Watch out for the ‘Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health’

Guest essay by Leo Goldstein

The website, owned by a previously unknown group called the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health (“the MedSocCon”), published a MEDICAL ALERT! report and other climate alarmism materials, targeted at physicians. MedSocCon attempts to use medical doctors and other health care providers to alarm their patients about climate change, to tell their patients to vote for the left Democrats (“Vote for elected leaders that will act to cut climate pollution,”) and to engage in political activism (“Join local efforts to fight climate pollution.”)

But the worst part is that these materials also instruct doctors to give wrong advice to their patients, both adults and children. For example, a poster for children speaks directly to kids over the heads of their parents and tells them to bike to school. Dangers and high fatality rates of biking compared with driving are not mentioned. A “Heart Health” poster advises heart patients to replace their car trips with biking and walking. MedSocCon gives these materials to doctors to use in diagnosing and/or treating illnesses and diseases.

MedSocCon and its materials have been heavily promoted by the former mainstream media from March 14. Many of MedSocCon materials were developed by the Center for Climate Change Communication (“4C”) of George Mason University over years, and possibly altered after the elections to include “resistance” to President Trump. 4C employs Edward Maibach (#2 among signers of the infamous RICO 20 letter) and John Cook of SkepticalScience. Among 4C programs is — anttempt to mislead Republican voters and/or to interfere into internal affairs of the Republican Party few months before the November elections.

MedSocCon is not shy about rationale for its outrageous behavior. Its Guidance for Health Professionals openly says: “The combination of trust and reach, whether it’s public health officials engaging communities or the doctor–patient relationship, presents a unique opportunity …”. This is why MedSocCon repeatedly tells physicians to provide intentionally wrong medical advice to adults and children alike. Such abuse of the doctor – patient trust is an unprecedented low even for climate alarmism.

MedSocCon is funded by the notorious Energy Foundation, Kresge Foundation, and others. 4C is funded by the Rockefeller Brothers/Rockefeller Family Fund, Energy Foundation, Grantham Foundation, and other “usual suspects” – along with our tax money.

The decision to join MedSocCon was made by a small number of top officials of each complicit medical society, not by its members. It is not clear how many of those officials have approved its MEDICAL ALERT! report and the materials, distributed to physicians. These societies do not represent doctors, even those who are listed as members. But the former MSM claimed that MedSocCon represents 400,000 doctors or more than half U.S. physicians. This claim is as false as a similar assertion that IPCC reports had been approved by thousands of the world top scientists.

The WUWT readers know that officials of many scientific societies have gone to extremes to endear themselves to the Obama administration’s climate alarmism. Officials of medical societies have done no better. But It’s one thing to sign foolish statements, and quite another one to advise doctors to harm patients.

I call upon the readers to react to the actions of MedSocCon and its backers, and possibly to bring matter to the attention of their state attorneys general. I will certainly not confine my reaction to writing articles. Updates will be posted on my Defy Climate Change Cult / Alarmism website.

101 thoughts on “Watch out for the ‘Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health’

  1. What nobody that hasn’t read the novel “1984” realizes is that the war on climate change will never end. Even if global warming turns out to be demonstrably false by global cooling, we will just change the name of the enemy and start fighting global cooling, a.k.a. climate change. People will forget that there was ever a warming scare in the same way we have forgotten that there was ever a cooling scare. We can fight, but we can’t win because there is no definition of victory.

    • Anyone who is an astute observer of human beings and has read history knows that there’s always another scare, another prediction of impending doom, etc. It’s not really the lack of a definition of victory so much as any victory can never actually be had. The battle between fear and hope is eternal.

      • Too true. There always seems to be a following for Second Coming of Jesus or one number of Imam or another.

      • Yes, there is always alarmist lobby seeking power and profit. The world was going to run out of oil/energy several times in the 20th century…

    • The gist of the Hippocratic Oath “First do no harm.”
      So… what harm could be in giving false and misleading information to your patients? \sarc

  2. But we fight and in the fighting is the glory. To qoute a very great person “we shall never surrender” That man, flawed human that he may have been was clear on what mattered most when the stakes were the highest.

    Sure the other side isn’t formidible and will not give up easily. You may have noticed that we have pulled of some nice wins lately.

    • Winston: “My dear, you’re ugly!”
      Lady: “Winston, you’re drunk!”
      Winston: “In the morning, I shall be sober.”

