TV Climate Advocate: "I want to grab Trump by the Crotch…"

Director of the Hayden Planetarium Neil deGrasse Tyson speaks as host of the Apollo 40th anniversary celebration held at the National Air and Space Museum, Monday, July 20, 2009 in Washington.

Director of the Hayden Planetarium Neil deGrasse Tyson speaks as host of the Apollo 40th anniversary celebration held at the National Air and Space Museum, Monday, July 20, 2009 in Washington. By NASA/Bill Ingalls –, Public Domain, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

TV Cosmologist, Astrophysicist and climate advocate Neil deGrasse Tyson wants to “grab Trump by the Crotch” when he meets the President-elect to talk about science, to get his attention.

Neil deGrasse Tyson: I’ll grab Trump by the crotch when I meet him

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says he wants to use an unusual greeting when he meets President-elect Donald Trump.

“When I meet President Trump, I may first grab his crotch — to get his attention — then discuss Science with him,” Tyson tweeted Friday afternoon.

When I meet President Trump, I may first grab his crotch — to get his attention — then discuss Science with him.

— Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson) November 18, 2016

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Sadly Tyson seems to have chickened out and deleted the original crotch grab tweet. Rather a shame really – Trump seems to like people who have the character to stand by what they believe. Having said that, I strongly suspect if and when President-elect Trump meets Tyson, Trump would prefer a traditional handshake rather than a crotch grab.

The following is a video of Tyson explaining why he thinks electing climate “deniers” represents the downfall of democracy.

289 thoughts on “TV Climate Advocate: "I want to grab Trump by the Crotch…"

  1. I suspected that NDT was a crotch grabber of male crotches. But Donalds? Also doesn’t his crotch grabbing desires make him a rapist in certain circles. Or is rape and racism a crime blonde blue-eyed males can only commit?

    • I’m not sure about that. It appears NDT understands that ‘When you are a star they let you do anything.’

      • Heh heh I wouldn’t exactly call NDT a star…maybe in his own mind. He’s a boob of epic proportions…

      • Indeed, just look at some of the women accusing Trump of groping or improper behaviour. They go back 6mo later to meet him because they hope to do deal and make money out of the relationship. ie they ACCEPT his behaviour, even if they don’t like it too much.
        The other, a porn star, is “offended” at the idea he suggested paying here to have sex. That’s what she does for a living for heaven’s sake.
        Now presumably the politically correct lefty media will be lambasting Tyson as a predatory, racist sex-offender who uses his powerful physique to threaten people.

    • Yes, it is a crime if it happens. However, hyper-masculine hyperbole is just bluster. Let’s not read into this any more than we should. This is a non-story of the same level as Trump’s bus-talk. Bluster and buffoonery. I expected better from both of them, but it’s of no real consequence.

      • Technically both Bill and Hillary Clinton fall under the same Sex Offender/Enabler/accomplice umbrella as you might cast Trump

      • In that case, Simon, Trump was a comedian. It wasn’t a speech, but a private conversation where he was obviously trying to get cheap laughs. As I said, don’t read serious crimes into non-serious conversation.
        That being said, I refer to the New York Time’s analysis of his actions over the past several years. He’s not a nice or good man by any means. However, that’s completely beside the point of this conversation.

      • ‘he was obviously trying to get cheap laughs’
        Well, actually he was trying to give a ‘heads-up’ to Billy Bush, and how if you’re rich there’s a certain breed of mercenary-type that will try to run up your credit card. This particular woman was after furniture, and when Trump realized what he was doing, he treated her like it.
        Of course, Bush used it to try and screw him over.
        None of which makes Trump either a sexual offender OR a liar. He’s a guy that made a pass at a woman (who was trying to take advantage of him), and got turned down, and then told the story to someone he made the mistake of trusting.

      • It may be a type of bluster, but certainly not harmless bluster.
        NDT made a threat; a threat that ranks somewhere between bully and thug. Pretend progressives’ only shriek about being offended when subjects are people they do not like.
        False emotions meant for over the top drama queen displays.
        Do not doubt that the Secret Service fail to take appropriate notice. Secret Service do take threats seriously, and while they might overlook a free speech childish bully boast; the Secret Service will not overlook NGT’s reaching or movement towards Trump’s crotch.
        Basing alleged intentions or actions from New York Times articles is akin to believing grocery store rumors; fact less, tactless and completely gullible.

      • Atheok, true. It is hypocritical of people that got angry over Trump’s comments to not be at least annoyed at Tyson’s. However, it goes the other way too. If you think Trump’s bus-hall banter is not a problem, then at the very least, Tyson’s is not a serious problem.
        On the other hand, I will agree that Tyson, making a public statement of a threat to a specific person, is the more serious incident than Trump’s, However, we can’t stoop to their level and claim the higher ground.

    • No no no Paul. I can’t believe I have to explain this to you-
      Grabbing someone’s crotch is a crime…UNLESS you grab someone’s crotch to “get their attention prior to discussing science with them”. Under those circumstances it is not a crime at all….more of an intellectual necessity. And it’s certainly not even inappropriate behavior when meeting with the President of the United States. I mean, we all know that Hillary has had Bill’s jewels in a tight grasp since the White House years….and it’s probably the reason Michelle kept “those amazing arms” nice and cut through the past 8 years. 🙂
      snarkity snark snark

    • That’s the MSM slant that Trump did this without permission when Trump’s actual words where “And when you’re a star, they LET you do it. You can do anything.” So by this standard, Trump would have to be impressed enough by NGT that he would allow it without physical reaction by the Donald who claims to have grown up in a tough neighborhood and “loved to fight”. Or perhaps file a lawsuit, the funniest one being that with Bill Maher, where Maher said that he would donate $5 million to Trump’s chosen charity if he released a birth certificate proving his father was not an orangutan (thereby making a verbal contract). Trump provided the birth certificate but then Maher quickly pointed out that it was only a joke. Even so Maher routinely brings up the (dropped) lawsuit as evidence of Trump’s mental instability, of course without ever mentioning the details.

