French Socialist Presidential Candidate Offers Asylum To US Climate Scientists

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Leading French Presidential Candidate Emmanuel Macron has invited the entire US climate science community to relocate to France.

Climate scientists wary of Trump: Please come to France, says presidental hopeful

By Martin Enserink Feb. 10, 2017 , 8:15 AM

The mediagenic wunderkind of French presidential politics has a message for U.S. scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs working on climate change and worrying about their future under President Donald Trump: Come to France.

In a video posted to his Facebook and Twitter accounts late last night (and hashtagged #ScienceMarch), Emmanuel Macron renewed his commitment to fighting global warming and extended a warm welcome: “We want people working on climate change, energy, renewables, and new technologies. France is your nation.”

He may well get an opportunity to make good on his promise. Polls released this week suggest that Macron, the founder of a new center-left party who is campaigning on environmental protection, has soared past two more traditional candidates and is likely to face Marine Le Pen, the leader of the extreme-right National Front, in the 7 May runoffs. One poll says he’d defeat her with 63% of the votes.

For most scientists, moving to France is easier said than done, says Michael Halpern, deputy director of the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists in Washington, D.C. “It’s not as if you can just pick up a NASA climate satellite and just reassign it to France,” Halpern says. “But politicians the world over now recognize that science is a global endeavor, and seem increasingly eager to ensure that it is not disrupted by political interference. Gag orders and immigration bans do make it more challenging for scientists to do their work.”

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Lets hope US climate scientists take up Macron’s offer.

I’ve got to say there are worse places to live. French food is fantastic, the women are beautiful. In many rural regions, such as the lovely Lespignan, the delicious local wine is served using petrol bowsers attached to 10,000 litre tanks – you either bring your own plastic container, or they supply one. France also has its own space programme, no doubt they could help climate scientists with any additional satellites they require.

Of course, if climate skeptic Presidential candidate Marine Le Penn wins the election, the offer might be withdrawn. So best be quick.


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Brook HURD

Socialist Macron will find that supporting these rent-seekers he’s inviting to France will be far more expensive than even he can imagine.



For most scientists, moving to France is easier said than done, says Michael Halpern, deputy director of the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists in Washington, D.C.

Oh yeah, DC is well known as an international center of scientific excellence but why the “Center for Science and Democracy” ? Sounds like a fundamental conflict of motives, which is it, science or politics?
Maybe the D.C address is a clue.
Well at least they are “concerned”, so they must be good guys.


Well at least they are “concerned”, so they must be good guys.

Yep. When they use a word to describe themselves you know they are the opposite. Every country that describes itself as the Democratic Republic of whatever is a totalitarian dictatorship.
The prize goes to the ‘Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’, rated the least democratic government in the world. link


Their name essentially states what they really believe: science is a democracy, and some people get to vote on what constitutes fact.
Can we vote on who “gets” to move to France? And make sure they have to live in the most hellish part available?


Can the take California with them?

Macron was socialist but has moved to the right and now is independent and considered to be centrist.
The socialist candidate is Benoit Hamon, who is offering 750 euros monthly payment to all adult citizens regardless of employment status or income.
While I was over there escaping English cold weather, they had the Socialist party primaries where anyone could vote by paying 1 euro in each round, with number of well known candidates, including current prime minister. All students and unemployed, low paid, etc. who in the past never bothered to vote rushed to the polling booths, and no surprise almost unknown Benoit Hamon, with no other policies of any kind won the first then the second round, beating current PM by almost 3:2.
Two days later he got blessing from the current French president as the official socialist candidate.

Paul Penrose

And people in the US, who hold European politics in such high regard, then complain about vote buying in US elections! The hypocrisy is so thick you could cut it with a spoon.


Something jars when a former Rothshild investment banker (where he closed a high-profile deal between Nestlé and Pfizer, making him a millionaire), assumes the mantle of a “socialist”. He’s an EU enthusiast, supports the open-door policy toward immigrants pursued by Merkel and asserts France’s ability to absorb more immigrants, despite the very obvious problems this has given rise to in Europe and France in particular. The fact that he was also invited to attend the most recent Bilderberg meeting suggests he’s being parachuted into position to uphold the interests of the élite, like Blair and Clinton before him.

