Idiots: Green party blames #WorldSeries rain delay on 'global warming'

From the “say anything even though it makes us look like idiots” department.

Yes, there was a brief rain delay during Game 7 of the World Series … just long enough for the Green Party to blame global warming. Seriously, the science wizards behind the party’s Twitter account asserted that it “should” be snowing in Cleveland on November 3. It’s November, it’s Cleveland … it’s called science, people.

The tweet has since been deleted, but thankfully, the Internet never forgets:


Umm, I was watching that rainstorm last night, and made screencaps of the brief shower before and after it passed

I wrote on my Facebook account:

have a short window of opportunity for the 9th inning


“the storm is moving northeast it looks like we’ll be clear for Inning 10 of the World Series”


For the gazillionth time:



Plus that, in November 1908, the last time the Cubs won the World Series, it was 72 degrees in Cleveland:


h/t to Marc Morano at Climate Depot and Mell Csicsila

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  1. I’m willing to be that none of these fools have lived anywhere near Cleveland. I don’t know where to look for it (I used to be able to find this information on WeatherUnderground, but if it’s still there I can’t find it anymore.), but I’m willing to bet that The average date of first snowfall in Cleveland is right about now. Which just means, when the conditions are right you get snow. The rest of the time you get cold rain.

    • Blame the rain delay on the abysmally slow pace of the game, with all the reruns of first base outs and second base slides. They could have had the game finished hours before the rain started. And I saw a blimp dive bombing Cleveland after the rain but before they restarted the game, and it was a bright and clear as daylight. (On my T&V that is.)
      It was an event filled game though; and I don’t like baseball: it’s a children’s sand lot game: which is what they showed on TV after the game was over.

      • george, the game would have been over at least an hour earlier if joe maddon hadn’t taken hendricks off the mound. he sure did his best to throw the game to the tribe, but destiny prevailed.

      • Dear George,
        All team sports are children’s sandlot games. Remember that and you should never again feel the need to denigrate baseball.

      • I didn’t see the earlier innings (first five). Only watched because SIL was a guest and she was togged out in her baseball uniform. Besides WSOP, and WWF were not on.
        But yes I thought the coach jumped on the starter a little hurriedly, and folks more knowledgable than me (that means everybody else) said the starter was doing great.
        Odd that the chap that lost the lead (apparently a damn good pitcher) ended up pocketing the game win. I would say a game that will be long discussed into the future history.
        It certainly made up for me getting trapped in an idling jet at Lambert Field, the night they turned on the lights at Wrigley field, and pissed off the gods.

    • I would guess the **average** date for first snowfall is much closer to December. End of November, I would buy it, beginning, no.

      • Ckharles Dickens wrote with memories of his childhood, which was during the little ice age. That” s where we get “White Christmases”. During Dickens’ adulthood and later, England, and most of the continental US RARELY gets a white Christmas.i

    • The Cubs coach said they used the rain delay to regroup team wise; eliminate the finger pointing, and refocus on the task ahead. They won.
      The Indian’s coach said the rain delay made no difference whatsoever. They lost.

  2. I live near Cleveland and rain in early November is very normal. Snow in this area normally happens in the second half of November.

  3. Sounds to me as though your scientivists in the USA are as smart as our scientivists here the Peoples Democratic Republic European Union of the UK!

  4. Where was their comment when game 6 was warm shirtsleeve weather? Game 5 looked pretty chilly in Chicago, but that’s what you’d expect.
    Hmmm… a brief warm front followed by cold front with rain….certainly unprecedented! /sarc

  5. According to Accuweather, the nomal high in Cleveland on November 2nd is 57 degrees and the normal low is 44. Hardly cold enough to snow if the weather was to be anywhere near average yesterday (it was actually above average). Stupid, idiotic tweet from them. Get a life Green Party.
    BTW, although I am not from Chicago or Illinois and am not a Cubs fan, I’ll say congrats to the Cubbies and their fans anyway. 108 years is a long time to wait.

    • I was trapped in a plane at Lambert Field in St. Louis the night they turned the lights on at Wrigley field.
      The gods were pissed. Wall to wall fire works across the entirety of fly over country.
      Never did make it home to San Jose, until the next day, because of that Storm.

  6. “Everything I find annoying is caused by climate change,” is becoming an internet meme on a par with, “Everyone I don’t like is Hitler.” In other words, any mild irritant can be lumped in with “The Worst Thing in the History of the World.”

  7. It is believed according to a new study that climate change could be the leading cause of climate change. Scientists now claim that changes in the climate are due in large part to the climate being different from what it was before.
    There are also very strong links which tend to verify this ,in history books written by previous inhabitants of the planet. Of course these are mostly unconfirmed ,due to the these inhabitants being dead. Presumably they all died as a result of climate change.

      • You are obviously a well-paid stooge of the oil industry.
        Or of Big Green.
        Its actually hard to tell the difference these days.

    • Just for fun — the change was a forcing factor of the Grand River Lobe of the Laurentide Ice Sheet. Not that I remember it, nor the history books written by the folks there. Folks just to the east of G.R. Lobe got taken out by the Erie Lobe, but we were still 25 miles east of that — so okay. Our history books are just fine, and I will send you a copy for $99.999.00, if you send cash to ….

      • And more fun with numbers:
        The earliest measurable amount of snow in Cleveland: Oct. 2, in both 1974 and 2003.
        And the latest date for a first snow: Dec. 12.
        The first snowfall arrives by Nov. 9., usually.

