Kindness- paying an old debt forward

I have been blessed with many, many friends around the world due to my creating WUWT, now in it’s 10th year. I have friends in many countries, and people reach out to me in various ways, almost always with a kind hand. I’ve felt blessed because of the global reach this blog has. About five years ago, I started doing something to repay what this website and the kind people who read it have done for me, by doing something at Christmastime to help somebody in need. I’ve always done it anonymously, but this year is different, I have to do it in the open, and that’s where you folks come in.

First of all let me say none of you owe me anything; I’m the one who feels indebted most days. I’m asking for a small favor for those who can do it, so that I can help a friend in need, there’s no shame in passing this by. Readers may recall I’ve done similar things for people in the past, such as help a climate skeptic cattle rancher family escape the bureaucratic nightmares of Australia that had ruined their dream and lives, and helping the family of our beloved moderator, Bob E. Phelan (REP) pay for his funeral when he died unexpectedly. So, this sort of thing isn’t new to me or to this website. I’m proud to say that readers stepped up each time.

So, I have another friend in need, and I’m hoping readers will help.

I have a friend that I worked with years ago in television who was a reporter, a good one, but the job of TV is a cruel one, especially to women, and she has fallen into a hole that sometimes happens to people. Life throws curve balls, some people swing with the pitches, others take a ball to the head.

This is what she looked like during here TV career. Her name is Angie. Now, I know what a lot of you might think “oh, she was on TV, she’s probably rich” well, when you get to New York, Chicago, and big places like that, you can claim a six-figure salary. Working in small market TV like she and I did, in Chico, CA, not so much. It’s pretty basic pay. I made $24,500 a year when I left in 2002.


This is what she looks like now:


She’s in trouble right now, and it is possible she may lose custody of her children, and a lot of it is not of her direct doing, but caused by a medical issue that few people know about: postpartum depression.

When people get this, it usually manifests itself like regular depression, in some cases it’s worse, and all sorts of things can happen. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I can tell you that I have seen what it did to a couple of friends in my lifetime. Massive changes in the body create chemical changes that manifest themselves as changes in behavior, and rational sensible people become entirely different. The Mayo Clinic has this to say about it:

Many new moms experience the “postpartum baby blues” after childbirth, which commonly include mood swings, crying spells, anxiety and difficulty sleeping. Baby blues typically begin within the first two to three days after delivery, and may last for up to two weeks.

But some new moms experience a more severe, long-lasting form of depression known as postpartum depression. Rarely, an extreme mood disorder called postpartum psychosis also may develop after childbirth.

Postpartum depression isn’t a character flaw or a weakness. Sometimes it’s simply a complication of giving birth.

Added: A new study released 12/20 says:  Pregnancy leads to changes in the mother’s brain

She ended up with the latter symptom. She’s on the mend now and herself again, but during that time there was some true misfortunes, and she may lose access to her children. She went to court, and against the advice of friends and family, she acted as her own attorney, defending herself in a divorce with a father that apparently couldn’t understand what was going on, and lost big, not monetarily, mind you, but by access to her children.

Now, I know what you are probably thinking – “why is Anthony asking for help with this“?  First, full disclosure – I have no relationship with this person as we are separated by over 1800 miles. Second, I’ve been there, right where she is. About 30 years ago I had also left television for awhile, I moved away from my family, my career hit the skids, and I found myself unemployed, nearly broke, with no significant other, and severely depressed. I had $15 left in my bank account, and no prospects for employment. When I was at my worst, somebody helped me, and because of that help, it gave me a leg up and I dug myself out of that hole I fell into. Angie has fallen into a similar hole.

Remembering that small kindness back then that changed my life, I’m simply “paying it forward” by using my good fortune of having thousands of readers who might be able to chip in some pocket change, because that’s all that’s really needed here. If 300 people give 20 dollars, she’s met her goal, and that shouldn’t be hard to do with the thousands of daily readers we have. When I helped the Thompson family in Australia, we raised over 20 thousand dollars just like that. When Bob Phelan died, we raised nearly as much. This is a far smaller sum, and so should be easy.

So, pocket change, ten or twenty bucks that’s all I ask. Maybe take a sack lunch this week, or forgo having the usual morning Starbucks latte, or some other small thing-  it all adds up.

Here is the link to the GoFundMe Website where her campaign is setup:

DONATE HERE  (donations closed)

Plus, it’s Christmastime, the season of giving, and what better thing could you do than help a mother stay with her children?

