Craziest protest signs from the People's #climatemarch

Ah, the stupid, it burns like a magnesium flare.

Here’s a collection of some of the most zany, crazy and interesting signs, tweets, and photos from the “People’s Climate March” going on today. To understand what you are about to see, view their game plan first:

This post will be updated through the day.

Ok here we go…who says a college education isn’t worth anything today?



BTW this photo below looks to be in Dallas, on the “grassy knoll” in Dealy plaza…maybe they don’t realize the symbolism of standing there with this sign, maybe they do, and that’s their point. Either way – bizarre.


Polar bears and swamp things…RESIST!

I’m guessing bust…

Maura Healy, attorney general for Massachusetts part of #exxonknew

Sheldon Whitehouse – Mr. #exxonknew

Hmm, I see a visit from the secret service in her future.

I’m guessing this burned some eyballs…

UPDATE: 4/30/17:

When I want advice about how to reduce carbon emissions, I prefer to listen to someone like Richard Branson, who RUNS A FLEET OF AIRPLANES.

Seems they left a lot of trash while “saving the planet”…

…and this is where they went:

300 thoughts on “Craziest protest signs from the People's #climatemarch

      • Speaking of black shirts, the lady in the second picture from the top, is wearing a black T-shirt, upon which, in somewhat “fine print”, the term “” appears. And, in the background of the photo, there are others with the same sort of T-shirt. Hmmm…wonder what that is all about?
        But best of all is the picture of Senator Whitehouse (a.k.a. Senator “Skin Job”) in all his over-earnest, goof-ball, passive-agressive-milquetoast, professional-smile glory. Always get a “kick” out of Sheldon. And is it just moi, or does anyone else find that the Senator’s name–Sheldon Whitehouse–has a mirth-provoking, privileged-white-dork, total-wanker quality to it? Just askin’…

      • mike: cpusa website has this ‘Everyone is affected by the export of capital’ which I think is one of the points that DJT is making too. Rosa Luxemburg’s one contribution to economic theory apparently. Interesting discussion last night over a bottle of wine about the song ‘Rosa’s Lovely Daughters’ being rehearsed by a local choir and why communism is still wierdly cool when fascism is rightly deprecated.

      • Senator Whitehouse his state was hit back to back by hurricanes category 3 Hazel And Edna within 12 days of each other in 1954 and he says severe weather is worst now

    • The question that the marchers should be asked is what method of transportation did they use to get to their site. 16″ of snow here in Monument Colorado and it is expected to snow for 8 more hours. Gorebull warming is upon us!

      • We rode in packed busses and trains to outside of DC. Then took subway into Mall. I hate the fact that we had to generate more CO2 to get there.

      • Alan,
        You didn’t didn’t have to use transportation that creates C02 to get to your march. There are electric buses … there are other modes (bike, walk); they are very inefficient and may have been very uncomfortable for you, but it was your choice.
        You choose what your want to do … I won’t chastise you about it.
        Please show others the same courtesy.

      • Join the movement. I have been barefoot for 30 years. The original Australian inhabitants wore no shoes.
        I have sandals for when there is no other option.

      • Since I am not an Australian aboriginal I intend to wear shoes. Your mileage might vary but I suspect you also are not an Australian aboriginal.

    • An assemblage of The Usual Suspects; brainwashed children, hornswoggled millenials, just plain fruits, nuts and freaks, and a majority of 60’s-vintage “radicals” way past their sell-by date. (yawn) Proving that exposure to the NYT and NPR makes you really, REALLY stupid. But it’s really just virtue-signalling to the others of their “tribe.”

    • Don’t diss the open-toed sandals. They are very comfortable. And quite appropriate for the 90-degreee weather in D.C. today. (Not so much for the snow in Colorado, though)

      • Does that mean the weather meant that the number of demonstrators was lower because all the snowflakes melted?

    • Hey! I wear Columbia sport sandals, whitewater and surf rated, from last frost to first frost. Only wear boots when work requires. Hate tennis shoes and wearing loggers or jungle boots all the time is a drag.

    • As a friend of mine used to call them: ‘granola munching sandal jockeys’. Seems to fit.
      That aside, it’s really quite terrifying that anyone sides with 350 or UCS – as respectfully as I can, I’m not convinced there are too many mentally stable individuals associated with those groups. They well and truly are beyond reason.

