California Governor Brown imposing massive regulations for meaningless climate goals

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin

California Governor Brown’s SB 32 law requiring the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to levels 40% below levels measured in 1990 is necessitating the development of massive numbers of new regulations and policy that will allow the state government to control and dictate virtually every aspect of Californian’s lives including:

  • where and how they can live,
  • what kind of jobs and businesses they can work in,
  • what kind of housing they can have,
  • what kind of car they can drive (if any),
  • how many miles can they drive,
  • what kind of public transportation they must use,
  • how many times they must walk and bicycle,
  • how much and what kind of energy they can use,
  • what kind and how food can be farmed,

etc, etc.

The AB 32 year 2020 greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets (year 2020 levels reduced to year 1990 measured levels) could be achieved by primarily addressing electricity generation and industrial sector greenhouse gas emission reduction efforts through increased use of renewable energy, energy efficiency and fuel substitution efforts.

But the SB 32 emission targets are so absurdly set that every aspect of Californian’s lives must be dictated and controlled to achieve Governor Brown’s ludicrous climate alarmist driven goals.

The largest single source of the states greenhouse gas emissions by far and away is the transportation sector (37%) with the industrial sector second (24%) , instate electricity generation third (12%) and import electricity generation and agriculture tied at fourth (8%).


The massive escalation in the states greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets between SB 32 versus AB 32 is huge with the reduced emissions target level declining from AB 32 levels of 431 million metric tons in 2020 to SB 32 levels of 259 million metric tons in 2030.


This huge escalation in emissions reduction as well as the shorter time period for accomplishing the reduction to achieve California’s 2030 greenhouse gas emissions goal means that every sector of the states economic activity will be mandated to undertake unprecedented, hugely costly and far reaching measures to contribute toward trying to meet these politically contrived requirements.

But what does the impact of California’s massive new government bureaucracy and costly effort to achieve its SB 32 emissions reduction goals mean relative to the global greenhouse gas emissions levels?

The 2016 EIA IEO report documents that global CO2 emissions in 2030 are forecast to be 39,103 million metric tons of CO2 with these emissions levels dominated by the developing nations lead by China and India.

California’s greenhouse gas emissions are comprised of about 84% CO2 which means that the reduction of CO2 between SB32 and AB 32 is about 144 million metric tons of CO2 by year 2030.


Thus the California SB 32 CO2 reduction target is less than 0.4% of the global CO2 emissions EIA forecasts for year 2030 which is truly trivial and insignificant. This level of reduced emissions has no meaningful impact whatsoever at a global scale.

Those attempting to argue that other countries will follow California’s lead in emissions reduction are completely out of touch with reality with what the world’s largest and fastest growing emissions countries are now doing regarding the increased use of coal fuel on a global basis.

China is now generating electricity using coal fuel at record high levels and in addition is engaging in efforts with other countries such as Pakistan to build large numbers of coal plants in that country.

China also has an on-going global strategy based on building coal power and was involved in 240 coal power projects in 65 countries between 2001 and 2016.


India is going forward with large numbers of new coal plants and completely ignoring any voluntary emissions reduction commitment discussed under the Paris agreement.

A new paper concludes  that India will rely upon use of coal fuel as its energy mainstay for the next 30 years.

Additionally both China and India increasingly dominate ownership of coal reserves  with 117 companies identified producing 3 billion tons of coal a year with 150 billion tons of coal in reserves.

Africa has announced plans for building more than 100 new coal plants to address its severe energy shortages that are contributing to the dismal economic condition of many of its countries.


The idea that many other world countries that desire high energy growth using coal fuel regardless of the greenhouse gas emission levels are going to abandon their enormous existing use and future growth of coal fuel because of California’s ridiculous climate alarmist driven schemes is totally absurd.

A recent series of articles in the L. A. Times outlined the massive regulatory and policy change impacts that SB 32 will impose upon the people of California here, here, and here.

In these articles extraordinary admissions are noted from the states leaders about the complete lack of knowledge, expertise and experience of the state government needed to achieve these escalated emissions goals demonstrating that these leaders are cavalierly plunging ahead with SB 32 politically driven emissions reduction mandates:

without regard to the massive economic consequences,

without clear understanding of how these emission levels can be achieved,

without comprehensive communication to the 37 million people of California whose existing lives and futures will be ripped apart by the demands imposed by these goals and

without any mention of the global irrelevance and meaningless of the outcome of achieving these state emission reduction goals.

The state governments monumental arrogance in moving forward with SB 32 is characterized in the following observations contained in the Times articles:


Serious concerns about the economic damage the states emissions goals could create were noted in the Times articles as well:


State Senate leader Kevin de Leon’s quote in a recent article captures an astounding display of climate alarmist elitism that shrugs off as unimportant the huge yet unknown impacts of the states emission mandates on its 37 million residents.


The state doesn’t know what it’s doing but Senate leader Kevin de Leon has decided “The debate is over”.

The Times articles address how SB 32 emissions goals will have dramatic impacts mandating increased housing density and significantly decreased motor vehicle use in California requiring many tens of billions of dollars in expenditures across the state to accomplish.


The Times articles further address the unknowns and uncertainty regarding how the huge reductions in driving miles and transportation emissions related required decreases can be achieved.


The states agricultural industry will also be dramatically impacted by SB 32 mandates as noted in the Times articles.


Perhaps the most ridiculous and absurd comment regarding the value of the SB 32 emission reduction mandates contained in the Times articles was the following:


How can any rational person credibly claim that China, India and other energy hungry developing nations of the world are going to “export” the folly of California’s climate alarmist policies to their countries?

California has now created a world where Governor Brown, Senate leader Kevin de Leon and Air Board Chairwomen Mary Nichols will determine at huge cost and without the appropriate knowledge, expertise, planning and communication how everyone of the 37 million people of the state must live every aspect of their lives to meet meaningless climate goals with the resulting massive sacrifices that will impact California citizens having no consequence on the global emissions stage.

California is proceeding down this absurd emissions reduction path while the “science” supposedly supporting climate alarmism claims is crumbling with global climate models shown to be flawed and failed by climate scientist testimony before Congress and UN IPCC acknowledgements of the undeniable truth that it is impossible to create credible global climate models which, in fact, has been the case for the last 25 years.


Additionally testimony before Congress also shows no connection between greenhouse gas emissions and increased severe weather, including hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and droughts, as falsely claimed by climate alarmists.


Finally NOAA 2016 updated coastal sea level rise tide gauge data shows no acceleration in sea level rise along the California coastline or anywhere else despite false claims by the UN IPCC that man made emissions have been increasing rates of sea level rise since the 1970’s.


California’s politically driven climate alarmist emissions reduction goals are meaningless and completely unnecessary and threaten to produce massive damage to the states economy and to the lives and freedoms of all of its 37 million citizens.

339 thoughts on “California Governor Brown imposing massive regulations for meaningless climate goals

  1. This sort of thing is the sort of thing that caused me to leave California for Texas. When you think the politicians have hit a peak of weirdness, they exceed their previous example.

    • One unspoken outcome is their stupidity becomes the envy of other state legislatures and is cloned into stupid laws in other states too.

      • This is not stupidity, stupid.

        SB 32 law requiring the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to levels 40% below levels measured in 1990 is necessitating the development of massive numbers of new regulations and policy that will allow the state government to control and dictate virtually every aspect of Californian’s lives

        That is the whole aim from the politicians PoV and from the leffy “progressive” climate lobby. Their aim is to dictate all aspects of peoples’ lives.
        Sob 32 is just one part of that movement.

      • The only thing sadder and more pathetic than the pathetic gibberish published in this blog are the people who are dumb enough to believe this utter bull crap. You love to be lied to. You lap up the lies as if there is no tomorrow. Do you have a sign on your foreheads: Over here, I am gullible and poorly educated, lie to me! And because you can’t differentiate between fakery and facts, you think that you are in a special club of people with special fake knowledge, judging and blaming everyone who is actually educated and knowledgeable and connected to reality. You ought to be thanking people who have got their heads screwed on right and actually do something.
        [The mods are confused. Are you discussing the NYTimes/LATimes/WashPo/SA websites and their readers? .mod]

      • What will Gov. Brown do about all the smoke and pollution drifting into California from Mexico? Perhaps he could build a pollution wall. Yeah…that’s it. A big wall with solar powered fans on top to blow the polluting smoke back to the South during the daytime.

      • By the way Lisa, you have yet to address the blog post,which is a common behavior of a warmist fanatic,seen everywhere.

      • Lisa reminds me of Nick Stokes, of whom I still do not know whether he is from the family of the famous fluid dynamics.
        And thus to a “Salzburg heute” TV show with the great-grandson of Christian Doppler.
        This great-grandson is, of course, a celebrity in the birthplace of the famous physicist,
        when asked by the reporter to the Doppler effect, he replied “I am not so concerned with science, I could not say anything about this Doppler effect.”

      • Thanks Lisa, despite the general insults and ranting, you do not challenge ANYTHING presented here. Is there anything you are able to refute ? Apparently not.
        Like most alarmists you are just venting your frustrations that not everyone is as unquestioning as you are. I’m sure that you feel better now that you have underlined political identity in public and tweeted everyone about how you bravely insulted WUWT readers from the safety of your keyboard. Well done.
        “I’m politically leftwing, therefore I love the environment, therefore CARBON ! ” Thanks Lisa for explaining what identity politics is all about.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. As a Texan, I kind of feel bad for Californians, but they’ve got feet.
      To me, this only means that any manufacturing industries that California has left will be shutting down, and a lot of that will be moving to Texas. (since we’re actively recruiting them already) Cheaper energy, infinitely better regulatory environment, much lower taxes – for anyone with any kind of plant that is a big energy user, the move is a slam dunk.
      The funny/sad thing is that once they finally realize how much trouble they’ve made for themselves, they’re going to try and get them back – but it’ll be too late. It will be generations before any serious business owners trust that state again.

