President Obama Blames the Internet for the Rise of Trump – Technology Needs "More Control"

Screenshot of President Obama Listening while DiCaprio Calls for "Deniers" to be banned from public office.

Screenshot of President Obama Listening while DiCaprio Calls for “Deniers” to be banned from public office.

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Breitbart – President Obama and Chancellor Angela Merkel have jointly blamed the disruptive influence of the Internet for their political losses, and have demanded more government control of emerging technology.

Obama and Angela Merkel Blame Internet and Social Media for Disrupting Globalism

President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are blaming the internet for disrupting the forces of globalism, suggesting that technology is making it more difficult to unite people behind a common purpose.

“Because of the internet and communications, the clash of cultures is much more direct,” Obama said during a press conference on his trip to Berlin. “People feel, I think, less certain about their identity. Less certain about economic security.”

Obama predicted that the rise of technology needed to be managed to give world citizens more control, beyond the simplistic answers found online.

His German counterpart agreed.

“Digitization is a disruptive force, a disruptive technological force that brings about deep-seated change, transformation of a society,” Merkel added.

She compared the internet to the invention of the printing press, citing the consequences it had on industrialized countries.

It took a while until societies learned how to find the right kind of policies to contain this and to manage and steer this,” she said.

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President Obama didn’t used to worry so much about the internet, back in the days when the internet helped Obama win office.

To his credit Obama also spent a fair part of his speech emphasising the importance of elections having integrity, of citizens being able to replace a government which was doing an unsatisfactory job – a right which has grown rather tenuous under the auspices of the authoritarian undemocratic European Union.

Why is this criticism of internet freedom relevant to WUWT?

Imagine if Climategate had occurred in the 1990s, or even the 1980s. Would we have ever heard about it? Most Mainstream Media didn’t start to cover Climategate until they had their noses rubbed in it, by rising awareness on non traditional news outlets.

Thanks to the Internet, the power to judge is placed into the hands of the people – even the Communist Chinese with their vast teams of internet censors have trouble controlling the flow of information.

Sure a lot of the information purveyed on the internet is nonsense – but the mainstream media also purveys a lot of nonsense. I have never seen compelling evidence that well paid mainstream media journalists are more careful about vetting the stories they publish than dedicated volunteers.

With unfiltered information from the internet at our fingertips, we have an opportunity to learn what is really happening in the world, beyond the control and social management of politicians like the Obamas and Merkels of the world.

To me, this unprecedented access to raw information is a freedom worth protecting. Because this window of freedom will potentially slam shut in the very near future, as the rise of artificial intelligence makes it increasingly possible to clamp down on the flow of information presented on the internet. For example, the climate fanatics at Google are working very hard on trying to filter search results according to their view of what constitutes the “truth”.

The following is the clip of President Obama and Merkel discussing the challenges posed by the Internet. The full original press conference is available here.


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Barry Sheridan

The EU has for some years acted to suppress and reverse any decision made by an electorate that is not in line with its agenda. This organisation is a dictatorial entity whose aims are to govern without reference to anyone but itself. In effect it already does, the result of this will be economic and social collapse and then civil unrest. It will not take much longer!

R. Shearer

Ah, ah, ta express my opinion, ah, ah, lol.

Bryan A

It would appear that Obama’s chief complaint isn’t one of unprecedented access but rather one of unpresidented access

Jim Mayer

So President Obama Credits the Internet for the Rise of Trump, huh?
– Well, then by all means this Technology Needs to “Remain Freely Accessible”

Jim Mayer

I wonder if these 2 smucks have any clue how irrelevant they’re about to become, parti-cularly Obama. Since he’s not going to be followed up by HRCriminal, but instead, one who’s gonna turbo charge a paper shredder, ala ‘Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor,’ & and run every one of those executive orders through it 10 minutes into his admin, & flush the paper scraps down the crapper, relegating BO to nothing more than a footnote in history. Or, for those of us who had to endure him, an 8yr-long case of heartburn.


Can you ever imagine Trump giving such a considered and eloquent speech?

Patrick MJD

He doesn’t have to BS like these two. I saw it on the news just now, and quite frankly, it was a joke. You don’t seem to like democracy. Get used to it Simon, the war on climate is over.

D. J. Hawkins

The war isn’t over, not by a long shot. CAGW has taken a body blow with Trump’s election, but it won’t mean a thing if we don’t press the opening relentlessly. They’re on the ropes; we need to keep hammering until the KO.


“Patrick MJD November 18, 2016 at 2:16 am
He doesn’t have to Trump would give a speech like this…. “I am going to make it terrific, no seriously it will be terrific” then I see why you don’t get Obama when he speaks.


Patrick MJD “You don’t seem to like democracy.”
People think that Democracy means freedom. The only freedom we get is on voting day, and even then we vote in the best liar, look how Trump is slowly going back on his promises. A good politician tells the people what they want to hear, not what’s really going on behind closed doors. I think people are confused to what the word Democracy really means. Democracy (Greek: δημοκρατία, Dēmokratia literally “rule of the commoners”), Don’t forget RULE means CONTROL.
The way to control a nation, is to control knowing or knowledge, “What they don’t know can’t hurt us” , And how can the common person ever predict the end game if all the peace’s of the puzzle aren’t available . 2009 Executive Order permitting retroactive classification[edit]
On December 29, 2009, President Barack Obama issued Executive Order 13526, which allows the government to classify certain specific types of information relevant to national security after it has been requested.[30] That is, a request for information that meets the criteria for availability under FOIA can still be denied if the government determines that the information should have been classified, and unavailable. It also sets a timeline for automatic declassification of old information that is not specifically identified as requiring continued secrecy.
We should all hale the moderator for controlling the information we receive .


We have to have President Trump appoint a blue ribbon commission on climate information education.
It needs to focus on bringing factual information to the public.
Part of this could be forcing government paid climate scientists to publically defend their positions in a series of rigorous debates, which will cover everything from Aardvark to Zebra.
Another will be a public vetting of the alterations to the historical record, which those doing the altering being compelled to explain and defend every single change made.
Public service announcements should be mandated which give brief tutorials on various aspects of the alarmist positions…lets hear it debated why anyone should believe:
– sea level rise is accelerating
– Sea ice fluctuations are a problem for any person or animal
– Warming itself is a bad thing for life, for crops, for people, for anything at all
– CO2 is a pollutant, rather than the essential base of the entire biosphere and food chain
– Oceans are in danger of becoming acidic
– CO2 is the temperature control knob of the atmosphere
– It is warmer now than at various times in the past several thousand years
– GCMs are a valid way to predict the future of the Earth’s climate regimes
– We do not have to worry about global cooling and the possibility of a glacial advance worldwide
– CO2 fertilization is not very good news, which has greened the globe and allows plants, trees, and crops to grow and thrive under more arid conditions than previously was the case
– There is any chance at all of a temperature tipping point
– It is right to impoverish people based on a highly speculative idea that is looking increasingly far fetched and unlikely to be remotely true
– The scientific method should not apply to climate related studies
– So-called educators who scare children with horror stories should not be tarred and feathered…with hot tar
– There is anything unusual occurring with the weather
And everything else I may have forgotten to mention.
Once people have been educated, it will become impossible to revive this hoax, and attention will turned to a different type of climate justice…making those who have lined their pockets on this scam accountable for their thievery.
If all that is done is cancel some programs in the US, we will remain open to the possibility of the whole thing being revived in short order.
Everyone must know the truth, and that must be achieved in a orderly and systematic way, and it must be done right away.
Anyone like this idea?