    • “It’s not the heat it’s the stupidity!”
      Yep. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Gotta love the picture of that “cute couple” and polar bear menage a trois, especially the 1/3 on the left with the earthy, moderator-magnet “F”-bomb emblazoned on his/her “Hooters”-normative breasts–and a sign at his/her side that invites: “Old Dudes Please Die…” Curious that a little protest march that draws so many ol’ fart whiteboys (including everybody’s favorite, geriatric, mucus-membrane e.b.e–Senator Whitehouse (a.k.a. Senator “Skin Job”)) to its ranks (just look through the pictures of the event, above, dear reader), should be issuing such an invitation.
      And, then, in the next to last picture we get a Woodstock, knock-off “flower-child” holding a sign with a big-time, leg-humpin’, dog-whistle allusion: “Beware the Guillotine”
      My oh my, the lefties and their ever-green, greenwashed, cull-crazy, dystopian dreams of…of…well…you know what I mean (Google: “lena dunham white men extinction” and “youtube larry grathwohl william ayers 60 minutes” and the wiki entry for hive-hero “Vasily Blokhin” for more on the subject).

    • That is what worries and motivates me sunsettommy…..
      At which point in time, can we relax and not worry about their relentless, blinkered and potentially dangerous pressure upon those that still pander to them – the policy makers etc???

    • Trump was nowhere near the freak show; he was on the way to New Holland, PA for a sold-out rally and one of the best speeches he’s given yet! He’s the burning stove on which these snowflakes are melting. MAGA!

  1. I love the 350 or bust sign. I assume he means 350 ppm of CO2. Since we’ve already reached 400 ppm and absolutely freakin nothing has happened I guess he’ll change his sign for the next totally pointless envirostalinist march. What a putz!

    • “Since we’ve already reached 400 ppm and absolutely freakin nothing has happened …”
      And we could go to 1200 ppm and absolutely freakin nothing would happen. Personally, I would like to see CO2 much higher than at present for many reasons.

      • I don’t think you see 600.
        sarcasm Because Obama healed the sea levels and made an agreement with the Chinese. /sarcasm.

      • I had to put in a carbon monoxide detector in my home when I got a new HVAC unit. California regulation. A dunce of a neighbor saw it and asked what it was and when I told him he said, “Oh, so you’ll know when it shows global warming.” Honest to God, a true story. I’ve found the most rabid AGW/envirostalinist types are basically scientific imbeciles. They are impressed by those famous 97% scientists though.

      • carbon dioxide one carbon with a double covalent bond to two oxygens, its size is 2 angstroms or 2 times 10 -7 mm 4 molecules of co2 for every 10,000 molecules of atmosphere hardly a pollutant if it was why EPA ever institute an ambient air quality standard like for carbon monoxide, pm 2.5 particulates, ozone

    • Of course,as always, it’s all about privileged-white-bears with these Nature-Boy, Gaia-freak, socially-retarded hive-bozos, who, from a bear’s perspective are, ironically, just so many free-range Vegan-snacks. So what do you good-comrades say about makin’ a few BLACK!!! Bears and BROWN!!! bears a part of your little, phoney-baloney, eco-flake, agit-prop show? You know, like, DIVERSITY!!!, and everything!

      • From looking at these photos, I have to say that (with a few notable exceptions) this looks like a very melanin-deficient group. I guess people of color have more important things to worry about than a gaggle of old white folks pretending they can control the weather.

      • Believe me, only the “Patagonia People” (aka yuppies) have the time and money to spend their weekend driving (yep, GASOLINE!) hundreds of miles to make asses of themselves in the street in the name of their secular “religion.” Otherwise known as preening their virtuous plumage for their fellow freaks. IGNORING them will make them go away. That, and SNOW.

  2. Proving yet again that what Former UNFCCC head Christina Figueres said about climate change was true. Nothing to with AGW. Two communist parties, ecosocialists, nutters, polar bear suits (who haven’t read Dr. Susan Crawford’s new book)…

    • ristvan
      Oh crap. Now Griff knows Dr Crockford has written another polar bear book. Watch your back, Susan!
      (But keep on writing the books…).

      • If you’re afraid to go outside to take a pee after dark because of the polar bears, you’ve got a problem starting in about November.
        Am I the only one on the planet who thinks we may have too many of the darn things?

      • The smell of human urine has a moderate repellant effect on black and brown bears. Don’t know if the same holds true for polars, tho’.

  3. They all look well fed on this climate change, even some busting out dare i say it thanks to the bumper crops the US is getting-
    No Planet B man looks like he is getting is fare share of planet A.

    • friendly warning to the uninitiated: that zombietime page is innocuous, but clicking on to the main zombietime page is *not* for the faint of heart, or for anyone located where NSFW viewing might cause trouble. it *is*, however, informative for finding out just how FUBAR the Bay Area is.

      • They’re too busy working. For their paychecks.
        I’d wager the only checks most of those marchers have seen are cut by the state.

      • That’s not fare! The video was all about facts and knowledge and stuff. Young leftists don’t want to deal with that! They have feelings, and that is all that matters. They feel deeply about the horrible things that Trump is doing. They don’t need to know what those things are!

