Colorado Climate March Postponed Due to Heavy Snow

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Breitbart – The People’s Climate March rally in Colorado Springs, scheduled for April 29th, was postponed due to heavy snowfall and treacherous conditions.

Winter Blast Putting Climate Protests On Ice In Colorado

Organized by groups seeking to ban the production of oil, natural gas, and coal, including, Sierra Club, and NextGen Climate, the “People’s Climate March” is occurring tomorrow in Washington, D.C., and cities across the country to protest the Trump administration’s environmental policies.

With the Washington protest reportedly expected to draw tens of thousands of attendees, hundreds of “sister marches” are planned for cities across the country. But one out of the twelve protests in Colorado has already been postponed due to an impending snowstorm. The National Weather Service’s winter storm warning projects six to 12 inches of snow, but there is potential for up to two feet in the Denver Metro Area.

“Sometimes Mother Nature throws you a curveball!” 350 Colorado Springs wrote in a Facebook page earlier this afternoon. “Dangerous conditions and wet heavy snow in the forecast for tomorrow. Stay safe and warm and join us Sunday afternoon same time and place!!”

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Some of the protestors at the Colorado events which weren’t cancelled braved seriously cold weather, well protected by synthetic plastic snow gear manufactured from petroleum products, to protest against fossil fuels and global warming.

Surprisingly Al Gore wasn’t in Colorado at the time. The famous Gore effect is a remarkable tendency for temperatures to plummet to record lows, whenever Al Gore is in the vicinity of a major climate event. But this time Al Gore is off the hook – Gore reportedly showed up at the Washington DC march.

95 thoughts on “Colorado Climate March Postponed Due to Heavy Snow

  1. Gore effect snow… the only aspect of CAGW that has ever demonstrated any predictive skill.

  2. The Gore effect is obviously exhibiting a new spatially transmutable characteristic.

    • I’m waiting for AlGore to make a new movie proving that fossil-fuel burning on earth is dangerously warming the solar system, and from that, the entire Milky Way galaxy.

  3. “The People’s Climate March rally in Colorado Springs, scheduled for April 29th, was postponed due to heavy snowfall and treacherous conditions”
    As usual, huh?
    Thanks – I needed that. 😀

      • I know humor was intended but April is the 3rd snowiest month of the year in the Front Range.
        I recorded 12.5″ at my spotter location at 6060 ft ASL. Melting quickly under the bright & high May sun.

    • It is called weather, Mr. Stokes. Amazing how there can be snow in one part of the USA on the same day that others are basking in the heat. CAGW is the witch hunt of our generation, the sooner you admit this, the better you will be able to adjust and adapt to the cooling trend that will be upon us very soon.

    • I seriously doubt that Nick Stokes is the least bit worried because he knows that when NASA/NOAA get done with their “upward temperature adjustments” of both Colorado’s freezing blizzard temperatures and DC’s cool rainy temperatures …… they will then announce that ….. “Spring 2017 was the hottest evah.

    • I can’t remember which climate person pointed out that the SE USA often runs counter to other weather. Even claimed the models showed this.

    • Let’s see now…1070, huh?
      Well, that is in the past, which would tend to indicate that it was colder than anyone thought at the time, but is was during an inconvenient wiggle downwards, so the trend has been to warm it to force it into line with the CO2 trend chart.
      So, it is anyone’s guess how they will re-alter that particular year.
      Can’t you ask about an easier year to adjust?

  4. Abilene Paradox
    “The phenomenon is explained by social psychology theories of social conformity and social influence, which suggest human beings are often very averse to acting contrary to the trend of a group. According to Harvey, the phenomenon may occur when individuals experience action-anxiety—stress concerning the group potentially expressing negative attitudes towards them if they do not go along. This action-anxiety arises from what Harvey termed “negative fantasies”—unpleasant visualizations of what the group might say or do if individuals are honest about their opinions—when there is “real risk” of displeasure and negative consequences for not going along. The individual may experience “separation anxiety”, fearing exclusion from the group.”
    From Non-Connelly Wikipedia

    • “Abilene Paradox”
      I’m saving that one, PiperPaul.
      Groupthink is a survival mechanism. In early human culture it kept one alive. It comes naturally to humans. Contrary thoughts and curiosity also come naturally to humans. That’s how we get smarter as a group.
      Today’s Groupthink has a LOT of money and power behind it, pushing it hard. Contrarians are not welcome there.

