Will US Climate Scientists All Move to France? Please?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Speculation is mounting about whether President Macron will keep his promise to take all our climate scientists, and offer them a new home in France.

Back in February, then Presidential Candidate Emmanuel Macron offered US climate scientists who were worried about their future under President Trump a new home in France.

Will President Macron keep his promise?

(President Macron speaking in English)

Interest in Macron’s offer has surged since he won the French Presidency;

French president-elect Emmanuel Macron mocks US counterpart Donald Trump over climate change

MAY 9, 20179:32AM

The message was recorded in February but surged in views yesterday following the former investment banker’s election.

The message, which he reiterated after his historic win, centres on his commitment to preserve the budget to fight climate change.

It also has a none-too-subtle dig at Trump.

“Please come to France, you are welcome. It’s your nation; we like innovation. We want innovative people. We want people working on climate change, energy, renewables, and new technologies.”.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/finance/work/leaders/macron-mocks-trump-in-video/news-story/f19b2dc9a3f1f849632ca544e86a7fb6

I am deeply moved by President Macron’s words “The Message for you guys – come to France”.

President Macron, please take them. Take them all.

But be warned, they will expect you to feed them; don’t expect us to pay for their upkeep.

Thanks to Brexit, the days of English speaking countries subsidising the French are over.

254 thoughts on “Will US Climate Scientists All Move to France? Please?

      • There are lot of things in Paris, in France and in Europe prettier that the Eiffel Tower, most of them predate the tower.

      • Rocky,
        But there is no better view of Paris than from the top observation deck of the tower. Great views from up there on a clear fall day.

    • We don’t want them here either thank you!
      What Trump should do is put money on the table to disprove catastrophic global warming and get those self same scientists to change sides. If not the next democrat elected will just start the whole thing rolling again. Trump needs to put an end to this scam once and for all.

      • Trump’s agency heads should start updating their respective websites and preparing and holding a few news conferences presenting some of the “perplexing” questions and what their approach might be. For example: Why have the models exaggerated warming? How research needs to be refocused and what this means for public policy….

    • et, Monsier Le President, please, please take ours too… they are a bit delicate and sometimes noisy but will just fit in perfectment en Paris.
      The coral reef researchers will only need to hop acros to Nouvelle Caledonie so it will be cheap, tres tres cheap ( Que ve dit en Francaise?)
      Merci, merci, merci beaucoup.
      Amour from Oz…..

      • Vous voulez dire ‘comment se dit-il?’ ou ‘que veux dire’. Tres cheap? Tres bon marche.
        How come no accent marks available? Pooh!

      • Sara,
        Je suis from humble convict stock and humble franglais is all we knows.

      • @Sara;
        Use the Windows Character Map. Put in all the accents you want: à, á, è, é, and of course, ñ

      • In the FX show “Baskets”, the protagonist Chip Baskets moves to France to study at a French clown school but doesn’t speak the language. Humiliation ensues. If this doesn’t sound like this situation (substitute “climate scientist” for “clown”) then I don’t know what does.
        If these climate snowflakes can’t take the heat from climate skeptics how will they ever deal with French waiters???

      • Mumbles,
        I just assumed Chip was a climate scientist and you had used a colorful alternate word for his profession.

    • the days of English speaking countries subsidizing the French are over.
      has Macron invited Quebec as well?

      • The last unfinished business of the British Empire is the question of what to do about Quebec. It is obvious that we (and I include Americans in this because they too fought at the Plains of Abraham in 1759 prior to the American Revolution) that Quebec was conquered against her will, and must be set free, at last. Good Bye and Farewell Quebec! Enjoy your separation. France is waiting for you too.

      • I think Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys went up there to liberate them, for which they got shot at & put in Jail.
        Ethan was also suspected of negotiating with the Brits to make Vermont a British colony.

    • before you go disclosure: France is bankrupt and your taxes will be higher than 50%

      • patrick. Now why tell the climate change warmunists that? They are mostly radical leftists and surely they will be happy with the policies they are trying to establish here in the U.S. Let them find their dreams in France and let America return to real science for real problems.

      • Patrick,
        That is why some 70,000 French expats live in Belgium, not the poorest French I suppose, to avoid the French taxes… But please don’t say that further, we still have our former vice-president of the IPCC here, J.P. van Yperzele which -lucky for us- didn’t succeed in getting the new IPCC boss. So don’t divert all those US climate expats to us, one Van Ypersele is already more than enough…

    • Is Paris burning (yet)?
      Just keep doing what your bankster friends and nana tell you to do.
      Moron Macron

    • Who cares if they are mad?
      They could not possibly be madder than those of us who know what is really going on.

  1. Do I feel vindictive enough to wish more climate scientists on anyone, even some country as annoying as the French? It is ten after midnight local time, so I currently think maybe only the North Koreans or Iranians deserve them, but my mind will probably change by morning.

    • Hey- they voted for the Mcron. The US voted for Trump. It’s clear where the new centre of the action is.
      They’ve got the bomb too you know?

    • I have an even BETTER idea. The next COP meeting? On Mars. We have a crash program to develop habitats and transport, a biological program to get some sort of algea and other plant life to grow around the Martian poles to melt them and start producing O2, then we ship them off to the last COP meeting on a one way colonization trip. We send some wind turbines and solar panels for their power (no nuclear). The solar panels won’t work as well as they do on Earth, but they’ll be getting more efficient real soon, so no problem.
      From their toasty-warm perch on Mars, with it’s high CO2 content, they can continue to lecture us about how CO2 traps heat. They can bray on about lapse rates based on CO2 rather than atmospheric pressure. They can continue to pontificate about sustainability. And from Mars, they’ll have lots of street-cred behind their pronouncements, boy, howdy! I only hope they don’t overheat, since Mars’ atmosphere is so high in CO2 content. Of course, they’ll consume potatoes grown in their own excrement, like Matt Damon did in the movie. In fact, we’ll send Matt Damon with them to be an expert assistant. Katherine Hayhoe and Naomi Oreskes and Hillary Clinton will stand for election as first Queen of Mars. It will be a Matriarchal society. We need one of those to make a comparison against the Earth’s Patriarchal base line. And everyone going will be given a billion dollars in cash, so they will all be rich, and have no excuses, no complaining about not being funded properly.

