABC are serving up. Total, utter rubbish – even moreso recently. Your air conditioner broke down and now you’re terrified of a heatwave? It’s embarrassing. Also, many people live North of Brisbane and they all do pretty well. The main reason there aren’t more people up there is because there is not a lot of water, but that’s about all. Yes, its hot and humid BUT IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN HOT AND HUMID. F^&* me, people are becoming softer and softer and retarded. What a closeted and moronic generation. #unaustralian

J Mac

Looks like a bad case of PPCCS: Post Partum Climate Change Syndrome


Just about to move to Brisbane.
Can’t wait and thanks for the tip.
I’ll pet a Koala and a Roo for you….

Ed Zuiderwijk

I was born in 1950 in the Netherlands. The cold war was just starting. It must have been deeply worrying. I asked my parents about it. It wasn’t even a consideration.
My advice to the lady: grow some bsckbone, the future’s bright.


Well, basically, there was nothing they could do about nukes, so they put their efforts into things they could control. Others imagined they could do something and spent their time protesting, and so forth, all to no avail. Just like now.

Will this child suffer heatstroke just walking to school?
You’d make your child walk to school on a day so hot that heatstroke is likely? What kind of mother are you Sarah?

Adrian O

Did anyone consider that her brain was ALREADY affected by heat? Maybe she was outside without a hat…


Could someone enlighten me if my memory has not served me well on the following points.
! I recently saw a map on WUWT which (I believe starts from the late 80’s) which showed that the US Summertime high temperature has mostly declined. This was a color map of the US Mainland, Australia might be different.comment image?w=720
2. As I recall from another map map of the globe, most of the warming has happened in the Arctic regions, virtually none near the equator, and moderate in the regions between the North pole and the equator.
3. From what I remember most of the recorded warming is associated with an increased daily low (less cool down at night) not higher highs
Is Australia not typical?
Please feel free to correct me if above is not correct


That map is fake or a deliberate lie.

Steve Case

Simon June 28, 2017 at 1:14 am
That map is fake or a deliberate lie.

I will be happy to send you the data from which it was made or you can validate the accuracy your self by going to NOAA’s Climate at a Glance
where the data for each state can be analyzed. When you open Climate at a Glance, make the following selections:
Parameter: Maximum Temperature
Time Scale: 4-Month
Month: September
Start Year: 1895
End Year: 2017
State/Region: Alabama
Climate Division/City: Statewide
Under Options
Display Base Period
Start 1901 End: 2000
[ ] Display Trend (check)
(*) per Decade (Select)
Start: 1895 End: 2017
Click on [Plot]
The graph will be displayed with the trend line
(Alabama and other states color coded blue will show a descending trend)
Click on the middle Excel Icon [data in CSV format]
The data should appear:
Alabama, Maximum Temperature, June-September
Units: Degrees Fahrenheit
Base Period: 1901-2000
Missing: -9999

Do this for all the 48 contiguous states
The other states not coded blue will have to be analyzed to find the earliest date that still yields a descending trend. Use Excel’s slope function to do this. When you determine the year, under Options enter that year under Start: ____ End: 2017
Yes, it is surprising that Maximum temperatures largely trend downwards over much of the United States.
There isn’t a nice handy site like Climate at a Glance to do a similar analysis for the rest of the world.

Simon, are you blind?
Right there on the chart is the source: NOAA Climate at a Glance and the link that is with it. Steve helpfully give you a lot more in his reply to you.
Then you come back calling it BS,posted a link that doesn’t contradict what Steve posted at all. Steve once again comes back to clarify what you didn’t notice or care about. Next time don’t rush to judgement so fast,it will save you looking foolish.


Simon, you’ve got to get out more. You’ve drunk too much KoolAid.

Javert Chip

Got a feeling it’s going to be a bad day to be Simon…

Tim Hammond

No i doesn’t since the map shows “Declining maximum summertime Temperatures.”
Before shouting your prejudices, learn to read.