    • Asch conformity experiments.
      In this experiments, several individuals are helping the experimenter to give some fake replies to some questions. The person of the experiment, one at each experiment, is unable to react to this fake input and ends giving out also a wrong reply to get attuned with the replies of the other people present.
      This is what happens often in academia, or in other educated environment. You cannot react against a wrong argument. Only a few people is able to brave the intelligent crowd.

  5. It was a limb breaker. Heavy wet spring snow. It was well forcasted and came in as scheduled, left about 11 inches in Pueblo and went on its way to Kansas. Heavy damage there due to tornados.

  6. The MSM is staying totally away from the irony of the unseasonable cold exhibited in ‘Climate’ marches for many parts of the country. It’s not lost on the average person though. If the impending colding of the planet materializes it should bring out some major denying by the faithful.

    • And to think the media generally salivates over man-bites-dog stories.
      They are firm in their belief that they are smarter than those who question the consensus because they have special knowledge (i.e., manufactured talking points to make them sound knowledgable – or at least provide an almost-reasonable facsimile) and bestowed “authority” from the “real” climate scientists. And they just love gotchas towards their ideological enemies.
      Because *everything* “is consistent with CAGW, doncha know…

  7. It’s not like it never snowed in April (or even May) in Colorado Springs. Now I’m hungry for one of those Pike’s Peak donuts. It’s an accomplishment, deep frying flour at that altitude.

    • Hell – It’s snowed in Central Virginia (USA) in April (and not a “dusting” either). I know – I live here. I remember one time we got either 11″ on the 9th or 9″ on the 11th, and of course people went ape, but the local weather forecaster reminded viewers that though it’s not a yearly occurrence, it’s not unheard of.
      He doesn’t do Chicken Little (which is why he’s award-winning, I’d venture).

  8. It’s De-Delightful, It’s Delicious It’s De-Lovely!

    “Happy … Birthday … Toooooo Youuuuuuu!”

  9. George Carlin has been put in charge of the climate.
    Sorry I ruined your global warming party.

  10. We didn’t get that much snow — I got about 1/2 inch in NE Colo. Springs. But man, was it cold — and windy. The cold even did a job on our lilac bushes, which are pretty hardy.

  11. Gotta repair that sign
    1) It’s warming
    2) Its us
    3) We’re sure
    4) It’s bad
    5) We can f?
    1) It’s warming (and has been for 250 years)
    2) It’s us (so says all the fine tuned models)
    3) We’re sure (it is warming this we know, ’cause the models tell us so)
    4) It’s bad (that we vilify plant food)
    5) We can f-orget about this non-issue
    1) It’s freezing and we’re protesting warming
    2) It’s us looking really stupid
    3) We’re sure
    4) It’s bad how we try to make you feel
    5) We can f-reeze our gonads off

      • & they’ll use fossil fuels to do so; & look at the clothing – parka, gloves, shoes, fleece all made from fossil fuels

    • Point 5 was “we can fix it”. That alarmist bullet-point list has been around since at least 2009, when I think it first appeared in activist tweets. National Geographic run their own article a few months ago, “Seven things you need to know about climate change,” (passing it off as original) whereby they expanded the “it’s bad” point with 3 specific examples.
      1. The world is getting warmer
      2. It’s because of us
      3. We’re sure
      4. Ice is melting fast
      5. Weather is wreaking havoc
      6. Species are being disrupted
      7. We can do something about it
      I know, I know. Rather than cancel I’m just letting my subscription expire.

  12. “Most climate alarmists are in full denial already.”
    Yeah…how about getting the shoe on the right foot! If anyone is in denial, it is the brainwashed alarmists who refuse to not only follow the scientific method, but criticize any skeptic who only wants to test any hypothesis by using the scientific method. After nearly 30 years, their predictions on global temperature is only half of what they said it would be, which could be just natural variation. If anything, the small additional warming has been very beneficial to earth and our biosphere is healthier than ever. Humanity has a lot of problems to be sure, but climate is certainly not one of them. And all their protests and moaning will now fall on deaf ears.
    Sounds like the story about the ‘boy who cried wolf’.

    • I think that you misread that Ron. Read it again and you will see that you have just angrily agreed with it.

  13. whatever meteorogical phenomeno, it must be blamed on AGW. So… it does not snow? AGW. It snows? AGW.

