Jetset John Kerry Vows to Fight Climate Change until the Very End


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

US Secretary of State John Kerry has vowed to fight climate change up to the very last day of his term of office – by flying to lots of photogenic climate hotspots, and demanding we ordinary people cut back on our profligate wasteful lifestyle choices.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday he will continue his efforts to implement the Paris Agreement on global warming until the day President Barack Obama leaves office on Jan. 20.

Speaking in New Zealand following a trip to Antarctica, Kerry said his administration would continue to do everything possible to meet its responsibility to future generations.

Kerry has long championed climate action but now his legacy is under threat. President-elect Donald Trump has called climate change a hoax and said he would “cancel” U.S. involvement in the landmark Paris deal.

“The evidence is mounting in ways that people in public life should not dare to avoid accepting as a mandate for action,” Kerry said.

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I don’t know how much Kerry will accomplish in his final days to promote climate change, but I sure envy his amazing taxpayer funded round the world travel itinerary.

232 thoughts on “Jetset John Kerry Vows to Fight Climate Change until the Very End

    • How many wars are going on in the Middle East and the Sec State is going to a Climate Change conference? I assume all the dead people are caused by Global Warming? This person negotiated the Iran agreement? Please give him a notepads and send him on a one way trip to Aleppo. He can discuss Democracy up close and personal.

      • Catastrophic climate change is the greatest danger facing the Democratic Party. Of course, Kerry will respond to that threat. On his horse, lance in hand, press corp nearby to record his might deeds.

      • Geoff,
        Priorities. When will they ever get then in order.
        Lets all go to a UN Sponsored Climate Conference in Marrakech, Morocco which has some of the harshest laws against Gay activity. Laws so strict that the Luvvy left would be protesting en masse, at Temper Tantrum Level 10, if they existed in any Western Democracy.
        Lets not go to Pakistan and advocate for Asia Bibi. This Christian woman suffers one of the most tragic travesties of the modern age. Due to a spat over drinking from a cup during a hot day, while doing field work alongside local Muslim workers, Asia got into a argument and was beaten and possibly molested. The Police got involved and the other field workers made a charge. Since this time in 2009 Asia has languished in jail and has had a verdict of guilty of blasphemy found and today remains in jail waiting for her next trial to see if the death penalty is to be enacted. This in 2016 and two years ago a group of local (150) imams sent a petition to the authorities demanding the death sentence be carried out and promising street protests if it were not or if Asia Bibi was pardoned and the Family allowed to emigrate.
        Priorities from this venal administration do not exist other than the permitted narrative.
        My apologies to USA citizens for being harsh, and passing comment as an outsider, about your current Administration but this Travesty against Asia Bibi is beyond outrageous.
        Wars in the Middle East, Russia setting itself up in Syria, China positioning itself in Africa, A so called ally passing Blasphemy death penalties on innocents but John Kerry will fight to the last to protect the world from the unproven, and most likely, miniscule effects of a trace gas essential to life!

    • “Just then they came in sight of thirty or forty windmills that rise from that plain. And no sooner did Don Quixote see them that he said to his squire, “Fortune is guiding our affairs better than we ourselves could have wished. Do you see over yonder, friend Sancho, thirty or forty hulking giants? I intend to do battle with them and slay them. With their spoils we shall begin to be rich for this is a righteous war and the removal of so foul a brood from off the face of the earth is a service God will bless.”
      “What giants?” asked Sancho Panza.
      “Those you see over there,” replied his master, “with their long arms. Some of them have arms well nigh two leagues in length.””

      • Then Quixote said, “my friend, we will stay here awhile and do nothing. They will burn without doing a thing”.

    • Yup, trying to burn as much kerosene as possible and ensure the 2016 is “the warmest year in recorded history”. That’ll prove it’s not hoax !!

      • Greg, there’s no scientific basis to the claim that CO2 is at all affecting the climate, first.
        Second, any natural warming period following the Little Ice Age will have repetitions of, “the warmest year in recorded history.”
        All of them will prove nothing, and none of them will prove anything, about CO2 and climate.
        That second point isn’t rocket science. It ought to be obvious to anyone.

    • People like Kerry are puppets to an agenda that dictates their life. They have no conscience, no moral ethic, no respect for anything but the next tidbit of gold.

    • I’m old enough to remember when war hero John Kerry testified before Congress about his exploits in Viet Nam. I seem to recall he got a medal for shooting his boat’s gun at a shoreline rock and getting nicked by the rock shards. I can’t recall just what was the reason that rock needed to be shot at. It certainly was a waste of ammunition.
      Well it ended up getting him a ticket home. Well I’m happy he made it home. Many others weren’t so fortunate.

  1. John Kerry married wealthy Teresa Heinz, heir to the Heinz foods fortune. I shall tolerate no negative words about this wonderful woman. Bless her, she makes my favorite ketchup.
    This power-couple is routinely referred to as “Cash and Kerry”. Only in America!

    • Last to cans of Heinz Chucky Chicken whatever I bought, didn’t have even the tiniest bit of chicken in them.
      Democrats = FALSE advertising !

