Petition: Help Climate Scientists Avoid Personal CO2 Emissions


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The Australian ABC, a government news organisation, reports that 100s of scientists who attended a 4 day conference in Australia’s capital Canberra last week are all sad about what we are doing to our planet. But there is something we can do to help.

Climate change: Scientists sad, frustrated as extreme weather becomes the new norm

By Riley Stuart

Call it fatigue, call it frustration, but some of the best brains in the country are fed up.

Australia’s leading climate scientists joined their New Zealand counterparts in Canberra for a four-day conference last week, but dark clouds lingered over their discussions.

The theme of the conference was “Australasian weather, climate and oceans: past, present and future”.

And global warming was never far from the guests’ lips.

“There is definitely what you would call ‘climate fatigue’ on the part of scientists,” said Dr Andrew Glikson, from the Australian National University’s School of Archaeology and Anthropology.

There were hundreds of scientists there, and my impression is while we continue to do the science as best we can, there is a fatigue when it comes to arguing in public.

Read more:

Will Stefan, one of the authors of The Anthropocene Equation, a claim that 0.7C / century is exceptional, attended the event. Apparently he was sad as well.

I understand how deeply these people care, which is why I have decided to do something to help.

Please sign my petition, Help Climate Scientists avoid Personal CO2 Emissions.

When climate scientists have full time access to world class video conferencing technology, they will be able to avoid attending all those climate conferences in person. Climate scientists will be able to avoid the mind numbing guilt they must currently feel about their personal carbon footprints, as they soar above our heads flying on CO2 belching jet aircraft to attend all those climate conferences.

Please take the time to show you care. Sign the Petition, and if you have time, leave a personal message of support for our hard working jetset climate community.

Don’t forget to send the petition to your friends, so they can sign as well.


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Brilliant. It’s unanswerable!


“Brilliant. It’s unanswerable!”
Nonsense… if pushed, these “climate experts” would finally come out with the truth: THAT THERE IS NO RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN HUMAN EMISSIONS AND ATMOSPHERIC CARBON GROWTH
The real relationship is between the carbon growthrate and temperature. That way they will assuage their guilt twofold: By finally telling the truth to the public and having their little get togethers without the stigma of being called carbon polluters. They could even create a talking point in their defense: IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE PLANET, PLANT A TREE (just leave my climate conferences alone!)


The theme of the conference was “Australasian weather, climate and oceans: past, present and future”.

with a subject theme so vast and ill-defined this conference will produce nothing. It is just yet another holiday break at the tax payers’ expense.
They are not the only ones who are suffering climate fatigue. Why don’t they just shut TFU ?
This is a very good initiative. If they did not get expenses paid holiday conferences and were constrained to use ‘low carbon’ solutions like teleconferencing they would suddenly find it a lot less interesting and would not be wasting money, time and “carbon” on such obviously vague and futile “themes”.

Stephen Greene



Having given the idea of video-conferencing our eco-betters’ Gaia gab-fests some earlier thought, I offer my musings for what they might be worth:
-Our Philosopher Kings, we might remember, are convinced that CO2-spew KILLS BABIES!!! and drives endangered species, like POLAR BEARS!!!, to extinction. So we can say of our frequent-flyer, greenwashed, ostensibly carbon-phobe, tenured jet-setters, who flit about from one eco-confab to another, in fossil-fueled aircraft, that belch vast quantities of CO2 from their engine exhausts–again, the very gas our hive-heroes insist is lethal to mewling-babes and extinction-magnet beasties, alike–that they are, in their own minds and by their own reckoning, wilful BABY KILLERS!!! and POLAR BEAR KILLERS!!!
And it goes without saying that the flying public needs to be protected from such depraved, cull-crazy infanticidal-maniacs and species-snuffers. Ergo, the whole lot of them needs to be put on the “no fly list”–just ground their brazen-hypocrite, carbon-piggie parasite-posteriors! So is it too much to hope that President Trump might momentarily tweet an approval of my “modest” proposal? I defer to the reader’s judgement.
-Video-conferencing academic, motor-mouth hive-swarms, would not only reduce CO2 “pollution”, by eliminating air-travel, but would also promote diversity. In particular, video-conferencing would allow Third-World, Women Climate-Scientists of Color, from impoverished nations, to participate in their field on an equal footing with those privileged, pale-face dorks, currently runnin’ the “global warming”, rip-off racket, from out of their restricted-membership, “whiteboys-only”, “no-girls-allowed”, group-think safe-space, conference-circuit “tree-house.”
-And any concerns our ivory-tower, careerist, sell-out enabler-hacks might have, that video-conferencing would deprive them of a theoretical, lucky-break chance to attract the notice of some hive-master, in attendance, and thus deprive them, in turn, of a “dream-come-true” opportunity to show-off the best of their eager-beaver, over-rehearsed, self-abasing, suck-up, grab-ass, schmoozing and antennae feel-up skills, in a bid to get a life-time leg-up on their face-time deprived, “scholarly” competitors, well there’s an easy video-conferencing fix that will allay their fears, in that regard,
Namely, at the conclusion of every video-conference, the hive-master virtual attendees, could, in succession, drop-“trou” and scrunch their big, fat, misshapen hairy-butts–zits and all–up against their respective cameras so that all the flunky virtual attendees could then take “selfies” of themselves applying lip-smackin’, lick-spittle smooches to the parade of big-cheese hive-rumps, appearing on their computer screen. And if you’re a hive-bozo, it just doesn’t get any better than that.


