Ban Ki-Moon to Trump: Action on Climate Change is "Unstoppable"


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has warned President-elect Trump that he will not have the power to derail climate programmes, even climate programmes in the USA.

France, U.N. tell Trump action on climate change unstoppable

France and the United Nations on Tuesday stepped up warnings to U.S. President-elect Donald Trump about the risks of quitting a 2015 global plan to combat climate change, saying a historic shift from fossil fuels is unstoppable.

French President Francois Hollande, addressing almost 200 nations meeting in Morocco on ways to slow global warming, said that inaction would be “disastrous for future generations and it would be dangerous for peace”.

Both he and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on Trump, who has called man-made global warming a hoax, to drop a campaign pledge to cancel the global 2015 Paris Agreement that aims to shift from fossil fuels to cleaner energies.

“The United States, the largest economic power in the world, the second largest greenhouse gas emitter, must respect the commitments it has undertaken,” Hollande said to applause. The agreement was “irreversible”, he said.

What was once unthinkable has become unstoppable,” Ban said at a news conference of the landmark Paris deal, agreed by almost 200 governments last year after two decades of tortuous negotiations. The accord formally entered into force on Nov. 4 after a record swift ratification.

Ban said Trump, as a “very successful business person”, would understand that market forces were driving the world economy towards cleaner energies such as wind and solar power, which are becoming cheaper, away from fossil fuels.

“I am sure he (Trump) will make a fast and wise decision” on the Paris Agreement, Ban said, saying he had spoken to Trump by telephone after his victory and planned to meet him in person.

Ban said that companies including General Mills and Kellogg, states such as California and cities such as Nashville and Las Vegas were working to cut their greenhouse gas emissions.

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I suspect Ban Ki-moon is overestimating American support for climate measures. Climate barely registers as an issue to the general public. Climate didn’t receive airtime in the Presidential debates. As a public priority climate action consistently comes dead last, even when the UN conducts the poll.

But wasteful climate spending is an expensive thorn in the side of an incoming US administration which has prioritised trying to contain spiralling debt, and freeing up cash for programmes people actually care about, such as fixing America’s dilapidated roads and bridges.

It is also worth remembering that under President Obama, some atrocious abuses of power occurred, such as the IRS deliberately targeting and harassing political groups opposed to Obama policies.

Video of President Obama admitting groups were targeted by the IRS for political reasons.

I’m not suggesting all US businesses which advocated climate action did so out of fear, quite obviously some companies are managed by people who are as nuts about climate change as the outgoing President. But in my opinion there is a real possibility that many US businesses went with the flow, because they were frightened of appearing to be on the wrong side of the climate issue, and of course because they wanted access to generous tax credits available for climate programmes.

It will be interesting to see whether this alleged commitment to climate action continues, under an administration which does not care whether you are a climate champion.

310 thoughts on “Ban Ki-Moon to Trump: Action on Climate Change is "Unstoppable"

  1. I am sure Trump will take the threat/warning very seriously… Ban-Kimoon just went to prove that a spoiled beggar becomes a demanding beggar

    • Who is against climate change? It’s 70 degrees where I live, 8 degrees above historical normal, I like it. Everybody likes global warming I mean enjoys being able to go out in shorts rather than covering up. Even Mike Mann in an unguarded moment admits he likes warm more than cold.

    • Well Ban Ki Moon can go and pound sand as far as I am concerned, and Hollande too.
      And just for the record, the USA is already way ahead of our past commitments to reduce our carbon footprint.
      We should start billing Bannie boy for all of the excess carbon that the USA is already taking out of the atmosphere.
      In fact we are the ONLY large land area Nation that is a net carbon sink, rather than a carbon source.
      So there you go Mr. Moon; WE are NOT your problem.
      Where do all these unelected twerps get off demanding that other people do stuff for them, and then pay them for us doing it for them.

      • UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon is telling us that the UN is more powerful than the USA. That means we have to do anything the UN tells us – like agree to let insider billionaires run our planet. It is called “globalization”.

      • I had a lovely dream last night in which president Trump re-appointed John Bolton ambassador to the UN and sent him there to inform them that the United States was ending all funding of the UN and that the UN had ninety days in which to remove itself and all associated personnel from the country. Ahhhh…

      • Kruel — we did that once before (after WWI). It wasn’t really the panacea that you dreamed of. I am tired of being the UN whipping boy, though.
        george e. smith writes, “In fact we are the ONLY large land area Nation that is a net carbon sink, rather than a carbon source.” — do you have a source for that piece of information?

      • He can break rock, would be my recommendation. I’d love Trump to launch investigations into how the UN spends all those $Billions the US gives to them–mostly without any oversight whatsoever.
        I hear breaking rock while wearing a horizontal black & white-striped jump suit is very fashionable.

      • lorcanbonda November 15, 2016 at 3:02 pm
        “george e. smith writes, “In fact we are the ONLY large land area Nation that is a net carbon sink, rather than a carbon source.” — do you have a source for that piece of information?”
        No, he did not bother any of us can check on our own. Or do you not know how?

      • lorcanbonda November 15, 2016 at 3:02 pm
        “Kruel — we did that once before (after WWI). It wasn’t really the panacea that you dreamed of. I am tired of being the UN whipping boy, though.”
        What are you babbling about, the League of Nations? Oh please explain I would love to hear it.

      • I’m sure that it isn’t the US CO2 levels that are bothering Mr. Moon so much as the loss of our green backs. France can do whatever it wants it doesn’t need us to give it permission.

      • Hollande is another lame duck president. Elections next year and even his own party is pleading with him not to stand. No one gives a hoot what he thinks or says any more.

        “What was once unthinkable has become unstoppable,” Ban said

        well if they truly believe it is unstoppable, why are they expending so much energy in trying to exert an influence on what Trump thinks and does about the Paris ‘agreement’?
        These repeated declarations that Trump “must” stick to the unconstitutional “agreement” that was engineered days before the election in a blatant attempt to circumvent the will of the people and to present the duly elected president with a fait acompli, simply demonstrate that they do not believe their own rhetoric.
        If it is unstoppable, why should they be concerned that he may try to stop it ?!
        Even a five year old can see through such obvious self-contradiction.
        I’m sure that soon-to-be Pres. Trump is well aware that these unstoppably false proclamations are just another “hoax” by the non elected, unaccountable UN.
        The agreement was “irreversible”, [ Gen sec. bing bang boom ] said.
        Well that is a lie for a start since every country has an opt-out and the whole thing has no penalties for inaction or failure to comply, ie. it is irreversibly reversible.
        They lie like a bunch of toddlers who have not yet worked out that if you are going to try to deceive, you must ensure that what you say is not transparently untrue, otherwise it will not work.

      • Plus if you want to be taken seriously, don’t stand next to a brightly coloured toy dicky-bird when when trying to put across supposedly serious policy.

      • Morlock — of course I can research things on the internet, but it would be easier if he just provided the source. If that is beyond you, then you don’t need to reply.
        And, yes, for all the hate we have of the UN, our failure to participate in the League of Nations was not a positive development for us or the world. Most of us should be well aware of the history. An isolationist United States does not work.

      • lorcanbonda November 15, 2016 at 5:21 pm
        “Morlock — of course I can research things on the internet, but it would be easier if he just provided the source. If that is beyond you, then you don’t need to reply.”
        “but it would be easier ” So everyone is to make things “easier” for you.
        “our failure to participate in the League of Nations was not a positive development for us or the world ”
        Lets see the victorious allies rewrote all the world’s maps, tore Empires apart, leaving people who hated other religions, ethnic, and racial groups free to commit all types of imaginable horrors. These “victors” then grabbed up whole regions of the nations they dismantled, which they award to themselves as “mandates”. Then they embraced this wonderful new international order to legitimize their land grads and meddling.
        Oh and they wanted the U.S. on board to help as an enforcer. W. Wilson was ignored ridiculed and mocked for his attempts to moderate the avarice of the victors.
        Wilson was an idealist who thought the League could be a source of good. His conflicts with the Senate (republican) and his treatment of the senate leadership doomed the Treaty.
        At the time the U.S. was not regarded as a super power, in fact it was looked upon as barely an equal by the other major powers.
        Best we did not get ourselves linked to the league. But do note the classic excuse for the leagues failures are always layed at the door step of the U.S. for non-participation, rather then the poor decisions adopted by the league members.

      • One could argue the U.S. became a Superpower precisely because they did not join the League of Nations.

      • US became a superpower because WWI enriched it while European nations had ruined themselves and embraced socialism or fascism, while in USA the social-fascist POTUS (FDR) had limited power to impose it.

