Why trying to link hurricane #Matthew to 'Climate Change' is just political hype

Hurricane Matthew is a Category 4 storm at the moment, that makes it very dangerous, and (if it makes landfall) something we have not seen in the continental United States for a over a decade. Surprisingly, just today, we passed the 4000 day mark for a drought of major (Cat 3 or greater) hurricanes to make landfall on the continental USA.

Hurricane Wilma was the last major hurricane (Category 3 or stronger) to hit the U.S. It made landfall in Florida on October 24, 2005. The much ballyhooed Hurricane Sandy was Category 1 at landfall, and technically not a hurricane at that time, but an extra-tropical cyclone. Hurricane Ike in 2008, was a Category 2 when it made landfall.

Matthew is very likely to be the first major hurricane to strike the U.S. in almost 11 years, the question is will it be Florida, Gerogia, or the Carolinas?

Wednesday, October 5th,  yesterday, was the 4,000 day mark after Hurricane Wilma’s landfall, or 10 years, 11 months, 12 days including the end date. Source.

Will all that, obviously activists will try to link it to global warming/climate change. at NBC, they already believe that the recently ratified Paris climate accord will stop such storms. Elsewhere, Thinkprogress serial doomster Joe Romm is saying his usual unsupportable schtick:


I’m not even going to bother with a link, his article is so bad…

Marc Morano noted [an article from David Kreutzer Via: http://dailysignal.com/2016/10/06/hurricane-matthew-is-deadly-serious-but-hurricane-hype-is-overblown/ ] at Climate Depot that there will be a lot of “scientists say we can expect,” but little actual data.

He’s right. [Kreutzer] adds:

That’s because the data show for the last 10 years we have had an unusual drought of landfalling major hurricanes (Category 3 and higher) on the continental U.S. That’s right, no major hurricanes have made landfall for over a decade. This is the longest such drought on record.

A lot of it is luck. There have been major hurricanes in the Atlantic whose paths have not taken them onshore. However, there has not been the steady increase in hurricane activity that the doom-and-gloomers predicted following a swarm of major hurricanes in 2005. Yes, there is a lot of change from year to year, but there is no worrisome trend.

In fact, taking a tally of the scariest hurricanes (Categories 4 and 5) indicates things were worse nearly a century ago. For the 44 years from 1926 to 1969, 14 of these most powerful storms made landfall, while the 46 years since then had only three.


Dr. Philip Kotzbach notes:

So what caused that stronger storm back then?

Dr. Ryan Maue also had some advice:

Remember that, when the climate doomsters try to convince you that this is all “climate change” driven.

Note: about 16 hours after publication, we were notified by Marc Morano at Climate Depot had not made attribution to the article by David Kreutzer, leading us to think those were Morano’s words. Morano has since corrected his copy, and we have corrected ours to give proper attribution – Anthony

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  1. I don’t think the timing is a coincidence that Algore is now out campaigning for Hillary and trying to convince younger voters about climate change. He was probably hoping for the direct hit of a monster on Miami/Ft Lauderdale.

    • That’s precisely what he was hoping for. The media are in a tizzy about this, reporting it as though millions will be dead by noon. Some clown on TV named Shemp actually said “Your children will die!”.
      It’s all political. I overheard that awful George Snuffaluffagus on TV asking the Gov. of Florida why he wasn’t going to extend voter registration on account of the storm. Very revealing.

  2. With all the media coverage, it’s a certainty they will claim a weather event is climate change.

      • It’s also media nonsense attempt to save face – cat landfall with wind devestation turns into tornadic Sharknado Impact turns into “it’s all about storm surge”
        I love B films : )

  3. You mean the global warming that since 1997 is statistically indistinguishable from none?
    Cyclone Matthew is caused by global temperature that is 0.3 deg C colder than 1998? How come it didn’t happen then? Q. If we reverted civilization to 1880 levels would we manage to stop cyclones? Oops, computer says NO (see the chart)
    My Bull$hit detector is ringing at full volume.

  4. I read a well researched article recently that confirmed that significant funding for Al Gores global warming – (CAGW) education was funded by George Soros. Mr Soros appears to have a long standing record of buying and influencing results internationally for self and financial interest.

