Monbiot: The Climate Crisis has Arrived – but the Media are Keeping it Secret


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

George Monbiot, a prominent Guardian Environmental Reporter, has accused the “corrupt” media establishment of not telling anyone that the world just ended.

The climate crisis is already here – but no one’s telling us

What is salient is not important. What is important is not salient. The media turns us away from the issues that will determine the course of our lives, and towards topics of brain-melting irrelevance.

This, on current trends, will be the hottest year ever measured. The previous record was set in 2015; the one before in 2014. Fifteen of the 16 warmest years have occurred in the 21st century. Each of the past 14 months has beaten the global monthly temperature record. But you can still hear people repeating the old claim, first proposed by fossil fuel lobbyists, that global warming stopped in 1998.

Arctic sea ice covered a smaller area last winter than in any winter since records began. In Siberia, an anthrax outbreak is raging through the human and reindeer populations because infected corpses locked in permafrost since the last epidemic in 1941 have thawed. India has been hammered by cycles of drought and flood, as withering heat parches the soil and torches glaciers in the Himalayas. Southern and eastern Africa have been pitched into humanitarian emergencies by drought. Wildfires storm across America; coral reefs around the world are bleaching and dying.

Throughout the media, these tragedies are reported as impacts of El Niño: a natural weather oscillation caused by blocks of warm water forming in the Pacific. But the figures show that it accounts for only one-fifth of the global temperature rise. The El Niño phase has now passed, but still the records fall.

To pretend that newspapers and television channels are neutral arbiters of such matters is to ignore their place at the corrupt heart of the establishment. At the US conventions, to give one small example, the Washington Post, the Atlantic and Politico were paid by the American Petroleum Institute to host a series of discussions, at which climate science deniers were represented. The pen might be mightier than the sword, but the purse is mightier than the pen.

Why should we trust multinational corporations to tell us the truth about multinational corporations? And if they cannot properly inform us about the power in which they are embedded, how can they properly inform us about anything?

If humanity fails to prevent climate breakdown, the industry that bears the greatest responsibility is not transport, farming, gas, oil or even coal. All of them can behave as they do, shunting us towards systemic collapse, only with a social licence to operate. The problem begins with the industry that, wittingly or otherwise, grants them this licence: the one for which I work.

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The problem is George, your Climate Crisis was never going to be newsworthy. No “Day After Tomorrow” superstorms, no surge in bad weather, no collapsing nations or mass migrations to polar regions. Your friends in New Zealand can’t even convince the courts they found a climate refugee.

Even if a few degrees of warming did happen, and thats a big if, the sad truth is it won’t change anything – nobody will notice. At most a few people might turn their air conditioners up a notch in the warm months.

You’ve blown it George – you and your friends are claiming the climate crisis is upon us. But nobody cares – because nothing bad is happening, except in the fevered imaginations of climate zealots like yourself.


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Robert of Ottawa

.brain-melting irrelevance … an appropriate phrase, there George my boy

“If humanity fails to prevent climate breakdown,…
New term!
What the hell is “Climate Breakdown?
It sure sounds scary.

Flyover Bob

Climate Breakdown is what they get when Climate Alarmist predictions do not materialize. Therefore, the climate breakdown is in full swing.

What Monbiot knows, but will not disclose is how CAGW and Climate Breakdown are needed to rationalize the Regional and City Planning that is being put in place at Habitat III in Quito this October and as the Social Determinants of Health in Shanghai in November. starts to tell this story as the Adelaide Statement in 2010 and its global implications has not gotten enough coverage.
Notice in the comments the links to what is being called “Human-centric governance through experiments.” That kind of nonconsensual social engineering down to the level of the human mind needs hype over a catastrophic breakdown as the supposed justification.


Climate breakdown: It’s when climate scientologists realise their jig is up, their grant money is running out and there’ll be no more conferences and international travel paid by taxpayers.

Robert W Turner

This is what the “figures” say is inside little Georgies headcomment image

Climate breaks down into microclimates, then disperses into weather.


Does it take a climate mechanic to repair a climate breakdown?


CatastrophicClimate Breakdown, it’s always the same
I’m having a nervous breakdown, drive me insane!


I don’t think the IPCC has a road side service option…
BTW if this is the climate breakdown, clearly it ain’t so bad. Is this the worst Gaia can do? What was all the fuss about?

“George Monbiot, a prominent Guardian Environmental Reporter,”
The reality is that your stupid Chicken Little,we are in big trouble crap is stale worn out propaganda that has not been supported by the data. You have been whining for more than 20 years now yet manage to be alive and well despite that the world according to YOU little George is gonna die soon………. for 20 years.
The Guardian is a cesspool of warmist bull crap that is so laughably wrong so many times, that I do not bother reading their crap anymore, as I am tired at finding obvious errors,lies and omission in their overt scaremongering articles. They are an excellent example of the ugly side of the human being,since they promote a clear paternalistic big government agenda, or the purpose of herding people into obeying the select warmist leaders and their respective authoritarian governments.
Amazed that anyone wants to continue reading that bird cage liner quality anymore. Why throw away your birthright as FREE individual human being to others,who then exploit you for their own sinister purposes?

