Gore Offers To Work With Trump On Climate

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

Man, there is just no end to Gore’s hubris. From his website, which I’ll pass on linking to for obvious reasons …

Last night President-elect Trump said he wanted to be a president for all Americans. In that spirit, I hope that he will work with the overwhelming majority of us who believe that the climate crisis is the greatest threat we face as a nation.

I wish him well in these efforts and intend to do everything I can to work with him and his administration to ensure that our nation remains a leader in the global effort to meet this challenge. Moreover, there is reason to believe that it is not naive or Pollyannaish to hope for more than what we fear.


Despite his generous offer, I don’t think the White House will be calling him soon …




281 thoughts on “Gore Offers To Work With Trump On Climate

    • Yes, the climate was conforming splendidly until we started using fossil fuels! Now, we have TE-PAOCC! (The Ever-Present Absence of Climate Conformity).

    • Too funny….all of their scams are unraveling….and now they want to “reach across the aisle”
      …if they had won..they would be shoving it down our throats

    • Makes me think of a couple of Obama quotes in 2008,
      like “The Republicans can ride the bus but they will have to sit in the back”, and “I won”.
      Wonder if they are happy with “A pen and a Phone”, E.O.’s, and bypassing congress now?

    • No, it’s not a joke. These pricks just can’t help lying, it’s a pathological condition.

      I hope that he will work with the overwhelming majority of us who believe that the climate crisis is the greatest threat we face as a nation.

      Hey bud, the “overwhelming majority ” just voted for a candidate who said he’s sick of hearing about this BS. Which part of that message are you having trouble understanding.
      Like Mickey Mann said : it’s “game over”.

      • Greg, i think you’ve nailed it… i think that it was the never ending sickness of these scoundrels that has propelled trump into the whitehouse in the first place. People are tired of this kind of crap so they voted the scoundrels out. NOW (and this is important here…), they are going to kick and scream for the next four years to the point where the electorate will again get so sick of them that they vote the scoundrels back IN! i think that this happened in no small part in ’08 after years and years of sliming bush. People tired of the nonsense and said in effect “give the babies what they want ’cause we’re tired of listening to them scream”. The electorate is fickle. And it doesn’t take much to manipulate them. (especially these days when demographics are stacked as such to make the slightest political winds blow the whole republican house of cards down) This should be an interesting cycle to watch. Trump’s an unique fellow. If there’s anybody out there that can confound those scoundrels (like gore), it whould have to be trump…

      • Greg, it is not the vote but all the polls that show the overwhelming majority of us worldwide don’t give a ratsass about climate change.
        Hang on, perhaps it is us not understanding that he means the leftish elite overwhelmingly believe in it not us inconsequential little people. Shame on us for thinking above our station.

      • In two years, 25 Democrat senators are up for re-election.
        Things will have turned around very dramatically by then, and the Rs will have a whole bunch more seats in the senate and house.

      • @Gerry, England…I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. I recall reading once a History of the hundred years war where the author quoted from contemporary sources reporting on one battle or another resulting in the loss of 80 “men of substance” and the actual casualty toll numbering in thousands. That’s sort of the way our elitists think about the “green war”

  1. Wait!! DiCaprio will be insinuating himself into the proceedings in the next few hours.
    They know best, of course, and represent the majority of Americans, of course.

  2. Michael-the-Mannipulator will be next-up offering his services!
    These guys are now *desperate*!
    What schadenfreude sublime!!!

    • They are both are desperate.
      Gore to protect his profitable ShamWow Go Green Investments and Carbon Tax Trading.
      Mann to protect his freeloading ride on government gravy train.

      • I wonder if Lenny de Goat will be offering his services for the film story of Trump’s presidential victory?

      • Having endured several of Leonardo DiCrapio’s performances I can understand his position on environmental matters, he has definite similitude with trees.

      • Horace J
        Apologies, as I am a little off the pace with Sanctimonious Pseuds of our house of planets.
        I know Mann. Of course. Of blooming course.
        There appear to be rather a lot of SPs, especially this week . . . .
        My good lady indicates that the Leo you reference may be an actor, practised, and likely very competent, at speaking other people’s words – just as if he understands them.
        Please, if I have goofed here [and I have goofed before in public], do correct me – thanks in ADVANCE for your guidance.
        Ohhh – you all know I am – and half a billion others, including many (very many) commenters here, are – a co-Nobel Laureate, being then [although not for very much longer!!!] a citizen-prisoner of the EU, when the EU won a Nobel prize for – IIRC – drawing a straight line.
        Or was it showering nearly every day for a week?
        Putting half of Club Med out of work?
        Doubtless something very worthy.
        Next year Queen Elizabeth II and Mrs May [PM] may well welcome Madame La Presidente Marine Le Pen of our neighbour and co-half-decent defence-budget country, France.
        PS – Angela M. [per German privacy laws] – please do look at my previous sentence, please.

  3. I’m no expert in the Carbon-credits scam, but I sincerely hope the egregious, self-serving Gore gets his come-uppance from it’s collapse.