      • The ‘Lady’ was Bessie Braddock (1899-1970), an outstanding, but leftish – trending rightwards – Labour MP.

        Auto – possibly showing my age . . .

  3. Lots of doctors (the vast majority of the ones I’ve met) are able to sift the wheat from the chaff. Even if they believe in CAGW, they will deal with the patient’s problems and not waste the patient’s time, and money, with a diatribe against fossil fuels.

    • Agreed.
      MDs are trained to believe what is in the Journals.
      So if “97% of the scientists” believe XYZ, it must be true and we have to warn against the consequences.

      • Oh, I hope not. If this is true, my grandchildren are doomed to suffer. Hmm, I wonder if the undergraduate degree mix of incoming medical students have changed. 40 years ago, I believe, most would have been hard science types, (chemistry, physics, and to a lesser extent, biology … yes, I know, biology was started as a morphological classification system, but once biochemistry got going, some of the softness was mitigated).

    • Yes, medicine has been socially co-opted many times, long undermining the doctor – patient relationship, and trust.

    • Unfortunately, health care is becoming dominated not by medical doctors, but by administrators and “public health” practitioners. I easily see them plastering walls of the clinics with the MedSocCon’s posters.

  4. Yep the comments are messed up …
    ” … very few doctors are even members of the official medical associations because of the political positions that adversely impact common practice of medicine … ”
    I think some stick with the associations to hang onto the shingle on the front desk. I’ll stick with my GP, as he is a confirmed climate skeptic.

    • The examples of them giving poor medical advice are not really that convincing. Telling children to ride their bikes for exercise is good advice. They did not tell them to hide it from their parents. Kids are so molly-coddled these days that they would not dare do it without asking the parents and they would only do it if it was close (and safe). And the advice to heart patients to walk more is great and completely in line with all medical knowledge of the last century. I do agree that this is a climate group masquerading as a health group and misleading people about the number of doctors involved. But to say they are giving bad medical advice is a huge stretch.

      • Oh, let us really not go into the cardiovascular disease fads that I know of over the last 50 years. Having heart patients walk more is a good idea, not because exercise necessarily helps them, it is just that it isn’t likely to hurt them. Even though there was a cardiologist that I knew of who was an avid runner. He still had a myocardial infarction at age 44. What I don’t know is what other factors were involved in 1. his decision to be an avid runner (and no, he was actually a little too much on the thin side) and 2. why he had it when it happened. I do know that he survived it.

  5. If the worse example Leo can point to is posters telling people to cycle and walk more then I don’t think there is much to worry about. Or do you really think that driving is better for your health than walking/cycling?

  6. First Al Gore was a climatologist and now doctors are, I guess the only people who aren’t climatologists are those who have a realistic view of climate change.

  7. The Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health should spend more time looking into the ill effects of low-frequency infrasound from all local wind farms on local resident, to whom to causes significant health and mental problems.

  8. If doctors follow that advice, sounds like lawyers may have a field day for malpractice suits.

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    • Wow, you sure don’t need much of a thread that touches even briefly on medicine to attract the spambots, do you? At least this one isn’t in ALLCAP/ALLBOLD like so many I see. >¿<

    • I live in Anchorage. The summer temperatures shifted nicely around 1990, the summer in the mid 80s were unpleasantly cool. Although it is probably cyclic, I wouldn’t mind more. I am more worried about global cooling starting around 2020.

  10. I posted some of this before, but it looks like it is worth repeating and expanding.

    In the medical journal The Lancet (volume 373, January 31, 2009) is a paper in the section “Department of Ethics” by Govind Persad, Alan Wertheimer, and Ezekiel J. Emanuel, the latter whose name is well known. The paper is “Principles for Allocation of Scarce Medical Interventions.” There is a graph on page 428 on the “Probability of receiving an intervention” charted against age. The figure is called “Age-based priority for receiving scarce medical interventions under the complete lives system.” It starts at near zero (Minimum), reaching a peak (maximum) about 20, decreasing to about 50, rapidly falling until 60 then gradually falling again to about 75 where the graph ends.

    There are 97 references in a paper that tries to be scientific, and some of it sounds like what you might get in an animal husbandry journal like “Maximising total benefits: utilitarianism.” In the text– “The death of a 20 year-old young woman is intuitively worse than that of a 2-month-old girl, even though the baby has less life.” They also state “ Many thinkers have accepted complete lives as the appropriate focus of distributive justice.” Last line in the conclusions– “To achieve a just allocation of scarce medical interventions, society must embrace the challenge of implementing a coherent multiprinciple framework rather than relying on simple principles or retreating to the status quo.” I suppose the Hippocratic Oath is too simplistic.