Steve Case

This calls BS on the map

The link shows average temperatures, this map:
Shows Maximum Tempertures for the months June through September
Actually it’s a little more comprehensive than that. Declining or flat trends for Maximum temperatures for the six months of the year May through October as this updated map shows:
It isn’t for the entire year, just the warm half. Yes, Average and Minimum temperature do not show these trends. Indeed the IPCC tells us that the warming will be at night, and in the winter. Day time temperatures in the summer have declined.

Stephen Greene

Geez dude read your own propaganda first. If you were the author try your BS someplace else where IQ’s like yours!


Geez dude read your own propaganda first. If you were the author try your BS someplace else where IQ’s like yours

Lovely. Poor Simon.


Reply to Simon,
From your link: “On a seasonal basis, long-term warming has been greatest in winter and spring.”
Your storytellers know that the map you call BS on is correct … they want to spin their message to fool the rubes. If your storytellers wanted to be completely honest they would have included …
“On a seasonal basis, long-term warming has been greatest in winter and spring, AND ACTUALLY IT HAS ONLY BEEN WARMING IN THE WINTER AND SPRING. TYPICALLY IT HAS BEEN COOLING IN THE SUMMER”
Your storytellers didn’t lie, but only because there has been no warming in the summer and fall.
Simon, does it bother you that your storytellers feel that they need to spin the information? Does it bother you that they think you are a rube?

Javert Chip

Yup, bad day to be Simon.

Steve Case

See my reply to Simon below

Steve Case

See the reply to Simon below:


Thanks to Steve Case and Tim to help enlighten Simon who apparently calls NOAA data “a fake or a deliberate lie”. This is not CNN or MSNBC with fake and deliberate lies although NOAA are known for questionable data adjustments.
I am surprised that Simon did not understand that the plot clearly states “maximum temperature” for the summer months and that NOAA is clearly indicated on the plot. Of course the MSM also misleads “low information” people by not pointing out than the warming is mostly associated with “higher” lows possibly associated with UHI. Other people just don’t care about the facts.
What I take from the plot in question, at least for the US, is that all the claims about heat waves is very misleading since the increase in temperature is not the maximum of the summer day. If the same applies in Australia then the Dr of the story needs to go back to school if she does not know there are not more heat summer waves.

Steve Case

Catcracking at 10:14 am
…although NOAA are known for questionable data adjustments.

Some bloggers I know just come right out and say NOAA is fake data. Fake or merely questionable, it’s NOAA’s data, and unless some one can show a copy & paste error or more serious error in analyzing NOAA’s Climate at a Glance error, those color coded maps are what they are and can be reproduced.
When new data is added to the time series that color coded map will likely change. It all depends on the weather.

Ed Zuiderwijk

Warmth encourages storks.


She’d better watch out then!

Non Nomen

Vivid phantasies but absolutely pathetic. Is she also afraid of Godzilla’s return?


We need more headlines along the lines of “Falling CO2 levels could affect coffee supplies” that will get the Starbucks generations’ attention.

I Came I Saw I Left

That’s already been happening.

I Came I Saw I Left

Oops I responded without seeing the word ‘falling’. So used to the other narrative.

Kirkpatrick and her ilk are snowflakes and climatophobes who have come to believe their own scare-mongering. Sad!

Ian Cooper

This nonsense about it becoming hotter, “north of Brisbane,” isn’t borne out by the record heatwave holding locations of Oceania according to Wikipedia. I used to think that Australia wasn’t included, and was a separate set of data. In my humble opinion, as a New Zealander, Australia is a continent and therefore it’s data should be treated as such. The area known as ‘Oceania’ which includes many of the islands in the South Pacific including New Zealand, needs to be looked at in isolation from the ‘Great Southern Land.’ If so then the highest temperature ever recorded in Oceania happened at Rangiora near Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand at latitude 43 south (Brisbane is around 27 south BTW) on February 7th 1973. The temperature that day was 42.4 Celsius (108.3f). The hottest temperatures ever recorded in the ‘islands’ is just over 35C!
Meanwhile on the continent of Australia, their hottest day was recorded at Oodnadatta in South Australia on January 2nd 1960 and exceeded 50C! Not sure of the latitude without looking it up but I’m pretty sure it is well south of Brisbane. That young woman needs to do some research rather than blindly accepting the dibble handed to her by the usual liars!