  4. >>Gore Offers To Work With Trump On Climate
    Nice of him to offer, but I’m not holding my breath. The last time Gore did any “work” in his life it was for Big Tobacco.

  5. Perhaps dear Al could stand in as a tide gauge to alert us to the rapidly rising seas. I know some will be disappointed with the less than dramatic outcome of damp socks only but I don’t wish him any harm, just an education.

    • Damn, I thought you were going to concrete him in place so we could get accurate readings.

    • I think having big Al “stand in” as a tide gauge is a bad idea. The “Observer Effect”, which according to Wikipedia “refers to changes that the act of observation will make on a phenomenon being observed”, will definitely come into play. When big Al wades into the ocean, his presence will affect tide measurements.

    • That idea has already been done. The british sculptor Antony Gormley has placed full size naked statues of himself on a beach near Liverpool . When the tide comes in , only the heads are visible I believe .
      It is either an exercise in self aggrandisement or a test of global warming. I do not know if the taxpayers of Liverpool paid for the installation but if they did they must have got the money back by now because it quite a tourist attraction.

      • The Gormley statues are on Crosby Beach. As Crosby Beach is in the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton, not Liverpool, I don’t see why the good citizens of Liverpool should have paid towards their installation but knowing the generosity of Liverpudlians you never know.

      • If we’re lucky, while he’s in Antarctica, ManBearPig (the original, aka Al Gore, not our ironic WUWT ManBearPig) will be dragged off by an amorous Yeti and live happily ever after in an ice cave, never to be heard from again.

  6. There is indeed a place for algore in monitoring the climate.
    He needs to go to Adak Alaska for a 2 year monitoring of the climate.
    at his own expense.

  7. “Pollyannaish … ” Did he really say that? He is unreasonably or illogically pessimistic, not unreasonably or illogically optimistic. Or maybe he’s optimistic that further ill-gotten gains will come his way …
    Let’s hope if a meeting takes place someone with a camera catches the body language.

    • Martin Clark November 11, 2016 at 6:57 pm

      “Pollyannaish … ” Did he really say that?

      I found that whole statement most peculiar, viz:

      Moreover, there is reason to believe that it is not naive or Pollyannaish to hope for more than what we fear.

      So it’s reasonable to “hope for more than what we fear”? Say what?
      So if I fear I might lose my job, it’s reasonable to hope I might not get canned? Set the bar low much? If I understand that the way it’s written, it’s as dumb as a bag of ball bearings.

  8. Is Gore still around?
    Just think, he almost became president. We escaped another disaster back then, like the one we just escaped last tuesday.

  9. Maybe Gore would be willing to put his convictions against Myron Ebell in a public forum. If Al can get past Myron with any vestige of credibility, maybe Don would be willing to talk to him.

      • See definition 2.
        noun: conviction; plural noun: convictions
        1. a formal declaration that someone is guilty of a criminal offense, made by the verdict of a jury or the decision of a judge in a court of law. “she had a previous conviction for a similar offense”
        synonyms: declaration of guilt, sentence, judgment “his conviction for murder”
        antonyms: acquittal
        2. a firmly held belief or opinion. “his conviction that the death was no accident”
        synonyms: belief, opinion, view, thought, persuasion, idea, position, stance, article of faith
        “his political convictions”

    • I suspect Mr. Ebell going to be too busy running Al Gore’s climate legacy through the cross-cut shredder.

    • Hillary actually won the popular vote
      hillary won 20 states, trump won 30, in the United States of America.
      in many respects the founding fathers got this right, because it prevents one or two big states like California and New York from imposing their choice on the rest of the country. to win the presidency a candidate must appeal broadly across the states.

      • furthermore for consideration,
        the electoral college rules dictates who candidates run their campaigns and who they spend their message time on.
        if the constitution spelled out a popular vote winner take-all, the candidate’s campaign strategy both bith parties would wildly different.
        So given the system and rules as they are (not what the Liberals wish they were ex post facto), the plurality vote argument is meaningless.

      • “how” candidates run the campaign, not “who”. It’s been a long week. A good week. Hallelujah! Semper Fi! HooYaaahh!

      • The problem with regional tallies is that they may completely suppress the voice of a party which has uniform support over all regions. It promotes the success of parties which have just over 50% of the vote in more than 50% of the regions, but it also works against parties with 100% of the vote in less than 50% of the regions. Thus it gives rise to nonsensical outcomes where a minority party may be granted power.
        We have that situation in the UK where UKIP have almost no parliamentary representation owing to the evenly distributed nature of their support across regions. If it was based on national voting they would be the main opposition party.

      • “hillary won 20 states, trump won 30, in the United States of America.”
        It’s always good when things are put in proper perspective.

    • Mainly in two states (one on east coast and one on west coast). That was the purpose of the electoral college in the first place.

      • Yeah, and you have to wonder how many voters on the Left Coast were illegal aliens. I would bet that’s a large number. Maybe more than 588,000.