“And everything else I may have forgotten to mention.”
While these are all good things, the problem will not go away permanently until 2 things happen. First, the science must be correctly settled and second, politics must be removed from the science. If the broken science of climate alarmism isn’t corrected (including the disinformation in many text books at all educational levels), there will be undercurrent of warmist noise against the new legislative normal and the next time power shifts, any gains made now will be undone, especially if the rest of the world doesn’t come to their senses.
Settling the science should be relatively easy if you limit the discussions to known, first principles physics. When you run out of known physics, see how far away you are from reality to determine if anything else needs to be explained. You will find that even mapping the system to a simple gray body model whose temperature is the surface temperature and whose emissivity is about 0.61, little else needs to be explained, moreover; satellite data confirms that this relationship tracks across the entire range of temperatures found on the surface and emissions into space. The sensitivity of this model is deterministic at about 0.3 C per W/m^2 and well below the IPCC lower limit of 0.4C per W/m^2. The ‘settled’ sensitivity of a gray body is, 1/4eoT^3, where e is its emissivity and o is the SB constant. Note that even at an emissivity of .000001, the sensitivity is still a function of 1/T^3 which always decreases as T increases.
NO KNOWN PHYSICS CAN MODIFY THE 1/T^3 DEPENDENCY. Modifying this dependency from being proportional to 1/T^3 to being proportional to T^n, where n >= 1 is the only way to support a sensitivity as high as claimed and this is indisputably impossible.
Most of what’s unsettled about climate science are the consequence of the many uncertainties and excess complexity added to provide the wiggle room required to support the hypothesized sensitivity whose most significant precondition was that it be high enough to justify the formation of the IPCC. Unfortunately, this precondition is incompatible with the condition that the presumed sensitivity actually be physically realizable.


mods, can you check for my post?

Robert W Turner

Suckers are still buying “considered” (thoughtful expression) and “eloquent” (basic speech skills) as being the qualifying traits of a president.

@ Menicholas…fully agree with your sentiment, and your list of information which the public should be exposed to in greater detail.


Menicholas November 18, 2016 at 3:08 pm
“Part of this could be forcing government paid climate scientists to publically defend their positions in a series of rigorous debates, which will cover everything from Aardvark to Zebra.”
Ludicrous idea. They are scientists they are not known for their debating skills. They are completely different concepts. Monckton is a fine example of why this idea has no merit. He is an excellent debater, one who sounds convincing and real, but when you look at his ideas one by one, they are flawed. Anyway, don’t be lazy, the information is all there for you to read.

Patrick MJD

“jmorpuss November 18, 2016 at 2:09 pm
Patrick MJD “You don’t seem to like democracy.”
People think that Democracy means freedom. The only freedom we get is on voting day,…”
I never said freedom. But I totally agree with you, 1 day’s worth of freedom.


[snip policy violations lose the ugly language and labels – mod]


[snip policy violations lose the ugly language and labels – mod]

Carbon BIgfoot

We live in a Representative, Constitutional REPUBLIC., not a Democracy. That’s why the Founding Fathers instituted, amongst other things, the Electoral College, to give equal representation to ALL. Just sayin’

Santa Baby

The leftist politicized environment and climate science and made them into another victim group and are using those to promote leftist policy and agendas. The war is against policy based science. And as long as there are leftists this will never end.

Menicholas–i like your idea just fine! Thanks.

co2isnotevil ,
For a gray , ie : flat spectrum , ie : absorptivity = emissivity = constant the ae drops out of the equation and the temperature is the same as the “black” body temperature determined by the total energy impinging on the body , ie : the StefanBoltzman calculated temperature . Thus we can say the gray body temperature in our orbit is about 278.6 +- 2.3 from peri- to ap- helion . The effect of non flat spectra are orthogonal to that .
Do we agree on that bit of physics which goes back to Ritchie’s 1830s experiment ?
Secondly , could you point us to a derivation of the T^3 relationship you assert ? Are you simply taking the reciprocal of the derivative of the SB equation ? So that’s the definition of sensitivity ?

Yes, the slope of the SB relationship is the exact sensitivity of either a black body or a gray body and given by 1/4eoT^3, where e is the emissivity and o is the SB constant. In LTE, emissions == absorption, thus increasing absorption by 1 W/m^2 requires an equivalent increase in emissions of 1 W/m^2. Also, the specific spectral properties are irrelevant when we are talking about EQUIVALENT temperatures where the EQUIVALENT temperature is just the inverse of the SB law applied to total emissions. It’s joules that matter, not where in the spectrum those joules are, except to the extent that the energy of each individual photon is proportional to its frequency, moreover; the spectrum of energy emitted by the planet is rarely attenuated by more than 3 DB over what it would be without atmospheric absorption.
Note too that the equivalent gray body temperature of the planet is both the average temperature of the surface and the color temperature of the planets emissions, that is, the temperature corresponding to the peak emission wavelength. In fact, the satellite sensors are tuned to a transparent band in the atmosphere and what the sensors voltage is proportional to is the color temperature of the radiation.
At this point, it’s important to recognize the the gray body model of the planet is the combination of a black body emitter model of the surface and a gray body absorber model of the atmosphere. The combination has the equivalent behavior of a gray body emitter. I’ve shown the plot of satellite data that confirms that the planet obeys this relationship a few times before, but here it is again,
The green line is the SB relationship for an emissivity of 0.62. Each little red dot is the average of 1 month of satellite data (3 decades of data from GISS!) where the surface temperature is plotted against the planet emissions for constant yearly insolation slices of the planet (2.5 degree wide slices of latitude). There can be absolutely no doubt that the planet looks relatively close to an ideal gray body from space, thus its sensitivity must correspond to the data. All the data is plotted to scale along with the ‘consensus’ sensitivity. As you can see, the consensus sensitivity seems to represent a slope passing through zero, rather than a slope tangent to the SB relationship at the operating point of the planet.
If you want to trace this back to Riche, you could do that as it was he who noticed that black bodies even exist, but the actual physics came later in the century. None the less, this is the consequence of long settled physics.

I think it important to get terminology agreed .
Do you disagree with anything ? There is really only one equation : the ratio of dot products of spectra times the gray body temperature . I believe what you refer to as emissivity is actually that ratio . I’m not even considering separate layers of the surface of the “heated” body — just it’s absorptivity(=emissivity) spectrum as seen by the source .
If this experimentally testable billiard ball under a sunlamp problem is not well understood and agreed upon there is no hope for convergence on any more elaborated model .
I still don’t understand what the reciprocal of the slope gives you . If you wanted to talk about the 2nd derivative , that I could .
Also , where is the mean of the planet 255K ? Where does it decrease from the 279 gray body temperature in our orbit ?

The BB emissions of the planet have an EQUIVALENT temperature of 255K. That is, an ideal BB at 255K would emit the same amount of energy as Earth, albeit with slightly different spectral properties. However; if you examine the spectrum, the temperature of the emitter itself based on where the peak emission are (Wein’s displacement law) is about 288K (the temperature of the surface and color temperature of the planets emissions). What makes the emissions gray is spectral attenuation.
The slope of the SB relationship is dE/dT, which is energy as a function of temperature. We really want the slope of temperature as a function of energy, dT/dE, since that has the same units as the sensitivity, which is really just the reciprocal of dE/dT. You can get the same result by differentiating T = (E/eo)^-25 and then substituting eoT^4 for E.
Regarding your link, the only thing I would quibble about is the importance of the spectrum itself relative to the ability to calculate an energy balance. Joules are joules and its joules that must be balanced.
Venus can be better understood by considering that it’s solid surface has more in common with the solid surface of Earth beneath the oceans than with the virtual surface of Earth whose temperature we care about. Neither is in direct equilibrium with the Sun, neither exhibits diurnal or seasonal variability and the mass of Earth’s oceans is the same order of magnitude as the mass of the Venusian atmosphere. You can consider the virtual surface of Venus to be the cloud tops that are in direct equilibrium with the Sun and like the temperature of Earth’s solid surface below the oceans is a function of the PVT profile of the H2O ocean above, the temperature of the solid surface of Venus below its CO2 ocean is similarly determined.

