EXCLUSIVE: Climate skeptic files sweeping RICO lawsuit against most all climate related NGO's, and some individuals

Jury trial demanded in filing made in United States District Court, Lubbock, Texas today


The cover page reads:






Leonid Goldstein writes:

I have filed a civil RICO complaint against the Climate Alarmism Enterprise – Climate Action Network, Generation Investment Management, Ceres, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Rockefeller Brothers Funds etc. – 40 corporations in total.  Attached are the stamped front page and the full text of the complaint (not for publication verbatim, of course).

The alleged criminal Enterprise has been in existence since 1988.  Alleged predicate offenses:

 – Retaliation against witnesses
 – Tampering with witnesses
 – Bribing witnesses
 – Bribing public officials
 – Theft / Embezzlement from pension and/or welfare plans, including Social Security, and the ongoing attempt at embezzling up to $36 Trillions (with ‘T’) – see www.ceres.org
It reads in Parts:
1. This is a civil suit against Climate Action Network and other corporations, who engaged in a long-term criminal scheme, involving a false claim that anthropogenic release (or emissions) of carbon dioxide caused a dangerous “global warming” or a dangerous “climate change”, and persecution of the dissidents or demanding government actions, based on this false claim, including money transfer. In fact, the anthropogenic release of carbon dioxide significantly increases agricultural production worldwide. The surface warming, theoretically caused by increased concentration of carbon dioxide, is insignificant and almost undetectable, and is expected to be globally beneficial.
2. Beginning in early 1988 and continuing through the present (the “Scheme Period”), the Defendants and other enterprise members acted in concert with each other in order to further their criminal scheme (the “Climate Alarmism Enterprise”). Each defendant has participated in the operation and management of the Enterprise, and has committed numerous acts to maintain and expand the Enterprise.
7. Plaintiff sues for injury inflicted by the Defendants on him directly, and, additionally, based on standing of victims of racketeering activity to act as “private attorney generals” in prosecuting that racketeering activity (Rotella v. Wood, 528 U.S. 549, 556; 2000).

8. Unless stated otherwise, alleged below actions by Defendants were committed in the 10-years period from September 15, 2006 through the date of filing this Complaint.

13. Plaintiff Leonid Goldstein is a permanent resident of the United States of America, a resident of Texas, and a citizen of Israel. Plaintiff has Master of Science degree in Mathematics, more than 20 years of experience in software engineering, and multiple patents and publications in peer-reviewed literature in a certain renewable energy field. Plaintiff performed a peer review for some journals. Because of his education, professional experience and knowledge, Plaintiff is qualified to give expert testimony on certain questions of physics, mathematics, and computer modelling, relevant to a bone fide climate research and to the so-called “climate science.” Plaintiff also has additional knowledge and life experience that might qualify him to give expert testimony on the corrupt activities of the climate alarmism bodies. Plaintiff is willing to testify on these subjects in front of the US Congress, the Texas Legislature, the Supreme Court of the United States, and the Supreme Court of Texas, without compensation. Plaintiff has been paying into the Social Security for more than 15 years, and has savings in a retirement plan, protected by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. Plaintiff expresses his views on subjects relevant to climate debates and climate alarmism on his not-for-profit website defyccc.com, which also features a search engine (defyccc.com/search), allowing anybody to find truthful information regarding the climate debates. Plaintiff also writes for other reputable web publications under the pen name “Ari Halperin.”
Full disclosure: Mr. Goldstein has written for WUWT under the pen name “Ari Halperin.”. At the time, I believed that to be his real name.
More on this breaking story as they become available, via updates that will be posted below.

138 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Climate skeptic files sweeping RICO lawsuit against most all climate related NGO's, and some individuals

  1. Well. No doubt the defendants will advance any number of reasons the court should grant summary dismissal. If the case survives that challenge I await further developments with interest (and popcorn!).