      • So askith: lorcanbonda – November 15, 2016 at 3:02 pm

        george e. smith writes, “In fact we are the ONLY large land area Nation that is a net carbon sink, rather than a carbon source.” — do you have a source for that piece of information?

        Lorcanbonda, the following graphic is a “proof-positive” source that confirms George E.’s comment, to wit:
        If you need it explained to you, ……. just ask.

      • lorcan, can you provide proof for your belief that had the US participated in the League of Nations bad things such as WWII would not have happened?
        The UN is a waste of time, nothing it does can’t be done via other mechanisms.

      • To confirm that the US is the ONLY large land area nation that is a net carbon source would either require knowledge of a synthesis source that rolls up the data, or a lot of searching from multiple sources to verify. Further, carbon source vs sink depends on many assumptions – like are harvested wood products considered emitted carbon or sequestered carbon – different carbon accounting systems apply different rules. Different web sources will provide different answers to this question. It is not unreasonable to ask for a source for this type of claim. The presented map is not just childish in form but in discourse as well. I trust there is a lot more history between the commenters than evident in this post that justifies such a glib exchange.

      • @ iorcanbonda.
        YES !
        See @Phil following you.
        I forget how to spell Giggle, so look it up for yourself.
        So why would YOU believe any source that ” I ” gave you iff’n you won’t even believe ME.
        I have a source: YOU get your own.

    • Can’t wait WHEN Trump appoints Lord Monckton as one of our delagates to the next COP conference. He has JUST appointed a well known climate skeptic to head up the EAP. And Trump said he not going to give UN any money for global warming junk. They are in outright panic right now.

      • Agreed, I have some reservations about some of the stuff Monckton comes out with but I think he would be perfect for an official role as IPCC delegate.
        He has made a noble effort to be a PITA for these bureaucrats since COP-out 21 in 2009. He merits having an offical place at the table that would force them to listen to him and prevent him from being thrown out of meetings.

      • albertkallal November 15, 2016 at 2:50 pm
        Nope. Perhaps a shop Steward from one of the Coal Miners Unions. Or CEO. Hey EXXON’S CEO.

      • @ Greg – You are just trying to spoil his fun. He so much enjoys telling about his U.N. exploits including dropping in by parachute in one meeting. I really would like to see him get that appointment, tho.

    • The UN General Assembly has officially approved former Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Guterres to take over from Ban Ki-moon as the next UN Secretary-General this coming January.

    • Yes its is unstoppable. Solar panels everywhere. The only problem is the physics. If an area is covered with enough panels to make the equivalent electricity as a coal fired base load power station, more heat is fed back into the atmosphere per day than stored by CO2 from the power station. Eventually , if we follow the Gaian philosophy to its ultimate conclusion (solar panels everywhere) there would be enough heat stored via the panels to end all life on our planet.

    • Do you guys realize a foreign national is in this country right now…..having meetings in New York
      ….and the purpose of their meetings is conspiring to undermine our president..plotting against the president of the United States
      George Soros
      I honestly thought that was against the law…….

      • It is Lat. It is. Perhaps Pelosi , a participant, can help us understant it!
        Perhaps he is just explaining the paid for protests again?

      • I’d love to a fly on the wall at that meeting ( that BTW NOBODY seems to talk about, other than sites like BB and a few others) I would love to know who is going to be “invisible” afterwards. Geez, you know maybe Soros? After all he has been the architect of all of this for a long time and maybe just maybe, after his failure he will be finally be held accountable by his “peers”? ( For me he deserves a Nuremberg type trial anyway, for war crimes against humanity). He just might be in the hot seat, a lot of people lost a lot of money/ power/ access and other “goodies” in the aftermath. It must run into the hundreds of billions of dollars. ( Be safe President elect Trump, please)

      • there is a petition going to get Soros for inciting violence/terrorism and many other things
        like funding the present protests
        the latest of his stunts
        americas “purple revolution”
        noting the cute purple outfits the fugly duo wore to admit defeat
        that bummer n the C family cartel support by their silence and wont speak up to halt.
        their silence tells the story clearly

    • There is a very interesting article on Quillette that discusses the problems with science in the Social Sciences and how the impact of their ideology ruins the science. Uri Harris has taken apart a ‘scientific’ paper and analysed it. I really enjoyed the read.
      The comparisons are very close ie “The effects are the same as with the negatively charged moral language: introduction of vague, moral beliefs into the analysis are made to seem scientific.” and “Furthermore, it establishes through assumption that since the spread of a particular set of values is identical to progress, anyone opposing these values is backward by definition.”

  2. So the UN thinks it can boss the USA about. Really ?
    Looking to lose a very large proportion of its budget, by the sound of it. !

    • Actually, as Eschenbach has pointed out, Trump is forced by Public law 101-246 (1990) and 103-236 (1994) to completely cease US funding of UNFCCC, which recognized Palestine as a member. Same issue as the UNESCO defunding. Obama simply ignored the law. UNFCCC also has a 1 year opt out exercizable immediately. Late January should be interesting.

      • Rud,
        I always read your comments here and at Climate, Etc., because you know of what you speak.
        I see that Stockholm has gotten enough snowfall to clog traffic badly, due to a political error in snow removal. In mid-November. Hope they can sort it out before winter really sets in,
        Here in the central U.S., we are having lovely climate change, with daytime highs in the upper 60’s to low 70’s, basically 10-20 degrees above historical average. Shock: no one is complaining that it is too warm.
        The homologated UNFCC/WMO “average global temperature” meme is idiotic. The climate that actually matters is that which each of us experiences in the location we have chosen to live. We humans adapt to it. If we find it unpleasant, we relocate. U.S. history shows that more people move to warmer climes than colder.

  3. And the USA has NOT made any commitment.
    Only the backward troglodyte, Obalmy, signed a NON-binding agreement, without ratification by the US parliament.
    It is nothing but toilet paper, to be FLUSHED as the incoming President desires.

    • It is about a valuable as all his executive orders. I hope they have lots of pens ready for the 20th January. Many executive orders will be cancelled. Great legacy Obama! You will go down as a textbook example of an ineffective President. Apart from the debt, there was Obamacare that you managed to pass through congress.

      • There were a few discussions about the orders today on various news sites. There are a number (there were three mentioned) that can be done almost immediately
        There are going to be some very wealthy lawyers in the aftermath and many orders are going to take months to be rescinded. All the levels of government ( from Federal, to State to municipal) involved are going to fight back and I can see a lot of delays and another stagnation in DC that could last for years. I believe Trump has to focus on his agenda to improve the economy first because I believe that will give the people the strength to fight the other crap. And as usual everybody also is already getting ready for the next mid term elections so Trump has to show early success in that regard to stymie opposition.

  4. To the UN Sec. Gen Ki-Moon, with all due respect… Fawk you and fawk the UN horse you rode in on.
    To the President of France, you are a stupid, stupid man. Your country has bigger fish to fry.

    • And if Nicolas Sarkozy gets re-elected he will do what Trump is doing – now that really will tup the pussy in the EU hen house!!

      • One thing to me is vital right now Brexit has to be pushed through before the political scene changes in Britain. There needs to be a strong push to complete “The Deal” during the holiday season. It worries me that there might be shift in the British Parliament to try and get a second vote, with only to their House voting to stop Brexit. The election in the USA is final and cannot be recalled but I fear for Brexit.

  5. The U.S. president only answers to the American people. We have spoken and it’s time to take our country back from the corrupt One World Order progressives. . Final thought, “Screw the UN”

  6. And NO, mr half-Moon..
    “market forces ARE NOT driving the world economy towards cleaner energies such as wind and solar power”…. mandated ANTI-COMPETETIVE subsidies and legislation is driving this idiocy.

      • You’ll have to forgive Mr. Moon, he meant market forces after being distorted by subsidies and regulations, of course.

    • +10
      That statement rankled me as well. It is not market forces, but POLITICAL forces that are driving the crazy train.

    • Wait until the market forces really start when all the blocks put on drilling and mining are removed. The cost of energy in the US will rapidly drop and that will mean products are cheaper to produce. That will concern Mexico, China and India and of course OPEC. In fact under President Trump the “price of energy will necessarily plummet”. Remove the subsidy farmers’ subsidies – and the solar panels and windmills will be abandoned. Electric cars at full cost will be as profitable as DeLoreans. The impact on the entire world economy will be immense.

      • The resulting economic powerhouse will drive other nations to compete – economic necessity will have most nations repudiating this by the end of his first term so they can compete with US energy costs. Expect the Chinese to pull out of it within a year of Trump pulling out – no fools the Chinese! Meanwhile maybe Trump can cement relations with China by helping to deal with their real industrialisation and pollution problems, SOX, NOX and particulates.

