UPDATE: 8:30AM PST Sunday 2/12/17 This is some sort of glitch with, and it published last night instead of Eric Worrall’s piece on the French giving asylum to Climate Scientists. Is suspect it had something to do with me approving it on my phone, and having a weak signal.

It did make for an interesting discussion, however. I’ve added a featured image that sort of represents the discussion so far.

Carry on. – Anthony


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“) The cat post by accident?


Kenji !!

Janice Moore

You — are — RIGHT! 🙂
A message from Kenji:
Dear people. I messed up. HERE is the video I wanted Anthony to post for me. He said he was too tired to help me. And I tried and tried and TRIED. Grrr. Thanks to Janice, who LOVES dogs (growl), here you go!!!
Munchkin Wishes you a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! 🙂

(youtube )
Love (except I’m sort of mad at Anthony),

Janice Moore

I’ve added a featured image that sort of represents the discussion so far.
Aaaarrrrrgh! ANTHONY! Enough teasing! 😉
(I can’t see the image — perhaps, others can?)

Janice Moore
Janice Moore

Eccentric and PROUD of it!!! 🙂comment image


Want to cut into the regular scheduled programming to inform you that there is an emergency evacuation in effect for Oroville and the surrounding low lying areas in the impact zone of Oroville dam.
The emergency spillway is in danger of collapse.

Janice Moore

Good for you, Paper Tiger.
Just to help you out with your goodhearted posts:

there is an emergency evacuation in effect for Oroville and the surrounding low lying areas….



Mario Lento

What’s up with this post? No content.


Janice Moore

Mr. Restin. Ahem! Please note the time Mr. Lento posted his comment. 🙂
(oooooooooo, OKAY, I won’t! 🙂 — almost posted Homer Simpson saluting you, Mr. R., but, I won’t say it…. — I, too, made an embarrassing mistake on this thread, down below (Ithoughtthiswasthetestthread) s(0.0)s.

From Oroville to Gridley…low level areas around the feather river will experience rapid river rises. This is not a Drill. This is not a Drill. Repeat this is not a drill.* Locations impacted include… Oroville, Palermo, Gridley, Thermalito, South Oroville, Oroville Dam, Oroville East and Wyandotte.PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS…Turn around, don’t drown when encountering flooded roads. Most flooddeaths occur in vehicles.Move to higher ground now. Act quickly to protect your life.&&LAT…LON 3953 12139 3934 12156 3933 12172 3952 12163 3961 12149$$




LAKE OROVILLE, Calif. – There is a mandatory evacuation order in place for low-lying levels of Oroville and areas downstream. It is an order for IMMEDIATE evacuation.
A hazardous situation is developing with the Oroville Dam auxiliary spillway. Operation of the auxiliary spillway has lead to severe erosion that could lead to a failure of the structure. Failure of the auxiliary spillway structure will result in an uncontrolled release of flood waters from Lake Oroville.
In response to this developing situation, DWR is increasing water releases to 100,000 cubic feet per second.
Immediate evacuation from the low levels of Oroville and areas downstream is ordered.

Its called an “ellipses”; must have something to do with the full moon…

Mike McMillan

Orbital parameters.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the WordPress hack I have read about?

Or maybe it was Kenji wot done it?


Gloateus Maximus

Well, it is a kind of Zen comment.


Indeed, stare at it long enough and you see six dots. Twice the impact per doubling – what does that remind me of?


Blame it on the Russians

Patrick MJD

No way. It’s Trumps’ fault. He will destroy the world and Obummah will be the second coming to save us all, and the planet.


No, it was not the Russians. Big Coal was the malevolent force behind this.

It’s Pocahontas that will save the country.

Janice Moore

A video about Elizabeth Warren’s lie to make sure all readers understand the “Pocahontas” allusion.
(Note: while Pocahontas was actually a Powhatan, not a Cherokee as Warren claims she is, the nickname is an apt appellation for one grandly claiming privileges based on a lie about being part American Indian. Further, please note that just as it does not demean a queen to paint the queen’s crown onto the exposé portrait of the lying poseur claiming a right to that crown, calling Warren “Pocahontas” belittles her, not American Indians (and finally, also note, in my experience, most Indians do not mind being called “Indians.”)
Video about Elizabeth Warren’s lie about being Native American Indian

Nice one, MikeRestin! 🙂


I prefer “Liarwatha”.


Or in the UK, Porkiehontas.



Richard G

Yes it was the Russians and they only require an exchange of Tennessee Whisky and Kentucky Bourbon for Russian Vodka. No harm to Kenji was done during this hack.

Possibly an open thread for Griff and friends.


What’s your view on this then Griff?