  4. What a patch of watermelons. They don’t even pretend to be ecoloons any more. Just plain old garden variety commie loons.
    Environmentalism wasn’t invented back in the USSR.

      • Sustainable Development: Promoting Progress or Perpetuating Poverty?
        edited by Julian Morris, published by Profile Books, London, August 2002
        Chapter 6
        The Soviet Experiment: Lessons for Development
        Charles N. Steele
        “All productive property was officially owned by the state, and in principle all decisions concerning its use were made by the planners. In practice, it was impossible for the central planners closely to monitor the use of raw resources and other inputs. Thus many resources were “open access,” waiting to be grabbed by anyone on the spot. This sometimes resulted in destructive competitions for resources, or in diversion of assets to private uses.
        Examples include the hauling away of Black Sea resort beachfront sand for construction purposes, and the mass diversion of water from the Aral Sea for cotton irrigation, resulting in destruction of the one of the Soviet Union’s largest fishing industries.”

  5. i can’t wait for the “after” photos of all the trash these loons are going to leave behind…

  6. You ask most of them what the largest gaseous component of the atmosphere is, and 80% of the time they answer, “Oxygen”.
    Geniuses, all geniuses.

    • There are some real scientists that don’t know either. I have a chemist friend and he was going on about packing the atmosphere full of co2. I asked him how much it was. He didn’t know. The look on his face was priceless when, at the time, it was around 4/10ths of 1 %. His views have done a 180 on climate change.

    • Another fun question to ask is “how would you feel if we lowered the Oxygen level to 21%” and see how they react. 21% would actually be raising it ever so slightly. Most people don’t have a clue.

      • And don’t even try explaining that oxygen is toxic at high concentrations and needs to be diluted with a neutral gas to be breathed safely. It’ll glaze over every eye in the room.
        And to think I learned that one day in junior high science class, if not earlier. I guess school science texts have long since been replaced with gender-inclusive coloring books.

  7. I like to go to events like this in my 32 foot Winnebago, depending on where I need to drive I’ll tow the 25 Regal Cuddy, (just for looks). Then I setup the big gas Weber, grill a few sausages, some burgers, pull out the cooler with a nice variety of lagers and ales, then pull out the 27 inch LED and tune in a baseball game. When the vegans start making derisive comments I pull out the tenderloins and toss them on the grill …. ah good times, good times

    • Just think of all the CO2 released by that selection of lagers and ales. Thanks for the plant food!

    • You need to look up the word ‘fascist, fascism’. Where is the authoritarian tyrannical system of government
      in the USA? the fecal matter you digest as news is spewing out your ears.

      • There used to be a time when liberal (progressive) meant tolerant of your views but intolerant of your actions. When did it become OK to judge people on their beliefs and not judge them on their actions?

      • 175,000 pages of Federal regulations. Strong, autocratic central government is what we have. There’s your fascism, dumbass.

      • That protests like this can take place on an almost regular basis and not be shot at with real bullets and/or run over by tanks, gives the lie to the notion that America has somehow turned autocratic or “fascist”. Tienanmen Squares, we do not have.

      • ferdberple asked,

        When did it become OK to judge people on their beliefs and not judge them on their actions?

        It t’was about the same time that they changed that ole saying to read ……
        Calling you names will cause serious emotional harm, ….. but sticks n’ stones will never break your bones

      • In their views, it would be self defense.
        I once debated a young environmentalists who proclaimed that most people would assault even kill someone they caught raping their mother.
        In his view, developers were raping mother earth, and likewise deserved death.

  8. Why do all the guys look like the nerds we used to beat up in high school? Oh, wait, they are the nerds we used to beat up in high school

    • I was one of the nerds in High School.
      I was also 6’3″ and 250lbs, and the smart jocks knew to keep steppin’ ^¿^

      • Funny I was both a jock and a nerd and a band kid…no one knew how to characterize me but none messed with me either.

  9. I was looking through those and looking for Boy. Him and Wifey are visiting in DC and I can just see him wander around, pointing and laughing while eating pulled pork samiches and drinking a beer.

  10. They are a mass of contradictions. They want $15 min wage but then wonder why their favorite bookstore and restaurant closed. They want the “collective” and claim to represent “the people” but when the people vote and we get Trump they reject it. The same people here talking about resistance and revolution also want safe spaces and to ban guns and frankly I wouldn’t follow any of these people into battle. They claim the moral high ground and then have leaders like Gleick.

    • Didn’t you notice how quiet they got when the Tomahawks flew after Assad’s gas attack? How many of those zeta-males visualize themselves in battle, eh? The Deplorables will fight while these chromosome-deficients will scuttle back under their polyester rugs.

    • Mindless drones empowered by the collective, amplified by the media and weaponized by the manipulators.