    • Perhaps, it is Teresa who suggested John Kerry keeps rounding the world on his mission?
      Who wouldn’t suggest that to Kerry?
      Stay away. Stay far away…
      Has a catchy tune to it.

    • As I asked about Clinton and the Clinton Foundation – “Why does it have to be the end?”
      Is it only the most pressing issue of our time when there’s taxpayer money available to pontificate about it?
      Money (and/or wifey’s money) where your mouth is Lurch.

      • In HS advanced chem class we were challenged to find the most effective fermented solution for producing ethanol.
        The group that chose raisins and sugar solution achieved the highest productivity per gallon.
        The Chem teacher confiscated al experimental products; we all got A’s and I operated a small still in a bathroom for the next year. Firewater is insipid by comparison.

    • I think she doesn’t make anything. She had nothing to do with the Heinz 57; except inherit the wealth.
      I seem to recall that Mr. Heinz was the political opposite of Viet Nam veteran J Kerry.

    • Allan M.R. MacRae,
      The funny thing is, it’s not even her fortune. She married into it when she married . Senator H. John Heinz III (a republican).
      That’s the hugely funny hypocrisy about liberals. If someone works hard to get ahead and amasses a fortune, they’re considered greedy and intolerant. But it’s acceptable in liberal circles if you inherit or marry into a fortune without having to do a day’s worth of work in your life.

  2. Kerry’s legacy will always be headlined by the election thumping GW Bush gave him in ’04.
    He and Algore have that in common, in addition to being Climate Liars.

  3. In the lame stream media here in Australia, more protests at the election result. I thought Americans loved democracy. You have Michael Moore doing his “best” to subvert that. Hillary now blames the FBI for her loss. Seriously?!
    Anyway, slightly OT;
    More pie in the sky stuff.

    • She lost Because her use of an illegal personal server to personally control her official State Dept email communications, and the hosting on dozens of highly classified messages.
      The stench of her corruption will be laid bare when a Special Prosecutor returns unbiased justice back to the Dept of Justice. The additional effect of that will be public exposure of how bad the Obama-Lynch DOJ Coverup. They of course tried to cover-up Clinton crimes to save Obama’s legacy, so there was ample motive.
      Their hubris is believing they can get away with it will be their downfall. And they still could if Obama issues a boatload of preemptive pardons to his DOJ and the Clinton inner circle on his way out the door.

      • The most interesting theory I’ve seen on how Team Shillary lost is that they had a Big Fraud Bomb prepared, but didn’t intend to drop it unless they had to – although it would have readily done the job, it might be too obvious for comfort. Until very near the end they actually believed the election was easily in the bag and The Bomb was unnecessary. When reality finally overcame overconfidence / hubris, it was too late to deploy it.

    • I agree — the liberal elite is more intolerant of different opinions than any other group in America. Only in Entertainment, where sexual assault is a daily forgivable offense, can they criticize Trump for the exact same thing without any sense of irony.
      Hillary lost the election because she failed to address the needs of the middle class. Instead, she just expected them to vote for her because her sense of entitlement is somehow different than Trump’s sense of entitlement.
      The media and many in the liberal elite think the election was decided on ignorance. They are right — but the ignorance is theirs. The middle class made very rational decisions.

      • criticize Trump for the exact same thing…
        Not really…the one woman that accused Trump of rape….later said she made it up
        ….Clinton was accused of rape by a whole list of women
        Not the exact same thing

      • When I was referring to “the same thing”, I’m referring to sexual assault in entertainment — not Clinton. My point is that entertainment is rife with sexual assault that they tolerate because they are “Hollywood”, but they condemn Trump for the same thing.
        Sexual assault includes more categories than rape. The one rape claim against Trump was tenuous, but there are many other sexual assault claims.

    • Just to add — Michael Moore and others are Robespierre all over again. People should be free, but only in the direction that I say they should be free. If they vote differently than the way I say they should vote, then they are irrational and should be put out of their misery in favor of those who want ‘freedom’.
      Liberal Fascism at its very best.

    • Patrick,
      “In the lame stream media here in Australia, more protests at the election result.”
      I’m quite sure they are synthetic, though I’m not sure of all the reasons for synthesizing them . . One that seems clear to me is the pummeling that Globalism inc. has taken at the hands of the British and American people. The NWO gang need to demonize us more than ever, lest the rest of humanity catch the “rule by consent of the governed” disease . .

    • I wonder why nuclear fission experiments are still financed after many decades of failure. While the perfectly safe molten salt reactor was killed, although an experimental design was operated for five years at Oak Ridge some fifty years ago, with great success.

    • Patrick MJD: “more protests at the election result.”
      Explanation: “Cognitive Dissonance Cluster Bomb”
      “So how do you explain-away Trump’s election if you think you are smart and you think you are well-informed and you think Trump is OBVIOUSLY a monster? You solve for that incongruity by hallucinating – literally – that Trump supporters KNOW Trump is a monster and they PREFER the monster. In this hallucination, the KKK is not a nutty fringe group but rather a symbol of how all Trump supporters must feel.
      That’s why the protestors live in a movie in which they are fighting against a monster called Trump and you live in a movie where you got the president you wanted for the changes you prefer. Same planet, different realities.”