        • “…Expect the Chinese to pull out of it within a year of Trump pulling out …”
          The Chinese are not “in it” besides anything but a signature. They’ll just go silent.

        • Economical. Get the words correct.
          And if the price of oil fell to $5/barrel, billions of barrels of reserves would disappear as well. It is called ECONOMICS. Specifically the Law of Supply and Demand. Which means when the supply of $5/barrel oil gets used up, the price goes up, so that the $10/barrell oil is ECONOMICAL. And then the $20, $30, $40, etc.
          That’s how it works.

      • 1) We gave hundreds of years worth of fossil fuels left, with more being found all the time.
        2) Since wind and solar actually increase the amount of fossil fuels being burnt, how exactly do they save fossil fuels?

  7. Trump said he would campaign for the Republican Presidental nomination on his own nickel. He did. He said he would win the election and nobody believed him. He did. He said he would tearnup Paris and not further hobble American industry and jobs. He will. And nobody can stop him because Paris is a mere non-binding executive agreement with a built in opt-out. Especially not an outgoiing UN Secretary General.

    • You may be right on all counts. However, Trump will find himself battling hordes of believers all over the world and inside the USA. States and cities have regulations in place to fight climate change. Corporations will want to continue to earn points with the greens.
      A sustained government action aimed a debunking man-made climate change and countering the green propaganda will be needed.

      • And he will have a whole lot of us marching shoulder to shoulder with him when he does that.
        I think a good place to put the money we save by opting out of funding the UN den of rascals, is back into rebuilding the US Defense system, that Obama has tried to starve to death.
        No I didn’t say we should get obstreperous; just better defensively.

      • Hordes? Which hordes would those be? Even a billionaire like Soros can’t afford to hire enough thugs to force public opinion to support strangling America’s economy. On the other hand, much of the public has bought into the idea that someone else’s tap water is worth way, way more than their own so I guess anything is possible.

      • States and cities have regulations in place to fight climate change==BernardP @ 2.03pm
        actually the states and cities are welcome to do anything their Tax payers want them to do–let’s just see how willing to pay the full load when Federal government money stops.

      • If Trump can manage to shut down money laundering of tax payers money through the EPA to environmental groups the “battling hordes of believers” won’t have as much to spend on ammunition.

      • BernardP,
        I agree in general with your comment but, with respect, I don’t think we need a sustained government action aimed a debunking man-made climate change and countering the green propaganda. It is fundamentally not, and never has been, about the science. The hordes of believers all over the world and inside the USA are motivated by taxpayer dosh as much as anything else. When the money spigot is turned off, when the trough runs dry, when they have to turn somewhere else to start scrambling for a living, the greens will whither and die like a vine that has had its stem severed from its roots.

    • Actually Trump raised a lot of money from many small donors in the general election, myself included. The GOP will benefit from the list he compiled of millions of people willing to give to the right candidate up to the personal limit.

    • Colour me optimistic but wouldn’t officially removing pollutant status from CO2 counter a lot of the potential lawsuits from the greenies and push back from corporations?

  8. Worldwide, liberal socialists are becoming seriously unhinged from reality since Trump won the U.S. presidency…Unfortunately for them, every Executive Order that Obama signed, without the consent or even advice from congress, is no longer worth the paper it is written on…”Elections have consequences”, said a very foolish “community organizer”..How right he is ! God Bless America and it’s freedoms, the Liberal Socialist Catastrophic Dream World event has been prevented from destroying her….IMHO…

    • The socialists are already starting to make plans. They will be as disruptive as they can possibly be. It’ll be a mess if the more violent elements get involved.

      • Violent elements are already involved, but this is only in the larger cities controlled by Democrats, anyway. These people should be very careful if they come to Phoenix. Trying to drag somebody out of a car here might get you legally shot.

      • Everyone I know on the right is laughing at the Democrats smashing up their own cities in ‘protest’. It means more votes for Trump in 2020.
        Besides, Soros will soon have to stop paying them and start concentrating on Europe instead. He’s got multiple nationalist leaders on the verge of winning there, and the EU could collapse at any moment if they win.

      • What the left doesn’t understand is that while they protest and call everybody that voted for Trump “racist” sexist, xenophobic, homophobes the right is quietly stocking up on ammo. Poor little snowflakes don’t have a clue what awaits them if this turns violent.

  9. ““I am sure he (Trump) will make a fast and wise decision” on the Paris Agreement”
    Yes , I’m sure he will too, you diminutive little twerp 😉

  10. I will post this rhyme for the last time, I hope.
    Science, Politics and Fear
    The President I voted for just called me a denier,
    He tells his followers to put my “feet to the fire”!
    Engaging in ridicule, spin and vicious mirth,
    Proposing that “doubters” live on a flat earth.
    Claiming that “To wind and solar power we must turn”-
    Preaching that we’re doomed by all the fossil fuel we burn.
    Science, politics and fear…
    They tell us “hell on earth” will soon be here
    So get out your ‘Humboldt County grown’ and I’ll go get some beer;
    Here comes science, politics and fear.
    While telling this, I wonder just how long it might be,
    Before those “men in black” come sneaking ‘round to visit me.
    While I understand the theory of that “greenhouse effect”,
    The common sense my daddy taught me’s making me suspect…
    There’s much more to climate change than carbon trapping infrared
    And the people have, by “governmental science” been misled
    Science, politics and fear…
    The end of all free nations could be near.
    So, let’s protect the liberties we all hold dear
    From science, politics and fear.
    The panicked fight on climate is a challenge to surmise,
    After decades now with such a tiny temperature rise.
    Those models, they get further from reality each year
    Yet, consensus of opinion of the future mongers fear!
    But, I fear global governmental centralization:
    UN bureaucrat controllers of a world enslaving nation.
    Science, politics and fear…
    Hey, ‘1984’ is almost here!
    This unholy trinity’s replaced the Holy one, its clear-
    Science, politics and fear!

  11. It seems like whenever someone says something like “unstoppable” or “can’t be done” to Trump, he does exactly what they said he can’t do.

    • If you think about it history shows that it is often the case that those who claimed “unstoppable” or “can’t be done” were typically proven to be wrong.

    • If the naysayers keep it up, Trump will run the best Administration we’ve ever had, if only out of spite.

      • Heh, like it. My son asked me how if I thought Tump might be a good president and I responded, if they give him a chance to govern, he just might surprise everybody.

  12. See that red bird, next to you Banker-Moon..
    its bird-brain is several time larger than yours !!
    I really hope that Trump actually asks the UN to MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY..
    Let some other county carry the useless burden for a while.
    Looks like France could offer.. !

  13. What was once unthinkable has become unstoppable“.
    Let’s not jump to conclusions here, but if we’re all lucky, yes…

  14. So if “climate action” is unstoppable, there is no need for government, US or UN, to keep pushing regulation. In fact, if it is so unstoppable, subsidies are no longer necessary.

  15. This is the same French President with a 90% disapproval rating? What ego to pontificate to anyone!

    • 5% popularity. The lowest presidential rating since the revolution. He is facing 2 elections in the next year. One very soon for the primaries which some say he could win and then the first round presidential in which he and his socialist friends will come last. Most are predicting a Le Pen victory in the first round but no-one is predicting against whom she will run in the second and final round. Juppé (ex-con) Macron look good.
      It is going to be an interesting year but don’t bet on a Le Pen president. France is like no other country. If Le Pen is indeed in the second round all other parties will order their members to vote for the other candidate.

      • No, there are other European countries with similar set-ups – Austria for example, which is voting next month.
        These run-off type elections are causing massive discontent, as they allow two parties to dominate for ever.

  16. I doubt whether President-Elect Trump cares very much about what the rest of the world does on this issue. He just wants to extricate the USA from the wasteful pointless boondoggle so he can spend the saved money on other things. If other countries back out due to Trump, so much the better. Perhaps from the savings he could announce something really useful, like a coal-fired power station somewhere in power-less Africa.

    • The competitive edge it will give the US is scary. Many countries will try to frighten Trump into caving in because they cannot compete when Obama has America down. When Trump takes off the shackles the US will rise again at 4% to 5% growth. It why China are scared.

  17. Perhaps we can reach a compromise. Proponents of the global warming disaster fear are worried about the US not living up to promises made by a lame duck president, but they seem full of glee at China’s commitment. Why don’t the US and Canada agree to follow China’s path and do….. exactly whatever we think is best for our economies. Emissions rise till 2030 according to our own economic growth plan, while emission growth intensity as a function of GDP diminishes.