And your point is? Could you elaborate a little more?


Hey, Gil, ol’ buddy, loved your comment!–and I can see you put a lot of thought into it, and so I intend to lavish a similar care in workin’ up my response. But, then, that’s how a coupla, regular-guy cut-ups, like you and moi, work, right, Gil?
You ask: “Could you elaborate a little more?” Well, Gil, as a matter of fact I could not elaborate a little more. You see, Gil, my above comment’s every jot-and-tittle–its every over-wrought excess, its every solecism, and its every run-on sentence contributes to its current, fitness-for-purpose perfection. In other words, Gil, my topside comment, is a special type of “rant”, which has much in common with one of those zen koan deals. That is, my comment is meant to be experienced, not merely read, and it is also meant to be a launch-vehicle for those readers seeking a higher-level understanding of the meaning of life–especially of value to those, Gil, nothing personal, who really do need to get a life.
You ask: “And your point is?” You know, Gil, your simple question does not lend itself to a simple answer. But, in part, my “point” includes:
-Havin’ some fun kickin’ brazen-hypocrite, carbon-piggie hive-butt, even if the only one amused by my little act is moi-meme.
-Serving up some weaponized ridicule, at the expense of the phoney-baloney, socially retarded, lefty-puke hive-bozos, currently pushin’ the Gaia-hustle, in the spirit of Mr. Alinsky’s fifth rule for radicals: “‘Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.’ There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating.”
-And my comment further serves as an essential component in my little, home-brew, “sting”-operation, in which my “rant”, such as it is, is held out as “bait” with which to lure literal-minded, humorless, officious, demanding, aloof, school-marmish, big-bore cheese-dicks–of the sort a bitter, gay divorcee might say reminds him of his first husband–into responding with idiot, drive-by, zinger-wannabe quip-boogers, that achieve nothing more than expose their authors as complete, spoil-sport, self-important asses (and in some cases even reveal their authors to be “crusher-crew”, hive-plant, “rant”-wrecker trolls).
But glad to have this chit-chat opportunity, Gil, to better help you understand and appreciate the “fine-points” of my off-beat raillery.


He means, ”there is a fatigue in avoiding arguing in public.”
I’ve got no more respect for a global warmer than I do a rat. It has to be eliminated
or everything in it’s reach will be utterly wasted, at it’s coming.

Rhoda R

But when did they ever ‘argue’ anything about the climate in public? Mostly they issue their usakes, wag their fingers at who ever disagrees, and then leave. In fact, one of their consistent characteristics is the refusal to actually ‘argue’ their positions in open debate.

Tom Halla

Isn’t “conference” another word for “party”?


Their annual boondoggle is actually called “Conference Of the Parties” in a possibly accidental homage to the truth.


Most other political organisations would call it the Party Conference.

Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia




“The Australian ABC, a government news organisation, reports that 100s of scientists who attended a 4 day conference in Australia’s capital Canberra last week are all sad about what we are doing to our planet.”
Lol. But THE PEOPLE don’t share that view:

Tom Nelson ‏@tan123 1d1 day ago
@ChristopherNFox 43% of Americans are unwilling to pay even $1/mo. to fight global warming

Ken Mitchell

One simple solution; henceforth, all “climate conferences” shall be held via Skype. Politicians especially are forbidden to fly to such meetings.

