Leonardo DiCaprio Meeting with President-elect Donald Trump

Leonardo DiCaprio and Donald Trump

Leonardo DiCaprio By U.S. Department of State [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons and President-elect Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Leonardo DiCaprio has met with Donald Trump and his team, to try to convince him to implement a programme of green job creation.

“Today, we presented the President-elect and his advisors with a framework – which LDF developed in consultation with leading voices in the fields of economics and environmentalism – that details how to unleash a major economic revival across the United States that is centered on investments in sustainable infrastructure,” Tamminen said.

Our conversation focused on how create millions of secure, American jobs in the construction and operation of commercial and residential clean, renewable energy generation.”

The Oscar-winning actor has been a strong advocate of fighting climate change and preserving wildlife, and his recent documentary, Before the Flood, addresses the peril that the world faces because of climate change.

DiCaprio met with Ivanka Trump a few days ago and presented her with a copy of the film.

Read more: http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2016/12/08/after-doco-success-dicaprio-meets-trump-talk-climate-change

LDF is the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

I don’t know exactly what DiCaprio presented to President-elect Trump, but something called the “LDF Climate Action Plan” is available here.

The main points of the LDF plan;

  • GOAL 1: Net zero carbon emissions by 2050
  • GOAL 2: Average carbon price of $25 per tonne (USD) by 2020
  • GOAL 3: Zero net loss of forests by 2020 and protection of 30% of the oceans by 2030
  • GOAL 4: 100% climate literacy by 2020
  • GOAL 5: 40% more efficient by 2025 compared to 2015 (this appears to be related to efficient use of energy)
  • GOAL 6: 90% reduction of all waste by 2025
  • GOAL 7: 100% of all energy generation from renewables by 2050
  • GOAL 8: Net zero transportation emissions by 2050

Like a lot of DiCaprio offerings, the plan is long on big ideas and short on detail. The plan mentions the word “jobs” exactly twice. The following quote is telling about the kind of green jobs DiCaprio expects us ordinary folk to do, while he jets about above our heads.

… Installing building insulation or rooftop solar panels; converting decomposing waste into new products and clean, local energy resources; and restoring forests are just a few examples of how we can create millions of new jobs and make our communities healthier and more equitable, while making the globe a little cooler at the same time. …

If I get a choice I’d rather go for one of the forest planting jobs rather than the decomposing waste or rooftop solar jobs. Less chance of being electrocuted or falling from a height, and a lot less smelly.

In case you haven’t seen the DiCaprio climate documentary, I’ve created a 5 minute summary, to save you having to watch the entire film.

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  1. It’s great to see these people crawling back. It must take some nerve and a very flexible spine to turn on a dime like Lenny just did. What do you reckon…De Caprio for President in ’32?

    • What U-turn was that? Just because he met Trump to explore possible common ground of agreement does not mean it’s a U-turn. I’m not a Leo fan but if you want to criticise someone, especially in such a disparaging way, at least try to make sense.

      • He was probably referring to this news story from early October:
        “Referencing Trump’s claims that climate change is not real, (Dicaprio) said, “The scientific consensus is in and the argument is over. If you do not believe in climate change, you do not believe in facts or in science or empirical truths and therefore, in my humble opinion, should not be allowed to hold public office.”
        Before a screening of his film Before the Flood, he led a climate change panel. The film will be released on October 21, just before the 2016 election. He hopes the film will make people more aware of climate change and hopes it will sway their votes away from Trump.”
        and now he’s standing in front of Trump, hat in hand. I think that can be called a U-Turn.

      • “The scientific consensus is in and the argument is over. If you do not believe in climate change, you do not believe in facts or in science or empirical truths and therefore, in my humble opinion, should not be allowed to hold public office.”
        DiCaprio is an ACTOR.

      • I hope President-Elect Trump tells Leonardo to cut the crap out–Leo has done nothing but tell lies about the role CO2 plays in our climate. And that’s the truth.

      • Actors, football players, comedians, “celebrities” are NOT qualified to be setting Government policy on energy or anything else. They have NO scientific, economic, or political credentials whatsoever and we need to REJECT the standing they think they have as “thought leaders.” The American people have proven recent they are just not that stupid, and perfectly capable of thinking for themselves without “personalities” like Leo to do it for them. Stop giving all these people a bully pulpit and the clicks they crave, and maybe they’ll go back to making so-called “films” and “music” and whatever they do best.

      • Maybe trump owes him a cabinet position. After all, it was the backlash to doofusses like him that put trump over the top (way to go leo)…

      • @ Greg
        What? “…to explore possible common ground of agreement…” As if di Caprio was a leader of a foreign country? Or an important politician? There’s no common ground to share standing on, until his planet-saving ego has been deflated. Much.

      • When Lennie stops jet-setting all over the globe for the UN, maybe he could get a real job to show he’s sincere.

      • If Leo were serious he would be taking the “I’m smarter than everyone who disagrees with me” tour to the UN IPCC but instead he turned to boot-licking a politician whom he has previously described as unfit for leadership. I think he’ll find the ‘love me cause I’m Leo’ shtick may be less effective on an actual businessman than a political scientist like Al Gore.

      • Di Caprio and his elitist, leftist, ignorant allies have the problem of believing and promoting the lie that 97% of “some people”, perhaps social scientists, etc. ‘believe’ in the leftist BS of CAGW. They assume that the common person should just simply accept as a fact that the “scientists” must be believed as correct and truthful and that we are just dumb, ignorant peons to be manipulated to their whim.
        I am enjoying seeing the liberal elites and the MSM melt down and seeing their hypocrisy and idiocy bubbling to the surface. Trump gave the common man permission to question the BS put out there by the leftists by his irreverence for all their crappola on his way to the Presidency. By his “objectionable” way of speaking, he brought to light in many peoples minds, the hypocrisy, lies and BS of the left. He gave many people permission to say, “you are full of sh*t and I’m seeing now it and done with it”. He was a genius in how he pulled it off.
        I don’t need to be a “scientist” to understand a good explanation for how things work. Many of these CAGW promoters act as if most people are dumb and ignorant and assume people should just, simply believe them because they say so. It appears the ignorance is on them if that is their belief.

      • Sorry, Greg, but you may Google search for:
        “Leonardo DiCaprio: climate change deniers should not hold public office – In what has been interpreted by some as an attack on Donald Trump, actor makes remarks in a speech at the White House”
        And this article in the Guardian should make it clear to you why a DiCaprio with a spine wouldn’t be meeting Trump now. He’s made ludicrous claims both about the climate and about the way how the U.S. politics should work – and he’s obviously made a U-turn on the latter because he suddenly acknowledges by the meeting that Trump’s coming presidency is legally fine.

    • We don’t want millions of ‘jobs’ connected to ‘renewable’ energy in any way shape or form. How dumb do you have to be to not see where said jobs’ wages would come from?

    • Net zero transportation emissions by 2050. Wow! Sound so cool and easy! Let’s see … a 100,000 ton container ship sailing from San Francisco to Hong Kong … and that would be done how? Sails? Giant batteries? How about new green jobs filled by happy oarsmen with their giant paddles protruding from the hull? Could Lennie please fill me in on how this trick would be accomplished?