Sorry to be so long replying . HTG BTW .
WRT the meaning of the reciprocal , all I can say is a self directed “doh” .
I’d drop the first “BB” from your first sentence because the 255K claimed is the BB temperature given by SB to the integral of some measured mean spectrum for the Earth as seen from the outside .
As an APL programmer and implementer ( check out CoSy ) capable of expressing even spectral maps over the sphere in a line or two . I want to know the real measured spectra and how they are measured ( which seems a , to put it mildly , non-trivial task ) from which I — or anyone with these essential algorithms — can calculate the temperature themselves and stop this endless parroting of the 255K meme disconnected from available measurement .
I think it a hallmark of this historic fraud that NO source is available on the web which goes thru these most basic measurements and the computations performed upon them and the >century old reasoning ( theory ) behind those algorithms .
WRT the computations at , ” Joules are joules and its joules that must be balanced” is what my ratio of dot products presented there does . It takes the Sun’s power spectrum ( approximated by the Planck function ) weighted by the portion of the celestial sphere it subtends , and weights each wavelength by a few hypothetical ae spectra for the earth including the step function ae spectrum which produces the 255K meme . Give me an actual spectrum and I’ll give you the equivalent BB temperature .
A clever YouTube demonstration of this basic equation would be a tremendous step towards returning this stagnant nonscience to the standards of other branches of analytical quantitative applied physics . I will repeat my contention that it is a rare “climate scientist” who even knows how to calculate the mean temperature of a billiard ball under a sun lamp .
WRT Venus : I think we are on the same diamond . What I would point out is that the force which causes the P which “stabilizes” the PVT profile is gravity . It is that energy which must be accounted for up to the effective “radiative surface” ( which is wavelength dependent ) . It is that energy which an increasing number of individuals are recognizing is inexcusably left out of the GHG equations which is the reason why the bottoms of atmospheres are hotter than their tops .
And in the case of Earth , it is gravity , not some GHG spectral effect which must explain the 33K difference between the ( accepting the 255K approximation ) radiative balance of the planet with the outside and our surface — because no symmetric electromagnetic effect ( stack of filters ) can “trap” energy . And the Divergence Theorem insists the mean internal energy density equals that of the surface .
This too can be put to YouTube experimental test .

Here is a link to a measured spectrum. It looks very close to the spectrum I calculate with my model. You should notice that the attenuation in absorption bands is generally no more than 50% of what it would be otherwise, despite nearly 100% absorption of surface emissions. These emissions can only originate from GHG’s re-emitting absorbed energy when we are looking at clear sky emissions since O2 and N2 do not radiate any energy.
It’s also a little misleading showing this as a linear function of the wavenumber, because it over-emphasizes the region below 12u. If you plot this as output per unit wavelength, the peak moves to about 10u. The wavelength scale along the top is misrepresentative since the spectrum power is expressed per unit wavenumber not per unit wavelength. When plotted as power per unit wavelength, the plot looks much different with the peak appearing at about 10u with the lower energy tail at higher wavelengths being significantly reduced. It’s quite invalid to use both scales in one plot. When plotted as energy per unit wavenumber, the effects of CO2 and H2O absorption get exaggerated which is why this is the preferred presentation. If you project where the peak is (the color temperature of the emissions), it corresponds to the surface temperature.
To illustrate why the wavelength scale is invalid, consider the 280K line. From Wein’s Displacement Law, the peak wavelength should be at 10u, not 18u as this plot suggests. The most representative way to plot is this is as energy per proportional bandwidth which will produce a result somewhere in the middle.
The primary IR sensors for weather satellites are only sensitivity between 8u and 9u and/or between 11u and 12um and do not capture energy in absorption bands. The only exception is the water vapor channel which is tuned to a specific H2O absorption band so the water vapor concentration can be measured.


If you are referring to oh!bummer and merkel, you forgot your /SARC! tag.


Cut BHO some slack. He didn’t have his trusty teleprompter, so he had to think, hard, for each word. He even wound up saying that the young’uns, who are out in the streets raising hell, are more “accepting” of “diversity”. It is to laugh!


Can you imagine the howls of 3rd Reich, censorship, 1st amendment violation, oppressing any opposition, dictatorship etc from the MSM if Trump had given any part of the speech?

Le Roy

Obama talks the talk and he talks the talk then he talks the talk and he talks…………….sigh


Thank the Lord that the American people saw through the Hillary and no reelection for the Dems or we would soon have been under the cosh of a totalitarian society as obarmy has indicated, I have always called him the windbag of Washington, thank god for trump, and I am borne English.


Yes, but he also gave the ICANN authority to the UN.

The thing Obama and Merkel should have emphasised is:
In accordance with Universal Declaration Human Rights:
“Article 2.
Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion
Article 19.
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”


Can you imagine Obama being as brutally honest as Trump?
To be honest, I didn’t listen to Obama, in case he said “workin’ folks” or “workin’ families” again in his pseudo-folksy manner.
Trump doesn’t like teleprompters or scripts.


Come owwwnn, maaan!


You mean such a SLIMY LOSER speech !! right Slimon?

Tim Hammond

No, but since the eloquence is in the service of nonsense, and the consideration is given by two people who can only think in one way, what’s the value of consideration and eloquence.
Obama, Merkel and others are finally being judged on what they have done rather than their fine words – Merkel has presided over mass poverty and unemployment in Greece – so what’s worse, making hundreds of thousands needlessly poor or making bad speeches?

george e. smith

How Merkel ruin Greece ?
Now Beethoven did write a ” Ruins of Athens. ” overture. Very nice, but he did not ruin Greece either.
I think there are people living in Greece for a long time.
Maybe some of them know who ruin Greece.

Carbon BIgfoot

Can we find away to arrest PUPPET MASTER, GEORGE SOROS who backs Alinski-Created Useful Idiots?


I hear tell Putin has issued an arrest warrant for Soros.
Not sure if this is true, but maybe we can negotiate an extradition treaty with Russia?


How’s the labotomy going?


He’s having his lab surgically removed?

Pop Piasa

Or was that labia?

Evan Jones

Can you ever imagine Trump giving such a considered and eloquent speech?.
It was too wonderful. (I was waiting for the part where they said we have to burn freedom in order to save it.)

obummer is an idiot


Can you ever imagine Trump giving such a considered and eloquent speech?
No, thank God….Trump can’t lie with a straight face like that
BTW….Wordpress is censoring….blocking links to Breit Bart

Monna Manhas

As a Canadian, I have observed that Americans generally admire “speechifying” – the more eloquent (and long-winded), the better. Canadians are generally more impressed with debating skills.
Myself, I’d rather have good, solid content than lots of words, no matter how elegantly crafted.