      • There are 100,000 voting precincts across the US.
        In some, there was likely only a few illegal votes, but in others, we can be quite certain the number was very high.
        Do the math.
        The fix was in, and that is why the losing side was so confident.
        They just misunderestimated the amount they would lose by.
        The rules are the rules…and they are what they are for very good reasons, not the least of which is we are a country of 50 individual states.
        As has been pointed out, if the rules were different, the game would have been played differently.
        We do not score football games by how many yards a team got in the game, or baseball by how many hits a team had.
        Both sides strategized and organized their campaigns according to the rules of the contest…saying Hillary would have won is pure sophistry…a fake, untrue, and completely invalid argument.

      • Clinton’s problem is that the states where the Democrats can most easily commit electoral fraud were the ones where she was going to win anyway.

    • I don’t get this popular vote thing. If popular vote counted for anything at all, clearly Republican electoral resources could and would have been allocated as necessary to maximize those numbers. Obviously the campaign requires resources be directed towards the Electoral College numbers. Needlessly bolstering popular vote totals would be a wasteful exercise in irrelevant egotism. IMHO, of course.

      • Trump did make a few campaign stops in California, and even claimed he might win California. He said that about New York, too. Neither happened, but I would bet he got more votes than Romney did in those places.

      • So then the question becomes, do you return to California yet again for the certainty that doing so would increase your popular vote given the enormous population base, or instead take that day to campaign where the likelihood is that your efforts would be rewarded with an increase in collegiate total at the expense of popular vote? Which contest is he supposed to be fighting here?

      • @Arbeegee… I think Trump went to California to help out with some of the Congressional campaigns there. “Riding his coattails” as they say, to their possible victories.

      • @Dahlquist. Don’t disagree at all. But taking that further, the more he worked at those visits, the more his popular vote would rise. He could easily have made a decision to continue such visits and raise his popular vote, but given that being first with the popular vote is not relevant to election night success, why would anyone want to do that? If popular vote mattered, I’m sure he would have changed his tactics to accomplish that. I’m not sure how else to express that point.

    • Hillary actually won the popular vote

      From where I’m sitting, and with what I have read, Hillary also won the unpopular vote.

      • Yes. He won by not only more than the margin of error, but by more than the margin of fraud.
        And that ‘s killing the ‘Rats.

    • George Soros is paying for demonstrations against Trump Presidency.
      George Soros is the multi billionaire hedge fund owner.
      Hedge funds only make money when the economy is forced into crisis mode.
      He became famous 20 years ago by driving the British Pound into devaluation.

  10. why is it that folks like Gore and DiCaprio, with huge carbon footprints, jet around the world telling the rest of us to cut our carbon footprint? It reminds me of the glutton at the dinner table, that tells everyone to take a smaller piece of pie, so they can take a bigger piece. and of course the glutton will have lots of reasons why you should do what they say – take less to save the starving, the poor, the children, your waistline – but it all comes down to you taking less so they can take more.
    personally I pledge to have a carbon footprint no larger than Gore or DiCaprio or Obama or the Pope. How can anyone be expected to do more than match the shining example of these great men. I should be in line for a at least a nobel prize or sainthood, if history is a guide.

    • Ferdberple:
      I am going to post this line in Facebook… with your permission.
      personally I pledge to have a carbon footprint no larger than Gore or DiCaprio or Obama or the Pope. How can anyone be expected to do more than match the shining example of these great men. I should be in line for a at least a nobel prize or sainthood, if history is a guide.

    • Yes, he actually said “… the overwhelming majority of us who believe that the climate crisis is the greatest threat we face as a nation.” Yet the last couple years, the Pew survey has shown that people put climate change pretty much at the bottom of the list of things that concern them. Also, there was the survey that asked people how much they would pay to fight climate change, and an “overwhelming majority” didn’t appear to be interested in parting with any of their cash for this noble cause. But, then, we shouldn’t set too much store by surveys, should we?

      • He’s in denial, the poor chap. The overwhelming majority just voted for a candidate who said he is tired of hearing this BS. It does not get much clearer than that.

      • Gore is like the crack dealer who gets hooked on his own product, then loses his mind.
        He’s told that lie so many times to others, he believes it himself despite the clear polling data otherwise. And everyone in his circle of friends and the elitist parties he attends thinks like he does, classic GroupThink.

      • What Big Al means is the over whelming majority of the people who matter. Actors, celebrities, Leftists and Californians.

    • The “us” Gore speaks of is the District of Columbia (where Hillary cornered more than 90% of the vote). Al doesn’t care about the states.

  11. The only person I vilify worse than Gore, is Leonardo Dicaprio and I am not sure why? Possibly one is serving himself, the other serving his ego, the only explanation I can think of.