  14. Of course those who don’t actually read the information or understand the science, think a bit of snow is proof climate change is not a real thing. Truth is the IPCC have said we will still have cold records…. they will just be out numbered by the warmer ones. And that is exactly what is happening.

    • Or the whole thing is a non issue unless it cools again and our vaunted civilisations collapse.
      Just like they did the last few times the earth went into a mild cooling phase.

    • Simon, what makes you think that warm records outnumber cold ones?
      When was the last time you saw anything from NASA/NOAA/GISS or the MSM about low temp records being broken as they were en masse this year and 2 years ago. But of course it was not the “Global temperature” so they don’t count.
      Funny how the “Global Temeperature Record highs” do not bring about warm temperature records en masse across the globe isn’t it?
      I wonder why that is?

      • The models predict it, so it happened. If you don’t believe him you are a science d#nier.

      • Records aren’t really records when measured at the Hundredth or Thousandth degree level. Those are typically from rounding errors rather than measurements. Even Tenth degree levels are subject to reading/recording errors and ALL imperical data has been subjected to anthropogenic adjustments and readjustments

    • Or Simon, those go around predicting permanent drought in Australia and California as part of global warming. But now, this isn’t an international effort is it ? And there aren’t any skeptics in any other western country. ( and in some of the other countries, they are in it for the money. As if they believe it. ) Or that a record high temperature is also proof. The list is endless of shrill voices of impending doom of its ” worse than we thought ” when it wasn’t. Heard anymore about the Himalayan Mtns snows melting ? Or the ” worse than dust bowl ” years ?
      And in the spirit of a late spring snowstorm, ” snow will be a thing of the past ” or ” Winter’s Last Hurrah ” in January. There is a list of failures for CAGW and if the CAGW community took notice, they’d question the validity of AGW. Its blind acceptance. Of course most on here that are skeptics know it isn’t climate change that’s the issue. Climate change is a means to an end for political reasons. CAGW is all smoke and mirrors, no substance. I do read, and I do understand the science. AGW is wrong.

    • The reality is not strong with this one.
      Where are are all these mythical warm records you blather about?

        • True if and only if one accepts GISStemp and the similar “adjusted” data bases as valid. As far as can be determined, most places keeping real records were as warm or warmer in the 1930’s.

      • Ha, ha Simon–those records are carefully doctored to make Alarmism look valid. Leave out the 1930’s–that would have crashed the impression. And a big emphasis on the very recent–we just had a strong El Niño. The Alarmist can still make hay while the sun shines. (THAT was easy to predict!)
        There is a possibility that this is their last gasp, though.
        The book “SJW’s Always Lie” might be of use to those battling all the politically correct stuff.

    • Yes and Wednesday will follow Thursday — if you don’r mind skipping a week
      As I posted previously:
      within 3 weeks the Boston Area broke the all-time warmest day recorded for The month of February [a record dating back a couple of decades] and then on two consecutive weekends [Ah of course the “Anthropocentric Connection” — we weren’t working as much and so we didn’t provide as much warning?] we tied and or broke the lowest high ever recorded for a two day cycle [a bit esoteric] but these were old records which in one case had stood for over 125 years

    • Of course those who don’t actually read the information or understand the science, think a bit of snow is proof climate change is not a real thing. Truth is the IPCC have said we will still have cold records…. they will just be out numbered by the warmer ones. And that is exactly what is happening.

      Of course those who don’t actually read the information or understand the science, think a a few record highs is proof climate change is a real thing that we need to spend trillions of dollars on. Truth is the skeptics have said we will still have hot records…. they just won’t happen as fast as the IPCC predicts. And that is exactly what is happening.

  15. It’s not the cold. Melting point of snow is projected to increase at an unprecedented rate due to our sins. I may have a flawless computational model to prove it beyond reasonable doubt.

  16. It was a cold day in Hawaii as well . From Cliff Mass …
    Record Cold and Unprecedented Trough Hits Hawaii
    How unusual?  Using the wonderful weather graphics available from the WeatherBell web site, here are the 500 hPa heights and standardized anomalies for Saturday at 11 PM and  Sunday at 5 AM.  Standardized anomalies start with the difference of the heights from normal (the anomaly) and divides that by the standard deviation (also known as sigma, a measure of historical variability).   Amazingly, the normalized anomalies near the low center are around 6.5 sigma.That means it is so unusual that it never happened before in the historical record.
    The only thing constant is change.