Phil R

Not Canadian, but agree with your comment. Unfortunately, for the prog-left, they don’t need debating skills or “speechifying” when they can attack, demonize, and marginalize people they disagree with by calling them uneducated, white-privileged racists, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes, homoxenophobes, xenohomophobes, misogynists, and whatever other victim-hood theory epithets they imagine into being,

Steve R

I dont think Americans admire “speechifying” windbags any more than Canadians do. Its nust a whole lot more difficult to know that because American media has no connection with American people.

Monna Manhas: I’m American, and I completely agree with you! Obama’s speeches almost never really say anything! Even the beginning of this one he starts off saying people think he’s done a good job. Well, his popularity evidently has nothing to do with his job performance because our country’s in a heap of trouble right now. What the America really thinks, however much they like Obama’s personality, is demonstrated in the resounding loss by Hillary Clinton who was going to give us more of what we got the last eight years.


So, you did not vote for Justin, I suppose…


The latest is the crime of being white and a nationalist.
And where the hell did the alt right materialize into existence from?


While Obama was busy being so wildly popular, his party lost power at the local, state, and federal level in every election but one since he took office.
And the loss of support for his party has been nothing short of historic.
Republicans now hold more power at the federal level than at any time since at least 1928, and when you look at the state level, it is oven more striking…only four states out of fifty are controlled by the Democrats.
Republicans have complete control of executive and both legislative branches in 26 states, have 34 of 50 governorships, and control 66 of 99 state legislative houses.
Since 2008, the Democrats under Pelosi and Reid and Obama have been soundly rejected and turned out of office in huge numbers.
2018 looks to be another very bad year for the Democrats, with 25 democrat senators up for re-election, a large number of them in states that Trump just won or almost won. Republicans are only at risk in perhaps 4 seats that year.

The middle is moving towards the right leaving only the most ideologically committed staying with the left, which is moving the left further left driving more of the left leaning middle to the right.
This is another example of the ‘zero sum’ kind of positive feedback that describes the climate system. There’s only so many voters, just as there are only so many joules. It’s not an example of the power gain feedback used to describe the climate which would require an exponentially increasing supply of voters.


Once again the forces of the left define smart as whatever they agree with.
Have you ever heard Obama when he isn’t reading words someone else wrote for him.

Phil R


Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.

William F. Buckley Jr.


I ha…ha…ha…have a few t t t t t t t times, just not v v v v v v v very recently.

Can you imagine those who are fighting for freedom think lies are truth when dressed up fancy suits and speeches?


I hope you are being sarcastic??

William Sweeney

Obama reads well. When there is no teleprompter, he’s horrible.

george e. smith

What ” Eloquent ” speech are you talking about ??
You can tell from Obama’s tennis neck motions, that he is simply reading the drivel that somebody else put on his stereo tele-prompters !
When he doesn’t have his ” Here; say this ! ” machine, he has to be carful not to trip over his own tongue.
He is not capable of giving an eloquent speech, even if he could write one .

Mindy Morken

I’ve been saying for 8 or 9 years now (almost 10!) that the O’Bama’s speeches are not much other than a litany of trite bromides strung loosely together with non-sequiturs. Generally vapid, vacuous and shallow, they are cringe-worthy exhibitions of the pompous yet jejune thought processes of a callow pseudo-intellectual.
If you can overlook that, and the finger-wagging tone, I guess they’re OK.


No, thank God!
If what you most need from a President is eloquent speech, you had all the soporific you could eat for eight years. Lisping, thoughtful, measured droning, laced with frequent “Ahhh ….”. A few peeks behind the facade, like “Navy corpse-man” and “We’ve been in, what, fifty-seven states?”
Now it’s time for a man of action and blunt talk, who recognizes that AGW is a “hoax”, at the bully pulpit. Think TR rather than FDR.

Don’t forget – he sees dead people too (5/27/2008): ” On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes — and I see many of them in…in the audience here today”

Michael Jankowski

Never seen his struggle as badly as this
If Trump has Obama’s speechwriters and reads from the teleprompter, of course he can give what you call a “considered and eloquent speech.”


[snip policy violations lose the ugly language and labels – mod]


But he isn’t. He said nothing considered or eloquent. He spent a huge amount of time telling us the internet needs censoring because Government can’t control it…. The rest is just waffle.

Siskle and Ebert, give it tw thumbs up.

Eloquent in the ears of the beholder. Thank God, there are few speech’s left. Then we can get on with creating jobs and eliminate unnecessary spending.

“Imagine if Climategate had occurred in the 1990s, or even the 1980s.”
Rather difficult to hack Gb of emails then.

Patrick MJD

IBM had an e-mail system in the 80’s.


More than likely, nick, it would have been the whistleblower carting off box after box of photocopied memos.

Alan Ranger

Quite right. The Norfolk Police and Scotland yard could find no evidence of hacking, despite their extensive and prolonged investigations. Everything pointed to an internal whistle-blower. Even if it was hacking, that doesn’t change the shocking content of what was revealed, and what SHOULD have been the final nail in the coffin of the AGW scam.


I was using email in a University in the 1980s

Yes, at 1200 baud. But how to hack without an internet?
I was using email too. Overnight to UK.

Patrick MJD

Any electronic data can be “hacked”, don’t need the internet for that. The internet just makes it easier to do and disseminate as clearly evidenced by “Climate Gate”.

Patrick MJD

1200 baud? LOL That’s fast!


In the early to mid 1980s the UK University backbone operated at 2Mb/s. Local networks operated at 10Mb/s.
The original climategate release was 64936854 bytes long. At 2Mb/s it would take less than 5 minutes to download. It would take a local user less than 30 seconds.
You are doing what many people do and conflating the advent of the World Wide Web with the Internet. The Internet was around long before that and operating at fairly decent speeds.

Patrick MJD

I don’t think Nick knows what “internet” means.

Patrick MJD

“Nick Stokes November 18, 2016 at 2:36 am
…without an internet?”
Did you really say that? Hey, 2 PC’s connected together with, say a “cable”, is *an* internet!

… 2 PC’s connected together with, say a “cable”, is *an* internet!

That would be an ‘intranet’.

Samuel C Cogar

The US Department of Defense awarded contracts as early as the 1960s for packet network systems, including the development of the ARPANET.

Coming to the UK? Are you doing a tour like Anthony a year or so ago? Will you be visiting the Met Office? Will all your British friends have a chance to meet up over a nice cup of tea and a crumpet? (other bread products are available)

Patrick MJD

“Greg F November 18, 2016 at 5:06 am”
Actually, I was wrong. INTERNET is computer *NETWORKS* inter-connected, the bit I got wrong. With my experience, I am embarrassed to have posted that LOL. Well, everyone can make a mistake, as the DALEK crawled off of a dustbin!

I recently archived an article from my Simon Fraser University news paper from when I was taking some more computer science courses : Titled The Age of e-mail

Imagine if Climategate had occurred in the 1990s, or even the 1980s.

This statement was about the technical details of climategate; it was about the scandalous malfeasance it represented, and about whether or not the means of communication then available would have favoured suppression or exposure to the general public.

correction: was NOT about …


The point is that without the reach of the internet, nobody would have ever heard of ClimateGate.
The MSM would not have covered it. Just as they have yet to cover it.

Something like Climategate almost certainly happens quite often – it’s just that before the internet none of us knew anything about it.

Dave in Canmore

lol “hacked”
Nick still sticking to the party line that Climategate was the result of a thief and not a whistleblower! It’s because of the power of the internet to no longer allows gatekeepers to control the message that your comment seems doubly ridiculous in this context.