    We have Social Justice, Environmental Justice, Medical Intervention Distributive Justice, no telling what else. My doctor needs Relief from Paperwork Justice. He does not have time”… to become “champions” for climate and health in their community.” He is already doing his job as best he can with all the required nonsense like the yearly Medicare Wellness Exam. Bureaucratic Paperwork. If these worried about climate doctors have all this spare time to proselytize we can find some for medical work for them. Check with the churches.

    Over a century ago we had a Eugenics movement in the world, based originally on the available science of emerging genetics. A clear racial driver emerged from this. It may not be fair, but I got that sort of impression from the Lancet article, just substitute age. Triage may be necessary, but not preferred.

    • So what is your suggestion as to the allocation of scare medical resources? No-one has an unlimited medical budget and there needs to be some discussion about how resources are allocated.

      • ….and climate obsessed extremist misanthrope freaks are just the people to make those medical service allocation decisions.

      • Germinio-
        With your post, I’m now more interested in your suggestions as to the “allocations” of scarce medical resources.

      • Germinio –

        How about we also investigate making “scarce medical resources” not so “scarce”?

      • That should be left to the patient, his family and the doctors, free of political interference. And yes, if we got rid of income taxes and general government overreach, we’d find that medical markets work, too. Just ask the cosmetic surgeons and a lot of opthamologists who don’t take ‘insurance’.

  11. I may not know how people’s health is affected by climate change. But as a practicing member of my medical community, I know how discussing politics in the operatory can be a detriment to giving care to my patients. We are taught in school to only use peer reviewed scientific methodology in our recommendations. And take an oath to do no harm. I would argue talking politics is harmful and having checked a few blood pressures in my time gives me at least an anecdotal idea of the harm.

    • I am sure that you were also taught to be skeptical and attempt to find replication and to evaluate the claims yourself, keeping in mind inherent uncertainties, Type I errors and Type II errors.

  12. The beauty of offshore wind farms is that no nosey ornithologist will count bird carcasses.

  13. It would appear that “climate pollution” is the new buzz-phrase to replace the discredited climate catastrophe/climate change/global warming.

    Won’t somebody think of the polar bears?!!!

      • NEVER! Straightforward definitions and statement goals is strictly forbidden because some nasty scientist or skeptic will then be evil enough to compare reality to the stated goal.

  14. Well, if you can’t trust a shady group of previously obscure strangers who suddenly have funding and advertising telling you to vote a certain way, who *can* you trust?

  15. Probably rather naive to assume that this also Highlights the very significant Reduction in Cold-Related deaths that would arise from a slightly warmer world ……… and that this reduction in loss of life is many, many times greater than the few additional heat-related deaths that a warmer world might cause….

    Enviro-activists will never allow facts to get in the way of their propaganda.

    • The medical world is also linked to climate extremism through population health. In fact, in my analysis population health is nothing more than communist health. Population health is figuring out what is best for a general population and it completely ignores what is best for the individual. The general philosophy of those related to population health is also extreme leftism, kill the old and disabled and kills the babies before birth.

  16. Earlier this week UK was getting 19% of its power from wind (and another 6GW from solar)

    Ref required

    UK solar is not even metered, so any figures you have a meaningless guesses based on installed capacity NOT real production.

    That reflects how much consumers are being conned into paying for , not how much was actually produced and injected into the grid.

  17. Most of the comments seem to be off-topic.

    “The WUWT readers know that officials of many scientific societies have gone to extremes to endear themselves to the Obama administration’s climate alarmism.”

    I recommend Hubert Lamb’s study of climate history, particularly the Little Ice Age, which may have be little in temperature drop but not little in duration.

    Also, the UK medical journal Lancet has articles that dispute an adverse effect from global warming. (Cold kills more people than warnth.)

    Has there been any time in human history when global health has been better on average or when human lifespan has been longer?

  18. Most of the comments seem to be off-topic.

    “The WUWT readers know that officials of many scientific societies have gone to extremes to endear themselves to the Obama administration’s climate alarmism.”

    I recommend Hubert Lamb’s study of climate history, particularly the Little Ice Age, which may have be little in temperature drop but not little in duration.