    • DiCaprio is a True Believer. Gore is a True Believer, but he is a greedy True Believer. Of the two, I think Gore is the conniver. DiCaprio is just sadly misinformed and gullible.
      Those on the Left (not all) have a mental problem: Their minds are easily influenced by the most bizarre ideas. They are gullible, credulous, and particularly prone to believing Leftwing conspiracy theories.
      You tell one of them the Kock brothers are the focus of evil in the modern world, and they will truly believe the Kock brothers are the devil, no evidence of such needed, just the charge is enough for their minds. The concept is incorporated into their being from then on.
      Look at some of these supposedly sophisticated, intelligent tv reporters and commentators actually bursting out in tears on the air, and expressing grave fears about the future because Trump is the next president.
      They really are afraid. They have no reason to fear for the future of the country in Trump’s hands, but they don’t seem to understand that. They have let their fears carry them away from reality.
      The Left lives in Bizzarro World, while thinking they are living in the real world. Very many of them are completely divorced from reality. I guess that would qualify as being insane.

      • TA,, you mentioned :” Look at some of these supposedly sophisticated, intelligent tv reporters and commentators actually bursting out in tears on the air, and expressing grave fears about the future because Trump is the next president.
        I could not believe my eyes at the reactions of some of these ” Adults” it incredulous. Never in my mind would I have anticipated those scenarios. I almost felt sorry for them but then I just had to stop for a bout of deep belly laughter With actual tears in my eyes! It was priceless. The one thing though is that more than likely these tears are going to turn into vicious attacks on Trump for “The Hurt” he put on them.

  12. What an opportunity!
    Trump should not only invite him, but ask that he bring Bill Nye as well. Televise it. When they arrive, play the experiment that Nye set up for Gore’s TV special, followed by Anth_ny’s analysis of it showing it was a fake. When it is done, Trump can say WTF?! and could you please explain your deception to the cameras….
    Not that I belong in such company, but I’d be happy to come along and explain how it was that I knew it was faked based on the physics and was confident enough to offer a wager in regard to the results. Perhaps R. Gates might be invited also that I may remind him of his wager with me and his failure to make good.

  13. Gore probably refuses to acknowledge how low on the concern list climate change is. Or, as the swindler he is, he has to continue the scam until the end, taking advantage of every opportunity to wheedle his needs into the agenda. If CO2’s endangerment evaluation is reversed, all CO2 reduction efforts evaporate over night. We are done, he is toast.

  14. I hope that he will work with the overwhelming majority of us who believe that the climate crisis is the greatest threat we face as a nation.

    They accuse The Donald of being a liar.

  15. I think this should have been the “Funny Friday”.
    (Or maybe Trump should make Gore the head of the EPA. “The Gore Effect” should kill the CAGW scam once and for all!8-)

    • Dang, Ian, that’s an awesome find:

      algore m ( plural algori). (archaic) Intense cold; (archaic) cooling of the body (during illness)


      • algore m ( plural algori). (archaic) Intense cold;
        This could finally explain the Al Gore effect: how it always turns cold when appears at an AGW event.

  16. Gore – “I hope that he will work with the overwhelming majority …”
    News flash Gore you and your Global Warmers are in a Minority. Further Americans rated Global Warming “Dead Last” on list of concerns. Being you are already bloviating, you are dismissed.

  17. Trump had better say NO or he will start to undermine his standing with his supporters. Don’t mess about with any of these con merchants and fra-dsters or you will start to lose support.

  18. Well, thank goodness for one good laugh today! Gore giving advice to Trump?! Hahahahahaha! I trust President-elect Trump treats that offer with the contempt it deserves.

  19. A very generous offer Al Gore, but the inconvenient truth is, the only work you can expect is a hockey stick across the seat of your pants.

  20. Hubris personified. If anyone thinks the warmists are going to disappear quietly into the background you are naive. They have too much invested to go away without a major fight. Expect more MSM attacks and misinformation than ever. And remember, skeptics place a lot of importance on the new administration’s stated stand against the climate change scam but most people don’t and they’ll be counting on that when they flood the streets with eco demonstrators. The anarchy runs deep for the Dems.

  21. It really is worse than we thought!!!! But thank God for the Gore Effect! It’s the only antidote for perceived Climate Change…. errr Climate Disruption… errrr…. OKOKOK Global Warming. Anyway, the more Al “contributes” to a “warming solution”, the COLDER it gets!

  22. Mods,
    I made a comment that has disappeared. I suspect I used one of those “auto-bit-bin” words. (sc@m)

    • I’ll try again minus what I think made it disappear.
      Maybe Trump should put Gore in charge of the EPA. Then “Then Gore Effect” should end the CAGW hype once and for all.

