Friday Funny BONUS -Reality hits home for Dr. Mann

Ah Dr. Michael Mann, keeps giving us gifts. As Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. once quipped:

If Michael Mann did not exist, the skeptics would have to invent him.

Looks like doomsday from Dr. Mann’s perspective, according to his Twitter feed (from which I’m blocked h/t to Shub). Maybe Mike is just worried POTUS has more Twitter followers than he does…


150 thoughts on “Friday Funny BONUS -Reality hits home for Dr. Mann

      • I have a thought on that:
        “Entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.” -Noel Brown, ex UNEP Director, 1988
        And another thought:
        “European cities will be plunged beneath rising seas as Britain is plunged into a Siberian climate by 2020.” -Paul Harris, 2004, UK Ecojournalist

      • The Potsdammers again. They are incapable of creating a model that doesn’t signify catastrophe. It’s the raison d’etre for their Institute.

      • It is true the Eemian highstand was 6-7 meters higher than present sea level with temps 1-2C greater than present (proxies vary). What the article did not say is that it took ~3000 years to reach. That is ~2.2mm/yr, which is the present SLR at ~40 long record PSMSL tide gauges with diff GPS vertical land motion correction within 10 km. Has been since 1900. And the world is coping nicely with that rate. Only places like Bangkok with substantial subsidence have potential problems. The Bangkok lesson is dont build on unconsolidated estuary sediments and then pump out the ground water. You sink if you do.
        A scary prediction that might or might not be true three millennia from now presented as if for 2100. Nice going, PIK. Par for the warmunist course.

      • ristvan: “The Bangkok lesson is don’t build on unconsolidated estuary sediments and then pump out the ground water.”
        Try telling that to the Houston area of Texas. According to the U.S. Geological Survey parts of Harris County have dropped 10 and 12 feet since the 1920s. Two millimeters per year is nothing. Even with (attempted) controls on ground water pumping some areas around Houston are still dropping around 5cm. per year.

      • The Bangkok lesson is dont build on unconsolidated estuary sediments and then pump out the ground water. You sink if you do.

        It’s even worse for New Orleans. Full article at Here’s the summary

        Infeasibility of Rebuilding New Orleans
        The river is moving away from the city. The city is sinking because of its weight, because no upbuilding by new muck for many decades, because of being cut off from the fresh water, because it is sliding off a cliff (the Continental Shelf), and because the Oil and Gas Industry is extracting oil out from under it. It is a city that for all intents and purposes is now Sea domain. Spend the money on developing alternative energy solutions instead.

  1. sadly, STUPID is a renewable resource…
    we may never reach ‘peak stupid’
    the stone age didn’t end cuz we ran out of stupid…
    well- when life hands you a pile of butthurt lemons…
    squash em, squeeze em, wring the juice out of em and toss the husks

    • Technological progress is the process of making things easier for less and less able thinkers. Consider the evolution of projectile weapons. The first weapons of that sort were thrown stones. There is now evidence that one of the distinct ways that humans differ from great apes (if you don’t go for evolution don’t bother reading) is that we are world class in the art of distance and accuracy throwing. The projectile weapon then acquires a shaft and a sharpened tip placing more mass behind a small point creating a weapon capable of penetration from a distance, but both stone and spear throwing require practice, lots of it. Along the way we have distance and power enhancements like the sling and spear thrower (atl-atl), and “magazine” enhancements in the development of smaller darts and the bow and arrow. Skill demands are reduced with the bow some, and then dramatically so with introduction of fire arms. Accuracy is still an individual matter. By the late 18th century the British are perfecting the mass musketry barrage demanding no marksmanship, the hand grenade is in use – essentially rock throwing with lower skill demands, and canon fire includes nasty loads of case shot. As the 19th and 20th centuries pass the demand for skill is largely eliminated and any idiot with access can now destroy continents. But behind the idiot are skilled technicians who have created devices that have freed them from constant attendance on idiots, or as Mencken wrote “…downright moron[s].”