    • I think it would be absolutely perfect if Macron would build a nice new housing development for them right next to one of France’s numerous nuclear power plants.

      • While they are at it, perhaps they should build a new UN headquarters next door. Then they can all have their self appreciation parties without having to use all that nasty fossil fueled transportation.

    • Tom
      This is quilt-free – the French have invited the climate science dudes in.
      Kinda like a tree making friends with termites.

      • JC, it is more like being asked to help someone do something stupidly dangerous to themselves. I was once asked by a couple of teenage boys how to siphon gasoline by mouth, when they were less than a block from a gas station. I told them it was stupid, and they should just push the their pickup to the gas station.

  2. But they won’t be able to take their juicy research grants with them . . . Ahhhhh

    • They’ll be under the wing of the EU Mothership and there’s plenty of money for useful people in white coats there – if they follow the PC rules.

      • Rocky, Piltdown Man was an elaborate anthropological scientific hoax/fraud perpetrated by the predecessors of todays climate charlatans, hence the analogy.

  3. “The message was recorded in February but surged in views yesterday following the former investment banker’s election.”
    Sounds logical – a former investment banker with a grade in philosophy sure finds applications for climate changers / savers.

  4. “Please come to France, you are welcome. It’s your nation; we like innovation. We want innovative people. We want people working on climate change, energy, renewables, and new technologies.”.
    I’m afraid there’s not much of that, but if you want hundreds of climate scientists publishing papers on how your wine industry will be gutted, or how much it will cost to install airconditioners in Paris, or what year the Seine will dry up, or when the Alps will be free from snow by climate change…….you’ll be all set.

    • There are innovative climate researchers.
      From turning off the air conditioning during public meetings, to make believe “hockystick” crap, to “hide the decline” …. All very innovative.

    • Don’t forget the cows! France has 400+ official cheeses. Without cows, there will be no cheese to go with the wine. But cows not only belch because they are ruminants, they also produce a high enough quantity per cow of personal methane to power a dairy farmer’s delivery truck, and they will be judged as contributing heavily to global warmening or something. This, despite their contribution in le beurre et le fromage, tout les deux bien necessaire pour une vie remplite.
      Sorry, I get carried away. Macron, il est si grand, si important, si plein de merde!

  5. They need more Environmental Economists and Natural Resource Sociologists.
    I’m not making those up. Those were two of the professions noted in the NYT who’s appointment as EPA science advisors were not renewed. You know that scientist purge by the evil science denying administration.

    • They need more Environmental Economists and Natural Resource Sociologists.

      Oh “WOW”, ……. a big “WOW”.
      Certified Degrees in …….. Environmental Economics and Natural Resource Sociology.
      Just goes to show you that most all of those profit orientated “Not For profit” taxpayer funder institutions of higher learning (colleges/universities)…… will sell you pretty much any type of Degree that your liberal “troughfeeding” heart desires.

      • I’ve searched high and low but I can’t find anyone offering a degree in Climate Skepticism…

      • Beliaik,
        You should go to one of those institutions and tell the Registrar that you want to study for a degree in Climate Skepticism ……. and I guarantee you that they will post haste create such a course-of-study and will surely charge you triple the tuition rates because anything associated with the skepticism of CAGW climate change is directly contrary to what those institutions have been mandating for the past 20+ years.

    • What? And drive the entire country of France into perpetual winter? I’m not sure the French are that brave.

    • France couldn’t afford the increase in electricity demand should Gore buy a villa in France.

  6. Macron has no MPs.

    His movement, En Marche!, has never fielded a single candidate in any election, local or national. link

    He will have trouble delivering.

    • That’s just how french politics work. Candidates for the presidency traditionally set up their own political party to handle their campaign funding, amongst other things.

      • Archer.
        Campaign funding ? France ! I ask you Sir, how can an Investment Banker, find the “clean” money needed to finance such a costly campaign and never a word in the media France !

      • Ziiex,
        Is that something like “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!t”?
        Unlike in America, there really wasn’t enough “alternative media” to cover the release of the hacked email scandal during the French elections. Macron’s dirty connections were laid out in email, and the French press just yawned in unison.

      • …how can an Investment Banker, find the “clean” money needed to finance such a costly campaign and never a word in the media France !
        No doubt all the money will be freshly laundered and clean.

  7. The French will gain with climate forecasts guiding them to good vintage years.
    Wonder why China, India and Russia have shown no interest in these scientologists.
    Perhaps Macron needs enough voices to maintain the rage; France’s 90% nuclear power needs help to maintain a competitive advantage on energy costs.
    At the same time Pr Trump seems wobbly at the knees on a pullout from the Paris agreement.

    • Look on the bright side – 5 years of jet setting US climate experts trying to speak French so they can tell everyone they are going to die will probably lead to political change.

    • Thankyou, Steve. France is fine as it is. Infesting it with climate psyentists will reduce its attractiveness severely.
      More to the point, what will do to my taxes?
      If you want to get rid of them, Eric, why not a research station on Greenland?? They might actually learn to tell climate from weather!

      • I doubt Greenland would interest most of them. They think their computer models are as good as observations.
        Just look at the pitiful state of US surface temperature stations. A lot of US surface stations are sited very poorly, because stations which were originally rural or semi rural are are now surrounded by urban developments.
        The climate science response? Did they physically survey stations to work out which stations were reliable? Or did they blindly apply dodgy data homogenisation algorithms from the comfort of their office to try to guess which stations were affected by siting problems?