Stephen Richards

Read his manifest. There are no right wing politicians in france. Its hard to find one in the whole of Europe.
The americans will love it here. First they will need french citizenship to avoid double tax (at least two years). French and American tax. Then they will need to learn a little french and get used to no shops being open on Mondays and Sundays except to sell perishables. Then the price and quality of food will need some getting used to. Follow that with the lack of large cars, high fuel prices (we pay as much for litre as US does for a gallon) Then last but not least, salaries are very much lower and tax very much higher with house prices in large towns being double some US.
Come one come all. Like the London financiers. Oh yeah. In their hoards NOT

“Read his manifest.”
My immediate neighbours down in the south one of each: English, German and Russian and myself (we are all climate refuges) have many far less important things to do.


he has never been a socialist – he worked for “rothschild” – and moreover he will never be elected as president –
I wonder why you never talk of ” François Asselineau” and his party “upr;fr”


Stephen, just one comment. Housing is nowhere near double in France what it is in America. Perhaps if you are comparing with New York. However, one of my friends who transferred to Paris is paying twice as much for his two-bedroom flat as I am for an embarrassingly large house in Houston. It’s at least 5 times American housing costs.


do you know who is the wife of this socialist ?

Stephen Richards

benofhouston February 12, 2017 at 10:02 pm
Guess like for like it depends on your nationality as well. When the rest of Europe started buying heavily in france many years ago, the immobiliers had a price for the french buyers and a much higher one for the foreigners. Climate change crooks probably would not be coming with huge sums of money to buy and yes you can buy a very nice house well away from the towns. Arcachon, 500.000€ for an appartement, Bordeaux 250.000€ for an appartement, where I live 100kms from Bordeaux 250.000€ will buy you 1.7hectare 4-5 bedrooms, 150m² single level, with large swimming pool.

Stephen Richards

There are no reply buttons on these other comments. Love Vuks !


I appreciate that some Americans use the term ‘socialist’ to describe anybody who is vaguely left of centre, but “During a visit to the Vendée in August 2016, (Macron) stated, ‘Honesty compels me to say that I am not a socialist.’” (Wikipedia) That statement may or may not have been made for political reasons but he was an investment banker and became a millionaire as a result of a deal he closed between Nestlé and Pfizer. But maybe he’s a champagne socialist, although he was born in Amiens not in Marne.

Stephen Richards

Amiens is UMP and Vendée is socialist. Royal’s region. The nutty fanny of Hollande who spent 4,000000€ on a solar panel road up north.


Leftist Americans will just love France:
France: Anti-Christian Attacks Rise 245 Per Cent

Stephen Richards

Today’s journals think that Macron has plunged in popularity and the EU is starting to interfere in the election to avoid a Le Pen win. Worried people across Europe at the moment


Please Climate scientist/Fraudsters GO to France and don’t come crawling back EVER!!

Louis Hooffstetter

…and don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out!


How long before the new Administration gets into the data and the fraud is exposed. That’s what I want to know? After that, they’ll be departing for France on their own.


Do we have an extradition treaty with France?
Maybe they should consider going to Russia, Cuba, or N. Korea.

No problem, with other people’s money.


The Union of Concerned Scientists is claimed by some to be a left leaning activist organization with an emphasis on combating fossil fuel companies vis a vis global warming. I suggest that do some research and draw your own conclusions.

Tom O

If he truly represents the Rothschilds, as has been implied, money is no object.

Joe Shaw

Sounds like a win-win solution to me! They could be the first true “climate refugees”. They can even take their models and adjusted data with them. We keep the satellites and raw data.


Now is a good time to put the claim that Trump is a great deal maker to the test. If he can convince France they have to take the social justice warriors as part of the deal as well, he will convert me into a supporter.

+1 and I would start a “go fund me” campaign to pay for their tickets! The “fly me France one way” campaign!