      • it would be better to build a wall around the entire state of california .let those that live there know it will become a zero fossil fuel and associated product state and they must make their mind up whether to leave or stay by a certain date.
        those in other states that wish to live like that can move to california prior to the wall being closed . give it ten years and i am sure the vast majority of occupants will have changed their minds regarding the evils of fossil fuels and co2.

      • Don’t feel sorry for them. Laugh at them.
        They will get what they deserve, and quite a bit more besides.

      • Breathtaking legislating. Bold, innovative, California leading the nation.
        (Bring the business, leave the lefties.)
        Mike in Houston

      • Maybe they will let the rich buy indulgences so that they can continue to fly their Leers and motor their yachts. Thankfully California is doing the great religious experiment on 35 million of their own and I live a long way away. Perhaps by 2025 we see the Utopia and follow what seemed like madness or see the Dystopia and have a quiet chuckle as we shed a small tear.

      • “bitchilly May 19, 2017 at 2:29 pm
        it would be better to build a wall around the entire state of california .”
        Are you talking about “Escape from California? ” Where is Snake Plissken when you really need him?

    • Perhaps a rational response to California’s disastrous CO2 reduction plan might include some of the following elements.
      1) Determine if these drastic steps are likely to survive court challenges and elections. If there is a high probability, then start on your personal action plan.
      2) Plan your departure from California for a near optimal time. Before property/business values plummet to recoup the maximum the maximum of your investments through sales at good prices.
      3) Simultaneously investigate the best states/cities to move to when you leave California.
      4) Carefully plan and begin your steps to depart, but do so in quiet to maximize your individual sales and transfers.
      5) Accomplish you move/transfer early in the departures before the peak departure time which will coincide with the minimum return from property/investments
      6) Once you decide, to move DO NOT take your “California habits and practices” with you (including your leftist political views if you have them).
      7) Try your best to adopt the culture and political views of your destination state/city and change everything in your mind and habits that caused you to leave California. Take none of the bad things with you.
      8) Make up your mind that if you are gong to leave, that everything will be better at your new out of state location: people, culture, weather, politics, education, religion (yes you will need one), opportunities, work habits, recreation, etc.. NEVER think or talk about how California was better in this way, that, way, etc. this will only make you unhappy with the move and make your new friends and neighbors wish you would go back to California and take your superiority complex with you.
      9) Always remember you are after a new life, not a blend of the old and new.
      10) Be happy with the change and look to the future knowing you made the correct decision.

      • Mass exodus will help with the Manmade emissions reductions and impact….none except “nature” left doing anything. Look for any difference. / Semi sarc

      • It always a blend of old and new, its never that clear cut. What would I need a region for FFS? Is that a migration requirement now? I will need to join the colander wearers.

      • Thank you, very well said. I wish all Europeans were forced to read your comments before immigrating. I am equally sick of that bunch of pompous degenerates.

      • As life in CA becomes noticeably more difficult, there are two more things to do.
        1. Look for the bottom in the real estate market as more and more people leave the state,
        2. Build the opposition either Republican or Libertarian Party to take over once those who remain in California revolt.

    • Time for California to split-up into two states – the coastal regions for the loonies and the rest for the sane people. At the least, a lot more companies will relocate to freedom friendly states. The entire West Coast is in danger of losing their collective minds.

      • “The entire West Coast is in danger of losing their collective minds.”
        Too late. The loony left has taken over and due diligence has become a test of whether or not something fits the narrative. Even otherwise intelligent people are being sucked in by the fake news, fake science and fake brains.

    • These policies sound very much like Agenda 21 to me.
      This is a nasty influence coming from the United Nations and it has struck my city and many others around the world.
      Property rights are included in Governor Brown’s craziness as they proved to be under threat although a little more subtle during the earthquakes that devastated my city.
      Property rights or confiscation of them feature prominently under Agenda 21 and its off shoots.
      See page 8 here.
      I have an account of the aftermath of the earthquake here which trampled on property rights in a reasonably subtle way.
      Be sure to read all the links you can.

      • The good news is that if the regulations overshoot and are found to constitute a “taking,” then the cost will bankrupt the state. I can only see that as a positive if it ends the socialist experiment or if it results in the withdrawal of the regulations.

      • I was wondering as I read down through the postings when someone would join the Californian dots to show the picture of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda and UN Urban Agenda, Habitat III. The UN aims at 2030 as their installation date, the date when they anticipate being able to implement their ‘oversight’ by global ‘administration’, aided and abetted by the euphemistically named ‘Civil Society’, the several thousand UN accredited NGO’s. Proto-global supranational entities like the EU already portray the horror of things to come. Micro-supranational globalism experiments like New Zealand appear well underway, as a once formerly proud and independent country happily and secretly embraces eco-Marxist globalism (TPP), even without the US.

        • “Most” people are unaware of the efforts to change society to meet UN expectations. It’s stealth efforts from above and from the bottom to minimize concern … and knowledge … of what’s transpiring. People that try to bring it to the publics’ attention are successfully labeled conspiracy theorists by the compliant MSM.

    • I see the rage here spewed at “them” Californians (tarring everyone in CA with the idiot libtard brush) but remember you are hating on fellow citizens who despise our state government as much as you do. We do “have feet to leave” but selling a home and moving can’t be done in an instant. I moved as far away from SoCal and SF Bay area as I could to enjoy the natural beauty and quiet here on the far northern CA coast, but now even that not enough to keep me here.

    • Oh it gets worse: The People’s Republic of California is up to serious no good and even Governor Moonbeam is against this one. Think of how extreme that has to be to happen?
      BIG HEALTH INSURANCE update. What you need to know NOW. Hang on to your hat… the topic may surprise you.
      KEEP READING! – THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT, IT’S JUST MORE OF HOW CALIFORNIA IS TRYING TO BECOME THE “EX GOLDEN STATE”. There is nothing to “buy” here. It’s what you’ll be “sold” if you live in California – like it or not.
      It’s why businesses due to Climate nonsense and other reasons will leave the state to Bankruptcy and quick.
      SB 562 — the Healthy California Act — is working its way through Sacramento right now.
      SB 562 proposes a single payer system for CA. You will NOT get to vote on it
      Single payer = “rationed” medical care.
      SB 562 means the State controls and pays for your health care.
      YOU pay the state (significantly) higher taxes.
      You will have no other choice. You will see the doctors who participate in the State’s program, and only if/when they’re available.
      Here’s what we DO know for sure:
      IF SB 562 passes, ALL existing plans WILL end (including employer / Individual / Medicare / Medi-cal)
      IF SB 562 passes, nine unregulated board members and an advisory committee appointed by the governor will control your benefits
      IF SB 562 passes, it will be paid by YOUR increased taxes (the state needs $179 billion in new taxes!)
      And here’s what we can probably guess will happen:
      You won’t get to decide your coverage
      ALL payroll taxes and self-employment taxes will skyrocket
      Rationed health care. It means you can’t just see any doctor and long wait times.
      Estimated personal income tax increase of $9200 for everyone, probably increasing every year
      Doctors won’t get paid very well, which could cause them to leave CA
      Government run … AKA if you need help with your coverage, your only call will be to a government call center (like calling the IRS but worse!)
      There’ll be no professional, experienced brokers to advocate for you
      Call, write, email your reps ASAP — express your concerns about SB 562.
      Here’s how to find and contact your CA State Assembly members and Senators.
      Please share with your friends in CA! Start local, go big, make a difference!

  2. This should help growth in other states. Good job Governor Moon Beam, I like what you got!

    • Unfortunately, the same people who voted for Gov Loony Tune are the ones moving and bringing their madness with them.

      • The California expats are already well know for Californicating the adjacent states. Looks like now they will just spread their diseases further abroad to more states.

      • Rhoda R. That has been often true in the past, ruined the real estate markets in AZ, OR, etc., new Homeowners Associations with near Nazi rules, influx of leftist voters–in short all they left California to escape. But it doesn’t have to be that way. See my my comment above at: May 19, 2017 at 1:05 pm
        Only by making a clean break from California, remembering nothing about California, going free of their old ways, thoughts, and personalities, politics, political correctness, etc. and adopting a new life in their new state/city by adopting local culture, politics, etc. and truly accepting a new and different life in their new homes. They should seek a 100% new life immersed in the new location and forget about the past. Only then will they be fully accepted and happy. Lugging along the old problems from their old life will only ruin their new life too.

  3. When these new regulations ban the mansions of the rich and powerful and limit them to the same square footage as a middle class California family, then I’ll be impressed.
    Until then, it’s just virtue signaling.

    • Kim Un Brown is trying to make sure that North Korea does shoot a nuke at California by proving that California is every bit as much committed to Communism as North Korea is.

    • MarkW, these new regulations will not affect the rich and famous at all. They are designed only for the bottom 90% or so. The intent is to make the average people live in apartment clusters were the square footage will probably not exceed 500 for a 3 bed closet space. This is Agenda 21 at its finest – all population grouped into rats warrens and the rest of the state to be left pristine for the elite to enjoy.
      I would guess, also, that the cost of living will be as high as the average income, so no one is ever going to be able to save enough to move. And don’t be surprised to discover that, in the end, there won’t even be roadways between the human enclaves(at least not for the average people to use), so just trying to leave California will be near impossible – unless you are among the elite.
      And as for all those electric cars, well, I am not sure where they will be parked since they probably won’t be able to recharge them at the probable energy costs and likely quotas allowed, and if they have roof mounted solar panels to top up the batteries, that still probably won’t be enough to power all the tracking electronics that will be required in the vehicles to insure they aren’t used more than government allows – probably 30 miles or so a day.
      Good luck Californians because your government knows what’s best for you, and just remember, you may vote, but you don’t buy the politicians like some people do, so don’t think you are going to change anything in any later election. The “pollies'” owners just wrapped up millions of acres of enjoyable land for themselves without having to buy any of it.