    • Better yet, and more importantly, let’s come to a complete acceptance of the fact that Canada, the U.S., Britain, Australia and other nations are democracies. The people of these nations reserve 100%, the right to decide what is in their best interest AT ALL TIMES. A central feature of these democracies is, in fact, the right to change our minds and choose a new destiny. When (if) we decide to outsource that decision to Mr. Moon and the U.N., we’ll let him know. If we feel like it!

  18. What? Market forces are NOT and never were driving the world economy towards “cleaner” energies. It’s stupid green “solutions” and a political push for one world agenda. Then there’s punishment in terms of taxes and slandering, a corruption of science and the heavy weight of government subsidies.
    I do love that President-elect Trump has all the world’s leaders (it seems) running around panicking. Somehow, though, I get the impression that NO ONE will tell President Trump what to do or how to look after the American people.

    • “When you’re President, no one can tell you when to sit down.”
      I think Eisenhower said that or something like it.

  19. Money, under Trump is limited. Therefore the UN will be starved of cash. We shall see if it is unstoppable. he he heh
    TRUMP on climate change.

  20. “The Constitution’s first three words—We the People—affirm that the government of the United States exists to serve its citizens.”
    Nothing in there about appeasing UN bureaucrats. Go pound sand.

    • Actually the first three words are: ” Article I Section … ”
      What you cited are the first three words of the Preamble to the Constitution, and that ‘s why they call it the preamble, because it is a pre-amble.

      • george e. smith November 15, 2016 at 2:37 pm
        Actually the first three words are: ” Article I Section … ”
        “Russell R. November 15, 2016 at 2:05 pm” is correct the Preamble is physically part of the Constitution, it is it’s rational for all the following Articles and amendments, they are inseparable.

      • george e. smith
        Your thinking is flawed. What you call the pre-amble is a part of the document therefore part of the constitution. (Do you contend that a pre-amble to a novel is not a part of the novel that the author has written?)
        The opening words of the constitution and the governmental formulations that follow are a whole. The opening words to The Constitution are “We the People”.
        Eugene WR Gallun

      • A lot of thought went into those three words.
        Much more so, than the endless prattle that emanates from the UN. They think they can overcome thoughtfulness with “impact words” and slogans. They are a thesaurus of what we can’t do: irreversible, unstoppable, and unthinkable.
        I say the founders knew we would be assaulted with international con men, trying to hijack the federal government, into actions that did not serve the citizens of the United States.
        The pre-amble specifies the purpose and principals in the formation of the Federal Government. We are all Americans first, and gender, ethnicity, native language, political affiliation, and whatever else divides us, second. The government of the United States “exists to serve us”. We are not its servants. And it is not subservient to the UN, or any other international organization.
        We will fight for and die for, this concept: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
        The UN or anyone else, is never going to rule this land, as long as we remember who we are.

    • Russell R. —
      You are absolutely correct. The first three words of The Constitution are “We the People”. george e. smith is blowing smoke.
      Eugene WR Gallun

  21. ‘UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has warned President-elect Trump’
    Prof Dent: I came to warn you.
    Dr. No: Warn me?

  22. Ban Ki-Moon would do well to remember that the USA provides a major part of the funding of the UN. Don’t tell the man with the purse-strings what he can’t do.

  23. A single honest announcement from NOAA admitting that there is no empirical evidence of human impact on climate, other than local, as in urban heat islands, is all that is needed to kill “UN action on climate change.” But Trump does not have to even bother about “UN action on climate change.” All he has to do is to leave “Paris” and similar agreements and stop paying billions into UN slash funds. Whether other countries follow or not is up to them. Why should we care? Britain, Australia, Poland, Russia, Japan are likely to follow right away. Once India sees that there is no more money down that alley, they’ll leave too.

    • Berkley Earth was skeptic funded to research the urban heat island effect on the surface temps and concluded there was no case to answer. Must we keep asking the question only to get the same answer?

      • I see that Griff still loves to trot out his disproven lies. Over and over and over again.
        Maybe we can contact Soros and have him buy Griff a life.

      • “Berkley Earth” is not an oracle, the study is dated, the data is biased and incomplete and the methodology is shoddy. There are newer and better studies that find conclusive impact of urban heat islands, not only locally. See, for example, [1-8].
        [1] doi:10.1021/es2030438 (Environmental Science and Technology 2012)
        [2] doi:10.1007/s00704-011-0515-8 (Theoretical and Applied Climatology 2012)
        [3] doi:10.1002/2016EF000352 (Earth’s Future 2016)
        [4] doi:10.1038/nature13462 (Nature 2014)
        [5] doi:10.1038/nclimate1803 (Nature Climate Change 2013)
        [6] doi:10.1007/s10666-014-9429-z (Environmental Modeling and Assessment 2015)
        [7] doi:10.1175/JAMC-D-14-0295.1 (Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 2015)
        [8] doi:10.1111/j.1365-2486.2011.02521.x (Global Change Biology 2012)

    • This could be quite easy. Turning off the funding is like turning off the electricity to the microphone. *tap, tap, tap* “Anyone hear me?” (Oh, dang! What do I do now? My grant has expired.)

  24. “market forces were driving the world economy towards cleaner energies such as wind and solar power, which are becoming cheaper,” If this is true, there would be no requirement for government or UN involvement in the process

  25. Donald Trump is the best antidote to climate change alarmism that we could possibly hope for.
    Trump’s transition team is already exploring the fastest way to terminate our participation in the Paris Climate Agreement.
    In Trump’s “Contract with the American Voter” that contains his agenda for the first 100 days in office he pledges…
    “… cancel billions in payments to U.N. climate change programs and use the money to fix America’s water and environmental infrastructure”
    In the contract he made two other pledges:
    “… lift the Obama-Clinton roadblocks and allow vital energy infrastructure projects, like the Keystone Pipeline, to move forward”
    “… lift the restrictions on the production of $50 trillion dollars’ worth of job-producing American energy reserves, including shale, oil, natural gas and clean coal”
    That doesn’t sound like a guy who will do what UN Secretary-General Ki-Moon wants.

  26. Please tell me I’m not the only person who immediately channeled:
    “It’s irreversible!”
    “Just like my raincoat!”

  27. Ah, one more thing Trump can and should do: redirect US agencies (NOAA, NASA, etc.) to focus their research on natural causes of climate change, of which there are great many and which dominate climate dynamics. Until these are fully understood, human impact, if there is any at all, cannot possibly be disentangled from the observed changes, none of which divert from the natural variability range anyway.

    • How about NASA spend its money on space exploration and how to get an American astronaut in space without using 1960s Russian space taxis .

      • Well, NASA satellites are instrumental in providing us with the only trustworthy and global temperature data and data acquisition system, which, incidentally, do not confirm the false picture produced by “climate models” and alarmists. Also NASA satellite (OCO-2) is the only other than the Japanese GOSAT that actually looks at the atmospheric CO2, measuring where it comes from and where it goes.

  28. “The United States, the largest economic power in the world, the second largest greenhouse gas emitter, must respect the commitments it has undertaken,” Hollande said to applause. The agreement was “irreversible”, he said.”
    As many have posted, the United States did not make a commitment to this agreement. Barrack Obama did. He is going, going…. soon to be gone along with HIS commitment. Perhaps he should honor his commitment and donate all his government retirement to the “cause”. He is young enough to go out and find work to earn an income, and he can put his wife to work like so many couples have to do.

    • Forrest Gardener November 15, 2016 at 3:33 pm
      UN Secretary General’s statements are public, thus they are not between the next President and the Secretary General but rather intended for the United States Public. His intent is to cause strife with in this country to the point that Mr Trump will have to acquiesce to the will of the U.N. To put it simply he is meddling in the United States’ internal affairs.
      I normally would not presume to suggest the first act that Mr Trump should do After the swearing in ceremony, but perhaps it would be best to take the opportunity and set the tone to the rest of the world that we will not tolerate turning our citizens against one another or our elected officials for their own gain. At that moment declare Mr Moon “persona non grata” and give him 24 hrs to be out of the country.

    • Tom,
      “As many have posted, the United States did not make a commitment to this agreement.”
      Of course not, and neither was “French President Francois Hollande, addressing almost 200 nations meeting in Morocco…”, he was addressing underlings/agents of the most powerful few in each of almost 200 Nations. This (extremely common) conflation is not accidental, I don’t believe, but a hallmark of the ongoing mass marketing of “elitism”.
      I am Mr. Obama’s employer, not his subject or property. Boss, as are millions of others. I feel it is very important to not only avoid falling into the slavish mindtrap such lying by our mass media presstitutes generates over time, but to openly denounce it at every turn.