  23. Here’s a rhyming Gore story.
    Pinwheels and Mirrors
    A long time ago (in the 80’s or so),
    Al Gore warned that warming would soon be alarming;
    “Our children won’t know what it’s like to see snow!
    Our atmosphere we must stop harming!”
    He’d studied, in college, on James Hansen’s knowledge.
    Then, over years of political careers,
    He pondered this notion: The atmosphere and oceans
    Are useful to raise public fears.
    He made presentations to all the world’s nations.
    His film (sci-fi trash) was a box office smash!
    Academy sensation! Oscars, nominations
    And copious currents of cash!
    Then unto him fell the Peace Prize, Nobel…
    Authority, on him was vested.
    (Debates he must quell, for he knows quite well:
    Models failed when reality tested.)
    So, grew the meme of anthropogenic extreme.
    While insiders profited highly,
    Those who objected were quickly subjected
    To ridicule (and regarded vilely).
    Pinwheels and mirrors now litter the lands…
    Power lines, mile after mile.
    On high plains, sea cliffs and desert sands
    Our vistas, they now beguile.
    But, collectors of government subsidies
    Find them a beautiful sight,
    Big mechanical menaces… begging a breeze
    Or a sunbeam to ‘make their cost right’.
    Decades upcoming threaten cold’s icy numbing-
    Nature’s cycles, in concert, are waning.
    The slowness to warm should have cancelled alarm,
    But Al never ceases campaigning:
    “We humans are bad, with our fossil fuel fad,
    It’s a fast-building carbon disaster!
    And now it’s two-fold! It’s causing the cold
    And the hotness to come so much faster!”
    Yet, while he’s pleading that all should be heeding
    His carbon reduction ambitions,
    He hopes you’re not seeing his own footprint being
    Hundreds of poor folks’ emissions.
    Let’s hope he’s thought out, while jetting about,
    The messages of his actions.
    By far they outweigh any words he might say,
    In the minds of the wiser factions.

  24. Al $$$ Gore said this thumper:
    “Last night President-elect Trump said he wanted to be a president for all Americans. In that spirit, I hope that he will work with the overwhelming majority of us who believe that the climate crisis is the greatest threat we face as a nation.”
    He lies once again since there are no evidence of a overwhelming majority o people that shares with his beliefs. He lies because he is in it for the money,which he got a lot of and to be relevant from his point of view in the political situation.
    He is scum.

  25. “I hope that he will work with the overwhelming majority of us who believe that the climate crisis is the greatest threat we face as a nation.”
    No, I think you’re all simply misinterpreting his intent. This is a desperate plea for help to be straightened out on the science. /s

  26. Leftist: politicians, crony crapitalists, grant-grubbing “scientists”. and NGOs are absolutely terrified the CAGW scam they’ve so meticulously concocted is imploding, along with their fame and fortunes…
    After decades of calling skeptics every vile name in the book, now they wish to be conciliatory.
    Not so much.
    Bad decisions, bad science and good election results have consequences.
    Leftists need to deal with it…

  27. “I hope that he will work with the overwhelming majority of us who believe that the climate crisis is the greatest threat we face as a nation.”
    Sure, Al. That’s why Hillary won by an “overwhelming majority”.
    The greatest threat our nation and The Constitution and Bill of Rights faced this election was if Hillary had won.

  28. Once Trump has been briefed by the experts in the Pentagon and the US Department of Defense on the real risk to national security from AGW watch him pack peddle on his promises. Trump is going to have one heck of a reality check over the next few months….

    • Martin Lott —
      You have won this month’s dumbest post award.
      O’Bummer, the Commander In Chief, wanted the armed forces to promote climate change. Good soldiers obey even bad orders. Even embarrassing orders. Believe me, Martin, Trump will get no briefing about the “real risk to national security from AGW”. The military knows AGW doesn’t exist.
      Eugene WR Gallun

    • Martin, what on earth is ” the real risk to national security from AGW” that you are so convinced of? From my POV, the real risk is the measures being taken to ‘combat’ it. Like forcing the USN to fuel its ships with bio-fuel. Will the tanks have to be carbon-neutral? AGW is a means to an end: the end being the emasculation of our forces.

    • Martin Lott commented : “… the real risk to national security from AGW ….”
      And what risk would that be?

      • Winter storm Gore with the power of half a “Hiroshima Bomb” might target Atlanta or Washington with a couple of flurries?

    • Obviously Martin has not had his reality check yet. There is no national security risk from CAGW, it was a scam to waste military budget on a something that makes no sense at all.

  29. A year ago i said that I thought that Al Gore could see the handwriting on the wall and was slowly going to distance himself from the climate war — sort of an old soldier just fading away — before the surrender and war crime trials.
    I was wrong. Al Gore feels so self-important that he thinks Trump will actually invite him to the White House and listen in awe to his bullshit. Whatever smarts Gore once had he has obviously lost. He seems the poster boy for self-destructive ego-mania.
    Thank you Willis for posting this.
    Eugene WR Gallun

    • Al Gore feels so self-important that he thinks Trump will actually invite him to the White House and listen in awe to his bullshit.

      I’d call that man Gore a slimy leech.

    • Gore was IMO just being sarcastic in response to a tempting “peg.” If one of us had done it in response to an invitation from Obama, say, we’d see this.