Thanks for your consideration, and Merry Christmas! – Anthony Watts

UPDATE: for anyone concerned about using a credit card, please read this:

UPDATE2: In just over 3 hours, it went from $113 ($100 of that was money I chipped in, $13 from one of her friends) to over $4500 ! My readership really is amazing. Thanks, just a little more to go!

UPDATE3: As of 930PM PST, the $6000 goal has been met, and exceeded. Basically it took under 6 hours. I’m so impressed with WUWT readers, Angie hasn’t seen the total yet, as she’s already asleep in the Central time zone, but I’m sure she’s going to be speechless tomorrow when she wakes up. The GoFundMe site will still accept donations, and if you are now just seeing this, you are welcome to add some additional pocket change to push the total higher if you wish. My sincere thanks to everyone who helped! – Anthony Watts


At about 830AM PST this morning PST, the campaign reached $9K, a whopping 50% more than was asked for. I am very proud of our WUWT community. Angie decided that she should end the campaign at that time, since it was one final donation of $317.00, sent anonymously, that made the total exactly $9000., and it just seemed like the right time.

She writes today:

I cannot fully express to you the gratitude I have for so kind and gracious a support system you have chosen to be.

“Some people grumble that roses have thorns. I’m grateful that thorns have roses.” – Alphonse Karr

Thank you for being the magnificent roses while I have been fighting the thorns.

Much love and gratitude,

Angelica, Alaina Grace and Pike

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  1. As a recent survivor of PPD, I feel her pain. I will donate this week. Thank you for shedding light on this horrible illness.

  2. Done. Gladly.
    Thank you, Anthony, for giving us the opportunity.
    Dear Angie,
    You can do this! Things as they are are not now what they will be. All will be well.
    Praying for you,
    P.S. And (hey! I can pray for whatever I want!) I am going to pray that you and Anthony get together. I think you would make a great couple (LOTS in common….). Let me know if God says, “Yes.” 🙂
    Angela and Anthony
    (looks nice, hm? 🙂 )

      • Janice, I like most people here, love you dearly, but you should not do that. Anthony is doing something for someone who needs help. It’s the Christian thing to do. It doesn’t have to go beyond that.

      • I KNOW you are not an item, Anthony. (Ahem!) I am praying that you WILL be. (smiling) The hearts are from MY romantic heart — not a reflection of anything you said. Heh. But, …… they……. just ………… MIGHT ………. be…………………. someday.

      • commieBob!! Not you, too! I am PRAYING that such a wonderful thing will, in the fullness of time, come to pass. I am NOT trying to tell Anthony to do ANYTHING. I’m asking God to make it happen. Aaaaaaaa. Men. (Well! It was two men who misunderstood me!!). (and I am not mad — just writing fervently)
        Janice the Incurable Romantic

    • Ditto what kip said, ditto what Janice said on the Go Fund Me page. Get the best help for yourself that you can. From my experience meds can help along with doing everything you can to strengthen your body, from good food, close friends to talk to and the ability to sleep well which helps your head recharge and fight back. When I can’t sleep I play this, simple… beautiful….Good Luck

  3. Hey!! Anthony, you are having a significant impact already. Within about 5 minutes of your posting the above, 18 more donations have been made, TRIPLING the original amount. Good trend! 🙂

  4. $75 Canadian Peso’s on its way. I have been bugged for donations every where I go and have declined as you never know how the money will be used. Finally have a justifiable cause and I know it will be put to proper use. Thanks for the outlet Anthony.

    • Anthony, How about an option to let the John Who’s of the world donate to YOU via PayPal and you, then, donate to Angelica?

      • Hello Janice,
        Any thoughts from yourself, or the readership, as to what to do if a person never uses a credit card and only uses PayPal or my Australian Bank and Electronic Funds Transfer for bills and purchases. Or Cash, of course, if that is not obsolete as well these days.
        Any one got any suggestion as to how to contribute another way.