      • BFL,
        “Patrick MJD: “more protests at the election result.”
        Explanation: “Cognitive Dissonance Cluster Bomb” ”
        So, the idea is that people with cognitive dissonance spontaneously stumble out of the house to protest? I don’t dispute there’s much cognitive dissonance going on, but that does not explain the “protests”. I think Mr. Adams is being a man with a hammer , so to speak, and he’s settling for an explanation that does not explain, but rather coincides.

      • PS ~ I bet cognitive dissonance was going on in the Clinton supporters posing as Sanders supporters, who “protested” at the Trump rallies too . . but that doesn’t “explain” those protests, does it?

    • Dave Halliday November 13, 2016 at 4:03 pm

      Thorium does not go Ka-Boom!

      Molten salt reactors do not need Thorium, they can just cope with it (turn it into 233U, slowly). The point is not even that, but the solvent, which is absolutely inert chemically and has a very high boiling point. So the core can be operated at atmospheric pressure. That means it can’t blow up or catch fire, because there is neither pressure nor flammable stuff in it. On top of that it has a large negative temperature coefficient, that is, the higher the core temperature is, the lower the rate of fission in it. It is inherently safe, with no sophisticated regulation at all.
      You can’t make radiation damage to fuel, because it is dissolved in the molten salt. And once it is turned off, it does not need active cooling, so no Fukushima type accident can happen.
      But the best thing is you can recycle transuranics until they are completely gone, so the final waste only contains fission products with moderate halflife. That means you can extract a hundred times more energy from the same amount of fuel or leave a hundred times less waste behind for a given energy output. Which can never be mined for bomb stuff, because there is no any left in it. And average halflife of isotopes in waste is many orders of magnitude less than for our current Cold War Plutonium factories, so no long term buildup of waste is possible.
      We also have plenty of fuel, with as much recoverable energy in a ton of ordinary granite (the default stuff continents are made of) as we can get by burning fifty tons of coal.
      Therefore the technology is sustainable, with a negligible land use footprint compared to so called “renewables”. What’s not to like?

  4. The answer is simple Kerry, less people in your country equals less cities and therefore less warming. Why do you let people in?

    • Good point. All those refugees and illegal immigrants come from countries with much lower per capita carbon emissions. By letting them into the US (or any western country, looking at you Europe) their carbon footprints will increase exponentially. Sending them back to their countries of origin would go a long way to maintaining carbon emissions as low as possible.

  5. I hereby promise to never make,in my lifetime,any more pollution than the current president of the USA has in the 8 years he has been in office.
    There is an oath that should satisfy Kerry.
    Unless of course he is a complete hypocrite.

  6. How is it that reporters do not call him out for NEVER doing his actual job? If Kerry actually spent time working to improve relationships with other governments – oh wait. I was going to type that we would probably be better off as a country, but that would be almost as big of a lie as AGW.
    Secretary of State. Of STATE. OF STATE!!!!! Is there no one in the media or public sphere who knows what the job is really supposed to be?
    Hint: it is not selling out the country to increase your personal slush fund, and it is not taking taxpayer-funded vacations to various locales in order to vary the location from which you assert your personal superiority and command people to lower their living standards while you maintain (if not increase) your own extravagant lifestyle.

  7. John Freaking Kerry…. like his Senate soul mate Joe The Joker Biden is an affliction on our country that only time will heal. This jackhole is famous for being wrong on every big issue we have faced in the past 30 years.
    He was given the Secretary of State job because Obama really runs that himself along with a few close friends from Chicago. The only thing we will ever miss about this loser is kicking his can every few years.

  8. Glad he got exported from Australia, …someone else’s problem. We have enough greeny dills to worry about here who want to take us back to the dark ages before electricity made things easier. Poor things can’t help themselves (except to other peoples hard earned tax dollars)

  9. Last time I looked Naomi Klein’s travel itinerary was fully listed on her website but now the pages are entirely blank, at least on my browser.
    But that doesn’t mean Naomi has taken her own advice and limited her CO2 emissions.
    She very recently made the presumably Australian taxpayer paid-for 19,000 mile (30,000 km) round air trip from North America to Australia in order to appear on an ABC one hour television show to lecture the locals about their racism, climate guilt as well as local issues which she admitted she knew nothing about — making comments like “hmmm”.
    Most of the bien pensant audience seemed to lap it up.

      • The Clinton News Network has done nothing but whine with perpetual talking heads, trying to make out that they actually know something; since the first person had the gall to announce what was obvious several hours before, that Donald Trump had clinched the Electoral College majority.
        The unbiased news experts would not call States with less than a 5% clear ahead margin. These days that’s a land slide margin.
        It was only sheer luck that none of them had actually called it a win for Clinton, before the rot set in.