    • George Soros has said publicly and in written form that he wants to “destroy” (bankrupt) the United States of America. I can’t find the exact word he used, but you get the gist.

      • Soros needn’t worry … successive US governments have been progressing along those lines for decades now.

      • President Obama is beating Soros to the punch. Doubling the debt to $20T in less than eight years is pretty impressive. Who needs enemies when you have a President like that?

  5. Not unexpectedly, the total number of Atlantic Hurricanes has the same envelope as the AMO. Given that we are on the downslope of the AMO, that leads to a prediction of less and less powerful hurricanes through the bottom at around 2045. Since the AMO represents the pumping of warm water and hence energy into the northern Atlantic this may be a reasonable hypothesis. I suspect that the “anointed” have it dead wrong as usual and us dispicables who study real science have it more correct.

  6. Good Lord…this weather channel goofball finishes his report from Palm Beach Co talking about storm surge along the FL coast getting up to 7-11 ft in northern FL and saying this storm is like “anything we’ve ever seen in the modern era.”

    • “anything we’ve ever seen in the modern era.” There they go again. Living memory is all that counts to climate shysters. Why say it that way? Why not just say since such and such a date and before that such and such a date and then complete the picture by saying “and we have no idea what caused the hurricanes and storm surges then but we are certain that this one is the result of climate change.” They have a communication problem and it relates to telling the full story.

    • It is true that the coast between cape Canaveral and Jax have been hit by far fewer hurricanes than other parts of the state. Too far north for them to come straight out of the east. The present scenario with a low angle impact is kinda the worst case scenario.

  7. The Alarmists, getting desperate to advance their tendentious & self-serving cause, will seize on *anything* to do so. You can bet that hundreds of them, as I write, are busy keyboarding junk propaganda linking AGW & H.Matthew, to serve-up to the sensationalist-driven media and the even more gullible voters who don’t have the wit to see Snake-Oil Salesmen on their doorsteps for what they are.

  8. I can assure all it is pretty boring here in Fort Lauderdale. We now have strong TS winds. Maybe even reaching Cat 1. But the building is not swaying as in Wilma’s strong cat 2. Not power loss. No water loss. Although we prepared for both. Strongest winds forecast for three hours from now. At feeble Cat 1+. I was hoping the balconies would get a freebie pressure washing by at least a Cat 2. Not happening. Bummer. Will have to go clean them both with mop suds, and broom tomorrow, to get rid of salt encrustsion from spume off beach and reef. That is what 65 mph does.

    • Why didn’t you just throw some soap out on the balcony beforehand? With the wind and the rain and the darkness (I assume it is night time), no one would notice a few bubbles blowing off a building.

    • No doubt Ristvan,
      Take it seriously though, Cyclones bearing down in your direction are something the precautionary principle is actually good for. Given cost of potential damage >> Cost of precaution.
      Note channel 7 here in Bris Australia is describing this storm as “Unprecedented” when FL has had Two cat 5’s and Eleven Cat 4’s make landfall in the last 150 years. I sent them a note suggesting they get a dictionary and look up the word unprecedented.
      TV News Hyperbole, perhaps this is what needs working on – wish they would just report and not judge.

      • I recall from all the news reports (Oz) of the 2004 tsunami that struck Indonesia, that all news presenters were correctly calling it a “tsunami”. After a few days, suddenly a channel 10 presenter, probably Jo Pearson (I think) was pronouncing it as “zunami”, likely because the producers decided that (I suspect) the Indonesian enunciation was more appropriate, considering we don’t get them here.
        But I believe it to be a Japanese term. I don’t really know, but in any case the news is always filtered through the editors and producers, using terminology and story lines that exchange accuracy for impact and ratings.

    • Maybe all that wishing, hoping and *gasp* praying really does work?
      I would like to know why no surface stations have been able to confirm the wind speeds reported in the official numbers given?
      The eye wall passed over the Bahamas, over the two biggest cities on that island chain, and i did not see any reports of winds over 100 mph.
      So, just where is the wind blowing at 140?


    • You’re in Boca? How are the beaches? It’s nesting season and most of the sea turtles should have emerged by now but there are always late nests.