      • Technological progress is the process of making things more productive for less and less inputs.
        The reduced input may be technical skill or intellectual ability. Or it may be some other input reduced (like raw materials).
        Finally, in critical applications – like warfare – the input may even be increased if the output is increased more. That is the case with thee English Longbow (actually Welsh). It required great application to gain the strength to fire the thing and a lot of practise practise to get the range right. But it was so effective at killing that it ended the dominance of heavy cavalry on the medieval battlefield.
        (For further study look at the sub-sonic VTOL Harrier in the Falklands War. It was called the Widowmaker because it was so hard to fly. It was deemed obsolete on arrival as it was sub-sonic. But it changed the aerial battlefield from just ‘faster’ to ‘fast and manoeuvrable’)

    • Stupidity is a form entropy. It just keeps growing naturally. Any pockets of sanity and intelligence are just local, temporary perturbations.

      • That was the gist of Stephen Pinker’s reply to this year’s Edge question.
        ” An underappreciation of the inherent tendency toward disorder, and a failure to appreciate the precious niches of order we carve out, are a major source of human folly.”
        “Poverty, too, needs no explanation. In a world governed by entropy and evolution, it is the default state of humankind. Matter does not just arrange itself into shelter or clothing, and living things do everything they can not to become our food. What needs to be explained is wealth. Yet most discussions of poverty consist of arguments about whom to blame for it.”

    • “the stone age didn’t end cuz we ran out of stupid…”
      The more you look at the Pyramids, the more you realize the guys that built them weren’t stupid. They were superb engineers.

      • Absolutely true!
        Not to mention the fact that all of the geniuses are still scratching their academic dome’s over how they moved the stones.

  2. Professor Mann probably read the speech: “an education system, flush with cash, but which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of all knowledge”. The HORROR, indeed.

  3. Hey Mikey, you will get another grant. Just this time, uh, use more than one tree, and involve someone who understands statistics

  4. Expect a sudden sharp rise in global sea level due to the simultaneous meltdown of vast numbers of special snowflakes.

  5. The horror for Mann and his ilk has certainly come to pass. The gravy train has just made it’s last stop.

  6. Time to get a real job Mikey. If you can’t avoid lying, I believe ABC or CNN should employ you with open arms.

      • One pointed question, Pops–just HOW has mankind been controlling the climate?
        If they’ve been doing it and forcing temps upwards on purpose to support their scam, wouldn’t that be a criminal conspiracy of infinite magnitude?
        I think you have some serious ‘splaning to do!

    • He’s probably got a massive database of people he blocked in advance.. Just in case ya know.

    • @Richard Baguley: Did it ever occur to you that blocking people on your Twitter acct is a sign of cowardice? It is the equivalent of turning and running from your enemy in battle because you don’t have the courage (or the weapons) to fight them.
      Mann is displaying his cowardice because, deep down, he probably knows that those he has blocked have better science to fight with than he does. Simple common sense–Isn’t hard to figure out.

    • Oddly enough, I am also blocked by Dr. Mann? And I’ve never once even looked at his twitter feed before reading this post!

    • He is being consistent. He removes everything he doesn´t like.
      He will end up with only one twitter follower called YAD06.

      • I wonder if Mann has been trolling this site and blocking everyone who posts here. He certainly has a list of all the people who he blacklisted at I remember that it took me fewer than 5 questions on Realclimate to be effectively blocked by Mann and Schmidt.
        Mann must have quite a database of blockees by now.

  7. I wonder which is better (or worse): to be TwitterBlocked by Mann and know it or to never have known it?

    • Definitely one to ponder. I’ve been blocked from an Australian cleric’s FB. Great feeling to have got right up the nose of a posturing SJWanker!

  8. Seems a busy climate scientist would have better things to do with his time…. threatening or attacking someone, burning cars, rioting, destroying private property
    and not one democrat has condemned any of it

  9. How long will it be before we get to know the revised and unadjusted temperature records, since Climate Science Dinosaurs stopped ruling the Earth?

    • Great point! That would be a worthy project: to “unadjust” the temperature record.

    • The original weather station data still exists at most weather stations. It’s the collected data maintained by government agencies which has been corrupted by multiple “adjustments”. With new leadership in the Executive Branch the task of replacing the massively adjusted data with original data can begin. Personally, I would rather not see any adjustments in the collected data, even for UHI, but I certainly would like to see the data classified into categories including true rural and urban as well as the compliant and none compliant sites that Anthony identified.