Mariano Marini

Can someone explain to me this table found in the cited article?
Days hotter than 35C 2014 2090
Brisbane 12 55
Cairns 3 48
Darwin 11 265
Melbourne 11 24
Sydney 3.1 11
How can Sydney have 3.1 days hotter than 35C? Which is the mean of 0,1 day?


Hopefully she’ll just beep off further south and leave the beautiful Australian tropics to those of us who actually like them.
I love in the tropics and only use the a/c when work like house cleaning needs to be done in the heart of summer. The rest of the time, open windows and fans are fine, although a dip in the pool is often welcome! Right now the weather is pretty much perfect.
Snowflakes are likely to melt here, though… 🙂


I can only think that “mummy brain” is the cause of her stupidity.


No it’s normal greenery thinking.

Stephanie Hawking

Ha Ha Ha What a joke!

You might wonder about the bizarre logic that can claim more heatwaves when the temps are not rising
and are now dropping. Generally speaking it wil always be the case that heatwaves can be increasing/decreasing, like all other weather events, in a stable climate.

Peta from Cumbria, now Newark

Selfish, lying, greedy, hypocritical, etc etc etc
Speak plainly OK…
1. That you take a double barrelled name speaks volumes.
2. Grown up and educated girls DO NOT accidentally get pregnant.
3. Maybe you had an irresistible urge – at least be good enough to admit as much.
4. Maybe you summed up the pros and cons and decided you *did* have the resources (financial, emotional etc) to bring a child into the world. Be good enough to admit as much.
5. Finally lady, you are on a Government payroll. The resources you take for granted, which are never enough of course and the entire basis of ‘Romance’ and ‘Un-Romance’ = divorce) came from tax payers.
Ordinary folks doing dirty horrible jobs that double barrelled people consider way way below them.
Fine lady, you take away your own sewage from now on.
Lady, you are a modern day Marie Antoinette. In a Glass House.
How apt, would that be a Glass GreenHouse by any chance? If it is, explain the GHGE in your own words.
Try to consider those before you open your mouth, or before you ‘accidentally’ get pregnant again (I was nearly really rather crude there, hope you didn’t notice) so as to harvest ever more Government Largesse (‘Maternity Benefit/Leave, Paternity benefits, tax credits, family allowance etc etc – assuming similar schemes to what we have in the UK)


…The 33-year-old lives in Sydney and studies heatwaves as a senior research fellow at the University of New South Wales’ Climate Change Research Centre…
This story has so many Forensic flaws.
UNSW in Australia is pretty much in the heart of Sydney in Randwick (famous racetrack and a few Ks from the very famous Bondi Beach.)
So the Sydney weather records for Summer of 2016/2017 should be suitable.
Where she lives is not mentioned while the heatwave of LAST summer is cited. In the ABC report.
Ok. The Local alarmist organisation…The Bureau of Meteorology… BOM…lists records that has 2 days in December 2016 as being over 35C for consecutive days.
Top measure of 37.8.
January of 2017 had no consecutive days over 35C. Top of of 39.4
February of 2017 had 2 consecutive days over 35C. Top of 37.5.
So LAST summer there were no heatwaves in Sydney. So where does she live and commute from to have 48C in the shade.
The outback and the scorched Inland of Australia!
Sarah states the air con broke down. She is a Senior Research Fellow which is listed as equal to a Senior Lecturer Class C. Current lowest and highest wage at 1/1/17.
75% of the USA dollar
So Sarah and her husband (very old school that) could not afford a repair tradie or to go to Bunnings Hardwareand get the best quality evaporative coolers or even a couple of powerful fans!
As for the urge to have a large family of 4 or 5 kids it is interesting that Sarah had her first child at 32 or 33. When did she plan to have her second or her 5th child?
So that comment is a Big… As If…
Everything that is reported to have been stated by Sarah, and this report by the ABC needs to be treated like Klimate Science itself.
Absolute Garbage.