  11. Does the majority of the US population view these protesters as loonies or concerned citizens with a valid platform?

    • The majority of the US population doen’t care. The rest think they are loonies (all the not so hidden Marxist/socialist stuff), troughers (renewable energy types and climate scientists), or brainwashed and deluded college kids and their professors (McKibben of if not just cycnical politicians (including Whitsides of Rhode Island and Healy of Massachusetts).

      • California Governor Jerry Brown recently advised alarmists to emphasize coming catastrophes. Translation: Our problem is not that we lie. We just don’t lie enough.

      • I’m trying to remember the name of the “scientist” (Schneider????) who told his fellow scientists that they had to decide for themselves whether it was more important to be honest, or to be effective.

    • view these protesters
      a whole lot of people would like to see reliable, non-polluting, cheap energy. some believe that governments are like loving parents, passing out an allowance each week to take care of their children. others see governments more like the bully at the end of the street, that beats you up if you don’t give him your allowance.
      The Founding Fathers of America were definitely in the second group. Having forgotten the lessons of history, their descendants are more like the first group.

      • A government big and powerful enough to give them everything they want and desire; is also capable of snatching it all away.
        Which leads back to real purpose of Global Warming ShamWow – United Nations and its member governments being able to control respective citizens.
        You will buy ethanol gas, you will pay carbon taxes, you will use non incandescent lights, you will accept smart meters, you will pay to subsidies Wind and Solar farms, you will drive Eco-friendly cars, you will buy Green, you will buy low-volume toilets, you will shower with trickle, you will think what we tell you to, you will Comply…

    • The majority of the U.S. population is grilling burgers and dawgs and watching a baseball game. “Global warming” is way, way south of nose hair and toenail fungus on the list of Americans’ concerns. Rightfully.

    • Admittedly not a representative sample, but everyone I know considers the marchers to be looney tunes.

  12. Science was invented by white men. Any use of the Scientific method or discussion of scientific issues by, people of color, women, or the LGBTQASDFJKL community is:

    • The sexuality of Copernicus and Newton is questionable, however. Church canon Copernicus was accused of living in sin with his cousin housekeeper, so was probably straight, even if they weren’t an item. Newton, maybe not so much. Probably just asexual, but there have been rumors of an intimate friendship with a man.
      But most great scientists have been flaming heteros.

    • I thought the complete acronym was LGBTQWERTY.
      Reply: I’m glad someone got my joke~ctm

    • Confucius believes you are confused.
      Who taught the Greeks math?
      How did men of the steppes learn to utilize horn in their bows?
      Was the Northern Egyptian Kingdom, suddenly overrun with Caucasians?
      How did Native Americans learn to avoid rickets and scurvy during long winters?
      Who did the Aborigines learn their survival skills from?
      The Inuit still hunt whales from skin covered bumbershoots afloat on Arctic seas.
      Who poisoned the Greeks when the Greeks were convinced they had conquered the world.
      Perhaps a little more honey, Alexander?
      Science is where and when applied, by people learning from observations that then use reason to thoroughly test hypothesis.

      • Who taught the Greeks math?
        Me thinks it t’was either the Sumerians or the Babylonians.

    • That question presupposes an unsubstantiated assumption that they are not homeless. Many in the march photos resemble the many homeless here in Fort Lauderdale.

  13. How is it that so many causes are all hitched to the same wagon?
    Is there an unwritten law of the universe that requires every progressive cause to to support every other left wing cause?
    The uniform adherence by all is not a healthy kind of advocacy.

      • Not all causes, Charles, only the Left Wing ones.
        Someone above mentioned what happened to the CAGW believers that tried to promote nuclear power as clean and CO2 free. And for some reason the Lefts absolute faith in ‘Science!’ doesn’t extend to genmod foods or fracking.
        In fact, it seems to me the only time the Left has absolute trust in science is when that science is fairly weak and unconvincing. ~¿~

      • “Intersectionality is the idea that multiple infections intersect to create a parasite that is more aggressive than the component identities.”

        Name that parasite!
        Selective Coexistivism?
        The Puppeteers

      • The synonym for “intersectionality” is “Ouroborus.” As in “snake, swallowing itself tail-first.” 😉

    • “so many causes are all hitched to the same wagon”
      It is only way they have sufficient numbers to drive each of their whining needless faux causes.

    • Steve
      Once you discover you’re a whole lot smarter and more socially just than hundreds of millions of supposedly fellow citizens, it’s just hard to hold back your greatness.

      • It’s hard to be humble when everyone else is so inferior. Here’s Mac Davis with his take on it with the Muppets.

    • It took Hitler 12 years to completely destroy Germany. Democrats only ruled for 8 years.