    • On the one hand, I have often seen lawyers be wrong about the eventual outcome of cases. On the other hand, Steyn has friends:

      … the American Civil Liberties Union, the Reporters Committee for Press Freedom, the American Society of News Editors, the Association of American Publishers, the Association of Alternative Newsmedia (The Village Voice et al), NBC Universal, Bloomberg News, the publishers of USA Today, Time, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, The Detroit Free Press, The Seattle Times, The Arizona Republic and The Bergen County Record have all filed amici briefs against his attempted shredding of the First Amendment. They’re in no way fans of mine, but they recognize that this is the most consequential free-speech case before the US courts since New York Times vs Sullivan, and if Mann wins it would be a catastrophic defeat for the First Amendment. That said, on global warming and “climate change”, they largely agree with him. But I’ve also been heartened to learn how many scientists across the spectrum want nothing to do with Mann (scroll down here), and regard a defeat for him in court as a victory for genuine science. link

      That’s an astounding number of amici briefs. There is clearly a lot at stake. If Mann wins, it sets a precedent that makes the First Amendment meaningless. I think he will have a very hard time winning.

    • Whatever the outcome of the trial, Mann will ultimately lose, which is why he has vehemently opposed discovery requests from Steyn, just as he vehemently dodged FOIA requests in VA and PA.
      Win or lose, the truth will come out. Mann is a cockroach and eventually the light switch will be flipped on.
      Backed by undisclosed Green money, Mann tried to bully Steyn. His plan backfired and blew up in his face. Mann will be crucified. He knows this.

    • Steyn hasn’t hidden behind the truth and Mann couldn’t recognize the truth if it smacked him between the eyes like a 2 x 4.
      You may laugh at ristvan if you must but I can guarantee nobody is following your lead.

    • No, just knowledge of the law, Steyn’s book A Disgrace to the Profession, and McIntyre’s deconstruction of Mann’s hockey stick and Mike’s Nature trick to hide the decline.

    • ristvan January 21, 2017 at 8:56 am

      There is this recent decision against Steyn. The disturbing thing is that the court has hung its hat on Penn State’s very flawed investigation that supposedly exonerates Mann.

    • ” LMAO @ ristvan, you must be using some kind of climate model to predict the outcome of a lawsuit. Thanks for the laugh.”
      LMAO @ Richard Baguley, how ambiguous of you?
      I’m getting climate models can’t predict the future…….Thanks for the laugh! lol

  10. I suggest a job out in fresh air for Mike – How about a greens keeper at the local golf course = $12 /hr!!!

  11. Wow, calling the duly elected 45th President of the USA a “horror”…. That takes some chutzpah….
    Friendly reminder for Dr. Mann, having no commercially viable skills the only “boss” you have ever had is the US gubermint. When the leader of the gubermint changes you could attempt (however disingenuously) to curry his/her favor, or you could insult him on Day One…..
    I guess Dr. Mann went with the “Insult the Boss” option right out of the gate…….
    That usually ends poorly, but it will sure be entertaining to see how this goes….. “You’re Fired” does have a nice melodious tone to it…..
    Of course Dr. Mann is a Nobel prize winner (ha ha ha) and is a whole lot smarter than us “common” folks that have simply tried to do something useful that others will gladly pay for.
    Perhaps Dr. Mann should have run for President based on a “I’ll save the Planet” platform……
    Wonder how that would have gone against a simpler “I’ll save your JOBS” platform….
    Cheers, KevinK

  12. by blocked you mean you can’t post? Cause if you can’t see it you can just log out and look at it. Not that I’d want to do that on a regular basis mind you..

  13. The real “horror” is Mann’s dishonest deception and deceit in falsely fabricating alleged scientific support for man made global warming which been shown to be completely exaggerated and bogus.
    The protection and funding which scumbags like Mann received from Obama’s idiotic government climate fear campaign is now gone.
    Have a great day Mann!

      • AndyG55
        January 21, 2017 at 12:23 pm
        “He’s crushing Twitter with those 34 likes”
        that must be the 97% of “climate scientists™”

        No its only 34 of the 65 climate scientists making up the 97% (65 out of 67 = 97%). So just over half of the 97%. 🙂

  14. Universities are businesses and like when the dollars are flowing in. State Penn was very happy when Mikey was on the gravy train. I wonder… will the university be so happy when the train leaves the tracks?