Eugene S. Conlin

I’m not so sure that the studies heatwaves, rather the models of hearwaves – from her Linkdin profile:
She has “a passion for climate extremes, namely heatwaves” and has “devised a novel framework in which to measure heatwaves, as well as exploring their changes in the global and Australian observational record. … This has resulted in the development of” … …
She “analyzed the latest generation of climate models to understand changes in a suite of climate variables over the pacific region for the 21st century.” …
and she “researched the plausibility of projections of climate extremes from a regional climate model (compared to a global climate models).”
… so she compares various models and extrapolates from them. She would appear to be nothing more than a Post Science Modeller™

Eugene S. Conlin

should read “heatwaves” in first sentence.

Javert Chip

Well, she did win the “Tall Poppy” award.


Right. So…she’s always wanted a big family (but wait! Aren’t climate alarmists always blaming baby making for the state of the planet?) and has now started one. Now she’s bleating on about how f#@£ed her newborn daughters future is?
Surely if she believed this tripe she 1. Wouldn’t be wanting to start a big family and 2. She wouldn’t be bringing a child into this warming hell hole?
The virtue signalling and blatant hypocrisy has made me vomit.

Solomon Green

This is what she says about herself.
“I’m Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick, a climate scientist interested in extreme events. I was awarded my PhD in 2010 at the Climate Change Research Centre, UNSW, Australia. My thesis focused on evaluating climate models by how well they provided projections of climate extremes over Australia. The novel evaluation metric I used is now commonly employed in climate model evaluation today. ”
Is there any need for further comment?


Absolute garbage “science”.

Stephen Greene

That’s just…, perfect!


Pity any child with parents like that


According to predictions made around the time of the first Earth Day, we should now be living in a hell hole and quickly headed back to the stone age. link Most of these predictions were made by actual experts, Dr. Paul Ehrlich being the prime example.
Anyone who gets a PhD should have to take a course in failed predictions and the dangers of hubris. Experts are in danger of overclaiming. They do not understand the limits of their expertise.


I’m an expert…


Everyone has a New Zealand cow, even experts. Especially experts.
(NZCoW – Non-Zero Chance of Wrongness)


Like a number of earlier commentators I was astonished by this story which appeared as “news” in the ABC online News feed today.
Others have commented on the extraordinary “data” of “hot days above 35 degrees C” in 2090 allegedly based on a 2014 projection from the CSIRO and BOM.
Computer GIGO.
Readers should understand that these scare stories appear on a regular basis as part of the Left ( liberal) agenda of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation .
The Great Barrier Reef has featured strongly in this narrative recently with ” up to half” (or 67% of the Reef north of Cairns) “dead”. Climate change is of course the principal culprit.
I have listed for my own interest some 16 social and political issues where my conservative views are either derided or ignored by the ABC.
Included among these of course is climate change aka global warming.
Not only is the ABC a conservative free zone but conservative views are never advanced and regarded as ” unacceptable” to hold or argue.
” Climate scientists reveal their fears for the future” is a perfect example of the default position of the ABC on climate change alarmism.
RobbertBobbert sums up the farce perfectly.

Gregory Locock

” always wanted a big family ”
Well that’s nice. If you believe the CAGW mythology then I’m afraid having first world children is just about the most self indulgent thing you can do.They consume at least 5 times as much fossil fuels as third world babies.

I Came I Saw I Left

I monitor some climate p.o.r.n accounts on Twitter, and they are encouraging this emotive approach because they realize their science isn’t convincing the public. Expect to see more of it.