      • Since they reject reality in favor of computer models, I suspect they believe their computer models are way better than observations.

      • computer models are way better than observations
        indeed, they validate adjustments to observations against the models, then feed these adjusted values back into the models, proving the models to be correct, because they are correctly predicting
        the adjusted values.

      • the entire field of climate science computer modelling has ignored nearly a century of experience showing how the lack of double blind controls contaminates all results with human bias.
        computer models do not forecast climate. they forecast what the researchers believe will happen to climate. if the models showed them something they did not expect, the models would be changed until they agreed with belief.
        that is why double blind controls are required on all forecasting models. to prevent the developers from corrupting the results with what they believe the model results should be. to date climate science has ignored this and ass a result the models cannot be relied upon.

      • The point of fact your President is asking for them. By extension so should you, to support your president.

  8. “The message, which he reiterated after his historic win, centres on his commitment to preserve the budget to fight climate change.”
    And from the begin it was a win / win situation for Le Pen –
    Either she wins the polls or Macron has to do her politics in accordance with “there’s no alternative” Merkel.
    By the way – the climate changers sure prefer France to Christmas Islands.

    • Global Food Innovation Summit
      That’s where the former president lectured the world to follow efforts in restricting atmospheric Carbon Dioxide.
      Carbon Dioxide is the Base of the Food Chain for all Carbon Based life forms. Carbon Dioxide is freely distributed globally.

    • During the 2008 campaign, Obama spent a lot of time castigating people for earning too much money.
      I guess he meant other people, not himself.

  9. “The message, which he reiterated after his historic win, centres on his commitment to preserve the budget to fight climate change.”
    In the TV discussions before the election day Le Pen didn’t perform that good; she had to look up her briefs for some financtechnical special pronouncements.
    She didn’t get he was talking about ‘Bonds’, that kind of virtual money that investment magicians move between stock markets cause that’s their deal.

  10. “We want innovative people …”.
    Climate change™ practitioners can be innovative as in inventing new techniques of data manipulation.

  11. Macron is a delusional, dyed-in-the-wool left winger who is not only an EU fanatic but he is pretty much their placeman in Paris. In truth he puts the EU far higher in his affections and loyalties than France. He’s not “independent” at all and offers nothing new, just “more Europe”.
    In case any American readers have missed it, it’s not only climate scientists that he thinks will beat a path to Paris. Countless thousands of French executives and their families have flocked to England, and especially London, over the last decade or two, for all the usual EU disaster reasons made worse by even more socialist policies in Paris. Not only does Macron think they are all now going to go back to France post-Brexit but he had the incredibly arrogance and utter rudeness to invite them all back when talking to reporters in Downing Street immediately after a meeting granted to him by Mrs May well before he was elected. How offensive to your host can you get?
    Macron is now promising Britain an extremely hard and expensive time over Brexit. He is in for a shock when Mrs May doesn’t roll over and die like Cameron did.

    • She might not be the Iron Lady, but she isn’t going to take crap from anyone either.

  12. “Thanks to Brexit, the days of English speaking countries subsidising the French are over.”
    Right, Eric, always memorizing ‘brittuni’ is celthic clan with roots in Gallia.

  13. And the Montanunion, the core idea of ​​today’s EU, was launched by Churchill to finally bring peace to the continent.
    Although Churchill never wanted to participate in ‘the continent’, it was clear to everyone that sooner or later the EU would leave the EU.

    • Let’s do the following deal: British taxpayers can employ Jeremy Corbyn, Nigel Farage, Prince Charles, House of Lords, MetOffice and the BBC locally. France the US climate scientists. The EU continental net tax contributors, like me, move to US. Everyone is happy.

  14. Anyone familiar with Douglas Adams and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy will recognise that Macron is inviting the ‘Third Ship’.

  15. And the Montanunion, the core idea of ​​today’s EU, was launched by Churchill to finally bring peace to the continent.
    SINCE of course Churchill never wanted to participate in ‘the continent’, it was clear to everyone that sooner or later Great Britain would leave the EU.
    / fixed for anglosaxons /

  16. “The message, which he reiterated after his historic win, centres on his commitment to preserve the budget to fight climate change.”
    The message, which he
    – reiterated
    after his
    – historic win,
    – centres on his
    – commitment to
    – preserve the budget to fight
    – climate change
    – hyphened specifics of latin origin anglosaxons should avoid since –

  17. Is there enough work in France for 97% of the climate scientists?
    If they all move to France, perhaps the sceptics (skeptics? – damn you US English speakers) will have the opportunity to move into positions whereby they can swing the conversation back to more realistic interpretations of climate

    • I know! We remove all the extraneous u’s and always read that “sce” as a longer “s” sound.
      (actually the -our/-or thing is a pronunciation difference. Americans actually pronounce color as rhyming with “or”, British speakers tend to be about half way between or and our. It is a subtle difference in pronunciation, but it is real. Don’t even get me started on the pronunciation of “sch-” as in schedule or school! Two peoples separated by a common tongue and all that)

      • You can thank the Germans for “school” which ironically they pronounce as “shool” (shul).

  18. Well Macron certainly won’t be inviting Scottish scientists over to France. By the time the insanely green, AGW loving SNP are finished with the country, they’ll be back to drawing on cave walls.
    “Standards of reading and writing in Scotland’s schools have fallen to “shameful” levels under the SNP, according to critics reacting to the publication of a damning official survey of literacy.”

  19. Macron has promised also to defend the Paris agreement and made a point of mentioning that and climate change as one of 3 points he raised in his conversation with President Trump…
    climate change is a real issue for France Germany and even the UK, as well as India and China. US loses respect by its attitude.