    • The laws and regulations will never affect how rich people live. There will always be ways around it because the rich people run the state.

    • MarkW – the State will never touch the wealthy left. They will be exempted (as long as they profess to be good Demorats). Even now, the legislature is quietly writing laws to protect the hollywood crowd. They will likewise serve the tech crowd too. Never assume the left are stupid. They’re far too greedy and entitled for that.

  4. As with Green Germany, Green California Will eventually become an object lesson for the rest of the world. This is the only way we can learn. And besides these are all popular measures so give the people what they want

    • Not the only way we CAN learn but maybe the only way we WILL learn and even that is sketchy, it usually takes mass starvation before communist learn any lessons.

      • … it usually takes mass starvation before communist learn any lessons.

        Stalin starved 7 million people to death in 1933. He stayed in power until he died two decades later. He obviously learned nothing. link
        Mao starved 15 million. He stayed in power another decade and a half. He also learned nothing. link
        You’re going to have to produce some convincing evidence before I will believe your assertion that these folks are capable of learning.

      • Stalin, Mao they learned you stay in power a lot longer if you starve your enemies. Especially if done in the name of helping your enemies see the error of their ways.

      • reply to CommieBob … Stalin’s forced starvation was on purpose, so what he learned was that the tactic worked … the world did not care … and in fact the “paper of record”, the NY Times, denied it was even occurring while it was going on … nothing to see here … So why would Stalin’s success cause him to lose power?
        I don’t know about Mao’s starvation … was it also a “failure” or a “success”? … you need to measure these in the terms of those involved, not your own ethical ideas …

      • They did not “Learn” because the West and the useless U.N. stood by and did nothing to help !!

      • reply to Butch … The UN was founded in 1945, so wasn’t around to support Stalin … The League of Nations, however, welcomed the Soviet Union to membership in 1934, the year after … this following formal recognition of the Soviet Union by Roosevelt in November 1933 …

        • Without looking it up, I remember the UN as being founded during a 1948 meeting in San Francisco.

      • the world did not care … and in fact the “paper of record”, the NY Times, denied it was even occurring while it was going on … nothing to see here …

      • Wikipedia says that the UN was formed in October 1945. Another site gives more details: Oct. 24 in Lake Success, NY.

      • My grandfather, Alexander Wienerberger, outed Stalin for tgan famine in his book, one of only 2 published records of the famine. He spent 16 years in Lubyanka overall.
        [Thank you for his courage, but the mods don’t recognize “tgan famine”.
        What is the title of his book? .mod]

    • Call me Bob eventually the malice were displaced in Beijing and much of that tradition has been repudiated. China is probably the greatest living example crony capitalism the world has ever seen. The Maoist tradition in China is pretty much dead. The case of Stalin’s even starker. So it is true that people eventually learn Great historical lessons after much suffering. They’re starting to catch on in Germany into a certain extent in the US that green energy policies are highly ineffective and the road towards penury and suffering. Germany and California as I say Will become object lessons in failure

      • Sorry commie Bob the first sentence was a little garbled. But I did say is that eventually the Maoists were displaced in Beijing and indeed the Stalinists were replaced in Russia.

      • sarastro92
        it’s unclear “displaced” and “replaced” correctly describe the situation.
        All societies (even commie ones) evolve over time. Have Russia & China “evolved” – yea; have they repudiated Stalin & Mao – no.

      • “Germany and California as I say Will become object lessons in failure”
        Along with Spain, Ontario, and the UK (soon); and Australia (ditto).

  5. This like everything else the barking moonbats want is about control, of life, of money, of everything. It was never about climate, or guns or water or air. It was always about turning the small minded fools into self anointed god kings.

  6. They want to dramatically increase the number of electric vehicles while at the same time getting rid of fossil fuel power plants.
    The left hand needs to get acquainted with the right hand.

    • Both hands are to busy doing other things … every since they were first issued the challange they have been trying to find their butt.

      • Well, that is understandable, since their heads are up their butts ! Hard to see in the dark…

      • They’re not trying to find their butt. They’re trying to find your butt. No sexual motivation involved either. They’re just looking for your wallet. To paraphrase a famous quote, “Grab ’em by their pocketbooks; their hearts and minds will follow.” Secession wasn’t the answer. Now let’s try expulsion.

    • Tesla, their darling electric car manufacturer, needed to expand from their factory in California. Where did they build it? In Nevada, not California.

      • I believe the CA factory is actually the old Toyota & GM factory that closed, among other reasons, due to high union wages. This implies the current workers might be of the same ilk. Stay tuned.

  7. What you will hear is a giant sucking sound as people leave Kalifornia in droves. And please don’t come to Florida.

  8. It’s not about Climate, it’s about Agenda 2040. State control of people’s lives- soft communism wrapped up in an environmental smokescreen.

    • The fallacious notion is that this is about saving the environment.
      That is a lie.
      This will create an absolute dictatorship over the people of California, destroy the economy, throw several hundred thousand people out of work, force companies to leave California, reduce the value of real estate, increase the price of food, clothing, gasoline, diesel fuel and propane, and severely limit individual freedom.
      Is this what we want?

      • Apparently; CA keeps voting these clown back in. It’s not like Jerry Brown is a surprise to anybody.
        Even Chavez was democratically elected. Some electorates get hooked on the kool-aid.

  9. How do people like that get elected? Snapple fact 682,” More turkeys are raised in California than in any other state in the United States.”

  10. It will be super interesting what fallout this causes, businesses will be leaving, and I wonder if there will be law suits to counter this. Popcorn please! When I lived in Wisconsin from 85-95 I had to have my car sniffed every year, but in Ohio and Michigan they do not do that.

    • Huh? I’ve lived in Wisconsin 67 years and have owned cars for 50. Never have had a requirement for emissions checks in Wisconsin.

      • I can remember taking the Pontiac Catalina land yacht to a test station to have a probe inserted – in Wisconsin.

      • It was Waukesha county, near Milwaukee, no joke, from 1985-1995 and a few times I flunked the test with a base model 1986 SAAB 900.

      • Most exhaust emissions programs are limited to the cities. If you lived in a “rural” county, then you probably never had the pleasure of having that wand stuck up your tailpipe. Yeah, doesn’t sound quite right!

      • Rick, living in MD, they only require the vehicle emissions testing in certain regions of the state. I’d assume that’s the case in WI.

    • N Carolina is still like that. And not just emissions testing. OBD emissions-related sensors testing, too. If one fails you can’t get an inspection sticker until you get it fixed. And you can’t renew your tag until you pass inspection. A real racket.

  11. I applaud this effort to create new jobs: 25,000 regulators (my estimate). This puts Trump to shame.

  12. At least it will be an interesting race to see which of California, Germany, the U.K or South Australia hits the green insanity complete power failure epic shutdown followed by mass public fury first. Should WUWT organize a sweepstake, keeping 50 per cent of the £5 bets to fund its excellent work, with the rest going to the punters naming the exact day/that meltdown (24 plus hours of more than 90 per cent power shutdown) finally occurs?
    My bet would be South Australia on 14 July 2019 (no offense Aussie friends). But I wouldn’t discount the U.K. Hitting the buffers first.

  13. Those folks who envied South America as having the shining example of Venezuela can now relax, the US, and by extension North America, is about to have our own. I’m not sure if even Silicon Valley can save them not. Viva Calexit!

  14. Those in the upper wealth bracket will feel little effect at first, but they will become the tax base. Those who are able to move will do so. Those who are in the lower income brackets will be unable to escape or will have to leave whatever little they have an seek a subsistence living elsewhere. The uncaring ruling class has not changed in 100s of years. Let them eat cake.

  15. And by the way, if anyone’s asking, this is why I left California years ago for Maine. Local motto: “use it up, wear it out, make do or do without”. A better pean to self-reliance cannot be found.

  16. So much for California Dreamin’…sounding more like a Kalifornian nightmare. The perils of green evangelism has gone off the rails. Gives new meaning to the Grapes of Wrath.

  17. This has been a tough century so far for anti-authoritarians like me. I’m very dismayed and pessimistic about the increasing acceptance of centralized state power to manage our lives and control our behavior. More and more, government doesn’t trust us with individual freedom. Neither does the Left. “Question authority,” once a sacred concept to them, has become heresy. The State is assuming the role of God, with enthusiastic support of acolytes like Griff. Marching dreamy-eyed into the clutching arms of totalitarians. This does not end well.

    • Hello Eustace: Fortunately state, county and local government is only as authoritarian as its citizens allow it to be. I don’t how it is where you live, but here in coastal California, I take part in government every day, at every level. I don’t depend on others in Sacramento to do the right things, just as I don’t depend on government officials in my county or my nearby city to do the right thing. I’m right there at public meetings telling them what to do. Many times I’m the only one speaking out on a particular issue, and many times if I had not been there and spoken out, the outcome would have been completely different.
      I don’t suit around and complain, I take action.

      • Michael
        Despite your undoubtedly best intentions, doesn’t look like it’s working…

  18. So California has become officially a Fascist State. The National Socialist Democrats. North Korea 2.

    • This is such a silly, knee jerk reaction. There are innumerable opportunities to take part in the process of state and local government and do something about it, rather than sitting around making up fantasies.