  10. “The evidence is mounting in ways that people in public life should not dare to avoid accepting as a mandate for action,” Kerry said.
    The evidence I see points in the direction of:
    Tuning of models to match observations
    “The practice of climate model tuning has seen an increasing level of attention because key model properties, such as climate sensitivity, have been shown to depend on frequently used tuning parameters.”
    Adjustment of observations to match expectations.
    “Nothing about climate science reeks more of confirmation bias, than the changes scientists make to their own data sets over time. They all show exactly the same pattern of monotonically cooling the past and warming the present, regardless of the instrumentation.”
    I would say that the evidence for poor workmanship within climate science is mounting in ways that the people in government should not dare to avoid accepting as a mandate for action.

  11. Isn’t the very end for Kerry come January? I am sure he can keep up his Baghdad Bob appearances till then. After that nobody will pay attention.

  12. I know that physiognomy is an utterly discredited pseudo-science…but am I the only one who thinks that Kerry actually looks as stupid as his actions and statements suggest?

  13. Kerry says, “The evidence is mounting in ways that people in public life should not dare to avoid accepting as a mandate for action”
    What evidence? What ways? That’s rather vague.

    • I think he’s right. As far as I can tell, Donald Trump has accepted the mounting evidence as his mandate for action. Kerry should do the same.
      People have been trying for decades to prove that anthropogenic CO2 emissions will cause catastrophic climate change. Instead, what we have found are more and more confounding factors which make CO2 less and less important. That’s the evidence that people in public life should use as their mandate for action.

    • Well , duh, it’s mounting in deep ocean. silly. THAT’S why you can’t see it ! That doesn’t mean it’s not there and it’s not “mounting”. There mountains of mounting evidence down there and it’s travesty that we can’t see it yet.

  14. I’ll write Kerry and suggest he fly to Eritrea with Al Gore, Leonardo dI Caprio and Emma Thompson, tour the Afar depression and have their photograph taken while they hold up thermometers and the sign: “12000 miles from Wall Drug”.

  15. Recently Kerry announced that refrigerators and air conditioners were more dangerous than ISIS.
    Did he ever dmonstrate his sincerity by turning off the air conditioning in his office, or removing refrigerators from the lunchroom, or traveling in non air conditioned cars?
    Did he do anything like that?

  16. First, look beyond the merely rich, to the super rich and the ultra rich. They have figurative and literal legions, countries even, of sycophants, lackeys and subjects, boot polishers and hangers- on, catering to their every whim. All of the recent political phenomena and many social ills, including the entire climate kerfluffle, can be traced to those in the stratospheric social strata and to their desires to not only fit in with their peers, but to outdo them. Above all and universal within the private- jet set, is the goal of increasing not only the insulation thickness between them and us, but also reinforcement and duplication the signal paths to the control circuitry of the system entire.
    It’s easy to see where John Kerry so obviously fits into the scheme of things.

  17. Mr. Trump has said he wants to run the government more efficiently and less expensively. How much will he save by simply letting Kerry’s endless travel actually end? I know it’s pointless to ask Kerry for reimbursement. (All this travel is paid for by us, the taxpayers.) I also cannot forget Kerry’s treasonous lies about our military men in Vietnam.

    • ” I also cannot forget Kerry’s treasonous lies about our military men in Vietnam.”
      Yeah, we never want to forget that. That’s one reason John Kerry lost the presidency, so his lies had personal consequences for him, and that’s a good thing.

      • If I remember correctly not a single accusation of war crimes he made in ‘Winter Soldier’ was ever confirmed.
        Ya know, I hate the way the left always corrupts concepts. George Washington’s small Army that attacked Trenton there by saving the Revolution were winter soldiers. When Knox dragged that artillery from NY to Boston to end the British occupation there, they were winter soldiers. During the winter of 44-45 the defenders of Bastogne were winter soldiers. In more recent times right up to today it is a matter of pride to have gone through Ranger School during the winter. So much so that we who did so had our tabs sewn on with white thread. John Kerry “Winter Soldier” indeed.

    • Thank you. The most distressing thing about his lies is that we had to make decisions that balanced the risk to civilians against the risk to our troops. Some of our people died because of our efforts to protect civilians. Kerry spit on their graves.

    • Kerry served his Country in Vietnam and was even arrested for for a march to honour captures US Troops. I think you need to catch up on the truth.
      As a senior politician he’s hopeless!