Great idea, and using Skype would be just as effective or more effective actually then all the chicken littles meeting in Monaco or the South of France. But the doomsters like to jetset all over the world. They won’t go for Skype.

Bryan A

Unfortunately Skype would have the effect of diminishing their presence in any press coverage and the potential additional pressure it might cause to public perceptions of their cause. Imagine a COP and nobody showed.

Earl Jantzi

Think how the hookers would suffer!


I prefer Hangout.


Sorry, Hangouts, with an s.

I saw this when looking at today’s ssta graph from WeatherBell. They are bemoaning record breaking temps in areas, and catastrophic bushfires as if Australia never had any of this in the past. …

John M. Ware

“New norm” is a contradiction in terms. Either a norm is established (human body temperature, 20/20 vision) or not. As far as weather or climate is concerned, there is no norm. We don’t even know the original conditions from which changes can be reckoned. (Adam and Eve did not wear clothes until after they sinned. How warm does that require Eden to be? How warm was Duluth, MN at that time? Etc.)


What if we, the people that pay for this, get to pick the locations?


In Australia, I vote they have their party in January or February at the Lambert Centre. 😉

Bryan A

I vote that every future COP MUST be held in the neutral continent that has no organized government and must be held in June

Janice Moore

Lambert Center (smack dab in the middle of Australia)comment image

I see your Lambert Centre and raise you an Inuvik in Canada’s Northwest Territories so they can experience all of the Arctic heat waves they’ve been telling us about….oh, in mid December.


I take your Lambert Centre and raise you… Antarctica. When it isn’t being used to host climate change fraud conferences, it could hold all the illegal immigrants we don’t let into Australia.


“the neutral continent that has no organized government and must be held in June”
The center part of the continent, and must get to the continent by boat, and must walk to the meeting spot on foot.

Thomas Englert

I second Bryan A’s location, with the stipulation that it be held June 21-23.


“Climate change: Scientists sad, frustrated as extreme weather becomes the new norm”
The weather here is so extremely normal it’s unbearable.

“Mind numbing guilt” Give me a break, they see the end of unlimited funding, tropical paradise parties all over the planet!

Guilt, as you say, has nothing to do with it. The guilt canard is old, lame and dead.


Guilt is comparable to throwing the race card, which is the last one in the deck.
Once that’s gone, all they have is guilt because they’ve been accomplices to the biggest scam ever perpetrated on humanity.
I hope they enjoy a boring, worthless future.

Janice Moore

I will not sign.
1. The hypocrisy of the climate clowns is already laughably obvious.
And, moreover,
2. The little bit of good this petition might do in exposing the hypocrisy of the pseudo-science hu$tler$ would be far outweighed by the harm it would do in lending legitimacy to a COMPLETELY fraudulent scheme (promotion of the lie that there is any evidence proving human CO2 emissions cause “climate change”). That is, there should be NO AGW-promoting “climate conferences” at all, digital or physical. They are an abomination to bona fide science.
(Your idea, Eric, was, nevertheless, admirably creative and well-intentioned. Sorry to have to not support this one.)

Rob Dawg

Seeing as the poles are most affected henceforth all climate coffee clatches shall be held within the Arctic or Antarctic circles whichever is in darkness at the time of the meeting.

Mike McMillan

No, conferences should be held in places threatened by anthropogenic sea rise, Bali, Cayman Islands, Las Vegas, Cannes, Aspen, Montego Bay, Monte Carlo, Disney World, to name a few threatened locations.

Las Vegas, which is at 2030 feet (620m) altitude? Threatened?
Maybe during thunderstorms when the highways flood.

Henning Nielsen

Send them to the Maldives and keep them there until there is a disastrous sea level rise in that island nation. It will take time, many or most or all won’t be back, but they’ll be happy enough there.


If we send too many of them to the Maldives, would it capsize?

D. J. Hawkins

We can only hope…

I would suggest North Korea. They would benefit greatly from the tourism. After all, look at what cllmate change has done to the NKs, perfect setting and great cuisine.

Janice Moore

goldminor — lol — Bingo! 🙂

Pat Frank

N. Korea is even more perfect because then all those long-suffering climate scientists would get to experience exactly the world they are so heroically and virtuously trying to shove down our throats.
A little Kim Jong-un love. That’s what they need.

Mike the Morlock

Hmm if we could get them to go, we could also plant the story that the climate crusaders really there to depose him (Kim Jong-un)
THAT would be a PARTY!