Hacked or leaked, the data is still the same.


We had to wait for Algore to invent the internet, which then allowed Climategate to happen. So one of the biggest negative revelations of the politics behind CAGW was due to the invention of one of the proponents of CAGW. Makes my head hurt.


Apart from having being a distinguished politician in his earlier career, Al Gore is one of the greatest scientists of all time. After all, where do you think the term “algorithm” comes from?

george e. smith

Well there wouldn’t even have been Gb of data to hack. And the 1980’s and the 1989’s were quite different.
I seem to recall using something called a type 103 modem, in a “Personal Electronic Messaging” system that I was designing for a startup company; circa 1981 or 82. It contained a strip printer like is in modern cash register strip printers, that print on about three inch wide paper, dot matrix. There was a one line 12 character LED display to see what you were typing on the built in keyboard.
So I think the 103 was 300 baud. We actually sold a couple of hundred of those things, to people who could only talk to each other, so they had to know somebody else who had one.
It was a good idea at the time; but it clearly was not the right idea. The company did not survive for very long. I think I still have a founder stock certificate (real one) for 600,000 shares, that cost a whole penny per share.
No it wasn’t my idea, but I had to design something to carry out this other chap’s idea.

Carbon BIgfoot

I remember NETSCAPE was the first viable browser, who lost market share to Explorer in the first Browser War. I also remember the long distance telephone charges from AOL and slow as hell 14.4 connectivity. Man I am older than dirt!!

Likely. I had a 300 baud modem (acoustic coupler!) in the mid 80s for use with on-line services sold by The Source and I was a BBS operator a few years later. I remember when AoL was Apple on-line ;).

Apple was late to the Internet. Both they and Microsoft tried to create their own BBS service to compete. Apples was called EarthLink. Apple Finally caved in the late 90s.

@ Barry Sheridan – I could not agree more. The EU started as a common trading platform but has now morphed into a dictatorial State with unelected Commissioners setting the agenda.
However, change is coming and I also agree that this change could be quite swift. There is a Referendum of sorts in Italy that will be a good indicator.
And then both Merkel and Hollande are up for re-election in 2017. It is going to be an interesting 12 months!


No worries, our unelected president of the EU, Jean-Claude Juncker has already spoken to leaders of other planets to solve the problem, whatever the problem is.

Yes! – Thanks urederra LOL!!! – I have seen this before – but very much worth another look! IMO…..


He’d hit the Vladivar a bit harder than usual that week.

Tim Hammond

No it did not. The original European Coal and Steel Community was explicitly set up for political, not economic reasons. Its founders stated that the community was set up to stop war though “regional integration”. It also had as its aim the taming of markets and nationalism – which the French blamed for WWII.
The whole point was to move to an organisation of technocrats because the people could not be trusted not to vote for people like Hitler – democracy was to bypassed and everything run by experts.

Michael J. Dunn

I think there must be an incongruity. Surely, you must mean “the people could not be trusted to vote FOR people like Hitler–democracy was to be bypassed and everything run by experts.” That would be internally consistent. Who needs Hitler, when you can have your fascism by remote control?


Is it any wonder that Trump was able to win an election despite being the underdog? I don’t number as one of his supporters but the increasingly blatant methods of those who hold power and seek to reinforce their position appears to be rousing opposition to it and (just) enough previously complicit Liberals (proper Liberals that is) have turned their backs on their leaders in distaste.


They forgot to cheat big enough this time, was what it was.
They misunderestimated the amount Trump was going to crush her by.
Turns out 3-5 million fake votes was not enough.


Not really true. The problem they had was that the easiest places for them to fake votes were the ones where Clinton was going to win anyway.
Hence all the kerfuffle about ‘the popular vote’, while she lost the actual election. She could get millions of fake or illegal votes in California, but they made no difference.

John G.

That’s why they were going to all that trouble to move the illegals all around the country . . . too little and too late but wait ’til next time.

President Obama and Merkel Call for More Internet Controls
To stupid to realise that they are extinct


Yes Obama, we need a government to give us the “right” answers online. How about get over your self, clown!

Martin Moffit

It’s pure leftist doublespeak. We need to restrict something so the people have more control. War is love. Next would come the Ministry of Truth. Thank goodness they’re out of power for the time being.


Remember, this is also the man who pledged to have “the most transparent administration ever.” Something completely within his control, and he did the exact opposite. Obama speaks with “Forked Tongue.”
. (a term from the 18th and 19th centuries when Native American tribes came to realize US govt officials signed treaties with them they never intended to keep and actually did the exact opposite once the indians gave up their lands & freedoms.)
The key reason Obama allowed ICANN to go private was to remove US 1st Amendment Free Speech guarantees from the global internet. Eventually ICANN will come under the UN. Then those web sites that committ “crimes against humanity,” such as climate skeptics, can be silenced.

Pat Frank

How hard would it be to set up another internet system?

How hard would it be to set up another internet system?
Trivial. You don’t even need a new physical infrastructure. A VPN is essentially an invitation only network separate and distinct from the actual Internet.

Not hard at all. The protocols are open. If TPTB tried it, people would work around the mess in a matter of hours.

United Nations has already demonstrated that it is susceptible to discrimination based on opinions:
Tell the UN to stop blacklisting our journalists!
Totally in breach with The Human Rights:
“Article 2.
Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion
Article 19.
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”
And totally in breach with the Preamble:
“Now, Therefore THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY proclaims THIS UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations, to the end that every individual and every organ of society, keeping this Declaration constantly in mind, shall strive by teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms and by progressive measures, national and international, to secure their universal and effective recognition and observance, both among the peoples of Member States themselves and among the peoples of territories under their jurisdiction.”
Which actualize a few quotes:
“The UN was not created to take mankind to heaven, but to save humanity from hell.”
— Dag Hammarskjöld, Secretary-General from 1953 to 1961
“The Utopian attempt to realize an ideal state, using a blueprint of society as a whole, is one which demands a strong centralized rule of a few, and which is therefore likely to lead to a dictatorship.”
― Karl Popper, The Open Society and Its Enemies
“It can’t happen here” is always wrong: a dictatorship can happen anywhere.”
― Karl Popper, Unended Quest: An Intellectual Autobiography
“Much that passes as idealism is disguised hatred or disguised love of power.”
– Bertrand Russell
United Nations is a dangerous construction.

Why is Ban Ki-Moon silent, when Obama and Merkel speak against basic Human Rights?

Green Sand

The distinctive MO of a failed politician – find fault in anything, anybody, but yourself. Begone yesterday’s man, come January we will witness the end of an error!


This is more ominous than almost anything I’ve yet heard. They’re no longer even pretending to be anything other than totalitarians.


They talk as if they won the election and there are enough people left on their side to vote for communistic strangulation of their own online freedoms. That’s just full-stupid right there. Send ’em to North Korea – and anyone else that like their proposal.

Warren Latham

Thanks Eric. Good to get information like that so quickly.
Here is another “speech” but this one is rather special by Senator Malcolm Roberts (Aus)..
It is his maiden speech in the Australian senate. It is wonderful.
[duration is 24m-44sec.]
He rips into the Australian eco-tards, corrupted taxation system and rips into the so-called United Nations.
I know you will have witnessed it of course but THIS speech really needs to be seen and heard by every person in the world (this world, not the imaginary second or fifth one).
Senator Roberts is a breath of fresh air. He ought to be the man in charge of Australian government so that all the damage (caused by the eco-tards) can be repaired.