  18. If Trump has his way Kerry will be unable to work as a lobbyist for at least 5 years.
    It would appear he will be independently funded to carry on the Climate Wars.
    Although it has been moot to discuss the Obama legacy, it would be worthwhile discussing Kerry’s and Hillary’s.
    Between them they presided over a retreat by US power and prestige marked by Crimea, Ukraine, Iraq
    West Bank and Israel,latterly failures in Afghanistan and, of course, Syria.
    The US deceit which riled the Russians over Libya was the turning point that allowed the Russians to take the moral high ground over Syria, leading to the mass killing going on now.
    They just laugh at the UN and US blandishments.
    There was a time when the superpower was represented by those of intellect and competence, not climate warriors and those who would not protect, about to be born, children.
    Kissinger had the measure of the Soviets.
    ‘To expect the Soviet leaders to restrain themselves from exploiting circumstances they conceive to be favorable is to misread history.
    To foreclose Soviet opportunities is thus the essence of the West’s responsibility.
    It is up to us to define the limits of Soviet aims.’
    Then there is China and the South China Sea, a Chinese lake with frightened Asian countries about.
    Again Kissinger
    ‘The Soviet practice, confident of the flow of history, is to promote the attrition of adversaries by gradual increments, not to stake everything on a single throw of the dice.’*
    Hilary and Kerry used this technique in the Climate Wars, as they uniquely perceived that ‘deniesr’ were on the wrong side of history and that their will and legislative attrition would wear them down, despite the invalidation of the Models underpinning the CO2 catastrophic hypothesis.
    By doing so, and burning up so much energy, they lost sight of their primary obligation to keep the US, and so the World, safe from new tyrants.
    We are best rid of them.
    *Henry Kissinger
    White House Years 1979 pp 118, 119

    • lets not get that all fired up on behalf of Kissinger. One of the icons of the elitist idiocy. But I want to point out that in your entire diatribe you’ve neglected Iran

  19. pimf In next to last sentence,should read: duplication of
    Prescription for fitful sleep at darkest hour: go comment on a blog.
    Then, somebody’s bound to fall asleep.

  20. He’s just trying to clock up a good stock of air miles that he can use once he’s not getting free flights any more.

  21. Calling climate change a Chinese hoax lowers the tone of the debate. Trump should at the very least say that it is because the science behind CAGW is wrong and that is why he will be repealing the legislation, that way his officials could stimulate a debate with the initiative to put out factual information explaining why Obama was following the wrong advice.
    To close down the debate without a National discussion allows his opponents to call him a D**********

    • We tried to hold a debate, but the warmists shut it down, citing “the science is settled” and 97%. So we examined the evidence and established that there was no evidence to support the CAGW theory (and much evidence contradicting it). To call for a debate now that we have the power to implement a sensible decision smacks of a refusal to face facts & a delaying tactic besides.

      • No it not a delaying tactic, he needs reopen the mines at the same time as telling the Nation and World why Obama and others should never have closed them down. He needs to take hold of the agenda at the same time as forcing his opponents to explain their bad science and misplaced use of bad science, he must get them out of the closet and debating the facts as they are known not as they have been presented for the last two decades or more.

    • Donald Trump called climate change a Chinese hoax years ago in an off-handed tweet during a discussion about manufacturing. He said it was a joke, which completely plausible in context. He did not say it at any time during this election campaign.

      • The only problem with Trump’s comment then and now is he didn’t include the rest of the HOAXERS, (the UN, UK, France, Germany . . .).

    • I very much hope there is a National discussion. Before several congressional committees. Live on TV. With people like Judith Curry, Richard Lindzen, Steve McIntyre and a host of others called in to testify and explain the facts.

    • The climatocracy has always been too cowardly to debate. Heck, they are too cowardly to appear on screen or at a Congressional hearing at the same time as skeptics. Major media covers climate with the same integrity as they covered the recent election. Don’t debate, investigate them as a RICO violation. And dismantle by wrecking ball the corrupt network of interests that has sustained this social madness. Expose them all.

    • They want it both ways. After years of saying “the debate is over”, now they suddenly want a debate? Sorry, doesn’t work that way.

    • “To close down the debate without a National discussion allows his opponents to call him a D**********”
      Hang on to your hat! Trump’s is not shutting down the debate, he will be supercharging the debate. You can bet the climate alarmists are not going to go quietly and are going to have a lot to say, and there will be a lot of rebuttal also.
      Yeah, hang on to your hat.

    • No debate, please. A debate would be counterproductive. Too technical for the average joe. Much better for Trump to use the bully pulpit to educate in short, declarative sentences. CO2 is not a pollutant; no proof it has any effect on temperature, cutting emissions hurts the poor, Little Iceage, recovery therefrom, been much warmer in the past, seas much higher, . Even better a slick video heavy on emotional content. Do not give a national stage to the fraudsters.

  22. Kerry’s one of those people too dumb to know when they’re being scammed and then too embarrassed to admit that they’ve been scammed. Unless it’s actually willful ignorance in service of moral superiority posturing seeking ‘social license’ and / or they’re benefitting in some way (money, power, prestige, status, fame, respect, etc.) from the whole charade.
    And CAGW’s not a ‘hoax’, it’s a scam. Hoax could imply being just a harmless prank or jape. Giving trillions of taxpayer dollars (see: opportunity cost) to political cronies to solve a non- or near-non-existent “problem” is not on the same level of misdirection or deception of, say, Piltdown Mann.

  23. It continues to astonish me that these people think it’s a sign of humility and responsibility to assume not only that we have the power to stop theclimate from changing but that we should bankrupt and impoverish ourselves doing so.