  14. The ‘Women’s March’ was a pasty white sore-loser march.
    The ‘March for Science’ was pasty white sore-loser march.
    Today’s ‘Climate March’ is just another pasty white sore-loser march.
    I had to go to Capitol Hill at noon today… I saw the folks heading to th march

  15. “People’s Climate March” org reminds me of Communes and People’s Republic of China – a communist State.
    Which also reminds me, the members of “People’s Climate March” should leave the United States of America, being we are a Republic. If People’s CM want Communism, Fascism, or Socialism – there are plenty of countries they are not Free to live in.

  16. It is very strange and hilarious to be told that “THERE IS NO PLANET B” by the very people who live in that Planet B of Nay….:-)

      • That reminds me, a friend who grew up in Columbia recently told me that she knew a number of girls whose names were pronounced oosnavee. It’s spelled USNavy.
        There was also the popular name pronounced onaydoyar. Spelled OneDollar.

  17. Blinded by science (Foreigner)

    “I worry ’bout the world that we live in
    I’m worried by all the confusion
    I wonder ’bout the lies I’ve been reading
    I wonder where this madness is leading”

  18. I am sick of all the whining about Polar Bears. The population continues to grow even as they whine about it.
    But more to the point, the “cute” polar bears a viscous, mean predator. I would like to see some of those protestors try to pet one of the darn things.

    • In a metaphorical sense, polar bears are already biting warmunists big time. Dr. Crawford has definitively shown the ‘science’ was just wrong. The bears are thriving, defying the catastrophic projections based on the faulty bear science. One of the top ten skeptical soundbites to explode watermelon heads. Posted 8 of the soundbites again today at the Willis debate guest post.

    • Oh no! It’s worse than we thought. The polar bears are now able to ooze about stickily to get their prey. How vicious can they get?

      But more to the point, the “cute” polar bears a viscous, mean predator. I would like to see some of those protestors try to pet one of the darn things.

      Just a little ribbing. I don’t know how many times I have done something just like that!

  19. The syllogism is solid:
    1. Tens of thousands of people drive hundreds of thousands of (aggregate) miles to Washington
    2. Walk around holding silly signs
    3. Tens of thousands of people drive hundreds of thousands of (aggregate) miles home
    4. (Missing step)
    5. Climate improves
    OK, OK, I’m not quite done, but I have four out of five

    • 4. Force other people (“deniers”) to live like they are in a Third World hellhole, “offsetting” all those miles. Serves them right for not contributing to the cause.

    • Illegal immigrants boycott Trump immigration policies. Makes sense. Run and hide in a sanctuary city before he catches them and cuts off fed funds to the sanctuaries.

    • Sooo, a whole bunch of illegal immigrants are going to gather in one place at a pre declared time…
      Why won’t Immigration be there in force to round these people up?

    • word didn’t like some word….
      ..the l a w makes us q u a r a n t i n e plants and animals better than this

  20. Just a bunch of relics from “The Greening of America.” Been there, done that. Then I grew up. Some of these marchers look like they are going through a second childhood.

  21. The kid with the polar bears – need to photo shop onto the sign he is holding “They see me as dinner”

  22. System Change not Climate Change
    I can actually go for that . . . albeit in a decidedly different sense than meant by these water (melon) heads.

  23. That is Dealey Plaza in one photo – no question, and impossible to imagine that the significance is lost on these people. The two guys holding the banner are clearly old enough to remember what happened there in 1963. Their intended message is obvious enough.

  24. I would love to see a reporter walk up and ask people to name the steps of the scientific method.

    • whats the point of a 15 year old photo at a totally unrelated protest?
      ” the man’s identity is unknown, the photo was taken on March 23rd, 2003 outside of St. Louis, Missouri.[1] On that day, approximately 350 pro-peace activists got together with civilian weapons inspectors at the Boeing missile factory, asking to investigate the weapons of mass destruction being produced there. When they were denied access, the protestors sat in front of the main gate in protest. Approximately 75 pro-war supporters came to the factory with signs discouraging the sit-in. One of these supporters held the “Get a Brain Morans” sign. The photo was initially shared on the St. Louis Indymedia Center[2] in 2003.”

      • Jim, you have to realise that McClod lives in a world unrelated to the present or the past or any other REAL period of human existence..
        It is a world of his own fetid imaginings.

    • Is that first picture YOU, McClod.. Is that why you posted it ??..
      When you actually had a single thought of your own ???

  25. Watermelons Against Capitalism…..
    At least the ‘green environmentalists’ no longer hide their socialist and communist affiliations.

  26. Funny, they call it a climate march, but anything vaguely related to climate is in the second to last position in their pantheon of grievances and is listed at POWER. Huh? Actually they did all of us a huge favor by firmly establishing climate hysteria in the department of wackadoodles. A march like this every week would be a blessing.