Julian Williams in Wales

It is not for no reason that he is otherwise known as Moonbatcomment image


The paranoia would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad. I’ve written a little song


The media turns us away…
He needs to read more liberal news….

charles nelson

If you love a good conspiracy (and who doesn’t?) check out who’s on the board of The Scott Trust…which ‘owns’ the left leaning, loss making Guardian.
Anthony Salz
Joined The Scott Trust in 2009. Anthony is an executive vice chairman of Rothschild and director of NM Rothschild & Sons Ltd.
Ole Jacob Sunde
Joined The Scott Trust in 2015. He is the founder and chair of Formuesforvaltning AS private bank.
Fascinating to think the UK Left is being fed its regular diet of eco alarmism, political correctness and ‘anti establishment’ attitude by….big Bankers!

Projection is beach 😉

Ray Boorman

yep, George is a brain-melting irrelevance if ever I saw one!


Before you can “never let a crisis go to waste”, you first need a “crisis”.

Bryan A

and if there really isn’t one, make one up

Bryan A

Like…If it isn’t broke, fix it until it is


“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”
H. L. Mencken


” The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”
H. L. Mencken

Bryan A: “Like…If it isn’t broke, fix it until it is.”
LOL. Love that! May I steal it? 🙂

Pop Piasa

It’s already an accepted practice in Illinois public administration for decades now, A.D.. Except “fixing it” has a slightly different connotation. But I think Mr. Obama has applied it in the fashion he learned it here.

Bryan A

A D feel free

george e. smith

If it has finally arrived where is it hiding ? The media can keep it a secret; well actually they are the last ones to tell a secret to. But so far as I know, they can’t actually hide something that is as plain as your face. So where is it ?
I think Moonbat is bonkers.


It’s at depth all the heat an calamity is deep within our oceans just waiting to attack. Come on man keep up. Lol.

Pop Piasa

George, it’s my eyes getting older, I know, but I always seem to read that name as Monobot. Guess my French has become subliminal techspeak.

Moonbat, Moonbeam, they both are bonkers but Moonbeam is infinity more dangerous.

Nigel S

‘Monibot’ is closest to reality


Seriously? The MSM that will put globalwarmingclimatechange into almost EVERY story it can is HIDING the “facts”?
This guy knows even less about his own industry than he does about science.

Ron in Austin





And poll after poll shows the public just doesn’t care. That’s because they see nothing about the weather has changed.


Seattle Times, March 2, 2016
Carbon Tax Initiative Goes To November Ballot
At least the Washington state voters will be allowed to vote on this issue while in Canada carbon pricing has and is being imposed upon the people.


Barbara commented: “…Carbon Tax Initiative Goes To November Ballot…..”
“I-732 would impose a carbon tax of $25 per metric ton of emissions from fossil fuels such as gasoline, coal and natural gas. Meanwhile, it would lower the state sales tax by one point, virtually eliminate business taxes for manufacturers and provide rebates for working families.” I bet it passes.

Pop Piasa

Markl, isn’t it amazing how the package often makes the sale…


Not true. I care a lot. This has been one of the coolest summers I remember, and I hate to think what the winter is going to be like.
The idea that this is ‘THE WARMEST YEAR EVAH!’ is simply laughable. We’ve barely had a summer worth the name here.

Jeff Alberts

Not true. I care a lot. This has been one of the coolest summers I remember, and I hate to think what the winter is going to be like.
The idea that this is ‘THE WARMEST YEAR EVAH!’ is simply laughable. We’ve barely had a summer worth the name here.

Hence the problem with “global temperature” It gives a false impression to the ignorant.

Well, there is a reason we nicknamed this guy Moonbat.
Not only does the Media scream up global warming every chance it gets. Not only are Moonbat’s seeming facts produced by considerable alteration of the actual records or taking only the most alarmist of the 3 main temperature records, not only is this heavily dependent on a current El Niño. Worse, the screaming HAS severely damaged the coal and fracking industries, leading to a crash in the entire global economy.
The alarmists have sensed CORRECTLY that something serious is going on; it is NOT getting better and it IS getting worse. Therefore they are frustrated beyond words. The catch is that they have the wrong problem. The globe isn’t really warming, and it would be a good thing if it were. The rising Keeling Curve is also a very good thing in itself. It causes both plants and animals (including people here) to thrive. That masks the real problem.
Our enemies are not mostly scientists, as we have noticed over and over again. They are intuitives. Mother Earth (the biosphere) is HURTING and they aren’t getting that across. It is damned hard to convince facts-oriented people with lies.
The REAL problem is the near STERILIZATION of the world’s soils. The dead organisms have decayed to water vapor (which isn’t noticed) and carbon dioxide, which is the real source of the Keeling Curve. That curve has not flattened out with less fossil fuels because the poisoning of the soils has increased. Most of the CO2 is coming from the deaths of tiny organisms. We have gotten away with it so far because of fertilizers including carbon dioxide, but ultimately, the situation is not sustainable. It is going to crash eventually.
Killing most of the insects and bacteria seemed harmless after Pasteur’s Germ Theory, but 21st century studies have shed a new light on the tiniest life forms. We cannot maintain our health without them.
The situation could indeed become a catastrophe if the intuitives never match up their sense of impending doom with real world facts. But I am not too worried. The Paris Treaty fingered the actual solution: something called Regenerative agriculture. And that can heal things awesomely fast.