  24. He no longer even appears sincere. He is, in retrospect, a cynical grand stander pathetically ineffective, untruthful and always on the wrong side of history.

  25. OT but just read an American mortgaged his farm for one million when Donald first announced he was going to run for president , the farmer bet the lot that Trump would win and with odds over 300 -1 he is one filthy rich happy Trump supporter .

  26. Having worked in IT Security at the National Science FOundation (and having been ‘in charge’ of ITSec for the data center @ the South Pole – yep there is one), I know how much it costs to fly to that area. It offends me a great deal that this clown (the only word I can politely use to describe him) chose to expend so much money, time, and resources, to have a 2 day grandstand on his way out. Not only that, but the number of people who can go to that location is limited. There are probably some worthwhile scientific endeavors that will go unfulfilled this year because their slots were taken by the outgoing SoS & his entourage.
    What a waste

  27. Am I the only one to notice that embedded in the report link is this nugget: “…John Kerry hell…”

  28. Future President Trump is neutering the AGW movement. Now the law of averages is going to kick back in with tornadoes and hurricanes. Weather history shows that eventually we will have an active tornado and hurricane year. You watch and see: when, not if, an active severe weather season occurs, it will be blamed on Trump cancelling all the climate change money, or used as a reason why Trump should not have taken away their 30 pieces of silver. And people like John Kerry, Al Gore, Barack Obama, and other uber-rich liberals will blame Trump for events that have occurred many times in the past.

  29. oh, give John Kerry a break. What else is he supposed to do? Nobody on either side in the middle east will talk to him anymore, since he played false with all of them. The Russians are sick of him and have no use for him, not after they successfully pulled Kerry’s pants down around his ankles with respect to the Syrian situation. China is sick of him and won’t talk to him anymore, and he’s NEVER tried to warm up Obama’s frosty relations with Great Britain.
    So, Antarctica is left as the place that will give him the “warmest” reception anywhere on this planet.

  30. Let him try. President Trump will simply undo whatever he and his cohorts hastily throw together. The Trump team are already working on work-arounds for whatever “deals” the Climatists come up with:
    “Alternatives were to send a letter withdrawing from a 1992 Convention that is the parent treaty of the Paris Agreement, voiding U.S. involvement in both in a year’s time, or to issue a presidential order simply deleting the U.S. signature from the Paris accord, he said.”

    • There is absolutely no legal binding to any of it. The Donald can end the US participation in those agreements the day he takes office with the stroke of his pen. End of story.

      • bobl
        While it would be a way to get a refutation of it by the legislature I really see no political advantage in submitting it to the Senate. The exact same people that would be critical of a Republican POTUS voiding the agreement would be equally critical of a Republican Senate for not ratifying it as a treaty and are part of the same group that have been refuted by Trumps election. Besides, to submit it to the Senate could be construed to concede that the president has an obligation to take such action with such a worthless POS. IMO it would be a complete waste of time when there are so many other issues so much more important to deal with. Nope IMO on this issue I think Trump just needs to do what most expect him to.

  31. Personally I can’t think of a better place for Kerry to spend his remaining time in office, or even the remainder of his life, than Antarctica. I don’t see what the beef is!

  32. I’m going to put on my hardhat and venture into dangerous territory, I look at the names of the 70 or so respondents thus far and can surmise that only few brave women spoke up against Kerry. The fact is that many women actually like Kerry, or at least will not openly go out of their way to despise him (because their friends would disapprove). For a goof like Kerry, who would definitely be actively shunned if fate made him a conservative like me,, anthropogenic catastrophic climate change … whether is right or wrong it doesn’t matter … is a SAFE SPACE. After seeing the yuuuuge crowds of weeping college-aged women following the presidential election, I got to wondering, if for some reason the chicks despised the climate change warriors … I dunno why maybe windmills and solar chopped up and fried all the cute parrots and pellicans … would you find the Kerrys, Al Gores, the Pachuris, the Decaprios etc anywhere near the issue? Absolutely not. There are more imminent and much bigger problems to be solved but those matters are not for these men, because the chicks yawn about those issues. You could probably argue it would be far better flying all over the world working on other environmental issues like preventing large meteor impacts but there is no viillainous capitalists riding the meteors for the left to hate and the chicks yawn about that issue anyways. I’m pretty sure all of man’s misguided actions and bad behaviors can somehow be traced back to too many chicks approving of and driving the bad behavior … and too few not disapproving (I’m done. … commence crounch creep slowly backwards holding on to hard hat with both hands)

    • I’ll try posting this again, this time with some asterisks:
      Kerry’s one of those people too dumb to know when they’re being sc*mmed and then too embarrassed to admit that they’ve been sc*mmed. Unless it’s actually willful ignorance in service of moral superiority posturing seeking ‘social license’ and / or they’re benefitting in some way (money, power, prestige, status, fame, respect, etc.) from the whole charade.
      And CAGW’s not a ‘hoax’, it’s a sc*m. Hoax could imply being just a harmless prank or jape. Giving trillions of taxpayer dollars (see: opportunity cost) to political cronies to solve a non- or near-non-existent “problem” is not on the same level of misdirection or deception of, say, Piltdown Mann.