  27. What are these people MARCHING for its already end of April….. daummm tsss. I will let myself out.

  28. “But…but…It’s about science”.
    How is that tag line ever conceded by skeptics? The marchers are pretty close to the main DNC core at this point.
    A solid 1/3-1/2 of skeptics live with political blinders and many are regulars at WUWT. That’s as sad sack as the marchers and probably more dangerous.

    • Only if such imaginary persons are angered to the point of irrationality, such as the madness and hysteria being acted out at these “.(Whatever) Marches.”
      Political blinders?
      Have what to do with science?
      You can chose to use that tool, the scientific method.
      That promoters of the CAGW openly refuse to do so, stressing authority and belief instead, makes ignoring their narrative easy.

  29. Shouldn’t that one dude’s shirt have read Union of Payed off scientists. With taxpayer dollars no less. What a bunch of jackasses.

  30. funniest MSM quote!
    29 Apr: LincolnJournalStar Nebraska: BAILEY SCHULZ: Lincoln climate march draws hundreds of protesters
    Karla Cooper, a minister and adjunct professor at Doane University, said the evidence of climate change is evident today, and it’s up to the people of the world to accept that and make a change.
    ***“How ridiculous is it to realize that on April 29, in Nebraska, it’s cold,” she said. “It’s snowing in Denver. … Climate change is as real as the very breath we take.”…
    given the march is supposed to be against MANMADE GLOBAL WARMING, all the pics/clothing are funny, but take special note of #8 of 16.
    29 Apr: Denver Post: PHOTOS: People’s Climate March on Denver
    #8 of 16: Young supporters hold signs while listening to speakers during the People’s Climate March on Denver Saturday, April 29, 2017 in the Civic Center…

  31. From the ‘Climate Marche’ in Chicago IL:
    “Among those attending the Chicago rally were members of the union representing Environmental Protection Agency employees. Trump has proposed cutting the EPA’s budget by almost one-third, eliminating more than 3,000 jobs. John O’Grady, president of the American Federation of Government Employees Council 238, called the march “a chance to speak out in unity against this administration” and its “ridiculous gutting of the EPA budget and staffing.”
    Gosh! I hope Scott Pruitt – EPA Administrator is watching, as the Obama moles keep popping their heads up! “ If I had a hammer, I hammer in the morning. I’d hammer in the evening, all over this scam…… “

    • Obviously he was talking about himself, and all those around him. 🙂
      Not heat.. MAXIMUM STUPIDITY !!

  32. I’m actually ecstatic seeing all these CAGW protesters enthusiastically (and blindly) support the “settled science” of catastrophic manmade global warming, because it’s already surpassed the criteria necessary for official disconfirmation, and will very highly likely have to be disconfirmed by the scientific community within 5~7 years, when the PDO and AMO are in their respective 30-yr cool cycles from 2019, and the weakest solar cycle since 1790 starts in 2021, leading to significant global cooling.
    Given the current rabid enthusiasm for “Climate Change”, when it is officially disconfirmed, the blowback against Leftist political hacks and the grant-grubbing “scientists” that kept this scandal going, will be profound.
    Leftists have lost 1,200 seats in Federal, State and local elections since 2010. Once the CAGW scandal is exposed, those large losses will seem trivial in comparison…
    The protest signs will change from “SAVE THE PLANET!”, to “SAVE THE DEMOCRATS!”…

    • Delusional Democrats thought that they could make up for losing blue collar voters, who used to be their base, when they claimed to be for the little guy (citizen) with Lesbians, male homosexuals, transexuals, public employees, trial lawyers and illegal immigrants. They were wrong and will pay the price.
      Markets are stern taskmasters, whether in the economy or politics.

      • They thought that all they needed to keep the working stiffs voting for them was to yell real loud. Republicans are evil.

  33. “I am marching for climate change”
    That sign in the first photo has me puzzled. If they are “for” climate change, doesn’t that imply they want the climate to change and are therefore OK with increasing CO2 emissions?

  34. tonydanger
    During a recent Trump stop, a heckler from the audience hollered, “Hey Trump, where are you hiding your tax returns?
    The Donald politely responded, “I’ve found a very secure place that I’m certain they won’t be found.”
    The insistent heckler, then shouted, “And just where is that, dummy”?
    The Donald smiled and said, “They are underneath Obama’s college records, his passport application, his immigration status as a student, his funding sources to pay for college, his college records, and his Selective Service registration.
    “What’s your next question?

  35. Why not blame the Russians for global warming ? They have done everything else apparently .
    Did the Russians create the freedom of speech silencers at Berkeley too ? Freedom of speech
    at Berkeley is certainly welcome if you say what they want to hear . This crap starts with academics who should know better .
    In my area a high school principle was so furious that Trump won he inserted himself in class rooms days after telling students Trump was worse than ISIS . Fortunately most students knew a real nut job was standing in front of them . Traditional education facilities need to clean up their act before they use up their credibility and reason for being .
    Trying to pull a $Trillion dollar climate heist on citizens without elected officials voting is an example of an unwinding democracy .You will know for sure the swamp is being drained when Democrat bag men organize protest parades to protect the grant dependant global warming fear industry and globalization agenda .
    End the over exaggerated climate con game , save a $trillion in new debt and keep an election promise .
    What’s it going to be a triple win or a sell out ?