  10. Just a thought…….any relationship to the timing of an El Nino….then one of the strongest cat4/5 hurricanes in the Caribbean for a long time?…? I am not seeing obvious connection, but I do not see a lot of things so that does not mean much.

  11. I took an online class today sponsored by my company to warn people about phishing, scams, and computer security. These global warming hucksters use the same social engineering tactics as hackers. “Phishing is an example of social engineering techniques used to deceive users, and exploits the poor usability of current web security technologies.” “Criminals use social engineering tactics because it is usually easier to exploit your natural inclination to trust than it is to discover ways to hack your software. For example, it is much easier to fool someone into giving you their password than it is for you to try hacking their password (unless the password is really weak).”
    In other words, it is easier to convince you to give up your standard of living and your wealth through confidence games than it is to outright rob you at gunpoint.

    • Huh, Sandy was a so-called “superstorm” at barely Category 1, Category 3 makes it 4 times more powerful than Sandy. Cat 3 storms and even category 2 storms are to be counted as serious- take precautions.

      • Sandy was not Category 1 at New Jersey landfall. Several NDBC buoys recorded maximum sustained winds were 55 knots, well below the 64 knot hurricane threshold. Land based stations had wind speeds were even lower.

      • The point is that this storm is not unusual. The only thing unusual about it is that it is the first one in awhile. This blog is about how warmist are trying to link it to global warming. It’s a catch 22 for a skeptic. CAGW people can use all kinds of adjectives to enhance global warming, if a skeptic says it’s only a cat 3, then I don’t understand the seriousness of the situation. CAGW constantly rounds up on numbers when it’s in their favor, and down when it isn’t. It’s not a super storm. It’s a run of the mill hurricane. If you live in Florida, it should be expected. Hurricanes happen, and sometimes really bad ones. The big problem is too many people living in harms way. I remember when we drove to Miami, there was a sign that said last gas station for the next 90 miles. And it was desolate, it’s not that way anymore. The same with the Jersey shore, nobody lived there year round. And certainly there wasn’t any building on the ocean side of Rte 9… stepping out over the line… somewhere in the swamps of Jersey … hard to believe, right ? Who in there right mind would build a million dollar house when the ocean is over there 2 blocks away, and the back Bay is over there 1 block away, and you’re on sand with an elevation of 2 whole feet ? People with too much money. But forbid that something should happen, they’ll be crying to the government that the climate isn’t perfect .
        I was in Louisiana for Katrina. You know what the biggest problem was ? Getting on the road, exposed. In my opinion, Camille was worse. Will another cat 5 hit the Gulf Coast? Of course. About every 29 years.

    • weather nation just showed a model showing it hitting right on west palm beach while their own radar showed it about 100 miles east and 15 miles or so north of west palm……..current radar shows it losing its shape and weakening……

      • Gotta love those models made with popsicle sticks. If their predictions hold correct, then why bother with computers?

  12. Please remember that the wind speed of 130 mph is the MAXIMUM speed, not all the wind is this speed. In fact very little of it is this speed. And any that is of that speed is probably within a very small, narrow band near the center. Wind speeds fall off very quickly as you move away from the center.
    However, if you happen to be hit with those maximum wind speeds you are in a lot of trouble as with Charley in 2004. I live about 22 miles from where the eye wall hit and we didn’t even get 60 mph winds. As I drove to the Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda area there was very little damage until I got very close the the track of where the eye wall had passed. Then all of a sudden you came upon total devastation. Valuable lesson learned about being prepared for the worse and hoping you get lucky.

    • Same damage pattern was true of Andrew. Had Andrew landed 25 or so miles north there would have been an epic disaster. Andrew blew the wedding pictures off the hallway walls in my grandparents house. (gone)

  13. For the warmists this is a propaganda moment and nothing more. For the people involved this is business as usual….from 10 years ago…and nothing unusual. That doesn’t make it any less dangerous.

  14. When it’s all said and done, this storm will not be in the top 10 of storms to hit Florida….but it is unlike anything wje’ve ever seen before….

  15. Don’t worry, the Global Warming story will never die. There is always next year. Surely there will be an unprecedented storm somewhere. Somewhere there will be a drought, a snowstorm, a flood, and since it hasn’t happened in 80 or 90 years the result has to be AGW. How can it be otherwise ?