      • Dear RobbertBobbert (boy, was that fun to type that, lol),
        Here are three suggestions:
        1. Buy a pre-loaded VISA card at your local grocery store or Walmart (go online to see what I mean) type store. You can put whatever amount you like OR it comes with a designated amount on it, e.g., $25.00. The downside to that option is, they charge a “handling fee,” so you net less than your purchase price when you use the VISA card online.
        2. IF you would consider opening a VISA card, just get a very low credit limit one. That’s what a relative of mine does. That way, if THAT card is stolen, at least only a max of whatever the max is can be bilked from you.
        3. Again, IF you would consider opening a VISA card, get LifeLock (on line). They insure you against loss and protect your ID. I have it. It costs about $9.00/month.
        GOOD FOR YOU to persevere in trying to donate!
        Your WUWT ally for truth,
        P.S. I hope you won’t mind my using my reply to you to say this: Legal fees for Angelica could EASILY surpass the nearly $8,000.00 raised (as of a few minutes ago) so far. EVEN THOUGH SHE HAS REACHED THE ORIGINAL GOAL OF $6,000, PLEASE CONSIDER GIVING ANYWAY.

  5. Thanks for doing this, Anthony. I’ve learnt so much from your work (and collaborators) here over the years, and it’s nice to be able to help too at this time of year.

  6. Long time reader, first time commenter. I feel her pain. I also struggled with depression while with a person who offered no support and did things to make my life miserable. When I was at the bottom of my pit, others gave me a hand up. I believe in paying it forward. I have been reading your blog long enough to trust you.

  7. Someone once gave me some really good advice. When you feel like you’ve been kicked to the curb, lift your head up, see if you can spot someone worse off than you, and try and help them. Chances are very good that you’ll find someone. Puts the good fortune in your own life in perspective, and helps someone who really needs it.
    Donation sent from the curb 😉
    Needle jumped a lot just in the time it took to type in my info. Congrats Anthony.

  8. Done, glad to be able to help. I have been very fortunate and have few old debts that I have not repaid already.
    Cheers, KevinK

  9. Totally off topic – We have an electoral college vote. link If I understand correctly, Hillary lost more votes to faithless electors than did The Donald.

  10. I don’t normally do the Go Fund Me thing because I don’t know if the people are really deserving. But I trust you Anthony, so in this case I’ll help out. I wish your friend well.

  11. She went to court, and against the advice of friends and family, she acted as her own attorney, defending herself in a divorce with a father that apparently couldn’t understand what was going on, and lost big, not monetarily, mind you, but by access to her children.

    That’s one of the cardinal sins of dealing with Child Protective Services (and contested divorces). I assume CPS is involved because of the custody issues.
    My wife was a lawyer who helped people deal with the New Hampshire instance of CPS, the Division of Children, Youth, and Family.
    The standard recommendations for dealing with CPS include recording everything, especially promises, meeting notices, and other commitments. Record things on paper, on audio recordings, and on video. If you don’t want to meet with CPS at your home, insist on a search warrant and record openly. They hate being recorded more than they love interviewing you in your home. Especially if the cupboard is bare because it’s grocery shopping day and this meeting is interferring with your weekly grocery run. (Bare cupboards is a big red flag to people looking for signs of neglect.) (Ditto full cupboards, especially if there are some high sugar or high fat snacks in addition to nutritious food.
    An ammusing summary of Paula’s career can be summarized with her vanity license plates, starting with H8DCYF. That one resulted in NH’s DMV banning all plates with “H8” though the owner of H8TAXES managed to get that returned to him. The director of the DMV sent armed officers to collect Paula’s plates, she drove around for the next couple of weeks with no plates and no hassles from the State Police.
    What could I do? I was outnumbered and outgunned; it was two DMV officers armed with semi-automatic pistols and a screwdriver, against a middle-aged housewife armed with a camera and a pet rabbit!
    Paula is retired now and is not licensed to practice law, but still has a web site with some useful information.

    • I have this wonderful little book first published in 1981 looking at the UK bureaucrat but I’m sure it would work anywhere in the world it is called.
      Bureaucrats and How to Annoy Them
      Written under the pseudonym R T Fishall.
      It has given me and those to whom I’ve lent it a great many laughs.
      James Bull

  12. Ric –
    “What could I do? I was outnumbered and outgunned; it was two DMV officers armed with semi-automatic pistols and a screwdriver,…”
    Might I remind you:
    Screwdrivers don’t screw people, people do.
    (Sorry, couldn’t pass that one up)

    • Don’t bring a screwdriver to a gun fight!
      Cool – nearly $4,000 raised.
      Someone starting an energy business wanted vanity plates for his trucks. Thanks to Paula, he got CH4, he got C2H6, he was denied C3H8….