      • Not if you are sane. The problem is that those who feel they are entitled to take what others have earned are a majority of voters in CA.

      • Michael
        At the end of the day (or voting period), it only matters how many fellow citizens agreed with you.
        Even this ignores the politician who ignores the will of the people (e.g.: Brown & his bullet train).

  19. I have no doubt that they’ll achieve their goal. Simple plan – make the state such a miserable place to live that 40% of the population and business leave. Bingo – a 40% reduction in energy demand. The only question then will be if the remaining 60% will stay and deal with the economic collapse.

    • And who will pay the massive taxes? That is another question for these jokers because it will be the tax base that ends up moving.

    • Except that CA is a magnet or the poor & illegal poor.
      Productive people & businesses are migrating out of CA, but CA is not experiencing a decreasing population.

  20. Jerry Browns reelection campaign “the longest suicide note in history” but is no more and no less than what Christina Figueres decided was the way forward for the planet – Agenda 21 think globally act locally – and reinforced at the UN COP in Quito where it was agreed that henceforth the detestibles should be corralled in skyrise rabbit hutches patrolled by UN apparatchiks 24/7 to ensure limited movement and travel deprived of food and expected to live on the slime dripping off of the factory built concrete featureless hovels. This is Paul Ehrlich writ large remember he said that the planet could only support a population of a few million at best and this is still how the elite think we have to be controlled we cant be allowed unlimited power because of what we might get up to if we had access to it, heaven forfend we might get to enjoy ourselves.
    Veganism, animal rights, Co2, methane, coal we remain under control from all sides the objective absolute control the elite in absolute fear and panic about what might happen if the pump runs dry so we are being headed off at the pass to make sure it doesn’t happen and the poor sucker Jerry Brown has be sucked in and sucked out but I cant believe that when 37 million Californians begin to wake up that Brown will succeed because California will just implode.
    But here is the quote, she made it quite clear:
    “One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with the environmental policy anymore, with problems such as deforestation or the ozone hole,” “We redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy,” Ottmar Edenhofer, IPCC working group on Mitigation of Climate Change 2008 to 2015.
    “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution,” Christina Figueres, Executive Secretary, UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change.
    Having failed to accomplish their remit – world peace – they are now seeking to deploy their totalitarian regime on those parts of the planet that have lost the will to fight because life has become too easy and Brown and the UN are determined to hit the soft underbelly of people to feeble and besotted with life and liberty to comprehend and understand exactly where the real threat to the hedonistic life styles is coming from. Not from terrorism but from environmentalism difficult to know the difference?

  21. The quicker that California blowuptuates, the quicker the rest of the world will see the insanity. Full speed ahead I say!

    • A few tens of thousands freezing to death during a bad cold snap, and not having enough power to go around, oughta do the trick.

        • Michael, tell that to the millions without power to run air conditioning when impacted by CA “solar.” Consider, also, food spoilage.

      • It’s pretty sad that it’ll probably take an event like this for people to wake up.

    • Don’t hold your breath. You see the beating Greece has taken for the last 5-10 years – it take a lot of killing to blow up a state. And, just like EU taxpayers, the rest of us USA federal tax payers will undoubtedly get sucked into prolonging the misery.

  22. It’s been awhile since I read “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” but I remember distinctly that one of the events leading to the fall of the Republic was that the small farm holders were taxed out of existence and their farms were bought out by increasing large landholders/Patricians. Sort of like what is happening now to the farmers in California – as the regulatory regime gets worse and worse they are leaving and I’ll be it’s the likes of Pelosi who are buying up all the land.

  23. California is way to wealthy and Moonbeam and the Progressifacists want to control that wealth. It will only be impoverishing the population of America can the rest of the world progress (at least that is the impression I get from the Progressifacists in Ontario). All hail.

  24. ..I honestly believe that in less then 15 years, that the U.S and Canada will each split and rejoin along party lines so that Alaska will finally be attached to America physically. The 2nd wall to be built at that time will not to be to keep “Illegal Aliens” out, it will be to keep crazy liberal socialists out !! …..IMHO

  25. Somebody build a wall around California, quick! I know moonbeam said he would build one if Trump was elected but, he seems to have forgotten his promise… kind’a like all those celebrities that promised to leave the country.

  26. Do zero emissions cars consider the CO 2 emissions from electricity produced out of State?

    • Cat, someone should ask CA electric utilities what they expect when their current interstate power purchase and transmission wheeling contracts run out. Renewed? Same power import levels? Wheeling costs?
      The supplying States have their own population increases, electric demand increases, silly CO2 and other emission regulations, and so on. Will their love of socialist CA override consideration of their citizens’ needs?

    • The pie chart above includes a category for “Electric Generation (imports)”, which I assumed covered electricity produced out of state.
      Of course they have to include the energy needed to make physical products that are imported.

  27. give everyone in California a Tesla. an interest free loan. that will solve the emissions problem and create 100% employment. and as volume increases, prices will decrease. Instead of giving 40K to rich people to buy a 100k Tesla, everyone can have their own 40K Tesla. You might even be able to pick up a near new Tesla for less than 40K, once everyone has theirs.
    This idea is no less practical than anything coming out of Sacramental.

  28. I think that all Red states should immediately ban all “Liberal Climate Refugees” from relocating into Red states to escape this clown, as revenge for voting for this clown…

  29. One way they can reduce GHG’s is to ban the production of violent movies and TV shows in California with all their fancy explosions and fires. In addition, ban any new houses over 2000 square feet on one floor and mandate that any existing houses over that size must be divided up so that each 2000 square feet is occupied by one family. Then California can have their ideal communes. And no exceptions, Governor Brown. 😉
    /Sarc off.

  30. I see that the CEPA Air Resources Board says that CO2 is the primary GHG emmitted in California, amounting to 84% of GHG emissions.
    So all that irrigation water on agricultural land results in 0% evaporation?
    Methinks they need to do some more measurements and do the arithmetic again.
    Or maybe just go back to school.

  31. The solution is simple, as the “Emissions By Economic Sector” pie chart illustrates. California must shut down all transportation and industry in the Golden State.
    Problem Solved.

  32. I propose that all those who believe it is important to limit CO 2 emissions in their state move to California instead of adopting and mandating the Co2 emission limits in their current state. I would welcome the current NJ Dems in the legislature relocating to where their emission goals are in place. That would make room for us to welcome those from California who don’t like Gov. Brown’s restrictions.
    Everybody would be happy at least until reality sets in and the Ax falls.

  33. Economic hardship continues to build throughout California. The relentless taxing and regulation in the state had caused high prices over the entire spectrum. Meanwhile state and local budgets are increasingly eaten up by state employee pensions. So infrastructure falls apart from neglect.
    The homeless population is exploding. It’s is magnitudes greater than I’ve seen in my 56 years in this state. Now the homeless are young men and women, not older alcoholic bums. Drive anywhere in the Bay Area or LA and they are everywhere.
    It doesn’t take a genius or a PHD study to realize all this is coming to an ugly head.
    Now gas prices, already among the highest in the nation, will go up in November raising prices of everything, not just fuel, further burdening the working class.
    I can only imagine that California politicians view their citizens with contempt.

  34. Vladimir Lenin’s “Utopia” is indeed alive, through his modern-day incarnation Jerry Brown, Comrades!

  35. My understanding is that the (corrected thinking) People’s Republic of California, so as to meet (Silly Bill) SB32, will be setting up the People’s Ministry of Walking. Known to the State of California is that meeting SB32 will require far more than the serfs giving up their cars and walking. It will require involvement in every single aspect, and aspect of an aspect, and suspicion of any aspect that may exist in each. and. every. single. inhabitant’s. life. And one aspect is how this substitution of automobility by walkamobility will affect the caloric intake of these newly minted walkers, and how that caloric intake will affect California’s agricultural industry which will also have to make Carbon cuts.
    Therefore, the Ministry of Walking will engage in training Californian’s how to walk in the most energy efficient manner possible so the increased walking doesn’t require increased agricultural output to fuel this walking. This is referred to as the Ministry Of Walking caloric DOWN initiative (or MOW DOWN for short). MOW DOWN will issue licenses to these new pedestrian serfs, much like driver’s licenses are currently issued, and will ticket licensed walkers for improper, inefficient, jay, and other illegal forms of walking. The fines collected will help to offset the lost profits taxes from businesses which, due to SB32, will be scooting out of the state faster than a JATO assisted bat outta’ hell.
    Moreover, California hopes to export this unique walking technology throughout the world. They hope to refine it to the point where human beings can live and remain active with no food whatsoever. Thus, California, and California alone, will nudge humanity into a future where death and starvation have simply ceased to exist.

  36. Brown’s fascist experiment and one party rule will soon come crashing down. His ludicrous homage to the religion of climate change is destroying businesses statewide. The massive regulation burden will have zero measurable impact on climate or temperature. Advice to all rational Californians: get out now while escape is possible!

  37. Whatever happened to the Reagan’s California of careless days and magnificent sunsets on the Venice Beach of the late summer in 1972.

    • (sigh) I actually lived there back then (retired to FL 4.5 years ago).
      CA either has, or will continue to, or soon will PC itself to death.

    • vukcevic

      Whatever happened to the Reagan’s California of careless days and magnificent sunsets on the Venice Beach of the late summer in 1972.

      5,000,000+ illegal aliens. Voting for their democrat-welfare paid pocketbooks. Plus 40 years of socialist democrats voting to support those illegal aliens.