I like the way you think.


i hear that pudgy little kimmy likes clapton. (maybe he could come and play “let it rain”)…


I heard Kim Jong (The Killer) Un just “offed” his uncle–for being his mentor, of all things.
No wonder Un is considered a completely uncontrolled, reactionary and worthless leader.

Where is the asteroid when it is most needed. The hand of the Doomsday clock was moved ahead, but the reasons given are misplaced. The Russians and Chinese along with their satellite nations are pushing the envelope with their antagonistic posturing. Serbia was just given some 30 new Russian tanks, and several dozen fighter jets recently. Then there is the Chinese posturing off of the Japanese coast. Plus China likely agreed with the NK missile launch. All of that taken together is too much to be coincidental, imo. It appears as a concerted effort to my mind.


Please have respect for Fat Boy Kim; did he abolish his half-brother?
Auto, mighty glad not to be North Korean [with half a mind of my own].
London ‘Daily Telegraph’ lists modes of execution, including
machine gunning;
shot by an anti-aircraft gun;
poisoning [his own aunt];
executed with a flame-thrower;
and killed by a mortar.
Nice chap, as long as you keep awake in his meetings . . . .


How about the concerned scientists simply stoop breathing. That will curtail their “personal” CO2 emissions. Do I really need a /sarc tag?

John M. Ware

I like “stoop breathing,” but some might find it uncomfy. I suggest “squat breathing,” inhaling through the nose and mouth and exhaling through the . . .

Jeffrey Mitchell

I was wondering how long it would take before someone suggested this. Question answered.
With video conferencing, I would suggest applying it to congress. It would make our representatives more accessible to us, and make it harder for lobbyists to “shoot them in a barrel”.


I’ve been arguing that the House of Representatives needs to be increased in size. Factor of 10 or greater in my opinion.
There’s no need for anyone other than the leadership to be in D.C. The rest can live and work in their districts. (Turn congress back into the part time job it was intended to be.)
They can vote and attend meetings over the internet.
Being at home means the voters can keep an eye on them.
Being at home means that lobbiest will have to travel the country in order to lobby. No more walking down a single hallway and knocking on every door.
Best of all, it won’t take million dollar war chests to run for congress.

If they are really really really serious, they can give me their SUVs and in return I will give them a roll of duct tape – just enough for their mouths and nostrils!

Just a suggestion, but perhaps they would fee better if they adopted the scientific method. The truth will set them free albeit that freedom includes unemployment.

i’ve been to a few conferences. they were held in places like Hawai and Bali and when you register you can sign up for fun tours. i took the tour to the top of Mauna Loa where it can actually get freezing cold. you can’t do that on video conferencing!


For the cost of an airlines ticket, they can buy a chest freezer and just crawl in.
If they close the door, their 40,000 ppm CO2 breath will make them appreciate their own contributions to the biosphere.
And if they don’t open it, we’ll have one less climate change leach on our hands.


Perhaps they can fly there on a airplane fueled with a bio-fuel or one that’s solar powered.

David S

While they’re at it they can stop driving cars, and heating their homes with natural gas, or oil, and stop using electricity from fossil fueled power plants. Yeah all of those things create CO2.


If they are so sad then they should take a Prozac.
As for their other concern, stop burning up tons of “Carbon” going to these seemingly never-ending climate conferences that have been held all over god’s creation – STAY HOME.
I understand they now have new-fangled communications systems that enable practically everyone (including climate scientists) to interact with everyone else, just about anywhere.
“And global warming was never far from the guests’ lips”. That probably wasn’t the only things far from their lips – Any Suggestions what those things might be (keep it clean)?

Janice Moore

“And global warming was never far from the guests’ lips”.
lol — probably on the lips of the majority (mouthed, if not vocalized) was:

I am sick — to — DEATH of “global warming”!!!!!!! Let’s get back to real science.


“(keep it clean)”
O.K., i’ll call them “escorts” (as opposed to “prostitutes”… ☺)

I am not sure of any scientists engaging in public discussion. This big public discussion causing their fatigue is where? I see 2 or 3, and that is all. Most are retired. I presume they suffer from iron and vitamin-D deficiency to be so tired for such a minuscule amount of “engagement”.


Do you mean vitamin B12 deficiency?


If your petition was asking for them to be humanely euthanased to end their dreadful suffering, I would sign.


How do you know when there is a load of alarmist climate scientist on the ‘plane ? The whining continues long after the engines are switched off !