      • Eric,
        ‘TV Climate Advocate: …”
        Very poor use of language, to me . . It’s climate ALARM he advocates, and you merely help your opponents’ cause by speaking as though he were right, and you wrong.

      • JohnKnight,
        Neil deGrasse Tyson is more known as a TV Climate Advocate than an Alarmist. He is seen on the Science Channels “How the Universe Works,” where he is seen by millions.
        He has also claimed on TV that Venus and the Earth were twins to begin with, but Venus had a runaway CO2 problem. That may be partially true, as it is covered with volcanoes, but he doesn’t even mention that it is also closer to the Sun.

      • William Sanford “Bill” Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson ……. are two (2) peas in the same pod.
        Their primary forte is to be a “TV Star” and they will say and do most anything to insure their continued Stardom.
        Neil deGrasse Tyson is pretty much forced to be a “fear-mongering” Climate Alarmist in order to maintain and preserve his “starring” role as a TV Climate Advocate. He can’t be the latter ….. without being the former.
        Neil deGrasse Tyson has several millions of young, lefty liberal tree-hugging “greenie” wackos that believe every word he tells them …….. and the TV Advertisers know a “good thing” when they see one.

      • Venus and the Earth were twins to begin with, but Venus had a runaway CO2 problem.
        nonsense. at about 50km altitude the pressure and temperature of the atmosphere of Venus is about the same as the pressure and temperature at the earth’ surface, except that venus is somewhat warmer as it is closer to the sun.
        However, at the surface of Venus, the pressure is 90 times the surface pressure of earth, and due to the lapse rate on venus (approx 9 C/km), the surface temperature of venus is approximately 450C (9 C/km * 50km) greater than the surface temperature of earth.

      • I’ve always wondered how one advocates for climate?
        Hurricane Deborah is really just misunderstood. If only she’d had more money when she was younger, she could have gone to a better school and wouldn’t have been forced to be a bully to get attention …

      • Roy, the astrophysicists that I’ve been reading are pretty much in agreement that Venus never cooled off enough so that the water could condense out of it’s atmosphere. It had nothing to do with the CO2, it has everything to do with the sun.

      • Eric, seriously, let the people know what the basic issue is, I say . . there are reasons your opponents don’t. ‘Climate science’ sounds ever so reasonable and agreeable . . ‘Climate panic’ not so much ; )

      • Another important fact to consider when discussing Venus’s surface temperature is that it only rotates once (1) every 243 Earth days ……. which means that extremely intense Solar irradiance is striking the planet’s surface for 121.5 continuous “24-hour” earth days.

    • I wonder what the Secret Service agents’ reaction time would be under these circumstances and what sort of a physical response should expect from these agents. I doubt that NDT would appreciate it. Might wrinkle his suit. Probably claim bias and threaten to sue.

    • It’s ok if you are famous and rich, you can assault anyone you want, it’s ok. As Donny boy says, he could gun down people outside his Towers and no-one would turn a hair. Welcome to the new and exciting US!

    • I just hope Mr. Trump follows through with his climate agenda, and the sooner the better. I don’t really mind if NDT and his ilk want to keep raising the alarm. I just don’t want them doing it on my nickel. And I definitely want his ilk to quit messing with the nation’s temperature data. That is extremely irritating. If the temperature data needs to be adjusted, they must 1) save the original data; 2) explain why it needs adjustment; 3) publish the adjusting data and submit it for peer (not pal) review.

  2. I am a white heterosexual male, if it helps the USA, I’d grab Trump by the crotch too. I might get some carbon offset credits due to the sacrifice for all mankind.

    • There’s also proof Trump is a racist: He’s given the black couple in the White House a 60-day eviction notice.

      • Albedo. The lighter your skin, the more you sunlight you reflect back to space, and the less contribute to global warming. However, if you are dark-skinned, all is not lost: you may compensate by eating only white chocolate.

      • Black lives matter. !!
        Do you REALLY subscribe to their meme that white lives don’t matter.
        Bottom of the sewer stuff from Slimon.

      • Albedo. The lighter your skin, the more you sunlight you reflect back to space

        Wow, the climate argument the left is scared to talk about. This is the REAL reason they are determined to keep Africa and India in poverty by enforcing “carbon” limits on them. If their populations explode as is expected in the next 50y, how will affect the Earth’s albedo?

      • The really important question is, ……
        Which evolved first, ….. the white-skinned hominoid …. or …. the dark-skinned hominoid?

  3. Why is Mr deGrasse Tyson so confident that he is going to meet Donald Trump? If Trump wants someone to perform the aforementioned act then he presumably has access to many other people who are able and possibly willing.

  4. I would pay a dollar to see that! And 10 to see DJT smack him in the mouth afterwards. THAT would be must see TV!

  5. If/when Tyson meets President Trump, how about someone on the other side of the debate be there as well to see if Tyson can back up his rhetoric. Anthony, I think you would be perfect. Interested?