    • A court can’t ignore facts. If this guy presents facts appropriately the court has to consider them – anything less and lawyers and other judges will be up in arms. Years ago I concluded that CAGW would be decided in a courtroom and the court will have to ask the scientifically qualified alarmists to prove their science beyond a reasonable level of doubt. If they don’t this chaps wins. Also smart lawyers will realize that this case is just the tip of the iceberg, as far as legal fees are concerned.

      • I agree that it is about time that the “climate change experts” are hauled into court and made to present their “evidence” . There are a number of real scientists who will be chomping at the bit to be called as expert witnesses to shoot down all of the “pseudo scientists” claptrap data that proves nothing. The discovery process alone will present a problem for the defendants as they will have to present all of the data they used to come up with their cockamamie theory. Some of them altered recorded temps. to make their results look more dramatic. As soon as those facts are established in court proceedings the defendants might be in trouble.

    • At first I was intrigued, but this is an order of magnitude too broad. If it was just against the District Attorney Group, it would have a good chance of success, but this? This is asking the court to decide a scientific matter and accusing half of the politicians on the planet of corruption. If it looks like it has a prayer of success then it will draw in so many opponents that the plaintiff will run out of money before they even start reading the depositions

      • It’s a good compilation of alarmist “non-profits”. Or, at least one does get the overall aroma, with a strong whiff of the Pews… Looks like the sponsors of the PBS News Hour.

  2. #83 on page 32: “…Notably, many of the Defendants’ websites are intended for audiences with a large percentage of mental underdeveloped and emotionally unstable persons.”
    QFT, lol!

  3. An interesting idea, but one that would require major funding to be viable. Suing someone much richer than you is generally a lost cause, and the greens have major money.

    • It wouldn’t be expensive if you believe just the exposure is worth it and you have nothing to lose. I applaud his efforts. My guess is the alarmists are more worried than you are skeptical. They have dodged every attempt to vindicate themselves in a court of law and this will be no different because they know they will be exposed. As crazy as the suit appears we need more of this.

      • I hope Mr Goldstien has lots of well placed and knowledgeable jewish lawyers among his friends. or very deep pockets ( which I doubt ).
        This is a good reminder to all concerned that RICO threats can work both ways, but I’d much more enthusiastic if it was some competent, hard-nosed group like CEI that were bring this suit. I suspect that may be in their game plan but they are going about it in a much more thoughtful manner.

      • Huh?? What on Earth is this meant to mean?
        “I hope Mr Goldstien has lots of well placed and knowledgeable jewish lawyers among his friends.”

      • It isn’t the winning that counts. Its the tying them up in lawsuits for half a decade & preventing them from causing trouble for the rest of humanity. They won’t be able to try half their tricks with this guy’s lawyers looking for every mistake.

      • They won’t. It’s way too large. It’s going to be dismissed almost immediately, and if he tries anything again, he would get in trouble for abuse of the court. Supporting this in any way will also undermine and support and good will we could get from the DAs’ overreach.
        The best case is that this dies quickly and quietly.

    • Felflames, this fits right in with the Big L’s faked moon landing/climate denier meme. [Great word, that.]
      It’s hard to dream up better stuff for “deranged denier” exhibits.

      • charlieskeptic
        September 12, 2016 at 7:13 pm
        “Felflames, this fits right in with the Big L’s faked moon landing/climate denier meme. [Great word, that.].”
        It could be as you say…..but the case in principle could be very easy indeed.
        If there is enough evidence showing that defendants in this case have made a huge profit, and there is a reasonable claim supported with other evidence that the huge profits were attained through an intended possible deception, like from clearly and soundly propagating “loudly” and with persistence an AGW or a man-made climate change high certainty, or a high scientific consensus and or as it being a matter of fact supported by the climatology or climate scientific literature,,,then the case could be not dismissed, or treated like a conspiracy theory.
        You see the 97% consensus-certainty of Cook paper does not hold much water or value as a means of defense in the court.
        Will be interesting to consider what testimony in the court of likes of Dr. Trenberth, Phil Jones, Hansen and others of that “caliber” could be………..
        Only considering that infamous phrase of ” it is a travesty”…………..:)
        or the other one:
        If the “no warming” persisted more than 15 years………….