    • Forrest Gardener November 15, 2016 at 10:06 pm
      Well the real issue is that right now we are trying to calm people down in this country and get them to take a deep breath and see the world is not coming to an end. This person is making pronouncements to our elected officials and population in general which will only inflame passions farther. To him it is of no matter if people here get hurt or die as a result of his posturing.
      We have been lucky so far.

  29. I’m sure a President elected partly on the basis of ‘taking our country back’, reversing harmful globalisation and scrapping the Paris ‘climate change’ agreement is going to follow orders from the UN Secretary General!
    The only thing ‘unstoppable’ and ‘unthinkable’ is that Trump would not throw the previous wasteful and expensive climate change executive decisions down the toilet and decide his own executive orders based on the mandate from the electorate.

  30. The UK and USA have effectively given the UN the middle finger. They will come to grips with this soon enough.

  31. French President Francois Hollande,… said that inaction would be “… dangerous for peace”.
    No doubt the survivors of Charlie Hebdo and the Bataclan will be comforted by France’s War on CO2.
    The real advantage of CO2 is that politicians can safely wage war without fear of the enemy shooting back. Take zat, you naughty CO2, and zat. I fart in your general direction.

  32. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has warned President-elect Trump that he will not have the power to derail climate programmes, even climate programmes in the USA.

    Even if he believes that, it is a manifestly unwise public position to take given that Trump has many times said he will “put America first”, especially considering how many pundits and experts confidently predicted that Trump didn’t have a chance.
    Ban Ki-Moon is acting like he has the power to dictate what sovereign nations can do, which he does not, no matter how much he might wish.
    He is of course welcome to request an opportunity to make the case for continuing various climate programs, but staking out the clearly false position that the US under Trump “can’t” change policy is a good way to lose that argument at the outset.
    I haven’t read it, but I’m sure that somewhere in “The Art of the Deal” it cautions people that if they insist on getting everything they want, they are more likely to end up getting nothing.
    Where are all the voices for “reasonable compromise” now?

    • United Nations is becoming a dangerous beast consisting of unelected, megalomaniacal idiocrats.
      “It can’t happen here” is always wrong: a dictatorship can happen anywhere.”
      ― Karl Popper, Unended Quest: An Intellectual Autobiography
      I suggest splitting United Nations. Keep what is clearly in line with its charter – Article 1.1:
      “To maintain international peace and security, and to that end: to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace, and to bring about by peaceful means, and in conformity with the principles of justice and international law, adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations which might lead to a breach of the peace;”
      Everything else should be left to survive on its own – just like all other political, idealistic or activist non-governmental organisations. I guess we are better of by cooperation between groups of countries than by the monstrous United Nations.
      «The primary, the fundamental, the essential purpose of the United Nations is to keep peace. Everything it does which helps prevent World War III is good. Everything which does not further that goal, either directly or indirectly, is at best superfluous.»
      — Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.
      “The UN was not created to take mankind to heaven, but to save humanity from hell.”
      — Dag Hammarskjöld, Secretary-General from 1953 to 1961

    • The statement made by The Moon is made against the a backdrop of the UN societal infantilisation image, designed to frame the lethal statement in non-threatening fuzzies. Carefully designed to convey warmth and childhood comfort, the UN have re-tasked the entire purpose of childhood – used in image generation, used for advertising and marketing, used in legal proceedings, pawns for and targets of brainwashing. There is nothing, absolutely nothing either benign, good or productive about anything emanating from the UN and the Maurice Strong Doctrine, particularly the UN Post 2015 Sustainability Agenda or the recent Quito, UN Urban Agenda.

  33. If anything is likely to keep Trump to his pledges on climate change, Ban and Hollande hectoring him is one of the most likely to have him be intransigent.

    • +1M They have just grabbed the tiger’s tail. Here’s a man who answers to no one and has already proven he’s not a follow the leader type.

  34. Until Arabs and Lefties sell (or lose) the media outlets they own, the attacks will be relentless on our incoming president.
    This is like “Mr. Chips Goes To Washington” on steroids.

  35. Do what you promised. Pretty simple so lets not get caught in the sudden imaginary webs of complexity spun by the moon. We can and he will withdraw from an agreement not subjected to our democratic institutions.
    We warned our political foes about building their green castle on the shifting sands of power.

  36. I am sure that Team Trump/Cruz/Smith will arrange for the administrators of NOAA and NASA to be replaced by like minded people and real scientists/statisticians be empowered to scrutinize the NOAA and GISS US and global surface temperature records. Cruz and Smith will also hear intensified evidence about how the records were modified repeatedly and to what extend extra warming was added. The same should be carried out on sea levels with focus on U of C in Boulder. When this has been carried out and a review of quality assurance on the infamous models done, we will be in another ball game. Perhaps there will also be evidence of collusion between NOAA, GISS and organisations in other countries such as Canada, Australia NZ and UK to agree on how to produce man made global warming. I cannot wait for such actions to start at 12.01 on 20 January 2017. This will also have implications for the review of the science behind EPA’s endangerment finding on CO2 and the Clean Power Plan. To really rebut the Moon man and the likes of Hollande we need real scientific & statistical work without “homogenization”.

    • Agree. Let the scientists tell us the truth about global climate change. Government climate research grants should be passed out to scientists who agree to use the scientific method.
      That would be novel.

    • TCE, for truth about the warnings of climate change from the perspective of the scientific method, see my recent talk:
      There isn’t a single climate model study, since at least 1987 (when Jim Hansen came on stage), that has any physical meaning. Climate modelers have spent their careers doing nonsense and decorating it with mathematics.

  37. Ban Ki Moon, this is how many people now see you: 거짓말쟁이 (kujimadt jaengi)
    Closest literal translation to English is: beggar talk honcho.
    That’s what Koreans call a liar, especially a liar who tries to scam you for money.

  38. For our many good friends not based in the USA. You have seen street demonstrations against the election results on your news. I’ve had to take phone calls from young people living in those places looking for a different perspective.To me it’s a good sign that they are self aware of living in a bubble.
    In the US we riot in different ways. Election night was the quieter but more meaningful type of riot. It’s like watching a replay of the Brexit vote.

    • I believe the riots are not over yet. troe. Expect something violent planned to occur on and after 20 January 2017.

      • Pat,
        I believe a more immediate “deadline” the globalists face, in any potential attempt to undermine the election results is December 28th, when the electoral college is to actually votes in Mr. Trump. If he were to meet an unfortunate end before that, the Party chiefs would decide who will be the next President . . with no limitations at all. I suggest Mr. Trump be very very careful till then (at which point he just be very careful ; )

  39. Bullying again from the Left. Global control!!! No doubt Donald will have something to say on the matter. Go get them!!!

  40. “What was once unthinkable has become unstoppable,”
    We also heard a decade ago that “The science is settled” and “The debate is over”
    Such absolutes and high confidence statements were also made by many sources from one side……..the same side, regarding the expected outcome of the presidential election in the US.
    The same side continues to use the same broken climate model projections, based on the same broken speculative theory. The same exaggerated descriptions of our current weather(which has been the best in the last 1,000 years for most life). The same twisting of facts on the beneficial gas, CO2 and the slight, mostly beneficial warming.
    So this side has been wrong when making statements on this issue most of the time. They do have powerful, global political support. This has been led by the US president, who was counting on this and Obama Care as being the cornerstones of his legacy.
    But the the future of this political realm in the US, was based entirely on the political assumption that our next president, Clinton would be on board.
    Trump is not on board. The American people that elected Trump to represent them have expectations, most of which, are preferences for political policies that are different than Obama’s, including this one.
    Half of the people that voted, did not vote for Trump and will never support anything that he does. Regardless of this, based on everything that we know about Trump tells us that he is never going to support the climate agreement.
    What does that mean to the agreement?
    Make your own guess but the support it was getting from the previous president, Obama, who was one of the biggest driving forces is going away……maybe entirely going away.
    Why would any clear/objective thinking person come to any other conclusion?

    • Half of the people that voted, did not vote for Trump and will never support anything that he does. Regardless of this, based on everything that we know about Trump tells us that he is never going to support the climate agreement.

      I think you underestimate Trump’s power of persuasion. You should read Scott Adams blog Scott Adams has other blog posts to that elucidate and cast things in a totally different light (a different movie to quote Adams).

  41. Too bad Ban doesn’t understand that this vote was a massive call to end the outside (global) governance of America that has been Obama’s dream for years. I’ll pick up arms against it.

  42. The UN has failed to live up to its core mandate. To keep the world peace. It has no business doing anything else.
    Just like the League of Nations before it, it’s time to tear up the UN Charter and start from scratch.