  6. So can this sexually obsessed “scientific expert” , actually define what he means when he says “Climate Change”?
    Seems to me he is burbling on about CAGW.
    Another progressive projecting his personal ignorance upon the unsuspecting masses.
    If Climate Change is such a terror, I insist we reinstate the Laurentian Ice Sheet.
    Obviously any deviation from a 100 000 years “normal” must be bad and as it happened a mere 20 000 years ago it must have been caused by mankind.
    Did our ancestors domesticate huge methane belching mammoths…?
    Save the planet recreate the ice age..

  7. Much to my surprise, crotch grabbing, apparently, means something to astrophysics – maybe it makes the “grabee” see stars; I had no idea this act had relavance to climate science as well.

    • Indeed. Astrophysicists have their own internal language peculiar to the discipline just as climatologists do. “Nature trick” and “Hide the decline” are important technical slang just as “grab the crotch” is. It refers to gravitational pull in binary systems.

  8. This election has really brought out very childish behavior in a lot of people and It seems to have mostly stricken the liberal left.

    • It’s always been rampant on the left. The only thing different is that now the upper echelons are now engaging in it as well.

  9. That may elevate the Carbon Moonie level of discourse, particularly if the Donald returns the favor. Neil needs something to jolt him out of his trance.

  10. Neil deGrasse Tyson is a man obsessed with his own self-importance. If he truly was a champion of “science” then he would welcome healthy alternative research and debate on climate. He is a close-minded narcissist.

  11. Crotch grabbing is fine by me, seeing as Trump already has Tyson by the wallet. If you ask me, Trump already owns everything of Tyson that matters.

  12. If N Tyson had ever actually looked into the issue he might know better.
    Thermalization and the complete dominance of water vapor in reverse-thermalization explain why CO2 has no significant effect on climate. Terrestrial EMR absorbed by CO2 is effectively rerouted to space via water vapor.
    CO2 is not merely harmless, it is profoundly helpful. It is helpful in that it is plant food and, perhaps more importantly, it reduces plant’s need for water.
    Tyson might avoid embarrassment by sticking to his specialty, astronomy

    • N Tyson is one letter short of an M Tyson, and we all know what happened to him when he attempted to bite Holyfield’s ear of, eh? These Tysons should shed their obsession with trying to tear off the body parts of their adversaries.

  13. His words on that video reminds me of Adam Curtis’ “All watched over by machines with loving grace”. Tyson should learn about whats happened to science and politics in the last 50 years and consider rephrasing his words. Otherwise he is just speaking to people who should also watch that documentary and begin to understand that there has been a long line of tradition of politicians who have made careers embracing scams until the cash runs out and the people become wise as to why this is wrong.

  14. We believe that the climate changes.
    It’s catatrophic human made global warming horror that we don’t believe because there’s no scientific evidence or data that proves it.
    There is only greed for poor people’s money that is scientifically provable.

    • When so-called “climate scientists™” talk about “climate change™” they mean ..
      …. “catastrophic human CO2 caused climate change”.
      That is their shorthand.
      No-one denies that climate changes, although, over the last century or so it has been remarkably stable and benign.

      • “Change” is being used as a verb by most folks, not an adjective. “Climate is being changed by humans.” Natural climate change could better be described as “climate shift” which implies no impetus or cause.

      • They use the term on purpose.
        Because they really think that people outside their bubble are dough heads.
        Bill Gates said ” the mass population should not have a say in who governs them”.
        The Club of Rome.
        Read the manifesto it is avaiable.

      • Yes, “climatic shifts” would be more succinct because it describes more accurately what is going on. Heat on the globe shifts from region to region, both on land and in the oceans. But we still are looking at snapshots and multi-decadal clips instead of being able to watch the whole movie of global climate change. The entire enlightened Human experience is still much too short to allow us to have enough data collected to establish what controls the planetary cycles of temperature. The last 20 years establish no pattern worth calling anything except ENSO variation.

    • Passion is more marketable than reason. This was shown by the actions of supporters of the losing POTUS candidate after the the election. Real, mundane science just can’t out-do sour-grapes temper fits when it comes to media attention.

  15. This blowhard is not in a field of his own……… least not all by himself. He has Brian Cox to keep him company. Perhaps together they can convince someone that imaginary make-believe is an “emergency”.

  16. Well, I do think Mr. Tyson needs some anatomy lessons first. Astronomy/Anatomy they do sound so similar.
    If I understand the “CAGW” conjecture correctly it is the presence of “Greenhouse Gases” that is allegedly changing the climate.
    I do believe those come from the posterior portion of the human anatomy. “Grabbing” the scrotum seems very unlikely to cause any little long term reduction in methane…..
    Perhaps President Elect Trump (hee hee hee) can reciprocate by inserting a cork in Mr. Tyson’s lower “Greenhouse Gas” orifice…
    And then a follow up with a cork in his mouth would be helpful as well….
    Cheers, KevinK

  17. Anyone who uses the phrase “climate denier” cannot call themselves a scientist, they are just a propagandist and deserve no respect.

    • Neil Tyson just needs to present the facts. Raw data without “adjustments” and without UHI effect will clearly show these people that our climate is controlled by the sun and not by people. It is just as stupid to think that man can consciously slow global warming or global cooling. We can get rid of the pollution, but we can only watch the climate change.