        • Please note, whiten: Institutions of higher education “cleared” the Climategate “heros of science.”
          Also of note: World governments and the UN have “proven” CAGW.
          Courts defer to authority. They also do not like shotgun approaches to sueing people and alleging multiple wrongs across wide spectra.
          The best case? MSM will ignore this.
          The worst case? Widespread bruiting of Big L’s faked moon landing/climate den**rs meme. [That word again.]

      • charlieskeptic
        September 13, 2016 at 11:19 am
        Please note, whiten: Institutions of higher education “cleared” the Climategate “heros of science.”
        “Climate Gate “heroes” were not sued in a court of Law in USA for huge profiteering through deception and a possible racketeering. And if they were, there possibly would have being not a valid case.
        But you see the same heroes if persisting as a means of defense for the defendants and trying to defend the defendant’s position in a court through testimonies can render them selfes as frauds and committing perjury.
        If the case goes through the courts the world governments and especially the USA government and the UN also can not be considered as “active” and influential parties, neither their position on the subject,,,,,can not be even assisting the defense or the plaintiff as per matter of a conflict of interest.
        The USA Treasury has not profited but instead has incurred losses ACCORDING TO THE SUBJECT OF A CASE AS SUCH.
        Also IPCC may be considered as a case of damaged party through defamation as a course of such as defendants actions being sued in the courts in this case.
        Neither the UN or the USA Treasure have made such profits, claiming otherwise in a terms of defense makes it much worst for the defendants.
        You say also:
        —“Courts differ to authority”—–
        Of course, and this case will be more like about the validity of the real independence of the courts from the authority effect of any kind that could be involved and having an impact in the courts function as a means of Justice…than anything else……..It will be a test yes.
        The worst case? – case dismissed, and not allowed to full judicial!
        Also you say:
        —“The best case? MSM will ignore this.”—-
        That will be the worst case for the defendants, especially if the case passes for judicial… .
        No pressure, from the AGW media to the courts……
        Again there is no any conspiracy or conspiracy theory parameters in the case, is more like a modern day “indulgences case”……”indulgences” through deception and racketeering.
        The indulgences were real and so was the deception and the racketeering involved then …
        And it was all about the saving of humanity and the souls of the people then too. 🙂
        I doubt that any one can consider seriously a case of a “racketeering modern profiteering indulgeers” as a conspiracy theory.
        But , some may still do……..

  4. Generation Investment Management is Al Gore’s outfit. Tides Foundation is a George Soros operation. There is a *lot* of money in all those groups named.
    Snoopy flying his renowned Sopwith Camel, bravely going aloft to challenge a squadron of Soviet Migs, seems to be about the right image. It certainly seems to have a cartoonish feel to it.
    On the other hand, after what the US AGs pulled, he may have found a way to exploit the situation. At least it has entertainment value.

    • @ TonyL
      September 12, 2016 at 6:45 pm: Tricky targets, biplanes. Hope he gets in some good tailpipe shots…..

    • stevefitzpatrick
      September 12, 2016 at 6:53 pm: But at least this case does have merit, heaps of it, and a lot of buried bodies. This man is not stupid.

  5. Courts are reluctant to adjudicate scientific controversies, and they should be. This is bit nutty. Okay, this is a lot nutty,

    • What scientific controversies?
      – Retaliation against witnesses
      – Tampering with witnesses
      – Bribing witnesses
      – Bribing public officials
      – Theft / Embezzlement from pension and/or welfare plans, including Social Security, and the ongoing attempt at embezzling up to $36 Trillions (with ‘T’) – see http://www.ceres.org

      • The fact that your enemies are better funded, organized and connected doesn’t mean you can sue them. Also, your “Bribing public officials” just means rich people and big organizations are better connected.
        Didn’t you hear that the ex-Governor of Virginia had his public corruption conviction overturned by the SCOTUS? The Chief Justice said that while “tawdry,” money, loans and costly gifts to influence a politician generally is no proof of corruption. The instructions to the trial jury about “official acts” were determined to be broad enough to cover anything a politician could do in office, therefore his conviction void. It is my understanding there will be no retrial.
        This is why I’m Charlie Skeptic. The relatively powerless resort to guerrilla tactics. Look what it did for Charlie Cong.