Dan S

I say we go much broader and lobby our reps to pass legislation making it illegal for bureaucrats to travel to conferences period. The can hold them all via telecon. The equipment is already in place. And if not, as suggested above, Skype is fine.
Kill two birds with one real stone: cut emissions AND save the taxpayers some pocket change.

Definitely no pause in the clinical narcissism.


I have been involved in biofuels in the past and note that it seems like these folks spend all their time at conferences rather than actually working on developing actual alternatives to fossil fuels. I think that the first thing Trump needs to do is look at the travel budgets for the EPA and the DOE and all the other agencies that get a lot of paid vacations at these conferences normally at resort sites. The number of notices for conferences is mind numbing. Also the number of papers that are garbage is criminal. The monies should be spent on RESEARCH not travel. Just look at the results over the many years of the DOE lifetime, how much useful energy have they contributed with the enormous expenditure? We need an accounting of the results. Private Companies have increased energy production in the US orders of magnitude greater via fracking, offshore technology, etc. with PRIVATE $$$.

Looks like the domain is up for sale. That was the one with all the misery-guts monochrome stuff. Maybe they should buy it? Only $USD1000. Small change for Will Steffen or Tim Flannery. Then they could restock it with a whole load of fresh sads. But wait – it has turned up again on cargocollective. Talk about misery loves company. Crying all the way to the bank.


I signed.
Needs a few more signatures please.

Greg Cavanagh

“Help Climate Scientists Avoid Personal CO2 Emissions”
If these super intelligent scientists can’t figure out how to do that, well God help them.

“some of the best brains in the country”! Who are they kidding?


“….some of the best fantasy writers in the country” is more like it.


All I had to read was Will Stefan. Jeez. The bloke does not know his arse from his elbow. The claptrap that has been making the rounds in the MSM here in Oz from this goof are mind numbing. He has made the incredible unverifiable claim that 2015 being the hottest year on record here in Australia had a 1 in 12,000 chance of happening naturally without human intervention. WTF? These idiots would not recognise a natural cycle if it bit them in the arse. They do not even know what the natural cycles/effects are being so focused on the C02 influence. How can anyone possibly make that claim?


” there is a fatigue when it comes to arguing in public.”
Argue in public?
It almost never happened.
In my own experience I was responsible for the arrangements in my city when Lord Monckton was touring my country.
I tried to find a scientist to have a civilised debate, I tried a number of prominent green politicians and I tried to find an activist or two.
Failed completely, they all ran a mile.
The best I could organise was a discusiion between Lord Monckton, the audience and a couple of local government councillers which was ok, but not as good as grinding a climate “scientist” into the ground:)
I suppose by “arguing in public” the writer means to spout the typical nonsense without anyone to disagree.


Precisely Roger. The only thing I ever heard that made any sense from a global warmer was when they made some excuse why they couldn’t be there any more.

“Argue in public?
It almost never happened.”
Well, you had Mosher tell people they are ‘Wrong’ 8 billion times. Does that count?

Robert from oz

I’ve read all the comments and I hope you people are happy ! You should be ashamed of yoursel,,,,,,,, nah keep going they deserve it .


I’m still getting spam from the last petition I signed. The petition made no difference: a public street and bike ramp to the Yarra river were handed over to private developers, so Chinese investors could have a nice view of the river at the expense of the locals, even while destroying said nice view with a growing canyon of apartments. China first. No worries mate!
With all due respect for the intent of the well-worded petition, it won’t make a difference. Australian politicians don’t care about any members of the public not willing or able to fund their fabulous parties.
A receptionist at the Liberal Party federal headquarters once gave me an honest answer to this very question:
Who does your party represent?
Answer: “Our donors“.
Both parties gave millions to the crooked Clinton foundation. Australian politicians don’t adhere to the constitution, the public mostly isn’t aware that we have one, and when they are aware, they don’t know what’s actually in it. If the public was aware of the content, they might realize, for example, that several politicians sit in the parliament while holding the right to citizenship of a foreign nation, and are therefore disqualified from sitting in the parliament by section 44.
Americans, despite some ideological extremes and a flawed voting system, have a huge advantage over us convicts. Most Australians still have faith in the mainstream media – that’s how bad things are!
Fool me thrice? No worries mate.
Maybe I’ll sign the petition anyway. 200 signatures isn’t asking for much. 🙂


Leonardo di Caprio and his luvvie pals need to be included in this.