Flyover Bob

Could you supply the sources of the data for your claims and conclusions?

Johann Wundersamer

Flyover data yourself, Bob. It’s fun.

Gerry, England

He does work for The Guardian – a sort of knowledge-free zone.


True. When you see it in Gruniad, you know for sure the opposite is true.


The theme of the Olympics is…GLOBAL WARMING!


I thought it was either “Crap in the water” or “Rob the Tourist”

John in Oz

Hypocritical of them to mention AGW when so many people flew into Rio, there were plenty of fireworks and they were using plenty of power to light up the stadium and sports venues.
Is Brazil expecting to be classified as one of the ‘developing’ nations who will get a handout from the developed nations who will be required to pay out for their climate crimes?

Ray Boorman

John, you got it. Of course Brazil is a developing nation expecting to receive billions from the climate fund which the elites can steal.

He is working for the lunatic asylum called the Guardian.That is why he writes that way from room 69

Jeff L

I had to chuckle when he infers that the media controls what people think. This guy has some ego!

tony mcleod

Tell that to Goebbels.

Johann Wundersamer

Goebbels knew. And Martha poisened their children.

Jeff L

I kind of feel sorry for the author & his alarmist friends. I mean , their glass isn’t even 1/2 empty – it is more like 9/10ths empty – always. What a depressing world they live in.
Like the song says “Don’t worry, be happy ” 😀

He’s a masochist. That’s his raison d’etre.


Actually, he exhibits a lot of the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Like all BPDers, if that’s what he has, he can’t stop doing it, nor will he ever be able to. The alien living in his brain won’t let him.

george e. smith

And his reason for just being.


He’s a reverse masochist. He enjoys other people’s suffering.
Perhaps a lazy sadist – he doesn’t want to go to the effort of actually making other people suffer – just watch their suffering.

Hivemind, what you are perhaps thinking of is “schadenfraude” German for taking delight in the misfortunes of others.


Tom Halla,
What is it called when you take delight in making up crap that predicts the future suffering of others based on nothing but conjecture, assumption, and flawed methodologies?
Social Science. 🙂

John V. Wright

Spot on Jeff L. When this piece appeared I pointed out that La Niña was on the way and possibly a Maunder Minimum, the planet will cool so Monbiot should be happy (l used that exact phrase). My comment was deleted by the mods because it did not meet the Grauniad’s community standards. When a fellow commenter remarked that a lot of comments were being removed I replied to him that my comment about La Niña and a cooler sun had been removed, my reply was deleted because it did not meet the Grauniad’s community standards. Do NOT bring science into a global warming piece in that newspaper – they absolutely hate it!

Pop Piasa

Jeff L, Negative thinking is just another form of bondage of the soul. These folks might not even realize that the positive thought of adaptation is what brought our species this far.


First class censorship the Grauniad should be so proud (sarc)

Bruce Cobb

Yes. And the space alien crisis is already here, but no one’s telling us.
It’s a travesty.

Not Oscar, just a grouch

“Why should we trust multinational corporations to tell us the truth about multinational corporations?”
Why should we trust progressives with an agenda to tell us the truth about progressives with an agenda? As they have been repeatedly caught in lies, why should we trust them about anything at all?




++ many stars….


“The media turns us away from the issues that will determine the course of our lives, and towards topics of brain-melting irrelevance.”
Someone needs to tell George very gently that he works in multinational media. Just ensure there are no sharp or blunt instruments present.

Pop Piasa

I’m afraid that multinational corporations will be the justification for global government.

tony mcleod

Um, you’d rather trust a multinational corporation to tell you the truth? I have this lovely bridge…

Flyover Bob

Tony, nice straw-man you have there. I see nothing in Pop’s comment that remotely suggest he trusts multinational corporations. It is clear he does not trust the establishment of global government. Would you prefer a global government that could, on a whim, take your wealth, your liberty, your life, to a corporation that must get you to buy something to survive?
I trust neither, but I fear big government more. I believe Pop feels about the same.

Pop Piasa

Thanks, Bob. You know me well.

tony mcleod

“Would you prefer a global government that could, on a whim, take your wealth, your liberty, your life, to a corporation that must get you to buy something to survive?”
Now that’s a straw-man. Nicely played FB.
Frankly I’d rather take my chances with an elected body than a mob of banksters, oligarchs and robber barons who are at this very point in time fleecing every one of us.