  38. What people seem to be missing is when this economic catastrophe called California finally belly’s up, its the Fed that will be bailing them out…i.e. all tax payers including those in well run states – so we are all on the hook for this mess.
    There will be a huge out flux of people (bigger than you have seen to this point) seeking jobs including the left-wing nuts. They will continue to turn well-run areas into badly run areas by bringing their progressive and green beliefs with them. Over time the belief-disease spreads.
    There will be hundreds of billions of dollars needed to put California budget and services back together again, including pensions. (California is going to be our Greece). This will likely be absorbed as more Federal debt.
    There is simply no substitute for a financially conservative well run government – at any level.

    • Don’t be so sure.
      Trump might just sit back and watch it burn, as an object lesson to other states.

  39. I can’t help marveling at how stupid and/or passive Californians must be, or if they will ever wake up to how much personal liberty they are surrendering. I have lived in state most of my life, and as an uncle of mine once said about Oakland, I wonder how can so many dunderheads live in one place?
    Socialism has been around for well over 100 years. There are no surprises anymore. Its record has always been, to a greater or lesser degree, uniformly abysmal. Friedrich Hayek’s short book, “The Road to Serfdom,” precisely and exhaustively reviews and analyzes its every failing and failure. It is a book that belongs on every American’s mandatory reading list.

    • It’s like boiling a frog by starting with cold water. The frog never sees it coming until it’s too late.
      When I moved to Fl to retire from CA (4.5 years ago), I got talked into telecommuting for an additional 6 months, including gross FL pay at my CA rate. Stunningly, this ended up be being a $25k/annual after-tax increase.
      (Note: FL has no income tax and no state SDI tax).

  40. I suspect that a true understanding of what is happening in California (and also in Australia , Canada, UK ) will require the assistance of a professional psychologist, but whilst waiting for one to offer his services here, this is my amateur psychological analysis.
    It all depends on the GDP/capita – so go to Wiki:
    and what we see is that , in units of International dollars , USA GDP/capita is 56 to 57 thousand , well ahead of Australia at 46- 47thousand , Canada at 46 thousand and UK at 41-42 thousand .
    Given that Californians are probably better than the US mean in GDP/capita , the residents of that state can indulge in a great deal of money- and productivity- sapping experiments in “saving the world” before their standard of living falls to that of Australians , who have a very comfortable lifestyle , and they would have to lose a great deal of money indeed before falling to UK standards , which I can assure readers is reasonably comfortable for most people.
    Add the fact that increasingly the population of California comprises recent arrivals from Mexico (GDP/capita = 18000 INt$ ) for whom even a Brown – ravaged California will seem in comparison a paradise and there is no incentive from anyone for any objection to Brown’s proposals.
    One thing does puzzle me however : Trump is President of the US , but cannot pass a single piece of legislation, despite a majority in Congress , Brown is merely a Governor , but every thought that he has immediately has the power of the law.
    It seems ironic that Presidents of the US are commonly referred to in the UK media as “the most powerful person in the world” – clearly not this one.

    • mikewaite
      Actually, Brown can’t do that on his own. He needs (and currently has) a super majority of both legislative houses.
      However, there is what may be a successful recall of a CA senator, which if flipped to Republican, would eliminate the supermajority, at least in the senate.
      Obama had this same circumstance in his first 2 years (Scott Brown replace Ted Kennedy).

    • “One thing does puzzle me however : Trump is President of the US , but cannot pass a single piece of legislation, despite a majority in Congress”
      Actually, Trump has signed at least 32 legislative bills into law. You just don’t hear about these things because the MSM is too busy talking about Russian collusion.

      • Mike, the Leftwing Media are definitely outdoing themselves in their efforts to smear Trump. I’ve never seen a feeding frenzy like this from the MSM since the heighth of the Watergate investigation but at least there, they had some actual wrongdoing to focus on at that time.
        To date, there is NO evidence that Trump has done anything illegal, but the MSM is in a feeding frenzy anyway. A self-created and generated frenzy that has no relationship to reality and whose sole purpose is to harm Trump in any way possible.
        There really is such a thing as “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (TDS). The Left is willing and eager to believe anything bad that is said about Trump, or any other Repubican for that matter.
        We have a big problem: One political party controls nearly all the news organizations. So the viewers only get the viewpoint of one political party. And since that political party is a particularly nasty, hateful, dishonest party, you get some really nasty, untruthful rhetoric about their poltical opponents from them. The only thing to do is to keep fighting back.
        One good thing is the MSM’s credibility with the public is very low, and going after Trump so vigorously without any evidence, the way they are doing, is going to hurt their crediblity even more. They are starting to sound like the “boy who cried wolf” too many times, and people stopped paying attention to the boy.
        Bob Woodward, the liberal Washington Post reporter who broke the Watergate story, said yesterday that the Leftwing networks were drinking too much Trump kool-aid. So even some liberals are seeing that the MSM is causing damage to itself by its irrational attaks on Trump. They really are hysterical.

  41. More shoot, ready, aim from Brown followed by self congratulations and smugness. Nothing will get in his way of determining how others should live or how much they will contribute to his plans for the state. He actually believes California is a nation unto itself. His heir apparent …. Newsom … will be more of the same on steroids.

  42. They’re really acting out here on the Left coast. Tiny little Napoleons having tantrums and forcing themselves on anyone they can.

  43. “Do you have your permission papers to leave your sector?” asked the Environmental Patrolman as he wanded the tailpipe for emissions compliance.

  44. Greenhouse gases are not the only products of automotive transportation that creates real pollution. Reducing auto travel miles in cars and trucks will reduce other factors that really do affect the health and well being of humans and all species.
    Particulate matter (PM). Fine particles — less than one-tenth the diameter of a human hair — pose the most serious threat to human health, as they can penetrate deep into lungs. PM is a direct (primary) pollution and a secondary pollution from hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and sulfer dioxides. Diesel exhaust is a major contributor to PM pollution.
    Hydrocarbons (HC). These pollutants react with nitrogen oxides in the presence of sunlight to form ground level ozone, a primary ingredient in smog. Though beneficial in the upper atmosphere, at the ground level this gas irritates the respiratory system, causing coughing, choking, and reduced lung capacity.
    Nitrogen oxides (NOx). These pollutants cause lung irritation and weaken the body’s defenses against respiratory infections such as pneumonia and influenza. In addition, they assist in the formation of ground level ozone and particulate matter.
    Carbon monoxide (CO). This odorless, colorless, and poisonous gas is formed by the combustion of fossil fuels such as gasoline and is emitted primarily from cars and trucks. When inhaled, CO blocks oxygen from the brain, heart, and other vital organs. Fetuses, newborn children, and people with chronic illnesses are especially susceptible to the effects of CO.
    Sulfur dioxide (SO2). Power plants and motor vehicles create this pollutant by burning sulfur-containing fuels, especially diesel. Sulfur dioxide can react in the atmosphere to form fine particles and poses the largest health risk to young children and asthmatics.
    Hazardous air pollutants (toxics). These chemical compounds have been linked to birth defects, cancer, and other serious illnesses. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the air toxics emitted from cars and trucks — which include Benzene, acetaldehyde, and 1,3-butadiene — account for half of all cancers caused by air pollution.

    • And…more bicycling? We seem to be killing off the bike riders wholesale here in Texas. Does that offset the savings in pollution?

    • There is no evidence that PM 2.5 has negative impacts on health.
      HC, NOx, SOx and CO were all but removed from car exhausts decades ago.
      Why don’t you rejoin the real world where we manage to keep up with evolving technology and stop fearing problems that were solved before you were born.

      • These are the kind of comments that make me question much of what appears on WUWT. Baseless assumptions, knee jerk reactions, snarky comments.
        For your information, MarkW, When I was born, my father’s Studebaker was the height of automotive technology. No seat belts, no pollution controls, no computers, no fuel injection, just psitons jumping up in down in petroleum effulgence.

      • ‘If participating in the daily process of government is extremist and reactionary then I wear that badge with pride!’
        Vanity. Definitely my favorite sin.

      • I notice that you don’t try to refute what I wrote. Just whine that I wasn’t nice enough to you.

      • These are the kind of comments that make me question much of what appears on WUWT.
        odd, I was thinking something along that same line….as I read your post

      • Mike, what you fail to realize is that what you do while “participating” that defines you.
        If you spread lies, such as your comments regarding pollution, then you are being reactionary.
        If you support having the government steal from others so that you can have more free stuff, then you are reactionary.

        • “If you spread lies, such as your comments regarding pollution, then you are being reactionary.
          If you support having the government steal from others so that you can have more free stuff, then you are reactionary.”
          Pollution is not a lie. It is very real. When your car is running, step to the year by the tail pipe and take a deep breath.
          I don’t support having a government steal from others. The people are the government. Who outside the people are there to steal from?
          I don’t get free stuff. Do you?

      • No seat belts
        And nowadays, stupid people survive car accidents, breed and become climate alarmists. Being stupid should have consequences but it doesn’t seem to much any more.

      • Michael A. Lewis, it’s an unfortunate effect of modern rightism that all it can find in itself to do is shriek at its leftist phantoms. It’s a reflex, un-thought and empty. It’s also a blow to sane ‘conservative’ sensibilities of the kind that correctly oppose climate Orwellianism.
        Instead we see rightists taking shots at all sorts of projected, non-existent, supposedly leftist goons and villains, even if they have to invent them. The average rightist,is ignorant that conservatism owned conservationism until about a short half century ago when they allowed it to be co-opted by the lunatic left.
        Today, rightists take extreme bacon-and-gasoline lifestyle posing as one of the highest virtues with which to oppose leftist virtue signalling. The sad thing is that these rightists don’t know the subject – they can’t defend it, can’t represent it, and can’t even identify it anymore.
        And, naturally, the bad always drives out the good. Shouldn’t be any different here either, I suppose.