    Also, the UK medical journal Lancet has articles that dispute an adverse effect from global warming. (Cold kills more people than warnth.)

    Has there been any time in human history when global health has been better on average or when human lifespan has been longer?

  19. @ristvan,
    Very true that intermittency costs not included in my post. Intent was to compare apples to apples across the years. Backup and buffering were ignored in both past and current numbers. Key takeaway is the lack of progress in economic competitiveness over the past 25 years, even disregarding the costs of buffering, backup, and grid integration (i.e., dedicated new transmission lines).

  20. UK was getting 19% of its power from wind
    This is nothing more than the EU agricultural policy applied to electricity production.

    Imagine that the EU paid egg producers to stop producing fresh eggs, because it hurts the market for rotten eggs. And at the same time, the EU passed a law requiring stores to buy all the rotten eggs first, at a higher price than they could sell fresh eggs. Only if there were no rotten eggs left, could stores buy fresh eggs.

    Except this is not imagination, this is in fact how the EU market operates. And the same is now happening with windpower. If windpower was paid the same rate as every other electricity producer, the wholesale price of electricity, their share of the market would be 0%. If windpower was required to provide a stable, reliable output like every other producer, their share of the market would be 0%.

    no one would pay a conventional power plant a penny for power if they did not regulate their output. if they were ramping up and down all day long without regard for demand, destabilizing the grid, they would very quickly find themselves disconnected from the grid.

    Yet windpower is not only allowed to do this, the grid is forced by law to take this unstable (rotten) power and pay much more than the retail price for it, many times what the market price would be, while the government pays gas power plants to stand idle as hot standby.

    Economic madness. Paying windpower a premium price for an inferior product, while paying producers of the superior product to stop producing. Forcing customers to guy rotten eggs, while fresh egg producers are paid to stop producing. The EU agricultural policy applied to electricity production.

  21. “Mom’s Clean Air Force” is associated with these quacks. That’s all I need to know. If ever there was a totally uneducated, clueless group of busybodies who want to signal virtue more than this group, I have yet to find them.

  22. Translated from the german “getting into gear” all clubs, professional organizations, etc. Must take a public stand on the correct side of the political issue of the day. Hence we have the St. Kitts Kite Club statement on climate change, The Three Rivers Junior Beavers Band declaration of climate change principles, and the Coupon Clippers climate change pledge. POL-O-TICS.

    Memo to medical societies. Any and all funding or prestige building activities bringing you into contact with government functions will become embroiled in political partisanship if you chose this path. Welcome to the octagon.

  23. I put the following in Tips and Note the other day.
    From the report issued by the “Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health” which claims representation of 400,000 doctors (all in lab coats I bet). The director of the new consortium is Mona Sarafty of George Mason University (who would have guessed). The damage of course is “felt most by children, the elderly and people of color”.

    Mona claims 3 types of harms:
    1. direct such as injuries and deaths from increasingly violent weather , asthma and lung disease…..
    2. increased disease through insects that carry Lyme disease….and “through contaminated food and water” (a non sequitur?!?)
    3. the effects on mental health “resulting from the damage climate change can do to society”…..(It appears that effect has already spread to George Mason U.)

    To me this shows how low journalism has sunk; you need only a fax machine and a University letterhead to spread unfounded claims and some “reporter” will reprint and distribute your “Fake News” to every Gannett Newspaper and TV station in the country.

    All 3 claims have repeatedly been disproven, but since it is now printed in B&W (and in color in USA Today) it MUST be true.

  24. These doctors should all get together and work on a cure for human delusions. We seem to have a lot of them in the science and political realms.

  25. Some of the comments here were for the story on windfarm capacity, which seems to have gotten crossed with comments here. Unfortunately, since I can’t move comments to other threads, I regret that I had to delete them. If you made a comment on the wind farm story, feel free to redo it on that thread.

    My apologies for the inconvenience.

  26. From the report, item number one…

    1. There is a scientific consensus about human-caused climate change. The reality of human-caused climate change is no longer a matter of debate. Based on the evidence, more than 97 percent of climate scientists
    have concluded that human-caused climate change is happening. Many studies have proven this fact.

    Cook is cited in the footnotes.

    (28 pages. 97% consensus)

  27. This is what I glean from the graphic, that my house will burn while being flooded on a hot day while I wear a mask as I have trouble defecating. But it could be worse, there could be mismanagement of my water supply, some sort of nuclear disaster, and spiders.