      • Al Gore knows it will need to be through trade-offs and very creative accounting … with a small percentage (vast profit) going to him or somebody that he is associated with.
        LeNardo … is he that stupid?, OR is he a just as big a weasel as Gore (and he thinks the rest of the world is THAT stupid?)
        (how many trees would LeNardo have pay others to plant so he can fly across the Atlantic 19 times next year, and still call it net zero?)

      • I find the whole replanting forest part to be laughable. The first world countries are ALREADY seeing renewed growth of forests. The only forests the world is losing these days are the ones being clearcut for biofuel plantations or to be shipped off to DRAX.

    • He’s such an inconsequential little twerp; how did he ever survive and get so cheeky ??
      In the space of just one breath it seems that Donald Trump has actually accomplished more real things than diCapriotti can ever imagine doing.
      He’s just a movie actor after all, and these days, you can make perfectly good movie actors out of ones and zeros on a laptop.
      Prima donnas, are a dime a dozen these days in the entertainer field.

      • DiCaprio met with Ivanka Trump a few days ago and presented her with a copy of the film.
        I guess he must have millions of unsold ones of that film. I think I watched it, I think, hmmm I’ll go ask my wife….. we did for the first 2 minutes apparently.

        • “I guess he must have millions of unsold ones of that film”
          A friend of mine collects things like that and hangs them on strings on his allotment as bird scarers. Maybe he should get in touch.
          That’s about all it’s fit for.
          Or perhaps it might be useful as a coaster…

  2. How do you ‘preserve wildlife’ by wiping out (tens of) thousands of acres of wildlife habitat for a handful of wind turbines?

    • wind turbines don’t wipe out wildlife if any attention at all is given to planning when constructing them.

      • When you stop driving and tape up all you windows and euthanased all the cats in your neighbourhood, come back and tell us all about just how many “bats” and birds are being killed.
        This lame argument just gets spouted all the time by people who have other reasons for not liking wind turbines. Just be honest, that are good arguments to be made.

      • They cut down an eagle’s nest in our area for a wind turbine, griffy. They said they would ‘relocate’ it but IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY FOR THE EAGLES. They won’t come back.
        Ripping the tops off of mountains for wind turbines is wildlife habitat destruction.
        Ripping roads through national parks in the US, Scotland, the Netherlands and Germany is wildlife habitat destruction.
        Pounding wind turbine foundations into the ocean floor KILLS dolphins.
        But I guess so long as you ignore it, it isn’t happening, right griffy?

      • Griff, you don’t half write some rubbish.
        They are built where the winds blow. Birds fly where the winds blow.The only attention to planning necessary is the planning in order to decommission these bird choppers & make their constructors & owners pay for the complete removal of everything, including the massive concrete bases. FFFFFade away.

      • “wind turbines don’t wipe out wildlife if any attention at all is given to planning when constructing them.”
        What an extraordinary admission Griff.

      • Yeah when they clear land for solar farms that does not impact any wildlife either. Face it, wildlife is the last consideration, if any, when planning wind or solar farms. Which to me is not the issue, the issue is the hypocrisy.

      • http://static.boredpanda.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/bald-eagle-attacks-trump-photo-shoot-time-magazine-4.jpg
        You see that eagle on Donald Trump’s arm? Look closely at it’s left wing.
        It was maimed by a wind turbine.
        This picture was taken on the day Obama lost in court attempting to extend a general amnesty for wind farms in the USA to kill protected bird species over the entire 30 year service life of the turbine.
        Between a visit with the eagle and a visit by decaprio, which one do you think President Trump will remember longer?

      • “When you stop driving and tape up all you windows and euthanased all the cats in your neighbourhood, come back and tell us all about just how many “bats” and birds are being killed.”
        What? So I shouldn’t bother about saving tigers and rhinos until all animals are being saved?
        That’s your plan?

      • Griff said “wind turbines don’t wipe out wildlife if any attention at all is given to planning when constructing them.”
        The same can be said for Nukes and pipelines

      • At the Granite Reliable wind project in New Hampshire, where all the significant project are on mountain ridges, there was concern that the access road would provide a convenient highway for coyotes and other predators to get between the low and high areas. The American Marten, a high altitude species got the most attention and concern, see http://www.nhsec.nh.gov/projects/2008-04/documents/090312usdoi_letter.pdf and http://www.nhsec.nh.gov/projects/2008-04/documents/081219_nhfg.pdf
        A condition of the project was that the access road would be narrowed to 12 feet post-construction, though I never understood how this would help anything. After construction, driveshaft bearings began to fail prematurely, leading the project owners to ask that they widen the access road permanently to 16 feet, see http://www.nhsec.nh.gov/projects/2014-03/documents/150203decision.pdf
        Personally, I don’t see how any of the road width changes impacts access by predators. There may be an impact to martens as they are very sensitive to fragment habitat. I haven’t studied the situation closely.
        At any rate, Griff’s claim is bogus in many directions. A lot of attention was directed at this during planning, and there’s still impact to the area wildlife.
        There are also claims that noise and infrasound drive deer away from the Hoosac wind project in western Massachusetts, that’s something that might be worth investigating too.

      • What? So I shouldn’t bother about saving tigers and rhinos until all animals are being saved?

        No, it’s more like don’t campaign to save a few tigers being shot by Indian villages trying to protect themselves if you are buying chinese medicine made from tigers or have a tiger skin rug in front of your fireplace.
        Cats, windows and cars kill orders of magnitude more birds than wind turbines ( and Ivanpah ) . It should be avoided but turbine kill is an ingenuous argument rolled by people for whom that is not the real reason they object to wind energy. Be honest what the objection is.
        That said I see no reason why badly though out wind or solar farms should have a free pass on killing protected species or idiotic massacre of wild geese because they have not considered documented, known migratory paths.
        My impression is that it’s more likely the other extreme now with all the fuss about not being allowed to move desert tortoise a few hundred metres when putting solar panels in the desert.

      • So Griff-_why build structures that are ugly, aren’t cost effective, and have no reclamation bonding requirements so when they become bone yards, the only people that make any money on the project are the lawyers who fight over who has to clean up the mess?
        Are you a lawyer? (I only ask that because you must have some vested interest in pushing such boondoggles.)

      • Very few were killed in the Gulf blow out.
        There never would have been an Alaska spill had not you green terrorists prevented the building of a pipeline to carry the same oil.
        PS: Exxon tried to fire the captain, but he used ADA to keep his job.

      • Tim, the point is, until you stop doing what you are doing, don’t whine about what other people are doing.

      • Greg: I’ve never seen a housecat take down a bald eagle. Have you?
        The birds being killed by cats aren’t endangered, beyond that, cats are part of the natural landscape.
        PS: Sorry Tim, I misread the point Greg was trying to make.

      • @ Griff: “wind turbines don’t wipe out wildlife if any attention at all is given to planning when constructing them.”
        BULL. Go tell that to the people and animals that have to live with the slag lake in China made from providing materials to your precious wind turbines.
        Tell you what, let’s just build your neighborhood’s power generation worth of wind turbines in your backyard and on your roof…then you can do a daily dead body count to back up your statement.
        See? It’s all, “over there” thinking….let someone else take care of it kind of thing. The problem is, the person that is “over there” is saying…..what the heck dude? You want this? Go do it on your own lawn.