    • An internal combustion engine with a modern catalytic converter puts out only minute amounts of carbon monoxide (it is oxidized to CO2), hydrocarbons (gets oxidized to CO2 and water) and NOx.
      These are at fractions of a ppm.

      • Fractions times billions equals significant. Plus the concern is not just with contributions to atmospheric concentrations. The greater concern for auto pollution (don’t forget particulates) is at the point of origin.

      • First off, it’s millions, not billions. Your penchant for irrational exaggeration remains intact.
        Secondly, what you fail to mention is concentration. Those millions of cars are spread out over hundreds of thousands of square miles. Plus nature does a very good job of processing the extremely small amounts of pollutants that do manage to escape the catalytic converter.

    • MAL,
      What you and Moonbeam fail to recognize is that there is little alternative for the workers in places like Silicon Valley (aka Santa Clara Valley) but to commute 1 or 2 hours each way to their jobs because there is a fixed amount of land available between the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Diablo Range and those who got there first ripped out all the orchards and built houses. That leaves the workers little choice but to commute from the Sacramento Valley and the Delta. You both live in an alternative dream world with little connection to reality.

        • “MAL wants to require everyone to live in high density housing.”
          MarkW, since you can’t see into my head, you have no idea (maybe I should just stop here) what I want. Speaking in ignorance reveals the ignorant.

      • MarkW
        May 19, 2017 at 3:07 pm
        “MAL vants to lequire evelyone to live in high density husing.”
        There corrected for you 🙂
        Pleale I do not vant any tanks flom you……Al my plealule…

        • No one forces anyone to live in Silicon Valley where housing is exorbitantly expensive and they choose to drive instead of using public transit…….
          Just as no one is forced to live where the work is. Like, why don’t farmers live in Chicago? You’re statement is bereft of common sense.

    • Michael A. Lewis
      May 19, 2017 at 12:15 pm
      Greenhouse gases are not the only products of automotive transportation that creates real pollution. Reducing auto travel miles in cars and trucks will reduce other factors that really do affect the health and well being of humans and all species.
      Particulate matter (PM). Fine particles — less than one-tenth the diameter of a human hair — pose the most serious threat to human health, as they can penetrate deep into lungs. PM is a direct (primary) pollution and a secondary pollution from hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and sulfer dioxides. Diesel exhaust is a major contributor to PM pollution.

      Most of the pollutants mentioned above have been largely reduced and/or eliminated from exhaust fumes. The jury is still out on Particulate Matter of small dimensions (2.5). Is it harmful or not? The EPA says yes if it wants to create regulations, but no if it being sued for immoral and illegal experiments on vulnerable people.
      So, which is it?

  45. The continuing debate about California’s greenhouse gas emission legislation is a red herring. The core consideration is not climate change, it is human growth and development. California officials see continuing growth in California’s future, growth that cannot be sustained under the present model of community growth, such as suburban sprawl, low density neighborhoods and private car commuting at the expense of public transportation.
    What is ignored are the real and immediate impacts of continued growth and development unrelated to climate change, such as automotive air pollution other than CO2, increasing consumption of natural resources, decreasing landfill capacity, declines in ground and surface water quality and availability, increasing crime and social problems, and decreasing economic capacity to fund maintenance of essential existing public infrastructure and community social services.
    Communities are faced with the necessity of finding answers to the question: Do we want fewer residents in less dense development, or more people in increasingly dense development?
    We can’t have both continued growth and continued low density development with private auto transportation. We must learn the realities of living in a world of finite resources and, based on this understanding, we can decide the future of the communities we live in.

      • I have chosen to live in coastal California because here I use no petroleum fuel to heat and cool my passive solar, 850 sq. ft. house, I walk or ride my bicycle to any and all desired venues, I grow food around my house year round, I take part daily in city and county government, I need no income other than social security to provide for all of my needs, I invest my savings in a locally owned and operated bank that provides loans for local projects.
        Why would I choose to live in locations that cost more and provide less?

      • MAL
        Exactly where could you move that costs more than coastal CA?
        Downtown Paris?

        • Everywhere else costs more than where I live now. I live simply so I don’t have to pay exorbitant rent, nor pay anything at all for heating or cooling. My expenses anywhere else would be double than they are here.

    • As always with leftists, the only solution is to control what your neighbors are permitted to do.

      • I can’t control what my neighbors are permitted to do. However, I can work together with my neighbors to see that government works in the interest of the common good.

      • ‘I can’t control what my neighbors are permitted to do. However, I can work together with my neighbors to see that government works in the interest of the common good.’
        You mean you go through government to coerce others. How noble.
        You can live your holier-than-thou life however you want, I don’t care, but you’re organizing to force it on everyone else. As always.
        You collectivists are masters of rationalization.

        • Everyone is allowed to take part in government. The only ones coerced are those who refuse to step forward and defend their positions in public debate and decision making.

      • Thank you for proving my point about rationalization. No. What you are creating is focused pressure groups of minorities. Perhaps those that are not living on social security and don’t have time to ‘participate’ in your organization.
        ‘Strength through discipline, Strength through community, Strength through action!’
        Where have I heard that kind of thing before.

      • MAL,
        You can be self-congratulatory for being smart enough to minimize your costs. However, you can’t stuff 7 billion people into California! Someone has to live elsewhere. Consider yourself fortunate that you aren’t one of those who have to live in less desirable places.
        However, having grown up in California in the 1950s, when I retired from a job in Ohio, I decided not to return to California because all the people had destroyed many of the things I most enjoyed about the state. The regulations have become oppressive and the congeniality has declined as the state has become a Tower of Babel. You have traded off a pleasant climate for all the other things that go along with crowding. Enjoy it while you can, because if it continues down the same path it has for the last 40 years, it will become intolerable everywhere, even to you.

        • “you can’t stuff 7 billion people into California! Someone has to live elsewhere. Consider yourself fortunate that you aren’t one of those who have to live in less desirable places.”
          I chose to live here, on purpose, for the reasons stated. Nothing fortunate about that. I consider it wisdom.

      • in the interest of the common good.
        roaring laughing!!….why you little dictator you

        • “in the interest of the common good. roaring laughing!!….why you little dictator you”
          So the people, working within their government, are all dictators? How does that work?

      • Mike, are you a hypocrite, or merely that stupid.
        You use government to control what your neighbors are permitted to do. That’s how all good fascists operate.

        • “You use government to control what your neighbors are permitted to do. ”
          I don;t use government, I participate in government, along with my friends and neighbors.

    • To whatever extent those are real problems, they are compounded exponentially by economically suidical climate change idiocy.

      • This is an exceedingly simplistic response to a complex issue. Climate change is not responsive to changes in human CO2 emissions. However, the health and well being of all life is responsive to the reduction of human resource depletion and pollution. This is, no matter what anyone “believes,” a finite world with only so much to go around.

      • How you live your life is your business.
        Your desire to force everyone else to live by your standards is mine.
        I do have to congratulate you, you are one of only a tiny fraction of leftists who actually lives the lifestyle they want to force on everyone.

        • “How you live your life is your business.
          Your desire to force everyone else to live by your standards is mine.
          I do have to congratulate you, you are one of only a tiny fraction of leftists who actually lives the lifestyle they want to force on everyone.”
          See my above post about ignorance. You do not know my desires. Speak for yourself, please.

    • One thing is for sure: you have guzzled the “Sustainability” koolade, much of which is based on Malthusian nonsense.

      • There are realities in this world. We ignore than at our own peril. Can one (dare I say it?) deny that there are limits to human consumption of natural resources.
        Can one deny (I said it again!) that human growth and development destroys critical habitat for non-human species?
        Can one continue to presuppose that humans can survive in a world depauperate of natural habitat and non-human species.
        If this is the world one wants, count me out, please!

      • I would happily count you out, but you’re out there organizing for the rest of us, based on your perception of ‘reality’.
        The strawman in your argument is pretty much every presumption you’ve made – over consumption, finite resources, non-human organisms. Complete crap, but perfectly in line with thirty years of activist propaganda.

      • You can make all the assumptions you want. The problem is that the science refutes your opinion.

      • MarkW. I doubt that MAL actually does those things consistently. Remember, once you be come a sanctimonious fascist. Things such as live and let live, tolerance, love for your fellow man, patriotism, decency, honesty, etc. are only useful words for the cause until they aren’t and then other virtues and their signaling become the accepted words and dialog. And where did the social security come from? A disability?
        Oh well, no use arguing with a Fascist or Communist, they only want to destroy you in the end.
        Now the big lie, “all can participate in government at all levels”. Try being a conservative patriot and speaking at Berkeley without being attacked and injured or killed. Same with most Universities in the country.

        • “I doubt that MAL actually does those things consistently.”
          Hello Leonard: Since you don’t know me you have no idea how I live or don’t live. In fact, I have done all of those things for the past 17 years. No brag, just fact.
          “And where did the social security come from? A disability?”
          Nope, no disability. I earned my Social Security by working steadily for 47 years.
          “Try being a conservative patriot and speaking at Berkeley without being attacked and injured or killed.”
          Speaking at Berkeley is not participating in local government on a day to day basis.

      • “Michael A. Lewis May 19, 2017 at 2:06 pm
        Can one XXXX (I said it again!) that human growth and development destroys critical habitat for non-human species?”
        These non-human species (NHS) have no concept of what the human (HS), or any other species, is. Some NHS think we are food. Some NHS, such as parasites, think HS as life support systems. I like to call these NHS scientifically illiterate leaches, politicians, for sort. Brown seems to fit that definition perfectly. Lets not forget about the numerous newly discovered NHS in recent years.