Tim Hammond

Gotta laugh. I thought the Left hated multinationals because of all that nasty, wasteful competition between multinational corporations?
And who does he think makes all the windmills and solar panels? And who will make the carbon capture and other silly ideas?
Just a braindead claim.


They need the “carbon tax” to bail out Obamacare–which is crashing and burning as we speak.

Flyover Bob

Assuming your contention is correct (an assumption requiring the belief that climate quakes even care about the fate of Obamacare) both fires will continue to grow.

Johann Wundersamer

Climate Quakes. That’s new. Flyover Quaker.

Steve Taylor

Its no wonder he’s referred to as George Moonbat in less complementary reviews.


..His cousin,.governor Moonbat, is in California !

Eugene WR Gallun

Marcus — Actually that’s Governor Moonbeam. — Eugene WR Gallun
PS — But either works.

Pop Piasa

Moonbeam, Moonbat, they’re both lunies (or is that loonies).

Like I said earlier, Moonbeam is infinitely more dangerous. He actually has clout, this guy ( working for a multinational company) is a waste of ink ( sorry, a waste of cyberspace).


Marcus, a correction. It is Kalifornicate .

That the world ended and no one bothered to report it has HILARIOUS consequences for Warming Alarmism and its claims! For example, it’s funny how he pulls the “el Niño accounts for only one fifth” of the climate changes out of his butt. This is where most guesstimated Alarmist figures come from.


Given the “record” temperatures are only records by the odd hundredth of a degree, 1/5 of that is still …….. all, in fact all of it is very little indeed.

Mark from the Midwest

I don’t need a model to tell me that these people are all crazy, just look around.

“Why should we trust multinational corporations to tell us the truth about multinational corporations?”

But we should trust the governments to tell us the truth about governments? E.g. “Who benefits from carbon (sic) credits?”

William R

Wait…something frozen in Siberia since 1941 has only just now thawed? How could something freeze, and stay frozen for 75 years in such a catastrophically warming climate?


At least this conveys the message about deadly soil-organisms. Remember the anthrax affair in the U.S. a few years ago?


That was real weponized anthrax being used. Totally not the same


2005 was a bad year for anthrax outbreaks in US livestock.
Weather and soil conditions in some areas of the U.S. lead to severe livestock losses from anthrax.
The Anthrax spores can survive in the soil for decades and heavy rain or construction-related disturbances can bring the Anthrax spores to the surface.
More information on this with internet search.
Burning the dead animals is one way to control the spread of Anthrax.
Found one case of human gastro-intestinal Anthrax in the U.S. in 2009.


How can any author be taken seriously who uses the derogatory term ‘deniers’


Does the same reasoning apply for people who use the words warmunist?


Yes. Of course it does.
We need to be better than childish name-calling in an attempt to close out debate.

No,because Skeptics are not denying a warming trend from the late 1600’s and not denying that climate changes. Most skeptics accept some warm forcing CO2 effect and have said so at least 100,000 times on the internet.
People who are called warmists, because they focus solely on warming only,ignoring cooling trends,record cold and snow,so on. They ignore anything that does not support their belief. That is a mark of a cult,focusing on a set belief that can not be abrogated no matter what.
Skeptics try to see the whole picture,the warming and cooling trends. While Warmists ignore large areas of climatology for the singular purpose of trying to prop up a bogeyman that has amazed many here. That CO2 is the cause of most or all of the warming since 1600’s? or from 1850’s? or 1920? or 1979?….
Warmists in general are the true,”deniers” since they deliberately overlook a lot of contrary evidence and facts,that doesn’t support the whole AGW conjecture. A pseudoscience cabal is what characterizes most members of the warmist group since they make many bald faced lies,deliberate deceptive claims,attack many reputable scientists personally with bogus claims and criminal allegations,for the singular purpose of trying to overcome their good science based claims.
It is time for warmists to grow up and drop the endless chicken little stupidity. Embrace the Scientific Method again,run with reproducible research that stands the challenges against it.


He asked about “Warmunist” not “Warmist”.

If you think this nut writes hyperbole about climate, you should read his fish articles! Total crisis crackpot.

Bruce Cobb

It’s always fun when the all-powerful climate thugs and bullies play the “victim”.

Chris Hanley

“In Siberia, an anthrax outbreak is raging through the human and reindeer populations because infected corpses locked in permafrost since the last epidemic in 1941 have thawed …”.
There’s a clue there George.

Plus many. Yup. But Monbiot is clueless.

He won’t look that closely. That clue is not pointing at anything he wants to see so he won’t see it. [Hint, George: It must have been at least as warm back then in 1941 as it is now. Got it yet?]


I posted above, and I really do think he has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). It comes across as clueless but, in actual fact, they see things in black and white. You’re either with them or against them. Anyone against them is deleted, by himself, or his Grauniad grunts.
Something that is so obviously idiotic (media not pushing the climate fkin crisis narrative) is a way of getting attention from his co-dependents while causing high conflict. It’s classic symptoms.