  36. 8 years of Obama did this. We should have gotten two signatures and a bed for him…now we’re going to need a lot more….

  37. From their game plan ‘climate march lineup’, ‘We demand an energy economy powered by and for the people.’ The treadmill beckons I fear. The original navvies who dug the canals and railways by hand usually didn’t make it much beyond forty, worn out by hard work and hard drinking. This is the exciting future that we look forward to but without the compensation of the hard drinking no doubt.

  38. So many people riled up and angry about climate and yet, you just know they’re all going to pile into their SUVs and grab a starbucks drive thru on the way home. They’ll do this bollocks because its easy and they think they look good doing it. But actually practicing what they preach? nah why would they want to do that.

  39. Here in Canada, we had a thin turnout (couple of hundred), apparently the hatred of Donald Trump does not run as strong here. And Justin Trudeau supports Trump’s decision on the Keystone pipeline, that must seem like a betrayal.

  40. So who gets the pleasure of cleaning up after these babies?
    Every photo shows signs and other rubbish littering the ground at their feet.
    Past “events” have established a pattern, these pathetic wasters will not stoop to clean up their own mess.
    Yet they insist on advising/educating the rest of us as to how we shall “treat the planet”.
    Same old I guess, if it were not for double standards Gang Green would have no standards at all.

  41. Rules for Climate Radicals; A Good Tactic is One Your People Enjoy
    The one thing the political left knows how to do far better than the political right is to throw a party. The political right will tell you to go to Church on Sunday, be disciplined, be responsible, work hard and stay out of trouble. The political left says come join our PAAAARRRRTTTTYYYY!!!! One simply needs to look at the recent political events for evidence. Here are photos from the March for Science and People’s Climate March.

  42. Sheldon Outhouse is a voting member of the US Senate and these are the folks he likes to spend his time with. If you are a resident of Rhode Island you may want to remember that at election time. Other than supporting every mindless borrowing and spending bill that ever crossed his desk what has Sheldon accomplished for you? Is your economy better. Are there more good paying jobs or less. How’s the opiate/heroin addiction problem coming along. Are your schools educating your children for success in life. Housing starts up. If the answers to all of these are no(which they are) why would send this loser back to Washington as your representative.
    Managing the dystopian decay of a once great community is a depressing movie plot. It is not a rational plan to improve the lives of Rhode Island’s citizens. Climate Change fetishism is a distraction from tackling the truly difficult issues that matter to your community. Meathead Sheldon gets to pose as the one thing he’s not, a courageous leader while tilting at an illusionary giant. Sheldon earns his cheese as the compliant placeholder for the powerful special interests that have run your community into the ground for their own benefit. They are perfectly happy to see him harmlessly wasting his time with the last adherents of every failed idea from the past.
    Thank you to those on the opposing team for building our self-esteem.

  43. ” Peoples Climate March” VIP 🙂 as printed on their access badges. These folks are flying so deeply blind that they don’t see the irony in that.

  44. I have said this before and I’ll say it again.
    With this march, we are once again seeing the Communist/Socialist/Marxist movements along with the environmental movement and the associated climate alarmist narrative all blended together into one big happy family. The former has infiltrated the latter as a means to achieve the former’s political ends (perhaps due to the decline and fall of the Soviet Union as some argue). Hence the term “watermelons,” green on the outside and red inside.
    Without doubt, individuals like Naomi Klein and the so-called “ecosocialists” devised an interesting if faulty belief system which they are using to demonize and justify their contempt for capitalism with climate change alarmism and environmentalism as their weapons of choice. Do they have any real evidence from history that Communist/Socialist/Marxist states have been or are capable of being more eco-friendly than our market economy is? I don’t know of any myself. Will THEIR ideological state be more accommodating to the environment and this climate change alarmist idiocy? I doubt if there is any consensus on that. Do all greenies and climate crisis believers blindly accept that they will be more accommodating?
    At any rate, when the climate alarmist narrative dies out some day (and I pray that it will), they will have a problem on their hands. They will have to find another scary doom-and-gloom “crisis” to replace it–unless of course the “we’re-killing-the-planet-and-Marxism-will-save-us” narrative lives on even after the climate alarm pseudo-crisis itself is long dead and gone.
    If nothing else, these last two marches on Washington (and elsewhere) demonstrate that they are a very stubborn and determined lot, although arguably not necessarily a very bright lot judging from the signs they carry.