  15. I feel the Love… I’m blocked too. Must be a list somewhere.
    Yes. Mikey is telling the truth when he says “horror.” The hustle for which has been a part of is about to unravel. The horror!!

  16. “At 11:59 am eastern, the official White House website had a lengthy information page about the threat of climate change and the steps the federal government had taken to fight it. At noon, at the instant Donald Trump took office, the page was gone, as well as any mention of climate change or global warming.”
    Trump made it perfectly clear that the political class and their money laundering scheme to make money for themselves was going to end.
    Nice to see that he is keeping his word…

  17. “Mistah Kurtz – he dead”
    “A penny for the Old Guy”
    ‘This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    Not with a bang but a whimper.’
    The ‘Heart of Darkness’ you see is in the mirror Mike!

  18. Hmmmm, I wonder if a 0.02C chill ran up his spine? Maybe we could get the DOJ to model his future and issue a report. We could call it the CCIP Report – Criminal Conspiracy Indictment Potential Report #1.

  19. If you were looking at your projected income for next year and released that it might be on the low side…maybe you’d be horrified too!

  20. Redirect most of the climate section budget(s) to real science that has been held back in recent years. Do the same with DoD budgets.

    • The Prophet Mike fortells the Apocalypse.
      Wiki: An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω, literally meaning “an uncovering”) is a disclosure of knowledge or revelation.

  21. So the true belivers STILL haven’t learnt their lesson? Trump used them VERY effectively to do his advertising during the election campaign and they STILL advertise him for free. 😀

      • Chess and Checkers are at least played on the same board, and have many stylistic similarities.
        I’d say Trump is playing Risk, or maybe Monopoly. Obama was playing Candyland, Hillary was playing Mario Kart with the Media, and Mikey Mann is currently playing Russian Roulette. Let’s see how many more times he will pull the trigger before he ends up losing. ^¿^

  22. Mann can take solace in fact that Mammoth Mtn (CA) just announced new Jan. record for “white global warming” aka snow.
    And there’re still 11 days to go!

    • “Will you have fries with that? or “would you like some Ketchup”? “or Mayonnaise?” Sorry that is three questions,
      I doubt he would be able to handle three questions in a row, let alone the answer: “I’ll have all three”.

    • The potential pending unemployment among “climate scientists” has long reminded me of the Graham Oakley illulstrated children’s book The Church Mice & the Moon in which a pair of third rate scientists working for the Wortlethorpe Municipal Moon Programme (WoMuMP) kidnap two church mice, train them as astronauts and send them to the moon in a rocket.
      In the end of course justice triumphs; the two mice return safely to the church, the scientists are thrown out and end up busking for donations. The final panel is priceless:
      (crossing fingers over the image embedding …) If that doesn’t work, use the link: .
      The book can be ordered at Amazon. It was a big hit with both our kids.
      Instead of arguing further over ECS, we need to come up with an Estimate of Climate Research Parasitism (ECRP), a measure of how many jobs will be created elsewhere for every one eliminated in politicized climate research.

  23. To my mind, Mann’s ego-driven, self-serving meanderings long ago led me to conclude that he is the David Irving of “climate science” – or whatever they’re calling it this week. Talk about a “cause” in desperate search for a catchy name, eh?! But I digress …
    For those unfamiliar with the name, Irving – who claims to be an “historian” and has the rather unpleasant habit of suing those who have the temerity to challenge his “findings” – is a Holocaust denier, and indisputably proved himself to be one in 2000 in the UK High Court.
    Evidence in support of my “thesis” can be found at: The many misrepresentations of Mann
    As for the much beleaguered little Mann, perhaps he could flog his hockey stick to the UN’s latest and greatest initiative: a “Global Action Plan for Sustainable Development Data”.
    See: for all the predictable details.
    And if he’s really lucky, maybe they’ll award the poor little “horror” stricken Mann an honorary drum on which to bang. See:

  24. I just realized that adding an “E” to Mann’s initials spells MEME! How appropriate!
    meme (mēm) n. A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another.
    (Notice that the definition doesn’t say anything about scientific support or validity.)

  25. “The Horror Has Become Real”
    At first glance, I thought Mann might be referring to the horror of climate change. But no, it was Trump. I guess the horror of climate change has yet to become real for him (or for anyone). It has always been about politics. Science is a distant runner up. That should tell us something.