I think what Mr Monbiot is trying to say is “hey your lying through your teeth concerning the US presidential election cycle why can’t you folks in the media do that for climate change?”

Steve Fraser

Gasp! Call Lewandowsky! Such conspiratorial Ideation!

Steve Fraser

Perhaps his issue will be solved when his employer ceases to employ him…


What’s the climate catastrophe equivalent of a fall out shelter? Someone could make millions selling them to these zealots. How about an inflatable 10’X10′ room with a peltier cooling system run off a PV panel?


Brett Keane

Nah, tinfoil should do the trick!

Flyover Bob

Brett that would be Aluminum foil, which is a green material.


Flyover Bob
Given amount of electric energy that aluminum production uses, it can’t be green, no way, no how.
We can call it green though. Why not? Windmills are known to be green, even though they very destructive in many way to environment.


A co2 fallout shelter is a small bio-dynamic ginger bread house, solar-panelled roof, walls and floor, wind-powered ice machine churning out Himalayan Glacier Emergency Relief, with a Polar Bear pond and a Mann-hole. And a nice drink, stirred not shaken (to avoid methane release). Burp.

Bryan A

Don’t forget that Yamal Tree orchard … or is it a Yamal Tree House

Cannot be an orchard. Briffa had one tree.


..If you REALLY want to make money, invest in my new portable “Safe Space” for the next generation…it is anti-rhetoric, anti-Global Warming D^nier and of course…safe from REALITY..
..Disclaimer…This product consist of a simple black balloon strategically placed upon ones head, thus denying the light of day !! We are not responsible for the extraneous CO2 that collects in said balloon !

John Harmsworth

How about those old fridges that can’t be opened from the inside?

Gard R. Rise

They could all relocate (those with a morbid fear of 0.5 degree warming and two-inch sea level rise, I mean) to one of these proposed artificial islands; that would solve a whole lot of problems for the whole world. They could christen the artificial island ‘Fantasy Land’ or something similar. Then they could still be afloat and dry when the sea level rises a few inches (if not several centimeters!) in the future. Complete with CO2 fallout shelter. Buy your share now!

Alan Robertson

You were born too late to employ Stalin’s tactics, George. Thanks to technology, too many people now have the ability to discover the immutable truth of things and not the totalitarian’s truth, which you unfailingly preach.


Moonbat doesn’t even have Greenland to rant about anymore
CLIMATE CHANGE SHOCK: Ice sheet melt caused by heat from Earth’s core NOT global warming
THE MASSIVE Greenland ice sheet is being melted as a result of heat emitted from within the Earth, rather than rising atmospheric temperatures, a new NASA study has claimed.
The US space agency, which uses satellites orbiting the earth to monitor the environment and study climate change, looked at how much the the huge ice sheet was still attached to bed rock underneath.
For the first time, the agency obtained a series of temperatures from the base of the sheet – the second biggest in the world after that in the Antarctic – and found it was up to tens of degrees warmer at the base than the surface.

But still frozen.

Bryan A

I thought it was Moni-Bot

Curious George

Soon satellites will be able to measure temperatures and pressures at the Earth’s core.

george e. smith

Well we already know the Temperature is a million degrees so no need to measure that.
I think the pressure should be zero at the center. No gravity to suck on anything.


The pressure in the center of the earth is NOT zero. It is an accumulative effect, look at the oceans, about every 10 m, 1 atm is added. The pressure never reduces when going deeper towards the center. Basic physics.

John F. Hultquist

base at 5,000 to 10,000 feet down
ice, an insulator
geothermal heat
Anyone having been in a deep mine can relate to this.
Of course all of this started when CO2 level went from 349 ppm to 350 ppm.
Or so we are told.
George Monbiot needs to be watched carefully so he doesn’t hurt himself.


“result of heat emitted from within the Earth” which is caused by the emission of CO2 from the burning of fossil fuels.


can’t wait to hear ‘climate breakdown’

Pamela Gray

Monbiot should spend more time reading and less time writing about such things. Whether or not El Nino is a major or minor player in current record breaking temperatures is still an underdeveloped science, dare I say still in its infancy. His contention that El Nino is only responsible for 1/5th of the heat is pure unsubstantiated poppycock. He’s making it up as he goes along.


Right you are

John Harmsworth

I like my poppycock pure. It doesn’t catch coming back up like the mixed stuff. This guys stuff is so pure it’s like smoke. One little chuckle and it just disappears.

Pam,: “Monbiot should spend more time reading and less time writing”, Pam , not reading, how about educating himself. Reading doesn’t seem to help him much.


Of course he’s making it up as he goes along and judging by the opening two sentences (which on their own were quite enough to make me lose the will to live) the Graun is quite happy to pay him by the word.
However, I did persevere to the end (I trust my CBE for services to tedium is in the post) and have rated this as the most content-free zone I have ever come across and where the Moonbat is concerned that is saying something.
Apart from a standard of cherry-picking which left me gaping in awesome wonder his ability to distort facts or wave his readers past awkward factoids (like the anthrax bit) would tax the powers of a Jedi Master.
Truly a wonder of our age. And a pain in the backside!