    • “It was a cold day in Hawaii as well . From Cliff Mass …”
      I wondered about that and what Hawaii was experiencing. I watch the jet streams every day and I noticed a few days ago that the jetstream took a huge dip, almost overnight, one that dipped all the way down to Hawaii.
      I wondered if the dip I saw was unusual, and from the link you provided, I guess it was. Thanks for the link.

  17. [snip . . . that’s just tedious of you. Put some content into your posts so we can all learn something. Thanks. . . mod]

  18. They’re all protesting the use of natural gas, coal, etc., for things they take for granted, which includes cooking and heat, right?
    Anyone want to take bets on how long they’ll last without heat, never mind some way to cook food? Remember, microwaves require electricity to run and so do electric stoves and induction hot plates. Any bets on it?

    • Since they probably do not cook they can’t make the connection between electrical or gas heat and cooking on the stove or oven.

      • Granted, but they do use microwaves, possibly countertop convection ovens, and that requires electricity.

      • Granted, but they do use microwaves, possibly countertop convection ovens, and that requires electricity.

    • I know, you could use a nature-friendly green and brown energy source! Like… wood!
      Oh, wait, that’s also “destroying poor fluffy, friendly and safe mother nature”, that poor defenseless thing…
      Yep, they’re doomed. Throw them in a forest with no food and modern equipment, I bet they don’t last a week, or they’ll convert back to being sane beings.

  19. Perhaps adaptive Gore strategy with jet travel and decisions on which protest or meeting venue to attend could be modeled with game theory.

  20. In New England we deal with daily temperature swings of up to 40 degrees. I don’t think we care about imperceptible changes over decades. It will still snow any day from October to May. That was true in the 1950s and it is true today.
    BTW, 3 years ago, for the first time since God only knows, the ground froze below the frost line.

  21. You may resume your 420 celebrations while waiting for the next call. Simon says.

  22. “But this time Al Gore is off the hook – Gore reportedly showed up at the Washington DC march.”
    Maybe he’s off the hook, or maybe you just forgot to homogenize the spatial grid.

  23. I live in the southwest part of the Denver metro area at about 5850′. We had 14″-15″ of snow from that storm. Depending on who you talk to, April is the 2nd or 3rd snowiest month for Denver.
    Over the last 150 years or so it has not snowed in Denver in only one month, July. We had snow in May last year and I remember 2-3 years about a 8″ snow on April 28-29 and measurable snow fall only five months later at the end of September. Talk about a short summer.
    Like they say though, weather isn’t climate. But it sure is fun when mother nature doesn’t play nice with Ecomentalist.

  24. All that global warming/climate change allows me to ski at A-Basin Colorado on Memorial Day…and often well into June. Ha.

  25. You have to wonder if these people are smart enough to know what their activism is doing to abet rising utility costs across the Mountain West. That hurts everybody who pays bills.
    Xcel bills in our Metro Denver suburb show that gas prices have come down a lot, from .68 cents to .59 cents / ccf, since 2011, a six year period. But meanwhile, electrical costs have risen significantly, from .11 cents to .18 cents in the same period.
    That’s a 13% decline in gas prices. But, an electric cost hike of 81%. Go figure. Gas prices are down because of fracking, so the hike makes no sense if most of our electric power is still coal and gas-generated, and I think that is the case. I have to assume that they’re getting creative with their electric prices to compensate for their losses due to cheaper gas.
    The rate hikes are much faster than the rate of inflation over the last couple of decades, and still no end in sight.
    The marchers were slated to form themselves into a giant thermometer. Don’t know if they carried out that bit of that frivolous choreography, since I try not to pay too much attention to them.

  26. Prior to a job transfer in 2000 to Texas, I spent the first 38 years of my life in the Denver Metro area. I am truly amazed at our national media and their reaction to the front range of Colorado and the northern plains of Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas receiving a large snow storm in late April. you would have thought the world was coming to an end the way they were talking, but if they would bother to check their almanacs, they would find this to be a common event. the latest snowfall in Denver was on June 3, I don’t remember the year and I have seen it snow in the last week of August. It can snow at any time of year in the mountains above Denver. I will say this as a matter of observation, solar activity is way down and if our star is headed into another Dalton/Mulder type event, then we might see snow in July in Denver before too long.

    • Hell, here in western PA Memorial Day is often cold and rainy, and sometimes even have sleet.

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