      • Griff,
        Since you are a proponent of wind energy, can you please explain to me why every windfarm that I drive by has a significant percentage of rotors not spinning?
        I have noticed this in Germany, the Netherlands, and in the western US. Since some are turning and some are not, it is not lack of wind. The non spinning rotors indicate a rather high failure rate. Is this a maintenance issue, a design issue or both?

      • Griff,
        Drive through West Texas sometime. If you have and still say what you claim about windmills not wrecking the environment, you are a bald faced liar.

      • cats are part of the natural landscape……
        Well if that’s the case…..I for one am damn glad we didn’t domesticate wolverines

      • Chris, I love it when you alarmists go off and get all mad. Meanwhile going out of your way to display your ignornance.
        Yes, mountain top remove does distrub bird habitat, but the remediation when finished restores that habitat.
        As to cats, when was the last time a house cat killed an eagle.
        Are you really this committed to demonstrating your inability to make a logical argument. One that is actually related to the subject at hand?

      • Latitude, had we domesticated wolverines, by this time they would look an awful lot like cats and dogs.
        Please look at what the wild ancestors of both cats and dogs were look.

      • Greg
        December 8, 2016 at 6:21 am

        What? So I shouldn’t bother about saving tigers and rhinos until all animals are being saved?
        No, it’s more like don’t campaign to save a few tigers being shot by Indian villages trying to protect themselves if you are buying chinese medicine made from tigers or have a tiger skin rug in front of your fireplace.
        Cats, windows and cars kill orders of magnitude more birds than wind turbines ( and Ivanpah ) . It should be avoided but turbine kill is an ingenuous argument rolled by people for whom that is not the real reason they object to wind energy. Be honest what the objection is.
        That said I see no reason why badly though out wind or solar farms should have a free pass on killing protected species or idiotic massacre of wild geese because they have not considered documented, known migratory paths.
        My impression is that it’s more likely the other extreme now with all the fuss about not being allowed to move desert tortoise a few hundred metres when putting solar panels in the desert.

        Think about this arguement…
        What ie the current ratio of cats to wind turbines? Of course cats kill more songbirds than wind turbines.
        What is the current ratio of Windows to wind turbines? Of course cWindows kill more birds than wind turbines.
        What is the current ratio of cars to wind turbines? Of course cars kill more birds than wind turbines.
        It is a little thing called exposure to specific hazard.
        To supply the same ammount of power that a 2000MW nuclear reactor can 24/7 you would need to vastly increase potential exposure
        For example. a typical 2 unit nuclear reactor produces between 2000MW & 2200MW of electricity.
        The Altamont pass wind farn has nameplate capacity of 576MW with 4930 turbines but only produces 125MW daily average.
        To produce an equal ammount of power, the wind farm would require 16 times as many turbines or 78,880 wind turbines covering many tens of thousands of acres of habitat. Then to create battery storage supply for times when the wind doesn’t blow within the limits, you would require a minimum three times more capacity for storage charging or over 315 thousand turbines.
        An excerpt from WIKI

        The small turbines used at Altamont are dangerous to various raptors that hunt California Ground Squirrels in the area. 1300 raptors are killed annually, among them 70 golden eagles, which are federally protected; in total, 4700 birds are killed annually.[4] Overall there has been an 80% decline in golden eagles in Northern California, with no golden eagles nesting near the facility, although it is a prime habitat.

        If wind turbines were at the exposure level necessary to offset just a single nuclear reactor facility it would have the potential to kill/maim 1300 x 48 (16 x 3) 62,400 raptors and a total of 225,600 birds.
        So, yes, cats, cars, & windows kill more birds but thar are FAR MORE PREVALENT in the world today than wind turbines are

      • Just an FYI,
        Those afore mentioned Bird Mortality Rates equates to just about 1 Bird per Turbine per year.
        You drive a car, Do you hit 1 bird per year? Every year? (Highly unlikely, Have you ever hit a bird?)
        You have a house with windows? Do each of your windows kill 1 bird per year? Every year? (Probably zero since you’ve lived there)
        You have a cat? Does your cat kill 1 bird per year? Every year? (Probably more than 1 if an outdoor cat)

      • Mark…you lost me on that one
        I thought you said cats were part of the natural landscape…
        ….then there’s nothing natural about them
        I don’t think cats should be outside loose at all.

      • We had a cat once that was an outdoor cat. Never once brought home a bird carcas but would, almost nightly, hunt sewer rats. We would wake up many mornings to discover 2 or 3 deposited on our dorstep from the Garage to the Kitchen. We would always be sure to praise her for her skill and then shut the door. She would eat one and we would throw the remainder away. She was always good for up to 5 rats a week

      • “wind turbines don’t wipe out wildlife if any attention at all is given to planning when constructing them.”

      • i prefer burning biomass griff. as long as the biomass used is decrapio and his ilk. some of the greatest hyopcrites the planet has ever endured.

      • the most common bird in North America

        House wrens are feisty and pugnacious animals considering their tiny size. They are known to occasionally destroy the eggs of other birds nesting in their territory by puncturing the eggshell. Females that sang more songs to conspecifics that were simulated by playback lost fewer eggs to ovicide by other wrens. Female bird song in this species is therefore thought to have a function in competition and is not only displayed by males.[9] They are also known to fill up other birds’ nests within its territory with sticks to make them unusable.

        House wrens kill more house wrens than cats do. Who knew right?

      • @Chris says

        Coal processing in the US these days involves mountaintop removal, which is hugely destructive to habitat for birds and all kinds of wildlife. Yet not a peep here about that (pun fully intended).

        Right and how much mountaintop area is used for coal processing vs wind farms?

      • Obviously, Mr. Griffmyster know’eth zero about the killings of bats by turbines.
        Do you, Griffmyster?
        How do wind turbines kill bats Mr. Griffmister?
        I know the answer, and I’m actually surprised someone hasn’t mentioned it.?
        Clue #1 for griffy – it’s not by flying into a turbine blade.

      • What is wrong with cats? “They kill songbirds”…right? So what you are really saying is that all cats should be removed from the natural landscape because you deem songbirds to have more value. Ridiculous argument for 2 reasons…the first is that birds kill more birds than cats, and the 2nd is that cats are not the primary predator of birds.
        As for getting rid of cats….yea, they tried that during the Beubonic (sp?) Plague. Guess what? The rat population exploded and spread the plague faster. Rats and mice carry a multitude of diseases and cats (along with other small predatory mammals) are very, very good at killing them.
        Cats also hunt, kill and eat a variety of nasty insects that love to nest in your home.
        Cats have value, lots of value, which is why humans domesticated them in the first place.
        My dog did more damage to the songbird population than my cat ever did. He liked to decapitate them and leave the bodies. My cat on the other hand keeps my house and surrounding yard free of mice, voles and rabies carrying small mammals. My house is also free of poisonous insects…below the ceiling line where the house spiders’ territory lies.
        Nature is not sterile and does not give priority value of 1 species over another because they sing. Every species has a predator and prey. And if you’d bother getting over your egotistical ideas of value, you’d come to realize most prey have a lot of predators. And those predators are prey themselves….including humans.