I think there should be a replacement for Godwin…….Anthony Watts Law “if a debate goes on for long enough eventually someone will liken it to a Monty Python sketch”


heh- pretty good.
then there’s Poe’s Law

Joel Snider

Oh yeah, Climate Alarmism is being suppressed by the press.
Boy. I got nothin’

Plus the MSM must have missed the fact that the crisis shifted from the planet is cooling to the planet is warming, to catastrophic man made global warming (CAGW), to the seas are rising and sinking our islands, to the icecaps are melting, to the polar bears are dying from falling out of airplanes, to the children are being blown up by their teachers, to climate breakdown with lord knows how many other crisis we’ve passed through to get here.
Oh yeah, and every one of them BS.
Maybe he’s right and the MSM is not doing its job.


“They told us to expect a climate crisis in the second half of this century. But it’s already here.”
The end is nigh, Monbiot. Your end. And you are not a good loser. Thank you for pinning down this statement, so often elusive, that the climate crises has arrived. Not in the year 2100, or constantly moved forwards, like an ever-present spot on a camera lens, no, it is here and now. Great to have this quote, to confront the alarmists with, because so often they shy away from any concrete dateline for this disaster.
Who can doubt the mighty George?
Btw; the Guardian link contains these quite illustrative words: “climate-crisis-media-relegates-greatest-challenge-hurtle-us-collapse-planet”
I’m going to dig a deep hole and wait for the planet to collapse.

Roger Graves

Looking back on Monbiot’s initial foray into global warming, many years ago, he had apparently visited a village in Uganda, then went back to it a year or two later. On his second trip he found everyone dead, massacred by a neighbouring tribe. The Monbiot immediately put this down to competition for scarce resources because the fertility of the land had been reduced by global warming. (I didn’t say his thought processes were particularly logical).
Had the Monbiot done a little research he would have found that raids on neighbouring villages, for cattle and women, were a normal part of life in pre-20th century Uganda. You do it to us this week, we’ll do it to you next week. When the British came to rule Uganda they took a dim view of this sort of thing, and suppressed it. After Uganda became independent, the custom was revived. However, instead of bows and arrows and spears, they now used AK-47s, which provide the attackers with a much more efficient means of slaughtering the other side.
In short, the Monbiot sees what he wants to see, regardless of the facts. I`m sure there is a lengthy psychological term for this, but I can think of it at the moment.


As I’ve mentioned twice above, it’s probably Borderline Personality Disorder with support and encouragement for his idiotic lying coming from the well established UK masters of idiotic lying.

Phil R

The pen might be mightier than the sword, but the purse is mightier than the pen.

I’m just curious what purse is behind Moonbat’s pen to pen this apocalyptic drivel.

Bryan A


Mike Macray

Or is it ‘Mon Idiot’ ? My French is a bit rusty.

Leo Smith

Mon Bigot

Johann Wundersamer

Mother Nature is not cooperating with his vision of the climate apocalypse. Tends to make warmunist believers shriller and shriller. The media is starting not to go along on occaision because they occasionally now report a true fact. Stuff like temperatures falling after El Nino blip, with last 4 months the sharpest 4 month fall since sat records began. Stuff like GBR coral bleaching is a natural symbiont exchange response to changing conditions caused by that same El Nino.
Guardian’s readership is in freefall. Monbiot yelling Climate Wolf is unlikely to change that. Might even accelerate it. Poor fellow might have to get a haircut and a real job.


Arctic sea ice covered a smaller area last winter than in any winter since records began.

Lessee here… Earth, 4.5 billion years old or somewhere thereabouts. Cook to North Pole, 1908. Peary to North pole, 1909 (alternates between Peary and Cook getting the nod). Satellite coverage starting in ’78. Glad Monbiot wrote, “since records began.”
A little maths here (avert thine eyes ye who are averse to numerical prestidigitation).
4.5 billion… square root of purple… by #blue moons in 1547… carry the 2… plus #angels can dance on the head of a pin… gozinta fourx(average number of big toes) = we don’t know $%#*~&! about Arctic sea ice.
Get back to me in a few thousand years, George.

John F. Hultquist

He must have meant September (N. H. “summer”), not winter.

Pamela Gray

My comment with imbedded video seems to have flushed itself down the black hole?

Pamela Gray

Never mind. There it is.