Think of the Great Firewall of China if you want to see an example of where this would go. It isn’t just China, either. Many Arab countries run their own firewalls too.

Warren Latham

… and this other “speech” (attached here below) is also rather wonderful in its’ way …
PS: observe the credits at the end: marvellous stuff !

Jimmy Haigh

Someone must have done one recording the moment that he was told that Trump had won the election.

Jimmy Haigh

Everyone is to blame – except them – and their lunatic policies.
And everyone says that Obama is a great orator? What??? As soon as he opens his mouth I have to switch off.


I started watching the clip but found it hard-going and stopped it playing. The answers clearly were not on a tele-prompter.


You are next Merkey.. Germany needs a good drain clean.

She knows it’s coming. No longer can you rely on her pet poodles in the press to spin the election discussion so the public are fed the lie that democracy is a choice between two establishment parties with almost the same policies telling the public that there is no other way.


the emperor blames the optometrist for his wardrobe malfunction, right?

M Seward

What a pair of slithering whingers. I do not think there are two leaders since the likes of Neville Chamberlain who have made such massive blunders in reading the the way the world actually works.
Obama decided he could just do a Pontius Pilate on difficult realities in the middle east and Afghansitan apparently forgetting that he was Caesar and not just the local Govetrnor.
Merkel, allowed herself to get submerged in political correctness in facing the refugee emergency yet it is in significant part down to to Germany’s pathetic 1% GDP defence spending and faux pacifist stance that has allowed the situation to araise. Getmany has sat back and wrung its hands since the Bosnia crisis as have many other EU members.
Blame it on the internet!! What a joke. They have run their foreign policy like it was a Twitter stream, FFS.


Yeah, Merkel has put Europe in mortal danger with her uncritical welcoming of Muslims who don’t want to fit into European society, but want to establish their own society inside Europe, inherently destablizing all involved.
Obama is the largest enabler of radical Islamic terrorism in the history of the world, with the exception of Islam’s founder.
Two huge disasters for humanity standing next to each other in the picture.
Are they even aware of how much suffering they have caused? I don’t see that awareness in Obama. Otherwise, he would be hanging his head in shame, but instead, his nose is jutted up into the air. I don’t think he personally connects himself to the mayhem he has spawned in the world.
Merkel is the same. She is still determined to import more trouble into Europe, despite the obvious problems it is causing. She is a clueless danger to the future of Europe.


The short answer for politicians that LOST the election. You had the main stream media in your political pocket also the behind the scenes “controllers” at Wiki (connally) Facebook (according to insiders) and of Course Google too, who tried to filter and frustrate the publication of conservative material, sadly for your side, or should I say despite the thumb on the media scales, Trump got his message through and then Wikileaks revealed the very guys that were fiddling and tipping those scales. Dragging down politics, integrity, justice and yes science, the ruling by executive fiat and revelling in authority, the arrogance, the ignorance. Then you want to turn around and beg your media pals to start a campaign to censor free speech. That is the last straw! Clean up your democrat mess, sack your officials, the political machine staff that stuffed it up.
Once you do that Free speech is your best friend and a good way to get false media out of the way People can think for themselves. Censorship if you try it, will mean even longer political wilderness exile. Many are sick of the whole economic mess created for the world. Sits like this one embrace opportunity to openly discuss issues that are of concern. Political or Media censorship to silence one side, like has been happening in the field of climate science has to be addressed and corrected.


Google has announced that they are going to start blocking “fake” news sites.
How much you want to bet that this boils down to all conservative sites.


Google can block anything they want to, there’s no law preventing them from doing so.


Trust a leftist to declare that legal equals moral.


Sites like Watts …not sits..

I typically sit for Watts… Although I do have to get up and pace a while, forcing more blood to the brain, for some of the articles. (My thanks to the technical-type writers here for doing their bit to keep my waistline constant.)

Peta in Cumbria

In the vernacular, he’s Passing The Buck
Its what chronically/clinically depressed people do because their brains (bodies also) have been robbed of the ability to think & act quickly & decisively.
They lack self-confidence= the ability to maintain any given position or decision they’ve taken.
They are prone to self doubt, procrastination are are easily (mis)led by others.
IOW: They are addicted to sugar, in its manifold forms – little different to the ‘functioning alcoholic’

From Wikipedia …

Barack Obama on social media
The topic of Barack Obama’s usage of social media in his political campaigns, including podcasting, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube has been compared to the adoption of radio, television, MTV, and the Internet in slingshotting his presidential campaign to success and as thus has elicited much scholarly inquiry. In the 2008 presidential campaign Barack Obama had more “friends” on Facebook and Myspace and more “followers” on Twitter than his opponent John McCain.
Obama’s official website is It is run by Chris Hughes, one of the three co-founders of Facebook, and has been described as a “sort of social network”. Steve Spinner, a member of Obama’s National Finance Committee, says that while previous campaigns have used the internet none had yet taken full advantage of social networking features. The website included online tools that allowed members to identify neighbors that the Obama campaign thought might be potential backers and then report back on any resulting conversations.
Members of the site could also create blogs, post photos, and form groups through the website, but each member must publish limited biographical profile and no more than one photo. According to Hughes, during the 2008 campaign, over two million accounts were created for the website to “organize their local communities on behalf of Barack Obama”. He estimates that more than 200,000 events were organized [sic] through the website. Moreover, 400,000 articles were written in blogs. 400,000 videos that supported Obama were posted into YouTube via the official website. 35,000 volunteer groups were created. $30 million were spent by 70,000 people into their own fundraising webpages. In the final four days of the 2008 campaign, three millions phone calls were made through the website’s internet virtual phone.

Media is a great thing for tyrants – but only when it flows in one direction, from top to bottom.
Radio – Hitler made great use of it, so to a lesser extent did Mussolini, Stalin, Tojo. As did the real Godfather of the American Regressives, Roosevelt (Franklin).

Actually the comparison of the internet with the printing press is very relevant.
It was the latter which liberated us from feudal, medieval society.
Merkel is wrong to say that they learnt how to control it though (except maybe in East Germany!!). It was the other way round – society had to adapt to it


Hah, that’s exactly where my thoughts went.


They did learn to control it. The media moguls moved in and imposed their editorial will on their newspapers and other media channels.
For many years, we did not realise the extent to which the MSM were distorting the news but the Internet and, later, social media, gave us a way to discover the news before it appeared in the MSM.
News reporting has changed very rapidly over the last 150 years. Gone were the days when news of a remote battle would appear in the papers a fortnight later. Nowadays, we get mobile phone footage on social media moments after the event. The recent terrorist attacks in Paris were a case in point.
Obama and Merkel are wanting to go down a very dark path. That should be resisted.

Thomas Agerbaek

Merkel, that plump little woman, said in all ernest a few years back that “das Internet ist Neuland für uns alle” (the Internet is new territory for all of us), to republic-wide scorn and ridicule.
She´s a weak nitwit, and an unmitigated catastrophe for Germany.


She finds the internet disrupts society but massive immigration by 3rd world Muslims into a middle class tolerant Christian society doesn’t.
I guess we will have to agree to disagree.


Leo Smith

Some years ago I met up with a bunch of Californian hippies who had just sold their IT business to a bunch of mean nasty corporate asset grabbers, riding the Internet boom.
“Why did you do that?” I asked.
“Man, the Internet is the most subversive thing since the printing press. They want to own it, to control it, but they can’t”
20 years later, he was right.