      • Griff, I wish you were right. Unfortunately, wind turbines threaten the very survival of the bald eagle species. Over 33,000 eagles have been killed since 1997, mostly by wind turbines. The carcasses are taken to a “Denver Eagle Repository” (sounds crazy but it’s true). If you want to get information about this facility, good luck, because in 1999 the Clinton administration, working with the even-then highly-subsidized wind industry, convinced congress to revise the Freedom of Information Act. All data concerning the deaths of eagles is now considered a trade secret of the wind industry and can not legally be released to the public.
        This past May, the Obama administration’s Fish and Wildlife Service (which used to protect eagles) announced (astoundingly) that it would allow wind energy companies to legally kill or injure up to 4200 bald eagles per year without any penalty. No other industry or individual is allowed to kill even one bald eagle, ever.
        Don’t want to believe it? The linked article is the first in a series expanding on what I just wrote:
        About 10 other related articles can be found here:
        For 40 years, the government has invested massively in both dollars and credibility in the wind industry. Like the poker matches shown on TV, they’ve put so much money into the pot with such a lousy hand, the only way they can win is keep betting and hope everybody else folds.

  3. Love it, another meeting. Trump meets with them, then the next day he bazookas them with his next appointment.
    If only we had a Trump in Australia…

    • “GOAL 4: 100% climate literacy by 2020”
      Thought police impose marshal law by 2020.
      All “illiterates” are send to special interment camps for “re-education”. Haven’t we seen this somewhere before?

      • Yes we have seen this before. Literacy as in requiring knowledge in areas such as basic science, math, or history is a worthwhile goal. “Climate” in this usage really represents an ideology. Requiring literacy in “climate” suggests requiring obedience to an ideology. That is scary sh!t.

      • I assume that refers to climate scientists….
        Means by then they have to actually understand the climate.

      • “Climate literacy” has been force-fed to children for a generation. Those children have grown up and seen for themselves that none of the scary doomsday predictions have actually occurred.

      • Climate literacy is the solution to climate emotionality as displayed by believers in the church of omnipotent greenhouse in carbon. The green movement won’t survive if all are given a complete education of the multiple forces which influence climate and the fundamental rules of science.

      • “Climate Literacy” within 37 months.
        I’ll volunteer to proctor whenever Gore and LeNardo sit for the literacy test.

      • I think it’s *imaginationalism* that’s the real problem, Pop . . believing what the imagination generates. The emotions that are stimulated when a person is taught/encouraged to treat the imaginary as if the sensed, are just a natural response to the images that have been indoctrinated into the people who have been trained to treat them as if reality.
        I think part of the psychological assault on humanity we are discussing, is the scapegoating of emotions, so that those whose detect the assault, will tend to blame the victim, so to speak, rather than those encouraging people to treat the imagined as if the real. If what those people are imaging were real, the emotions make perfect sense, and I sure as hell don’t want to live in psychopath world . . which I believe is the “final” destination our would-be masters have in mind.

      • “Climate Literacy”… does that mean having to correctly answer a series of questions in order to be allowed to vote? This type of tactic has been used before https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Literacy_test#Voting

        From the 1890s to the 1960s, many state governments in the Southern United States administered literacy tests to prospective voters purportedly to test their literacy in order to vote. In practice, these tests were intended to disenfranchise racial minorities. Southern state legislatures employed literacy tests as part of the voter registration process starting in the late 19th century. Literacy tests, along with poll taxes and extra-legal intimidation,[2] were used to deny suffrage to African Americans. The first formal voter literacy tests were introduced in 1890. At first, whites were generally exempted from the literacy test if they could meet alternate requirements that in practice excluded blacks, such as a grandfather clause or a finding of “good moral character.”

    • I hope Trump doesn’t fold. I am sorry to say I don’t trust him any more than I trust Obama. But I am a bit hopeful that he will follow up. His EPA appointment is promising.

      • With regard to O., just what were you trusting him to do that he hasn’t accomplished?
        You are “hopeful that he [Trump] will follow up.
        He is neither dictator nor king. I am hopeful that he works with others and respects the constitution.
        Here is an interesting comment from the WSJ’s Daniel Henninger:
        Donald Trump treats the truth as only one of several props he’s willing to use to achieve an effect. Truth sits on his workbench alongside hyperbole, sentimentality, bluster and just kidding. Use as needed.
        Unlike the above comment, many in the leftist media have no clue about Trump. I don’t like some of his positions but I do like that he has ideas (in contrast to HRC and others) and how to go about changing what he can. If he works with Congress, one should not then crucify him for not doing all you think he should.

  4. I hope Tump does not fall in the green trap.
    The Green Mafia is acting quick, you have to admit. First, Al Goreone, now Leonardo Di Marzio are trying to keep their green business. This does not look good.

  5. Great!
    The Donald can offer to spend all Di Caprios money wisely on Green Energy. Until it is gone.
    That would be a change eh! A government squandering a socialists money!

  6. Interestingly Arch Climate ‘Denier’ Villain Tony Abbott (ex-Australian Prime Minister) initiated a tree planting program pretty much as Di Caprio demands. This was about four years ago and only this week it was terminated by our new partially-elected pseudo-conservative crypto-green PM, Turnbull.

  7. A major motivation for the meeting might be that Trump promised Ivanka he’d meet DiCaprio, in order to get her off his back.

  8. From the list above:
    “GOAL 4: 100% climate literacy by 2020”
    I’m sure the course materials would be hand picked by their top experts in the field, no need for dissenting view points when the goal is so high, too much distraction.
    As for using the term Literacy, I believe that when the Dept. of Education was started by Pres. Carter, one of the goals is to increase literacy in the USA, I believe we have the same level today as we did back in the late 70’s, so much for throwing $$ at a cause and having the federal government in charge of it.

    • Yes and the war on drugs, poverty, etc also did not work out well if not complete failures.
      Socially, the federal government is much better at creating cash intensive bureaucracies than solving problems.

      • Which would make it 52 years old.
        You could argue that the socialist measures that FDR implemented in order to prolong the Great Depression were also implemented to fight poverty, even though that term wasn’t used.

    • Climate literacy from a cliamte kook like Leonardo means hard core indoctrination and forced-fed propaganda- and of course total censorship of skeptics.

  9. You’ve got to admire Leonardo for the courage of his convictions: bicycling from Hollywood to Washington and back is a major athletic and ascetic undertaking. DiCaprio has never subscribed to the Harrison Ford / Stephan Lewandowsky School of Green Commuting (“Minimize your footprint by spending as little time on the ground as possible”).

  10. …In case you haven’t seen the DiCaprio climate documentary, I’ve created a 5 minute summary, to save you having to watch the entire film….
    Alas, that video is not available outside the US. Could you please put up something for the rest of the world to view?

  11. Oh yes!! They’ll keep snapping at his heals, till he trips!!
    BTW. I can’t watch that movie here in my country, without paying. I’d have thought if it’s such an important issue,it would be available free for everyone to watch!

      • Its got Fox International Channels Asia content in it Eric..so they blocked it. Cannot view in UK
        Before the Flood of Boredom ?

      • Eric – according to the error message, it contains content from “Fox International Channels, Asia”, and that’s why it’s blocked.