  28. For those who might have missed it, here’s the link to the full text of the alert:

    And, yeah, the Con in “MedSocCon” is most appropriate. … MedicalAdviceForSuckersByCons … might be a better name.

    My own personal suspicion is that global warming makes us happier. Now I’ve got to go scour the internet to find some articles to support this contention.

    But just from experience, I can tell you that I, personally, have a much greater sense of joy on warm days than on cool days. I eat more homegrown garden vegetables in summer than in winter. I am inspired to get out an walk more in warm (even hot) weather than in cool or cold weather. I get more skin exposure to sunlight in warm weather, which boosts my vitamin D3 levels. Of course, all this is WEATHER related, but if CLIMATE affects weather in such a way as to make it warmer, rather than cooler, then I see nothing but positive health effects, especially since there is no support for the fear of extreme weather events that this “alert” portrays as impending.

      • If I have any fear of global warming, then it might be this: More warmer weather might drive a greater number of people to buy Harley Davidson motorcycles to blast as loud as they can along the busiest strips of city’s, during the most pleasantly warm days of the year. In other words, an increase in sound pollution will counter any mood-lifting benefits of the warmer climate.

        Global warming boosts Harley sales. Global warming boosts irresponsible acts of pet ownership, like allowing dogs to run off leash to attack other dogs legally under control on their leashes. Global warming increases late-night party alcohol consumption and loud behavior at all hours of the morning.

        Need I go on? (^_^)

        Forget the damn polar bears, and let’s consider the REAL problems … with stupid HUMANS.

    • As the punch-line goes: we already know what they are, they’re just negotiating the price.

  29. I assume the red one with the Thermometer is warning of the chance of dangerous heatwaves. Then again, since every region has that one (including Alaska) it may just signify any uncomfortable temperature, ether too hot OR cold. We never had that before the Climate Crisis, right? ~¿~

  30. Did these “doctors” actually recommend that school children ride bikes rather than taking school buses? That would be criminal idiocy, since very few places have sufficient bike lanes, sufficiently patrolled. Actually, where I live in Virginia, bicycles on car roads are a severe inconvenience to drivers and an imminent danger to the bikists. Except for major U.S. highways, the winding country roads around here are narrow two-lane affairs, with poor distance visibility and nonexistent pull-offs, usually with ditches or sharp rises of ground next to the edge of the road. Riding a bike on a road like that would be an unacceptable risk even for an adult, let alone a child; further, it is against the law to impede motor-vehicle traffic, which a bike rider cannot avoid doing. (I should add that most children live several miles from their schools, and inclement weather would also increase their risks.)

  31. Yeah, the biking thing is pretty shortsighted. Another danger is that people of any age who bike are moving targets for insensitive idiots who just want to test their skills at hitting moving objects with fast-food remnants, ice from their now empty drink cups, spit, or other objects that they might wish to hurl. Ever get hit by a cup of ice slamming into your bare skin at forty miles an hour?

    Sadly, the more steps you take to make yourself visible, the more you clarify yourself as a target for these idiots. At one point during my chosen biking-transportation days, I opted NOT to use lights or reflectors at night, in order to remain concealed from such people. I made extremely careful maneuvers in the dark (think cats at night moving between parked cars), which took much more time than just gunning it straight out. I took back roads, hid far off to the side when I saw oncoming cars, proceeded with caution at every pedal, carefully watching out for dangerous situations or for potential target hunters.

  32. Leo ‘I will certainly not confine my reaction to writing articles.’

    you’re welcome or out.

    2 irons in the fire isn’t.

  33. Doctors are like everyone else. Some will jump on a bandwagon if it coincides with their political beliefs. A few years ago at an appointment with a doctor he proceeded to ask me if I had a gun in my house and launched into a lecture about the dangers of guns. He gave me some literature from some anti-gun physicians organization which contained nothing but false claims. This climate bandwagon group is similar.

  34. So, as I understand it, I”m in more danger from the raccoon on my front porch meeting and mating with aliens because my doctor needs to lecture me about climate change when he never goes outside or lets sunlight strike his skin.

    Got it! Next time I go see a doctor (bleah), if he starts lecturing me about climate or raccoons or guns, I’ll ask him how much he paid the stripper in the Pink Pony club on the highway. If that doesn’t shut him up, nothing will.

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