      • By the time this case comes to court, we could be well into a Trump presidency with a different SCOTUS lineup and a different Chief Justice, so who knows? One can dream.

      • “This is why I’m Charlie Skeptic. The relatively powerless resort to guerrilla tactics. Look what it did for Charlie Cong.”
        The Viet Cong guerrillas were destroyed during the Tet Offensive of 1968. The Cong were foolish enough to think they were going to win this battle, so they all came out of hiding, and joined in the battle, and they were destroyed to the point they were no longer a viable fighting force in South Vietnam. Be careful what examples you use.

        • TA, thanks for supporting my point about guerilla tactics. Charlie listened to their benefactors, North Vietnam, and emerged openly in conventional combat for Tiet. We shot the sh*t out of them.
          The North was mainly interested in the propaganda value and, secondarily, elimination of their future rivals in a unified Vietnam. For both goals, it worked. The U.S. war effort was crippled and the VC mostly eliminated.
          The lesson learned by Charlie Skeptic long ago (circa 1968)? Rely on your own judgment. Special interests will take you where they want you to go. Valuable insight for either side of the climate wars.

      • To quote:

        1. This is a civil suit against Climate Action Network and other corporations, who engaged in a long-term criminal scheme, involving a false claim that anthropogenic release (or emissions) of carbon dioxide caused a dangerous “global warming” or a dangerous “climate change”,

        When the first thing in the complaint is the allegation that people are making a false scientific claim, the courts are going to wonder if they are being asked to decide on that question.

      • “The North was mainly interested in the propaganda value and, secondarily, elimination of their future rivals in a unified Vietnam. For both goals, it worked. The U.S. war effort was crippled and the VC mostly eliminated.”
        Yeah, Giap said he couldn’t have won without the help of the American anti-war Leftwing Media telling lies about the Vietnam war. And he is exactly right.
        The North Vietnamese didn’t win anything, American Leftwing politicians threw all the progress made in Vietnam away without a second thought, just like Obama threw away all the gains made by U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. All the Left can think to do is “cut and run”.
        The U.S. military wins the war, and then the Leftwing comes in and snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. The anti-war Left doesn’t have a clue and the U.S. is in great jeopardy as a result.

    • A lot nutty? An ongoing, 48 year old, conspiracy against the human race orchestrated by very rich people. What’s nutty is we stand by and let them get away with it.

  6. We need additional lawsuits against the Leftwing AG’s who conspired to deny the free speech rights of U.S. citizens, and we need one against the NASA/NOAA climate temperature data manipulators. No, wait a minute, Trump will take care of the NASA/NOAA data manipulators with an Executive Order in about four months.

    • Hi from Oz. With respect Robert, I believe that a lot of the stuff disseminated by the CAGW crowd is DIS-information, not misinformation: “Disinformation is intentionally false or misleading information that is spread in a calculated way to deceive target audiences. The English word, which did not appear in dictionaries until the late-1980s, is a direct transliteration of the Russian дезинформация, transliterated as “dezinformatsiya.” Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disinformation. I hope our Mr Goldstein and his lawyers are familiar with this concept.

  7. Big Oil sues to suppress environmental research. People still waiting for some wealth to “trickle down” gush praise for their corporate overlords.

    • Big Oil is trickling down a little money to me: I paid $1.79 for a gallon of gas yesterday. That beats the heck out of $3.40 a gallon. Thanks Big Oil. And Little Oil, too.

    • I sure hope that was sarcasm. If it wasn’t it was one of the dumbest things I’ve read in weeks.
      Last time I checked, everyone who works for “big oil” gets paid, as do the millions of people who own stock in big oil, as do the suppliers who sell stuff to them. So the “trickle down” is working quite well thank you.