    • Snowstorm? I though that within a few years beyond 2000, children wouldn’t know what snow is? Water’s pretty useless stuff in that state anyway, much like glaciers.

  16. the inner eyewall has collapsed into a much wider(slower) storm at this time……and the dry air that has been sitting to the west all week and is still there is being drawn into the storm now………

    • It’s been now for at least three hours maybe four by now. Nobody is getting to that site. It’s even been reported on some national news sites it’s down for the count. Clearly OVER LOADED.

  17. Well just before 12AM east coast time Matthew is developing an second larger eye. I think this means it’s weakening. Looks on radar the last three hours or so the eye has stayed about 60mi off shore no turn to shore yet.

  18. I just was watching the news a couple of hours ago and the Gov. of Florida claimed there was likely to be a Blackout from the damage and that it may takes weeks to get it repaired. What the? My cousin who lives there took some precautionary measures and went to stay with her son a couple miles away just reported a few bands of rain and a bit of wind

    • That link doesnt work for me. Nothing at nhc will load. WTF, in the middle of an epic event we cant get to an essential govt service?
      I feel like Im getting jerked around. (Just like Hermine a few weeks ago). Im expected to evacuate my family by morning (I live in Northeast FL). This storm appears to be disintegrating. Should I just go back to sleep?

      • There has been few if any Government web sites that are worth a chit IMO. Need private industry to do this work at half the cost. Can say that about anything Government.

      • I wouldn’t move an inch based on what I am seeing now. You’ll get some TS force winds and heavy rains, but EPIC? this is not.

  19. 1 “San Ciriaco” 1899 73.57
    2 Ivan 2004 70.38
    3 “Four” 1926 67.59
    4 Donna 1960 64.55
    5 “Charleston” 1893 63.53
    Could this storm make the top 5 ACE hurricanes in Atlantic history? Currently at 43. Its almost like we are reverting back to before CO2 started to rise.

    • … it’s only because of exaggerated wind speeds which get squared in the formula producing an even more exaggerated ACE.

  20. What were the highest sustained winds and gusts reported in the areas Matthew has already passed over? Do we really care if the airplanes record 165 mph gusts? Like the nutty alarmists say…why use that accurate satellite temperature of the troposphere?…use the crappy data down at surface where we live?
    tags unnecessary, I hope.

  21. So much for climate change. Almost 60 years ago the Kingston Trio sang,
    “There’s hurricanes in Florida,
    And Texas needs rain.”
    Could be today’s weather report.

  22. Anthony, I know you’re afraid to publish even a word from me, but you should read:
    You wrote:
    “Surprisingly, just today, we passed the 4000 day mark for a drought of major (Cat 3 or greater) hurricanes to make landfall on the continental USA.”
    “The Arbitrary Definition of the Current Major Hurricane Landfall Drought,” Robert E Hart et al, BAMS (2015), http://journals.ametsoc.org/doi/pdf/10.1175/BAMS-D-15-00185.1
    PS: I actually feel sorry for you, Anthony, being so afraid to publish anyone who disagrees with you. That has to be stressful and can’t be a healthy way to live. What are you so afraid of?

    • Ha ha,
      David Appell,you whine while you got your post published, that you don’t get published here.
      Your link is merely an attempt to redefine to an alternate reality. The TRUE reality is correct,there have been a massive reduction of landfalling category 3-5 Hurricanes, to ZERO in last ELEVEN years. That is reality you can’t handle because it mocks the barrel full load of wild eyed predictions,warmists made, that the years after 2005 would be the new normal. They have been exposed as being wrong,the rate have gone down and so have the powerful storms.
      Grow up David!

    • First it was AGW but that didn’t pan out so it morphed into “Climate Change”. Then the ‘models’ didn’t work so the historical land temperature data was corrupted to put it more in line with the ‘models’. Things got worse for the believers when their “the ocean is hiding the heat” was challenged but not to be deterred they made the proclamation that sea temperature historical records were incorrect because they were doing it wrong all that time. Who knew? All the while the Argos buoys and satellite data supported the skeptics. The most advanced and accurate methods to measure water and air temperatures ever developed but since they contradicted the ‘models’ and ‘settled science’ they are ignored like they don’t exist. Only one word to describe this attempt… again… to alter the established measurement criteria because it doesn’t fit the AGW narrative. Pathetic. The Alarmists are becoming caricatures of the hooded soothsayers in the dark ages looking for hobgoblins to justify their existence. What possible purpose could this paper serve?