Leo Smith

After I had posted that, I remembered something.
Obama is a hypocritical Cnut.
If the Internet had been controlled, he would never have been elected.
Hmmm. Maybe there is some merit after all…

All right! Alt-right. Alternative right and meme magick

So “technology is making it more difficult to unite people behind a common purpose” ?
The Donald doesn’t seem to have found it a problem.


You know, they call the Republicans the party of no ideas, but the only idea Democrats ever have is to suppress more freedoms.


..If the want my internet mouse, they can pry it from my cold, dead hands !! LOL

For once he is right. Without the internet we wouldn’t know about the climate change scam.


the new age version of?
Farenheit 451
anything allowing the masses to get educated and informed
needs be banned/destroyed/controlled
bit late but theyre stupid enough to think they can

Paul Westhaver

When the progressives figure out that are too late wrt information distribution, they will quickly become converts to 2nd amendment advocacy, thereby legitimately obtaining weapons so that they can retrench and FORCE compliance to their campus-esque restriction on free speech and implementation of censorship.
It is the natural next step. see here…Progressives want to restrict free speech… in the name of free speech??!!! and kill you in the process. Firemen… to burn truth. Spooky huh?


Bring it, baby. You won’t be happy with the result.
US citizens have the right to decide whether her family can stay here or not. Illegal immigrants don’t get to decide on their own.
Legal immigrants have to wait years and jump through hoops, then experience investigations into their living arrangements. They are the residents who suffer unfairly under Clinton’s beloved, “Y’all come!” open borders.

Usually Obama and Merkel’s idiocies are tolerated by their own supporters, but not even their braindead followers can stomach this crap. Obama has to be the dumbest President evah!
He contradicts himself this time and adds an argument so stupid that one must wonder whether
he can think logically about anything. And I love Merkel’s idiot claim that “we learned how to control books” after that technology appeared. Well, Merkel, apparently you haven’t seen what gets
published over the past half century. How about 1000 JFK assassination conspiracy books that
provide 1000 different theories to explain something that needed no explanation? And I
don’t hear anything about the biased news media that supported Obama for the past 8 years,
hiding all of his many blunders. Hard to believe that these two pinheads are leaders of world powers. Well, what were once world powers. Now they are bent on eliminating free speech. Or rather free speech by their political opponents. Ah, for the bad old days, when a half dozen media outlets could get together and protect their chosen Dems. Competition amongst ideas is what saves a free country. THAT is what these two dimwits are railing about, not the internet.


Typical statist sore loser thugs. Obama promoters bragged about how they used social media to get out their message and voters. Now these same arrogant people blame the media instead of facing not only the unpopularity of their message but its failure. This latest ploy, the corporate censorship of “fake news” by common carriers like Face Book, Twitter and Google is the latest. Imagine American Airlines deciding that certain people can’t fly simply because they disagree with American Airlines politics. Who would tolerate that? And the so-called “fake news”? Let’s start a review of just how many stories the MSM has phonied up on climate alone. How about suppressing stories on the Clinton Foundation? Or the Zimmerman tragedy? Or misleading stories supporting Obamacare? Or ignoring the refugee problems in Europe? And so much more. Google and FB have been directly coordinating with Obama these past years. Now we see what they are coordinating on: protecting their monopolies at the cost of our civil liberties. And the truth the so-called progressives claim to care so much about


I would tolerate American Airlines deciding that they won’t carry passengers who’s politics they disagree with.
The difference is that it’s a private company with many competitors. Just as I have the right to patronize whichever companies I chose, they have the right to pick the customers they will serve.
Now such a policy is stupid, and will cause an extreme customer backlash, but that is their choice. Just like it was Mozilla’s choice to fire a CEO that didn’t support gay marriage.


Face Book, Twitter and Google are not “common carriers”


Notice how the leftist justifies censorship because it is legal.

old construction worker

Fist step: Turn over control of the internet to an international body. Done
Second step: Do not issue domain names without detailed, government approve “plan of use” *Of course there will be a hefty fee involved.
Third step: Set up a bureaucratic system to police the internet with the power to shut down internet site without do cause.


Humans are a creative bunch.
Shut down the internet, people will just go build their own.
That is what some people are already doing in some locations.

Dave Ward

I’m glad people are working on this, but as one commenter inferred, it’s not going to be a panacea. Governments effectively control the radio spectrum via the ITU, and you can be damn sure they would deploy measures to make life difficult if they chose to. Anything utilising radio waves is at risk of interception and jamming – these mesh networks largely rely on ubiquitous 2.4 & 5Ghz WiFi frequencies, so we could see a 21st century version of the famous Soviet “Woodpecker” jammers that short wave enthusiasts like me remember well. I believe there are point to point systems using high power Infrared diodes, similar to remote control devices, but they too can be “swamped” if you know where the receiver is. Lazers are a better bet, and I have no doubt that surplus commercial microwave equipment could be put to use if things get really out of hand…

Russell Texas Gusher Exposes Lie Of Peak Oil Pushed By Media

James Bull

Has anyone asked Big Al if he thinks his invention is a bad thing?
I’m sure he would be very upset to hear these comments by his friends.
James Bull

Joe Ebeni

Hey POTUS… the First Amendment much??? You know….from that pesky, silly document from 1789..

Alan Robertson

He’s a great Constitutional scholar, remember?


That’s why he gave away the internet control. The US Constitution says nothing about other countries limiting what we see and know.


The trouble for Obama and Merkel is that the ‘fake’ news stories have less effect than the true ones. Merkel might not like people hearing about attack in Germany from migrants but those accounts are genuine. The harder she tries to silence them, the more likely they are to attract attention and make people angry.
The way people access the internet isn’t as straight forward as either of them is assuming. People form groups of like minded souls and even if all the big names froze out undesireables like sceptics, some company or some country would provide a platform. Sure, people use Facebook and Twitter but they’re not essential. I didn’t find any of the sceptic web sites I look at now through any of the main seach or social networks. I arrived here by idle comments made by other people. ‘Hey, check out this site…’ type of thing. While I now have bookmarks to my favourite sites, when I’m on someone else’s PC I sometimes follow the blog roll on the first site I come to. Or I get to Scottish Sceptic’s uclimate site and use it like a newspaper – what story looks good today? On other issues I engage with, all form the same sorts of node networks. Thus you get history blogs, dieting blogs, wood work blogs, etc. You can’t kill every hub connection off a determined social network.
And even if they started shutting key sites down. We’d work out how to circumvent it, wouldn’t we?

Alan Robertson

“The trouble for Obama and Merkel is that the ‘fake’ news stories have less effect than the true ones. ”
Worth repeating, thanks.

Google have already done something like this. I’ve been monitoring climate news for years. At one time WUWT and many other sceptic blogs would get published. But they were not highly rated. Then I suggested to Anthony that he change his key words so that he got higher up – and he did – then a few months later, Google altered the news searches and internet searches to almost remove WUWT from board news and google searches (unless you put in a very specific search which can only be satisfied by an article on WUWT).
That is absolutely appalling, given that WUWT this the mainstream media in term of climate. It is the same as if Google removed from its listings any blogs that favoured republicans – unless the search could not return any other site.
It is quite blatantly an attempt by google to prevent people reading what is on WUWT and to “force” us to read the establishment views in the “mainstream” media and from academics.
The problem for the establishment, is that I seldom use google to find climate articles – nor any politics. They shut the door after the horse bolted.