    • Kerry has only 67 more days then the US Marshals will haul him off government property if he doesn’t go willingly.

  33. Wait, wait, wait,
    Poor John Kerry is one of the (really) Lost Generation!
    He was just a tyke during WW II
    and he must “save the world!”
    Of course, he was “deprived” of toys, doctors, food rationed, fuel rationed,
    …..starving children in Europe, China, etc, there were bad people, etc, etc,etc,
    But He Must Save The World!
    ……without getting his 4 year old self hurt
    just like Pelosi, Reed, Gov. Brown, Fieldsten, Boxer, Markey, etc
    ….and the well trained ego-centric Gen-X folk they taught in school!

  34. A perfect example of how politicians deal with scientific issues – the same way they deal with political issues – mislead the public by misstating the issues. The perennial photo-op – showing folks that he is “Doing something important.” We need to hang a sign around a penguin’s neck “What global warming?” and place the bird in the photo op.

  35. Wow massive earthquake in New Zealand 8 hours after this report. Kerry is in New Zealand on the shore north of the epicenter. Get off the beach Mr. Kerry stop following the water out the ocean is going to come back!!!

  36. What we need to do is bill these clowns for the last minute ’round the world’ trips on the taxpayer dime! Obama, Kerry and who else is out spending our tax dollars and laughing at us.

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  37. Having just watched Bernie Sanders on Meet the Nation I believe I know were the dems are heading: Climate change will be the center piece of a new “national movement” similar to Earth Day where by the paid for demonstrators create the illusion that there is a “mass movement” to retain and expand environmentalist goals. That is really what is behind Kerry promoting an otherwise done deal with respect to new administration policy. Nobody should think the battle over neo-malthusian assaults on science are in any regard over. We are going to need the assistance of the Climate denier level 7 and his minions more than ever!

  38. Just when the rats abandon the sinking ship will be telling. The first rats will have a chance at redemption and they know it. The last rats will remain in the bunker talking to themselves.

  39. Correction: Kerry vows to fight “catastrophic anthropogenic global warming”, “climate change”, or whatever other prophecy promises the greatest capital, social, and narcissistic return.

  40. Come election day – Where was John Kerry? He was in Antarctic. On the most important election in US recent history, Kerry is in Antarctic. What is going on in the Antarctic which requires such attention ie what’s up with that? GK

  41. I wonder if Kerry would support an effort to stop Global Warming by the U.S. (ideally the world) stopping its consumption of ketchup for a week…… It is, after all, an unnecessary luxury…

  42. If AGW is real, John Kerry did his best work in the battle over 20 years ago when he was Gore’s whip in the vote to defund U.S. nuclear power (IFR breeder programme). Non-CO₂ nuclear power was well and truly spiked by that. Republicans did not reactivate breeder reactors because they knew it needed cross-Party support to work.

  43. The evidence is mounting in ways that people in public life should not dare to avoid accepting as a mandate for action,” Kerry said.
    Yeah, sure it is mate. And after maybe 30 years we’re STILL waiting to actually see it. There’s nothing happening that we haven’t seen many times before. What an evidence-free scam this has been. Can’t wait to see Trump begin the prosecutions.

  44. Kerry is a very lucky man to leave public office wealthier than when he came in. Met his heiress wife through her first husband Republican Senator Heinz. His family had the condiment fortune. She’s the shrill self absorbed type but knows how to “make a pencil feel like a cigar” as “Churchill said of Wallace Simpson.
    As a Senator Kerry held hearings on US POW/MIA possibly left behind in Vietnam. He asked Kissinger why he didn’t push the North Vietnamese harder on this issue during peace negotiations. Kissinger was stunned that Kerry of all people would ask yhis question of him. He replied “:this whole situation is Kafkaesque. Senator you are the reason we could not bring more pressure to bear. You and your friends were demanding that withdraw immediately no matter the cost:
    Kerry responded :Well I don’t want to re-hash the whole Vietnam war. Of course he didn’t
    But we did in 2004.

    • “Kerry responded :Well I don’t want to re-hash the whole Vietnam war. Of course he didn’t
      But we did in 2004”
      Yes, we did, didn’t we. John Kerry was exposed for the liar he really is. He lied and called his fellow Vietnam troops war criminals. He colluded with the North Vietnamese delegation in Paris while the war was still going on. I would call that action treason. Kerry is one of the reasons South Vietnam is not a free country today. Kerry is one of the reasons millions of innocent people were killed and displaced as a result of the collapse of South Vietnam. Kerry is a real winner.