  13. Done.
    Having had an interest in “chronotherapy,” or light therapy, a few years back, I ended up reading a bunch on postpartum depression, and postpartum anxiety.
    Being a skeptically-minded person like Descartes and “Socrates” advised, I examined a lot of data.
    From this, I have this view:
    With psychological problems, it may be better to work with a psychologist, rather than a psychiatrist, as the LEAD of all mental health care.
    The medical literature shows a range of promising non-pharmacological interventions for postpartum depression.
    Postpartum anxiety: less so. But non-pharmacological interventions for anxiety are well described, and well-known.
    Finally, there is a condition: postpartum PSYCHOSIS. This is distinctly different from postpartum depression and from postpartum anxiety. Postpartum psychosis is very rare. BUT DANGEROUS.
    Most any licensed psychologist should know what PSYCHOSIS is. But not all have training in the full range of mental health, and many licensed psychologists have NEVER dealt with psychosis.
    Any psychiatrist certainly will have.
    If a mom is psychotic, do not leave her alone with the kids.
    Again, postpartum psychosis is FAR from postpartum depression and from postpartum anxiety.
    If this woman can get psychotic, it would most likely be known by this point. So, you either know you are looking at it, or you are not looking at it.
    The prevailing light therapy treatment for postpartum depression seems to be: light “color temperature” at 4,000 Kelvin (the specific light spectrum) , lux (brightness/intensity) of 10,000 lux: a person should spend 20 – 40 minutes EARLY each morning – 5am-5:20am, up to as late as 6:15AM-6:35AM with the light shining DOWN from maybe 3 feet away at seated-table surface, as person reads a book or magazine.
    Amazon has these for about $150. Worth a try.
    The usual suspects can be considered for empirical, peer-reviewed evidence.
    Side effects: the unpleasantness of having to get up early every morning, and the cost of a few watts of energy per day. Oh – and, the problem of keeping the kids away from the light, as it may tip over easy.

    • Very useful information, thank you. Somebody might ask my advice one day and it’s good to be armed with good knowledge. I don’t want to ramble but I will almost never recommend pharmaceutical solutions, except for for short-term.
      I recall the story of a nursing home where they added lots of light, and the residents decreased their intake of pharmaceuticals, on average. Common sense, right?

  14. Sent as “John & Nancy”
    Would have mentioned WUWT but missed the chance.
    Good wishes to Angelica.
    And to our host here.

  15. Anthony, glad to help. I started following your blog daily shortly after you began writing. I (we all) appreciate and respect everything you do. I count my blessings of family, friends, health and love. I wish and pray that Angelica will soon realize the same.

  16. The latest wonder treatment for depression is low dose Ketamine, normally used as an anesthetic at higher doses. It’s incredibly safe, and you pretty much know if a few days if the treatment works. More clinics are popping up around the country, but there is no telling which clinics offer it currently.
    See a literature review here:
    One clinic offers this treatment specifically for post-partum depression , however it’s so new that many doctors are trying it on everything that looks like depression. There is a downside, that treatment must be monitored by someone competent, especially if suicidal ideation is involved.
    Another drug, Sage-547, is receiving good press especially for post-partum depression. They are currently recruiting for two randomized (ugh!) clinical trials, unfortunately neither is offered in California. See . No pubs yet.
    I apologize if medical options are no longer needed or wanted.

  17. Done.
    I was a single mom once, so it was a no brainer to help out, as so many did for me. May both she and you feel the love and power that comes from many hands doing a little. You are a great man, and a great friend Anthony. You bless us all.

  18. Anthony, Thank you for the opportunity to help someone who needs it. I donated and posted the gofundme site on Facebook.

  19. Hope all goes well in the future for Angelica. Kids need Mom!!
    Bless you Anthony – for your caring heart and your sharing ways.
    Glad to Pay it Forward, as I have had help from friends, too. It’s great to have friends that care.

    • Just got an e-mail notice that the contribution cleared OK. I’ve got a PayPal debit card I use. It works nicely and provides a message every time a transaction takes place. Very safe. Nice to have.

  20. Done to ensure the outcome exceeds expectations. All the best Angie. As a divorced single parent who had to walk through the darkness, I trust that when you get through this, you will be able to look back and appreciate the good times even more. And there will be good times!