        • I don’t know, with the precipitous drop in temps over the last 72 hours me thinks the whinebabies are going to be disappearing. $15 an hour looks less attractive once it is below freezing and we soon will have to find something else to laugh at. CSPAN has some funny crap dribbling out of Democrat’s mouths, from time to time.

  18. After listening to Tyson a few times on his show, and there and elsewhere having head his ignorant prattle about climate change, I’m starting to wonder how good a physicist he actually is. I mean, on the scientific front he sounds kind of uninformed. Are we sure he really is what he says he is?

    • Excellent question! I used to respect this man, but now I question his ability to evaluate empirical data and draw objective conclusions.
      He’s been touted as the Richard Feynman of our time, yet it’s clear that he either doesn’t understand the scientific method or how to apply it properly.
      I truly hope someone directs him to this thread so he can read these comments. As a scientist, he’s blowing it! Feynman would be soooo disappointed in him!

    • “[Tyson has] been touted as the Richard Feynman of our time . . .”
      An honest description of my opinion of any such tout wouldn’t get past moder@tion. To even mention Feynman’s name in the same sentence with that pretentious clown borders on sacrilege as far as I’m concerned.

  19. Tyson probably didn’t pay attention, or maybe he heard a corrupted version from JournoLists, but without Trump’s consent it would be considered assault.

  20. I can not find this statement on twitter. So, is it real or has it been deleted. If you’re going to post stories like this you need to at least have a screen shot. (The internet is full of stories that are not true, partially true, half true, mostly true and completely true ….. always verify).

    • Trump has had Secret Service protection since last March. Now that he is Pres-elect, his security detail is almost the same as Obama’s.

      • Non-president specific comment:
        I would think the president elect would need a bigger security detail. The current president has the advantage of the White House with it’s built in security features.

  21. You say he thinks it represents the downfall of democracy. He actually says “the end of an informed democracy”. Why mislead your readers (90% of whom won’t watch the video and walk off with the impression you’ve just given them) instead of quoting what he actually said? We can then decide for ourselves what a berk he is. We don’t need your help to shoo us in that direction.
    The downfall of democracy means tyranny, anarchy or all-out war. An uninformed democracy just means idiots electing more idiots to do their
    bidding. Hardly the same thing, even if there’s a chance the consequences will cause great harm. One is guaranteed mayhem and misery; the other is just mighty inconvenience but nowhere near as bad. He’s being alarmist enough without you putting words in his mouth.
    Just because I don’t agree with NDT and have no time for him or global warming doesn’t mean I should sit here and lap up spin on WUWT. I’ve picked you up on it before and I’ll do it again. You simply can’t play the spin game like they do.

    • When is democracy NOT a sugar coated form of tyranny? Maybe, when relevant issues are honestly debated?
      How do we determine what is relevant?
      How do we determine what is an honest debate?
      How can an uninformed democracy NOT be the downfall of democracy?

    • “An uninformed democracy just means idiots electing more idiots to do their

      You mean like the idiots who electied Obama – TWICE – and tried to elect Hillary?

  22. Isn’t Neil deGrasse Tyson the guy who insists Pluto isn’t a planet because it’s a dwarf planet? Not very sensitive to the feelings of dwarfs.

    • Is a red light not a light? Is a small dog not a dog?
      Then how can a dwarf planet not be a planet?
      This is one of the things that infuriates me (in a casual way) about the IAU’s language in this matter. The idea that there might be “too many planets out there for school children to memorize” if they didn’t do something seems to me to be a poor excuse to implement such a poor definition.

  23. Never wrestle with a wrestler. Never box with a boxer.
    Trying to take on The Donald using his own techniques is beyond stupid.

  24. I think his Secret Service protection detail would body slam NdGT to the floor and pile on him and put a nasty chokehold on him.
    I suspect he’ll get a Secret Service call now though warning him to calm his language.

  25. They used to say everyone talks about the weather but no one does anything about it.
    Because of course they could do nothing. What ever happened to weather? It seems to
    have been consigned to the taboo bin replaced by climate which we now think we can
    do something about.

    • LOL – you need to keep up. ‘Weather’ is what it is whenever it gets cooler when it is supposed to be warmer, or when the extra and extra violent storms don’t happen. (4000+ days since high level (Cat 3 or above) hurricane made USA landfall anyone? 😀 )
      Climate is whenever it’s a warm day, a king tide occurs, there’s heavy rain, heavy snow, no rain, no snow, or when summer starts the ice melting, or a new computer model promises we’re all doomed in 2020, 5 years, 2030, 2040, 2100, 2150 etc.

  26. I just realized he is the guy on TV that “explains” the “cosmos” to little kids. He should stick with that, as long as he doesn’t screw that up for kids as well. We turn the channel whenever he “pollutes” the airwaves. ( Neil? Have you ever figured out how much C02 pollution the production your TV program generates btw? you know, the lights, the studio, the make-up etc for every single person that is involved?)

    • He’s not very good at Cosmology either. Plus he spends significant amounts of show time talking AGW as well.
      Him and Brian Cox added together would almost equal a high school graduate in Science.

      • Tyson reminds me of what someone once said about the book “The DaVinci Code”. When you finish reading it, you are dumber than when you started.

  27. I loved his moronic defense of “climate change,” stating that scientists have been talking about it for decades! And what do they have to show for it, besides billions of misappropriated dollars? What an ignoramus.

    • El Nino-released heat content being released by ice-free water into the dark, Arctic skies.
      IOW, Feedback operating as it has for countless eons.