  46. At some point, I predict, Latinos in California will change parties. Let’s hope it doesn’t take as long as it did for the Rust Belt white working class.

  47. It’s all in accord with UN Agenda 21’s leftist grab for control of our lives. We’ve seen it at work for years. And, sadly, it has paid off in spades. In Canada, there’s hardly a single politician, federal, provincial or municipal, who hasn’t been captured by the alarmist “climate change” narrative, along with most corporate leaders. And Canada’s global climate change actions are truly meaningless, aside from virtue signalling, that is.

  48. It all comes down to the government ESTABLISHMENT. Trump got elected on a DISESTABLISHMENT
    platform – his promise to oppose the establishment. The Press, the Never-Trumpers, and their Democrat infantry oppose this effort, making them all ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANS. We are living in a time of ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM.
    [Sorry, but I’ve been waiting *decades* for the pedagogical opportunity to illustrate that term.]

    • In grade school that word was “the longest word in the dictionary” in the banter of the day. In high school more evolved analytical skills deemed it “an imbedded double negative really stupid word”.
      Full credit for reviving it, as the current situation richly deserves it. We can just substitute “antidisestablishmentarians” for “alarmists”, and have the would-be erudite Carbonist crowd scrambling for their dictionaries.

  49. Please self identify the companies that want to relocate. Let the bidding war begin. California can keep the weed growers, paid protesters, craft brewers, and coffee shops.

  50. This article is wrong. For those that believe in AGW, the primary greenhouse gas being emitted in California is not CO2 but H2O. Even if the state government could eliminate all CO2 from the atmosphere over California it would have virtually no effect on the radiant greenhouse effect which is dominated by H2O. Molecule per Molecule, H2O is a much stronger absorber of IR than is CO2 and there is so much more H2O in our atmosphere than there is CO2. If Gov. Brown really wants to reduce total greenhouse gas emissions in California he has got to start with H2O emissions. For starters the State should stop all public works including work on the high speed rail system between Fresno and Bakersfield because of all the CO2 and H2O being generated. The State should demand that all state agencies refrain from using any goods or services that involve the use of fossil fuels. Next the state should require that all bodies of water including all lakes, rivers, wet ground and the Pacific Ocean must be covered with a plastic film to prevent evaporation into the atmosphere of the state. It should be illegal for anyone in the state of California to possess any form of H2O for fear that any of that H2O could enter the atmosphere. A law should be passed making it illegal for water vapor from entering the state through the atmosphere but I doubt that such proclimations will have any effect on the weather. To really affect the total greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere such regulations need to be enforced over the entire world.
    Another problem is that gases that absorb LWIR radation also emitt LWIR radiation. Such gases absrob heat energy through conduction and convection and then radiate the energy away, some of which is lost to space. It is the non-greenhouse gases that hold more heat energy in because they are such poor LWIR radiators. So in terms of heat trapping Gov. Brown should concentrating on reducing the non-greenhouse gases in the atmosphere over CA, gases like N2, O2, and Ar because they trap more heat then the so called greenhouse gases. If Gov. Brown can some how significantly reduce the mass of the atmosphere over California the result will be significant cooling.
    Another problem is that the work with models and an analysis of the paleoclimate reveals that the climate change we are experiencing today is caused by the sun and the oceans over which Mankind, including Gov. Brown, have no control. There is no real evidence that CO2 has any effect on climate and plenty of scientific rational to support the idea that the climate sensivity of CO2 is really zero so that Gov. Brown’s efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in California will not affect global climate. It is all a matter of science.

  51. I fear New York State will try to follow this path aka death spiral. My questions to anyone who advocates this are how much will it cost and how much will it actually affect global warming? As far as I can tell the answers are a lot and not much. Symbolic virtue signaling springs to mind.

    • You, like many of your mentally-deficient warmunist brethren have no clue about either science or climate, confusing it with weather. But thanks for playing.

    • We here are “poorly educated?”
      That’s a laugh given that the architect of obamacare, Jonathan Gruber, is on record saying that Obama and the DNC elite basically leveraged the collective stupidity of its base to pass obamacare.

    • You keep coming here to post mass insults,then you have the GALL to expect those whom you insult every comment take you seriously. Many here have either science degree or are active scientists.
      You are hilarious.

    • You left off the “repent thy sinner” line Lisa and other religious attack phrases.

  52. When the IRS puts a stop to the state income tax deduction from federal income tax it is going to be a riot, but not just in California. heh!

  53. Does SB 32 count as an earthquake ?
    There should be “Brown Scale” (like the Richter Scale) to indicate the intensity of stupid surrounding government regulations CO2 “emissions”.
    Notice that the first letters of Brown Scale are BS and “SB” spelled backwards is “BS”.
    California has been too crowded for years anyhow. An exodus is long over due.

  54. If I’m not mistaken, California has some very gun laws. Yet when Hollywood makes a movie, those laws don’t seem to apply to it’s fully functional “props”.
    I suspect that these restrictions won’t apply to the to the CA “elite”.

    • Fewer and fewer movies are actually “shot” (so to speak) in CA.
      Union labor (among other thing).

  55. Surely California’s profoundly irrational administration is diametrically opposed to Trump’s agenda of industrial revival. In that case, to what extent can Federal intervention bring California to heel?

    • Graham
      If the voters of CA want this madness, why should the rest of the USA try to stop them?
      However, Trump’s proposal to disallow the state income tax deduction on Federal income tax will have a significant impact. For a $100,000 taxable CA income, it would mean about $3,500 more in total state & Fed taxes (equals about $10/day at Starbucks).

      • Javert Chip. “If the voters of CA want this madness, why should the rest of the USA try to stop them?”
        Because when California goes under, the taxpayers in the rational states will have to bail them out, and it will cost much more to fix the bankruptcy than to have stopped it.

  56. As a Brit, I do wonder how Brown gets elected. Is it that the people most affected by his policies (i,e,: the poor) are disenfranchised?

    • RCS
      Your assumption is incorrect: the “poor” do not see themselves being damaged by all this. A lot come from Mexico (so CA looks like heaven), and a number of the rest are drunk/drugged or shooting at each other. Bunches of government workers are planning on lush retirement pensions. Probably most of the rest view the current problems as “transitory” and really believe things will soon return to normal (aka: the way they were in the 1980s).
      If you’ve been born & raised in this environment, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees.

    • California is a cesspool of Liberal thinking because the Socialist/Marxists control the education and media. The state college system is immense and covers the state. It use to be so inexpensive to attend that anyone, anyone could earn a degree if they were conscientious and had the time. Same with any of the large population centers in America. No conspiracy theory. Fact. It turns out Joseph McCarthy was right.
      [Please do not insult innocent and perfectly functional cesspools by comparing them to California legislatures on this site. We “do” have standards you know. .mod]

    • Perhaps to the contrary, RCS. It’s the “poor” and scientifically uninformed consituency on welfare that keep the loons in power.

  57. Chris Chantrill commented: “…..At some point, I predict, Latinos in California will change parties. Let’s hope it doesn’t take as long as it did for the Rust Belt white working class….”
    There are common misconceptions that voting Latinos are all Democrats, manual laborers, uneducated, and mostly illegal. Those with roots in Mexico, Central, and South America know what Socialism/Marxism produces. That’s why they came to the US to stay. The laborers here to work don’t vote and don’t care about politics because they understand it’s the life of the elites and beyond their control. Resident Latinos are more Conservative than most people realize.

  58. Clinton won California by 4.2m popular votes.
    Trump won the other 49 states by 1.2 million popular votes.
    Could anyone seriously want a Brown/ Clinton dictatorship of the United States.
    The writers of the Constitution exposure those 2 greedy capitalists as dough heads.
    The collegiate system is an absolute necessity for democracy.
    It’s not just Massachusetts New York and Philly people that are important.
    The U.S had brilliant minds and visionary intelligence early.

  59. I bet the governor won’t walk everywhere, ‘cos his work and associated social activities are just too important compared with other less important people. Of course private jets and gas guzzling limos will be banned, won’t they?

  60. It’s all about the regulations and never about the climate.
    Can we start a 401(c)(3) to help Kookafornia exit the union?

  61. Michael Mann has fooled California politicians into running all their businesses out of the state.

  62. This is a good thing. We will see an example of what happens when “green” theories are carried out, under complete control, to their fullest extent — and the resulting chaos needs to be documented so that the blame can be placed where it belongs.

  63. Brown et al are victims of shallow science.
    The science that discovered that CO2 is a ghg just scratches the surface.
    Delve deeper into the science and discover that thermalization and the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution of molecule energy explain why CO2 (or any other ghg except water vapor) does not now, has never had and will never have a significant effect on climate.

  64. I’ve watched all this unfold, and find these developments deeply frightening. Now, when I read an article about the latest riots in Venezuela, I wonder if that is California’s future.

    • When the Dems lose their 2/3 majority in the CA statehouse and can no longer impose new taxes, these costly mandates will chew up more and more of a limited pie; such pie additionally shrinking due to economic impacts of said mandates.
      The funding battle royal between 1) Traditional state endeavors (education, infrastructure, public safety, etc.); 2) Welfare; and 3) Eco-loonies’ fantasies will commence. Venezuela, anyone?

  65. The best way for Gov. Brown to achieve his goals would be to do all that can be done to reduce the states population to 40% less than the state’s population in 1990. Gov. Brown should stop all government activity in the state because such activity causes CO2 polution. The legislature should raise taxes on businesses so high that they are forced to leave the state. With no jobs and related services, most of the population will have to leave as well. The government should the cost of car registrations so high that no one can afford to register their cars in California. The addition of impounding of all unregistered cars in the state would force most to leave the state. The state should extend their anti methane polution laws to humans and not allow people to eat any food that might cause methane release. People wanting to eat would have to leave the state. The idea would be to turn the entire state into a wilderness park, devoid of human beings. Such an action would definitely cut down on human caused CO2 emisions but it would have no real effect on climate because the climate sensivity of CO2 is zero. It is all a matter of science.