Er, guys, if you think you can just fly-tip your toxic waste in Europe – think again.


Re: climate refugees. Was thinking more along the lines of Barrow, Alaska. Plenty of land, room, cool climate. No tax monies required. State could offer them their normal share of Alaska’s oil royalties once they became citizens. Those declining could partake of Barrow’s abundant fish, seal, reindeer, occasional whale, etc.


All cheaters welcome, oui

Stephen Richards

We have plenty already. The list is too long here but you can now add the ‘right’ wing candidate M.Fillon and his wife. Think, Lagarde, Sakozy, Chirac, Mitterand etc


“Climate scientists wary of Trump: Please come to France, says presidental hopeful”
This is conclusive proof that these climate nutters have officially gone off the deep end. What exactly are they wary of? Would it perhaps be that they will be forced to back up their claims in a scientific manner to the nation? Oh the humanity.
Even Griff sounds fairly normal when compared to these wackadoodles.


Maybe Griff is an AWEA/CanWEA/EWEA troll?


Is anybody raising money to help these “climate scientists” relocate to France? If so, count me in.


Yes, it’s called the Ira Einhorn fund for environmentalist murderers and asylum seekers. He claimed CIA agents killed his girlfriend and locked her cut up body in a trunk in his apartment.

Mike McMillan

Air Fresheners to keep the pollution down. A true environmentalist.


yeah, not only did the CIA kill her, but they were so clever they managed to hide her body INSIDE Einhorns apartment for 18 months, and he swears he never noticed!!!
(but the neighbors sure noticed, imagine that)


France? I thought they had all moved to Canada.


They don’t like the climate in Canada–way too cold.
How’s that for abject irony?


Sadly, you’re already paying for these climate scientists, jay. It would be sad to see them double dollar down.

M Courtney

She won’t win.
OK, Le Pen will win the first round but then everyone will unite to stop the FN from gaining power in the second.
Is Antony OK after the enigmatic last post?

Stephen Richards

Which means we are in even bigger dodos. Macron has less experience at anything than Obummer.

Trudeau has everyone beat- hands down.

It’s the young and verrry attractive Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, who is the true rising star of the French right.comment image

M Courtney

She is elegant, beautiful and very pious (from a Roman Catholic perspective).
But she’s still a bit pro-Vichy in her politics.

To paraphrase Louis Renault, “I go with the wind. And the prevailing wind is from Vichy.”
Vivre la prevailing wind!


They would have to learn to lie in two languages.


Since human stupidity is infinite, but the human head is limited, it is to doubt that they can do so. Scientists are not known as linguistics. For the rest, the chances for Le Pen are better than ever. Every candidate, left and center, has stained some affair. The President-in-Office did not even interfere with the party-internal exactions, and whether the voters wanted to participate in the fraternities of the block parties this time is very questionable. It may well be that France can only become a transit country for some of the climatic refugees. Le Pen is even more radical than Trump in this relationship. And dissatisfaction is even greater in France than in the USA.

Steve (Paris)

Le Pen is as phony as the rest of them.


France is literally dying. And not from ‘global warming’. The ‘French’ population is in full collapse. The alien population is taking over rapidly.

And not only France. Most of Europe including Scandinavia and the UK are completely overrun by Muslims who’s birth rate is massively higher than that of the host population, No one says it because they cannot accept that it’s actually happening. The ‘funny’ thing is that other Countries like the US, Canada, New Zealand etc. simply cannot wait to join Europe in the total annihilation of their own cultures. Civilisation is lost and a new dark age will be here within thirty years or so. Who can say if and when that may ever end.



Stephen Richards

Steve (Paris) February 12, 2017 at 10:24 am
Good question, François. Le Pen is genuine in her beliefs but doesn’t publish all of them. I voted for her last election cos we need to shut the EU before they destroy our culture and lifestyle.