  21. Just donated and the total is now
    $6,598 of $6,000 goal
    Raised by 175 people in 1 month
    Well done Anthony and the subscribers to his web site

  22. I am in Anthony. We all need a little help from our friends sometimes. Merry Christmas and best wishes to all!

  23. Small donation added even though the target is exceeded … lawyers bills have a habit of getting larger.
    If you speak to her before Christmas, wish her Merry Christmas from all of us (hope no-one objects to my speaking for all of us).
    And, of course, the same to you.

    • When I made my donation, I clicked (well, tapped, on my iPad) and nothing happened, took a couple more taps to get it to take. Well, it actually registered three taps, so I ended donating three times what I had intended.
      I think this was fate telling me that my original idea wasn’t enough 🙂
      No regrets. A good cause.
      Donations closed at 50% above target.
      Hope it’s enough.
      Anthony: if it isn’t, don’t be shy about coming back for a second round.

  24. Glad to donate a little. I hope the amount continues to grow, she is probably asking for too little. In a lot of states, CPS seems to want to function as a child slave auction, children going to the highest bidder (more income seems to equal better home in their minds). I recommended in a message to her that she assume that the state wants to keep her children. Honest people like her seem to get in trouble fastest, because they do not realize that state workers follow regulations to the letter when it is in their favor, and will willingly ignore regulations when the situation is not. Went through a situation which stopped in September that lasted 18 months. The 5-year-old boy was returned suffering from PTSD and depression for which he probably needs medication and will be in counseling and play therapy for no telling how long. Children are not safer in a state foster home and if you think otherwise educate yourself. Prepare to be horrified.

    • Before you allow your child to be put on any kind of psychotropic, research it very carefully. The side effects of the drugs often result in permanent damage and further symptoms, which are often interpreted as another mental illness. With stability, love and time, a five-year-old can mend and resolve what he has suffered. Research the criticisms of the psych med industry for they are many.

  25. So sorry the person she was relying on the most was doing her the most damage. keeping her in my thoughts and prayers – for return of her vehicle, recovery from the illness, and job that will provide for her family’s needs.

  26. Happy Hannukah! AND Merry Christmas! After all, just because it isn’t my guy’s birthday, that doesn’t mean that I can’t help friends celebrate.

  27. A great pleasure Mr W, and as a long-term sufferer of clinical depression I can well empathise. Please pass on my best wishes.

  28. Chipped in. My wife suffered from a post-partum crisis after the (difficult) birth of our first son. She was not rational, and was afraid of being unable to remember things, so she had to write everything down. Pages of nonsense that went on the fire soon afterwards. Thankfully I had two weeks paternity leave and was able look after her until it passed. Best wishes to Angelica.

  29. You are a very kind man Anthony. A wonderful effort from you and your loyal readers

  30. $AUD 50 sent, Anthony. Like Angie, I went down the hole with post-natal depression (as we know it Down Under) after our third child. A devastating experience because you feel utterly helpless. With the help of two well-informed medicos who understood the condition, I was able to work my way out of it. My loving spouse also supported me right through it.

  31. Unfortunarely can only afford $10 as I am a disabled (UK war pensioner) veteran, however gladly given to an admirable cause.

  32. Made a small contribution. It strikes a particular chord with me as I had a cousin whose wife suffered very badly for a long time, including some time in a psychiatric hospital. My cousin ended his career as a Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm fighter pilot and took a job near their home to look after her. She eventually recovered completely. So, be hopeful.

  33. Small contribution made. A particularly bad time of year to be suffering but the sun starts to come back tomorrow, that and some long heath giving walks might help (at least that’s my presciption for myself). In the short term some money might help your friend, let’s hope so.

  34. Done Anthony. Like Eugene Conlin – A UK Veteran. Currently the total stands at around the $7,500 mark.

  35. She went to court, and against the advice of friends and family, she acted as her own attorney, defending herself in a divorce…
    A reminder that the entire court system was designed by lawyers for lawyers. No matter how much confidence you have in your abilities, you will always be tripped and trapped by details in the system. It’s not for outsiders.

    • I opened my own divorce case (2nd, 1st was a civilised affair) “I’m aware that a man who acts for himself has a fool for an advocate …” The judge paid me the compliment of a rueful smile.

  36. (Repeated from above in case seeing it here might help)
    Please note, dear, generous, WUWTers, Legal fees for Angelica could EASILY surpass the nearly $8,000.00 raised (as of a few minutes ago) so far. EVEN THOUGH SHE HAS REACHED THE ORIGINAL GOAL OF $6,000, PLEASE CONSIDER GIVING ANYWAY.
    Plus, she is already on the edge financially….