      • rogerknights —
        Gore was not being sarcastic — If he wasn’t serious then he was deliberately taunting Trump. It is stupid to call attention to yourself when the shit is about to hit the fan. His ego made him to it.
        Eugene WR Gallun

    • Just last spring AlGore granted an audience with a believer at WIRED – it’s an interview in which Al holds forth on his views of the future. Interesting to read in his own words…
      Wired:”So, looking toward the future, what do you think will happen to the climate conversation under the next administration?”
      Gore: “Whoever becomes president, whatever party controls the White House and Congress, the fact that renewable energy is now getting cheaper than fossil fuel energy will shape choices and policies. The difference would be how quickly the change will take place.”

  30. Al Gore is not a climate scientists but rather a salesman politician and con artist. The reality is that the climate change we have been experiencing is caused by the sun and the oceans over which Mankind has no control. There is no real evidence that CO2 has any effect on climate and plenty of scientific rational to support the idea that the climate sensitivity of CO2 is zero. For example, if CO2 really affected climate then the increase in CO2 over the past 30 years should have caused a measurable increase in the dry lapse rate in the troposphere but such has not happened. Fundamental to the AGW conjecture is a radiant greenhouse effect caused by gasses with LWIR absorption bands but there is no evidence of such an effect on Earth or on any planet in the solar system. There are many good reasons to be conserving on the use of fossil fuels but climate change is not one of them.

  31. Gore just seeks to rub up against the greatness he could never attain. Trump has what Gore sees as his job.

    • Al Gore would be perfect for cleaning the whiteboards at the new EPA, where said whiteboard will be worked overtime for the next few months. Think Org Charts.

  32. Oh this is rich. I can see Gore walk up to Trump trying to convince him about taking the position while Trump slowly tearing the IPCC and Climate Treaties to pieces and dissolving many agencies.

  33. My first reaction was, Bwahahahaha! And then, when I read:

    I hope that he will work with the overwhelming majority of us who believe that the climate crisis is the greatest threat we face as a nation.

    I wondered just how he was able to test that ‘majority’. I just trust and hope that Trump will not back-track on his AGW plans with Ebell as he seems to be doing with Obamacare.
    PS: Willis (if you’re reading) I have failed to find your wonderful essay on free trade which you wrote earlier this year(?). Any chance you can point me to it? TIA

    • Juncker is a moral ship-wreck of the Clinton-class – power, money, double-talk, foul-play, alcohol – and he is not an outsider in the circle of EU-“Leaders”.

  34. Gore is merely being disingenuous with his “offer”, which actually contains lies couched within lies, which is the typical Warmunist tactic. He used Trump’s words, and twisted them to his own ends. Nothing more than a ploy by a serial liar, ginormous hypocrite who has profited mightily from those lies, and a puffed-up, pompous ass.

  35. The set ‘all Americans’ includes Al gore and all those many, many scientists who accept the science of climate change, right?
    Or are Al and US science to be left out and not represented?

    • And many more scientists do not accept that there is a Catastrophic threat from climate change, because the climate has been changing for 4.5 billion years…

    • Hey Griff, Al and the others you reference should be represented in exactly the same way that Anthony and all the rest of us here have been “represented” for the last 8 years by Obama and his crowd.
      Your side made the rules, now live with them. “Elections have Consequences”, right? (hey, who said that again???)

    • You are merely repeating Gore’s disingenuousness. You and he both know that isn’t what he was talking about. Lying is endemic with you people.

    • We all in the West need, as a matter of fundamental urgency, to put measures in place so that it is impossible for science to get hijacked by politics ever again in the way it has over previous decades through the grotesque vector of voodoo climate pseudoscience.

    • Hey, is that you, eGrief, old bean?!
      How are you enjoying the prospect of The Donald imminently becoming the new POTUS and peeling back all the ruinable energy/global warming clap-trap..?

    • The set ‘all Americans’ includes Al gore and all those many, many scientists who accept the science of climate change, right?
      absolutely….and we won’t shove it down their throats as hard as they would have shoved it down ours if they won

    • Griff, you’re referring to that ridiculous “97% of all scientists …”, aren’t you. That nonsense has been do thoroughly debunked I’m surprised even one as indoctrinated as you still believe it.

    • Griff,
      Welcome to the new world order.
      Within a set are often found outliers, which may be excluded from the set with impunity. Slept through that Statistics class?

    • Griff! The Court Jester is baaaack! Yee-haa…. fun to be had!
      To quote you: “Or are Al and US science to be left out and not represented?”
      I sincerely hope so …. to the ***EXACT*** same degree the arguments of those of us who have, and have been — at *every* opportunity — derisively dismissed as cranks, retards, perverts, etc., by opinionated, uneducated, crowing, bigoted, unintelligent cheer-leaders like you, for challenging the ‘Received Wisdom’ (as if from God)
      Thank you, Griff, for making my day — yet again.

  36. Empty words coming from a straight up guy with no agenda,,, omfg politics, all the lying and deception, you couldn’t make it up,,,
    (Mods, you’re wrong about me) [how so? . . . mod]

  37. About 30yrs ago, Larry O’Connor, owner of the the general store at Bearbrook, Ontario informed me that a farmer neighbor of mine, the late, great Bill Hamburg, had won the Nobel Prize. He said they found him out standing in his field. And that was when they gave out real NPs. Al’s prize is several rungs below those awarded in the fine product Cracker Jack(TM).