If it’s anything like Québec, they certainly will have to learn French, the so-called “common language” in this province. C’est tout à fait “normal” de communiquer dans la langue de Molière. Oh, was that me slipping into French again? Sorry!!

chris moffatt

Common Language? Years ago a friend of mine was in a telco helicopter flying along the North Shore with a guy from Baie Trinite and another from Havre St Pierre – they couldn’t understand each others Joual and had to talk in english.

Steve Case

They would have to learn to lie in two languages.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
First chuckle of the day

Wine from petrol bowsers reminds me of an image from years ago of an Italian tanker ship being filled with bulk wine with a 15 cm diameter hose. When the tank went full the operator unlatched the nozzle and released a geyser of Chianti. Then came the ethylene glycol scandal that I also associate with that image.
A bowser perhaps, but never exposed to petrol.


That was in Ausria, as far as I can remember.


Maybe it’s an urban myth, because I clearly remember it as being France.

France can afford to support AGW because it has invested in nuclear energy so much in the past.


And now it plans to scale back nuclear and install more renewables.
It faces a truly enormous bill to refurbish and keep its reactors safe and running

Gloateus Maximus

Won’t happen if the Socialists lose the election.


All the more reason for climate scientists to move there. They can live with the reality of their ideas, not in a fantasy like here in the USA.

“It faces a truly enormous bill to refurbish and keep its reactors safe and running”
And an even bigger bill to replace them with unreliable renewables which also requires significant spinning reserve to back them up in case a cloud passes by or the wind drops off. Electricity distribution is demand driven, not supply driven, and this simple fact is conveniently ignored by those who want to see more renewables. Of course, they also ignore the science which says in no uncertain terms that the sensitivity claimed by the IPCC is about 4x too large. This is the real inconvenient truth.

Stephen Richards

Gloateus Maximus February 12, 2017 at 7:49 am
Won’t happen if the Socialists lose the election.
Not so sure. Macron has hinted he will continue to close them. Royal of pavement fame wants to close half by 2025. This is mainly because of the cost of keeping them going. We are currently building one new one but trying to close Fessenheim and one other.


Griff, Is there that much unused land in France?


The cost of nuclear is nothing compared to the cost of renewables.


Would academics purchase lab equipment for their own use that only works part time like wind and solar?
Maybe this could be arranged?


France is another place where the low cost leaders in world solar had to walk away because of the protectionist made-in-France rules.


Never mind. I see it is due to electric heating rather than gas – something we were advised to do by the unlamented DECC.


Well over the last few months the UK has been supplying France with power (mainly during peak load). Only 1GW, as the other 1 GW line has been damaged.
This is due to possible steel problems in the pressure domes.
Most nukes now back on line but UK still pulling / pushing 500MW to France – Is UK cheaper than the French nukes? despite the wind input

Leo Smith

nah, France power s most of W europe, and the renewable crap aint delivering and some nukes are still down. UK has coal and some gas to spare
I’ve rejigged gridwatch (France) a bit so it almost makes sense…


Why is French demand twice UK demand according to Gridwatch?


Funny how supporrt for an economic theory correlates with belief in a climate theory. You would almost beleive that politics is taking place.


There’s a clear link between climate scepticism and the US right and with similar right leaning parties worldwide.
I conclude that derives from the funding of those parties.

Gloateus Maximus

As always, you conclude wrongly.
It comes from the lack of scientific basis for the CACA religion.

There’s a clear link between climate alarmism and the US left and with similar left leaning parties worldwide.
I conclude that derives from the funding of those parties.


Or from the superior understanding of the lack of science and the slight of hand involved in trying to market the idea rather than actually using the science. Which of course can not be done since the theory is not proving what is wanted.
You could be right though—Tom Steyer pumped millions or billions into elections to prove that climate change was “real” for the Left. Also many other millionaire and billionaire businessmen and corporations. So the global warming crowd truly does have millions and millions politically invested in this. It has to affect their political voting habits. You make an excellent point there, Griff. Climate science is definately funded by the Left and politically pushed by the Left who apparently need to spend more money in the future trying to win by election what they lose in science.


Thank you for agreeing that this is a political battle. That has been our main point from day one.