    • Those of us living in New Zealand noticed it for sure. Where we are – 500 km from the epicenter – it felt like the whole house was on a large boat – a massive slow rocking and shaking back and forth with the house creaking and everything swaying back and forth. Lasted for about 3 or 4 minutes which is a long time for an earthquake. Hit just after midnight and woke up the whole damned country. Everyone had a sleepness night – many slept in cars on hills away from the coast because of the Tsunami warning.
      New Zealand is used to this kind of thing, but even by our standards this was a big one. They are now saying 7.5, possibly 7.8? That is massive. When they get that big they are hard to measure. It was very widespread and of unusually long duration. Some geologists are saying it was really two big quakes in different parts of the country; one in the North Island triggering an even bigger quake in the South a few seconds later. Whatever it was the whole place was rocking there for a while.
      We were fortunate this time that the epicenter wasn’t smack bang under the CBD of a large city. Not too much damage so far – a historic homestead that didn’t meet modern earthquake standards has collapsed and killed someone and another person died of a heart attack. However roads have been destroyed in the area around the epicenter and power and communication has been out in that area so it is possible there might be more. It has been followed by a series of big aftershocks – a bunch of 4’s and 5’s and three big 6’s – which were coming about every five or six minutes for a while.
      Hat tip to our host who, being Californian, no doubt also has an earthquake story to tell.

      • Four or five minutes is a long shake. I was in San Francisco for the last big one, and that only lasted for 15 seconds. I grew up in SF. My first memory of a large quake was in 1957. That scared the heck out of me. I was too afraid at the time to look under my bed to see if there was something under it.

      • I have been watching the daily quake map ever since 3/11 when Japan was rocked by that great quake. It looks to me like the most probable time to have one of the larger quakes is either around the Full or the New Moon. The next most likely time is during the mid moon either ascending or descending. Something of interest which I noted earlier this year was that the timing changed from at the Full/New Moon to the most likely point being 2 days prior to a Full/New Moon. I do not know why that would be, but that is what I have observed during this year.

      • There is a weak correlation with the frequency of big earthquakes and the moon, so it looks like it does have an influence in triggering the timing of events. But some pseudoscientific astrological types claim to be able to predict specific earthquakes in specific locations by using the moon and also invoking the ‘influence’ of planets. This has given the whole idea a very bad smell among geologists.

      • Here is another example of the claim I made above. Yesterday was the day prior to the mid moon descending, and there was a strong 6.4mag quake in Argentina. Today is the mid moon and Japan just got hit with a very strong 6.8mag quake, along with three aftershocks so far of around 5.0 magnitude. The next most likely time to have a strong quake will be between the 27th to the 29th of this month.
        The Japan quake hitting at Namie is way to close to Fukushima. Fukushima has hundreds of above ground tanks full of radioactive water. That is an ever present danger to the area.

  45. I will be SO happy when I don’t have to listen to the nonsense that pours out of the Obama administration on so many topics. This being one of the worst. Kerry is a flake… doubt his phone is boiling hot from calls from Al Gore and other rent seekers.

  46. “by flying to lots of photogenic climate hotspots, and demanding we ordinary people cut back on our profligate wasteful lifestyle choices.” What he is doing is demonstrating profligate wastefull lefestyle choices that he himself is making. He should instead practice what he preaches and stay in Wshington and clear out his office and make it ready for the next secretary of state. All he is doing is wasting fossil fuel and the tax payer’s money. The reality is that the climate change we are experiencing is caused by the sun and the oceans over which Mankind has no control There is no real evidence that CO2 has any effect on climate and plenty of scientific reasoning to support the idea that the the climate sensivity of CO2 is really zero.

  47. Just wondering how you Americans feel about Kerry’s very kind offer to solve Australia’s refugee problem by accepting the refugees held in Australian detention centres into the US.

    • Why don’t you chaps just feed them Cane Toads, for Lunch and then send them on their way. No need for us to get involved.

  48. This is just another reminder of the global warming fighters’ hypocrisy. They talk the talk, but when it comes to walking the walk by buying electric cars, installing solar roof panels, utilizing public transit, renouncing air travel, lowering their home temperatures in winter and raising them in summer, etc.—that’s for other people.

  49. People like John Kerry are still delusional over dangerous man-made global warming. They continue to live in their mixed up world of make-believe. After January 20, 2017 they will all become irrelevant.

  50. About 70 more sleeps and Kerry can save the planet on his own time instead of flying around to climate conferences ruining the USA brand . The USA has absolutely wasted two key positions on pay to play and the great global warming swindle .
    Trump needs to stop the appointment of such politicians on such important assignments .
    $$ billions of tax payer debt has been wasted on propping up the grant dependant donors of the
    Democrats .
    Drain The Swamp and stop the gravy train to lobbyists and high risk business pals of Democrats .
    Trump will save hundreds of $$ billions with his no tolerance for the complete BS wasted spending of USA government .

  51. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday he will continue his efforts to implement the Paris Agreement on global warming until the day President Barack Obama leaves office on Jan. 20.”
    I’ll bet it works too. The world won’t warm an iota between now and Jan 20th. Good for you, John. You can go home now.

    • I’m all in favor of Johny continuing to implement the Paris agreement. He can use all that Heinz money to do it.

  52. It’s comforting to know that when Kerry’s uber junket to Antarctica over he will return to a Washington DC that has no use for him.

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