    • And, by progressive math, the higher taxes and fees will see the CA gov’t ROLLING in dough.

  66. “California accounts for 1% of global emissions”
    Really? I would like to see the calcs behind this claim. I doubt that it would be more than 1/10th of that

    • IIRC, CA is (Was?) the 8th largest economy in the world so it would surely be higher than 1%.

  67. The “technology” they want to export is how to force a return to good old fashioned serfdom.

  68. Given the fact that we humans have a tendency to emit climate changing methane out of our posteriors at times when we eat certain foods, I am left wondering if the information below should be passed on to the California Air Resources Board in its battle to win the war with the climate. It is obvious to me anyway that the cultivation and consumption of the foods below will need to be banned in California. Either that, or lay in a really BIG supply of Beano:
    “…….Among the top gas-producing foods are beans and other legumes as well as cruciferous vegetables, such as:
    Brussels sprouts
    Other high-fiber foods, like whole grains, may also cause gas or bloating, particularly if you’ve recently increased your fiber intake. The body tends to acclimate to a high-fiber diet over time, Lemond says. “Increased or excessive gas usually gets better,” she says.
    Lactose, or milk sugar, may also cause gas in some people. If you have trouble digesting milk or dairy products like ice cream and cheese, your body may not be making enough of the enzyme lactase, which is needed to break down the lactose in dairy foods……”.
    The problem here is that the legumes, whole grains and cruciferous veggies referenced above are part of a healthy diet, and we all know how govt is always telling us about the need to eat a healthier one. No matter though, nothing must stand in the way of implementing SB 32 and fighting climate change.
    BTW, I didn’t know the veggies listed above were known as cruciferous ones. I’m still learning, even after all these years……

    • Since California already requires the capture/regulation of bovine methane emissions, doing the same for human methane emissions from our posteriors is the next obvious and logical step, is it not?

  69. It’s a shame, because I love living in this state. It’s way better than other states I’ve lived such as Texas, Utah, Illinois, Washington. Still i’ll have to leave this abusive relationship. Don’t worry, I’m one person who will not vote commie.

  70. California is a big aviation State. It has two of the largest skydiving dropzones on the planet, where people burn fossil fuel just for fun. Its also a hub of car/bike racing and hot rodding industries. I guess all that is heading East? No space in Moonbeams world for these sorts of actvities I guess.

  71. The best characterization of Christian Doppler was made by Harald Lesch when he said:
    Today everyone knows the Doppler effect from the signal horns of emergency cars, police cars etc.
    But Doppler made this discovery in 1842 when there were no road vehicles that were fast enough to make this effect audible or visible.

  72. Back in the 70s, when I was a clueless teenager, the State of California mandated catalytic converters on cars. I remember discussing it with a teacher at high school who informed us, “It converts the pollution into harmless CO2.”
    I wrote an essay and concluded, “That’s great! Until government scientists decide that CO2 is not harmless 20 or 30 years from now and people will have to take drastic economic measures to mitigate the disastrous effects of ‘clean’ car exhaust.”
    I received a D and was warned about questioning established science. I ran into the recently retired teacher some months ago she was adamant about CO2 being a threat our planet, just as I had predicted.
    I was mightily tempted to say, “I told you so!”

  73. Here, in Europe, we regularly get adverts from Cali asking us to visit., I wonder when they will say dont forget to bring your bike and to land in Oregan.

  74. Just curious, do the CA state legislature and/or His Moonbeamness plan to reimburse those hit hardest economically by the anti-carbon measures? This would be anyone who travels long distances for a living (truckers, airlines, shipping companies) or who consumes large quantities of energy (smelting ore, steel-making, cement-making)?
    BTW, do virtue travel (junkets to climate conferences, doing climate field research or viewing the disappearing arctic or antarctic via cruise ship) and/or virtue construction (wind and solar plant manufacturing and installation) get free passes?
    I feel sorry for the ordinary, hard-working Californians who have to watch their state go down a steep and painful spiral. But sanity will set in at some point, once the would-be planet-saviors realize that ‘sustainability’ measures must be economically so as well. Until then, enjoy the luxury of virtue-signalling with what remains of your disposable income. For ‘Climate Mitigation’ is a bottomless pit, but the state or federal economies are not.

  75. The graphic on Indian coal is out of date… India is of course cancelling new coal plants.
    This huge new plant cancelled this week:
    and these also cancelled (some only having been raised as tenders late last year):
    and it seems both India and China are cutting back faster:

    • That’s not what Australian exporters are experiencing. I dunno Griif, maybe YOU are wrong, huh?

    • Ha! I went looking for your name specifically, Griff, because I knew you’d be posting that China was cancelling coal plants! They are, but I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that they’ve overbuilt – massively. NY Times (a rag you would respect) calls it a ‘glut’ of capacity. Electrical energy capacity is 200% of demand. When you have that much over capacity, it is not a huge surprise that a few plants will be cancelled.
      So, keep spouting your propaganda, and we’ll all keep laughing at you! This is the wrong site to expect to reach a large audience of dimwits.

      • And if you look back, I’ve posted before that Chinese over capacity means that they won’t be building the planned coal plant… no more than India will, with their coal plants running at only 55% capacity (India cancelled one off their planned ‘ultra mega’ plants this week).
        But I still see people posting about how it will make no difference if California cuts CO2 because the Indians and Chinese will be building hundreds of new coal plants…
        And no, they won’t.

        • Coal provides inexpensive base load power, Griffie. Africa will build coal-fired electric generation and India really has no other option. The Chinese will look to their own interests, not yours.

  76. massive regulations
    Do they weigh a lot? Excuse me; do they amazingly weigh a lot?
    If you’re going to write, kindly don’t write clickbait-style.

    • massive regulations
      massive escalation
      massive numbers
      massive regulatory and policy change impacts
      massive economic consequences
      massive sacrifice
      massive damage

      Thesaurus ever?
      [Opinions differ. .mod]

  77. Has anyone ever studied greenhouse gas emissions of government bureaucracies? What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

  78. The hasty assignment of cause and effect I see every day, not only in this area, but also in areas like economics always makes me think back to witch doctors and priests assigning the behavior of this or that person to events like bad weather or earthquakes or diseases, purportedly because the spirits were angered. Of course this is made much worse when it plays into the hands of power hungry politicians—after all, regulating and taxing CO2 (or any other natural product) has the potential to generate both excuses for far more regulation of individual’s lives and a lot of cash to help them hold onto power.
    It’s easy to see the abuse, and no matter what the problem, the “solution” is always the same—more power and resources for political control.

  79. Every bad social and economic program originates in Kalifornia and spreads like a virus across the rest of the country. The sooner Komrade Moonbeam and his Nomenklatura crash the state’s economy, the sooner their folly will be displayed for all to see and the sooner that saner people will have an opportunity to get elected.

  80. The flaw in that pie chart is that the only import it includes is electricity.
    If they included all the imported good, manufactured in the third world with coal, and then shipped to them, using oil, their own emissions would be a lot less significant.

  81. I really love this site!!! You are all awesome! This place keeps me sane in a wacky west coast world!!

  82. “Pollution is not a lie. It is very real. When your car is running, step to the year by the tail pipe and take a deep breath.”
    Perfect example of lie and the reason California is no longer a nice place to live. Pollution is deviation from good air quality and not measured at the tail pipe.
    The basic problem is there is too many people and too many cars. Half the people want to tell how to live and 90% are driving someplace.
    My father moved to the Santa Clara in 1960. It was a beautiful place back then. Thirty years later he had retired to the foothills. We had just moved from Michigan and were building a house in the foothill. We had a house in Michigan on an inlet in Lake Erie.
    With a certain amount of irony, I pointed out his grandchildren could again swim in Lake Erie. The Santa Clara Valley had become Los Angles.
    My first observation about California and ghg is do not worry. It is all show (image) and no action. They love to drive. Emissions could be cut over night with fuel rationing. It worked in WWII.
    I am an expert on reducing ghg. Build nuke plants and ration fuel are two examples of very effective solutions. I course I am not taking a popularity pole. Taking children to the doctor for vaccine shots is not popular either.
    We move from California in 1993 but still have friends and family there. Our conclusion is not California is not child friendly. You are not a bad parent for thinking vaccines are good and recreational drugs/alcohol are bad in most parts of the country.
    So what have we experienced the two places we lived since 1993. Good schools, clean air, no crime, low taxes, affordable housing, and good government.

  83. Actually it is a brilliant plan.
    The goal is not to reduce emissions, but increase revenue.
    Set a goal that is impossible to reach.
    Fine those who fail to reach this unrealistic goal.
    Tantamount to paying indulgences so that you can continue to exceed the carbon limits.
    They are some really scary psychopaths.

  84. “their coal plants running at only 55% capacity”
    Griff comes up with another meaningless statistic.
    It is the amount of coal burned is what determines ghg emissions. If the fleet of coal plants were running at a 90%, there would be no ability to increase the use of coal when maintenance is considered.
    Look at French and US nuke plants. US plants run at about 90% CF while France is lower because the plants load follow.
    Demand determines how much power is generated.

  85. I’ve been seeing these charts of CO2 reductions for a long time and they always look the same.
    The real CO2 reduction always occurs in the future.
    It reminds me of the sign “Free beer tomorrow”.

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