It became a strictly political issue when the IPCC was formed. The political left is so vested in the broken science that the scientific truth is politically devastating and is why they have such a hard time accepting it. The longer it takes them to realize the truth, the harder the fall will be.

Skepticism and The Scientific Method,are mostly practiced by the right side.
That is the CRUCIAL difference from your Leftist ideals of Propaganda,and unverified models,driving climate policy.

feed berple

Right leaning politics believes governments almost never get it right because they limit competition and it is the competition of ideas that leads to the truth.


I take back my remark from above where I said that Griff sounds fairly normal compared to these wackadoodles.


It has to do with Left longstanding hatred of all things hydrocarbon.
Except for their iPhone.
And their jet flights.
And their flat-screens.
And their…

Chris Riley

The CAGW movement is nothing but a Trojan horse created by the left to advance the war on individual sovereignty that seeks to destroy liberty and create a distopia based on Mathusian-Marxist-Gramscian quackery.

Paul Penrose

As usual Griff, your conclusions are wrong. There is a correlation, but it is not because of funding. Left leaning people tend to make decisions based on their feelings rather than rational consideration. People on the right tend to be rational thinkers. People on the extreme “left” or “right” are neither left or right, but are unabashed totalitarians.
You can recognize lefties; they start many arguments with “I feel”, whereas righties start out with “I think”. People on the left are more easily swayed by fear, so telling them something will cause a catastrophe is a sure way to help ensure their support. As long as you appeal to their emotions, you can lead them around however you wish. It is all about the messaging, not the facts. They don’t want to be confused about the facts.
But people on the right are more immune to emotional appeals. They know that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, and that such proof requires iron-clad facts to back it up. They will not accept hand waving and appeals to authority. And the more uncertainty there is, the more they will doubt it. They apply this to science, government, finances, engineering, etc. Only areas of love and art are left to the emotional side.
Funding sometimes explains individual biases, however it almost never holds for larger groups. Hillary Clinton outspent President Trump by a 2:1 margin, but she still lost the election. If funding explains everything, how can that be possible?


Any explanation other than cost will do, right Griff.

charles nelson

Oddly enough it was the wholehearted adoption of the Global Warming Hoax by the Left which repelled me and I have gradually abandoned many of my earlier ‘socialist’ views!
When they abolished the MWP and the LIA, I understood that tribal/politics had triumphed over science and history!


Have you ever heard of Maurice Strong, Griff?
Use that app called Google and return and report.

That’s the problem Griff, it’s not a left or right choice.
It’s liberty or control.
I certainly don’t think they’ve proven a case to disrupt the world.
They have no idea what the earth’s peak temperature was 3000 ya.
Temperature data is not accurate enough.
Why should I believe the stories the climate alarmists spread?
Whenever given a choice, government should decide in favor of freedom.
That’s what the constitution is for.

Tom Billings

You mean there’s a clear link between skepticism of academia and the US non-progressives, since progressivism is a product of academia.


The difference is that liberals feel, while conservatives think.

Gary Pearse

Griff. The link between CAGW and the neo-champagne global sinistrals has little to do with science. It is because post normal science is a tool that can be used (indeed was created) solely for political purposes (a chain of such “issues a la Club of Rome are part of the same family as CAGW. The poor lambs that are out protesting free enterprise’s “globalization” are unaware that the ‘elite progressives’ are creating the policies to enlist big business in their end game. Big business is just doing what it always does, looks to enhance profits. They play the CAGW game, too, because it, too, adds goodwill and profit and the real operators are shielded by the masses blaming it all on corporations. With the “progressives” it is disengenuous to even have elections, because the people who vote for them aren’t their constituents. I’ve told friends who are socialists that the traditional party they support no longer exists except in name. At least at one time they believed they were helping the poor, but not anymore. They are helping to make everybody poor and dependent on something extraterritorial. You are clearly too young to get this stuff.

There is as a crude but effective way to check which side of the argument has the most money. Type “Climate change” into Google and count the paid-for ads.