    • Globalisation is only a good thing for the rich. When the rest of us want to watch a movie owned in another country, content providers ban us and force us to buy it locally. That way they can extract as much money as possible from IP in different locations. They have to keep prices low in the US due to competition, but elsewhere they ramp up the prices. You can sign up to a vpn provider to get around this.

      • If globalization is so easy to get around, then how exactly is it good for only the rich?
        BTW, are you arguing that everyone who gets royalities from that video are members of the rich?
        Are you arguing that everyone who benefits from lower prices and more choices are rich?
        Or perhaps you just know what globalization is, other than something you are supposed to hate?

  12. “100% climate literacy by 2020”. Hahahahaha and hahahahaha. Everybody needs a degree in physics learning all about heat transfer and fluid flow. I don’t somehow think so.

  13. I really must remember to avoid displays of schadenfreude, as it gets ugly, and given Trump’s recent behavior on green issues after meeting with advocates like Gore, he is about to do something to further annoy the green blob. Gloating is not pretty!

  14. “Installing building insulation or rooftop solar panels”
    Maybe Leo could consult with Australian ex-PM (and failed candidate for boss of IPCC) Kevin Krudd, on the pitfalls of insulating buildings:
    Yay Leo!

  15. Wasn’t Leonardo DiCaprio going to leave United States if Donald Trump was elected? I still have his ticket waiting for him.

    • “Wasn’t Leonardo DiCaprio going to leave United States if Donald Trump was elected?” I’m sure it weight heavily with some voters choice.

    • It will need to be a ticket to Mars – the rest of the world doesn’t want him (apart, maybe, from a few star-struck teenagers).

    • Between him, Lena Durham, Mylie Cyrus promising to move to Canada and madonna willing to give sexual favors to Hillary voters it’s no wonder Trump won!

  16. I wonder what MSNBC would say if Adam Sandler had met with Malia Obama to petition for closer US-Israel cooperation?

  17. YouTube blocked your video It seems some opinions are more equal than others once again when the topic is global warming.

    • D’Nesh D’Sousa has a movie out that is actually making money, unlike DeCaprio’s from the cutting room straight to Hulu mess.
      And here is the Young Jerks oops I meant Young Turks , critique of “Hillary’s America”
      Dinesh D’Souza’s Insane New Anti-Hillary Film
      Just goes to show how brittle short tempered and small your warmers are. All their claims have an expiration date. None can stand a minute of criticism .

    • Play acting for a living ….yes. But look at the costume he adopts for a meeting with the President.
      The goatee with jawline fringe beard, the same he carried throughout his climate change movie.
      The same he wore while meeting President Obama.
      It’s hard to tell usually about an actor’s true character because they can pretend so well, but it’s safe betting that this is the mask he would have the world see as the quintessential person. DeCaprio at his most honest true naked self .
      Just a coincidence his true ‘essence’ matches the radical wardrobe of plantation owner Calvin Candie?
      I don’t think so.

  18. I’m wondering if Trump is inviting the alarm generators in to hear their story first hand. Think the first few sentences uttered might nail it, just to gauge the depth of their belief. His placements might give them a clue about what comes next..like move your money and mouth out? Feet..carpet pull !

    • I’m in total agreement: Gauge the enemy, make yourself look open, reasonable, accessible, let them go make a positive statement, (from their POV), to the press, send out your hit men, have the body dumped somewhere over the Marianas Trench.

  19. Let’s all get behind goal no. 4. That’s sure to make Leonardo DiCaprio into the comedian that he is.

  20. Leonardo is a brilliant actor, but a complete idiot in just about every other area. I think he said he was leaving the country if Trump was elected. Don’t know why he is still here. I thought he was going to Mexico where the labor required to maintain his lifestyle is cheaper.
    Trump is acting more brilliant than I could have imagined. By meeting with Gore and Leonardo, he cannot be accused of being close minded when he is having conversations from all sides on the AGW issue. The same cannot be said of AGW advocates who continually shut down conversations with adhominem attacks.

    • I believe he did those meetings as a courtesy to his daughter but has no real intention of listening to them. Just look at his new appointment for heading the EPA.

    • When Obama was first elected, he refused to meet or even talk to anyone from the Republican side.
      When asked for an explanation his response was “I won”.
      It’s nice to have a grown up in the White House again.

  21. Use a VPN. Completely bypasses geographic limitations. It also bypasses Chinese censorship.
    Eric probably uploaded from Australia, which is considered Asia in some internet circles.

  22. I like the goal 4 , 100% climate literacy by 2020. Starting from 0% that is going to be a difficult task.

      • The difference is the fossil fuel industry is not asking to remake the economy, enjoy massive subsidies and mandates, eliminate competition, and silence dissent. The only tax breaks the fossil fuel industry gets are those open to any business in any industry. There is no conflict of interest if all you want is a level playing field.

      • As a public employee, his investments are a matter of record.
        Why don’t you look it up instead of just insinuating that he must be corrupt?

      • Griff:
        “One wonders how much Mr Pruitt has invested in fossil fuels…”
        Are you suggesting there is something wrong with buying shares in oil and coal companies? Consider the alternative – selling them. You can only sell a share that someone else buys. The idea that ‘selling fossil fuel companies shares’ somehow penalises them, is obtuse.
        It is far better to demonstrate your opposition to fossil fuels (and I encourage you to do this) by refusing to buy them yourself or to buy anything that has been produced using them. Be the change you wish to see.
        The first thing on my list of ‘stuff not to buy’ are windmills which are only as cheap as they are because of the coal-fired electricity plants powering the factories in China which make them. As for yourself, you should give up your keyboard which is plastic and anything made of metal, which probably includes the wires leading to the internet. Think of the difference you will make!
        You fox-henhouse metaphor makes no sense. Mr Pruitt is charged with protecting the environment, not environmentalists, nor their NGO’s, nor their running-dog PR consultants. Nor is the head of the EPA charged with protecting the vast subsidies that are shovelled, nay tossed, into hare-brained schemes. He is also not tasked to funnel money to ‘advocacy groups’ paying them to sue the EPA for ‘not doing something’ in order to evade the due process of creating laws to protect the nation and its peoples.
        He is tasked with keeping a proper record of all communications and making them public if asked. He is not to have secret email accounts in pseudonyms and must not have personal servers with secret work-related communications on it, and he is to avoid forwarding his confidential work-related emails to his wife’s Yahoo account to make it easier for the housekeeper to print them at her convenience at home.
        One of the first things he will do, I suspect, is to remove the EPA regulations governing puddles of rainwater.

      • Why don’t you go and look it up instead of casting aspersions, you sad little propagandist?
        After all, it is a matter of public record.
        But you knew that anyway, you just couldn’t miss an opportunity to try to slag him off, could you?
        You know, one day you are going to post one slanderous accusation too many, and you are going to end up in court, so I hope you have plenty of money to defend yourself.

      • As an attorney general of OK, Griff, it would be against the law for Pruitt to have vested interests in fossil fuels.
        However, where is YOUR invested interest in this whole thing? Are you so brainwashed with the CAGW meme that you can’t think straight, or are you heavily invested in renewables? It has to be one of the two.
        Inquiring minds want to know.