    • Let’s be practical Griff – France is willing to pay, USA not so much. So it makes sense for the climate scientists to accept Macron’s offer, so they can continue their great work, unimpeded by worries about where their next million dollar grant is coming from.

      • Eric
        If France is willing to pay, they can take our (USA) place. We paid their defense bill for the last 65 years, they can pay for climate change. Fair’s fair.

    • ” climate change is a real issue for France Germany and even the UK, as well as India and China. US loses respect by its attitude.”
      I’m with you Griff even if you aren’t able to spell
      “climate change is a real issue for France,
      and even the UK, as well as India and China.
      loses respect by its attitude.
      Griff, you really are Brexit – not US.exit ?
      Great – for all US denying number 10 downing street fly over’s.

    • Griff,
      climate change is an imagined issue for France, Germany and the UK.
      The ONLY observable effect of increased atmospheric CO2, has been to green the planet by 14% (9% net) over the last 30 years, according to NASA’s own research into its own satellite data.
      Over the last 40 years there have been no successful, credible studies empirically demonstrating atmospheric CO2 is causing global temperature rise, nor doing any harm whatsoever. There should be hundreds, if not thousands, but there are none.
      Any negative effects associated with CO2 are exaggerated laboratory creations.

      • Then why do they continue towards their CO2 reduction and renewable roll out targets?
        and why do their universities, national science institutions and govts accept the science and research climate?
        for they do…

      • I don’t know, Grift. Money? Combined with a lot of elitist, lemminglike pig-headedness?

      • “Then why do they continue towards their CO2 reduction and renewable roll out targets?”
        Because taxpayers are footing the bill for projects that alleviate unemployment. I believe it takes 74 renewable workers to produce the same energy as one coal worker.
        It also disguises past failed attempts to alleviate poverty in developing countries by diverting funds to them under the guise of climate change.
        It conforms to the socialist idyll of spreading the wealth by tax instead of allowing developing countries to develop themselves. Socialists simply cannot resist the temptation to view anyone with less than them as poor lost souls who deserve their condescending charity. They would rather hand great wads of cash over to corrupt governments in the hope that some will trickle down to the needy. This according to my late father in law, a former UN forester who had the misfortune to deal with both Fidel and Raul Castro.
        Universities and national science institutions have a vested interest because it’s the gravy train that just keeps giving. Have you never wondered why there are so many studies, I’m sure even you would consider barmy, that have climate change mentioned somewhere in them, simply to get funding. Grants have within them an overhead, rarely mentioned, for the Universities themselves. More grant’s more money, more nice campuses, more field trips to exotic locations to study increasingly obscure and, hitherto, impossible to justify phenomenons.
        Meanwhile, there was an article on this blog the other day where the author asked a lecture room of microbiologists if climate change was the dominant threat to mankind. Not one of them agreed it was.
        The support for the global warming cause is certainly not amongst educated individuals, it is amongst institutions who have embedded motives to promote it. And as Judith Curry, and numerous other notable scientists point out, woe betide any member of a scientific institution who vocalises dissent, because their jobs depend on compliance.
        Surely this is obvious even to you Griff. The only credible study conducted on the overall, observable effect increased CO2 has had on the planet over the last 30 years was by NASA. Their satellite data revealed the planet has greened by 14%, entirely beneficial to mankind. Meanwhile, there are no credible, empirical studies which demonstrate CO2 causes global temperatures to rise.
        There should be hundreds, if not thousands over the last 40 years to justify the obscene amounts of money being wasted on the subject, but there are none. Or perhaps there are, but they have been buried because the conclusions didn’t suit the objective of proving man is responsible for the planet warming. There are innumerable abandoned or inconclusive studies undertaken every year that never see the light of day because their conclusions didn’t meet their hypothetical objectives. But the grants are still paid to the institution conducting them.
        The UN is heavily invested in this because one of it’s main objectives since WW2 is to help developing countries out of poverty, and almost universally it has failed miserably relative to the amount of money it has wasted. It’s in their interests to support the climate change hysteria to divert from those failures, and as a bureaucratic organisation, it is naturally inclined to both support and grow their organisation. To do that, they must have yet another reason to scare the pants off governments to provide yet more funds to continue yet another wild goose chase. They dare not be exposed as a failure, so the more elusive the objective, the better for them.

    • “US loses respect by its attitude.”
      That’s better than losing money.
      And why should we desire respect from a bunch of delusional people?

    • Griff actually thinks we care whether European socialists “respect” us?
      The only time a socialist respects you, is when they are spending your money.
      PS: Who care what delusional people consider to be “real issues”?

      • I expect socialist have as much respect for their enablers as a con artist has for his victims.

      • If the world’s nations disrespect your nation, it says something about the conduct of that nation.
        The US is very, very much alone on climate change.

      • In Griff’s world, morality is determined by popular vote. With only those who agree with him allowed to vote.

      • Griff
        Gee, if what you said was even 10% accurate, people wouldn’t want to immigrate to the USA.

  20. Macron’s risk.
    Sure, they’ll deliver the finest sky-ence money will buy.
    Just don’t expect accuracy.

    • Right you are Alfred, two consecutive days of strong frost at the end of April have killed about half of this years wine production from the famous Bordoux region of France. Looks like just inviting Al Gore Wannabes is enough to induce the “Gore Effect”.

  21. We, in France, do not want your rejects. We have enough of our own, thank you.
    On ne veux pas vos merdes. On a déjà assez, merci bien.

      • Talking to Kindergarten.
        “Stephen Richards on May 10, 2017 at 12:15 pm
        Stephen Richards on May 10, 2017 at 12:15 pm
        Bad address to tell Macron ”
        please understand
        Bad address !
        go tell Macron !