  43. Ban KI Moon,
    If you like the UN leadership role on “climate action” … you can keep the UN leadership role.
    If you like your climate programs … you can keep your climate programs.
    Obama (and his helpers) made a lot of promises that they never intended to keep. So keep in mind that the USA climate programs will soon be non-existent, but you can certainly keep ’em as long as you want to.

  44. Ban obviously has no clue about Trump, or the US for that matter. But, he needs to put on a brave face in order to keep the entire charade from unraveling.

  45. This statement is not a message to Trump at all.
    It is a message to all the deep left advocates in Climate Politics around the world. He’s attempting to gather them together into a forceful resistance to what ought to be coming next.

    • Yeah, it was not a message to Trump but the usual “gather around the symbol” us lefties. The thing that unites all of us overly-politically-correct lefties is climate change and saving mother Earth and the science is settled and you non-believers are all “anti-science”.
      This is getting so old. That is exactly what got Trump elected in the first place.
      And Banki Moony is also saying “Americans, burn every police car you can find” because I must protect my phony baloney job as leader of the world-wide leftist climate change is unstoppable police care burners, spending other people’s money on fake cr_p movement.

  46. There is one thing that tends to unite most of the country – foreigners telling us what we can and cannot do. Way to go Ban ki! Why don’t you just hold up a white flag next time?

  47. Isn’t it about time the US got out of that corrupt organization? Save the money. Rent out the palacial HQ bldg. to a useful organization. Like the Met opera.

  48. “Make your own guess but the support it was getting from the previous president, Obama, who was one of the biggest driving forces is going away……maybe entirely going away.”
    That was intended to mean, “maybe entirely going away from the US”

  49. Global Warming [GW]/Climate Change [CC] is driven by Mother Nature, NOT by humans.
    Money should be spent on ADAPTING to GW/CC and to REDUCING the SEVERITY of GW/CC.
    Mother Nature is MUCH, MUCH MORE POWERFUL than humans when she decides to be powerful; we need to find ways to be keep ourselves safe during her rages.
    If anyone has the foresight to creating a safe haven in a storm, please share what you have reasoned out and help those who will read your suggestions to do what they can to follow those steps.
    * where is the “safest” topographical location?
    * is the 3rd little pig’s house of brick or stone the best construction for shelter?
    * please suggest a list of tools to store in as safe a place as possible.
    * what is the best way to have access to water?
    * how should water be purified if it becomes contaminated?
    * how big, per person [p/p], should our veg garden be?
    * p/p, how many chickens, rabbits, goats, and other domestic animals should we have?
    * what provision should be made for clothing?
    * what else should be done to help one’s family survive?
    I hope that we won’t need to face this challenge but thank you for reading this and possibly taking the time to offer your point of view.

    • Unfortunately a lot of useful work towards creating safe havens in the past 40 years has been ruined by the GW/CC brigade. My expertise in climate responsive design was hijacked early. Then they made a mess of sustainability, so I started using the term resilience, but I think they have mucked that up now. As with everything else promoted by the GW/CCers, their advice will be wrong. Talk to engineers, long-term locals etc.
      Topography can be tricky. 5m above sea level might be ok in most places where there is low risk of seismic storm surge and the coastal topography is stable. Up-slopes and reentrant valleys (google it) adjacent to coastlines subject to cyclones and hurricanes can be risky. Also locations that are up-slope from dense vegetation that is protected by greenie rules. Eventually there will be a catastrophic fire.
      Around here the 3rd little pig’s house would need the bricks anchored down by timber or steel framing.
      Make sure there is enough secure under-cover space for larger animals. Smaller ones in the house. Root vegetables might be ok if you have the right soil. Expect the rest to be trashed.

  50. In fact, it is stupid to say that inaction would be disastrous for future generations and it would be dangerous for peace. Reality is « action would be disastrous for world’s citizen and very dangerous for economy and our money ».

  51. aahhhhh the UN and the greenies howl at the moon or maybe it is the moon howling at the wind in this case though they are blatantly ignoring “what one president does with a pen and a phone does not obligate the next president with a pen and a phone.” Fingers are crossed that the President Elect keeps to his posted plan of action and to his words, cut off all funding to the UN. Hopefully he will also kick the UN out of the US of A, a nation that kowtows to the un-elected UN bureaucrats is no sovereign nation and is not a nation at all but merely a state to be governed by the UN.

  52. The Europeans will go all out on their climate dwindle. The energy revolution driven by scarcity of oil, gas, and coal simply will not work economically unless China and the US follow suit. America has lots if all three natural resources and we plan to exploit them.
    Obama was a fool in this respect although bright enough to know that he reaped the rewards of cheap oil and gas. Simple economics will begger the economies of those that continue alone. That is known in Europe and that has them shaking in their boots.

    • I don’t think so… the Germans just put out their new climate action plan, increasing the level of renewable electricity by 2030

      • Griff–one of several things will amost certainly happen in Europe. First, the electric grid will do a South Australia, and go down. Second, Hollande and Merkel will lose their upcoming elections to someone not tied to the green blob.

  53. A curious thought. Through “eminent domain” could the USA takes back the UN building and lands?
    Eugene WR Gallun

  54. With the swipe of his pen and signature, President-Elect Trump can certainly undo the Paris Climate EXECUTIVE ORDER, signed by Obama that ILLEGALLY ratified this agreement with the rest of the world and under a fraudulent order from Obama that required approval by the Congress which he never got for a legal ratification.
    In addition, with the help of the Congress, he can cut off the billions of dollars being wasted on failed climate modeling along with a lot of the fraudulent and bogus research that includes the fraudulent manipulation of the climate record that is masking the true performance of these failed climate models that are being used to mislead the public about the effect of atmospheric CO2 on the climate to try and force these outrageous agreements, regulations and taxes upon the citizens and businesses of this country.
    He should do both in addition to prosecuting those in academia and government that have helped with the fraud involving manipulating US and global temperature data that being used to sustain and force this racket upon the taxpaying public.

  55. Arrogant, potentially terminal cluelessness at its most piquant. Not only does nearly everyone who would oppose ‘get the US out of the UN, and the UN out of the US’ loathe Trump already anyway, if he did so many presently ambivalent about him would become staunch supporters.

  56. Moon frets about CO2 which has no significant effect on climate but its increase is raising food production while he ignores the 800 lb gorilla which is the increasing water vapor (which counters planet cooling) and declining water tables (which has humanity heading for a ‘train wreck’).

  57. Unstoppable? How absurd. Any notion of binding international commitments died, frozen to death, in the snows of Copenhagen, 2009. It’s gone nowhere since. People forget too easily that Paris 2015 binds no one to nothing except platitudes and ‘targets’.
    Given that Moon’s last term ends this December, he’s as much a lame duck as the current POTUS. His statements now mean nothing.

  58. Of course, we could also just build a fifteen foot high wall around the UN with no openings. That would work also. And it would be cheaper.
    Eugene WR Gallun

  59. It’s going to be hard for BKM to enforce an agreement that wasn’t legally made in the first place. This pile of steaming … was never ratified or even presented as a treaty. It’s a personal agreement between Dear Leader Obama and a group of money grabbers. Let it all come out of Obama’s pocket. I hope President Trump flushes this thing down so deep that it never sees the light of day again.

      • There’s my state. Right in the middle. Not a blue spot on it.
        Home sweet Oklahoma on my mind…“- Leon Russell (R.I.P.)

      • Alan Robertson,
        First, my state is on the east coast and went mostly blue :<(, but at least not all blue. Second, Loved Leon Russell. Got to see him live twice.

    • In my home state of Oklahoma, not one county went blue. Even our two main urban centers (OKC and Tulsa) went for Trump. I couldn’t even tell you the last time a Democrat candidate for a federal office stumped here. And that’s all right with me.

  60. By the Human Rights United Nation should respect the will of the people of Unites States of America:
    “Article 21.
    (3) The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections … “.
    The constitution is by definition the will of the people and Trump has been elected by the people
    More than that, United Nations should strive to promote respect for the human rights.
    “Now, Therefore THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY proclaims THIS UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations, to the end that every individual and every organ of society, keeping this Declaration constantly in mind, shall strive by teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms and by progressive measures, national and international, to secure their universal and effective recognition and observance, both among the peoples of Member States themselves and among the peoples of territories under their jurisdiction.”
    Ban Ki-Moon and United Nations bureaucrats are Hypocrites!

    • The constitution is by definition the will of the people and Trump has been elected by the people.
      NO, Hillary Clinton has ONE million more votes from “the people” than the Donald.
      What he won was the Electoral College, NOT “the people”, but a group of the Washington elite, INSIDERS.
      The constitution needs to be updated; it was drawn up ~ 240 years ago in different times and under vastly different circumstances.