      • Except maybe for when he played Arnie in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”. Check it out.
        You don’t know him until you’ve seen that movie.

    • I submit nearly 99% of Americans already know the Climate Meme is just a scam and it won’t take long for those who are pushing for it to change directions when there’s no more money to be made by harping on it.

    • Well, I can imagine this will be like the 99% literacy rate in Cuba: self-defined, or at least, counted by the same people who gave Castro 100% of the votes…

      • But what can Cubans read, MRW? Mao had his little red book, Hitler had a short reading list for his subjects, and other despots have burned all the books that don’t follow the “party line”. I’m sure the US Constitution isn’t on every Cuban’s recommended reading list.

      • You will learn to read, or we will throw your parents into the gulag.
        Nothing like a little incentive to get the little tykes going.

  23. In France, youtube says
    This video contains content from Fox International Channels Asia, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds:

  24. “Goal 4: 100% climate literacy by 2020”
    Is evidently a clear comedy winner in this thread. And coming from the man who thinks a Chinook wind is global warming you can feel and touch that surely sets the irony meters spinning like wind turbines in a winter gale.

    • That “Chinook wind is global warming” story is pretty g.d funny. DiCaprio even had the Canadian PM laughing at him for that gaffe. I recall that Albertans including grandmas and kids guffawed at DiCaprio’s ignorance.
      Can the Calgarians here weigh in with that story? For the Europeans on this site and who may not know, Wikipedia describes the effect of Chinook winds in Southern Alberta here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinook_wind. It also has a picture of how they work. Bottom line is that temps can change dramatically. In one historical instance 41 °C (74 °F) in one hour.
      DiCaprio experienced a Chinook (or two) while filming somewhere in the Bow Valley near the Rocky Mountains during January, and after filming announced to the world that he’d just seen global warming up front and personal and that it was terrifying proof of the dangers that lay ahead.

      • MRW, you forgot the BWAhahahahaBwahahaha that JM likes so much ( as I do in this case) It was hilarious. I really, really wonder what was said at the meeting between those two. ( To be a fly with human hearing and the brain to understand the talk)

  25. When actors like DiCaprio, for example, spend a lot of their time lecturing the rest of us about our beliefs, it makes it hard for me to separate that political person out from the character they are attempting to portray in a film, especially when I don’t agree with their views. There are some actors I can’t stand to watch anymore, like Barbara Streisand, in addition to DiCaprio, and many others. It has ruined their entertainment value for me. The Academy awards has become so politicized I can’t watch it any more. They don’t change my mind, they just tick me off.

    • I feel exactly the same. It’s always with a sense of disappointment when I hear of another well-known and once loved actor coming the high and mighty on green issues. It turns me off completely. They don’t change my mind one iota, they do however make me turn my back. As my entertainment is all bought DVDs (I gave up on television broadcasts years ago), that’s money missing from their pockets. If I recognize a greenie dictator in the movie, that movie goes back on the shelf.
      Sadly there are quite a few names on that list. DiCaprio is one of them. It’s a shame. He’s an excellent actor, but I just cannot respect him anymore.

      • I used to like the Dixie Chicks, but when they decided to dis the commander in chief in front of a foreign audience, they left my play list forever.
        I’m not the only one, because shortly after that they switched from Country to Pop, however their careers have never recovered.

      • Hi MarkW. Yeah, it’s weird isn’t it, how they don’t seem to grasp how it’s their own actions and words bouncing back on them. They’ll wake up eventually. One by one. No one will care about them by then.

  26. GOAL 8: Net zero transportation emissions by 2050
    Can’t even use a horse and cart. Sea voyages will be interesting.

  27. Maybe the President Elect is looking for a cheap holiday on an island ……. before it goes under water.

  28. I’m sorry, but Goal 4 really made me laugh:
    “GOAL 4: 100% climate literacy by 2020”
    Won’t get to that 100% figure without DiCaprio becoming “climate literate”, will we?

  29. Just stop paying to see his movies and he will quickly vanish into the puff of smoke – that is the core of his being. GK

    • Not a problem. I and many many of my friend have done just that. And the number is growing! Leo will suffer the ESPN conservative effect.

  30. Only a socialist would be ignorant enough to believe that you can create wealth by taking money from people who work in order to give it to people who vote for you.

  31. I always find it interesting that Greens propose carbon taxes and never say what the money will be used for. $25/ton of carbon is seemingly small, but considering that the US consumes 17 million bbls/day of crude alone makes this number staggering. If the so called price of carbon is based on carbon itself, and not CO2, than the tax on fuel would have to be $0.1675/gal. Multiplying this through the bbl/day using 42 gal/bbl, this means a tax on crude alone of $43.6 billion dollars.
    So, before this is even proposed, someone should at least discuss where this money would be used as each American will be taxed an additional $125/yr for fuel alone and pay both directly and indirectly through rising costs of goods as businesses pass this tax along to consumers as is customary and normal for any business. No matter what the government does about taxes, the people end up paying the tax.

    • Staggering is the key word that lured Dems in hook line and sinker for the money and power associated with that Spindletop gusher of revenue. They could siphon off that for a generation before the truth caught up. Hansen was just the initial idiot idea man that set off the political spark and money crusade. He was the Jonathan Gruber of climate.

    • How about $25/tone on imports only.
      And a separate 10% carbon fee on gross receipts for all tv and film productions outside the US.

    • The $25/ton of carbon is where I stopped reading his drivel. I won’t pay a dime in carbon tax. I mean it!

    • The money would go to manage said money (probably around 25%), to subsidize the poor that cannot afford to pay the tax/fee (around 40%), “green research” (15%), and “green incentives” (45%).

  32. “GOAL 6: 90% reduction of all waste by 2025”
    I wonder if Lenny composts his household waste?
    Does he recycle, or does he leave that up to the help?

  33. I would agree with 100% Climate Literacy… if I get to define what Climate Literacy is. Otherwise, no deal.
    Sort of like, I can live with a dictatorship… if I get to be dictator. Otherwise, no deal.

  34. Actually Leonardo does deserve an award. If climate change over reach was the government push that was one too many and the straw that broke the camels back of socialism, then Leonardo deserves at least to share the Nobel in Economics as a not insignificant tool in reversing direction and the massive fail that is unfolding now around the world. No academic could accomplish that one. Climate change scare was more than just a niche policy issue, it was a trigger.

  35. Climate Literacy is what got Trump elected. Knowledge about the true state of the climate is the enemy of The Greens. The more people know, about the climate, past and present, the less they want the government to “tax, regulate, and spend, pretending to address a non-problem”.
    Climate illiteracy is what the Greens want. Memorize the slogans that the collective produces, and regurgitate as required. No independent thought allowed. That is the problem. Without actually processing the information, you don’t understand the logical inconsistencies in the constituent processes. You are not literate. You have a crutch that gives the appearance of literacy, yet you do not have understanding.

  36. …. The Democrats aren’t thinking of running Di Caprio as their Presidential candidate next time are they?