  23. Remember that, when the climate doomsters try to convince you that this is all “climate change” driven.

    Correction, should read:

    Remember that, when the climate doomsters try to convince you that this is all “climate change” drivel.

  24. There’s a lot of hype about the reported wind speeds. NOAA is saying the reported wind speeds are from hurricane hunter aircraft. I have also read warnings that say that the windspeed increases rapidly with altitude. Their example was that an apartment building at ground floor level could have Cat1 speeds while on the 30th floor they could be Cat2 wind speeds. I wasn’t aware it was that dramatic. So it seems that NOAA is reporting higher altitude wind speed while the ground stations will measure much lower speeds, which could cause a lot of accusations about exaggerations. Is this consistent with how NOAA has always report wind speeds or are they just reporting the data from aircraft altitude which will never equal the ground speeds? Anyone have any idea?

    • Griff, perhaps you can explain to us stupid people what human emissions of carbon dioxide have to do with this hurricane. Thrill us with your acumen.

    • If anyone’s cynical, it’s due to dealing with unerring, unending, and totally shameless propagandists – and those trying to profit by it – to the point where we’ve come to expect it.
      Of course, you’re right there to assure us it isn’t cynicism – it’s reality.
      So, wow, Grift – in that regard, you actually have achieved some measure of social value.

  25. it’s a G@#damn hurricane! A weather phenomena that has occurred since earths inception. It’s the first big one in over 11yrs and THESE IDIOTS blame the co2 molecule? The world is effing up-side-down. I’m tuning out and heading to the woods for some sanity. Good grief.

  26. Ask these scamming frauds, “Exactly what has changed in Florida’s climate? What exactly is different from 100 – 200 years ago?” When can we put these frauds in jail?

  27. Deja vue all over again! Global warming doom and gloom! National Geographic predicted that the floodgate was opening with Katrina– that a deluge of hurricanes hitting the US as large and powerful as it would be the new normal from this day forward–all caused by anthropomorphic global warming. The Guardian cries wolf more than a decade after that prediction…

  28. So close! What a disappointment this storm must be for Warmsters. They really could have used a direct hit on Florida now, with the upcoming election and all. Their saving grace will be Haiti. Lots of opportunity there to use their always-popular Appeals to Emotion, as well as Guilt. Yes indeed, it will be “our fault” that those poor people died.