    • We won’t send you our rejects. These are our finest scientists. Just ask them and their peers. Even a Nobel prize “winner” tossed in for good measure. Get ready, as the new budget will probably not support their continued employment as climate scientists. A list of candidates will be provided at your request. /sarc

    • ” Stephen Richards on May 10, 2017 at 1:13 am
      We, in France, do not want your rejects. We have enough of our own, thank you.
      On ne veux pas vos merdes. On a déjà assez, merci bien.”
      –> wuwt is the wrong adress. Go tell it to the mountains!
      Steven said “On ne veux pas vos merdes. On a déjà assez, merci bien.”
      My answer: wuwt is the wrong adress. Go tell it to the mountains!
      “We do not want your shit. We already have enough, thank you very much. “

  22. Let us see if Macron is really EU fanatic. There are hundreds of migrants waiting on Italy to go in France.
    Now the “borders” (that doesn’t exist for the EU supporters) are closed, I hope that Macron will be so EU fanatic to open it!

  23. Macron is merely a willing player to the ultimately destructive to France reincarnation of the German First World War aim of creating a Mitteleuropa, conceived before the war, and detailed in Fritz Fischer’s “Germany’s Aims in the the First World War”, see chapter 8.
    Delbruck, Secretary of State in the Reich Interior Office, summarized it thus : “…in future the free play of forces is to reign in most respects throughout the great area, from the Pyrenees to Memel, from the Black Sea to the North Sea, from the Mediterranean to the Baltic… “.
    While Germany thought it going to achieve quick victory this concept of a Mitteleuropa grew into a system binding the conquered nations into an economically dependent, currency regulated, protected trade, entity under the tutelage and economic dominance of Imperial Germany.
    The bad news for our American readers was that the United States was identified specifically as one of the powers in the world with which the Reich was in a social Darwinist struggle on the world stage.
    While history never repeats itself exactly you can see a clear line to where we are today and what started as a European co-operative zone has gradually transformed into an EU/MITTELEUROPA increasingly dominated by Germany and those riding its coat tails in the mistaken belief it will end well. Meanwhile Germany flouts all the economic regulations which are meant to restrain the dominance of any one country while destroying the prosperity and independence of any junior partner daring to protest. It has smashed Greece, its policies are creating tradgedy in Italy and Greece and the Balkans, and I wonder what is in store for the U.K.

    • Very nicely illustrated MCoEA.
      We can only guess what’s in store for the UK however, there are some realities the EU must face up to.
      Whilst Germany represents (roughly speaking) 30% of GDP of the EU, France is around 20% and the UK 20%. The remaining 30% is distributed amongst the remaining 25 EU countries. Say Italy represents 5%, that’s well below 1% of GDP for each remaining country, many of whom receive considerable funds from EU coffers.
      In my experience, any business (and the EU is, after all just a big business) taking a 20% hit to it’s turnover overnight, is in deep trouble.
      Moreover, the City of London owns financial services within the EU, and that is a truly global operation, not EU centric as many would have us believe. Despite all the ‘plans’ and threats of a mass exodus from the UK to the continent by banking, where will they get the skills from? No other city in Europe represents more than a microcosm of the City and uprooting enough people from the UK to mount a challenge to the City in Europe just isn’t a credible option.
      I can’t recall a time since the UK entered the Common Market when the EU was playing overt political games, issuing veiled threats and attempting to undermine our democratic system, on such a scale as it has since the Brexit referendum.
      Brussels is running scared, and if they’re not, they are blind, and should be.

  24. There’s some truly innovative folks here in the UK they can have – innovators in inventing new taxes, creative ways & excuses for ramping up existing taxes, that sort of thing.
    Also innovative ways of spying and snooping on people, their phone calls, emails, texts, website viewings, what TV they watch and not least where they are all the time in their cars and how fast they’re going.
    From experience, major innovation is needed in how they can add the word ‘penalty’ to every page of every document they send to England’s farmers. S
    eems to me that that one is pretty saturated but hey ho, innovation and technology is our future. Even skeptics say that…..

  25. London is reckoned to be France’s sixth largest city with estimates varying between 90,000 and 400,000 French expats living in England’s capital.

    • French population is well distributed in small to medium size town on terrain 2.5 times the size of the UK. Large cities are few (large by UK standards) Sixth largest is not difficult to achieve. All but one of the french people I know are polite and friendly. Just dont go to FN areas if you dont speak french.

  26. France is the new north korea, they are blocking websites and content like there is no tomorrow. France has the most repressive laws in the western world. From speech to thought to literally anything the government doesn’t like, they can just shut it down.
    France is more becoming Vichy France again, who’d have “thunk” it

  27. Heh – if any US climate scientists *do* move to France, make sure they sign away their US citizenship as they walk on the plane…we don’t want them back.

    • Many American have given up the citizenship in france because the US government insists they pay to US and the French to France. Hence two great chunks of tax.

  28. Eric (+ Anthony), Thanks for maintaining a regular stream of good posts – I visit WUWT as often as I can and have learnt many things that I had no clue about, despite 4 years of undergraduate thermodynamics, heat transfer, air/water systems, solar radiation, applied maths and statistics. However, IMHO this post and the comments really do nothing for WUWT. From what I have seen here there are lots of quality climate scientists in the US and the rest of the world – are these the scientists you notionally want to export to France or do you want the rent seekers only to go? I just can’t see the real point of the post.

    • We want only the worse than worthless “climate scientists” like Karl, Hansen, Schmidt, Trenberth, Mann, Overpeck, et al to leave the US. The few good ones, ie real climatologists, rather than GIGO computer gamers, are welcome to remain here. Schmidt and Trenberth aren’t even Americans.

  29. You have to wonder just exactly what Macron thinks Trump can do to these alamists. Obviously, not only is Macron ignorant about climate science, he knows from nothing about the lives of scientists.

    • “You have to wonder just exactly what Macron thinks Trump can do to these alamists.”
      Macron isn’t worrying about what Trump is going to do, he is just waving his virtue flag. Can’t you see how reasonable he is being as compared to Trump when it comes to CAGW? That’s his aim.