Patrick MJD

Ice death spiral…through a melting ice lens…


A very bad picture of me? My wife claims I’m increasingly eccentric…


Well she might just be onto something.
By the way Griff, if by any chance you do have doubts about the narrative (I myself was a full-blooded “believer” like yourself) than you’d be surprised at how welcoming the “other side” is.
Anyhoo, I beseech thee to try to take the perceptual lens you have and change it for something different.

Janice Moore

Your wife just sent me this evidence to prove she is right (you out-eccentric me, by the way — congratulations). Oh, yes, indeed, she has my e mail address, just in case she needs us to give you a ride home. Hm? You are NOT drunk when you come to WUWT??
Oh. Well. Well, I guess it’s just that she’s always a bit concerned about you ……. and she knows we WUWTers (See jones) will help you out of your mental muddle….. if (sigh) you would only admit you need help. Here: learn this: “Hi! I’m Griff and I am a pseudo-science addict. I have been clean and sober for 3 days, now.” Come on, Griff! YOU — CAN — DO — IT! 🙂
You, at the family picnic last week.comment image
It was a telling photo, too (not that she intended to out you, but, well, there it is for us all to see), you are ignoring something significant in your fervor to evangelize for the Holy Church of AGW:


[snip -over the top -mod]


Yeah Mods, I know. Janice is a favourite of some on this website. She is far from a favourite of mine.


Alex, nobody is forcing you to be here.

Gunga Din

Hey guys, give Griff a bit of a break here.
I think he was just trying to join in on the humor.

Gunga Din

Alex, I don’t know what you said that was “over the top” but it seems that you don’t like Janice. Fine. Skip her comments.
I’m sure many skip mine and yours. Maybe EVERBODY skips mine. But he still allows them as long as they are within his site’s rules.
PS I am one who likes Janice’s comments but I would have said the same if you refereed to another regular commenter.

I believe this is a very trenchant comment on the being of nothingness and the nothingness of being. It is symbolic of the agonizing quiet of the neonate when facing the realities of life for the pre-born … compared with the work of Sartre or Proust, this post speaks volumes by its calm and penetrating silence. It is the true triumph of a post-scientific world.

George Tetley

Willis, sorry you are wrong,
It’s a new volume of ” Game of Thrones”

Crispin in Waterloo but really in Singapore

It is actually a blistering attack on that skeptical web blog WUWT, containing, as usual, nothing of substance, devoid of content, and proving absolutely nothing.
It contains every single concrete proof of CAGW ever submitted for independent expert review, and that last paragraph has the formula proving that the doubling of CO2 will raise global temperatures by 8.5 degrees C.
This formula can only be seen and comprehended by the truly faithful who will find it convincing, even with their eyes closed.
It is a wonderful contribution. Thanks Anthony.


I have heard two things about Singapore:
1 – Singapore would be impossible without air conditioning.
2 – The Chinese copied their economic policy from Singapore.
Is either of those true?


Willis, have you been reading Stephan Lewandowsky?


No! It’s a photo of a now-extinct (due to ClimateChange™) polar bear in a no-longer-occurring (due to ClimateChange™) snowstorm! The poley bear is also a mutant with three eyes (due to ClimateChange™).

A “s” in morse code. Very important! 😀

Johann Wundersamer

long version
all about climate science –>

Warren Latham

… “save arseholes” … No, it couldn’t be, could it ?

Johann Wundersamer
Johann Wundersamer

Warren Latham and
save are soles

Johann Wundersamer

So Anthony is 0.3333 in trouble?


Maybe it is Skippy and he really is in trouble?
Skippy spoke in clicks. Can anyone remember if 3 clicks means stuck in the mine or fallen down the well?

Janice Moore

FYI (for me and all who had not heard of Skippy, the Australian “Lassie” (1950’s U.S. TV show where little Timmy falls into wells and mines and stuff)):
Skippy the Bush Kangaroo 🙂

For a fun time, go to youtube and use “Lassie, Timmy fell in the well” for a search term. LOTS of dogs know ALL about it! And there’s proof! On video 🙂 ).
Just ONE example:

Thank you, Anthony for this FUN thread! If I “lol’d” and “+1’d” all the GREAT COMMENTS above, I’d get ol’ Wunders. yelling at me for hogging the thread! 🙂 Heh. Maybe I will just do it anyway….. Ha! Take that, you Wunder sameasever. 🙂

Janice Moore

Ooops! Forgot where I was — “GREAT COMMENTS above AND BELOW” {on the thread}


Three clicks means “I’m hungry, feed me grants.”

M Courtney

Have you seen this on the Guardian? Pseudo-science at its most silly.
Humans causing climate to change 170 times faster than natural forces.
The Drake Equation did it first.
It takes a load of unknowable parameters, gives them arbitrary values and makes them into a sciency looking equation.
For the Drake Equation it says there must be aliens out there. Because they want to believe.
The Anthropocene is the same. With a touch of “Mike’s Nature Trick” spliced in.