    • I’d like to know about these suits to suppress environmental research. Do you have any actual examples or did you just make it up off the top of your head?

    • Without big oil there wouldn’t be much environmental research in the first place. Humanity can hardly afford much science without the benefits fossil fuel brought to our economy.

  8. I’m not a lawyer, but this sounds like a good case to me. Only I would have included the threatened RICO cases against CEI and Exxon as one of the causes of action itself. Trying to use the RICO law to plunder innocent people for dissent, and gathering a whole list of state officials to help you do it, sure sounds like racketeering to me, and if it quacks like a duck…

    • If the suit had contained itself to that instance, he probably could have won. the conspiracy is there, the evidence is public, and the object has been clearly revealed, as has the abuse of power.
      However, given the isane scope of this submission, it would have a hard time proving any of its assertions.

  9. I see he’s got “The Union of Concerned Scientists” on the list. Kenji Anthony’s family dog is a member, so not to worry we have an insider to pass us their defence plans.

    • Goliath is the original poor sap who brought a knife to a gun fight. This guy is more like the kid standing up to the tanks at Tiananmen Square. Only this tank regiment has a whole lot less regard for humanity than does the Chinese army.
      I wish him luck. He’ll need considerably more of it than David with his sling.

      • Slings were a major weapon in warfare in David’s time. A skilled man with a sling could be as deadly as a man with a bow. And the supply of projectiles was more sure.

  10. On the face of it this guy is a champion. He deserves all the support he can get. The case should be taken to the highest court in the land and the land to do it in is the US or the UK where the environmental wackos have the firmest grip on the public imagination, the press and therefore the government.
    Here is my contribution to his cause: The direction of the wind coupled with its origin is the prime determinant of surface temperature. Changes in the global circulation are systematic, natural and under external control. There is apparent chaos until the mechanism is revealed. At https://reality348.wordpress.com/ I look at the impact of cosmic rays as part driver of the well recognised annular modes of climate change, generally admitted in the field of climate science (such as it is) as the dominant mode of natural climate change and provide a proof that there is no greenhouse effect.

  11. Um, did you naysayers notice the complaint was filed in Texas? Arizona would have been good too. Any states rights/individual liberty locale would do. With the right judge this could make a big splash and offer many opportunities for cagw rebuttal.
    Besides, the ufugwidme I respond legal retort is important.

  12. Get real, guys.
    SCOTUS (Not scrota, as some would aver.) said the U.S. EPA could regulate the heck out of CO2 based on EPA’s uncritical acceptance of IPCC drivel, despite counter arguments. According to SCOTUS, science is whatever the government says it is.
    I wish it were different. But, then again, I wouldn’t be Charlie Skeptic without a massively superior force to resist.

  13. The following is just a game. Any suggested improvements would only feed my demented sense of humor. Just ask my wife.
    Based on the U.S. Army song “Vietnam”
    To the tune of “Poison Ivy”
    With no apologies to the U.S. Army, the Republic of Vietnam nor Charlie Cong (the Vietcong). They all got a piece of me.
    Climate Chaa-a-a-ange, Climate Chaa-a-a-ange
    Late on the Thread when you’re sleepin’
    Charlie Skeptic comes a creepin’
    Climate Chaa-a-a-ange, Climate Chaa-a-a-ange
    Climate Models say it’s a heatin’
    Charlie Skeptic is a beatin’
    Them dow-ow-ow-own
    Climate Chaa-a-a-ange, Climate Chaa-a-a-ange
    Climate Disruption’s the new framin’
    Charlie Skeptic says it’s a flamin’
    Crocka bu-u-u-ull
    Climate Chaa-a-a-ange, Climate Chaa-a-a-ange
    Climate Alarmists say we a dyin’
    Charlie Skeptic claims a buncha lyin’
    Climate Chaa-a-a-ange, Climate Chaa-a-a-ange
    Climate Graphers keep adjustin’
    Charlie Skeptic keeps a bustin’
    Them chee-e-e-eets
    Climate Chaa-a-a-ange, Climate Chaa-a-a-ange
    Climate Warmunists say it’s denyin’
    Charlie Skeptic leaves ’em cryin’
    With fa-a-a-acts
    Climate Chaa-a-a-ange, Climate Chaa-a-a-ange
    (and so on)

  14. Nice one Ari: very nice indeed.
    Three little words … “Jury Trial Demanded”: a very smart move.
    I wish him all due success and respectfully suggest that he employs an experienced, yiddish lawyer; preferrably a mother or a grandmother: they have tenacity and great strength but more importantly, they just “won’t let go”.