I’ve noticed the same. Cook’s 97% site comes way too easily on top compared to wuwt. I’m pretty certain this is not so much an accident but a political side taking.
I hardly ever try to google anything else than SS or wiki anyway, because I know it wont find contrarian stuff anyway
However, google works with magic – it is not a simple issue.


Certainly couldn’t be due to relative traffic.

Dave Ward

“Obama predicted that the rise of technology needed to be managed”
WTF doesn’t begin to cover my anger on reading that statement.

Just Steve

Inside every liberal is a totalitarian waiting to emerge. Notice how Merkel said “we learned to CONTROL books”, so of course now the internet needs controls. Freedom of thought is such a pesky thorn in the side to our betters.


I don’t get why would you call a totalitarian ‘liberal’?
Merkel is burning books, that is not liberal!

Gunga Din

Hugs, “A rose by any other name….”
Those who desire totalitarianism, total control and power, simply desire it and will seek to achieve it under any guise. Usually bureaucracies are a major tool.
Freedom means that sometimes people are free to do and say that with which one might not agree.
The job of Government is make sure you are free to the same as long neither suppresses the other’s freedom.
Tricky job.


The Goreian clowns are going to end up looking like serious idiots… Global Climate Change… *SPIT*


She compared the internet to the invention of the printing press, citing the consequences it had on industrialized countries.
“It took a while until societies learned how to find the right kind of policies to contain this and to manage and steer this,” she said.

She has it exactly backwards. The printing press had huge effects on society. Outside the Soviet bloc I can’t think of any policies taken by any country to contain, manage, and steer the printing press. What happened was that society adapted to the presence of the press.
My favourite effect of the printing press is anonymous pamphleteering. It allows the wide dissemination of unpopular ideas and protects people against the tyranny of the majority. It is constitutionally protected and important for the proper functioning of democracy.
The internet is anonymous pamphleteering on steroids. Trying to clamp down on the internet is antidemocratic.

Today’s world, though, it’s very difficult to stay anonymous and disseminate your message. Just ask the poor guy facing five years in jail for “pamphleteering” in opposition to the Muslim Nazi meeting at Brown University.


Trust a former East German to assume that it is the role of government to manage and steer society.


More than just “East German” so just to add one of those “ideation theories” maybe her leadership role in overwhelming Europe with a practically non-integrable culture was possibly on purpose:
“One Washington foreign policy expert, who did not wish to be named, this week described Merkel to Breitbart London as “a former member of the East German Communist Party who functioned as a mid-level propaganda commissar for the Free German Youth, that is, the young Communists.”
“She and the then-KGB operative Putin, who is fluent in German, were active in East Germany at the same time. Whether they met or worked together, I don’t know, but they were both in the same line of work.”
In April Cliff Kincaid, a director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism, wrote “Merkel was known to be suspiciously pro-Russian when she ran for high office in Germany but that her political party, the Christian Democrats, nominated her anyway.”


It wouldn’t surprise me at all to find out that most of the elites in the Christian Democrats share Merkels pro Soviet err Russian sympathies.


No sane person from DDR has ‘pro Soviet sympathies’.
I’m not sure about Putin – is he blackmailing Merkel?


Those who benefit from the system supported it.


I should have mentioned that the only ones who benefit from such a system are those who are running it.


Seems like Obama is encouraging the rioters in the U.S…Maybe he should give back that Peace Prize he received, before he was even the President, for doing absolutely nothing !
Fox News: “Obama to anti-Trump protesters: March on”

Tom Schaefer

“Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God” -Thomas Jefferson

The MSM don’t call it censorship when they suppress alternative views such as the views of climate skeptics, they call it fact checking.


As Obama and Merkel are in favour of complete control of the internet they wouldn’t mind if it was their opponents exercising it.


i recognize your sarc. Their opponents would keep it pretty much as it is. They are admitting is THEY have lost control and want it back.

As I’ve already written extensively on the subject in The Internet Revolution for Numpties I’ll just try to summarise:
The internet has created a way for news and ideas to bypass the old establishment which maintained control of society through control of print, broadcasting, publishing (and in academia: academic journals). Now almost anyone with a PC can start publishing & broadcasting their ideas.
Previously the establishment media, supported the establishment politicians and establishment (or PC=Press Consensus) views. They did so by constantly telling us that their views, were the public. As in “the public think that ….”
Now ordinary people are bypassing the press and establishment and hearing from other ordinary people and finding out that the public don’t have the views that the press portray us as having.
This is threatening to all those politicians, journalists, academics etc. who used to use their control of what we the public heard to force through their very minority views as “the public view”.

Alan Robertson

It’s been less than 2 months since the US gave away control of the internet. Now, exactly 1 day after Chinese President Xi Jinping gave a speech calling for other nations to join in “greater governance” of the internet, Obama gives essentially the same speech.
Who didn’t see this coming?

Every few months my children tell me “you should be using … ” another digital network which is not part of the internet. Anyone who tries to regulate the internet is doomed to complete utter failure. I can’t find a fraction of what I’ve written – and I know where to look – there’s not a hope of government finding it.


Unfortunately, China IS successfully regulating the Internet.


This is both worrying and funny. I remember from my undergraduate days a study of political power which identified the third dimension of power as control over the agenda. This, not technology, is what Obama’s really on about; the existence of social media gives voice to those who previously didn’t have one, and who were never heard before by politicians. I’m also interested to learn the distinction politicians would draw between populism and democracy; presumably it’s populism if they don’t like the answer.


Bingo! “It’s wonderful democracy if Obama and pals win, it’s evil populism if they don’t win. And the soon to be former President gave away control of the most open means vof communications ever devised to a bunch of anti-freedom thugs. That alone should place Obama near the top of the list of worst President ever.


“Control over the agenda” is exactly what the CO2 scare is based on. Whole generations are being brought up thinking that CO2 is the only game in town.
This was reinforced when, on a TV science program, the presenting scientist asked a schoolgirl what the most prevalent gas in the atmosphere was. She answered, CO2. He corrected that and then asked for the second most prevalent gas, and she tried CO2 again …


The problem with most populists is that they want to use government to take rights away from anyone who doesn’t agree with the populist.
Populism is indistinguishable from socialism in it’s methods. It’s goals are slightly different, but that’s it.


It would be good to start with a definition of populism that distinguishes it from democracy. You have pointed out a characteristic that you believe to be populist, but the same could be said of any democratic system with an embedded majority (such as the misguided attempts to establish ‘new’ democracies in the Middle East and parts of Africa.)
I think the sense in which the word ‘populist’ has been bandied about recently is more about it not being the will of the ‘elite.’


All I can do is look at what most people who call themselves “populist” say they want to do once they are the ones in charge.


As the old saying goes. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.
There is nothing magical about naked democracy. Without some mechanism to protect the rights of the minority democracy is as tyrannical as any dictator.


Merkel is exactly correct that the printing press caused change: the Reformation to be exact, a response to church corruption.
She says:
“It took a while until societies learned how to find the right kind of policies to contain this and to manage and steer this,” she said.
What exactly is the “manage and steer” she speaks of? Official censorship. In the end it failed but there was lots of censorship of the press and even arrests for heresy and treason over the past 500 years in Europe (and elsewhere). All this concern about “fake news” and disruption is only because they both lost. Obama was fine with fake news and astroturfing during his campaigns.

Alan McIntire

Speaking of the printing press, and the Reformation in response to church corruption, Martin Luther became the first “media celebrity” His picture was on all the pamphlets attacking church practices, so all readers in Europe had a pretty good idea of his arguments and what he looked like.