  26. I’m waiting for Doctour Mann and his love-thing Executives at AAAS, AGU, AMS and APS to begin a pollination operation of Phallus Proportions to spread their germ to all.

  27. Insult your boss – the man who can have your funding cut, on his very first day in the job? Really, Mickey? Dangerous tactics, sunshine…

    • Mann has proven his stupidity across the spectrum; is anyone surprised with this childish, non-scientific outburst? I’m not!
      Mann has never been a “scientist” in the true sense of the word. Instead, he’s been the #1 agitprop extraordinaire for the religion called Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (with name changes to effect the propaganda as needed).
      Mann is a melting snowflake of that religion and I love his theatrics!

  28. How will DJT hurt Mann? These academics do not live in a house of cards, au contraire they usually live in impregnable ivory towers. DJT will need a cunning plan if he is to end this nonsense.

    • I hope this is on a list of upcoming failed predictions somewhere. Although they may be right about widespread riots in 2020 — when Donald Trump gets reelected.

      • Police predicted DC protesters numbered about 400, of which 217 were arrested and charged with “rioting”, which is a felony. These people won’t get the wrist slap they’d have gotten under the lax law enforcement of Obama, so repeat offenders will probably face enough jail time to take them off the streets for quite some time.
        Funny how a new sheriff in town will dampen their enthusiasm to break the law.

      • Massed divisions of women out on the streets right across the globe today in what is clearly a highly coordinated and funded operation. The globalist establishment is desperately fighting for survival now and will stop at nothing. Like the green blob it’s parent multiheaded hydra is going to be difficult to kill.

    • Notice they’re carefully saying Britain will go ‘Siberian’. They aren’t going to leave quietly and intend to go full Goebbels on this. They will just keep screaming that every event whatsoever is more evidence of climate change/disruption and is what they’ve been warning about all along.
      It’s a bit difficult to know how to deal with that from a public perception point of view since if you aren’t scientifically trained and don’t know anything about null hypotheses or unfalsifiability it would be tempting to just believe those who scream the loudest and I think we all know who that will be.

  29. 3 years for Mike to torture the Yamal treemometer data to prove UK = Siberia (oops, they’ve just archived it, oh dear never mind).

  30. Michael Mann has been exposed and the Penn State “climate emperor” has no clothes! It could get kind of chilly in Happy Valley, PA.

  31. Michael Mann: “The horror has become real…unlike any of my other projections,”
    (I think his tweet got cut off.)

  32. This is really funny. I went to Twitter to make some caustic comment on or to @MichaelEMann. He’s got me blocked! He really is a sensitive guy, I guess. Maybe I was too rough on him. If he’s blocked me, a non-entity, then he must have most of ya’ll blocked on Twitter. Does he?

    • M.E. Mann is such a loser I won’t waste my time to check, Titan. Besides, being blocked by M.E. Mann is a badge of honor.

    • Blocking people from his twitter feed is actually more dangerous to him than to us. If he makes it so he can’t see what is happening outside his bubble, he may get blindsided as did a recent presidential candidate.

  33. The thing about Mann, is that it might appear to someone who has just started reading about him, that he has been made into a cardboard villain. I had to do a little research to find out that he actually is a cardboard villain.

  34. as per usual, Scientific America has give Mann a little print space in the most recent issue. How did he use the gift??? to loudly proclaim the same tired old talking points. Gotta give the guy a little credit–at least he is consistently wrong about everything.

  35. The entire Penn State U. community had to endure several years as an academic pariah and several football teams were penalized for the pedophilia committed by a single Assistant Football Coach and the resultant coverup. What is the appropriate penalty for the Penn State community for supporting the Sophistry and worse of Michael Mann?

      • There is real horror in the continuing damage done by belief in the straight shaft of the crook’t hockey stick. It is somewhat like seeing a disaster happen, about which you’ve dreamed. C’mon, where’s our Hitchcock?

  36. “Environment
    Global warming could cause sea levels to rise higher than the height of a three-storey building, study suggests
    Researchers discover that ocean temperatures 125,000 years ago, when sea levels were six to nine metres higher, were the same as they are today, suggesting the world will see significant increases
    over the next centuries
    as the water slowly expands and ice sheets melt
    Ian Johnston Environment Correspondent Thursday 19 January 2017125 comments”

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