  29. “Worst ‘x’ in 100 years.” Apart from it being a Mantra repeated for effect, I never know what this means. The 100 yr ago ‘x’ could have actually been worse, or not. If the 100 yr ago ‘x’ was not as bad by not much, so what? So in responding to alarmist claims, I go tit for tat and say, “Therefore it was worse 100 yr ago!” and let them do the work of figuring out what it means, which they’ll never do, leaving me the “winner”.
    A related, but more encouraging real life example from about 3 wk ago, but also involving “how to end your career in Government by not being PC”:
    I was meeting with a US Forest Service guy and gal about their great plan for reducing fuel load in a Canyon “Corridor” where I have a not-modern Cabin which works great, but the Corridor has been accumulating fuel load without a fire for about 100 yr.
    Their “Safety Project” is also for removing hazard trees because the Canyon has some nice Camp Grounds and Trail Heads into the Wilderness and a lot of people drive the road anyway, which a lot of trees fall over onto; and for having access by fire fighting equipment and “staging” etc, and a Helicopter landing site for the same, but also for evacuating people trapped or needing a quick response, because the slow-going road is a Dead End at, and not far from the only Trail Heads and most of the Camp Grounds
    However the Canyon is controlled by the Wild and Scenic River Act, which a lot of Environmentalist Whackos think should mean “unmanaged by Humans because we are evil” and who obstruct rational management because that’s how their “Stakeholders” make their living. They’d rather have it burn down by a “Catastrophic Fire”, destroying all their “values” which they say they want to protect.
    Luckily there’s another law which the USFS says allows them to manage The Wild and Scenic to conserve it, so the USFS really is on the right side! But their project here is perhaps a real Test Case for Man vs “Nature” as it concerns the Wild and Scenic Rivers.
    Anyway at our meeting the FS [younger and excellent] guy brought up “global warming” which he thought could make his case for the Project stronger.
    So I said, “You’ve already got a strong enough case and this Global Warming idea has been falsified by etc”
    He said,”Oh oh, so maybe I shouldn’t [refer to it in my next write-up for the Project]”
    But then he quickly said,”But CO2 is the highest it’s been in millions of yrs”
    I said, “Ok it’s at 400ppm but at <200 plants start having trouble growing" and went on to explain also that "If you control a country's energy, you control its people" which he actually remembered and repeated back to me a few minutes later! We couldn't get into it more deeply.
    He really wants to do things scientifically in the best interests of both Humans and Nature, because I've taken two of his on site tours of the Corridor, and he knows a sh** load about trees and ecology, perhaps comparable to another guy who I own my Cabin Property with, who just retired himself from the USFS as a high level but basically on-the-ground evaluator of Forests for the management of Timber Sales. They both know a sh** load more than I do.
    The FS guy was still skeptical of my anti-AGW claims, but I knew he understood what I was saying. However what I've got to tell him very soon, but couldn't squeeze in right then and it just dawned on me again, is:
    "Be careful, because if you question 'global warming'/'climate change' it might be a career-ender!
    Ironically, on the 2nd, ad hoc Corridor Tour with him involving only my co-owner above and now two excellent USFS people, the longer term "gal" gave an example of this kind of career-ender concerning one of the first Female District Heads, or maybe even higher, when she was called to Washington to be presented and to thus represent the USFS.
    The Elitist Establishment In-Crowders in Washington took one look at her and told her she "needed a makeover"! She didn't get one, so it was curtains for her, at least at that level!
    And another ~45+yo excellent USFS woman I came across at our tiny "health club", and who doesn't need a makeover, told me she couldn't say what she wanted to because she was getting too close to retirement and didn't want to lose its benefits.
    And now comes Comey, Lynch, Lerner, Macarthy, FBI, DOJ, IRS, EPA etc who only want to help us do the right thing, because the right thing is the right thing and therefore we must elect Hillary. A make-over couldn't possibly help her, but a total brain transplant might.

  30. All four Sharknado masterpieces present more reality than Dr. Joe Romm and his catastrophic predictions.

  31. I am so friggin sick of Alarmism. It is time we do something about it. It is not OK to yell FIRE in a movie theater. It is OK to yell ALL IS OK.
    Well…., ALL IS OK! It is time to go after those who yell DOOM! when there is NO DATA to the contrary.
    The smoking gun says NO to CAGW. Tropical Upper Trop. Temps!!!!!
    Sorry for the rant. Just Sick of Alarmists trying to get attention and take money from real scientists! That is what I said, REAL SCIENTISTS

  32. I really like the “Hurricane Matthew is super-strong because of climate change.” I suspect he never read of Liu & Fearn’s research on the history of catastrophic (Category 4 & 5) hurricane landfalls along the Gulf Coast.
    But then again, when it comes to global warming the only history that counts are the last 20 years. Anything before never happened.

  33. But… but… but… scientists and people who post sciencey-looking pictures on the internet would never *lie*! They’re like a different species or something. That never lies.
    Except when they think it will get them what they want.

  34. The 4000 days lack of hurricanes may mean that climate change is not so worse at all.
    I mean climate is anyway something involving averages over some time.

  35. Hurricanes like Matthew are part of the normal climate of Florida. The climate of Florida has not changed.

  36. Great article! It’s worth looking back at the bogus proclamations after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. ALL the MSM reported that Katrina signaled the start of climate change acceleration of Atlantic hurricanes — both in size and intensity. We experience neither — the OPPOSITE occurred. But the MSM never reported that.
    Here’s my documented article on this, including no less than TEN such 2005 MSM Cassandra predictions by climate change “experts” who were seeking grants based on their unfounded assertions.

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