  15. I don’t see how he’s going to demonstrate any standing, which requires a plaintiff to show some particularized injury to himself due to the alleged wrongful behavior. It looks like he’s trying to say that since he has social security money coming, and somehow the defendants are bilking money out of social security, he’s being injured. I have a hard time seeing how this differs from the cases where the courts have held that mere taxpayers lack standing for malfeasance (or misfeasance)over how that money was spent.
    My prediction is that there will be a motion to dismiss and this case won’t survive it. This has nothing to do with the merits, it’s just that the plaintiff is not someone who can bring any case he might have.

    • Maybe he has some of his pension fund invested in ‘green’ activities. My superannuation fund has a couple of such options (which I studiously ignore), usually labelled as some kind of ‘sustainable..’ whatever. I note that here in Australia at least these options have often performed worse than ‘traditional’ options which include big chunks of companies involved in oil and gas, coal, and uranium mining, fossil based electricity generators, tobacco, etc.

      • yup and behind subscribe only
        sa advertiser is saying 6!!! solar thermal planned for SA to cover what they killed on 2 coal plant closures and needing to import power from Vic..
        this…after the utter total failure of the Flimflam mans hugely expensive inland thermal fiasco
        the SA govt is in the running for most incompetent ever!

      • “the SA govt is in the running for most incompetent ever!”
        It’s not incompetence, it is insanity, when you keep failing at something over and over again, and then expect a success the next time you do it.

    • Kurt
      I don’t see how he’s going to demonstrate any standing, which requires a plaintiff to show some particularized injury to himself due to the alleged wrongful behaviour.
      How about his increased energy bills and taxes?
      It might only be a trifling amount, but the defendents could never settle that amount for fear of setting a precedent (which would be swiftly followed by a class-action).

      • The problem is that standing requires a showing that you have some injury that other people don’t. That’s why the courts dismiss taxpayer lawsuits and why most derivative shareholder lawsuits go down the tubes also. Under your theory too much of the general populace pays higher electricity rates, higher taxes, suffers pension losses, etc.

      • Perhaps Leo was an Exxon stockholder at the time threats were made against it? That’s certainly a more restricted class of plaintiff. I was surprised “Stock Price Manipulation” wasn’t on the lest of allegations.

  16. “Full disclosure: Mr. Goldstein has written for WUWT under the pen name “Ari Halperin.”. At the time, I believed that to be his real name.”
    “Plaintiff has Master of Science degree in Mathematics, more than 20 years of experience in software engineering”
    I guess the question now is to try to understand if he hijacked the identity of a real “Biological Scientist II at Fish and Wildlife Research Institute” (see https://www.linkedin.com/in/ari-halperin-09831262 ) or if this identity is completely fake and Mr Goldstein even created this linkedin page to try give himself some credibility. Anyway, this should gives some light over everything he wrote before here…

    • Probably just a coincidence. Here is the guy’s website: http://defyccc.com/about/ which has been online since sometime in 2015. All of the WUWT articles were written in 2016, and nothing on his website or any of his posts mentions anything about being a biological scientist, In fact, the website says his degree is in mathematics and also gives his real name, identifying “Ari Halperin” as an alias.
      Maybe he re-did his website recently, but I’d not jump to the conclusion that he was trying to assume another’s identity merely because the names are the same, unless he said or wrote something indicating he was the other guy.

    • >>Mazel Tov.
      An interesting greeting literally meaning ‘Good Constellation of the Zodiac’, and therefore implying ‘Good Fortune’ via the art of astrological divination. Which rather implies that Jeewdaism has had a more varied and vibrant hisorical past than many will admit to.