They can join the Radical Muslims that have come from the Middle-East. The Left have a natural affinity with liars and thugs or alternatively more stupid than we give them credit for.

don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Tom in Florida

I didn’t see where he mentioned supplying them with $$$$$$$$ in government grants.


Forget government grants. You’ve got Tom Steyer spending millions, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, etc. Who needs direct government handouts when the richest people in the world are paying to government to support them with wind subsidies, solar handouts, etc? Sure, the grants fund research, but the billionaires support those who hand out the grants. Without the money from these people, global warming would have died out years ago.

Tom in Florida

I don’t care if private citizens waste their money this way. I do care if they waste mine.

I read Tommy bailed out of the climate change scare business.
Not enough support from others.


France would be wise to continue to play the role of carnival barker in the Climate Hustle to her neighbors Germany, Belgium, Italy.
France has the mostly carbon-free electricity the others believe they need under the Paris Climate Agreement. Of course, they all need electricity and programs like Germany’s EnergieWinde (sic?) are massive failures.

Stephen Richards

Wasn’t nuclear deemed not green by the IPCC and greenpiss


The post title tells all you need to know about the true purpose of the entire scam, international Socialism


But politicians the world over now recognize that science is a global endeavor, and seem increasingly eager to ensure that it is not disrupted by political interference Pure BS. Political interference is all they are interested in.

Paul Penrose

Agreed. In fact, any time the government funds science, it is interfering, because the funding always comes with stipulations on what can be studied. And government funding is always politically directed. So the notion that only now, under the Trump administration, there is political interference in “science”, is ridiculous.


They would be the first real climate refugees!


The country that sacked France’s top meteorologist for being a skeptic.


Who is that man?


Philippe Verdier is his name. He dared write a book criticizing the state religion.


Up to speed, nice one Francois.


RIGHT, I remember

Stephen Richards

He wasn’t a top man. Merely a minion working at a TV station. He was their main presenter. As I remember

Let the parasites go.

James Francisco

“the delicious local wine is served using petrol bowsers attached to 10,000 litre tanks – you either bring your own plastic container, or they supply one.”
I wouldn’t have believed this statement unless I hadn’t seen it for myself in Sicily. Sicily is a great place to visit, you just don’t want to live there.

Albert Brand

What will it take for these people to admit that things are cooling. When the oceans start sucking in the co2 due to them being cooler. Remember Argo showed cooling so they homogenized the values with ship readings.(the old bucket system). The co2 levels will go down and they will claim they won the war on climate change but we will freeze our butts off.


Off into the wilderness they go.
Well meant yet lost.

Johann Wundersamer

A bit racist methinks?


Explain please, François. You’re comment looks a bit racist to me.

Lance of BC

Fake news Johann.

Johann Wundersamer



who would want to live in France?…..already swamped with Islamist immigrants

Stephen Richards

Beautiful country, fine food, great people and more control over muslims than the rest of Europe including UK

More control over muslims? You have got to be kidding.


Like Luxembourg. One imagines to have control. In France there are soon more children of Muslim parents than French, at least in the large cities. In Luxembourg (capital) it is the same. There you can find almost only playing children with Arabic sounds. The Islamization of Europe is in full swing and you are talking about control?


my dream to live for a while in France is now dead….so sad…will miss the fine food, great people etc

you can have them but please also take bernie and that crazy voice lady what’s her name pocahontas.

Phil R


you can have them but please also take bernie and that crazy voice lady what’s her name pocahontas.

No, you mean FAUXcahontas. Pocahontas at least was a real indian.


go! and don’t come back till you’ve taught the french to speak english- which is the lingua franca of science.


You mean like pound avoirdupoids and ounces (fluid or otherwise), inches and feet and furlongs and miles and gallons etc. etc.

Gloateus Maximus

And yet NASA went to the moon using the English system. Only when it converted to metric did it start to screw the pooch.

Gloateus says: “NASA went to the moon using the English system.”
This is not true.

“data was stored internally in metric units”


i think i understood your comment. over 200 years ago a french citizen invented the système métrique.