Pamela Gray

Still in moderation. Oh well. Makes Monty Python sweeter for the wait.
[Witch Monty Python? .mod]

Pamela Gray

The Life of Brian. And it is now showing so everything is great. Love that movie. Reminds me of today’s throng following catastrophic climate scientists.

george e. smith

Have you noticed Pamela, that walrus or walruses prefer to gather on land rather than on ice. The land is more stable underneath their feet; or whatever it is they have instead of tramplers.
With a piece of floating ice (it needs to be a piece to have edges to climb out onto it) the ones climbing onto the edges keep breaking the edges off so the piece gets smaller until it won’t hold them anymore. That doesn’t happen when they climb out on land.
No I know this doesn’t have anything to do with dingbats, but I thought you would find it interesting.

John F. Hultquist

Unless the land is Guam. Then it could tip over. [Ref.: Rep. Hank Johnson]

The media is keeping it secret?
What has he been smoking?
The Graniaud, BBC, and most of the UK and US media has been pushing the alarmist version for years now. Unfortunately for them, the public have stopped believing their lies.
As for the crap about being frozen since 1941, has it not occurred to Moonbat why it was not frozen in 1941?

Joel Snider

This coming from one of the most prominent and consistently shrill alarmists IN the media.
Talk about playing the victim.


The winter of 1941 was exceedingly cold in Russia.

The winter of 2016 is bloody cold in NZ. hate it.

Tim Hammond

Something Russians should be forever thankful for, given its effects on the Wehrmacht.

Johann Wundersamer

Tim, you think St.Petersburg would ever forget 1941.
The grandchildren of 1941 are still alive.

Michael Jankowski

“Why should we trust multinational corporations to tell us the truth about multinational corporations?”
Better yet, Mr. Monbiot…

Take a look at our weather in NZ. Covered in snow and freezing. I can’t even ride my motorcycle today and burn lots of lovely fuel. Coldest winter EVA I tell ya.

Just like Holdren in the White House Science Office. See, global warming causes warming so children won’t know what snow is—until it causes cooling so children cannot go to school because of too much snow. Now repeat 100 times to memorize. But DO NOT think about it.

george e. smith

Can’t snow in NZ, there’s no suitable place to get the water. Never ever snowed at our house on Ponsonby Road.
You must be drunk or something.

The greens are rather like those evangelical preachers who have proclaimed the date of the Second Coming, and had that date pass. Preaching imminent doom since the late 1960’s gets a bit old when the doom never comes.

Paul Erlich still has his job at Stanford University (considered prestigious by ‘the right people’ in the US), despite being constantly wrong about mass starvation (except when caused by politicians who match his ideological vision). Preaching doom is just so much better paying than stating ‘we’re basically okay, if politicians would leave us alone’. A good antidote is Julian Simon.
Apologies for the multiple parenthetical comments. I promise to quit… at some point.

We , in fact, have measured global temperatures for earlier periods of “non-measurement” and they show several warm periods within written history that were probably warmer than today. “Warmest ever measured” refers to a skimpy time period of less than a 100 years. I notice no mention of “How much” warmer he thinks this year has been, and how does that compare to the estimates of global warming by the IPCC. Here we have the problem of scientific subject being covered by an emotional journalism major. His rejection of a scientific approach is striking.


“Warmest ever recorded” is an easy sell to a populace with only about a 6th-grade science education, and most of it propaganda at that!

chris moffatt

Is this the George Moonbat who wrote an article about finding a roadkilled squirrel while camping in Wales? He took it back to camp and skinned and cooked and ate it in front of the grossed-out children and then wrote paeans of glowing self-praise to his own manly self-reliance. That George Moonbat? A very sick puppy. I prescribe Zoloft – lots of Zoloft


…The only “Climate Crisis” they are actually worried about is the fact that the majority of the population doesn’t believe their “We Are Doomed” fantasy’s anymore !

Mike Maguire

The planet is greening up massively and guys like this look the other way because they don’t want to see it.
The modest warming that has occurred has been beneficial to most life. Not one life, human or animal has perished from breathing the increase in the beneficial gas, CO2. In fact, many more lives are supported by the massive increase in world food production, with great assistance from CO2.
Many measures of extreme weather have fallen as the result of the beneficial warming of the highest latitudes(coldest places) which has decreased the meridional temperature gradient.
As an independent operational meteorologist that estimates crop production(yields) and energy use based on real conditions in the real world, growing conditions for crops and plants have continued to get better and better. The last 4 decades of weather and climate have been the best on this planet in the last 1,000 years.
To suggest a climate crisis is here now, in the midst of this and most measures in our world suggesting otherwise is delusional.
With regards to the media, I was chief meteorologist on a local television station for 11 years and know a few things about the media. Crisis and sensationalism is what increases ratings, whether it’s a climate crisis, political or something else. This is the main objective in this “for profit” business……to catch the attention of viewers. This is why they do Nielsen ratings for 4 different months a year.
Reporting and exaggerating extreme weather and climate in recent years has become so common place in the media, that most viewers wouldn’t be able to tell if there was actually an unprecedented event vs a jazzed up, expected anomaly, that’s always been part of normal variation in extreme climate/weather.
George must be describing an alternate universe because my experiences in the media, analyzing and forecasting climate/weather, crops and other realms in this universe paint a different picture than he sees.