Read the comments.. truly hilarious that some of the out of work baristas and failing art students are actually believing it. !


Are you saying the Drake Equation isn’t really science? 🙂


Wrong, since AGW is 110% of the measured trend (says Gavin S).
So not 170, but -10 times. They got sign wrong at the Garduian, typical for them.

Leo Smith

I couldn’t bear it. All that earnest and self assured 5th form debate…are all guardian readers terminally naïve?

John Harmsworth

Well, they pay good money to read that b.s. so if naive is a fancy word for stupid then yes,I’d say they’re naive.


Naïve is a bit more like unknowing. It’s also age-related. Younger people can get away with pleading naïvete. Old people are just stupid. Synonyms for naïve include ignorant, untutored, and green.

Or as they say … *** …


How dare you use the ‘familiar’. Love it


This is obviously what happens when the dam broke in the middle of a post.


Lost in thought?


The lull before the storm
It’s the rapture before ‘the end of times’…(or was it raptor)
Anyway its a sign, we’re all going to die


Hey, it is a GREENIE advert!


Man mauled by bear.


Where is the mother?

Bryan A

Obviously behind the camera looking for her next big Facebook Post




Well , we really didn’t want to see that part. It’s a family friendly website.

Johann Wundersamer

unperfect world – lots of polar bears, where’s the beer attacks.

It’s a comprehensive compendium of the evidence that anthropogenic CO2 drives sea-level rise, as seen in this graph:


Or to looks at the “evidence” in another way

comment image


The Rothko of the internet!


‘And the Abyss stared back.’


A remark on the missing heat.

Sigh. I don’t have this many comments TOTAL for my blog…
Brilliant post!


I created a blog once some years back. I used it half a dozen times. Just visited yours…. work on your writing my friend, just like I should be doing. Your stories will last long after all blogs have gone.

Thank you for the encouragement…
A blog is (one of) the basic marketing tools – when done correctly. I seem to have a muse sitting to one side of me, and Murphy on the other side. Trying to get back to it now.

Second string, put it in the contact form too – Anthony, somehow when I replied to ClimateOtter through the WP notices, I had the permission to “unapprove” him as a commenter – not good. Let me know if you want the screenshot…
Ah, after replying – the permission disappeared again. But you might want to check this out; Lord knows there are the malicious types out there that would LOVE to cause havoc here.


mwhite, perhaps they are misinterpreting the “evidence” for past water on Mars. I for one am skeptical.

Hi Anthony, thank you for this post.
It is the quickest read post for me ever! It spares a lot of time translating.

tony mcleod

It’s symbolic of next summers sea ice.

tony mcleod

three times as much?


Just a “pause” perhaps?

Its one of those nights where you have written a great post and then decide to review in the morning before sending. On waking up whilst struggling to find your glasses you hit the delete key before pressing the send.

Bloke down the pub

The ultimate result of the death spiral.

Gloateus Maximus

CACA: the best fake science your tax dollars can buy. But still not very good.

Gunga Din

Obviously it’s a comment on this take on “Global Warming”.


Thanks for the good laugh, papiertigre! Arnold looks a little frustrated.


It’s the solar panels. They don’t work in the dark, it seems.


Why do all the best posts on this site get published during my bed time?



Eric Harpham

Should we readers be worried. It was posted 6 hours ago. Is Anthony OK?


well it did not read : ” aaaaaaaaaaaaargh …. ”
It’s probably just more of the usual denialist, conspirational ideation so common on this site. 😉




is this leading to the announcement that someone has found Karl et al’s missing data? Or maybe Phil Jones’ ?
It must be something big.


I would worry this wordpress blog has been hacked like countless others this week.
“A security flaw in the WordPress blogging software has let hackers attack and deface tens of thousands of sites.
One estimate suggests more than 1.5 million pages on blogs have been defaced.
The security firm that found the vulnerability said some hackers were now trying to use it to take over sites rather than just spoil pages.”
Anthony may be fighting blackmail to get control bac.

A very peaceful post so far. No insults and name-calling. Close to a perfect world. No info no cry…


Dots nice.

Janice Moore

Personally, I appreciate the brevity, with the opportunity for future clarifying comments, if needed.


It’s all the evidence for CAGW.

Brilliant, Anthony. Just brilliant!comment image


“WTF? ‘Three polar bears in a snow storm’?”

Some tell us we’re getting the hots,
They think that we’ll fry… dot dot dots.
They don’t know that ellipsis
Does not cause ellipses.
But someone does; Anthony Watts!

Johann Wundersamer

some sort of glitch -> sort of glitches.
since when.

Maybe Anthony could one get out one third of an emergency message.