NASA’s trip to the moon? Could NASA have disrupted the moon’s cycles and triggered this whole global warming and high tide thing? Could this be the real reason why other nations refused to stake their claims there? Oh wait! . . . can it be . . . it’s like . . . are we looking through a Jester’s kaleidoscope . . .

John M. Ware

Damn straight! And don’t forget degrees Fahrenheit!


Looks like nobody got the joke.

FJ Shepherd

I think it is a brilliant idea. I would suggest building a community for these climate scientists next to the Jungle in Calais. That would be climate justice, in my opinion.

AGW is not Science

I was going to suggest those Islamic Sharia run “ghettos” around Paris where the French Police won’t even venture…


Since they already spend most of their expense account money in France anyway, this will not be a big step.

Johann Wundersamer

We need the space for all the legit asylum seekers trying to get here.

Paul Penrose

I really feel sorry for the Venezuelan people, but you reap what you sow. They allowed a socialist totalitarian into power, and this is the end result. I wish it were not true, and I wish we could give them democracy, but there is no shortcut to freedom. It must be earned. It is no different for individuals; you appreciate the things most that you worked the hardest for. This is the reality of our world.


I volunteer to help them move. If they will just go away and keep their mouth shut I won’t kick ’em in the ass on the way out.


Maybe France will take the disgusting Elon Mush-rat as well.
Musk-rats only “genius” is his ability to rake in $billions in subsidies.
Now the parasite is sucking up to Trump.
One can only hope Trump tells him to foxtrot oscar.


The language used in that comment reminds me so much of the one in force in the good old South African Republic or Ipre-war Germany. SOME RACIST TWITTER!!!


If Musk-rats ideas made commercial sense they would not need tax-payers subsidy.
They are not and they do.
Musk-rats genius is selling himself.


“The language used in that comment reminds me so much of the one in force in the good old South African Republic or Ipre-war Germany.”
How ’bout the clouds? See any racists looming up there, François? ; )


When you want to know what some people are thinking, just look at what they are always accusing others of thinking.

Paul Penrose

I am not a huge fan of Tesla, however I believe his company would still be successful even without the subsidies (which other car companies also take advantage of). His cars would just be more expensive. Since they already are priced out of reach of the average consumer even with the subsidies, they are only being purchased by the wealthy. They could easily buy them even without the subsidies, and most probably would. Elon is simply taking advantage of the programs in place, just like you take every deduction you legally can when filing your taxes.
Elon’s SpaceX is successful without any subsidies. Yes, he has contracts with the government, but that is not a subsidy. He provides a real service for those dollars, and for much less than his competitors. While SpaceX has had it’s setbacks (as all launch providers have), they seem to back on track now. We shall see going forward if they are or not.
So don’t be angry at the people that take advantage of subsidies and tax deductions/credits. They are acting rationally as they tend to their own best interests. Instead aim your fury at the people that created those subsidies and tax loopholes. They are the ones you should be pissed at.

So, Trump needs to stop the subsidies and deductions/credits.
Let the buyers pay for their luxury cars.

Paul Penrose

Indeed. But President Trump needs the help of Congress to change the tax laws. There are many bought and paid for by wealthy special interests in that group that will try to obstruct the effort. If we voters help out in 2018 by removing some of them from the Senate, there is a chance meaningful tax reform could become a reality.

Walter Sobchak

I will pay the one way air fare of any “climate scientist” and his family who moves to France. There are conditions. The “climate scientist” must terminate any of his grants from the US government, and renounce his citizenship.


Seems a maneuver of desperation, i.e. he knows he’s behind in the real poll numbers (not the Main Stream Media disinformation) and he is desperate for more numbers. But those arriving would need to be immediately citizenized. Perhaps by accepting service in the French Foreign Legion?
This scheme, if successful, is the same as what Abraham Lincoln did with Irish and German immigrants (by accepting service to the Union Army i.e. the 69th New York Infantry — The Irish Brigade, they gained citizenship) before the 1864 election, which Lincoln won.