    • Gary Pearse — Forgive my ignorance but who is Bill Hamburg? He doesn’t Google. — Eugene WR Gallun

  38. My son Doug just showed me a classic clip – Jonathan Pie on how “the left” caused the upset Trump victory

      • I enjoyed it as well, even if you left out all the profanity John Pie is actually dead on the mark. ( except for the Trump thing, I hope he’ll eat a bug on that one) No matter which way you look at it the point he made about discussing things on an adult basis and trying to come to mutual agreements is precisely where we need to go. Trump has always been a master negotiator, in that way he is exactly what Pie is asking for. Sorry Pie you actually got what you asked for.

  39. At risk of Godwinning the tread up, Gore is beginning to resemble Hitler in the bunker in 1945. He knows the allies are entering his fortress city but is still delusional enough to think some phantom army is going to come and save him.
    Either that or, like Hermann Göring, his galactic-sized ego fondly believes that even after all of his endless hideous war crimes he can simply do a deal with the allies because of who he is.
    Sadly for you Al my friend – ze var is over – heh heh heh.

  40. He clearly misspoke. What he meant to say is, “I hope that he will work with the overwhelming majority of us, that are out of touch with reality, whom believe that the climate crisis is the greatest threat we face as a nation.”

  41. And where is “The Environment” on the priority list of concerns to the average American voter? 13th. was it?

    • I’ve been conditioned to feel a sense of unease laughing at the discomfort of others. In this moment, and after this election I have finally been cured and have consequently enjoyed a long cathartic belly laugh at the expense of the Lefties, the Lefty Conversationalists and their tertiary institutions sucking on the teat of Leftist largesse with their safe spaces, the preoccupation with impoverishing the planet not saving it, George Soros and his henchmen and women, UN defined ‘climate change’, solar panels and windmills, the DEMS and their treasured, precious, delicate, victimized minorities, Holly Wood, which should be cut down and used as a renewable energy source at Drax since British power stations are handily burning wood from US forests – to meet renewables targets. It’s finally coming to a screeching halt. It’ll be utterly superb to see a scientific landscape populated by discussion founded in real science and genuine empirically based debate once again.

  42. The reason for the tears, the reason why they are afraid, the reason why they make nice is simple. They judge us by their standards.

    • “the reason for the tears, the reason why they are afraid, the reason why they make nice is simple. They judge us by their standards.”
      Yes, that *is* a brilliant comment. They think we are like they are. They are scared of themselves.
      We are not like they are. When was the last time you saw the Right out tearing up the streets of the United States? Answer: Never.
      The Left are the violent ones, as they are demonstrating daily now. Let’s hope all those confused people out there who don’t know which side to take, can see a little more clearly now.

  43. Al Gore deserves no such consideration after spending a decade overtly abusing any American who wasn’t on board with his self-centered groupthink. How many times over the years did we see Gore and other Democrats, and the media pile on people who aren’t part of their groupthink, telling everyone in the world our voices should be ignored because we weren’t part of their groupthink? Treat him the same way please.
    Gore’s present demand illustrates he’s a hypocrite and a narcissistic abuser, as he still wants and expects a different set of rules for himself than everyone else. Trump shouldn’t waste one second on Al Gore.
    President Trump should establish a platform where a real public debate on the climate can happen, fairly.
    That’s all we ever asked for before under Obama, and we were roundly and often told to piss off.
    Al Gore, I have nothing but utter contempt for you. After all your years of suppressing skeptics and having the stage all to yourselves, I think DJ Trump will put you at the very bottom of a very long list of people far more deserving than you. You are nothing but a self-selected self-interested propagandist for stupidity.
    Al Gore is going to learn the hard way like the rest of the warmists that it is sunspot activity after all…
    Trump’s first term is all solar minimum, with solar cooling (from low TSI) already underway.
    C/AGW is history.

  44. I think AlGore is needed at the North Pole to help the freezing with the Gore effect. It has been rather warm the last weeks (-10 instead of -20C).
    When he visited Antarctica in 2012 or so, it was colder than normal, so we heard very little of his trip.

  45. Not only do I not believe that weather is the greatest crisis humans face, I believe it is well-established that Mr. Gore is a liar.
    Kind of past the need to consider his hucksterism, as much money as it made him.
    Unfortunately we’ve reached the stage where people believe whatever tribal nonsense they’re given, and just ordinary debunking is expected to be a full-time job.

  46. The vertiginous sense of deja vu sometimes just overwhelms me. For those of you who were not around in 1980 when Reagan took office, the parallels are just mind-boggling.
    In this specific case, Reagan came in declaring that there was no oil shortage, and the 55 mph speed limit, the 69 deg thermostat settings, and all the other hairshirt regulations that had been instituted to combat it were a bunch of hooey.
    For this insult to the all-knowing, all-seeing class, he was widely derided and mercilessly mocked. The rest is history – 36 years later, we are swimming in an ocean of oil.