    • Climate change global warming has become deeply embedded in the french psyche. We are taxed massively through green lies. 20% on all energy VAT (TVA) then taxed again for “pollution”. Cars are taxed for 10 years by a CO2 showroom tax. I discuss AGW with fonctionnaires and that’s a nightmare but most french in my circle believe deeply in man made global warming.
      Nothing will change until the EU dies and I’m afraid that may never happen. Too much money around. Soros may decide to fund some nutty students in paris to kick off the ’68 riots again but that will end in just a lot more bloodshed and an EU army on French soil. We shot ourselves in the foot at this election.

  30. “Thanks to Brexit, the days of English speaking countries subsidising the French are over.”
    Actually, the entire EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) was designed, by France, for the purpose of subsidising France.
    After WW I, the French insisted on massive war reparations from Germany which resulted in hyperinflation in Germany, followed by destruction of its middle class, and led indirectly to the rise of Hitler and WW II. After WW II the French had learned their lesson and did not insist of massive financial reparations. Instead they designed the CAP in which countries with efficient agricultural systems subsidised those with inefficient systems – and France took good care to ensure that their agriculture largely consisted of small, relatively inefficient farms. So instead of war reparations, France ended up with Germany paying them massive amounts, year after year after year, but under the CAP. Clever, huh?
    Then Britain joined the EU in 1971 (it was called the European Common Market then) with its efficient agricultural system and found it too would have to subsidise France. This occasioned some friction, because as the ungrateful Brits were quick to point out, they were on France’s side in the war and had no need to pay war reparations to anyone, let alone France.
    Alas, poor France. When Britain leaves they are going to have to struggle on without Britain’s ongoing CAP subsidy to them.

  31. Most of France’s power is from nuclear, so they really have nothing much to do with respect to carbon reduction, except make loud noises about doing it.

    • But the bill for keeping their aging nuclear running is proving high… EDF needs propping up by the govt if it is to complete renovation needed (and it can’t get its new design of reactor up and running).
      France increasingly imports power from Germany.
      Still, the target is now 23% renewables by 2020, Macron is promising to support and roll out more renewables and has advanced the date for French coal plant shut down to 2023.
      Only this week 3 new schemes for supporting renewables have been agreed…

      • Griff,
        France has failed to modernize its nuclear plants, so is now paying the price. Hollande is to blame. Phasing out nuclear power is idiotic. No surprise from a brain-dead Socialist.
        Still, French consumers enjoy the lowest power prices in Europe and often export energy. That will change unless and until French voters wake up and start building modern plants, such as the South Korean designs.

      • So how many nuclear plants has the US brought online in the last 20 years?
        How many is it planning?
        How many is it closing?
        How is Westinghouse’s nuclear division going?
        Nuclear is a too expensive option and outside a few massive state programmes, going nowhere

      • And exports to Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Belgium Luxembourg. France is shutting nuclear. 50% by 2025. Soon the whole of Europe will blackout except for Germany who are just building more and more lignite stations and pumping their smoke across Europe. The rest of Europe believe banning diesels is the solution to German power smoke and the UK thinks that diesel is the solution to their energy gap.
        All in all there are an awful lot of escapees from lunatic asylums in powerful positions.

      • I dont believe our prices are now the lowest. The government has continually raised taxes and prices. I need to check.

      • I wonder how long Germany will maintain Griff’s vaunted grid stability, once France no longer has excess power to sell.

      • Stephen, Germany completed all the coal power plants in its programme. No more will be built: there’s a modest list of small plants to close in next few years.
        Half of Germany’s last 8 nuclear plants have been off at same time early this year -no ill effects

      • Griff,
        Germany still has 100% fossil plant power, even if they shut down the remaining nuclear plants. They already have 100% wind and solar power installed if these deliver 100% capacity (50/40 GW wind/solar), but the reality is between 10% and 90%, average less than 20% (2016: wind 13.1%, solar 5.9%). That is a huge problem for them. Several weeks in January this year they have had 10% of nameplate capacity of wind because of a persistent high pressure system above most of Europe. Solar anyway has maximum 10% of nameplate capacity in winter due to the low solar angle with peak demand after sunset…
        Thus you need either a full backup by “conventional” power plants or a gigantic storage of energy readily convertible into grid power. European wide that means about 800 times the current pumped hydro storage or some 600 Tesla batteries per household…
        Indeed currently France is importing power from Germany and other countries, because many nuclear plants are shut down for inspection, as several in Belgium were last year. Once that is over, they will export again.
        Current CO2-equivalent emissions per kWh:
        Germany: 401 g
        France: 65 g (even with 1 out of 3 nuclear reactors shut down)
        If you don’t want CO2 emissions, then nuclear is the way to go…
        See: https://www.electricitymap.org/?wind=false&solar=false&page=country&countryCode=FR
        and click on any country or province.
        Recently the US and a few Canadian provinces were added…

  32. Does anyone besides me wonder if Macron can really cough up a half trillion for a silly windmill experiment in the Arctic?
    Personally, I don’t think they’d last long. The best food can be found where les caminoniers park for le dejeuner. And I don’t think the French fermiers would welcome their nonsense, but that’s just me.

  33. Not only do the French have plenty of nuclear generation they export much of their CO2 as bubbles in champagne and Evian.

  34. Monsieur Macron – Please take the pervert Bill Nye. His latest show on Netflix makes me fear for our children. Maybe he can stop the nightly car burning in France that is adding to CO2 levels and “Changement climatique”.

  35. The message is clear: France like people how can form a new climate in a innovative way.
    You have proven to be very innovative so far-is the message!

    • All European politicians like to think they are leading the world. Doesn’t matter to where they are leading just as long as they are leading. Have you noticed that? Macron believes he will become very popular in the EU if he can snag some US climate cheats in the same way that short arse hollande though he would snag some UK financiers.