  37. Peace through war. Torture through sodomy. Justice with assassination. Immigration reform through refugee crises. Ecological conservation through redistributed destruction. Human dignity through class diversity. Inclusion through selective exclusion (“=”).
    Still, of all their observable and progressive bigotry, the greatest is their denial of human evolution from conception, and their firm embrace of the fantasy of spontaneous conception. I wonder how many people actually believe this or receive comfort from the State/Church’s message when they commit and advocate for mass abortion of wholly innocent human lives.
    Whether it is the green, clean propaganda of the environmental lobbyists, their Pro-Choice quasi-religion is a double-edged scalpel that can and should be used to expose and mitigate their distortion and corruption.

  38. “… Installing building insulation or rooftop solar panels; converting decomposing waste into new products and clean, local energy resources; and restoring forests are just a few examples of how we can create millions of new jobs and make our communities healthier and more equitable, while making the globe a little cooler at the same time. …”
    Who is to pay for these things? How do they create wealth and not national debt? Who thinks these things will cool the earth and why would they think that?
    My suspicion is that Mr DiCaprio has not considered these questions with any realism. His “plan” certainly doesn’t indicate any realism.

    • Like most leftists, Lenny has no idea regarding what creates wealth.
      He probably thinks that hiring two people, one to dig holes and the other to fill them creates wealth.

  39. Trump obviously has no understanding of how Washington is supposed to work. He just had private meetings with Al Gore and Leo DiCaprio without either one of them paying Ivanka or Melania $200,000 to give an insipid speech somewhere. Unprecedented! Incontheevable!
    The world (as establishment politicians know it) is doomed!

  40. You have to be kidding me. Trump will spit him out like a watermelon seed. I’m surprised the warmists even let this meeting take place considering DiCaprio’s penchant for vapid talk about AGW.

  41. Even if Trump fully agreed with him, it’s difficult to envisage what more he could achieve with goal #4 than has already (not) been achieved in 8 years under Obama. The US population has remained largely refractory to the increasingly hysterical pleadings and threats.

  42. Trump has already met with Gore and Leo. How many climate skeptics has Obama ever met with? Oh those open-minded libs…

  43. This makes me sick! I want to see Leo’s real credentials and perhaps take a few tests before he speaks another word about CAGW. Leo is so full of it and I actually liked his films. I know the science. IT AIN’T anywhere near settled and anyone who said this even once is not worth listening to ever again! REALLY!

    • Well, he’s a high school dropout. But he does have that beard, so he’s playing a professor in real life.
      Hollywood. The land of make-believe. And real, REAL dumb actors.

  44. Wow. The LDF plan is terrifying, where it not for the internet; which provides a pipeline to study the matter. 100% literacy is a tremendous goal, however I wonder at the accepted content, which is to be curated. How is the viewpoint of the alarmist ever to reach adoption by 100% of the population when access to information is trending up? The LDF plan is madness and hubris rolled up into a Pillsbury dough delight and I’m guessing Trump won’t bite. Climate Alarmism is expensive and it’s horrible in its waste of human resources, worse Alarmism erodes opportunity to meaningful human advancements.

  45. I think the gotee and tache…well they don’t seem to be working well. As a matter of fact they seem to be fighting.
    That is truly a defiant look on his face…could he be in a position of losing a lot of money from Trumps anti-global warming policies. The huge tax tax cuts could be effecting him personally…thus the U-turn.
    I wonder if Lenny would be lead by example in one of those green jobs.
    When I hear the word Foundation…well I just get a little twitchy. Running this foundation must be expensive. I wonder if Lenny gets any environmental tax funding, or granting.
    Man he fights hard as the new ambassadour of ‘Whatever’ for the UN.
    I wonder how much of that vast fortune Lenny has is invested in companies that sell carbon tickets.
    When a ‘ACTOR’ is brought in in to these positions, I always wonder.
    Lenny in the end does not seem sincere, I could understand if he was. As a matter of fact I could applaud it…this lenny, the ‘before the flood’ lenny, is going to lose big money.
    A lot those hollywood big shots, dropped some serious coin into AGW.

    • Actually the beard? It reminds me of some Russian guy. Lenin? ( sorry if I am wrong but it sure ain’t Marxs that guy had a beard a mile long)

  46. The Dachau prison camp started out as a place for ordinary political prisoners who would not sign the papers of allegiance.

  47. Nothing says irrelevant like this high school drop out’s opinion about anything … except maybe acting.

  48. The main points of the LDF plan;
    GOAL 1: Net zero carbon emissions by 2050
    GOAL 2: Average carbon price of $25 per tonne (USD) by 2020
    GOAL 3: Zero net loss of forests by 2020 and protection of 30% of the oceans by 2030
    GOAL 4: 100% climate literacy by 2020
    GOAL 5: 40% more efficient by 2025 compared to 2015 (this appears to be related to efficient use of energy)
    GOAL 6: 90% reduction of all waste by 2025
    GOAL 7: 100% of all energy generation from renewables by 2050
    GOAL 8: Net zero transportation emissions by 2050
    Like a lot of DiCaprio offerings, the plan is long on big ideas and short on detail.

    “GOAL 1: Net zero carbon emissions by 2050″…..Why bother? For who’s purpose?
    “GOAL 2: Average carbon price of $25 per tonne (USD) by 2020″…. Why bother? Does this mean us carbon-based life forms will have to pay by the pound for simply being alive? How will wildlife pay for their existence?
    “GOAL 3: Zero net loss of forests by 2020 and protection of 30% of the oceans by 2030″….Why bother? Does this mean that LDF will be launching a campaign to make beavers extinct? The emerald ash borer? Dutch elm disease? (I’m sure there multiple things out there that kill trees that aren’t human.)
    “GOAL 4: 100% climate literacy by 2020″….So Mann and Gore will be appointed the Climate Editors at TWC and the internet for life?
    “GOAL 5: 40% more efficient by 2025 compared to 2015 (this appears to be related to efficient use of energy)” OK. Got me. This is achievable…but only if a way can be found to harness his hot air to perform some useful work.
    “GOAL 6: 90% reduction of all waste by 2025″…But then what would happen to the MSM and Hollywood?
    No more royalties for syndication?
    “GOAL 7: 100% of all energy generation from renewables by 2050″…So, if he survives all his “goals”, his private jets will have a coal tender….er….corn tender to keep their engines going?
    “GOAL 8: Net zero transportation emissions by 2050″…Best results of this LDF plan would be that everyone would be on foot. But, then again, the more they walk, the more they emit.
    I guess the only way to reach his goals is for everyone else to die.

  49. Will Trump hear and learn about Zero Point Energy or will the Occult keep that from him.
    we will see.

  50. The reality is that the climate chnge we are experiencing is caused by the sun and the oceans over which Mankind has no control. There is no real evidence that CO2 has any effect on climate. The US federal government is a business in trouble with a huge debt and huge annual loses. The US economy has a big problem associated with its huge annual trade deficit. The President needs to first devote his efforts to reducing the federal government’s debts and turning the economy around so that we have annual trade surppluses that can be user to help end our past trade defcicits. I estimate that the money the federal govenment is borrowing today will end up costing the taxpayers more than 12 times the amount borrowed to pay back over the next 180 years. We need a President who is there for the American tax payer and will work with congress to stop all this federal borrowing and keep the federal goevrnment solvent.