  47. Gore is absolutely the LAST guy who Trump should “work with” in regard to climate. On the contrary, perhaps the DOJ should be investigating Gore.

  48. The Swamp they talked about includes Gore . So he will see what inclusive means . Trump has real problems to address and other than charging the global warming industry for fraud.
    Gore knows any remaining influence he may have had is over .
    Having Gore campaign with Hillary was as stupid as the Deplorable attack on voters by Hillary . Bernie and others got it right .How could anyone screw this up so bad . Her $$billionaire backers should demand a refund .
    Trump will make mistakes but he will never sell out the USA interests . The arrogant Democrats
    choose to work for their billionaire donors instead of their blue collar base . Never ever underestimate your opponent . Trump didn’t win Hillary blew it .
    Good riddance . Let’s see now how much influence peddling business the Clinton Foundation does .
    The jig is up .

  49. Gore must have some kind of an angle here that will allow him to get more money and buy bigger jets.

  50. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Trump should give him a job. Make him spokes person to report on the Science of Climate change, as per actual scientists. He could be responsible for press releases to the media, and communicate the message ” Good news folks…”

  51. When Gore talks about “the overwhelming majority of us” it isn’t the American citizen he’s referring to. It’s that amorphous global citizen he is describing. Don’t get too far ahead of the cart folks, let’s see how this plays out. I hope most of this is rolled back, I just have a real fear of the thinking that permeates the entrenched appartchiki that comprise the civil service. This is just another battle in a long running war and they have the momentum and backing, even with a possibility of reason having a chance to stop this.

  52. Trump is big on loyalty unfortunately Gore backed the wrong pony after waiting to the last minute to see what her chances were .
    Trump needs to create a Lobbyist Response Department consisting of one person with a giant middle finger . Green lobbyist should be directed to Antarctica to be pre screened for six months .
    You have to admit Gore and the “renewable ” green washers made out pretty good selling the earth has a fever but sadly for them Trump , a guy the Democrats claimed was Hillarie’s best advertising , kicked their arrogant asses .
    Get in the Antarctica line Gore, the scary global warming shtick is over and the Washington swamp is now officially being drained . That’s what the people wanted and that is what is going to happen .
    The biggest scam in history is over despite some remaining chirping as the money machine stops .
    What ever happened to Gore and the little band of AG lobbyists ?

  53. Al is frightened to lose power and influence. If he can get in close enough fast enough, he might be able to get his manipulative hooks in and continue on as he did before. A couple of words for Al: Fat Chance.

  54. Not surprisingly there is little coming out of Marrakesh even in the MSM. I wonder if this will be their
    ” Last Supper” ? ( In their case visit to the through).

  55. asybot commented: “….Not surprisingly there is little coming out of Marrakesh even in the MSM. I wonder if this will be their ” Last Supper” ?…”
    I think a lot of people are overly optimistic on what to expect now. With Climate Change being last on the list of worries for Americans don’t expect a lot of effort being expended to address it. That being said….I think Ebell has a justifiable ax to grind and may be just what we asked for. But the AGW proponents have much to much invested to quit now. The real question is how much more are the elite supporters willing to bankroll with a diminished return? When you’re talking about world domination I bet it’s more than we know.

  56. The problem with talking to people who believe the atmosphere can warm the planet is they believe a cold fluid bath can warm a light warmed rock,
    immersed in a cold fluid bath.

    • It can. Supply a heat source to the rock. The rate at which heat dissipates from it will depend upon how much fluid is around it. With more fluid, the steady state temperature of the rock will increase.
      This is not the reason that the hypothesis of CO2 induced AGW fails.

  57. Can someone please remind the incoming administration that Al Gore could be appointed Ambassador to Norway.
    Here he will be among equals, at least until our election September 2017. There will also be the added benefit of having Al Gore here in Oslo as a daily reminder to the Nobel committee – a certain award was their hugest mistake ever.
    We may of course return him to the US after our next election, if the silent climate skeptic majority can turn things around. Or we may have him visit Spitzbergen to inspect the Polar Bears. Hopefully they might be sufficiently hungry by the time a visit can be arranged. As of now the Bears are numerous, happy and fat as pigs.

  58. Trump will work with sincere Americans, but self-enriching, factually discredited lunatics like Al Gore need not apply.

  59. The website MasterResource.org is calling for challenging private foundations to divert all global warming spending to health insurance for the vulnerable.

  60. Al Gore has to be joking!!!! Years ago, it was President Francois Mitterrand who let the cat out of the bag about the climate change agenda when he stated that a UN climate agreement would at last pave the way for one world government … i.e. the catalyst for the “new world order” socialist agenda overseen by the United Nations.
    Well, as Donald Trump liked to say in his campaigning… “Not gonna happen, folks… not gonna happen.”

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