  36. Don’t worry about the cost. Brussels will just add it in to the other budget incinerates when sending the tab to EU members. They won’t mind. sarc

  37. Actually, the French are more worried about polluting their language and culture than climate change.

    • I found that true in Paris, but most everyone else was very tolerant of my butchering of their language.

      • Butchering their language by a tourist on a short term visit is not what concerns them right now.

      • yeah. Being butchered by the long staying, overseas welfare clients should have been a bigger worry.

    • Chirac ordered all TV stations to remove English from their titles. Didn’t work.

  38. Yes, and don’t let the door hit you. Regarding transport, though, rather than using “carbon-intensive” airplanes, what about a giant, planet-friendly trebuchet?

  39. Monsieur Macron, be careful what you wish for. If the so-called climate scientists take up your offer, they will demand a house larger than 97% of the population and an income greater than 97% of the French population. In exchange, they will only give you words that are filled with hypocrisy. That is a bad deal for you. The only ones who win in these climate scientists world are themselves and their bootlickers.

  40. Hey could we add a couple of Canadian politicians to assist with CC information dissemination? Rachel Notley (Premier of Alberta) and glamour boy, Little Potato, Justin Trudeau (cardboard cutout Prime Minister). He speaks French, she speaks nonsense.

    • But like Obama, Macron intends to use over reach to go around the union bosses for major labor market reforms. All chaos will ensue at that point so good luck even getting in the place or down the street.

  41. Just take Penn State faculty, frats, and athletics and everything will be better.

  42. Just to be clear, I wouldn’t want all Climate Scientists to move to France,
    only the CAGW supporting ones.

  43. Shipping a mass of US cult of CAGW ‘scientists’ to France will not change what is coming next.
    The EU is going to break up as countries start to go bankrupt. You know who your real friends are when you are broke and need money.
    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing (Idiotic socialistic countries spending more money than is taken in in taxes year by year by year and ignoring structural issues which cause massive local job losses) and expecting a different outcome (see Greece for the winner in the race to financial hell).
    There will be no money to spend on green scams that do not work at a time when the planet is unexplainably cooling.
    Ironically France will be one of the countries which will be most affected by the Heinrich event (abrupt cooling).
    The most amount of cooling occurs in the latitude band of 40 to 60 degrees which not coincidentally is the region of the planet (global warming is not global) that warmed the most in the last 150 years.

    France’s Bordeaux wine industry predicts a €2 billion loss this year due to massive frost damage
    Frost damage varied widely depending on the precise area, with some owners expected to lose only 15 to 30 percent of their grape harvest, but others at risk of seeing their entire production wiped out.
    Growers have resorted to using candles, heaters and even the down-draught from helicopters to try to save crops.
    France’s total wine output fell 10 percent last year due to adverse weather conditions. Champagne was the worst hit, with the harvest down more than 20 percent on the previous year due to spring frosts followed by other problems such as mildew.


    English vineyards report ‘catastrophic’ damage after severe April frost
    English winemakers are reporting “catastrophic” crop damage after the worst frost in a generation wiped out at least half of this year’s grape harvest.
    Chris White, the chief executive of Denbies Wine Estate in Surrey, said up to 75% of its crop was damaged by last week’s sub-zero temperatures: “The temperature dropped to -6C and at that level it causes catastrophic damage to buds,” he said.
    Some of France’s most famous winemaking regions, including Champagne, Bordeaux and Burgundy, were also affected by last week’s severe frosts. The bad weather is expected to mean another poor year for French producers after last year’s cocktail of hail, frost and mildew resulted in one of the smallest harvests in 30 years.

    Enric Pallé (William: Enric is a French Guy) et al. paper.
    i.e. There are French guys that have already solved the AGW non problem. There is no CAGW problem and there is no appreciable AGW. Changes in cloud properties and cloud amounts due to solar cycle changes caused the majority of the warming in the last 150 years.

    The Earthshine Project: update on photometric and spectroscopic measurements
    “Our simulations suggest a surface average forcing at the top of the atmosphere, coming only from changes in the albedo from 1994/1995 to 1999/2001, of 2.7 +/-1.4 W/m2 (Palle et al., 2003), while observations (William: Earthshine Project Observations of high latitude 40 to 60 degree change in cloud cover of 7.5 watts/m^2) give 7.5 +/-2.4 W/m2. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, 1995) argues for a comparably sized 2.4 W/m2 increase in forcing, which is attributed to greenhouse gas forcing since 1850.
    “As evidence for a cloud—cosmic ray connection has emerged, interest has risen in the various physical mechanisms whereby ionization by cosmic rays could influence cloud formation. In parallel with the analysis of observational data by Svensmark and Friis-Christensen (1997), Marsh and Svensmark (2000) and Palle´ and Butler (2000), others, including Tinsley (1996), Yu (2002) and Bazilevskaya et al. (2000), have developed the physical understanding of how ionization by cosmic rays may influence the formation of clouds. Two processes that have recently received attention by Tinsley and Yu (2003) are the IMN process and the electroscavenging process. (William: There is a third mechanism.)”

    • William, I wish you would be correct about the EU breakup but I don’t think you are. Everything hinges on the german’s need to maintain a cheap currency and low wage migrants. This has to be balanced against their nightmarish fear of printing money which comes from the 1930’s collapse of the DM. This balance will determine when and if the EU collapses. I don’t think it will in the next nine years but that’s a guess. I have 80.000€ invested in that guess.

      • Well pure(?) Germans may not have been recently printing money, but their central bank sure has been.