Caligula Jones

Nah. I heard he’s diverting the helicopters he uses to move models around the world to his yachts over to California to help with evacuating folks in the way of a bursting dam that he believes didn’t need fixing due to the permanent drought from climate change.
I’m sure. Right?

Schrodinger's Cat

Avoid personal CO2 emissions – stop breathing out.

Where’s the Help Al Gore Choose Better Eating Options petition? 😉


Wasn’t extreme weather always the norm?


I think the sad scientists deserve a break. You can’t squeeze the flesh via Skype, so they should be allowed to fly to any conference they choose, provided it’s via a CO2 neutral plane. Enter Solar Impulse II: Average speed: 43 mph (better pack a big lunch and plan on leaving a little earlier). Number of passengers: zero (sorry. pilot, you’ll have to eject, I’m off to an important climate conference.)

Johann Wundersamer

Or this one:
primary industries :

Gary Pearse

The hypocrisy of jet setting climate partygoers has been pushed in their faces by sceptics for a few decades. I’m encouraged they are actually listening to us. The Ozzie “best brains” in the country are also in the grief phase, away behind their counterparts in America and Europe, but that is a start. I’m afraid history is going to be particularly hard on Oz re this zany debacle. I would love to see a head count because it seems to me that Oz has more climating folks per square kilometre than any other country. Zooks! And at a time when the need for bank tellers, taxi drivers and bus boys is in decline.

Extreme weather? … What “extreme weather”?comment image–an-enduring-conundrum-for-wise-policy-advice-2167-0587-1000155.pdf

It is therefore surprising to discover that by all the various real world data considered here, the weather in the first half of the 20th century was, if anything, more extreme than in the second half. I have not found any data, including in SREX [a special report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change], that contradicts these trends. Furthermore there are no signs of this trend changing (i.e. lessening and reversing) in recent years.

The only way that I will sign the petition is if you change the cause just slightly — that is, by encouraging these “scientists” to stop using their CO2-laden breath to hype climate alarm.


Tell them to stop goofing off and do their homework-

You mean you expect them to read over fourteen hundred pages of historical facts! If you think that they are depressed now, then wait until they encounter THIS expectation of yours.
In other words, your homework assignment would seem a bit excessive, taking away from important grant-writing and international conference-planning activities. This is science, man, … wake up! Get with the program!


How did she get published? Who let THAT through?


They saw ‘climate change’ mentioned and immediately gave it a big tick?


Come on Prime Minister. Get with the program and announce that forthwith no publicly paid official will remain air-conditioned on your watch in order to save the planet. Won’t you please think of the CO2 savings and the grand-kiddies? The true believers await your command to show all the doubters they really mean business.

Caligula Jones

As I’ve said, the amount of hypocrisy exhibited by the progressivegreenleft will outlive the heat death of the universe. It will lurk, like gravity, in a singularity and return for the next universe.

Drew Carlson

When I saw the headline, I thought the article was going to be about helping those who suffer from CO2 guilt to stop breathing…

Caligula Jones

Let them move here to Ontario, Canada and have them open an electricity bill…

Non Nomen

Done. Great idea.

I would like to propose that from now on, all so-called climate conferences be held in Watford City, North Dakota. The center of the Bakken oil field and all that frackin’. And they could see that free enterprise is a good thing.

Non Nomen

Did anybody contact the Mickey Mann? By special arrangement, he might participate in such conferences even from State Penn Penn State.


This is your typical throw money at the problem university project. The expensive tech build out will be used some, but will not limit the travel agenda. I’ve seen this before.


I wanted to read the petition, but have problem to reach the letter. Click on the link “Read the letter” (on the petition site) shows only the list of addresses and then leads back to where I started. Am I doing something wrong, or is that link broken?

Matt G

Slightly off topic, but this relates to CO2 emissions and energy consumption/production including the USA and Canada.
This incorrectly relates deaths to air pollution and atmospheric CO2, generally an awful inaccurate map that will especially angry any Canadians.
Each country’s performance was ranked on five factors:
Energy consumption, per capita
Carbon dioxide emissions from fuel combustion, per capita
Air pollution
Deaths attributable to air pollution, per 100,00 capita
Renewable energy production

Robin Willows

I “think” Mikie Mann is in Oz right now as I heard the ABC’s Philip Adams fawning introduction on his LNL show last Friday. Could have been a repeat though. I turned off after the intro.


I think we may need an executive order banning his return.