      • We had an exceptionally nice November until yesterday. If that is how we do it. i hope we do it again.

      • 1 yr < 39 yrs <<< 1 eon.
        Maybe you should change your bed sheets?
        P.S. Been reading my latest hardcopy Science magazine this weekend. I find it fascinating that Erik the Red could found colonies in Greenland in the 10th Century AD. Those colonies lasted for almost 350 yrs before they were frozen-out, starved, and cut off from Iceland and European ships by growing sea ice in the early 1400's.
        How could West Greenland colonies have flourished in 1100 AD on land that for the last 500 years has been ic bound? Only to today have the remnants of those colonies being uncovered by thawing permafrost? (Much to those bedwetting archaelogists' lament that these now thawing Norse midens are now decaying.)

      • tony mcleod November 20, 2016 at 8:18 pm
        Except this year is different.
        Possibly now look again at your little graph and check out weather conditions world wide down to 30 Latitude.
        It has been a early winter everywhere.
        This happens with a large El Nino. you know that.
        Now there have been reports that the ahem, “Polar Vortex has slipped it’s leash again. If it has moved farther south and stays there it is going to be a nasty winter. With both the AMO and El Nina flipping at the same time things could get interesting.
        I don’t think your graph means there is going to be an early spring.

      • Walter,
        Tony would prefer you have a skyhigh heating bill, b/c as Obama said in 2007, his policies are designed to make electricity prices skyrocket. Elite libs don’t have to feel the consequences of their policies, only middle and lower income classes feel the effects of those policies, is basically the learning point.

      • It has been a early winter everywhere.
        Mike, it’s been brutal in central Asia and Siberia and was you say the PV seems to have slipped it’s leash. But none of that makes the sea ice extent any less anomalous. Sea ice was pretty close to average for several years after the ’98 Nino.

      • Doesn’t really explain much, does it TCE? The sun has been “out” since 1978. Anything else you can think of?

      • “The sun has been “out” since 1978”
        That is a manifest LIE… and you KNOW IT !!
        While cycle 19 was the highest in 600 or more years, cycles 21, and 22 were 2nd and 3rd highest I 600 years
        Its like turning an amplifier down from 11 to 10. !!

      • You mean the WEATHER EVENT that has trapped the heat in the Arctic and sent the cold to northern Russia.
        Look at the WHOLE globe instead of cherry-picking the Arctic anomaly, then you might have at least idea about reality.
        Note, that if you average them out, the world is cooling. The HUGE drop in the last 8 months in RSS shows that to be the case. Largest, steepest drop in the whole satellite record.

    • Explanations?
      Even the NSIDC experts admit they don’t have an explanation.
      “At NSIDC, we generally frown on the practice of looking at the global sea ice extent,” said Mark Serreze, director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center, “the reason being that ice in the two hemispheres tends to behave rather differently; while Arctic extent shows clear downward trends in all months, the pattern for the Antarctic has been much more complex.” Serreze and several other ice experts I contacted agreed that there was no obvious explanation for why sea ice extent would suddenly dip in unison in both the Arctic and Antarctic when the two processes are typically so uncorrelated. Previous record-warm years didn’t behave this way. Could some previously dormant or absent connection be popping up just now? If so, it’s not an obvious one. NSIDC’s Ted Scambos: “I’d say that to link the two poles with a single causality chain at the seasonal/annual level is probably about a decade of research in the future.” (Bob Henson-Wunderblog)
      And really, NDT is the one who took this the whole crotch grabbing the President to pathetic depths. Eric just pointed it out. If you don’t like what is posted here, don’t come here and read it.

    • It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature. The decline was in anticipation of Billary being elected. Look for a sharp uptick soon. Meanwhile, if subjugation to Trump is inevitable, you might as well relax and enjoy it. 😉

    • Nope. That was what I thought too, it does seem to be quite a departure. The graph is based on easily verifiable NSIDC data corroborated by Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency, which also tracks polar ice.

    • Well,Tony, if it was my division responsible for this I’d want to know a few things too. Like, what happened in Sept? Has something happened to the measuring equipment? It certainly looks that way in mid-November. As the measurement is so far from the norm I would start to suspect an error in the means of measurement….satellite failure, for instance?

    • Perhaps the earth has started to resume its warming after the LIA.
      Perhaps we have entered another dust cloud.
      Perhaps there is a virus in the algorithms.
      Perhaps there are two different errors in the Data.
      Perhaps someone tried to homogenise data but omitted to log the fact.
      Perhaps the data is correct and we need a new verifiable testable hypothesis to explain climate,
      with clear predictive character which may be tested in human lifetime frames.

    • This looks nothing like DMI or Jaxa. I’m no expert on this, but could this be an operational problem?

    • Compare these three images.
      Am I wrong in observing that the Nov 20 2016 ice is way more extent than in both the Nov 24 2014 image. and the Nov 21 2015 image? That’s not what the arctic ice plot tells us. (The current image has no snow added).
      Is the cryosphere website fubar?

  28. ” Neil deGrasse Tyson wants to “grab Trump by the Crotch””
    I would wager that the Secret Service would look askance at that.

  29. Very professional Neil. Do you really think that you can command respect with such gutter language? I’m sure that Carl (a real gentleman) would be ashamed to call you his protege.

  30. It would seem that our pal Niel prefers total corruption to at least some degree of honesty.
    Perhaps some of Niel’s income is in jeopardy.