    • +1 And they are backed by wealthy misguided people in cahoots with the UN, neither of which will give up. Witness the mercenary protesters. Not sure if anyone knows this but they corralled about 230 of them at the inauguration and they are prosecuting. Anarchy will not be tolerated.

  45. Well, I have to say that I’m very disappointed. Not one of those photos had a poster or a t-shirt that said ‘Support Lysenkoism’. Not one.
    My expectations were not met.

  46. Re: Sign saying “will not accept fasscist America”.
    But they seem to forget that a fasscist is someone who will not accept the outcome of a democratic election.

  47. Looks like they got 4 to 500 people there…..
    Is it appropriate for the young lady next to the polar bear in the 5th picture to be propositioning the President ?

  48. I was under the impression that America had an election recently. Was it Fake News and Trump actually seized power in a coup d’etat?
    We all have to face disappointments in life, and sometimes you will have people elected who you disagree with. It’s called democracy.
    Mind you I am all in favour of the US reducing their dependence on cheap fossil fuels and subsequently raising your energy prices to the levels those of us in Europe have, as it will make you much less competitive to your global competitors.

    • Branson taking a break from conspiring to subvert the democratic will of 17.4 million people in UK and skulking in tax-exile on his island to jet across the Caribbean to tell US citizens what to think.

  49. If people believe that the use of fossil fuels is bad then they should stop making use of all goods and services that make use of fossil fuels. By their trash many of these peiple were making use of products that were manufactured, transported, and marketed via the use of fossil fuels. The were wearing cloths amd footwear that also involved the use of fossil fuels. I doubt that they all walked to and from their homes and instead made use of transportation energised by fossil fuels. I can only guess that they all live in homes powered by fossil fuels. It is their money that is keeping the fossil fuel companies in business.

    • A point I have been making for 30 years. Courage of their convictions, step forward, name themselves, reject ALL products made from/with petroleum and coal. And yet no, they want to keep benefiting from them and stop EVERYONE ELSE from doing so. To save Mother Gaia, don’t ya know.

    • @willhass & 2hotel9: Absolutely correct. It’s called hypocrisy. Strange and frustrating though how it never seems to affect their credibility it the eyes of the mainstream media, among others.

  50. From the photos, the demonstrators all appear to be cautious, objective, and mature scientists, the very kind of adults the public wants as decision makers for operating essential equipment in our metropolitan areas, such as the electric power grid. Eachpicture is worth a thousand words.

  51. You have to love the sign that says that “Socialism is the cure”.
    Let’s invite them to leave this country then, instead of trying to remake the government in their image.

  52. I notice that a lot of those signs were printed by the SEIU. Is it any surprise that a union made up of government workers would back this sc@m 100%

    • PS: It’s also not a surprise that someone who works for government believes that profit is a bad word.

  53. It’s an axiom that Progressives tell you who they are by what they call YOU.
    And they’re calling us fascists.
    At least they’re openly admitting their socialist (proto-fascists) origins now. That was what they USED to lie about.
    Which means I was right about them back then, too.

  54. A sure sign the global warmist fear industry is a joke they have a comedian and non-scientist (NYE) as their mascot . There is a reason Nye and failed politician Gore are the industry front men . No real scientist who is prepared to follow the scientific method is going to stand up and back the failed climate models of doom or claim humans are now able to regulate the earths temperature through a trace gas which increased abundance is highly favorable to a greening earth . Why would these people even advocate approaches that would actually harm the path to greening the earth as has happened historically during the earth’s 6 billion year existence ? The reasons are :
    1. Money . Create a cause through exaggerated fear mongering to shake lose $trillions in cash for grant seeking uneconomic businesses selling crap like hot air debit and credits, bird blenders and solar panels .
    2. Money A new tax vein for governments who have an insatiable appetite to spend other peoples money but need a pretend boogie man to sell it .
    3. Money To further the UN’s globalization agenda and
    pull sovereign nation powers to a centralized government .
    Climate changes , it’s been warming as we exit the most recent ice age and humans have some almost immeasurable effect . Co2 from humans and other sources is going up thus contributing to the greening of the planet . Good .
    The global warming fear industry is a business first and foremost and will do nothing to alter the effects of the dominant effects of natural climate variables . It’s a scam with a lot of pigs at the trough .

  55. Nice photos of nice people.
    Pacifists leaving the fights to others, freedom-loverst claiming police and jurisdiction, friends of bio-organic foods that won’t work in the fields.
    Abhorring diesel and kerosene when driving their SUV’s to the airport to not miss another march for freedom of science.
    A spectrum of the not so silent Sunday protesters.

  56. And the worst thing is that no amount of facts, proof, science, etc. will ever convince any of these true believers that they might be a little wrong….

    • Oh, they are totally wrong, just like muslims, and you will never change them, just like muslims.

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