  37. Anthony, is there anyway I could send a money order to her, or to you, in her name and you could pass it on to her ?
    I think she could use some cash right now and it is my understanding that she can not access the gofundme account and take some money out. I would love to send her a postal money order, NOW. She could use it as she needs, if only to make sure her children have a Blessed Christmas.
    All I need is an address to send it to, I do not see an address on the GoFundMe page, only that she is in Iowa.
    Since she is also in need of a vehicle, I hope the donations do not stop.

    • Hi, EJ,
      Below, I asked Anthony to help you with that if he would. Tell Anthony it is okay to give your e mail address out to Angelica, okay? Otherwise, Anthony will need to ask your permission to do that.

      • Well, EJ, of COURSE! 🙂 Believers in Jeshua (as Messiah) never say, “Good bye.” With us it is always, “See you later.”
        Bye, for now!
        See you later! 🙂

  38. I’m in for a modest amount. Good luck Angie.
    Thank you Anthony for giving us (me) the chance to share the love this Christmas.
    Happy Christmas and a carbon-rich New Year to you and all my friends on here.

  39. Anthony,
    Re: EJ’s generous offer above, if for some reason you do not want to do that, how about giving Angelica EJ’s e mail address. Then, Angelica could be in touch with EJ directly. She could provide EJ with a P.O. Box or another “neutral location” address if she feels uncomfortable giving out her home address. Angelica needs a WHOLE lot more than legal fees, that’s for sure.

    • Anthony, Please allow Angelica to e-mail me, OR, you could give me her address via: my email address.
      WHAT EVER Makes her Comfortable.
      Please remind her to not feel bad about this !! Take the help, for it is the Lord upstairs, carrying you on his shoulders at this moment when she feels maybe he is gone. Not True !! He is holding you high ! reaching out to his flock to help you !
      Let us help.
      If she is not comfortable with this, I could also send a postal money order to : General Delivery at her post office. I believe you can still do this. Then she could go to her postal office and pick it up. But still I would need her last name.
      As myself, who has dealt with PTSD for more than 40 years, I UNDERSTAND how she feels. I also understand how at any given moment, anything and everything positive is needed.

  40. Tried to donate but it says
    “Toddlers Get No Legal Right to Mom is no longer accepting donations.”
    If I’m not doing it right please let me know the solution.
    Cheers and Merry Christmas

  41. Tried to donate but donations no longer accepted.
    We had a close relation in exactly the same medical situation and it took her almost three years to recover.
    Thank you Anthony for doing this and well done everyone.

  42. I just got off work and the first thing I did was to check Angie’s total. l couldn’t wait to see what WUWT had accomplished in the past 24 hours. $9,000 even atm. Wow.
    This is probably the one thing that draws me back to this site over and over again. The quality of the people here. People who actually CARE-about science, our world, and each other. That voluntarily share, even if it’s just the smallest amount (The Widow’s mite) but at such a great sacrifice to them where they are in life. People who can disagree all day on a hundred different points regarding climate change, but who instantly come together to help if they can, when someone they truly care about, merely asks.
    There are MANY “climate science” blogs out there…but there is only one WUWT. And I really believe that what “we” did in the past 24 hours, for the friend of a friend, is at the root of why there’s only one.
    To all my online friends here, if we never meet at all,
    You make my life much fuller, Merry Christmas one and all.

  43. I just now clicked on this post.
    Donations may be closed but prayers have no close.
    PS Are REP’s family as “recovered” as anyone ever is from such an event?

  44. Anthony, they are no longer accepting donations but it seems you more than achieved the target – “good on ya” for having a go and helping your friend. Feel free to ask again for another special cause – never hurts to ask! Also, congratulations on your excellent site. Just one comment re’ your friend Angie, not sure if she is already aware but Vitamin D levels can play a huge role in depression (as with many other things including Immune function). The photo of her and her kids may be misleading but she does look a little “pale”, maybe reflecting low exposure to sunlight, so might I suggest that you pass on to her my suggestion that she deliberately gets a little healthy sun exposure each day some time between ~10am & 2pm? Maybe as little as 15-20 minutes, with as much skin exposed as possible…. My 20 cents worth, hope it helps… All the best to you and yours for Xmas, 2017 & beyond from “Down Under”! Cheers. L

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