      • Javert Chip May 11, 2017 at 8:34 am
        Printing silently. I am not convinced that the german public are well, informed. I think the news media is state controlled as in much of europe

  44. If he wants innovative people that will stop climate change then don’t invite climate scientists. Climate scientists have no motivation to stop climate change, their monetary motivation is to keep pulling in grants to study it, or receive budgets to create climate policy. If they stop climate change what will they do? There will be a lot less money flowing into climate science.
    Just like the American Heart Association has no interest in stopping heart disease. Thats why they focus on “risk factors” to heart disease instead of cures, because studying risk factors will never solve or stop heart disease and their empire built on money donated to study heart disease will live on. They all learned from Polio, that was a huge cash cow until they developed a vaccine for it then there was no chance of building a huge Polio studying foundation because it dropped way down the list of threats to human health.
    The people who lower human carbon emissions, if thats what he is looking for, will be entrepreneurs, because their motivation is to make money developing new energy technologies, most of which produce less carbon.

    • In what passes for your mind, do you honestly believe that doctors have no interest in curing heart disease?
      How exactly do you expect to “cure” heart disease?
      Do expect them to create artificial hearts? They’ve been working on that for 30 years. Google Barney Clarke.
      Do you expect them to figure out how to prevent plaque from building up in arteries? They’ve been working on that for at least 40 years. They have drugs that help, but they all have limitations. The pharma company that comes up with a magic bullet in this area is going to make a fortune?
      I’m guessing you are one of those fools who like Obama, believes that surgeons deliberately cut off healthy limbs so that they can make more money.

  45. Is there anyone out there that can bend the ear of Trump on climate change and the Parisite Accord. He had it so right on the campaign trail but he’s getting bad advice. If he doesnt stick with this, then, on balance, my excitement over his election has been largely misplaced.

    • If you haven’t already, you can sign CFACT’s PETITION.
      He needs to get off the pot, and tear that piece of garbage up. The longer he waits, the more wishy-washy he looks.

  46. Any idea how dangerous this Macron guy really is?
    Besides the fact that he is a Globalist and an Eurphile, he will hand over the France’s Force the Frappe, their nuclear arms to integrate with the EU Army, the wet dream of any Apparatchik.
    Before Macron this subject was not negotiable.
    This will come with implications that the US doenn’t like because this EU Army will be created at the costs of NATO. The Euro Apparatchiks will use their new power to suppress any opposition to their House of Cards.
    This is a dangerous development since ultimate power is the major objective of the Commisars.
    The other party not amused about this development will be the Russians.
    History has learned that big power shifts seldom happen without a quake like response.
    I am confident that there will be a lot opposition from French stake holders as well since the Force de Frappe has become an integral part of the identity of many French who believe that their “Grande Republique” no longer exists if their nuclear deterence capability is taken from them.
    With the French Wine industry in foreign hands and their national car industry writing red figures for decades, this subject could be very well be the final drop that spills the bucket.
    Macron should be aware of the violent herritage his country has dealing with traitors.
    They didn’t invent the Guillotine for nothing and history has this awkward tendency to repear its self and Macron has an ideal neck that fits the block perfectly.

    • I am afraid he is no more traitor to the country than Sarkozy who handed France armed forces to NATO unified command and ignored the 2005 EU referendum results.
      I’d be curious and amused at watching how the French official climate scientists would welcome their US competition in their small shark pool…

    • We only have one guillotine left and that’s in a parisien museum. We will need a lot more before this fiasco ends.

  47. The French were also quick to invite banks to move from London after Brexit. That has not panned out either.

    • The mere fact that anyone in France thought substantial numbers of wild & crazy free market (or worse) London bankers would actually move to Paris demonstrated…shall we say…a loose grasp of reality.

  48. The gullibility of American politicians amazes me. France is a country that used up their coal and then adopted US reactor designs.
    For the record, France is a distant second after the US when it comes to making electricity from fission. The French have failed to get their new design, EPR, licensed in France, Finland, the US, and China so far. The reason is arrogance. In today’s world of rigorous regulatory oversight, ‘trust us’ we are the best does not go very far.
    I found dealing with the US NRC very straight forward. Here are the requirements, show us how you meet them. Yes, it was a lot of work.
    However, when the NRC lost confidence in the management of a nuke plant things became very difficult. Again it was arrogance. While the indicators show the performance was not good, management thought the NRC was ‘picking’ on them unfairly. They brought in a team from good running plants to prove to the NRC they were good. When one plant manager looks across the table at the exit meeting and tells the other that he does not trust their ability to safely operate the nuke plant, it is a wake up call.
    Being shut down on the NRC watch list is bad for business. Excellence and making lot of electricity is good.
    As a matter of disclosure, I worked for AREVA. The year I retired I spent two weeks in France. On vacation we went to American cemetery in Normandy. It was the most inspiring thing in France and also emotionally difficult. Considering we spent our anniversary at Versailles, that is saying a lot about our culture. While I would recommend France as a tourist destination, I would trade Indiana or Iowa for anything in France.

  49. A warning for France!
    If you import Michael Mann, don’t let him near any tree rings!!
    He’ll undo the French Revolution!!!

  50. What if you’re someone investigating what really is going on… not just CO2 And atmospheric content, but other impacts like our land use?

  51. “Will US Climate Scientists All Move to France? Please?”
    Just to be sure, for other reasons, Richard Lindzen already lives in Paris much of the time but he’s just visiting us/me in Pilsen and Prague, the Czech Republic. When he arrived from Pilsen to Prague earlier today, he said it was a great idea to start with Pilsen because there are more tourists in Prague than in Paris which is pretty bad. 😉

  52. Europe and in particular France is the future. Soon France will be more powerful economically than Germany. Meanwhile in America stupid or spineless people will keep on wondering why they can’t even get health care or education, when the Europeans have no such problem. So many Americans are pathetic suckers. In Europe there would be another violent revolution if people lost something as essential as health care. America is going down fast, with The Orange One leading his sheep to the slaughter.

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