  31. My guess is that this dumas was immediately informed by legal Eagles he knows that such a tweet, one that indicates a desire to assault a President of the United States, would not be seen kindly by the Secret Service. I would not be surprised if they actually contacted him as well. What a blowhard. People like this have no class, ethucs, nor morals.

  32. LMAO – I notice NDT doesn’t say WHO he is going to get to talk the Science. After all, NDT is so bad at Science he thinks computer models are data instead of just tools.
    Then again, maybe NDT is trying to promote himself and other tools into the new world he sees coming?
    But at a guess, grabbing Trump’s balls would probably bring a right cross as an instant reaction. 😀

  33. It’s rather disappointing that people, of all political stripes, are resorting to threats of initiation of aggression for their political purposes, or actual initiation of aggression for their poltiical purposes. Whomever initiates aggression is guilty of a crime and has invited the person they use force with to defend themselves appropriately. In the case of Trump, Neil just threatened the US President, that’s actually a crime… doh… not wise, besides the use of force tends to shut people down not wake them up Neil…. If you can’t use actual evidence to convince people your science is correct the use of force is going back to the Bronze Dark Age of the Spanish Inquistition… not the stellar commitment to the science method I’d expect from a scientist Neil…

  34. Neil deGrasse Tyson mite go for the crotch but trump will have him by the Balls, or maybe it’s the new secret hand shake when asking for more grant money. “Not what you can do for me, rather what I can do for you” wink wink say no more.

  35. Cheap salesman with 70s moustache (in other words, your typical “science communicator”) threatens to grab president’s crotch.
    I suggest Elon Cyrus or Miley Musk would be good stage handles for our new porn star scientist.

  36. The German alphabet lacks the letter ‘y’, but uses ‘j’ instead- ja? Now pronounce journalist with a German accent and you will discover what they actually are- something to p**s on.

  37. What makes him think he’s ever going to meet with President-elect Trump?
    Btw, Trump did not say he grabbed anything. It was a statement of observation that any of us could have made and it sounded consensual to me: “When you’re a star….they let you”….
    Anyone else notice that? What does “let” mean?

  38. NDT is one of the gifts that just keeps on giving.
    He demonstrates every time he opens his mouth that despite his claims of being so “brilliant” and “knowledgeable”, he’s really dumb as a rock. In fact, compared to him Joe Biden could be doing rocket science and/or brain surgery.
    In addition to being a classless fool, he is actually setting race relations back by decades.

  39. NDT has been living with Bill Nye (gay guy) for too long.
    He needs to get back to his “roots”! Ha ha 😉

  40. I am surprised, since this is a site covering climate issues, not to have seen any mention of the current extraordinary state of the arctic
    The temperature has been at a record high for the time of year with an astonishing 36 degree F positive anomaly…;topic=1611.0;attach=38462;image
    The sea ice extent has been tracking at much lower than the 2012 record low for about 6 weeks… and this last week has not only seen a stall in ice growth, but an actual decrease in extent… ice has retreated on the Atlantic side and in fact may even have melted.
    This now results in an exceptionally low global sea ice anomaly…
    Surely this is something worth posting an article on??
    I mean its at least as attention grabbing as being grabbed in the nether regions (climate wise)?

    • The anomaly over a vast area of northern Russian is a STAGGERING and ASTONISHING and MASSIVE and UNPRECEDENTED and TRULY SCARY -30ºC.

    • The level of Arctic sea ice over most of the summers in the first 3/4 of the Holocene was an ASTOUNDING .. ZERO !!!
      The only reason its been so AMAZINGLY HIGH is that the level in the late 1970’s was up there with the HUGE AND MASSIVELY EXTREME Arctic sea ice levels of the FRIGIDLY COLDEST period in the last 10,000 years

      • Have a look at the temperatures in the Arctic during this early phase of winter. Not only are they remaining stubbornly high, but the graph is stating to look like one of those bats you hit pucks with on the ice. You may like to check out the data on this very site. You will notice Arctic ice extent actually becoming less rather greater at this time.

      • Fantastic! That must mean everything is ok! We were also hit by a large object which wiped out Dinosaurs as well as many other life forms. That must mean we don’t have to worry about it happening again because it has happened before!

      • Poor Gareth…. What has being basically a only a tiny amount above the COLDEST period in the last 10,000 years got to do with comets wiping out dinosaurs.
        What the world has VERY FORTUNATELY been experiencing over the last 200 odd years has been a RECOVERY from a spitefully cold and bitter time.
        If you want to go back there. MOVE TO SIBERIA. !!

    • I’ve been flagging this up for weeks and been largely ignored. It is apparently the wrong type of climatic event so is not of any great interest to many on this site. Personally I think it is a critical issue which should be attracting all our attentions at this time. No doubt someone will point out that it may have happened millions of years ago so there is nothing to get concerned about.

      • Which event are you worried about, Gareth, the unusually warming Arctic or the unusually freezing Siberia? I take it there’s a meteorological connection.

      • The thing about Siberia is that it being cold is not unusual, some of the lowest temperatures ever recorded in the Northern hemisphere have been in Siberia. But Arctic ice melting at this stage of early winter is extremely unusual, if not unprecedented. A melting Arctic as some posters keep pointing out may have some advantages, but it’s confirmation that Arctic ice is not rebounding and we are entering unknown territory with regards to climate and weather patterns. Silly comments written in block capitals recommending a move to Siberia don’t really add much to the debate.