      • “The constitution needs to be updated”. So say the losers of the election. The EC is there for a reason.

      • The old, if you don’t like the result, change the rules till you get the result you want.
        Or, in the case of Brexit, we are against referendums but let’s have a second, third or fourth one until we get the result we want.

      • Johana,
        “The constitution needs to be updated…”
        Go ahead and try . . it can be Amended . . but not by a simple majority . .
        The founders surely realized that no one would even bother to campaign anywhere but in the highly populated areas if the election were determined by simple majority. They were very smart fellas, says I ; )

      • We all remember the dangling chad, in the Florida re-count. Do you really want to expand the re-count to every vote in the United States? Do we really want to have the election hinging on every vote in every town throughout the country? I don’t think we are ready for that, and the current system has many other advantages, to smaller states, that insure it will be around for the foreseeable future.

      • Direct democracy quickly degenerates into “mobocracy” without prudent mitigating institutions. The EC is one of those institutions, and arguably the most vital. The political left hates it because it’s expressly designed to counter the mobocracy tactics they’ve relied on for a hundred years. Just about every post-Civil War push to extend voting rights in the US was spearheaded by the left. They’re the ones who pushed for direct election of senators (one of the biggest mistakes in our history). They’re the ones who want extralegal resident aliens to receive amnesty and pseudo-citizenship. They’re the ones who play up the grievances and stoke the anger, justified or not, of minority groups. It’s not about fairness or compassion, as much as they would like you to think that. It’s about making it easier to rule by mob. They want to grow their mob at every opportunity, because in a mobocracy, the biggest mob wins.
        The Electoral College system makes it extremely difficult to form an effective national political party out of concentrated, isolated mobs. The Democrats got beat because they pandered to left-wing prejudice and trendy super-minorities in their urban enclaves, while alienating their traditional supporters in Main Street America. Some went to Trump, others to the third-party candidates. That ultimately made a difference in the key battleground states.
        Your party ignored and/or insulted the concerns of many Americans in 2016, and now you complain about an “undemocratic” election? The Electoral College preserves the true meaning of democracy far better that the crass Popular Vote you would prefer. Honestly, it should be called the Mob Vote.

      • Johana,

        NO, Hillary Clinton has ONE million more votes from “the people” than the Donald. What he won was the Electoral College, NOT “the people”, but a group of the Washington elite, INSIDERS

        Seriously?? Are you f*cking kidding me? You’re a m*r*n. Clinton was the quintessential Washington insider. Trump was elected explicitly because he WASN’T part of the Washington elite. And you really show your ignorance by pointing out that Clinton MAY HAVE ONE million more votes than Trump. But they came mostly from California and New York. In case you’re too dense to understand the brilliance of he Electoral College, it’s was specifically designed so that a national election is representative of the whole NATION, and not just a few densely populated liberal cities on the east and west coasts.

      • Johana November 15, 2016 at 4:40 pm
        “NO, Hillary Clinton has ONE million more votes from “the people” than the Donald.” You really don’t know how things work do you. In States that have huge leads for one candidate or another there is a point were they stop bothering to count the outstanding votes. For example if one candidate has a 100,000 vote lead and there are 65,000 thousand mail in ballots left to count game over. Even if all of them went to the other side it would nor be enough. Now if you checked you might find that some states had margins for Trump in the 80% bracket. Toss in the military vote which sometimes is not counted because it arrive days or weeks after the elections you could very easily see a change in the popular vote. This is one of the reasons why the Democrats posture over the popular vote but never really push the issue. They know the dirty little secret and want to keep it a secret. Oh and the Military vote when it is counted in close elects is overwhelmingly Republican.
        “The constitution needs to be updated; it was drawn up ~ 240 years ago in different times and under vastly different circumstances.”
        Sure go for it. But to change you have to have the approval of the States. Check up on what it takes to “Amended” the Constitution.
        “vastly different circumstances.” Nope this is precisely way they established it this way. It was to make sure a few large population states could not overwhelm the rest of the country. Because different states have different issues and concerns a candidate has to address and gain the support of the majority of them.
        Stop being a sore loser, your candidate appealed only to large population concentrations and not the rest of the country. You cannot govern that way.

      • The Electoral College is not a group of the Washington elite, nor it is insiders. And they do what the people tell them in casting their electoral college votes.
        The US elects its president on a state by state basis because that is how the US constitution wanted it. And it wanted it like that because the state was the basic entity of government, not a federal government.

      • Here are some other perspectives:
        “If the Hillary Clinton counties-won is the proxy for support of progressive climate change solutions, then 84% of state counties voted against her
        If the Hillary Clinton suburbs-won is the proxy for supporting Democrat proposed climate change solutions, then 75% voted against her.
        If the Hillary Clinton medium cities-won is the proxy for supporting left-liberal proposed climate change solutions, then 75% voted against her.
        If the Hillary Clinton small cities-won is the proxy for supporting Democrat proposed climate change solutions, then 85% voted against her.
        If the Hillary Clinton rural areas-won is the proxy for supporting Democrats’ ‘green’ proposed climate change solutions, then 90% voted against her”
        Skeptics Win! Trump/GOP Landslide Provides Firm Foundation for Empirical Science & Policies To Triumph

      • Sorry, those who have no clue on what the Constitution is, say that. The United STATES of America is a nation of states, not a nation state. As such, each state makes its own rules for electing its folks, and then they decide (the states) who is to lead the nation. Since the States like elections (having passed the 17th amendment where they took the selection of Senators away from State Legislatures), they allow the people to determine the Electors. However, there is no rule that says they have to allow them. There are no national elections in this country, and no provisions for any. Because it is a nation of states.

    • “NO, Hillary Clinton has ONE million more votes from “the people” than the Donald.”
      The latest estimate is that 3 million illegal aliens voted in the U.S. election, so that would mean Trump actually got 2 million more *American* votes than Clinton, and won the popular vote, as a result.

  61. Did you see the eyebrows on that guy? Bigger than a third-world dictator’s. And the red bird next to him are nearly as scary.

  62. Trump stated that he received an IRS audit every year, and had been audited for years.
    I suspect there will be no love lost between him and the IRS, but will the audits continue?

  63. It’s a good attempt at bluffing, but the U.N. known’s well enough it has no teeth, to say nothing of legitimacy.

  64. Telling Trump he “can’t” do something, that the decision is “ireversible”, would be a red flag to a plodder like me, let alone a man like Trump. I expect his response could be like that of my former Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, “Just watch me.”
    I hope so.

  65. Phil R commented: “…I don’t think we need a sustained government action aimed a debunking man-made climate change and countering the green propaganda….
    I think your answer is naive. Completely discrediting the AGW scam will be required before it’s put to bed and there’s way too much global elitist money invested this far to stop. They are willing to wait 4 years. They are willing to wait 8 years. With media control they can keep enough of AGW alive to wait as long as it takes. Marking the US as a maverick nation willing to endanger the rest of the world to make money will be their platform. Ignoring AGW will not make it go away.

  66. ““The United States, the largest economic power in the world, the second largest greenhouse gas emitter, must respect the commitments it has undertaken,” Hollande said to applause. The agreement was “irreversible”, he said.”
    If Hollandaise and the rest actually wanted that to be true for the US, they should have made sure 0bama submitted the Paris Agreement to the US Senate as a treaty, and then made sure the US Senate ratified it.

  67. Obviously he hasn’t paid close attention to Trump. I hope big pieces of the corrupt UN are put down and defunded.

  68. Bank I Moon didn’t get the memo . The Swamp Is About To Be Drained and he is in it .
    The voters that got Trump elected could care less what the UN thinks or how much money
    they want . If they have Countries stupid enough to send them money too bad because the USA
    is ditching the globalization con game of The Club Of Rome .
    Global warming is good, just ask the plants and trees . Mother Nature is not going to give up her 4.5 billion year day job for a bunch of UN Conference hacks .
    Donald Trump can expect many such phone calls as the air gets let out of the scary global warming con- game and they try to gang up on him .

  69. Mr. Bon Ki Moon has no army!
    New York City can “declare” itself a “Free City” but its defense, the life of its Mayor and the life of the State of New York Governor depend on U.S.A. Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy. The New York City Police and the State Police of New York are … No Army … to trust.
    When the critical moment arrives, the U.N. “General Secretary”, the Mayor of New York City and the Governor of the State of New York will … Stand Aside … and take a bullet … from the Firing Line.