  8. I’ve lived in the Cleveland area all my life and rain is what you expect in early November. We sometimes see our first snow in November but more often in December.

  9. Up here in the Great White North (well, okay, Calgary, Alberta, Canada), my basis for a “good” fall is that the little demons, goblins, princesses and all of those are getting the Halloween treats on a nice evening without snow. We have had -30 C (-22 F) in the middle of October, we have also had 15 C (59F) in the middle of November, heck, even into December. That is called the variability of WEATHER – climate is what happens over a much longer time frame. Great game by the way, either team winning was cool with me.

  10. Oh yeah, forgot to mention: as the saying goes, “I can fix a lot of things, but I can’t fix stupid.”

  11. Thermalization and the brief relaxation time of some water vapor rotational emission lines, 0.5 µsec compared to 6 µsec for CO2, explain why CO2 has no significant effect on climate. The increasing water vapor is countering the average global temperature decline that would otherwise be occurring.

  12. The Green Party consists of scientifically ignorant politically motivated persons who mistakenly think they are saving the Earth and humanity. Actually, the just get in the way of scientific thought and blur the situation to make the population confused into donating money to them.

  13. Actually, the first time anyone played major league baseball in November was 2001, with the Arizona Diamondbacks going up against the New York Yankees in the World Series (Arizona won). It hasn’t happened many times since then.

  14. Warming the highest latitudes(coldest areas on the planet) more than the tropics has had mostly benefits and that includes less atmospheric energy for some measures of extreme weather from the reduction in the meridional temp gradient.
    We have framed global warming/climate change so that it captures all extremes and especially bad weather extremes……..even though the last 4 decades have featured the best weather/climate and CO2 levels for life in the last 1,000 years.
    If one were truly objective and looking at the good and bad of recent weather (even if weather is not climate) comments last night should have focused on the outstanding conditions to play baseball for early November.
    Less violent tornadoes, no major hurricane strikes for over a decade, a greening planet, record CO2 fed crops/world food production, lower heating bills in this warm spell and so on.
    When was the last time any of that made the headlines?
    Warmer air does hold more moisture and warmer oceans contribute to higher amounts of precipitable water in the atmosphere which has increased amounts of rain in extreme events.
    Other than that, we should be celebrating the outstanding weather and climate that has benefited most life.

  15. Considering that they basically have children who actually write for the MSM now, I can guess the age of someone who tweets for Greenpeace…

  16. I have lived in Ohio for most of my 69 years. It does not snow in November. In fact, near the lake, Cleveland often has beautiful warm days in November. It does rain, and often. The real problem is that the lords of baseball and the networks have dragged the post season schedule out so much. In days of yore, the World Series was finished by mid-October.

    • I figured somebody would beat me to this. If baseball hadn’t added so many unnecessary “playoff” games (I mean, after ONE HUNDRED SIXTY TWO games you can’t figure out who’s the best?! REALLY?!), then nobody would have anything to say about “rain delays” in November.

  17. It’s gotta be man made climate change that has driven the boys of summer past the Mr. Octobers timeslot all the way to finally freezing hell by playing the greatest baseball game evaaah in November.

  18. Gotta agree MLB are idiots. By extending the post-season with the addition of playoffs and divisionals, the WS now ends on Nov 2 instead of Oct 14 as it did in 1908.
    They need to go back to having some day games and move the season start date back to mid-March.

    • Mid March? In the Northeast? No way. In Ohio, Baseball ought not to be played before mid-April, and night games, not before mid May. They need to restructure the championship season so that it is played in the 23 weeks between mid April and the end of summer. It would mean losing a dozen or so openings, but there would be fewer rain-outs and higher per game attendance.

  19. This is just too funny: 72 in 1908 and it should be snowing in 2016. Well, only because of the Big Cool up to 1976.
    In about 10 days the polar vortex is going to split and thereafter freeze the globes off the brass monkeys at the stadium in Cleveland.
    Fortunately, given the spread of greeniness, there will be lots of stupid to burn this winter to keep warm.
    Is ‘greeniness’ a new word? It is similar to truthiness. Truthiness was coined to describe the pronouncements of GW Bush as the English lexicon of the time was inadequate to capture both his inanity and perfidy. Climate Truthiness is what you want to be true and sounds like it might be true, before you have investigated the matter. It is a form of pre-selection bias.
    Greeniness is the empty basket one takes to the orchard when cherry picking. Greeniness is something that sounds ‘green’ or at least ought to be if we just believe hard enough.
    I believe the weather for wonderful game seven was normal, as will be the bitter cold that follows the unprecedented, early split of the polar vortex.

  20. Organized sports, especially professional sports has a huge carbon footprint. All organized sports should be banned world wide until the climate stops changing.

  21. No, we SAVED game 7 of the World Series by not letting it snow. ha ha ha ha ha
    If MLB keeps letting the season run later and later, we’re ALL going to need Cadillac Escalades to keep the World Series going. Or else, once again taking baseball back into those hideous indoor domed stadiums, which every city will need. What’s the carbon footprint of one of those babies?
    Seriously, what a bunch of jag-offs.

    • I bet you could support a BS claim (or maybe not even BS) that movie making and wine making “contribute to Climate Change.” I think California should ban those too, and see how that goes.

    • I think all the AGW True Believers should vote for Jill Stein. That way the Dunce-o-crats can be appropriately divided and marginalized.

  22. If there was snow in Cleveland now they’d be calling it ‘unprecedented’ and attributing it to man made global warming, climate change, climate chaos or whatever term de jour is in vogue now. As we say in Ireland “you’re never finished with a fool”.

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