      • Gareth, you say:

        The thing about Siberia is that it being cold is not unusual

        Which tends to inform me that you only care about warming. Are you not even a little exercised by the fact that Siberia is a lot colder than what would considered usual?

      • Harry Passfield asks:
        “Are you not even a little exercised by the fact that Siberia is a lot colder than what would considered usual?”
        Gareth responds.
        Harry, if Siberia suddenly got so warm in the winter that the permafrost was melting I would consider that to be a more concerning issue than if Siberia got colder. Getting colder in Siberia is really not unusual , Arctic ice melting at this point in the season is something you just cannot ignore. Much of the cold air currently over Siberia is undoubtedly from the Arctic, which has been replaced with warmer air. Regardless, that is still causing an unprecedented melt which may well have unpredictable effects on the climate and weather.
        ps Well done for apparently using your real name, there are too many people who shout loudly but hide behind aliases.

      • Hey Gareth, 6 months ago, when ice levels were substantially above the lowest point EVAH, were you flaggin it, or was it the wrong type of climatic event for you?
        What will you be doing 6 months from now when the situation has reversed again?

      • Garneth: what did you think would be the effect of the months-long release of El Niño heat into the atmosphere? ,Did you think it would just vanish? Some of it made its way in moist air to fall as NH snow, especially in Asia and Greenland, both of which are very high right now, and also amplified some by the heat of Atlantic Hurricanes and Pacific Typhoons.
        All of this is weather, and not ‘Climate Events’, even the 12 Gigatons (12 km^3) of water equivalent that fell on Greenland in one day not too long ago.

    • Actually, I agree with Griff on this one. This seems to be quite an unusual weather event. It would be interesting to have a post where all the hows and whys of all the contributing factors are set out for examination.
      Certainly this is more newsworthy than some left wing media personality said something juvenile and stupid.
      That sort of thing is just not news anymore.

      • If you have watched the patterns of the El Nino, you would notice that this is warmth from the EL Nino and the North Atlantic Blob that has been slowly working its way towards the Arctic. The El Nino stuff was hanging about over northern Russia for quite a while, and the Blob warmth eased up through the Bering Straits. The anomaly seems to be trapped there by the weather patterns, while other places are starting get very cold weather. When it does dissipate, there is not much warmth coming out of the oceans to replace it.

    • I agree. It should be of interest to all at this site. And without all the flippant remarks about it’s weather, etc. But even more strange is that this topic has been largely ignored even by the MSM.

      • Sorry that you don’t understand that it is a weather event which has stuck the anomaly in the Arctic, while causing a large very cold region over northern Russia. I can’t help you comprehend.

  41. Since Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist Trump could always ask him for an explanation of Svensmark’s hypothesis.

  42. Why is it always violence with these regressives. One wants to take him behind the school gym, another one grab him by the crotch. Are they so unable to conduct a convincing conversation that they need to resort to violence to get their opponents to concede the point?

    • Yes, leftists ALWAYS resort to violence, and their opponents don’t concede anything, they end up in “camps” or dead. History of the last 150 years clearly shows this to be fact.

      • Indeed 2hotel9 Just like all those Lefty Nazis in the 30s and 40s along with lefty Fascists in Spain, Italy and Portugal killing and imprisoning people. You may find that it is not whether they are left or right that governs how they act, it is whether they are extremist or not. Extremists tend to act in the same way whatever their political or religious persuation.

      • Gareth Phillips: “Indeed 2hotel9 Just like all those Lefty Nazis”
        Yes, Gareth.
        Nazis are Lefties. That’s why they called themselves the NSDAP, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, the German National Socialist Workers’ Party.
        Fascists are Socialists too, as are Communists.
        You really need to study some history.

  43. NDT mistakes being passionate about a subject with actually being knowledgeable about it; a mistake Climate Alarmists of all stripes continually make. The other mistake he, and Climate Advocates make is that they think the problem is one of communication. Since screaming and yelling about it haven’t worked, maybe (they think) it’s time to start physically assaulting them, to get their attention.

  44. The guttless Tyson who will categorically not say and/or admit that he is an atheist wants to go tough on something, or someone, for once in his life. And this time it didn’t take him 50 years to make the call, but only 2 weeks… Wow Neil, got a new set of balls or something?

  45. So, Dr. Tyson. If Earth is as sensitive to added CO2 as global warming advocates claim, why is it still here?
    Considering Earth is currently in an ice age, with both poles frozen, and during the last 550 million years, that condition has only prevailed for only 5 percent of that time, how has Earth and life survived the other 95 percent of the time when the poles were not frozen?
    If 2 degrees C is the threshold beyond which we dare not step, how did Earth survive 150 million years (Mesozoic) with an average temperature 10C higher than today?
    If 500ppm is a deadly CO2 threshold for earth’s survival, how has this planet survived 90 % of the past 550 million years when CO2 levels ranged from 5 to 10 times higher?
    Following truly monumental events, like the eruption of the Siberian Traps or the Deccan Traps, why didn’t Earth burn to a cinder and cremate all life?
    As a scientist, how do you justify advocating policy based on unproven and erroneous computer models bolstered by emotion and promoted by fear?

  46. Black science guy should stay out of politics given he cannot comprehend we live under a constitutional represenative republic with the only semblance to a democracy is the election of congressional representatives. As originally drafted, the senate is appointed by the states and was to give states equal power. After a few states failed to appoint, senators were chosen by popular vote.
    Now back to BSG..grabbing Trump by the crotch? I’ve lost any remaining respect for the pop sci guy.