  70. So why does nobody speak to why the UN is so upset? That Agenda 21 stuff is not conspiracy stuff, it is what they are pissed off about now. It may be cancelled in the short term by virtue of this election. The last 7+ years of administration in the US have made great progress towards its goals. Redistribution at it’s finest level.
    Have you actually read it?
    Do it! Then you will understand more so.
    Yep, it’s real and in your face folks. Just sayin…….

    • Agenda 21 stuff as you reference it IS a conspiracy theory and really you have been conned by it…
      Does it make any rational sense? Is there any evidence of it actually taking effect in the world?
      If you can critically evaluate climate data, then cast the same critical eye on the reality of ‘agenda 21’

      • LOL, I see you read the formal U.N. document linked in the formal U.N. website above. You must really like those blinders you are using. Too funny.

  71. France and the UN seem to think that Obama is some sort of King rather than an elected president. No treaty nor agreement has been presented to Congress or the Senate for approval. If Obama can say “yes” to the Paris agreement, then president Trump can say “No.”

  72. ossqss commented: “…That Agenda 21 stuff is not conspiracy stuff… Redistribution at it’s finest level….Have you actually read it?…”Yep, it’s real and in your face folks. Just sayin…….
    Very difficult reading in typical bureaucratic obfuscation. But yes, people need to read and understand Agenda 21 to see what’s going on in the world and why AGW is the basis of Agenda 21. It’s a map for the elite Socialists to control world government through the UN. Calling it a “conspiracy theory” is a way to deter inspection of its’ intent and demonize those that question it.

    • Agenda 21 as published by the UN is just aspirational boilerplate for making the world more sustainable.
      It is no more sinister or effective than the average company mission statement.
      to believe in it as some life destroying conspiracy is not rational… and conspiracy theory of that sort undermines any rational or science based approach to climate.
      there is no agenda 21 conspiracy.
      Reflect: in all the years since it came out, has any progress towards world domination under it been made? No!

  73. “…must respect the commitments it has undertaken,” Hollande said to applause. ”
    Well, one has to assess who made the commitments and who did not.
    Countries have governments for a reason. When the government has made no commitment, then neither has the country. Adulations for the Great Leader are definitely things of the past, and have been for a couple of centuries. It is called democracy. Get with the programme, I say.

  74. Someone should tell Mr. Moon that we are a sovereign nation and DO NOT bow down to foreign dictators, especially foreign dictators like him who want us to do something stupid. If I were president- elect Trump I’d do the exact opposite of what Moon tells us just to prove that we’re a free peoplle.

  75. It’s so hilarious watching the Globalist/Authoritarians/Leftists running amok trying to do damage control prior to Trump’s administration assuming office.
    Some of the laughable Memos/e-mails are flying around:
    Ki-Moon– Write some crazy letter saying climate action is unstoppable.
    Soros– Start riots around the country through MoveOn, Tides Foundation, ANSWER, BLM, etc. Try to orchestrate market collapse on Jan 21st.
    MSM–Write stories about how the electoral college is rigged. On the Soros stuff, don’t show any coverage of Trump supporters being beaten to a pulp, car burnings, flag burnings, vandalism, etc. Try to make it look peaceful grass roots. Continue with the “basket of deplorable” memes..
    NASA/NOAA– Destroy all documents regarding data tampering, (talk with Mills about how to do this)… DO NOT TALK TO HUMA! or all the data will end up on Weiner’s hard drive…
    EPA–Burn everything. Plead the 5th. Talk to Lois Lerner on this. DO NOT TALK TO HUMA!
    Kerry- Fly to Antarctica for photo-op, melting ice, unprecedented everything, blah, blah, you know the drill.
    Statists are seeing all their glorious plans being torn asunder…

    • you are correct. and isn’t it interesting that we do not hear about what was really in those WikiLeaks. Satanism, Ufology, ZeroPoint Energy, Murder, Pedophilia, to mention a few topics in the leaks.
      The people involved goes to the very tip of the Pyramid.
      Same people that created Global Warming Hoax. (The Round Table)
      We can only hope Trump Cleans out the Trash. But I fear that it will be a long and brutal war against the Neocon tools of the Morgans, Rockefellers, Rothschilds.

  76. The Moon would say this. What else can he say? The UN are committed to Marxist eco-globalisation. It has embarked on a trajectory that surrendered their primary purpose when they irretrievably shaped themselves into a Global-administration-in-waiting. They betray themselves at every turn.

  77. Undoubtedly many companies install renewables, energy savings and take sustainability measures due to cost savings, fixing costs and general commercial benefit, without regard to government subsidy.
    Ford saved millions of dollars switching to LED lighting in its plants, for example… Las Vegas conference centres put solar on their roofs, Walmart, google, Microsoft all have their own renewables…
    7 UK car plants have solar panels…
    Diageo has a world wide water saving programme, as does Pepsi
    worth remembering also that climate scepticism is not a universal viewpoint any many customers still want to buy products from responsible companies.

    • Yes Griff here;
      Supplies up to half the power needs for the factory. Is that nameplate capacity, or actual supply? It’s not clear, but they have 40,000 panels to maintain now.
      BTW Griff, that is the site of the old WW2 Spitfire factory, Honda test drive the odd car on what is left of the old runway. I can tell you with certainty, if the power fluctuates too much, and it will, they will disconnect. Honda is in the business of making cars and, when I worked there from 1994, one Honda Civic or Accord drove off the line every 2 minutes, for 2 shifts every day, 7 days a week except the 2 weeks the plant was shut. I used to watch from my workstation triple decker car transporters leaving the factory. Assuming there has been no change in production, how many cars is that since 1994? And the world was supposed to end in 2013, according to Gore, but we are still here! Now extrapolate that production across the other 6 plants.

      • And Jaguar get ‘only’ 7% of their electricity from solar too… the point is these factories have installed solar, for good commercial reasons…
        your point about disconnection makes no sense.

      • And when the sun don’t shine for a two shift production line. I am sure Sato San, if he is still there, won’t be too impressed when 50% of the power goes off.

    • The article does not mention suppliers. Honda assembles the car, makes the engines (I have seen the engine plant) and presses the body panels (I know this because Honda used to get panels from Rover, across the road, and rejected ~80% of them as not meeting Honda quality standards) so, in 1994, installed their own CNC pressing plant.
      So are Honda suppliers installed/installing solar?

    • Remove the subsidies, tax incentives, and LEED construction BS that the taxpayers are paying the bill for and this stuff doesn’t happen at all. Blinded by the plight. LOL

  78. My mate, Trumpy, reckons the UN is pretty well on the way out. The USA even owes them a billion dollars, so if my mate reckons he can save a few more quid by telling them to ffffff…fly away he might just do it. Re-distributing the wealth of others under the guise of climate change will not wash with my mate.

    • I had a lot of respect for him, but now, forgiving his condition, he seems to be jumping off of the deep end. Two of the three risks he mentions are very real, global warming, pale in comparison.

  79. On SBS news here in Australia, the event is being hyped out of all proportion, as usual. Poorer nations are praying they can get access to the climate fund, while the speaker from France claimed the US was the largest emitter of the planet destroying gas and was…wait for it…legally bound by law to implement policy to reduce emissions. I think they are all deluded.

    • They think if they repeat it enough it will come true. Trouble is that reality is reality. A is A (to quote Ayn Rand). It does not matter what the looters say. Trump is not one to be bullied, so I do not believe that their attempts will be met with much success.

  80. The Trump just loves being dictated to and being told what he cannot do. I’m sure he will comply… NOT. GK

  81. If Obama and his advisers realized they made a mistake they couldn’t admit they were wrong, so they would use Trump to do their work. Notice how Obama spoke to Trump about NATO but no big hullabaloo about climate change.
    DNC took Sanders out, then Obama let Comey take HRC out 6 days before the election. Obama is delighted to see Trump in, check out his body language in the WH.

  82. Canada’s Environmental Minister has gotten on the “unstoppable” bandwagon now. This is obviously a talking point that everyone at COP22 were told to repeat. They feel that if we all hear it enough, we will believe it.

  83. zee hunt for manbearpig vill not cease! Vee vill track manbearpig to dee ends of zee earth! Trump vill not stop zee manbearpig hunt!

  84. Boy these little tyrants are going to get a very rude surprise when 100% of non-ratified treaties are rendered null and void. What the rest of the tyrannical world does not understand is that Obama was not a dictator… he needed to get approval for any treaties from the Senate… and none has been given. So he could only agree to them until the next President upheld or got rid of them. Trump will abandon them all.

  85. If the warmers were serious, they would be pumping carbon retention through building of topsoil which has the additional benefits of retaining rainwater which could otherwise cause flooding and would reduce the amount of irrigation of crops and turf. (No birds killed in the construction and operation of this topsoil!)

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