Johann Wundersamer

some stepping stones from north africa / near east over mediterranean sea via callay and Brexit commonwealth to cute polar bear counting female glacyology environmental fundraised studies.
The former Chancellor Merkel assistant Schavan is german consultant to the Vatican after dismissing her science degrees.
Who needs science anyway when it’s settled.

Gag orders and immigration bans do make it more challenging for scientists to do their work.

And just HOW are immigration bans (actually a temporary stay) impacting climate scientists? Are Syrian meteorologists and astrophysicists piling up at the entry gates?
As for the former, your job as a Climate Scientist is to work on the science; not to do personal press releases about what your agency is paying you to do. In every NORMAL organization there is an approved process that reviews what is released to the public.

Ed Zuiderwijk

Perhaps it could improve ‘climate science’ in both the US and France.
Mondieur Macron reminds me of a character in the Asterix and the Picts book, a guy named MacAroon.

Julian Flood

Anthony, Lespignan may be lovely but it has a grim history. See:


Leo Smith

Pick up thine stratocaster and walk, Bomber!


‘The Truth About The Crusades’ – Stefan Molyneux

The newly hatched Paris-ites will soon complain about anthropogenic baguette change.


that’s a wonderful pun for the occasion.

Johann Wundersamer

Yes, good riddance. Maybe they could take some of our global warming politicians as well. Trudeau and Notley for starters.

Bruce Cobb

Wow, Trump himself couldn’t have come up with a better plan to drain the swamp. Of course, it’s just an empty promise, and would never happen anyway. I call it “victim signaling”. The climate leeches, with their ideology coming undone are now the “victims”. And all they were doing wrong was trying to “save the planet”.
Oh, the inanity




nice turn of phrase. useful descriptor. i will pirate that, tnx.


Saving the planet . . from those crapping birds and creepy bats . .


A brief history of puppets.
Globalist oligarchs (that is Soros types, pro migration, NoBorders agenda and naturally green carbon scam peddlers) have figured that youth can be used to fool people. It worked with Trudeau Jr. in Canada.
In France, Juppe was groomed to become the perfect incarnation of boredom and submission to this agenda. French center right voters decided otherwise with a 2 to 3 vote in favor of Fillon, Sarkozy’s former PM.
Dumping Juppe, Macron was suddenly brought to the pinnacle of media coverage and is supposed to become the French Trudeau: that is a perfect puppet. Macron has more substance than the Canadian one because Europeans are simply more refined, politically. Yet, he will submit to Rothschild/Soros will 100%. He is their creation.
To complete the trick, the system managed to exhume some old story, that could be applied to any politicians and dubbed it Penelopegate with the help of Juppe’s supporters and the media.
So Macron taking this positioning is perfectly in tune with the carbon peddlers: He is their toy.

Curious George

A lunatic asylum for climate scientists. A great idea.


This is sad beyond belief. Paris used to attract the people who changed the world. Now it attracts climate scientists. link, link
It looks like all the cool kids are going to Berlin these days.

Jimmy Haigh

Climate refugees.

Ed Zuiderwijk


Michael Westen

“I’ve got to say there are worse places to live. French food is fantastic, the women are beautiful…”
well sir, that’s mostly crap on both accounts
as if climate scientists are all tall, dark and handsome rather than homely, socially awkward and sexually unattractive to “beautiful women”
there is fantastic food to found in all countries except Canada and the UK


Find a Canadian church dinner. Fantastic food!!! Fall is the best time to find church dinners.

Bob boder

Please oh please take them all

David S

Adios! 🙂

This is a great opportunity to:
Win the war against climate change.
Reduce the Federal workforce.
Export opponents of liberty and prosperity
Talk about a win-win-win situation!

Berndt Koch

Is it not obvious what his plan is? he will put the first climate scientists to work in the polling companies to make a hockey stick of his approval ratings, the second tranche of climate refugees, er I mean climate scientists will then go to work in the French Electoral Committee with responsibility for vote counting… come May 8th the headlines will read…
“Zut Alors! Macron est le new Presidente avec 97% of le Vote!!”