    • Kieth J.
      “Black science guy should stay out of politics…….”
      So it’s Ok for White Millionaire to behave as he likes, but black scientists need to behave themselves? No need to ask who you voted for!

      • Jumping to conclusions there Mark. I did not mention good or evil, I just suggested a comparison. But now you mention it, here is something I know you will be interested in. It from todays Daily Telegraph, a UK right of centre broadsheet. They were given exclusive access to Mr Trumps new team.
        Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s chief strategists stated that :
        “Darkness is good, Darth Vader, Satan, that is real power.”
        Well done all you US far right evangelicals. You not only ignored the rising darkness, you voted for it.

      • Nicely taken out of context there, Gareth!
        Why did you not bother with the whole quotation and forget the “given he cannot comprehend we live under a constitutional represenative republic with the only semblance to a democracy is the election of congressional representatives.” bit?
        Really, you’re just full of fauxindignation, like all Lefties, right?

      • Implying that someone is a racist isn’t the same as implying that they are evil?
        Nice evasion there.
        As to the Daily Telegraph being center right, most of you Europeans consider socialists to be right wing.
        As to your final comment, that just goes to show that you are so far to the left that you have lost all ability to judge anyone who isn’t part of your left wing nut house.

      • Gareth,
        you really should try to at least get details correct.
        First, there’s the Daily Mail, and the Telegraph. There is no Daily Telegraph.
        Second, the quote was not spoken to UK reporters who you declared were “given exclusive access to Trump’s new team”. It was given during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Here’s the entire quote:
        But he added: “Darkness is good. Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power. It only helps us when they (liberals and the media) get it wrong. When they’re blind to who we are and what we’re doing.”
        And finally, Mr. Bannon was not on the ballot, so not one far right evangelical voted for him. And it took far more than the “far right evangelical vote” to put Mr. Trump in the White House. Stop using your emotions and personal assumptions to comment here. Stick to reason, facts, and correct details or you’ll gain zero respect here.

      • I didn’t create the meme ” black science guy” has been around for quite some time.
        My point on his conplete misunderstanding of the republic still stands on solid footing.

  47. Why does CNN still have the communist Van Jones on? He was let go from the White House because people (Glenn Beck) found out he was a communist, not because of the reason the White Hose stated:
    “In October 2005 Jones said he was “a rowdy nationalist on April 28th”[13] before the King verdict was announced, but that by August of that year (1992) he was a communist.”

  48. So what? I want to repeatedly bang NdGT’s depleted uranium-dense skull against a blackboard until the halfwit understands what a null hypothesis is and what does and does not constitute a refutation of that null. But whatever – we don’t always get what we want in life.

  49. If brains was dynamite, Neil wouldn’t have enough to blow his nose.
    (old southern saying which seems appropriate at this juncture)

    • I don’t know what it is about southern culture, but they sure knew how to insult you with style.
      Bless his heart.

  50. People on the left always show a lot of class – but it’s all low-class. What a shame that this “man of science” cannot act as a rational reasoning logical adult but instead must shamefully display his childishness in the face of opinions with which he does not agree.

  51. There’s a pretty good list out there about all the times this clown has been schooled on science.
    Raised way above his abilities it would seem.

  52. I think we can safely assume this is a crude metaphor, given that President-Elect Trump now has full Secret Service protection.

  53. “Trump seems to like people who have the character to stand by what they believe.”
    Sure he does. Just as long as you believe in what he believes in that day.

  54. this is a prime example of why i question “people of letters” far too many of them seem to not even understand the most basic science…..the “climate” is not a force, has no power, and exerts ZERO control over weather, yet supposedly intelligent people talk as if it is some “force” or causes weather events…….the climate is simply a set of statistics.

  55. These guys should really watch what they say or they might just end up reaping what they sow.
    And some of them have already had it coming for a long time.

  56. I would agree with this guy if there was science behind the claim. Claims are not science and majority opinion is not science. Projections and models are not science.
    In fact all the hard evidence and observed, unaltered data not only don’t support the anthropogenic argument, they point toward the opposite conclusion. The real danger lies in the band wagon dogmatic ,agenda driven gospel of CO2 ,which is being promoted with all the enthusiasm of a carnival barker.

  57. Huh, and the proper response from Trump would be to: A. knock him on his behind, or B. Say something about it being inappropriate. Either action should be initiated immediately, before 10 – 20 years passed, thus saving other Presidents from the same treatment /sarc
    And if you took offense to Trumps comment come work backstage at any concert. There is a certain type of woman that will line up for that sort of treatment in hopes that she will be the one groupie he cannot live without. Gene Simons wife has had some dealings with these type of women and should be able to verify their existence.

  58. Ripped from a comment on ZeroHedge:
    One of Goebbels’ greatest insights was that believable and compelling propaganda must rest on facts not easily disputable. As long as he controlled the narrative, facts were readily available which could be tailored to suit.
    Does this sound familiar?
    They have learned from the Masters.

  59. Tyson might just be qualified to be a crotch grabber . He better hang on to something .The drain is about to open and the exaggerated claims of the hyperventing global warmies are in for an inconvenient truth .
    The scam they have made a fine living from is over .
    Time for a new big scary .

  60. Yeah – just like Roy Spencer grabbed Senator Whitehouse in the same way (not). Too much class.
    Show some respect!!! The Election is over!!!

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