Actually, some misread the greening from CO2 as being due to global warming – spreading of the tropics.
The power of group think is remarkable

Johann Wundersamer

CO2 groupsink power. That’s new 2.

tony mcleod

The last 4 decades of weather and climate have been the best on this planet in the last 1,000 years.
How are you determining that?

John F. Hultquist

@ 3:19 Mike Maguire argues from a perspective of an “operational meteorologist that estimates crop production(yields)” so I thought of looking at crop yields to see if his view held up. I found a chart here:
The chart shows world “cereal yield” in kg per hectare. In 1961 the yield was 1,422 while in 2014 it was 3,886 kg/ha. There were some down years reported but the trend from the 60s to the 2010s is positive. Getting data for the previous thousand years would not likely prove Mike wrong – using his point of view.
Using other measures may be of interest.

tony mcleod

John, there are one or two other factors that may be affecting food production more than CO2 levels.


“In Siberia, an anthrax outbreak is raging through the human and reindeer populations because infected corpses locked in permafrost since the last epidemic in 1941 have thawed”
So in the fall/winter of 1941 animals suffering from anthrax died, there corpses fell into liquid water and this liquid water then froze and remained frozen for 76 years or so. This would suggest that the 1941 summer temperature in Siberia was on par, or slightly greater, than that of 2015/16.

Doc, that is rational. Proves you are not a Monbiot like warmunist.

Pat Frank

Monbiot, “Why should we trust multinational corporations to tell us the truth about multinational corporations?
Why should we trust environmental advocacy groups to tell us the truth about the environment?
Why should we trust biased persons masquerading as reporters to report the truth about the subject of their bias? Here, for example, is evidence of Mr. Monbiot conniving with Michael Mann to attack a “denialist” “disinformation” video.


Whew that was close…. I’m canceling my vacation to Siberia! Good thing George got to me before… well you know.

Patrick M

This is the same Monbiot who wants to return to the Stone Age. He is free to do so. But he wants us to go with him!

Since the peak of the recent El Nino the global average temperature anomoly in UAH has fallen by 0.44 deg C since February to 0.39. The fall is bigger than the current anomoly. What’s he mean “El Nino accounts for only one-fifth of the global temperature rise”?


They don’t call him “Moonbat” for nothing.
He is certifiable.

“Each of the past 14 months has beaten the global monthly temperature record” – He seems to be clueless about the quickly lowering temps as we shift towards La Nina conditions. How can he make such a blatant untrue statement?
That and highest temps ever recorded. Sigh…..
He has no knowledge of historical natural variation in this Holocene apparently.
Poor clueless person.
He is most probably frustrated because the majority people just don’t care or care more about their rising energy bills.

Crispin in Waterloo

John Mason
The way they will do it is declare in about October that 2016 is on track to exceed the temperature of 2015. That is probably the latest it will still ‘look like that’.
Then, as the average for the year drops below 2015 they will just clam up leaving the last thing anyone hears the estimate.
This is called ‘managing the message’. Others might call it crafty lying.

George McFly......I'm your density

There, there George. You sit down and I’ll fetch you a nice cup of tea and a biscuit

George is just feeling left out.
Gang Green is composed of wanna be dictators and martyrs .
And individually or combined have the mental capacity of gaseous gangrene.
Feeling trump reason.
Members seem unable to reason, perhaps this is a trait of this Cult of Calamitous Climate?

NW sage

Poor Mr Monbiot – He must have forgotten to put the tinfoil on his head when he left home his morning (presuming he actually left). The space invaders are messing with his thoughts (assuming he has any). Someone send him our sympathy.


A tin foil hat doesn’t work except to keep the sun off. It might even make things worse. What you need is a whole tin foil suit of armor with no openings whose largest dimension is larger than a tenth of a wavelength at the highest frequency you want to block. Those darn radio waves can sneak in through the darndest places darn it all.

Crispin in Waterloo

I have found gaps of a quarter of a wavelength or less to provide sufficient protection at all frequencies. Tin foil is, however, getting very difficult to find. Aluminum doesn’t work at all. I can feel it….

Ross King

Methinx this [Monbiot] is desperate to fill column-inches — for the ever-gullible, lefty, Chicken-Little Alarmist, Guardian readers — with ever-nurturing pablum to requite their paranoia. This stuff is his meal-ticket, without which he’d barely make Janitor.
I often wonder if the World really *is* due for a major ‘crash’ to restore us all to the Real Issues in Life .. and cleanse ourselves of trivialities such as this irrelevance.
His sensationalism wd be typical of the supermarket-check-out thumb-throughs, from which one can conclude that, with crap like his, the Guardian is really of that ilk already .

Ronald Johnson

. “Every age has its peculiar folly; some scheme, project, or fantasy into which it plunges, spurred on either by the love of gain, the necessity of excitement, or the mere force of imitation. Failing in these, it has some madness, to which it is goaded by political or religious causes, or both combined.” Charles Mackay, 1841, Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.