  17. Seems way, way too broad and way too vague.. embarrassingly so
    But I guess with the US legal system as it is, anything is possible.

    • “Seems way, way too broad and way too vague.. embarrassingly so”
      Perhaps others will benefit from any mistakes this lawsuit reveals, helping to hone their own lawsuits. I don’t think Mr. Goldstein’s lawsuit will be the last.

  18. Not for publication verbatim? Excuse me? If actually filed it is public record and can be published verbatim. Or is it a publicity stunt to drive up visitors to his site?
    He sounds like climate scientist telling me I can’t publish public records

  19. oh dear me… what a plonker!
    I hope he’ll send a message of support to Florida state employees disciplined if they use the term ‘climate change’

  20. I read this as a sarcastic analogy of the greens and attorney generals attempt at using RICO to silence debate. I don’t think he intends to actually follow thru. There are many of us that could act as expert witnesses regarding the science, but few are called to testify and this is not about science anyway.

    • The prime intention may be to get media attention, to demonstrate that there is an alternate view to the concensus. But I fear the MSM will simply ignore it, as to them it merely confirms that those outside the consensus wear tin-foil hats.
      But the accusation of wearing tin-foil hats is in itself based upon consensus. If the MSM was edited by Prof David Bellamy (an arch-skeptic kicked out of the BBC for skepticism), AGW supporters would be accused of wearing said alluminium attire.

  21. Although this is a small step toward sanity, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step. The AG of my home state is one of a growing number of AG’s nationally seeking to criminalize skepticism of climate change. Is criminalizing thought or dissent the action of a rational government?
    It’s too bad that no major media outlet will offer this article to the public. For every pro C.C.story there should be an anti C.C story. Be it posted,printed or televised,the coverage of both sides of the issue should be presented in the name of “Journalistic Standards”. The bias of media has been brought out into the light and shown to the public. Some see no problem. Others see it for what it is,censorship at its very worst.
    I,for one, believe that the climate of the Earth has been in a constant state of change since before the first lifeforms appeared and will continue to do so. Long after the evidence of humanity is buried under the sands of time the Earth will still live on.

  22. Whatever one’s take on this particular case, it’s reassuring to observe that this time around the witches can sue.

  23. While Mr. Goldstein might appear to be tilting at windmills, he has serious company:
    Canadian forestry company, Resolute Forest Products is fighting back against Greenpeace and other in both Canadian and US courts (in the US using RICO statutes).
    In Canada: “… lawsuit brought three years ago by Montreal-based Resolute Forest Products against Greenpeace for “defamation, malicious falsehood and intentional interference with economic relations”
    And more recently in the US: “… Resolute Forest Products filed a civil RICO suit in a federal district court in Georgia, alleging a pattern of defamatory and fraudulent behavior by Greenpeace and allied organizations. … [According to the complaint] Greenpeace and its affiliates are a RICO “enterprise” that have waged a deliberately defamatory campaign against Resolute”

    • The above company may have a better chance in the U.S. with RICO than in Canada which has weaker laws.
      Company says it lost business/money because of activists and this could be provable.

    • I read that complaint a while back. If they can prove about half of what they allege in the complaint, Greenpeace is in a lot of trouble.

  24. I think the smartest move is to file the suit in United States District Court, Lubbock, Texas. Of all places in USA, Texas must be the best for something like this.

  25. Seems like a fair fight 1 guy against 45 of the biggest pushers of the earth has a fever establishment .
    Is Exxon going to let some poor bugger take this on all by himself . Count on it .
    Normally the government would investigate and charge perpetrators of a fraud but the government is
    not about to investigate itself . At least not yet .
    Congratulations Mr. Goldstein for having the courage to do something that should have been done 10 years ago . Watch you back these boys don’t play fair .
    It’s nice to know the USA still has people that haven’t forgotten what made the country great . It sure the
    hell wasn’t hedge fund gamblers or green wash charities .

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