    • The trade deficit is caused by the budget deficit. It can’t be solved until the budget deficit is fixed.
      When we buy stuff from foreigners, they get dollars in exchange.
      There’s only one thing that can be done with dollars, buy stuff from America.
      If they don’t buy stuff from America, the supply of dollars outside the US goes up, which makes their price go down.
      This causes stuff bought from America to go down in price. While the stuff we buy from them goes up in price. As a result, the trade deficit will trend towards zero.
      The problem is that foreigners have the option of buying US treasuries, and lots of them do. Because US Treasuries are considered a good investment for most of the world.
      Because they are buying Treasuries, the supply of dollars outside the US does not go up, and the value of dollars outside the US does not fall.
      To conclude, fix the US budget deficit, and the US trade deficit will fix itself. Don’t fix the US budget deficit, and nothing we do will have an impact on the US trade deficit.

  51. So, “GOAL 4: 100% climate literacy by 2020.” if anyone think they will be able to cram a bunch of environmental dogma down my throat, they have another thing coming. I would like to give Mr. DiCaprio the first opportunity to do so, in person. He would not survive.

  52. Dicaprio , Gore , Podesta , Soros , Steyer will obviously never ever be the Trump team pals . The only question is in what form will their Trojan Horse come . I hope it’s not family .
    The Greens got 1 % for a reason and is there any doubt the Clinton Political Corporation isn’t regretting the day they took the money to cosy up with Greenie California bag men who controlled their campaign agenda ? Would Hillary have lost if she wasn’t pressured to show their true colors ? … Fire coal workers , Deplorables , Deniers .. their trade mark intimidation tactics . All that green catering and the thinly disguised put down of working people cost her the election . She didn’t need their money . She had far too much beholding money . Mr Trump traveled light .
    The Democrats sold their soul to green wash capitalists and stupidly they are going to immediately do it again . Why would they retain a failed California rain maker if they weren’t going back to the same bankers ?
    That money hurt her and cost the Democrats big time . Well that and … Fainting , Deleteing E mails , Clinton Foundation and taking their “safe ” voting base completely for granted , etc . The green wash agenda didn’t fit her and hiding the carbon tax agenda just added to her lack of trust . The Green bankers even helped destroy Bernie who might have won .
    Beware of the Trojan Horse Mr .Trump it’s being built, it rides in elevators is Green on the outside and usually postmarked from California .
    The Trump super team pulled off a miracle giving Billions hope for government that works for people just please watch what company you keep . They took Hillary down .

  53. “LDF Climate Action Plan”
    It’s wishful thinking and fantasy. Here’s a simple climate action plan for you Leonardo. Educate yourself on climate science by getting a degree on meteorology from MIT under Prof. Lindzen. If you pass his course, at least you can speak intelligently about climate change. If not, stop wasting your time and money on climate change. The ignorant can only spread his ignorance.

  54. The scariest goal is GOAL 4: 100% “climate literacy” .
    As long as it is the same as De Caprio’s “climate literacy.” urk.

  55. Any leader dealing with a celeb from acting like Crapio should bear in mind their one skill they are paid a fortune for is that of making fiction even that of utter fantasy appear, temporarily at least, credible as fact.
    Trump should not dismiss climate science he should put in place a one year program as well funded as global warming was with the aim of discrediting the science and suspend all climate based rules and subsidies until it has reported back.
    If it is beyond question as claimed the pages of the report should be blank.

  56. I thought Leonardo DiCaprio said he would leave USA if Trump was elected,
    That’s the only reason Trump was elected !!

  57. Why on earth do Presidents and Presidents elect feel that they have to give so much of their valuable time to actors who seek to bolster their celebrity status by latching on to a subject about which they know so very little. Actors generally follow any cause that brings them added publicity, and should not be encouraged by those who are tasked with looking at problems from a viewpoint that does not have self promotion as its primary objective.. The assumption that actors know more about a hugely complicated science that constitutes the global warming arguments on a worldwide scale is false, and well beyond the balanced thinking of the majority of the acting profession whose job in life is simply to repeat words written by others and get paid far too much money for doing so. Let’s keep the celebs out of it; they are paid to act and not to persuade Presidents that they no better.

  58. GOAL 1: Net zero carbon emissions by 2050
    Idiotic idea unless we go Nuclear.
    GOAL 2: Average carbon price of $25 per tonne (USD) by 2020
    Idiotic goal by brainwashed individuals to argue ‘we have an economic way’ to force renewables to be cheap. 100% stupid.
    GOAL 3: Zero net loss of forests by 2020 and protection of 30% of the oceans by 2030
    Interesting, actually a better place for these guy to put their hats! Are they finding their way again?
    GOAL 4: 100% climate literacy by 2020
    I don’t like coal dear sam,
    I don’t like the oil can,
    its green windmills green solar
    it all brainwashing in the plan.
    GOAL 5: 40% more efficient by 2025 compared to 2015 (this appears to be related to efficient use of energy)
    GOAL 6: 90% reduction of all waste by 2025
    I will be sending all my lithium batters, dead phones, dried paint cans, all those asphalt shingles I need to rip off to put on Musk’s Miracle Roof directly to the California landfills. Since by 2025 waste will be down 90% they will do just fine dealing with them!
    GOAL 7: 100% of all energy generation from renewables by 2050
    His fantasy world has engulfed his prefrontal lobe so that now reality and fantasy are indistinguishable.
    GOAL 8: Net zero transportation emissions by 2050
    We won’t even talk about this one until we see DiCaprio on a bike every day for a year.

  59. Of all the people to have Trump listen to about global warming, Leonardo DiCaprio? There are so many knowledgeable people on this subject and the president’s time is tight for every subject, so he meets with an actor? Is this a pay for play thing? Like the Clinton foundation works? If you listen to Leonardo talk on this he sounds like a child, he seems to think we can choose what energy sources we want without economic consequences. “Mommy, Daddy, I’m going to have the world change ALL of its gas and coal powered things changed over to SOLAR and WIND energy powered things! Then we’ll never have any change in the climate or sea level again! And everyone will have good jobs replacing those old global warming causing cars and power plants over to solar and wind energy! Isn’t that a great idea? I don’t know why no one thought of it before!” Oh, well its because you are so much SMARTER than everyone else Leo, no one would have thought of this if not for you! Thank goodness you are so environmentally conscious, you are such a GOOD BOY!

  60. Mankind has saved life on Earth as it restores some of the sequestered CO2 eaten and removed by voracious plants, which is now starving and stunting the Plant Kingdom. Plants had consumed almost all the Atmospheric CO2, and nearing the death levels of atmospheric CO2 at 150 ppm.
    Assuming that you would even want to stop the needed restoration, until it approached the levels that Plants need at around 1200 at ppm,
    North America is a net carbon dioxide sink, already. It is done by by bio-sequestration as our farmers and ranchers consume CO2 while growing food. So his number 1 objective has been long accomplished. North America is a below ZERO net producer of CO2. But the fool wouldn’t know that as he never even graduated from high school, with intermittent tutoring given him as a child actor.
    We merely have to declare victory and cease the effort. He is overpaid and under-educated.
    Let the rest of the world like China and India catch up. But they are not even required to start until 2035 under the lopsided treaties that the Green Foolish politicians negotiated.
    The proverb suggests that potential Fools should remain quiet lest they open their mouths and remove all doubt.

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